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Kiwi's 2019 BKDK/DKBK Kinktober Collection

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“Why do you like it so much?”


“Hmm?” Izuku looked up from the spot on his bed, textbook still sprawled out on his lap as he attempted to study for tomorrow’s history test. Attempted , being the keyword, since Katsuki sure was chatty that evening. “Studying? I mean, I don’t really LIKE it but...”


“No, no,  you nerd. Talkin’ ‘bout bottoming. Taking it up the ass. Why’re you so into it?” Katsuki probed, for what, Deku wasn’t sure, but he sure as hell wasn’t expecting THAT.


He mumbled back in confusion, “ say that like it’s a bad thing..? I just like it. It feels good. Don’t you like being on top?”


“Well, no shit, Sherlock—” Katsuki snapped before catching himself. “I mean, I’m just wondering if you, you ever think of...topping?”


Deku laughed at the sudden change of tone. “Heh, I guess YEAH, in like a sudden fit of horniness. Then I remember how much I like taking cock so...that’s that on that.” He shrugged, setting his book aside to turn his complete attention over to his befuddling boyfriend. “Wait— what are you getting at here?”


“Nothing! Just asking!”


That was oddly defensive.


“Kacchan…” Deku uttered, nearly a whisper as if they were sharing a forbidden secret. “Do you want you want me to fuck you?”


Katsuki’s mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water because basically, yeah, that’s what he was. “N— well, I mean— I guess, um, I’m— uh...”


While giving Katsuki a bit of his own usual medicine sounded like a fun idea, Izuku knew poking at him with a provoking ‘Spit it out, Kacchan!’ would be far more detrimental to the cause, so he coaxed the confused blond with words sweet and soothing like warm, gooey honey. “Kacchan...tell me what you want, baby...”   One scarred hand slipped up a firm thigh and only sweetened the deal even further.


“I just…” Katsuki trailed off, the words still too foreign to speak clearly from the heart. “Y—you always make it look like it feels so amazing —”


“—Because it is.”


“Right...and I guess...I kinda wanna know what that feels like, too.” Katsuki let out a long sigh, physically relieved to let down that wall and show Izuku a little bit of what he would consider vulnerability.


He knew it was stupid, but it was what it was.


With his heart racing and cheeks hot from the confession, Katsuki didn’t notice a pair of slightly chapped lips falling against his own, as well as crooked fingers cradling the line of his jaw. Deku kissed him like always. Kissed him like usual, but with a little added something. Something that made Katsuki melt into his touch and for once, really let Deku take the lead.


It was nice. Really nice.


The slowly rising high of Deku’s hands possessively stroking at his shoulders and chest, as well as the slip of tongue that curled against his own, was unfortunately interrupted by the parting of their lips, but made better again when Izuku whispered into the breath they shared, “Let me do it for you, Kacchan. Right now…”


"Right now??" He expected to do it, though not in an instant, but Deku was the type that loved jumping into an experiment.


Especially when Katsuki was involved.


"Mhmm…" He hummed, fingers grazing over the material of his shorts. "Take these off for me, baby…"


Katsuki felt dizzy, lightheaded from the sudden rush of Deku. The rush of his shorts being stripped off. The heady eagerness of Deku's lips against his skin. The spine-tingling excitement that buzzed through him as he realized holy shit I'm gonna do this and Deku's gonna do it FOR me.


Maybe a little anxiety too, but he didn't need to admit that out loud. 


Then there was the smoothness of Deku's voice, guiding so sweetly but making sure not to treat Katsuki like glass. Not to let him think he was weak, because he was anything but.


"Lie on your stomach and put this pillow under your hips. It'll be easier this way, I promise."


Katsuki complied, feeling the slight arch in his back as his hips perched on one pillow with knees straddling the fluffy cushion, while he squeezed the other one to his chest. Clutched it for some sense of security, what with feeling so exposed. "Tch, you seem to know a lot about this."


"I just like to be prepared."


Guess someone had to be.


Deku shuffled for some items in his bedside table, eventually coming back with a small bottle that they were both very familiar with. Katsuki peeked over into the drawer, face contorted in slight horror.


"The fuck, how many of those things you got??" Red eyes roved over and met the unexpected sight of so many different sex toys. Plugs both thin and thick. A very fleshy and veiny looking dildo. A vibrator very cute, pink and flashy. Finally, he stopped at something long, thick and more akin to a dick that’d be attached to a...mythical beast?? "And what the FUCK is THAT thing??"


