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Threes Never a Crowd

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“Please.” Breathless groans leave Jungkook’s red, teeth bitten lips. It’s been too long since he has had an orgasm and they’re so cruel to him. A hand reaches from the left and touches his chest, nails raking up his abdomen. He knows these hands, knows the rings on slender fingers, the manicured fingertips that continue to trace his body. Jungkook whimpers, as the hand leaves and comes down with a loud slap. Abdomen clenching as sweet pain radiates through his sore nipples, “Hyungie please-.”

Taehyung cuts him off, shoving fingers in his mouth, mouth tilting slightly at the feeling of Jungkook’s throat spasming as the tips of his fingers touch the back of his throat,” Yoongi doesn’t our bun look better when his mouth is stuffed rather than begging for cock like a pathetic little slut.” Reaching for the lube to the side, he coats his hand with a generous amount. Taking his unoccupied hand and wrapping it around the base of Jungkook’s cock. Moving his hand up and down, slightly twisting as he gets close to the head, Taehyung licks his lips at the sight of the pretty flush on Jungkook’s cheeks. He’s so damn gorgeous, his lovely pink cock and thick thighs. Taehyung thumbs at the frenulum and Jungkook gasps out a, “please.”

“You’re gonna come for me, baby?”, Taehyung tease, “So quickly as well, I guess you were riled up from earlier, huh?” Jungkook let’s out a desperate whine and thrust into Taehyung’s hand. He reaches his hand out, hand clenching in the air to his right. Vanilla wafts through the air, and a warm hand fills the space. His eyes open to meet Yoongi as intertwines their hand, clutching them to his chest as he cum.

Jungkook’s chest heaves as he sucks in air, stomach covered in his cum, dick limp and sticky against his thigh. Opening his eyes at the sound of Tae’s words, “Bun, look at what a mess you made on my fingers. Don’t you think you should clean it?” His hand held out expectantly, eyes gleaming with arousal. Jungkook obediently latches onto Taehyung’s fingers, tongue lapping at his cum, groaning at the salty taste. He’s all too aware of the two pairs of eyes on him, greedily taking the sight in, as he shifts toward Yoongi. Taking the saliva covered fingers out his mouth with a pop, Jungkook dips them into the small puddle of cum on his stomach, not breaking eye contact as he licks it off with a loud slurp. With the salty substance coating his tongue, he smiles at the hitched breath Taehyung takes, soaking in the arousal present in low lidded eyes as he takes fingers deeper into his mouth.

Yoongi moves from the corner of the room to Jungkook’s right side, leaning over him, swinging one leg to lay in between his in the process and proceeds to press their lips together and well - fuck Yoongi always knows how to kiss him right. His heart beat fast as the vanilla scent of Yoongi’s body oil infiltrated his senses. Feeling the swipe of his tongue on his lower lip, Jungkook opened his mouth slightly, moaning as the moving muscle filled him. Slowly his cock starts to fatten up as their tongues fight for dominance.

Tinges of pleasure run up his spine when Yoongi suddenly presses his knee slightly against him. His eyes closed, head throwing back, Jungkook lets out a moan of desperation a small plea leaving his swollen lips, “Please.”

“Please what?” Yoongi whispers, now moving his knee in small circular, eyes glinting with amusement looking at Koo, watching as his abdomen clenches and unclenches.

“Please! Oh, fuck! Please!” He clams up, cheeks flushed red with embarrassment, loving how Yoongi makes him beg. Jungkook swallows saliva building in his mouth; his eyes start to glaze over as his hips mindlessly rut against his boyfriend.


“Come baby boy. I know you can say it. Tell Hyung what he wants to hear. Tell me what you want.”

Sliding one hand over Jungkook’s left breast, fingertips caressing his nipple. The skin around it red, puffy and if you squint, little teeth indents circle his areola. Bowing his head, Yoongi wrapped his lips around the other one, teeth scraping against the hard bud. He loves having his mouth on Jungkook; the feel of him gripping his hair as he suckles hard on the abused area makes his brain go fuzzy.

“P-please fuck Hyung, f-fuck me with your tentacles please.”

Instantly, Jungkook feels a light wet touch on his ankle, something tightening around them, while more slither their way up to his meaty thighs, wrapping around them like a garter. He opens his eyes in time to see tentacles moving across the bed with particular urgency, Two appear on both sides of him, the tips of them lightly caressing his sore nipples before the little suckers latched onto them. Jungkook squeezes his eyes shut, letting out a massive gasp as the small but powerful suckers stimulate the already abused buds.

“Hyung, f-fuck - please hurry up,” he whines, his hips now thrusting into the air, small pants leaving his mouth as he feels a tentacle wrap itself around his leg, making its way up. A hiss slips out his throat as it wraps around his aching cock and squeezes tightly. Eyes opening, stomach slightly heaving, Jungkook meets Yoongi’s gaze, eyes sharp with sadistic intent.
“You’ve been teasing us all day, begging for us to fuck you till you can’t breathe, yet you have the nerve to close your eyes. Am I boring you Jungkook? Am I putting you to sleep?”

His mind filled with panic at the scolding tone in Yoongi’s voice,” no, no, no, no.” Mindless babbling leaves his mouth, trying to clear up the misunderstanding. Only a bad boy would fall asleep while his Hyung takes care of him, and Jungkook is anything but good.

