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A kinktastic Kinktober 2019

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Soft, broken sobs filled Aizawa’s ears as he took a good look at his work. Izuku was bend over his own table, pants and underwear down to his ankles, the bare cheeks of his butt glowing in red and decorated with Aizawa’s handprints. He was biting his bottom lip to hold bad his sobs. And hands tightly holding onto the edge of the wooden table that his knuckles turned white.
Aizawa looked up from the trembling form of his student as he places his hand on one of his red cheeks. Tired eyes looking out the window, noticing how late it was getting. The mostly empty classroom already illuminated by the warm colors of the sunset.
Slowly petting the abused skin, he fixed his eyes back on Izuku’s backside.

“What did I tell you not to do, Midoriya?”

There was a sharp intake of breath as Aizawa finally broke the silence between them since he ordered Izuku to stay after class. Izuku tried a few times to formulate some kind of words, something that made sense. All the whole Aizawa waited patiently, stroking the red skin of his butt.

“D-Don’t b-break.. the r-rules, S-sir.”

“And what did you do?”

Izuku continued to bite his lip, not wanting to respond to the question and ruin the surprise he had planned. He knew exactly what he did, disappointing Aizawa once again by sneaking out of the school grounds without getting a permission beforehand. But what else was he supposed to do when his reason to go out was to get certain Items.
The sound of skin meeting skin resonated in the silent room followed by a broken cry. He had let Aizawa wait too long, getting his already red and stinging skin of his bottom spanked some more.

“I’ve asked you a question, brat.”

Aizawa gave him time to calm his breathing down. His hand soothingly stroking the angry red bottom, kneading it gently. His gaze never leaving Izuku’s shaking shoulders, patiently waiting for the younger by to give him his reasoning. Explain himself.

“I-I wanted to.. s-surprise you, S-sir.”

Aizawa quirked one of his eyebrows, now placing both hands on either side of Izuku’s butt and massaging it. A small treat.

“What kind of surprise?”

The body in front of him tenses, back to lip biting. For a moment Aizawa thought he had to punish the boy some more, make him realize no amount of disobedience will be tolerated. Though, surprisingly, Izuku continued talking. He was making progress.

“I w-wanted to d-dress up nicely for you, Sir.”

His hands stopped massaging the reddened cheeks, eyes dark with hunger in the blink of a second, breath labored. His grip around the cheeks bruising tight. His baby just wanted to be all prettied up for him. Dolled up for him to slowly take the clothing off of his freckled body.
A loud moan jolted him from his thoughts of Izuku’s body clad in soft lingerie. He glanced down at the fest in front of him. His knuckles had turned white with the strong grip he had around the globes, spilling between his fingers. Cheeks spread, winking hole on full Display. Izuku was looking at him teary eyed over his shoulder.

“Am I still in trouble, Sir?”

His meek voice and the submissive displayed made Aizawa’s cock twitch. He had to close his eyes for a moment, straining to not lose control and completely ruin, to destroy, the boy. His hand started kneading the soft globes again.

“No. No, you are not in trouble. In fact..”

He opened his eyes, fixing Izuku’s own greens with a possessive hunger. Making the boy’s whole-body shudder in anticipation.

“.. I think you deserves a little reward for being honest.”

Aizawa licked his lips as his gaze slowly went down the curve of Izuku’s back until he was met with his delicious winking hole again. He leaned down, hot breath hitting the sensitive rim and making Izuku gasp. He gripped the edge of the wooden table, waiting and quivering in a thrill of anticipation. He couldn’t help the needy whine escaping his parted lips as he felt Aizawa’s breath ghosting over his crack, down to his testicles and back up over his sore skin until he laid soft kisses all over his buttcheeks.


Izuku’s cock had been hard since Aizawa bend him over the table and shoved down his pants. Leaking since the first contact of Aizawa’s big rough hand on the soft flesh of his bottom. Spurting out precum since the gently groping and massaging. He was going to cum. He was going to cum just from his ass being played with. Grip tightening around the edge, he tried his best to delay his orgasm. He didn’t have permission to cum yet. He couldn’t disappoint Aizawa even further.
Breath speeding up, small gasps turning into needy moans, as Aizawa sucked hard on those luscious globes, leaving back his mark. Getting closer and closer to the crack again. Closer to his goal. Aizawa gave him another smack, not as hard, on both side before gripping his cheeks again and spreading them wide. Giving himself the prefect view to the quivering hole. Rim clenching around nothing, begging to be filled. He closed his lips around it, the tip of his tongue lightly touching the wrinkled skin, when Izuku’s whole body tensed with a loud wailing.
Sighing internally, Aizawa let up from his price. He stood back up, fixing Izuku with a disappointed gaze as the boy was trying to apologize between sobs. Tears staining his red, freckled cheeks. His eyes red from crying. Drool still hanging from the corner of his lip to his chin. He looked pretty like this. So delicious. A meal for Aizawa to feast on. Gaze still fixed on Izuku’s face, he slowly undid his belt.

“I didn’t give you permission to cum.”

He pulled the belt out of its loops and folded it in two to have more firmness.

“I guess I have to teach you another lesson.”