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Hoe Of The Month

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The Great Tree Moon month at Garreg Mach was anything but uneventful for the students at the monastery, as Byleth served their first month in the Blue Lions House. During this time, there was a huge controversy over their decision; particularly with Edelgard , and Claude - who wanted Byleth within their House as the House Professor, and not in the Blue Lions with Dimitri. This tension often unfolded in underhanded tactics, provocative persuasion, and outright arguments around school grounds to persuade Byleth into changing Houses. This also trickled down into other students within the Houses, who clearly could see the superior tact Byleth radiated in correlation to other proctors, and all saw Byleth as the key to achieving their own personal goals; as such, everyone wanted Byleth.


This complication has since made it’s round around the monastery; from students mouths, to other personnel within Garreg Mach, to the Knight of Seiros, and soon to Seteth and Lady Rhea’s ears. Both Lady Rhea and Seteth both have had enough of the bickering, and soon had to come up with a sure-fire way to quarrel the tension, as well as promote House growth. Towards the end of the Great Tree Moon- just days before the Mock Battle, Lady Rhea issued a summons of all House Leaders, and all Professors to congregate in the Audience Hall…




Byleth, Manuela , Hanneman, Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude all make their way to the Audience Chamber- all unaware of why they have been called. They all stand in a line in front of Seteth, and Lady Rhea. Byleth silently stands there as they look side to side at all the others- attempting to put together for themselves as to why they are here. Suddenly, Byleth hears a voice inside of their head.


I bet you are about to get your ass handed to you… ” said Sothis inside Byleth’s mind. Byleth scoffs softly to themself.


What? I don’t think so- I haven’t even done anything!... You are just messing with me… ” thought Byleth back to Sothis- who chuckles away at Byleth’s nervousness. Dimitri then looks over to Byleth.


“Is everything alright, Professor?” asked Dimitri. Byleth then looks over.


“Huh? Y-Yea, I’m sorry- just in my head a bit…” said Byleth. Manuela, who looks disheveled, goes to speak first.


“Lady Rhea. Can I please ascertain as to why we all have been called here at such an early hour in the day? Why, I haven't even had time to properly apply my makeup!...” said Manuela- feeling a bit groggy. Hanneman scoffs.


“Really Manuela? It looks just as good as you always do it, though” said Hanneman. Manuela gives Hanneman a mean side-eye.


“Silence!...” said Seteth- calling for attention forward. Lady Rhea then sighs, and puts on an endearing smile.


“Professors… House Leaders... I do apologize in advance for calling you all here at such short notice…” said Lady Rhea.


“Don’t worry, Lady Rhea. It is our honor to be graced with your presence” said Edelgard as she bows. Claude rolls his eyes.


“*cough* *cough* Kiss-ass *cough*” said Claude. Edelgard looks over and grunts towards Claude, while Dimitri attempts to hold back a chuckle. Seteth sighs.


“Lady Rhea, please continue on telling them why they have been summoned” said Seteth. Lady Rhea then clears her throat.


“So, over the past few weeks, we have gotten an upsurge of complaints and concerns from other students- from hearsay, so them conveying their grievances to the counselor, other faculty, the Knights of Seiros, and the clergymen about the atmosphere in the Houses- pertaining Byleth’s positioning. And, we are now aware that there as been House-to-House tension and rivalry attempting to shift the Professor’s class positioning to their liking” said Seteth in an irritated tone. Hearing this, the House leaders tense up, and Manuela, shocked at the comment, groans in satisfaction.


“Oh- thank god you are commenting on this! That has been urking my last nerve! S-Sorry, Professor Byleth- it’s not your fault- I know… But because all the students are starting to get roped into this issue, it has been harder to keep the Black Eagles students’ attention on me! And if I’m being honest- you pulling the attention from me is quite an annoyance! Agh, I didn’t experience this much fight for attention since my days at Mittelfrank!” said Manuela as she looks towards Byleth. Hanne man then starts to chuckle. 


“Well- for the first time in forever, me and Manuela can agree on an issue; the apparent quarrel over Byleth’s positioning has been a thorn in my side for the past couple weeks- from a teacher’s perspective. However Manuela… Please don’t place your insecurity of the spotlight being constantly taken from you on the Professor- they clearly are already dealing with enough as it is!” said Hanneman. Manuela looks over to Hanneman, and scoffs.


“Hanneman- you wear that monocle on your right eye ‘cause of eye issues due to age I presume?… Would you like to have an issue with your left eye as well?” asked Manuela in a baiting angry tone. Hanneman clears his throat.


“... I think you need to wear a whole bag over your whole face due to your age. And that isn’t a presumption” said Hanneman- snapping back in a regal tone. Manuela gasps.


“Wow…” said Claude in awe of their bickering. Seteth groans loudly.


“Agh! This is what I mean! This is even making the Professors fight amongst each other! Claude, Dimitri, Edelgard- do you understand the repercussions of your actions?” asked Seteth. Edelgard gets shocked by the accusation.


“B-But Seteth! I am not doing anything to cause trouble!” said Edelgard. Dimitri then scoffs.