The tentacle starts to move, its grip tightening at the head and loosening at the base of his cock, causing his eyes to fall shut again. Eyes rolling into the back of his head, Jungkook almost slips into that headspace where everything is floaty, and his body feels weightless, but the tug of his cock yanked him out.

“I’m doing you a favor by touching your little cock, and you can’t even keep your eyes open for me. I thought you were a good little bun?” Yoongi teases as his tentacle increase the pace, squeezing and yanking as loud slick noises fill the room. Sobs leave Jungkook’s mouth, his body writhing chanting out fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Who was he kidding, thinking this one time he’d get fucked him right away. He knows Yoongi could edge him for hours till his cheeks are wet and his dick is weeping, before plunging into him.

Well if he won’t hurry up, I’ll do it myself.

Before his fingers could move, two tentacles curl themselves around his wrist, pinning him to the bed. Jungkook whines an objection on his tongue when a tentacle uncurls from his upper thigh, all slick and wet — closing his eyes when he feels it circling at his rim, the limb coating itself with slick before pushing into him. Gently stretching him out, Jungkook’s body opens up effortlessly, moving in deep.

Yoongi moves the tentacle slowly, in and out Jungkook’s hole. Concentrating on the way Jungkook bites his lip to keep from moaning loudly, how he goes to shut his legs struggling against the tentacles holding him in place.

Feeling a light touch near the sensitive pouch where his tentacles reside; he looks behind him to see Taehyung pulling him into his chest. Yoongi hisses feeling slender hands travel downward to grip his leaking cock and removes it from his pants. Hips rotating against the hard bulge resting between his ass cheeks, he whines feeling precum from Tae’s cock drip onto his lower back. When did Taehyung get naked, he doesn’t know, but all he can do is focus on the electrifying feeling that floods his body from the slow drag of Tae’s hand. Yoongi’s body trembles with his eyes shut and head leaning on his boyfriend’s shoulder as his body goes somewhat limp.

Tae’s voice cut through the air, “Look at our baby Yoongi. He can’t help but fuck himself onto the tentacles - your tentacles.” Drinking in the view before them, both men zeroed in on their other boyfriend laying there as two tentacles plunged inside of him and another one jerking his cock off. Jungkook so far gone, completely surrendering his body to the ministrations of his boyfriend’s extra appendages, didn’t even notice they stopped to watch him. Having been close to cumming from watching earlier, Yoongi feels the pressure build-up in his balls.

A small moan escapes him as Taehyung squeezes the tip of his cock, watching as precum dribbled out falling onto Jungkook’s cheek. Lips brush his ear, and a sultry voice heard,” You don’t get to cum until our baby bun here does.” Taehyung whispers into Yoongs ear, lightly licking in his ear, “Think about how pretty he looks with cum spurting onto his chest.” He speeds up the movements of his hand. Yoongi’s stomach clenches, he leans his head onto Taehyung’s shoulder, grabbing onto Taehyung’s hands, trying to slow down his movements. A quiet plea leaves his mouth, “Please! Ah, fuck! I’m close.” Taehyung grips the base of his cock, “not until Jungkook cums.” Yoongi groans, releasing another tentacle from the slit on his back.

It slips inside, bit by bit, along with the first and Jungkook cries out, “Oh fuck!” Rotating his hips onto Yoongi’s tentacles, breath quickening as one tighten and twist around his cock while others piston into him, hitting his already sensitive prostate. Head tilted back; peach flushed cheeks, his hands scrambling to grip Taehyung’s hand on wrinkled silk sheets, Jungkook finally cums with their names on his lips, white globs of cum painting his chest.

Little noises of discomfort leave his mouth as the movement on his cock slows down, wincing at the oversensitivity, “No more, please.” His body was trembling from cumming so much. Whining as Yoongi pressed light kisses along his chest, muttering soft praises, “Look at how beautiful you are, covered in cum.” Taehyung whispered, eyes lowering to Jungkook’s puffy leaking hole. Reaching over him to grab something, he continues, “A drooly mess for us. You did so well baby boy.” Jungkook whines, feeling his favorite plug push into him.

He relaxes into the bed, watching as Taehyung lays their hyung near the end of the bed and slowly jerks him off; Slick sounds fill the air accompanied by the small groans leaving his Yoongi’s mouth as he cums all over the slender fingers wrapped around his cock. Jungkook looks down at his limp cock, laying against his thigh jumps a bit watching Taehyung fuck Yoongi’s thighs and cumming with their names on his lips.

Taehyung gets up heading to the bathroom, the rush of water, a cabinet opening and closing is heard for a moment. He walks over to Yoongi, who is pressing small lazy kisses to Jungkook’s nape area - leg hiked up oh his waist. Taking a moment to thank whatever force had sent the two of them his way, he made his way with a damp washcloth and cream in hand (for Jungkook). He beckoned the both of them, moving to wipe the cum cooling on their bodies. Taehyung pressed the cream on the points of Jungkook’s wrist and ankles - where he was restrained - making sure to stretch out his joints, taking away any present stiffness — smiling as he hears Jungkook moan from the light massage, leans down to kiss him. He turns to see Yoongi gazing at them, with eyes swirling with exhaustion, a soft smile gracing his features. A warm feeling grows in his chest and he took the chance to thank whatever force had sent these two angels his way. Taehyung shuts the light off and crawls into bed, kissing his boyfriend’s foreheads and whispering how proud he was of them - quickly falling asleep so he can wake up to his loves again.