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Kiwi's 2019 BKDK/DKBK Kinktober Collection

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“Why do you like it so much?”


“Hmm?” Izuku looked up from the spot on his bed, textbook still sprawled out on his lap as he attempted to study for tomorrow’s history test. Attempted , being the keyword, since Katsuki sure was chatty that evening. “Studying? I mean, I don’t really LIKE it but...”


“No, no,  you nerd. Talkin’ ‘bout bottoming. Taking it up the ass. Why’re you so into it?” Katsuki probed, for what, Deku wasn’t sure, but he sure as hell wasn’t expecting THAT.


He mumbled back in confusion, “ say that like it’s a bad thing..? I just like it. It feels good. Don’t you like being on top?”


“Well, no shit, Sherlock—” Katsuki snapped before catching himself. “I mean, I’m just wondering if you, you ever think of...topping?”


Deku laughed at the sudden change of tone. “Heh, I guess YEAH, in like a sudden fit of horniness. Then I remember how much I like taking cock so...that’s that on that.” He shrugged, setting his book aside to turn his complete attention over to his befuddling boyfriend. “Wait— what are you getting at here?”


“Nothing! Just asking!”


That was oddly defensive.


“Kacchan…” Deku uttered, nearly a whisper as if they were sharing a forbidden secret. “Do you want you want me to fuck you?”


Katsuki’s mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water because basically, yeah, that’s what he was. “N— well, I mean— I guess, um, I’m— uh...”


While giving Katsuki a bit of his own usual medicine sounded like a fun idea, Izuku knew poking at him with a provoking ‘Spit it out, Kacchan!’ would be far more detrimental to the cause, so he coaxed the confused blond with words sweet and soothing like warm, gooey honey. “Kacchan...tell me what you want, baby...”   One scarred hand slipped up a firm thigh and only sweetened the deal even further.


“I just…” Katsuki trailed off, the words still too foreign to speak clearly from the heart. “Y—you always make it look like it feels so amazing —”


“—Because it is.”


“Right...and I guess...I kinda wanna know what that feels like, too.” Katsuki let out a long sigh, physically relieved to let down that wall and show Izuku a little bit of what he would consider vulnerability.


He knew it was stupid, but it was what it was.


With his heart racing and cheeks hot from the confession, Katsuki didn’t notice a pair of slightly chapped lips falling against his own, as well as crooked fingers cradling the line of his jaw. Deku kissed him like always. Kissed him like usual, but with a little added something. Something that made Katsuki melt into his touch and for once, really let Deku take the lead.


It was nice. Really nice.


The slowly rising high of Deku’s hands possessively stroking at his shoulders and chest, as well as the slip of tongue that curled against his own, was unfortunately interrupted by the parting of their lips, but made better again when Izuku whispered into the breath they shared, “Let me do it for you, Kacchan. Right now…”


"Right now??" He expected to do it, though not in an instant, but Deku was the type that loved jumping into an experiment.


Especially when Katsuki was involved.


"Mhmm…" He hummed, fingers grazing over the material of his shorts. "Take these off for me, baby…"


Katsuki felt dizzy, lightheaded from the sudden rush of Deku. The rush of his shorts being stripped off. The heady eagerness of Deku's lips against his skin. The spine-tingling excitement that buzzed through him as he realized holy shit I'm gonna do this and Deku's gonna do it FOR me.


Maybe a little anxiety too, but he didn't need to admit that out loud. 


Then there was the smoothness of Deku's voice, guiding so sweetly but making sure not to treat Katsuki like glass. Not to let him think he was weak, because he was anything but.


"Lie on your stomach and put this pillow under your hips. It'll be easier this way, I promise."


Katsuki complied, feeling the slight arch in his back as his hips perched on one pillow with knees straddling the fluffy cushion, while he squeezed the other one to his chest. Clutched it for some sense of security, what with feeling so exposed. "Tch, you seem to know a lot about this."


"I just like to be prepared."


Guess someone had to be.


Deku shuffled for some items in his bedside table, eventually coming back with a small bottle that they were both very familiar with. Katsuki peeked over into the drawer, face contorted in slight horror.


"The fuck, how many of those things you got??" Red eyes roved over and met the unexpected sight of so many different sex toys. Plugs both thin and thick. A very fleshy and veiny looking dildo. A vibrator very cute, pink and flashy. Finally, he stopped at something long, thick and more akin to a dick that’d be attached to a...mythical beast?? "And what the FUCK is THAT thing??"


Deku quickly kicked the door shut with a bang, suddenly embarrassed about his extensive sex toy collection. "Uh, d—don't worry about that. We'll talk about it later…" The bottle dropped to the bed and so did Deku as he took position behind his inquisitive boyfriend. "So, you ready?"


Sigh. “Just do it already.”


“Why do you make it sound like a chore? Like you don’t want it? Are you sure you want this?”


“I said do it!” Katsuki spat, body noticeably tense and the unexpected hands tickling the back of his legs didn’t make it any better.


“Ok, ok! But you need to relax. It's not gonna be fun if you're tensed up like that.”


Fun, tch. Katsuki sighed when Deku caressed the pale flesh of his thighs; so sensitive because he’d never been touched like that, but something about it felt...nice. Eventually. He relaxed into the touch. At the comfort of Deku’s hands massaging at the strong muscle, then switching to his lower back. Thumbs firmly digging into the dimples there and he moaned dreamily as Deku's firm caress finally settled at the crease of his thighs. Right where his firm ass met the muscle of his hamstring. He hummed in pleasure before jumping slightly at the feel of sneaky thumbs pulling him apart and the room's cool air brushing against his virgin entrance.


"Oh, what the—!"


“Shh, It’s ok, it's ok…” Deku cooed, trying to soothe Katsuki’s obvious surprise. “Do you want me to talk you through this?”


Katsuki’s nose scrunched in distaste— not that Deku could see it. “Oh, god, no. That sounds so fucking embarrassing. Just— get on with it already.”


With a dramatic eye roll, Deku did. Massaged his thumbs over the flesh of Katsuki’s perky ass. Each pass of the digit getting closer and closer until one brushed over his sensitive opening, just hard enough to feel it twitch beneath.


“You ok?”


“Tch, is that it?”


Deku chuckled, low and mischievous, especially at Katsuki’s slight gasp as he spread his hole, watching it flutter as if he really WAS desperate for something more.


"Oh, don't worry, there's more… "


As much as Deku loved being on the reverse of it, he couldn’t help feeling so in control and powerful with Katsuki so vulnerable under his touch.


It was fucking hot.


His cock throbbed in his shorts and he wanted nothing more than to indulge in the finest delicacy of Katsuki's ass. He left kisses near the inside of his spread cheeks and Katsuki gasped at each one.


"Wanna eat you out, Kacchan…"


Deku always lost his fucking mind when Katsuki shoved his tongue up his ass, so maybe there was something special to it after all. "A—alright...get to it, then…" His legs relaxed and he allowed Deku to coax them to part further. 


“Ho~oly shit…” Katsuki swore, back stiffening as a warm, slippery tongue swiped across his opening. It teased delicately and his head tried to whip around in shock, but his body was hyper-focused on pushing and grinding back against the wet muscle. Poking and prodding; licking and laving so gently yet so diligently over the puckered flesh.


Deku moaned desperate and depraved, enjoying the thought of having another part of Kacchan to worship. Circled his tongue around and around, sucked and bit down on the soft skin of his asscheek. Spread him so wide his hips almost lifted off the pillow; Deku was addicted and Katsuki wasn’t much better off. His leaking cock rut against the fabric of the cushion, especially when the tip of Deku’s eager tongue wiggled its way inside. Stretched him slightly in a brand new way that left his toes curling and head spinning.


“Mmm, Kac—chan...mmhmm, so goo~od…” Izuku murmured disjointedly, tongue too busy catching against his fluttering rim. Licking and tasting and loving everything about his Kacchan. Chin and cheeks sloppy with his own saliva, not that he fucking cared- he wanted more. Wanted to tear Kacchan apart from the inside, out. Wanted him moaning, panting, begging, whining— wanted him to feel as good as Katsuki made him feel.


Deku said something— what, Katsuki would never know for sure. The blood rushed to his head and he couldn't hear past it, but he could take a wild guess at the message when Deku's tongue sadly fell away for a whole new reason.


“Deku, I— ah, oh fuck~! ” Katsuki gasped into the pillow clutched in his arms as a different slippery appendage made an appearance— a lubed up finger breaching and pressing and stretching. It was slow and maddening. Dragged along his walls, in and out. Even if it was new and invasive, something made him crave it more and more. Maybe it was how it burned so good. Felt hot as Deku pumped it in and out just barely. Enough to get him used to the intrusion. Maybe it was because it was Deku, and maybe because of the filthy praise that spilled from those sweet, lovable lips.


“Oh,’re doing so good, mmm fuck you take me so well…of course, you're amazing at this, just like with everything else...” All the way to the knuckle, Katsuki was embarrassed to be so fucking wrecked from just one finger, so when the second crooked digit was added it nearly blew his mind.


"Hnng, shit that's— that's so— ah…" The stretch hurt more, but the pleasure that followed was well worth it. Deku left sloppy, soothing kisses against his lower back to distract from the pain and obviously enjoyed himself just as much as Katsuki.


His breathy moans and sighs led Deku to become more persistent. Pulling all the way back before sinking in again. Over and over, harder and harder. His fingers curled and pulled and twisted and dragged so deliciously against the soft walls of Katsuki’s insides, drawing out curses and cries, especially when he focused on that special sweet spot the made Katsuki's skin tingle and stomach burn with a flaming desire. “Fffuu— like that— just like that, Deku— ah, give it to me…”


Katsuki met each thrust of those magical fingers fucking into him harder and faster, more more more, working his hips back for delicious friction and finding salvation as he humped against the pillow below. The grind on his aching cock had his orgasm quickly approaching— that too-familiar and too-tight coiling in his gut was ready to snap and release at any moment.


"Wow, Kacchan, you're so amazing. You're doing so good, sucking me in— you're so fucking hungry for it, you want it so bad…" Deku hissed through his teeth and every needy praise brought Katsuki closer and closer, cock hard and heavy against the cushion as Deku worked his fingers steady with the sole purpose of making his boyfriend thrash and cry with a primal need. "C'mon baby, oh fuck, let's get you there, let's make you come…"


Fuck, Deku's slutty pleas were usually the best as he begged Katsuki to dick him down fast and hard; but something about the caring eagerness in his voice— as if Katsuki's pleasure was enough to get him off too— was so damn hot in a brand new way.


"C'mon baby you're so close... oh, you're so tight, I can tell you wanna come so bad, do it for me, Kacchan, come for me… "


Slim hips bucked erratically against the pillow, losing the steady rhythm as bleary eyes rolled back in ecstasy. Deep moans turned to a high-pitched whine as he babbled towards his peak, " Fuck fuck fuck, Deku I'm— oh fuck, I'm gonna come~!" Katsuki's back arched taut as he was hit with the most intense orgasm of his young life. His palms crackled and toes curled, legs kicking out behind him in pure ecstasy as cum pooled into the pillow below and his ass clamped down hungrily on those still-thrusting fingers.


Shiny green eyes stared in awe because, while Deku had seen Katsuki in the wild throes of passion many times before, there was something so much better about doing it like this . Being the one and only to bring Katsuki to an earth-shattering orgasm with his tongue and fingers alone—


God, no wonder Katsuki was such a pompous jackass in the bedroom.


He watched with a burning need as the abused rim squeezed his fingers tight. Every spasm and twitch was amazing and Deku knew he'd never stop thinking about what that hungry hole would feel like gripping around the base of his own dick ."Holy fuck." Deku panted with horny desperation. "That was... oh my god, SO fucking hot..."


Katsuki's hips fucked lazily against the cum-soaked pillow, riding out the remaining dregs of his orgasm before the oversensitivity set in. When the fingers withdrew he bit down on the pillow as his ass gaped and twitched just slightly, starving for more and it wouldn’t be too long before that need would be sated.




"You did so well for your first time, Kacchan…I knew you could do it..." Deku cooed, suddenly so close and kissing at the back of one flushed ear. He was sweet and comforting, as expected, treating Katsuki like a king. Like he deserved.


Without any preface, scarred hands were on his ass once more, massaging the muscle so sweetly at first then spreading Katsuki open and exposed until something larger, warmer, and harder prodded at his lubed up and willing hole.


"You're so amazing, Kacchan...mmm, but I know I can make you come all night long… " He slapped at both asscheeks confidently and left pink, stinging handprints behind their wake. "Do you think you can do it again for me, baby?"


Katsuki's hand knocked against Deku's discarded textbook. 'FUCK forgot about that dumbass test…' but when it came between studying and getting your needy boyfriend to worship your ass all night, it wasn't a hard decision.


He reached back with both hands, holding his ass apart and giving Deku a playful grin, a little wiggle, and a show.


"Alright Deku, show me what you got."

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Izuku wasn’t sure why he was doing it. Why he waited around the locker room after his own shower, letting the rest of the boys trickle out ahead of him and retreat back to the dorms, unaware that anyone was left behind.


Maybe he just needed some alone time. A little peace and quiet away from his chatty classmates.


Or maybe it was because someone else was there too.


And not just anyone, but Kacchan. THE Kacchan. The one that Izuku looked up to for so many years. One of his idols. One of the people that he molded himself after in his search to become a great hero. The one that he scratched and clawed his way to become at least amicable with once again since they were kids.


Also, the one that filled his day AND night dreams with all kinds of lucid, vivid fantasies.


Some were simple and tame. A sweet kiss shared after a heartfelt confession, fingers interwoven in some kind of clumsy embraced. Some were more ‘adult themed’. Strong hands pinning Izuku to his bed as their lips locked fiercely, hips grinding in a way that was desperate and needy as Katsuki groaned hotly into Izuku’s eager mouth. And some were so debauched, Izuku couldn’t bear to think of them outside of his bedroom without turning his face bright red and becoming a stuttering mess.


Kacchan, slobbering so greedy over Deku’s cock.

Kacchan, squeezing Izuku’s dick between his perfect, perky set of tits.

Kacchan, throwing Deku to his knees and shoving his filthy, sweat-soaked dick and balls against Izuku’s face, taking in his primal, manly musk.


Kacchan, Kacchan, Kacchan.


Maybe it was wrong for Izuku to indulge. To creep on something so private and personal. The showers were supposed to be a safe space. Katsuki surely would let his guard down, and it was so wrong for Izuku to take advantage of that. 


But fuck it.


Deku wasn't about to pass up a free show of the object of his most vivid fantasies. Front row seats (sorta) to watch Katsuki's perfect, rock hard body soaped up and soaking wet. Hot steam flushing his pale skin. Muscles shining under the locker room lighting…


Izuku approached the shower stall, fluffy towel still wrapped snugly around his hips. The sound of water cascading from the showerhead was hopefully enough to cover his footsteps and he also hoped his shaky gasp, as he found much more than he was looking for around the corner.


Holy shit.


He expected Katsuki, sure. Expected the wonderful view of his god-like body and blond hair dark with water and slicked back, so different from his usually spiky style. He expected the endless expanse of perfect, creamy skin, pale in some spots where the tan lines of his hero suit began and the sun couldn't quite reach.


However, he did NOT expect…


"Ah, oh fuck… "


Katsuki’s breathy moan was barely audible over the sound of splashing water, but Deku heard it loud and clear. Watched Katsuki's head loll back against the tiled wall as the object of ALL of his desires sat hunched on the shower's built-in seating. Strong thighs splayed as his feet perched against the lip of the bench and if all of THAT wasn't hot enough, the sight of Katsuki's fingers dipping in and out of his own slick asshole just might have been.


...Or not. To Deku, there was never enough Kacchan.


Izuku felt a mix of heated emotions. They swirled in his gut, burning hot and stirring just like the arousal in his cock. He was horny as fuck, that was a given. Dick tenting the front of his towel easily. There was shame, feeling a bit guilty for taking advantage of Kacchan's private, intimate moment. There was heart-thumping adrenaline. The thought of getting caught peeping brought both arousal and fear, and all of that only made the rendezvous that much more taboo.


Deku bit at his fist when Katsuki moaned, holding back his own, not wanting to disrupt Katsuki's rhythm. He'd do anything to keep watching Kacchan pleasure himself so eagerly. To imagine those fingers as this own sinking deep into his slick warmth, twisting and curling until he found his sweet spot...


| ‘Fuck Deku, you’re so amazing. Ah...your fingers are stretching my hole so fucking good…’


Izuku could hear that sultry tone in his head so well. Deep and practically growling as Katsuki’s dick would dribble precome against his abs, only to have it washed away with the flowing water.


| ‘Hnng...don’t stop don't fucking stop…’


The Kacchan in his fantasy pleaded so provocatively, dirty curses falling from his lips in a way that made Deku flush so bright or maybe that was from the heat of the steam? When did the room get so hot? He reached between the fold of the bath towel and whined in the back of his throat as his fingers finally made contact with his own arousal. Hot and thick, he throbbed in his own palm as he watched the real Kacchan lay back further on the bench, feet coming up from their perch and dangling helplessly in the air. Finding a much better position to plunge his fingers deeper into his greedy hole.


The position was lewd and filthy. Desperate and wanton, the way Katsuki left himself so bare and open. So unusually vulnerable, and Deku felt blessed to see Kacchan in such a rare state. Legs spread like they craved to wrap around someone's hips. Toes curling from the pleasure deep within.


Deku wished it was him.


Could feel the heat of their bodies so close as he imagined wedging between Katsuki’s spread thighs. Could practically feel the press of heels digging incessantly into the swell of his ass as he lined himself up with Katsuki’s slick opening.


| “Shit, Deku, you gonna fuck me? C’mon...I want you. Want you to do it. Wanna feel your fat cock splitting me open. If you want this slutty hole then come and get it…”


Deku squeezed his cock tightly in his grip, imagining Kacchan reaching down with both hands to spread himself open. All for Izuku. In his mind, he pressed past the tight ring and in reality, he thrust his hips forward slowly into his own fist. As if he was actually sinking into Kacchan's beautiful, perfect body.


Quickly, they found the perfect rhythm, whether Katsuki knew it or not. Deku matched every thrust of those needy fingers, with his own fervorous stroke, free hand braced against the wall in front of him. He fucked his fist as if it was Kacchan's perky ass beneath him but this time his moans slipped freely beneath his breath. 


"Ah, Kacchan fuck~! So tight…so perfect..."


Faster and harder, both of them fucked. Fantasy Katsuki pinched at his own perky tits while he begged and cried and the real Katsuki jerked his flushed cock in one hand while the other twisted and curled deft fingers into his own asshole. His abs were taught as his body curled into himself in heart-pounding pleasure and his legs spread further, a clearly wanton sign for something anything more and more and more.


"Oh fuck gonna come!" Katsuki alerted no one in particular, but Deku could feel it either way.


| "Oh fuck fuck fuck gonna make me come, Deku~!


Izuku watched Katsuki writhe beneath the gentle spray of water. Saw his cock spurt load after load of hot cum against his chest and abs. Hungrily devoured the perfect view of Katsuki's rim clamping down on those skillful digits. His hole was pink and abused and his balls tightened and pulsed with every forceful squirt.


Izuku's gut grew hot with the mix of his fantasy and the actual reality in front of him. His balls tightened and he knew he was so close, hips rutting into his hand and when Kacchan came, Deku mimicked the sensation for himself. His fist grew unbearably tight, just like he imagined Katsuki’s ass would feel. He would twitch and spasm and squeeze mercilessly tight onto Deku's fat cock, and when Izuku finally blew his load, he would milk every drop of hot, gooey cum until he was spent and dry.


The ultimate fantasy.


Deku heaved for air, trying his best to fill his lungs from his mind-blowing orgasm. His cock twitched pathetically as it drooled strings of cum weakly to the dark tile below, and the only thing that got him moving again was the sound of silence.


The water stopped and feet patted wetly across the shower floor so Deku wiped his hand on his towel and quickly made his exit.


Safely, thank god.


Katsuki was none the wiser, as far as he knew. He definitely seemed too blissed out to even remember his own name afterward. 


His knees were shaky, and his back was a little stiff. His ass was another story entirely, but even through his post-orgasmic gaze, he definitely didn't miss the mysterious puddle of fresh cum outside his shower stall.


Who was the perpetrator? His pathetic Peeping Tom? Maybe he'd have to indulge himself in the showers again to find out...

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The ocean reef was a colorful cacophony of vibrant sea life; plants and fish galore, and usually where you could find solitary merman Katsuki. His scales glimmered a beautiful orangy-gold with hints of black along the length of his powerful tail, along with the smaller patches of hardened skin along his forearms, back and ribs. His sharp, ruby eyes rivaled the beauty of mermaids' pearls themselves, and his pretty white-blond hair only made him that much more ethereal in the sun’s magnified rays.


Needless to say, he was a glorious sight. 


A treasure to many, especially to one curious creature that was drawn in by Katsuki's unusual appearance, so far into the ocean deep.


It wasn’t often that Katsuki traveled to those depths; sunlight was scarce and the waters were cold. Not to mention the sea life down there was a say the least.


The deep depths were a harsh place, and stories told that the habitants lived a life of kill or be killed.


Tch, nice place, huh?


"Wooow! Who are you? I've never seen you down here before! Are you a merman??" Though it was darker than the reef up above, there was still enough light to make out the shape of the approaching figure. A slim, compact torso trailed by eight thick, forest green appendages— so dark they were almost jet black—  and a mop of wild hair that rivaled those squirmy tentacles below. "No one down here is so bright and shiny like this! Y—you're gorgeous!"


The creature— a cecaelia, if Katsuki remembered correctly— approached with vigor; his smile broad and curious and his eyes glowed unnaturally green in wide-wonder.


It was unnerving,  to say the least.


"Eh...thanks? I’m not from around here, I'm just looking for something, so…I'm just gonna keep going…" Katsuki jutted a thumb over his shoulder, attempting to exit from the unsettling situation, but his visitor wasn’t so keen on that idea.


“No no, not yet! I have so many questions!” He blocked Katsuki’s path with widespread appendages and his insistent behavior made him that much more ominous, as well as the wild glint in those vibrant eyes.


Katsuki balked, backing away but finding himself pressed up to an ocean slope wall. “What questions?? Wh—who are you, anyway?” His webbed fingers splayed against the rock wall, body tense and tail swishing in agitation. “W—what do you want with me?”


The cacealia laughed, jagged teeth sharp and intimidating. “My name’s Deku. Sorry if I’m a little...forward, I’m just excited . Heh, we don’t get to see your kind this deep…” Katsuki stiffened and gasped as a slippery tentacle trailed up his arm— slowly and tenderly at first before curling around his elbow. “I really like to learn so, let me you…”


A second tentacle did the same up his other arm, holding him firm and tight and while Katsuki would have loved to break away; put up a fight to get out of the rapidly threatening hold, something about Deku’s sharp stare kept him frozen in place. It was almost like he was hypnotized. Like a shining beacon, he was enthralled; like he wanted to stay down in the cold, deep darkness with that captivating gaze.


So he did.


“Sooo what do merpeople like to eat?” A third and fourth tentacle slid across his abs. Circling around his slim, defined waist. "Do you hunt solitary? Or in schools?" Katsuki tried his best to ignore the suction cups that dragged across his skin, as well as the faint tingling burn that followed in their wake.


“Uh…I— umm...” Katsuki sputtered, heart racing as those slippery appendages roved over him. Warm and smooth, but violating nonetheless. They closed in on both sets of gills; the thin lines along his ribs and the smaller ones on the sides of his throat. 


"Oh, wow…" Deku floated closer, and his unnaturally glowing eyes that roaming over pale skin stretched taut over muscle seemed so much more invasive than before. "Your gills are so sensitive, but they're so amazing. So beautiful, just like you…"


Katsuki shivered at the loving coo of Deku’s voice. Way too intimate, almost like how a sailor would whisper sweet nothings in the ear of a sweetheart. It made his skin crawl, much like the ebony tendrils that prodded at his gills, making them flutter in distress. “Wait— no stop, I don’t think you should—”


A chilling chuckle interrupted his thoughts as sticky suction cups from now countless tentacles attached to his flesh. Katsuki would be more aware and concerned of the purple bruises if he wasn’t so mindlessly ensnared by luminous, emerald irises.


Deku looked thoughtful and quite pleased with himself, despite Katsuki not having answered a single question. “Wow, I’m learning a lot already. You’re SO amazing. Your scales are surprisingly smooth and your skin is so warm. We don’t get a lot of warmth down here, so it’s kind of nice…” Deku rambled on and on, about everything and nothing in particular. About Katsuki’s silky hair, soft and bright and unlike anything in those depths. About Katsuki’s voice, a serenade that made the tales of siren’s songs seem that much more likely. About Katsuki’s body, defined lines of lean muscle from swimming through the ocean tide that led to the shining, powerful tail down below.


“C—can I keep...studying you?”


He didn’t even wait for a response, as usual, as one of the assaulting appendages wrapped around his waist while another suckled across the smooth plain of his muscled chest. A rosy pink nipple trapped beneath a suction cup turned dark and an unwelcome sting of pleasure shot through Katsuki’s barely-struggling body. The mixture of sickly pleasure and grim despair was a combination that left Deku’s panicking prey a shivering mess.


“Hmm...what’s this..?” A slippery tentacle stroked at the long slit below his navel. Poked and prodded with purpose and Katsuki shivered as he felt himself open up at the touch. Unwilling and unsure, but he couldn’t bring himself to shy away from the defiling caress. Why? Why was he letting this strange creature desecrate him so easily? Letting himself be exposed so carelessly?


“Can I can I touch inside?”


What was the point of even asking, if Deku was just going to do it anyway? Katsuki gasped, bubbles searching for the surface when his slit was breached and slid into. Deku’s tentacle searched and searched, not stopping the assault on Katsuki’s stretched opening until he found exactly what he was looking for.


“Oh,’re bigger than I thought…hard but kinda squishy...heh.” he giggled in that oh-so creepy way. The point of his appendage stroked at the head of Katsuki’s arousal, still buried in the comfort of his body heat. He was hard— though not by choice— and he had to force himself to hold in the unwanted moan as the tip of the tentacle licked at the leaking slit of his cock.


"Oh! You taste so good…” Deku’s expression was that of bliss, as if touching and, apparently, tasting was the most heavenly thing in the world to him. He licked at his jagged teeth, wide and menacing just like those gleaming eyes that kept Katsuki frozen to the spot, gills quivering with every shaky breath. 


The teasing was short-lived and soon the engulfing, disgusting pleasure of his cock being stroked and sucked on by sticky cups replaced the experimental touch. It was forceful and coercive, how it wrapped around his ribbed length and even worse when Katsuki couldn’t hold back his gurgling moan as his cock was pulled from the secure sheath of his body. He shivered as the cold current brushed against his heated length and then again when Deku’s face, teeth, eyes; everything was closer— TOO close for comfort.


“Mmm, oh, you’re so good. So amazing. I love touching and tasting sweet and warm...and I think you like it too…”


No, no he didn’t. He didn’t like it, he HATED it. “S—stop...don’t, I—” Even though the violating touch made his skin crawl, his cock stayed hard and exposed; still wrapped around Deku’s slick, slimy grip that stroked him steady with purpose.


Sharp teeth grazed at Katsuki's throat and a long, slippery tongue licked at his gills, so sensitive and trembling as it slipped between the slit of flesh. Ruby eyes rolled back as he felt the undesirable coil of heat in his gut. It burned so hot— so unlike these brisk depths. Panting, hips thrusting into the tight, tingling hold as his suckers slid across his cock. Trying to hold back, fingers clawing at the wall behind him but eventually failing as he felt himself nearing the peak of sick pleasure.


“I can feel you throbbing...mmm, can taste that you’re so close…" Deku moaned, so creepy so dirty and filthy. "Come for me, let me taste all of you…” What fucking right did Deku have, commanding such a thing from Katsuki? A stranger, not a mate, or even an acquaintance. But it didn’t really matter because Katsuki WAS coming, with a flurry of bubbles and his gills fluttering wildly. He cried out loudly as his cum shot out into the frigid waters and Deku wasn’t so quiet himself as his licked at his lips as if savoring the finest meal.


“Mmm, oh you DO taste amazing!” He muttered excitedly, still touching and sliding his appendages along Katsuki’s skin and muscles, loving the feel of shivering flesh and quivering breaths beneath him. “You’re so perfect. So beautiful. I’m so happy you let me do this! I feel so lucky that I—”


“Hey, Bakugou! You down here?”


Their awful interaction was interrupted by a shout that Katsuki never thought he’d be so fucking relieved to hear. Kaminari’s voice ringing through the echoey depths of the darkness.


Deku gasped, eyes losing their ominous luster as every limb pulled away from Katsuki’s limp body at once. “Ah! It was so good to meet you! I hope I can see you again soon!” He kissed so sweetly at the tip of Katsuki’s nose before swimming away in a flash with a blast of smokey ink left in his wake.


Not sure if the enclosing darkness was the wisps of ink or Katsuki’s slowly dissolving consciousness, he couldn’t wait to return to the warmth of the rainbowy reefs once more.

Chapter Text

Katsuki was king. The best. Number one hero— well, not technically on the billboard charts, but when you’re as amazing as Ground Zero, numbers don’t really mean a thing. Even if Half n Half had a bit of a leg up on him, Katsuki knew who really came out on top between the two of them.




Deku knew it too. Always knew how amazing Kacchan was. Was always the biggest Bakugou Katsuki fan since the moment they’d met as little snot-nosed kids. He bought all of his merch and knew every bit of Ground Zero stats and trivia out there. He practically worshiped the ground Katsuki walked on; on his knees and singing praises in more ways than you might expect.


“’re, mhmm— so amazing, Kacchan…” Deku babbled and hummed against the slick flesh of Katsuki’s pussy as he licked and sucked and slurped, eating him out so fucking good. Just how he knew his lover liked it. The tip of his tongue traced along his folds and Katsuki's head fell back with a content sigh when two thumbs held him open and the wet muscle circled gently around his exposed clit.


"Shit, Deku, always knew that mouth'd be perfect for sucking dick. Am I right? Is that all you're good for?"


Deku moaned, humming out an approving 'mhmm' again as his tongue flicked over the fat nub harder with the intoxicating mix of praise and shame. Katsuki didn't mean those words. He obviously cared for Deku very much but also knew how much he got off to the degradation. How much Deku loved to hear the words worthless and quirkless. They stung the same way his cheeks did from embarrassment and the only thing that could soothe it was Katsuki's sweet praise right after.


"Yeah, you're so good for me— ah, sucking my cock so perfect— so fucking good. You like being a good boy for me?" Strong fingers buried into Deku's soft curls, pushing them back to reveal droopy, hazy eyes. So blissed out on the taste of his favorite hero's slick, only focusing again when the hand pushed him away. 


"Fuck, c'mon, can't hear ya, nerd. Talk to me, tell me how much you love it…"


Deku kissed along the inside of Katsuki's firm thigh, smearing a trail of wetness from his chin as he muttered in that oh-so Deku way. "Mmm, it. Taste amazing. So wet and're so perfect, could eat you out all day…" Katsuki soaked in the praise, cunt throbbing with every skin-tingling admiration Deku spat at him. Everything from beautiful, sexy, amazing, my favorite, my hero, the best. It was all delightful and it was all the truth. 




Katsuki's eyes shot open and his upper body lifted off between the couch cushions that he had sunk into with hazy pleasure. Did... did he just hear what he thought he heard??? His voice was unusually shaky when he got the wits to finally speak up.


"W—what the fuck did you just say???"


Uh oh.


Deku froze, eyes wide and lips barely grazing against the crease of Katsuki's thigh as he tried desperately to remember the incessant babble that spilled from his mouth.


'Oh my god oh my god, what the fuck DID I just say?? Did I say *I love you?* I know we haven't said that yet, and I mean, I think I DO love Kacchan, but is this the best time to admit it? Tongue-deep inside of Kacchan's glorious, delicious—'


Knuckles rapped against his head, knocking him out of his dumbass stupor. Green met fiery red but couldn't read what was going on behind those burning eyes.


Was Katsuki gonna kill him?


"Deku did...d— did you just fucking call me, 'daddy'?"


Ooohhh. Shit.


Somehow, that was WAY more embarrassing than admitting his heart's deepest desires.


"I— uhhhhh…"


Katsuki reached forward, dragging Deku over to him and pressing their lips into a wet, sloppy, open-mouthed kiss. 


"Uggh, fuckin' Deku," Katsuki panted, heart beating a mile a minute as his fists clenched the material of Deku’s shirt. The words sunk under his skin just like every other praise and sweet word from Deku's talented mouth. "Do it again. Call me fuckin' 'daddy' again."


Shit, who knew a slip of the tongue would be so welcomed?'


“Daddy…” Deku cooed, sweet and sappy with a hint of flirtiness beneath it as his breath puffed warmly against Katsuki’s lips. “Oh, please let me suck you off, daddy...”


Katsuki growled , deep and ferocious, and they kissed again, sharing the heady taste of Katsuki’s sweet pussy between them. “If you want it so bad then get down there and get back to work baby boy…”


With a nod and a hum, Deku abided, taking his rightful position once again, parting Katsuki’s lips and delving his mouth onto the slick warmth below. His tongue circled and flicked at the pink, swollen clit, teasing and tasting as he sucked it into his mouth just how he knew Katsuki liked. The strong, quivering thighs around his ears said more than words could, but Deku’s cock ached for something— anything , when that gruff voice spoke to him so dirty and filthy.


“Mmm— fuck, Deku. You like sucking daddy’s cock?" His thighs fell wider apart, exposing all of himself for Deku to feast upon. "Oh~hh, you gonna make me come, baby?”


Soft curls bounced as Deku nodded, groaning in agreement while he found the perfect rhythm that he knew left Katsuki a goddamn wreck. Used a thumb to pull back the hood, wrapped his lips tight around his sensitive clit, and sucked . His lips squelched wetly with the force of the suction as he flicked his tongue with the well-known firmness Katsuki absolutely craved.


“Oh, shit I— oh god…” Katsuki’s hips bucked and jerked, grinding on Deku’s face as his fingers dug into the pillow behind him. His toes curled painfully against the broad shoulders they perched on and the dull vibration of Deku’s throaty moans was the sweetest cherry on top as he finally reached his peak.


“Fff~uck! Daddy’s gonna come! Don’t stop, don’t fucking stop!”


As if Deku ever would, or even could as a painful grip settled on his hair and brought his face impossibly closer to Katsuki’s soaking, throbbing cunt. Could feel every pulsing contraction around his chin as he helped Katsuki chase every bit of sweet release; milked his pussy dry as Katsuki’s cum dripped down his throat in the most delicious way.


After coming back to earth from the most mind-blowing orgasm, Katsuki lied limp in a quivering pile of goo, instinctively twitching away from Deku’s feather-light touch as he stroked his thumb along the crease of his overly sensitive lips.


“Ah, hah— stop stop stop…” A foot to the forehead pushed Deku away, and despite the painful ache of his own neglected erection, he could only find it in him to laugh in return.


“Hehehe, but you just told me NOT to stop, daddy… ” He cooed the new nickname both sweetly and in jest, and Katsuki’s face burned somehow hotter as he was blatantly called out on his brand new, totally un—fucking—expected daddy kink.


“S—shut up!”


Sugary kisses drifted away from his core, down Katsuki’s thighs where Deku nuzzled his cheek warmly against his knee. “ gonna help me out, Daddy? Do I get a reward for being a good boy ?”


Maybe it was a taunt. Maybe not, but Katsuki couldn’t deny the look of absolute admiration that shone through Deku’s sparkling green eyes. His bare toes trailed down Deku’s neck, past his chest and abs only to press into the straining hardness nestled beneath his shorts.

“Hmph. I guess since you’ve been so good for Daddy." Katsuki bit at his lip as Deku nearly purred at the praise. "So what’s my baby boy want, huh?”

Chapter Text

The early morning hours were a favorite for Katsuki. He’d always been a morning person, unlike the sleeping, snoring, drooling lump of blankets next to him.


Or, Deku, as some people called it.


Even though his boyfriend — the shift in their relationship was still so new that the word felt foreign in his mind, or on his lips— spent more time than Katsuki would like sleeping the morning away, it was kind of nice to get a little glimpse of Deku NOT muttering excitedly about everything and nothing. It was pleasant and relaxing, the way he got to watch the light of the barely-rising sun glow dimly through his bedroom window, filtered by the curtains and making Deku’s birds nest of hair shine with a halo that made him look so ethereal. He got to count the freckles on Izuku’s cheeks, always losing track because staring at his fucking cute face had that effect on him.


Katsuki wasn’t sure you could call him a romantic , but in the morning stillness, it sure felt like it.


Deku hummed as he shifted closer— he might have been awake, probably not, but he melted to the touch regardless as he pressed their bodies closer. Chest to chest, Katsuki nuzzled his nose into Deku’s soft curls. Felt his scarred hands splay across his chest, searching for more warmth under the blanket they both shared. An insistent knee wedged between his own and Katsuki so easily opened up to let Deku do, basically, whatever the hell he wanted to get comfortable.


Tch. Must be gettin’ soft.


Despite how comfortable and domestic it all was, Katsuki felt his heart race for so many reasons. One, they hadn’t really been this physically close in their new relationship. Holding hands still made Deku giddy like a loser, and even in the comfort of one of their dorm rooms, they hadn’t really done anything other than a little bit of kissing. Maybe got a little handsy and when that happened it made both of them stammer and blush wildly.


But really, what do you expect from two inexperienced high schoolers?


Two, Deku was Deku , someone who made him feel some kind of way. Someone that knew Katsuki like no one could and ever would. That in itself was so intimate and personal and vulnerable, so to have him this close and comfortable in his arms was so, so nice.


It was what Deku deserved.


Three...well, Katsuki wasn’t going to use THAT word but-


Yeah, maybe it was love. But he wouldn’t say that out loud. Not yet, at least. What did HE know about love? Yeah, Deku made him giddy and stupid and soft, but was that the textbook definition of love?


“Mmm...Kacchan…” Deku interrupted as he mumbled sleepily while Katsuki wrapped his arm over his shoulder. Holding him close as they shared their body heat in the cocoon of his bed. It would have been what he’d consider a normal snuggling session until the knee between his own drew up higher. Deku snuggled closer, no longer just chest to chest but nearly hip to hip, thighs wedged between each other, and it would have continued to be ‘not a big deal’ but when the hardness between their legs touched, Katsuki couldn’t help the gasp that fell from his lips.




Ok, from snuggling sweetly to rubbing their dicks together; that was a huge leap. Even if it wasn’t on purpose.


And surely, he shouldn’t indulge. It’d be wrong to do something so... violating to someone who wasn’t even awake! But it also felt so good...Deku’s cock was hard and hot against his own, and even the little bit of light grinding between them was enough to send a spark of arousal to his already hard dick.


Deku moaned, less of a sleepy hum and more of a whine. He was still asleep; was he dreaming?? His hips ground a little harder as Katsuki tried to hold back from doing the same. Fuck, it felt amazing , and he knew it could feel even MORE amazing. Obviously, give him the pleasure of getting off, but also the closeness of being so intimate together. Of doing something neither had ever done with anyone else. If Katsuki would just cave in and put in a conscious effort, more than what Deku could do in his clumsy, sleepy haze...


But he couldn’t do that...could he?”


A breathy sigh brushed teasingly against his collarbone as Deku continued to slot their legs together and keep up the steady pace of his hips. He’d think Deku was awake, after all his shifting and thrusting, but Katsuki had learned that that loser could sleep through the most vicious thunderstorm with no problem.


Fuck , why did that little nerd have to make everything so hard ? In more ways than one. Why did he have to be so cute and so hot and so nerdy, funny, dorky, lame and everything that Katsuki had grown to like after all these years?


“Ah, Kacchan...please…”


You know, sometimes you just gotta take an opportunity and run with it.


Just one experimental thrust. Just to test the waters. Slim hips pushed forward to meet Deku’s halfway. The underside of his cock rubbed deliciously against Deku’s and holy shit


“Ah oh, fuck…”


Katsuki had never felt anything as amazing as that. No session of jerking off or rutting against a pillow compared to the heat between them and the comfortable safety that surrounded them. That mixed with the haziness of half-sleep, or in Deku’s case, TOTALLY asleep, was delicious; despite that fact, he still gasped and whined right along, picking up the speed of his shallow, graceless thrusts.


One experiential grind turned to two, then three, then a steady rhythm that left both of them panting humid breaths onto each other’s skin. Deku’s fingers still braced against Katsuki’s chest, grabbing at his tank top and inadvertently pinching his nipple. Katsuki said fuck it to any other sense of rationality and squeezed Deku’s hip, fingers digging into the plump swell of his ass and pulling them even closer than before.


They rocked together, so sloppy and inexperienced, yet still primal in its own way, as they chased pleasure while Deku mumbled sleepy nonsense under his breath between moans and whimpers. Katsuki felt the pressure in his gut. The familiar tightening in his balls as he sensed himself getting closer, closer, so ready blow his load just rubbing his dick against Deku's with two barriers of cloth between them.


“Fuck— fuck Deku...I'm gonna…gonna…” he didn’t bother finishing the sentence because Deku would never even get the message, still snoozing away despite both of them rocking the bed frame.


Finally, with cry muffled against Deku's curls, he was coming. Reached his peak so effortlessly as they humped against each other like, well, horny teenagers. Every pulse of his cock shooting his thick load into the front of his boxers was met with Deku's similar reaction. His hips quivered erratically as his cock throbbed and pulsed, cum coating and seeping through the thin material of his shorts.


It was a big mess, but so fucking worth it.

There was something so special about the early morning, especially when met with post-rutting bliss. The pleasure of getting off simultaneously with the one you love, whether they’re awake or not, that was still up in the air...until Deku finally stirred in the space next to him.


“Mmm...Kacchan..? What time—” The hands rubbing at his sleepy eyes stopped immediatly as he recognized a warm, sticky wetness that usually wasn’t an issue, but when you were sleeping next to someone, it was a HUGE issue. Their crotches still pressed together, he must have realized there was no way Katsuki could NOT know.


Deku's softening cock twitched in his shorts. 


“Oh...oh my god— I’m SO sorry! I didn’t mean for that— you were just so warm and comfy and I— I thought that was a dream! Oh no…” He muttered anxiously, eyes wide and heart racing. A stark difference than just ten seconds ago, but it was endearing nonetheless.


Katsuki snickered, “Quit freaking out, loser, it's embarrassing. It ain't a big deal, look,” He grabbed Deku’s wrists, placing his hand over his own sticky boxer shorts and regretting it when a sting of oversensitivity made his skin crawl. “I did it too. So it’s fine, don't worry.”


“Ohh....” Deku flushed as his palm felt warm and wet, trapped against Katsuki’s dick. Still slightly embarrassed for jizzing all over Kacchan in his sleep, he spoke low and bashful. “Uh, now what?”


“Hmph, why don’t we go grab a shower and maybe...try again?" Katsuki smirked, ready to ready to throw in a little bit of a taunt. "Let's see if you can stay awake this time.”

Chapter Text

When Bakugou Katsuki gave a blow job, it wasn’t to do someone a favor or to submit to them. For him, it was a power move. It was dominating. HE chose who got to be blessed by having their cock shoved snugly down his throat. HE decided who got to be rewarded by witnessing Katsuki on his knees just for them, to blow their mind and blow their load.


And wouldn’t ya know, it was Deku who was the lucky one.


After an evening of catching up with his old childhood pal— work and schedules were really the only things standing between them these days— Deku wasn’t exactly sure how he ended up in Katsuki’s apartment, on his couch even, with pants and briefs flung off somewhere and knees splayed slightly with a willing Kacchan kneeling on the rug between them.


“Spread ‘em, Deku.” His voice was deep and commanding, and he didn’t even wait for Izuku to respond, just gripped his knees tight and yanked them apart.


Deku yelped— it was kind of embarrassing to be so exposed all of a sudden, dick and balls on full display— but flustered and speechless were just how Katsuki liked 'em. "Ah— Kacchan!” he gasped when a strong grip surrounded the base of his cock and Katsuki teasingly tapped the flushed head against his chin, just below his snarky smirk.


“Tell me what you want, Deku. You want me to suck your cock? Want me to lick you, make you come?” It was low and sultry and Katsuki laughed when he squeezed and Izuku throbbed heavy against his palm.


“Yes— ah, yeah , suck my cock…” Deku whined as his hips twitched to get closer to those pretty lips, but he nearly cried when his dick was released, falling lonely against his own abs.


“Nah, you need to ask. Beg. Nicely this time.” It almost sounded like a threat, and it probably was, but Izuku couldn’t really concentrate on much more besides the feathery kisses fluttering up the inside of his thighs and the possessive scrape of teeth that followed.


“I— Kacchan...ah, suck my cock pleasepleaseplease… ” His head lolled back while trailing off with a needy mumble and maybe that was good enough, or maybe Katsuki was just feeling generous when he grabbed hold again and dragged his tongue up the underside of Deku’s cock. Felt the heat and pulse as he laved across the thick vein and his eyes were a burning red, reveling in Izuku’s pathetic whines of frustration.


"God, you're so slutty, Deku. Not even ashamed to beg to get your dick sucked? Must be fuckin' desperate..." Katsuki mocked and Izuku squirmed, biting into his fist; so embarrassed because he was absolutely right. He'd do whatever he was asked for this, though not for just anyone. Only for Kacchan. Only for those smoldering eyes that would gaze up beneath pretty blond lashes as he swallowed his cock again and again.


Deku had it bad for his old friend. Real bad.


Katsuki bared his teeth, mocking a bite along the side of his length and if the breathless groan Deku let out plus the drop of precome that slipped eagerly from the slit of his dick meant anything, it was that he probably was into that way more than anyone would think.


Sweet Hero Deku likes a little pain, eh?


A callused thumb spread the bead of precome over the flushed tip. “Oh shit, you like it rough, dontcha, Deku?” He laughed, and laughed again when Izuku shook his head with a vehement, ‘no!’ but Katsuki could tell it was a fib. Could tell when he wrapped his fingers around Deku’s heavy, plump balls holding on threateningly close to too tight and he was rewarded with another needy moan.


"Ohh~ fffuck, Kacchan please… "


“Heh, shit, you’re so desperate. So fucking slutty. You wanna fuck my mouth so bad I guess I’ll be nice and give it to you then.” Soft lips coddled the head and a hot tongue curled around, teasingly at first and swiping playfully against his slit. The taste of Deku was bitter yet addictive and so unique, but like hell would Katsuki tell him that.


Determined to make Deku blow his absolute mind, Katsuki sucked him down ruthlessly. Lips tight with every downward plunge. He stroked his hand up to meet his busy mouth in an unforgiving rhythm that created the most delicious suction, leaving Deku a writhing mess across the couch cushion.


"Mmm…oh my god, Kacchan that's— you're so— fuck , amazing…" Tentative fingers stroked gently at Katsuki's hair. Carding through the soft strands but also curling in a way that silently begged for something more. He pushed the slightly damp bangs from Katsuki's forehead and felt the heat from that fiery gaze.


"Mmhm…" he hummed in agreement around the thick mouthful of cock. Fuck yeah, he was amazing. He knew it, and his own cock throbbed with the need— the burning desire to watch Deku finally lose control. To watch him give in to Katsuki's godlike talents. He wanted to feel Deku's hot seed fill his mouth, the ultimate proof that Katsuki could easily pull him apart in this aspect as well as almost anything else in their lives.


