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Only the future can tell

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Aizawa was so done.

He just wants to take a nap, which he really needs.

The night sky was clear and covered with many stars. It was quiet, which he appreciated, he doesn't like loud noises. Ironically his best friend screams all the time. During his patrol nothing much happened.

Till he heard a scream- a woman's to be exact.

He didn't hesistated and runned torwards the cry for help. The scream that was filled with fear seemed close so it did not take long for him to arrive, he saw a villain trying to rob a civilian. The villain was male, maybe in his fourty's, he had a gun.


Aizawa activated his quirk to be better safe than sorry, who knows what his quirk could be. Aizawa used his capture weapon to trap him and knocked him unconscious.

He turned around to see if the woman was alright.

The woman is maybe in her thirties, red hair, rather on the short side.

The woman was panicking and activated her quirk out of fear.

A blue portal formed right beside her, the women however, doesn't notice, still clearly shocked from what just happened.

Aizawa activated his quirk again but the portal didn't go away, which was weird, so he went to face the women to calm her down. Maybe the portal will go away when she is calm.

"Ma'am everything is alright now, you need to calm down- match my breathing alright? In and out, In and out, breathe." he said in a calm tone, showing her the breathing exercise.

He took several deep breaths with her, after a while the woman calmed down.

", thank you, mister...?" she asked the silent question, wanting to know who her hero was.

"I'm Eraserhead, an Underground hero. It seems you accidentally used your quirk. I couldn't erase it for some reason. Could you please turn it off?" he said, looking at the strange blue portal.

The woman turned to see where Aizawa was looking, she looked at the portal in shock, she become quickly pale.

"No...oh my god, not again." she muttered.

Aizawa saw her reaction, she was covering her mouth in disbelieve.

"Ma'am is everything alright? Can you turn it off?" he asked again but he was kinda curious what the portal exactly was and why she reacts so negatively to it.

The woman looked at Aizawa, her eyes wide.

"No...I'm so sorry, I can't I- oh my god."

She stares off to space as if seeing a memory she would rather forget.

Aizawa looked her at her for a moment and decided to ask.

"What exactly is your quirk?"

The woman looked ashamedly to the ground with a sad gaze.

" quirk is called time travel. I can bring people from the past to our time line but I can't bring them back and once the portal is open, it cannot be closed until someone comes out, so someone will come here- I can tell who will come but I can't control who it will be and what past year but my quirk doesn't pick randomly, I know it- my quirk has a reason to pick a certain person. As if it's telling me why."


Time travel.

God, Aizawa wasn't ready for this bullshit.

He wants a cup of coffee so badly.

" said your quirk picks out a certain person. Why?"

"I only used it once, when I was four years old, my quirk picked a out a young man, at that time I already knew what I could do but I wanted to try it out, the man came and I explained to him that he is in the future, it ended not well.
I haven't considered that I couldn't bring him back. The man was in disbelieve and shock, when he realised he couldn't go back to his friends and family- he killed himself the next day, he couldn't handle the fact that he was in the future. I just knew why my quirk picked him out- to tell me I shouldn't mess with time. It warned me."

The woman breathed deeply, she looked tired. Understandable.

"After that I never opened it again- till now. I once searched for his name and found some articles about his disappearing, no trace or so whatever but I knew why he was gone- because I took him on that day, and now someone else will disappear."

'This is a mess.' Aizawa thought. Because seriously? A person from the past? He just hopes it won't end like the last time it happened.

"You told you can tell who will come, can you tell me?"

The woman was silent for a second before answering.

"Kireina Mirai, twelve years old, Japanese, Female, she comes from hundred years ago."


It was a fucking child.

Hell no.

"...and why this child?"

"She...she is here to help...she will fight for...acceptance? Justice? I'm sorry, I can't say much but my quirk thinks it's necessary to bring her, she will become important for many people and the future."

Aizawa just sighed, a child was coming from a hundred years ago.

Just great.

"Ok...when will she be here?"

"In any moment now..."

"Alright ma'am, we are going to wait."

"You can call me Akira."

"Alright, Akira-san."

They stayed silent after that, Aizawa was making sure the villain was still unconscious and wouldn't wake up soon.

Akira suddenly looked up.

"She's coming."

True to her word, a girl fell from the portal- she was uunconscious as well. Aizawa got her before she hit the ground.

The girl had dark brown hair tied up in a lazy high ponytail, had a simple T-shirt with a black jacket and gray pants on.

She looked so small.

Just a child.

Damnit- it was really cruel of this world to change her life like that, to rip out everything she ever known.

'She will have a hard time...'

"So, that's the girl." he said.

Akira looked even more ashamed, she separated this poor girl from her friends, family and her entire time line.

She hopes this girl won't end up like that man.

Never again.

She hopes she will forgive her.

"I'm so sorry that I can't bring her back."

Aizawa sighed. "It's fine, we will figure something out."

As he said that he finally called the police to pick up the villain.

"Akira-san, if you could please go with me to the police station to explain the situation to the detectives, it would be great."

"Of course."

They waited till the police came, The ride was silent, nobody wanted to say something. The girl was still unconscious, Aizawa can't blame her- time travel was not a walk in the park.

They got to the station and quickly thanked the police for driving them there before they made their way to a certain detective.

"Detective Tsukauchi, we got a problem."

The said detective turned around to see the pro hero with a unconscious girl in his arms and a woman beside him.

"Ah! Greetings, Eraserhead! does the girl need medical assistant?" he immediately questioned upon seeing the girl.

"No, she should wake up on her own but the situation is quite special."

Tsukauchi rose an eyebrow, interested what was different.

"And why is that?"

Akira began to explain the situation and her quirk.

"I see...are you sure you can't bring her back?" he asked again even tho he knew she wasn't lying. It's really sad to think about how the poor girl is stuck with them.


"Alright...we have to register her in the system and find a guardian. But we can't just give her to someone just like that in that case, she needs to adjust to this time line. Ma'am would you be willing to take her?"

Akira looked apolitically at him.

"I'm sorry but I can't, I already have children at home, I can't take someone with me."

"That's alright, Ma'am, we will figure it out."

"I could take her." suggested Aizawa, he didn't know if he was making the right choice. Taking care of a child was a big responsibility, especially with this situation.

But he was willing to try.

"Ah, I already had a feeling you would volunteer, Aizawa-san." Tsukauchi smiled softly, he knew Aizawa liked kids no matter how much the hero claimed to find them annoying. This must be a big step for him.

"Alright. Now we wait until she wakes up."



An hour was gone just like that.

The girl began to stir and groan.

"I think she's waking up." said Akira.

Black eyes blinked open, Kireina began to sit up and rubbed the sleepiness off her eyes.

She sat on the couch and realized that she's not where she is supposed to be.

"What." was the first word she said.

Kireina saw a man- who looked homeless to be honest, a woman and a...detective?

'What the hell is going on?'

"Where am I and why am I here?" she asked defensively to the strangers, ready to flee in any moment.

She was looked scared and tense. Of course she would be- I mean she is in a room full of strangers.

"Do not worry, we're not here to harm you." the detective looking dude said.

"We will explain everything, sweetie."

Kireina looked at the woman who looked sad.

"Ok...who are you...and why am I here?" she asked again, carefully.

"You're in my office, could you tell me the last thing you remember?"

Kireina was confused and scared beyond hell but still answered the question.

"...I was on my way to buy some snacks for the kids, cuz' we wanted to start a movie marathon but then....I fell?...I just began to fall! Out of the blue! Then nothing! Nada!" she breathed deeply. "Ok now answer my questions." she tries to be brave. Like all the heroes she watches in movies.

"Who are you and why am I here?"

This time Aizawa answered.

"I'm Aizawa Shouta, this is Akira-san." he gestured to the woman. "This is detective Tsukauchi." he then gestured to the detective. "and you're here in the future." he ended the sentence in a blunt way.

Kireina froze.

"...You can't possibly expect me to believe that. Time travel isn't real, so again. Where am I?"

God she doesn't know what the hell is going on.

"Ok, look kid, I know it's hard to believe but you're now in the future. You were accidentally sent here."

She was silent for a moment.

"Are you shitting me right now?"

"I'm sorry, sweetie, but it's the truth." Akira said apologetically in a soft tone, as if she's careful not to break her.

Kireina breathed deeply.

"Prove it."

Aizawa stood up from his chair and showed her the date on his phone.

Kireina quickly become pale as a ghost.

"Ok...ok...fuck...I'm the future- oh my god, I'm in the future. This is some kind of shit you see in the movies and in fanfics. Fuck."

She then stared up to the man in front of her.

"Can you bring me back? Please? I...uh, don't wanna be here...?" she asked akwardly.

The three adults looked suddenly nervous. Glancing around one another.

'Why are they nervous- oh fuck please no.'

"Please, don't tell me you can't." whispered Kireina in fear. She needs to go home.

She wants to go.

"I'm sorry but we can't." Tsukauchi apologized, Feeling guilt and deep sadness for her. It just wasn't fair to her. But when was life ever fair?

"And why the hell not?" she was trying not to panic. Scratch that- she was already panicking.

"Because her quirk doesn't work like that."

Confusion was written on her face all over again.

"What the hell is a quirk?"


Fuck, they forgot that maybe in her time there were no quirks yet.

"...quirks are...special abilities. 80% of the todays population has them. We get them at age of four." Tsukauchi explained a bit.

She just stared at him.

"Let me get this straight- I was sent here by accident by some 'quirk' and now I'm here, hundred years into the future with no way going back?!"


This wasn't what she wanted to hear.

"Oh my god...I'm stuck, what do I do? I have nowhere to go- Oh my god what about my friends? And the orphanage? I can't go back, I can't believe it-"

She started to mumble under her breath.

"Hey kid."

She looked at the homeless looking dude again. The Aizawa guy.

"We will help you."

At this she began to cry.

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She began to cry.

For her friends, her home, her past, her time line.

And she couldn't come back.


She will never see the world she knew ever again.

She is probably the last living person from her time line.

T h e l a s t.

Now she is stuck in a world she never wanted to be in, she was like many others, curious in what the future holds. Discussing, arguing, thinking what possibly can come next, making sure to be remembered and not lost in history like many others. People were dreaming to go time traveling and see for themself in what was in front of them.

It became her nightmare.

"Hey, Hey, it's ok, you're not alone." Aizawa tried to comfort the cleary distressed child in fron of him. He never was the best in cheering up but Kireina needs support right now.

Kireina's tears still fell down across her cheeks, she looked like she was in serious pain, well in that case it was emotional pain. "I...I can't go back. I'm stuck here, what will my friends think? Or the orphanage? What will they think when I suddenly disappeared?"

Aizawa sighed.

This is hard.

More than hard.

He couldn't even imagine what it she feels right know.

'Devastated.' A voice in his head whispered to him.

"I won't lie and say that everything is fine because it's clearly not, it will be very hard and painful but eventually you will learn to move on. I promise I will support you trough that process if you will let me."

Kireina felt a little better at his words, he is right. The wound is fresh now but someday it will become a scar and she will only feel the phantom pain of it. "Thank you." she hiccups.

"No problem, kid." Aizawa ruffled her hair, that action caused her to smile a bit. "It's a logical thing to do."

Akira and Tsukauchi watched the interaction with soft smiles, they knew she will be in good hands.

"Now little miss-" Tsukauchi began till Kireina interrupted him.

"Just call me Kireina, Mister Detective, My full name is Kireina Mirai."

"Of course Kireina, for your information, Aizawa-san volunteered to be your foster family to take care of you. You can refuse if you want to."

Kireina thought about it, Aizawa seemed a good person and he is familiar to her, she doesn't think she wants to be left alone in a orphanage were she didn't know how things worked- Hell! she doesn't know how the whole world works right now.

He could show it to her.

"I don't mind, thank you for taking me in, Aizawa-san, please take care of me." she bowed her head to her new caretaker in thankfulness.

He smiled a bit in his capture weapon. "Of course."

"Alright, with this solved we just have to register her into the system and then you all are good to go." explained Tsukauchi.

Tsukauchi asked her about information like her name, birthday, Height- Things like that.

Well they obviously skipped the quirk related questions.

After all this was done they were good to go, the three thanked detective Tsukauchi for his help in which he replied that it was no problem. They left the police station.

"So this is it." said Akira.


Akria turned to Kireina and bowed her head deeply, she waited the whole time to apologize to the poor girl for what she has done. "I'm so sorry, Mirai-san, it is my fault for all of this. I caused this whole mess and now you're paying the price for it. I will never be sorry enough." her eyes grew misty. "You don't have to forgive me but please give this world a chance." she ended her speech.

Kireina didn't said anything for a moment, right infront of her was the woman who was responsible for this. She was the one who took her, She is the one who prevented her to see her family and friends ever again.


She can't hate her.

Because she knew it was an accident.

"...I...forgive you."

Akira looked up to Kireina in surprise.

"I know you didn't wanted that to happen...and I would be lying if I said it doesn't hurt, it hurts. A lot." Kireina took a deep breath. "But I forgive you." she said strongly.

Akira was glad that Kireina forgave her but she will never forgive herself, she already carries the guilt and shame for that man all these years...

And now she will carry this too.

"...Thank you."

She then turned to Aizawa who watched the interaction. Akira took her phone out to give him her number. "Aizawa-san, I would like to give you my number as repayment for saving me, I am a lawyer who worked successfully in many hero cases. You can call me if you ever need help or even advise in raising a child." she explained.

Aizawa thought it would be good to have someone who knew how to handle children.

"I don't see why not." They exchanged numbers.

"Alright, we will be in contact."

Aizawa nodded. "It would be best if we go home now, it's late."

"Yeah." Aizawa and Kireina said goodbye to Akira and made their way towards Aizawa's home.

Kireina's new life begins now.

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For a city is was pretty silent, not much was happening this late in the streets of Musutafu. Only a couple of cars were driving by but not a single soul was walking expect them in the dead of the night.


Kireina thought that it was pretty scary, it was like a horror movie where a murderer is ready to jump out of the alley to attack them, even tho the street lights were very bright, she still felt that heavy feeling in her stomach.


At least she wasn't alone.


Kireina was holding Aizawa's hand from her nervousness, Aizawa doesn't mind. When Kireina is too anxious or nervous she needs to take someones hand to stay grounded.


And being in a world she doesn't know anything about, doesn't ease her nerves.


Kireina looked anxiously around the city and saw that even in hundred years, the Japanese city's didn't changed that much but it still unsettled her, it wasn't like her city, she saw many posters of people in costumes too...? Maybe for a new action movie or something like that? It's gotta be popular when she is seeing them everywhere.


"Um...Aizawa-san? Where exactly are we?" she looked up to his face for a moment before looking around again, holding Aizawa's hand strongly.


Aizawa looked down at her small form, she watched her surrounding carefully, as if someone is gonna attack her.


"We're in the city Musutafu, Japan."


"...Ok...can you tell me more about the...quirks?" she asked a little bit confused, because she knew only a little from what Tsukauchi told her.


"Sure. It began when a baby was born but the baby radiated light. After that more and more people with special abilities were born. Now about 80% of the world populations has them, the rest 20% is quirkless like you. We get the quirks at age of four."


Even tho Kireina heard him crystal clear it was still problematic for her to understand it, she knows he tells the truth.


She is here after all.


But everyone around her was normal her whole life, no powers or these quirks- she thinks it's a bit of a silly name but who is she to judge?


But like she doesn't understand how suddenly these quirks came, how can a baby suddenly radiate light? And how came that many baby's after that had a special ability too? What exactly happened? It just can't come out of thin air! Maybe she can find out more later.


'God, this is so complicated.'


"Ok...nothing against you or anything like that but it's a lot to....take in....but here I am...I would never have guessed that the world would involve like that."


Aizawa made a noise of understanding. "Considering you came from a world where nobody had a special ability like that, I wouldn't be a surprised if you were skeptical or confused. But now these quirks are considered normal in our society, quirkless people like you are much rarer now but not unheard of."


Kiraina looked at him curiously. "Do you have a quirk too?" she tilted her head in question.




Now she was interested. "Ooooh, what is it?" what could it possibly be?


"I can erase someones quirk by looking at them but it only works on Emitter and Transformation types." he explained in a monotone tone, having said this a thousand times already.


'What- Transformation? Types?'


"Types? There are types?" she questioned again.


So many things she needs to learn about them...


"They are three types of quirks, Emitter, Transformation and Mutans.

Emitter types quirks have the ability to either release a certain substances or alter materials around them in certain ways.

Transformations quirks allow the person to transform into many different things, sometimes enhancing an existing feature or adding new features to the body.

Mutant quirks can have a wide variety of features and abilities depending on the person, but the common similarity is that these Quirks are a part of the user's physicality." it sounded like Aizawa read that straight out of a textbook.




When Aizawa was meet with silence, he looked at Kireina's face to see her looking at him full with awe.


"...That's so cool." she muttered to herself.


Aizawa smiled a little bit in his scarf, glad to see she isn't freaked out about it.


Kiraina's eyes lit up as she realized something. "Wait! Everyone has a different quirk right? Oh my god! does that mean that they are people who has powers like X-Man?!" She loves X-Man so much.


Aizawa found her excitement cute.


But what in the hell was X-Man?


So he voiced his question.


"What is X-Man?"


"Oh my god." Kireina stopped in her tracks.  "Please tell me your kidding! Tell me please you know X-Man or Marvel, I don't care that I'm hundred years in the future." she really hopes that it still existed. The chance is almost nonexistent but a girl can dream.


Please let her heroes be here.


"...what is Marvel?"


Or not.


Kireina stared blankly ahead. "God has really abandoned this time line."


"What the hell, kid?"


Kirainas eyes widen in sudden realization.


"I have my phone too."




"I have my phone! Oh my god, please tell me you're working." said Kireina as she took her phone out of her pants pocket, she totally forgot about it.




It doesn't work.


Nothing works.


Messages doesn't work.


She can't contact them.


" doesn't work."


Her only thing that connects to her world doesn't work.


Aizawa saw how hope left her eyes as she stared at her phone, he felt bad for her...


Looks like she can only have her memories.


"Hey kid...I will get you a new one and we can try to search about that Marvel if you like, I'm sure we will find something." he placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.


"Yeah, I would like that." she whispered.


"C'mon kid, let's get going."



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It wasn't a long walk, so they reached the apartment pretty fast. The neighborhood looked quite nice too, now all she needs to know is how the neighbours are.


Hopefully nice.


Aizawa took his keys out of his pocket to open up the door, not even halfway trough you could hear two meowing cats demanding for food.


Kireina saw that Aizawa had one gray cat and a white one.


'Oh my gosh! they're adorable-'


"You have cats!" she said in delight, she likes cats even when they're being assholes.


The cats however, didn't reacted at her presence, much rather went to Aizawa's legs to let him know it's time to feed them.


"Yeah, Yeah, I hear you two." Aizawa mumbled under his breath, as he took of his shoes, Kireina copied his action.


Kireina took her time to look around the apartment while Aizawa went into the kitchen to feed his little monsters.


The apartment was simple and nice. The kitchen, dining room and living room was all in one spot. Down the hall Kireina assumed was the bathroom and Aizawa's room, from what she could tell is that Aizawa was rather a minimalist. There wasn't much decoration but enough to look homey.


She liked it.


"Kid, do you want to eat something? I have left over ramen." Aizawa called out from the kitchen.


Hell yeah.


"Yeah, sure."


She made her way towards the table and sat down.


Aizawa placed the bowls of ramen onto the table. "Dig in."


Kireina did happily so.


For a while they sat in comfortable silence, Kireina saw from the corner of her eye how the cats made their way into the living room.


'Ah, I don't know how they're called.'


"Hey, Aizawa-san."


Aizawa made a noise for her to know that he is listening.


"How are the cats called?"


"The gray on is Mao and the white on is Tori."


"That's cute." she chuckled.


Kireina was still kinda thinking about the whole quirk thing, there's so much she doesn't know and wants to find out!


"Is there something else I need to know about quirks?" she said and then took a big bite out of her ramen, it was so much tastier then from her time!


"Hm. Quirks are passed down in genes. For example: the mother can bend water and the father can bend earth, their child could get the mother's or father's quirk, in some cases the child gets a quirk with a small difference, instead of bending, lets say water, the child can produce water but not bend. The child could even get both quirks, a different quirk or get quirkless but they're rare. Does that make sense to you?"


Kireina looked thoughtful as she chewed on her meal.


"Yeah, I guess it makes sense, it's like any other gene you get from your parents."




And then Kireina remembered that Aizawa has a quirk too.






"Can I see your quirk?"


Aizawa looked up to Kireina, she was staring at him with this hopeful look to see a quirk in action.




Aizawa activated his quirk, he could feel his hair floating up and his eyes burning.


"HOLY SHIT!" Kireina jumped a little bit and dropped her chopsticks, she didn't expected for his eyes to change to fucking red like a goddamn demon! And how the fuck is his hair floating like that?!


"Language." Aizawa said a little amused.


"WELL EXCUSE ME, I DIDN'T EXPECT THAT!" she sassed a little bit.


"What did you expect?"


"Well I don't know! But not." Kireina made hand gestures to his quirk. "this!"


Kireina looked at him intensely, trying to get what the fuck she was seeing.


"How the fuck is your hair floating like that?" she whispered in utter confusion, you could practically see formulas swirling around her head, trying to figure out the mystery.


Aizawa just shrugged.


"Can...Can I touch your hair???" she really wanted to know how the fuck it's staying up there.




With the permission, she made her way to Aizawa and touched his hair.


'Howthefuckhowthefuckhowthefuck-' was all in Kireina's head, she was running her hands trough the hair, his hair moved like it would move underwater. It shouldn't be possible!


She didn't realized that she muttered these exact words as well for Aizawa to hear.


"I don't know, kid." Kireina took her hands out of his hair, so he deactivated his quirk. Feeling the burn in his eyes, he quickly took his eye drops out.


Kireina of course saw this. "Does it hurt you?" she frowned a little bit.


"No, my eyes just gets dry."


"Ah, so it has a downside as well."


"Of course, every quirk has a downside or a limitation."


"Hm." Kireina brought her hand up to her chin and began to stroke it as if she has a beard. "So quirks aren't that powerful right?"


"Well, there are really powerful ones but also very weak ones."


She was still stroking her imaginary beard. "Interesting." she was trying to sound like a british scientist who just made a discovery. "Truly, interesting."


Aizawa lets out a silent laugh at her tone.


"Wait." she suddenly stopped. "Isn't it...dangerous? Like you said there are powerful quirks." she watched so many movies were the villain was destroying towns with their power.


Could....Could it be that it happens now in real life? Or like only in New York because all the shit always happens there.


"Well, yeah." Aizawa said. "But the heroes takes care of people who uses their quirks to hurt the innocent."


Kireina frowned at the thought of someone hurting someone else just because they can, well luckily there are heroes-






As in real life heroes?


Hold the fuck up-


"Waitwaitwaitwait-" she said quickly, making 'stop' gestures with her hands.


"You." she pointed at Aizawa. "Mean to tell me." she then pointed at herself. "That there are real life heroes?"




She just gave a blank stare.


'Did....did the world became a movie?!'


"Holy shit." she slowly came back to her senses.


"Holy shit." she brought her hand up to her hair.


"That's insane." she began to pace in the kitchen. "No, like, it's actually insane you know that? The world has actual heroes and villains! Do you know how many movies we made with that kind of plot?" Aizawa continued to watch her walking around the kitchen, for what he finds normal it must be for her a really big deal.


New world after all.


"It is already crazy enough with the powers a-and now this! I watched and watched because I just love heroes! I was already blown away with that quirk thing!" she took her chair again and sat down, she looked at the table and said softly. "The world has really turned upside down."


"Yeah..." Aizawa didn't know how he would react if his world suddenly changed like that, he looked at the clock to know what time is was. 2:30am.


Damn, it was late.


"Alright kid, let's go to sleep, it's late." he put the bowls in the sink and beckoned Kireina to follow him, which she did. They went to the hallway, Aizawa opened a door on his right side.


Kireina made slowly her way inside to see how the room looks like, it's a guest room obviously. There was a bed, a desk and a wardrobe. The walls were bare.


"This is your room from now on." Aizawa's voice snapped Kireina out from her observation.






"Thank you! Aizawa-san!" she bowed her head in thanks.


"No problem, kid." he ruffled her hair. Kireina doesn't mind, the action reminded her of her big brothers, they always messed with her hair.




Not anymore.


Never again.


She remembers how she used to jokingly complain about her hair.


"C'mon, Ryuu! Stop it!" she laughed and squirmed in the arm hock her big brother has trapped her, messing up her hair.


Nobody in this small orphanage was related to one another but they still saw each other as siblings. Rarely came someone to adopt a kid, mostly it doesn't even work out, sending the kid back for adoption. So the most of them are growing up here and found family in one another. They saw the caretakers as their parents already, they loved them as a parent would.


"Ha! And what are you gonna do?" Ryuu laughed at his struggling sister.


"Nii-chan has Onee-chan! Nii-chan has Onee-chan!" laughed their younger sister, Sayano, with the others in the room watching the funny situation.


"My, My, you can let her go already." chuckled Sora-san, one of the caretakers.


Ryuu let go and Kireina stumbled forward.


Kireina fake pouted "Aw ! Look what you did!" she was trying to fix her hair.


"I can mess it up more if you like."


She just shoved him playfully away and laughed.


The memory brought tears in her eyes, she quickly blinked them away so Aizawa couldn't see.


Too late.


Aizawa softens his expression, already guessing what was going on. "It will be okay someday." he placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.


She took a deep breath. "I know."


Aizawa decided to change the topic. "As for your pj's you have to wait till tomorrow, We will go shopping since you need new clothes. I will ask some friends of mine to help us out."


She nodded. "Alright."


"Good night, kid."


"Good night, Aizawa-san."


He closed the door.


Kireina made her towards the bed and laid down, she sighed. 'What a crazy day...'


She blankly stared up to the ceiling.




She closes her eyes, feeling the tears gathering quickly.


'I miss you all...'


