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BNHA | Kinktober | 2019

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You couldn’t lie. This was something you had been thinking about for a long time, especially thanks to your boyfriends unique quirk. The idea of being completely abused by your timid lover was something that invaded your mind on an almost daily basis now, and it was making it hard to concentrate on anything else. Finding the right time to ask your lover about your kink request was difficult. The subject would have to be broached in the correct way, otherwise your shy boyfriend would probably clam up and all bets would be off. You had to plan it right.

You ended up dropping subtle hints to Tamaki, whenever he was eating his usual dinner of Takoyaki, after watching him train, his fingers moulded into long tentacles. Watching this made your thigh’s shiver in anticipation as you rubbed your legs together to try and cause your quivering core some sort of relief.

You could have almost laughed at the irony of the situation when your boyfriend finally opened up to your unique request during the month of Halloween. The entire idea did sound like something out of a low-budget horror movie. The thing that caught you off-guard the most was the inquisitive glance in Tamaki’s eyes, hardly the refusal you had been expecting.

This is what had lead you to your current position, settled comfortably on his lap as his fingers nervously slipping down your body, trailing along your curves as he came to rest his palms against your hips, his black hair framing his face as he peered up at you nervously.

“Tamaki, you don’t have to if you don’t want to,” You gave a reassuring smile to your boyfriend, your fingers coming up to brush his hair out of his eye line, stroking across his cheek as you pressed a gentle peck against his lips.

“I want to, I just don’t want to hurt you,” He mumbled, his fingers digging into your hips as you pulled him down for another sensual kiss, grinding your hips down on his clothed, semi-hard erection. Tamaki groaned into your mouth at the sensation, granting you more access to his wet cavern, your tongue brushing along his teeth as you continued to put pressure on his straining cock.

“You won’t hurt me, I promise-” You whispered against his lips, your breath hot against his cool skin. “I want this, Tamaki. I want you, bad.” You ground your hips down against him once more for emphasis, feeling his thickness between your thighs.

“I’ve never used my quirk for- I-” Tamaki stuttered as you pulled your shirt up and over your head, leaving you clad in your lacy bra at his eye level. His flustered face trying to keep his gaze with your eyes but he was struggling with such a sight in front of him.

“I trust you, Tamaki,” You took his calloused hand into your own, lacing your fingers together as you dipped your head down to place a reassuring kiss against his lips.

“Just tell me to stop, and I’ll stop. Anytime.” You grinned in response, slipping off your boyfriend’s thighs to undo your jeans, slipping them down your legs to leave you in your matching lacy bra and panties. Tamaki’s face flushed as though he had never seen you dressed in so little as you bent over to tug his own shirt over his head, the raven haired boy complying with your every move.

“Baby, promise me.” Tamaki’s eyes were serious as he waited for your response, this was something new and he was terrified of hurting you. His quirk could be unpredictable.

“I promise, Tamaki.” You cupped his cheek in your palm, giving him a gentle kiss as you tried to show him that you were okay with this, you trusted him with your life.

“Lie down,” Tamaki broke away from the kiss, his voice had an air of authority around, making your lower half tingle as you did as you were told, resting your head against one of the plush pillows on your bed as you watched your lover tug his own jeans down his legs, leaving him in a dark pair of boxer-briefs. The clothing was tight due to his straining erection and you could make out a small stain on the material thanks to the pre-cum that you knew was oozing from the tip. You couldn’t help but lick your lips in anticipation as Tamaki moved back to join you on the bed, leaning over your body to press a gentle kiss to your lips before laying his palms along your legs.

Your breath hitched in your throat as you waited for your boyfriend to make his next move, his calloused hands mapping out your smooth skin as he followed the curves of your thighs. You looked beautiful beneath him as he teased his fingers along the curve of your underwear. Using his own slender fingers to remove the clothing. Your panties already coated with your excitement, which didn’t go unnoticed by the raven haired male. Your sex glistened invitingly and part of him wanted to just dip down and have a taste without activating his quirk.

“I want you, Tamaki. Please-”

Maintaining eye contact with you, Tamaki activated his quirk. Long tentacles extended out of his fingers, slowly dancing their way up your legs, wrapping around the soft, plush skin of your upper thighs and pulling them apart roughly, causing a sharp pain to flow through your body at the aggressive stretch they caused. The sight alone caused your body to shiver in need as you waited for his next move, hips bucking up into the touch of his cool tentacles.

Tamaki kept his eyes focused on your face for any kind of objection as he settled between your parted thighs, his tentacles moving around to stroke at your exposed lower lips, dancing over your folds as your juices spread across them. The suction cups softly stuck to your skin, causing a slight pull that only added to your pleasure, a cool tinge causing a whimper to break out from between your lips, eyes begging your lover for more.

