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Thermal Readings

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Izuku Midoriya was an unfortunate soul. At age four, he found out he was Quirkless as a result of possessing an extra joint in his pinky toes. Even if he met the person he shared a link with, they would reject him in favor of a person with a Quirk. His only "friend", Bakugo belittled young Izuku by calling him "Deku" and only let him hang around because it made him look cool. After Bakugo received his Quirk at the age of four, he treated Izuku worse than before and encouraged others to beat him up while calling him a "Quirkless loser." The bullying continued throughout preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school.

And at the end of his second year at Aldera Junior High, Izuku finally snapped and attempted to commit suicide after Bakugo told him to. He was briefly "saved" by a sludge supervillain before he hit the ground and then lost consciousness afterwards.

He woke up in the hospital with his mother worrying about him after the supervillain attacked him. And his wet notebook that Bakugo burned earlier had been returned and signed by All Might himself, who he didn't get to see.

No one apparently witnessed his suicide so he kept it to himself. His dreams of becoming a hero no longer mattered to him since no one else but his mother cared about him. He decided to stop attending Aldera Junior High and looked for other middle schools in his area.

He found another middle school and was glad to have been accepted and enrolled immediately into the third year. He was happy to finally not attend the same school as Bakugo for the first time in his life. But there would always be bullies harassing him for being Quirkless so he would still suffer.

On his first day at Teien Junior High school, he pretended to be cheerful as always while also keeping to himself. He acted jovial and polite as always but he never attempted to start a conversation with any of his classmates. During lunch, he sat by himself and ate alone without looking at anyone. After school, Izuku snuck up on the rooftop and gazed down into the pavement again.

He thought about taking a swan dive off the roof again but he thought about his mother and how she would feel if he died so he decided against it at the last minute.

He decided to go home to do his homework afterwards. But not before a supervillain attacked an area where he happened to be in and the crowd gathered around to watch the Pro Heroes take her down.

As Izuku tried to find his way out of the crowd since he wasn't interested in heroes anymore, he inadvertently brushed past someone that caused his brain to short-circuit and his heart to stop for a second. He paused for a moment, making sure that he wasn't sick or anything. His nerves felt like they were being electrified and his heart was palpitating rapidly in his chest. He also felt abnormal temperature changes throughout his body that he couldn't explain.

He clutched himself and rubbed his hands on his arms to will his body temperature to return to normal while running back home in a hurry.

After Izuku returned home, his mom rushed in to greet him with a hug.

"Izuku, welcome home! How was your first day at school?" His mom asked.

"It's great." Izuku smiled the happiest he could muster.

"Wonderful!" His mom clapped her hands together. "I prepared your favorite meal, katsudon!"

Izuku's stomach growled in response and he happily ate what his mom cooked.

He showered before doing his homework and then went to bed for the night.

Izuku didn't sleep well that night. He had nightmares of being subjected to physical abuse by someone he didn't know at all. And at the very end of his dream, he saw someone else pour scalding hot water onto the left side of his face.

Izuku quickly woke up in his bed while slapping his hand over his left eye. He quickly checked his reflection to make sure he was alright and sighed with relief.

"What a strange dream..." Izuku thought to himself as he got ready for the day.

As Izuku walked to school, he unconsciously rubbed at his left eye reflecting back to how his dream ended.

That habit continued after he arrived at school that he didn't notice his homeroom teacher calling out his name during roll call.

"Izuku Midoriya!" His homeroom teacher called.

"Oh, um here!" Izuku clumsily responded with his hand still over his left eye.

"Is there something wrong with your eye?" She asked. "Please go to the nurse's office if there's any problems."

"Oh no, no, no, Kurihara-sensei." Izuku gestured wildly. "I'm perfectly fine."

The school day continued as usual with Izuku just attending class, taking notes, answer when he was called on, etc.

During lunch, he sat alone as always while quietly eating his food and avoiding eye contact with everybody.

When school was over, he decided to head home and do his schoolwork in his room.

He had to take another route since the area was blocked because of the supervillain incident yesterday. He used the GPS on his phone to navigate his way around. He was so focused on his phone that he didn't look where he was going and bumped into someone.

"I'm so sorry! I should have looked where I was-" Izuku paused before looking up and seeing a tall, muscular man with flaming red hair and annoyed blue eyes.

Izuku shook with fear as he remembered this man who physically abused him from his dream last night and bowed repeatedly before going around the man and running without looking back.

Izuku quickly opened the front door and slammed it shut with his back against the door. He slid to the floor in relief as his concerned mother ran to him.

"Izuku?! What's wrong?! What happened?!" She knelt beside him.

Izuku was shaking and sobbing hysterically that he couldn't speak.

"I'll get you some water, okay sweetie?" His mom patted him affectionately and ran to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water.

Izuku curled up in a ball with his eyes closed as he tried to slow his breathing and his heart rate while trying his best to push the thoughts of that man out of his mind.

"Here, Izuku." His mom said to him as she handed him a glass of water.

"Thanks, mom." Izuku gratefully took the glass of water and gulped it down.

"Are you feeling any better now?" Izuku's mom asked him.

"Y-yeah..." Izuku nodded shakily.

Izuku gently pulled him up to his feet and guided him to the kitchen. "Are you hurt?"

"No mom..." Izuku smiled reassuringly at her. "I'm fine, I just got scared."

"What happened out there?" His mom asked him.

"While I was on my way home, I bumped into this man with red hair and blue eyes." Izuku answered as he sat at the dining table.

"Did you know who he was?" She asked as she prepared supper for the two of them.

Izuku shook his head. "No. The only thing I knew about him was that he was the same man from my dream..."

His mom paused in her movements and looked at him with worried eyes. "...Izuku? When did you have that dream?"

"Just last night." Izuku was confused. "Why?"

Izuku's mom put their food on the table and sat down while smoothing out her apron.

"Did you feel...strange in any way yesterday?" Izuku's mom asked hesitantly.

Izuku thought to himself for a moment before he flashed back to when a supervillain incident occurred while he was on his way home from school.

"I kinda did. I think..." Izuku said. "I was on my way home when a supervillain was in an area and there was a large crowd gathering there. I was trying to get out of the crowd before I felt something weird happen to me."

Izuku paused for a few seconds before continuing. "My body felt like it was heating up and freezing simultaneously. It was only for a short while so I thought it was over. But I had that nightmare last night so I'm not sure..."

"I think you might have met someone you have a Link with." His mom said.

"..." Izuku didn't respond with a forlorn expression on his face as he stared at his food.

"I thought you would be excited to meet the person you have a Link with." She pointed out with a concerned look on her face.

Izuku looked at his mom and stared at her with sad eyes. "I don't know, mom. I've given up on my dreams on becoming a Hero, remember? I...just don't care anymore."

"Oh, Izuku..." His mom silently cried for him.

The two ate their supper in silence before Izuku excused himself to take a shower.

During his shower, he made sure that the temperature of the water was lukewarm this time since he was still a bit traumatized from the nightmare where boiling hot water was poured on the left side of his face.

After his shower, he did his schoolwork in his room again to take his mind off the strange events that happened yesterday and today.

He then took down all of the posters and figurines of All Might and other Pro Heroes and stored them in a large cardboard box.

After he was done cleaning up, he heard a knock on his door.

"Izuku, may I come in?" He heard his mom softly call to him.

Izuku complied and opened the door for his mom to come in.

"Izuku, is there anything you want to talk to me about?" His mom asked him with tears glistening in her eyes.

"Mom, I..." Izuku trailed off when he saw his mom react to the current state of his room.

"You've taken everything down?" His mom continued to cry and his heart broke even more. "Why?

"I..." Izuku said before mustering up the energy to speak. "I've accepted that I've been chasing after an impossible dream. I...was never fit to be a hero. Kacchan was right about me all along."

"Izuku..." His mom took a few steps forward.

"I'm sorry, mom. I'm sorry I was born like this." Izuku apologized to her. "If only I had a Quirk in this life..."

"Oh, Izuku!" His mom practically threw her arms around him and wept into his shoulder.

Izuku returned the gesture while also crying into her shoulder as well.

He didn't know what to do from now on. Now that he gave up his dreams of becoming of Hero due to his Quirkless status, he was alternating between life and death.

He didn't want his own mother to see him dead but he didn't feel like his own life was worth living for either.

They held each other in their arms and cried until it was time to go to bed.

Izuku didn't sleep well after crying his eyes out last night. His homeroom teacher and classmates already took note of his red, puffy eyes and his drowsiness and kept asking him if he needed to see the nurse and/or guidance counselor from time to time.

Izuku kept denying it and claimed he was fine while he concentrated on his studies. He didn't need anyone's help and he didn't want to slow anyone down with his problems.

After school, he was about leave the classroom before his homeroom teacher prevented him from leaving.

"Izuku Midoriya. May I please talk with you for a moment?" She asked.

"Yes, Kurihara-sensei?" Izuku asked.

"Is there anything you would like to talk me about?" She looked at him with concern.

"What is with people insisting on helping me?" Izuku thought to himself.

"Are you being abused at home?"

"No, not at all." Izuku answered. "I only live with my mom. She treats me like any other mother would do to their children."

"I see..." His teacher paused before asking again. "Are you being harassed by anyone in this school?"

Izuku shook his head. "No, in fact...I haven't been bullied at all since I've arrived to this school."

"That's good. I'm happy to hear that." Kurihara-sensei said to him. "However, whenever you're in trouble don't hesitate to talk someone. Okay?"

"Okay, Kurihara-sensei." Izuku respectfully bowed to her before exiting the classroom.

Izuku went on his way home again, taking the alternate route like he did the other day. He felt a little better after talking to someone else who cared about his well-being, but he still felt mostly depressed inside.

He decided to use some of his free time to go to a restaurant where they served katsudon(his favorite food).

When he finally stopped at the restaurant he wanted to go, he felt that weird hot-cold sensation in his body again from two days ago.

Izuku knew that it was an indication that the person he shared a Link with was nearby. Taking a deep breath to calm himself, he quickly entered the restaurant and went to the farthest seat he could find from the entrance.

The strange sensation didn't go away but he decided to preoccupy himself by ordering a katsudon and cold soba noodle set.

He hid as much as he could at his table while pleading for whatever person he shared a Link with to go away.

He knew it was futile however, because the person seemed to be looking for him judging by how the sensation became stronger. The less distance between people with a shared Link, the stronger the sensation became.

Izuku kept his head down as he waited for his order to come. He didn't want to draw any attention to himself so he decided to play with his phone just like any kid his age did nowadays.

He focused all of his attention on his phone as he felt the sensation reach its limit.


Izuku froze like a deer in the headlights and slowly looked up from his phone.

A boy his age was standing near his seat. He was wearing a school uniform and he had short hair that was split into two different colors. The left side of his hair was red while the right side of his hair was white. His eyes were also of different colors too. His right eye was grey while his left eye was blue. Speaking of his left eye, there was a nasty burn scar over it.

Izuku instinctively covered his left eye with his hand as he remembered the dream with the woman pouring scalding hot water on the left side of his face.

"M-m-m-m-me?" Izuku stammered nervously.

"I've been looking for you." The boy said as he stared intently at Izuku.

"Wh-wh-who are you?" Izuku asked, his voice still shaking.

In response, the stranger sat in front of him and rested his hands on the table.

"Shoto Todoroki." He said curtly.

"Todoroki?!" Izuku recognized that surname of one of the top Pro Heroes, the Number Two Hero Endeavor.

"En-En-Endeavor?!" Izuku stammered.

The boy's face darkened at the mention of "Endeavor" and Izuku instantly felt his body temperature drop like he just got shoved in a freezer. He also felt waves of anger and resentment course throughout his body from Todoroki.

"Yes." The boy said with his breath now coming out cold. "My old man."

"He's your...?" Izuku couldn't finish the sentence with that look the boy-Todoroki was giving him and he was shivering like crazy.

"My father." Todoroki finished for him.

Izuku silently stared at him, his body still freezing cold.

"I suppose you also had visions of me after our Link was activated." Todoroki said to him. "And I also know you bumped into my old man yesterday. I can tell by the look on your face and the connection we share."

Izuku shakily nodded, trying to ignore his low body temperature as much as possible.

Finally, Izuku's order came and he quickly put his hands around the warm bowl of katsudon to warm himself up as much as he could. Thankfully, Todoroki returned his own body temperature to normal and thus Midoriya's body temperature went back to normal as well.

"You can have the soba noodles if you want, I just want to eat the katsudon." Izuku told Todoroki as he quickly dug into his meal.

"Thank you." Todoroki said as he gratefully accepted the meal. "I deeply appreciate it."

As the two ate their meal, they continued the conversation from there.

"I know that you're Quirkless." Todoroki told him as he loudly slurped his noodles, a clear sign he greatly enjoyed them. "And I know many people discriminated you based on that alone."

Izuku fidgeted in his seat a bit as he chewed on the pork cutlet. "You must have seen the part where the doctor told me I was Quirkless..."

"Not only that, I can feel it through our Link as well." Todoroki told him. "You don't appear to have any Quirk that is being amplified right now."

"...Well...It's because I don't have a Quirk. So..." Izuku trailed off sheepishly.

"I see..." Todoroki nodded in understanding. "I apologize, that was inconsiderate of me."

The two ate their food in silence as the two felt each other's enjoyment of the food they were still eating through their Link.

It was Izuku who broke the silence. "So um...I take it you really like the noodles I gave you?"

"Absolutely." Todoroki answered as he took another big slurp of his noodles. "And I can tell you deeply enjoy the pork cutlet bowl as well."

"Yeah, it's my favorite food. I eat it whenever I feel bad." Izuku said before asking, "Are soba noodles your favorite food?"

"Yes, but only the cold kind." Todoroki replied before slurping his noodles again.