Please ! Do not lie in front of Lady Rhea- you have been stalking and gawking at my House Professor all month because of your jealousy over them not choosing your House! I would expect that level of decorum from Claude- but not you!” said Dimitri. Claude then looks over to Dimitri in shock. 


“H-Hey! don't rope me in! You can say a lot about me- but I’m no liar! Plus- I think this House-to-House quarreling is really just Dimitri and Edelgard; I told Teach that they should choose the House that they wanted to essentially… However, I added in that they should choose the House that gave them the least amount of drama; clearly that statement is now void because there would of been drama in picking any House that isn’t Edelgard’s!  ” said Claude- defending himself while proving a point. Edelgard scoffs.


“Those are a lot of accusations, Claude. Would you like to say that closer to my axe?” asked Edelgard. Claude chuckled and held his hands up.


“Hey! Let’s not sully a beautiful woman’s hands with blood now! Hehe. I like the promiscuous scheming Edelgard- not the tight ass Edelgard. You must be spending too much time with the tightest ass in the monastery- Dimitri” said Claude. Byleth, Edelgard, and Dimitri all gasp by his comment.


“C-Claude!? Stop with your vulgar comments!” said Dimitri- becoming flustered.


Oh my God! They are totally fighting all over you! ” said Sothis inside Byleth’s mind. Byleth, becoming more confused and uncomfortable, attempts to speak.


“Lady Rhea… Seteth… The tension that has been created by me being in the monastery has been something I have noticed- and I’m sorry that my being here has been a pain to many… I’m currently attempting to figure out how to remedy the situation- but I’m not sure; I care for all students- even in other Houses. I’m just doing my job…” said Byleth. Hearing these words, all others in the room starts to feel a bit guilty for Byleth’s feelings about the situation. Lady Rhea sighs.


“I understand your words, Byleth. I’m sorry that you have been placed in this unwanting position. That is why me and Seteth have attempted to come up with a method that will hopefully appease everyone” said Lady Rhea. Suddenly, all the House Leaders and Professors become confused.


“What do you mean, Lady Rhea?” asked Dimitri. Seteth clears his throat preparation to explain how his and Lady Rhea’s plan will unfold…


“The tension has been due to Byleth’s positioning, and everyone wanting the best experiences from all Professors. Initially, we have had a Professor assigned to each House, and it was up to the assigned Professor to proctor each House of students. And, the estate of the House relied solely on the guidance of the Professor with the students, and the symbiotic growth between the two factors- so to speak. Since we already have a system in place where other Professors and Knights can have students sit in on seminars they lead, we started to consider if a system like that was more or less the ‘standard’ of practice. You can think of it similar to a ‘Professor Rotation System’” said Seteth.


“Professor Rotation System? What does that mean?” asked Hanneman.


“Our initial system has one Professor in charge of a group of students the entire semester they are here. And all traits they need would have came directly from that Professor. In this Rotational System- at any given point you as Professors can and will be in charge of all students. This gets rid of biases, and gives each student the chance to be lead by their Professor of choice- in theory. This is a system we have never implemented, so this year's students will be the guinea pigs- so to speak” said Seteth. As they hear this, the House Leaders’ eye then light up.


So… If the Professors rotate... Then I could potentially have Byleth as mine!~ This is joyous to hear! ” thought Edelgard.


W-What? A Rotation System? S-So… The Professor might be taken from me!? ” thought Dimitri. Claude then looks over to Dimitri and Edelgard.


Those two are either pissing their pants- or  seconds away from cumming in their pants from hearing this. This just got hella’ interesting! I guess... I gotta steal Teach from them somehow ” thought Claude. Byleth then sighs.


“So… If we are doing that system… How is the Professor- per-House determined?” asked Byleth.


“Ah! I’m glad you asked. Mind my absence for a moment… Oh- I have been working on this all week!” said Seteth as he suddenly became a bit excited as he went into the other room for a second. Lady Rhea then grins as she begins to speak.


“We have been trying to come up with an unbiased system that we can gauge just that. Seteth and I personally didn’t care how the Professors choose their House- but just that they had a House to look over. We thought that by letting the Professor choose their House- that they would place them in an environment suitable for them. We understand that this system is now asking for the Professors to change this fact, but we thought to place this decision in the student’s hands and by this, promote student moral” said Lady Rhea. 


“Huh? So, our positions are determined by the students? How???” asked Manuela. Seteth then re-enters the room, holding what looks like an easel covered by a cloth. He sets in front of the House Leaders and Professors, and stands behind it.


“Your position is determined by this!” said Seteth as he takes the cloth off. As he reveals what is underneath they are shocked to see a Plaque- one that reads ‘ House of the Month ’, with an area in the middle that is vacant- as if something is to be placed there in the future. “This is the Certification Plaque for the ‘ House of the Month System’ we are going to field test the upcoming months. In short, the House that holds this Plaque will have their House Flag adorned in the middle, and will have the first pick of choosing what Professor is the best pick to lead their respective House that month. And, each month, this Plaque will be re-handed out the House that will hold it next”  continued Seteth. Everyone in the room- except Lady Rhea- gasps as Seteth says this. What could this Plaque means for the future of all Three Houses!?