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Only the future can tell

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Aizawa was so done.

He just wants to take a nap, which he really needs.

The night sky was clear and covered with many stars. It was quiet, which he appreciated, he doesn't like loud noises. Ironically his best friend screams all the time. During his patrol nothing much happened.

Till he heard a scream- a woman's to be exact.

He didn't hesistated and runned torwards the cry for help. The scream that was filled with fear seemed close so it did not take long for him to arrive, he saw a villain trying to rob a civilian. The villain was male, maybe in his fourty's, he had a gun.


Aizawa activated his quirk to be better safe than sorry, who knows what his quirk could be. Aizawa used his capture weapon to trap him and knocked him unconscious.

He turned around to see if the woman was alright.

The woman is maybe in her thirties, red hair, rather on the short side.

The woman was panicking and activated her quirk out of fear.

A blue portal formed right beside her, the women however, doesn't notice, still clearly shocked from what just happened.

Aizawa activated his quirk again but the portal didn't go away, which was weird, so he went to face the women to calm her down. Maybe the portal will go away when she is calm.

"Ma'am everything is alright now, you need to calm down- match my breathing alright? In and out, In and out, breathe." he said in a calm tone, showing her the breathing exercise.

He took several deep breaths with her, after a while the woman calmed down.

", thank you, mister...?" she asked the silent question, wanting to know who her hero was.

"I'm Eraserhead, an Underground hero. It seems you accidentally used your quirk. I couldn't erase it for some reason. Could you please turn it off?" he said, looking at the strange blue portal.

The woman turned to see where Aizawa was looking, she looked at the portal in shock, she become quickly pale.

"No...oh my god, not again." she muttered.

Aizawa saw her reaction, she was covering her mouth in disbelieve.

"Ma'am is everything alright? Can you turn it off?" he asked again but he was kinda curious what the portal exactly was and why she reacts so negatively to it.

The woman looked at Aizawa, her eyes wide.

"No...I'm so sorry, I can't I- oh my god."

She stares off to space as if seeing a memory she would rather forget.

Aizawa looked her at her for a moment and decided to ask.

"What exactly is your quirk?"

The woman looked ashamedly to the ground with a sad gaze.

" quirk is called time travel. I can bring people from the past to our time line but I can't bring them back and once the portal is open, it cannot be closed until someone comes out, so someone will come here- I can tell who will come but I can't control who it will be and what past year but my quirk doesn't pick randomly, I know it- my quirk has a reason to pick a certain person. As if it's telling me why."


Time travel.

God, Aizawa wasn't ready for this bullshit.

He wants a cup of coffee so badly.

" said your quirk picks out a certain person. Why?"

"I only used it once, when I was four years old, my quirk picked a out a young man, at that time I already knew what I could do but I wanted to try it out, the man came and I explained to him that he is in the future, it ended not well.
I haven't considered that I couldn't bring him back. The man was in disbelieve and shock, when he realised he couldn't go back to his friends and family- he killed himself the next day, he couldn't handle the fact that he was in the future. I just knew why my quirk picked him out- to tell me I shouldn't mess with time. It warned me."

The woman breathed deeply, she looked tired. Understandable.

"After that I never opened it again- till now. I once searched for his name and found some articles about his disappearing, no trace or so whatever but I knew why he was gone- because I took him on that day, and now someone else will disappear."

'This is a mess.' Aizawa thought. Because seriously? A person from the past? He just hopes it won't end like the last time it happened.

"You told you can tell who will come, can you tell me?"

The woman was silent for a second before answering.

"Kireina Mirai, twelve years old, Japanese, Female, she comes from hundred years ago."


It was a fucking child.

Hell no.

"...and why this child?"

"She...she is here to help...she will fight for...acceptance? Justice? I'm sorry, I can't say much but my quirk thinks it's necessary to bring her, she will become important for many people and the future."

Aizawa just sighed, a child was coming from a hundred years ago.

Just great.

"Ok...when will she be here?"

"In any moment now..."

"Alright ma'am, we are going to wait."

"You can call me Akira."

"Alright, Akira-san."

They stayed silent after that, Aizawa was making sure the villain was still unconscious and wouldn't wake up soon.

Akira suddenly looked up.

"She's coming."

True to her word, a girl fell from the portal- she was uunconscious as well. Aizawa got her before she hit the ground.

The girl had dark brown hair tied up in a lazy high ponytail, had a simple T-shirt with a black jacket and gray pants on.

She looked so small.

Just a child.

Damnit- it was really cruel of this world to change her life like that, to rip out everything she ever known.

'She will have a hard time...'

"So, that's the girl." he said.

Akira looked even more ashamed, she separated this poor girl from her friends, family and her entire time line.

She hopes this girl won't end up like that man.

Never again.

She hopes she will forgive her.

"I'm so sorry that I can't bring her back."

Aizawa sighed. "It's fine, we will figure something out."

As he said that he finally called the police to pick up the villain.

"Akira-san, if you could please go with me to the police station to explain the situation to the detectives, it would be great."