Tamaki moved two of his tentacles to curve up your body to curl around your breasts, suction-cups squeezing against the plush skin, moulding them up against your body and squeezing around them as his eyes noticed the wetness leaking from your heat. Unable to stop himself he dipped his mouth down to lap against your dripping folds, cherishing the way your body arched into his touch.

“More, Tamaki. Please-” You whimpered, your body shaking beneath him. Tamaki’s tongue lapped at your clit, flicking against the small bud as he felt your body writhe above him, trying to meld into his touch, but the tight grip of his tentacles prevented you from doing as you wished, binding you down to the bed.

“What do you want?” Tamaki’s voice was low, sultry as his half-lidded eyes gazed up at you, his tongue jutting out to wipe your essence from his lips, savouring the taste on his tongue.

“I want- I-” You had been quick to request such a lewd thing from your boyfriend, but now you were in the moment you were struggling to find the right words.

“I know what you want,” The unlikely dominant tone in Tamaki’s voice caused your pussy to throb, desperately wanting something inside you-

Tamaki kept one of his tentacles wrapped tightly around your perky breast as he allowed another to dip back down to your heat, the tip prodding against your tight hole as he watched your hips buck up into his touch, desperate to feel him inside you. Tamaki dipped the tip of one of his tentacles inside your cunt, watching how it stretched your body out around it before pulling it out and seeing your slick coating the tip. You whined at the loss of contact, moving your hips to try and get him to penetrate you.

“Tamaki-” You groaned, your own fingers moving down to tease against your clit, but one of his tentacles wrapped around your wrist, tugging you away from touching yourself. The same tentacle wrapped around your other arm to tug them both up to rest over your head, the position causing a low groan to leave your lips and reverberate around the room.

Tamaki moved the tentacle coated in your essence back to your sopping heat, pushing into you slowly. The deeper he went the more you stretched around him, your lower body arching into his touch with a moan. Tamaki watched his tentacle disappear inside your heat, the suction-cups pressing against your inner walls deliciously as he began to swish his tentacle inside you, making sure it rubbed against your inner walls, searching for that special spot inside you whilst filling you completely.

The slick feeling of his tentacles against your skin was overwhelming, your body shook in pleasure as you tried to close your legs to try and give some sort of relief to your throbbing clit, but Tamaki’s tentacles kept their strong grip on your legs, keeping them parted as he noticed what you were trying to do. With reddened cheeks he dipped his face down to your slit, his tongue moving to flick against your little bundle of nerves as you continued to writhe beneath him. Tamaki used his normal hand to pull his underwear down, freeing his cock, the head dripping with pre-cum as it begged to be touched. His fingers spreading his pre-cum along the length, giving it a few gentle tugs as he continued his assault on your own body.

“Fuck, Tamaki-” You groaned, the pleasure was over-whelming due to the way his tentacles slid against your naked skin, paired with his assault on your clit. You tried desperately to focus on his ministrations, but you were becoming light-headed, your eyes rolling and toes curling as you felt your impending release, “I’m going to come-”

Your body shook violently as your climax wrecked through your body, Tamaki continued to suckle your clit in his mouth as his tentacles wrapped around your body. He felt your core contract around the tentacle that was inside you as you came hard and fast, calling out his name as you met your end.

The sensation of you squeezing his tentacles sent Tamaki hurtling closer to his own release. His bulging member pulsed, desperate for some sort of relief as he brought his fingers down to squeeze around his length, giving a few tugs as he found his own end with a loud grunt.

You felt Tamaki’s own release coat your stomach as it mixed with the residue of his tentacles against your skin. You tried desperately to regulate your breathing as you came down from its high. Goosebumps littered your skin as your entire body quivered under your lover. Tamaki’s hands returned to normal, suction-cups releasing your skin with a ‘pop’, his fingers brushing along your sides as he pressed soothing kisses to your cheek, brushing some of your hair from your sweaty brow.

“That was-” You couldn’t find the right words in your drunken bliss, your lips open in a silent ‘o’.

“Was it good?” Tamaki asked shyly, looking down at your body with guilt all over his features. You could only nod animatedly in response, unable to move any of your other limbs. Your body was covered in deep, dark circular marks from his tentacles. Evidence of his abuse on your body. There was a dull ache from each individual mark, your entire body completely spent as you tried desperately to regain your breath. Tamaki’s lips pressing gentle kisses over each abrasion, trying to soothe the dull ebb that etched through your body. His fingers now back to normal as he rubbed soothing circles against your skin, his gentle touch easing your spent body into a deep sleep.

“Are you okay, love?” Tamaki spoke softly against your skin, moving his mouth up to place a gentle kiss against your lips.

“When can we do that again?” You breathed out, as Tamaki’s fingers stroked your back, sleep finally consuming you.