She hopes she wakes up in her own bed.

Chapter Text

The light that peered through Kireina's window, slowly waking her up from her dreamland. "Uuuuuugh Naraaaaa, close the blinds, I wanna sleep..." she groaned under the blanket she was buried in, calling out for her big sister, Nara, she shares her room with.


But Kireina didn't get a reply.




Kireina slowly opened her eyes, she wasn't an early riser so it took her a moment to function. Why wasn't Nara answering? They usuly wake up together. She turned her head to her right, expecting to see her sister sleeping in her bed but was greeting with the sight of Mao sleeping peacefully beside her head.






Kireina sat up in speed time, looking at the cat like she was a math problem.


So in confusion.


The cat woke up from the sudden movement, Mao stretched and walked towards Kireina's hand, asking to be pet.


Kireina did what the cat asked to, which caused the cat purr in delight.


'If Mao is here....then that means...!'


Kireina realized that everything was real.


Nothing was a dream.


A really, really realistic dream.


She is stuck in the future.


She was taken away from her family.


From her friends.


"It...was real." she slowly said to herself, the gravity of the situation was hitting her.


Hitting her really hard.


"No, no, no, no-" she stood up panicked from the bed and walked towards the window.


'It has to be a joke, it has to be!' she looked out and expected to see her street. To see the the sidewalk where they always drew with chalk. To see the big old tree they climbed over and over again.


But no.


It's just a neighborhood.


Not her's.


"This has to be a joke." Kireina buried her hands in her hair, clearly in distress.


Why? Why isn't this a dream?






Kireina paced trough her room, eyes misty and breathing hard, Mao's eyes following her.


Is the universe fucking with her? Is this some sick joke it enjoys? Is this a punishment for something she has done?


'Don't panic! Don't panic! Maybe it's like a dream in a dream! Then this cannot be real! Yes, that must be it!' she desperately tries to find a explanation for all of this, because she just can't be here.


"Ok Kireina, wake up!" she closed her eyes hard and slightly slapped her cheek. She peaked, still that damn room!


"C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon-" she slapped her cheeks harder, again and again, they were getting red. "C'mon, c'mon...c'mon...c'mon..." her voice became more chocked up, she ignored the tears falling down on her cheeks, the pain in her chest is getting heavier and heavier like her movements.


Slowly she falls down on her knees and curls up into a ball, her hands now tightly grabbing the shirt in the area her heart is placed, knuckles getting white from all the force. Gritting her teeth trough the sobs that are coming out of her.


"This is a nightmare, this is a nightmare, this is a-" she whispered for only herself to hear.


If this is her reality, then what now could haunt her dreams?


Reality is where nightmares are born.


'They're gone. They're dead.'


They all perished to the other side.


'Sora-san, Ryuu, Sayano, Nara, Natsuki, Yuri, Sakura-'


Everyone she loved is gone, dead.


They all lived their lifes and she missed every single moment.


She missed Ryuu graduating high school.


She missed Sayano learning the bike.


She missed Sora-san finally getting married.


She missed Nara going on her first violin competition.


She missed every single movie night she made with her friends, Yuri, Sakura and Natsuki.


She just missed and missed and missed-


She can't even visit their graves.


"Oh my god." she quietly cried out in a high pitched tone, pleading in her mind for someone to bring her back home. "Let me go back."


The universe doesn't acknowledged her cries.


Kireina could feel the tiredness setting in her bones from all the crying but is like the tears won't stop. It feels like eveything in her is in pain.


Her soul? a war zone.


Her mind? whispers.


Her heart? Burning.


She slowly uncurls herself and tiredly sat up against the bed, she stopped making noises besides sniffles but the tears are going strongly.


She just sat there and stared into nothing, while her minds whispers to her in how she lost everyone.


She doesn't know how much time passed before she heard someone jump out of bed, she forgot that Mao was here.


She felt her little paws against her arms, meowing at her. Kireina doesn't react, so Mao moved into her lap and leaned against her chest, making a purring sound.



Slowly Kireina moved her arms and petted the cat, running her fingers trough the gray fur.


The more time went by the more silent her mind was becoming, the tears stopped only leaving red and puffy eyes behind. She was hungry and tired from all the crying.


Sighing, Kireina slowly stood up and walked towards the door. She doesn't know if Aizawa was awake, so she tried to be quiet as possible.


But once she opened the door, she could hear some cooking sounds from the kitchen. 'Ah, he is awake...' having no reason to be quiet, she just normally walked to the bathroom, to fresh up. Mao went into the living room to go to Tori.


Kireina looked into the mirror and saw that her eyes were still red and puffy from all the crying.


'What a mess...'


She splashed her face with cold water, sighing again. She fixed her ponytail too.


When she felt satisfied in what she looked like, she left the bathroom and made her way towards the kitchen.


"Good morning, Aizawa-san." she greeted, trying to sound normal as possible.


Aizawa was in front of the stove, making eggs. "Good morning, did you slept well?" he didn't turned around to face her because he knows that the second he looks away, the eggs will burn.


He isn't great in cooking.


But well, he needs to learn since Kireina is now living with him. He can't just order something everyday, he doesn't know a lot about kids but he knows they need to eat good so they can grow healthy and all that.


Maybe Akira can give him cooking lessons...


"Yeah." it wasn't technically a lie, she did slept good.


Just the morning was...rough.


"That's good."


Kireina made her way to the couch to see Tori and Mao cuddling, she petted Tori as a greeting. "Morning, Tori." she got a purr as response, which caused Kireina to smile a bit.


She gave both cats her attention till she heard Aizawa call her. "Kid, breakfast is ready."




She took a seat, the smell of the eggs made her hungry so she quickly said her thanks and began to eat.


She doesn't notice Aizawa staring at her with concern.


Once Aizawa saw her face, he knew she had been crying. He doesn't know what he should do, should he confront her about it or leave it for not distressing her more?


He decides to ask Akira that as well.


For now he will just test the new waters.


"Is everything ok?..." he asked awkwardly, not knowing if he made the right choice.


She doesn't look up, avoiding eye contact, when she lies she can't look anyone in the eye. She hates that because it's easily giving her away. "Yeah."


"You can always tell me when something is wrong." he tries not to push, but she needs to know that he is always available.




She sighed and placed her chopsticks down. "It's just that I realized this morning that everything is real, not a dream like I was hoping." she stares at her half eaten eggs.


"...they're gone..."


Aizawa doesn't even need Akira's help to know that he needs to comfort her.


"Do you want a hug?" he offered.


She's not saying anything for a while, Aizawa waits patiently for an answer.


He got a nod.


He stands up while Kireina does the same and meets him halfway there.


She buries her face into his chest and clenches the back of his shirt, taking shuddering deep breaths, not wanting to cry again.


Aizawa wraps his arms around her small form.


'Just a child...'


They stayed that way for a while, breakfast was already cold.


Kireina would be lying if she said she didn't imagined Sora-san's arms instead of Aizawa's.


She let go. "I think I'm good now, thank you."


He ruffled her hair. "No problem" he said in a soft tone. "Do you still want to eat the eggs?"


"Yes, please."


They sat down again to finish the food.


Kireina felt a lot of better from the hug. She liked hugs, she is a touchy person in general, so she liked to be close to her loved ones.


Aizawa's hug was nice.


It was like a safety blanket.


Sora-san's were sunshine.


The universe took her sunshine away.


She quickly shakes that thought out of her head.


For a few minutes it was silence, Her being in a better mood caused her to remember something Aizawa told her.


They're going shopping with his friends.




"Yes, kid?"


"You said some friends will come over to help. Who are they?"


"Yamada Hizashi and Nemuri Kayama, they both work with me."


Well, now she is curious, she doesn't know about Aizawa's job. "What is your job?"


Aizawa grinned.


Kireina kinda regretted asking.


"Ah, you know." he shrugged his shoulders. "I work as a Underground hero and as a teacher in U.A school, where students learn to become heroes."


He grinned wider when he saw her blank stare.


"You're...a hero."




"You're friends...are also heroes."






Exe. Kireina. stopped working.




Please wait.


Successfully rebooted.


"What the fuck." she placed her chopsticks down for the second time, will she ever finish her eggs? "You're a hero and you didn't tell me?" she smiled and placed a hand over her heart in mock hurt, she's glad she's not that much in a depressing mood anymore and has something to joke about. "We just had a bonding moment!" she was referring to the hug.


He shrugged. "You never asked." he joked also, glad to see her smiling.


"We literally talked about heroes yesterday." she stressed.


Aizawa just shrugged again.


He is letting her having fun.


"Alright, Alright." she took her chopsticks again. "What is your hero name? Do you have one?" she took a bite.




Kireina chocked on her food as she suddenly got a mental image in her head when she heard that name.


She coughed a few times before saying. "I'm sorry, what?" she laughed.


"What's so funny?" he did his voice as deadpanned as possible, trying to keep the now good mood going.


"You said Eraserhead, so I literally imagined someone with a eraser as their head." she wheezed a little at the image, holding her stomach with one hand as the other was pressed against the tables surface. Her mood is brightened.


Aizawa has to admit it was a bit funny.


He smiled a little. "Yeah, ok, it is a little funny."


Kireina calmed herself down with a few deep breaths. "Phew! Man, that was something! And how are your friends called?"


"Hizashi is Present Mic and Nemuri is Midnight."


Kireina awed. "Ooooh! Midnight sounds kind of mysterious and Present Mic sounds like a funny guy!"


"Well, kind of."


"What are their powers- I mean, quirks?"


"Nemuri can put you to sleep with her gas and Hizashi can control the volume of his voice."


That...that sounds actually kind of cool.


"Well, I hope they will come soon, they sound like nice people."


"They are."


Comfortable silence fell over them.


Maybe...maybe with the help of Aizawa...


Maybe she will be ok again....

Chapter Text

A few hours after breakfast, there was a knock at the door. Kireina was currently in the living room, watching the news about some robbery stopped by a hero. 'All Might' she believes was his name, they said some lines like 'the symbol of peace' or something like that.


Not gonna lie, it is kinda scary to see powers in real life, it wasn't some movie anymore. People have now powers, the next evolution step. She was only a child who enjoyed it in movies.


She turned around in the couch to look at the door, Aizawa was making his way towards it, he already knew who it was.


His two dumbass friends.


"Eeeeeeeeey Shouta! My Man! Heard you need help with shopping?!" was the greeting from Hizashi Yamada himself, he has a white shirt on with a simple jacket and jeans, his hair was done in a half man bun.


"Shouta! I can't believe you want to go shopping on your own free will!" and there was Nemuri Kayama, who has a black lose shirt on with dark blue leggins.


Aizawa just opened the door more open so they could come in.


"Anyways dude! How are ya? and why do you-" Hizashi stopped speaking as he saw a child on the couch, watching them with big eyes.


The child was Kireina.




"Ey Zashi, what's wrong-" Nemuri stopped speaking as well as she spotted the child too.


"This is why I called you two." said Aizawa as he closed the door and made his way to them.


"Shouta, there's a child"


"Wow, you can see Yama?"


"Why is there a child?"


Kireina decided to jump off the couch and approached them to introduce herself. It was only polite after all.


"Hi, I'm Kireina Mirai." she quickly bowed her head. The two adults quickly recovered and introduced themselves too.


"Yamada Hizashi, nice to meet you little listener!"


"Kayama Nemuri, it's a pleasure to meet you."


Kireina thought that they were nice.


"So, uhm..." Hizashi looked at his friend before settling his eyes again at the child infront of him. "Not to be rude or anything but who exaclty are you?" Nemuri nodded at the question, wanting to know why or how Shouta suddenly has a child.


'Does he...have a secret daughter...?!' they thought. She could be! The child has the same black eyes as him!


"Let's carry the conversation somewhere else." cut off Aizawa before Kireina could answer their question.


So they sat at the table, Kireina sat besides Aizawa while his friends were facing them. Nemuri broke the silence.


"Alright, Shouta, can you tell us what is going on?"


Aizawa sighed.


"There was this woman, who could teleport people from the past, there was an accident and brought Kireina here, unfortunately, she can't send them back. That means Kireina will now live in our time line. I volunteered to take care of her."


The two friends looked at Shouta.


And then all hell broke lose.






"Guys, please..."




Kireina watched amused how Aizawa was attacked by his friends.


Isn't friendship wonderful?


"I just knew that someday you would adopt a child, Shouta!" she said jokingly.




"Ok, Ok, jeez Shouta."


They shifted their attention again at Kireina.


"So, little listener, how far from the past are we talking about?"


"Oh, you know." she shrugged her shoulders, doing the same thing Aizawa has done at breakfast. "Just a hundred years."




They didn't said anything for a while before Hizashi softly said. "Holy shit..."


They didn't expected that, like maybe a few years max. They thought she temporary stays with Shouta while the police are searching for her family. They joked about the whole adoption thing.


"Oh my god." said Nemuri, putting her head in her hands. A hundred years isn't a joke, it's big deal, a really fucking big deal.


Because that would mean...


That would mean...


That would mean her family is dead.




Her whole generation.


Her whole time line.


Also gone.


"God, this is...brutal." said Hizashi, the universe really fucked up big time.


Kireina agreed. "Yeah..."


Silence fell around the table, it is a hard topic to talk about. Aizawa put a comforting hand on her shoulder.


"So..." began Hizashi. "That means you need clothes, right? This is why Shouta called us." he was trying to change the topic, knowing it is a very fresh wound for the child, not wanting to distress her more.


Kireina nodded.


"Well, maybe we should go now, I'm sure we will find many things you would like."


"Yeah, let's go."




The mall was close by, so they got there quickly, it was the first time for Kireina to be outside with many people in the new world.


She could see that the mall really changed a lot, there were shops that never existed before, from what she understood, it was quirk related things.


She is not gonna lie, she is scared.


No matter how much she found the quirks interesting or cool, it still scared her. In her mind she still knows that they are human just like her.


They're just more...superhuman.


She held Aizawa's hand and looked nervously trough the crowd. She was in unease in how the people looked like now.


She knows she shouldn't judge someone by their appearance. Sora-san would be very disappointed if she did.


But when she saw someone, who obviously had a mutant quirk. It was a reminder that she doesn't belong here.


It felt like a punch in the gut.


It was like they were mocking her, in how she isn't one of them.


She is here like an intruder.


Guys like Aizawa, like his friends, she could forget that they're superhuman as well. She could forget that they have quirks.


She could pretend she isn't an outsider.


She couldn't do that with mutants.


With her fear she feels shame too, it's not their fault in how they look like. It's how the world works right now.


She feels shame that she is still scared of them.


But like, what is she supposed to feel? Her whole life she was surrounded by people who were just like her. Nobody had animal features, nobody had some sort of weird attachments. Everybody looked human.


She doesn't know how do deal with that. Nobody blinked an eye when someone came with three eyes, nobody was interested when someone had a shark head, nobody paid attention to someone with horns sticking out of their heads.


But she did.


She did.


It's just too weird- too much- too fast.


She hopes she will get used to it soon.


"How about we go there?" Hizashi's voice snapped her out of her thoughts. He pointed at a shop called 'Quirky Clothes'.


She couldn't help but snort at the name.


"Yeah, why not."


So they went inside, Kireina already spotted many hero merches, especially this dude she saw on TV this morning.


Is he like the most popular?


'Ah, he is really has a American theme going on...'


"How about this one." Nemuri was holding a violet T-shirt up, with a chibi cartoon character on it that looked too much like her.


It was her own merch, Kireina figured.


"Nah, this is way better!" protested Hizashi, holding a yellow T-shirt up, headphones were printed around the neck area while under them it said 'little listener' in big orange letters.


That was his own merch as well.


"Eh?! Obviously mine is better! A cute cartoon for a cute girl!"


"Mine has cool headphones! Little listener's gotta show how awesome she is!"


Aizawa facepalmed in the background.


'They really want me to wear their merch...' she sweatdropped at their bickering.


"I can get both, both is good." she isn't picky with clothes, if it makes them happy, then she will wear their merch.


The two's expression brightened when they heard Kireina's approval.


They spend more time in the shop and found more clothes, obviously the two heroes tried to give Kireina more of their own merch. Aizawa however, always came with a suspicious good amount of clothes with cats on them.


'He really is a cat person...'


"Hey, Aizawa-san? How come I don't see your merch around?" she noticed that there's plenty of merch from Hizashi and Nemuri and from other heroes as well like this All Might dude or this space marshmallow man 'Thirteen' and many more.


But no Eraserhead.


"I'm an Underground hero, so the public doesn't know about me, publicity is just unnecessary for myself and my quirk anyway."


Kireina hummed in agreement, it makes sense that he doesn't have his own merch.


They missed the evil glint in the trouble duo's eyes...


"Alright, I think that's enough clothes for now." said Aizawa. "We should go eat something."


"Let's go! I'm starving! I know this good noodle place." exclaimed Hizashi, leading the group towards the destination.


Once they found the place and ordered something, they began to talk.


"So, Kireina." began Nemuri. "Tell us a little about yourself."


"Uhm..." what should she say? "I'm twelve."


'What a interesting information. Good job, Kireina.' she thought bitterly.


"Ah, that means you're in middle school."


"Well, I was about to begin middle school before I was...taken away."




What a great and lighthearted conversation.


"You can enroll to the middle school that's near by." said Aizawa.


"Yeah, why not." not seeing a reason why she should refuse.


"Anything else?" asked Hizashi.


"Uhm...I love movies, especially hero and action movies..."


"Well, you're in luck, little listener!" Hizashi made a dramatic bow. "Pro-hero: Present Mic at your service!"


"And don't forget about Midnight!" Nemuri winked.


Aizawa just sighed at their tactics.


Kireina chuckled, she really likes them, they're funny. "Aizawa-san told me about your superpowers- I mean quirks, I think they're cool."


"My, My, Thank you! You're cool too, kiddo!"




"Don't praise them too much or their ego will explode."


"Aw! C'mon Shouta!" Nemuri grinned. "I know you love us!"


Aizawa looked at them dead in the eye and said with the most deadpanned voice. "I should have left you on that street corner where you were standing."




'Ah! I love that vine!' Kireina thought, smiling.


And then she realized.


'Wait, what?'


"Hold up!" she cries out, getting the attention of the three adults. "How do you know that line???"


They were confused what she meant. "What do you mean? The street corner one?" asked Hizashi.


"Yes, you see-" Nemuri cut her off.


"Oh, Yeah! There are these short funny videos named 'vines'. I don't think you had these in your time line so-"


"No, no, no" Kireina waved her arms in 'stop' movements. "No, I mean, I know what vines are! It's just how do you know them? The videos are from my time line."


The three just stared at her.


"What the fuck, you mean it's from your time?"


"Shouta, language, there is a child present."




"Did you all thought that the people in the videos are from here?" she asked.


"Well..." Hizashi looked away. "Maybe?"


Kireina felt that the universe was fucking with her again.


"So you mean to tell me, that vines survived but everything else died with time?" she said in a monotone voice.


'Is Shouta teaching her how to use that voice...?' the duo thought, glanzing at Aizawa.


He remains silent.


"I...I don't know, kiddo." Nemuri said in a confused tone.


Indeed a mystery.

Chapter Text

It's been a few days since the shopping trip, Kireina got used to wake up in room.


She still hopes she wakes up in her old bed.


In the few days, Aizawa showed her around the neighborhood and city, trying to make her feel more comfortable around her environment. It kinda helped, Kireina got more used to the people, they still scared her but she now kinda expects these kind of things.


Aizawa showed her his favorite café and told story's from his hero work when they  passed by certain streets. She appreciated it, with every story the city felt less and less like a stranger.


Someday, she can tell her own story's too.


They visited the Aldera junior high, her middle school Kireina will be going soon. Her first day is around the corner, she hopes she can make friends there. She doesn't know why but the adults are scaring her more then the children, maybe because she is their age? She figured, she will be fine in school.


Speaking of school, Aizawa showed her U.A too, she got to say, that's a big ass building and it looked super cool too. He told her it's the Nr.1 hero school in japan. That's really impressive, what's more impressive is that heroes are formed there.


Sadly she wasn't in the building but Aizawa told her maybe one day he can bring her inside. He just needs permission from the principle, Nedzu, she thinks was his name. When she asked more about him, Aizawa just said that he is...special.


Kireina doesn't know what he means with 'special', was it even a good special or a bad special?


It's for her to find out.


They visited the Dagobah beach, a shame that it became a garbage place. It could have been a beautiful beach.


Overall, the city looked very nice, she liked the place.


But her old city will be always in her heart.


Kireina even tried to go outside on her own, she just walked around in the neighborhood for a bit but she counted that as a win.


But today was a special day because Akira-san is coming over.


She and Aizawa have texted each other, Aizawa always updated her about Kireina and asked questions about raising a child, Akira was always there with an answer.


The three haven't seen each other since the...accident. But Kireina is happy to see her again, she is a lovely woman after all.


"Kid, she is here." Ah, speaking of the devil.


Kireina went to the door to see Akira-san standing there with a kind smile.


"Hello, Akira-san! Good to see you again!" a wide smile was on her face.


Akira's smile brightened. "Hello, Mirai-chan! It's good to see you well! And please, just call me Akira, no need for honorifics."


"Then just call me 'Kireina' please."


"Will do."


Aizawa left to the kitchen to prepare tea for everyone. Akira and Kireina sat down on the table to finally talk.


"So how are you doing, sweetheart? How is Aizawa treating you?" Akira had this motherly tone, Kireina heard for a second Sora-san's voice.


God how much she misses her voice.


"I'm doing fine, Aizawa-san is doing a great job so far, he's trying to make me comfortable here and is patient with me." she said honest, she felt lucky that Aizawa is a kind person.


Speaking of the devil, again, Aizawa was done with the tea and placed them on the table. "I hope you don't mind green tea, Akira-san."


Green tea was something Aizawa and Kireina both enjoyed. When they watch TV they make green tea, sometimes Aizawa makes coffee but he was actually trying to show a healthy amount of coffee consume. Akira said to him that children copy their caretakers, so he is trying to be a good example.


No matter how much he just wants to drink four cups of coffee in the morning.


"I don't mind at all! And I already told you over text that it's fine to call me without the 'san'."


"Sorry, I will try to remember that."


Akira hummed and took a sip of her hot tea. "So...Kireina..." she began, her tone nervous. "What do you think of our world? Do you like it?" Akira hopes that Kireina at least likes her new environment, she caused this mess, all of it.


"Well..." Kireina began, she doesn't know how to say this..."It's...different, a lot. It is a nice city..." she tries to put her thoughts together, she isn't sure herself what she thinks about...her new home. "The quirks are interesting and...scary, I don't understand it completely, like how is it possible to have animal features, biologically vise? I don't understand the science behind it."


She though about it some more. "The world isn't bad, it just became more complicated and unique." she took a sip. "But I think I will manage."


"You...find quirks...scary?" Akira traced her cup with her thin fingers, the guilt in her heart increases, it's her fault that the poor child is scared of people now.


How can she fix that?


"They...unsettle me..." she muttered. "Mutants are harder to deal with. When I see them it's a reminder that I'm of you..." before Aizawa began to protest, Kireina quickly began to explain." No! don't get me wrong! I'm human like everyone else but I'm not from this generation- not this time line." she sighed and took a huge gulp of the tea.


"You don't have to be from our time line to be 'one of us'." Aizawa said in a soft tone. "You're human and that's enough."


"That's right, sweetheart." Akira placed a comforting hand over Kireina's. "Time is meaningless in being human, future or past doesn't matter. You love like us, you cry like us, you are like us."


She smiled softly. "You're one of us, family doesn't end in time, just like family doesn't end in blood." Akira doesn't know Kireina for long but she already worries over her like she is her daughter or niece.


Kireina remembers.


"Sweetie?" called Sora, she opened the door to Kireina's and Nara's room. She knew it was a though day for the little girl, her father was forced to give her up after her mother died from a illness today two years ago. He was in deep dept from the hospital bills, he knew he couldn't raise a child like that, so he gave her the opportunity to find a better life.


No matter how much it hurt him.


The eight year old Kireina didn't answered under her pile of blanket, much rather wants to spend the day in silence in her bed.


She could feel the the added weight on her bed when Sora sat down beside her. "Could you please come out sweetie? I want to see your pretty face." Sora whispered softly.


Luckily, it did the trick, Kireina removed her blanket from her face but didn't looked at Sora but rather gave the wall her attention. Kireina looked really tried, Sora doesn't blame her.


"How do you feel?" Sora asked, gently going trough Kireina's brown hair, easing up tension from the small child. Sora knew physical contact calms her down.


Kireina didn't answered at first but it's fine, Sora was patient to get an answer.


"...Sora-san?" called out Kireina in a small voice, she didn't answered the question.


"Yes, sweetie?"


Kireina finally looked at Sora.


She asked.


"Why doesn't daddy love me?"


The confusion and sadness in her voice squeezed Sora's heart in pain.


"Why doesn't daddy want me anymore? Did I do something bad?" the innocence in the question was clear as a day.


"What? No, no, didn't do anything wrong, sweetie. Your father loves you very much, he just thought someone else could give you a better life. He wants what's best for you." she explains it, cupping Kireina's cheeks gently. "He wants for you to have a family."


"But daddy is family, mommy was too but daddy said she went to the sky and won't come back. They both won't come back, I don't have a family."


Sora sighed and picked Kireina up, she placed her on her lap, wrapping her arms lovely around her. Kireina placed her head on Sora's chest and listened to her calm heartbeat. "You do have family, you have me and the other kids in the orphanage."


"But we're not related." said Kireina in confusion.


"No, we're not." Sora kissed her forehead gently. "But we don't have to be, family is the love you share with one another, family doesn't end in blood."


"So, you can be my family?" she slightly moved her head to see Sora smiling softly at her.


Sora kissed her her head again. "If you want me to be then I would be honored to be your family."


Kireina smiled and hugged Sora tightly, who hugged her back with the same force.


That day, Kireina learned.


Family ends in love.


Never in blood.