After the two were done eating, Todoroki was the one who paid the tip instead of Izuku as a way of thanking him for the meal.

Before Todoroki left however, he gave Izuku a stern warning as Izuku's body temperature dropped again.

"Now that we know what each of us look like, I must tell you this now." Todoroki's eyes bore into Izuku's again.

"Y-y-yes?" Izuku shivered. "What is it?"

"Don't come near me or my old man." Todoroki leaned in and told him in a serious whisper, his ice-cold breath ghosting against his face. "Whenever you're feeling that sensation like we are right now, run from the opposite direction where you feel it's coming from."

"Wh-why?" Izuku asked, his body still shivering from the cold.

"You've already seen in the visions of what he's done to me and my mother." Todoroki continued. "He sees my mother and I as nothing but tools to him. If he finds out that you are the one with a Link to me, who knows what he'll do to you."

Izuku shuddered with fear as he remembered the nightmares in which he witnessed Todoroki(in his point-of-view) and his mother were subjected to Endeavor's abuse.

"So for your safety and for mine, please do what I just told you to do." Todoroki said before getting up from his seat and leaving the restaurant.

Izuku slowly felt his body temperature return to normal as the distance between him and Todoroki grew wider.

As he continued sitting in his seat, he pondered over his next course of action.

"What have I gotten myself into now?"

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Shoto Todoroki had arrived home after meeting his Linked-Half in person for the very first time. Ever since he bumped into him a few days ago, both his left side and right side had been simultaneously heating up and freezing up whenever they were near each other. As far as Shoto knew about Links, they are inactive until both people with a shared Link interact with each other through physical contact. After that, the Link has been activated and the people with a shared Link can sense and involuntarily amplify each others' Quirks within a half-mile radius. The only known way to deactivate the Link is any one of the people with a shared Link dies.

Almost everyone in the world had a Link to another person, even the Quirkless. It was far more uncommon for someone to lack a Link than someone to lack a Quirk. About 95% of the world's population had a Link while the unlucky 5% lacked one and about 25% of the 95% had more than one Link.

As far as his parents were concerned, both his father and mother were Linked. After his father found out that he and his mother had a shared Link, he forced her to marry him to produce powerful offspring with both of their Quirks.

Shoto was the only one to be born with both of his parents' Quirks and was deemed a success by his father. He was isolated from his older siblings as a result and underwent grueling training by his poor excuse of a father. His mother was driven insane by his father during his childhood years and as a result, she poured scalding-hot water on the left side of his face.

Because of his horrible childhood, he swore to never use his left side and vowed not to let anyone get close to him, especially anyone he shared a Link with. He would keep rebelling against his father's wishes even if it meant getting abused by him more. He sincerely hoped that the person he shared a Link got the message to stay away from him and his father.

Izuku had arrived home and was briefly greeted by his mother before hopping into the shower. As if his life couldn't get any worse, his Linked-Half happened to be someone who apparently lived in the same city as he did. It would be really hard to avoid him or his father given that they lived in the same vicinity. He would be feeling that weird hot-cold sensation all over his body alerting him whenever his Linked-Half was near and he would not be happy about it.

He did his schoolwork in his room as always before going into the kitchen to eat dinner with his mom.

When it was time to go to bed, Izuku stared at the ceiling thinking about how he would continue his life without thinking about Heroes, Quirks, or Links from now on but now he met his Linked-Half that seemed impossible.

The next day, Izuku attended school as always but he now always made sure to stay alert whenever his body felt hot-and-cold all of a sudden. Thankfully, nothing happened so far since his Linked-Half didn't attend the same school he did much to his relief. But he would have to be careful whenever he traveled to school and from school since his Linked-Half might be somewhere near.

After school was done for the day, Izuku ran back home while looking around to make sure there was no sight of any person with red-and-white hair and a tall, muscular man with red hair.

Fortunately for him, he didn't see any glimpse of them and he didn't feel that familiar hot-cold sensation so he was safe.

Breathing a sigh of relief, he was about to turn around and walk away before he bumped into someone.

"HEY, WATCH IT NERD!" An angry voice barked at him

Izuku immediately apologized and bowed at the person he just bumped into. "I'm so sorry, I should have looked where I going-"

Izuku paused as he looked up at the person he was apologizing and saw a familiar face he didn't want to see ever again.

"Ka-Kacchan?!" Izuku stammered.

"Oh look who it is!" Bakugo sneered at him. "If it isn't Deku! So you've decided to cut your losses for U.A. and attend a crappy, lame high school?"

"It's none of your business." Izuku remarked.

"Hah! Looks like you took my advice not to go to U.A. after all!" Bakugo boasted. "You're just a Quirkless loser after all!"

"I even took your advice to take a swan dive off the roof and hope for a Quirk in another life." Izuku muttered under his breath.

"Yeah, that's right-" Bakugo paused before trying run over by what Izuku just said. "Wait, YOU DID WHAT?!"

Izuku couldn't take it anymore. He was furious and angry hot tears were pouring right out of his eyes.


Izuku's throat was raw after screaming furiously into Bakugo's stunned face and there were a lot of tears soaking the ground in front of him. He didn't notice that everyone in the street was gathering around with pitying looks on their faces as he recovered from his long rant.

Just as Izuku recovered, he noticed everyone staring at him and Bakugo. As if his day couldn't get any worse, he felt that weird sensation again. Except that it didn't feel like a hot-and-cold sensation, but it felt like raw power coursing through his veins.

Not taking any chances, he ran away as far as his legs could bring him.

A gaunt, skeletal figure with blond hair had overheard Izuku's outburst and silently followed him through the crowd.

He found himself on the roof of the building of his middle school. He was thinking of jumping to his death again. But right now he was too emotionally and physically exhausted to, so he just curled up into a ball and cried for hours.

The sun was already setting down and his mom had tried to call him on his phone a number of times but Izuku only texted her back.

The sun was setting and his stomach was growling, but Izuku continued to sit there and cry like there was no tomorrow.

As he continued crying, he felt that familiar raw-power sensation again and he stood on alert.

He looked for signs of anyone with red-and-white hair and also a tall, muscular man with red shirt and blue eyes but the area around the school was desolate.

The sensation grew even stronger as Izuku continued to look around wildly for the source of that sensation.

"Are you okay, kid?" A man's voice rang behind him and Izuku quickly turned around to see a skeletal-looking man with messy blond hair and bright blue eyes.

Izuku sighed with relief as he saw the person he was feeling the powerful sensation from wasn't from Todoroki or Endeavor.

"Wh-what are you doing here?" Izuku knew that it was a stupid question to ask because literally everyone would want to find who their Linked-Half were. But he couldn't help it since he wanted to know the real reason that person followed him.

"I overheard your conversation with someone back there and I decided to check up on you." The man said.

"I shouldn't have yelled in the middle of the street!" Izuku groaned internally.

"Anyways, how are you doing right now? You feeling okay?" The man asked.

"I bet you just want me to stay alive so you can get your Quirk amplified." Izuku thought to himself.

"I'm fine." Izuku said. "I'm just having a bad day, that's all." Izuku sat back down.

"From what I heard, it doesn't sound like you just having a bad day." The blond man sat beside him. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"Looks like he's not leaving any time soon, so I might as well spill it out." Izuku began to gather his thoughts.

"Ever since I was just a little boy, I dreamed of becoming a Hero like All Might." Izuku started. "I idolized him a lot. I wanted to be just like him."

"Ah, so you're a big All Might fan, aren't you?" The man asked.

"Yeah, I used to be." Izuku nodded and then continued to narrate his life story. "When I was four years old, the doctor said that I was Quirkless. Despite that, I continued on my dreams of becoming a Hero. I was bullied a lot by Kacchan and the others. They said I was never going to be a Hero because I was Quirkless."

"I see... I'm very sorry to hear that." The man remarked.

"At the end of middle school, when my entire class found out I applied to U.A., they just laughed at me. Kacchan even threatened me not to apply to the same school he was applying to. He then told me that if I wanted a Quirk so badly, I should take a swan dive off the roof and hope for it in my next life." Izuku sputtered into sobs. "So I did just that!"

As Izuku went into a sobbing fit again, he felt the man put a reassuring arm around him. The sensation was at it's maximum now that they were both physically touching each other.

"There, there..." The man softly patted him. "I know what it's like to be treated horribly just for being Quirkless."

Izuku looked up at the man in shock. "Wait, you're Quirkless?! But come I feel something coming from you?"

"It's a long story." The man said to him. "It was given to me by someone I knew very well."

"Who?" Izuku asked, his curiosity piqued.

"I'll tell you about it when you're ready." The man stood up and held his business card out to Izuku. "My name is Toshinori Yagi, call me whenever you want."

Izuku took it before the man got ready to leave.

"And young man," The man suddenly changed into someone Izuku knew all too well and looked over his shoulder at him. "Never lose sight of your dream. Everyone has the potential to become a Hero, even the ones who don't look the part."

The setting sun brightly illuminated the man's now-muscular figure as he leapt away from the roof where Izuku was still sitting.

Izuku stared in shock as he looked at the business card with the Number One Hero plastered on it.

"Oh my God! I just met with All Might!"

Izuku finally returned home with his mom practically throwing herself on top of him.

"IZUKU!" His mom cried loudly into his shoulder. "I've been calling you over and over for the past several hours Where have you been?!"

"It's alright now, mom." He reassured her. "I talked to someone and I feel a lot better now."

"Oh thank goodness!" She hugged him tighter. "I was worried about what would happen to you if someone didn't reach you sooner! Oh my poor baby!"

They stayed together for a while before Izuku excused himself to take a shower.

After he was done, he went to his room to put back up all of the All-Might and other Hero-related merchandise he took down two days ago. His dream to become a Hero freshly renewed.

He heard a knock on the door and Izuku opened the door to let his mother in.

His mother looked overjoyed to see that he put back everything up, showing he now was back to wanting to be a Hero.

When it was time for bed, he held up the business card that All Might gave him to the moonlight and smiled to himself.

It was time to resume the path he started ever since he was a little boy.

The next morning, Izuku woke up in high spirits and got ready for school. He ate breakfast with his mom before running out the door.

When he finally reached his school, he went to his homeroom and waited for his homeroom teacher to come.

He held the All Might business card in front of him and flipped it over continuously. From his peripheral vision, he saw his classmates staring at him and whispering with worried looks on their faces.

Izuku was pretty sure this was about his well-being again and the fact he screamed at the top of his lungs about his suicide attempt a month ago at his middle school yesterday. He tried not to pay any attention to them as he kept playing with the All-Might business card on his desk.

"Izuku Midoriya from Class 1-D, please report to the principal's office. Repeat, Izuku Midoriya from Class 1-D, please report to the principal's office." The school announcer said through the announcement system.

Izuku felt his insides turn inside out as he took his schoolbag and exited the classroom.

The principal's office wasn't hard to find since it was on the same floor as his homeroom. He politely knocked on the door before being told to come in.

The principal of his junior high school was a portly, middle-aged woman with kind eyes and a warm smile. Her entire body was made of plants and roots and flowers grew from her hair.

"Please take a seat." She smiled at Izuku. "Don't worry, you're not in trouble."

Izuku obediently sat in the soft chair and looked at the principal nervously.

The principal offered Izuku some tea before she spoke. "I've heard from other students of this school that you were having serious problems that needed to be addressed."

"...I know." Izuku said as he stirred the sugar in his green tea absent-mindedly. "I'm sorry, Hanazono-sensei."

"No, no no!" The principal assured him. "There is no need to be sorry for feeling down."

"I know, but..." Izuku stopped stirring his tea for a second. "I can't help feeling guilty for getting other people involved in this."

"It's not your fault." The principal told him. "No one should be alone in facing their personal problems."

"Thank you, ma'am." Izuku smiled a bit before sipping on his tea.

"Do you have someone you can talk to?" The principal asked. "I can refer you to our guidance counselor if need anything."

Izuku smiled and then stared at the business card in his hands. "Yes, I do. I feel a lot better now that I talked to someone yesterday."

The principal smiled back. "That's very good to hear. I hope that you find more people to help you with your issues. Here's a hall pass to let you back into your classroom. And a little something to wish you well."

She instantly grew a violet chrysanthemum from her hair and gave it to Izuku along with the hall pass.

Izuku gratefully took the paper hall pass and bowed respectfully to the principal. "Thank you very much, Hanazono-sensei."

After school, Izuku was on his way home until another supervillain attacked. Izuku excitedly followed to where the noise was coming from hoping to see some Pro-Hero action.

There was a Villain who had the ability to emit corrosive acid from his mouth and everyone was running away terrified as they did their best to avoid the long streams of acid vomit from the Villain's mouth.

Izuku immediately got out one of his Hero Analysis notebooks and jotted down whatever information he could gain while running after said Villain from a safe distance.

The chase didn't last long after the Acid-Vomit Villain looked over his shoulder and saw that Izuku was following him.

"What the hell are you doin' following after me, kid?!" The Villain yelled before sending a stream of acid vomit at him.

Izuku managed to sidestep in time as he continued scribbling furiously in his notebook.

"I'm not here for any autographs if that's what you're here for!" The Villain yelled before sending another stream of acid vomit at him and Izuku was about to dodge it again.

Before the stream of vomit could reach Izuku however, it trickled off suddenly and a long gray scarf tied the Villain up.

"Huh, what?!" The Villain looked around in confusion.

"You can't run away forever endangering the lives around you." A deep, bored voice said to him.

Izuku and the Villain looked at the person who just intervened.

A man with a long, gray scarf and glowing red eyes was staring at both of them.

The Villain tried to vomit again but nothing came out.

"Hey! What the hell did you do my Quirk, dammit?!" He asked.

"I prevented you from using your Quirk, so you won't be able to break free or hurt anyone else." The creepy-looking man said, his red eyes glaring at the Villain.

Izuku stared at the Pro Hero with awe before he added another entry in his notebook.