With a wet slurp, he lifted his head, letting Deku's cock slip from his lips and smack wetly against his abs. "What do you want, Deku? You wanna fuck my mouth? Wanna come down my throat?"


Messy curls bounced as he nodded eyes wet with unshed tears of frustration, "Yeah, yes yes please!"


He grabbed Deku's hands and put them back in place, threading scarred fingers into his hair. "Fucking do it then. Make yourself come."


The first few thrusts were light and shallow, timid and too nervous about shoving his dick down Katsuki's throat. Too respectful. Too nice. Too Deku . Katsuki growled threateningly, teeth coming down lightly to scrape against Deku's cock, making him gasp but spurring him along.


"Oh god, kacchan...feels so your mouth, love— ah..!" he trailed off as he worked his hips faster, fucking up into the wet heat of Katsuki's throat. His tongue rubbed against the underside so perfectly and Deku's moans turned into the high pitched whine of someone so close to losing it. So ready to fall over the edge into utter bliss.


Katsuki felt that telltale throb of Deku's approaching orgasm. Felt his hips begin to stutter while his nails dug painfully into the meaty flesh of Deku's thick thighs. He knew he told deku to get himself off, but where was the fun in that? He forced Deku's hands away, hearing a faint 'huh..?' before showing Deku how it was really done. 


He fisted Deku's cock roughly, stroking firm and with the sole purpose of making him come. Katsuki sucked at the fat tip and Deku moaned louder, whined higher and scratched his nails across the couch cushion below.


"Fuck fuck fuck, Kacchan- ah, sooooo go~od, you're gonna make me come!" He cried, and Katsuki knew it was true with the deep, primal throbbing in his hand.


"Oh, fuck yeah, wanna come in my mouth? Fucking do it, Deku…" he stroked and stroked, lolling his tongue out, cradling the head and waiting for Izuku to finally blow his load.


It was so fucking hot ; Deku couldn't look away as Kacchan left himself so open and ready to swallow his cum, but he couldn't help squeezing his eyes shut as he felt himself nearly fall over the edge…


Katsuki felt it too, and just to make things a little more frustrating, he pulled his tongue away last second, still stroking but making Deku shoot his load all over himself. Milked his cock brutally as he felt every thick pulse of cum coat Deku's abs, chest, even hit him in the chin a few spurts. It felt like it went on forever as Deku thrust his hips and fucked into Katsuki's strong fist with a primal need.


"Kacchan…" he panted, crosseyed and completely blissed out. "Thought you...ah, thought you said I could come, mm~ in your mouth…"


Katsuki grinned wolfishly, eyes predatory and ready for a challenge. "Guess we'll just have to try again, then. Let's see if you can MAKE me take your load, nerd."

Chapter Text

There was something... odd about Katsuki’s roommate, Deku.


They’d been living together for a few months, and it had honestly been pretty good. Deku was fairly neat and tidy, at least out in their shared space. He was courteous and polite, always mindful of Katsuki's space. He was kind of a nerd, but Katsuki wouldn’t fault him for that when he had his own extensive comic, video game, and All Might collection. Deku kept to himself most of the time and never bothered Katsuki with much useless small talk.


So you’d think it’d be perfect…


Except something was out of place.


And by something , he meant the things in his room. His items weren’t missing, but just...slightly displaced. He couldn’t remember if his stack of notebooks had been on the left or right side of his desk, or if he had left his top dresser drawer slightly ajar. He was pretty sure he’d never leave his pillow just slightly askew or his comforter wrinkled just after making his bed...but who else could be doing it?


Who else, when there was only Deku?


So after two weeks of feeling like he was either 1) losing his damn mind or 2) being haunted by the shittiest ghost ever, Katsuki decided to get a second pair of eyes for when he wasn't home.


Thus, the security camera.


Though less about security, because his shit wasn't stolen , but more for peace of mind. WAS Deku being a nosey nerd and looking through his stuff? And if so, what was he looking for..?


Days passed, and not a single notification from the app gave any indication of an intruder or any movement, even. It was both relieving as well as concerning because he was SO sure that SOMETHING had been rummaging through his things—


Katsuki had commandeered the most secluded spot in his campus's library, nose deep in some shitty history book when his phone buzzed against the tabletop. It was annoying, and he almost ignored it, assuming it was one of his dumbass friends before noticing the unfamiliar notification that had popped up.


[Movement Detected]


'Gotcha bitch!' Katsuki's heart thumped and of course, the app took its sweetass time loading up, but when it did, he got a nice, fat view of the perpetrator.


"Fuckin' Deku. Knew it!"


That nerd showed clear as day on the screen of his phone, teetering into the camera's line of sight. His eyes were searching; seeking out something, and Katsuki did the same with his nose nearly pressed against the small screen.


"The fuck you up to…" Katsuki murmured, and he didn't have to wonder for long before his prying roommate made his move; taking one more careful glance around before digging both hands through Katsuki's laundry basket.


Wait, his what??


Katsuki wouldn’t have believed it if he didn’t see it with his own fucking eyes. Why would Deku go through his dirty laundry ?? Why not look through literally any other belonging? Under the bed or even his desk drawers if he was looking for something personal? Of course, he may have ACTUALLY done that before this week, but still...dirty clothes? Old gym shirts and worn boxers? Not that Katsuki found himself to be a disgusting person, but he’d been known to work up a sweat and a week of old clothes couldn’t be THAT appealing.


And just when he thought things couldn’t get any weirder…


Deku clearly sought out something in particular. Elbows deep in dirty clothes while his tongue poked out, searching with diligence and it was replaced with a victorious grin when he fished out a specific pair of athletic boxers.


Sure, they were designed to be breathable and wick away sweat; didn’t mean they weren’t still used and gross. Apparently, that meant shit to Deku, or maybe it meant everything since he climbed onto Katsuki’s bed like he owned the fucking place, knees tucked beneath him as he buried his face deep into the black and orange material.


Oh. Oh no .


“Ugh! Deku, what the FUCK!?” Katsuki yelped to no one in particular. Not that Deku could hear him. Not that anyone else was around either. Though he was glad for that fact, taking his own careful glance around because while THAT was awkward enough, the sight of Deku digging the heel of his hand against his crotch was…


Yeah, it was WEIRD! Fucking gross! But there was also something so...fucked up and taboo about it. It was disgusting and primal to watch Deku getting hard for his dirty musk. Katsuki felt so violated as he watched Deku’s chest heave with a deep inhale. Watched his eyes roll back like he was getting drunk off the scent of his sweaty dick and balls. It was even MORE fucked up when Deku pulled his own shorts down, hard dick bobbing out past the waistband, and wrapped his eager fingers around the swollen length.


Katsuki swallowed hard, throat dry like a desert with a plethora of confusing emotions. Anger, because Deku was trespassing into HIS personal space, clearly breaking their unspoken rule. Embarrassment, because Deku was sniffing the crotch of his filthy underwear like a creep, or a wild animal. Arousal , because Deku was fucking loving it ; cock hard and leaking, leaving a small dribble of precome on the bedsheet below. His bedsheets.


Yeah, it was definitely the most confusing boner Katsuki had encountered in his young life.


Under the library table, he palmed at his own throbbing cock. Relieving some of the pressure as Deku did the same. Green eyes rolled back as he stroked, slow at first as if cherishing the moment. Embracing the week-old manly musk of Kacchan filling his senses; in his nose and on his tongue as he pressed his panting mouth against the dirty underwear. Harder and faster he jerked himself, hips bucking against his fist like he had no control. Like it was purely on primal instinct. Each large inhale making him visibly shudder and Katsuki wished the camera had some fucking audio to go along with the lustful display.


The last thing Katsuki expected when he set up the camera was THAT. He would be less surprised if it DID turn out to be the world’s lamest ghost. But no, instead he got his nerdy, twink of a roommate stealing his underwear and getting off to the smell of his sweaty balls.


What a fuckin’ trip.


No, Katsuki wasn’t about to jerk off in the school library. He wasn’t an animal . Not like Deku, apparently. But he definitely felt a concerning amount of precome squirt from his slit as he squeezed his legs together, watching his freaky roommate fuck into his fist, faster and faster, until he hunched over, quivering and shaking as he came. Even with his face still buried into the offending fabric and his eyes hazy with unbridled lust, he was still coherent enough to catch every drop of cum in his palm, leaving no hint of his actions behind. When all was said and done, he covered his tracks; burying the cloth to the bottom of the basket, smoothing out the sheets, and exiting without a trace.




That sure was a thing.


Even though he just watched the live feed, it was...the most unbelievable thing. Katsuki told himself that going back to watch Deku’s lust drunk eyes was just to make sure it was real. He told himself that going back again to watch Deku’s flushed red cock fuck his own fist was to double check that it DEFINITELY happened. The third time, he had no excuse, but fuck it— he couldn’t deny that Deku being so fucking disgusting was the horniest thing he’d seen in a long time.


“Fuck…” Katsuki sighed, running one hand through his already disheveled hair while the other snapped his textbook shut. “Shittyass creepy Deku, can’t even do any fuckin’ work around here…” He trailed off angrily, cock throbbing painfully against the fly of his jeans, a clear sign that he sure as fuck wouldn’t be getting any more work done that afternoon. 




“Hey, Kacchan! Did you finish your paper?”


“Hmm? Oh, yeah. Yeah, I did.” Katsuki shut the door behind him, tossing his bag to the floor, partially annoyed that he was being bombarded with questions the moment he stepped through it, but there was also a mischievous glint to his eye as he saw Deku curled up on the couch, still dressed as he was when he defiled Katsuki’s room just an hour before. “...And what did YOU do today, Deku?”


That guilty nerd smiled, as sweet as always, no hint in his voice or expression that he’d desecrated anyone’s belongings that afternoon. “Oh! I just...just cleaned up a little. M—made some lunch, if you want some leftovers.”


Katsuki smirked; Deku was pretty cute when he lied to your face. “Maybe...I gotta do some laundry first…”


“Oooh, r—really?” Deku chewed at his lip, breath bated and on the edge of his seat. His cheeks flushed and his eyes looked almost ready to spill over with shame. He looked terrified, maybe it was the fear of possibly getting caught, and Katsuki wanted so badly to make that nerd cry. Watch him squirm as he was confronted; embarrassed as he found out Katsuki watched him take a big whiff of his dirty boxers and come into his fist in the most disgusting and depraved way.


But where was the fun in ending it all right now?


“Yeah, but when I’m done we can watch that All Might movie you’ve been going on and on about. Sound good?”


Deku nodded with eyes bright, a huge sigh of relief and a much more relaxed posture were the proof that he thought he’d gotten away red-handed. “Y—yeah! Yeah, th— that sounds really good. Let’s do it!” 

Katsuki chuckled to himself. He would confront Deku one day, but for now, why not enjoy the free freak show?

Chapter Text

“ were so hot today…” Deku sighed into Katsuki’s mouth like a starstruck teenager, lips and tongues exploring in a lazy, dreamy haze.


Side by side, they lounged in their big, soft bed. A long day of work had come and passed so they spent the rest of the evening indulging in nothing but each other.


“Hmm? Hot? Why? I mean, YEAH, I’m always hot, but what’s so special about today?” Katsuki waggled his eyebrows as if he didn’t know what had gotten Deku’s panties wet that night.


Izuku laughed while caressing Katsuki’s strong jaw and pressing their foreheads together. “Yeah yeah, you’re always hot, we get it…but you know what I mean…” 


Katsuki knew. Knew it was in that moment of life or death. Well, maybe not death, but serious injury. Izuku could have been hurt badly, but Katsuki channeled his own inner-Deku and his body moved on instinct, rushing into the battle to pull his overzealous lover out of harm's way. Literally carrying him off like a damsel in distress, and that nerd wasn’t above swooning over it like some kind of middle-aged housewife watching a soap opera.


Not that Katsuki hated it.


Their legs intertwined against the sheets as Deku hooked his thigh over Katsuki’s hip, nearly sprawled out on top of him while he teasingly ran a finger over the hard plains of muscle on his chest, stopping only to circle it around a pretty pierced nipple. “You saved me today. You’re my hero , Kacchan...why WOULDN’T I find that hot as fuck?”


Katsuki shivered at the touch but still barked a laugh, grinning wide and toothy in a way he only did for Deku. “Shit, if doing THAT is all it takes to get ya hot and bothered then I might just do it more often.”


Deku laughed too. “If you had to do that then I think I’d be a pretty bad hero.”


Their lips met again, slow and sweet, though with a definite heat lying just beneath. Izuku’s fingers splayed across that hard chest and felt the rapid thump of lust and love beneath his palm. “I think I should thank my hero properly…” Deku sighed, straddling Katsuki the rest of the way. Sitting up and moaning as the heat of their cocks pressed together in that oh so perfect way. “What do you want? Anything, tell me and I’ll do it for you, baby…”


How did Katsuki get so lucky? Deku was everything he could ever want wrapped up in a bow and placed on his lap like a gift. The best gift he could ever ask for, and he couldn’t wait to unwrap him and dig in.


Or maybe…?


“Why don’t you give me a back massage?” He said it so simply, hands clasped behind his head and relaxed.




Deku’s eyes shot wide; probably shocked that he got cockblocked by his own logic.


“No no!” Scarred hands flailed in a desperate attempt to make Katsuki change his mind. “I meant! Something better than that!”


“Better? What’s wrong with a massage? I think I deserve it.”


“I-uh, um, well…” Deku pouted, but sadly gave in because he DID say anything… “Erm...okay…”


Red eyes rolled, Deku was such a baby sometimes. “Tch, I’m just kidding you little loser. C’mere.” Pulling Deku down for another kiss was easy. He bent and molded so willingly to Katsuki’s touch. Pliable under his fingertips, it was exactly how he liked him. Their cocks throbbed in desire, desperate to sate the urge. Mouths and tongues pressed together, so well-practiced and the breathless yet demanding tone in Katsuki’s voice left them both hard and needy.


“Here's what I want you to do. Want you to touch yourself. Finger yourself open for me. Wanna see it all. Wanna see your ass stretch around those pretty fingers.” Deku moaned as Katsuki’s thumb rubbed just below his earlobe, and his words stoked a fire burning deep within him. “Then you’re gonna turn around, and I wanna watch that fat ass bounce on my cock.”


He reached into the bedside table and pulled out some lube, dropping it to his own abs to give Deku the go-ahead. “Can you do that for me, baby?”


The affectionate nickname had Izuku melting into a puddle of goo. So domestic and sweet, Deku would always be weak to Kacchan’s caring affirmation.


Overall, it was a simple request. One Deku was absolutely eager to fulfill. If Kacchan wanted a show, he'd just have to give him a good one. He grabbed the bottle and popped open the top, drizzling cold liquid on his fingers. "Yeah, I can do that for you…keep your eyes on me though, ok?"


As if Katsuki would look away. COULD, rather, because Deku was everything rolled into one. Hot, sexy, seductive. Beautiful, cute, and just a bit awkward as he struggled to get into the best position to perform.


But he wouldn't be Deku if he wasn't. 


It was hot, nonetheless, when strong legs straddled his ribs and spread right before him. Feet planted to the bed and knees wide, Deku easily slid two fingers inside of his eager hole. 


Right on Katsuki's chest. 


"Ugh, fuck you're heavy." 


"Hah, Kacchan… " Deku sighed a chuckle, leaning back on his free hand to help support his weight while curling his fingers just right. "You can, ah, carry me out of battle like nothing but can't handle...this?" He bit his lip, didn't really care about the answer but couldn't resist giving Katsuki a hard time for complaining.


"Shut up and keep going."


So he did. Worked his wrist slowly and with purpose, teasing Katsuki but also teasing himself in the process. “Mmm, like this? Or do you want it faster?” 


Red eyes burned dark as they roamed over Deku’s so exposed body. Watching the rise and fall of Deku’s chest as his breath hitched. From his clenched abs down to his freckled thighs, only catching Deku’s eyes again after wrapping his fingers around his dripping cock. “Does it look like I care?” Honestly, he didn’t. Not with one of his hands still pillowing his head. “Just want you to do all the work. That’s all I want. Now spread your legs more.”


“Ugh, jerk.” Izuku did with a huff as Katsuki’s other hand slapped lightly at his inner thigh, but it turned to a whine as his hips bucked into the grip around him. Katsuki let him fuck into his fist and it felt so amazing. Tight and hot. Almost as amazing as it did when that hand rubbed a thumb against his balls, feeling them draw up in pleasure. Even more when a finger gathered lube to circle around his stretched hole and Deku really wanted him to slide it in, too.


He didn’t, unfortunately, but Deku gave him a show just like he asked because it was what his hero deserved. Throwing his head back, his curls were a wild mess over his forehead. Slick lube dripped down onto those rock hard abs below. Deku almost lost himself in pleasure, thrusting his fingers faster and faster.


“Fuck, Deku— so goddamn hot. Turn around, wanna watch your pretty hole take my fucking cock…” 


GOD Katsuki’s demanding dirty talk never failed to make Izuku do whatever he wanted.


So of course, he did it without another word.


Deku sighed in frustration, at the loss of his own fingers fucking himself and from Katsuki’s hands falling away; but the supportive slap to his thigh helped turn him around, scooting himself lower and into position. Right above Katsuki’s big dick, loving the heat and weight of it resting between his cheeks.


Fuck, that alone felt so amazing. Deku wiggled his hips, spreading the lube over the thick flesh below and loving how it sat so perfectly between him. How their balls sat flush together and why had they never fucked in this position before??


“C’mon, get to it!” Katsuki gave another slap, this time to his ass and harder than before, too.  That one stung a lot more but made Izuku yelp and get it into gear. “Saddle up, cowboy, I ain’t got all night.”


Izuku’s cheeks burned. “Oh my god, you’re so embarrassing.” Bracing against the bed, he positioned himself over Katsuki’s arousal, one hand gripping the base of his cock and rubbing the head against his eager hole. Looking over his shoulder was a mistake; giggling and blushing deeply at Katsuki’s affectionate wink and kissy face. “Hah, stoooop! You’re— that’s—”


Katsuki bit at his lip like some kind of cliche magazine model. “ Sexy?”




“Tch. Go fuck yourself.” Katsuki chuckled bucking his hips. “Heh, literally.”


Deku wanted to scowl— Kacchan could be such a jerk- but instead, he gasped in surprise as the tip of Katsuki’s dick thrust up, the head coming past his opening just slightly.


“Hnng, Kacchan…” Deku whined, wanting to feel the thick girth splitting him open. Wanted more than just the tip, and he knew Katsuki did too. So he let gravity do the rest of the work. Let his hips fall and sink himself down onto that glorious cock. Thick and long, he took it down all the way until his cute, plump balls rested against Katsuki’s once again.


“Oh, fuck— oh my god yes… ” Izuku wouldn’t have been sure who said that, so lost in the pleasure of being full, but the needy desperate whine said so much. Definitely Deku’s MO, especially when Katsuki was balls deep within him.


“ feel fuckin' amazing...” Katsuki’s thumbs pulled him apart. Licked at his lips as he watched Deku’s glistening rim stretched wide around him. “Ah, fuck~ love watchin’ your ass swallow me like this big cock baby? Why don’t you ride me and show me how much you liked it…”


Using Katsuki’s thighs for balance, Deku’s fingers dug into the flesh and muscle as he slowly rose up. His knees quivered when he felt every inch of hot flesh slowly leave him. Cried when the head popped back out just a bit, only to descend again, loving the way his cock carved deeper and deeper, filling him up like no one else.


“Oh yeah, love your cock, love you so much…” Maybe a little mushy, but nobody cared. Not when Deku found the perfect rhythm. A slow rise up, and a quick fall down. Twisting and grinding his hips, with fingers clawing as they both wanted more, but Deku found there was something so nice about being in control. About getting dicked just how HE wanted. Normally, Kacchan was a beast . Folding Deku in half and brutally destroying his ass. Not that Izuku didn’t LIKE it, but sometimes deep and slow and steamy was just what Izuku wanted. Needed.


But Katsuki had always been a persuasive motherfucker.


Two dangerous palms took handfuls of Deku’s plump ass, helping guide his way-too-slow movements. “C’mon, faster, baby. Ride my cock...want you to make me come…”


Izuku muttered and whimpered when the hips beneath him began to buck upwards, knocking his cock hard against Deku’s prostate and urging him to match Katsuki’s pace. His eyes rolled back as he hit that spot over and over, his own orgasm quickly coiling hot and tight in his gut.


“Kacchan! Oh my god, please please please don’t stop!” Maybe a normal person would have taken pity and fucked Izuku into a gooey puddle of pleasure, but not Bakugou Katsuki. The man who made a request and stuck by it.


His hips stilled and Deku cried in frustration. "Nah, this is YOUR job, remember? You said whatever I wanted. So keep going for me…make me cream that pretty ass of yours…" He licked his chops like a starving animal and Deku was absolutely weak to everything Kacchan Kacchan Kacchan.


Up and down. Faster and faster. Izuku planted both feet to the bed to get the best leverage. The best angle and speed. “Fuck fuck fuck yes~!”


A scarred hand wrapped around his cock and stroked, precome dribbling down his fingers and onto Katsuki’s thighs below. “Oh god, oh god I’m gonna come~!” Deku couldn’t stop himself if he tried, too lost in his own pleasure as he was pushed over the edge. He cried, hips erratic and perky round ass slapping against Katsuki’s thighs as he took his cock hard and fast, cum hitting him across his chest and abs and dripping deliciously over his fingers.


“Shit, Deku, you’re so fuckin’ slutty. Coming on my dick— god, fuck you’re gonna make me come too…” Katsuki couldn't last much longer with Deku’s ragged moans and fluttering hole gripping him tight. Silky walls twitching around his cock as Deku’s orgasm ripped through him were enough to finally make him blow his load into that fantastic ass. His balls pulsed as Deku milked his cock dry, riding him hard until the very last drop.


"Mmm...fuck that was— your so— I'm just- ah, fuck…" For someone who could never shut the fuck up, Deku was at a loss for words. His hips slowed and thighs shook like they were made of jelly as they dropped down to the sheets below. 


He still felt so full, even with Katsuki's dick softening within him. So much pressure at his opening until Katsuki slid himself out and used both thumbs to spread Deku's cheeks apart, watching the white, gooey evidence of their evening dripping lewdly from his gaping hole.


"Fuck yeah, like when I stuff you full of my cum?" With two digits he scooped up some of the sloppy remnants and fingered it back into Deku's hole."Make you fuckin' mine, Deku. All mine…always mine..." His fingers slid in and out easily with his cum and Katsuki wouldn't be above licking Deku clean if we weren't so exhausted. 


Izuku leaned back— all the way back— humming lazy and sated draped over Katsuki's chest like a spoilt kitten. Moaning and quivering lightly as Katsuki's fingers continued to play with his sloppy, oversensitive hole. "Mhmm, always yours Kacchan...ah, no one else ever…"


Katsuki held his fingers deep, rocking them back and forth to keep Deku full. He turned his head to nibble and whisper more filth into a flushed ear. "How's it feel to have my cum plugged up in your filthy hole? Gonna get you pregnant, Deku, you like the sound of that?" Izuku's still twitching walls contacted tighter against the fingers deep inside as a choked off moan fell from his lips. 


"Ah, wh—what?? No!! Pregnant?? I— I mean-!" He shook his head 'no' but the bright blush on his face said otherwise. 


"Tch, no? Your ass got tighter around me, so I think you're a fucking liar." A heavy arm circled around Izuku's chest, holding him in place as he whispered all kinds of nasty shit. "I'm gonna breed that cunt and I think you're gonna fucking like it. Gonna pump you full of cum and make you my little slutty housewife, baby."


"Oh my god you're so embarrassing I just— I can't!" Katsuki laughed as Deku kicked his legs and finally broke free from his hold, face still burning from some kind of strange mix of embarrassment and arousal. "How can you even SAY things like that??" He scurried away from their bed and slammed the bathroom door shut behind him. 


"Heh, I know you like it, you can't run from the truth Deku!" Katsuki snickered, lounging back against his pillows once more. "Better get that pussy clean cuz I'm coming back for round two!"


The sound of a grunt, moan, and something falling to the tile floor passed through the closed door, as well as Deku's muffled reply. "Shut up! You're so— hnng...okay."

Chapter Text

Deku was sooo cute. Katsuki loved it when she wore her oversized All Might hoodie with her short pleated skirt. Her black knee-high socks and clunky red high tops really brought her whole look together—


She was a damn fashion disaster, but Katsuki loved it regardless. 


Though honestly, she'd love Deku in anything as long as she could gaze into those big, beautiful green eyes topped off with her long, fluttering lashes. The adorable dotting of freckles over her cheeks and nose would make anyone swoon and her cute curly twintails framing that oh so sweet face was just the cherry on top.


Well...not exactly.


The REAL cherry on top was after Katsuki made her move. During one of their regular and rather innocent dates— a movie date— Katsuki trailed her fingers up the inside of one of Deku's thighs but instead of meeting a hand of equal resistance and a squeaky whisper, 'Kacchan! We can't!' she only met the soft, warm material of her cotton panties beneath.


And while you'd think the sweetest cherry would be Deku, spreading her legs in the back of the theater; Deku, moaning into the sleeve of her hoodie while Katsuki's fingers circled her clit through her damp underwear; Deku, slipping those panties off onto one ankle while Katsuki buried two fingers into her slick hole, it really wasn't.


Nah, that super sweet cherry— the best part— was when her clothes came off. Stripped of those cute socks, and the skirt hit the ground right after them. The hoodie lay in a pile on Katsuki's floor beside her bed with her undershirt too, and Katsuki felt her own breath hitch at the sight before her.


Fuck , Deku was so cute.


"Fuck, Deku you're so cute." She never had a chance to hold the words back, but why would she want to?? It was the truth after all. Deku had thick, plush thighs and a perfect round booty. A little squish around the belly and the most adorable little tits you'd ever see with puffy, pink nipples that looked absolutely perfect for sucking. 


Deku blushed behind all those pretty freckles. “Kacchan, stop…” She bashfully hid her chest behind her arms and pulled up knees, but Katsuki wanted nothing like that. Wanted to see everything Deku had to offer.


“Tch, hell no. C’mere…” She tugged at Deku’s wrists, dragging her closer and kissing her sweetly. A barely-there trail of pecks across her lips and down her jaw. Katsuki nuzzled her nose into the soft curls against her neck, breathing in Deku's sugary, vanilla perfume.


"Kacchan, I— ah…" Deku moaned at the two eager hands that found her tits, thumbs flicking at the hard buds of her nipples. "M—maybe we should wait…" Her words were breathless.


"Wait? Why? You seemed pretty damn excited at the movies… You were such a dirty girl, letting me finger you in front of all those people..." Katsuki teased, hands gliding down to squeeze at Deku's hips while her lips brushed her ear once more. "You liked when I touched your pretty little pussy? Don't you want me to do it again?”


Deku shivered at the memory but nodded quickly. She really did like it. Really liked Kacchan, too. Was always amazed by her flawless skin and striking ruby red eyes. She was tall and strong with a personality to match. Her long, blonde hair fell loosely, the tips cascading past her ample, desirable chest.


Kacchan was fit. Kacchan was amazing. Kacchan was beautiful. 


Kacchan was everything Deku thought she was not. 


"Mhmm…yeah, please..." Honestly, if Kacchan wanted her, who was she to say no?


Katsuki's bedsheets were soft against her back, and Deku's skin was too as she lied against her front. Freckles down the center of her chest and down her ribs. The cute mole next to her belly button seemed pretty ticklish. Lips and tongues explored along with tenacious fingertips as Deku sat straddled across Katsuki's warm lap. Until…


"Turn around." Katsuki muttered against pink, kiss-swollen lips.




"Turn. Around. Want you to sit on my face." God, so blunt.


"Uh~!" Deku yelped, eyes wide and unsure, bashful at the thought of exposing herself so intimately so quickly until Katsuki's fingers played at the back of her neck, bringing her down into another sweet kiss.


"Don't you wanna feel good, Deku? Plus, you can make me feel good too…" She licked at her chops like a hungry beast and her smoldering glare brought out something in Deku that she wouldn't want to give to anyone else.


"Y—yeah. Okay. I wanna make you feel good too…"


Katsuki was amazing. Knew just how to touch her hip and lick at her tongue. Knew the right place to nibble that made Deku sigh in delight. Her fingers reached down to tickle gently at her smooth pussy lips, just barely asking for entrance but never dipping in between.


Deku so badly wanted to return the favor.


So she complied.


She sat backwards on Katsuki's belly and slowly scooted back, still too nervous to readily shove her ass down on Katsuki's face but mustering the courage regardless. Her hips swayed with the movement until a pair of eager hands jerked her hips up faster.


"Ah! Hey!" Deku squealed, but it turned into a whimper when pretty pink lips kissed at the smooth flesh of her ass and thighs.


A nibble across her cheek made Deku's back arch as Katsuki settled in down below. With her thighs spread, her lips parted too and Katsuki's fingers skimmed gently across her wet opening.


"Wow, you're so wet for me, baby…" Katsuki kissed closer and closer to her core, feeling the swirl of arousal in her stomach from Deku's body and scent alone. "Gonna eat your pussy so good…wanna make you cry for me..."


Deku squealed at the first touch of Katsuki's tongue. So light and teasing as she quickly found her clit. Tongue tapping and circling so gently that Deku quickly began to sigh in frustration. Hips grinding down for a little bit more and Katsuki nearly giggled at her eagerness.


"See? Told you you'd like it." Her hands pulled Deku's lips apart to dip her tongue into her soaking cunt. "But don't forget about me…"


Deku watched, breathless, as Katsuki's long, beautiful legs bent at the knees and spread, exposing herself so wanton and waiting for the reciprocation. Her cute pussy spread with a small patch of blonde above it and Deku felt her tongue poke out in excitement.


So she dipped down for a taste.


Deku had never eaten a girl out before, but she'd watched enough porn...for research! Of course!! Watched cute girls have their skirts lifted and pussies licked while another sucked on her tits. Her favorites were tall blondes who were aggressive and held down petite girls and forced them to squeal and squirt on their fingers. 


Wonder why THAT was?


It wasn't too hard to follow and mimic Katsuki's movements as she sucked her down below, so she spread Katsuki's lips and licked at her clit just like she'd seen in her dirty videos. Sucked it into her mouth and sighed as Katsuki's moans vibrated through her.


"Mmhm, good...taste so good…"


It was amazing . Apparently Katsuki thought so too as she rolled her hips up to meet Deku's slick tongue. Grinding against her lips and mouth, Deku loved knowing she could make Kacchan feel so good AND get it in return.


"Ah, Deku— fuck you're licking my pussy so good…oh, yeah keep sucking my clit…"


Mind-blowing was the best way to describe it. Kacchan was an absolute pro. Just the right speed and pressure against Deku's sensitive clit, as if she was so well-versed in her body, instead of touching and pleasing so intimate for the first time. Her dirty talk made it SO much better, filthy word licking at the fiery lust within her.


"Ka—kacchan, yes~! " Deku whimpered against Kacchan's throbbing cunt, cheeks and lips wet with her juices. She could come just like that, rubbing her pussy against Katsuki's tongue, and while that sounded like a damn dream come true, Deku really wanted something else.


"Mmm…so fucking good…" Katsuki moaned at the taste of Deku's sweet slick and slapped at her fat ass, reveling in the shuddered gasp but was annoyingly interrupted by Deku lifting her hips and pulling away. "Hey! What gives? I'm in the middle of somethin' here…" she groaned, exasperated as big green eyes looked over a freckly shoulder shyly.


"Kacchan, I— I wanna, um…"


"Spit it out already!"


"Ah! Um, I wanna try...something…" Deku shocked herself when the words came out..she rarely took the lead in anything , much less in something she knew nearly nothing about.


Like fucking girls.


"Huh. Alright Deku," Katsuki leaned back against her pillow with a smirk, hands behind her head with her large, perfect tits on full display. Maybe she had faith in Deku, maybe she didn't. Either way, she gave her the go—ahead with a wide, cheeky grin. "Show me what you got, cutie."


Even after it all; letting Kacchan tug off her clothes, shoving her ass on her face, and moaning like a slut— THIS part felt the most embarrassing. It was intimidating to turn around and kneel between Kacchan's spread legs. Her pussy glistened so wet with slick and saliva and suddenly it was all eyes on her. 


"Well? What're you gonna do?"


"Mmm...I wanna…wanna ride your pussy, Kacchan…" Deku's cheeks flushed brighter and maybe it was the most embarrassing thing she'd ever said out loud, but the incredulous look on Katsuki's face was totally worth it.


"Oh shit...fuck yeah, ride my pussy, Deku…"


She straddled Katsuki’s hip, one thick thigh hooked over hers and the feeling of their slick cunts rubbing together was—


"Ohhh... wow ..." Lost in the moment, their lips brushed together slightly and she tossed her head back with a shuddering moan, curls falling over her shoulders in disarray. 


“C’mon Deku, ride my pussy like you promised…” A devilish grin and a sharp slap to Deku’s thigh spurred her on, even if the sting had her gasping in the process. The first few thrusts of her hips were timid and teasing but sent a wave of pleasure through her nonetheless. Legs spread around each other left sensitive clits exposed as they both bucked up into the heat between them.


“Oh yeah, fuck…” Katsuki sighed, pretty pink lip caught between her teeth. “You like it, Deku? I bet you do, I can feel your cunt dripping on me


“I— ah~! Yes, yes I love it…” Her needy whine was tinged with embarrassment; Katsuki was right. She could feel her pussy drooling slick, making a wet mess between them.


“Keep going, baby. Make us both come…”


Katsuki’s long leg hooked over Deku’s shoulder, leaving her with more room to rut their sloppy cunts together. She cried as two fingers pinched at one puffy nipple, then squeezed her whole tit in a palmful. Clinging to Katsuki’s leg, Deku's fingers dug into the flesh of her calf as her hips bucked erratically, pussy throbbing with desire and the overwhelming need to reach her peak.


“Oh god, yes yes yes, Kacchan...wanna come with you…” 


“Mmm, fuck Deku…yeah, that’s a good girl. You’re fucking my pussy so good. Oh god, you’re gonna make me come. Keep going, just like that~!” Katsuki’s fingers dug into the sheets, braced on both elbows as her hips met every wild thrust. Rubbed her own swollen clit against Deku’s tight, adorable pussy as she growled in desperation.


“Mmm~ Kacchan, yes, I’m— I’m coming... ah~! ” Deku’s wailed as she came, pussy pulsing hard and satisfying. Her cunt clenched down on nothing but the feel of the swollen clit grinding against her own was more than enough. Katsuki’s own orgasm following shortly after was even better. Cunts throbbing against each other as another juicy string of cum slipped past her lips, mixing with the wet puddle between them.


Exhausted, Deku fell against Katsuki in a sweaty, gasping pile. Her pussy still steadily drooled cum, but she ignored the mess in favor of nuzzling between Kacchan's soft, plushy tits. 


Wow… " Katsuki breathed, shivering as her oversensitive clit was squeezed between her thighs. "Didn’t think you had it in you, Deku. Didn’t expect this from you, that's for sure.”


Deku whined playfully, though still a little smug from impressing Kacchan on her first time. “Aww, you have such little faith in me…”


“Guess you learned that from all the porn you watch?”


Deku gaped, face flushed and eyes wide. “Wha—! You— I mean—”

“Heh, don’t be embarrassed, ya nerd. I think it’s kinda cute.” Katsuki kissed her sweetly on the nose, brushing a sweaty curl away from her eyes. “Maybe later you can show me some of the other stuff you learned, yeah ?”

Chapter Text

Deku was a quiet kid. Sweet, polite and soooo nice to everyone. Even to Katsuki who had been nothing but a jerk to him for most of his life. Always smiling at her with a ‘Good morning, Kacchan!’ like they were the best of friends. Reaching out one of his hands to hold her books on the way to class, as if she was too fucking weak to do it herself. Where did he get off? Did he think he was better than her? How could such a useless loser think he could be so buddy-buddy with someone as strong and amazing as Bakugou Katsuki?


Maybe she should find out.


Katsuki knew the path Deku took to get home from school. He walked it every day, even when he stayed late for whatever nerd club he was part of. 


Just like today.


The campus was mostly clear at half-past five. Katsuki stood against the wall, shaded by the looming school building behind her. Her long blonde hair hung loosely around her shoulders and her bag was flung off somewhere to the side as she kept an eye and an ear out for recognizable footsteps.


It wasn’t long before he showed up. Short and scrawny with messy hair and even messier freckles that scattered across his cheeks and nose. He would have been more attractive if he wasn’t so... Deku. Nerdy. Dorky.




Basically, useless. What good was a man who held no power? Sure, Katsuki would probably ALWAYS be more powerful than Deku— quirk or not— but she preferred a partner, not a project to protect and look after.


Not that she ever thought of Deku as a partner. Ugh.


“Hey, loser!”


“Oh!” Deku nearly jumped out of his skin, unaware of Katsuki’s presence around the corner, before relaxing once more. “S—sorry, I didn’t see you! How are you, Kacchan? We haven’t talked in a while!” He waved and smiled and Katsuki fucking hated it. Hated that Deku just let Katsuki’s taunt roll off his back like nothing. Did Deku even notice the shit Katsuki said? Or maybe he didn’t take her seriously? Was it because she was a girl? Shorter than Deku, just by an inch, though. Slightly smaller in frame, but definitely not weaker.


Did he think Katsuki was beneath him...?


She kicked off the wall and walked forward. Stalking, nearly predatory with red eyes glowing and focused, until only about a foot separated them.


“...Kacchan? I— oof!”


Two hands pushed at Deku’s chest hard enough to knock him down to the dirt path below with a loud thump.


“Ow! Hey, wh—what was that for?” Deku whined with a mix of irritation and embarrassment; his cheeks flushed red and his elbows stung from hitting the ground. He took a quick glance around, probably to make sure no one saw him getting pushed around by a girl.


They’d surely make fun of him for THAT.


Katsuki’s palm sparked with a force of her quirk. Small explosions that were more of a warning sign, but Deku was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Always curious about 'Kacchan’s super cool amazing quirk!' and while he was never really shy about it, he didn’t say a word as his eyes followed the slight wisps of residual smoke.


A pair of cute sneakers and a whole lot of leg straddled Deku’s chest. Katsuki stood over him. Looked down at him, in more ways than one. She smirked as Deku’s face blushed somehow deeper while his eyes flickered away and back, trying not to focus where her pleated uniform skirt hit midthigh. 


“You think you’re soooo great, Deku. Think you’re better than me?” She fell into a squat right above Deku’s chest and snickered as he squirmed. As he tried SO hard not to look down the unbuttoned portion of her shirt that revealed her ample cleavage, or worse, between her thighs where her skirt rode up.


“N—no!” Deku’s hands clawed at the ground as he tried to scramble away, but a hand heating up against his chest held him in place. “I—I would NEVER think that. Kacchan’s so amazing. The best, ever!”


Her hand fell away and Katsuki preened at the praise, even if it was coming from shitty Deku. “Yeah, that’s right. I AM amazing. And you’re just a worthless Deku, right..?” He squeezed his eyes shut and nodded, and that timid response was good enough for her. “Yeah. Right.”


If she didn’t know any better, she’d think Deku was shamed out of his mind. Flushed face and tears clinging to the corner of those big doe eyes. Getting bullied by a girl must be quite a kick to the ego; but as she reached a hand back behind her, down his skinny torso and past his belt, she felt it.


A notable hardness in his pants.


“Heh, oh my god…” She snickered, taunted. Pressed her hand down to watch him wince at the sensation. “You’re fucking getting off to this, aren’t you? You like when I push you around?”


“N—no! I—”


“Don’t fucking lie to me.” She stood, towering over Deku’s body almost menacingly. She backed away just enough to place the heel of her sneaker against his bulge. “What the hell is THIS about then, Deku?”


He gasped, ragged and harsh as Katsuki’s foot pressed down on his growing erection while she spat his name. Digging in hard enough to feel the pressure, but not enough to hurt. Maybe. The rough groan that followed didn’t do him any favors either.


“Tch. Yeah, you like it.” Katsuki pressed just a tad harder— enough to make Deku’s eyes squeeze shut— before stepping off and away.


She couldn’t deny how amazing it was. How powerful she felt over Deku’s pathetic, quivering form. He would never be above her. Always below her. Beneath her.


That's how she liked it. 


Katsuki chewed at her lip as arousal coiled tightly in her abdomen. Burned like fire. Her clit throbbed and there was a definite wetness pooling in her panties.


So she kicked them off.


Slipped the black cotton material down her thighs and let them hit the ground. Deku seemed to struggle internally with what he should do. He admired Kacchan. Everything about her. Loved how long her legs were, and how milky smooth her skin looked. But he was raised better than ogling girls and trying to peek up their skirts.


No, it was so wrong, but he didn’t have much of a choice when Katsuki stood above his chest again. His heart raced; even if he couldn’t see anything under the shadow of her skirt, he knew she wasn’t wearing any panties, and the thought of just a skirt between him and her pussy made him swallow at the lump in his throat.


“Tell you what. Since you like it so much, I've got a job for you." She bent forward at the waist, hands perched on her hips with a sassy smirk. "I wanna fuck your face, and you’re gonna let me, got it?” Deku flushed at her words. Not that Kacchan has a clean mouth by any means, but THOSE words were filthy. He nodded stiffly— she knew he would— so she squatted again, just before his chin. She watched the timid inhale of Deku smelling at her arousal as she lifted the hem of her skirt over her thighs.


“You’re gonna suck my pussy and you’re gonna make me come. And you’re NOT gonna stop until I do, okay?”


“Ah…” Deku let the sound of speechlessness hang in the air as his eyes dropped to Katsuki’s dripping pussy. Flushed dark pink with arousal and glistening so deliciously. His silence was NOT acceptable, and the sound of her hand slapping across his cute, freckly cheek shocked both of them.


“Stop gawking and fucking answer me Deku! Tell me what you’re gonna make me do…”


“I— I'm gonna make you come…” His cheek stung and a tear slipped down his temple from the pain, but he halted the instinctual movement to press his hand to the hit. “Please Kacchan, let me make you come…”


With begging like that, Katsuki couldn’t bring herself to say no, even if it was to punish Deku. Her feet scooted closer, straddling his neck as she positioned herself in place to receive Deku’s attention.


The first touch was soft and tentative. Katsuki shivered and her hips twitched at the new sensation of the tip of Deku’s tongue tracing the seam of her lips. It tickled, but she held in the giggle that almost slipped out. Last thing she needed was for Deku to think she was having fun.


“C’mon, harder, Deku. Lick at my clit.” She reached down, using her middle and index fingers to pull her lips apart and expose herself. Deku stared at her in wonder— or maybe just a thorough examination. He WAS a nerd, after all— but eventually, his tongue found the sensitive little nub hidden away in her folds.


Deku moaned at her taste. Heady and addictive. Her scent, too. The primal smell of sex and desire ramped up his own budding teenage hormones and his hips bucked up, frustratingly, into nothing. His large hands slid up the backs of her thighs, giving Katsuki a little more balance to grind down on his tongue.


“Mmm, yeah that’s it. Lick at my pussy, Deku. Ah, you seem to like it when I use you because that’s all you’ll ever be good for. Isn’t that right?”


Deku hummed in approval, tongue hanging out as he searched for what Katsuki liked just right. Lapping at her lips was ok, dipping into her hole was good too. Circling lightly around her clit got an amazing response, with Katsuki rocking her hips against him, but the best came with Katsuki’s suggestion.


“Ah, suck it for me, Deku. Suck on my clit. Oh fuck, make my pussy come…”


His eager lips wrapped around her clit and sucked lightly at first. Katsuki moaned at the sensation, rocking her hips against his mouth. Then, harder. Fingers wound through his messy curls and rubbed Deku’s face up into her pussy. Harder and harder, Katsuki whined and moaned when Deku’s tongue began flicking across along with the tight suction.


“Oh, god, oh fuck yessss… ” Katsuki’s arousal made her clit throb so deliciously against his tongue. “Fuck, you’re surprisingly good at this. Finally, something you can be useful for. Wanna be my fuck toy, Deku? Wanna eat this pussy every day?”


Deku broke away to moan between breaths, smacking his lips at the taste of Kacchan’s juices dripping down his mouth and chin. “Ah, yes, Kacchan, yes…”   Maybe he would have kept muttering away as usual, but Katsuki didn’t give him the chance. Just dropped to her knees, straddling Deku’s head as she smothered him in her cunt once more.


He worked the routine— Deku was a quick learner. Squeezed at her ass and sucked and licked at her pussy just right. Sloppy and hungry with the insatiable desire to taste and please. To please Kacchan. All he ever wanted was her attention and approval. Her praise meant the world to him, so he did his best to bring her the utmost pleasure possible.


Didn’t hurt that he fucking loved it too.


Katsuki quickly reached her peak, grinding down hard against that desperate-to-please mouth. Her hips bucked as her slick pussy left a wet mess across Deku’s face. “Oh yeah, fuck, take my pussy, Deku...finish me off already, shit…” Her control began to slip. Her forceful growls becoming high pitched whines. Her eyes rolled back as her hands pulled on his curls like reigns and fucked his face brash and wild. “Oh, god, yes yes yes, fuck I’m gonna come~!”


Not much of a warning before Katsuki’s sloppy cunt pulsed with the strength of her orgasm. Felt like it was being sucked right from her clit as Deku’s cheeks hollowed out with the force of it. Her thighs quivered and shook as the oversensitivity set in and had her reeling back and away from Deku’s surprisingly talented mouth.


“Shit Deku, you really DO like when I’m mean to you, huh? Maybe I like it too...” She mocked as she reached back once more for Deku’s hard on only to be met with a twitching and withering cock beneath the sticky wet spot in his uniform pants. “But don't let this get to your head. You may be able to make me come, but you’ll ALWAYS be beneath me, got that?”


Deku panted and nodded as she sat back up in a squat, still holding the bunched up material of her skirt beneath her elbows. “In fact, you’re SO beneath me, I don’t even think you deserve my piss.” She spat the words out like a dirty curse.


Unexpectedly, Deku’s eyes lit up like nothing ever before. His breath hitched and even with Katsuki’s glorious pussy thrusted unabashedly into his face, the prospect of piss seemed to shoot a thrill through him that excited him more than anything that afternoon.




“’re so gross, Deku...but I guess I’ll be nice just this once…” Katsuki relaxed, holding her lips open with both hands as a stream of piss passed from her sensitive pussy. It made her throb and twitch more, and so did the degrading sight of the stream of liquid hitting Deku across the chin and neck. Dripping down into his hair and soaking into the collar of his uniform shirt.


Deku shivered and moaned, eyes fixed on the source of the stream. Absolutely reveling in the moment he was gifted for staying late after school for tutoring.


“Hnng, you like my piss, Deku?" Katsuki mocked, rubbing her fingers across her clit a few times as excitement licked through her once more. "Tch, you’re so nasty, but maybe you’re not THAT useless after all, huh?”

Chapter Text

Katsuki knew he looked amazing. He always did, but especially so when he was forced to excessively doll himself up for one of these hoity-toity gala events. Slicked-back hair and stylish slim fit suits that accentuated his tiny waist and stacked chest. From fancy watches to imported leather shoes, he LOOKED expensive from head to toe, and rightfully so. Katsuki enjoyed fine things, but that didn’t mean he liked flaunting them carelessly.


“Oh, wow! Kacchan, you look so good!”


Speaking of fine things, Midoriya Izuku, also known as everyone’s favorite Hero Deku, gleefully popped up behind Katsuki and their eyes met in the reflection of the full-length mirror mounted to their wall.