Kireina didn't noticed that she started to cry until Aizawa was whipping away her tears. Snapping out of the memory, she quickly whipped her tears away with her hands, sniffling.


She put a small smile on her face. "Thank you." she chocked up.


"It's ok, sweetheart." she manages to give a small smile too, still in alert after seeing her cry suddenly.


"Do you want to talk about something different?" offered Aizawa, placing the already familiar comforting hand on her shoulder.


She nodded. "Yeah, sure, I don't know if you know this, Akira, but I'm starting middle school soon."


Akira leaned more forward. "I don't know much but I would love to hear it from you."


Kireina smiled, even despite her puffy, red eyes and sniffling nose. She looked happy. "Ok."


They talked about her new school, what she all saw in the city, Kireina could even share a story about what she did in her own city without a clouded mind.


It will be a long road and it will take a while.


But Kireina knows that she could call them family someday.


'Sora-san...if you're watching over me right now...thank you for teaching me about family...'

'...I love you...'


Chapter Text

It was a big day for Kireina.


Her first day of middle school.




She was nervous, which is normal for anybody going to a new school but still, it was a special case for her. It was a school from the future after all, she doesn't know what exactly is different there. She could imagine how the subjects changed though, like biologic is more quirk related or history now teaches the history of quirk too.


She is mostly existed about history, it was her chance to know what she missed in the hundred years. It would be also amusing to watch how they teach about her time line, she lived trough it after all, it would be interesting for her to know what they thought about a 'quirkless society'.


And the cute uniform is also a bonus.


"Kid! You ready?" she hears Aizawa say from the living room.


"Coming!" she yelled back.


'Ok Kireina. Big day today! It will be fine, you can do this!'


Everyone ensured her that everything will be alright. She isn't scared of school, just nervous. It is quite easy for her to get along children her age, maybe that's another factor why she isn't scared of them as adults.


She went into the living room. "I'm ready." she said with all the confidence she could muster.


"Alright, you know what to do. You go to the teachers room and find your classteacher to go to the classroom."


Kireina nodded. "Got it."


Aizawa ruffled her hair, Kireina noticed he does that often.


"Well then, have fun kid."


'As if you can have fun in school.'


"I will! Bye!" She opened the door and made her way, Aizawa was first a bit skeptical to let her go alone but Kireina convinced him, she needs to learn to be alone outside in this new world. She practiced this with all the walks in the neighborhood.


When Kireina saw the city for the first time closely, she noticed it wasn't that much different from her own. That kinda calmed her, because of the similarity.


The people however is much a different story.


They're so different, so unique. It's a shock how much humanity changed, Kireina still doesn't get how this change is even possible, how that happened. Where did all the genes came from? How exactly do all these quirks work?


She wishes she could read a detailed explanation for all of this.


She dodged people left and right, some looked like her and some don't. There's always this nervous feeling in her stomach when she approaches someone who has a mutant quirk, but she gets better with it! They're human, just like her.


She is willing to learn about them.


She reached the school, the school was quite good looking but it was nothing compared to U.A.


'U.A really has stepped up their game.'


She searched for the teachers room in the endless hallways and found it rather quickly. She knocked on the door and waited for someone to opened it.


A middle aged man opened the door and honestly? He looked like he lost his will to live.


'What a fucking mood.'


"Uhm, excuse me. I'm Kireina Mirai, I'm a new student-"


"Ach, it's you." he interrupted with a annoyed voice.


'Whoa there! Someone is sure grumpy today...' she was a little surprised at his tone, she is sure she heard a little bit of disgust in there... 'Jeez, it's not like I did something.'


"You're in my class, the lesson started not long ago, let's go."


"Uh! Wait, Sensei! I was supposed to get my schedule here..."she trailed off, she gets a feeling that the teacher doesn't really care at all...


He sighed. "Wait here, I will get it." the teacher went back into the teachers room, leaving Kireina alone in the corridor.


'...Well, that was a great start...'


Her teacher came back with a paper in his hand. "Here, take it." he held it to Kireina, who took it, and made his way to the classroom.


Kireina followed him while her eyes was on her schedule.


'Math, English, P.E...that's pretty normal, let's see...where is history...Ah! There it is!" she had history tomorrow! Kireina's eyes visibly brightened, maybe a few of her questions will be answered!


After a while they stopped in front of a classroom door. "Ok, You will come in when I call you. Understood?"


'Jeez, he really doesn't want to be here.'


"Yes, Sensei."


Her teacher went inside, but before that, Kireina could hear how he grumbled under his breath. "Great, now I have two of them..."


'Two of what...?' she was a little confused but she decided to ignore the comment.


'Alright Kireina, no need to be nervous. It will be okay. Just calm down.' she deeply breathed in and out.


"Come in." she heard.


'This is it.' she opened the door. She looked around the classroom. The kids seemed interested in her. She walked in and stopped in front of them.


"Ok class, like I said, this is your new classmate. Please say your name and...quirk to the class." said her teacher.


Huh, that is different, in Kireina's time they always said 'name and age'.


'Well, I guess the quirk part is more interesting then the age part...'


Kireina stood straight and confident as she could be, she mustered up her best smile. "Hi, everyone! I'm Kireina Mirai and I'm quirkless."




They looked at her shocked.


Especially that green haired kid.


'Why are they looking at me like that?' she thought a little nervous.


'Do I have something on my face...?!'


Before any of them could say anything the teacher said. "Sit in the corner of the back." he pointed at a table.


She nodded and normally went to her desk and sat down.


The lesson continued but Kireina could feel the stares of her classmates, which didn't eased her nerves at all.




The lesson finally ended.


Ugh, her first lesson just had to be math.


But now, it's food time.


She took her bento, what Aizawa kindly made for her, out of her bag. She knows he is learning to cook for her, she makes sure to eat all of it so the effort doesn't go to waste!


She began to munch on her food, it tasted good, Aizawa should be proud of himself that he's learning so quickly!


But then, a boy approached her, blonde hair and red eyes, the red eyes kinda reminds her of Aizawa when he showed her his quirk for the first time.


"You're really quirkless?" he asked with a scowl on his face, like she just insulted him.


Kireina looked at him. She got bad vibes somehow.


"...Yeah." she said carefully, eyeing the boy.


The boy looked smugly. "That's really pathetic. Looks like we now have two useless deku's."


Kireina thinks she just got insulted, she knows that deku could mean 'uselss' or 'you can do it' but she assumes it's the not so nice version. From the corner of her eye she could see that green haired boy from before flinch, seems like he is the other 'deku'.


'Two deku's? Was that what the teacher meant with 'now I have two of them'? How rude.'


She got annoyed pretty quickly. Her first day and someone already picks up a fight with her? She will sure as hell throw hands if she must. "Excuse me? Who are you?"


"I'm fucking Bakugou Katsuki. The future Number one hero!" he said as if it was obvious.


What a jerk.


She wanted to whip that smug smile away.


"Well, you don't look like a hero to me right now." she snapped at him, god it's not even a day and someone is already so rude!






The fuck?


What isn't possible in this world?!


'What the fuck?! How does that work?!'


She could feel her body filling with nervousness about that quirk discovery. It was much extremer then Aizawa's quirk, that boy could make explosions from his hands.


He could seriously hurt her if he wanted to.




She can't back down now!


'I won't let him push me around just for my lack of quirk! I gotta stand and fight!'


Even thought she is scared by quirks.


Her fear won't control her.


"A fucking good quirk doesn't make you a good hero! You dumb fuck!" two could play the swear game.




"I said." Kireina stood up from her seat. Glaring at him "You're a dumb fuck. You already judge me just from the fact that I'm quirkless. How narrow minded do you have to be?"


At least she isn't judging about mutants, sure she is scared of them a little bit but not because they look 'scary', it's because they're unfamiliar with her, just because they look different doesn't mean they're any less of a human being like her!




"I'm a decent human being for starters. Now leave me alone to eat my lunch in peace." she sat back down and began to eat, ignoring him.


"THIS IS NOT FUCKING OVER! YOU HEAR ME?!" said Bakugou and stomped away.


'God. What a jerk.' thought Kireina, annoyed of this idiot.


The rest of the class whispered about what they just saw.


"Did she really just went against Bakugou?"


"Tsk, she doesn't know her place..."


"I'm sure Bakugou will give her a lesson sooner or later."


"Is she trying to be a hero? How pathetic..."


Kireina could see they were glancing and whispering about her.


'What is up with them? Aizawa-san said it's not unheard of to be quirkless...'


Was there something wrong with being quirkless?


'I just don't have powers, there is nothing wrong with that...'


"I-I- Uhm, excuse me?" she heard a squeaked voice. She looked up and saw the boy with a mop of green hair with emerald eyes and many freckles.


She sighed in the inside.


'Not so much for peace...'


"Yes?" she asked politely, hoping he wasn't a jerk too.


"I-I'm Izuku Mido- Midoriya! and I- uhm, well, I'm q-quirkless as well! and uhm, it's nice t-to meet someone quirkless too!" he said with a anxiety rocked voice as he fidgeted with his uniform.


She pictured a frightened bunny as he spoke.




Kireina smiled. "Nice to meet you too, Midoriya-kun. Hope we will get along."


"A-A-Ach Yes! I- uhm, it was incredible to s-see someone talking b-back to Kacchan like that!" he exclaimed with a blush on his cheecks.


"Kacchan? The explosion boy?" she frowned.


"Oh! I, uh, yes, that's uh, a childh-hood nickname I gave him." he mumbled.


"Childhood? You're like childhood friends with that guy?" she asked surprised. He and that jerk? Childhood friends? "But wait. He views quirkless as useless, so how are you friends with him?"


"Ah...Uhm, well our mothers a-are friends...we k-kinda grew up together, he bagan to bully me w-when he got his quirk and I d-don't." Izuku gazed to the floor, sadden by that fact.


Kireina frowned at that. "Midoriya-kun. This isn't friendship. They don't bully and belittle one another." she thought of her friends, they always had so much fun together... "You know what? Midoriya-kun?"


"Uh...w-what?" he asked weakly.


"I will be your friend!"




"Yeah! I will show you how real friendship looks like! We, quirkless people, have to stick toghether! Wanna be my friend?" she asked excitedly, she loved to make friends. Oh she's gonna befriend the shit out of this boy, she decided.


"YES!" said Izuku with the same amount of excitement. Someone wanted to be friends with him! and was quirkless as well!


Is the universe kind to him?!


"Awesome! Come sit lunch with me!" she said and petted the free spot on her desk as a invitation.


Izuku hurries to his seat to get his own bento and sat down at Kireinas desk.


"T-Thank you for inviting me!"


"No problem! No problem! Now tell me a little about yourself." they need to get to know each other after all.


"W-Well, I love h-heroes and quirks." he rubbed the back of his neck. "I like to w-write them down."


'Why did you said that! She will laugh at you!' Izuku began to panic when he said that, she will think he is a stalker!


Before he could defend himself, Kireina surprised him. "Oh! That's so cool! I love heroes! are you like analyzing them? Or is it like you write your thoughts about them? Like a diary." She asked, not aware of Izuku's worries.


He...didn't expected that. Normally, people made fun of him because of that."Ugh...I analyze them..."


"Can I see? If you don't want to, it's fine" maybe she could learn more about quirks.


"Okay..." Izuku stood up and went for his notebook.


'Does she really think it's cool? Or is she trying to make fun of me? What if she won't like it? What if she will think they're bad? What if she will laugh at me? That would be so embarrassing...!' Izuku's thoughts were swirling in his mind with possibilities in what could happen.


He placed the notebook in front of her. He chewed on his lip when Kireina opened the first page.


'Let's see...Hero Cementoss...' she read that he can bend every cement he touches, which is like super cool. The more she read the more detailed it became.


'Is that boy...a genius or something?!'


Not only was his quirk explanation detailed like shit, he wrote down battle strategies to defeat him?! Not only that but he wrote down suggestions of battle moves that the hero could use?!


Izuku didn't know what was going on in Kireina's head, he only saw how her eyes grew larger and larger the more she read.


'Is...Is that a bad sign?!'


"Midoriya-kun." she said in a low tone.


That didn't eased Izuku's nerves at all.




Kiraina looked dead into Izuku's eyes, he is prepared for the worst.


'She will say how much she hates it, oh god-'


"You are a genius."


Wait, what?




"Thank fuck we aren't would just eliminate me." she shuddered at the thought. She always admired smart people, in Kireina's opinion, Knowledge is the most terrifying weapon.


That boy has a lot of it.


"I-I-I- HUH?!" Izuku doesn't know what to say. "T-Thank you? But it's not that impressive! I j-just scribble them down and they're n-not that good! I'm sure there's a lot of mistakes and-" he kept denying his intelligence, fidgeting with his hands.


Kireina wasn't having any of it.




Izuku closed his mouth, realizing he was rambling, he apologized. "S-Sorry..." he said weakly, looking away.


"Midoriya-kun." she called again.


Izuku looked at her, he was taken back for a moment when he saw her serious face.



"Don't apologize and never apologize for being smart. These notes are obviously very well done. Only a fool would say that they're useless, you aren't a fool from what I read, so don't act like one."


She...doesn't find them worthless.


She...encourages it.


His classmates always told him that his passion is a waste of time, after all, he is quirkless. Everything he does is useless like him. His own mother found his dream impossible.


But now.


Someone like him.


Someone quirkless.


Said something this incredible to him.


That brought Izuku nearly to tears.


He quickly whipped his glazy eyes. He doesn't want cry.


"Thank you..."


She smiled brightly. "No problem, Midoriya-kun!"


Midoriya smiled back.


Kireina thought she was staring into the sunshine.





That smile can end all wars.


"Can I a-ask you a question t-too?"




"W-What made y-you transfer here?"




She doesn't have an excuse.


She smiled on the outside yet she was panicking.


'Kireina think! You can't say you're from the past like a heathen! Think, think, think! Uuuuuuuuuugh.....AH! AIZAWA-SAN!'


"I got adopted here." she said in a normal tone.


'I did got adopted right? Technically? They placed me under his care...isn't that like adopting??? Wait- is my surname Aizawa too??? I should ask him...'


"O-Oh..." Izuku trailed off...being an orphan was bad enough but being quirkless also...was dangerous. "Uhm...congratulations!"


"Awww, thank you."


"U-Uh, are you happy in your n-new home?" he asked worried, he heard about many bad cases of quirkless children in the orphanage...being abused. There are even muder cases...


Adopting them just be killed later.


It's practically impossible and unheard off to be adopted normally while being quirkless.


Because, who would want a quirkless child?


'I hope you're safe, Mirai-kun...'


Kireina thought about it, she is happy that she stays with Aizawa.


But much rather she wants to be in her orphanage.


"The man who adopted me, Aizawa-san, is nice to me. He really tries to make me comfortable." she smiled, not knowing that her new friend is being sceptical.


Izuku is wary of that 'Aizawa' guy...


He doesn't want her to be a part of the startistics.


'I have to look after her till I know that the man is genially nice...I have to protect her!'


He made up his mind.


Like she said...


Quirkless people have to stick together.

Chapter Text

School was finally over.


Kireina hurried to Izuku, ignoring the weird glances she receives.


"Midoriya-kun! Let's walk home toghether!"


Izuku beamed at her with his smile. Not noticing how his classmates are whispering about them, he was just happy to have a friend. "Sure!"


He quickly packed his bag and they went outside to go home.


He was glad that they just clicked.


Izuku was in the middle of a story about what he saw in the news the other day, till someone interrupted him.






The bastard


Kireina groaned, throwing her head back. "Uhhhhg, what does he want now." she complained.


They turned around to see the one and only.


Boom boom boy.




That was Kireina's nickname for him.


Explosions go boom boom.


He goes boom boom.


It makes perfect sense.


"What do you want, Boom boom boy?" she asked in a bored tone she heard from Aizawa oh so often. She was quiet getting good imitating his voice like that, it was a good way to hide her discomfort from his quirk too.


"WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST CALLED ME?!" Murder was visible in his eyes, his palms already smoking.


Kireina just didn't care enough.


"Are you deaf or what? I said, Boom boom boy."


Izuku just stayed silent in this conversation, again, amazed to see how his new friend refuses to give in.




"And I will go to the police then." Tsukauchi wouldn't be happy with him.






She turned to Izuku. "C'mon dude. Let boom boom boy over there yell like a little child he is. Let's go home."


"Okay." he said quietly. They bagan to walk again.




"My only regret was meeting you." she said loudly not even turning around.


"Tsk, I will show her where she belongs." Bakugou muttered quietly under his breath and walked away.


Was this the calm before the storm?


"How do you stand up against him?" Izuku asked in astonishment.


"It's not the first time, I did that."she explained. "I was quite teased in my elementary school for being an orphan, I fought back regularly but when I couldn't, my friends protected me."


She smiled at the memory.


"Stop being so mean to her!" yelled Natsuki angrylly at the bullies.


"And what is she gonna do? Run to her parents? Oh wait! She doesn't have them!" the boys were laughing and taunting at her for being an orphan.


"Cut that out already! It's not funny!" yelled Yuri this time, hugging the ten year old Kireina close to her, as if she is blocking all the insults. Kireina was too emotionally tired for this, she got send into the orphanage back from her last foster home a while ago.


They said she isn't quite 'suited' to the family.


Kireina always wonders what was wrong with her after that.


Luckily, her friends are there to defend her.


"C'mon chill, it's just a joke right?" said the leader of the group, Takao, with a shitty grin. The other two boys snickering behind him.


"Do you wanna fucking go?" Sakura was so ready to punch that shitty grin out his face, bringing her fits up.



"Chill, flower, we will go, don't worry your little head so much." he said lazily and they walked past them.


The girls were ready to relax but of course this bitch had to say something.


"And don't forget to give your parents these permission slips- Oh! Poor Kireina has to throw her's away right?" he turned around and looked at them with teasing eyes. "After all, her parents can't sign anymore." the group was laughing as if it was a funny joke.


God how Kireina hates being reminded of her lose everyday by that jerk.


She already accepted that her mother is dead and her father will never come back for her...but it still hurt.


They will never come back.


Even though it is a sad memory, she smiled softly.


Natsuki, Yuri and Sakura are- well more like...were her very close friends...Kireina is forever grateful to them.


'I wonder how they handled my disappearance...'


I will never see them again.


God I miss them.


"I will stand up against that explosion boy."


"I'm so sorry..." Izuku said.


Being quirkless, an orphan with the possibility of being abused and being bullied......


It wasn't a good combination.


"Eh, no need to cry over spilled milk. I just will not let him to push me around like that."


Izuku looked at the ground. "I wish I had this willpower." he mumbled to himself.


Kireina still heard it and bumped shoulders with him "Hey, don't worry about him. You have me now, I will protect you." she smiled at him. "Someday you will have the willpower to stand up too."


Izuku's eyes grew misty and nodded.


They stopped at Kireina's neighborhood. Izuku pointed at his apartment. "There is where I live."


"What? No way dude!" Kireina said. "I live there!" she pointed at a apartment across from his. "We're neighbors!"


Izuku let out a excited gasp. His first friend in so long is his neighbor! How lucky! But most importantly, he could find out if her home is safe!


"W-We can visit each other and such!"


"We could do movie night's and stuff!"


"Yeah! It would be f-fun!"


They giggled at the ideas to what they could do toghether. They will have so much fun toghether!


"Anyway! We need to go home! Bye Midoriya-kun!" she quickly hugged him in which he returned. He was too happy to be flusterd for hugging a girl.


He finally has a friend.


"Bye, Kire-chan!"


"Bye!- wait, 'Kire-chan'?"


Now it was a good time to be flustered!


"A-Ach well, uh I, uhm, well it's y-your nickn-name. If you d-don't want o-one it's fine!" he quickly assured her, waving his hands everywhere.


'Why did I give her a nickname so early?! She will find it weird and then she will find me weird! Oh God! I totally ruined this change to have a friend like me! Oh my-'


"No! I like it! Can I call you 'Izu-chan'?"


'O-Oh...S-She likes it!'


"S-Sure!" his first not insulting nickname that's not from his mom!


Kireina grinned. "Bye, Izu-chan! See ya tomorrow!"




Kireina quickly jogged over to the apartment, she wanted to tell Aizawa the good news!


So when she opened the door, the first thing she did was to yell. "Aizawa-san!" she stepped in and took her shoes off.


"Welcome back." greeted Aizawa. He was sitting on the couch doing some Hero-paperwork, while the two cats happily napped beside him.


"Aizawa-san! I befriended someone! He is quirkless as well! and loves heroes as much as me!" Kireina wore a happy expression on her face as she placed her schoolbag beside the couch and plumbed beside the cats to pet them. "His name is Izuku Midoriya! He is really nice and adorable like a bunny. He rambles a lot but it's nice."


"That's good." smiled Aizawa. "Glad to hear that you make friends."


"Yeah." she was pleased with herself to see that her social skills works great in the future.


And then she frowned.


Aizawa noticed and raised an eyebrow in question. "What's wrong?" he asked concerned.


She sighed. "There is this boy in my class. He's really a jerk, was going on and on in how quirkless people are useless." then she grumbled angry. "He kept saying how his quirk was perfect for hero work, he said he is the future number one hero."


Aizawa frowned. "A good quirk doesn't make you a good hero." too bad that most people don't think like that.


Kireina threw her hands in the air and shouted. "Thank you. He kept insulting me! Like how useless I am, how I can't do anything, called me pathetic, a bitch and so on." she was very irritated by this boy. "I found out he bullies my friend since he got his quirk and Izu didn't. He said how we now have two 'deku's' in our class."


Aizawa was not happy with it. "Why don't you tell that the teacher tomorrow? If he doesn't do anything. I will get involved."


"Okay." she began to form a face of thoughtfulness. "Is in this time line considered, when you're quirkless, you're useless?"




Humanity would always hate one another.


"Well." said Aizawa carefully. "This society discriminates quirkless people and people with 'villainous' or 'scary' quirks, which isn't logical at all. They see a good quirk and decides that they're must be a good person or a hero." he explained.


Kireina's frown deepens. "But...they came from quirkless people! From my generation! There was no one with a quirk! Does that mean we were useless? No! And 'scary' quirks? What? The world is changed this much and it's still bad? People can have shark heads nowadays Karen, get over it." she continued.


"I mean, my case is different. I wasn't born into this but thrown at it. Eventually I will get used to this and will not be startled when someone activates their quirk or something like that." she was referring to Bakugou. "Typical. Even though humanity changed so much, they always find a way to discriminate and hate." she folded her arms and pouted.


"Well, you're not wrong. Most people are close minded." he collected his paperwork and went into the kitchen to make himself a cup of coffee. "Don't pay attention to it. Quirkless people are just human like the rest of us."


Silence fell over them.


Kireina thought that it wasn't right. It's just wrong to discriminate someone just for how the person was born. It always irritated her, there was so much discrimination in her time line. Quirkless or not, we're all humans.


She wants to change that.






"How do you change that?"


Aizawa was a bit confused in what she meant. "Change what?"


"This..." she made random gestures with her hands. "Whole 'quirkless is useless' thing! And the 'villainous' and 'scary quirks' thing. It's not right. It's never ok to discriminate, I want to do something." she was frustrated, she thought because the world got so different in so many ways, there would be less hate.


Aizawa remembers what Akira told him about her when they first met.


"She...she is here to help...she will fight for...acceptance? Justice? I'm sorry, I can't say much but my quirk thinks it's necessary to bring her, she will become important for many people and the future."









Aizawa finally understands.



He knows what to say.




Kireina made a noise to say that she is listening.


"Why don't you become a hero?"


Kireina paused, she slowly turned to face Aizawa.


"...a hero?"




A...real hero? Like...her heroes? Like everyone she watched and admired? Her? Could...could she do it? could she fight? Could she save?


She could easily die out there.



Even death, I'm the hero.



A hero protects the weak.



A hero makes them believe.



She needs to fight for them to survive.



She will fight for their lives.



Even if she is not ready to die.



There is a hero living in her.



That little spark she feels now...



Will burn her very soul.



"Aizawa-san." she stood up from the couch. "If I'm going to be a hero, If I want my voice to be heard. I have to be prepared as shit. Not only I have to fight against villains, I have to fight against a society that refuses to listen to people like me."


Their identical black eyes met.



He could see the start of something new.



"I will just make them listen."



Aizawa smiled. "I'm sure they can't ignore the first future quirkless hero."




"Well, in Japan there are no quirkless heroes, I'm sure there are vigilants. Maybe in other country's there are some but we don't know much about the others."



The first quirkless hero.



Kireina smirked.



Challenge accepted.



"Aizawa-san, sign me up to some dojo classes and gymnastics." she needs to learn some moves.


'I'm gonna make Black Widow proud!'


"Sure, I could train you too, if you want." he offered.


"REALLY?!" being trained from a hero! With experience! Someone who knows what's up!


Hell yes!


"THANK YOU!" she jumped and hugged him, he was surprised for a second but hugged back.


'Looks like her time begins now, Akira-san.'

















When the past becomes today

So shall the future stay

Fate has heard

The cries for hope

So shall a hero rise

And take the world trough a storm


A symbol has been born

Chapter Text

I have a friend.


I have a friend.


Izuku couldn't believe what all happened today.


When he woke up, he expected it to be a normal day like the others. He ate breakfast with his mother, who was always concerned about him.


'Maybe I need to smile more...'


His way to school was a lonely one, he hasn't walked with anyone to school in years, well, since Kacchan became so mean to him...


He is quirkless after all.


He had his reputation in being the only quirkless student in school, he wasn't even surprised anymore when someone he didn't know came up to him just to insult him or beat him up.


No matter what he does, the bullying doesn't stop. The teachers and the principle decided to ignore his situation.


He lives in a world where a quirk is everything.


Ignoring the insults in the hallway as he goes into his classroom, he wasn't even in his seat and yet his classmates already point and snicker at him. No doubt making fun of him.


"When will he learn that he isn't welcome here?"


"Look how he is staring at his desk like a loner, how pathetic..."


"He can't do anything! He really is a deku."


"Ugh, why does he have to be in our class, how unlucky..."