"Hey, kid." The Quirk-Negating Pro Hero called out to him.

Izuku quickly looked up from his notebook and saw the Pro Hero was talking to him. "Um...yes, what is it?"

"You should have left the Villain alone and have us Pros handle the situation." He said to him. "You're not qualified to handle it, you could have been seriously or killed."

Izuku bowed repeatedly at the Pro Hero and apologized. "I'm so sorry, mister! I just happen to be a big fan of Pro Heroes in general and I really like looking at everyone's Quirks so I couldn't help it!"

The Pro Hero sighed and pulled some eye drops out of his pocket and applied them to his eyes. "Just don't put yourself in the line of danger next time."

"Yes, sir." Izuku quietly said.

"Anyways, I have to deliver this Villain to the police and my eyes can't stay open too long or he'll be able to use his Quirk again." The man said before carefully moving the Villain around with his scarf so he stayed in his line of vision.

"Oh!" Izuku moved out of the way. "Then I'm sorry for wasting your time!"

In that moment, the Pro Hero blinked since his eyes were too dry to ignore and the Villain's Acid Vomit Quirk came back.

But before the Villain could vomit anything out however, Izuku quickly got out his water bottle and shoved the contents down the Villain's throat.

This bought enough time for the Pro Hero to recover and reactivate his Quirk on the Villain again.

Izuku ran as fast as he could, admonishing himself for not doing what the Pro-Hero just told him to do.

He didn't know why he did it, but he felt he had to despite the fact he wasn't a Hero and he didn't have a Quirk either.

"Dammit! I screwed up again!" Izuku thought to himself as he ran away as fast as his legs could carry him.

Chapter Text

By the time Izuku reached home, he was a panting mess and his shoes were slightly corroded by the Villain's acid. He briefly greeted his mom before hopping into the shower to wash his sweat of his body and acid off his sneakers. He ate dinner and did all of his homework before calling All Might for the first time, he was worried that he might have called at the wrong time but thankfully someone answered.

"Hello?" A familiar man's voice voice rang into his ear.

"H-hello, Yagi-san?" Izuku tried to keep his voice from stammering. "It's me, Izuku Midoriya. Remember we talked on the rooftop the other day?"

"Ah, yes!" Yagi said before asking. "How are you feeling, kid? Are you alright now? No issues here?"

"Yeah, I'm okay." Izuku answered. "I'm feeling a lot better now that someone came to me when I was at my lowest. I should be thanking you."

"That's what heroes do, kid." Yagi replied. "Don't mention it."

"Anyways, are you busy right now?" Izuku asked. "I'm asking because I'm worried that I might be calling at the wrong time."

"Not at all." Yagi said. "I'm taking a break right now since I've used my Quirk a lot today."

"Are you okay?" Izuku asked in concern.

"I'm fine. I'm used to this stuff everyday. No need to worry about it." Yagi said.

"Oh, um...okay." Izuku paused before asking, "Do you... have another Linked-Half by any chance?"

There was a pause on the other side before Yagi took a deep breath and answered, "Yes. But she passed away."

"Oh...I'm sorry I asked." Izuku felt guilty for asking that question.

"No, no, no! It's fine. You didn't know." Yagi assured him.

They both went silent for a few seconds to recover before Yagi asked the question back.

"Do you have another Linked-Half too?" Yagi asked. "I heard from you that you two agreed to not be near each other."

"Oh, I forgot about that." Izuku thought before replying back. "Yeah, I do. We met a few days ago."

"Did something happen between the two of you?" Yagi asked.

Izuku lowered his voice to a hushed whisper. "If I tell you now, will you please keep it a secret between the two of us?"

"I promise." Yagi said."

"He was the one who came to me after we accidentally activated our Link." Izuku started. "He warned me not to get close to him ever again because he doesn't want his dad to know that I'm his Linked-Half."

"He wants you to stay away from him because he doesn't want his dad to find out you're his Linked-Half?" Yagi asked.

"Yeah. Because his dad will abuse me just like he did to him. His dad wants to use me to amplify his Quirk." Izuku said.

"That's horrible!" Yagi remarked before asking Izuku the name of the perpetrator. "Do you know the name of this man?"

Izuku swallowed nervously as he recalled the man from his nightmare. "Endeavor."

"Endeavor?!" Yagi exclaimed in worry.

"Please don't tell him that I'm his son's Linked-Half!" Izuku said to him. "If he finds out, he'll..."

"Don't worry, young man. Your secret is safe with me. I swear I will not tell a single soul about you." Yagi told him. "And even if he does find out, I'll make sure he won't lay a single finger on you."

"Thank you very much, Yagi-san." Izuku said with tears of relief in his eyes. "I won't forget what you did for me. I'll never forget it."

"Hehe. Don't sweat it, kid. That's what I'm here for, after all." Yagi said. "Well, it sure is late now. Let's talk again another time."

"Good night, Yagi-san and thank you for everything." Izuku said.

"Good night, Midoriya. Sleep well." Yagi said before ending the call.

Izuku flopped onto his bed, still crying after what just happened.

It had been a crazy week for him after his first suicide attempt, brief possession by a supervillain, and rescue and unknowing Link Activation by All Might a month ago. Now he found out he was one of the 25% with another Linked-Half that happened to be the son of Endeavor and he met his idol, All Might when he was at his lowest. Heck, he even just helped a Pro Hero secure the Villain earlier even though he didn't have a Quirk like 80% of the world's population did.

It seemed that his life finally was turning back around after suffering a lot of misery in his life.

He stared at the autograph All Might gave him a month earlier before falling asleep with a smile on his face.

Izuku had slept well and was in high spirits by the time he woke up. He had a nice dream about him being an established Pro Hero saving lives and inspiring other Quirkless people that they could do anything despite the odds.

"Good morning, mom!" Izuku gave her a big kiss on the cheek.

"Good morning, honey!" His mom kissed him on the top of his head.

It was a Saturday so he didn't have to go to school today, so after breakfast he decided to go out and get some fresh air.

"Bye mom!" Izuku waved goodbye to her as he opened the front door and set out.

"Bye, honey! Be careful out there!" His mom said as she washed the dishes.

Izuku ran through the streets of Musutafu City as he looked for any more Pro Heroes to witness in action.

He witnessed Kamui Woods, Mt. Lady, and Death Arms together rescuing people from a construction accident. Among the onlookers, Izuku took notes of their Quirks again in their entries in his Hero Analysis notebooks.

After watching them rescue the people involved in the accident with their Quirks, Izuku moved to another location and witnessed another Pro Hero named Best Jeanist tying up a bunch of crooks with fibers from his outfit.

Izuku then ran somewhere else and witnessed the same Pro Hero with the Erasure Quirk from yesterday but he was with another Pro Hero dressed like some kind of disc jockey.

They weren't on duty right now, but they were talking to each other while having lunch together outside a restaurant.

Izuku pretended to be reading his notebook while he spied on them. He was aching to ask them for an autograph but he was too scared to. His legs stayed rooted in place as if they didn't want him to leave and several people eating at the restaurant took notice of this.

"Excuse me, young man?" The host of the restaurant asked.

Izuku jumped a bit and slowly lowered his notebook from his face.

"Y-y-y-yes?" Izuku asked.

"Can I help you?" The host asked him. "You've been standing here for a while now."

Izuku was too nervous to speak. "Uh-u-h-um-"

"You." Izuku heard a familiar voice call out to him from behind the host.

He turned his attention to the two Pro Heroes now staring at him. Izuku fought the urge to run away and scream.

"You're the kid from yesterday." The Erasing Hero said. "What are you doing standing there?"

"Wait, this is the kid you were talking about?!" The other Pro Hero asked his colleague in surprise.

"Yes, he's the one who helped me secure the villain with an Acid Vomit Quirk after I blinked." The Erasing Hero said.

"Kids got guts! That's for sure!" The other Pro Hero remarked. "So kid, what did you come here for? Want us to sign your notebook?"

"Um, yeah!" Izuku found his voice again. "That was what I was about to ask of you. If you don't mind..."

"Sure kid!" The loud Pro Hero said before he and the Erasing Hero signed his notebook with "Present Mic" and "Eraserhead."

"Thank you very much! I really appreciate it!" Izuku bowed respectfully to the two Pro Heroes before running off.

"...What a strange kid." Eraserhead remarked as he watched the boy run away.

"Maybe he should apply for U.A.?" Present Mic asked.

Eraserhead shrugged. "We'll see."

Izuku decided to stop by a cafe for lunch and ordered omurice. He ate his meal while looking at the two newest autographs he just got from two Pro Heroes. He was cautious enough to keep a lookout for Todoroki and Endeavor but luckily for him, they were nowhere in sight and he didn't feel that hot-cold sensatioin from the former.

After lunch, Izuku decided to take a trip to the playground where he remembered he tried to defend a crying kid from Bakugo and his mean lackeys. It was a painful memory that reminded him how powerless he was at the moment, but he still tried to do the right thing no matter what.

For a minute there, Izuku regretted stepping in to defend the kid even though he was Quirkless and outnumbered by kids with Quirks. He knew he shouldn't have stepped in because that would mean he would get himself involved and he would be defeated easily.

As he mulled about it in his mind, he heard a sudden cry for help.

"Stop! Please!" A young boy's yelled helplessly. "Leave me alone!"

"Or what, you Quirkless fag?" A female teen sneered at him. "You're all alone! No one's gonna help you!"

Izuku instinctively ran into the playground and saw a young boy being physically abused by a bunch of three teen girls who looked about eighteen. The young boy looked more older than four(the age when Quirks usually manifest) and he had short yellow-green hair with yellowy-brown eyes. The first teen girl had reddish-pink hair tied up in a high ponytail and her eyes were a bright green. Her Quirk was a Mutant-type as she had inch-long sharp fingernails which were painted with blood. The second teen girl had short, purple hair with yellow highlights and her eyes were orange. Her Quirk was a Transformation-type which involved her changing her body into that of different animal body parts. The third and last teen girl had yellow hair with red streaks and her Quirk was an Emitter-type with power to emit sunbeams from her body.

The boy was already in terrible condition. He already had cuts, bruises, and burns all over his body. He was losing a lot of blood, several of his bones were broken, and he had third-degree burns.

Izuku clenched his fists so hard his nails dug into his palms. His blood was boiling at what he was seeing, a Quirkless young boy being physically abused by a group of teenage girls.

"H-H-How?! How could anyone do something like this?!" Izuku thought to himself as he felt his legs move on their own to where the young boy was.

"HEY YOU!" Izuku shouted so loud that with throat hurt.

The three teen girls stopped torturing the young boy and turned their attention to Izuku.

"GET AWAY FROM HIM, RIGHT NOW!" Izuku screamed at them and put himself between the boy and the three bullies.

The girl with the bloodied, sharp fingernails just smirked and asked, "Or else what?"

"Or-or I'LL STOP YOU MYSELF!" Izuku reiterated what he said to Bakugo and his followers from years ago.

"Oh really?" The purple-haired girl sneered. "You're all alone and no one else with you. You'll lose in seconds."

"That's right!" The sunbeam-emitting girl mocked him. "Even if you have a Quirk like everybody else does, you'll be no match for the three of us!"

Izuku secretly sent a text to 119 about his location behind his back before starting the fight. He put his fists in a defensive position and glared at the teens with as much anger he could muster.

"Bring it on." Izuku said to them.

All three of them attacked Izuku at the exact same time. Izuku did his best to stand his ground as he felt sharp nails scratching into his arms, horse hooves hitting him in the stomach, and solar beams burning into his legs.

He tried to punch and kick them but he only landed a few decent hits before he was finally beaten to the ground and being held down by two of the girls.

"So you're another Quirkless fag like this useless brat right?" The reddish-pink girl said to him "Let me spell it out so you don't forget."

Izuku felt his shirt being lifted up before he felt an excruciating pain cut through on his chest and stomach. He screamed as the pain continued.

"Quirkless dykes like you shouldn't exist." The reddish-pink girl said to him as she continued to carve words into Izuku. "Face it, you're all useless and you always will be. You all should have fucking killed yourselves when you found out you weren't born with Quirk. We don't need useless shits like you wasting our air."

Izuku turned his head to the boy he was trying to protect to make sure he was okay. He already sent an SOS message to 119 so they should be here before any further harm could be done.

Before both Izuku and the boy lost consciousness however, Izuku could hear the familiar loud and angry voice of a certain someone.

Bakugo was walking around Musutafu City by himself with Dek-Midoriya's yell of frustration still ringing through his head from days ago. When Midoriya revealed to him about his suicide attempt from last month, he was shocked to the point he couldn't speak or move. He never thought Izuku was the type to commit suicide. After all, he was afraid Midoriya was better than him and he felt insecure that he was inferior to someone Quirkless.

"God, what the FUCK have I done?!" Bakugo thought to himself as he angrily kicked at a rock.

His parents didn't know yet about him bullying Midoriya throughout their childhood but he still felt incredibly guilty about it. He didn't know how to make up to his victim after a decade of bullying, so he avoided Midoriya and didn't talk about him for the past several days. He knew that his actions were unforgivable and that he deserved to pay for what he did to Midoriya.

As he thought about how to make up to Midoriya, he heard the sounds of a fight nearby. Bakugo quickly ran to where the sounds of the battle were coming from and was horrified to see Midoriya and a young boy being brutally tortured by three older teenage girls.

The sight of it was enough to make Bakugo explode, both literally and figuratively as he watched the three girls badmouth the two by telling them they should have killed themselves and such.

"HEY, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!" Bakugo furiously screamed at them with large explosions coming from his hand. "GET THE HELL AWAY FROM THEM RIGHT NOW!"

The three teens turned their attention away from Midoriya and the kid and to Bakugo.

"Oh look." The blonde with the red streaks in her hair remarked rather callously. "Another wannabe-hero who's come to save the day, except that he has a Quirk."