Deku quickly kicked the door shut with a bang, suddenly embarrassed about his extensive sex toy collection. "Uh, d—don't worry about that. We'll talk about it later…" The bottle dropped to the bed and so did Deku as he took position behind his inquisitive boyfriend. "So, you ready?"


Sigh. “Just do it already.”


“Why do you make it sound like a chore? Like you don’t want it? Are you sure you want this?”


“I said do it!” Katsuki spat, body noticeably tense and the unexpected hands tickling the back of his legs didn’t make it any better.


“Ok, ok! But you need to relax. It's not gonna be fun if you're tensed up like that.”


Fun, tch. Katsuki sighed when Deku caressed the pale flesh of his thighs; so sensitive because he’d never been touched like that, but something about it felt...nice. Eventually. He relaxed into the touch. At the comfort of Deku’s hands massaging at the strong muscle, then switching to his lower back. Thumbs firmly digging into the dimples there and he moaned dreamily as Deku's firm caress finally settled at the crease of his thighs. Right where his firm ass met the muscle of his hamstring. He hummed in pleasure before jumping slightly at the feel of sneaky thumbs pulling him apart and the room's cool air brushing against his virgin entrance.


"Oh, what the—!"


“Shh, It’s ok, it's ok…” Deku cooed, trying to soothe Katsuki’s obvious surprise. “Do you want me to talk you through this?”


Katsuki’s nose scrunched in distaste— not that Deku could see it. “Oh, god, no. That sounds so fucking embarrassing. Just— get on with it already.”


With a dramatic eye roll, Deku did. Massaged his thumbs over the flesh of Katsuki’s perky ass. Each pass of the digit getting closer and closer until one brushed over his sensitive opening, just hard enough to feel it twitch beneath.


“You ok?”


“Tch, is that it?”


Deku chuckled, low and mischievous, especially at Katsuki’s slight gasp as he spread his hole, watching it flutter as if he really WAS desperate for something more.


"Oh, don't worry, there's more… "


As much as Deku loved being on the reverse of it, he couldn’t help feeling so in control and powerful with Katsuki so vulnerable under his touch.


It was fucking hot.


His cock throbbed in his shorts and he wanted nothing more than to indulge in the finest delicacy of Katsuki's ass. He left kisses near the inside of his spread cheeks and Katsuki gasped at each one.


"Wanna eat you out, Kacchan…"


Deku always lost his fucking mind when Katsuki shoved his tongue up his ass, so maybe there was something special to it after all. "A—alright...get to it, then…" His legs relaxed and he allowed Deku to coax them to part further. 


“Ho~oly shit…” Katsuki swore, back stiffening as a warm, slippery tongue swiped across his opening. It teased delicately and his head tried to whip around in shock, but his body was hyper-focused on pushing and grinding back against the wet muscle. Poking and prodding; licking and laving so gently yet so diligently over the puckered flesh.


Deku moaned desperate and depraved, enjoying the thought of having another part of Kacchan to worship. Circled his tongue around and around, sucked and bit down on the soft skin of his asscheek. Spread him so wide his hips almost lifted off the pillow; Deku was addicted and Katsuki wasn’t much better off. His leaking cock rut against the fabric of the cushion, especially when the tip of Deku’s eager tongue wiggled its way inside. Stretched him slightly in a brand new way that left his toes curling and head spinning.


“Mmm, Kac—chan...mmhmm, so goo~od…” Izuku murmured disjointedly, tongue too busy catching against his fluttering rim. Licking and tasting and loving everything about his Kacchan. Chin and cheeks sloppy with his own saliva, not that he fucking cared- he wanted more. Wanted to tear Kacchan apart from the inside, out. Wanted him moaning, panting, begging, whining— wanted him to feel as good as Katsuki made him feel.


Deku said something— what, Katsuki would never know for sure. The blood rushed to his head and he couldn't hear past it, but he could take a wild guess at the message when Deku's tongue sadly fell away for a whole new reason.


“Deku, I— ah, oh fuck~! ” Katsuki gasped into the pillow clutched in his arms as a different slippery appendage made an appearance— a lubed up finger breaching and pressing and stretching. It was slow and maddening. Dragged along his walls, in and out. Even if it was new and invasive, something made him crave it more and more. Maybe it was how it burned so good. Felt hot as Deku pumped it in and out just barely. Enough to get him used to the intrusion. Maybe it was because it was Deku, and maybe because of the filthy praise that spilled from those sweet, lovable lips.