"He should stop coming to school altogether."


Izuku just keeps his head down.


'I have to be strong like All Might!"


He sat in his seat in silence, waiting for his teacher to come. His classmates are all talking to each other, wearing smiles on their faces.


While he was all alone.


Nobody to talk to.


When his finally teacher came. He told them that they were getting a new classmate today, a transferstudent.


His class was getting excited about the new student. Curious who could that be.


Izuku just hoped that they wouldn't bully him like the rest of the school. 'Please let that person ignore me...' to be ignored was so much better then being beat up in Izuku's opinion.


His teacher told the student to come in.


Izuku saw that the mysterious new student was a girl.


The girl's dark brown hair was pulled up into a ponytail, her black eyes glancing around the classroom with nervousness but still curious. She was rather short like himself, still a little taller, but she stood confindent in front of them.


He wasn't like that at all.


But he would have never guessed what would happen next.


"Hi everyone! I'm Kireina Mirai and I'm quirkless." she said with a smile, like it was normal like it wasn't bad.


He was shooked.


He was more then shooked.


He couldn't believe it. He never met anyone who was quirkless as well. Someone like him.


Before anyone could say anything. She was sent to her desk but he couldn't help himself and glanced at her time to time.


'She is...she is like me...'


When lunch came around he wanted to go immediately to her but Kacchan beat him into it- He couldn't help but flinch at the 'two dekus' comment. It hurt when someone called him that.


Being reminded how useless he is.


But when the new girl didn't back down. Refused to be puched around.


He felt admiration.


He never saw someone to stand up against Kacchan. Kacchan always did and said what he wanted, nobody wanted to say something in fear or didn't wanted to stand in his way to be a hero.


Till today apparently.


He went to her, wanting to talk. His thought were filled with endless possibility's in what could go wrong.


But still.


He approached her.


Not even 5 minutes later. She said that they are going to be friends.


Just like that.


That easy.


His heart was overjoyed.


In a long time nobody wanted to do something with him because of his lack of quirk.


He only had his mom.


But even she didn't believed in him.


They began to talk about each others interest. At first he was nervous when he told her about his notebooks and was even more nervous when she wanted to see them. But for the matter of fact, she liked them and praised him!


He was happy.


But also worried when he found out that she is an orphan, while being quirkless.


These two together is not good at all.


You can already assume the worst.


He has to make sure she is okay.


When school ended, she approached him and asked if they could walk home toghether, of course he said yes. They walked and talked, it was somewhat easier for Izuku to talk to her. He doesn't know why. He is shy and a ball of anxiety but when he talks to her, it's much easier.


They just click.


He wonders if it's the fact that she's quirkless as well or that she's confindent while being like him, he doesn't know how she does that when society keeps telling you how worthless you are.


But there is something else he couldn't place.


He doesn't understand what.


But something was off.


There is something about her...


But he decided to ignore it for now.


They were interrupted by Kacchan and like the last time, Kireina didn't back down. She even called him 'Boom Boom boy'! He wishes he could stand up for himself too but she quickly ensured him that someday he will have the willpower.


She believes in him.


Then he found out they were neighbors! Which is so cool! When they parted, he immediately wanted to tell his mother the good news.


So he opened the door and said. "Mom! I'm home! I have something to tell you!" he went into the kitchen to see his mother making dinner.


"Welcome back, Izuku! What is it?" she asked in the kind, motherly tone she always has.


How lucky he is for having a loving mother.


'I hope that Aizawa guy is also loving...'


"I...I made a friend." Izuku said so softly as if he told her a secret, smiling at his mother. "Her name is Kireina Mirai, she transferred into my class today and she's quirkless too."


Inko stops what she was doing and looked at Izuku. "You made a friend?" when he nodded, her eyes already filled with tears. "Oh! my baby! You made a friend!" she quickly goes over to her son to hug him. Her boy made a friend! He won't be lonely anymore!


It was always hard for Izuku. Society didn't accept him, he became so lonely and sad but now, he has a friend. Someone like him!


Was the world finally kind to her son?


She hopes it does.


"But mom, there is something else..." Izuku's worried voice made her worry too.


'Is something wrong after all?!'


Can't just the universe let her son be in peace?


"Mom, she is an orphan...she is in my class because she got adopted..."


Usually you would feel happiness to the child who got adopted.


But Inko felt her heart freeze.


'Don't tell me...!'


There was always some news about quirkless people who got murdered or who got extremely absurd my their peers and family's.


Adopting quirkless children to kill them is one tactic of many others.


Inko will never understand how you can do that to innocent little children.


She will never understand parents who abuse their own.


She loves her son more than anything in this life. Izuku is her happiness, her world. Her baby boy is the best thing that happened to her.


Where is the parental love they had for their children?


Inko knows that her son is being hurt in school, no matter how much Izuku tries to hide it. She was multiple times at the principle for that matter, with no progress. Inko has offered her boy to switch school's but he declined, claiming that he is okay.


Her baby boy wasn't okay.


Then she offered online schooling, which he declined as well, saying that the cost was too much.


Inko had no other ideas.


So she let Izuku stay in his school under his wish, all she could do was making sure that he is save and very loved in their home.


And now, he found her.


The girl could be in serious danger.




"I know mom...I'm also worried."


Inko bit on her lip, this is bad...what if something happens to the child who is now friends with her son? It is now her business...she can't just ignore it.


And Inko has to thank her.


Because Izuku came home smiling for the first time in years.


'We need a plan...'


"Alright...why don't you bring her here after school? Maybe we could know more about her caretaker...and if something did happen, we will contact the police. She is welcome to stay here too."


Inko was ready to take her in if something happened.


Quirkless children deserve a sweet home too.


"Mom, she already told me a few things. A man named "Aizawa" adopted her, he and Kire-chan live across our apartment, we're neighbors..."


Inko didn't commented on the nickname.


"That's good to know...Izu, I want you to do something, alright?" she said seriously. "I know you're very smart and observant, I want you to keep an eye on her, I know you can tell if something is wrong."


Izuku's face grew determent. "I know, mom."


"Let's just hope it isn't the case here..."


The Midoriya's will make sure that she is alright.

Chapter Text


Today, Kireina wanted to surprise Izuku! She would go his aparment and ask if they could go to school together!


Filled with determination, she jumped out of bed, startling the two cats who napped beside her.


She quickly dressed herself and made her hair presentable.


Her morning routines with Aizawa was always the same. Wake up, get dressed, go to the bathroom, eat breakfast, go to school.


But she liked the routine, it felt domestic.


Like a real family...


Like her family...


'Maybe...we can become one someday...'


She and Aizawa weren't there yet, for her, Aizawa was a very nice caretaker. He wasn't a father figure yet. She was 100% sure that Aizawa doesn't see her as his daughter too.


'It would be nice to have a father again.'


As she entered the kitchen, she saw Aizawa ready to leave for work. "Good morning, Aizawa-san."


He turned around, wrapping his capture weapon around his shoulders. "Morning kid, breakfast is on the table, I made Soba."


At the mention of Soba, she glanzed at the table. The meal was still hot.


It makes her happy that Aizawa tries hard.


She smiles extra happly and warmly today at him.

"Thank you, Aizawa-san!"


Aizawa just huffed and raffled her hair stronger today.


"Ey! I worked hard on my hair!" she fake pouted and then laughed.


"You sure did." replied Aizawa with dry sarcasm, grinned a little at the distraction he caused.


"Well, now it's a mess." she giggled, opening her hair to redo her ponytail.


Aizawa glanced at his watch. "It's time for me to go kid, I will see you later." he went to the door. "If something happens, call me, got it?" he narrowed his eyes at her, to get his message across.


She rolled her eyes fondly. "Yeah, now go before you're late."


Not so long ago, Aizawa, Hizashi and Nemuri has bought her a phone, so she could call if something happens. She has Hizashi's and Nemuri's numbers as well.


With a phone, she has acsess to the internet too, Kireina was thinking to scearch about her see what happened to it.


But she's not ready.


"Alright, see ya kid."


He opened and went to work.

Now Kireina was alone, she figured it was time to eat breakfast now. She sat down and began to eat.


'It's really good!' Aizawa's cooking lessons with Akira really makes wonders.


She ate happily till she glanzed at the clock on the wall. 'Shoot! I have to go now or Izu-chan will go before I could ask him!' she shoved down the rest of the food quickly down, said goodbye to the cats and made her way.


Today was a beautiful day outside, birds are singing, flowers are blooming and on days like these, kids like her...


Have to go to school.


She wonders how the others did in school...


She sighed deeply and smiled a sad smile to herself. 'I hope they did okay...' not that she will ever know.


Kireina reached the aparment she was looking for and knocked.


A woman with green hair opened the door. 'Holy shit! Izu-chan is like a copy of her!'


"Uhm, Hi! I'm Kireina Mirai, a friend of Izuku. Is he here?" she smiled politely.


'Make a good first impression!'


The woman's eyes lit up in understanding. "Oh! Izuku talked about you! Come in, dear! He will be ready shortly."


'That's her!'


Kireina stepped and in and bowed. "Thanks for inviting me in, Midoriya-san."


"Call me 'Inko', dear." she lead her into the living room.  Kireina sat down at the couch.


"Izuku!" yelled Inko into the corridor. "You're friend is here!" that sentence made Inko incredibly happy.


"One moment!" yelled Izuku back, he was fighting with his tie in his room.


"Well then, Izuku will be shortly here." she smiled, Kireina could swear she saw flowers around her.


'Is that the power of the Midoriya's smile...?!'


"How are you doing, dear?" Inko asked.


"I'm doing fine, thank you for asking!"


'Inko-san is so kind!'


"That's good to hear, Izuku told me that you're a transferstudent, may I ask why you changed school's?" Inko knew why but she wanted Kireina to open up a little about her home life.


"I got adopted." she told the same thing she told Izuku.


"How wonderful! Who adopted you?". As Inko asked her questions about her home life, she was checking if Kireina had some bruises. From what she could tell, she doesn't have any but you can't be sure, they could be under her clothes after all...


"Aizawa-san did, we live across from here, so we're neighbors!"


"How exciting! Maybe you two could come over for tea today? You're my son's friend after all." and it would be a good strategy to check that man.


Kireina, being oblivious in what was going on, she agreed. "Yeah, why not! If Aizawa-san is okay with it, we would love to go!" who would turn down such a kind lady?


Inko smiled. "I'm glad."


On that moment Izuku announced his presence. "I'm here!" his fight with his tie was over.



What a battle.



Kireina smile widen as she saw her friend. "Good Morning! Izu-chan! I was wondering if we could go to school together?"


This simple things friends did together filled his heart with joy. "Sure!"


So she stood up from the very comfortable couch and bowed to Izuku's mother again. "Thanks again for inviting me in, it was nice to meet you."


"It was very nice to meet you too, dear!"


The two friends went to the door and shouted their goodbyes.


"Bye, mom!"


"Bye, Inko-san!"


And they were gone.


'My baby is finally happy.' Inko's eyes swelled with tears, she missed that happy spark she lost so long ago...


'Thank you, dear...'




"And then All Might came and used his Texas smash!" Izuku was rambling about the symbol of peace again.


Kireina chuckled. "I see, is he you're favorite hero? You talk about him a lot." she asked.


"A-Ah yes..." Izuku suddenly got shy. "You don't find that weird, do you?..."


"Huh?" Kireina was confused by that question. "Why would I find that weird? You're a fan of him, that's all." what would be weird about that?


"N-Nevermind." Izuku's cheeks redden. His classmates always told him that he was a freak to like All Might while being quirkless...


"W-Who is your favorite hero?" Izuku decided to ask back, she wasn't talking a lot about heroes.


'Crap!' Kireina doesn't know much about heroes from here, she sure watched a couple of news but most of them were All Might anyway.


'I can't say Aizawa-san, he is a Underground hero...and I don't know much about All Might so...' she was searching for an answer. 'Oh! I know!'


"I think Present Mic and Midnight are cool." she knows them! she hasn't seen them fight on the news, but she actually heard a couple of Hizashi-san's radio show!


"They're so cool! I have so many questions I want to ask them! Does Midnight need a lot of Vitamin D for her quirk to work because of her skin? And how much gas could she produce at once? What are the chemicals behind it? Does it matter of what part of the skin it comes out? Can Present Mic reach a high pitch that humans wouldn't be able to hear? He always has his speaker on, so I would like to know how strong it is without one and how would his voice be under water? Sound travels faster in it. And-"


There goes Izuku.


But Kireina let's him ramble, she wanted to hear his theory's about quirks since she doesn't know a lot of it.


'So many questions...and no answer.' maybe she could ask them.


"Now I'm getting curious too..."


"Right?!" Izuku was like a child on Christmas. His sunshine smile was blinding her.


They were so concentrated on their conversation that they were surprised that they're already in front of the classroom.


They went inside.


Whispers were instantly there.


"How pathetic they are..."


"Why are we so unlucky? We have two of these freaks..."


"Ugh, can't they just go away?..."


Kireina wasn't paying attention to it.


No matter how much the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow to it.


That was Mulan thought her.


Izuku sat down at his desk and expected to wait in silence like he always did but Kireina came back after she left her bag at her desk.


"Izu-chan! I saw this comedy show from this one hero the other day and it was hilarious!" Kireina began to talk to him like the rest of his classmates did with each other, of course he never could join their conversations.


The rest of the class got strangely quiet, it was so weird to see deku happily talking to someone.



But oh well.



It was just another deku.





Kireina would recognize that voice anywhere now.


"Ugh, what does he want now." complained Kireina. "What do you want, boom boom boy?" she asked in Aizawa's bored tone, she is already really good at it, it creeps Hizashi and Nemuri out. They said to her that she looks and sounds like Aizawa then.


"WHAT DID YOU CALL ME BITCH?! I WILL KILL YOU!" He shouted. How dare she?


"Y'all hear something?" she looked at her nails boredly, Izuku tried not to snicker.


"YOU WANT TO DIE?!" he was activating his quirk, his temper is ready to snap.


"I can't hear you over your bullshit."


"YOU!-" he raised his fist to punch her.


'WAIT FUCK-' Kireina quickly reacted and brought up her arms up to cover her face, she is sure it will be more painful with explosions...


The punch never came.


It was because in that moment the teacher had arrived and opened the door, stopping Bakugou in his movement. He needs a clean school report to go to U.A, he can't effort to fuck that up just because of some worthless deku.


"Ok class, sit down." the teacher saw the scene in front of him, it was clear that Bakugou was about to punch Kireina.


But you know what?


He didn't care.


"Mirai, Midoriya, stop bothering Bakugou."




Was she getting deaf because of boom boom boy?


"Sir? He was bothering us and acticating his quirk-!" she tried to defend her friend and herself.


"I don't care, sit down."


"But sir-" she tried again.


"Sit down! Bakugou here needs to learn to become a fine hero, you're hindering the class for him."


She angrly went to her desk, her classmates snickering at her, she didn't care about that but she hated to see her friend hunching to himself.


And then she saw Bakugou.


Looking smug.


That little shit.


She sends a glare to her teacher. Her mood now sour.


'What a shitty teacher...'


Then she remembers that it is her history lesson.


'Hm, I wonder what we will do, my time line? How society adjusted to quirks? Or-'


"Today we will talk about All Might's big fight ten years ago."




A fight?


Kireina didn't get what was historical about it, maybe she will find out.


But as time went one she realized that her teacher was just story telling.


'Huh? I learned nothing! All Might just won against a dude, there wasn't anything historical about it...but maybe it's today like that...they can't leave my time line...'


She was getting a very bad feeling.


She bit on her thumb.




'...or could they?...'

Chapter Text

School was over but Kireina still got that weird feeling from her stomach.


"Izu-chan, do you think history is weird?"


"What do you mean?"


"It's just..." she sighed. "Sensei just talked about the fight, nothing historical. Will he teach about the quirkless generations?" it was important to her after is her home.


Because Izuku was quirkless as well, he tried his best to search about the generation that were just like him, of course, with no luck...


Everyone knows what the government did with their history.



They erased their existence.



Museums were shut down, Schools stopped teaching about the time before quirks, Internet pages were deleted and so on.


Books, Movies, Documents- information about the quirkless society.


All gone.









Izuku thinks it is the cruelest thing his society could have ever done.


They deemed their history for worthless because of a lack of quirk. Seeing themselves as more worthy, being the next evolutionary step.


It was a long time ago, the first time society heard of the governments decision, there were two sides.


The quirkless, who were outraged.



The quirked, who cheered.


Protests were left and right, but no matter how much they fought back.


They lost.



And lost and lost and lost.






It was the time, were whole generations cried in injustice.



They needed a hero.



But nobody came.



The only thing they could do was to tell story's to their children. But that wasn't enough, the children eventually forgot and much rather told story's of the glorious day's of quirks.


Today, nobody really knows how it was in the past. The ones who are blessed with quirk's, don't see were the problem was. They believe, they're the new start of humanity.



So there needs a new start of history.



How cruel.



"No." a simple answer, but Izuku was wondering why she was asking in the first place. He thought it was common knowledge? Apparently not...



Kireina misunderstood his answer.



'No? Ah, maybe it will come next year or in third year then.'



How naive.



"Ok." she shrugged, which caused Izuku to get more confused. Wasn't it bothering her? A whole time was erased! He would love to know more about that time...a shame he will never know, he is sure they have done great things he would never find out...


He sighed. 'I wish I could write their time line down...'


Well, with this gone. Kireina still had one more problem.



That fucking teacher.



"What was that teacher's problem anyway?" she frowned. "'He needs to become a hero'" she grumpily mocks the sentence her teacher said earlier.


"He even saw that Bakugou was about to hit me! That dude has explosions! So why hasn't he done something, you know? I already figured that Bakugou's temper is bad, but using violence so fast? I thought he had enough brain cells to know that it isn't okay to hit people...well, he doesn't have enough to know that you shouldn't bully someone..."


Kireina wonders...



Has Bakugou hit Izuku before?



'I know he is bullying him...and Bakugou was ready to punch me so is a possibility...'


If he did.



She will make damn sure it will never happen again.



"It's just like that..." Izuku fidgeted with his sleeves.


"Is the teacher always so ignorant?" asked Kireina, a teacher should protect students...


She is sure Aizawa does exactly that.


Izuku looked sadly down the street, remembering all the times he tried to defend himself, of course, with no results. "Adults don't want to hear anything from quirkless people..."


"Well, shouldn't we tell the principle about the bullying and discrimination?"


"Mom went multiple times to the principle with no luck...I just learned to accept it..."


"Huh?!" Kireina didn't know what to say, they continued this even after lovely Inko-san, went to them?


"Have you told about Bakugou too?" does the school do something about students at least?


"No! Or else Kacchan will be in trouble and won't go to U.A anymore! He needs to become a hero!" he exclaimed.


"Huh?..." she was dumbfounded.


Was Izuku defending Bakugou?



His bully?



The one who puts him down?



The one who says that he is worthless?



"Izu..." she began.


"I know what he does is bad right now..." he cuts of, clenching his fist "but he really wants to be a hero! And with that incredible quirk he will be a good one! It would be my fault if I stand in the way..." Izuku tries to explain this to his friend.


Kireina stops in her way.


"Kire-chan?..." he stops as well.


Kireina grabbed his shoulders.


"HUH?! KIRE-CHAN?!" he began to freak out, he must have said something bad.


"Izuku, what the hell are you saying?!" she shouted, startling him. "Just because he has a good quirk, doesn't mean he has any right to bully you! If he wants to be a hero, he should learn to be kind first!"




"No buts! A true hero shouldn't bring you down but rise you up! A true hero would never rise a hand against the one he or she should save! A heroes most important job is to protect." Kireina really wants Izuku to get it.


He looks down. "I-I's just...I think Kacchan can change a-and he does have potential to be a hero...I...Kacchan is incredible, he could do so many things in the future..."


Kireina sighed, letting go of his shoulders. "Alright...You know him better than I do, If you haven't told anybody, so will I."


Izuku's eyes swilled up with tears of graduate. "Thank you, Kire-chan! I-"


"But." she cuts of with a strong voice.


Izuku gulped. "But...?"


Kireina looks directly at his eyes. "You will not let him push you around anymore, you will stand up for yourself. You will fight with words or with firsts, but only for self defense."


The next sentence...



Will change Izuku forever.



"Be your own hero because you can."



Be a hero.



Be a hero.



Be a hero.
























Izuku cries.


He falls to his knees and cries, holding his chest tightly.


"Izuku?!" Kireina drops right in front of him. "Are you ok?! Does something hurt?!"


'Oh god what happened?! Did I do something?! Did I made him cry?! Oh god what's happening?!-'


"Thank you." chokes Izuku out. His tears falling.


"H-Huh?" Kireina didn't understand, Why was he thanking her? "Izu..."


He abruptly sat straighter, startling Kireina, he asked. " you think I can become a hero? Even though I'm quirkless? Do you think I can save someone?!" he desperately wanted an answer.


"I'm so sorry Izuku!"




"You're just a deku."




"Look how pathetic he is!"





Everyone said...








Kireina's voice snapped him out, he looked. She has a serious face, but still teary eyes. Izuku's question was so raw to her, how he just wanted an answer.


"Of course you can, you may have not a superpower but you have the power to save." she took a deep breath.


"You, Izuku Midoriya, can become a hero. I will make damn sure of it."


Izuku took a sharp breath and hugged her.


Kireina lets him cry on her shoulder and hugs him tightly. How many people have said no to him? How many people have denied his dream?


How many times did he gave himself hope?


How many times did he had to cry?


"It's okay,'s okay." she hopes she is as comforting as Aizawa.


"Thank you..." he parted the hug. "I wanted to hear this for so long..." he smiled brightly at her, his eyes red.


"No problem dude." she smiled back. "You know, I want to be a hero too, so it would be illogical to tell you no." she chuckled.


Izuku gasped. "You want to be a hero too?!" he wasn't the only one!


"Yeah! I want to save people, I want to give people like us justice." She stood up, Izuku following her lead. "People are too much narrow minded here, someone has to do it."


Izuku feels blessed to get to know her.


'Finally someone said it...'




She hooked arms with him, marching forward. "C'mon dude! the faster we go home, the faster I can come over!"




'Thank you...Kire-chan...'


He smiled to himself.


'You're already a hero for me.'

Chapter Text


When Kireina got home, the first thing she heard was the cats.



They wanted food.



"I hear your cries, mere mortals." she said in a deep voice, trying to sound like a god.



'Be like Thor!'



"I shall give you a feast!" She stood tall and opened her arms dramatically.



They just stared at her.



Kireina huffed. "C'mon guys! It was a good impression!"



They continued staring.



"You're no fun..." she pouted and went into the kitchen with the cats following her.



"Alright, alright, here ya go..." she put the cat food into their bowls, they wasted no second and bagan to eat.



Kireina was home alone in the moment, she knew Aizawa will come home soon. So, she just went into her room.



She decorated it a bit already, Hizashi and Nemuri bought her some hero wall stickers she could put on.



The stickers were cool.



She learned that the marshmallow man was 'Thirteen', the American one is 'All Might', Midnight and Present Mic were obvious, she learned heroes as Cementoss, Vlad King and Snipe, but only the names.



But overall.



The room was still blanck.



She doesn't have the heart to fully decorate it.



It was always her and Nara's thing.



They would cover their walls with pictures and drawings they and the others made, they would go shopping and buy ridiculous decorations just for fun to make their room funny, they would decorate other rooms as well.



But not anymore.



The walls are empty.






She lost a part of herself across time and space.



She will never get it back.



She will never go back.



'I'm so sorry...'



She doesn't know what exactly she is apologizing for.



She takes a deep breath.



'You're fine.' of course that is a lie. When will things be truly fine? She's been here almost a month, a whole month without her family and friends.



She remembers their faces.



She remembers their voices.



But soon memory won't be enough.



Kireina fears the day, were she wakes up and won't recall how they looked or sounded like.



She knows one day it will be the time.



No matter how much you love them.



Love won't save you from forgetting.



You can love all you want.





















'I don't want to forget.' she sniffed and took a shuddering breath.



Just a month ago, her biggest fear were clowns, seriously. They're freaky.


But now her biggest fear is to forget.


She will never forget them as a person, but slowly, she will forget their faces, she will forget their voices. Then she will forget details about them, their favorite food, what kind of movies they liked and so on.



If everybody forgets you.



Then it's like you have never been truly alive.



Just a forgotten grave under many others.



Kireina knows a hundred years is a very long time, if they ever had children, they are dead too. Their grandchildren also...



Her family is lost in history.



She is the only one who truly remembers them.



All she can do is now is to tell their story.



You have no control.



Who lives.



Who dies.



Who tells your story.




































'You're fine.'



The sound of keys broke Kireina from her thoughts.



'Ah, Aizawa-san is back.'



She left her room to greet him. "Hi, Aizawa-san. Welcome back." she smiled at him. Not letting him known the negative thoughts she just had.



"Hi, kid, how was school?" he asked and placed his capture weapon to the couch, Mao and Tori immediately snuggled into it.



"It was fine." Kireina decided not to tell him about Bakugou, she promised it to Izuku after all. "History was just a bit weird, we talked about some fight that happened years ago, I though they would talk more about my time line...but it will probably come in second or third year." she shrugged.



'...Fuck.' Aizawa knows exactly they won't teach it, he himself didn't had this in his school.






His hesitated voice got Kireina's attention. "Yes?"



He sat down on the couch. "Sit here, we have to talk." he gestured to the empty place next to him.



'To talk? Have I done something wrong?' if your her case caretaker, said that 'we need to talk' then you knew you fucked something up.



She sat down besides Aizawa, facing him.



"Look kid...about history..."



Why was she getting the bad feeling from before? "Yes...?"



Aizawa took a deep breath from his nose. It was a difficult topic to talk to. "Our government...has done something really cruel okay? Something that is totally wrong."



Kireina wondered where the conversation is going. "Okay? What has it done?" and why was Aizawa telling her this?



"The government decided to...erase...your history..."






'Erase?...What does he mean?'