"Look kid." The reddish-pink hair girl condescendingly said to him. "You shouldn't be lumping yourself with these Quirkless losers. All they do is steal our resources and waste our oxygen. They should have died off a long time ago when Quirks first appeared in our world."

This only served to make him a lot more furious than before. The heartless words the girl just spoke to him reminded him of all the times he bullied Midoriya and how he told him last month to kill himself. And then he remembered Midoriya loud and clear in his mind crying to him how attempted suicide because of everything horrible that happened to him.

So in response to particularly what the reddish-pink haired girl said, he decided to not hold back at all against the three.

"I'M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU, YOU BITCH!" Bakugo yelled at them before propelling himself forward with his Explosion Quirk.

"Aw! Looks like a hit a-" The reddish-pink haired girl was interrupted by Bakugo digging her hands into her face and sending her flying away into a wall with a well-timed big explosion.

The girl landed with a loud crash and Bakugo turned his attention to the two remaining girls.

They were clearly frightened by the feral expression Bakugo had on his face but they tried to fight him anyways.

The girl with the short, purple hair attempted to scratch Bakugo with one of her hands turned into a lion's claw but he dodged in time before grabbing her and roughly threw her into the floor with her face hitting the ground.

The blonde girl tried to blast him with her solar beams but he countered them with his explosions before propelling himself towards her and grabbing her by the ankle and flinging her into another wall so hard that it left a huge dent.

However, he wasn't done yet. He wanted to make all of them pay for what they said and did to Midoriya and the young kid. So he rounded all three of them up and cracked his knuckles.

The three girls weren't so smug anymore like he seen them before he beat them senseless. They were now scared about what Bakugo was going to do to them. The redhead had burn marks on her face and her body was paralyzed due to her spinal cord being damaged. The purple-hair had a broken nose and she was bleeding from her head. The blonde had a large bruise in the shape of a hand-mark on her right ankle from when Bakugo grabbed and flung her into the wall. Her ankle was also sprained as a result.

"So you still want to mess with me, you bunch of skanks?!" Bakugo threateningly said to them, explosions coming out of his hands.

The three shook their heads in fear as Bakugo continued to glare at them.

He then went on to check on Midoriya and the kid to make sure they were alive. Just when Bakugo was about to call 119, he heard the police and ambulance arrive.

The paramedics took Midoriya and the kid into the ambulance while Bakugo stayed behind to give the police his testimony.

"So you happened to be walking past by until you heard a scuffle go by in the playground?" The policeman took notes on this.

"Yeah." Bakugo answered. "When I got there, I saw these three pick on these two like they were nothing."

"So you decided to beat up those teens and give them serious injuries?" The policeman raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, I mean they had it coming!" Bakugo angrily defended himself. "They literally committed a hate crime there! They told them that Quirkless people should kill themselves and all that shit!"

"I'm afraid you're going to have to come with me, sir." The policeman took out a pair of handcuffs.

"WHAT?!" Bakugo screamed and quickly backed away. "NO! WHAT THE HELL DID I DO?!"

"You should have had a Licensed Hero handling this situation. I'm sorry, young man. But rules are rules." The policeman said as he tried to get the handcuffs onto Bakugo.

"BUT-"Bakugo was on the verge of blowing up again, but he couldn't risk himself getting in trouble than he already did. "UGH! Whatever fine!"

Bakugo raised his hands in defeat and the police cuffed him before moving onto the three teens.

He did his best to contain himself as the police drove him towards the police station.

Chapter Text

The next day, Izuku slowly woke up in a hospital bed. When he came to in his surroundings, the image of the brutally-tortured boy came to mind. He sat up alert but his body was aching from the fight that took place yesterday. He checked under his patient attire to see that he was entirely covered in bandages and there was an I.V. and a heart monitor stuck to him.

He looked around the room to see that the only other person there was his own mother. His mom was sitting next to him with her eyes closed, indicating she was sleeping. Not wanting to wake her up, he decided to just lay back down into the bed and recall the events that happened yesterday afternoon.

Izuku remembered how those three teenage girls brutally tortured the young kid before Izuku stepped in. But he got brutally tortured by them too since he couldn't fight back.

This brought a bad sense of deja-vu to the young teen, as he had just repeated yesterday what he did in his childhood. And as a result, he gotten beaten by three people with Quirks again.

Sighing loudly, he decided to occupy himself by watching the television. When Izuku's eyes laid on the TV screen that was attached to a wall, his blood went cold. All over the news right now was a horrific hate crime that occurred in a playground in Musutafu city. It involved three teenage girls who were at age eighteen committing a hate crime against two Quirkless individuals.

One of those said Quirkless individuals was Izuku himself and here he was in the hospital bed covered in injuries from those perpetrators. He got himself in hot water this time because he couldn't resist jumping into a situation that he couldn't handle. But he couldn't let that young boy suffer at the hands of those prejudiced bullies so he felt the urgent need to step in.

Izuku wondered how the little boy was doing. He dearly hoped that he had intervened in time before the teens could kill him. But thankfully with Quirks with being the norm for five generations, people were now able to save more people from life-threatening injuries. It shouldn't be impossible for them to heal the boy, right?

He then gently peeked under his bandages to see how his injuries were faring. He had stitches and sutures all over his body and also burn ointment that wore off overnight. He also moved his limbs to see if anything was broken, which thankfully weren't.

He patiently waited for a nurse and/or doctor to come in and check up on him which took about a few minutes.

A nurse finally came into the room and when she saw Izuku was awake, she hurried to him.

"You're awake." She said to him. "How are you feeling?"

"I feel fine." Izuku replied. "Nothing's broken."

"Good." The nurse wrote on her clipboard before walking over to take the I.V. and the heart monitor off of him.

"About that kid, is he alright?" Izuku asked the nurse.

"He'll be fine. Just leave him to us." She said to him.

The nurse then woke up his mother to notify that her son was awake before leaving the room.

"Izuku!" His mom ran up to him and hugged him. "You're alright!"

"I'm fine, mom." Izuku assured her.

"Oh Izuku, I was so worried about you!" His mom said, crying into his shoulder.

The nurse returned to the room with a man in a trenchcoat.

"Izuku Midoriya, right?" The man asked before introducing himself and taking out a pen and a notepad. "My name is Naomasa Tsukauchi. I'm a detective from the Police Force. I need you testify on what happened yesterday afternoon."

Izuku took a deep breath and recounted the events of the hate crime as far as he could remember it.

"I was walking by the playground after eating lunch until I heard a little kid cry get hurt by someone." Izuku started. "So I ran in to see what was going and then I saw it happening. There was a kid getting harassed by three teenage girls. He was already horribly injured, so I tried to stop them!"

"You tried to stop them all by yourself?" The detective asked.

"Well kind of." Izuku continued. "I called 119 and I thought it was best that I distracted those three long enough so they could stop hurting the kid. And before I knew it, I lost consciousness after taking a heavy beating from them."

"What you did there was incredibly dangerous young man." The detective said to him. "Though I cannot fault you for wanting to protect the young boy."

"I had to save him somehow." Izuku said self-consciously. "I didn't want him to do. And there was no one else around, so I..."

"Anyways, it's good to see that you're in good health." The detective told him. "You were lucky someone was there to rescue you two despite not having a Hero License."

"Who is this rescuer you're talking about?" Izuku inquired.

"I believe that you already know each other. I believe his name was Katsuki Bakugo." The detective told him.

Izuku's eyes went wide at the prospect of his childhood bully rescuing him from a bunch of prejudiced psychopaths.

"Kac-Bakugo?!" Izuku asked in disbelief.

"Yes, he fought them by himself and he is still in our custody as of right now." The detective revealed. "The three teens we apprehended are also in our custody and we are currently interrogating them."

"Ba-Ba-Bakugo was the one who saved us?!" Izuku was in shock of what he just heard. "But why? I thought he hated Quirkless people like us! He even told me to kill myself last month!"

"Thank you for your time." The detective said to him. "We will prosecute those three in court and you will be required to come since you are a witness and a victim."

"We will, Tsukauchi-san." Izuku complied.

"That's what I like to hear." The detective said to them. "Be here tomorrow in the Musutafu District Courthouse at 10AM sharp. Midoriya, you will be excused from coming to school tomorrow."

"Will do, sir." Izuku's mom told the detective.

Izuku and his mom safely returned home to eat breakfast and then he went into his room to finish up his homework. After he finished his homework, he sent an email telling all of his teachers and the principal of his school that he was going to be excused by the police tomorrow. He also attached all his homework assignments to all of his respective teachers by subject.

To pass the time, Izuku looked up the current news and almost all of them were about him and that kid getting brutally beat up by three teenage girls. Apparently, that incident sent shockwaves across the city and to a lesser extent, neighboring cities. Izuku winced at the pictures of the injuries of both opposing sides shown onscreen before checking his emails again.

All of his teachers were relieved to see that he was in good, stable health and thanked him for sending his finished assignments to them. They then sent him homework assignments that were due Tuesday. When Izuku checked back to his principal's email, she told him that his homeroom teacher and homeroom class were required to go on a field trip to the same courthouse where his trial was taking place. The rest of the students in the school were required to watch the trial on live television in their classrooms with their homeroom teachers. The principal had also required every student in the school to do a one-page essay on discrimination against the Quirkless and the rights that they had that was due by next Monday. Izuku was the only student in the school who didn't have to do it but he chose to anyways to spread awareness of his kind.

Izuku ate lunch with his mother before returning to his room and spending the afternoon doing his assignments. When it was time for dinner, he and his mother talked about the trial that was taking place tomorrow.

"While you were in your room, a prosecutor called us." His mom told him. "Her name is Noriko Surudoime. She will help us in the trial tomorrow."

After dinner, Izuku went back to his room and spent the evening looking up more news reports and saw that his school's journalism club had wrote an article about the incident concerning him. They were heavily supported in his cause since he was a student of their school. They also were tolerant of Quirkless individuals and did not tolerate any hate towards them. This made Izuku feel better about himself though he did wonder when he would stop involving himself in every situation he could find.

Izuku then went to sleep for the night to rest up for the trial tomorrow.

Izuku and his mother woke up early and ate breakfast before going to the courthouse where the trial was to take place. Within a half-mile from the place, Izuku tfelt that raw-power sensation throughout his body.

"So he's here." Izuku thought to himself as he stared at the building.

They entered the lobby and met with the prosecutor his mom hired yesterday. Noriko Surudoime was a woman in her thirties, wore glasses, a nice dress suit, and had her hair tied up in a neat bun.

"Hello." She greeted as she shook their hands. "Inko and Izuku Midoriya, right?"

"Yes, we talked on the phone yesterday." His mom said.

"It's nice to meet you." She bowed to them. "I am Noriko Surudoime. I am the prosecutor you hired for your case. Without further ado, let us proceed to the courtroom."

Izuku felt the sensation getting stronger as he followed the prosecutor to the courtroom for their trial. He tried not to let it show, but his already mom saw that he was fidgeting a bit and thought it was just because he was nervous.

"It'll be okay, sweetheart." His mom rubbed his back to calm his nerves. "We're here for you."

When their prosecutor opened the door for him, they were met by reporters and photographers snapping pictures of them and recording them.

Izuku felt self-conscious so he grabbed onto his mom for self-assurance.

While he walked through the gallery, he saw that his entire homeroom class was present in one group of seats.

Besides Bakugo's parents, the other people in the gallery were people he didn't know at all.

Izuku then looked forward and saw Bakugo and that same kid sitting at the plaintiff/prosecution table. At the defendant's table, there was a man who was dressed very nicely. Sitting alongside him were a macho-looking dude, an overweight middle-aged lady, and another man in a nice suit. In the jury box, there were three males and three females serving as jurors/lay judges. One of them happened to be Toshinori Yagi, his secret identity being All-Might. Izuku looked at him and he looked back and smiled at him, sending a warm feeling throughout Izuku's body.

"Midoriya-kun. You will be sitting at the table to the left." The prosecutor instructed him before she turned to his mother. "I'm sorry, Midoriya-san but I'm afraid you have to sit in the gallery along with everyone else."

"It's alright." Izuku's mom told her before turning to his son. "Don't worry, Izuku. I won't be leaving without you anytime soon."

"Thanks, mom." Izuku said to her.

The prosecutor guided him to the table where he was supposed to sit. Neither Izuku or Bakugo looked each other in the eye as he took his seat beside Surudoime.

"Is everyone here?" The court clerk asked and everyone nodded. "Okay, I'll get the judges."

The court clerk exited the courtroom for a few seconds and then came back with three judges in tow. Two of them being female and one of them being male. The male sat in the center of the bench while the females sat beside him. The court clerk returned to his previous position. And behind the bars, the three teens were accompanied by three bailiffs(two males and one female)

"Everyone, please rise." The male judge ordered.

Everyone stood up and bowed in respect.

"We are here for the case of Usumidori v Tsumechi." One of the female judges said.

The other female judge turned to the court clerk. "Akurui-san, please brief us on this case."

"Will do, Your Honor." The court clerk complied and he opened the television with a remote and a picture of the playground appeared. "The assault on Usumidori started at this location at approximately 2 PM."

The court clerk then flipped to the next picture of the kid and all of the wounds he suffered. "The boy has suffered deep cuts, broken bones, and third-degree burns as a result."

The next picture showed Izuku and the injuries he was inflicted with from the incident. "Midoriya came in several minutes later and was inflicted with similar wounds, albeit less serious."

The next picture was of Bakugo and he looked like he was trying to hold in his anger in that photo. "And finally Bakugo was the last to arrive at the incident."

The court clerk showed pictures of the three teens' injuries. "He physically attacked the three assailants in pure rage before the police and the paramedics arrived at the scene."