“Oh,’re doing so good, mmm fuck you take me so well…of course, you're amazing at this, just like with everything else...” All the way to the knuckle, Katsuki was embarrassed to be so fucking wrecked from just one finger, so when the second crooked digit was added it nearly blew his mind.


"Hnng, shit that's— that's so— ah…" The stretch hurt more, but the pleasure that followed was well worth it. Deku left sloppy, soothing kisses against his lower back to distract from the pain and obviously enjoyed himself just as much as Katsuki.


His breathy moans and sighs led Deku to become more persistent. Pulling all the way back before sinking in again. Over and over, harder and harder. His fingers curled and pulled and twisted and dragged so deliciously against the soft walls of Katsuki’s insides, drawing out curses and cries, especially when he focused on that special sweet spot the made Katsuki's skin tingle and stomach burn with a flaming desire. “Fffuu— like that— just like that, Deku— ah, give it to me…”


Katsuki met each thrust of those magical fingers fucking into him harder and faster, more more more, working his hips back for delicious friction and finding salvation as he humped against the pillow below. The grind on his aching cock had his orgasm quickly approaching— that too-familiar and too-tight coiling in his gut was ready to snap and release at any moment.


"Wow, Kacchan, you're so amazing. You're doing so good, sucking me in— you're so fucking hungry for it, you want it so bad…" Deku hissed through his teeth and every needy praise brought Katsuki closer and closer, cock hard and heavy against the cushion as Deku worked his fingers steady with the sole purpose of making his boyfriend thrash and cry with a primal need. "C'mon baby, oh fuck, let's get you there, let's make you come…"


Fuck, Deku's slutty pleas were usually the best as he begged Katsuki to dick him down fast and hard; but something about the caring eagerness in his voice— as if Katsuki's pleasure was enough to get him off too— was so damn hot in a brand new way.


"C'mon baby you're so close... oh, you're so tight, I can tell you wanna come so bad, do it for me, Kacchan, come for me… "


Slim hips bucked erratically against the pillow, losing the steady rhythm as bleary eyes rolled back in ecstasy. Deep moans turned to a high-pitched whine as he babbled towards his peak, " Fuck fuck fuck, Deku I'm— oh fuck, I'm gonna come~!" Katsuki's back arched taut as he was hit with the most intense orgasm of his young life. His palms crackled and toes curled, legs kicking out behind him in pure ecstasy as cum pooled into the pillow below and his ass clamped down hungrily on those still-thrusting fingers.


Shiny green eyes stared in awe because, while Deku had seen Katsuki in the wild throes of passion many times before, there was something so much better about doing it like this . Being the one and only to bring Katsuki to an earth-shattering orgasm with his tongue and fingers alone—


God, no wonder Katsuki was such a pompous jackass in the bedroom.


He watched with a burning need as the abused rim squeezed his fingers tight. Every spasm and twitch was amazing and Deku knew he'd never stop thinking about what that hungry hole would feel like gripping around the base of his own dick ."Holy fuck." Deku panted with horny desperation. "That was... oh my god, SO fucking hot..."


Katsuki's hips fucked lazily against the cum-soaked pillow, riding out the remaining dregs of his orgasm before the oversensitivity set in. When the fingers withdrew he bit down on the pillow as his ass gaped and twitched just slightly, starving for more and it wouldn’t be too long before that need would be sated.




"You did so well for your first time, Kacchan…I knew you could do it..." Deku cooed, suddenly so close and kissing at the back of one flushed ear. He was sweet and comforting, as expected, treating Katsuki like a king. Like he deserved.


Without any preface, scarred hands were on his ass once more, massaging the muscle so sweetly at first then spreading Katsuki open and exposed until something larger, warmer, and harder prodded at his lubed up and willing hole.


"You're so amazing, Kacchan...mmm, but I know I can make you come all night long… " He slapped at both asscheeks confidently and left pink, stinging handprints behind their wake. "Do you think you can do it again for me, baby?"


Katsuki's hand knocked against Deku's discarded textbook. 'FUCK forgot about that dumbass test…' but when it came between studying and getting your needy boyfriend to worship your ass all night, it wasn't a hard decision.


He reached back with both hands, holding his ass apart and giving Deku a playful grin, a little wiggle, and a show.


"Alright Deku, show me what you got."