"Yeah, I know," Katsuki replied with all the confidence in the world as he reached back to scratch lightly at Deku's smooth and freshly shaven chin. "You ain't half bad yourself."


Izuku laughed, deep and sultry and so unlike the way he did for the masses. In the way he only does for Katsuki. "'Not half bad?'" He quirked an eyebrow and leaned down and in— and YES, Katsuki was still a little bitter that Deku grew to be taller than him, even if it was only a few inches. "You weren't saying that last night."


Katsuki gaped as Izuku called him out. The steamy memory of his own gasping whines 'Oh, fuck yes! You're so amazing, Deku~!' as he clawed at the broad shoulders hunched above him was more like a dream, but his mouth stretched into a playful grin because yeah— it was actually his reality.


He gets to fuck Hero Deku on the regular. Who WOULDN'T be excited about that??


...Not that anyone would know about it. 


Their partnership turned partnership just eight months ago, and while Katsuki wasn't at all ashamed of the nerd nearly attached to his hip, but he was more than happy to keep their work and personal lives separate.


Though Deku...maybe not so much.


"Hmph." He huffed, pouting with his chin perched on Katsuki's shoulder. "People are gonna be ALL over you tonight. I just know it, and I can't do a thing about…" A possessive grip encircled that slim waist and Katsuki felt the involuntary shiver run down his spine.


Even if their secret was more about keeping the tabloids from having a fucking field day, there was something about how heated Deku got when women would flash him seductive smiles or men would buy him a drink with a wink and a grin. Maybe it was wrong for Katsuki to poke the bear by shooting his suitors a smoldering smirk before rejecting them, but could you really blame him when he knew he'd be reprimanded later with possessive bites and bruises strewn about his skin?


"Quit worrying, it'll be fine. It's all business tonight, anyway." Katsuki patted soothingly at the scarred hands laced across his belly. "Let's get going."


Deku squirmed behind him, nuzzling into his neck. "Mmm, hold on I just wanna...look a little more…" Those familiar hands began picking at the buttons of Katsuki's black dress shirt, leaving his chest exposed while still tucked into grey slacks.


Katsuki yelped. "You kiddin' me? I just finished getting ready! You're wasting time!"


"Oh, come on. Are you REALLY that eager to go to one of these stupid events? I know you hate them, so stop lying." Yeah, Deku was right. Katsuki had no real good reason to try halting his actions...


Except for the fact that Deku looked damn near ready to ravish him— a lustful, snarling smirk adorning his face. Ready to undo all his hard work; hair perfectly styled and clothes pristine and wrinkle-free.


Well, not so much anymore.


Katsuki shuddered as his pierced nipples were brushed over by calloused fingers, pinching at one just slightly between the metal studs. An obvious bite mark surrounded it— probably from last night— and he gasped as the other was pinched much harder.


"Ah~! Deku, stop…" The whimpered plea was futile. He squeezed his eyes shut, a pathetic attempt to avoid the somewhat embarrassing view of himself getting so worked up over some simple nipple teasing, cheeks already flushed and a tent in his pants, so apparent in the reflection of the mirror. 


Izuku hummed, clearly NOT stopping despite the request as his lips brushed and tickled against the shell of Katsuki's ear. "Why should I stop? You seem to like it a lot…" His eyes grew dark as red ones opened, meeting the almost intimidating gaze along with the scrape of teeth against his neck.


Those warm hands slid back down, past the dips and valleys of a hard-muscled torso to dig hard into Katsuki's hips. Even further, Deku's fingers splayed against his perky ass covered by tight, expensive, brand name slacks. Deku's touch was so overwhelming he couldn't even bring himself to respond. 


"Wonder how many people try to make a move on you tonight? Especially when you're dressed like this." The words ran warmly over Katsuki's skin; goosebumps crawling up his neck. He squeezed the firm muscle in his hands and Katsuki's breath hitched when the unmistakable hardness of Deku's erection slotted between his cheeks. It felt hot and needy , even through all the layers of cloth. "Bet they all want a piece of you. Wanna say they got to fuck THE Ground Zero. I mean, who wouldn't, honestly? With a body like this, I'd be doing the same thing, too..."


The seductive purr and warm puff against Katsuki's ear sent a shiver down his spine. Sent a wave of heat and arousal through him; to his gut, to his cock. The roving green eyes took in every inch of Katsuki's beauty and strength. Undressing him in his mind, even if he was still partially exposed. Katsuki instinctively pushed his ass back against the straining hardness only to be met with retreating hips and a snarky chuckle.




Katsuki snarled as their eyes met once more in the reflection. "Grr,'re a—"


"Wow, so needy. Thought you said you wanted me to stop?" Where the hell did Deku get off, teasing his cock then literally teasing HIM? Katsuki's blood boiled with more than just arousal, but the growl in the back of his throat shifted to a whine when a hand smoothed over the front of his slacks. Over his own desperate hard on that begged for more than just cloth between a warm palm.


"But since you're so hard already," he accentuated the point with a gentle squeeze at his dick, "Might as well finish you off then, right handsome?"


Deku may be a snarky asshole from time to time, but he was always a man of his word, proven when both hands circled around Katsuki's slim body and worked at the button and fly of his pants. Loosening his belt just enough to reach in and meet the warm flesh of Katsuki's arousal beneath.


" Woah, what's this? No underwear? That's so slutty of you, Kacchan. You planned on walking around with all those rich, fancy folk with just a thin layer between them and your cock?" Deku's hand squeezed around the base of his dick, reveling in the needy throb while Katsuki grit his teeth as a new wave of arousal flooded within him. "Did you want them to find out? To know how much of a slut for attention you are?"


"Wha— no! I—"


"No? Then why are you so hard?" A look in the reflection ahead wasn't necessary to prove the point, but the image burned anyway. Pants opened just enough for his dick to hang out, shirt and collar unbuttoned and askew like he'd been ravished. Katsuki could feel himself twitching in Deku's grip, so turned on from the demoralizing dirty talk. The slow strokes on his cock only made him impossibly harder.


"Bet they'd all want a piece of you. Can you imagine? Someone bending you over and stuffing you full of cock from behind while someone else puts the leaking tip of their dick against your lips?" Deku muttered— probably some filthy fantasy of his. An urge to see Katsuki used solely for pleasure. A dirty desire for Katsuki to be someone else's fucktoy. His hand stroked faster along the dripping length in his hand, holding Katsuki flush against his chest with the other. ”I know you'd suck them down so easily. So hungry for it. Take it deep like I know you can. You'd do that right? Fuck a bunch of strangers at a party. Let them use you and stuff you full of cum?"


Katsuki gasped.  "What the fuck?? N—no~! Never…" What the fuck. Katsuki felt his ears and neck heat up with shame. NO, that wasn't a fantasy of his! Not even a desire he ever felt. Though if that was the case, why did Deku's words get him so hot? Why did they make his hips begin to fuck into Deku's fist? He didn't WANT to be forced into a gangbang. Didn't want to be touched and groped and fucked by a bunch of strangers— in public no less! But the thought of Deku teasing him so mercilessly for being such a dirty slut…Katsuki moaned loudly, trying desperately to curl in on himself but failing due to the strong bicep around his waist.


"No? You sure?"


"No—ah, only want you…"


Deku's smug snicker would have been more ominous if Katsuki wasn't so engrossed in tossing his head back in both frustration and pleasure. In rutting his dick into the tight palm surrounding him. "Yeah, that's right. Only me. Only I'M good enough to keep you satisfied. Only MY cock is good enough for Bakugou Katsuki. Isn't that right? Tell me the truth, handsome..."


Katsuki wailed as Deku's hand worked him fast and hard. "Yes! God, y—yes~!"


"Everyone can look, but they can never have you. Can never touch you, because you'll always come home with me, right?


"Yes yes yes! Deku I'm— I'm gonna~"


Deku was a dangerous combination of smoldering eyes and fierce words. Of unbridled confidence and pure filth that escaped past lips that kissed his temple sweetly. "Mmm, fuck~ that's it, come for me, Kacchan…"


Tight, scorching heat. Deku's fist felt fucking amazing as he ripped the orgasm out of him. Body tensing and skin tingling. Katsuki's mouth held open in a silent cry before whimpering pathetically on shaky legs. Deku supported his weight, no doubt about that while milking Katsuki's dick for every drop of cum. Fingers slid easy with the added slick and he aimed it away, staining the floor and mirror with sticky globs of white instead of Katsuki's spotless outfit.


How considerate.


Katsuki was an absolute fucking wreck . A blissed out puddle of goo only standing becaue Deku willed it so. His brain couldn't even let him be mad about Deku's lack of care over his crumpled clothes. "D—deku, what the—


"Kacchan! What are you doing!? I thought you were getting ready but you're a mess!" Deku chided with a playful grin, looking down at Katsuki's disheveled outfit and pretending the last few minutes never happened. "We gotta get going soon! Hurry and clean up already! We don't have all night!"


How dare that bastard think he could get away from this unscathed? Katsuki reached back and grasped Deku's surprisingly well-made tie, yanking him forward to be in earshot.


"Tch, and what about you?" Deku's hardness was more apparent than ever, still rubbing against Katsuki's ass and saying more than his mouth ever would. "Shouldn't you..take care of that thing?"


Deku kissed him sweetly on his temple. "Hmph, nah, I'll be fine. The night's just beginning. Let's see where it takes us, handsome."

Chapter Text

Katsuki couldn’t be mad at anyone in particular for the current predicament he found himself squeezed into, in the form of a shimmery, black keyhole dress. 


He surely couldn’t be mad at his boss, Miruko, who made a very valid point, albeit, with a shit-eating grin. “With your flawless skin, tiny waist, and huge tits, no one will be any the wiser!”


He scowled but tried not to be smug about the backhanded compliment.


He sure as fuck couldn’t be mad at Deku , who would be accompanying him on this mission and was very much NOTHING close to fitting into anything remotely feminine with his much more thick and muscular frame.


Didn't mean he had to be nice about it though.


Katsuki DID try to argue his way out, flexing his guns and pointing to the very obvious adam’s apple bobbing angrily in his throat, but with the perfect long sleeve and choker-neck design, he didn’t have much of a leg to stand on.


Thus, the dress.


It hugged perfectly at his hips and stopped at mid-thigh. The skin-tight material accentuated his slim waist and the sleeves did a decent job of hiding the muscle in his arms. He DID fill out the chest pretty well, he couldn't deny that. He hated to admit it but...the clothes plus the flawless extensions and makeup didn't look half bad at all...


Actually, he looked fucking amazing. Ruby-tinted lips and dark smokey eyes with long, fluttery lashes. Of course, they picked Katsuki for the part. No one could look this fucking good


He could use a little practice with the heels...but that was easy to work with.


“Careful, Kacchan!” Deku jutted out his elbow just in time to give Katsuki a hand as he almost went tumbling down the stairs leading to the event hall. “Are you sure you’re gonna be ok in those shoes? We can get you something easier to walk in if you want. I mean, what if we get into an altercation? Can you even run in those? What if—”


“DEKU. IT’S FINE.” Katsuki barked, pulling down the hem of his dress that was steadily trying to ride higher. How do chicks do this all day?


“Okay, okay!” Izuku surrendered, but still held out his arm covered in a well-tailored sleeve. “At least let me help you. Please?”


If that conversation happened years ago, Katsuki would have told him to fuck off and wobble awkwardly away, but...things were different now. With an exasperated ‘hmph’ , he wrapped a hand around Deku’s big bicep and allowed himself to be lead into enemy territory.




Shaking hands and kissing asses of people you would hate under normal circumstances, but already DO hate because they’re drug smuggling, human trafficking, and general pieces of shit in the first place was hard enough. Keeping track of every bit of crucial information and detail didn’t help at all. Neither did the lull of droning music and the clinking of champagne glasses. The chitter-chatter and laughter and clicking of overzealous heels— no, not just Katsuki’s.


It was exhausting.


Deku was kind of a savior that evening. Much more of a social butterfly as he matured over the years, and had an easier time keeping the flow of conversation with those chum buckets light and easy. Eventually, they worked out a technique. Deku introduced them. Katsuki was his beautiful wife. He would smile sweetly to butter them up, but really he wanted to roll his smokey eyes dramatically. They would make idle chit chat as Deku weaseled info out of the target and Katsuki took mental notes. Once they finished, with a smile and a goodbye, they were off to find the next victim of the night.


It was kind of perfect.


Even with the smarmy men who would speak to him way too sugary and stare WAY too long at the curve of his hip or at his ample chest. Every time Katsuki felt the heat of an unwanted stare, a strong and possessive arm would wrap around his shoulders and suddenly their eyes would roam elsewhere. Katsuki could yell all day long about how he could take care of himself just fine , but when Deku did it for him, something about it, about that evening, felt…




A few sips of champagne lightened the mood and their ‘act like a couple’ banter turned fun, free, and a little bit flirty. Katsuki would like to say it was all for appearances. To make these fuckin’ crooks think they were nothing more than Mr and Mrs Takahashi; the rich businessman and his beautiful, blonde trophy wife. Maybe they fell into the role a little too easily when they were suddenly standing so close even when no one was watching. When they floated to the bar hand in hand and— hey, maybe heels weren’t so hard after all!


Though when, at the end of their recon mission, Deku slid a large hand down Katsuki's flank towards his hip in a way that seemed WAY too overzealous, Katsuki couldn’t help but stiffen up at the contact, though surprisingly...not totally against it.


"What do you think you're doing?"


"Holding my beautiful wife," Deku smirked and didn't pull his hand way, even at Katsuki's sharp tone. "Am I not allowed to do that?"


"Tch, I think that's more than a little holding , pervert. You trying to feel me up in front of all these nice people?"


"Trying AND succeeding…"


Their repertoire flowed as easily as their usual smack talk— Deku much more apt to give instead of just taking the brunt of it. Katsuki couldn't help but continue as a snarky grin tugged at the corner of rouge lips.


"Mr. Takahashi, that's WAY too risky. Are you trying to get us in trouble? Or...maybe you WANT us to be seen…?" His hand reached out to tug at the lapel of Deku's jacket, making him stiffen at the contact. 


"Hmm...maybe I do…"


Tempting. SO fucking tempting, though the media would have a fucking field day if two pro heroes got caught necking on the job…but with the way Deku's eyes looked him up and down like he was something to devour — not so unlike some of those creeps from that evening— he couldn't deny that little shiver of excitement that ran through him. 


Katsuki grabbed a fistful of Deku's tie. Not yanking, but slowly pulling him forward with an underlying strength they both knew was there. " Maybe, you're a bad boy. But maybe, I think I like it..." He turned on the spot, blonde locks swishing as he pulled the tie over his shoulder, leading Deku across the still-bustling event hall and into a thankfully deserted men's room.


It echoed with the sound of their footfalls. Katsuki put a purposeful saunter in his step, knowing Deku was watching the flirty sway of his hip and when the lock of their chosen stall clicked shut, they were finally out of the evening's watchful eye.


With Katsuki's back against the stall wall, lips and teeth and tongues met eagerly. Ravishing kisses that left Katsuki’s knees weak but that was perfectly fine as strong hands clutched at each other; two at Deku's biceps, squeezing at the hard muscle, while one of Izuku's clutched his slim waist. The other trailed slow and powerful down the center of firm pecs. Over the well-hidden bulk of rock hard abs, feeling them clench from his touch until he found the heat and bulge of Katsuki's erection tenting the shimmery material of his dress.


"Wow, what's this? Looks like my wife is kind of a pervert, too." Smokey eyes grew wide because who was this man? Surely didn't ACT like the Deku Katsuki knew, but he wasn't an unwelcome persona at all, especially with his deep, powerful voice that should Katsuki to his core. "Your pussy's so hot and hard, bet you're wet for me, too..."


Katsuki grew warm with his words. Not at all demeaning, but more playful and lustful, and Katsuki felt it, too. "Huh. Yeah...I guess so..." Katsuki's foot trailed up the back of Deku's leg, nudging at the bend of his knee and making it buckle slightly. "So why don't you go down there and take care of it for me…?"


Without hesitation, Deku did exactly what was asked of him. His knees hit the tile floor as his palms ran hot against Katsuki's hips. His chin grazed against his abs, sending the warmth of his breath through the dress that did nothing to hide what lied beneath as Deku nuzzled his nose against the prominent bulge. A perfect outline of Katsuki's hard dick that strained against the material stretched tight over his hips.


A fucking glorious sight.


"You're so beautiful…" Deku cooed as his hands traveled down and up over Katsuki's smooth thighs, loving the freshly shaven skin. The smell of some kind of perfumey lotion lingered and was intoxicating as it mixed with the scent of Katsuki's arousal. Fingertips dug into flesh and those creamy legs parted slightly with desire, the dress hiking up around the tops of his thighs in the process. “Does my baby girl want me to suck her pussy?”


What the fuck. Why was Deku so hot??? And HERE of all places?? Katsuki panted, his words almost like a punch to the gut, they hit him so hard and unexpectedly. Somehow, Katsuki found himself matching Izuku’s enthusiasm with equal fervor.


“Yeah…get down there and make me come...” With the command, scarred fingers slid under the hem of his dress, bunching it up higher and higher until it sat around his waist and his hardness twitched at the rush of cold air.


Deku whistled as his fingers slid back down to loop under a pretty, thin waistband. “What’s THIS now…?” Bright red, the texture of lacy panties was rough on his fingertips and so unexpected for the undercover hero. “Did Miruko make you wear these, too?”


Katsuki turned away as he mumbled something that sounded a lot like ‘…’ but Deku didn’t need the confirmation at all.


“No?" Deku chuckled mirthfully, "So you chose to wear something so skimpy and sexy when you didn’t even have to?”


“Hmph! Well, if I HAD to dress like this, then I was gonna do it RIGHT.” Katsuki huffed, cheeks red with more than the little bit of blush on his face. “Why, you got a problem with it?!”


“Of course not! Actually, I think it’s hot that my wife got all dolled up just for tonight…” Deku fell right back into whatever impromptu role play they originally got tangled up in. His finger trailed up and down the part of Katsuki’s length that was still covered by the undergarment, though most of his eager hardness couldn’t be contained by that tiny piece of fabric. It lay hot and desperate against his abs as he trembled from Deku’s gentle tease. “It’s almost like you WANTED me to find it. Wanted me to pull down your soaking panties and eat you out…”


The gasp that fell from Katsuki's lips was almost unrecognizable as the sharp slap of a palm striking the flesh of his thigh echoed in the empty room.


“Turn around.”


Katsuki complied easily, hot cheek stinging against the coolness of the wall. His hands splayed for balance as he pushed his hips back and into Deku while he palmed his perky ass. "Ah, very nice. Reds a great color on you, babe ."


Katsuki sighed when a thumb pulled the barely-there fabric of the thong from between his cheeks but gasped at another firm slap, this time to his ass. “Aha~ fuck!”


“Shh! Thought you didn’t wanna get caught, bad girl?”


“Just— shut up and get on with it already!”


Ugh, Katsuki could hear the snarky, shit-eating grin on Deku's face. “Get on with what… ? Tell me what you want…”


Tch, of course, that nerd would take advantage of Katsuki's horny vulnerability. “Want you to...hhng— eat my pussy… ” The words felt foreign, but hot nonetheless as they escaped his mouth in a quivering whine. The needy keen turned to a gasp as thumbs parted him and an eager, wet tongue swiped along his opening.


“Holy shit…”


Katsuki’s back arched as Deku licked him up and down, swirling his tongue around and tasting every bit of warm, smooth flesh. The panties sneakily fell to his ankles for better access, pooling at strappy, gold open-toed heels and Katsuki kicked them away for good measure. Parted his legs for Deku to bury his face further. With the fabric gone, his balls hung heavy between his thighs and Deku didn’t miss it; cupped them in his palm and bent down to lick at them too. Swiping and curling his tongue around, even sucking one into his mouth and Katsuki moaned deep at the engulfing heat of Deku’s mouth.


“Fffuck...oh, Deku, yes ~! Keep sucking my pussy...” His mind swam in arousal, saying whatever shit came to mind as Deku’s assault of pleasure continued. One hand reached beneath to stroke slowly at Katsuki’s dick while the other held him open. Left him vulnerable to Deku’s talented tongue that made his legs tremble in overwhelming bliss. “God, fuck, yes, keep going keep going…


But of course, Deku stopped. Stood up against Katsuki’s wishes as he pressed himself hard against his back. Pinning him to the wall, Katsuki hissed as the underside of his overheated cock was sandwiched against his warm skin and the cold tile wall. “Keep going? Nah, where’s the fun in that? I mean, I could make you come all over yourself…” He whispered against the shell of Katsuki’s ear, like a promise, or maybe a threat. “But I could also make you come on my cock.”


Oh, fuck. Too caught up in the act, the arousal, in Deku himself, Katsuki didn’t even think about the fact that he could potentially be stuffed full of cock while wearing a dress and heels in a public restroom in enemy territory.


Maybe some kind of fucked-up hero fantasy; like some kind of porn script even, but it was his reality and the biggest turn on regardless. 


Long blonde hair fell across Deku’s chest and shoulder as Katsuki leaned back, pushing off the wall to grind his ass on the obvious erection behind him. “Alright then, big boy . Better get your cock in me now, and you better make me come.” He felt the huff of a chuckle on his neck and heard the rustling of clothing, a zipper and a belt buckle that followed before hot flesh tucked between his cheeks. Deku slid easily with the saliva still left behind, but the extra added spit in his palm made the glide easier and smoother as he lined up and sunk the fat tip into Katsuki’s heat.


“Ohhh, fuck...god... so fucking big …yes yes yes...” Katsuki mumbled, so incessantly he might have thought it was Deku muttering away instead. He whined and grit his teeth as every inch stretched him further and further, carving deeper within him until warm balls pressed against his thighs.


“Kacchan, fuck , you’re so tight. Hnng, your pussy feels so good around my cock…” Strong hands held firm at Katsuki’s hips as he pulled out carefully until just the head was squeezed deliciously by his tight rim, then back in just as slow. Dragged painfully slow along Katsuki’s walls until both were growling in frustration.


“Unng, fuck, Deku, faster! Fuck my pussy like you mean it!”


“Oh, you want it harder, dirty girl? Like this~? ” Deku taunted with a sharp thrust, deep and forceful and was rewarded with a wail from his beautiful wife . Katsuki’s tongue nearly lolled out as he was fucked into hard and fast. Hips slapping together while Deku grabbed his biceps for leverage, fingers holding so tight they’d probably bruise. Izuku was rough and wild and Katsuki never thought he’d had it in him, much less experience the full primal strength of getting fucked by big, strong, Hero Deku.


Katsuki cried as his hips arched and the new angle had Deku’s cock hitting every sweet spot. Made his eyes roll back as he was manhandled and fucked into by the hero turned faux-husband.


“Fffuuuck~ Deku, ah~! I’m— you’re— I’m gonna…”


“Mmm, yeah, you gonna come? Want you to come on my cock. Wanna make that pussy squirt all over it…”


“Fuck, fuck yes~!”


It was stupid and impossible but fuck was it hot. Deku’s filthy words made his cock throb and his abs clench tight. His balls drew up as he felt the overwhelming rush of his orgasm approach and finally spill over when a scarred fist circled his dick and stroked. His thighs shook as his cock twitched with every pulse and spurt of cum that hit the wall in front of him; Deku’s hand never stopping until Katsuki whined pathetically with overstimulation.


“God, Kacchan...pussy so tight, fuck, you’re sucking me in. So fucking hungry for my cum…” Deku growled into his neck as Katsuki’s hole clenched tight. Impossibly hot and that plus the delicious cries falling past ruby red lips had him spilling into Katsuki’s heat with a groan. Thrusts erratic as that beautiful ass milked him for every drop of thick cum. He didn’t— couldn’t— stop until they both were sated and his softening dick slipped out from Katsuki’s stuffed hole.


Even if Katsuki was so thoroughly wrecked, clutching the wall as his legs turned to jelly— he didn’t miss the sensation of thick, goopy wetness trailing down the inside of his thighs.


“You...ah, you fucker! Did you come inside of me??”


“Eh...oops. Sorry, Kacchan... couldn't help myself? Heh…” Deku laughed it off like it was no fucking big deal or anything. 


With somehow mustered strength, Katsuki ripped off some toilet paper to attempt to remove any bit of incriminating evidence. 


As for the smeared lipstick on Deku’s face, well..that was his problem.


“Tch. Get some better control then, nerd. Can’t have you fucking up next time because you can’t pull out.”


“...Next time...??” Green eyes shined with a little bit of playful hopefulness as Deku attempted to fix his clothes to something presentable.


“ were pretty good so I guess  I wouldn't say no...”


“‘Pretty good’?” Deku pointed at the obvious cum stain dripping down the wall. “THAT says more than ‘pretty good.’


Katsuki huffed, long lashes fluttering with a dramatic eye roll as he ran a thumb across the red smudge on the corner of Deku’s mouth. “You have lipstick on your face. Go clean yourself up, you look like a damn clown.”


Sneaky lips caught Katsuki’s hand, leaving a barely-there kiss behind on his outstretched thumb. “Yes, ma’am.”

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki was only slightly jealous— erm, ok REALLY jealous— that his college roommate Kirishima had a boyfriend, though it wasn't really about the idea in general. Not like Katsuki couldn't get a date. He just chose not to. No one worthy enough had crossed his path. At least...not anyone that wasn't already taken, that is. 


Yeah, that was it.


No, it was more about who Kirishima was with. Sparkling green eyes, smooth tan skin littered with messy freckles, cute bouncy curls~


All of those pretty little traits only led to one person; that cutie with a big fat booty on the Uni's wrestling team, Deku.


Ok, Izuku, but Katsuki would never get over that shitty nickname he's been calling him since middle school.


It had been years since he'd spoken to Deku before Kirishima started bringing him around. Heard through the grapevine that he'd been pretty successful in sports after he moved to a different high school. Katsuki paid no attention to any of it, he was just lame, loser Deku after all. 


But things change, apparently. 


Deku used to be short, nerdy, and scrawny. Muttering obsessively about his favorite comic book heroes to an almost— no, obscenely— cringey degree. Now, years later, he...still did that shit. Katsuki's had to sit through it enough times when Kirishima invited him over for study dates that got too flirty and touchy-feely and made Katsuki wanna gag.




But Deku was HOT. Still short, but high school and college sports have been so kind to him. He had a thin, muscular waist, strong arms and— Katsuki's favorite part— thick thighs that he'd watched many times as Deku wrapped them around his opponent and lock them into submission.


Not that he was at Deku’s wrestling match for DEKU, but Kirishima had invited him and he GUESSED it would be pretty cool to see Deku get his ass beat.


Except Deku never got his ass beat.


Katsuki would be lying if he said he hadn't imagined Deku crushing him with those powerful legs, and he couldn't forget about that glorious ass. Fat and juicy with that firm muscle lying just beneath. He'd love to bury his face between those freckled cheeks—though it was just a guess if he actually had freckles there, or maybe it was just wishful thinking...


Not that Katsuki would ever make a move on Deku! That was Kirishima’s boyfriend. His territory. Katsuki wasn't THAT kinda guy.






After a long day of shitty classes and a migraine that had come and gone, Katsuki was beat. He laid sprawled out on his bed and knew he wouldn’t be able to get a wink of sleep. Not with the way his boorish roommate snored so loudly. The moment Kirishima walked through the door, he plopped on his bed face first, letting his backpack fall to the ground, and fell asleep instantly.


Guess he had a hard day too.


Kirishima didn't even seem to notice Katsuki on the way in, but he was out like a light regardless. Katsuki thought a nap sounded like a good idea for himself too but was instinctually alerted by the rhythmic sound of something vibrating against the floor.


Ah, Kirishima's phone. Must have fallen out of his pocket, and it wouldn't have been that big of a deal of it didn't keep buzzing. And buzzing. And buzzing every few minutes.


Fuck, that was annoying.


Normally he would leave Kirishima's shit alone, but how was he supposed to sleep with that damn noise? Katsuki reached over the side of his bed and all he meant to do was swipe the notification away so it would shut up but curiosity got the best of him.


It was Deku.


Izuku: Hey babe! What are you doing? <33 Just about done at the gym, you wanna meet up in a bit?


Katsuki could hear the oh so sweet tone of Deku's voice lilting through the message. It was kind of annoying but kinda endearing.




He scrolled down to the next message and noticed the small thumbnail of a photo attached. 


Izuku: :( It’s been an hourrrr I’m guessing you fell asleep?? LOL Maybe you’ll like waking up to this ;)


Katsuki nearly choked when he saw the picture on full screen. It was Deku, that was for sure. Obviously post-workout with the way his hair was a sweaty mess and his cheeks were still flushed with exertion. His skin radiated with that post-pump glow as he posed in the full-length locker room mirror. A typically fuckboy shot but he knew Deku was anything but. Smart and sweet and honestly? The whole fucking package.


The side profile and his open-side tank showed off the delicious curve of his ass framed nicely in athletic leggings. His flank was flawless like cut from marble and the little peek of pec cleavage just around his ribs had Katsuki's breath caught in his throat.


Holy shit.


His hands shook with Kirishima's phone still held tight in his grip. It felt so wrong to see these messages, this picture. They were for Kirishima's eyes only. Deku was sending them under the impression that they were private.


Not that there was any detrimental information traded or anything…


So...hypothetically...if Katsuki pretended to be Kirishima...would Deku...send more?


Red eyes shot a quick glance over to the bed across the room and Kirishima snored loudly in response.


Before Katsuki could talk himself out of it, his thumbs began tapping across the keyboard.


| Sorry! I did fall asleep haha. And woah babe you look so |


Look so...amazing? Fuckable? Absolutely smokin’ hot? What kind of shit would Kirishima say to make Deku swoon? Ehhh…


Eijirou : Sorry! I did fall asleep haha. And woah babe you look so beautiful .


Yeaaaah that would do.


Katsuki tossed in a bunch of shitty heart emojis just to make it more authentic. Not too long after that Kirishima’s phone buzzed again with Deku’s quick reply.


Izuku: Heh, glad you liked it (◡‿◡✿) Did you just get up?


Eijirou: Yeah I did... in more ways than one. ;) Got anymore pics for me?


Was it too brash to just ask outright for more hot Deku pictures? Is that something Kirishima would do? Kirishima's continued snores were a good sign for Katsuki to lean back against his plush pillows and settle in for whatever Deku planned to give.


Izuku: You want more pics? Like this..?


Well, that was fucking easy. Attached was Deku’s adorable, toothy smile. A nice selfie from the shoulders up as he looked to have just finished his post-workout shower. His hair was still damp and his curls cascaded loosely. The row of benches just behind him were proof that he was still in the school’s locker room.


The corner of Katsuki's mouth quirked because fuck Deku was so charming with those beautiful eyes and those stupid freckled cheekbones.


Eijirou: Cute <33


Katsuki couldn’t stop himself from responding so quickly and apparently, neither could Deku.


Izuku: Or like this?


Sure, the cute selfie was nice, but what he received next was even better. A full body mirror shot from behind and plenty of tanned, freckled skin because Deku was practically naked except for the elastic fabric of his jockstrap digging into the flesh of his glorious ass.


Oh, holy fuck.


Katsuki’s dick stirred in his sweats. Deku’s ass was even more amazing than in those jeans he always wore, or even his wrestling singlet that left practically nothing to the imagination. The swell of his perky booty was perfect and the dimples in his lower back just begged to be sucked on. Katsuki would kill a man to dig his teeth into one of those plump cheeks and it was now his number one fantasy to dig his thumbs into the muscled flesh. To pull Deku apart and bury his face into that flawless piece of heaven.


Mother fuckin’ Kirishima was too fucking lucky. What did he do to deserve this??


Eijirou: Holy shitttt Yeah. Yeah like that. Give me more of that baby.


Katsuki wasn't really sure if that was a Kirishima answer, but he threw a bunch of fire emojis in to make up for it. 


Izuku: hhnggggsgshsjdkz can’t I just come over??


Fuck, Katsuki would love that. Too into the experience, he almost typed out ‘fuck yeah, come over’ but that’d make zero sense and even if he did, Deku would be there to see Kirishima and not him. 


Son of a bitch.


Eijirou: Sorry babe can’t. Bakugou’s here.


| Unless you wanna fuck him too…? |


No, no nonononono. Katsuki couldn’t send THAT. He'd surely be caught in the act, doing this stupid charade. It'd be unexplainable and he'd probably lose a good friend and any type of interaction with that sexy nerd.


So he backspaced right outta that one. Dodged THAT bullet.


Izuku: waaahh :( No fun then. Todoroki’s back at the room for sure.


| Yeah…guess so… |


Katsuki thought hard. Should he end it there? Or should he press on? Should he try to bait Deku into something more…?


The answer was an obvious one. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to sext with Deku. With no repercussions, if he played his cards right. 


So, fuck it, how could he NOT?


Eijirou: Yeah...guess so...but you can still show me that pretty cock of yours, right?


He wasn’t really sure if it was something that Kirishima would EVER say, but Deku hadn't balked at a single response yet, so fuck it, he was all in now.


There were a few moments of nothing. Katsuki started to feel more than just the heat of arousal swirling in his gut, but the heat of adrenaline and anticipation. Sweat nearly prickling at his forehead, he swallowed thickly, wondering if maybe Deku figured out he wasn't really talking to his boyfriend. Finally, Deku’s response buzzed through and thank god , a photo was attached.


Izuku: Ohhh you wanna see my cock? Like this?


It was another fantastic mirror shot— was deku some kind of selfie master??— He stood in front of that full body mirror again with his thumb hooked into the waistband of his jock, pulling it down and exposing his cute cock beneath. Still pretty flaccid, but a bit swollen with the excitement of their interaction. It sat between his thick thighs and on top of a patch of perfectly maintained pubic hair. Katsuki salivated as he followed the trail of dark fuzz that continued down his thighs and towards his knees, getting thinner as it reached the deep cut line of his quads.


Shit, Deku was a god damn beast and getting to see his god-like body in nearly full glory with no repercussions was a fucking blessing.


Even if he was deceiving both him AND Kirishima at the same time.


Oh well. Katsuki made sure to forward each picture to his own phone and erasing the text receipt just for good measure.


He may be a jerk, but he wasn't an idiot.


Eijirou: fuck yeah, just like that babe. Show me some more...


Izuku: Oh you want more? Tell me what you want…


Deku was giving him a choice?? What a fucking gift. He needed to use it to his utmost advantage because he would definitely never get a chance like this again.


Katsuki pressed a palm into his hardness through the material of his sweats, trying to relieve some of the pressure but only succeeding in making himself throb against his hand.


Eijirou: Get yourself hard. I wanna see that pretty cock dripping for me…


Just typing the words out made Katsuki’s face hot. Sure, he could be brave hiding behind a device, and even more, Kirishima’s identity; but in reality, he’d never so much as spoken those words out loud alone, much less to someone else. Too nervous to sound like a loser, with the few partners he’d had, dirty talk just never slipped so easily from his tongue.


So this could be good practice, right?


Right. Try to justify the actions, man.


Eijirou: Let me see that cock baby. Get me hard too…


He hoped he wasn't being too pushy. The last thing he wanted to do was freak Deku out, but the fear dissipated when a few more pictures were sent to the inbox. Katsuki’s heart thumped rapidly— he could feel it in his throat— as his eyes roamed greedily over the new images.


"Oh shit…" Katsuki muttered below his breath trying to contain his growing excitement with another thrust up into his palm.


Deku’s large hand gripped his dick and holy shit the guy was a grower. Not so much long but thick, fat, and juicy. He could wrap his own large hand around it but Katsuki’s wasn’t so sure he could himself. The head was dark and delectable with desire; so flushed from the tip and all the way down to the base of that curly nest of pubes.


Katsuki wanted to bury his face in them so bad. Inhale the manly musk of Deku’s cock and balls. Post or pre-shower, he didn’t give a fuck. Pre shower would be so gross but so amazing. The smell of Deku’s hard work in his nose, the sweat on his tongue. So fucking hot. His cock throbbed and leaked at that thought alone.


God , Katsuki was so fucking desperate.


The second picture was even better. Again, Deku’s strong fist surrounded his thick length but this time, a gooey drop of precome slipped from his tip and hung off his slit before probably dripping to the ground below.


Katsuki licked at his lips hungrily, imagining what Deku might taste like. Thinking of licking his tip and sucking another squirt of precome onto his tongue….fuck. He looked at his own hard cock staining the front of his grey sweats with a noticeable wet spot. Like he was a fucking horny high school kid. Is that what that nerd Deku reduced him to? A horny teenager?


Eh, guess he could roll with that.


Izuku: How were those baby? Like my juicy cock? Wanna suck it for me?


Fucking god damn— Katsuki was losing his grip. Deku was getting bold, and maybe this wasn’t so rare for him and Kirishima’s relationship, but he sure as hell wasn’t used to seeing— rather, reading— this side of Deku. Seeing him take some control. Get a little greedy and pushy.


Hnnng— even THAT shit was hot. 


Eijirou: Yeah I wanna suck your cock so bad babe. Wanna fucking taste you. Wanna suck your dick dry. Can I suck your balls too?


Izuku: Fuck yeah you can...wanna sit on your face. Would you eat my asshole for me baby?


Katsuki’s hips bucked at Deku’s words as a moan bubbled up in his throat. Fuck yes he’d LOVE for Deku to smother him with his ass and thighs. Thick with muscle that could probably snap his neck, but the thrill of that was all part of the fun, right?


Unexpectedly, a photo followed. Another mirror shot from behind with Deku straddling the bench, twisting and arching his back so deliciously. Spreading his knees just enough that Katsuki could get a nice glimpse of that pretty pink hole between his spread cheeks. 


He even had the freckles on his ass, just like Katsuki imagined.


Called it.


Deku was absolute perfection. Katsuki wanted so bad to kneel just beneath that locker room bench and worship his assets. Suck on Deku’s hole. Lick at his rim and shove his tongue inside. Make Deku scream and shake, quiver and moan and finally come, twitching and clenching around Katsuki’s hungry tongue.


On top of everything, Katsuki had to admit that Deku was one brave motherfucker; taking such scandalous shots in a public place. Was he so sure that no one would show up? That they could catch him taking slutty selfies in the mirror? Did he even care?? The thought— no, FACT— that Deku wasn’t shy to do ANY of that shit at all made Katsuki SO much more horny than he'd ever felt about Deku in his life.


Shit, he almost forgot to respond. Katsuki sadly pulled his hand away from his aching dick and let his fingers tap rapidly over the keyboard while keeping a watchful eye out for any movement from his resting roomie.


Katsuki got filthy. Used the opportunity to live out his fantasies vicariously through Kirishima and his innocent— tch, yeah right— and unsuspecting boyfriend.


Eijirou: Fuck yeah I’d eat your perfect ass. Wanna make you come on my tongue baby. Wanna make you scream...


He should feel bad about it...but he'd worry about that later.


Eijirou: And look at you so fucking naughty taking such slutty pics in the locker room. You want the other guys to see you like that? See your hard dick and slutty hole? Or maybe you want them to watch me fuck you..? Want them to stroke their dicks to me splitting you open on my cock?


Woah, where did THAT come from??


Izuku: Ahhhh fuck yesss!!! I want them to watch...Want them to know I only belong to you…


Katsuki swooned, but his heart immediately clenched when he remembered that Deku was actually saying that to Kirishima. His ACTUAL boyfriend. The one he THOUGHT he was talking to— not weird, creepy Bakugou Katsuki who was texting him through a stolen phone. 


Regardless, his balls clenched up too at Deku getting off to the thought of being used in public. About wanting a bunch of nameless nobodies watching him get sucked and fucked and probably come all over himself. Hell, maybe he wanted them to come on him too? Deku was a dirty, horny motherfucker and Katsuki was SO glad to find all about this nasty side of his old middle school classmate.


Eijirou: Oh yeah you like that? I wanna bend you over that bench and have the whole wrestling team watch me fuck you. Watch me creampie your beautiful ass. Fuck, baby you’re gonna make me come. Are you touching yourself too? Want you to make yourself come…


Izuku: Fuck yeah, jerking off thinking of you. Right here in the middle of the locker room too. Don’t care who could see, just wanna see you…


Katsuki was d y i n g. Deku was the most perfect slut and just when he thought he’d seen the best— well, the best he could without ACTUALLY physically seeing him— he received another text.


A video.


Katsuki's skin prickled. Never expected Deku to go the whole nine yards. He scrambled for his headphones, heart racing as he glanced between the tangle of cords in his hands and Kirishima’s bed. Still snoring away, sleeping like a stack of bricks.


Thank fucking GOD.


Plugged in and earbud on— just one to keep an ear out for his roommate— he got comfortable and dived back into his sweats, grabbing his dick in one hand while pressing the play button with the other.


The video played, starting out a bit fuzzy before clearing up. A little shaky with movement, but that almost made it better. More real, unlike the overproduced shit you get with a lot of porn. It felt more attainable.


Tch, he wished.


There was a faint hum from the a/c in the background but Katsuki could hear Deku perfectly. The slick, wet sound of Deku jerking his cock matched with the sight was so much better than any still-shot. The camera was on selfie mode giving Katsuki the perfect view of everything . Deku’s hand working himself over. His tight abs flexing with every thrust of his hips trying to fuck into the circle of his fist. His strong pecs with adorable nipples that begged to be bitten and sucked on and the freckles that dotted over his chest and throat. Finally, his face; green eyes hooded and cheeks flushed as he moaned along with his eager strokes.


“Oh, fuck, Eijirou...ah, want you so bad...wish you were here to fuck me. Or suck my cock. Anything.” He tossed his head back with a deep moan and shifted the camera down to get a good view of his hand stroking faster over his slick cock. The head leaked precome so freely, dribbling out of his slit and oozing over his fingers. Katsuki wanted to lick it up for him. Clean up that fat dick of his juices. He stroked faster, legs spreading wider and breath hitching and the pitch of his voice grew higher. “Fuck fuck fuck, god yes~! You like watching me touch myself? You gonna come for me Ei? Because I’m gonna fucking come for you…”


Katsuki pulled his pants down his hips, enough to pull his own leaking dick out. He spit into his palm and hissed as he held himself tight, stroking to match Deku’s speed. He leaked all over his own fingers and his gut felt so hot as he watched Deku touch himself too. His cock throbbed hard as that normally sweet voice spoke so dirty and filthy and he imagined it was just for him, even with Kirishima’s name falling from his lips.


“Shit, fuck— oh god, you’re gonna make me come…” Deku’s eyes fell shut as he stroked fast. His cock twitched and Katsuki just knew he had to be close. His eyes bounced around; not sure what he wanted to focus on but ultimately decided on the head of Deku’s cock. So ready for that money shot. Wanted to watch Deku come and Katsuki's tongue lolled out, imagining catching every drop past his lips...


“Ah, fuck, yes yes yes, gonna come…gonna fucking come~!” Deku’s hand never stopped as his cock pulsed in his palm, shooting load after load of cum across his abs and chest. He was painted a pretty white, cum running down the hard bumps of his abs and pooling into his belly button. Once he was totally spent, he released his softening dick and showed his messy hand to the camera. “Mmm...look what you made me do. I’m such a naughty boy, guess I gotta clean it up, huh?” And with a sexy smirk and a hum, Deku slipped his cum-covered finger into his mouth, licking off his own jizz with his lips dragging up and down the length.


And that was it for Katsuki.


The video stopped at that moment— perfect— and he dropped the phone and shoved his fist to his mouth. His teeth bit down hard to stifle his moan. “Fffuck, Deku~!” His slim hips thrust up into his hand as he imagined fucking up into Deku. Imagined that fat, perfect ass bouncing on his cock as he jerked himself off just like the video. Imagined blowing his thick load into him as his balls pulsed hard and tight, cum staining his black tank top.


Fuck, he’d never come harder in his life.


Katsuki panted and winced, dick oversensitive from the force of his orgasm. He shucked off his ruined shirt and wiped his hand on the stained material while he caught his breath. Another glance and Kirishima was still sleeping like a rock. Unaware that his likeness was just used to persuade his boyfriend into giving out a free slutty show. Katsuki should feel bad. All of that was SO wrong. Unforgivable, honestly.


But could something so fucking amazing really be so bad?


Another string of texts came up. A bunch of shitty heart emojis and “I love you!”s and a photo of Deku looking spent, happy, and wet again— probably a second shower to wash away the evidence.


Yeah...Katsuki felt a little bad.


But he really couldn’t really dwell on it. He'd had his fun. Got his free show. Made sure to get a copy of that video. away with all of it.


Katsuki shoved his cock into his pants and tossed away his gross shirt. Ripped his headphones from Kirishima’s phone and finally got up to put the stolen device back in its place. RIght on the floor where he found it. As if it never happened. He could totally just pretend it never happened, right?


Kneeling on the ground, ready to place it face down— out of sight, out of mind— Katsuki stopped. He opened the text app and ignored the sappy smile that crawled across his face, sending one more response back to that hunky nerd.

Eijirou: <3

Chapter Text

Katsuki didn't have too many weaknesses. The cold was one, but that was more of a physical thing. Besides, who the fuck likes being cold?? The other was kind of a problem. A big one, especially when it was being exploited by that shitty Deku.


He may be his hero partner, but that didn't mean he wasn't a son of a bitch.


"Bakugou Katsuki is amazing ."


His name, GIVEN name, not some nostalgic childish nickname, echoed through the room, through his head, as Deku spoke into the provided mic prepared on the table in front of them; side by side, they say at some shitty q&a event set up by their PR manager for a boost in the ratings.


Tch, as if they weren't popular enough already.


It felt like every bit of press was there. Rows of bodies and way too many eyes. Camera shutters and fingers clicking on laptop keyboards— not that it would usually be a problem, but it was THAT day, and it was all god damn Deku's fault.


As usual.


Maybe Katsuki was just tired. It WAS post-shift. Still dressed for work, sans heavy gear and his eye mask. He knew his eyeblack was probably smudged a bit, but he couldn't bring himself to care. Not with the way Deku's voice carried his name like a tune. Not with the way he sang sweet, sweet praises about his beloved hero partner and secret REAL partner.


Okay, TECHNICALLY they were just under the table fuck buddies. Exclusive fuck buddies for three years now, who practically lived together and had never been with anyone else ever in all that time.






'Hero Deku, what is it like working with Ground Zero?'


The question silenced the crowd once more, and Katsuki's heart thumped so hard in his chest he thought someone would DEFINITELY hear it. It wasn't necessarily the anticipation of the answer, but more of the sensation of crooked fingers roving gently over his knee, leaving teasing caresses up his inner thigh.


"Working with Katsuki has always been a treat. He's fiercely strong and so brilliant . I couldn't imagine anyone else I'd rather have my back in the heat of battle." Deku was all sweet smiles on the outside, but on the inside, he was anything but. He knew exactly why those words did to his partner. Made Katsuki squirm at the unbridled praise that fell from his lips. Always had, whether it was from anger or arousal; though Katsuki didn't have much to be angry about these days when Deku whispered a litany of compliments into his ear, 'amazing, beautiful, the best.'


Katsuki may have gotten accustomed to Deku's mumbled affection.


The crowd scrambled for the next question though Katsuki barely noticed it with those fingers climbing higher and higher. Grazing the inside of his thigh and even his semi-hard dick, making Katsuki's skin tingle with excitement and a little bit of fear.


Ok, more than just a little bit .


Who was this Deku, so fucking brave to try (and succeeding) to get Katsuki's dick hard in front of a crowd of at least 100 people?