"Thank you, Mr. Akurui." The male judge said before turning towards the prosecution table. "Ms. Surudoime, please give us your opening statement."

The prosecutor stood up and gave her opening statement. "Your Honor, I am here to prove that the perpetrators of this crime are Akane Tsumechi, Kemono Yaseiyasei, and Youko Taiyokosen."

"Thank you, Ms. Surudoime." The male judge then turned to the defendant. "Mr. Goyoku, please give us your opening statement."

The defense attorney stood up and gave his opening statement. "Your Honor, I am here to prove that these girls are not guilty of such a crime and Usumidori, Midoriya, and Bakugo was being attacked by someone else."

"Are you fucking kidding me?!" Bakugo shouted viciously and almost everyone in the gallery did the same.

"Order in the court!" The judges all banged their gavels.

"May the prosecution call in their first witness!" One of the female judges called.

Hikaru nervously came up on the podium and adjusted the microphone so it was near his mouth.

"State your name and occupation, witness." The other female judge ordered.

"M-m-m-my name is Hikaru Usumidori. I am four years old and I'm an orphan in preschool." He obediently answered.

"Please state what you were doing at the location of the crime." The male judge told him.

"I was in the playground, all by myself playing." Hikaru said. "I had no friends or family, so I went there all by myself." He quietly answered.

Izuku felt very sad for the young boy at that statement.

"And-and-and then-" The boy was starting to choke up in tears. "These mean girls came to me. They asked me what I was doing by myself. So I told them I had no friends or family and was an orphan waiting to be adopted."

"And what happened next?" One of the female judges asked.

"Th-th-th-th-th-then, they beat me up!" Hikaru was crying now. "They told me *sniff* that no one wanted me *sniff* because I had no Quirk. They said no one would adopt me because I was useless to them! *sniff* And then...*sniff* they told me to kill myself!"

Hikaru was wailing uncontrollably now and everyone in the room felt enormous sympathy for the young boy.

"Thank you, witness." One of the female judges said. "You may now return to your seat."

Hikaru returned to the prosecution table and sat between Izuku and Surudoime. The latter got out tissues to wipe his eyes and nose while Izuku rubbed circles into his back to comfort him. Bakugo sat looking at the table, with guilt written on his face.

"May the next witness please testify." The male judge said.

"I'll go." Bakugo said while Izuku was still comforting the young boy.

"State your name and occupation, witness." One of the female judges said.

"I'm Katsuki Bakugo. I'm currently planning to go to U.A."

"You arrived at the location after Midoriya and Usumidori were heavily injured, are we correct?" The other female judge asked.

"Yes, Your Honor." Bakugo answered.

"And you also physically injured the accused after that, is that correct?" The male judge asked.

"Yes, Your Honor." Bakugo answered, his anger bubbling to the surface.

"I'm afraid that you will be tried for assault and battery." One of the female judges said.

"WHAT?!" Bakugo exploded.

"Please refrain from shouting inside the courtroom, Mr. Bakugo." The male judge said. "You may go sit now."

"Ugh...!" Bakugo stomped back to the prosecution table and sat down angrily.

"Will the last witness please come to the stand?" The other female judge ordered.

Izuku obediently went his way to the podium as he heard his homeroom class whisper to each other.

"State your name and occupation." The male judge said.

"My name is Izuku Midoriya and I am currently enrolled and attending Teien High School."

"Tell us what you can remember." A female judge said.

"I was on my way from lunch when I heard something go on in the playground. I came in and saw that three girls were physically abusing the Usumidori with their Quirks and calling him names and such." Izuku said. "I called 119 and then tried to stop them from hurting him anymore. But I was no use against them, they beat me up just like they did to Usumidori. Before I went unconscious, I thought I heard someone else come in."

"And that someone was Bakugo, is that right?" The other female judge asked.

"I couldn't see or hear who it was, but I think so." Izuku said.

"Thank you, witness. You may go back to your seat." The male judge said.

Izuku did what he was told and continued to comfort Hikaru.

The witnesses sitting at the defendants were now called to the podium to testify.

The macho-looking dude was the redhead's boyfriend and he made up an alibi claiming that his girlfriend was with him at the time of the assault. The other two "witnesses"(one of the girls' aunt and the other was one of the girls' father) did the exact same thing, they made up an alibi claiming that the other two girls were with them all this time.

This caused quite an uproar in the gallery and all three judges banged their gavels to signal for them to be quiet.


When everyone in the courtroom quieted down, the judges told everyone the next step in determining who was innocent and guilty.

It would be through cross-examination of all of the witnesses' testimonies and the prosecutor would be the first to interrogate the defendants' testimonies.

Izuku hoped that the trial would end with a guilty verdict on behalf of the teen girls' crimes and on behalf of Usumidori's well-being as Surudoime began to cross-examine those lying witnesses.

Chapter Text

"Let the cross-examination, begin." The male judge said before banging his gavel.

"So Mr. Ijiwaru." Prosecutor Surudoime began. "You claimed that your girlfriend, Akane Tsumechi was with you on a date during the time of the crime. Is that correct?"

"Absolutely madam." Ijiwaru did an ok-hand gesture.

"So can you prove that your girlfriend happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time?" She asked him.

"Hm, you see. We were just walking by until we heard the lil kid screaming." He told her. "So I ran away to get help, while she tried to rescue him.

"And did you see what the perpetrators looked like?" The prosecutor asked.

"Nope, I didn't step into the playground one bit." He said. "I ran away as soon as my girlfriend went inside."

"So where were you when the cops and paramedics arrived?" She asked.

"I was still trying to get help, so I was gone for a long time." He said.

"I don't think so, Mr. Ijiwaru." She told him while she signalled for the court clerk to showcase their text messages from three days ago on the television screen.

"We've seen that these text messages between you and your girlfriend clearly stating that you two weren't planning on going on a date together the night before the incident." Prosecutor Surudoime pointed out. "Your girlfriend clearly told you that she was planning a 'girls' night out' on the day of the incident. So therefore, you weren't there at the scene of the crime."

Ijiwaru was sweating buckets now that the prosecutor began unraveling his lies.

"Also." Izuku's and Hikaru's medical documentations went up on screen and she held a small plastic bag containing nail polish flakes. "We found nail polish inside Midoriya's and Usumidori's wounds and they exactly match those of your girlfriend."

Ijiwaru was freaking out now and he was shaking uncontrollably.

"So how do you explain how your girlfriend's nail polish got inside these wounds?!" The prosecutor yelled at Ijiwaru. "Unless there's no other way than that Tsumechi was the one who inflicted these horrible wounds on those two! That must be the only way how her nail polish got into wounds! Because she's the one who carved bloody messages into their flesh with her very own nails!"

"GYAAAAAAH!" The boyfriend couldn't hide it any longer and he screamed.

The gallery was in an uproar again.

"ORDER! ORDER IN THE COURT!" All three judges banged their gavels again, quieting everyone down.

One of the female judges spoke. "Bring in the next witness."

The overweight lady was the one who came next on the podium.

"Mrs. Okuikin, you said that your niece, Kemono Yaseiyasei was visiting you at the time of the incident. Correct?" The prosecutor asked her.

"Ah, yes." Okuikin answered. "She's such a sweetheart, helping her dear old aunt once in a while!"

"So why was your niece there at the playground with her friends instead of you?" Surudoime pressed her.

"W-well..." Okuikin stumbled a bit. "She offered to get me groceries so I let her."

"Did you try to call her to make sure she was alright before and after her arrest?" The prosecutor asked.

"Yes, I did." She replied. "But she never answered for some reason."

"I'm afraid you're wrong, Mrs. Okuikin." The prosecutor said as the call log from Kemono's phone appeared. "The last time you two interacted by phone was a week ago. Even the phone keeps a record of missed calls that Kemono failed to respond to."

Kemono's aunt began to hyperventilate.

"Also there are many marks of different wild animals on Midoriya's and Usumidori's bodies." The prosecutor pressed on. "It could not be possible unless someone let a zoo into the playground or that your niece happened to have a Quirk that allows her to change her body parts to that of different animals."

The now-hyperventilating woman was now fanning herself rapidly.

"This leads me to conclude that your niece was at the scene of the crime and therefore she is the one guilty for assaulting Midoriya and Usumidori!" The prosecutor finished.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" The woman fell dramatically from the podium.

The gallery was yelling again and the judges had to bang their gavels again.

"ORDER! ORDER! ORDER!" The judges yelled until everyone quieted down again.

"Someone please tend to Mrs. Okuikin." The male judge said. "Proceed to the next witness."

The man in a sharp-dressed suit went onto the podium.

"Mr. Taiyokosen. You said you were spending a day out with your daughter on your day off." The prosecutor told him.

"Yes I was, madam." He told her.

"And you also said your daughter ran off because she heard a scuffle go on in the playground." The prosecutor said.

"Yes, she hates the sound of children being in danger. So she ran in to help." Mr. Taikyokosen said.

"Lies." Izuku thought angrily to himself.

"Okay, then how do you explain the burns on Midoriya's and Usumidori's bodies?" She pressed.

"It was probably the Bakugo boy who my daughter tried to stop. He's the one who injured my daughter after all when she tried to save the boys." He said.

This accusation made Bakugo really mad and he stood up slamming his hands on the table.


"Young man, if you don't behave yourself right now we will throw you out of the room." One of the female judges said.

Prosecutor Surudoime gave him a disapproving look and Bakugo let out a huff then sat back down. "Fine."

The prosecutor then continued to interrogate Mr. Taikyokosen. "But the medical records clearly state that these burns inflicted on Midoriya and Usumidori are specifically sunburns. Bakugo's Quirk does not involve sunlight. His Quirk involves nitroglycerin, which is not found anywhere on the bodies of Midoriya and Usumidori."

The man had nothing else to say in the moment.

"That would only lead us to the conclusion that it was YOUR daughter who injured those boys, not the other way around. Your daughter's Quirk is the ability to shoot sunbeams out of her hands, is that right?"

"W-w-well..." The man cleared look uncomfortable.

"Then that refutes your testimony, Mr. Taikyokosen." The prosecutor said. "The burns found on the bodies of Midoriya and Usumidori exactly match those from your daughter's Quirk. Only one person with a solar-related Quirk who happened to be at the crime scene and that was your daughter!"

The man was pale now and he was sweating a lot. He was completely silent now, not knowing what else to say.

The gallery stayed quiet this time, silently glaring at the father of one of the accused.

Prosecutor Surudoime turned to the judges and said, "Your Honor, I believe this is enough to secure a guilty verdict."

"Hmm." One of the female judges said. "We still have to have the defense cross-examine the other witnesses."

"Very well, Your Honor." Prosecutor Surudoime bowed and returned to her seat.

"May the first witness come up to the podium." Mr Goyoku, the defense attorney said.

"I'll go first." Bakugo told the prosecutor, Izuku, and Hikaru.

Bakugo walked up to the podium and readied himself for whatever questions the defense threw at him.

"So Mr. Bakugo, you said you arrived to the scene of the crime after you saw that Midoriya and Usumidori were assaulted." He said.

"Damn right." Bakugo answered with absolute certainty.

"Watch your language, young man." The male judge chastised him.

"Sorry." Bakugo said.

"Are you sure that the ones who assaulted Midoriya and Usumidori are the accused?" The defense attorney questioned Bakugo.

"Yeah." Bakugo said. "I remember one of them told me not to lump myself with them. She told me that Quirkless people like them are a waste of space and should have died off a long time ago or something like that."

Everyone in the room gasped.

"And did that set you off?" The defense attorney asked.

"Yeah, it did." Bakugo answered truthfully. "I got really angry and I made the first move against them."

"So you're guilty of instigating a fight against someone." Mr. Goyoku said. "I'm afraid you're not in the right here."

"What the hell?!" Bakugo argued, his voice raised. "They were the ones instigating the fight since they were attacking the two in the first place!"

"Watch your language." The left female judge told him.

"Sorry." Bakugo said for the second time.

"So are you sure that it was these three ladies who assaulted these two young men?" The defense attorney asked.

"Absolutely." Bakugo nodded. "I saw them with my own two eyes, they were beating them unconscious."

"So were you there with Midoriya and Usumidori before the incident happened?" The defense attorney was grasping at straws now.

"No, of course not!" Bakugo held back the urge to swear. "I told you, I was there before after it happened!"

"It appears the defense is unable find a contradiction in the witness' testimony." The right female judge said.

"Then let us proceed with the next witness." The male judge said before banging his gavel. "Thank you, Mr. Bakugo. You may now take a seat."

Bakugo walked back to his seat and Izuku decided to go next.

"You'll go last, okay?" Izuku whispered softly to Hikaru.

Hikaru nodded, his eyes still wet with tears and his nose still dripping with mucus.

Izuku went up to the podium. "I'm ready, Your Honor."

"So Midoriya, you said that you appeared at the scene after Usumidori was injured." The defense attorney said.

"That is correct." Izuku nodded.

"So is there any proof that you weren't there before it happened?" He asked.

"Well, if I was there before it happened, I would have ran out of the playground with Usumidori to a safe place where we could hide and then call 119." Izuku said. "But since I came to the playground after the incident started, there was no way I could escape and carry Usumidori at the same time. So I decided to defend him until help arrived."

"And then you heard Bakugo running into the scene just when you fell unconscious." Mr. Goyoku said.

"Yes." Izuku confirmed.

"Are you sure that was Bakugo?" The defense attorney asked. "You were falling unconscious at the time."

Izuku hesitated. "I thought that voice sounded familiar but I am pretty sure it was him, yes."

"And did you get a clear look on who attacked you and young Usumidori?" The defense attorney asked.

"Yes, I was standing right between them and Usumidori." Izuku said. "All three of them were teenage girls. One of them had reddish-pink hair and had long, sharp fingernails. The second one had short, purple hair and she transform her body into any animal she wants. And the last one was a blonde with red streaks and she can emit sunlight from herself."

