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Jelly's Kinktober 2019

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Day one Hypnotism/ Mind Control -

Papyrus was not pleased at all with the plate of spaghetti still on the table. Ignored and cold, despite the plastic cover placed on top to trap the heat, Sans’s dinner remained untouched. That could only mean his brother still hadn’t come back yet. Papyrus made a small pout. He had enough time to finish all his chores and take a bath… so why wasn’t Sans back yet?

He anxiously looked at the clock before the door finally swung open on its hinges. “SANS!” Papyrus sharply turned on his heel to reprimand his brother, but what he saw made his jaw fall open. His normally smug brother was out of breath and had the clothes torn right from his bones. He closed the door with a humph as soon as he came in and slumped against it until his bottom hit the floor.

“hey, paps im home.” His brother gave a charismatic chuckle and a sigh before pulling out his soul under his ribs. “i got in a bit of trouble with the local dogs, they roughed me up a bit. mind healing me bro?”

Papyrus bit back his anger and came to his brothers aid. He sat by the floor and held the fluttering soul in his gloved palms. He did a check .8/1, it was at 10 this morning with his brother well rested. He tut his teeth together in anger. “WHY DID THE ROYAL GUARD ATTACK YOU??”

His brother made a small heckle. “well you know- they wanted to burry a bone.” He faced the wal and made winked to some imaginary force. Papyrus resisted the urge to roll his eyes, knowing there was some pun there but unable to put it together.

“I DON’T GET IT.” Papyrus sighed. He took off his gloves one at a time, careful to juggle Sans’s soul before filling his palm with green healing magic. “I WISH YOU’D JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU MEAN INSTEAD OF MAKING JOKES ALL THE TIME!” He engulfed Sans’s soul in the green and watched as the decimals ticked up-

“The Dogs Were In Heat.” The words come out of Sans’s mouth but it was hollow. “They Usually Attack Us For Our Bones… But This Time They Wanted To Have Sex. It’s Not A Joke. It’s A Pun.”

Papyrus blushed brightly, the caramel glow rising to his cheeks at hearing his brother say the forbidden ‘S’ word. He stopped healing Sans.

“anyway bro. thanks for the quick heal.” He grabbed his soul and stuck it back under his ribs. Walking to the kitchen like his brother wasn’t slack jawed with wide eyes staring at him, he rummaged around for a fork and started picking at his dinner.

Papyrus stood up, mouth still ajar. Did Sans tell him the truth just now? Where the heck did that come from. He cleared his throat. “AHEM. SINCE.. SINCE WHEN HAVE YOU SPOKE IN CAPITALS SANS?”

“...who? me? nah bro, your seeing things. good pasta tho. new recipe?”

“... NO.” Papyrus curiously sits across his brother, sharing the dining table even though he’s already eaten. “SO… ALL THIS TIME YOU WERE RUNNING AWAY FROM THEIR HEAT? HOW DID THEY HURT YOU?! I COULD TELL UNDYNE ABOUT TH-”

“what? heat? in snowdin? heh, your kidding right pap? don’t go bothering undyne with silly stories.”

“BUT YOU JUST SAID- SSS…” Papyrus swallows a lump in his throat, trying out the new word out loud was so hard. “YOU SAID THE DOGS TRIED TO HAVE SEX.”

Sans suddenly spit up his spaghetti. The long string of pasta landed across the table with a violent cough and spittle. He wiped his mouth with the sleeve of his sweatshirt and recoiled fiercely. “pap, where did you learn that word???? i didn’t think you were up to that part in the dating manuel.”



Sans and Papyrus have a long stare down. Something strange happened, didn’t it? Papyrus blushed furiously, embarrassed, but he’d stand his ground when he was right. He raises a bone brow, in worry.


Sans paused and sat back in his chair, a clear look of confusion on his face. But… if it was papyrus there was no monster he trusted more to check over his soul. He materialised the floating heart in his ribs again and pulled it out. Papyrus took the soul, running a check over it.

Sans *He is worried that you are worried about his worrying about his worrying for your worrying…”

The message continues like that for a while, scrolling outside of the floating textbox space until it leaves his peripheral. Papyrus rolled his eyes, leave it to Sans to mess up something so simple like stats. Still- this was unlike Sans. He brought green magic to his fingertips again and rubbed soothing healing magic into his brothers soul.



Papyrus chokes on his own spit. He stands up from the table and yells at Sans for not being serious. Only, his brother has no clue what hes talking about. Sans gives a half shrug and feigns innocence. -Now, a bit annoyed to be without his soul, he asks for it back again.

Sans *Maybe he should take back his soul before Papyrus reads how horny he really is.

Papyrus stifles a surprise from reading that. He shouldn’t let Sans know. But also… something weird was happening. He needed to try it once more to be sure. He pressed his healing magic into the side of the slippery organ, running the green trace along it's outer edge to coax the soul to accepting the heal- despite health already full.

“SANS…” Papyrus holds the soul tenderly, keeping his magic stirring. “DO YOU LIKE MY SPAGHETTI?”

“No. It’s Cold And Tastes Like Mush.” He fucking knew it. Years of being lied too! The betrayal! This was definitely in the top ten anime betrayals- “But It Makes You Smile And It’s Good Not To Waste Food Made With Love.”