"Of course."

They waited till the police came, The ride was silent, nobody wanted to say something. The girl was still unconscious, Aizawa can't blame her- time travel was not a walk in the park.

They got to the station and quickly thanked the police for driving them there before they made their way to a certain detective.

"Detective Tsukauchi, we got a problem."

The said detective turned around to see the pro hero with a unconscious girl in his arms and a woman beside him.

"Ah! Greetings, Eraserhead! does the girl need medical assistant?" he immediately questioned upon seeing the girl.

"No, she should wake up on her own but the situation is quite special."

Tsukauchi rose an eyebrow, interested what was different.

"And why is that?"

Akira began to explain the situation and her quirk.

"I see...are you sure you can't bring her back?" he asked again even tho he knew she wasn't lying. It's really sad to think about how the poor girl is stuck with them.


"Alright...we have to register her in the system and find a guardian. But we can't just give her to someone just like that in that case, she needs to adjust to this time line. Ma'am would you be willing to take her?"

Akira looked apolitically at him.

"I'm sorry but I can't, I already have children at home, I can't take someone with me."

"That's alright, Ma'am, we will figure it out."

"I could take her." suggested Aizawa, he didn't know if he was making the right choice. Taking care of a child was a big responsibility, especially with this situation.

But he was willing to try.

"Ah, I already had a feeling you would volunteer, Aizawa-san." Tsukauchi smiled softly, he knew Aizawa liked kids no matter how much the hero claimed to find them annoying. This must be a big step for him.

"Alright. Now we wait until she wakes up."



An hour was gone just like that.

The girl began to stir and groan.

"I think she's waking up." said Akira.

Black eyes blinked open, Kireina began to sit up and rubbed the sleepiness off her eyes.

She sat on the couch and realized that she's not where she is supposed to be.

"What." was the first word she said.

Kireina saw a man- who looked homeless to be honest, a woman and a...detective?

'What the hell is going on?'

"Where am I and why am I here?" she asked defensively to the strangers, ready to flee in any moment.

She was looked scared and tense. Of course she would be- I mean she is in a room full of strangers.

"Do not worry, we're not here to harm you." the detective looking dude said.

"We will explain everything, sweetie."

Kireina looked at the woman who looked sad.

"Ok...who are you...and why am I here?" she asked again, carefully.

"You're in my office, could you tell me the last thing you remember?"

Kireina was confused and scared beyond hell but still answered the question.

"...I was on my way to buy some snacks for the kids, cuz' we wanted to start a movie marathon but then....I fell?...I just began to fall! Out of the blue! Then nothing! Nada!" she breathed deeply. "Ok now answer my questions." she tries to be brave. Like all the heroes she watches in movies.

"Who are you and why am I here?"

This time Aizawa answered.

"I'm Aizawa Shouta, this is Akira-san." he gestured to the woman. "This is detective Tsukauchi." he then gestured to the detective. "and you're here in the future." he ended the sentence in a blunt way.

Kireina froze.

"...You can't possibly expect me to believe that. Time travel isn't real, so again. Where am I?"

God she doesn't know what the hell is going on.

"Ok, look kid, I know it's hard to believe but you're now in the future. You were accidentally sent here."

She was silent for a moment.

"Are you shitting me right now?"

"I'm sorry, sweetie, but it's the truth." Akira said apologetically in a soft tone, as if she's careful not to break her.

Kireina breathed deeply.

"Prove it."

Aizawa stood up from his chair and showed her the date on his phone.

Kireina quickly become pale as a ghost.

"Ok...ok...fuck...I'm the future- oh my god, I'm in the future. This is some kind of shit you see in the movies and in fanfics. Fuck."

She then stared up to the man in front of her.

"Can you bring me back? Please? I...uh, don't wanna be here...?" she asked akwardly.

The three adults looked suddenly nervous. Glancing around one another.

'Why are they nervous- oh fuck please no.'

"Please, don't tell me you can't." whispered Kireina in fear. She needs to go home.

She wants to go.

"I'm sorry but we can't." Tsukauchi apologized, Feeling guilt and deep sadness for her. It just wasn't fair to her. But when was life ever fair?

"And why the hell not?" she was trying not to panic. Scratch that- she was already panicking.

"Because her quirk doesn't work like that."

Confusion was written on her face all over again.

"What the hell is a quirk?"


Fuck, they forgot that maybe in her time there were no quirks yet.

"...quirks are...special abilities. 80% of the todays population has them. We get them at age of four." Tsukauchi explained a bit.

She just stared at him.

"Let me get this straight- I was sent here by accident by some 'quirk' and now I'm here, hundred years into the future with no way going back?!"


This wasn't what she wanted to hear.

"Oh my god...I'm stuck, what do I do? I have nowhere to go- Oh my god what about my friends? And the orphanage? I can't go back, I can't believe it-"

She started to mumble under her breath.

"Hey kid."

She looked at the homeless looking dude again. The Aizawa guy.

"We will help you."

At this she began to cry.