Izuku looked over at the three teenage girls with the bailiffs watching over them. Said three glared at Izuku with utmost animosity.

"That's enough, Mr. Goyoku." The left judge said. "I'm afraid no contradiction has been found in Midoriya's testimony either."

The right judge called for the next witness. "Midoriya, you may now sit down. Next witness!"

Hikaru stood up and walked over to the podium. His eyes were now red and puffy from crying and his nose was red and still leaking mucus.

"So Usumidori," The defense attorney was getting desperate now. "You said you were playing by yourself in the playground, right?"

"Mm-hm." Usumidori nodded.

"And were there any kids there, besides you?" He asked.

"Yeah." Hikaru wiped his nose with his tissue. "But no one wanted to play with me."

Izuku felt sad at this statement.

"So they all left before the incident happened, am I right?" The defense attorney asked.

Hikaru nodded. "Yeah, so I was all by myself."

"Did you see who attacked you?" He asked.

"Mm-hm." He nodded with a sniffle.

"Who did?" Mr. Goyoku asked.

"The same ones who hurt Meedoweea-san." Hikaru was beginning to cry again. "They scratched me and they burned me and then Meedoweea-san tried to help."

"So Midoriya came in after you were being beaten up." The defense attorney said. "And you fell unconscious after that."

"Mm-hm." Hikaru tried his best not to cry. "And I woke up on Sunday night."

"So the last thing you saw of the incident was Midoriya coming in to help." Mr. Goyoku said.

"Mm-hm." Hikaru said.

"Did you see Bakugo?" He asked.

"No." Hikaru shook his head. "Only Meedoweea-san."

"I think we have heard enough from both sides." The male judge said. "It is time for us to decide the verdict of the accused."

"Let us have the jury decide before we make our final decision." The right judge said.

The other female judge turned to the jury. "How do you decide the verdict of the accused?"

"Guilty." The first man replied.

"Guilty." The first woman replied.

"Guilty." The second man replied.

"Guilty." The second woman replied.

"Guilty." The third woman replied.

"Guilty." Toshinori Yagi replied.

The three professional judges then made their final decisions.

"I find the accused guilty." One of the female judges said.

"So do I." The other female judge said.

"Me as well." The male judge said.

"Then it is settled." The left judge said as she rose her gavel up high and the other judges did the same. "Akane Tsumechi, Kemono Yaseiyasei, and Youko Taiyokosen."

"We have decided you are guilty of assault, battery, and child abuse." The other female judge said. "You will be staying in juvenile detention for 30 years without parole."

"As for Mr. Ijiwaru, Mrs. Okuikin, and Mr. Taikyokosen." The male judge said. "You are guilty of making false statements. You will be staying in five years of prison unless you can pay a fine of 26985625.00 yen each."

"Take them away!" The left judge gestured at the bailiffs.

The bailiffs grabbed onto the three and tugged them out the courtroom. The last thing Izuku saw of them was the hateful, vengeful look in their eyes aimed at him, Hikaru, Prosecutor Surudoime, and Bakugo.

The bailiffs also tugged the three corrupt adults out of the courtroom as they tried to make excuses for their lies and deception. Mr. Goyoku just didn't care, he was paid already loads of money by his clients so he just walked out without anyone noticing.

Two of the bailiffs came up to Bakugo.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Bakugo. But I am afraid you will still be in our custody until the trial." One of the bailiffs said.

"Yeah, yeah. I know." Bakugo huffed. "Standard procedure."

"Now that's what I like to hear." The bailiff said as they guided him out of the courtroom.

"As for the trial of Katsuki Bakugo." The other female judge said. "It will be held this Saturday and will begin 10AM sharp. Midoriya and Usumidori are required to come again as witnesses."

"Court is adjourned!" The male judge slammed down the gavel.

In the lobby, the news reporters and the cameramen surrounded the six newly-convicted criminals as they were escorted out of the building by the police. Since they were all wealthy, powerful people they attracted attention from the public.

They kept hounding the six with questions and camera flashes in their faces but neither of them responded.

As for Bakugo, he tried his best not to explode in anger at the amount of unwanted attention he was receiving while the police escorted him out.

"Bakugo, did you really save those two all by yourself?!" A female reporter asked.

"Yes." Bakugo simply replied.

"How does your nitroglycerin Quirk work?!" A male reporter asked. "We would like to see it in action!"

"Can't right now, my hands are cuffed." Bakugo said.

"You said you were planning on going to U.A. right?!" Another female reporter asked. "You would make a really great Pro Hero after rescuing those two with that Quirk of yours!"

"Thanks for the vote of confidence." Bakugo's anger was beginning to boil.

"Everyone! Give the kid some space! Right now, he's in our custody!" One of the police officers said as he placed Bakugo in the car.

Bakugo bristled at the police officer calling him "kid" but he silently thanked him for getting the press and the media to back off before he could do something stupid.

When everyone else entered the lobby, the press and the media then bombarded them with questions.

"Why did you try to save Usumidori by yourself?" A male reporter asked Izuku.

"I couldn't help it." Izuku sheepishly admitted. "I know what it's like to be bullied just for being Quirkless and no one around was there to help him."

"Are you doing okay?" A female reporter asked Hikaru.

"I'm fine." Hikaru nervously replied.

"How did you react when you found out Midoriya was involved in an assault case?" A male reporter asked Izuku's homeroom teacher and his entire homeroom class.

"I was shocked." Kurihara-sensei said. "I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw his name and his injuries on the news!"

"I didn't expect Midoriya-kun to get seriously hurt! I was relieved that he was still in one piece!" A male classmate replied.

"I'm glad Midoriya-kun is safe! And the ones who did this to him got what they deserved!" A female classmate said.

"Also props to Midoriya-kun for standing up for the little guy!" Another male classmate said.

After the press and the media left, Izuku talked to his peers in the lobby.

"Izuku!" His mom hugged him tightly to her chest.

"Hey, mom." Izuku hugged her back.

"Meedoweea!" Izuku saw Hikaru run to him.

"Hey, Usumidori!" Izuku knelt down to greet him. "How are you feeling?"

"Just a little scared." He answered. "But thank you for protecting me!"

"You're welcome." Izuku smiled. "So are you going back to the orphanage now?"

"Yep." Hikaru nodded sadly. "I have to go back and stay until someone takes me in. Goodbye."

"Goodbye, Hikaru. Be safe." Izuku waved goodbye to him as he watched the boy being led away by a woman.

"Midoriya-kun!" Izuku turned around and saw his homeroom teacher and his classmates walking up to him.

"Kurihara-sensei! Everyone!" Izuku exclaimed.

"We're so glad that they got the guilty verdict." Kurihara-sensei said. "We would have been furious if they got away with hurting you and Usumidori!"

"Those bitches got what they deserved!" A female classmate yelled.

"Yeah! Quirkless or not, no innocent deserves to get beaten up!" A male classmate shouted.

"These troublemakers think they can lie their way out just because they're rich and powerful?! How pathetic!" Another male classmate yelled.

"Everyone...thank you." Izuku stood there, amazed at the large amount of support he was getting.

"Anyways, it's getting late." Kurihara-sensei said to her class. "Be careful on your way home, I'll see you all tomorrow."

After his entire homeroom class left, Izuku and his mom decided to go to a nice restaurant to celebrate.

Chapter Text

The two decided to go to a highly-rated conveyor-belt sushi restaurant to celebrate their victory in getting the three perpetrators convicted. They ate a wide selection of sushi and sashimi while they were there: tuna, salmon, roe, shrimp, octopus, eel, clam, egg, cucumber etc. After they were done eating, they returned home with their bellies full of inexpensive, but good food.

Izuku did the rest of the homework in his room while his mom watched the news in the living room.

After he was done, he decided to stay home and look stuff up on his computer.

He looked up the news on today's trial and watched the videos that were posted online. Most of them were of the trial and others were after the trial with the convicts being taken away by the police. Izuku saw that the interviews that took place after the trial were videotaped too, including those that he participated in.

He decided to watch the interviews of his mom, Hikaru, Yagi, his homeroom class, and Bakugo. He didn't hear them because of the amount of people talking in the lobby.

He started with his mom first.

"How did you find out that your son had been injured by the convicts?" A male reporter asked.

"I got a sudden call from the hospital, so I was worried and confused!" His mom answered. "I was hoping that Izuku wasn't hurt, but they confirmed that it was true!"

"Were you frightened when you heard that your son has been seriously injured?" A female reporter asked.

"Absolutely!" His mom said. "By the time I heard my baby was in trouble, I grabbed my stuff and ran straight out the door!"

"Were you relieved when you found out your son is alive and well?" Another male reporter asked.

"Of course, I was!" His mom exclaimed with tears in her eyes. "Could you imagine the look on my face if he wasn't?!"

"So are you happy now that the people who hurt your son are now declared guilty?" Another female reporter asked.

"I'm more than happy, I'm delighted!" His mom's fists were in front of her. "I'm glad those troublemakers are in a place where they cannot hurt my precious baby again!"

"Thank you for answering our questions, Mrs. Midoriya." A male reporter said to her. "I hope your son is still doing well and doesn't get hurt again."

"You're welcome." His mom replied. "If you'll excuse me, I have to go find my son."

Izuku skimmed around to Hikaru's interview.

Only one reporter interviewed the young boy.

"Hello, Usumidori-kun." The female reporter greeted him.

"Hi..." Hikaru shyly greeted her back.

"Are you doing okay?" The female reporter asked.

"I'm fine." Hikaru answered nervously.

"So are you happy that those bad people are gone and can never hurt you again?" She asked.

"Yeah." Hikaru nodded.

"So you said you're an orphan, where do you live?" She asked.

"With other people with no parents." He said.

"So an orphanage, right?" She asked.

"Yeah." Hikaru nodded.

"You don't have any friends there?" She asked.

"Nuh-uh." Hikaru sadly nodded.

"Aw, that's sad. Why?"

"Because they say I have cooties." Hikaru looked down in shame. "Because I don't have a Quirk."

Izuku felt sad that the poor boy was discriminated by his peers because he was Quirkless. He could relate to Hikaru too, no one wanted to be near him simply because he didn't have a Quirk.

"I'm very sorry for what you went through." The female reporter said to him. "Hopefully, this will teach them that Quirkless people have rights too."

"I hope so too." Hikaru said quietly.

"Alright, thanks for talking with us, Usumidori-kun." The female reporter said to him. "I hope you find someone willing to adopt you."

"Thank you." Hikaru bowed respectfully. "You too, miss."

Izuku skimmed to Yagi-san and watched his interview.

"So how did you feel about the incident?" A male reporter asked him.

"I was outraged." Yagi-san said. "Absolutely no one deserves to be treated like this just because they lack a Quirk!"

"If you mind us asking, do you have any relatives that are Quirkless?" A female reporter asked him.

"No, but I understand the discrimination the Quirkless has faced throughout my life." Yagi-san said. "I've seen many of them getting ostracized from their peers just because they don't have a Quirk."

Izuku recalled the conversation he had with Yagi-san back on the rooftop. The man told him he was Quirkless but someone changed that. He would have to ask the man about it later.

"That's very thoughtful of you, Mr. Yagi." Another male reporter remarked. "Do you plan on taking any Quirkless children into your care?"

"Certainly, yes! I have already just taken care of one last week!" Yagi-san said.

Izuku smiled, knowing who exactly Yagi-san took care of.

"Anyways, thank you for answering our questions." Another female reporter told him. "Hope you have a good day, Mr. Yagi."

"You too." Yagi-san said.

Izuku skimmed to his homeroom class next.

"Midoriya is in your class, right?" A female reporter asked his teacher and classmates.

"Right." Kurihara-sensei said. "We've been together for a week so far."

"What is Midoriya like to you?" A male reporter asked.

"He's a good boy." Kurihara-sensei said. "But he also seemed rather shy, he didn't try to start a conversation with anyone in his class or raise his hand until several days later."

"How did you react when you found out Midoriya was involved in an assault case?" Another male reporter asked Izuku's homeroom teacher and his entire homeroom class.

"I was shocked." Kurihara-sensei said. "I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw his name and his injuries on the news!"

"I didn't expect Midoriya-kun to get seriously hurt! I was relieved that he was still in one piece!" A male classmate replied.

"I'm glad Midoriya-kun is safe! And the ones who did this to him got what they deserved!" A female classmate said.

"Also props to Midoriya-kun for standing up for the little guy!" Another male classmate said.

"Do you hope to see him in school tomorrow?" Another female reporter asked.

"Yes!" His teacher said. "We would very much like to see Midoriya back safe and sound!"

"Thank you so much for answering, hope you have a fine week!" The first male reporter said to them.

"You're welcome and thank you!" Kurihara-sensei said as she and her students waved goodbye to the reporters.

Finally, Izuku skimmed for Bakugo's interview.

Bakugo was being led by the police with a some reporters surrounding him and asking him questions.

"Bakugo, did you really save those two all by yourself?!" A female reporter asked.

"Yes." Bakugo simply replied.

"How does your nitroglycerin Quirk work?!" A male reporter asked. "We would like to see it in action!"

"Can't right now, my hands are cuffed." Bakugo said.

"You said you were planning on going to U.A. right?!" Another female reporter asked. "You would make a really great Pro Hero after rescuing those two with that Quirk of yours!"

"Thanks for the vote of confidence." Bakugo's anger was beginning to boil.

"Everyone! Give the kid some space! Right now, he's in our custody!" One of the police officers said as he placed Bakugo in the car.

The police drove Bakugo away in the car afterwards and the video ended there.

It was around four in the afternoon now, so Izuku decided to call Yagi-san to pass the time.

"Hello, Midoriya-shonen." Yagi-san answered his call. "How are you doing right now?"

"I'm fine." Izuku replied before asking. "How about you? Are you busy right now?"