Right. He was kind of a jackass now. Much more outgoing than he was as a shy kid, this Deku was still kind and sweet and all that other good stuff.


He was also unmistakably fierce. 


It was SO hot.


Wonder where he learned THAT from?


'...ello? Excuse me? Ground Zero?'


"Huh?" He shook his head out of his stupor, though those wandering fingers never stopped.


'Again, what is the best part about working with long-time friend and now partner, Hero Deku?'


What WAS the best part about working with Deku? Katsuki COULD say, 'He's hard-working and will stick his neck out for anyone.  A true hero at his core and he does it all with a smile on his face. He's amazing, brilliant, and the best thing that's ever happened in my life.'


He could ALSO say 'He's a kinky motherfucker who will suck my dick in a back alley on patrol. A true slut at his core and he does it with that shit-eating grin on his face. Watching Deku fuck a villain up in that tight jumpsuit that leaves NOTHING to the imagination is the best thing that's ever happened in my life.'


But that would be bad. It definitely wasn't unlike the two of them to fool around in secluded corners and forgotten walkways. Touching and groping. Kissing and nipping. The thrill of their secret always making them yearn for each other and the thrill of getting caught made it that much hotter— even years later.


Goddamnit, he was hard. COMPLETELY hard. On stage, no less. Deku's fucking hand sliding up his thigh on a mission didn't make it any easier. 


Katsuki cleared his throat, "I'm the best around, and Deku's right behind me. We make a pretty good team, I guESS~!" and yelped as he felt the strong grip of Deku’s fingers grasping his cock through his pants.


The crowd erupted in laughter; whether it was at the embarrassing crack in his voice or at the VERY Bakugou Katsuki answer, he’d never know. Didn't give a shit. Barely even noticed it when those playful fingers stroked at his straining hardness.


If looks could kill, Deku would have been blown to fucking hell and back. Katsuki glared, eyes burning and teeth bared behind a hand to shield it from the crowd. ‘You stupid mother fucker! Quit your shit!’ was the message he hoped he gave, but Deku’s face replied, ‘I have no idea what you mean!’ as he gave a friendly smile. Beamed just like he does to make the girls go wild on the streets like he was some kind of fucking rock star. 


Pfft, if only they knew. 


‘Excuse me, Hero Deku! There are often comments on Ground Zero’s personality being a little brash .’ The crowd snickered, god damned assholes. ‘What do YOU have to say about the opinions that others have on the Explosive Hero?’


You would think Deku would cool it with the hand job as he entertained the crowd. Focus on making their exhibitionist actions unknown to the press. Imagine if they found out?


Apparently, Deku didn't care.


His fist squeezed , and he snickered quietly as Katsuki twitched in his hand. His desire apparent, despite all the bitching and balking he'd been doing. 


"Ah, yes. I've heard all of those comments surrounding my partner. All I can say is, I've known Ground Zero for many years. My entire LIFE basically, and while he can be a little rough around the edges…" He trailed off as another round of laughter started, ha ha real fucking funny, "He's also the most amaaaazing person you'll ever meet."


Katsuki's cheeks burned as Deku drew out the word, and his hand jerked up as well along with it. The rough friction of his pants rubbing the head of his dick made it that much more unbearable, along with Deku’s eager voice running on with endless adoration.


“...You’ll never find a better man out there. Strong-willed and determined, every day is another chance to prove himself as the best. To give his everything, because Bakugou Katsuki doesn’t do ANYTHING less than 100%. I trust him with my life, and I’m so proud to call him my partner and friend. So believe what you will, but Katsuki is the best around. Definitely worthy of being a top hero, and I hope you all can see that too.”


First and foremost, his little speech made Katsuki’s breath hitch, with the way the sticky sweet praises oozed from his lips like warm, gooey honey. Wrapped around him like some kind of comforting hug. Tugged at his heart in a way that left him with a sappy smile plastered to his lips. God, if he could reach across this table and plant a big fat kiss to those pretty lips he would.


But he wouldn’t.


Not with the way his heart thumped and cock throbbed as Deku continued to feel him up. Stroked at his hardness, and it was just not enough to get the job done. Even if he rutted his hips against Deku’s palm it wouldn’t give him what he really wanted. Wouldn’t sate the urge, the burn of arousal sitting deep in his gut.


And that fucking sucked.


‘Thank you both so much for your time!’


So that was that. A simple PR ass-kissing session that left Katsuki hot and bothered in more ways than one, thanks to fuckin’ Deku.


“Kacchan, let’s go.”


Too turned on and just ready to go home and get rid of the problem, he didn't say a word or bat an eye. Just followed the order and stood— while discreetly hiding his hard on— and followed behind his partner.


The backstage hallway was narrow and dark. Deserted, as everyone was still busy with the press, and a perfect place for Deku to back up against the wall and pull Katsuki flush against him.


“Kiss me.” Deku cooed, eyes hooded with desire. 


“What? Here?? Hell no!”


Deku wasn’t shy at all about looping his fingers into Katsuki’s belt and dragging him closer, pressing their dicks together through layers of fabric— and what do you know, Deku was hard as a rock too.


So tempting. SO fucking tempting to just devour his biggest fan, but even with no one around, it was still a huge risk. What if they got caught? The media would fucking flip. Their secret would be out, and Katsuki was willing to bet money it would make their little tryst a lot more awkward.


“Yeah, here, Kacchan. Want you so bad, I don’t care who sees. Want you NOW…”


But...maybe the risk was the best part.


Hips flush and mouths slotting together, their tongues met in a fiery kiss. Hot and burning, along with the heat between their legs. Rutting together like sloppy teenagers too tangling in each other to care about anything else.


“Mmm...feel so good, handsome . Love it when you’re hard for me…” Deku moaned and pulled them somehow closer. Chest to chest they kissed each other breathless. Hands roamed over hard muscles and fingers dug into unruly hair.


“Oh yeah? It’s all your fault, doing that shit out there. What the hell was THAT about?”


“Heh, I know you love praise. Love it when I whisper sweet nothings to you while we fuck. So yeah...couldn’t help myself I guess.” Deku snickered like it was totally okay to just give a handjob in front of every local news station in the surrounding areas. Unabashedly being horny despite the possible repercussions. What kind of a hero did shit like that?


Though Katsuki wasn’t any better as he pressed Deku up harder against the wall and nipped at an earlobe. “Coulda got us in a lot of trouble, dipshit. Is that something a good hero would do?” He taunted with another grind of their hips.


“Mmm, fuck—  well, maybe I just wanna be bad… ” Green eyes looked him up and down, staring at him like a piece of meat. One hand roughly grabbed a fistful of Katsuki’s shirt while the other ripped open a nearby door, tugging them both inside. An empty dressing room— thank god— and it was enough privacy for Katsuki to happily ravish Deku up against the wall again.


Tongues dipped into each other’s mouths and teeth bit just short of painful near the high collar of Deku’s uniform. Leaving a mark was too risky, but god did Katsuki want to sink his teeth into some flesh. Wanted to hear more of those sweet, sweet cries fall from Deku’s lips.


“Grr, shit , you ARE bad. What kind of a slutty hero gives a handjob in front of everyone?  Bet you wanted them to catch you. Bet you’d love it if they all watched, huh? If they all knew how filthy you are?”


Deku gasped at the feeling of fingers digging hard into his hips. “Hah, I just couldn’t help myself. You know I love when I get to gush about you. Tell everyone how amazing you are...shoulda told them how strong and handsome you look when you’re stuffing me full of your big cock. God , I love it so much— Kacchan— ah, fuck me now, please~ !” Deku begged, pleaded as he ran his palms up the hard bumps of Katsuki's abs. Up his firm chest and over sharp collar bones until his scarred fingers dug into his hair. Katsuki growled and Deku was happily rewarded with a slap to his thigh.


Fuck yeah , turn around for me.”


So much for playing it safe.


Hands to the wall, Katsuki pinned them there beside Izuku’s head, cheek flush to the cold paint. He licked at Deku’s ear and felt the rumble of a moan in his chest through the muscular back he pressed against.


“Mmm...c’mon handsome, wanna feel you inside of me. Gimme that fat cock…” Deku shook his ass, grinding against the arousal pressed against him as another slutty moan fell from his lips. It had Katsuki quickly pulling down the zipper of that trademarked forest green jumpsuit. He clicked open the belt and it fell to the floor with a thud so the black and green material could be pulled and bunched down to mid-thigh, leaving Deku in just his sleeveless compression shirt and black and orange jockstrap.


Yeah , Ground Zero colors. Deku WAS a fanboy to the core, after all.


Katsuki watched as his back arched, tight, black shirt clinging to every curve and muscle, while eager hands grabbed his own ass and spread himself open. “ Fuck , Kacchan, want you to split me open on your cock. Wanna feel it hard and fast. So good, just like I know you can...”


His own hands fumbled with his belt and zipper, dropping his pants as far as the garter would let him. He spit into his palm and slicked himself up, lining up right with Deku’s greedy hole.


“Oh yeah, you want this, Deku?" Katsuki teased at his opening, rubbing his cock over but never dipping in. "Tell me what you like about my cock the most and maybe I’ll let you have it.”


“Ah, l—love how big and thick you are. Always stretching me so good…” Deku whined as the head of Katsuki’s dick slipped in just a bit before sliding back out.  “Mmm— shit—  love how deep you can fuck me, love when you fill me up with every bit of your thick cum…”


Fuck, Deku was nasty. Nothing new, but it always felt like a punch to the gut. How someone who was so shy for so long could end up so filthy and debauched. It chipped at Katsuki’s patience, as he buried his cock further into Deku’s ass, dragging out a new batch of moans.


“Yes yes yes, god you’re so big~! Filling me up so good...Kacchan please , give it to me. Give me all of that big cock~!” Those first few inches were torture for Katsuki. So tight and hot as Deku squirmed and bucked his hips back, begging for more. Each plea went straight to his cock AND to his ego, and he gave Izuku exactly what he whined for, sliding in the rest of the way until his hips were flush to Deku’s firm, round ass.


Fffuck , you’re so tight. So hungry for my dick? Sucking me in so good— you want me to fuck you, baby?”


Deku reached behind him, wrapping his hand around the base of Katsuki’s dick, squeezing tight and rocking that thick arousal within him. “Yes! Fuck, give it to me— make me come on this big cock~!” 


He could never say no to that. Katsuki pulled out slow, then pushed in quick and shallow a few times. Izuku whined at each drag against his walls, arching his back to find that perfect angle.


“Oh god yes! Right there! Ohh, you’re so amazing. So perfect Kacchan…”


"Fuck, tell me more Deku. Tell me all the shit you love about me…" Maybe he was egotistical. More likely, he was insecure; either way Deku's selfless praise and endless devotion never failed to make arousal burn within him. Made his cheeks flush and his cock throb with every flattery and compliment thrown at him.


"Ah, y—you're amazing. Perfect. So strong and smart and sexy. The best Hero! Ah, I love your strong arms and perfect body. Love that cute, perky ass and your amazing tits!" Deku's tongue lolled out as he was fucked into mercilessly. He let himself be manhandled; Katsuki's fingers circling around his biceps and holding on for leverage.


"Fuck, keep going. Keep runnin' that slutty mouth of yours…"


"Hnngg, love when you say nasty shit to me. Love when you fuck me 'til I can't think straight—" His muttering turned to a loud moan when Katsuki found that perfect angle and abused it. "Fuck fuck fuck, love it— love— god, I love you~! "


Katsuki's eyes screwed shut in pleasure— at everything. Deku's body quivering and shaking, gasping and whining as he reached his peak; his ass squeezing and contracting tight, rim fluttering over every thick inch of his cock; those three little words that could easily make or break everything they've worked towards, and Katsuki wouldn't lie— they were the most amazing part of all.


“Shit~! Fuck , Deku— gonna make me come!” His hips slapped hard against Deku's ass, louder than both of their growls and whines and whimpers. Louder than each sweet and dirty confession, though not as loud as the message behind them.


Soft curls fell against his shoulder as Deku's head lolled back, spilling more sugary dirty talk over him. “Oh yeah, mmm, come for me, my Hero…”


Katsuki couldn't deny such a command, even if he tried. His hips stuttered erratically as he chased his own release. Holding Deku tight he spilled into him, cock and balls throbbing through it all as Deku continued to mindlessly mutter something. He caught snippets of 'beautiful, amazing, perfect, hot, the best' all of it so sweet when it came from Deku's lips…


His softening cock slipped out as Deku turned and kissed him. Kissed him sweet and giggled giddily in that post-fucking way he always does. In a way that Katsuki loved…


'I love you~!'


Right. That.


His heart sped up at the memory, even if it was just a few moments ago, but in the heat of the action, was it really something Deku meant? Did he say it as dirty talk? Did he really feel that way about Katsuki? Deku was never a liar. Especially not towards his partner and—


A flick to the nose cut off his thoughts.


"Ow, what the hell was that for?" Katsuki growled.


"You were muttering." Geeze, wonder where he got THAT from?


Red eyes wandered away and back, too nervous to face his own question head-on but too prideful to be a bitch about it. "Did you— did you mean what you said…?"


Deku's eyes went wide in shock, the realization that Katsuki knew splattered all over his face. "I— um, I mean— if, uh…"


"Just spit it out already."


He broke the intimidating eye contact. Eyes downcast and away— very unlike the confident hero.


"N—no. I...I didn't. I think I just got lost in the moment I'm...I'm sorry…"




Katsuki buckled his pants, arranging himself properly and backing away to let Deku do the same. His motions were slow and the air was filled with the stench of sex and the sound of awkward silence. Even the first time they fucked never felt like that.


Katsuki reached for the doorknob, looking over but not really watching.


Deku never lied, so why would he now?


"C'mon, let's go."

Chapter Text


“Man, you’re so lucky you get to get nasty with Deku-kun. Sounds like the dream…


Beer nearly went flying across the living room as both Deku and Katsuki choked mid-drink, their movie night rudely interrupted by Ochako’s obscene...compliment? As much as it made Katsuki fume, she was lucky Deku sat on the center couch cushion between them— Ochako on his left, Katsuki on his right— to prevent an altercation.


“The fuck, Cheeks?” Katsuki spat, wiping at the residual beverage dripping down his chin. “You just gonna say shit like that out loud??”


Their guest pouted as she leaned back against their couch’s armrest, legs curled up on her cushion. “Why not?? Deku’s so cute! I’ve always had such a big crush!” She pinched at a freckly cheek while giggling like a flustered schoolgirl, making Deku yelp. “He’s smart, cute, nice; like the perfect guy rolled into one! How could I NOT want to bang him?!”


Thank you?


“Okay, first off, stop saying dumb shit like that. Second, it ain’t that big of a deal—” Izuku gaped in annoyance before Katsuki patted his fluffy head. “—No offense, Deku.”


“Ohhh, well, if it ‘ain’t that big of a deal,’ ” Ochako mocked in her best Katsuki impression— it wasn’t very good, though. “Then you should let me fuck him.” Her confident eye contact and sassy, pursed lips would have probably been more threatening to a lesser man, but Katsuki wasn’t about to bow down to that shit.


“Fuckin’, excuse me??”


“Oh, you heard me,” She draped herself over the armrest like it was her throne, with bare legs not covered by her shorts sprawled out and over Deku’s lap. “Let. Me. Fuck. Deku.”


It was like the worst Mexican Standoff as fiery red and chocolate brown eyes bore into each other, waiting for the other to back down. Katsuki snarled as she rubbed her smooth legs together, grazing Deku’s thigh with her foot in the process. A sting of feral jealousy shot through him like a bolt of lightning, and maybe something else.


"Heh…" A goofy chuckle broke the silence as Deku placed a scarred hand across Ochako’s knee, already grinning since he was used to his best friend’s crass mouth. Ochako, that is. “Honestly, I’m kind of curious too, Kacchan. Would you let her and me…?” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively while playing along, too fucking shy to ask the REAL question. His hand stroked down and up her calf, and Katsuki nearly felt the steam rising from his ears. Ochako’s shitty snicker didn’t help one bit.


They both wanna play fuckin’ games? Well, Katsuki could play them too.


“Okay. Fine. Do it, then.”




“Well??” Katsuki called their bluff and apparently that was the LEAST expected outcome for that evening. Never play games with Bakugou Katsuki unless you’re expecting to lose.


Though, in this case, who was REALLY the winner?


“Waaaaait. Hah! You’re just gonna?? Let me fuck your boyfriend???” Ochako yelped, so shook with disbelief that she couldn’t help but laugh in their faces.


Katsuki took a prideful swig of his beer, lounging back and waiting for her move. “Tch, sure am. So put your money where your fucking mouth is and get on with it.”


She perked up, shoulders squared and so determined to follow through. To push the boundaries of this heated game of chicken. “A—alright, then! I will!”


Almost forgotten, Deku was merely left as the middleman— literally— and his eyes shot back and forth between the two. His fate rested on both of their shoulders, but the will was his alone. Did he WANT to have sex with his best friend? Wouldn't that complicate things? What about Kacchan? Wouldn't it be cheating? WAS it cheating if he had Katsuki's consent? 


He couldn't lie; the thought of being with Ochako wasn't so farfetched. He was drawn in by that bubbly personality and her willingness to be a great friend. She was the first person he met at UA, albeit in the most dumbass way.


There was also that fat booty and those thick thighs; short and strong, and her super cute blushy cheeks were the perfect cherry on top.


Not to mention her fantastic tits.


So, even if NO ONE asked, yeah— Deku was game too.


"Oh! H—hi…" So lost in thought, he hardly noticed when Ochako slid into his lap. Thick thighs framed his own and all he could do was mumble giddily with flushed cheeks. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders in a way that was much more forward than her normal friendly hugs.


Fuck, was this REALLY HAPPENING?


Yeah, it sure was, confirmed when Ochako's pretty, plush lips covered his own. Kissing her was different than when he kissed Kacchan. Kacchan was passionate and overwhelming. Like a strong tide rolling over and pulling Deku in— and he was more than willing to let himself drown.


Ochako was sweet and light. Like an inconspicuous mixed drink, she sat fruity on his tongue but had an underlying strength that Deku knew if he took one too many sips he'd be knocked on his ass.


And maybe he wanted to get wasted.


Her flowery perfume wasn't too overwhelming, as they grew closer and closer, lips smacking slightly while they moved together and tongues curling playfully. Her hands grasped his shoulders as they explored; their impromptu intimacy so new and exciting.


And of course, interrupted by an irritated groan.


"Woooow, is that all ya got, Cheeks?" It was clearly a taunt as their lips broke apart and Deku shamefully chased after them. "Making out like virgin teenagers? Tch, Deku's good for WAY more than that."




"What? It's true!"


Ochako pouted, wiggling her hips to find the semi-hard dick poking at her thigh. It made her yearn for something more. More than just making Katsuki choke on his own words.


"Hmph! Fine! You want more! How 'bout this?!" Faster than either boy knew she could move, Deku's shirt was ripped over his head and her own followed. Clad in just her shorts and sheer nude bra, she grabbed her bare-chested boy toy by the hand and pulled him to his feet. "C'mon Deku, bedroom."


If Izuku didn't know any better, it could have been Katsuki commanding him into their bedroom with her bossy tone and overbearing presence.


"Nope! Wait!" Katsuki halted their movements with an assertive hand held up. "Where the hell ya think you're going?"


"To go fuck your boyfriend."


Katsuki scowled, "Nah, I don't think so. If you're gonna fuck, I get to be there, too.


"Perv! You lookin' for a threesome, sweetie?"


"Never said that. Just wanna make sure you don't do some kinda weird shit to him."


Ochako scoffed. "Heh, you mean me having sex with YOUR partner on a whim ISN’T weird?"


"Fuck off, you know what I mean."


"Okay, fine. You wanna watch, ya dirty creep, go right ahead." She shrugged casually, tugging Deku closer and wrapping her arm around him. "So, can we do this already or are you just stalling for time? You know, if you wanna stop you can always chicken out…"


If anyone knew anything about Bakugou Katsuki, they knew he would never back down from a challenge.


He pointed to their bedroom door, stone-faced and serious. "Get your ass in there and fuck Deku."


With a sassy salute, she practically skipped across the living room, dragging a flustered Deku behind her. While he expected a nice evening with his best friend, he sure as FUCK never expected THIS.


The Bakugou-Midoriya bed was big enough for the two of them to sprawl out comfortably. A third could be added too, but Katsuki took the plush chair just off his side of the bed.


"Whaaaat? You don't wanna sit with us? How rude!" Ochako patted at the mattress, reaching over Deku's hard body to invite him over.


"Shut it and get on with it. Unless YOU'RE stalling for time…" He mocked her with her own words and an awful, high-pitched impression, "but if you wanna stop, you can always chicken out.. "


"Ha! Wouldn't dream of it~" Her perfectly manicured fingers held tight to the waistband of Deku's shorts ripping them AND his underwear down in one aggressive swoop, leaving him suddenly exposed.




"Oh my god! Deku! You've got so many cute freckles!" Ochako squealed in delight, eyes roving over every inch of his tanned, freckly flesh. 


"—thank you???"


From his scarred-over arms to the dark trail of hair leading from his belly button to places further south, her gaze led and her fingers followed. Down to the hardening cock sitting between muscular thighs that Ochako always guessed were as fantastic as they actually were, here in the flesh. No clothes to act as a barrier.


“Wow, would you look at that?” She addressed Katsuki with a confident glare, running the tip of her fingernail lightly along the swollen length and making Izuku hiss. “He’s hard. For ME. How’s that make you feel?”


Katsuki rolled his eyes in annoyance. “Tch, don’t flatter yourself. Deku gets hard when the wind blows just fuckin’ right.” Ochako laughed and he did too; poor Deku groaned, the butt of one of their jokes once again.


“Aww, c’mon. You’re having a good time,” Her fingers closed around him, stroking upwards once firmly along his cock. “Right, Deku?”


“Ohh!” Izuku gasped, in pleasure and in shock. He’d honestly never had another hand on his dick besides Katsuki’s and his own. Ochako’s hand felt so different, somehow. Softer in some places, but rougher too, like on the tips of her fingers from the use of her quirk.


“Mhmm, that’s what I thought.” She stroked him slowly to full hardness, eyes falling back and forth between both men. She felt like a queen with both of them at her whim, and honestly, what a fuckin’ boost to the ego. Even more so when Deku’s cock drooled a drop of precome and his hips began to gently buck up into her fist. “Don’t get mad because Deku-kun likes me too…”


Another scoff fell from the direction of the chair as Katsuki leaned back, arms crossed, but he was at a loss for real words as the rest of Ochako’s clothes came off. Bra, shorts, and frilly panties slung off the side of the bed, unabashedly bare on his sheets. Katsuki was as gay as they could come, but he still felt his face heat up. Maybe it was from embarrassment, perched fully dressed on the sidelines while Ochako and Deku sat nude; though, probably something more, as his cock began to stir in his sweatpants.


“You’re touching his dick. W—what do you expect? 'Course he’s gonna get hard.” Katsuki played off the waver in his voice with a cough. “If you’re trying to piss me off, you’re gonna have to try harder than that, Cheeks.”


“Ah, harder , eh?” She held firm to Deku’s cock again, holding him upright and at attention. “Heh, yeah, I can do harder.” As she kneeled off to the side, her head bowed down as she easily took him down her throat.


“Ah~! Oh my god~!” Deku cried, not prepared for the full assault of Uraraka Ochako. The tight heat of her throat wrapped around his cock like warm velvet. Her tongue, her lips, everything felt amazing as she worked her mouth over his length. Saliva dripped down onto her hand, holding the rest of him that she couldn’t take down.


Deku was thick. Long too, but the girth had her pretty pink lips stretching wide to accommodate.  Chocolatey eyes glanced up at every rise of her head, meeting the intense glare of the only other person who had ever touched that cock. “Mhmm…?” Ochako's hum was more like a question, silently asking, ‘Whatcha think about this?’ as the fire of their competition still burned bright.


Katsuki chuckled, chin resting in his hand. "You know, that dick's been in my ass, right?"


And so her eyes rolled away.


Despite his stupid outburst, Ochako still felt her pussy tingle with excitement. She was wet; she could feel her slick slipping past her lips and dripping to the grey sheets below. Deku’s cock was deliciously heavy on her tongue and every one of his breathy moans and sighs made her ache. His scarred hands gripped tight at the pillow cushioning his head as he held himself back. Held back from running his hands through her hair and holding her head down. Ochako would be lying if she said she hadn’t thought about what Deku’s big, strong hero hands were capable of, but she was more than willing to find out.


She took a big breath as she sat back up, leaving Deku’s hips still thrusting for more attention. “Mmm, you taste so good, Deku. Your cock’s so big…” Her fingers carded gently, like a lover, through the unruly curls and pushed them away from his forehead, leaving a sweet kiss in their place. “Would you return the favor for me?” Her voice was smooth and comforting, like warm honey.


Katsuki’s heart sped up with something between bitter anger and arousal. Reminded so keenly of Deku, the passionate lover. The giver. The guy that got pleasure out of YOUR pleasure. Could come in his pants just from giving a blow job. That was HIS Deku. The thought of Deku giving himself so wholly to someone else made his blood boil, even if that blood went straight to his dick.


Izuku nodded quickly, still too breathless for actual words. He didn’t make a move to stop her as Ochako straddled his chest backward and scooted her ass back until she sat just short of his chin. Green eyes grew darker as her fat booty was on full display for him and the warm wetness of her pussy on his chest made him flustered even further.


He didn’t DARE make eye contact with the figure on the chair.


Katsuki watched the descend in slow motion. Ochako positioning herself over Deku’s face, knees straddling his head as she slowly lowered her ass down. Those familiar, crooked fingers dug into the meaty flesh of her thighs, probably so overwhelmed with lust, if Katsuki knew better. The quivering moan that left Ochako's lips almost made him do the same as he watched Deku indulge in her pussy; toes curling in pleasure and dick leaking onto his abs., he’s so good with his tongue...ah, no wonder you keep him around…” Ochako giggled breathlessly, ignoring Deku’s whine that was nothing more than a wet mumble as he was smothered in delicious pussy.


Katsuki grunted. “Hmph. Guess you’re right about that one.” Again, Deku made an attempt to protest but gave up when fingers pinched rudely at his nipple.


"Aw, Deku-kun, you're so cute!"


Her hips rocked faster and Ochako’s tits sat so cute and perky, hanging slightly as she braced herself against Deku’s hard abs. Shaking with every twist of her hips and grind of her cunt. From Katsuki’s angle, he could see where her lips separated and Deku’s tongue played with the folds of her pussy. Could clearly see the outline of her clit hanging and disappearing as Deku sucked her into his mouth.


"Aha~! Yes— mmm, Deku, you suck pussy so goooood~ !"


Holy FUCK why was that so hot??? Katsuki had NEVER gotten off to a single second of straight porn. Never cared to be with a woman in any possible fashion. But the way Deku so eagerly lapped at her cunt, slick wetness dripping down his chin and neck to pool in the dip of his collarbone made his dick unbelievably hard. He felt the ache of arousal and the sticky residue of precome in his boxers and the only way to sate any of it was the inconspicuous grind of the heel of his hand against his erection.


Or, maybe NOT so inconspicuous after all.


“Oh. My. God. Bakugou Katsuki. Are you getting off to this? ” Ochako giggled, lifting her hips from Deku’s face as he gasped for air. “Are you freakin’ hard, dude?”


Called out. Caught in the act. Katsuki had two choices; Lie was one. Lie and pretend he wasn't rock hard as he watched them fuck. The other was the truth. Tell the truth and own up to it. Don't give Ochako the satisfaction of catching his fib.


Katsuki was a lot of things; a jerk, an asshole— but a liar he was NOT.


In true alpha fashion, he met her in the middle of their little game, slouching back in his seat to spread his knees and whip his own dick out. "You're fucking right I am." He stroked himself slow and teasing for the three of them, all eyes on Katsuki. Even Deku had sat up on braced elbows.






"Quit starin' ya losers, and get to the good shit already."


Katsuki could be rude and bossy. Pushy and deceptively needy; but when he made a demand like that...who were they to deny it?


Izuku didn't have much of a say regardless, as Ochako turned on the spot. Straddling his chest and facing him, he finally got full view of her bangin' body. Strong arms and legs framed her small, compact body. Hard work and dedication showed through her strong figure. She was thick in all the right places; plush thighs and full, perky tits a blessing to lay eyes on. Beautiful, in a completely different way from Kacchan. The only thing that broke his endlessly wandering eyes was the feeling of wet warmth resting above his cock.


Ochako's sweet, sweet pussy. She slotted his cock between her lips, grinding down against his length. "You wanna fuck my pussy, Deku? Your boyfriend wants you to…" She teased, looking right at Katsuki and poking her tongue out with a wink. "He said you should give me this big cock. He told me it feels REALLY good. Said you could make me come really hard... and I want it, too… "


Every swipe of her wet pussy and roll of her hips was amazing. Hell, he wasn't even inside of her and she felt glorious. The slide of their flesh very familiar yet completely different than Kacchan. 


Not that he wanted to compare! But a rare opportunity like this? He sure as fuck was gonna compare.


"Yeah, I want to...let me fuck you…" Deku's hands ran up her thighs, grabbing hold of her thick hips. His cock throbbed and belly fluttered with excitement at the thought of pushing past her slick opening. "Fuck— please… "


Ochako giggled, squeezing her tits together with both hands. "God, you're so cute… " Her eyes fell to Katsuki as he continued to stroke himself slowly while waiting. "You're a pretty lucky guy, Bakugou."


He snorted a snicker. "Yeah. I know." And Deku laid flustered, left at their whim to bask in their affection. Freckled cheeks grew hot from both the teasing at his cock and the teasing at his ego.


“Kacchan…” Deku finally took a brave glance to meet his boyfriend’s gaze, too nervous before to find burning anger and jealousy, but only to be met with Katsuki’s air of confidence. His cock was hard in his palm, obviously enjoying something , and his relaxed posture said so much. “Are you...a—are you sure?”


As if asking for total permission NOW was an appropriate move at all, Katsuki still quelled his nerves. Moved over to the bed, knee dipping into the mattress as he left a chaste kiss to Deku’s sweaty forehead. “You’re fine. Have fun.” He sat back down, waiting for his matinee. “Give me a good show, Deku.”


Ochako’s stomach fluttered at the heartfelt sight, not used to the romantic and domestic ways Katsuki doted on Izuku behind closed doors. He was never one for PDA, but she knew Katsuki treated him right. Knew it in the way Deku always looked at him like a lovestruck teenager. Like he’d always looked at him so many years ago.


“You ready, baby?” She cooed, smoothing her hand over his chest.


Deku looked between them, a pang of guilt still lingering. It all happened so fast. It started as a stupid joke; how did it end up like this?? With his dick hard and resting against Ochako’s pussy while Katsuki watched them from the corner. 


“Deku, it’s fine. She’s gonna take care of you.” He reassured.


Ochako did too. “Mhmm!”


If everyone said yes harm, right? Izuku sighed, relaxing against the sheets and nodding slightly. “...Okay.”


So, so hot was Ochako’s pussy as she lifted up, held him firm, and began to sink down. The tip slid in easily with her wetness, and the rest of him soon followed. Inch by inch he was hugged by tight velvety walls. Her quivering gasps were music, as she took him to the base. Strong thighs sat together when he bottomed out, and at that point, he couldn’t hold in his own excitement either.


“Oooh... fuck , your pussy’s so tight…” Deku’s body tingled eagerly, desperate for her to move. Desperate to feel her cunt slide and stroke and clench his dick in that soaking wet cavern. “Shit, I—I can’t take it—ah, fuck me, please !” Izuku was no stranger to begging; always a willing participant, in fact. Thankfully, Ochako was MUCH nicer than Kacchan was.


Kacchan was a sadistic ass.


“Mm, yeah I can do that for you, baby…” Her hips raised, leaving in just the tip before sinking back down, leaning forward as well to swallow up Deku’s needy moan with a kiss. Tongues slipped together, sharing the taste of her pussy between them, not like she cared. Too turned on to notice a thing except for the feel of Deku splitting her open. The warmth of arousal so heated between them. The sound of Katsuki from beside them.


Before his voice, they heard the slick sound of a lube-covered hand stroking his cock. Not too fast, but definitely faster than before. Katsuki breathed harshly, and he was almost certain they could hear the rapid thumping of his heartbeat. “Oh, fuck…” He sighed as he sped up his rhythm, twisting his hand at every upward stroke. “Yeah, Deku, fuck her pussy good. Wanna see her coming on that fat dick…” From the new angle, he could clearly see Ochako stretched wide around his girth, lips parted to accommodate his size. Felt a surge of pride as she moaned loudly, knowing just how good that cock could feel, especially when Deku’s knees bent, gaining leverage to start bucking up into her cunt.


“Ah! God, yes! Fuck—Deku, so goooood~!” Ochako whined helplessly as Izuku’s hips slapped against her ass, sinking further and further into her sweet bliss. Her tits bounced with every harsh thrust and her eyes glazed over as she began to get lost in pleasure; but not lost enough that she couldn’t throw out more snarky shit talk.


“You like watching Deku fuck me?” Her eyes met Katsuki again over her shoulder, noticing the dark flush and the dribble of precome slipping from his cock. “That’s so dirty, Kacchan… ” She giggled through her moans, loving the look of irritation that flashed across his face.


He wanted to strangle her for using that name. A name only reserved for Deku’s lips. Overwhelmingly and oddly possessive, especially for the situation at hand. “Don’t flatter yourself, Cheeks. Just get fucked.” He wasn’t sure if he meant it literally or figuratively— probably both— but he didn’t really care, too focused on watching Ochako take the reigns. She planted her feet to the bed as she braced herself on Deku’s capable thigh, one hand digging into the hard muscle while the other disappeared between her legs. The telltale motion of her fingers working her clit was just out of sight, but the look on Deku’s face was the proof that the new position was tighter, faster, better


Ochako was ruthless in how she rode his cock. Hard and fast, up and down. She squeezed tight around him as she added the pleasure of her fingers flicking over her clit quickly. Panting as she worked both of them closer and closer to an inevitable orgasm. Deku’s gut clenched tight at her body tensing, mouth opened into a silent moan before spilling eager cries from her pretty plush lips.


“Ohhh, my god yes yes yes , fuck fuck, I’m— I’m gonna come~!” Deku felt the first few pulses of her strong contractions, pussy clamping down tight as her orgasm hit. He was overwhelmed and completely shocked at the next sensation of his cock slapping against his abs as she released him and a hot gush of liquid hit him on his stomach and chest, splashed up against his chin and he’d be lying if he said it wasn’t the hottest fucking thing he’d ever seen.


"Ah~ O—Ochako! Wha?? Hnng, oh my god??!" 


Ochako’s pussy squirted pulse after pulse of cum, drenching Deku and the sheets beneath them. She threw her head back and cried her throat practically raw as calloused fingers still dragged hard across her clit while she rode out the rest of her orgasm, hips still bucking with every throb of her cunt. Her pussy dripped pathetically when she was spent, but not at all close to done. Again, her lips cradled Deku’s cock as she ground against his hardness.


"Holy shit~" Katsuki groaned, fingers jerking his cock quickly to match the pace of Ochako's thrusts. He could see the wetness of her juices slick across Deku's chest and even the few drops that dripped loosely from his chin.


Green eyes screwed shut as the entire experience— Ochako's tight body, the warm cum dripping down his torso, even Kacchan's burning and watchful eye— became too much. The slick grind of her pussy rutting against his cock brought him so close, but the sound of Kacchan's loving growl commanding him, "Oh yeah~ come for me, baby…" had him finally spilling over the edge.


"Ah, ah~! Oh fuck— oh god I'm— I'm~!" Deku's ball drew up tight as he finally came, blowing his load all over himself. His cock twitched with every pulse and spurt, toes curling as his own cum mixed with Ochako's. Pooled in the dips of his abs to make the most delicious mess.


Too fucked out, panting and gasping, the two on the bed didn't even notice Katsuki's blissful moan. It ripped from his throat right when Deku reached his peak, coming along with his longtime lover. His hand jerked fast, hips bucking up to fuck his fist as his balls pulsed and he milked his cock for every drop. Cum spilled over his fingers as he growled and moaned and it pooled messily down to the blond curls below.


"Holy FUCK, you two…"






With all three thoroughly and completely wrecked, they began the awkward transition between horny impulsive decisions, to making sense of it all. Katsuki wiped his hand on his shirt while Izuku tried to get his head to stop spinning. Ochako slid off Deku's cock with a hiss, still too over-sensitive from her orgasm, and fell to the soaked sheets below.


Katsuki scowled as he finally noticed the dark wet spots generously adorning his favorite grey sheets. "Wh— you kiddin' me with this mess, Cheeks?? You probably soaked piss through to the fuckin' mattress!"


"Ehh?? It's not like I can control it!" Ochako yelped, throwing her own nasty scowl back and slipping off the bed. "And, hey!! That's not pee, stupid!!"


"Both of you shut uuuup!" Deku chimed in with a drunken slur, but they ignored him, still in favor of arguing with each other. 


"You ruined my bed! Clean your weird shit up!


"Heh, but I'm a GUEST! You wouldn't make a house guest ACTUALLY clean , would you??" She giggled as she ran towards their connected bathroom in a near sprint.


"Aye! Get your ass back here—!"


And so they all learned a lot that night. Ochako was just a fierce as both boys remembered; Katsuki had a soft spot for the tiny hero (even if she completely desecrated his bed); and Izuku was weak to every whim of both his favorite people.


He hummed and giggled giddily as he was left alone in a cum-soaked pile on the bed. "Mmm...I love you both soooo muuuuch…"

Well...maybe that one wasn't such a revelation after all.

Chapter Text

Deku was a fighter. Strong-willed and determined. Stared villains in the eye with an unwavering glare because that’s what heroes do. He was a standing pillar in the face of danger, always ready to throw his life on the line for the good guys.


Sure, Deku was determined and strong, but if he was weak to anything, it was to his Kacchan.


It never took much to have Izuku bending to his will. Just a deep coo of his name, 'De~ku…' and not even his given name, but a nickname from long ago that meant so much more than Izuku ever could.


Which was exactly why he found himself bashfully tugging at the hem of the dark green pleated skirt that had begun to ride high up his thighs while they stood in the corner of a quiet train.


Katsuki had asked so nicely, 'Would you wear this for me…?' as he held the outfit on a hanger that dangled dangerously from his outstretched finger. A familiar pleated skirt and white button-down topped off with a bright red tie. All the girls in their class wore it, so it wasn’t anything new. How Katsuki got it, Izuku would never know, as he hesitantly accepted the proposition with a stutter and a nod...


“, o—okay, Kacchan…”

He didn’t ask for much, just wanted Deku to put on the outfit, ‘TRY to look pretty for me, okay?’ and meet him at the train station. Izuku was well aware of the hungry look in Katsuki’s fierce eyes as he approached him at the platform. Felt like he was being devoured from just a look alone. The heat of his stare that ran up the black knee-high socks and stopped at the hem of the skirt. Up towards the summer button-down that was a tad bit too tight and highlighted his slim waist and strong chest.


Despite the looks occasionally thrown his way, making anxiety creep up his spine, Deku had never felt more desired and wanted as he did when Kacchan looked at him like THAT. With a deep-seated hunger. Like a beast lying in wait, ready to attack.


And Izuku was captivated by it.


The train rocked gently with the sway of a curve and Izuku gasped when he felt a hand tickle playfully at his hip. "You look cute, baby girl…" Deku flushed at Katsuki's whispered confession. Baby girl?   He crowded in close as calloused fingertips trailed lower and left warmth against Deku's skin. They played along the patch of flesh between the top of the socks and the bottom of the skirt, eagerly ducking beneath the pleated fabric to climb higher. "You get all dressed up like this for daddy?"


Izuku's cheeks flushed hot beneath his freckles. "Mmhm…" He could only hum and nod, too preoccupied with the deep growl of 'daddy' , the fingers that tickled at the sensitive skin of his inner thighs, and the few other passengers that, even if they were on the far opposite end of the train cart, posed as a terrifying threat.


Getting caught dressed like this AND getting felt up on a train? How embarrassing. That was probably why Kacchan asked for the outfit.


Izuku shivered as one hand rested on his hip possessively while the other continued upward beneath his skirt. Katsuki's fingers delved into the part of his thighs, fondling at cute plump balls through the material of his underwear. "Ah, Ka—Kacchan…" Deku gasped when those tricky digits skimmed at the hardening length of his cock. He grasped at one strong bicep for balance as the train rocked unsteadily again.


"Shit, what's this ? My baby girl hard for me?" Izuku shook his head and tried to push Katsuki's hands away. Tried to squeeze his knees together because well, yeah, he WAS hard, but he didn't expect Katsuki to get this handsy with people around. Expected him to be a tease until their destination, where they'd run to the closest restroom and Kacchan would bend him over the sink, lift the hem of his skirt and stuff him full of cum. 


"Nah, I know you're hard, dirty girl…so hard just for me, you're so nasty…" Katsuki mocked as he pinched the tip of Deku's cock, drawing or a whine. As he palmed his balls, fueled by Deku's desperate-to-hide mewls. Katsuki was always an overwhelming presence, making Deku's head spin with arousal. His body warm and looming and his breath hot and seductive in his ear. "Want me to make it better? Want me to suck your pretty little pussy?"  


Izuku couldn't hold in the shaky moan that fell from his tongue. So filthy were Katsuki's words, and even better his lips that left a sweet kiss to the corner of Izuku's mouth before he made the descent down to his knees. Deku held tight to the rail support as his own knees felt like jelly on the rocky ride, throwing a glance over his shoulder towards the other passengers. Surely they would notice two high schoolers, one suggestively on their knees in front of the other??


Or, maybe not.


A finger snapped the waistband of his underwear, also snapping him out of his thoughts. A cool rush of air hit Izuku's thighs as the hem of his skirt was lifted for Katsuki to take a peek beneath. "Oh shit, what's THIS, Deku?" Fingers and eyes roved over the exposed undergarment, finding the frilly pink panties barely containing Izuku's now fully hard cock. "Those're some cute little panties ya got there. You’re already soaking through them, that’s so dirty…” Izuku whined as Katsuki’s lips found the spot of wetness on the cotton material and sucked the tip of his dick through it. 


“Kacchan, wait...t—there’s people watching…”


“Mmm…” Katsuki moaned at the taste, sucking Deku’s precome from the soaked fabric. “So? Lucky them, I guess.” He knew better. Knew the angle would make things difficult for anyone on the opposite end to see. But Deku didn’t, and the thought of that nerd feeling so bashful and humiliated while he got felt up and liked it made his cock throb in his pants with desire.


Katsuki’s fingers swiftly pulled those little pink panties down. Down past his knees until they sat around Deku’s ankles, over those stupid red shoes. Izuku’s cock twitched as it tented the front of his skirt, course material rubbing the head so deliciously, but it was nothing compared to Kacchan lifting the front hem again and lapping at the exposed head. 


“Ah~! Kacchan…” Izuku mumbled into his fist to hold back his moans as that hot tongue worked its way down. Dipped into his slit before circling the crown and even further, tracing the thick, throbbing vein before licking at his balls. Katsuki’s mouth was so soft and wet when he took one, then the other into his mouth and circled his tongue around each of them. “Oh my god, yes… ” Izuku felt himself leaking, absolutely needy . Precome dribbling from his tip and a sticky string falling to the ground below.


“Fuck, you’re wet for me, want daddy to suck your little pussy?” Katsuki looked up with a devilish smirk as his hand gently stroked at Deku’s cock.




“Say it.”


“I— I want—” Izuku’s ears felt hot and tears welled up in his eyes as he glanced around again, hoping no one knew what they were doing or saying. Hoping everyone was minding their own damn business like they should be.


Because it sure didn't feel that way.


“I— ah, s—suck my pussy... please , daddy…”


Katsuki's devilish grin was always a welcome sight, always a promise of fulfilled desires. “Mmm, yeah, I got you, baby.” Were the last words before his pretty blond head disappeared beneath the fabric of Deku’s skirt.


Kacchan was amazing at everything. Always had been, so why would sucking cock be any different? He took Deku down easily, all the way to the dark curls below. Not that it was difficult; Deku wasn’t long. He had a cute, chubby little dick, perfect for Katsuki to take down balls deep while moaning around the heavy weight of it on his tongue.


Deku’s grip on the railing grew tight, knuckles white as he tried to keep his balance. His knees quivered with every downward motion, sinking deeper into Kacchan’s throat; then, every upward slide, extra suction making his toes curl in his shoes. He couldn’t see Katsuki’s head, skirt overlapping every bit of blond below, but he definitely didn’t miss the motion of Katsuki’s left arm moving back and forth.


Holy shit, he was jerking off.


A better glance down proved Izuku right, as Katsuki’s pants were unbuttoned and unzipped as he unabashedly stroked his hardness while on his knees. His own cock red and dripping as he worked Deku over and moaned in pleasure around the dick down his throat.


“Kacchan...I’m— oh my god, yes yes yes… ” Izuku whispered through clenched teeth as low as he could, hoping Katsuki heard his warning. His gut clenched tight and his hips rocked forward. The back part of the skirt brushed against his thighs with every thrust. Everything began to mount in pleasure; Katsuki’s mouth, his hand stroking up Deku’s thigh, and Kacchan finding so much arousal in it all that he couldn’t keep his hand out of his own pants. It was too much as Deku felt his balls drawing up tight when he quickly reached his peak. “Ohh, fuck, daddy I—I’m gonna come~!” He bit into his fist to quiet his moans as he spilled into Kacchan’s mouth. Felt every pulse and spurt catch between hungry lips.


Mmmhm… ” Katsuki groaned, his own hips bucking as he worked his cock with vicious strokes, fucking into his fist until finally blowing his load all over Deku’s pretty panties still locked between his ankles. Perfectly angled each squirt of cum to land inside the frilly cotton as they both shivered from overstimulation.


Deku panted fiercely as Katsuki appeared in sight again, face flushed from the humid prison beneath the skirt. He opened his mouth to show off the milky load within, letting it roll around his tongue before swallowing it down with ease.


“’re so gross…” Izuku whimpered, then yelped as a pair of warm, sticky panties were pulled back up and nestled his dick and balls in Katsuki’s cum.


“Me??” Katsuki balked, standing to leave a slick kiss to Deku’s pink and bitten lips. “You’re the filthy little girl, Deku, running around with cum in your panties, right?”


Izuku looked down and away shyly, but ultimately, yeah; it was the truth. “Yes, daddy. I’m your...d—dirty little girl.”


And Katsuki could only chuckle a retort as warm hands soothed through Deku's curls. “Yeah, that’s what I thought, baby.”

Chapter Text

The lights were low and the music was loud at Plus Ultra strip club, the best place in town to find the hottest men around. Not normally a place you would find Midoriya Izuku; quiet and bashfully office worker. Just doing his normal 9-5, or sometimes 7 or 8 or 9.


His coworkers Ochako and Tsuyu had been insistent on him taking some time off. "At least come out for drinks with us! Or just take a long weekend!" And while they had his best interests in mind, Izuku was fine . He didn't NEED a vacation and he was perfectly happy spending his quiet evenings alone. 


Until he wasn't.


Slaving away for the machine had gotten the best of him and after another way too long work week and another way too long Friday, Izuku needed to blow off some steam. Tension had been high, with sleepless nights and sleepless mornings.  Playing video games and jerking off weren't doing a damn thing to get rid of Izuku's rampant restlessness, so he decided to take the long train to the other end of town to a little place called Plus Ultra.


