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Lance swung his arm, making his little sister Ezperanza’s arm swing as well. Lance had elected to take her trick-or-treating this year, and was actually pretty excited about it. She had insisted they had matching costumes, which is how Lance found himself dressed as a fairy, complete with glitter and wings. 

Lance had made Anza pose with him, making ridiculous faces at the camera, while she anxiously whined to go. Now, she was eagerly telling him about her second grade class and how they were starting to read chapter books.

He listened with a smile, taking in the fall air. It was still warm outside, even though it was late into fall. Lance blamed global warming for that. Anza was excited it was warm, as the previous year she had to wear a jacket over her costume. 

Lance waited on the sidewalk as she made her way up the walkway to another house. The lady at the door fawned over her for a moment before depositing a few pieces of candy into her pillowcase. Anza smiled charmingly before skipping back to Lance. 

As they wove around the other kids, Anza suddenly let go of Lance’s hand to run ahead. “Anza! Wait!” He called, running after her.

She hugged another girl with a squeal. “Lance, Lance! Come meet Marie! She’s my best friend!” Lance slowed to a stop in front of them. 

“Anza,” He scolded, “You know you need to stay with me, okay?” He then turned to Marie. “Hiya! I’m Lance!” He knelt down by her. “What a wonderful zombie you make!”

“Are you a fairy?” She asked, and Lance nodded, springing up to do a dramatic spin. 

“You bet!” He cried making them giggle. He then noticed another guy standing a few feet away,  but obviously with Marie. “And who might this be?” 

Marie turned and grabbed the guy’s hand. “This is Keith. He’s my brother.”

Keith nodded coolly and Lance winked. 

“Nice to meet you Keith,” Lance said, making his voice sultry as he examined him. He was wearing black jeans and a white tee, red jacket slung around his shoulders. “What are you supposed to be?” 

Keith followed the girls who had started to walk to the next house, prompting Lance to scramble after him like an idiot. “Well,” Keith said “I was going for biggest dumbass, but I see that’s already taken.”

Lance gasped, outraged. “I’m a fairy, not a dumbass. But I guess that you’re going as the biggest douche now, aren’t you?” Keith whipped his head towards Lance, who couldn’t mask the small smirk in time.

“How’d you guess?” He deadpanned with a gleam in his eyes. Lance hadn’t paid much attention to his face before, but now felt like he couldn’t look away. Strong jaw met thin neck with unblemished pale skin, and his wavy hair fell over dark eyes. He was beautiful.

“One thing you should learn about me, Mullet, is that I don’t back down,” Lance stated in a low voice, making sure his breath hit Keith’s neck. It had the intended effect as Keith pulled away with a glare. 

“Mullet?” He rolled his eyes, before a dangerous smile curved around his lips. “Real mature. However-” He brought a hand up to stroke Lance’s cheek. “I don’t back down either.” He walked ahead, leaving Lance like an idiot again .

Lance caught up quickly, and watched as Keith listened to Marie’s and Anza’s story. He reacted in all the right times, making Lance certain he was good with kids. Lance didn’t know what to think.

On one hand, Lance had just met Keith. Sure he was heart wrenchingly attractive and sweet to his sister, but at the end of the day, Lance didn’t know the guy at all. But the other side was, Keith responded to his flirting, looked to be around Lance’s age and just seemed chill.

Lance decided to not overthink things, and to ignore those thoughts in lieu of having a good time. The kids were having a good time, and that was the most important thing.

As it grew closer and closer to dusk, Lance knew that his time was running out. 

“So,” He awkwardly scuffed his shoe on the pavement. “Where do you go to school?” 

Keith laughed, a hand rubbing the back of his neck. “I was enrolled in the Garrison, but was expelled, so I go to Altea Academy.” 

Lance nodded. “I’m in my second year at the Garrison. How’d you get expelled?” Lance was now insanely curious. 

Keith started to answer when Lance was hit in the back of the head with something, cool liquid running down the back of his head. He jerked forward, unsure what to do. A second egg hit him in the back and he turned to see a group of guys standing aggressively in the road. Somehow, everyone else seemed to be oblivious to what was happening.

Lance groaned, looking at his egged costume before looking at the guys with a glare. He straightened, then marched towards them. “What the hell, Diabazaal?”

Lotor smirked. “That’s what you get for being a fag.” His cronies shouldered up next to him, trying to be intimidating, but Lance was too angry to be scared. 

“Dude, there are children here. That’s my little sister,” He yelled, pointing to Anza. “You can’t come here and do this shit, man.” 

Lotor took a step forward, motioning to  his group to stay put. “What are you going to do about it?” 

Before Lance could react, Keith had stepped in front of him, pushing him back. “Don’t touch him!” He growled, and Lance suddenly thought maybe his increased heartbeat was from more than fear. Keith looked fierce. In the moment, his hands were raised, maybe to throw a punch, and his face was set into a mask of protectiveness.

Lotor’s face changed, from whatever emotions he was feeling to something akin to fear. He backed up with a fake chuckle, trying to save face. “Had to get your guard dog, McClain? Mature.” He turned away. “I’m over this.” 

Lance had wiped all the egg off of him and was sitting by Anza and Marie. “Listen, girls. I’m sorry you had to see that, That guy isn’t nice at all. Don’t say or go the things either of us said, okay?” Grimly, Lance held eye contact with both of them.

Marie clenched her fists. “That guy was a jerk!” Anza made her agreement known with an emphatic ‘yeah!’

Lance laughed, relieved, before standing  up to meet Keith. “Hey man, thanks for doing that. He was going to kick my ass. I think Anza and I are going to go home now, though.” 

Keith waved him off. “No problem. At least let us walk you home, you know in case that guy comes back.” 

Lance swallowed, before leaning to whisper in Keith’s ear. “If you stick around, I might be able to show you a couple of tricks, resulting in some treats.” 

Keith flushed. “I’d like that.”

Lance smirked, but on the inside he was very relieved. “Good.”