"I just ended my shift, don't worry." Yagi-san assured him. "I can only maintain my Hero for three hours a day, so I'm available most of the time."

"Alright." Izuku said. "So is that your Quirk's ability? To make your body all buff, durable, and fast?"

"You can say that." Yagi-san said. "Anyways, are you okay? Do you need anything? I'm just checking to make sure you're alright."

"No, it's okay. I'm fine now." Izuku said. "People at my school checked up on me and the hospital patched me up. I'm still feeling a little bit sore, but I'm recovering."

"Great, that's what I wanted to hear." Yagi-san said with relief on the other end of the phone. "Anyways, are you coming to Bakugo's trial on Saturday?"

"I have to." Izuku said. "I was a witness in that situation. I only heard his voice before I fainted, but it's enough for them to want me to come. Why do you ask?"

"I remember seeing visions of you and him together once our Link was established that day." Yagi-san said. "I had those nightmares on that night. I saw what Bakugo did to you throughout your entire childhood."

Izuku knew where this was going. "I know that Bakugo made my life miserable, but he did save me and Usumidori-kun from those awful people. I can't just let him get convicted after he protected the both of us. We both have to repay him somehow."

"That's very noble of you, Midoriya-shonen." Yagi-san complimented him in a way that made his heart soar. "Even if that person did horrible things to you without remorse, you still go out of your comfort zone to save said person. That's what makes a great hero."

"Thank you, Yagi-san." Izuku felt tears forming in his eyes after his own idol complimented him on his selflessness.

"I hope you're thinking of applying to U.A." Yagi-san told him. "Now that you got back up on your feet, you can resume your childhood dream of becoming a Hero."

"I-I-I don't know..." Izuku sniffled and wiped his tears away with his hands. "W-w-will people still accept me for who I am?"

"Of course they will." Yagi-san reassured him. "I won't let anything happen to you. I promise."

Izuku was crying for real now. "Please just give me a moment."

Izuku put down his phone on his desk before going over to his bed and crying loudly into his pillow.

All those pent-up feelings of worthlessness and insecurity were thrown out the window with just several sentences of encouragement from his idol. No one else but his mother told him that he could become a Hero throughout his entire life and he was just about to throw it all away. It felt incredibly cathartic releasing all of his pain and suffering here and now, he felt like he was reborn into a new person in that moment.

He heard his bedroom door open and felt warm arms wrap around his body as he continued to cry into his pillow. He knew that his mom had probably eavesdropped on his conversation with Yagi-san and decided to comfort him in any way she could.

They stayed like that for a while until it time for dinner and Izuku ended the call with him and Yagi-san.

Izuku and his mom ate quietly at the dinner table. They didn't speak for a while until his mom awkwardly brought up what she overheard.

"Um...Izuku?" His mom asked.

"Yes, mom?" Izuku asked back.

"I...uh...overheard your conversation with someone on the phone." His mom said. "Is anything wrong?"

"Nothing, mom." Izuku answered. "It's just..."

Izuku trailed off, not knowing what to say.

"Promise you won't tell anyone about our conversation, okay?" Izuku told his mom.

"Promise." His mom nodded.

Izuku took a deep breath and told his mom about who he was talking to on the phone. "That was All-Might on the phone."

His mom's eyes went wide. "All-Might?! The No. 1 Hero?!"

"Yeah." Izuku nodded and continued. "It turns out he was my actual first Linked-Half."

"When did you find out?" His mom asked.

"Just last week." Izuku answered. "He came up to me after he saw I was feeling down."

"And have you two kept in touch ever since?" His mom asked.

"Yeah." Izuku smiled. "We talk on the phone whenever we're not busy doing something."

"That's great!" His mom exclaimed. "I'm very happy for you!"

"He encouraged me to go to U.A. and continue on becoming a Hero." Izuku said. "That's why I was crying so hard on my bed. No one else besides you has ever said that to me before."

"I'm glad you finally found someone else who supports your dreams and doesn't single you out for not having a Quirk." His mom told him. "But no matter what, I'll always be by your side! I believe in you, Izuku!"

"Thanks mom." Izuku smiled.

For the rest of the night, Izuku just looked up U.A.'s website and clicked on the link involving Quirkless accommodations. Homeroom classes with the letters Q, R, and S were available for students without Quirks. Each class had twenty students like all the other homeroom classes. If Izuku got accepted into U.A., he would be one of the first Quirkless to enroll in the school. Also unlike the regular classes in U.A., the students in these classes were given gadgets of their choice invented by the Department of Support(Classes with the letter F, G, and H) as a substitute for Quirks.

Each of the Quirkless' students curriculum would also be based off on what Department they would be placed in if they had a Quirk. Izuku was applying for the Department Of Heroes so his curriculum would match that of the other students In that Department. He would be pulled out of his homeroom for a certain class that was shared by all students in the Heroes Department.

Izuku hoped that no one in the school would cast him off and the other Quirkless students while they were in their classes. He already had enough of being treated like a nuisance just because of his disability. Bakugo and almost everyone else treated him like trash throughout his childhood and he didn't need the bullying to continue.

He also hoped that the class he was to collaborate with didn't have Bakugo or Todoroki. The former because he was the one who bullied Izuku the most throughout his life and the latter because he made it clear he doesn't want to be anywhere near Izuku.

Izuku had already passed the written part of the Entrance Exam last month so he would have to prepare hard for the practical part next March. He would need a physical trainer to buff him up in preparation. But who?

It was almost time to go to bed so Izuku took a shower, washed his face, and brushed his teeth. As he laid down in his bed, he thought about his future in U.A. High and what his life there would be like. He still had doubts that his schoolmates would welcome him with open arms at the same time, Yagi-san promised he would be around to protect him.

But nevertheless, he fell into a peaceful, dreamless sleep.

Izuku woke up refreshed and happy in the early morning. He got ready for school and ate breakfast with his mom as always before giving her a big kiss on the cheek.

"Be careful, honey!" His mom said to him as he ran out the door. "I love you!"

"I love you too, mom!" Izuku said back before closing the door behind him.

Izuku ran his way towards the school with a big smile on his face, other fellow students were looking at him as he continued on his destination.

By the time he reached his homeroom, his classmates were happy to see him and swarmed around him.

"Midoriya-kun! You're back!"

"I bet the rest of our teachers will be happy to see you!"

"No matter what happens, we're here for you!"

"I hope things are going well for you, Midoriya-kun."

As if on cue, their homeroom teacher arrived and everyone went to their assigned seats.

"Good morning, everyone." Kurihara-sensei said to the class.

"Good morning, Kurihara-sensei." Everyone said in unison.

"Now that yesterday's field trip is over, we will get back to where we left off. Please remember that the essay Principal Hanazono assigned us is due next Monday." Kurihara-sensei announced. "First of all, welcome back Midoriya-kun. We're glad to see that you're still safe and sound. I hope you're still doing well in terms of health, both physically and mentally."

Izuku stood up and bowed. "Thank you, Kurihara-sensei. I'm okay now. Nothing to worry about."

"That's great to hear." Kurihara-sensei smiled at him. "I wish the best for you and your future."

School resumed as always and Izuku's other teachers were glad to see him back. When it was lunchtime, he ate alone as always but he didn't feel so lonely anymore.

When school was done for the day, Izuku ran back home and called Yagi-san.

"Hello, Midoriya-shonen." Yagi-san said. "Is there anything you need help with?"

"I need to find a training instructor so I can buff up for the practical part of the Entrance Exam at U.A.!" Izuku said.

Yagi-san chuckled. "Well, you came to the right person! Meet me at Dagobah Muncipal Beach Park whenever you're ready and then call me when you get there. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and sneakers before you get there!"

"Will do, sir!" Izuku said.

Izuku finished his homework before putting on his sweats and sneakers and running out the door. He ran all the way to where the beach was and immediately phoned Yagi-san.

"I'm at the beach, sir." Izuku told him.

"Good, I'll be going there right now." Yagi-san said on the other end of the phone.

It took ten minutes for Yagi-san to arrive and when he finally got here, he led Izuku to a garbage dump on the beach.

"You will need to clean up this area completely before the exam." Yagi-san told him. "Don't worry, you have plenty of time and I'll guide you while we're at it."

"Thank you, Yagi-san." Izuku bowed gratefully to him.

Both of them agreed on a schedule. On school days, Izuku would be training with Yagi-san whenever he was done with his assignments for the day and end early evening. On the weekends, he would be training from early morning to also early evening.

This Saturday was an exception since Izuku was required to testify for Bakugo's trial.

The week went by a blur and on the night before Bakugo's trial, Izuku hoped that Bakugo wouldn't get convicted.

Chapter Text

On Saturday morning, Izuku and his mom went to the same courthouse as they did on Monday. When they made it to the courtroom where Bakugo's trial was taking place, Izuku was situated to sit at the defense's table with Hikaru while his mom sat in the gallery. Bakugo's parents also sat in the gallery like last time. The jury was different this time around because they were randomly selected as always. Bakugo was sitting with the bailiffs guarding him. After the court clerk asked if everyone was here, he got the three judges into the courtroom to start the trial.

The court clerk reiterated that Katsuki Bakugo had fought the convicts without a Hero Provisional License. Izuku and Hikaru testified on behalf of Bakugo afterwards. Hikaru was unconscious before Bakugo arrived, so he didn't know when Bakugo came in. Izuku briefly heard Bakugo's voice before he fell unconscious, but nothing else.

After determining the facts of the case, the jury were equally divided on the verdict. About three of them thought Bakugo was "innocent" and the other three thought he was "guilty." The judges decided amongst themselves and two of them voted "guilty" with only one of them voting "innocent".

Bakugo was declared guilty of vigilantism and he was required to do community service for a month. The reasons for the final verdict were that Bakugo did not act out of self-defense and he decided to attack first in a fit of rage. Again, he also did not have a Hero Provisional License so he wasn't allowed to fight any criminals without the supervision of a Pro Hero.

After the trial, Izuku met with Yagi-san back at the beach to continue his training.

For the first few months, Izuku struggled a lot but soon got the hang of the training regimen. Within the first month, Izuku's mom adopted Hikaru and welcomed him into the Midoriya family. Six more months passed as Izuku followed Yagi-san's schedule and worked as hard as he could at both school and training. He never talked to Bakugo or Todoroki again throughout the rest of the nine months and he kept avoiding them like the plague.

Right on the day of the practical exam, Izuku finished cleaning up the beach just as the sun rose above the horizon. Yagi-san had just been watching him and caught him just in time as All-Might after he collapsed from exhaustion.

Izuku was just ready to go to U.A. to take the practical exam before All-Might stopped him.

"Oh um..." All-Might rubbed the back of his head as he prepared to tell Izuku the news. "Midoriya-shonen. I have something to tell you."

"What is it?" Izuku asked worriedly. He hoped that it wasn't bad news.

All-Might stayed quiet for a moment before he took in a deep breath and told him. "You don't need to take the practical exam."

Izuku felt like someone dropped a bridge on him. "I'm sorry, what?"

"You don't have to take the practical exam." All-Might repeated.

Izuku's jaw dropped. "Wait, why?!"

"I'm...afraid that we've discovered today that only five of all of the applicants this year are Quirkless." All-Might said to him. "So you're accepted, that;s why you don't need to take the practical exam."

Izuku fell into a state of shock that lasted a few minutes as he ran the news in his head over and over.

"I was only one of the five Quirkless people who applied for U.A.?! How is U.A. going to deal with a class of only five students?! So I did all this training with Yagi-san for NOTHING?!"

All-Might decided to break the silence with an awkward start. "Um...well, it seems that there are hypothetical reasons for only five Quirkless U.A. applicants. First, it could be because Quirkless are a minority in the world's population. Only about 20% of the world's population are Quirkless. Second, having job as a Pro Hero is very unpopular among the Quirkless because of the absolute perils and discrimination they face. Third, U.A. High is a very prestigious school for creating the best Heroes. So I believe they find it much, much easier to apply to some other Hero School."

It took a while for Izuku to snap back to reality. But when he finally did, he had that dead, scared look in his eyes.

"Youknowwhat?I'mcancellingmyapplication,Imjustgonnaattendaregularschool.Goodbye." Izuku turned his back to All-Might and was about to run away home before All-Might grabbed him.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa there!" All-Might said as he lifted the boy off the ground to prevent him from leaving. "Where do you think you're going?!"

"IWANNAGOHOME!IDON'TWANTTOGOTOU.A!I'MSCARED!NOWLETMEGO!" Izuku struggled wildly in All-Might's grip.

"Oh no you don't!" All-Might sternly said to him. "You want to turn back even after making this far?! You got in, that's all that matters!"

"B-b-b-but!" Izuku blubbered helplessly.

"Who cares if only five Quirkless students attend U.A.?! You five are the first of the Quirkless to be students at the prestigious school for future Heroes! This is your chance to prove all those naysayers wrong! BE PROUD OF IT!" All-Might bellowed in his ear.

Izuku instantly stopped struggling and thought about what his original goal was. He remembered himself being ostracized and bullied throughout his childhood years. After everything he's been through, all the shame and embarrassment he's dealt with from his peers, he finally had the chance to prove them wrong. Prove to them that even the Quirkless could do anything despite their limitations.

"Alright, I'll do it!" Izuku said with a determined look on his face and screamed at the top of his lungs. "I'LL GO TO U.A.!"

"That's the spirit!" All-Might put Izuku back down on the ground and clapped him hard on the back. "Now go out there and show them what you can do!"

"I will! Thank you, sir!" Izuku bowed to him and was about to return home until All-Might stopped him.

"Oh um...wait." All-Might said to him.

"Yes? What is it?" Izuku asked.

"Well, since you don't have to do the practical exam. How about I invite you and the other Quirkless applicants to watch the other applicants do the practical exam?" All-Might asked.