Izuku had never been to a strip club. Never even thought about it. What did he hope to accomplish? What even drove him to come? He had no fuckin' clue, but he pulled up the hood of his jacket and walked past the front door security with a wad of cash and nothing to lose. 


Well, except the wad of cash.


A drink at the bar was a necessity. A little liquid courage. He couldn't fathom approaching one of these dancers without it. Beautiful men that ranged from cute and flirty to sexy and smoldering. From intimidating as fuck, to completely and 100% out of Izuku's league. 


Though, that obviously didn't matter, as long as they got paid, right?


Izuku took his drink to a small table towards the back. Still a decent view of the main stage as a cute blond twink flaunted himself on the pole. People whistled and hollered and tossed cash on the extravagant stage and the dancer— Chargebolt? Was that his name?— thrived on the attention, if his broad, cheeky smile said anything. 


At least he seemed to enjoy his job.


"'Sup? Look a little lonely… "


With eyes transfixed to the stage, Izuku hadn't noticed the hard body that had snuck up next to him until a warm, leather-clad hand traced along his slim shoulders and that voice sang, deep and provocative. An invitation, as the owner of said voice, filled his line of sight.


Holy shit.


Hot could be the word. Maybe sexy. Beautiful would probably be best. He was tall and strong with ivory skin stretched taut over firm muscle. Dark leather straps in the form of some kind of harness wrapped across his body, accentuating his ample chest adorned by pretty pierced nipples. A pair of tiny black shorts hugged snugly at what Izuku would assume was quite a large package, but the matching leather garter with silver buckles digging into his thighs made it hard to decide if that was an accurate statement or not.


This guy may have been a stripper, but he was also the most beautiful person Izuku had ever laid eyes on.


"Huh...?" Izuku's mouth hung open, drool ready to slide down his chin. He just knew he was caught openly staring too long, but hey, what can ya do? It was a goddamn strip club after all.


The dancer rolled his eyes, one hand resting on his hip in the sassiest manner as he adjusted the black peaked cap that nested on light blond strands with the other. "Ugh. Need some company, kid?"


Izuku scowled, "I'm not a kid!"


A firm hand squeezed at Izuku's bicep, fingers easily circling around the lanky limb. "Heh, sure are built like one."


"I—wha— you—!" Izuku stuttered, both insulted and also excited when the blond laid a rough hand on him. 


"Calm down, I'm just fuckin' with ya." Haha, real funny. Izuku's cheeks burned as he was being mocked for the nth time in his lifetime, but the sting of embarrassment began to turn to something else as two strong thighs straddled his own and a firm booty sat right in his lap. "You want a dance, nerd?"


A dance? A lap dance, presumably. Izuku didn’t know , but turning down this beautiful yet asshole of a man was probably not beneficial, so his head nodded hastily, curls bouncing around and falling loosely with the motion.


The dancer smirked, so alluring and intimidating as his hands held onto Izuku’s shoulders for balance and he leaned back to show off the impressive flex of his abs. “So, what’s your name, cutie?” 


Freckled cheeks blushed at the endearing term. “Uh, I-Izuku.” He whispered with a shaky breath, eyes still drawn to the straps framing those delicious-looking tits.


“Pft, Deku??” More laughter followed.


Izuku tried again, sounding out his name over the thrum of heavy bass. “N—no, I-zu-ku!”


Two gloved fingers tilted Izuku’s chin up, breaking the eye contact from his firm chest. “Tch, what kinda shit name is Deku?” He sneered, still not hearing, or maybe just not giving a shit.


Okay, either way, rude.


Izuku dejectedly succumbed to the mocking tone. “Erm, nevermind…so, what should I call YOU, then?”


The dancer shifted in his lap, scooting closer to Izuku's crotch. “Hmph. I guess you can call me expensive... ” He muttered with a grin and a quirk of his eyebrow.


“O—oh, um, okay...” Izuku trailed off— well, strippers tend to have aliases, like superheroes, right?


He huffed with a roll of his smokey eyes. “Ugh, okay, it was just a jok— you know, nevermind," he threw his hands up in defeat. "Just call me Katsuki.”




Despite the halt in their banter, Izuku’s hands stayed curled against his own chest, unsure of the proper lap dancing etiquette. Where was he supposed to look? Where did his hands go? Were they supposed to talk? About what?? 


Why was this so nerve-wracking?? He was supposed to be out here having a good time!


“Heh, you've never been to a strip club before, have you?”




Izuku’s anxious thoughts halted at the unexpected question. “Um, well...n—no…”


“Ah, a virgin. I like virgins… ” Katsuki smirked— almost a snarl, like a  hungry predator— and Izuku's cheeks grew hotter, not sure how Katsuki meant it but knew he got it right regardless. “Don’t worry about it, cutie. Just let me take care of you tonight…


Like a mind reader, Katsuki’s words helped chase some of his fears away, though the tingle of anxiety still prickled at his skin. He could already feel himself getting hard from Katsuki’s proximity, and the fact that he was sitting with a hard-on in public didn’t make him feel any better.


Along with the heavy, throbbing beat of the music playing around them, Katsuki’s hips rocked; thighs grazing against Izuku’s with his strong arms still bracketing him and holding the back of the chair for balance. The muscles of his abs and arms flexed and relaxed, showing off the impressive dips and valleys. Green eyes didn’t know where to focus. They bounced around from chest to abs, to scorching smoky eyes to the plump lip caught between pearly teeth. His fingers twitched, eager to feel just how firm all that muscle really was.


“S’ok, you can touch— just a little…” Katsuki grabbed his thin wrist, planting the palm of Izuku’s hand against his sternum before slowly dragging it down. Down past the bumps of his abs, letting his fingers trail over smooth flesh and stopping just short of the tent in his shorts.


“Oh, ah, o—okay, yeah…” Izuku swallowed hard; he was SO close to Katsuki’s dick. Never touched one other than his own, and his fingers trembled, itching to palm it. To let Katsuki’s rotating hips grind that cock into his hand and feel the warmth seep into his skin.


But as quickly as it happened, it was gone.


So was the rest of Katsuki’s heaviness, body lifted as he sauntered around the back of the chair, hips swaying along with that sexy beat. Both gloved hands smoothed over Izuku’s shoulders, then his chest as he leaned in close from behind.


“Mmm, wow, aren’t YOU easy to please. You’re already getting hard for me— I’ve barely even done anything...” Katsuki teased, breath hot and heady against Izuku’s ear. His hands traveled further down the center of Izuku’s chest, past his quivering belly, separating shortly before rubbing over his hardening cock and spreading his thighs with an impatient flick of his wrists. “But don’t worry, I’ll take care of you, baby...”


"Ah, o—okay, yeah, that s—sounds good…" Izuku felt lame and breathless at the sweet coo of Katsuki’s words. He just knew those gloved palms could feel his heart drumming just like the heavy bassline playing over the speakers. Once again, everything changed in a flash when those hands were gone, leaving him cold and lonely against his wooden chair.


Katuski looked down at him. It was almost threatening, the way his eyes shone red like a stalking predator. Izuku felt like a cornered animal, and even more so when those strong legs straddled his lap once again.


“Here— hang onto this, cutie,” That peaked cap was removed and placed snugly onto Izuku’s curls before hands splayed across his chest like a comforting caress. Katsuki crowded in once more. “And I want you to keep your eyes on me, okay?”


Izuku nodded dumbly— how could anyone NOT?? Katsuki was enthralling and amazing , especially when he leaned back and braced his hands on Izuku’s knees for balance, working his hips and putting on a show. Closer and closer to Izuku’s eager hardness. He could feel his cock filling, swelling, getting so hard he painfully tented the seam of his pants, and there was no possible way to hide it. No, not with the way Katsuki’s ass finally sat firmly against it. Izuku whined as his cock slotted between his perky cheeks, and whined again when Katsuki continued to grind teasingly against him.


“Holy shit, you’re so you want this ass, don’t ya, Deku?” Katsuki sneered and Izuku nodded again, so fast he shot a hand up to hold the cap to his head. “Bet you’d love it if I sat down on your fat dick. Ride you until you blow your load inside of me…”


Izuku’s hips bucked up instinctively, searching desperately for more contact as Katsuki’s words filled him with hot arousal. Left his dick twitching, especially when Katsuki invited his hands to stroke up his firm thighs and the muscle bunched and corded with power beneath his fingertips as Katsuki rotated his hips sensually to the music.


“Shit, you feel so good. God, you make me hard too…” Izuku noticed it with a quick glance. Tore his eyes from those hypnotizing irises and wandered down to Katsuki’s shorts. Saw the noticeable bulge, the perfect outline of a hard cock stuffed into that tiny fabric. “Here, I want you to feel it for me, baby…” Izuku sucked in a breath when his wrist was dragged once more and his hand placed over that trapped hardness. Katsuki felt so hot in his palm. So big and thick. Throbbing and needy...or maybe that was just his imagination?


“Oooh, my god…” Izuku quivered; he would fucking LOVE to feel more. To feel what lied beneath those tiny shorts. To touch and taste, suck and fuck— whatever. His own cock twitched, leaving smears of precome on the inside of his briefs, a horny plea for release. “P—please…”


Please, what ? Izuku didn’t know. Didn’t care— just wanted more and more and more of Katsuki.


“Heh, dirty little nerd. You’re pretty cute. Maybe I SHOULD give you just a little taste…” Izuku was speechless as Katsuki stood; two thumbs hooked into his shorts before pulling the front down and exposing a dark flushed cock. Smooth skin surrounded it as the tip leaked freely. His hips continued to sway, making his cock bob heavily as a string of precome slipped from his tip. He scooped it up with a gloved middle finger, bringing the digit close to Izuku’s mouth. Fuck, he’d love a taste. His breath hitched as he parted his lips, wanton and eager as it approached. Pink tongue lolling out like some kind of dog with a bone, and he was sure he looked like a fool when that finger pulled back, chasing after before Katsuki wrapped his own tongue around it. “Mmm...or maybe not…Heh, fuck, I bet you’d love it though…”


Izuku nodded, had no doubt he would. He could be poetic a sing some off-brand lines of Katsuki tasting sweet and delicious like fruit and summertime rain or some shit, but honestly, he just wanted to taste that manly, musky scent of cock and arousal. Of cum and something probably unique to Katsuki himself.


The waistband of his shorts snapped against his skin as Katsuki let go, standing to turn and give Izuku an amazing view of his backside. Strong back muscles led down to a tiny, slim waist and below was that perky ass. So cute and firm, especially when Katsuki sat onto Izuku’s cock once more. He leaned back, spine arching beautifully as his head fell onto Izuku’s shoulder; the perfect position to whisper more heated filth and make that nerd shudder.


“You’re so nasty Deku...but maybe I like it nasty…” His fingers wove through soft curls, knocking the cap off as he held Izuku close. Reveled in those shaky huffs of desire when he ground his ass against the straining hardness. Absolutely loved every breathless moan that fell from Izuku’s lips. Knew he was close with every choked off whimper and Izuku's incessant mumbling just under his breath, ‘Oh, fuck, god yes, ah~ please please please…’


With the heels of his hands, Katsuki braced himself on the lip of the chair between Izuku's spread thighs. His ass ground down and bounced with the beat of the music and the throbbing of his cock. Actually LOVED the feel of this cute, twinky nerd's dick pressed between his ass. Imagined sinking down on it and wrecking him. Making him come and cry over and over until he was undone and overstimulated.


"Fuck, Deku, you feel so good...Want that cock inside of me so bad...shit, you gonna come for me like a good boy?" If the sight of Katsuki leaning and arching his back or sensation of their cocks rubbing together through thin layers of fabric weren't enough to make him come, then those words spilling from pretty lips like hot gasoline, grabbing hold and stroking that flame of desire coiling inside of him did. 


"Oohh, my god, yes~ I'm— gonna co~me!" Izuku's eyes squeezed shut and his balls pulsed hard as spurt after spurt of cum soaked into the fabric of his pants. He moaned so loud and wanton as they ground together in absolute bliss, hips bucking erratically as he imagined fucking and filling up that beautiful blond with his thick, hot load.


The ultimate spank bank material.


Even with the last dregs of pleasure coursing through him, Izuku's fingers dug into Katsuki's slim hips in a desperate plea to keep going. To keep grinding lewdly, despite just having jizzed his pants in public. "Ah~ fuck, yes yes…more, please..." He rode out his orgasm until both of his hands were slapped away.


"Nu uh, buddy," Katsuki stood and turned, leaving Izuku to feel cold and self-conscious in a sticky pool of his own warm cum. "No touching the merchandise."


Izuku stuttered through the lust-clouded fog. "Wha— huh? I mean— you— I was just—" That made no sense! His hands were just all over that godlike body! Hell, Katsuki even invited him to touch so, what gives??


Apparently the rules only apply when Katsuki said so. Fair enough. He pulled down one hip of his shorts, sharp eyes asking for something in return. A reward for a job well done.


In other words, payment.


"C'mon, nerd, I ain't workin' for fun here." Well, he WAS a stripper, after all.


Izuku scrambled for his wallet— the last thing he needed was to be on a nasty bouncer's shit list for shortchanging a dancer— and stuffed an uncounted amount of bills into those alluring shorts. The waistband snapped shut and Izuku noticed that yeah— his dick was definitely still hard.


Maybe he had fun too..?


"Thanks for your patronage, ya pervert." Katsuki smirked, picking his hat up and adjusting it to his liking. He took a quick count of the bills stuffed into his shorts, whistling in approval at his findings. "Hope I see you around, big spender."


Or...maybe not.

Chapter Text

It started as a fight.


A big fight. Everyone knew about it. At least, to an extent. Midoriya and Bakugou had a fallout at Ground Beta so bad, Aizawa-sensei had to go break them up!


Though the news wasn't all THAT surprising, so the floating rumors passed just like night into day. 


Though, Izuku couldn't say the same thing.


He thought about that night for weeks. Tossing and turning in his bed about what that interaction meant. What it meant for his and Kacchan's relationship. Were they friends? They weren't enemies. Were they rivals?


Who knew?


Who thought beating the crap out of someone you admired could bring the two of you closer?


Deku remembered the event so clearly, even months later. Remembered the warm summer breeze that ruffled his hair and the bright full moon that lit their path. Remembered the smell of debris and smoke and the flashing of green and orange-red from their quirks.


He remembered Kacchan, strong and wild and brash. Fighting for more than to kick Deku down, or to prove a point to anyone but himself. He remembered himself being pinned beneath Kacchan's body weight, physically incapacitated and restrained from fighting. 


It was hot.


Kacchan's sweaty, heaving body above him. The adrenaline rushing through their veins. The smell of his sweat and his quirk practically oozing from his palm made Izuku’s mouth water. He always thought it was the thrill of the fight that left him lying hard and stiff above the rubble. A confusing teenage boner that was annoying at best, embarrassing at worst.


For weeks he had daydreams. Then real dreams. Then really dirty dreams. He wrapped his hand around his cock and jerked furiously to filthy fantasies where Katsuki held him to the ground and shoved his cock into his ass. It was amazing, even if he relied on the image a little too much.


Then, years passed. Two to be exact.


Whatever gap had been left between them steadily closed over that time. Friends? Possibly. Definitely better, like before. Before Katsuki grew this complex that pulled them apart. They relied on each other for the secrets they shared and for the once severed bond that started to mend.


And...maybe Deku had a bit of a crush.


He couldn’t help but notice how Kacchan had grown to be so handsome. Strong jaw, broad shoulders, skinny waist, nice rack. A perky ass too and Izuku would be lying if he hadn’t checked out the bulge in Katsuki’s sweatpants in the common room, or even tried to get more than a little peek while they sparred.


Like right now, on the training room ground.


“Kacchan, I oomph—!” The rush of the air shooting out of his lungs as his back hit the training room mat left Izuku gasping. His head spun from the impact; even if it was just sparring, Katsuki always went 110%.


Admirable, as always.


Katsuki huffed with a maniacal grin. His chest heaved from the fight, from the rush of adrenaline that coursed through him. It made his hands tighten on Deku’s shoulders, and the leg that pinned his arm to the ground stayed heavy. He leaned in close, drops of sweat falling from his forehead and down to Izuku’s below.


Just like that night at Ground Beta.


“Hmph. I win, Deku.”


Yeah, and just like at Ground Beta, Izuku’s cock stirred in his shorts. He quivered as he swallowed gulps of air; thankfully he could blame it on the fact that he just got absolutely body slammed, and not from the rampant arousal growing within him.


“Ah~ Kacchan...I— ah, you…” Deku’s head felt fuzzy with Katsuki’s warmth and proximity. His intoxicating scent of sweat and something so uniquely Kacchan . He felt his own growing arousal from Katsuki’s body, firm and heavy with his thighs straddling and backside sitting so close to his cock…


Until it actually WAS.


“Wha...D—Deku??” Red eyes went wide when he felt Deku’s hardness press against his ass. Totally obvious, and of course, he couldn’t just ignore it like anybody else might have.


No, why would he do that?


“Um...ah, Kacchan, I—” Izuku stuttered, unsure how to explain himself, and honestly too turned on to create a coherent thought. His mouth gaped open with the shock of being caught. His cheeks flushed from embarrassment. It was never supposed to happen like this…


So, how WAS it supposed to happen, then??


“Oh my that what I think it is?” Katsuki’s incredulous glare turned to a snicker, snarling mouth now more of a predatory sneer as Izuku felt his heart in his throat. “You’re fucking horny for this, aren’t you, Deku?”


“Wha, n—no! I—”


“Don’t fuckin’ lie to me…” Katsuki growled, pressing his ass down harder with a slight grind and reveling in Deku’s choked off moan. “You’re SO hard...I can feel it. Is it because you lost? Or because I’M so amazing? You’ve always had a weird boner for me, so I bet that’s it…” His grip squeezed tighter, fingers digging hard into the muscle and bone of Deku’s shoulders.


Through it all, Izuku could only pant and gasp. Katsuki was mostly right, he couldn’t lie about that. Yes, Kacchan was amazing. Yes, he had a tiny bit of an obsession with his childhood friend. Yes, that feeling of being beneath Kacchan— literally and figuratively— was exhilarating. Left him with room to grow and catch up. To improve and become better than he was before.


But most importantly…


“Ohhh no, I get it now…” Katsuki’s face was suddenly so close. Noses just an inch apart with warm breath shared between them and more of their sweat mingling on Izuku’s freckled skin. “I think you like it when I’m rough with you...don’t you?”


Yeah.  That was exactly it.


Deku STILL thought about Ground Beta often.


Still quality spank bank material. Still the biggest fantasy in his mind. His favorite go-to when he needed to rub one out. Imagining Kacchan pressing his face painfully into the dusty asphalt while Deku pressed his own face into his own pillow and two fingers into his lubed up hole.


God, he got so hard every time he thought about it. Every time Kacchan laid a rough hand on him. Whether it was like this, in the physicality of sparring, or even a rough hand pulling Izuku’s bicep along the hallway to class to make sure he wasn’t late. The feeling of fingers grasping none too gently always lit a spark inside of him. Warm arousal swirled in his gut as his skin prickled with scattered goosebumps.


“Ah…” Deku’s breath quivered, but he didn’t say a word. His glassy, green eyes were his tell as they grew dark with unbridled arousal. Katsuki knew he hit the nail on the head; Deku’s body saying so much more than words ever could.


“Mmm, wow that’s so fuckin’ dirty, Deku. That’s fucked up. Why would you get off to that ?” He snarled, and Izuku loved how degrading it was. Loved the way the words fell from Katsuki’s perfect lips like a curse. Loved how his eyes watered with unshed tears. Loved how his own cheeks flushed with shame and unfortunately, with arousal too.


Izuku quickly shook his head, still denying the truth even if he had already been so blatantly called out, “No, no I don’t I—ah!” but gasped in surprise as a dangerous palm slid possessively over his throat.


“Well, if you like it rough, I guess I can GIVE a little nerd like you rough… ” Fingers and a thumb sunk into his flesh and closed around his throat, holding tight enough to make breathing difficult, but not hard enough to make it impossible.


Fuck fuck fuck, it was fucking amazing.


Just like the filthy fantasies Izuku obsessed over. Just like nearly every wet dream that left him humping into his pillow. Just like he always imagined, and there they were; those perfect, capable fingers wrapping tight around his throat and making the tense muscles scream in pleasure and pain.


Izuku’s feet kicked out beneath him, toes curling in his shoes as pleasure shot from his throat all the way down to his cock. Made him impossibly harder as Katsuki’s ass rubbed across the length of his hardness once again before shifting off of Deku’s struggling body.


“Shit, you like this a little TOO much...well, let’s just see how filthy you REALLY are…” Katsuki’s free hand gripped the waistband of Izuku’s shorts and yanked them down to his thighs, cock springing free and slapping against his sweaty abs.


Holy fuck, it was so embarrassing. Humiliating. Izuku’s eyes watered as his cock was hard and out in the open for Kacchan— ANYONE to see. He felt so violated as his shorts were ripped off with zero concent, but he still twitched at the rush of cold air and openly leaked against his own heated flesh.


Fuck, you’re so hard. I can’t believe you get off to this shit…” Katsuki was breathless as he cooed more insults. Filthy. Dirty. Gross. Deku’s eyes squeezed shut because yeah, he was those things. All of them, really, and Katsuki making it verbally known was probably the hottest part of it all. “You’re so fucking desperate, bet you’d come right here on the dirty floor if I let you…”


Yes, god yes , he fucking would. Would love to blow his load right here where anyone might see. Where their friends and classmates come to train on a daily basis. Would love to feel his cock twitch and throb the same his pulse did against Katsuki’s palm. Would love ANYTHING that prolonged this new fantasy come to life.


“I...Ka—cchan, ah, p please~ ...” Izuku begged so pathetically, so desperate for any bit of Kacchan’s affection or attention, whether good touch or bad.


If the heavenly feeling of Katsuki’s hand wrapped around his throat wasn’t amazing enough, the sudden sensation of his other fist curling around his cock was earth-shattering. Deku gasped and whined as fingers squeezed tight at his length, holding him firm and strong into a sweaty fist.


“Mhmm, you like that, don’t you, Deku? Like when I touch your little cock?” Katsuki’s words stung just like Deku’s throat. Deku never thought of his dick as particularly BIG, but to be so openly called small ? A bash to the ego? It made his cock throb into the fist around him and Katsuki smirked, knowing that Deku absolutely fucking loved it. “Heh, well if you wanna make this little dick come, you better fucking do it yourself.”


What did THAT mean? Izuku’s eyebrows knitted as he groaned past his lack of air, hoping it sounded somewhat like a question.


“Fuck into my fist. Make yourself come, you filthy nerd.”


Izuku didn't even have a moment to dwell on the command when his hips began to buck up on their own. Short, shallow thrusts gave just a small taste of pleasure but definitely left him craving more. He wheezed out a moan, fingers grasping at Katsuki's wrist in a way that would have looked like a plea to stop, to an outsider. To them, it was more like a cry, 'please, don't stop…'


"Shit, you're so desperate. You look so pathetic like this...rutting into my hand like some kind of fuckin' horny dog. What the hell do you have to say for yourself, eh, shitty Deku?" Katsuki taunted with a nasty snarl, not really waiting for a response but answering back anyway. "But I guess I'll be nice, just for you, since you can't do ANYTHING right…"


The hand around Deku's throat loosened and he took in heaving gulps of air, filling his lungs with much-needed oxygen. Glassy eyes shifted from staring at the ceiling to Katsuki's own shorts, hoping deep down to find some kind of evidence of enjoyment.


And what do you know, he was hard as a rock too.


"Ah~!" Deku gasped at the feeling of warm wetness on his cock. Watched as Katsuki leaned down to spit onto the head of his dick, letting his hand smooth it slick over Izuku's throbbing length.


"C'mon Deku, make yourself come 'cause I sure as hell ain't gonna do it for you." The hand was back, squeezing tighter on his throat. Izuku choked out a gravelly moan as he watched Katsuki's tongue drag over his own chapped lips, hungry, like a starving animal licking their chops.


Tentatively, Izuku's ass lifted off the mat, muscles tensing as he braced his feet flat to the ground. His cock slid easier with the aid of saliva, so hot and heavenly was Kacchan's hand as it gripped tighter. Tighter like the hand circling his throat. Deku briefly wondered if they'd leave a bruise. Dark purple finger-shaped marks that would be a morbid reminder of whatever the fuck happened that night. A moment where innocent sparring turned into something neither of them would be able to deny. Not with they way Izuku fucked mindlessly into Katsuki's eager fist or the way Kacchan nearly drooled as his mouth gaped open at the lewd sight presented before him.


"Eerggh— Ka...Ka~cchan…" Deku groaned, hips still bucking and loving the sound of Katsuki's hand squelching wetly around his cock. His eyes spilled with fat tears as he gasped for breath and his head lolled around hazily, dizzy with the lack of oxygen.


"Heh, god, Deku, you're such a fuckin’ freak. You love this shit way too much. Bet you'd love it if I fucked you too, yeah?" Katsuki snickered as Deku's teary eyes rolled back at the idea of Kacchan so easily spreading his legs and sinking his cock deep into his ass. Spearing him open and making him beg and squeal as he held him by the neck, face down onto the ground to ruthlessly wreck his asshole before spilling his cum deep inside of him. Filling him up in the most delicious way. 


Fuck, the idea along nearly made him come right there.


"Ah, y—esss, Ka~chan...ffffuck...go—nna...gonna!" Izuku squealed out, balls pulsing and dick twitching with every upward grind of his hips. Even though it all; even with Katsuki's erection tenting the front of his shorts and staining the fabric with a growing wet spot, he never moved his fist. True to his word, he expected Deku to get off on his own and that was a promise he didn't intend to break.


"Shit, you're so nasty Deku. Gonna come in my hand? Just fuck my fist until your little dick can't take it anymore? Gonna blow your fucking load like a horny nerd, getting hard from getting choked? God, I should make you choke on my cock if you like that kinda shit so much…"


With Katsuki's proposition and the vivid fantasy of choking and having his throat filled with Kacchan's dick, Izuku couldn't take it anymore. He moaned as his hips bucked erratically. No control as he chased his own pleasure and a strangled yell was the last warning given before he DID come. Green eyes rolled back as his fingers scraped against the cool mat. His cock pulsed, spurt after spurt of hot cum that fell to his shirt-covered torso and slick wetness drooled over Katsuki's fingers as he rode out his orgasm, too blissed out to be aware of the sticky mess of cum tangling in his nest of curls below.


With the last pleasurable throbs of his release, came the release of fingers from around his throat. It was both welcomed and not, his warm flesh feeling a bit too lonely as it cooled from the blast of AC in the room.


"Tch, you know, I'm not surprised even one fuckin' bit, Deku." Katsuki groaned, holding up his sticky, cum covered hand. "You've always been kind of a freak. A filthy nerd. Bet if I shoved these cum-covered fingers down your throat you'd fuckin' love that too, wouldn't you?"


Again, Izuku's cheeks stung with shame, going all the way up to his ears. Even with his arousal mostly sated, the words left him shivering with arousal because fuck, Katsuki was right.  


"Mmhm…" Izuku hummed and nodded, dizzy and too blissed out to form real words.


"What was that? Speak up ya nerd."


"Ah, uh— y—es Kacchan…" Deku whined, swallowing thickly as a new heat flourished in his gut, in his eyes. He watched two sticky fingers stand up and descend, surely an invitation for something more…


Katsuki’s stare was piercing. So hot and sharp that Izuku felt it stab him right in the gut. Right in the swirling pit of arousal. "Heh, that's what I thought. So, c’mon…open up for me, Deku."

Chapter Text

As Katsuki approached the front door of his and Deku’s apartment, there sat a package. It wasn’t unusual to shop online— EVERYONE did it— so he didn’t bat an eye. Just picked it up, unlocked the door, and carried it in like any other day.


He also didn’t think anything of taking a pair of scissors and slicing the tape holding it shut. Didn’t feel like he needed to check where it was from, or who it was addressed to before searching through the contents. He and Deku had been together forever, basically, so they had no secrets...right?


“The FUCK is THIS!?”




His bewildered howl was Deku’s signal to come running, naked and still dripping wet from the hallway bathroom's shower.


“What’s wrong?? Kacchan are you okay?! I—” He stopped mid-sentence, leaving a growing puddle of water below as he caught sight of Katsuki’s hands wrapped firmly around his most recent internet purchase. “Ohhh... that…


“Deku. What the hell is this for??” He held up the item, black straps dangling ominously from his fingers.


Izuku stuttered, "W—well, it's, uh, a h—harness… "


"Yeah, I'm not stupid I can see THAT."


"R—right…" Izuku looked away dejectedly.


"And I'm guessing it has something to do with this?" In the other hand, he pulled out a pretty pink dildo; not as big as anything they already owned but definitely not small. It had an interesting ribbed texture and would have been more appealing if Katsuki wasn't so fucking confused.


Deku nodded, eyes still darting between the toy and Katsuki's own fierce expression.


"Can you maybe explain…why?? A harness and a dildo; you DO know you already got a dick, right?"


"Okay, yes, but hear me out…" Katsuki threw his head back with a groan because here we go again with some new fuckin' weird Deku thing.


Never a dull moment.


"Have you ever thought of know how, like, sometimes— okay, so when a man loves another man—"


"Ugh, spit it out, you idiot!"


"I wanna— hnnggjghf, two dicks! Inside of you!” Deku shouted in the most uneloquent manner.


Two dicks. Oh, right. Made sense, now. Especially when Katsuki got a better look at that strappy contraption that had two holes in the front part; presumably, one to hold the toy, and a larger one beneath it for Deku’s own cock.


Guess that made sense.


“That’s a stupid idea.” He grumbled, throwing both items back in the box. “And you didn’t even ask me! You just! Bought this shit? Did you assume I’d agree?? What have I told you about discussing things with me in your own head??”


Deku pouted, eyes cast downward and looking more guilty while standing in the middle of the room wet and naked. “I—I’m sorry, Kacchan...I just figured it would be a nice surprise...I just wanna give you so much’s what you deserve! But, if you think you can’t handle it, I’ll go ahead and return—”


Can’t. Handle. It…?


Katuski puffed up like an angry rooster, ready to throw hands with his own fucking boyfriend. “Can’t handle it? Oh, I can HANDLE IT…” He stepped up, nose to nose, not even wincing as his bare feet waded in Deku’s water puddle. A finger poked right on one firm pec as he scowled in determination. “Dry your ass off, then I’m gonna show you who can fuckin’ handle it.”


A trail of wet footprints were the only things left behind, and Izuku smiled to himself— he knew exactly how to play Bakugou Katsuki.




Fingers wove through damp curls, holding Izuku closer. That fiery determination waning slowly as he let himself be devoured by Deku. His body was strong and firm beside him as their legs tangled together on their soft, plush bed. His body was still warm from the shower, and Katsuki reveled in that all-encompassing feeling of Midoriya Izuku. On his skin, in his mouth, in his heart. He was selfless and loving, the way he left a trail of kisses down Katsuki’s neck and chest, laying him on his back to circle his tongue over pretty pierced nipples.


“Mmm, love your tits, Kacchan…” Wow, what a romantic. Deku mumbled in that nerdy way he always did, taking one firm pec into each hand and squeezing them together, nuzzling his face into the makeshift cleavage.


Katsuki scoffed, though still breathless as Izuku tweaked each hard nub with fingers and tongue. “You’re such a freak.”


“Mmhmm…” He got a hum in return, as well as those warm lips traveling down further, leaving ticklish kisses along Katsuki’s ribs and down his slim waist. Into his belly button, over his hip bones and sadly, past his leaking cock— of course, but that was all fine when Deku’s hands gingerly parted his thighs. He pressed his lips to the sensitive flesh, teeth nipping too, but a warm tongue laving at the slight sting. “Gonna make you feel good, okay?”


As if Katsuki ever had any doubt, but he swallowed hard and nodded nonetheless.


The first swipe of Deku’s tongue on his opening was always the best and the worst. It always surprised him, like a shock to the system. He gasped and whimpered and hated the way he did, but once Deku found that perfect speed and pressure, he felt himself melt into the sheets. Felt his thighs part further instinctively, letting his feet rest on broad shoulders while Izuku expertly ate him out. 


“Ah, fuck…” His fingers found soft curls again, pulling Deku closer and loving the vibration of his moans. His tongue curled and swiped and delved into that tight opening, and Katsuki was lost to it all; head swimming with lust until two very slick fingers replaced it. “Hnng, ah…”


Deku pressed inside, middle and ring finger slowly sinking in to the knuckle. “Relax, Kacchan. If you can’t take this you definitely can’t take both cocks.” Katsuki tensed up; oh yeah that. He glanced down his body, past his spread thighs to find that stupid, strappy harness with that stupid pink dildo attached just above Deku’s own cock. Though he couldn’t help but admire how those straps and buckles dug into Deku’s thick thighs and glorious ass. That flame of competition started to burn once more, determined to prove that a second dick up his ass wasn’t too much to handle.


Because it sure as fuck wasn’t.


“Fuck— of course, I can, ah~ fuckin’ take it.” Katsuki groaned, willing himself to relax around those searching digits. “Just fucking do it already.”


Deku’s fingers continued to slide and thrust slowly, curling to find that perfect spot. “Nooope. You gotta relax first. You’re gonna hurt yourself and I’m NOT letting you do that because you’re being a stubborn ass.” Nice pillow talk. Another curl and another thrust had Katsuki gasping and arching off the bed, toes curling as he was practically slapped in the face with that overwhelming pleasure. “Heh, there we go…”


Over and over, Deku rubbed the pads of crooked fingers on that sweet spot. Katsuki’s hands dug into the sheets, needing something to keep himself grounded from the sensation of having his prostate caressed so mercilessly. His brain bluescreened as he let Izuku just rub and poke and thrust and stretch; his body a puddle of goo in Deku’s capable hands.


As fast as it started; just as he was drowning further into that provocative pleasure, it was over. “H—huh…?” His breath quivered as his heart drummed hard in his chest.


A lack of fingers left him feeling empty, but the thick, lubed up head of Deku’s cock was willing to fill that space once again. “Gonna do it now. You ready?” He grabbed the base of his dick, rubbing his length along Katsuki’s opening. He didn’t wait for a nod, but was sweet about it all nonetheless. “Just tell me if you want me to stop, okay?”


Katsuki rolled his eyes, but didn’t reject the soft, sweet kiss placed on the corner of his mouth.


The stretch of Deku wasn’t anything new. He’d been on the receiving end MANY times and it was always a thrill to have that fat cock sinking deep within him. Touching him in a way that no one else ever had, ever will. Being filled to what he thought was the brim with Midoriya Izuku, but he shivered when he remembered he would be going beyond that.


Plus Ultra, right?


They both moaned and sighed as Izuku bottomed out, hips flush to Katsuki’s ass and grinding into him at the hilt. His cock was hot against his walls, and that divine stretch went a little deeper when Deku held his knees together and pushed them back towards his chest.


“Oh, fuuuck, yes~ tight…” Izuku groaned, hissing through clenched teeth with his head bowed down as he concentrated on keeping his cool and watched where they were both connected. “ God ~ can’t wait to have both of my cocks inside of you…” It sounded odd but it was still a huge turn on. Deku wanting to push him further and further. Feel him tighter and hotter with that second dick between them. Katsuki’s skin prickled at the thought— at the mental image of his rim stretching wide to accommodate, and he whined when that fat cock began to pull nearly all the way out, and slowly sink back in.


Again and again, Katsuki felt precome leak steadily against his abs as Deku picked up speed. Angled his hips to brush past his prostate just enough to feel a twinge of pleasure but not enough to get him there. That second, bright pink cock rubbed against his balls trapped snugly between his clenched thighs, sending an unexpected thrill up his spine.


“Shit, ah— fuck— Deku, please… ” He whined and begged. ACTUALLY begged! So pliant and ready for whatever the fuck Izuku wanted him to do or take. Each time that cock rubbed against him, he felt his hole twitch in excitement, ready to be filled even further.


Fuck, he craved it. Needed it SO bad.


“Ah, want it?” Deku gasped, tongue licking at chapped lips while his eyes grew dark with a new desire. His hips slowed down to draw out that pleasure for both of them and all he could think of was making Katsuki fall apart in his hands. “You wanna take both of my cocks?”


Katsuki’s legs parted eagerly as he muttered needy cries of yes yes yes . He grabbed the backs of both knees, an obvious plea for Deku to fill him up SO good. “Shit— fuckin’ do it, Deku. Give it to me NOW…”


And Deku didn’t need any other spurring.


He pulled out until just the crown of his dick was hugged tight by Katsuki’s opening, and with a deep breath, he held on to both cocks and guided them forward. The first two inches were just Izuku. Just that same familiar, warm flesh. Then, came the pressure. Katsuki hissed at the second, much more firm intrusion. He couldn’t see, eyes stinging with tears from the burn, but he could feel Deku using his fingers to help his rim catch on to it. Then, there was the stretch.


“Ohhhh, fffuck…” Katsuki whimpered pathetically, teeth clenching from the onslaught of sensation. There was pain; his ass was filled further than ever before. There was pleasure too, though, as his rim caught on to the smooth ribs along the toy. Made his asshole flutter with excitement around both cocks inside of him.


“Kacchan…”  Warm hands stroked soothingly at his trembling thighs, trying to ease the discomfort with a loving caress. “You okay? How’s it feel?”


“Fuu— ah….” He couldn’t even bring himself to verbalize a coherent thought, just mumbled whatever came to his head and hoped Deku got the message. “Go...keep…going…”


And so he did. Inch by inch, Katsuki was filled and stretched, more and more and more until the base of the harness sat flush against his ass.


“Oh my god, did it…” Izuku leaned in, braced on his elbows over Katsuki’s body as he kissed sweetly at lips, cheeks, forehead. He giggled giddily. “You’re so proud of you...I knew you could do it…”


Of course, he could. He was Bakugou Katsuki, and he could do fuckin’ anything he wanted to.


But in that moment, all he wanted was to be stuffed full and pounded with both of those stupid fucking cocks.


Ahh , fuck me, Deku...hard, fuck me NOW...” He demanded through clenched teeth, holding Izuku close in his arms, fingers digging painfully into that strong back. 


Deku shook his head no. NO. “Nuh uh...can’t...g—gonna come…” He whined, but hell no was Katsuki gonna listen to that. HE was doing all the hard work, so HIS needs obviously had priority.


Katsuki ALWAYS had priority.


His legs circled Izuku’s hips, flipping them over. Usually an effortless motion, but much more difficult with two dicks up the ass. Izuku was shocked as Katsuki balanced on his lap, hands against his chest, and even more so when he lifted himself up, then let gravity do the rest of the work as he dropped back down.


Wasn't he just crying and whining like a pillow prince??


“Ah~! Kacchan, I— ohh~hh my god…” 


Despite the new addition, Katsuki quickly adapted, bracing his feet to the bed and finding the perfect rhythm. He bounced himself on both of those cocks, his hole stretched tight with every drop down. Izuku watched, breathless and still as Katsuki took control. Not at all unexpected, but always a welcome sight, just like his rim stretched wide around both girths and his cock bobbing between them, flushed a dark shade of red.


“Grr, c’mon Deku, fuck me with your cocks. Wanna come on both of them… ” Katsuki growled in that super impatient way he always got. In that way that Deku was absolutely weak to, so without another word, he bucked his hips up, loving the tight fit and the way those harness straps dug into his thighs.


They both moaned and cried and panted as their hips slapped together, both thrusting and grinding to get them to the inevitable release. Katsuki's gut clenched tight when he felt that telltale sign that he was close. Grabbed onto Deku's thick thighs for leverage as he was mercilessly fucked into. He felt so lost in mindless bliss, especially when those crooked fingers wrapped eagerly around his cock.


"God, kacchan~ gonna make me come...fuck, come with me, please please please~!" Izuku threw his head back as he muttered and begged, and having Deku reduced to whimpering pleas never failed to make Katsuki throb with desire.


"Oh, shit— yeah, fuck...give it to me, Deku, make me come…" Katsuki didn't get much of a sign— just erratic thrusts and a high pitched cry— before Deku spilled into him. Could feel everything in that too-tight space within him. Every pulse of Deku's thick cock and every spurt of cum that coated his insides. Felt every twitch of his thighs, but what definitely got him there was Deku's hand never stopping; stroking and tugging relentlessly at his dick until he was coming harder than he ever would have expected.


“Hnng, yes, fuck— gonna come~!” Katsuki wailed as he fell over the edge of bliss; His asshole clenched mercilessly tight, abused rim stretched wide around both of those amazing cocks and leaving a slick, sticky mess drooling down onto Deku's chest below.


Holy shit. Katsuki had never been so glad to challenge stupid Deku.


Neither knew how long they waited to move, brains too foggy to know anything besides the overwhelming high of post-coital bliss. As Deku's cock softened, the withdrawal became easier, though Katsuki still hissed as the toy caught on his rim and cum leaked steadily from his used and gaping hole.


"Uggghhh…" Deku groaned uselessly with his eyes rolled back and hands leaving loving caresses on whatever pale skin he could touch. "You— Kacchan you're— soooo amazing…"


Endless words of unabashed praise? Katsuki expected no less.


"Fuck yeah, I am..." He responded lazily as he fell onto Deku in a heap of sweaty limbs, affectionately brushing away the damp curls stuck to Izuku's forehead. “Told you I could take it, ya nerd…”


Deku purred, nuzzling into Katsuki's hand with a sigh. “I knew you could kacchan. That’s why I bought this for you. I always believed in you…”


Red eyes rolled, knowing full well who that purchase was REALLY meant for, but too fucked out to really fight it.


He DID enjoy himself, after all.


“Tch, okay whatever.” Katsuki snorted with a wag of his eyebrows. “But I’d like to see if YOU can take it.”

Chapter Text

Katsuki should have known Deku was up to something. He was weirdly secretive— more than usual— as he sent a string of texts messages when Katsuki was on his way back home from work.


When you come home, strip down and meet me in the bathroom.

And NO, it’s not a weird sex thing!

Just do it for me, please??


So, yeah, Katsuki complied. Left his boots by the door and dropped his jeans and shirt right there too because why the fuck not? He could see a faint light coming from beneath the bathroom door. Smell the sweet, clean scent of something different than their normal soaps or shampoos.


He knocked lightly and was quickly met with pretty green eyes that sparkled excitedly as the door slowly creaked open. “Kacchan! Come in! I set this up for you to relax…”


The sight inside was cliche as fuck. The lights were off and the bright flame of candles everywhere left flickering flashes of orangy flames against the white walls. The aroma of some kind of flower filled the air heavily— though,not as bad as he expected— and OF COURSE, some petals were tossed into the steamy bathwater in their large and lavish tub. 


That was Deku for ya; always the romantic.


Katsuki quirked an eyebrow. “Wait— did I miss our anniversary?”




"...Is it my birthday?"


Izuku chuckled and rolled his eyes, “No! I’m just trying to be nice! You’ve been working so much lately and I miss you…” His laughter turned to a dejected whine. Yeah, that was Katsuki’s fault. Work kept them apart way more often than either would like and even if they were both amazing heroes, they still needed to take the time to rekindle the spark in their relationship.


Heroes needed time off, too, ya know.


“I know, that’s my bad.” Katsuki ‘apologized’  running his palm down along the scars on Deku’s arm and interlocking their fingers when they met at the bottom. He shrugged his head towards the tub— it DID look pretty inviting…


“Get in with me?”


Izuku nodded, a smile spreading across his face as Katsuki accepted his thoughtful and well-prepared gift. “Yeah! You first.”


Katsuki shucked off his boxers before lowering himself into the heated water. It was incredible, so warm and enveloping. So tranquilizing as he felt every stressed and tense muscle in his body relax. It was even better when Deku joined him, his firm body fitting snug and perfect between his legs.


It felt like home.


It felt like romantic Saturday nights and sleepy Sunday mornings. Felt like their big, soft bed as they snuggled under the covers and their cozy living room couch while they watched some crappy movie with a big bowl of popcorn.


God, he missed that. Why did he ever take all that overtime??


Deku hummed in delight as his back pressed to Katsuki’s chest. Soft curls tickled at his chin while Izuku made himself so comfortable right up against him. “Ohhh, yeah, this’s so nice…” He purred, eyes shutting in sweet bliss as wet fingertips stroked up and down his slick flesh. Katsuki let his shut too as he reveled in the warm little cocoon for just the two of them…


Until Deku felt it


“Hmm…? I guess you really like this surprise, huh?” He practically giggled as he pressed his back closer to Katsuki’s growing erection. Yeah, so what? He was warm and comfortable with a hot dude draped over him— HERO DEKU, no less— who WOULDN’T get hard from that??


“Mhmm…” Katsuki didn’t even deny it, instantly delving into Izuku. Wrapping his arms around his chest and pressing kisses along his neck, behind his ear. Deku moaned and fidgeted, water lapping up against the edge of the tub and hopefully not spilling out.


“Kacchan, I— ah, what, you wanna do this here?” He asked, even though the question was moot. Especially when those rough hands were already trailing lower, skimming across Izuku’s chest to pinch at pretty pink nipples. He gasped at the sting but whined as his clit throbbed with arousal when he squeezed his thighs together.


"Mmm, want me to touch you? Yeah, let me make you feel good…" Katsuki's question became a demand, as he rut his cock against Deku. Not even close to enough pressure to get him off, but enough to keep his hands exploring even lower; over flexing abs, through the trail of hair below his belly button, and dipping between two thick thighs. Izuku opened up easily as Katsuki worked fast, too horny for formalities and moving past teasing foreplay for something more interesting.


“Ah~! Ohh…” Deku moaned when two eager fingers sat above his clit and circled— lightly at first. That perfect barely-there pressure that made him desperate for more. Katsuki loved it when Deku grew impatient. When his hips began to buck for more more more, and he happily obliged, parting Deku’s lips with one hand to drag his pads over the sensitive bud with the other.


Fuck, you’re so hard for me, Deku…” He cooed and licked at Izuku’s ear, leaving a little bite along the shell as he felt the gasp through his back, into his chest. Could practically feel the rapid drumming of his heartbeat, too. “Spread your legs for me, baby.”


Fuck yes, Izuku obeyed so wantonly, sinking a bit lower into the water's warmth to let his legs perch on the edges of the tub with one foot dangling off the left side. Katsuki’s fingers continued to work their magic, sending tingles of pleasure up and down his spine. “ Ah...god, that feels so good, Kacchan…” Deku’s hips arched with each swipe over his clit, searching desperately for more friction as his head lolled back on Katsuki’s shoulder. He muttered and gasped, but his grumbling moans fell to a cry when Katsuki’s hand so sadly pulled away and left him cold, despite the water’s warmth. “Wha...wait, where…?”


Katsuki— Mister self-proclaimed perfect at everything— knew just how to please his lover. In more ways than one, but he also knew exactly what Deku was up to when he took on of those extra long showers, and he desperately wanted to see it with his own eyes. He reached forward, across both of their bodies, and grabbed the detachable showerhead hanging from the fixture. He turned it on, twisting the knob to the pulse setting and dipping it under the water, right onto Deku’s throbbing clit.


“Ooohh, my god~!” Izuku gasped, body stiffening as the warm jet of water vibrated right where it felt best. It flicked and pulsed and a familiar tingle surged through him, even better though with Katsuki pressed up close against him, hand and tongue still caressing him lovingly.