Papyrus cooes with an aww. His sweet brother lied to him but he was forgiven for that sweet truth. With a sigh, he looks down at the soul realizing his magic was still flowing through Sans. … Something about their mix of magic during healing was influencing his brothers speech and mind. His brother was being made to tell the truth with his soul being controlled by the magic mixture flowing through him. And he couldn’t remember what he said after. Almost like…

“...MY FAVORITE COLOR IS PINK!” Papyrus yelled out loud. He let go of Sans’ soul and dropped it to the table with a sudden excitement.

“ow….” Sans shuddered. “why’d you drop it paps? that really hurt-”



“MY FAVORITE COLOR ! WHAT IS IT SANS!?” Sans furrowed his bone brow in confusion. Usually his brother was energetic… but this was a bit over the top. Still, he rolled his fork in a noodle and bought himself some time. Pap always wore that red scarf… red gloves and red boots… and his racecar bed was red too…

“it’s blue of course?” Sans snickers, knowing it will frustrate Paps- but this only proves his theory even more. Papyrus shivers in anticipation, this newfound discovery was terrifying and yet he was so excited to play with it. He reaches for Sans soul in the middle of the table, at the same time Sans is about to claim it back. His brother is clearly confused and has so many gaps in conversation but Papyrus smacks his hand out the way anyway and claims his prize.

He runs green magic up the seam again. “I LOVE YOU.” Papyrus professes. “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SANS AND I... “ He clenches his teeth together. “I REALLY WANT TO GO ON A DATE WITH YOU BUT IM NOT SURE HOW”

“Ok.” Comes the static response. It takes Paps a minute to reflect on that. Was he complying due to the magic influence, was part of his inner thoughts comfortable with the concept of dating his bro?


Theres no response from Sans.

Papyrus has tears coming out the corner of his eyes, yelling out his feelings was so embarrassing and hard to do to Sans’s face. Even if the monster wouldn’t remember it, Papyrus felt his face hot from saying it out loud. He put his head on the dining room table and stared down at the soul in his hands on his lap. Both his thumbs were rubbing delicate green magic in circles over the gelatinous surface. “I DON'T KNOW HOW TO CONFESS THIS THOUGH. I REALLY WANT YOU TO LIKE ME BACK…”

The soul flickers, a command has suddenly taken hold.

“Like Papyrus.” Sans echoes. “I Like Papyrus.”

Papyrus’s head snaps up so hard he gets whiplash in the back of his neck. Did Sans really say that?! No, of course not. He sighs. It’s only because he’s holding his soul like this that his brother is mimicking and answering questions. He should really return it.

… He heavily sighs but dutifully returns the soul to Sans’s half open palm on the table. As soon as he releases his green magic hold on Sans, he returns back to his normal- lazy lowercase and withdrawn personality.

“i like you paps.”


“i want you to fuck me.”

Papyrus does a double take.

“aannngh~ the way you’re staring at me makes me so hot. and wet.”

His eyes twitches at this suddenly lustful version of his brother. Was this some prank? Did Sans hear him this whole time, was he messing with him????

“i need it brother.” Sans stripped in the kitchen, kicking his shorts to fall over the stove top and pulling off his shirt to knock over a spatula on the countertop. He raced down to his skinnies, pulling off his underwear with glee to reveal a plump and fresh looking ecto body, radiating with a blue glow.

Oh….. fuck. Papyrus gulped in his throat. He was just barely familiar with the scientific terms for that ecto body part. And it looked far different from his own. He wasn’t ready for this part of the date!!!!

But Sans was already breathy and wanton for him. He pawed at Papyrus’s shirt, trying to get the other out of his clothes. Papyrus gulped dryly, he knew he’d fucked up now. This wasn’t Sans at all! This wasn’t right!!!!

“papy. i . need. your. cock.” Sans whispered so hotly. He squeezed the front of Paps pants, and Papyrus jerked in response when he realizes his own body had formed something hard without him knowing. “please.” Sans wetly licked up his neck. “i need it inside me… fill me. use me.”

“GHHhhh!” Papyrus felt a twitch in his pants like he’d come just from hearing that. His face blossomed with fresh color and unable to process what the heck was going on in the kitchen he did the only logical thing a virgin could do. He ran to his room and shut the door in a panic. Even though Sans was following him every step upstairs, he shut the door in the others naked face. He could hear Sans pawing right outside his bedroom. Moaning as he pleasured himself off Paps doorknob.

Oh stars- this was soo wrong!!! Papyrus bit the tips of his phalanges to stop his nerves. Did he implant that idea in Sans’s soul while mixing up their magic during that healing session?! Was this…. Mind control?! Through Sans’s soul!?

No no. That was impossible. Skeleton monsters, didn’t specifically have a mind. Their soul is the culmination of their being so … could he have hypnotized Sans by relaying his own desires? Papyrus shuddered, looking down through the top of his pants to realize he’d cream his underwear just from Sans’s words and a few touches. Why was he unraveled like this so quickly!? Stupid Papyrus! He should just go back in there and fix this!

… or …

Some darker part of his selfish mind woke up with that jolt to his dick. Papyrus stared at the wall when his mind suddenly raised an ‘or’ in opposition to fixing sans. There wasn’t any other thought to that. Just the prospect of their being another option made him freeze in his boots. Eyes glazed over the countless figurines and posters in his bedroom. All he could focus on was the clawing against his locked door, and the thumping against the hardwood like a bitch in heat was trying to soak his way through the obstacle in his path.

Papyrus got to his feet and swung open the door, staring at the greedy cunt that had left a sticky ecto slime over mostly everything in the hall.

Maybe he could experiment a bit with this new sans….

... Continued in Chapter 6 (οωο)ゝ