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Cat's Promptober 2019

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Since every chapter will potentially have a different AU, ship or lack of ship, I'm going to try to keep an updated index so people can easily find what they are interested in.

Prompt 1: Ring (Kustard)

Prompt 2: Mindless (No Ship)

Prompt 3: Bait (Mafia Kustard)

Prompt 4: Freeze (Sansby)

Prompt 5: Build (ErrorInk)

Prompt 6: Husky (No Ship)

Prompt 7: Enchanted (Deity!Sans×Mortal!Papyrus

Prompt 8: Frail (Pre-Spicy Kedgeup)

Prompt 9: Swing (DeathDance)

Prompt 10: Pattern (US!Soriel)

Prompt 11: Snow (Implied Offscreen Reader/Papyrus)

Prompt 12: Dragon (No ship)

Prompt 13: Ash (Grillster)

Prompt 14: Overgrown (No ship)

Prompt 15: Legend (No ship)

Prompt 16: Wild (No ship)

Prompt 17: Ornament (No ship)

Prompt 18: Misfit (Platonic Chasriel)

Prompt 19: Sling (Alphyne)

Prompt 20: Tread (No Ship)

Prompt 21: Treasure (SpicyHoney)

Prompt 22: Ghost (No Ship)

Prompt 23: Ancient (Sansgoriel)

Prompt 24: Dizzy (Tango)

Prompt 25: Tasty (No ship)

Prompt 26: Dark (AfterDeath)

Prompt 27: Coat (Implied Sanster)

Prompt 28: Ride (No ship)

Prompt 29: Injured (No ship)

Prompt 30: Catch (Edgeberry)

Prompt 31: Ripe (Frans)