Kisses up his neck made Deku's back arch again and the hot breathy moans in his ear only made his pussy throb harder. "Shit, Deku, how's that feel on your cock?" Katsuki panted, so turned on from making Izuku come undone right in his hands. "Tell me you like it, wanna make you come…"


A strong wrist grabbed at his own; crooked fingers guided the pulsing stream closer to his clit, letting the pressure lick deliciously between his folds. "Ah, yes~ fuck— yeah, right there, just like that..." Deku whined, eyes squeezing shut as his hips rocked beneath the waters.


Deku was close, Katsuki could feel it. Could feel his body tense up and that hand clench tighter. Watched damp curls flutter with every toss of his head and loved the way Izuku's toes flexed and curled along the edges of the tub.


"Ka~cchan...ffuck— gonna come~!" Deku wailed and Katsuki growled, hand holding the showerhead firm right on Deku's sweet spot. Kept his lips apart for the most stimulation while Deku bucked his hips wildly— so hard, flowery water sloshed out the side, petals swimming in puddles against the white tile below.


Holy shit, that was hot. He hadn't even gotten off, but bringing Deku to an orgasm like THAT made him feel just as satisfied as if he had.


Deku babbled something as he giggled giddily and pushed the water away; way too overstimulated to go on. Once the hose was off, up, and away he fell against Katsuki into a pile of shaky but sated limbs, foot still dangling uselessly off the side.


"Tch, no wonder you insisted on the expensive showerhead." Katsuki snickered with arms wrapped tight around the slim waist on top of him. "That thing's a fuckin' beast."


"Ohh, my god shut up," Deku whined, cheeks flushed from more than just the heat of the room and the post-orgasmic bliss. "You're so embarrassing…"


"Whatever, you love it." Deku rolled his eyes at that, but ultimately, yeah— Katsuki was right. He did love it. Calloused fingers continued to stroke lightly along the crease of Izuku's pussy, absolutely loving the shiver and whine that wracked through him. "Shit, so I guess I got some competition then, huh?"


Deku, ever the sweety, found both of Katsuki's hands and locked their fingers lovingly together once more. "Of course not, Kacchan..." Head tilted upwards, he placed the most soft and affectionate kiss against Katsuki's chin with a chuckle. "Heh, you KNOW that thing can't cook me dinner!"

Goddamn Deku. "You're an idiot. But I GUESS I love you."

Chapter Text

If Izuku told you what he got to do for a living, you might think he had the best job in the whole damn world.


Provocative photography.


Boudoir sessions, mostly; helping people release that inner sexy, sensual, and seductive beast. For today’s shoot, he was propositioned by the local fire department to contribute his talents for a good cause. Sure, it was a cliche idea. A ‘Sexy Firefighter Calendar’ , but the proceeds went towards some kind of do-good charity, though that wasn’t the entire reason Izuku took the job.


Sexy Firefighter was all he needed to hear before he was accepting the call with enthusiasm.


When Izuku arrived at the station with his equipment in tow, he got to meet his subjects for the afternoon. 


First, there was Sero. Tall, thin, with the most charming smile of them all. He was a dream to work with, so fun and charismatic for the camera.


Next was Kirishima. A brick house of a man with a sharp grin. His bulging biceps and thick thighs had Izuku manually shutting his own jaw closed as it nearly hit the floor.  


Uraraka was adorable. Cheerful pink cheeks and a small, compact body that held so much power just underneath. Izuku loved capturing her strength and experiencing it too, and he swooned as she offered to toss his slim body over her back in an effortless fireman's carry.


Iida was the most serious of them all, trying to gather the rowdy bunch to be on their best behavior for their guest. His straight-laced demeanor showed through in his poses with an unrivaled confidence, and Izuku was enraptured by the wide expanse of his muscled torso.


And finally, Izuku met Bakugou Katsuki. Tall, blond, with a tight, snatched waist that he would LOVE to run his hands over. So much rock hard muscle wrapped tightly in mostly pale flesh, he easily towered over Izuku's twinky frame. The faint tanlines that crossed near his shoulders were a delicacy that Izuku would give anything to lave his tongue over and over and over. 


God, he loved his job. 


Apparently, Katsuki was the station’s hardass. He didn’t perk up once, and simply met Izuku’s greeting with an unamused grunt.


"Can you smile for me?" Izuku asked rather nicely as he tried to bait out a sultry grin for the camera.


"Fuck off, shrimp."


Okay, rude, but Izuku wasn't a quitter, "Aww, c'mon, Kacchan… "


Katsuki's scowl worsened at the cutesy nickname, but it was worth the shot. A little off-putting, but that wouldn’t stop Izuku from drinking up the arousing image of that godlike man. It was his job , after all. Through the viewfinder of his camera, Izuku let his eyes rove over every inch of that hard-bodied firefighter. From the heavy black boots to the thick material of those beige-colored pants that cinched tight around the deep V framing slim hips. Red suspenders held up by broad, capable shoulders sat tight against his juicy pecs, digging into the firm muscle in a way that Izuku would love to feel with his own twitching fingers.


Yes, the sexy fireman fantasy was cliche as fuck , but there was a reason it worked so well. Izuku was breathless with every click of the shutter. Every still image of Katsuki was better than the last as fierce red eyes bore into the lense. Even if he seemed so unwilling about the photoshoot, he still followed Izuku’s instructions with no real issue.


“Arms over your head.” Katsuki complied, holding on to an overhanging rail and showcasing the wide expanse of strong lats and the patches of blond hair beneath each underarm that Izuku so desperately wanted to shove his nose into. His mouth watered as he imagined the smell and taste of manly musk as a light sheen of sweat made Katsuki's body glow in the humid August sun.


“Mmm, now bite your lip for me.” Again, with no hesitation, he did what he was asked. Pearly teeth dug into a pouty bottom lip as his hands gripped tight at an ax handle and Izuku wished for a moment that those strong, calloused fingers would wrap eagerly around his hard cock the same way. His body tingled with excitement as Katsuki's fingers clenched tighter. Or, how would those dangerous digits feel dipping into his eager hole and stretching him open, making Izuku moan and cry for something bigger?


“On your knees.” Izuku wanted to rub the heel of his hand into his growing erection as Katsuki did so without a flinch. He swallowed hard and felt so powerful, bringing this beast of a man to the ground with his words alone. Izuku wondered what else he could make Katsuki do for him?


‘Open your pants, Kacchan.’

‘Touch your cock slowly for me.’

‘Come over here and fuck me, big boy.’


Though it simply remained a looming thought in the back of his mind. There was absolutely NO way this man; this perfect, beautiful, asshole of a guy would want anything to do with a short, nerdy photographer like Izuku. Even so, the image of Katsuki's puffy pink nipples and perfectly cut jawline would be forever saved to Izuku's memory and hard drive.




After an exhausting day of work— sure, Izuku didn't get paid , but he WAS given the gift of capturing the image of this beautiful fire crew—he bid his farewells as he packed away his plethora of equipment stored in a small, unused office, but not before taking one quick look through the camera roll. Through shot after shot of Katsuki, leaning casually against the stark red truck with a thumb hooked seductively at his belt. Katsuki, smeared with fake soot to give him that dirty, rugged look as his eyes burned with the passion of a voracious flame. Katsuki, with the truck's hose draped over his sturdy shoulders and a snarl gracing his pretty face.


Katsuki, Katsuki, Katsuki.


Izuku stood with his eyes transfixed to the image of a god in a flustered silence, broken only by the sound of heavy boots thumping close behind him.


"Whatcha lookin' at, Deku ?" A deep, sultry voice by his ear made Izuku jump, nearly dropping his expensive camera. He clutched it to his chest tightly, scrambling to hide the incriminating evidence of his pining.


Getting caught with a boner while looking at a client's photos?? That would be WAY too embarrassing for Izuku to live down.


"Wha?! N—nothing!" He yelped, staring straight forward, too nervous to turn around because he knew exactly who that voice belonged to. “And—! Deku?? I—it’s Izuku!


"Tch, well, didn't look like ‘nothing,’ Deku ." The warm body slithered in close, heat radiating from the sun-kissed figure. " Actually , looked like a whole lotta something . Something like me… " Two strong arms leaned into the table, bracketing Izuku in against it.


"We— uh, I—I mean, heh…" Wow, what a loser. Green eyes finally made a brave glance, side-eyeing familiar blond hair and flaming red eyes.


Katsuki. Of course, it was Katsuki.


It was both a dream and a nightmare, the way Izuku shivered from his warm breath and their too-close proximity. Even closer, when that hard body pressed against his back. Izuku could feel every hard ridge of muscle as it molded against him.


"C'mon, spit it out, nerd."


Oh shit oh fuck, it was like some kind of cheesy porn set up. ‘Tiny twink gets railed by big buff fireman.’ What a fucking trip?? What a wet dream come true. Was Katsuki making a proposition? Was he offering? To a stranger, no less?? 


It was a split-second decision. What DO you do when the hottest fuckin' guy you've ever seen throws himself at you? Izuku's first instinct said it was a joke. This guy was teasing him. Joking, just to make him feel bad. Like a bully. Izuku had experienced his fair share of THOSE in high school, but there was something about the way Katsuki's body felt— looming and hungry like a predator, that made Izuku willing to submit. To play along and hope for the best.


Quite the risk just to get some dick.


Izuku steeled himself as he sat the camera back on the tabletop before turning around between those beefy arms, looking up to face the man that would be saving him from burning buildings like a damsel in distress in ALL of his future wet dreams. "Maybe I WAS looking at you. It is my JOB after all. You got a problem with that? " Woah, where the FUCK did that braveness come from?? 


Katsuki snickered, the first real, genuine form of mirth from him that day. "Heh, so zooming in on my chest while drooling is part of your job?"


Izuku blushed as he was called out once again. "Hmph, and being a nosey jerk is part of yours?" Ohhh, fighting words.


"Tch. MY job is fightin' fires and keeping creeps like YOU safe." Katsuki snarled confidently with a finger poking hard at Izuku’s boney chest and fuck  if that wasn’t the hottest thing he had ever seen in his life. "You're welcome."


Izuku huffed at Katsuki's abrasive confidence, even though it sent a tingle of excitement down his spine. "Hmph…well, maybe I've got a fire you could put out for me… " As the sultry words fell from his own pouty lips, one hand wrapped around an elastic suspender and pulled that rock hard body closer to his own. 


“Oh, yeah?" Katsuki's breath was warm as he leaned his head down towards Izuku's. "And where’s that ?”


Izuku grasped at the hand still poking into his chest, flattening the rest of Katsuki’s fingers as he led them down, lower and lower until his large palm rested on the tent in his jeans. The heat radiated from that powerful hand, especially when he pressed down against Izuku’s hardness eagerly. “Ah, r—right here…”


“Mmm…” Katsuki groaned, deep and wanton despite the mischief in his voice. “Sounds like a personal problem, Deku…”


“Nhgn— wha??” Izuku whined as Katsuki pulled his hand away but whined again when a clothed and thick hardness replaced it.


“...but lucky for you, I got that problem too…”


The grind of their cocks was amazing . Katsuki was so big . Izuku could just tell with the way they slid together roughly. Could almost see the outline of that big cock through the thick material of his uniform pants. Izuku’s leg hooked around one beefy thigh to hold on tight, a silent plea of ‘fuck, don’t stop…’


Not that Katsuki would.


“Mmm, wow, Kacchan, that seems like a really BIG problem…” Izuku moaned, fiery and confidant; briefly looking up to meet Katsuki’s eye before trailing down slowly over broad shoulders and hard pecs. His tongue lolled out as his vision traced and memorized every ridge and bump of sculpted muscle wrapped tightly in flawless flesh. “But maybe I can help YOU too…” His own thin fingers looped into Katsuki’s waistband and pulled him impossibly closer, actually forcing a growl from the man above him.


Well, THAT made him feel powerful .


“Oh yeah? Tch, you may be a shrimp, but I guess I can let you give me a hand…” Katsuki teased as his strong fingers dug deep into the flesh of Deku’s hips, hands nearly coming around him completely. Izuku took the initiative to slip those suspenders off of both shoulders and worked at the button and fly of those uniform pants. The material hit the ground with a heavy thud and holy shit—


Izuku was right. Katsuki’s was huge .


His cock was thick and long. Flushed dark with arousal and a prominent, pulsing vein along the underside that made Izuku’s mouth water. His foreskin hugged snugly around the head, just barely the slit of his tip poking through.


Charity work has its benefits, I guess.


God, what he would do to stick his tongue in there, licking and touching and tasting and teasing. Slurping around the thick head and moaning in bliss. His hand wrapped around his meaty girth the best he could, fingers not even long enough to circle around completely. "Ah, fuck yeah.." Katsuki hissed as Izuku stroked one, two, three times and a bead of precome drooled steadily from the tip, meeting his fingers. Naturally, Izuku took a taste, his tongue hit with a burst of addictive bitterness.


“Mmm...taste so good, Kacchan…” Izuku moaned seductively around his own digits, tongue swirling around the pads to get every bit of flavor. Lost to the taste of Katsuki, he didn’t notice when his own pants had been opened and shoved to mid-thigh until calloused fingers touched the heat of his cock. He gasped as Katsuki wrapped around him easily, and it was even better when that large hand had both dicks encircled by his calloused palm.


"Hhng, ohhh that feels so good…"


Katsuki stroked them together firmly, letting out an amused chuckle as he examined the difference between them. Izuku wasn’t SMALL, necessarily...but next to Katsuki it sure felt that way. His own cock was nearly half the size, with Katsuki a full four inches bigger. MUCH thicker, with balls that hung heavy below unlike Izuku’s adorable plump ones. “Heh. Cute.” Katsuki snickered, and Izuku wanted so badly to spit a retort, but that still-stroking hand made his head spin and the words fall out and away from his tongue. “Turn around for me, Deku.”


Of course , Izuku complied. Who wouldn’t , with a man like Katsuki telling you what to do? Commanding you to undress from the waist down and spread your legs. Insisting that you bend over the table and arch your back as he rubs his massive dick along the crack of your ass, across your eager opening. His voice was a deep and hypnotizing growl, and Deku would probably give him his wallet if he asked for it, especially when Katsuki's length rubbed enticingly along his sensitive entrance. “You want another taste, baby? Want me to fill up your slutty hole?”


Fuck yes, he did. Izuku moaned, “Ah~ yesss…”— he wanted everything Katsuki could give him. Two large digits pressed at Izuku’s lips, demanding entrance. His tongue definitely met him with fervor, moaning and basking in the saltiness of both of their precome mixed together. The taste so unique along with the feeling of Katsuki’s thick flesh hot and insistent along his entrance; it left Izuku moaning and grinding back against him.


“Heh, you're a nasty boy, Deku. You want this big cock, too? Stuff you full on both ends? Tell me how much you want it…” Katsuki purred right in his ear, long fingers sinking deeper to graze at the back of Izuku's throat, making his pretty eyes water.


Izuku eyes watered as he groaned, “ Mpphffs !” around the two digits nearly gagging him.


“Can’t hear ya nerd. You want it or not??”


Izuku’s head fell back sharply, dislodging the fingers from sliding further down his throat as he wailed loudly up to Katsuki. “Yes! Yes, give it to me, please~ !” He didn’t think he’d be reduced to begging for the biggest cock he’d ever laid eyes on when he took this job, but fuck it if he wasn’t thrilled about it nonetheless.


Those tricky fingers soaked in saliva circled Izuku’s needy hole and slipped in, slowly at first. Searching and teasing. The stretch was like a warm, heady buzz that left Izuku practically purring with lust. His hands balled up as he elbows braced himself on the table after nearly falling face-first into the hardwood when Katsuki rubbed slowly against his prostate.


“Ohhh fuck~ yes yes, right there!~” Izuku whined, rutting his hips back like a desperate animal, only for Katsuki to be the jerk that he was and slip his fingers out. “Wait— no no no!” He cried desperately over his shoulder.


“‘No?’ You mean you DON’T want this ?” He asked, slapping his dick against Izuku’s ass and rubbing the fat head against his slicked up hole. “I mean, I GUESS if that’s what you WANT…”


Izuku grunted impatiently, gritting his teeth through the merciless teasing. “Hnng, fuck you! Fuck ME!”


Another laugh and the sound of spit hitting Katsuki’s palm were the last things Izuku heard behind him until he was breached impossibly wide and Izuku winced at the sharp burn of just barely the head slipping in. "Ah—! Hnng...Ka~cchan~" He shivered at the intrusion but the surprisingly sweet soothing of calloused palms ducking under the back of his shirt and up his spine somehow made it a little bit better.


"What? Can't handle it, shrimp?" Though, THAT didn't.


Another inch, then another. "No, I'm— ah, I—I'm fine… " Izuku's cock twitched in sympathy, leaking to the floor below and his rim fluttered in a desperate attempt to ask for more.


"Shit, Deku...feel so good sucking me in…" Katsuki cooed, thumbs parting Izuku's cheeks to watch more and more of his dick disappear into that slim body below. His hands felt hot like fire as they gripped tight at Izuku's fat booty. " God you're so you were fuckin’ made for me… " Further and further he sunk himself in until his balls pressed against smooth, pale thighs. So full . Izuku felt absolutely impaled on that thick cock. His mouth hung open as he tried desperately to adjust to the stretch, but he wasn't given much of a choice when the hot length within him slowly pulled out before a rapid thrust had him filled all over again.


"Ka~chan, ah~!" Like a punch to the gut, Izuku nearly had the breath knocked out of him as Katsuki thrust deep and hard. The toes of his red high tops barely grazed the ground with every push in, but it hardly mattered when Katsuki gripped the back of one knee, easily holding him up and open.


"Grr, that's right, Deku. Fuckin' take my cock. You like it when I'm deep inside of you? Stuffing your guts full of my dick?" Katsuki's free hand reached beneath, fingers tracing the bulging outline of his own cock through Izuku's abdomen. "Oh, shit . I can feel myself inside of you…" Katsuki muttered through his own labored breaths and desperate growls.


"Yes, yes~! Oh my god! Fuck~ I love it! L—love your big cock!" Izuku drooled as the words fell from his lips and off his panting tongue. "Harder, faster, please~ !"


Katsuki happily complied, wrapping both hands around Izuku's slim hips and lifting his smaller body higher; toes no longer touching the ground but instead, his legs dangled limply below as he was used as Katsuki's personal fuck toy.


"Oh shit , you like that? You wanna come on this big dick?" Fuck yes , Izuku wanted that SO bad, after being absolutely manhandled by this beast of a man. Couldn't wait to see the finger-shaped bruises on his hips the following day. Couldn't wait to feel the sting in his ass while he edited Kacchan's provocative photos at his work desk, like ghostly reminders of fucking a firefighter he had known less than half a day.


"Ye~s, yes, fu~ck— so close, I'm— gonna co~me!" His speech so disjointed as every hard thrust rocked him to his core. Strong hips slapped hard against his ass as his cock twitched and bobbed uselessly until that burning in his gut dragged him over the edge.


"Yeah, fucking come for me, Deku~ Wanna feel that ass sucking me in..."


With a shout that couldn't have possibly NOT been heard by any of the other station patrons, Izuku was quivering, crying, and coming. His balls pulsed tight as squirt after squirt of cum fell to the ground, sticky strings oozing from his slit and slowly dropping to a filthy mess below.


With a brain full of heady bliss, Izuku's last warning was a ruggedly, animalistic growl and fingernails digging painfully into his hip bones before the sensation of liquid heat coated his insides. Thick and scorching, Izuku gasped as Katsuki held himself balls deep while he blew his load. Didn't miss how his rim fluttered weakly over the thick flesh, trying to aid Katsuki in milking his cock for every last drop.


Heavy breaths, in and out. Katsuki and Izuku were reduced to nothing more than a slumped over pile of flesh and sweaty limbs. Surprisingly gently, Deku was placed back to the ground on boneless and quivering legs and barely avoided stepping in the pile of his own jizz.


"You ok, short stuff?" Katsuki sighed, stroking a hand affectionately over Izuku's forehead from behind and pushing back sweaty curls. Izuku would have been more shocked at his caring touch if he hadn't remembered that this man's job was literally helping people on a daily basis.


It was kinda sweet.


"Hah, yeah...ah, I'm ok." Izuku chuckled as he nuzzled into Katsuki's warm palm and hummed in delight as a small kiss was placed on his forehead from above. "Better now."


Izuku turned to face that beautiful beefcake of a man— he was proud to find that he looked just as wrecked as Deku felt— but not before reaching into his bag and pulling out a business card, extending it toward Katsuki. “You don’t...happen to do... house calls , do you?” He mumbled and smirked stupidly, still blissed out on being brutally fucked into next week. Whatever. It gave him the courage to ask for Booty call?


Katsuki's nose scrunched up in distaste, taking the card regardless. “Sure, I guess if you call 911…” 


"O—oh, really ??" Izuku cooed, horny brain ACTUALLY believing Katsuki's shitty joke.


He facepalmed at Deku's excited reaction, green eyes widening at the thought of having Katsuki's dick on call. “Okay, yeah, DON’T call 911 unless it’s a literal emergency, ya idiot.” Deku looked away shyly, and maybe that made Katsuki feel A LITTLE bad…


“But maybe I’ll give you my private number instead.”

Chapter Text

It was an embarrassment for sure. “Hero Deku breaks both arms AGAIN.” When it had happened, Izuku could already see it on the morning news…


From the comfort of his hospital bed.


Yeah, once again, Deku was out of commission. You wouldn’t have to ask him twice if he would do it again; acting as the reinforcing wall of a 12 story building to save a group of kids? Hell yeah, he’d do it in a heartbeat. Despite the resulting break of two limbs, the benefits way outweighed the risks, even if he was stuck to a hospital bed with dual arm casts and a few cracked ribs. 


Deku was always really good at making the best out of shitty situations. Always looking on the bright side. He told himself he needed the rest for sure, and a few days off wouldn’t hurt him. Also, a bunch of his friends came to visit, that was so nice of them! And finally…


“Deku, time to get up!”


There was nurse Bakugou Katsuki. Or, Kacchan, as Izuku so lovingly coined him as he was absolutely sloshed on morphine. Nurse Hottie was also acceptable, but Katsuki hated all of it. From the moment he was assigned to make the rounds to Deku, he’d been in an especially foul mood around the helpless hero.


Wasn’t a big fan, apparently.


Katsuki crossed his arms, totally unimpressed at the useless hero and waiting for Deku to stop staring like a moron. Well, Kacchan was hot, what ELSE was he supposed to do??


“GET. UP.” Another harsh demand echoed through the room


Deku’s eyes shifted around confused. “Uh, w-where’re we going?”


“I’m takin’ you to piss, and you’re gonna need to use your legs this time because I’m NOT dragging your useless ass across the floor the way Shitty Hair does.” Such a nice guy. It was a sarcastic thought, but Deku could look past the crappy demeanor to keep those broad shoulders and beautiful face coming back every day.


But wait— did he say ‘piss’?? Normally, nurse Kirishima came around to help him with something like THAT. He was so nice and sweet and made the demeaning experience much easier to handle. Kacchan was all sharp edges and scowls. Kacchan was like a hazardous bomb, one wrongly snipped line from exploding.


Kacchan was his super cute crush, and against his will, Deku was about to be absolutely embarrassed in front of him.


“A—alright, alright, I’m up…” Deku’s legs felt a little like jelly as his toes hit the hospital room floor, and despite his discouraging frown, Katsuki was there to give him a supportive arm until he was steady on his feet. “L-lead the way, Kacchan.” Izuku smiled and chuckled in the most awkward manner.


“Ughh.” Katsuki groaned as they slowly padded towards the connected restroom.


It was a standard hospital restroom. A toilet and a sink. Nothing particularly special, but that day was sure something else since Katsuki was accompanying him. His strong arms wrapped around Izuku to help him keep balance. His body was warm and he smelled soooo good. Like cinnamon and something manly just beneath. Something so Kacchan , and it left his mouth watering as he took his spot in front of the toilet, even IF it was the most embarrassing thing that he needed help just to pee . What kind of world did he live in that THIS was his reward for helping others???


No good deed goes unpunished.


As much as Deku would love to spend more time with Kacchan— beautiful, beautiful, Kacchan— this was NOT how he pictured their coupling going. He figured they would flirt casually and Katsuki would get so concerned when Deku’s heart raced every time he checked his pulse. Or maybe something more along the lines of the ol’ cliche sexy nurse? Thigh highs and heels with a short white dress that showed so much of those legs. The top buttons would be undone to show off Katsuki’s ample cleavage and he’d coo so seductively, ‘Time to take your temperature, Hero Deku…’  


But no, that’s not what happened. Instead, all he got was two hands swiftly tugging at his shorts and leaving him bare to the world—or well, just Kacchan—from the waist down.


Oh shit oh fuck. Shouldn’t have been thinking of the sexy nurse Kacchan fantasy. 


“Tch, wow, who knew the Number One hero was a Number One perv?” Katsuki chuckled as he stared down; down past Izuku’s flushed cheeks and down past both arms wrapped in sturdy slings. Down to Izuku’s swelling cock, just barely half hard but still enough to be totally noticeable. “You do this shit with Kirishima, too?”




“Ah, so just with me. I get it now.”


Fuck, Izuku was SO busted. At this rate, he totally WAS the Number One perv, just like Katsuki said! He swallowed hard as he tried to will his erection away, and with no way to cover himself up with both hands out of commission, he was merely left to wallow in his own shameful and painfully blatant excitement.


“Let’s just get this over with already, alright Deku?” Katsuki’s hot breath sent a shiver down Izuku’s spine, but he gasped and squeezed his eyes shut when warm fingers circled gingerly around his cock. It wasn’t normally so weird , but Katsuki’s fingers felt so different than anyone else's. Maybe it was how he stood so close, with his body pressed against Izuku. Maybe it was how his free hand stroked up and down Deku's hip, leaving lingering tingles behind on his skin. Whatever it was, it had his breath quivering as his hips bucked once into the hold and his cock twitched for attention.


“Ah, r-right...yeah…” Deku stuttered, and if he didn’t look down in time to see Katsuki’s wrist flick slowly, stroking his cock just a few times for fun, he would have never believed it happened. “Ka-kacchan, you-!” Izuku felt hot; arousal and embarrassment didn’t mix well—or maybe it did, when his dick hardened even further in Katsuki’s hand.


“What’s wrong, Deku ? Thought you had to go?” Izuku bit back a moan as sneaky fingers slipped beneath his shirt to tickle warmly at his hip.


Right. He had to pee. NEEDED to. Too distracted before, he hadn't noticed the pressure sitting almost painfully on his bladder in a desperate urge.


'C'mon Izuku, you've done this before, don't make it any weirder. Just go just go just go.' Deku willed himself to relax and let go, but his own hardness made it impossible for that to happen.


"Ka—kacchan I— I can't…" 


"You CAN'T?" Katsuki scolded with a harsh tone. "Is it because you're a dirty pervert , standing here with your dick hard in my hand…?"


Yeah, actually, that was EXACTLY it, not that Deku was gonna admit that out loud. So he nodded his head slowly with burning ears and flustered shame.


"Ah~!" Deku cried when Katsuki pinched at the tip of his dick, a total shock that only proved to make Deku even harder. 


"Well, THAT'S a pretty shitty problem. Whatcha gonna do about it, Hero? Your arms are fucked, and I ain't waiting here all day... " Katsuki spoke and Deku trembled as his cock continued to twitch, fat and heavy in his tightening grip. " I guess I can lend your useless ass a hand, then." Deku could hear the exasperated eye roll with that one.


Izuku had absolutely NO clue that a simple bathroom break would lead to him getting jerked off by a hot nurse over a toilet, but sometimes that's just how it is. 


Katsuki stroked slowly at first, dragging the foreskin over the tip so deliciously. Rubbed slick precome over his length as Deku's cock continued to drool steadily and fall into the toilet below.


"You're so nasty Deku, so useless. I have to do EVERYTHING for you. Even gotta get you off myself . What a loser…" Izuku moaned pathetically as Katsuki berated him, but it didn't make him any less aroused. Not with the way Katsuki stroked harder and faster, other hand digging into his hip to keep Deku on his wobbly feet.


"Ka~cchan... that's— I can't…"


"Can't what ?" Katsuki snapped. "Can't believe I have to do this shit for you? Yeah, I can't believe it either, Mr. Number One Hero…"


Tears welled up in Izuku's eyes, stinging just like the heat in his face and neck did from embarrassment. Also from arousal as Katsuki found a perfect, unrelenting rhythm. It'd be more amazing if the urge to piss wasn't looming so close. It felt uncontrollable. Like an accident waiting to happen, and if everything up to that point hadn't been embarrassing enough, pissing on both of them would DEFINITELY be a legit reason to never show his face in this hospital again.


His agency would probably like that too, honestly.


 "Kacchan, s—stop, I can't I'll— I'm gonna~!" He tried to warn; tried to get the words out past breathy moans and shaky knees, but Katsuki's hand was like a vice and stroked roughly, up and down, back and forth, until the inevitable tide of his orgasm fluttered just below the skin.


"Gonna what? Gonna come like a dirty freak? Go ahead and get it over with already…" Katsuki's words were so nasty and they made that shame in his gut swirl around confusingly with arousal. Izuku should be more concerned about being this turned on, but he couldn't really dwell on it as he was coming undone on the spot.


"Fuck, yes yes yes Kacchan ~!" Katsuki's demeaning growl brought Deku to the edge and pushed him off mercilessly, stroking hard past every spurt of cum and leaving a filthy mess below. In the water and across the toilet seat, sticky globs of white stained the porcelain surface; even Katsuki's fingers were covered in the remnants of Deku's disgusting arousal.


Amazing was Izukus first thought. He couldn't remember the last time he jerked off—he'd been so busy with work— and by the hottest guy in the hospital? The most beautiful man he'd ever seen?


It was like a cliche wet dream come true. 


Shame was the second thought, as he eyed the filthy mess he made on the toilet seat and lid that he wouldn't even be able to quickly clean up, with his tail between his legs like a woeful dog.


The damn pressure in his bladder was last, and he only remembered it when Katsuki kept stroking well past his orgasm, with his cock softening and eventually, letting him relax into Katsuki's arms.


"Kacchan...wait, no~! You can't I'm—"


Deku pleaded but like hell was Katsuki gonna listen. He just kept working his slick fingers over Izuku's spent cock. "C'mon, you had to pee sooooo bad. I'd be a pretty shitty nurse if I didn't let you do THAT…"


Izuku gasped as tears spilled, whining and hunched over himself when he couldn't hold back any longer. A steady stream of piss leaked out of his cock and mixed with the mess of cum below. He felt relieved in a whole new way, shivering as he emptied his bladder with Katsuki's aid. It felt so fucking good . His hips bucked pathetically for something more and didn't even care that his legs were wet and Katsuki's hand was too as he continued to tug on Deku's flaccid cock until he was milked completely dry.


Panting and moaning and damn near crying, Deku's jelly legs were back and the last embarrassing thing he needed was to fall into his puddle of cum and piss and shame.


"Kacchan….ah, I'm— hnng— sorry…" Izuku whimpered while leaning rather uselessly against the wall for support as Katsuki rinsed the cum and piss off of his fingers in the adjacent sink.


"Tch, just like I expected. Can't even take a piss right." Kacchan shook his head with a smirk; it was wicked and rude as he stared at Deku through the mirror's reflection. "What a damn Deku."

Chapter Text

It was a cold and dreary day when Izuku found Katsuki. A stray dog that often rummaged through dark alleys for food or shelter.  His dark red eyes were wide and untrusting— who knew what he’d been through on the streets— but a warm hand, a friendly smile, about an hour and a half, and a piece of a partially eaten sandwich were eventually enough to pull the filthy dog from behind the alley’s dumpster.


With his sandy-colored fur wet and matted, he trotted at Izuku’s heels the entire way back to his home.


Katsuki’s home now, too.


After a thorough shampooing— took practically three baths to get the grime from between his paws— and a meticulous brushing, Katsuki was warm, fresh, and eventually sated with a belly full of food and a friendly hand scratching behind perked ears.


"Good boy, Kacchan."


What a life. Izuku was amazing, with how he so easily opened his home and heart to the feral dog. Made him a perfect companion, and after nearly a month of loving pets and snuggle sessions on the couch, Katsuki was finally comfortable to show him his real self.


"Oh. My—I— whaaa…" Izuku gaped at the slim but muscular man sitting curled up and naked on Kacchan's plush doggie bed. If he hadn't recognized those perked up blond ears and that piercing ruby glare, he wouldn't have ever believed it when Katsuki told him what he really was.


The long tail patting gently behind him was also a pretty good sign.


"Half dog, half dude. Guess you're gonna kick me out now, huh?" Of course, he would. That's what they always did. But when Izuku knelt beside him, green eyes forever friendly and that same soothing hand scratching his chin and making Katsuki's foot twitch slightly in pleasure, he already knew the truth.


"'Course not, Kacchan. You're my good boy, right?"


Definitely. For this home, this life; for Izuku, he'd be the goddamn BEST boy.




Being the best boy for Izuku was SO easy. Katsuki did some housework while Izuku was gone in the day time. Cleaned dishes, did the laundry. Sometimes he met Izuku after a long day at work with perfect, home-cooked meals and other times all Izuku needed was for Kacchan to pad over on four furry legs and nuzzle into his hand sweetly, melting the stress away.


Katsuki loved Izuku. REALLY loved izuku.


Which made things difficult when Izuku came home late from a night out with friends, only coming to see Katsuki briefly after work before bolting out the door again for hours. Katsuki was sad. Lonely. His usually perky ears pinned back in distaste, JUST wanting to have his master back. He sprawled himself on the floor dramatically with his large paws kicked out, and who knows how long he had been waiting until he buffed in alert as the door creaked open sometime past midnight.


The keys in Izuku's hand jingled when he tossed them on the counter, and he yelped when a large muzzle goosed him from behind. "Ah! Kacchan, no!" He shoved that curious nose away, but Katsuki didn't even need the close proximity to smell everything. To smell the evidence of Izuku's evening on his clothes, on his skin. The acrid scent of cigarette smoke and the slight tang of alcohol. There were people, too. A lot of them. Katsuki growled under his breath as he felt a new possessiveness grip him tight around his heart.


Why did Izuku have to leave? Was Katsuki not good enough? Why were they touching him? He could smell their hands and perfumes and colognes, tickling his nose until his head shook with a sneeze.


That was SO unfair.


The silhouette of four legs and a lot of fur was replaced by Katsuki's human counterpart, as he still trailed right behind his shorter companion. Sure, he may have been nosy, but it was a necessity. "Where were you? You smell weird…" Katsuki questioned, scrunching his nose in disgust. "Smell like... people." 


Maybe, Katsuki had a chip on his shoulder from past experiences with people — strangers, but he couldn't deny the urge to cover Izuku back in his own scent. Something so uniquely Kacchan that no one would EVER touch him again.


"Hah, yeah of course. I was just out at a club with some friends…" Izuku explained, shucking his leather jacket over a nearby chair. "Clubs have LOTS of people and's fine though, it'll go away soon."


Not super convincing, but Katsuki let that slide as Izuku started to pad quietly towards his— THEIR— bedroom.


Like always, Katsuki was at his heels. He always joined Izuku when they retired to bed. Always curled up in a big ball on top of the sheets and pressed against Izuku's leg. Always snoring away while Izuku did the same.


Or...maybe, not that night.


"Nuh-uh, Kacchan," Izuku stopped him in the doorway, holding his hand out to halt. "I just gotta... I'm— I'm gonna sleep alone tonight. B—but your bed should be fine! Just washed it too, ya know!"


The door shutting right in his face was Katsuki's goodnight.


How rude??? How DARE Izuku bring home strange scents of strange people, making Katsuki's nose go crazy? How DARE he leave him alone all night, then when he finally came home, kick him out of his bed?? Well, not HIS bed but…


With a huff, Katsuki threw himself right to the space in front of Izuku's bedroom door.


Minutes passed, but it felt like hours. He just wanted to see Izuku! Wanted to fall into that same routine they always had. Wanted those loving back scratches as Izuku cooed at him and to curl up under that warm blanket draped over the couch. Wanted Izuku, his master, his—


He stopped when his nose caught a whiff of something new. Not like the scent of people from Izuku’s clothes, or the smells of every place he walked on his shoes. No, this was completely different. It was new, but also something familiar in a primal way. Deep down, it called to Katsuki, and it came from beneath the bedroom door.


The currently forbidden territory.


Katsuki was a good boy. Izuku said so. He also said to stay out. That smell made him salivate. He licked at his pointed canines while his mouth filled with drool. He wanted in. Wanted to find the source of that scent and inhale— devour it. He pawed at the door, scratching lightly for attention, but the muffled, ‘Kacchan, stop!’ left him whining on the hallway carpet.


So he waited and waited, right in front of that wooden barrier. What else could he do? Even so, his nose continued to twitch in interest. Drool pooled beneath his tongue and he felt hot just below his skin.


Hmm…maybe he should go inside.


The door opened soundlessly as he slipped into the bedroom. It was fairly dark, just the light from a nearby window glowing faintly, but once Katsuki’s eyes adjusted to the darkness, it was clear where Izuku was; sprawled languidly across his bedding and also, the source of that delicious smell.


“Ah...ah, yesss…” Katsuki’s ears perked up at Izuku’s sighs. Nothing like he’d ever heard from his master before, but intriguing nonetheless. He crouched low as he approached the bed, right up to the edge where he got the most tantalizing view of his master; legs spread wide, heels digging into the sheets as he shoved two of his fingers into his own asshole.


Oh, fucking, wow.


Katsuki felt hot from the sight. His master, so vulnerable. So wanton. Eyes shut and head thrown back as he touched himself, sighing in bliss. His cock was so hard and he smelled so amazing. Katsuki couldn’t help himself. Couldn’t help but climb onto the bed— THEIR bed— and get closer to that intoxicating scent.


“Wha—ah! W—wait, Kacchan?? Wha—what are you—what are you doing??” Izuku stuttered and wailed as a nose pressed tight just below his balls. Katsuki inhaled deep, mouth open and panting against the soft skin of Izuku’s perineum. His master smelt divine. The scent of arousal and adrenaline stung his nostrils in the most amazing way possible.


“Mmm…” It was a low, grumbly moan that rattled from Katsuki’s throat. He wanted— no, NEEDED more. More of that smell. More of Izuku. More more more. Needed to fill his senses with every little bit of his beloved master.


So he took a taste.


“Ka~ah…! Kacchan what— why are you—” Izuku failed to choke out a message as a slick tongue swiped over his opening. Katsuki ignored the other strange taste of whatever slick substance was left behind as he lapped over and over again, loving the way Izuku twitched on his tongue. He searched everywhere; licked at Izuku’s plump balls and traveled even further to find the new taste of his cock.


Another swipe of his tongue, across Izuku’s slit that time left a different flavor in his mouth as a squirt of precome hit his tastebuds. “ good…” Katsuki groaned as his lips wrapped around the head and sucked. His own hips bucked, hard cock hanging and bobbing between his thighs, leaking steadily on the sheets below. The taste of Izuku’s uncontrolled arousal had new yearning thrumming beneath his skin. 


The instinctual urge to mount and mate.


The desire to fuck and mark like the beast he was made Katsuki whine. The closest he’d ever felt to that was on those long days when Izuku had been working overtime and Katsuki’s balls would ache. He’d climb onto his— THEIR bed and wad up Izuku’s pillow to hump against it. Rub his cock into the soft material while inhaling his scent from the other one. It normally felt amazing—


But it never felt like this.


Never felt so uncontrollable and rabid. Never felt so lustful and powerful. “Mine…” Katsuki growled, looming over Izuku’s trembling form. His eyes were wide and teary— maybe from arousal, maybe not, but it didn’t matter with Katsuki’s brain shouting at him to sink his cock into Izuku’s warmth. To stuff him full of cum and with his pups.


So he did. Pushed Izuku's knees apart with two strong hands and slipped the head of his cock into that slicked up hole.


“Ka— god, no, I—” Izuku’s hands pressed against Katsuki’s chest in defiance and his voice quivered as that hot length filled him. Slowly at first, with Kacchan gritting his teeth. Then, quickly, with the last few inches until Katsuki was settled balls deep inside of him. “Ah~ oh fuck...fuck, yes…” The fingers sprawled against his chest curled tightly in pleasure and so did Izuku’s toes, feet hanging loosely in the air without his volition.


Izuku was so tight. Felt so good. Smelled amazing. Tasted better, especially when Katsuki licked soothingly at his plush lips. He looked so blissed out with his mouth hanging open and eyes rolled back. Looked exactly how Kacchan felt, and Katsuki wanted to do anything to make his master happy. 


Katsuki's hips pulled back; the tight rim of Izuku’s ass gripped him deliciously snug. Izuku; HIS master. HIS savior. His alone. Just the thought made Katsuki’s balls throb and stomach coil with unbridled arousal and possession, and that’s when instinct kicked in once more.


Mate mate mate.


A quick thrust of his hips left them both wailing. Izuku, from the harsh intrusion and Katsuki, from the encompassing sensation of Midoriya Izuku. HIS Izuku. He snapped his hips, harder and faster, so intent on fulfilling that need and pumping Izuku full of his seed. His hands gripped the back of those knees harder, claws digging into his freckled flesh— nearly breaking the skin, as he rutted into him. His cock pulsed and that’s when he felt the inflating of his knot, so ready to tie them close whether they wanted it or not.


Why would they not?


“Ah! What that’s— what IS that??” Izuku cried as he was stretched even further. Panted hard when the knot widened his asshole and slipped inside with the rest of Katsuki’s dick. The thrusting stopped but was replaced with Katuski’s rabidly rutting hips as the knot held them in place.


“Grr, gonna fill you with cum, stuff you with my pups…” Izuku trembled at those words, and as that knot pressed mercilessly to his prostate. Katsuki’s fluffy tail wagged as his hips humped mindlessly and when his eyes screwed shut with his head thrown back, he howled; so loud, it was impossible that the neighbors DIDN’T hear it, but it didn’t matter when his cock was pumping spurt after spurt of hot cum into Izuku's willing hole. Filling him to the brim, but the knot kept it all in. Kept him plugged up with his seed, and apparently that alone was enough for Izuku to fill over the edge himself.


Kacchan, oh my god I— ohhh~! Fffu— ah~!” His cum painted his stomach and chest in globs of white, leaving a slick mess between them, but it didn’t matter to either. Not when Katsuki felt so sated and could smell the relief on Izuku. Knew he felt it too.


Happy. Elated. Katsuki felt SO excited. Izuku was HIS forever. His master, his mate. No one else's. Not those friends he went out with that evening, or even the guys that touched him too close at the bar. There were a few— Katsuki could smell them.


He'd have to make sure they never touched him again.


Despite the post-coital bliss, Katsuki was overwhelmed with that sudden wave of possessiveness. When his knot deflated, he pulled out and took his softening cock into his hand. A few gentle strokes made him whine in overstimulation, but wouldn’t stop him from placing the slit against Izuku’s gaping hole and sighing as a stream of piss filled him as well. “All mine…ONLY mine...” Katsuki grumbled as his piss and cum overflowed and seeped from Izuku’s asshole. Mixed sweetly onto the sheets below. Made quite a mess, but his scent permeated the room and Izuku, and that was the only thing that really mattered.


Now EVERYONE would know he was Katsuki's.


Once relieved, Katsuki’s body fell limply onto the smaller one below. He wanted attention. Love. Izuku’s affection. He nuzzled his head into Izuku’s chin to scent, cooing and pleading for his loving touch. He missed it SO much, and his tail wagged steadily when he received gentle fingers carding through his fur.


“, you’re such a good boy, Kacchan..." Izuku purred, almost drunkenly, but definitely blissed out from Katsuki's passion with the way he mindlessly smoothed over Katsuki's fuzzy, perked ears. "My good boy…”


Of course, he was. Katsuki was a GOOD boy. The BEST boy, ever!

Chapter Text


If there was anything Pro Hero Ground Zero hated more than shitty villains fucking up the town, it was the goddamned press. Nosey fuckers followed him around like flies on honey, of course; it was expected when you were one of the best heroes out there, but that didn’t mean Bakugou Katsuki had to like it one bit.


“Ground Zero, can I get a moment of your time?”


Katsuki remembered when he met the most infuriating reporter he’d ever encountered. Deku, or something , he didn’t really care. Didn’t really listen when that scrawny little twink introduced himself, just turned on his heel as Deku chased after him like a dog up a tree.


Tch, well, he was barkin’ up the wrong one.


After a few shitty encounters with zero information thrown Deku’s way, Katsuki learned quite a bit about his new stalker. Deku seemed to be a big fan. Knew everything about him; stats, rankings, favorite foods, favorite color. It sure explained his budding obsession with trying to get an interview, even if it WAS for a professional sake.


Katsuki also learned that Deku had no fucking limits to how persistent he was. Would ask questions all day, if you let him; except Katsuki didn’t. Would snap at him to get him to shut up, and poor tiny, weak Deku flush so bright in embarrassment. Would instantly clam up right there on the spot.


Until the day he didn’t.


Some shitty breach in security— most likely a lazy door guard— had Deku waltzing in and cornering Ground Zero right there in his office. Against the back wall and behind his desk, Katsuki was approached rather vehemently by the overzealous reporter.


“I NEED to know! Can you tell me ANYTHING about the mysterious underground crime syndicate that you and fellow heroes have been trying to unearth??” Deku nearly cried, pen and notebook in hand as he looked up at the hero with wide, green eyes that held and underlying fire of endless determination.


“Tch, I ain’t tellin' you shit.” Katsuki puffed up, trying to look bigger and more menacing— THAT usually worked well on other press members. “I don’t know HOW many times I gotta fuckin’ tell you— you ain’t gettin’ a peep outta me, shitty Deku.”


Deku steeled himself; bold and brave, almost like a hero. He WANTED that scoop. Wanted that front-page story, and maybe something more…


That stupid black and orange pen jabbed hard into Katsuki’s firm pec as Deku squared up with the head-taller hero. “, you’re gonna give me some answers. And you’re gonna give them to me NOW.”


There was something about Deku this time around; so courageous and steadfast with his head held high and his posture tall as threatening. His stare was piercings and the snarl to his lip slightly curled up on one side—


And fuck , if that didn’t get Katsuki hard as a rock right there on the spot. Anyone with enough balls to challenge the fierce Pro to his face was at least worthy of THAT.


Katsuki snorted, cheeks flushing but still trying to play off his growing arousal. “Ha, and if I choose NOT to?”


A handful of his black and orange tank top was gripped and yanked him down to Deku’s eye level.  They were close; their noses touching and breath mingling between them as Deku murmured low and growling. “Then I guess I’ll have to force ‘em out of you.”


Katsuki inhaled sharply at that nasty tone. A deep, husky whisper that felt so commanding and threatening. It left his heart racing and adrenaline pumping, and so did the insistent pair of lips that pressed up onto his own.


Deku was even more of a mystery now than ever before. Despite his size and demeanor, he was still fierce and powerful. Still left Katsuki feeling like he should submit. Why?? He was far bigger, stronger, faster, more powerful. He shouldn’t WANT Deku to have any leverage over him. Shouldn’t feel like kneeling before this slight and skinny news reporter, but he did anyway when a rough hand and a kick to the back of the knee brought him to the ground.


“You nasty hero, you. Don’t think I don’t see THAT.” Katsuki gasped when the bottom of a red hightop— really? With slacks and a white button-down?—  pressed down insistently on his obviously hard cock. “What? You get off to shit like this? Tch, maybe I should report THAT to the paper?” Another harsh press down and Katsuki hissed; couldn’t even bring himself to care if that’s what Deku wanted to do, because all Katsuki wanted was for him to keep going.