"...What do you mean?..." she gulped nervously, feeling how her nerves are going to the edge.



"Kid...they have destroyed your time line, nobody knows what happened exactly in the time before quirks...they shut down museums, Internet pages, Documents and so on. School stopped teaching it too..."



What the fuck?



'No...No...he has to be kidding me!'



She stood up upruptly from the couch. "You have to be kidding me! They...They can't just do that!" she brought her hand up her hair while the other rested on her hip. "Why would they even do that? It- It doesn't make sense! It doesn't..." she trailed off, not understanding...



Aizawa sucked his lips in, he really doesn't want to say it but Kireina needs to know. Sooner or later she would have found out anyways. "They see quirkless for worthless and weak... So they deemed your history for...worthless too..."









Her history?!



Her world?!






She slowly released her hair and stared at Aizawa. "Did you just say...worthless?" unfortunately, Aizawa had to nod.



"Do they think my world is worthless?!" she raised her voice and her hands formed into fists. Her body began to shake from all the rage. Her face forming a face of intense anger.



She was down right livid.



'How dare dare they...'



"WHO THE FUCK DO THEY THINK THEY ARE?!" she exploded, her body was immediately restless, she started to pace trough the living room. She looked like a woman on a war path.






"Do you think it was good?" asked Nara, she was practicing on her violin for her first competition.



"It was amazing!" clapped Kireina. "You're so talented! You will win the competition, I'm sure of it!"



"I dunno." she said unsure. "I heard that the others are really good..."



Kireina stood up from her bed. "You're ten times better! You will be the best violist Japan's!  Everyone will soon know your name!" she exclaimed with confidence.



Nara chuckled. "If you say so."





"Bone appetite!" Ryuu said in a fake french accent. He placed pasta with some souce in front of her.



She took a bite. "How magnifizent!" she said in a fake accent back. "What a wonderful dish!"



"Heh! It has to be if I want to be a cook!" he snickered.



"You will be the best! Your name will go down in history!" she smiled.






"Onee-chan! I want to be the best doctor when I grow up!" exclaimed Sayano, hugging Kireina. "I want to help the whole world!"



"I see, I'm sure the world can't ignore the best doctor." laughed Kireina.






"Hey guys, what do you wanna do when you grow up?" asked Kireina, she and her friends were just chilling on the grass in a park.



"I kinda was thinking to be a author, I love to write after all." answered Yuri, unfaced by Kireina's random question. "Books are just great." she sighed dreamly.



"We know Yuri, I can see you being a author."



"I want to have my own flower shop." answered Sakura." 'Sakura's flowers' that would be my shops name."



Natsuki snorted. "Do you think you want a flower shop because you're named after a flower?"



Sakura laughed. "Maybe."



"Well, your great with plants." complimented Yuri, Kireina nooded in agreement.






"Well, I will have my own bakery, 'Natsuki's sweets' ." said Natsuki. "I can bake after all."



"You cupcakes are god's gift." said Sakura seriously.



"Everytime I eat it, I get my will to live back." commented Kireina.



"I can taste jesus's tears in them." Yuri dramaticly whipped her fake tears away.



"What kind of taste is that?!" the other three laughed.



"What about you Kireina?" asked Natsuki.



"Me? Well...I thought about working in my orphanage or to open my own." 


'Like Sora-san...'



"Seems like we all have pretty big goals. Me having a flower shop, Yuri being an author, Natsuki having a bakery and you having your orphanage." Sakura smiled. "We're so gonna leave a mark in the future!"



"Yeah! Our names won't be so easily forgotten!" Natsuki agreed.



"It would be nice to build something that's gonna outlive us." smiled Yuri softly.



"Yeah..." grinned Kireina, feeling excited about their future. "It would be nice."



'How dare they erase us? How dare they forget us? How dare they call my world worthless?'



"Sora-san, why did you open this orphanage?" Kireina asked curiously.



"Hm? Well...I want to help children like you and I wanted to built something for my own." Sora smiled softly. "I wanted to do something I could be proud of, a legacy." she looked over to Kireina. "I want the Raito orphange to be the light in the child's darkest hour...I want them to feel loved here."



"The future children will be very loved here." grinned Kireina. "It was the same for me, this is Sora Raito's orphange after all."



Sora chuckled. "I hope the future brings nothing but love..."



'The future brought nothing but hate.' she thought bitterly.



Aizawa didn't said anything, he knows it is a painful and shocking information for her. She had every right to scream and shout in her situation, she had every right to be angry with this world.






She just wanted to punch someone- something- anything.



She wants to punch this forsaken world in the face.



'These bastards-'






She doesn't care that she is loud, she doesn't care that she is shouting. She doesn't care about anything right now.



The world didn't cared.



Why would she?






They forgot her, they forgot her home.



How dare they forget them when she is clinging to her memory's?



How dare they destroy everything she has ever known?



How dare they?



Who are they to play God?



Who are they to play with humanity's fate?



Who are they to judge?



They're just humans like her.






She finally stopped in her tracks and heavily breathed in and out, her heart was beating out of her chest. She could feel the adrenaline trough her veins. She was glaring holes to the ground, looking like she was out for blood.



Which she was.



Society killed her world.



She will make them bleed too.



After a few deep breath she turned to Aizawa, the hot feeling in her chest felt like a burning flame. "Why do you guys treat us like we aren't human? Why do you guys think you're better then us?" the amount of venom in her voice could poison thousands, the bursting anger in her eyes sends shivers down in anyone's spine.



Anger turned into tears, spilling over her cheeks like hot lava. "You can't do this to us- you can't fucking do this. Do you even know how much pain we have been trough? Do you know how many fucked up mistakes humanity did that we shouldn't forget?!" she gritted her teeth.


"You can't just erase humanity's sins."


She tried to whip away her tears but the weren't stopping. "You- You can't do that." she choked up. "This was my world- my- my time line." instead of the hot anger she was having, grief took it's place. "Why did they killed my world?..." her face miserable, her fists got lose. Her heart that was previously beating in anger was now beating in pain. Every beat felt like a stab.



She remembers while the world forgot.



She saw while the world closed it's eyes.



She heard while the world ignored.



The world hates.



She hates the world.



Why does everything lead to hate?



Why does everything lead to discriminate?



Why does she have to pay the price?



Was she damned to carry her world on her back?



Was she damned to know while everyone lived in ignorance?



She does not know...



But if there's a reason she's still alive while everybody and everyone she has ever loved has died...



She was willing to live for it.



Aizawa has not once said a word, letting her hate for the world out, now she needs to cry it out. So, Aizawa opened his arms as a invitation for a hug.



Kireina saw this and went straight into his arms, he hugged her, one hand was cradling her head while the other arm went around her shaking body. He rested his cheek on her head.



Kireina got the same feeling as the last time she hugged Aizawa.






"How much more do I have to lose...?" her question was muffled in Aizawa's shoulder. "How much have I lost...?"



"It's okay kid, just...cry it out." he gently said.



So Kireina did.



Her wails filled the aparment, the amount of hurt in her voice is truly heartbreaking.






She thought she could find out what happened with her home, that thought gave her great comfort, knowing what her loved ones did. If they fullfilled their dreams...their death's are painful enough.



But now she cries knowing that everything is gone.



She cries and cries and cries.



It felt like she was crying for the whole world.



Why had it to be her? Why was she the one stuck here? She never wanted this. She never asked for this.






She had so many why questions but nobody could give her an answer.



Was there even an answer?



She doesn't think so.



Fate just likes to play cruel jokes.



"It's gonna be okay, I got you." ensured Aizawa in comforting tone. He could feel his shoulder getting wet, but his top priority right now is to comfort the child.



Kireina didn't reacted to his comforting words. "It's gone, They're gone, I...lost it all..." she cries out.



She felt never more isolated.



Not only she is the last living person from her time line, she is the last person to remember.



"...We wanted to be remembered too..."



'I'm so sorry, kid...' Aizawa hugged Kireina tighter. "It's gonna be okay someday..."



He didn't let go even after she stopped crying.

Chapter Text

Kireina stopped crying a little while ago but she hasn't let go of Aizawa, still being incredibly consumed by grief, anger and confusion.


She doesn't understand what her world did wrong. What did they do just to be forgotten like that? Was this some sick joke the universe enjoys?


Humanity did many, many mistakes, things that are just inhuman. But that's why we shouldn't forget them, how could society let that happen?


But now she is here, the only one who knows.


She is carrying her history.


With the confusion comes anger, she was so angry with this goddamn world. How dare they forget? How dare they ignore? How dare they think they're better just because of a quirk.


A quirk.


That little, tiny detail about a whole human being is deciding it's worth?


There shouldn't be anything to decide! Why should there be?! A quirk doesn't make you a god or some type of a higher being!


You're still human.


She is so angry at society for forgetting that.


She is confused why they erased her home.


She is mourning about her lose.


She is shocked that they even let that happen.


How come this is reality? Is this really the legacy from her people only she gets to truly see? A legacy they have left behind to be remembered, only to be lost.


Her time have been lifetimes ago, she couldn't greet death with the rest. She couldn't meet them on the other side like they expected to, mourning for her death and wishing to see her again, only to realize she was never there.


She is in a place beyond her time, she saw and learned things that she would never knew. But why does she only get the that knowledge? Why is it her that got to know while her world fantasized? Was it fate? A mistake? Or truly just an accident.


But why was she, of all people.


D amned t o feel this sorrow?


They say to fell sorrow is to deserve peace. But how can she ever be in peace with the fact that everything is just gone.


Right now, she is really getting it that her family is...dead, gone. With history erased, there is nothing left behind from them. Just memory's that soon she will be forced to forget.


If there is a god.


He better fucking explain to them why she isn't by their side.


"Aizawa-san..." her voice rough from all the screaming and crying.




"Your society is cruel."


"...I know, kid...I know..."


She let go of Aizawa and leaned back, sniffling. Her eyes red and puffy.


"I'm sorry...I shouldn't have shouted like that..." she looked away, feeling a little guilty that he had to deal with her shouting.


"Hey no, no. Look at me." Aizawa said gently.


'He sounds just like Sora-san sometimes...' thought Kireina, maybe that's why it made her look at Aizawa again. He had a soft expression... 'Sora-san...had this look too...'


It feels so painful yet welcoming to see her dead mother in Aizawa.


As if she is still here...


"You have all the rights of this world to scream and shout, you're allowed to feel anger towards us. We made this mess. We caused your pain. So, don't apologize." he ruffled her hair a little, he likes to mess with it.


Kireina leaned against Aizawa again, she just wanted to be comforted. "Okay...I just...don't understand."


He sighed. "I don't understand either..."


"Why would...why would you do this to us?"


"I don't know kid...I don't know..." this was just down right cruel for her. A child shouldn't go trough this kind of pain.


But life doesn't care.






"What do you know? What wasn't erased?" there gotta be something right? She was scared of the answer, but she needs to know what was left of her home.


"Well..." began Aizawa. "We know how the country and the language came to be, we know about Japanese mythologies..." he explained. "We don't know about your time line and beyond that. We sure as hell don't know anything about the other country's and the others don't know anything about us, they too, decided to keep the bare minimum about their history." he said bitterly. "For example...they don't know how Japan was made and we don't know how, lets say, America was made."


"The country's now have weird relationships with each other, being all secretive and all. If there was something amazing that happened in your time line or further then that, then we don't know anything about it. History is actually really easy to erase, the world proved that."


"...that's basically nothing." She muttered in further shook. How much is just...lost." don't know basically anything?" she asked one more time, she was desperate just to find something.




"But..." Kireina sniffed. "How can you all ignore all the events that ever happened? There is...there is just so much... don't you know nothing for example about the world wars? You know they are really important events that we shouldn't forget...we should learn from mistakes after all..."


"I never heard anything about that." Aizawa admitted and that sounded terrifying to his own ears.


"World wars." Kireina repeated and leaned back. "You know? World war one and two? And many other battles that happened?"


It seems like the past was more...brutal then he thought it was.


"Did...the whole world fought with each other?" he asked, what was the world war about? How did everyone fought in it? What was their idea of war? Why was there war in the first place?


"Well not the whole world but sure a few country's." Kireina explained. "It was a long time ago but there are still aftermaths from the events...well maybe not anymore..."


'I cannot believe something like that happened.' thought Aizawa, and everyone decided to...forget it? He was always curious how it was like but he would never guessed something like that.


"...When were these wars?"


"If I remember correctly, the first one was on nineteen-fourteen till nineteen-eighteen and the second one was one nineteen-thirty-nine till nineteen-forty-five." she said it as if she was reading straight from a book, in her old school she was actually really good in history and knew many things from her mind, that was another factor why she was so curios about the history now.


Only if there was any.


"That's a really long time ago..."




Kireina looked thoughtful for a moment.




The child's voice was filled with emotions he couldn't place.




Her expression changed into a serious one.


"I will force this world to remember again. I will force it to hear my voice, I will make them regret with what they have done. I will make sure people like me gets justice...I will make sure my people gets justice."


After a few moments, Aizawa said. "You will." he ruffled her hair again. "I will make sure of it."


Kireina placed her head on Aizawa's shoulders again.


They sat in each others arms in silence, the only sound you could hear were the purring cats.


Kireina is grateful for the comfort Aizawa-san was giving her, but in the same time it hurt. It was so similar in how Sora-san would comfort her...


'He is like a parent...'


Aizawa-san being her father figure...


That sounded nice to her.


She was longing for the parental love that she would get from Sora-san. Nobody could replace her...


But she haven't had a father since she was six.


Maybe...Aizawa could that be for her...






"Midoriya-san has invited us for tea today."


"Do you want to go?" he didn't wanted to push her after that...


Kireina thought about it. 'It would be nice...They're really kind...'


"I think I would like that." she decided. "Can we go now?" she is sure it would brighten her mood up by seeing her friend.


"If you want to."


Kireina stood up from the couch, Aizawa following her lead.


Guess now it's tea time...

Chapter Text

The sun was shining as it did in the morning, they were walking to the Midoriya residence, Kireina pointed at their aparment. "Look Aizawa-san, We're neighbours, they live right there." that fact still made her very happy, knowing that her friend is near by.


"I see." he smiled slightly, despite her red eyes, she looked calmer again. Maybe seeing her friend will make her happier.


"Inko-san is really nice. When she smiled at me, I could swear I saw flowers around her." Natsuki would love the fowers she saw...


"That's good." said Aizawa. 'Must be her friend's mother.'


They arrived at the door, Kireina knocked. They heard hurried footsteps.


Izuku was the one who opened the door, the first person he saw was Kireina. He had a T-shirt on that said 'T-shirt'. What a dork.






Aizawa thinks that their smiles are too damn bright.


As Izuku was about to say something else, he noticed her red, puffy eyes. 'She was crying...!' his gaze immediately snapped to the person next to her. Her caretaker, was he the cause of it?


"Please, c-come in." he opened the door more so they could enter. He was eying Aizawa carefully.


"Thanks for having us." they replied, one was more monotone while the other more happily.


'That's Aizawa...'


Has he made her cry?


'Kire-chan...' Izuku was very worried. 'If he made her cry...!'


"Are they here?" Inko's voice filled their ears as she stepped out from the kitchen, her gaze falling to her guests. "Oh! Welcome!"


She made her way to them, happy to see her son's friend again. Her eyes then landed on Aizawa.


''re the one who took her in...'


Let's see if they can trust him.


"Hello! I'm Inko Midoriya. Izuku's mother." she bowed in greeting.


"I'm Shouta Aizawa, Kireina's caretaker." he bowed as well.


Inko's smile didn't reached her eyes, she wouldn't trust him until she knows he is safe for Kireina. "Please come into the kitchen, I will make tea shortly." she disappeared in the kitchen again.


The three sat down at the kitchen table, Aizawa to her right, while Izuku sat facing her. Izuku was eying Aizawa strangely but she didn't commented on it.


A moment of silence fell over them, nobody really knew what to say now...


'...well this is akward.'


The silence continued...




"Tea is ready!" the saving grace Midoriya Inko came. "Please enjoy!" She placed the cups in front of them.


A round of 'thank you' has been heard.


"Please tell us something about youself, Aizawa-san." she asked politely, starting the conversation but Aizawa got a feeling that she and his son are closely watching him...


"...I work as a teacher in a High school." he left his other job out for reasons. "I'm 27 and we have two cats."


"Interesting." despite Inko's kind smile, her eyes were dangerous. "Please tell us what made you adopt the lovely girl."


"I'm not married but I wanted family." he was prepared for questions like this.


"Hm. You have a lovely daughter."


"Thank you."


Kireina choked on her tea.




She wasn't refered as a daughter for a long time, sure she saw Sora-san as a mother figure but they haven't called each other 'mom' or 'daughter'.


She coughed as Aizawa patted her back. "I-I'm fine!"


"You sure, Kire-chan?!"




'God this is embaressing...'


She nervously smiled. "I'm okay."


"If you say so..."


'Please let's just continue the talk!' she was crying in the inside.


'Maybe the daughter comment send her off...' thought Inko a little worried.


"A-Anyway, the tea is lovely, Inko-san!" Kireina laughed nervously.


"Oh, Thank you, dear! I'm glad you enjoy it!"


"Yeah, Aizawa-san and I sometimes make tea while watching movies."


"Oh?" Inko wanted to know more. "That sounds fun! Good to see that Aizawa-san is taking good care of you." she hoped with that comment she would get a reaction of out Kireina.


It did.


"Yeah!" Kireina's smile genuinely brightened, the two Midoriya's hasn't expected that. Does that mean that Aizawa is good? "Aizawa-san is really nice and works hard! He is trying his best to make me comfortable! He even learns how to cook!" she gushes about Aizawa. "He is really supportive too!" it was kind of cute to see her praising Aizawa like that.


"Kid..." he hides his face in his tea cup.


"I see..." after seeing Kireina's genuine smile, Inko thinks he is maybe not so bad...


'From what Kireina-chan is saying, he sounds like a nice man...but what if he becomes mad? What then? What if he is the violent type? Even when he seems rather calm...' You have to be prepared for anything.


"How wonderful! It's good to know that he is supportive." she eyes Aizawa.


Kireina is still oblivious.


But Aizawa thinks he gets what is going on.


'They're worried that she is unsafe.' it clicks in his head.


He forgot how it looks when someone adopts a quirkless child...especially to a mother who has a quirkless child as well.


'I should have told her about this, Kireina doesn't know it after all.' or it will cause misunderstandings like this...


"Aizawa-san supports me in many things! He will even help me to fulfill my goal!" Kireina carries the conversation, not knowing what Aizawa just realized.


"Oh? What is your goal?" she brought up her tea cup to her lips.


"To be a hero!"


She stopped in her tracks.


" you think I can be like that too?..." her four year old son cries but still with a big smile on his face. Trying so hard to be like his idol.


"I'm so sorry Izuku!" she hugged her son tightly, her own tears were running down her cheeks like the stormy rain outside. "I'm so sorry!"


She placed her cup down, with a face full of regret.


'I...should have said something else...' she knows this for a long time now, she just doesn't know how to bring this up to her son...


She regrets that day oh so much.


It wasn't the words her son needed to hear.


'I should have...'


"...Inko-san?" Kireina called out.


"I-I'm fine dear..."


Kireina's eyes flickered to Izuku, who wore a solemn face, staring into his tea cup.


"...Izu-chan?" she tried.


"It's fine..." it wasn't.


She looked at the two Midoriya's.


Inko, face full of regret.


Izuku, face full of acceptance.


It clicks in her head.


'Inko-san doesn't support his dream.' she realized.


Inko was under many others who said no to him.


'But she regrets it.' Anyone could see that cleary.


She needs to do something.


For her friend.


She stood up from the table, gaining attention from everyone.






Kireina took a deep breath.


And then fully bowed to Inko.


"Inko-san! Please support Izu-chan's dream! He really wants to be a hero! Even though we're quirkless, we can do it! Heroes job is dangerous but we promise to do everything to stay alive! We will work very hard to reach our goal! So please! As his mother! Support him!" she finished strongly, her eyes thightly shut, still bowing.


"I-I..." before Inko could say something else, Aizawa stood up too, understanding the situation now and followed Kireina's action. Surprising Inko.


"I'm sorry, I haven't been completely honest with you, Midoriya-san. But I also work as a Underground hero, I know what challenges they will face if they take the path. But I can assure you, if they take it seriously, they can become heroes. So please let his potential grow."


They both continued to bow.






Her son's strained voice got her attetion, his face determent yet sad at the same time.


It squeezed her heart.


Just like that one day.




She hugged him tightly. "I'm so sorry Izuku!"


Izuku could swear he heard his heart break.


'Like back then...she...'




"I should have said something different!"


Wait what?




"I was really cruel to you! I-I gave up on you before I could give you a chance!" she cried out. Disappointed at herself for being such a bad mother the whole time...


"Mom...!" his eyes filled with tears too.


"From now on." she lets him go. "You have my full support!" she ended with a watery smile.




His face broke into one of the brightest smiles.


She finally accepted it.


"YES!" suddenly someone yelled out.


It was Kireina.


Her whole face sparkled before she realized what she has done.


"...Oh...I...sorry...continue the moment..." she awkwardly sat down. "Don't mind me...I just walked by..." she nervously smiled. She was never good in containing her excitement...


"Kid..." Aizawa ruffels her hair fondly, amused by her actions.


"No, no it's okay!" Izuku waived his hands everywhere, trying to reassure his friend.


"I never said anything..." she fakes innocence to cope with her embarrassment.


'Why would you yell like that?!'  she scowled herself. Sadly, it wasn't the first time something like this happened.


"It's fine, dear." Inko smiles, Aizawa can now see what Kireina meant with 'could see flowers around her'.


Kireina just awkwardly laughed.


'Why won't god strike me down?'


"So..." Inko shifted her attetion to Aizawa again. "You're a hero?"


"Yes. I'm the Underground hero Eraserhead."


"WHAT?!" yelled Izuku out. A real life hero was in his kitchen. Eraserhead was in his kitchen!


"Oh my god! It's a honor to meet you, mister Eraserhead sir! I have been watching your fighting style with the few videos that exist in the internet for a while now! You're quirk so interesting and I have a few questions! From what I could tell, you can erase every quirk expect mutant types when you look at them, sir! But can you erase them trough glass or contact lenses? Or must be there absolutely nothing in the vision field for that to work? What is the drawback? How do you make your scarf float? Why does your hair float? And-"


"Ok Izuku maybe that's enough." stopped by his Mother.


"Oh no! I'm sorry!" squeaked Izuku out. He was rambling again!


'...well...Kireina did said that he rambles.' thought Aizawa.


"It's fine, I'm more surprised that you know me."


"Well of course! You're fighting practically quirkless the whole time! So it is pretty inspiring to see that for someone like me!" his eyes were sparkling.


"I see."


"Izu-chan! Since we both want to be heroes we need to train! So I was planning to join a dojo and gymnastics! Aizawa-san will train me too!" she informed Izuku. "Wait, Aizawa-san! Can you train Izu-chan too?" she asked.




"Izu-chan you can train with us!"  she said as if Izuku hasn't heard it.


"MOM, CAN I?!" he asked excited. This was his chance to train with a real pro.


Izuku and Kireina waited for Inko's answer like two puppies.


Inko chuckled. 'How cute.'


"I give you my permission, just make sure that your grades won't suffer from it."


She decided that Aizawa was someone you could trust. Izuku talked a lot about his hero persona and how much of a good hero he is, Izuku is really good in reading people too, her baby is really smart so she trusts his judgement. And after hearing Kireina talk about him so genuinely happy and watching the interactions between them.


She believes Izuku would be in good hands.


"I PROMISE!" he hugged his mother. "Thank you!"


Inko kissed his head fondly. "No problem, just be careful."


Kireina was happily watching the scene. It reminded her of her own family...


'I wonder...' she glanced at Aizawa. 'If we can be like that too...' she smiles to herself. 'Maybe someday...'


Inko supports Izuku's dream.


The Midoriya's trust Aizawa.


Izuku will train with her.


All is well isn't it?


"WAIT!" Izuku yelled suddenly in shook. "KIRE-CHAN! YOU'RE DAD IS A HERO!!!"


This time, Aizawa choked on his tea.


Yeah, all is well.

Chapter Text



We all know that voice.




The other hyper one...




And the normal one.


That's right.


Hizashi, Nemuri and Akira came to visit!


"Hizashi-san! Nemuri-san! Akira! Hi!" greeted Kireina, it was weekend so she was in her comfortable black T-shirt that has a cat on it and gray sweatpants.


"THERE IS MY NIECE!" yelled Nemuri as she saw her target, she was wearing casual clothes too. She and Hizashi gave her the title 'niece' not so long ago, they were referring themselves as 'uncle' and 'aunt' even though Kireina doesn't call them that...yet. Nemuri tackled her in a hug. "You're so cute, Kireina-chan!"


Kireina wasn't getting any air.


"Nemuri, you will suffocate her." joined the monotone voice of Aizawa Shouta. He looked like he wants to sleep forever.


What a mood.


"Oh my." Akira giggles in her hand.


"Oops" she released the poor girl, who took a deep breath of sweet air.


"I'm fine!" she squeaked out.


"KIREINAAAAAA!" now she was tackled by Hizashi. "How is my little listener doing?!" he was crushing her ribs with his tight hug.


"I-I'm doing good." she managed out, it was more like a wheeze. What's up with them and suffocating her? Hugs were nice and all but she loves air too.


"Mic, relase her." Aizawa, her saviour.




'My ribs!' she cries in the inside at her aches. 'Someday...they will break them...'


Kireina then went to the last person to hug. "Hello, Akira-san."


'Please don't crush me...'


"Hello, swearheart!"






A normal hug!


'Hizashi-san, Nemuri-san....that's how you hug people! Learn from Akira!' she thought desperately. 'I'm sure she can help you!'


"Shoutaaaa! I'm hungry! Let's eat!" Nemuri went into the kitchen, scearching for food.


"That woman..." Aizawa muttered unamused.