“Heh, maybe you would like that…” Just as fast as it happened, that foot was gone, but fingers tracing his sharp jawline pulled Katsuki’s eyes up to meet Deku’s wicked snarl. “Suck my cock.” And when Deku’s slacks dropped and his dick was hard and out—a thin line of precome drooling from the tip— who was Katsuki to deny the order?


Deku wasn’t sweet at all. He tasted manly and his arousal smelled intoxicating— why did he expect anything different? Because realistically, Katsuki could snap him in half with a flick of the wrist? No, he wasn’t sweet in the slightest, especially when fingers laced through blond strands and pulled him closer. Tears welled up in his red eyes as Deku’s fat cock hit the back of his throat. He wanted to gag, but also didn’t want it to stop. Not when Deku moved his hips forward and back, fucking into Katsuki’s mouth in a way that had both of them whimpering between those four walls.


When the cock was pulled from his mouth, Katsuki was left sputtering on the saliva and precome pooling in the back of his throat and Deku cooed, almost lovingly, but also not at all, “ Wow , you’re so good at that Ground Zero…never expected anything less from you though, since you’re SO amazing…” He watched Deku’s slender fingers unbutton his shirt and yank his horribly knotted red tie over his head, making his curls bounce around messily. “Let’s find out what else you’re good at.” Katsuki felt the tie slide over his head, around his neck, and when Deku sat on the edge of HIS office chair, feet perched on the seat with his thighs spread, he felt a tug; he couldn’t help but crawl forward on his hands and knees.


“Come eat me out.”


If Katsuki thought Deku’s cock was great, his ass was even better . Pale skin soft and smooth, and the adorable freckles that adorned his thighs made him look far more innocent than he really was. He swirled his tongue around that pretty pink opening and swiped a strip all the way up to his plump balls. He'd like to say it was just because of the demand, but he knew dirty truth. “Mmm, fuck…” Katsuki mumbled in bliss, rubbing the heel of his hand against his own cock through the thick material of his pants. Fuck , he was SO hard. So fucking turned on by being at Deku’s every whim. His little fucking plaything. He didn’t even bat an eye when fingers dug sharply into his hair once more.


“Tongue out, NOW.”


Of course, he complied. Held his tongue stiff as Deku pulled his head down and rutted his needy hole against it. Felt it catch against his rim and cried when it slipped inside. His toes curled as he rode Katsuki’s face, and the most the hero could do is hang on and accept it.


“Fffuck—ah~ that’s— ohhhh, my god… ” Deku trembled as he almost lost. His legs quivered as Katsuki let himself be used. Let Deku take whatever he wanted from the pro hero until that tie pulled tight and him and Deku were both flushed and at eye-level. “God, you almost made me come...but I don’t wanna come like that…” Katsuki’s dick throbbed in arousal, so neglected and leaking in sympathy against his pants. He could feel the sticky mess left behind and all he wanted was a little bit of relief from that biting pressure.


"Oh, fuck ...tell me what you want, then..."


Another tug on the tie had them both on their feet, Deku bending himself over Katsuki's sturdy oak desk and sneering over his shoulder in the most provocative way. “Come here and fuck me, hero.”


With the way Deku displayed himself; bare, save for his shirt splayed open. With one knee perched on the desk, ass looking perky and delectable with his pretty pink hole slathered in saliva— shit, there was NO WAY Katsuki was gonna pass THAT up.


Katsuki’s pants fell to his knees and he pulled his cock out, hard and aching and drooling with desire. A little more spit to help the glide and he didn’t have it in him to tease or fuck around. He was painfully hard and the only thing that made it even slightly better was sinking the tip of his cock into Deku’s tight ass. “Ah, fffuck...ohh, holy shit…” He moaned and gasped in absolute bliss with his head thrown back, eyes squeezed shut to stop himself from coming on the spot.


Deku would probably hate that.


Though he DID love when Katsuki pushed in further. He reached around and curled his slender fingers into his own plush cheeks to hold himself open for that big, hard cock. “Mmmm, fuck yes, ah~ keep going for me. Hnng, want you balls deep and fucking me right…” With the sultry command, Katsuki obeyed, slamming his hips forward until they were pressed flush together. “Ah! Yes, just like that~!


In and out, Katsuki couldn’t help but dig his fingers hard into those slim hips as he watched his cock disappear into his deliciously tight hole. Watched that chubby ass jiggle with every slap of their hips. It was all SO amazing, with Deku’s breathy whines and rutting hips meeting him on every thrust. Even better when that tie was grabbed and yanked harshly, pulling him forward and forcing his hands to brace against the desk on either side of the seductive twink beneath him.


Maybe he shouldn't like it so much, but maybe he didn't really care.


“C’mon, hero , fuck me like you mean it~!” Deku pulled the tie harder, leaving Katsuki’s chin resting on his shoulder and he almost lovingly pressed his lips against his sweaty temple. “And you better not come! Not until you BEG me…” The tie held tautly and Katsuki’s eyes rolled back with a choked off moan, breathing difficult with his closing off airway. Deku wanted him, no— DEMANDED that he beg, but bakugou Katsuki NEVER begs…


But right there, bent over a desk while he split some small-time reporter open on his cock, you bet your ass he begged.


“Oh, shit— fuck, Deku— please let me come…” Katsuki whined as his hips bucked wildly, slapping loudly and unable to find a rhythm to stave off his orgasm. “Please~ Wanna fuckin’ fill you up. Hnng, stuff you with cum, I can make it so good for you just—fffuck please let me do it~!”


Deku moaned—arched his back every time Katsuki brushed up against that sweet spot, but still had it in him to bark a laugh right in his face.“Hah! A big, strong hero like YOU, begging? How pathetic…” The force of Katsuki’s thrusts were blissful and maddening, just the tips of Deku's toes grazing the ground for leverage. “What would people think if they knew you’d submit to someone like me… ?”


There was no snarky retort or shitty half-baked banter. Just the sound of Katsuki panting and whining and begging and drooling so pitifully. “Ah, fuck~! Pleasepleaseplease…” His pleas trailed off, brain too fried to think of anything other than ‘Don’t come, don’t come, not yet, don’t come.’


Deku’s ass squeezed down mercilessly tight, and Katsuki wanted to just slam his forehead into the table. ANYTHING to hold off his looming orgasm, but thankfully Deku was feeling generous, finally . “ Fine , since you’ve been SUCH a good hero I’ll be nice…” Another tug on the tie and hot breath against his ear was all he needed to come undone.


“Come for me, Ground Zero...”


And holy shit he did. Two, three, four, five thrusts later he felt his balls draw up tight as he blew his load into that tenacious twink. His cock throbbed and his head spun as spurt after spurt of cum filled Deku’s tight ass. Deku felt it too, with the way his fingers gripped hard at the desk’s edge, knuckles white while he still rocked his hips and rode that big cock.


A beautiful sight on its own, but Katsuki just knew they weren't done yet.


When his softening dick slipped out, Katsuki stood with a painful sting in his back. It was annoying, but not enough to keep him from watching Deku grab his cheeks again and spread his gaping hole, letting sticky globs of cum leak out and down his thighs.


“Ah, you know what to do. Lick it up .” Deku tossed the command over his shoulder, fingers shaking as he kept himself spread and open, and even though he was totally spent and sated, Katsuki fell to his knees and did what was asked. Swiped his tongue up the cum dripping down his thigh and followed the trail back to the source, sucking his own bitter cum from Deku’s used and abused hole. “Mmm, oh fuck yes , eat it up for me, hero. Hnnng, ah, keep going…” 


His skillful tongue flicked and laved and swirled and dipped inside, catching every drop and never stopping, even when he felt Deku’s rim twitch and pulse against his tongue. “Yesyes, fuck~ gonna come~!” Deku’s own hand worked at his cock, stroking quickly as he jerked himself along the flawless finish of Katsuki’s work desk. Staining it too, with the remnants of his desires, but that slick mess would have to be a problem for future Katsuki.


Spent and sated, and Deku’s clothes put back on, albeit, in the most haphazard manner, they slumped across the furniture— Deku on the chair, and Katsuki leaning casually against his own cum-stained desk.


“So.” Deku broke the silence, fingers fiddling with his crappily tied tie and with that voice— still harsh and demanding. “Are you gonna give me that story now, or what ?”


Katsuki thought for a moment, arms crossed as he met those pretty green eyes with a smirk. “Hmm...nah, not on your life, short stuff.”

“Really now?” Deku’s eyebrows shot up, somewhat surprised, but not really at all; definitely not ready to back down from the self-appointed challenge. He stood toe-to-toe with the handsome hero, taking another fistful of the sturdy material clinging desperately to rock hard chest. “Well, if you won't give it up, I guess I’ll be back next week to try again, right...Ground Zero?”

Chapter Text

Katsuki awoke to the sound of an ear-shattering screech.


Here we go again.


It'd be more alarming with he wasn't so used to it by now. For the past two weeks, at 4:05 am, the sound of his and Deku's newly born child would tear through the house. Nearly rip his damn eardrums open as he wailed for SOMETHING. He felt Deku kick the sheets back in a drowsy haze and stumble into the adjacent room.


Their son was usually so voracious; ate steadily to be big and strong just like everyone expected from the prime alpha's bloodline.


But...maybe not that particular morning.




A groan and a figure slumping onto the bed alerted Katsuki of his visitor. It was Deku, no doubt. He could smell his omega anywhere; inside, outside, and under the cover of darkness. He could even taste that distinct scent in the home they'd made together, or even the big comfortable nest they’d built right on their bed.


"Ehh?" Katsuki 'asked,' groaning sleepily with a slight roll of his head towards his mate. "Wha's wrong..?"


"N—nothing! I'm fine…" Deku groaned again, hissing as he adjusted on the spot. Deku could be a weird guy, but he wasn't usually THIS odd, especially at 4am, so Katsuki sat up and hastily flicked on the bedside lamp.


"Really? Because I don't fucking think so. You're actin' strange…" Izuku’s behavior was more akin to someone hiding something, and the connected dots made Katsuki's brain immediately jump into instinctual protective mode. "Is puppy alright?"


"Yes, puppy's fine he just—ow— hasn't been eating much…doctor said it’s normal for that to happen every once in a while, but it still worries me…" Izuku muttered low and carefully, while Katsuki scooted forward and crowded his space. Pressed his chest to Izuku’s bare back as he nuzzled at the gland against his neck. Let his hands rub soothingly at creamy soft thighs, still a bit plump on his hips from the baby weight, up his belly and finally, squeezing lightly at that extra fat around Deku's chest.


"Ah! Hey, watch it, that hurts!" Deku winced with another hiss. "Since he hasn't been eating as much I haven't been milking…my chest is so swollen…" Izuku sighed at the tribulations of motherhood as he tried to pry those hands away but failed as Katsuki shifted around and stared, almost mesmerized, by his chubby little tits, nipples adorned with slight bite marks from puppy’s milk teeth.


"Oh yeah? Is that the problem?" He wished he sounded more concerned, but the only thing he was interested in was how his fingers dipped into the plush skin. Noticed how hard it made him to witness Deku so soft and full, instead of his normal slim yet defined body. Definitely had to fight the urge to dig his teeth into the meaty flesh of Deku's thighs. "Soooo, you're telling me you just gotta get milked, huh?"


"I mean, well, yeah. The lack of feeding has created a buildup of milk in the breasts, which causes pain and swelling in the ducts. Normally, when baby is eating properly, the sucking motion will trigger—" Blah blah blah, there he went spouting off nerdy baby facts again. Not that it wasn't interesting to Katsuki, but when his milky mate was sitting there all plump and naked, smelling of distressed omega, he couldn't resist the urge to soothe his fretting and vulnerable Deku. His fingers framed those firm tits easily, giving them a gentle squeeze with both hands. 


"—so when the baby doesn't— ah! Kacchan! H—hey, what are you—?!" Deku whined at the touch, but less about Katsuki squeezing his painful chest, and more about the stream of milk that leaked from both nipples. 


“Ohhh, wow, look at that…” Deku’s milk seeped white and watery down Katsuki’s hands, down his wrists, and somehow it was the hottest thing he’d ever seen?? Maybe it was the fact that they hadn’t had sex in weeks due to puppy’s birth and the resulting exhaustion from both of them afterward, or maybe Katsuki was just nasty like that, but the sight of Deku’s puffy nipples steadily leaking and the smell of it too; so fresh and sweet, so uniquely Deku, left him absolutely drooling for more. He could almost taste it in his mouth…


So he did.


“Mmm… holy shit...” He moaned in bliss as Deku’s sweetness hit his taste buds, filled his mouth. Laved his tongue soothingly over the nips puppy left behind as he squeezed again and again. “You taste so fucking wonder that little monster likes ya so much.”


Deku laughed, even past the whimpers he bit back. “Yeah, I’m sure THAT’S the only reason he likes me.” He sighed breathlessly, voice quivering as Katsuki flicked his thumb over the other lonely nipple. “Ah~ that...actually feels...really good…”


“Keep going?”


Izuku nodded, eyes hooded as he leaned back, propped up against his pillows. “Yeah, keep going…”


Katsuki followed the motion, draping himself over Izuku. He straddled one of those plush, freckly thighs and neither of them missed how the warmth of his hard cock spread to Deku’s leg.


“Pervert.” Izuku joked, chuckling and raising his knee to grind up teasingly against his balls and cock.


“What? What do you expect? You’re lookin’ beautiful...taste amazing...smell good, too…” He cooed, nuzzling forward to lick and scent at Izuku’s throat again. “Wanna eat you up so bad…”


Deku purred at Katsuki’s affection. At his doting words and warm hands still gently kneading his swollen tits. The sweet kisses trailing down his collar bone were nice too, but he moaned in relief when those lips reattached and suckled on the other nipple. “Ahh, yes...ugh, that's so good…” There was some pain; puppy sucked him raw on most occasions and he felt the sting resulting from it. There was also pleasure from Katsuki’s tongue swirling around softly, licking up every drop that spilled so easily from his nipple.


“Mmhmm…” Katsuki absolutely agreed. So delectable was Deku’s sweet, milky taste. The scent of stress turned to arousal and comfort. It made him ache. Made him rut his cock against Deku’s bent knee. He knew Izuku was hard too. Could tell in the way his chest heaved and back arched. The way his heart thumped fast from excitement, so he invited him to touch himself. Grabbed his wrist and placed Izuku’s hand on his own smaller, omegan cock. “Touch yourself for me. Want you to come…”


Green eyes fluttered as he obeyed. Stroked at his own hardness with precome already drooling from the slit. After weeks of non-sexual affection, Izuku craved it. Needed it just as much as he desired the relief of having his tits milked so perfectly by his alpha. He worked his left hand as Katsuki ground down against him, thighs feeling more and more slick as they rocked together. Face feeling more flushed as Katsuki pressed his tits together, nuzzling his face between the make-shift cleavage.


“Ah, fuck, my omega tastes amazing…” Katsuki growled deep in his throat as his hips bucked harder against Deku’s thigh. He felt hypnotized by everything Deku. Felt himself become weak for his omega. Katsuki took another handful of those plush tits, squeezing hard enough to shoot out a stream of milk onto his lolled out tongue. It pooled in his mouth and drooled down his chin, leaving a sticky mess behind in its wake.


"Ah~! Ohh, my god… " Deku cried. In frustration, in sweet relief. It felt so blissful in so many different ways. “Hnng, Ka~cchan…I— alpha, I’m gonna come…” Izuku’s body trembled as he reached his peak. Almost falling over the edge until a hot, milky tongue slipped into his mouth, sharing his own sweet essence between them. 


“Oh yeah, come for me, Deku…” Katsuki breathed and sighed between their sloppy, milky kiss before quickly capturing his lips once more.


“Mmph~!” Their bodies rocked erratically, rutting together like the animals they were deep down. Letting their tastes and scents mix together to permeate the room in their own possessive cocktail of primal, wanton desires. Katsuki felt Izuku’s body tremble as his cum coated the space between them and his own release left a slick mess on Deku’s thigh. 


They both heaved in huge gulps of air while still chasing after each other's lips, and it may have been 4am, but being filthy and sated was much better than he would have expected his morning to go, especially after being rudely awakened by the brat.


Speaking of brat…


Another screech echoed in the house. What a mood killer, they weren’t even able to bask in the post-coital bliss for longer than a minute.


Parenthood, right?


“There he goes again…hope you left enough milk for him.” Deku laughed as he carded his fingers through sweaty blond strands. “Probably jealous, to be honest.”


Katsuki scoffed, even if his skin prickled as his newly acquired parental instincts wanted to kick in. “Tch, let him be,” The sweet nuzzle he left between those delicious tits had Izuku purring in content once more.

“You were mine first.”

Chapter Text

“Hey... you're looking a little lonely tonight..”


The voice on the other end of Katsuki's video call was familiar. SO familiar, but for that night, Katsuki would pretend it wasn’t. Pretend that cute, beautiful, sexy boy on the screen WASN'T someone he'd seen the ins and outs of hundreds of times…


Katsuki scoffed as he relaxed against his hotel room bed, laptop perched perfectly on a pillow above crisp, white sheets. “Tch, yeah…been on a business trip for weeks now, in and out of’s tough being away from home for so long…” He feigned exhaustion, rubbing at his own neck, though it wasn't all fake; he WAS actually tired of being away from home.


Or really, from Deku.


Sweet sweet Deku. His biggest fan with the biggest heart. Always doing his best to support the top-ranked pro hero with a smile on his face. The kindest person you'd ever meet, and admittedly, the sexiest too, as he sat lounged across his— THEIR— bed back at home. An oversized black and orange Ground Zero shirt hung off of his slim frame, and if Katsuki looked hard enough, he could have sworn he saw a peek of tiny green boxer briefs underneath.


Always a fanboy, even in their roleplay.


"Aww, that's too know, I'd be happy to keep you company if you'd like…" Deku smiled warmly, but his eyes shone with a playful mischief underneath as the shirt's collar slipped down to expose a slight, freckly shoulder."What's your name, cutie?"


Katsuki smirked, leaning back against the headboard as he watched Deku easily portray his character. Sensed a different kind of charisma that wasn’t always put forth in their daily life. “Hmph. Katsuki. And you?”


“You can call me Izuku.” He quirked an eyebrow seductively.


“Ah. Well, nice to meet you then, Izuku.”


Deku blushed a hot and flustered mess, not really used to hearing his given name come from Kacchan’s mouth, even after all these years. “Ah, um, yeah. Same.” He almost fell out of the role, wanting nothing more than to be embraced by his loving husband’s big strong arms, but the arousal that started burning within him just from seeing Kacchan’s, well, big strong arms, had him biting at his lip flirtatiously once again. “So, do you have a girlfriend back home? Or...maybe a wife…?” He said the word with a little bit of a snicker.


“Nope.” Katsuki crossed his arms defiantly. “Why would you think that?”


Izuku shrugged with a knowing smile, holding up the back of his own bare left hand and wiggling his fingers. “That’s a nice ring you got there, buddy.”


Fuck, Deku was right. That black titanium wedding band was stark and noticeable against his pale skin.  He never took it off, and this occasion was no different. “Uh...yeah…okay...maybe I DO have a wife. What of it?” He played the flustered husband; so filthy for getting caught finding comfort away from his spouse, and it added another kind of excitement to their game. "You gonna tattle on me?"


Izuku giggled, tugging the hem of his shirt taut between his thighs. So fucking cute. So fucking hot. “That’s okay, I won’t tell!" Izuku threw his hands up in defense." It’ll be our little secret, right?”


Yup. Just a dirty secret between the two of them. “Heh, right…”


Their playful banter burned just like foreplay. Luckily so, with their lack of proximity. He MISSED Deku SO much. Missed his cooking. Missed his endless devotion. Even missed the mind-numbing rambling that happened at least three times a day.


“So...whatcha lookin’ to see tonight?”


Katsuki knew EXACTLY what he wanted. Had been thinking about it for weeks now. Since before he ever even left.


When was he NOT thinking about Deku’s ass??


“I’d like to see what’s under that shirt…” He leaned in closer. Quickly squeezing his thighs together for a second to feel just how hard he already was. “Look like you got a nice body…got a nice ass too, I bet…”


Izuku snickered and turned to his side, still kneeling and pulling the shirt tight against his back. The fabric molded to his spine, to the arch of his back and showed off that supple curve of his ass. Those little shorts clung to his skin, to the crease of his thighs, and only succeeded in making Izuku’s ass look THAT much more delectable.


Katsuki would LOVE to take a bite.


“How’s this?” Izuku cooed, shaking his hips a bit in the most enticing manner.


“Mmm, fuck, baby, that looks so good…” Katsuki licked at his lips, like some kind of primal animal that needed to sate a craving. His cock was so hard, already tenting the front of his grey boxers and he used the heel of his hand to give himself a bit of much-needed relief. “Would love to eat that pretty little ass for you…”


Izuku smiled and huffed breathlessly, so turned on at the thought of that alone. “Oh yeah? Would you let me sit on your face, pretty boy?”


Pretty boy, who the fuck did Deku think he was? “Fuuuck, yeah I would. I’d lick that pretty hole so good for you. Could have you coming on my tongue real quick...”


“Heh, well, with the way you talk, I’m sure you’ve got an amazing tongue…” Sure it was a roleplay, but Deku knew it was the truth. Katsuki could definitely leave him begging with shaky knees and his cheeks heated up at the thought of smothering Katsuki between his thighs. “Would love it if you ate my ass. Would you suck my cock, too?” He pouted over his shoulder, turning at an angle, almost facing away and leaning forward. With an elbow to the bed, he reached beneath himself with his other hand and cupped the bulge that lied below in those skin-tight shorts.


“‘Course I’d suck your cock...fuck, I’d give you whatever you wanted. But you gotta show it to me…”


Izuku nodded with a hum, sitting up and hiking his shirt up higher. Showing off more of that delectable curve of his back and the spotting of freckles, even the dimples above his ass looked ready to be kissed.  Katsuki bit at his lip as Deku’s thumbs caught in the green fabric. He pulled them down a bit teasingly, then let them snap back to drive Katsuki wild, and of course it totally worked. Could see the look of restraint and longing on Katsuki’s face through the screen. Made Deku feel so powerful and wanted. So special and so absolutely horny for Kacchan. Eventually, the fabric was pulled over the swell of his ass. Left cinched at the top of his thighs, and just for the added fuel to both of their desires, Izuku’s fingers gripped the plump flesh and spread himself open.


Oh, holy fuck.


Katsuki leaned in closer to the screen as if doing so would ACTUALLY get him closer to Deku. His eyes focused to watch that pretty pink hole, slightly stretched and twitching, and if Katsuki was correct, a slight shine of lube was smeared along the rim.


“How’s that, pretty boy?” Deku’s confident smirk was the icing on the cake, so seductive and sexy while he shook his ass invitingly.


“Fuckin’ amazing. God, I wish I could touch you…” Katsuki’s sappiness wanted to break through his character SO bad. Wanted to kiss and hug and sweet talk Deku with promises of domesticity, but he choked it back for the sake of the act. “Now show me the rest, baby.”


Deku laughed as he turned back around, bunching up his shirt in both hands and showing off a peak of his flat stomach. “Wow, I’M getting naked here, and YOU’RE still dressed! How’s THAT fair?”


Katsuki shot back, “Well, that’s what I’m paying you for, ain't it?”


“Ohh, r-right…” He laughed again, also forgetting about the game momentarily, too preoccupied with seeing that big dick he missed so much. “ Pleeeease? I wanna see your cock nice and hard...wanna see how much I turn you on...” He turned on the charm, fluttering long eyelashes while lifting his shirt higher to show off pretty, pink nipples underneath.


Katsuki rolled his eyes playfully. “Fine, fine. You always do shit like that to get what you want?” He didn’t have to ask, because he already knew the answer. Deku DID use a flirty wink more often than not to have Katsuki a melted puddle of goo in his hands.


Izuku shrugged, “It works, doesn’t it?”


“Tch, whatever.” Was his lame reply as he stripped off his lower half, leaving just his too-tight tank top on and his cock on full display for the laptop's camera. “This what you wanted?”


Izuku stared at his screen, mouth slightly agape as he drank in the sight of his husband’s muscled arms and the bottom of his abs peeking out from his shirt. Of course, his cock too, thick and flushed dark with that tasty looking vein throbbing on the underside. So hard and wet with precome at the tip as Katsuki gave it a firm stroke. “Yeah...yeah, I want that…”


“Mm, yeah, you want this. Tell me what you’d do with this big cock?”


Izuku bit at his lip; slightly flirty but mostly to hold in the moan that almost slipped out at his fantasy. “Hmm, well, first I’d suck you off. Take you deep down in my throat and moan around the taste; I don’t have a gag reflex, ya know.”


“Heh, impressive.” Katsuki laughed at Deku's attempt to sound cool and talented . “Go on.”


“Then, I’d love to climb into your lap and kiss you slowly. Grab both of our cocks and jerk us off together…” Deku knew how Katsuki was a big fan of that position. They both were. Amazing stimulation and incredibly intimate; face to face with panting breaths and heated kisses. “Right until we’re about to come, I’d stop and start again, over and over…”


Fuck, that sounds so good.” Katsuki's dick was dripping with need, with an insatiable lust that even his hand beginning to stroke along his length, up and down, wasn't enough to quench that thirst. “What else?”


“Hmm, what else? Well...maybe I should just show you…” Izuku finally slipped the shirt over his head completely, and those little shorts finally followed. His cock was hard and flushed, twitching and ready for some attention after their teasing dirty talk.


“Shit, you’re fuckin’ cute…” Katsuki cooed at Deku's tight little body, adorned with freckles and perfect in every way. Even his cock and balls were cute, and so was the perfectly maintained patch of curls at the base.


Deku’s cheeks flushed from the affection. Katsuki’s kind words always meant the world to him, and it burned differently than arousal but the mushy gushy feeling in his heart wouldn’t stop him from laying on his side, propped up on one elbow, making sure the camera got the perfect shot of his perky booty on full display. “And how ‘bout this…?” He whispered low and husky as he used one hand to spread himself for Katsuki once more.


“Oh, shit…” Deku could just barely hear Katsuki’s breathy sigh, and totally didn’t miss the way he gripped his dick tightly to gain some control.


Izuku loved that could make big, strong hero Ground Zero so weak in the knees.


“You like it? Is your wife this cute?” He added a flirty slap to his own ass just for good measure.


“Not even close, baby.”


Deku smirked and clicked his tongue as if it was the truth. “Tch, bad boy.”


And it'd probably be more shameful if it WAS the truth. “So, what were you gonna show me?”


“Ah, right…” Izuku reached off-screen, taking his time to do something , and when he returned it sure was something pretty new and exciting. “Was gonna show you what I wanna do with that big cock of yours…”


In his hand was a clear glass dildo. Large ribs followed the length of the toy and it was curved just enough to find every eventual sweet spot. Slicked up and ready, and Katsuki loved the way it looked rubbing against Izuku’s needy hole.


“Mmm, you gonna take that for me? Show me how good you are at taking cock. Let me see that greedy ass open up…”


Izuku whined at his words and at the first stretch; even if he WAS two fingers deep when Kacchan came through on the video call, the toy was still larger, even with the first of the increasing-in-size ribs. His eyes darted back and forth across his laptop screen, unsure if he wanted to watch Katsuki’s lolled out tongue and intense examination of Izuku’s stretched hole, or the reflected image of himself looking so debauched and sexy.


Was that narcissistic of him?


“How’s it feel, baby?” Katsuki's voice quivered with arousal.


Ah, god, that’s—so good…” Izuku purred as his eyes shut with pleasure, inserting a few more inches and loving the way each rib caught on his rim. Each stretch so much better than the last, and he kept pushing slowly until all six inches were inside. “Ohh, I love this cock...feels so good, but I know yours would be SO much better…”


Katsuki swallowed hard as his hand slid over his length, imagining it was Deku's ass groping him tight instead of his own fist. “C’mon, fuck yourself for me...wanna see you come on that cock…wanna see that pretty hole sucking it in...” His skin felt hot all over with those filthy words and the thought of Deku getting off just for him...


“Hmph. Okay, just for you…” Izuku obeyed, easily pulling the toy back out before quickly pushing it in, over and over. It was heavenly; firm glass rubbing over his prostate in the most unforgiving manner. His cock twitched and begged for attention, and why SHOULDN’T Katsuki get an amazing view of that as well? He tucked his cock between freckled thighs and didn’t miss the hitch in Katsuki’s breath when he let the toy sit inside while he stroked his thick length over his hip.


“Holy fuck, Deku…” Izuku wouldn’t call him out for the slip-up, too turned on to really care, honestly. Not when Katsuki looked so hot jerking off to Deku's provocative image. “C’mon, keep going. Want you to come for me…


Of course, Deku listened, stroking his dick a bit longer until precome was sliding sticky and clear from the tip and drooling down his thigh. He gripped the base of the toy again, thrusting it in and out while moaning high and needy. So wanton and desperate to see Kacchan again. His cock throbbed eagerly as he watched Katsuki jerk himself. Could see just how desperate he was himself. “Fuck, ah~ god, your cock feels so goooood…” Deku whined as he fucked the toy in and out of his hole faster, toes curling as he found the right angle and abused it mercilessly. Grit his teeth in unabashed pleasure as his rim opened and clenched over every bump of the toy.


“Ah, fuck, come for me Deku, let me see that greedy hole begging for me…” Katsuki's growl was primal and needy as he watched Deku pleasure himself and it was just what Deku needed to hear after so long apart. 


Harder and faster, Deku worked his hand, imagining it wasn't just a toy, but Katsuki's delicious hardness splitting him open and fucking him so good, so perfect. Deku whined and panted as he dangled right off the edge of bliss. "I— fu~ck, oh my god, yes, Kacchan— gonna come~!" 


His thighs shook and Katsuki knew just from that telltale sign that he wouldn't last long. Not with the way Izuku's adorable, plump balls drew up and when he finally DID come with a shrill cry, his hole clenched eagerly around the toy's girth. Katsuki had the most perfect view of it all. Knew how that ass felt mercifully sucking his cock in. Loved the way his balls pulsed with every force of his orgasm. Drooled over Deku's fat cock, sitting against his thigh and twitching uncontrollably as spurt after spurt coated the back of his leg. Cum dripped lazily over that pretty pale flesh and who could blame Katsuki for wanting to lick up every last drop?


Fuck the distance between them.


"Ah, shit, Deku, that's so fuckin' hot. God, I love watching you come for me…" Katsuki snarled, lost in his own thoughts, as well as the image of Deku so thoroughly fucked. He jerked himself faster and harder until he was coming too. Filled his fist while he blew his load, cum dripping through the seams of his calloused fingers.


Fucking, wow.


It could never replace the intimate touch of being together physically; of gentle fingers and loving tongues. Or even bruising grips and uncontrollable waves of lust, but even Katsuki could admit that there were some perks to working out of town.


Having a hot and willing husband was also necessary.


“You slipped up, Deku…" He huffed while wiping sticky fingers on his discarded shorts.


"Hmm?" Izuku hummed dreamily, still huffing and moaning gently while unmoving, except for his empty hole that twitched and gaped for something bigger to fill it.


"Slipped up. Called me Kacchan.”


“I did??" Izuku whined incredulously.




“...Shit, I don't remember that.” Classy.


“Tch, nerd.” Katsuki laughed but didn't fault him. After an orgasm like that, who wouldn't forget? "So 'pretty boy', where'd you pick THAT up?"


Deku's cheeks lit up, suddenly so shy about his performance. "Huh?? Uh, I don't know! It just...came out…"


"Didn't say it was a bad thing. I AM hot as fuck after all…" Katsuki preened as he admired his own reflected image on the laptop screen.


Deku rolled his eyes; YEAH kacchan was hot, but he COULD be a little more subtle about it...


“So ANYWAY…" Izuku cooed, trying not to look more flustered, even with his bare ass still fully on display.  "How was your day? Saw you on the news today you looked so amazing!...”


No matter the distance, Deku would always be Katsuki's biggest fan, doing what he could to make the trips apart bearable, and Katsuki would love the effort every single time.

Chapter Text

“Hey, woah what’s going on— mmph!??” The thick material of Deku’s hero suit scraped against the brick of a solemn alleyway as two hazard hands pushed him to the wall before pushing lips onto his own. The kiss was rough and desperate, more akin to what Deku liked, but he wasn’t always so used to being on the receiving end of such vehement neediness.


“Shut up—mmhm, too horny…” Katuski moaned between kisses and breaths, grinding his already hard cock against Deku’s hip. Rubbing his hands over his chest and flicking at nipples through that familiar forest green suit; and while that was all good and nice, they were kind of in the middle of some important stuff.


Well, a routine patrol in one of the safer parts of the city, but vigilance was important nonetheless!


Gloved hands pushed away at his shoulders, “Kacchan wait— mmnm— no, we can’t! Not NOW.” Finally at an arm’s length away, Katsuki still tried to chase after his lips as Deku got a good look at his partner turned lover. Flushed cheeks with swollen, pouty lips. Eyes dark with unbridled lust and a scowl that proved just how pissed he was about being interrupted.


“CAN’T? Why?? We ain’t busy and we haven’t seen any action all day...” Katsuki snarled though changed his tone pretty quickly when he tried to be convincing.  “But we could now…”


Izuku shook his head— right, totally not convinced. “Yeeeeah, I don’t think so. What the heck's gotten into you? You’re not really the type to break the rules like this, and getting caught having sex on the job would be PRETTY bad…”


Katsuki pouted like a goddamned child, and it was more amusing than anything, but Deku wasn't about to let him know that. “I. Want. To. Fuck. Got it? Now let’s do it—” Again, he reached out for Deku's zipper, but was denied affection before he could even lay a fingertip on him.


“Kacchan, I said no !” His tone was sharp and deep and it resonated down to Katsuki’s core. ACTUALLY had him quitting his shit and complying with Izuku’s command. “When we get home, I promise. But not now. Got it? ” He shot back, just to prove his point.


There was a tense silence, but eventually, Katsuki succumbed to his order. “Hmph,” He crossed his arms and huffed, but the stern eye he received had his back stiffening up straight as he let it go and let Deku take the lead. “...Fine.”


Good enough.


“Thank you, Kacchan.” A light kiss to the corner of his mouth left Katsuki more breathless than he’d like to admit, much like Deku’s kind words of endearment. 


“That’s my good boy.”




Deku knew exactly how things would go. Still sweaty from work, even from an easy day, but Katsuki was all over him in an instant. He kicked the door shut and his hands were already tearing at Deku's clothes before the lock even latched. Lips went searching once more but Izuku put a stop to that too.


"Nooope. Shower first. You know that, Kacchan."


Even if Katsuki bitched and moaned, he still stomped off towards the bathroom, albeit, in a storm of curses and rage.


Deku still counted it as a win, though.


After their shower, Katsuki nearly hounded Deku. Watched his every move like a hawk with piercing eyes. Both of them half-naked as he followed Izuku nonchalantly sauntering to the living room couch, sinking into the cushions and turning on the tv with a content groan.


"...Well??" Katsuki nearly shrieked.


"...Well, what?"


"You fuckin' know what!" Katsuki made a face. SOME kind of face that was meant to imply something intimate and his eyes shot down to Deku’s crotch just to make the point even more clear.


" Ohhh , that.” Izuku knew EXACTLY what he was asking for. Demanding, rather, but that didn’t mean he wanted to give it up just right off the bat.  “I mean, YOU’RE the one who's horny. Take care of it yourself." The logic was there , but Izuku knew the reaction he was baiting out of his lovely partner.


"Wh— I— I'm not—" Katsuki stuttered uncharacteristically, a brief flash of fear in his eyes before that angry fire was back once again. "I didn't wait all fuckin' day just to jerk off, you asshole! I coulda done that myself hours ago!"


Izuku pretended to be thoughtful for a moment. "Hmm, I guess that IS a little rude of me to make you do that ." It sure was, especially with Katsuki so hard and wanting. He’d felt that erection grinding into his hip earlier. Watched during their shower as his soapy hands washed gingerly around his swollen dick. Could see it right there in their living room; Katsuki’s boxers tented with his hardness—so tight he could clearly see the shape of his cock and a spot of wetness left on the thin material. "Wait here for me."


Deku left to the bedroom and Katsuki actually listened. Stayed rooted on the spot, shifting slightly as he huffed with impatient arousal. Didn’t even ask about Deku’s odd behavior. No, he didn’t say a word until Deku returned to the couch still in just his shorts with a familiar item in hand.


Oh no, not that thing.


“The hell’s THAT for?” Katsuki snarled, and it was also his initial reaction to Deku buying the embarrassingly provocative pocket pussy. It was clear all the way through, with all kinds of textured ribs and knots decorating the inside. Deku always raved about it, but Katsuki wasn’t much for sticking his dick into a cold, silicone prison.


A personal preference. He’d stand by it.


“I’m giving you a hand. I’ll hold it, you fuck it since you wanna get off so bad.” Deku shrugged like it was the most obvious thing ever.


“You— you’ve gotta be joking—”


“Absolutely serious, Kacchan.” Deku held up the toy in front of Katsuki's waist with his right hand while using two fingers on his left to separate the lips of the fake cunt. “So if you wanna come, you should probably get to it. Before I change my mind.”


How degrading. How shitty of Deku to make him wait ALL DAY, with some kind of unspoken promise of intimacy; lovemaking, sex, fucking— WHATEVER, then leave him to find his own pleasure at the bottom of a cock sleeve. 


It was...kind of tempting though.


It looked so squishy and soft. So tight and slick, especially when Deku’s scarred fingers spread the lips wider and caused a string of lube to drool from the slit.


Maybe it wasn’t so bad afterall.


With his eyes downcast, Katsuki accepted his fate with a quiver to his voice. “...A-alright, fine.” Deku smiled when Katsuki conceded, wagging his eyebrows as those grey boxers pooled at Katsuki’s feet.


With eager fingers gripping his dick, Katsuki aimed the head of his cock right to those pussy lips. Smeared the tip through the excess lube, hissing as he slicked himself up and finally, sinking into the clear toy.


"Ah, fuck— shit, that's…" Katsuki trailed off with a quivering breath as his dick was enveloped by those soft lips and the further he pushed in, the more of those delicious ribs stroked against his length. More lube covered his cock until he was nestled balls deep into that pussy. "Hnng, so good… "


"Told you so."


Despite Deku's desire to stay uninterested, it was hard when his lovely boyfriend's hips bucked towards his hand. A lame attempt to feel Deku, even through the layer of squishy silicone. They both watched every inch of Katsuki's dick slide out, then slowly fit back in with a slick squelch.


"Mmm, see? I told you you didn't need me. You're doing great on your own, Kacchan." Deku chuckled as he tried to focus on the news while still occasionally throwing a side-eye Katsuki's way. 


The figure beside him stopped, hesitating to continue. It was humiliating how Deku just! Didn't seem to care! Didn't want to be his normal nerdy self and mutter excitedly about Katsuki's dick. Didn't want to get on his knees and suck him off like his life depended on it. No, the only thing Deku wanted was to hold tight at the base of the toy and for Kacchan to keep humping into it like some kind of dirty, horny dog.


So yeah, he did.


Katsuki fucked into that fake pussy, hands balled up against his abs as every ridge and bump caressed his dick so deliciously. Deku absolutely loved watching the muscles in that tiny waist flex and clench with every thrust. He felt so powerful when Katsuki bit back his whines, not wanting to sound so slutty but failing anyway.


"Ah, fuck…" Katsuki moaned beneath his breath, hips still stuttering forward with the urge both hold back and let loose. Deku wanted so bad to coo lovely words and praise, but he choked it down, wanting Katsuki to beg for attention. Not that he didn't deserve it but…


Where was the fun in that?


Faster and faster, Deku felt it. Felt Katsuki hump into the toy, searching for release. His cheeks were flushed as he continued to watch his cock through the clear material. Kacchan was so cute fucking it with nothing to hang onto or no one to care. Looked so bashful for fucking a fake pussy when his REAL boyfriend was right in front of him, holding it even. The slick sound of lube in the toy was even more embarrassing, the audio representation of his desperately needy thrusts.


"Wow, you really WERE horny all day. Your cock's so hard and you're just willing to fuck a toy when I'm right here! You look like you really like it, too…" Deku teased and Katsuki huffed but didn't say another word as he continued to rock his hips harder and faster.


Deku would be lying if he said it wasn't one of the hottest things he'd ever seen. Katsuki so cute and conflicted with shame and arousal. It made his cock throb in his boxers, especially when Katsuki's breaths grew short and ragged, hips beginning to lose rhythm.


"Shit, ah, Deku~ fuck…fuck I'm gonna come…" He whined pathetically, biting his lip and lolling his head to the side to keep watching his cock disappear.


"Then do it, Kacchan. Do it for me. Wanna watch you fill this pussy up with cum…" It wasn't the most filthy thing he's ever said to Katuski, but it was exciting nonetheless and it easily had Kacchan bowing over and blowing his load into the toy. He fucked it through his orgasm, riding it out until his cock pulsed pathetically and Deku loved how he could watch his cock twitch and cum fill the confines of that squishy, fake pussy.


Katsuki panted, too blissed out to really speak and somehow still standing on wobbly legs. “Ah...oh god…” He hissed when Deku slid the toy off of his oversensitive cock and wiped the unshed tears that clung to the corners of his eyes from being so overwhelmed with pleasure. “You’re such an asshole, Deku…”


Izuku pretended to be offended, “WHY? For giving you an AMAZING orgasm?” He held up the toy while snickering, pulling the lips apart for them to both watch Katsuki’s cum ooze from the slit. “You’re welcome.”


“Ugh. Disgusting.” Katsuki groaned, huffing as he threw himself down on the couch. Funny how it's not so fun post-orgasm. “So, what about you?” He asked while dropping his eyes down to Deku’s very apparent hardness below.


“Oh, I’ll be fine,” With one hand, Deku pulled the band of his shorts down to his thighs, letting his cock spring free, and with the pussy in the other, he lined it up,  rubbing the lips with the tip of his dick.


“You warmed it up for me.”

Chapter Text

“...Are you finally awake, Ground Zero…?”


The voice was hazy but familiar as Katsuki stirred with a groggy head.

What was the last thing he remembered?


There was a call. A report on Deku; the notorious villain that had been on the country’s watch list for years. He’d been on Katsuki’s even longer. He was vengeful but smart. Never been caught, never left a trail behind. It was like he never even existed if he had never made himself known.


Except he always made himself known.


There was a commotion. A bunch of other villains had been detained, probably just simple expenses in Deku’s eyes. Katsuki didn't remember seeing Deku on the scene, but he definitely heard him. The last thing he remembered was someone and something injecting him in the arm and…




It was like a personal attack on Katsuki. ‘Kacchan…’ he cooed so...lovingly? Sweetly? Ugh, it was disgusting. Disgusting how it made him want to see  Deku again even more.


What the hell happened between them? What the hell happened to Deku ?


“Kacchan, can you hear me?”


The voice was more clear that time, as Katsuki blinked away some of the drowsiness. Tried to rub the residual sedation from his eyes but couldn’t, with his hands and arms heavy and unmoving.


Where the fuck was he??


“Don’t worry about that, you’re safe.” That voice replied—he must have said that out loud— though the message didn’t really make him feel safe at all, especially with his lack of free limbs.


“Well, sorta.”


The words echoed slightly in the large, open space. There was a lot of darkness around them; looked like some kind of dingy warehouse, and Katsuki could only hope there weren’t any other people hiding in those shadows. So far there was only one other, and that was definitely—




He walked into Katsuki’s line of sight and there he was, in the flesh. Not in weirdly coded messages or verbal threats over untraceable phone lines. He was still pretty short, still pretty skinny. His hair was still a mess and his clothes were inconspicuous. If you saw him on the streets, you’d probably think he was just your average everyday nobody.


But this wasn’t just any nobody.


Another look around and a tug at his wrists, Katsuki knew he was detained. He was bent over and draped across a sturdy wooden desk. His elbows stung as they dug into the surface and his hips did too as the lip of the desk prodded at his gut. His hands wanted to instinctually sizzle and pop, but there were quirk nullifying gloves too, of course.


Deku wasn’t an idiot.


“The fuck are you doing, Deku?” Katsuki snapped, more angry about being restrained, but Deku’s shitty grin didn’t help in the slightest.


He laughed, “Nice to see you too, Kacchan.”


What a fucker. Katsuki growled in frustration; at being subdued, at Deku’s snarky voice— everything. He growled again when scarred fingers combed through his hair like they were invited to.


“Don’t be so rude, Kacchan. I’ve got a nice surprise for you. I think you’re gonna like it!” Deku purred sweetly, walking behind the table and Katsuki felt his heart race even further when he couldn’t see his captor. He couldn’t speak, couldn’t move either. It was like a nightmare come true, and his forehead beaded with cold sweat when he could only hope someone— ANYONE would find him soon.


Bakugou Katsuki doesn’t get scared. He’s too tough for that shit. But right then and there...he was pretty fucking close.


All because of shitty Deku.


“Wha—!” He gasped when a slight body pressed against his back, hands on his hips, and a warm breath ghosting over his ear.


“I hope you don’t mind, but I think you should trust me, okay?” Did he really think Katsuki would trust his crazy ass?? Deku’s killed people just to prove a meager point; that wasn’t really a quality of a trustworthy man. “I mean, you don’t really have much of a choice so...I’m just trying to be nice.”


Nice. Got it.


Katsuki stiffened up when the hands on his hips traveled lower, tugging the belt of his pants loose and his button and zipper too. “W—wait, what are you—!” His sentence cut short when his pants were pulled down to his knees, leaving his ass, cunt, and thighs exposed to the cold air of the room.


“Ahh,” Deku crooned, smoothing a hand over Katsuki’s bare, perky ass and loving the resulting shiver. “Do you always go commando, Kacchan? That’s naughty...AND irresponsible! Didn’t Auntie Mitsuki ever tell you to never leave the house without clean underwear? You never know what kind of... shenanigans you might get into!” He laughed in such a sinister way, partially from his degrading comments, but also from the whimper Katsuki squeaked out when that cold palm slapped down stinging on his ass.


Katsuki couldn’t speak up, even if he wanted to. His throat was tight and his face felt hot. His body was stiff and his knees trembled, especially when Deku’s crooked fingers tickled down the back of his thigh and rubbed gently at his pussy. The angle of the table left him plenty exposed, but Deku spread his lips anyway and circled his middle finger around his clit.


“Mmm, feel so nice…” Without warning, two crooked fingers dipped into Katsuki’s pussy, stroking a few times before pulling out and spreading a good amount of slick over his folds. Katsuki bit back the breathy moan that threatened to escape, “You’re already so wet for me...perfect, we can get started!” Deku sounded so excited, and that made the prickling fear under Katsuki’s skin sting further.


WHAT was getting started??


Katsuki struggled harder when he heard Deku step away. Couldn’t really tell what the fuck he was doing— there was a lot of noise behind him— but that only urged him to try harder. Pull harder, kick his legs— ANYTHING. He yelled, finally, swallowing down the lump of panic sitting in his throat. “DEKU, FUCKIN’— LET ME GO YOU ASSHOLE!” In the end, he’d scold himself for not trying to reason calmly, but what the fuck else were you supposed to do when someone was molesting you against your will?


Deku always brought out the nasty side in him.