"Shouta! You don't have anything here! When was it the last time you did grocery shopping?!" she yelled out when she saw the empty fridge. "Are you starving our poor Kireina-chan here or what?!"


Aizawa sighed and went into the kitchen. The others following, wanting to the scene in front of them.


"Damn it." said Aizawa as he inspected the fridge, he forgot to go grocery shopping. He sighed again, Aizawa got up and took his wallet. "I will go shopping real quick, the supermarket is near by anyways."


"Don't worry, Aizawa-san! I am a great host!" exclaimed Kireina, hands on her hips. "I will keep the guests entertained!" she finished with confidence.


Aizawa let out a small smile and ruffled her hair. "Sure you do, I will be quick." he left.


Nemuri lets out a high pitched squeak.


"AWWW! Hizashi! Did you see that?! Wasn't that cute?! He is such a dad!" She gushes, gripping Hizashi's arm, jumping up and down at the cute scene she just saw.


"It was wonderful." fake sobbed Hizashi, whipping away fake tears. "Shouta is a dad...I thought I would never live to this day."


"It's cute, right?" agreed Akira with a warm smile, she already saw plenty of those moments from all the visits she had done, she just wasn't as dramatic as the other two but it sure does warms her heart. 'I'm so glad it was Aizawa on that day...' she can see that they are good for each other, Aizawa tries to be a good role model so he also takes better care of himself and Kireina has a father figure to look up to.


Just like Hizashi and Nemuri, she sees Kireina as a niece, she is just not so vocal about it as the other two but she makes sure that Kireina is loved and happy, they were texting each other regularly.


"Guys..." Kireina felt a little embarrassed, he just ruffels her hair, that's all...


"Sooooooo." began Hizashi, he looked around. "We have the aparment for ourselves. What are we gonna do?" he rubbed his hands together like a evil scientist.


"Oh." her black eyes looked around, searching for something they could do. "Uhmmmmm."


'Be a good host! Think!'


Watching TV? Boring. Eat something? Aizawa is shopping. Show them a magic trick? She doesn't have any cards. Tell them the story in how she got lost in a mall once? Nah, too embarrassing. What could they do?


"Uhmmmmm." she said intelligently. She needs ideas, now!


"I know!" suddenly yelled Nemuri, she went over to the couch and took Aizawa's capture weapon and goggles. "Let's dress you up! I want to see how you look like in them!" her face sparkling at her idea. A mini Aizawa would be so cute!


Kireina was a bit unsure about that idea. "Won't he be mad?" she doesn't want to cause trouble...


"Nah, Aizawa is a softie for you, you should hear him at work!" said Hizashi grinning. "I think it's a great idea!"


Kireina stared at them...


And then turned to Akira.


"Akira, what do you think?" trusting the adult here.


Akira smiled. "Let's do it." She said almost devilishly. Wanting to see how cute Kireina will look.


'AKIRA?!' thought Kireina shocked. 'Have Hizashi-san and Nemuri-san corrupted her in such a short time?!'


"YES!" cheered the other two adults in the room. "Come here, Kireina-chan!" Nemuri holds up Aizawa's equipment excitedly.


"Okay..." not gonna lie, she was bit curious, Aizawa always looked kind of cool in that equipment, when he went out on patrol. He looked like some kind of ninja...


She went over to Nemuri, who placed the scarf on her shoulders. 'It's so warm!' the scarf was of course too big for her smaller body.


"Now the goggles!" Hizashi took the goggles out of Nemuri's hand. "Here!" he placed it around her head.


It was a bit weird to see trough the slits but Kireina manages. "Woah! It's so cool." she looks around. "How do I look?" she was doing a dramatic hero pose, she imagined that the scarf flattered in the wind while she looks dramatically up to the sky. She watched a lot of movies, she knows how it is done.


Nemuri took out her phone in lighting speed and started taking picture after picture. "Adorable." she said in all seriousness.




"Yes." replied Hizashi, taking pictures too, for future blackmail of course.


"Hizashi-san, you too? C'mon, I'm not picture worthy! Right, Akira?" she turned around just to see that Akira is silently taking pictures as well.


'Not you too...betrayel...' she tought dramatically.


"You look like Aizawa but a lot of cuter!" gushed Nemuri. Her adoptive niece looked adorable!


"I'm not cute." Kireina said it in a dead voice.


Just like Aizawa.


They stopped taking pictures.


'Is....Aizawa teaching her that?!' the three adults thought at the same time.


"...You two are more alike then I thought."


"Huh?" she continued the voice, it was getting fun."You're making no sense, how illogical..." no trace of her will to live was left in her voice.






Kireina laughed. "I'm getting quite good at it, right?" she then jumped onto the couch. "I, Underground hero Eraserhead, will stop you villain." she replaced her normal voice again with the 'I'm dead inside' one.


"Not so fast! Hero!" Hizashi played immediately along. "You will never catch me!" he raced into the kitchen, taunting her.


"Stop, villain!" she shouted monotonously, running after Hizashi.




They were running around the kitchen table a few times. Nemuri was filming from the start. Akira was quietly laughing in the background.


They both came to a stop, facing each other. "Give up, hero!" he tried to laugh evil. "Soon, you will see your city in flames!"


"Then I will make damn sure to avenge it." she was glaring trough the goggles.




She chased after the 'villain' again, feeling powerful like the mighty heroes on her TV screen.



This wasn't a battle anymore...



This is war.



They bolted into the living room again, Nemuri was filming like it was really a movie.


Hizashi jumped onto the couch and Kireina stopped in front of him.


"You fool! You moron! You fell into my trap!"


'Don't tell me...!'


"Beware my!" He activated his quirk at 'bombs', attacking Kireina with the pillows that were on the couch.


'DODGE!' she quickly stepped to the side, not letting Hizashi get her.


"Stop moving! I'm trying to kill you!"


"That's the whole point." she dodged the last pillow.


"Seems like you're done for, villain." she smirked. She got him now!


'Crap!' Hizashi decided to flee.


"Not so fast." her voice might be dead but she was feeling victorious.


She would get the 'villain'.


She would protect this city.


Nothing could stop her now!




...She fell.


The capture weapon was too big for her, so it got tangled in her legs.


'Hello darkness my old friend.' she thought as she was on the floor.


"I'm stuck." she was still in her Aizawa role.


The others laughed.




"Are you okay?"




"Guys! I'm stuck!" she whined, her body now fully trapped in the scarf. No matter how much she wiggles, she won't go free.


They're just continued laughing.


If it wasn't enough, Mao and Tori came out of her room and saw her laying there.


They decided to sit on her back.


"Guys!" she looked betrayed to the cats.


The others laughed harder.


Till the door opened.


So, the first thing Aizawa saw was his foster child being sat on by his cats while the said child is wearing his hero equipment, looking like him.


"I...I can explain." said Kireina in a low voice. "...We were playing I'm stuck." she smiled nervously, everything in her just wished to hide in a hole and never come out. "I guess...I kept the guests entertained...?" she laughed awkwardly, you could see how embarrassed she was. "Surprise...?" she would do jazz hands if she could.


Wordlessly, Aizawa took his phone out and took a picture.




What a good day.

Chapter Text



Was a glorious day...




Kireina will visit U.A!


Aizawa has informed her that he finally asked the principle for permission for her to visit and he said yes! She can come after school!


She has been existed all week! She would finally know how it looked like from within, it looked already really cool from the outside.


Not even Bakugou could bring her excitement down.


Well, not really.


He definitely annoyed the heck out of her.


All week Bakugou has been bothering her and Izuku, that boy always has to open up his mouth to say something unnecessary, threatening them every chance he got.


The teachers did nothing.


But it's fine, Kireina can stand up for herself, she will protect Izuku until he too has the courage to fight back. Until then, she will make sure that Bakugou or others won't land a hand on him. But she knows someday Bakugou will hurt her physically, he is a hothead after all and she isn't letting him do what he wants, sooner or later she will get a few burns from him.


Kireina hopes that it's later, it would be a pain in the ass to deal with burns.


Kireina has also noticed that more and more people knew that she was quirkless, some random students had already insulted her but she just ignores them. They aren't worth her time.


Rather going home with her friend, she was going straight to U.A. She knows the path.


It felt kinda intimidating to stand in front of the building.


Aizawa has told her to wait outside because of the security system, she doesn't have a pass to go trough the gate so he will escort her.


'I wonder what's so special about the principle.' she remembers how Aizawa described this mysterious person. 'I still don't know if its a good special or a bad special.'


She pulled out her phone to text Aizawa that's she's here. 'Maybe I will find out.'


Time traveler:

Aizawa-san i'm here

Waiting outside




Wait there i'm coming

Hizashi and nemuri insist in coming too, so prepare for their hugs.


Time travler:

Oh boi


'Their hugs are really strong...' she thought. 'They really need to learn from Akira...'




Speaking of the devil.


Hizashi, Nemuri and Shouta were on their way.


Kireina could see them from a distance so she waved, getting two energetic waves back and one normal one.


She waited for a few moments before they were by her side.


"Kireina-chan! It was about time to visit us!" Nemuri squeezed the poor girl.


"Hey! Let me hug her too!" complained Hizashi.


Nemuri rolled her eyes with a smile. "It's my turn, wait for yours." she teased, squeezing even more.


'I...will die here....' Kireina can say goodbye to her soul.


"Hush, it's my turn now!" Hizashi shooed her away. Nemuri let go.


'A second of fresh that freedom?...' she heard angels singing in the distance.


"Little listener!" he then hugged her tightly too.


'All around me are familiar faces...worn out places, worn out faces...' she sang that vine in her head while her bones felt like breaking.


"Let her go already." her lord and saviour Aizawa.


''re truly a hero....' she thought dramatically.


"You're no fun." pouted Hizashi but did what Aizawa said anyways.


Nobody commented on Kireina taking deep breaths of air.


'They will kill me before a villain can do it...'


"C'mon little listerner! Everyone wants to meet you for a while now!" he proceeded to move.


"Huh? What do you mean? They don't know me." she doesn't think Aizawa told the rest about her...


"You're kidding?" said Nemuri. "The moment Hizashi and I knew that you're under that gremlin's care, we have told everyone! You should see how often everyone ask's about you!" she said excitedly. "You're the number one topic!"


"I'm not a gremlin." mumbled Aizawa in his scarf.


"Oh." Kireina blushed, she didn't knew the teachers talked about her.


They were going trough the hallways. "Woah..." it was really cool here! Much prettier than her middle school.


"This is it." grinned Hizashi.


He opened the door. "GUYS, GUESS WHO IS HERE?!" the room was painted gray, Kireina could see the teachers on their desks and there are few couches with a coffee table in the middle.


"Don't yell Hizashi." Aizawa gave him a little glare.


Hizashi just ignored him.


"Is she here?" asked a certain marshmallow man excitedly.


"YEP." Hizashi pushed Kireina in front of him, she was watching them with big eyes.


'Their costumes are cool! Wait, no! Remember your manners first!' she scolded herself.


"Um, Hello! I'm Kireina Mirai. It's a pleasure to meet you all." she bowed politely. Trying to make a good first impression.


"Isn't she cute?!" gushed Nemuri immediately. "Look how small and polite she is, she has Shouta's eyes! Look!" she pointed at her black eyes. "She could be his biological child!" she joked.


"She has indeed his eyes." smiled Cementoss.


'Are our eyes that similar?' thought Kireina and Aizawa at the same time.


'Oh! The hero from Izu-chan's notebook!' she thought when her eyes landed on Cementoss, she was recognizing him from her friends drawing. "Are you Cementoss?" she asked.


"Indeed I am, nice too meet you."


'It's kinda weird to see just...cement. But he sounds nice.' but god does she have questions now. 'Is his skin the cement? Or does he have skin under that cement? How the fuck his body built? Can he even feel things? That would mean that he has nerves in that cement. How does that work? Does he bleed when his cement cracks?'


"Likewise!" her face wasn't showing the many questions she has.


"I'm Thirteen." the hero introduced himself. Others following his example.


"I'm Snipe."


"I'm Power Loader."


"Vlad King."


"Lunch Ruch!"


"Nice to meet you all!" Kireina smiled, it was cool to meet real life heroes.


'Izu-chan would so fanboy right now.' Maybe she could ask for autographs for her friend later.


"Oof." Nemuri sat down at the couch. "Kireina-chan! Come sit beside me!" she patted the spot next to her.


"Okay." she chuckled and joined Nemuri, Hizachi as well. Aizawa went to his desk.


"How are you doing, Mirai-chan?" asked Thirteen happily, trying to start a conversation with Aizawa's foster daughter.


"I'm doing great, thanks! And please, just call me 'Kireina'." Kireina really liked his costume, it was like a astronaut and a marshmallow.


"Please, tell us how much Shouta is being a dad." Snipe wanted story's, he was low on black mail material. Aizawa glared at him but it's worth it.


"Well..." Kireina blushed a little, Aizawa wasn't her 'dad'...yet. "He takes good care of me..."


"Go on."


"He learns how to cook from a family friend, he is being patient and kind and supportive."


"Shouta! You could have come to me for cooking lessons!" exclaimed Lunch Ruch in mock hurt.


"You would immediately tell everyone."


"...Noooooo..." he lied obviously.


Aizawa just sighed.


"Tell us more please." Snipe needed black mail.


What could Kireina tell them? She doesn't know if they are aware of her...situation. So she quickly whispered to Hizachi. "Hizachi-san! Do they know about my situation?"


"What are we whispering about?" joined Nemuri before Hizashi could answer.


"Do they know about me being from the past?" she whispered her question again.


"They don't!" answered Hizachi. "We forgot!"


"How could we forget?!" Nemuri whisper shouted in distress.


"Should we tell them?"


"What are you all whispering about?" asked Vlad King.


"Eyyyyy! Kaaaaan!" Nemuri nervously smiled. "Nothing much!"




"Yeaaah! We were just...whispering!" what a good explanation...


"Ha ha..." laughed Kireina nervously.


'What do they even know? What can I tell them? Am I even allowed to tell about it?'


"Um...I once saw Aizawa-san searching in the internet how to braid long hair." she told Snipe the first thing that came into her mind.


Cementoss choked on his drink in the background.


'I'm sorry that I'm throwing you under the bus...Aizawa-san!"


"You what." said Aizawa dumbfounded. She saw that?


All eyes were on him.


















It was chaos.


Everyone was losing their shit about this discovery.


Aizawa looked dead inside.


'I'm so sorry, Aizawa-san...' but sacrifices needs to be made...


Cementoss kept choking on his drink.


"It's not a big deal." Aizawa eventually said.


"IT IS!" Everyone shouted expect Kireina and Cementoss.


He recovered from his chocking.


"We should have known guys..." Cementoss got the attention from everyone. "After all...we saw in Nemuri's video how he took a picture of her in his hero costume!"






Kireina and the teachers shouted at the same time.


'How did they know it?!' Kireina lets out a quiet gasp. 'Don't tell me...!'


She turned to Nemuri. "NEMURI-SAN HOW COULD YOU?!" Kireina knows she took a video of her and Hizachi's 'fight' but she didn't know she send it to them! Betrayal at it's finest...


Well...she did tell the others about Aizawa...


Yeah, maybe she deserved that.


"Easy. You were adorable." Nemuri said with no shame, her face sparkling.


"It was really cute!" agreed Thirteen. "It was also hilarious when the cats sat on her!"


"Yeah! But also how she kept Aizawa's voice the whole time! Ten out of ten acting!" praised Power Loader.


"Yeah ok! but that phrase 'Then I will make damn sure to avenge it' it was too cool! straight from a movie!" Lunch Ruch lets his opinion out.


"But that moment when Shouta came home! And our poor Kireina trying to explain what was going on...if that ain't a mood." Snipe nooded his head.


"But how she didn't even flinched when the loud mouth activated his quirk, ears of steel right there." Vlad King stood up from his desk to make himself a cup of coffee.


"How...How many saw that?" Kireina was bet red from embarrassment. The heroes saw how she fell!


"Nemuri shared that in our groupchat. So everyone here plus Recovery girl, Ectoplasm, Fat Gum, Hound Dog, principle Nedzu and Tensei saw it." answered Hizashi.




"Don't worry! Everyone found it adorable! We wanted even more pictures but someone wasn't giving us any." Lunch Rush glared at Hizashi, Nemuri and Shouta.


Nemuri smirked evilly. "I have picture of Kireina-chan when she got her hero stickers, you should see what a adorable smile she had...oh wait! You can't!"


"Damn you!"


Nemuri just laughed evilly.


"We're her uncle and aunt after all, we have special treatment!" Hizashi joined in Nemuri's evil laughter.


Lunch Rush would get his revenge.


"Kireina-chan!" he called out.


"Y-Yes?" Kireina was still mortified about the video.


"Can I be your uncle too?!"




"I will make you yummy lunches and desserts!"




"Could you...make raspberrie cakes...?" she loves that cake, Natsuki always made the best ones... "And can you also give me your autograph for my friend? He loves heroes."






The shook hands.


The others just silently watched.


"Wait no..." began Nemuri.


"That's illegal..." Hizashi ended Nemuri's sentence.


"...Did they just adopted each other as uncle and niece...?" asked Power Loader asked everyone, they weren't hallucinating right?


"They did..." answered Aizawa. They all watched as Lunch Rush gave his autograph to Kireina.


"Can I be your uncle too?" Snipe joined in.


'Snipe?! You too?!' everyone thought surprised.


"I will give you your own cowboy hat." he offered. "And a autograph for your friend."




They too, shook hands.


"What is happening...?" that wasn't what Aizawa expected when he let his foster daughter visit.


"Can I join?" Vlad King asked, he doesn't want to be left out. "You can have my coffee." he gave her his fresh cup of coffee he just made. "And a autograph."


"She's too young for coffee." Aizawa disapproved, he doesn't want her to get his bad habits.


"How old is she? Twelve? She will be fine."


"Kireina. Don't." Aizawa glared at her when he saw Kireina was about to taste it, she never had coffee and she was curious.


Kireina's flight or fight response kicked in.


She and him stared at each other, tension high. Nobody moved a muscle.


Then Kireina made a movement, she glanced at the cup and then at Aizawa again.


"Don't." Aizawa activated his quirk and continued to glare at her.


Kireina froze again.


She really wanted to taste it...but with Aizawa's red glaring eyes...


Was it worth it?...




"Thank you for the offer. Vlad King-san." she smiled polity and sweating nervously as she was being glared on.


Only when the cup left her hands Aizawa nodded approvingly.


'That was intense...!'


'What a dad...' everyone else thought.


"Fine, then you can have my cherry kings." it was cherry candy named after him.


"You can have my marshmallows!" Thirteen joined in.


"And my lemon might's!" it was lemon candy named after All Might.


"What about my rock candy?"


Thirteen, Power Loader and Cementoss offered as well.


'So many candies!' Kireina had a sweet tooth and it was also candy she never tasted! Of course she would accept it!


"Deal! You all have been updated to the title 'uncle'!" you really just have to bribe her with food. All the other teachers signed on the paper from Lunch Rush earlier.


"Wait no, so much candy is bad." Aizawa disapproved again. Akira has been drilling into his head how important it is for children to eat healthy for their grow.


"Please? Aizawa-san?" she lets out her best puppy dog eyes, it always worked on Sora-san, she was weak to children and even weaker to the eyes.


Aizawa didn't said anything.


"Pretty please? With a cherry on top?"


"Just say yes Shouta!" Hizashi tried to help Kireina getting the candy.


"Look at her puppy dog eyes!" Nemuri sided with Hizashi, her niece should taste the candy's!


"Please?" she was trying very hard to reach her goal.


Aizawa eventually sighed. "Fine, you can have them."


'I have to ask Akira how to resist puppy dog eyes.'






Aizawa: 0 and the eyes: 1


They placed the candy on the coffee table. Kireina's eyes sparkled.


'So much candy! I'm sure the others would have enjoyed them as well, Ryuu likes lemon, Nara likes blueberries and Sayano likes...likes...!'


What does Sayano like?


Why doesn't she know?


Why doesn't she know?


'It was cherry right? Or was it strawberry? No,No,No,No! What was it? What was it? Think, think, think, think! why don't I know? I knew it! I knew! I-I can't forget already! I can't! What was it?! Strawberry? Cherry? I can't forget, I can't forget- It's just a flavor so why don't I know?! It's Sayano's favorite! It's too early to forget! I don't want to forget! I'm her big sister, I should know her favorite! What was it? What was it-' she immediately panicked when she didn't remembered her little sisters favorite flavor.


"Kireina?" Nemuri touched her shoulder gently. "You good?" she asked worried.


So, her panic was on her face...


She forced herself to smile. "I'm fine, Nemuri-san."


'It's just I forgot my little sisters favorite flavor, who knows what I will forget next. What if I forget everything? I'm the only one who knows, I shouldn't forget! I can't forget already! My memory keeps them alive, if I forget they will die! I can't forget! What was it? What was it? I forgot. Why did I forget? Oh my god I forgot.'


"...If you say so."


Aizawa made a mental note to talk about it later with Kireina...


"A-Anyway, do you guys want to eat it with me?" she asked around.


"...Sure." Snipe answered and took a lemon might, he too got worried when she suddenly got panic written on her face.


"As you wish, little listener..."


The others joined her on the candy feast.

Chapter Text

Munching on candy's with heroes.


Who would have thought it would turn out this way?


While the teachers around her were having a small talk, she was deep in thoughts.


'I can't believe I forgot it...' she took another marshmallow. 'It's only the beginning isnt it? I will be forgetting more and more...maybe I should do it like Izu-chan? Write it down? Yeah, I could do that. Maybe I should start two separate journals, one for my family and friends and the other one for the world history. I can write everything down that I know, so I can look up if I forget something...'


That sounds like a solution to her, honestly, she doesn't know what else to do. Maybe doing a voice tape were she tells story's about her home that she can listen to again? She would ask Aizawa later if they have notebooks or recorders she could use and maybe ask Izuku how he writes down his notes-


There was a knock.


Aizawa hurried to open the door, from Kireina's position from the couch, she could see that there was...nobody...?


'Huh? Who knocked?' Kireina thought confused, maybe they were hearing things.


She got even more confused when Aizawa opened the door even more, as if someone could come in?


"Principle Nedzu! What's the matter?" asked Snipe, who was on the other couch, seeing the door fully.


'Huh?' but she saw that nobody came in? 'Is he invisible or something? Or can he show himself only in front of people he wants to? Or-'


"Greetings! Everyone, I just wanted to stop by and greet our guest here!" wait, the guest was her, and Snipe said principle Nedzu? but where the fuck is he?


She stood up and faced towards the direction she heard the voice from. "Hello! I'm Kireina.....Mirai...." she trailed off as she animal in a suit?...What? "" she finished but was incredibly confused. The others tried not to snort at her confused face. You could make a meme out of it.


'That' animal...or does his quirk make him look like one? I saw plenty of animal mutant quirks but nobody was that extreme.' she tries to find an explanation for...this.


Nedzu chuckled. "Am I a mouse? A bear? Or a dog? I'm principle Nedzu, of course!." he said with a knowing smile.


'He knows!' Kireina got instantly want that smile means. 'Aizawa-san must have told him.'


"It's a pleasure to meet you." he put his paw forward.


"Likewise...?" she crouched down to the ground to shake hands with....the principle. "Um...can I ask you a question sir?" she awkwardly asked.




God how does she ask without sounding crazy? "Um...are you...human?" she cringed at her own question. God she sounded so disrespectful!


"I'm not." he still smiled, he was amused how she reacted to him, she is being polite despite being very confused by him.


In her time line, there are no talking animals after all.






That is something.




Kireina smiled a very nervous smile, she doesn't know what the fuck is happening and how an animal can talk like that. Wasn't super humans enough for this world? "I see, ha ha..." her eyes flickered to Aizawa, her eyes just screamed at him 'why the FUCK haven't you told me.'


He just shrugged his shoulders with his shitty grin.


"You see, Mirai-san, I am a extreme rare case of an animal with a quirk. My quirk is called High Specs. It makes me smarter then humans." he explained to this poor, confused child.


"Oh..." she doesn't know how she should react. An animal was talking and behaving to her like a human. Now that is even weirder then humans having powers. "So...You're an animal, sir?" despite him being an animal, he was still the principle, so she shows respect.


"Indeed I am."


'God I need to lay the fuck down.'


"Oh..." she was very intelligent today. "...Do you want to eat candy with us, sir?" she offered, Kireina doesn't know what else to do! Wait...he is allowed to eat candy right?! It wouldn't poison him or something right?! He still has a animal body after all!!!


'FUCK did I just offered to poison him?!' she thought panicked.


"I would be delighted!"


'He can!' that was a close call! She just knows him for a few minutes and it already feels like her nerves has been fried.


'I don't get paid enough for this...' ...she doesn't get paid at all.


Nedzu made his way onto the couch and sat between Power Loader and Snipe. Vlad King stood up knowing that the principle wants tea, he makes it for everyone else too.


Kireina whoever, went to Aizawa and whisper shouted to him. "Why didn't you tell me?!" she asked in betrayal, if he had told her, she would have been at least prepared!


"It was a surprise."


"Aizawa-san!" she said his name in distress. "That is a totally knew type of special!"


He just shrugged.


'Oh we're so not done with that conversation, Aizawa-san!' she thought while squinting at him and making the 'I'm watching you' hand motion, she sat between Nemuri and Hizashi again. Grumbling about 'stupid Aizawa-san', 'he could have at least told me', 'not cool'.


"So, Mirai-san." began Nedzu, sipping on his hot, fresh tea that Vlad King just kindly made for them all.


'How the FUCK is he holding the cup with his paws?!' "Yes? Oh, and just 'Kireina' please."


"Will do, now there is something I'm curious about, what is your impression of our world?" asked Nedzu interested, it wasn't every day you could hold a conversation with someone who was literally born more then a hundred years ago, knowing the worlds history and generations.


He wants to hear her knowledge.


"That's a odd question, Nedzu-san." said Thirteen. "Why do you want to know what she thinks of our world, sir?"


"Oh, You don't know?" of course he knows that they don't know, he is just playing with them.


"Know what?" asked Lunch Rush with a confused face.


Kireina was silent. Not protesting.


"Kireina-san is not from here."


There it is.


"Huh? Really? I thought she was from here. Well, Kireina-chan, from what city do you come from?" asked Cementoss, misunderstanding Nedzu.


'Poor fool...' thought Nemuri and Hizashi at the same time, sipping their tea's.


"Um...I was born and raised in Tokyo..." she hesitated a bit with her answer, she knows that wasn't what Nedzu was implying.


"Tokyo huh? How did Shouta managed to adopt you then?" asked Vlad King, Musutafu wasn't that far away from that city, but still a few hours with a train away and Aizawa had no business to be in Tokyo...


"It's a bit odd..." agreed Power Loader with his friend.


Kireina nervously looked at Aizawa, looking if it was okay to tell them, Aizawa nodded.


"Um...with what Nedzu-san means that I'm 'not from here' isn't the city..." she played with her sleeves, glancing around the gray room.


"What does she mean? Nedzu-san?" Vlad King looked at the principle, wanting answers.


"I think Kireina-san should say it for herself."


At that the teachers turned to her, curious what was going on.


Kireina couldn't look at them in the eyes, so she settled for the coffee table. She took a deep breath. "I'm from a different time line!" she quickly rushed it out.




"I am...from a different time line." she was for some reason nervous to say it, probably because it's sounds crazy...


Yeah, it sounds crazy.


"Wait. Wait. Wait." Lunch Rush waved with his arms, it reminds her of Izuku. "What do you mean you're from a different time line?"


"I'm not from here, I was accidentally brought here by a quirk and I can't go back to my time, Aizawa-san was there when it happened so he took me under his care." she explained with what Nedzu meant and how Aizawa adopted her even though she is from Tokyo.


"Oh my goodness." Thirteen placed his tea down and leaned his head against his hands.


"Time out! Time out!" Power Loader requested. "From what time line are we even talking about? Are you from the future or the past?"


"The past."


"Oh my god."


Cementoss noticed that Nemuri and Hizashi didn't even reacted to the news. "Did you guys knew?"


"We have known a while now." answered Hizashi, nodding his head.


"Pretty much since the beginning." elaborated Nemuri.


Aizawa stood up from his desk and sat down besides Hizashi. Knowing he couldn't just sit that conversation out. "Kireina was brought here with a quirk that has the ability to bring people from the past, the downside is that the quirk can't send them back. So Kireina now lives in our world."


" much of the past are we talking about?" asked Snipe, a literal time traveler was in front of him...


"Like a hundred years ago."


Almost everyone choked on their spit or tea.


Nedzu kept on drinking calmly. "Kireina-san is from the quirkless generation, that means before she came here, she didn't knew about quirks at all." he placed his tea on the table. "That also means that's she knows the worlds history fully, I don't know if somebody already told you, Kireina-san, but your history doesn't exist no more." he bluntly said it to her, the teachers whipped their heads to Nedzu at his honesty.


'You need to say it gentler, sir!!!'


Kireina hunched to herself, wrinkling her school uniforms skirt with her fists. "I...I know." she gritted out. "I found out not so long ago..." she can already feel the anger and grief bubbling under her skin.


"Kireina-chan..." Nemuri placed a comforting hand on her back. The poor child...


"I see." said Nedzu. "My apologies, I perhaps said it too harshly, it is truly a tragedy what happened. Unfortunately, there is nothing we could do."


Kireina's fists gripped tighter on her skirt.


"I...I...." she desperately wanted to protest, but what could she do? The deed is done, everything is gone, only she has the memories and knowledge now.


'There's gotta be some way...I...I have to do something but what can I do? It's forgotten, gone. But I...I...!'


She can't let it die fully.


She can't take it with her to her grave.


It should outlive her.


"...I will make the world remember again." she quietly said, they almost missed it.


"And how?" asked Nedzu, wanting to know her suggestion.




"You know, you could read a book or two too." said Yuri to her friend. "They are really cool after all." she holds up her book that she is currently reading as a example.


"I am reading!" protested Kireina weakly.


"Manga doesn't count." Yuri deadpanned.


She pouted. "What do you like so much about books anyways?" she questioned.


"You're kidding?" Yuri was scandalized. "A book can teach you so many things! It can show you new worlds and fantasies! It's like it sucks you in it! The world around you just stops."


"Well yeah..."


"You know, books are there for many reasons." she placed a hand on the book cover. "They can teach you about new things but they also can seal memories." she explained. "Like that book we now have to read in class, it is about the author's life after all and his experiences, he made sure to tell his story to everyone, he sealed his memory's. He shared his knowledge with everyone."


"It can teach you about the world, philosophy, relationships, the past and so on." she smiled gently. "That fascinates me, just how much words can influence someone." she looked at Kireina with sparkling eyes. "How can that not be cool?!"


"You're right, it is cool." Kireina chuckled. Seeing her friend being happy made her happy too. Yuri was just too cute when she was exited. "Maybe we all should write a book." she laughed a little at the idea.


Yuri snorted. "Why not, everyone can teach the world."


"Oh wise Yuri Kaku! Please share with us your knowledge!" she dramatically bowed.


"Very well." Yuri played along, holding her chin up high and trying to sound like a wise old master. "I shall teach you the ways of an author!"


Kireina fake sobbed. "I am forever grateful my master! I shall never forget your kindness!"


Yuri couldn't hold it anymore and fully belly laughed. Kireina quickly followed after.






"...I will write a book..."


"A book?" questioned Power Loader, that idea surprised him.


Kireina nodded, not lifting her head up. "A dear friend of mine teached me the ways of books...books...are there to seal memory's." she lifted her head up, eyes burning again with determination. "Words can change a person and I will fight with it. They will hear my voice in many ways. I will become a quirkless hero, if they don't want to hear me verbally, I will scream at them trough the pages as well. I will bring justice to my people...I will share my knowledge to the whole world."


"I see..." Nedzu said interested. "For that to work, you have to tell the world that you're from the past, you know."


'But once she does that, she will definitely have the attention of everyone, being quirkless alone will be a big deal but being from the quickness generation as well? The media would eat that story up alive, of course there will be skeptics but with proof like Akira-san, most of the society would probably believe her because we live in such a world. Publishing a book about her time line will be without a doubt read over and over again.' he thought, he knows about Akira because Aizawa told him everything.


"I know." Kireina told him seriously. "I will do it." she needs to do it. For her people.


Nedzu smiled. "Well then, good luck with that!"


"Thanks..." she just decided to become a author too huh...


'Yuri...if you never were an author...I will make sure to live your dream for you...' she promised her deceased dear friend. 'Please watch over me...'


"You want to become a hero?" asked Lunch Rush.


"My friend and I want to be the first quirkless heroes and we will succeed." she said with confidence. "We will work hard. We already asked for Aizawa-san to train us, we also found a dojo and a gymnastic we will both attend soon."


"I see, maybe I could help you and your friend also. How about I teach you and your friend about battle strategies and so on? In exchange, you can teach me about the lost history and generations." he offered, even though he is really intelligent, that doesn't mean he knows what happened. He has some theories but nobody could confirm them of course.


Till now.


It would be a good opportunity for both of them, knowledge for knowledge.


The teachers grew pale as they heard Nedzu wanted to teach their sweet, new adopted niece.




'Kireina-chan!!!!' but it was too late...

Chapter Text

"Want to tell me what happened?"


Kireina and Aizawa were at home after her successful visit in U.A. So they were having dinner right now.


"What exactly?" she was calmly eating her Miso soup.


"You were panicking for a second there when you were eating candies with the others." he wanted to adress this issue, something was going on with her.




'Oh...' she quickly avoided his eyes. 'That...'


"...Nothing?..." she really needs to learn how to lie.


She is way too easy to read. "'s okay that you don't want to tell me but I can't help you if I don't know." he tried to reason with her.


She sighed in defeat. Great, she can't lie and she easily gives in such situations. It's only because he reminds her of Sora-san, she swears! "It's stupid." she muttered and took a bite of her soup in frustration. "Really stupid."


"It's never stupid if it's bothering you."


"It's just..." she sighed harder. "I panicked because I forgot Sayano's favorite flavour." ...she still doesn't know it...


'He will think it's stupid...'


"Go on." he encourages her to talk more.


"I'm...scared to forget." there. She said it. "I'm scared what I will forget next, will it be their favorite movie? Will it be their their favorite color? I am their-" she stops herself, reminding that it's not the case anymore...and never will be again. "...was...their sister. I should know these things! I should know them! What if I forget them entirely? What if I go on about my day not even recalling them once? What if one day I will stop and ask myself what their names even are. What if I forget my family." she gritted out.


She can't afford to forget, if it's gone then it's gone, there is nobody who can remind her about these kind of things. She cannot afford to forget them.


History already did.


She will be damned if she does it too.


Aizawa sucked his lips in. This again was a serious topic. 'How much more does she have to be under this stress?...' he sighed in the inside. She is just a child...


"You's okay to forget a few things." he said, Kireina snapped her head to him. "It's normal to forget, we're only human. We need help to memories things and without reminders, it will be a matter of time to forget...but right now you do have the memory."


"...I wanted to write everything down in notebooks...maybe record some story's..." Kireina said quietly, staring at her reflection in her Miso soup.


"You can. I have a few blank ones, be right back." he stood up and grabbed them from his room, he returned with the notebooks and placed them in front of her. "You can use them and if you need more, then just tell me, I will buy so many as you need." he reassured her, he knows it will be very important for her.


Kireina picked slowly the notebooks up and scanned trough the many pages.


She took a deep, shuddering breath, stood up and walked around the table to hug Aizawa.


He already saw it coming and stood up when she was in front of him.


She buried her face in his chest. "Thank you." her sentence muffled in his shirt.


Like always, he ruffled her hair, it really became his habit. "No problem."


Feeling better, she let go and began to work right away and took a pen from her room, her soup forgotten.


She sat down and began first with her family journals, she first wrote down where she was born, who her biological parents was, where she lived and how it looked like. Just the first things like that, she tried to detail it as deep as possible.


She wrote everything she could before she was send into the orphanage, where she lived, her daycare, parents, everything. She continued to write information about the said orphanage. When it was build, who founded it and so on, she wrote how it looked like and how she meet everyone in great detail, she didn't let anything out, nothing.


That all already took a really good amount of pages. She doesn't know how long she has been sitting there just writing and writing and writing, time seemed to go by so fast but damn it feels so good just to grab a pen and let your memories flow trough it, she understands truly what Yuri meant.


She continues to write about her home and her school, trying her best to describe absolutely everything and anything. She wrote about her city and where everything was, she wrote how the streets and shops looked like.


She wrote and wrote and wrote.


Aizawa wasn't bothering her while she wrote, which she was thankful for. At some time he even made tea for her.


For now, she was satisfied in how much she wrote before she moved on to describe her family and friends individually.


"Aizawa-san! Look how much I wrote!" she proudly holds her notebook up and skipped trough the pages for him to see from afar.


"Good job, you did really well." he praised from the couch, grading exams, nodding approvingly.


Kireina beamed at his praise. "I will now write my family individually!" she informs him.


"Oh? Who will be first?"


That was a good question.


She kinda stared at her notebook...Kireina thinks she knows the answer.


"I think I will start with my biological parents." she decided.


That kinda surprised Aizawa, he never heard Kireina saying anything about them. "Really?"


"Well yeah, everything started with them after all." she already began to write. Her mother was first because she doesn't have much on her.


"Who are you writing right now?"


"My mom."


"I see..."


"I don't have much on her anyways." she shrugged. "She died of some illness when I was six years old anyways, I don't remember her much but she still deserves to be in my notebook. She was my mother after all."


"Oh...What about your father?" Aizawa asked.


"He practically gave up on me after my mom's death, we were in huge medical dept and my father didn't wanted me to grow up in that kind of environment. I never heard from him ever again..." it kinda hurt her that her father didn't even bothered to see if she was alright or even have contact with her... "So I was in the orphanage for six years...well...I was in a few foster homes for like a month but they never decided to adopt me." and now she was glad that they never did, she had a home in the orphanage, the other children were her siblings.




She was a sister, she was their friend, she was a part of her society....


Not anymore.


Never again.


"But that's okay, the orphanage was my home." she was done with her mother, it's not much but it's all that she has. "I was happy there..." she has so many good memories about that place, it was truly a home.


Aizawa wasn't quite sure what to say, she was happy where she was, only to be taken away from it..."...I hope you can be happy here too."


Kireina looked up to him. "I am happy here but I miss my old home, I miss my family and friends, I miss how world worked. This isn't what I know, I'm already got familiar with quirks and such but..." she sighed. "It's not my world." she put the pencil down, she wrote enough for today, the sun was setting down already, her hand cramped. "Our worlds are so different yet the same somehow. I see how much changed and what stayed with us to this day..." she smiled sadly to herself. "I'm happy but I grief too."


She really meant that she was happy, she is but there is always a undertone of grief she feels.


It's ugly, it's painful, it's rotten, it's bad.


But it's okay to feel bad.


It's normal to feel bad, it's healthy to express it rather to ignore it.


"Sora-san often said that grief is like a wound, at first it hurts but with time, it closes and becomes a scar as a reminder." Sora-san teached her so many things about life she yet has to experience, Sora-san wasn't old, yet her soul was...


An old soul who is finally resting...


Kireina stood up and took her notebook. "Anyways, can I go to Izu-chan? I need to give him the autographs and I want to show him my notebook since he is like a expert on it."


Aizawa is once again sadden with the fact that she lost everyone she ever loved, he is glad that she isn't denying her feelings. 'She shouldn't be in a situation like this in the first place.' she should have been in her time line, growing old with her loved ones and not seeing this future with her own eyes... She should have been in the orphanage with her siblings she loves...


He sighed.


'I can only make sure she is happy here.' he was entrusted with her well-being, he refuses to put her family down. "You can but be home at 8pm."


Kireina's face lit up. "Thank you! Aizawa-san!" she quickly went to her room and took the autographs. "See you later!"


She was gone.


Aizawa mutters under his breath rather fondly. "See you later..."


If her family is watching them right now from above...he hopes he does them justice.


Like she will do one day.

Chapter Text

The cold December air was biting Kireina's skin as she walked home with the groceries she got from the supermarket, Aizawa asked her to get. There was already a good amount of snow the kids enjoyed to play with.


And we all know that winter time is Christmas time, Kireina was worried for a while that Christmas didn't survive the erasure. But in fact, it was totally there. The city was covered in lights and decorations after all!


It gave her so much joy the first time she saw them, she could have cried on the spot. To know that this tradition is still alive and well...


It's just feels good to see people giving a crap about a tradition she had too, that had the quirkless generations. She isn't sure if they know that but...just thank god that they're doing it.


But it was so painful too.


Everytime she sees a present, her friends or family would like, it felt like a stab in the heart because she knows she can't buy it and gift them. Everytime she sees people happily discussing in how they will celebrate Chirstmas, it was a slap in the face, because the people she wants to celebrate with are deep buried under the very ground she walks on.

Christmas is a feeling of joy that warms your heart in the freezing month.

She never felt colder.










"Alright! Everyone, gather around!" Sora-san called out, getting the attetion from everyone from the table, they were eating dinner.


Sayano gasped. "Did Santa come?!" she squealed in delight.


Sora-san nodded. "He left lots of gifts for everyone!" she smiled at her, seeing her innocent excitement was just cute.


"I wanted to see him so badly!" Sayano pouted, she didn't get to see Santa! She left milk and cookies for him! Sayano doesn't know that Nara secretly ate them already.


"You will see him next year." said Ryuu from her left, grinning and ruffling her hair.


"And the reindeers too!" her big sister Nara sat facing her, Kireina on her right.




"Of course!" Kireina smiled at her little sister.


"Can we stay awake next year?!" she stood up from her seat and quickly ran to tuck Kireina's sleeves. "Please! Please! Please! Pleeeeaaaase!" she pleaded with her puppy dog eyes Kireina teached her a while ago.


"Sure." Kireina giggled. But she knew Sayano wouldn't make the whole night, but she lets her having fun.


"Yes!" the little girl ran to the Christmas tree in the common room. "Let's get the presents!"


They followed her and bagan to unwrap their presents.


Kireina got some Marvel merch, Ryuu a cooking book specialized on Asian food. Nara a new violin bag, Sayano a few dolls and Sora got earrings she has been interested in for a while.


"Now everyone, say a big 'thank you' to Santa!" they thanked 'Santa' for the sake of Sayano, they want her to believe in him as long as possible.


"Thank you, Santa!" they all chorused at the same time.


"Now, let's eat cookies!" Sora stood up to get the goods. "Ryuu made them!"


Nara's and Kireina's eyes lit up at hearing the sweet treat. Kireina is sure she got the love for cookies from Nara. Her big sister is the original sweet tooth here! And also her big brother made them!


Ryuu and Natsuki are always competing with each other who makes the best Christmas cookies, she and her family and friends always judge, it became sort of a tradition. Natsuki wins most rounds, since baking is her thing and Ryuu is more of a meal cooking guy.


Nobody complains tho.



Kireina is also kinda curious what exactly changed.


What are now the traditions? What stayed the same? Do they decorate their homes too?


She opened her apartment door and welcomed the warm air hitting her face. "I'm home." she called out.


"Welcome home! Kireina-chan!" Hizashi yelled from the couch.


"Huh?" she looked over and realised that Nemuri and Hizashi came over. They wore ugly Christmas sweaters and even managed to put Aizawa in one! "Hi? I didn't knew you guys were here."


"We wanted to say hello!" Nemuri said, on her Christmas sweater was 'Hoe Hoe Hoe'..."And we wanted to give you this!" she holds up a another Christmas sweater in her size, it said 'I'm cool as ice!'.


She snorted.


She hanged her jacket and stored the groceries away, when she was done, she took the sweater.


"Yeah! Welcome to the club." Hizashi's sweater said 'you better watch out' with a creepy looking Santa underneath that.


"Run while you can." deadpanned Aizawa, his sweater perfectly captured what he was feeling, 'happy fucking whatever', truly something that spoke from his tired soul.


"No!" the two adults pouted at him. "She likes it! You do right?"


"Yeah, it's cool."




Kireina joined them on the couch. "What are you watching?"


"Just some baking show." answered Nemuri. "Nothing interesting."


"I see..." Kireina trailed off. "Um...can I ask some questions?" time to get answers.


"Sure, little listener!"


"How do you celebrate Christmas?" she snuggled more into her sweater. "Do you still do Christmas trees? What about presents? Do you still do the KFC tradition?" it was popular in Japan to buy KFC chicken on Christmas, she doubts it's still around.


"Well..." began Nemuri. "We have Christmas trees, just SOMEONE doesn't want one!" she glared quickly at Shouta. "Baking cookies, giving presents, watching movies, singing..." she listed the things of what they do on that holiday. "But I don't know what...what was it called? KFC? Right? I don't know what KFC is..."


"Ah..." R.I.P KFC. "It's nothing, just a fast food restaurant. Your Chirstmas sounds like my Christmas."


"Really?" said Hizashi surprised. "Woah! That's so cool! I didn't know it was this old!"


"It is..." her Christmas didn't died, it's actually there. It's alive...


At least something.


She doesn't even care if they don't know the background of it, she doesn't care if they think it was made by the quirked. She doesn't care in the moment because it's there. And that incredible...and so painful.


She suddenly gets teary eyed.


The three adults were immediately alarmed when they saw her tearful expression.


"Are you alright? Does something hurt?" Aizawa asked concerned, already standing up.


"Little listener?"




Kireina took a shaky breath and gave them a watery smile. "I'm so happy and sad right now...I...I was so worried that it died...I just- I just thought...I thought it was something I only could see in my memories..." she whips away her tears with her sleeves. "I-I thought it was g-gone and I t-thought I never get to do these things anymore." she hiccuped. "I m-missed so many things with them...a-and I thought it's going to be a reminder a-again! I-I can't see my family anym-more and I just-" she cuts herself with a sob. Grief overtaking her.


Especially in a time like this, she wants to see her family, which is of course impossible. But seeing everyone getting ready to celebrate with their family''s just taunting her with the fact that hers is dead.


She was quickly hugged from all sides by the adults, whispering sweet things to her, saying that everything's gonna be okay. She cried into their sweaters, after a while she eventually calmed down, leaving her with red eyes.


"It's okay, we can still do all the activities you did in the past. Do you want a Christmas tree? We can put one." Aizawa offered her, still gently hugging her.


Kireina sniffed and nodded. She felt a bit childish, but she wants one.


Hizashi and Nemuri softly smiled at that, they know that Shouta always said how Christmas trees are a waste of time and effort. And now look at him, offering to put a Chirstmas tree without them forcing him, fatherhood changes a man...


"ALRIGHT!" Hizashi stood up. "LET'S BRING A TREE!"


Aizawa actually has a tree and decorations in his basement. Since his friends are forcing him every year to put one.


So they got it out and placed it in the living room.


"Let's decorate it." Nemuri said devilishly, licking her lips.


They bagan to work right away, Kireina felt good while doing this, it was fun. She laughed when the cats tried to play with the decorations.


"That's it." they stepped away to admire their work. The Christmas tree really sparkled and was really pretty.


Kireina smiled at this, her family would like that Chirstmas tree...






"Kire-chan! Do you want to sing?!"






Aizawa automatically lost the battle.


"What do we want to sing?" asked Nemuri.


"What about 'deck the halls'?" it was always the first song they singed together in the orphanage.


"The what?"


Oh for Christs sake...


Kireina became dead inside immediately. "Of course it's gone." she pinched her nose and her voice dead. That resembled too much like Shouta for the two loud adults liking, she shouldn't be corrupted by him!


"You could teach us!" Hizashi immediately tried to find an solution.




"I guess."


"Sing it away!" Nemuri encouraged her.


Kireina blushed a little, for them to learn, she had to embarrassing! She took a deep breath. "Deck the halls with boughs of holly..." she bagan to sing and clap with her hands for the rhythm.


At the end of the song, she was complete red from embarrassment. The adults clapped. "It was such a joyfully song!" complimented Nemuri.


"Do you have more?!" asked Hizashi excitedly, music was his thing!


"Uhm...I have plenty." she mumbled.


"You don't have to sing if you don't want to." Aizawa reassured her and quickly glared at his friends as a warning not to push her. The two adults quickly nodded.


Kireina sat besides Aizawa, it would be less embarrassing for her if she was by his side. "I don't want a lot for Chirstmas, there is just one thing I need..."


She felt more comfortable as time went on, when the adults catched on what the refrain was, they joined in.


"ALL I WANT FOR CHIRSTMAAAAAAAAS IS YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!" they screamed the lyrics out, felling the song. Aizawa was more mumbling the words.


She introduced them to many other songs like jingle bells, let it snow, last Christmas, twelve days of Christmas and many more.


"UGH! THEY'RE SUCH GOOD SONGS!" Hizashi brought a fist to his heart. "LAST CHRISTMAS WAS SO GOOD!"


"ALL I WANT FOR CHIRSTMAS IS BETTER!" said Nemuri passionately.




They immediately began to bicker which song was the best, Kireina snickered at them.


"Are you happy?" asked Aizawa.




"I asked if you were happy now."


Kireina looked at Hizashi and Nemuri and then at Aizawa again.


She smiled. "I am." this...this was her family now too. She leaned against Aizawa. He puts an arm around her shoulders. It reminded her of Sora-san, it was kind of scary for her in how much she sees her in Aizawa, but it was comforting too. "Thanks, dad." she realised what she said too late...


All of them froze.


"Did you just...?" trailed of Hizashi.


Nemuri immediately snapped pics of their shocked expressions. Even tho she was shocked herself.


"WHAT? PFFFFFFF, No!" She sweated buckets immediately, denying what she said. "I said 'Thanks man!' that's what I totally did. Yep, Yeah! Thanks man!" she awkwardly patted Aizawa's shoulder, who was in shock. "GOLLY! look at the time! we need cookies like right now! I'm gonna get them!" she fled from the living room to die out of embarrassment in the kitchen. She couldn't believe what she just said! Oh man, that's gonna haunt her for the rest of her life!


The three adults weren't much better.


"Shouta?" Nemuri called out. She still took pics of his blushing face. "How does it feel to be a father?" a shitty grin took it's place on her face.


"Congratulations!" Hizashi patted Aizawa's shoulder. "It's like a child's first word!"


Aizawa activated his quirk and glared at them with everthing he got, still being flustered. "You all are gonna die- NEMURI DON'T YOU DARE SEND THEM-"


Too late.


His phone began to buzz from all the notifications from the group chat.


Nemuri is going to die.


Worth it.

Chapter Text

Kireina was knocking on the door while her other hand held her new used notebook, waiting for Izuku or Inko to open up. Her money is on Inko this time. It was a bet against herself. 'Let's see if I win...' she imagined like she was in a casino.


"Hello?" it was....Inko!


'Hah! I won!' she wasn't even betting with anyone but was still happy that she won her own bet. "Hello, Inko-san! Is Izu-chan home?"


Inko's face lit up in seeing Kireina again. It warmed her heart to know there is someone for her baby boy. "Hello dear! Come in, come in! Izuku is in his room, feel free to go in." she opened the door wider for her to enter.


"Thank you!" Kireina really likes Inko-san, she is such a sweet woman. 'Maybe that's her quirk.' she jokes to herself, now that she thinks about it, she doesn't know what Inko's quirk is. 'Maybe I can ask later.'


"His room is down the hall, left door. You can't miss it!" she chuckled.


"Ok! Thank you!" she smiled at her and made her way to Izu's room.


'You really can't miss it.' she laughed quietly. His door had his name on it after all.


Without any warning, she opened the door boldly and said rather loudly. "Izuku, holy fuck!" she exclaimed.




She needed to do that.


For the meme.


Izuku was just chilling on his bed, minding his own business, listening to Present Mic's broad cast calmy, till his newly befriended friend just scared the living crap out of him.


It startled him so badly, he fell out of his bed. Landing awkwardly on the ground.