“Sorry, Kacchan, can’t do that.” There was another attempt to soothe his prey; a warm hand caressed the curve of Katsuki’s back, ducking under his shirt to trace the firm, tense muscle there. “But I promise you’re gonna like this. It’ll be ok, just relax…


Easier said than done, obviously. Katsuki’s legs stiffened up and his back bowed as something spread the lips of his pussy and entered; slowly, inch by inch. It was slick and cool, not at all warm like a person and definitely not soft and fleshy like one either. If he had to take a guess, it was most likely a dildo. Firm and slightly ribbed, with a more bulbous head that led into the shape of the length...but he wasn’t really able to think about it too hard. Not when it touched every spot inside of him just right. Not when it split him open so perfectly. Not when Deku’s hand continued to pretend to be loving and sweet, eventually coming down towards his spread cunt and examining where Katsuki and the toy were joined.


“Wow, you took that so well, Kacchan. Does it feel good?” Katsuki’s face burned with shame and confliction. It...did. It felt so good the way it sunk into him and how his walls molded to its girth. He felt so bad because no, NO, it wasn’t right. It was so WRONG, but once again his voice betrayed him as he whined desperately when Deku rubbed the pads of his fingers against his clit again.


“Ahh~ fuck...” It was quiet, but Deku still heard it, unfortunately.


“Told ya you’d like it! See, you should trust me more often.”


Katsuki would have loved to fight back. Tell him all the reasons he was shit, including the very moment at hand, but there wasn’t any time to yell or shout or even think. Not when the sound of something... mechanical(??) came to life behind him and without any warning, that fake cock within him slowly withdrew from his opening, then pushed back in. Over and over without any give, it fucked his pussy firmly in a way that sent a sickening tingle down his spine.


Footsteps from those stupid red shoes echoed around them. Katsuki couldn’t really hear it, not with his pulse pounding so loud. Not over whatever was behind him, and definitely not over the sound of his own choked off whimpers. Even so, nothing was louder than Deku’s voice, especially when he took his place front and center.


“You know, heroes are such strange creatures. They spout all this bullshit about saving and helping and rescuing people. But at the end of the day...they can’t even help themselves. They portray this image of perfection , but they’re anything but. I mean, look at YOU,” Deku squatted low to sit at eye level, though Katsuki tried his damndest to turn away. The insistent hand clawing at his chin prevented that while the other thumbed at a remote, turning the speed on that device a notch faster. “I don’t even have a QUIRK and...well, here we are.”


Deku was so close. So close Katsuki could count the freckles on his cheeks. He remembered always trying to as a child and he always lost count. So close he could see a fire in his eyes that somehow burned cold. So close, he could spit in his fucking face if he really wanted to, but something held him back. Maybe it was reason, telling him not to anger an unstable villain. Or maybe it was the speed of that fake cock ramming faster as Deku kicked it up a notch once again.


“Ohh, fffuck~!” Katsuki squeezed his eyes shut and cried out that time when he wiggled his hips just wrong— or right— and the head of the cock fucked mercilessly against his sweet spot. “Deku...s-stop…” It was a conflicted ‘stop’. ‘Stop’, this is wrong? ‘Stop’, because this feels so good? It honestly didn’t matter because he knew Deku wouldn’t. Even if he begged and pleaded and prayed he wouldn’t, and when his eyes opened with watery tears threatening to fall, Deku was gone.


“You know, I’ve always admired you, Kacchan. As a kid, you were always SO amazing. You could do ANYTHING you ever wanted. It’s like the world just...handed you everything on a silver platter.” Two hands gripped Katsuki’s ass cheeks and spread him, and he suddenly felt even more exposed, somehow. “Wish I coulda tasted some of that.”


Another slap to the ass and two more clicks higher on that remote had Katsuki buzzing. His skin felt hot and his thighs quivered with the unwanted pleasure. His pussy throbbed with each thrust and he grit his teeth painfully as Deku fingered at his clit again.


“Mmm...your cock’s so hard, must really love this…” Still, NO. Katsuki shook his head, dropped forward below his shoulders, not that Deku cared. “Let’s see if we can make you feel REALLY good…” He sounded excited in his own special and fucked up way, and Katsuki did too when he threw his head back with a wail.


“Oh, god— fuck! Ah~!” Deku’s fingers flicked rapidly over his clit, stroking so perfectly while Katsuki’s hips began to buck on their own, desperate to find more pressure on the sensitive nub and a deeper thrust from the cock fucking into him. There was pressure and an urge in Katsuki’s gut; a dangerous sensation that threatened to spill over, and there was zero chance he’d be able to reel it in.


Deku could feel it too. Could probably sense it in the way Katsuki’s entire body trembled and how he rut his cunt against his fingers. “Hnng, if you’re gonna come then do it, Kacchan. Don’t hold back; you’ve never been the type to hold back…”


Maybe he was right, but he couldn’t even if he tried, as every sensation became too much, even if shame and anger were mixed in with it. The fingers on his clit and the cock splitting him open had his back bowing and eyes rolling back. His pussy clenched down hard and with every pulse and contraction, he felt the harsh stream of hot liquid gushing out of him as he squirted over and over and over on that never-ceasing cock.


“Hnng, ah~ god , Deku, I— oh fuck~!” Katsuki wailed as Deku milked his cunt dry. His knees buckled and legs kicked pathetically when the post-orgasm oversensitivity started to hit and that cock still pounded into him ruthlessly. But Deku was generous, flicking it down to the lowest setting which still made Katsuki whine and drool and whimper, but at least it was better than the intensity from before.


More footsteps; Katsuki could barely focus on them, through the loud pulse thumping in his head, but he sure noticed Deku standing in front of him again, looking so fucking smug and proud and holding some kind of shitty Halloween prop of a chalice. It was gold and ornate with goddamn fake gems probably glued onto it. It was dripping with something , and Katsuki’s eyes widened when he figured out exactly what it was.


It was his fuckin’ cum, wasn’t it?


“Mm, hold on—” Deku held up a finger to pause and his voice echoed against the cup’s rim, lips cradling the edge as he tipped it back and swallowed. Katsuki’s mouth was agape; it was horrific. Disgusting. Humiliating, and such a fucking turn on. His pussy clenched around the slow thrusting toy as he watched Deku’s throat bob with every gulp.


“Y-you’re fuckin’ sick, Deku.” Katsuki grumbled under his breath. Didn’t trust himself to speak any louder. Not with the way his throat tightened with rising bile and tears threatened to fall.


Until one did.


And Deku didn’t miss it. Didn’t shame him for it either. Just squatted back down in front of him with eyes an unsettling kind of calm “Kacchan, it’s ok. I TOLD you heroes can’t save themselves.” A scarred finger wiped away the tear with a gentle touch and Katsuki could see the shine of his slick still lingering on his lips.


“But that’s okay. I’ll take care of you.”

Chapter Text

Between the comfortably heated table and the relaxing music singing softly from the speakers above, Deku couldn't be any more ecstatic that Ochako recommended her massage therapist, Bakugou Katsuki.


"He's kind of a jerk but he's soooo good! His hands are so big and strong and he's REALLY hot too…" 


Deku wouldn't admit that THAT was one of the selling points to that particular therapist, but Ochako WAS right; he was a bit stiff, with barely a greeting and definitely no warm smile to follow, but his sharp eyes were piercing and his slim waist was so cute and his body was so tight, just like his shirt that clearly clung to every muscle of his stacked chest…


Not that it mattered! Deku’s eyes would be closed the whole time anyway…


But he could still dream of that nasty fantasy of getting a happy ending , right? Of the hot blond slipping the sheet past his hips and his mouth over his cock, giving him the most amazing and sloppy blow job he’d ever receive in his life.


What a perv.


“Tch, I’d ask you why your back’s so fucked up but I know what kinda shit you’ve been up to, Deku .” Katsuki grumbled as he dug the heels of his hands into the knots along Izuku’s shoulders. They both knew what he meant. Anyone who’d seen the news knew Hero Deku got the best of villains more often than not and physical fatigue was just another part of the job.


“Hnng, sorry…” Deku apologized, for what ? And Katsuki ignored it, opting to just keep kneading the stiff muscles.


Katsuki's hands were like heaven— so soft yet so strong. When was the last time Izuku had a little TLC? Those fingers pressed into every tender, sore muscle with the most perfect pressure that left Deku moaning and groaning into the headrest.


"Ah...mmm, that's perfect… " Deku mumbled hazily with zero filter— always been a bad habit— as he writhed in a mixture of pain and pleasure when Katsuki worked mercilessly at a particularly bad knot under his left shoulder.


"Shit, when's the last time you had a massage?" Katsuki questioned with a little bit of disgust.




Apparently, that was the wrong answer. “You kiddin’ me? How do you expect to take care of people when you can’t even take care of yourself??” Ouch, that stung, and so did the way Katsuki’s fingers dug into the small, sensitive muscle between his ribs, making Deku gasp and moan. Making his toes curl. Something about it felt so good ; and not just like, ‘Oh, this massage is really relaxing’ good, but ‘Oh, shit, my dick’s getting hard from this, is that weird?’ good.


Deku’s hips ground down onto the heated table. Yep, he was hard.


He could feel it between his thighs, trapped between the table’s firmness. The topside of his cock grazed the soft sheets with every movement of his hips and suddenly his relaxing massage was no longer relaxing. His blood ran cold and his heart raced; what if the therapist found out? Would he run to some tabloid and tell them how much of a pervert Hero Deku was? That he totally got a boner during a massage and probably assumed it was one of THOSE types of establishments?


GOD how embarrassing.


Katsuki’s hands continued their journey to chase all his tension away, and Deku had to pretend like it WASN’T the most amazing physical interaction he’d ever had. How could someone be so good with their hands?? It was criminal and did nothing to help Izuku’s current predicament.


“Ah! Wha-?” He gasped as an elbow maneuvered its way deep into the muscle of his glute and he stiffened up sharply from the surprising contact.


“Calm down, it’s just routine- god, why’s your ass so tight??” Katsuki said it like it was no big thing, but Deku felt his face heat up profusely. Was it some kind of joke?? Was he insinuating Deku needed to get laid? Was Izuku overthinking every single interaction between them?




Surely it was due to the lack of blood in his head. It was all down in his cock, so it made sense why he couldn’t think straight. Especially when the hottest guy he’d ever seen was destroying his ass in the most innocent way possible.


Sometime later; how long, Deku couldn’t tell you, too lost in his internal struggle, Katsuki’s voice spoke out to him with a new type of proposition. “Hmph, hey, let me offer you something, and you can say no if you want…” Deku was surprised by Katsuki’s gentler tone. Nothing cold or accusatory, and Deku stayed quiet as he waited with bated breath for him to continue. “I can do a... different ...kind of massage if you want. Something really... stress relieving . I know some of you heroes got a tough fuckin’ job so I figured you might need it…”


Wait wait wait. Was he implying what Izuku THOUGHT he was implying?


“Uh, I…” Was this some kind of sting?? A setup?? Was Katsuki a cop? Surely not, not if Ochako had recommended him…


Maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea. He DID say it would be good for him...


“Well, um…”


Katsuki scoffed, already annoyed by Izuku’s lack of comprehension. “I SAID you can say no, ya know.”

Yeah, he did. He also never REALLY said what he was gonna do, so maybe accepting on vague terms wasn’t the BEST idea, but he could definitely play stupid if things went south.


“No, no! It’s it.” A bit of a shiver shot up Deku’s spine; the implication of something sexual and the thrill of the unknown left him feeling even harder and hotter against the table. There were no words on Katsuki’s end, just some maneuvering around the table. Deku could hear every footfall so loudly, each step closer to...whatever the hell was gonna happen next.


“You can tell me to stop at any time, okay?” His voice was rather calm and his hands were too as they gently folded the soft, tan sheet up and over the swell of Deku’s ass.


“Heh, you know, I’ve always heard the rumors about hero Deku’s ass being a piece of work but I didn’t expect them to be true.” Those hands dropped the sheet at his knees and slowly slid back up to cup at the bottom of his firm cheeks.


“Thank you??”


The praise was a little unexpected, just like the two thumbs pulling his ass apart and exposing his hole to Katsuki’s watchful eye. Deku’s face lit up, hands balling into fists at his sides because what the fuck do you do when a stranger holds your ass open on a massage table???


“You ever done this before?” Deku would have been more confused as to what he was referring to if a trickle of warm lube didn’t land on his asshole and slide thickly down to his balls. It was slick and wet and so inviting, especially when Katsuiki kept his ass spread open with one hand.


Mhmm… ” Deku hummed and whined when a soft finger circled his rim. It made him jump in surprise, but he calmed down soon enough as two fingers rubbed from his hole, down to his balls and back up again. “Y—yeah, I—I have.”

“Hmph. Gonna take it slow anyway.” That was kind, and a nice warning as the tip of one finger slowly began to enter. He slipped in with some resistance, Deku’s body still on edge, but the calming hand stroking at his lower back was a godsend, soothing his frayed nerves.


Shit, it was really happening, wasn’t it?


Katsuki instructed, “Take a deep breath in and let it out for me.” Deku complied, filling his lungs and letting all his tension release. He took a few more steadying breaths, and each time Katsuki sunk that finger in a little more until he was in all the way to the knuckle.


Oh, wow .


Not that Deku hadn’t had something up his ass before, but there was something so special about being totally serviced like that; his body soothed and his mind put at ease while the invited digit began to slide out and back in. Each thrust had Deku writhing, hips bucking slightly to get more friction, more sliding, more of anything.


Relax , Deku. Let me do all the work.” Katsuki chided and Izuku nodded, willing his body to lie still. ‘Focus your mind, learn to relax…’ Much easier said than done for Deku, who perpetually lived in a state of overthinking.


“Just fucking relax, stupid.”


Katsuki rolled his eyes at Deku’s shitty mutterings, but Izuku couldn’t see it, so he just stayed focused on his task, pumping his finger in and out slowly. Torturously slow and the hot, deep pleasure it brought made Deku hum in indulgent delight.


Izuku wished he could see Katsuki. Wondered if he felt the same way, too. If he loved the thought of turning Pro Hero Deku into a pile of goo on the table. If he loved his quivering moans and desperate, high pitched whines. If he REALLY loved his ass and loved playing with it too, as suddenly a second finger joined the first.


“Oh, ah~! God, yes…” Fuck it felt so good. So amazing the way Katsuki’s fingers curled and stroked- slowly of course. It was a slow build of pressure and pleasure. Heady and buzzing, dragging it out. Deku’s toes curled as he fought the urge to buck up onto them, but his body felt totally stiff when the pads brushed lightly over a particularly sensitive spot.


Oh shit.


“Mhmm, there it is…” Katsuki mumbled under his breath, and Deku barely heard it over the sound of his own ragged gasps. Over the pulse thrumming in his head. Deku knew what it was; never been so successful in finding it himself, but apparently Katsuki was the expert as he stroked at his prostate with the most perfect pressure.


“Hnng, f-fuck…” Deku trembled and he knew his cock was harder than ever, leaking freely against the sheets as Katsuki’s fingers played him perfectly, as if he was a longtime lover that knew his body inside and out. How could a stranger be this amazing ?? How often did he do this? Deku couldn’t have been the first, though why should it matter? He was just a paying customer-


“Didn’t I tell you to shut up and relax??” Katsuki scolded again, but never stopped those magical fingers. They slowly picked up speed and pressure, and Izuku absolutely cried out when the thumb on his free hand began petting at the underside of his cock. Up and down his length until he focused solely on the tip. A feathery touch built up quickly, sending tingles of pleasure up Izuku’s cock, his spine, into his brain, leaving him a trembling mess.


“Ah, ah, oh god~” Izuku panted against the headrest in the most needy and wanton way. His thighs spread unconsciously, desperate for Katsuki to do anything to keep that intoxicating pleasure burning a hole in his gut.


“Focus on my fingers, Deku. Nothing else but that.” He did, he REALLY did. Let go of all those shitty, intrusive thoughts. Let go of all the tension and anxiety holding his body rigid. It was so hard with Katsuki fingering him so good and rubbing his cock just enough to leave him right on the edge.


“Ohhh, fuck so good. God, I’m— I’m gonna come…”  Izuku whimpered pathetically as his ass clenched down on those unrelenting fingers while his own twisted into the sheet below. They rode Deku through his orgasm; every twitch and pulse of his ass felt just as amazing as the last, and he didn’t even have it in him to let loose a string of uncontained moans. Just his barely-there, panting whines slipped past his lips as he came totally dry. 


Deku couldn’t even speak if he wanted to; too braindead to actually get a word out. Fuck, he felt amazing. His skin vibrated with the force of his orgasm but…


He was still ridiculously hard. 


Katsuki knew it too, fingers continuing to milk Deku’s prostate perfectly, making his hips begin to buck at the stimulation. With the newly added grip stroking harder and faster against his cock, Izuku felt a second build-up. Much more familiar, but somehow still more intense. Harder, faster, he couldn’t control his hips, cock fucking into the tight fist of Katsuki’s hand.


“Ah~ah, fuck, I’m— again- I’m gonna—!” Deku's eyes rolled back as he babbled wild nonsense, a poor warning, as he came again- this time, his cum stained the table’s soft sheets, spurt after spurt, he blew his load with a loud, wanton cry, tears welling up in his eyes from overstimulation as the fingers in his ass slowed, but never quit. Still stroked and curled and licked at Deku’s prostate until he was a boneless, drooling mess.


Holy fuck~


Izuku couldn’t really tell how long he waited. Slowly massaged and relaxed from the inside as Katsuki slowed his abuse on Deku’s prostate. The intense pressure turned to a light caress, and eventually withdrew, leaving Deku feeling empty yet still completely relaxed and sated. Even sweeter was Katsuki tucking Izuku back under the warm sheet, leaving him to stew in his own orgasmic bliss while he cleaned up the mess of cum and lube on his hands.


Izuku may have never had a massage before, but he was pretty fucking sure there was no one out there as good as Bakugou Katsuki.


“Sooooo,” Katsuki cooed over his shoulder and a warm hand smoothed over his arm, bringing him back from the edge of sleepy bliss.  “Should I book you for another appointment, or...?”


“God, fuck, PLEASE tell me you have an opening for next week.” Deku blurted out, feeling no shame for his lack of tact.

“Heh, anything for the number one hero.” Katsuki chuckled at it, definitely smug about another job well done. “And don’t forget; I accept tips.

Chapter Text

“Let’s go camping for the summer. Might be nice to get away from these losers.”


Hiking and camping were always fun. Katsuki was a big fan and Deku was too, mostly because his boyfriend was, but Izuku could see the benefits of a little nature getaway. It would have been nice to have a little vacation with just the two of them. Sleeping under the stars and cooking up tasty snacks on a campfire. Katsuki could already feel the warmth of Izuku's touch and smell the comforting scent of burning firewood. It would have been absolutely perfect…


If their friends hadn’t caught wind of Katsuki’s proposition.


“Oh my god!! Group camping trip!?? What a great idea!!” Mina shouted loud enough to grab the attention of...the entire class.


And that’s how they eventually ended


Katsuki could sorta appreciate the comradery of taking a vacation with his classmates. They were decent people, albeit, annoying. He'd fought by their sides and he knew how much they cared for him. Blah blah blah, he knew all that mushy stuff...but he had to admit that they posed a bit of a distraction from the task at hand.


Mostly, fucking his boyfriend.


Katsuki was obviously grumbly about the intrusion. He never intended to be stuck on a group outing with a bunch of people that A) annoyed the shit out of him and 2) didn’t know the new nature of his and Deku’s relationship.


In other words, no touchy, no sweet talk, and DEFINITELY no sex.


What kind of a shitty vacation was that??? He'd already planned ahead on sucking off Deku by a campfire, jerking his cock while they took a dip in the lake, making sweet love to him under the stars...


Sure, TELLING their friends was an option. Spill the truth that they’d been hiding for three months now. Inform everyone of their new status so they could most likely rejoice with them…


But where was the fun in that?? Sneaking around was like a fun little game. Kept things taboo. Kept people out of their fucking business, too, and that’s exactly how Katsuki liked his personal AND romantic relationships.


He liked his vacations like that too, but...well, sometimes things don’t turn out the way you expect.


“Hey, Kacchan, can you help me get the chairs to set up?” 


Deku called out and red eyes shot up from the bag Katsuki had been digging through at the sound of his name.


“Yeah, yeah, I’m comin’...”


It was a simple interaction that flew under everyone’s radars; Katuski and Izuku had been getting along somewhat better over the years, but it still made them sweat. Made them feel like every interaction was under intense scrutiny. It shouldn’t matter! They should just! Tell everyone the truth!! 


...Maybe one day, but not that day, as Katsuki followed Deku to a secluded section of trees obscuring their view from the rather distant camp. Katsuki scanned the empty area with a glare of confusion, “Where we going, Deku? Thought you said you needed help with the–mmph!” His sentence was cut short as he was roughly pulled towards a thick-trunked tree, trapping Deku between the two before a pair of insistent lips were right on his own.


"Mm, mmhm…"


Deku’s body was hot and firm against his own. His hands gripped tight at Katsuki’s snatched waist and his hips were rough when they ground down against his own. He was hard, SO hard, and it was tempting to follow along. Lips and tongues curled together– wishing to be closer without all those goddamn extras around.


"Kacchan~ah, let's do it. Right here~" Deku growled in a way Katsuki had never heard before. Needy, and sexy and really fucking horny. Hands tugged at the hem of Katsuki's tank top, pulling the thin fabric up to his ribs, with fingers tickling over his abs. They dipped lovingly into the sharp curve of bone and muscle and how was Katsuki supposed to say no to that??


"Mmm, that's so dirty Deku…" Katsuki chuckled into their fiery kisses. “You tryna get caught?" Their noses brushed together affectionately as Deku’s fingers dipped beneath the waistband of Katsuki’s shorts and pulled him closer.


“Don’t care– just want you so bad… ” Well, THAT was new and exciting.


“You want someone to see you with your dick out? Is that what gets your ass off you perv?”


Deku looked thoughtful for about one second before nipping lightly at Katsuki’s chin. "Soooo, is that a 'no'?"


"Tch, fuck no, get your ass over here." Katsuki snarled, taking two handfuls of the most juicy and delicious ass he’d ever laid eyes on and pushed their bodies together, cocks grinding almost painfully. Izuku moaned into his mouth and it crumbled any last bit resolve Katsuki may have had left.


Or, if he even had any to begin with.


“Turn around.” The growled demand sent a shiver through Deku as he easily complied, and he didn’t even wait for any more foreplay as he tugged his sweaty shirt off and his shorts and boxers down to his knees.


Katsuki whistled, “Wow, someone’s needy.”


“Fuck yeah! Been waiting for this all week… ” Deku muttered impatiently, grinding his ass back against the bulge in Katsuki’s shorts. “Just because those extras decided to tag along doesn’t mean I’m NOT gonna get laid, goddamnit.”


Ah, yes. The merging of habits and mannerisms. Katsuki hadn’t been more proud of his boyfriend in his entire life. He hadn’t been as horny in his life either, so he reflected Deku’s impatience, letting his own shorts fall and slicking his cock with a palmful of his own saliva.


“Heh, that’s my boy,” Katsuki cooed, lips pressing teasing kisses along Deku’s neck as the head of his cock slid against his opening. “So, you want this cock, or what?” 


“Hnng, fuck yes, give it to me, Kacchan…”


Deku felt just as amazing as always. Hot and tight, almost overwhelmingly so, but Katsuki could never get enough of it. Never get enough of the salty taste of his sweat on freckled skin. Never get enough of his voice sighing softly with every inch that burrowed inside of him. Never get enough of his body molding to him, and not just the inside of his ass, but every inch of him; bodies pressed flush together, learning their ebbs and flows. Even with a lifetime together, they still had the rest of their lifetime to go.


Katsuki’s mind swam with a mixture of sweet romance and spicy intimacy. His lov–FEELINGS for Deku ran deep, but the pure primal lust of the moment ran deeper as he began that familiar push and pull. Dragged his cock out slowly, and pushed back in slow too. They loved it and hated it. Loved that sensual tease, but strived for something more.


“Faster…Kacchan…” Deku whined in the most desperate way. One hand braced against the tree while the other stroked at his cock. Rubbed his thumb over the slit and smeared the drop of precome over the fat tip. “Fuck me harder, make me come…”


Shit, demanding Deku was SO hot. He’d always been such a selfless giver, so anytime he got needy and greedy sent a thrill up Katsuki’s spine. Made him wanna go feral, and the appropriate outdoor setting only spurred that feeling further. “Hnng, you want me to fuck you hard? Want me to stuff your greedy ass full of cum?” Katsuki snarled as his hands dug hard into his hips. Hard enough to bruise, nails pressing hard enough to leave small bloody welts behind. It drove Deku crazy . Left him rutting back against Katsuki’s rapid thrusts.


“Yes, yes! Ohh, like that, fuck~ !” Deku grit through clenched teeth, loving every loud slap of hips against the skin of his perky ass and every strangled moan that reverberated against his neck.


So close. They were both SO close. Katsuki could feel his balls tightening up, threatening to fill him up. Could feel his gut swimming and coiling with a burning desire. Knew Deku was close too, with the way his ass felt tighter than it ever had before and his bossy moans turned into shaking quivering breaths. He knew from the way Deku's body met him greedily for each thrust, and he knew that ass would be the death of him someday.


“God, shit , Deku oh, you’re gonna fuckin’ make me come if you keep doing that…” It wasn't a threat but it was definitely a promise that Katsuki intended on keeping.


“Hnng, then come for me, Kacchan…”


The demand caught Katsuki off guard. Made him want to howl like a beast– he was fucking in the woods like one, so why not? But the last thing he wanted to do was cause a scene, so he hushed his animalistic cry by clamping his mouth down grisly on Deku’s shoulder, teeth sinking in so hard he knew the skin broke when the metallic sting of blood touched his tongue.


Holy shit.


Katsuki had never come harder in his life. He was dizzy with the force of his orgasm, hands shaking with how hard he squeezed at the muscle of Deku’s waist. Hips pounding, cock twitching as he blew his load into that glorious ass, and the sensation of Deku’s rim clenching and milking his cock as he came too, only made it that much better.


“Yes, ah~! Kacchan, fuck~! So good, so amazing...” Deku babbled endlessly as he stroked himself through his orgasm. His head dropped down between his shoulders while he shivered and moaned, brain too dead to even realize he had just jizzed all over his own shirt crumpled to the ground. 




Even with Deku’s bloody shoulder and ruined shirt; his cum-filled ass and already-bruised hips, all either of them wanted to do was cuddle up in a sleeping bag and watch the afternoon sky turn to an inky backdrop of speckled starlight.


But apparently Katsuki and Deku could NEVER catch a break. 


“Deku-kun? Bakugou? Where ARE you guys?? We’re gonna cook some dinner!”


Thanks, Ochako…


With a final lingering kiss, the rearranging of clothing, and a thin shirt that was reduced to nothing more than a cum rag, Katsuki and Deku bid farewell to probably the last moment of peace they’d get all weekend…




The campsite bustled with all of their friends; Jirou strummed lazily on a guitar while Momo blew her the sweetest kisses. Iida took things WAY too seriously and refused to relax until everything was in its place. Kaminari was annoyingly invasive, immediately hounding the duo the moment they returned to the camp.


“Woah, Midoriya! DUDE, what happened to your back??”  Kaminari pointed out the obvious, observing the bruised and bloody, welted claw marks and the unmissable row of punctured teeth. His incredulous shouting, OF COURSE, grabbed everyone’s attention. The music stopped and so did the casual chatty banter. If Katsuki didn’t know better, even the birds and the trees stopped talking amongst each other. 


Katsuki'd kill that bastard the moment he got a chance.


“H-huh?? Well, I, you see…” Deku stuttered, unable to think of a lie on the spot because A) he was a shitty liar to begin with and 2) How was someone who just had their brain nearly fucked out of them supposed to think fast??


“It looks like you got mauled by a freakin’ raccoon!”


Deku’s face flushed red as his stupid shoes and Katsuki’s lip twisted into a snarl. “A raccoon?? Really??” How dare that Pikachu motherfucker compare him to a trash panda! Not that he knew anything about that…


"Yeah! I mean, I heard all that screaming so that MUST have been what that was…" Kaminari pondered with a finger tapping at his chin.


Deku felt the heat of red eyes glaring, and he didn't dare take a look at his disgruntled hero.


Kaminari was on thin fuckin' ice already...


“We~ll...I don’t know if it was necessarily a  raccoon… ” Ochako blurted out with a knowing smile, meeting Katsuki’s eye with a sassy, quirked eyebrow. “But I bet Deku’s gonna need a rabies shot soon!”


Sigh. It was gonna be a loooong weekend.



Chapter Text


"16000000¥ in infrastructure damages, a four-hour traffic jam, AND two of my sidekicks got injured. On top of that, you idiots didn't even catch the villain. He got off scot-free. All because you two couldn't work together. Like good partners." 


The Rabbit Hero, Miruko, may only be a whopping 5'2”, but her domineering presence was bigger than life itself. Her ruby glare was sharp as diamonds, staring both rookie heroes down like scolded schoolchildren.


The light thump thump thump of her feet pacing the length of the office only ceased when she stood before the downtrodden duo, glaring down at them in disdain as they slouched in her purposefully uncomfortable chairs. "So. What do you have to say for yourselves?" There was a beat of silence with an awkward energy in the air before the disaster duo fought valiantly for the floor.


"Ok, this is all shitty Deku's fault—!" "Things were going FINE until Kacchan decided to—!" "—And if he didn't rush in there like always trying to—" "—I TRIED to tell him that was a bad idea but he—"


Once again; bickering and fighting, they flailed their arms trying to speak over each other and quickly snapped their mouths shut when the booming voice of their tiny terror put an end to it.


"STOP. NOW. I DON’T wanna hear another fuckin' word unless I ask, got it?" Miruko's snarl was powerfully threatening, and so were the two fingers she pointed directly at her idiotic heroes. Standing up straight with strong arms crossed, her expression transformed from angry to dangerously mischievous as the gears in her head began turning. “I’ve had trouble with the two of you since you both got here, and I know you got a shitty track record from WAY before that. I don’t know WHAT kinda reprimanding you’ve had before, but...hmm, let’s try somethin’ a little different. Guess you’ll have to learn a lesson the hard way.”


The hard way? Katsuki and Izuku looked at each other, already feeling a sense of comradery against their frightening boss.


“Stand up. Backs against the wall.”


They obeyed, rather tentatively. Stood cautiously and upright, shoulder to shoulder against the wall behind her desk. She paced once again as she contemplated, or maybe she was drawing it out purposely for intimidation purposes. It definitely worked on Deku, who despised being scolded. It always left him feeling flustered and shamed, especially from his boss. For Katsuki, he usually didn’t give a crap about Miruko’s angry rants. Besides, this particular time was all Deku’s fault anyway.




“YOU,” She poked Katsuki in the chest, looking up at him with piercing eyes that matched his own. “YOU’RE the instigator. I didn’t even need to be there to know that. Your lack of teamwork is rather disturbing, and that’s coming from ME; I hate everyone.” She shrugged— it was absolutely true.


“Tch.” Katsuki scoffed, nose scrunching in distaste but apparently that was an acceptable response because Miruko simply moved on to her next target.


“And YOU,” again, another threatening poke to the chest had Deku jumping slightly in surprise. “Don’t THINK you get off easy because Bakugou’s a dickhead. You’re irrational. You jump into situations without thinking things through all the way. You can’t always do shit like that, you can’t always play Mr. Number 1 hero—”


“No no no, wait! You don’t understand I—!” Deku stepped forward, hands out to stop her mid-rant and oh no , that was a mistake. A firm hand against his chest pushed Izuku back into the wall in an instant.


“Midoriya, sweetie...did you just interrupt me?” Sarcastic terms of endearment? Ohhh, boy, she was mad.




“Hmph, you ain’t doing yourself any favors, kid.” She COULD be nice, and leave it at that, but what kind of lesson would THAT be? “Why don’t ya drop trou for me.” It wasn’t a question, but a command, and a fucking weird one at that.


“Wha?? What?? I don’t— I mean, I can’’s a jumpsuit…” Deku debated like a dumbass, muttering the first shit that came to his mind even though his scarred fingers were already hovering over the zipper near his throat.


“Then I guess it ALL comes off, huh?” She smiled— or more like snarled— as she stepped back and looked him up and down. “Hmm, except the gloves and the leg bracers. Leave that on. I think that’d be a pretty cute look.”


What more could he do but obey? Especially when Miruko was your boss. She was steadfast and determined, whether that was in battle, or when talking to you face to face.


The teeth of the zipper separating echoed throughout the quiet office, and he swallowed hard when he felt a pair of red hot eyes on him. Not Katsuki’s though, who tried valiantly to keep his eyes averted. A slight blush was already staining his cheeks when he DID sneak peeks over at Deku’s bashful form, totally bare except for his bracers, shoes, gloves, and a certain red, white and blue jockstrap.


All Might themed, of course. Miruko was kind enough not to point it out.


“On your hands and knees for me.” She pointed to the ground between them, and of course, Deku didn’t make a move. Didn’t even believe the words she just spat out.




“You heard me. Do it.


Deku complied— what other choice did he have?— and stared straight ahead, elbows already quivering and not from exertion. His breath was shaky too, but he gasped sharply when a finger looped beneath one of the straps crossing over his ass and let it go with a stinging snap .


“Ah~! What—?!”


“Quiet, Midoriya,” She spoke flatly, admiring the way Deku’s ass jiggled slightly from the elastic. “We’re still in the middle of a LONG overdue lesson. How did you two even get out of high school actin’ like this?” Miruko scolded, shaking her head and emphasizing the message with an ominous slap of wood on flesh that pierced the room. Both sets of eyes looked up in horror to find the source of that harsh sound.


A wooden paddle.


Corporal punishment. Deku didn’t know what could possibly be worse; the pain of a slap itself, or the stinging shame that came along with being spanked by your boss.


Guess he’d find out soon enough.


Too nervous to look around, Izuku felt Katsuki’s eyes on him. Didn’t want to see the stupid smirk he knew was spread across his face so he didn’t dare take a glance, but that was forgotten when Miruko stood before him, looming, for once, even at her full height with the paddle held snugly in her grip.


“I feel like you’ve been missin’ some kind of lesson — maybe something your mother shoulda taught you a looong time ago.” The toe of her foot nudged Deku’s chin up, his eyes up to meet her own fierce stare. “But that’s okay; I think I got it covered, kid.” She cooed and Deku’s big, green eyes nearly watered as the shame washed over him.


“Just don’t forget; I’M your mommy now, got it?”




“‘Alright’, what?”


Deku’s face flushed brighter and hotter, the degrading words sitting choked up in his throat. “Alright... m-mommy…


“Aww, that’s my good boy. See, you’re already doing much better!” She squatted down to pat at fluffy curls as she took her position kneeling beside him. “But don’t think that means you’re gettin’ off easy now.” Deku gasped at the sensation of cool wood pressed up against his bare ass, and nearly screeched when it pulled back and came down against his flesh without warning.


“Ah~! Oh– god?!” 


“Heh, oh! I almost forgot!” She placed a soothing hand on Deku’s lower back, just enough of a touch to get his attention. “Don’t forget to count ‘em out for me, k? Just to help me keep track.”


Deku nodded shyly as a quivering mutter slipped between his lips. Better off listening to Miruko’s demands to get it over with. “Y-yes...mommy…”


“Wow, fast learner. I think five should be enough for you.”


Deku’s gloved fingers dug into the plush carpet of Miruko’s office, begging for the floor to open up and swallow him whole. He felt so stupid! So embarrassed, with his bare ass up in the air and each spank leaving his cheeks redder and redder, stinging against the cool air of the room. 





“Mmhm, that’s a good boy…”


It was a shitty predicament no matter how you spun it, but it was even worse knowing Kacchan was watching. Knowing he would totally use this precious moment to spit shitty insults at him in the future. He couldn’t see it. Didn’t DARE to look up and meet the probably mocking gaze of his partner, but he could definitely FEEL it, and it burned so hot on the back of his neck.



“F-four…oh ...”


Deku’s voice quivered as he choked back a moan and his knees shook on the spot, somehow feeling absolutely wrecked from four measly smacks from a paddle. His ass burned and so did his eyes as tears welled up at the corners, ready to spill over at any moment. It was a hot, shameful mix of so many emotions. Humiliation was a big one. So was the pain. There was also a bit of arousal buzzing beneath his skin, and he hoped to fucking god that neither Miruko or Kacchan would notice the bulge growing in his jock.


“I— I can’t…” Izuku whimpered pathetically. He wanted to beg for Miruko to stop, even if the repercussions would probably be worse. He’d take any other punishment at this point, as long as he didn’t have to be subjected to Kacchan’s scrutinizing gaze…


Even with the sound of Deku’s borderline lustful whines and the loud smack of the paddle, both Izuku and Miruko heard the shitty, mocking snort choked back from Katsuki’s spot against the wall.


“You find something funny over there, smart guy?” Miruko stopped her arm on the wind up to deliver blow five, leaving Deku hanging in anticipation with his eyes screwed shut. When the slap never came, his teary eyes slowly cracked open and shifted over to his partner on the wall.


“H—huh? What, ME?” Katsuki pointed to himself, looking around as if there was anyone else in the goddamn room. His eyes were wide with a tinge of panic and his cheeks grew redder under Miruko’s castigation. “W—what did I—”


“Oh, you know what you did.” Miruko stood, still towering over them while being the tiniest of the three. Her shoulders were squared with a looming sense of authority; even Kacchan felt himself submitting to her will. “Strip down. Just like Deku.”




“Don’t pretend like you didn’t hear me. Just fucking do it.”


Deku was shocked to watch Katsuki actually listen without balking. Pulled his shirt right over his head and kicked his pants off. His red eyes looking more striking and prominent against the smeared eyeblack, and eventually, he was left similarly ‘dressed’ as his partner in just his gloves, green belt and garters, and boots.


Oh, and the same red, white and blue jockstrap.


“Matching underwear? Heh, cute.” Miruko giggled, looking him up and down and definitely enjoying Katsuki’s feverish blush and bashful attempt to cover his crotch with his hands. “What, did you guys call each other last night?”


Two pairs of angry eyes shot her way as they yelled in unison, “THEY WERE A LIMITED EDITION PAIR!”


“Heh, spare me the nerd talk. We’re still in the middle of a lesson after all…” She waved them off with a flippant hand. “So, why don’t we work on a little... team-building exercise?” Stepping forward towards her new target with a dark and unyielding presence, Miruko dipped a finger into Katsuki’s waistband, tugging him forward by the elastic of his jock.


“Team building...huh…?” Katsuki murmured as he was lead just behind Deku, eyes shying away as he had a full view of his smooth back speckled with freckles and those plump, burning red asscheeks.


“Yeah! Come over here and kneel for mommy… ” Miruko prompted, falling into a squat herself and waiting until he did the same. Deku gasped as her cool hands palmed at his ass— they felt so amazing against the burning slaps— and he gasped again when she unabashedly dug her fingers into his perky cheeks and pulled him apart, exposing his twitching hole to the room.


Both of them groaned, cocks growing harder as they squirmed anxiously.


“So, Bakugou, I wanna see you have a little more respect for Midoriya. You’re partners now, so you gotta act like it.” She smirked when Katsuki merely huffed, too distracted by Deku’s perfect pink asshole and the bulge in his jock that hung heavy below. “Why don’t you show him just how much you appreciate him? A little kindness goes a long way, you know. Maybe it’ll strengthen your bond. Get that teamwork pumpin’.”


Katsuki scowled, “Wait— what- I...what do you—”


“C’mon. Eat his ass for me. Tell him he’s a good hero… ” Miruko cooed in a way that made his skin tingle with excitement. Was he really about to do...THAT? Honestly, was it even really a punishment, with Deku’s ass presented to him like a four-course meal? He swallowed hard as he scooted closer on hands and knees and they burned against the rough fibers of the carpet. His cock was unmistakably hard, even with his boss watching— directing him to lick Deku’s asshole.


What kind of workplace WAS this??


“Oof, hhng…” Izuku groaned as a light but firm weight sat across his back, making his spine arch under the pressure. Miruko hummed as the used Deku her new chair, strong legs framing his ass and keeping him spread for Katsuki.


What a good boss!


“Let’s go, Bakugou! Show Midoriya just how good of a partner you can be…” Tentatively dipping his head down, Katsuki complied. Licked lightly across Deku’s hole and loving the way it twitched in need. He circled the rim teasingly, catching the unique taste of Deku’s skin and sweat on his tongue. It was heady and intoxicating, and there was probably no way he was going to stop now.


“Mmm...mhmm…” Katsuki moaned and sighed as he devoured Deku. Drool slid down the corners of his mouth as he began to suck on his rim and bite at his cheek. Deku seemed to love it just as much, bucking his hips the best he could with his boss sitting on his back, and even Miruko was impressed with Katsuki’s new enthusiasm.


“Oh,’re doing so good for mommy. So good for Midoriya, too. You hear him moaning and whining ? Yeah, you’re doing that. You’re making him feel so good …” Miruko sang sweet words of praise while her fingers threaded through wild blond strands, tugging Katsuki closer to Izuku's opening. "Mmhm, that's it, give it to him, Bakugou. Move your tongue faster, can you do that for me?"


"Hhng, yes...mommy…" He groaned, muffled against the slick, sloppy mess of saliva on Deku's ass.


She gripped hard on his hair; a sharp sting shot through his skull, pleasantly painful and it made Katsuki’s cock throb with desire. The desire to taste and feel all of Deku. The want to hear more of those delicious compliments. The need to come one way or another, so he worked his tongue faster, following Izuku’s moans to find every sweet spot.


“God, ah, yes~ Kacchan…” Deku panted with breathless whimpers, thighs shaking every time Katsuki’s tongue dipped into his hole or when it caught against his rim. When Miruko’s weight finally shifted off his back, his shaky elbows gave out and he reveled in Katsuki’s attention face down, ass up. Even the new pair of hands— so new yet familiar— now spreading his cheeks sent a thrill of lust down his spine and goosebumps over his flesh. “Yes, please , keep going…” It was like Deku didn’t even remember it was supposed to be a punishment and honestly, it was probably better that way when Katsuki’s jock was soaked with precome from his own raging desire.


“Looks like you’re havin’ fun there, eh?” Miruko could be a fair boss but also knew how to dish out the punishment. She kneeled at Katsuki’s side, and it wouldn't have been that big of a deal if the cool, wooden paddle hadn’t been hovering ominously over his hard cock. “It’s discipline, Bakugou. It’s not supposed to be so... exciting…heh...” She chided, and Katsuki’s back stiffened up when the paddle pressed firmly against the straining underside.


He should have probably been more concerned about why THAT— a threat , basically— felt so good. Why it made him twitch and throb, but he didn’t give a shit when it felt better than anything else that afternoon. His hips bucked against the paddle, searching for more friction, more pressure, more ANYTHING.


“Tch, no wonder you’re such a little shit all the time. You WANT to be punished…” Katsuki whined, still rutting against the plank of wood like some kind of horny dog “That’s pathetic , Bakugou. You WANT me to slap your dick? You REALLY want that??” Her words stung and, fuck, maybe they were true. Maybe he DID fucking want to get his cock slapped red just like Deku’s fat ass. It also may have just been some kind of dirty, in the moment fantasy, but he’d never know. Not when Miruko pulled her hand away and pulled Deku’s jockstrap down to his knees.


“Hnng- ah~! W—wait, what are you—!?” Deku babbled, still braced on his elbows with his face buried in his arms. The sudden exposure made him gasp in shock, cock and balls hanging between his thighs, totally bare for his boss AND his partner to see. Even if it DID feel so amazing, he still wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to get swallowed up by a hole in the ground to escape the inevitable embarrassment that he knew was soon to follow.


Katsuki never would have imagined his partner and longtime childhood something-or-other to look so fucking good with his thighs spread, ass twitching, and cock dripping with need. The tip drooled endlessly and he'd be lying if he said he didn’t want to taste it too.


"C'mon Bakugou. Make him come. Make him come for mommy…Mmhm, milk his cock for me, show me that teamwork..."


Again, Katsuki’s tongue found Deku’s pretty, pink hole, laving and lavishing it with endless affection. Working his magic in just the way he found Deku liked. Knew he was loving it if the sounds of his breathless whimpers and his rutting hips meant anything, and fuck, maybe he loved it too.


“Ah! Oh, god, fucking good… yes yes yes just like that~!” Deku muttered uselessly when Katsuki tugged on his cock, stroking it downwards with his fist and his toes curled when one of his balls was sucked into a warm, willing mouth, then the other was too. It was blissful and perfect. So wrong yet so right. Left his face feeling flushed with a confusing mix of emotions.


“Yeah, that’s it. Don’t stop until he comes…a good hero should always have his partner’s back...” Miruko spoke deceptively sweetly while holding her paddle firm to Katsuki’s cock once more. “But if YOU wanna come, you’re gonna have to get yourself off…” It was a threat AND an invitation for Katsuki, who didn’t give a shit either way and humped wildly against the wood. Loved the feeling of his cock grinding into the unrelenting hardness and the sensation of Deku throbbing in his hand.


“Ah, ah~! Kacchan, I—you’re gonna—gonna make me co~me… ” It wasn’t much of a warning, but it was definitely a boost to the ego as Katsuki’s fist filled with cum, spilling between his fingers and drooling to the carpet below. Deku’s balls pulsed with every spurt, pumping his cum out until Katsuki was so damn sure he’d gotten every last drop.


“Ohhh, what a good boy, Bakugou, making him come for mommy…” Miruko studied the sullied carpet with a knowing smile—knowing Katsuki would lose his damn shit if she pulled that paddle away from him, but she was such a nice and caring boss, so she pressed down harder and let Katsuki figure out the rest from there.


“Hnng, fffuck~!” Way too horny to last a moment longer, Katsuki was joining Deku in that deep chasm of bliss. He cursed through clenched teeth as his cock strained against his jockstrap, filling the tight fabric with his cum. His hips bucked wildly as if it was Deku's sweet ass he was humping against instead, and it was quite possible that he actually WANTED it to be…


But no one could really know for sure.


“Hmm, wow, you’re some filthy boys, you know that? But I'm sure with this... team building activity, you can apply it to the battlefield in no time! Winning and saving; you boys could have it all if you just kept giving each other a hand every once in a while…” What a motivational speech. Katsuki could sure get behind the idea of giving deku a hand, as long as it ended with laying in a pile of sweet, gooey bliss.


Oh, and maybe a raise at their hero ranking wouldn’t hurt either.


It was a big mess left against the paddle; sticky globs of cum clung onto the smooth, wood surface, and Miruko shook her head— of course, these knuckleheads would ruin MORE of her things— before holding out the paddle to Deku’s still blissed out face. “Well, Midoriya, since Bakugou decided to make a big fucking mess, I guess it’s only right for you to help clean it up. Right, partner ?”


Green eyes flicked around the paddle, and he didn’t hesitate to clean up the mess. He licked every slick gooey spot, laving his tongue and moaning at the taste of Kacchan’s spent arousal. “Mmm, Kacchan, taste so good…” His pupils were hazy and his words were slurred as if he were intoxicated on the taste of cum and sex, but no one could really fault him after a mind-blowing orgasm like THAT.


"See? Doesn't it feel nice to HELP each other instead of arguing all the time?" Miruko smiled at the sight of a job well done. Of rekindled comradery that could only be achieved by helping your partner in a dire situation. Of course, Miruko was right about that—she was usually right about EVERYTHING, but neither could say that the temptation to get one of her patented punishments wasn't something too far fetched for the future.