Before he could control what he says, his brain decided there was only one thing he could say.


"This is why mom doesn't fucking love you!"










"WHEEEEEEEEEEEZE!" Kireina collapsed to the floor immediately, holding her stomach tightly while her forehead was on the floor. Her body shook from laughter, this was the best thing that she heard all day long.


"I-It isn't funny!" Izuku exclaimed embarrassed, his face red. "I-I was just startled!" he tried to defend himself.


Kireina continued to wheeze out her laughter.


"I-I-Izu- Izukuuuuuu." was the only thing she managed to say out loud. She rolled onto her back. "Oh my goooood-" she wheezed again. She wasn't getting any an ambulance.


"Kire-chaaaaan!" he whined, hiding his face in his hands.


"Sorry, s-sorry." she whiped away her tears, her belly protested in pain from all the laughter. "My god, bless your soul! That was the best thing you could have said to me!" she still giggles and gets up, helping her friend to stand up as well from the floor.


Izuku blushed more. "W-Why are you here anyways?..." he wasn't expecting guests.


"Oh!" Kireina's eyes lit up in realization. "I wanted to give you this!" she reached down to her pocket and took a folded paper out. "You know how I visited U.A today?"


Izuku nodded, interested what it was about.


"Well, I brought you something." she handed Izuku the paper. "Open it." she makes the 'go on' gestures.


Izuku was a bit confused but did what she said anyways. He folded it open and saw...signatures?




Hold up.


Is that...!


"YOU BROUGHT ME THEIR AUTOGRAPHS?!" he yelled in shock, his eyes wide as he saw just how many autographs he got from her.


He could see that Present Mic, Midnight, Power Loader, Lunch Ruch, Snipe, Vlad King, Thirteen, Cementoss and even Eraserhead, signed that paper!!!


"OH MY GOD?!" he whiped his head between Kireina and that holy paper that is in his grasp. "YOU- HOW- WHAT- FOR ME?!" he couldn't form a correct sentence, overwhelmed from all the emotions inside of him, he was literally vibrating with excitement.


Kireina smiled smugly, staring into the distance. "I have connections."  she said it as if she is a mafia boss.




"Kidding! Kidding! I just asked them." she shrugged. "But yeah dude, it's yours now."


Kireina got startled when Izuku suddenly began to bow repeatedly. "THANK YOU! IT WILL BE A FAMILY TREASURE!" all she saw was a blur of her friend.


"Woah! woah! Hold your horses! You will loose your head like that!"




"It's fine!"


"It's just..." he got teary eyed. "This is like the best gift, t-thank you."


"Aaaaah! You make me soft about it! Come here dude." she opened her arms to invite him to a hug. "Give your old bro a hug." was just a joke for herself.


She wasn't expecting such a strong hug.


"Oof!" Izuku was hugging her thightly from all that excitement and graditute.


"B-Buddy! Pal!" she wheezed out, petting his back. "I love hugs you know? But I love to breath too!" she already saw angels calling her name. "I don't want to see the light, dude!"


"I'M SO SORRY!" Izuku let her immediately go. "ARE YOU OK?!"


"A-At least the angels r-retreated...!" she gulped down air. It looks like hugs will be her biggest enemy... 'Why does everyone want to kill me with their love?!'






When she got her even breath back, she gave the room her attention for the first time. "Woah..."


Everything...was All Might!


He was e v e r y w h e r e.


"Holy shit, Izu..." she looked around the room. Posters, figures, decorations...just an endless sea of All Might! 'He looks into my soul...' she eyes the posters on the wall...he stares back. "Boy, you weren't kidding when you said you were an All Might fan." she whistled impressed.


"A-Ah..." Izuku fidgeted with his hands. "I-I admire him a lot...and I like to collect them..." he blushed. "I know it's a bit s-silly..."


"Wait no! Dude!" she waved her arms around, she didn't meant it in a bad way! "It's cool! Don't worry! Everyone has a hobby! You're a big fan, that's fine!" to be honest, if she had full control over her old room in the orphanage, she would have put Marvel in every single corner. Sadly, she does now have the power...but no Marvel merch to decorate...


Izuku sighed in relief, glad to know he wasn't being laughed on. "I'm glad you like them."


"Yeah, sure! I have a few hero stickers myself!" she told him, but it was nothing compared to...this. "Like Midnight, Present Mic, Thirteen and All Might too!"


"Oh? That's so cool! I don't have enough room for wall stickers because there are posters everywhere." he scratched his neck awkwardly as he gestured to his walls...


Yeah, not enough room.


"You can have them mentally."


Izuku was about to say something else but the notebook in Kireina's hand got his attention. "What is that?" he pointed his finger to it.


"Hm?" Kireina followed his finger and her eyes landed on her notebook, oh, that's right! "I started a notebook myself!" she holds up proudly her first notebook. "It's about my family and friends! It's not detailed as I would maybe like but I can always rewrite it!"


"That's so cool!" Izuku's eyes sparkled. "But why would you write your family and friends in it?" that was a question he needed an answer too.


"What do you mean why? You know because-"


Hold up.


She fucked up.






She idiot hasn't told him!!!


Now she was frozen in place, having a very nervous smile on her face.


'I'M AN IDIOT!' she sweated bullets now. "Because...Because..."




"Ha know, funny story actually." she clapped her hands together. "How about you sit down, okay? Just sit down." she gently pushed Izuku onto his bed, avoiding his eyes.


"Kire-chan?" what was happening? She was acting weird.


Kireina laughed awkwardly again. "Ok sooooo...." she placed her notebook on his table. "You see..." she grabbed his chair and made herself comfy. God she fucked up so bad...


"Kire-chan, are you okay?" he just asked why she writes that notebook...


"I'm good! I'm fine! Ha ha..." she fidgeted with her hands. "You see, Izu-chan...there is something I haven't told you about..."


"Huh?" what could it be? Is Aizawa secretly a bad guy? Does she have in reality a quirk? What was happening?


Kireina sighed, she needed to be serious. "Izu-chan, I'm about to say something...crazy. But please believe me when I say that eveything what I'm about to say is true." she pleaded with her eyes.


"Ok...I trust you." he does it really.


'Ok Kireina, say it to him gently, not bluntly.'


"I'm from the past."






'Ok Kireina don't mess it up! Gently!'


"I'm from the past."


'I'm a mess, that's what I am.'


"Ex...Excuse me?" you could see math equations floating around his head. " this a prank?..." Izuku knows that friends prank each other, was this his first friendly prank?


Kireina pinched her nose bridge and deeply breathed in, she could feel a headache coming. "No, it's not. It's not a prank, I'm serious, I'm from the past and no, I'm not making this up nor I am crazy."




He really doesn't know what to say.


It's not like everyday that someone tells him that they're a time traveler.


"H-How? Why? What? Like really? Huh?!"


"Ok so." Kireina began. "Hear me out, I was brought here by accident with a quirk that can teleport people from the past but it can't bring them back. So basically I'm stuck here forever." she explained her situation a thousand times already...


That...sounded logical.


"So..." Izuku's brain was starting to see the picture here. "You have been teleported here from a previous time. I assume Eraserhead was on the scene since I don't have other explanation why you're under his care. It would also explain why you got 'transferred' into my class, am I correct?" he started to analyze the situation, trying to make more sense in this mess.


"Yeah, basically." she nodded.


"Oh my god..." Izuku put his head into his hands. "You went trough time and space..."




"You're technically so much older then me."




"You're not from here."




"Ok. Ok. From...what time are we talking about?" he asked carefully and curious. Was it ten? Twenty? Or even Thirty years?


"Like a hundred years."


Izuku chokes on his spit.




"I know! Crazy, right?"




It's horrible.


God how horrible.


Izu immediately saw the issues here. His friend is from the quirkless generation and got thrown into a world full of quirks, her history got erased and that means she is the only one who knows. Her family and friends are dead with her whole world. She isn't familiar with the discrimination and dangers. She is just getting to know this whole hero/villain society thing. He gets anxious just thinking about the position Kireina is in. She was forced to give up her whole life and start a new one she didn't ask for.


Isn't that anyones worst nightmare?


A nightmare that became reality.


How does she live with that? How does she walk in this world that's so unknown to her? But that would also explain her obliviousness about the discrimination, because it actually never happened to her! How in the hell did he mange do befriend a person with such a background?!


Don't get him wrong, he is extremly happy and grateful that he has a friend in the first place. But he has now mixed feelings, he is happy that they're friends, but he feels guilty in how it even became possible.


"...are...are you okay?" Izuku grimaced on his own question, of course she isn't okay when she literally got ripped out from her home.

Was she okay?


She doesn't really know herself.


She was happy with Aizawa and everyone else, sure. But still, getting thrown into the unknown is so's been quite some time and she longs for her old place. She longs to talk with them again, to see them, to touch them. This so different. Quirks are still a mystery to her, just the concept of superpowers is unthinkable, straight out of a comic book. Heroes and villains are real, not some kind of fantasy anymore. And just...she griefs.


"I..." with a deep sigh and closed eyes, she throws her head back. "I am and kinda not in the same time, everything is gone but the new people here I met...they make me happy." she opened her eyes again, staring straight up. "But if I had the chance to go back...I would do it in a heartbeat."


"I...I'm so sorry." this whole thing is messed up and there is no fixing in this. She is forced to live this life now, forced to live in a society that is like a stranger to her.


"Me too...I'm sorry too." she deeply breathed in so she wouldn't cry, ignoring the sting that is in her eyes. "But...I will move on..." she forms a fist. "My memories keeps them alive, so I will live and remember."


She sighed and smiled a thankful smile to him. "Thank you for believing in me, I would probably not believe myself."


"Of course!" he beamed back. "I trust you."


Kireina chuckled. "I do too, do you now want to see my notebook?" she grabbed the said item from the desk, she didn't wanted to talk about it anymore...


He of course noticed the change of topic, but didn't said anything. "Sure!" he moved over so his friend can sit beside him.


Kireina got up and did exactly that, when she opened the first page, she suddenly remembered something she forgot to say.


"Ah, Izu, Principle Nedzu is gonna teach us if your mother is okay with it." she assumes he knows him.




Poor Izuku got multiple heart attacks on that day.

Chapter Text

"Oi, fuckface, where is deku?"


Kireina looked up from her phone, she was browsing through the internet to learn the new generations meme's, Hizashi once commented that she needs to be 'quirked up', at first she had no idea what the fuck it could mean, so like on instinct she replied with 'I am confusion', that caused Hizashi to wheeze and Aizawa to die inside.


So yeah, now she is learning meme's like an old person.


She quickly recognized that spiky pineapple head. The lesson has ended not a long time ago, everyone just began to pack their things, wanting to go home. Sadly, Izuku was sick and couldn't come to school today, because he stayed up too late to write in his notebook, which resulted him getting a bad headache in the morning.


She even told him to get to sleep viva text but he was like 'it will be fine' and she was like 'im telling u, u will get sick'.


And what happened? He got sick!


'These kids these days...' she allowed herself to make old people jokes now. Like, how is she not gonna take the opportunity? It would be a crime.


She hopes he will be fine till tomorrow, because she will take Izuku to U.A with her this time after school, she got permission from Nedzu and Inko. When Inko heard the news that her baby boy is gonna learn under the principle with his friend, she first fainted and cried tears of joy later when she regained her conciseness again.


So tomorrow will be their first day.


"Was is it to you?" she frowned at him, what does he want with Izuku?


He gave her the same frown back. "You and that useless fuck are practically glued hip by hip. It's annoying, he can't do anything."


"Hey!" she placed her phone in her pocket, she got a feeling it is about to go down. "He can do as much as you can do!" she stood up straighter to be more taller, of course she isn't as tall as him but she's gotta do what she's gotta do. "Izuku is intelligent, hardworking and passionate! But most importantly, he is kind and heroic. Not something you're familiar with." by that time, the class was paying attention in what was going on. Wanting to know how it will end.


"Ugh, does she defends that deku again?"


"Bakugou should just make her shut up, she is getting so annoying."


"He tries tho but something is always getting in the way in a weird way, maybe today she will get her lesson."


"Beat her up! Bakugou! The teacher's already gone!"


The last comment caused Bakugou to smirk, his hands already getting heated up. "Ya hear them? Quirkless have no place in this world! Even these extras get it!"


Kireina's frown deepens. "You wanna fight, boom boom boy? Fine!" she has to relly on her fighting experience with Takao, her old bully. Unfortunately, her training will only start next week, so she doesn't know any actual moves. But hey, she doesn't think that Bakugou knows any too, so dirty fighting it is. "Bring it on." her fits already in front of her. She never feared to fight and throw some punches, and she sure as hell won't back down to him!


"C'mon Bakugou! Beat her up!"


"Knock her out!"


"Show her where her place is!"


Everyone was rotting for Bakugou, that pleased his ego very much. They formed a crowd around the two like in a fight club. "Heh! You got some guts to challenge me, you freak! A fuckface like you will regret it!" he obviously went for a right hook, his classmate cheered him on as he targeted her angered face, thinking she finally gets what she deserves.


'Tsk!' she blocked his attack on time with her arms, thankfully the explosion didn't hit her directly but the heat from it was enough for her to bite down a hiss. She is sure her skin got red. 'I need to be careful so I don't get burns!' if she gets injured to that extent, she isn't sure if she could hide it from Aizawa, he definitely wouldn't be happy that she got into a fight.


It's not like Sora-san was happy either, but Kireina convinced her that she can fight her own battles, Sora-san eventually trusted her judgment. Takao was just a bully that was as annoying as a mosquito that she sometimes had to fight. Kireina never saw him as a serious threat. Bakugou however, has a quirk that can be dangerous, so she needs to be extra careful around him.


If Aizawa finds out about it, Kireina would probably be in trouble, that she didn't want to cause. He kindly took her in and treats her right, so she thinks she should at least behave good. Well, what she is doing right now isn't good but she needs to defend his friend's honor and the honor of all quirkless people.


Bakugou tsked at her block and also attacked with his left arm, Kireina quickly blocked that as well, getting the explosion near her ear. 'It sure stings like a bitch!' she thought bitterly, but that gave her an opening!


His face is fully exposed.


So she head butted right into it.


"YOU BITCH!" Bakugou took a few steps backwards at the sudden attack and clenched his nose, he didn't get a bloody nose but it was enough to hurt like a little bitch. The class winced on that scene, as if they could feel the pain themselves. "DIE!" Bakugou yelled out in rage, now it was serious.


'FUCK!' she knows she won't be quick enough to block that, so she settled with protecting her face the best she could and closed her eyes tightly.


The explosion went off near her neck and hands area, but the most damage reseved her hands.


'Fuck, that hurts.' she grits her teeth and went a few steps backwards to get some space in between them, that is definitely a burn she has now do deal with, what a pain in the ass. She lowered her arms and saw Bakugou's expression go from annoyed to gleeful. She doesn't get how someone can go gleeful in hurting someone.


"Hah! What now you bitch? Still being tough?" he raised his smoking hand, he thought he has won the battle, that she gave up and finally understood that she is below him where she belongs, she is a useless freak after all.


Kireina wasn't having any of it.


"You're an ass-" she took a swing with her left leg. "-hole!" and kicked him where the sun doesn't shine.


The class quaked at the sight.


"Did she just...really did that?!"


"Oh my god, that looked painful."


"Holy shit! Is she crazy or something?! Bakugou will definitely now kill her!"


"She actually had the guts!"


"R.I.P Bakugou."


Bakugou doubled over in pain and held onto a desk for support. "YOU...BITCH." he glared into her soul. "I WILL-"


Before he could say anything else, Kireina quickly kicked him again, not so hard like the last time, just enough so he falls onto the floor.


"Bitches get stitches, Bakuhoe!" she quickly grabbed her bag and speed walked to the door, her classmates were looking at her as if she is an alien, they couldn't believe their eyes was just happened in front of them. "Sayonara, fuckers!" she throws a peace sign at them and proceeded to jog away so that pineapple hair wouldn't get her, the adrenaline really caused her to act like she was on crack.


"I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU!" she heard Bakugou yell from the classroom. "The only thing that is allowed to kill me are hugs." she mumbled under her breath. She jumped down the stairs and exited the school.


She lets out a breath. "Damn, thanks Takao for the fights I guess." she stretched her body, it popped in multiple places, she lets out a groan.


She looked down to her hands and sleeves, she got burns on her hands, she is sure it goes the same for her neck, they both throb in pain. Her sleeves are luckily not that bad, so it's fine.


She touched her hair and could feel that it's a mess, she reopened her ponytail and redid it. 'Ugh, I smell like smoke and sweat...' she needs to shower.


Kireina lets out a sigh. "Whatever..." she continued her way, she would shower and then visit Izuku.


"Forgive me might be not my last fight with him..."


Kireina hopes that Sora-san isn't too angry with her in heaven...

Chapter Text

'Finally, the smoke smell came out.' Kireina just got out of her shower, drying her hair. She was wearing her Present Mic T-shirt and All Might sweatpants.


Aizawa wasn't home but soon he will be, she doesn't know how to hide her burns from him. Should she just say the truth? 'But I promised Izuku not to tell anybody...' she sighed, should she just say that it was an incident? Like, 'hey this dude tripped in front of me and accidentally activated his quirk, he said sorry and all that.' maybe that would work...?


'Whatever.' she sat down onto the couch and turned the TV on to watch some news, Tori and Mao came rushed to her, asking to be pet like always. They like to cuddle a lot.


They began to purr once she began to cratch their heads but thankfully, she still could hear what the news reporter was saying.


"And today, the Turbo Hero: Ingenium saved the day at the Shiro street!" the news reporter's voice boomed trough the TV, they began to show a video. "A bystander filmed the whole incident, the villain that calls himself 'Batman'-" Kireina had to snort at the coincidence, her Batman was a hero while here, he is a villain. "His mutant quirk gives him bat like features and abilities, at 9am in the morning, the villain suddenly acted out in the street and grabbed an innocent young man as a hostage. In the video you can clearly hear the villain threatening the crowd."


They gave the video sound and subtitles.


"If any of you moves, he is a goner!" the villain grabbed the young mans neck and squeezed, getting a wheeze out of him. He looked terrified out of his mind.


'Poor guy...'


The crowd has formed a circle and were clearly in distress, not knowing what to do. You could hear random citizens saying alone the lines like "Someone save him!", "Oh God!", "Where are the heroes?!", "I am calling the police!"


'Calling for the police is always good...can you call a hero???'


The news reporter began to speak again. "As we thought that the man wasn't going to make it, the hero Ingenium heard their cries and quickly acted." a blur of a person suddenly entered the frame, Kireina jumped a little at that. The hero pinned the villain in top speed down, saving the hostage. "Ingenium ended up saving the young mans life, the police shortly came after to arrest the villain. Thanks to him, nobody was harmed. So everyone, say a big 'Thank you' to the Turbo Hero: Ingenium and to the police! Now, Ms. Sakari with the weather!"


"Damn, he was fast as hell." whisteled Kireina impressed. "His costume looked like a knight, but his hero name should have been 'sonic', don't you agree?" she asked the two cats who happily cuddled with her. "If only you two could talk like Nedzu-san..." that would be so cool.


"Who should talk like Nedzu?" a voice suddenly appeared behind her.


If someone asks, she did not shrieked and fell from the couch. She did not.


"A-A-Aizawa-san!" she grabbed her racing heart in shock, god why was he like a ghost? She didn't hear him opening the door and coming in. Her heart can't handle things like this, every time she watched a horror movie with her siblings, she always said 'Don't mess with the supernatural or it will mess with you.' and what happens with the character that mess with it? They die! Simple! But nooooooo they just have to summon a demon, they just have to play this weird game, they just have go to this abounded place.


No common sense at all.


She stared up to him from the ground, eyes wide, Aizawa was a little startled himself when she suddenly got so spooked by him, but mostly, he was amused. "A hero should always know their surroundings." he teased her a bit.


Kireina huffed and rolled her eyes. "Yeah, Yeah, Mister. 'Hero experience'." she then proceeded to lay down to the ground and dramatically put her hand on her forehead. "Oh how could I let you down? I shall die with the shame I caused upon me or it shall haunt me for the rest of my pathetic life in eternity..." Shakespeare is shaking in his grave, that was so poetic and dramatic...

Someone should just give her an Oscar already.


...There are still Oscar's...right...?

Aizawa huffed back by that dramatic theater scene in front of him, his foster child has a thing for acting, he noticed. "Yeah, sure. Now, who should talk like Nedzu?" he goes back to his original question.


"The cats!" she sat up straight. "Imagine they could talk!" she got up and took Tori as her hostage, she pulled the cat up like in the lion king and held her in front of her face, Tori looks like she doesn't mind and just goes with the flow. "Aizawa-saaaaan! Feeed meeee! Looove meeee! Aizawa-saaaaaan!" she gave her cat a high pitched voice and Kireina swayed the cats gently from the left to the right a bit. "Give me attentioooooon or I will scratch your faaaaaace." Kireina climbed onto the couch and brought Tori to Aizawa's face, he doesn't stop her. "Love meeee." Kireina whispered mysterious. Tori just let's out a small meow in agreement.


Aizawa was about to take Tori from her hands but then he noticed some strange...burns on her fingers and hands...? "What are these?" he asked and took Tori anyways, placing her next to Mao again.


"What is what?" Kireina played innocent to buy time for her fake story in her head.


"This." he took her hands and showed her the burns she got from Bakugou. Aizawa hasn't noticed her burn on her neck because her hair is covering it over.


"Ah thiiiiis." she faked realization and hoped that her theater skills are high enough to fool him, which is most likely not the case because Aizawa is a Underground hero, they need to be observant. "A classmate of mine tripped in front of me and I tried to catch him in time, which I did, but because he fell he accidentally activated his quirk. His quirk is explosions but don't worry! It were really small ones! He apologized and everything. No harm done." she ended her made up story with a innocent smile, was it enough to fool him?


"You're lying, you're avoiding eye contact." he bluntly called her out, no mercy at all...


'Crap...!' now she is in trouble, her smile is frozen in place. 'What do I do? What do I do? What do I-'


She settled with awkward laughing.




Aizawa just raised an eyebrow at her.


"Ok so." she clapped her hands together. "I may or may have not fought with someone..." she still doesn't want him to tell him about Bakugou, but what should she tell him? She doesn't want to break the promise...


Aizawa frowned. "Why did you fight? And with who?"


"I defended someone." but she refused to say with who she fought.


"Go on."


"Uhm...the bully was making fun of someone and I defened that person, the bully then wanted to fight me and we did." that wasn't a lie tho, it was just not the full picture.


"And you got injured."


"It's not that bad, just some small burns. It's not a big deal."


Aizawa just sighed and made a 'follow me' gesture.


Kireina followed him to the bathroom, Aizawa was going trough the cabins and pulled some cream out. Without a word, he took her hands and began to apply some cream, she figures it's for burns.


'Is he mad...?' she thought a bit guilty and scared, she didn't wanted him to be mad at her, but if she didn't fought, then they would find her weak... 'I fucked up, didn't I?' the more time went by without him saying anything, the more nervous she got. She isn't used to quiet anger, everyone in her orphanage was rather loud or at least verbal about their anger. This is a new territory for her...she didn't liked that at all.


"Aizawa-san...?" she called out a bit hesitant, was it okay to get his attention?


He grunted in response, signaling her that he was listening.


"I'm sorry...he was saying bad things about being...quirkless and when I defended myself and people like me, he wanted to fight...I thought that I needed to fight or I will just conform them in being 'weak'." she mumbled a bit in the end.


Aizawa sighed, he looked to his foster daughter who was looking everywhere but him. "I'm not mad."


Kireina immediately snapped her head to him in lighting speed like Ingenium, with a confused face she asked. "You're not?" don't tell her he was just disappointed...that would be kind of worse.


"I rather don't want you to fight with other students but it was for protecting, and protecting others is what it means to be a hero, even standing up for yourself is heroic. But still, I don't want you to fight with anyone, okay? Showing strength isn't always fighting, you could be the bigger person and choose not to go down on their level." he ruffled her hair a bit. "Words could be a much bigger weapon, of course there a situations were you don't have any other choice but to fight, like with villains. But they're students, so don't fight unless it's for self defense, got it?" she was still a child who has a lot to learn. It was his job as a hero, a teacher and as her teach her these kinds of things. "I'm still proud that you stood up for yourself and others." being told that you're proud is important too.


"...thanks and got it." she nodded and felt now even more guilty for hiding Bakugou, Aizawa just wants to look after her and here she is, lying straight to his face. '...I should talk with Izu-chan about this...'


"...I wanted to visit Izuku but I guess I can't anymore, right?"


"Not a chance."


"Yeah, I deserved that."


Aizawa sighed. "It's not like what you did was exactly wrong but it wasn't exactly right either, just...don't think of it as a punishment, more like a lesson you can think over and learn from." he looked her over again, trying to find burns he could have missed. "Are you injured elsewhere?" better be safe then sorry.


"Ah...just my neck a bit." Kireina grabbed her hair and held it like a pony tail, showing him her burn there.


Wordlessly, Aizawa placed some cream there as well.


"Gah! It's so cold!"


"It's cream, of course it's cold."


"Sometimes, you're even colder."


"Very funny."


"Thanks, got it from Ms. Joke."


Aizawa froze in his place, you just could see the dread on his face and his soul leaving his body.


" you know her?"


"Ms. Joke?" she questioned. "She is that comedian, isn't she? I'm watching her show on TV sometimes, I gotta say she is entertaining." she smiles. "She reminds me one of my favorite comedian in my time line, brings back some sweet memories."


Aizawa suffered a long hard sigh in the inside.


"I got an idea!" Kireina's smile brightens. "We should watch it together! She is really funny, maybe you will like her!"


Aizawa suffered a long hard sigh in the inside.


"Sure." was all that came out of him.


"Yeay!" Kireina hopped a little excitedly like a child, well, she is one.


And that's how Aizawa ended up watching the show in the evening while dying inside. Well, Kireina was laughing right beside him, so it's worth it.