"Really?" Izuku asked incredulously.

"Yes, really." All-Might said. "You five will be watching with the staff of the school."

"Oh wow!" Izuku exclaimed excitedly. "I can't wait to see the other Quirkless applicants and the school staff!"

"Then we're settled!" All-Might yelled. "Now get your stuff and let's go! We're going to U.A. right now, young man!"

Izuku and Yagi-san travelled all the way to U.A. by foot and when they finally made it, Izuku marvelled at the size of the campus.

"Wow..." Izuku took in the sights of the buildings and the sound of the applicants walking towards the examination building.

"This way, young man." Yagi-san guided him towards a separate building.

They all made their way to a dark room which had a large monitor and the staff were all sitting right in front, watching.

As Yagi-san went to the front to sit with the other staff, Izuku tried to make out the silhouettes of the four people watching the monitor from the back with him.

Izuku assumed that those were the other four Quirkless U.A. applicants that were brought here to compensate for not having to take the practical exam.

"Um..." Izuku started. "Hello? My name is Izuku Midoriya. Nice you?"

"HI!" One of the silhouettes jumped in front of him, startling him.

Everyone in the room shushed her.

"Would you keep it down?" A boy's gruff, harsh voice hissed. "This isn't a party."

"Oops, sorry!" The loudmouthed girl lowered her voice to a whisper.

"Anyways, it's great that all five of us are here." A warm, caring voice of a girl commented and curtsied in front of Izuku. "My name is Aimi Betanuru. A pleasure to meet you."

"A pleasure to meet you too, Betanuru." Izuku bowed in response.

"Oh! Oh!" The loudmouthed girl jumped between them, her voice still in an excited whisper. "I forgot to tell you my name! I'm Risa Okinatsuno! Nice to meetcha!"

"What about you guys?" Izuku glanced around to look at the other two silhouettes .

"Takehiko Honekiri." The boy replied in an uncaring tone with his arms crossed.

"...Kotone Eisho." The short girl replied nervously.

"So are you all the other Quirkless U.A. applicants who Yagi-san was talking about?"

"No shit..." Takehiko replied.

"As a matter of fact, yes." Aimi replied. "We were told to come here because we didn't need to take the practical exam."

"We're super lucky to be here!" Risa excitedly whispered. "Imagine just the five of us not having to bust our asses today and watch everyone else with the staff of U.A.!"

"Yeah, I'm very grateful for this opportunity too!" Izuku replied before asking . "Anyways, why did all of you apply to U.A.?"

"Because we all want to be Heroes, that's why!" Risa did a dramatic pose in front of him.

"Not me." Takehiko said. "I'm only here because my goddamned parents forced me to be here."

"" Izuku asked.

"Because my parents think it's the best school to toughen me up and shit. That's why." Takehiko huffed.

"Oh...I'm sorry I asked." Izuku apologized. "He gives me the same scary vibes as Bakugo and Todoroki..."

"Why did you apply to U.A.?" Aimi asked Izuku.

"'s a long story.'s been my dream school ever since I was little." Izuku sheepishly answered.

"And now you finally are in the school of your dreams. Congratulations!" Aimi said. "So how does it feel?"

"It feels great." Izuku admitted. "But I still feel nervous..."

"Don't worry, we all are since we're the first Quirkless people to ever step into U.A." Aimi assured him. "We're definitely going to be in the same class so we're going to stick together at all times."

"Wrong." Takehiko cut in. "We're going to be separated from each other after lunch based on Department. For me, it's the goddamned Heroes Department I'm gonna be hanging out with for the afternoon. There's also lunch break, we go to the cafeteria to eat instead of staying in our classrooms. God forbid if we have to sit with those freaky bastards."

"You're in the Heroes Department too?!" Izuku asked Takehiko.

"No shit, smartass. What the hell did you think when I told you my goddamned parents sent me here to toughen up?" Takehiko said. "The Heroes Department is the toughest program to get into at U.A."

Izuku felt stupid for asking that question. "Oh...uh...sorry for asking you that!"

He turned to the others and asked, "What about the rest of you?"

"I'm working with the General Education Department." Aimi replied.

"So am I!" Risa raised her hand up.

"Same." Kotone quietly said.

Yagi-san spoke up so all five of them could hear. "Everyone, it's starting!"

Izuku and the other four Quirkless U.A. applicants turned to the monitor and watched intently.

The cameras all focused on the inside of a large conference room where all of the U.A. applicants were gathered. On the stage was Pro Hero, Present Mic making the announcements about the practical exam.

"It's Present Mic!" Izuku whispered excitedly.

Present Mic informed everyone in that large conference room about what they had to do to get accepted into U.A. They would be separated into different Battle Centers by letters A to G. In each of those Battle Centers, the applicants would have to defeat the robots(fake villains) and the more difficult the robots, the more points they are worth. However, the hardest of the four robots were worth 0 points so they didn't have to defeat that type of enemy. And the applicants were not allowed to hurt each other.

After Present Mic was done giving the instructions to the applicants in that room on what to do, all of the applicants exited the room and went out for the practical exam.

The huge monitor the staff were watching switched to the outside of the conference building where the applicants were loaded into different buses by group. As all of the applicants were being loaded into said buses, the five took the opportunity to talk amongst themselves again.

"Is there anyone you know who's going to U.A. too?" Risa asked. "I don't."

"Me neither." Aimi answered.

"Not me." Takehiko said.

"Mm-mm." Kotone shook her head.

"How about you, Midoriya-kun?" Risa asked. "You've got someone you know coming to U.A.?"

"...Yeah." Izuku quietly answered. "We knew each other since we were kids."

"Really?!" Risa asked. "Who is it?! Were you two friends?!"

"Give him some space, Okinatsuno." Aimi said to her.

Izuku took a deep breath and told them. "His name is Katsuki Bakugo. We met when we were in preschool. I thought we were friends, but...if anything I was nothing more than an insignificant speck to him."

"What did he do to you?" Risa asked.

"He called me names and he always joined everyone else in bullying me." Izuku curled up in a ball in his seat.

"I'm so sorry you went through all of that." Aimi said to him.

"It's fine, it's all in the past now." Izuku said. "We never talked to each other for nine months so far."

"I've been bullied too." Aimi said to him. "Ever since everyone found out I was Quirkless, they just made fun of me and avoided me like I was nothing. I never had any friends in my life but my whole family always supported me."

"Speak for yourself." Takehiko huffed. "My parents don't give a rat's ass about me. They keep treating me like I'm the black sheep of the family just because I don't have a goddamn Quirk."

"Me and my parents get along just fine!" Risa cheerfully said. "We joke around a lot and laugh our asses off! I play with my siblings and cousins a lot, so I'm never alone!"

Kotone just stayed silent, indicating that she doesn't want to talk about it.

"How about you, Eisho?" Aimi asked.

Kotone curled up into a ball and shook her head, clearly signifying that she didn't want to talk about her life.

"It's alright." Aimi assured her. "If you don't want to talk about it, we won't press you."

"So what are your parents' Quirks?" Izuku asked. "I'm just curious, because I want to know what Quirks we would have gotten if weren't born Quirkless."

"My pop's got these big-ass horns and my ma's got kick-ass wings." Risa answered.

"My mother can produce light from her body and my father is made of putty." Aimi answered.

"My old man can make sharp bones come out of his body and my mom has monster claws." Takehiko replied.

"My papa can change his voice and my mama has large ears." Kotone quietly answered.

"What about you Midoriya-kun?" Risa asked him. "What are your parents' Quirks?"

"My dad can breathe fire and my mom and attract small objects to her." Izuku answered.

"To be honest, I wonder what Quirk we would have inherited from both our parents if we weren't born Quirkless." Aimi said.

"Obviously, I would have gotten my pop's big-ass horns and ma's kick-ass wings." Risa said.

"I would have the ability to sprout monster claws made out of bone from my fingers." Takehiko said.

"I would be super-flexible like father and shine whenever I choose to like mother." Aimi said.

"I think I could manipulate my voice and hear almost everything." Kotone said quietly.

"I would probably have the ability to attract and absorb fire through my mouth." Izuku deduced.

"Looks like we're the unlucky ones who don't have a Quirk." Takehiko remarked. "Life really is a bitch most of the time, isn't it?"

"We will have to make the best of it." Aimi said. "Nothing will get better if we just mope around."

"You're right!" Izuku said determinedly. "The only thing we can do is keeping moving forward, no matter what!"

"That's the spirit!" Risa cheered. "We're gonna give 'em hell out there! They won't be looking down on us once we show these assholes what we can do!"

"I don't know..." Kotone said quietly. "I don't want to make enemies out of anyone."

"Don't worry, Eisho." Aimi assured her. "Whatever happens, we'll go through it together, okay?"

Kotone nodded quietly.

When the practical exam started, they all watched many different applicants on the monitor duking it out against the fake villains. While the others just alternated from one random applicant to another, Izuku kept his eyes on Bakugo throughout the simulation.

The staff then released the giant robots that were worth zero points five minutes into the exam. Izuku and the others were really worried at this point as almost all of the applicants did their best to avoid these robots.

Bakugo on the other hand, took down the giant robot instead of running away.

After the practical exam was over, the five of them walked out of the dark monitor room and saw their appearances for the first time.

Takehiko was tall, slender, and buff. He had short blueish-white hair with one bang partially covering his right eye. His eyes were a deep crimson and his face seemed to be in a permanent scowl.

Risa was of average height. She had multicolored dyed hair tied into large pigtails and her eyes were bright green hidden by a pair of big yellow-framed glasses. She also had facial tattoos and a wide, goofy grin on her face.

Aimi was tall and slender. She had her bright blonde hair tied in a braided bun and she had pretty dark brown eyes. There was a gentle air around her.

Kotone was short with magenta-colored hair and her eyes were colored lavender. She was also shy and timid-looking.

"Well, it was nice seeing you all for the first time." Aimi said. "I think we should exchange contact information so we can get to know each other more."

"Sure thing!" Risa agreed. "It's fun to see other folks like me become friends!"

"I'm not interested in making any friends." Takehiko said. "But fine, anything to avoid hanging out with those freaks."

"I never shared my phone number with anyone before..." Kotone quietly said.

"Don't worry it will be fine!" Risa told her. "You can trust us!"

After exchanging their contact information, they parted ways.

"See you in April!" Izuku waved goodbye to them before running home.

After Izuku returned home, he was greeted by Hikaru.

"Welcome back, onii-san!" Hikaru said to his foster older brother.

"Hey, Hikaru." Izuku softly patted him on the head.

"Izuku, you're back!" His mom came to him. "How did the test go?"

" turns out that I didn't have to take the exam because us only five Quirkless applied for U.A. at that time." Izuku said. "So I got in."

"Yes, my baby boy just got accepted to U.A.!" His mom hugged him and Hikaru did the same. "I'm so proud of you, my son!"

"Yay, onii-san got into Hero School!" Hikaru exclaimed as he clung to Izuku's leg. "I'm so happy!"

"I've also met my soon-to-be classmates, I think we've become fast friends." Izuku said.

"Wonderful!" His mom clapped her hands together excitedly. "Now let's go out and celebrate! I'm treating all of us to dinner!"

"Hooray!" Hikaru cheered as the three of them went out the door.

Izuku smiled. It seemed his future was getting brighter.

Chapter Text

Izuku decided on going to a BBQ restaurant since it was the middle of winter and he was in the mood for some meat. They ate a wide collection of pork, beef, poultry, seafood and vegetables as they warmed themselves by the grill. For drinks, they ordered hot green tea. Izuku particularly had a thing for pork so he was the one who ate the pork most out of the three of them. Hikaru had a particular affinity for veggies so he ended up eating the vegetables the most out of the three. Izuku's mom on the other hand, ate an eclectic mix of the above. For dessert, they all had smores.

After they were done eating, they all went back home and did their work. Izuku's mom continued to do household chores while Izuku and Hikaru did their schoolwork. Whenever Hikaru had trouble on a question/problem, Izuku was there to help him as always. After Izuku was done with his homework, he decided to talk to all of his soon-to-be-classmates via group chat on his computer.

"Hello? Is anyone here?" Izuku typed and sent his message.

"Hey, Izu-kun!" Risa playfully greeted him.

Izuku blushed at the nickname and typed to her. "Hey Okinatsuno-kun."

"Nah, nah! You can call me Riri-chan! I don't mind! We're friends already!"

"Um...okay..." Izuku sweat-dropped.

"You can just call me Aimi. But if you still want to be formal, you may just call me Betanuru." Aimi entered the chat. "Either one is fine."

"S-s-same for me...but you can call me Kotone-chan or Eisho-chan." Kotone entered the chat.

"As I said before, I'm not interested in making any friends." Takehiko entered the chat. "So just call me Honekiri, no -kun included because we sure as hell ain't friends."

"Wow! So everybody's here!" Izuku typed. "How's everybody doing?"

"My whole fam's happy as shit that I got accepted into U.A.!" Risa put in happy emojis beside the message. "We're throwing a big party at a buffet restaurant! WHOOP WHOOP!"

"My family was overjoyed as well." Aimi said. "We're going to have a nice dinner at a quiet restaurant to celebrate."

"How about you, Eisho-chan?" Izuku asked Kotone.

"...My papa is taking me out for dinner." Kotone answered.

"That's wonderful, Kotone-chan! I hope you have a great time with your father!" Aimi told her.

"Thank you, Betanuru-san." Kotone told her.

"How about you, Honekiri?" Izuku asked. "Got any plans to celebrate?"

"Hell no." Takehiko curtly replied. "And I'm not going to fucking tell my parents that I got accepted to that overrated shithole of a school. They're going to find out anyways and they don't give a rat's ass about me enough to throw a party for me."

"Oh...I'm really sorry to hear that, Honekiri." Izuku felt really bad that Takehiko had pretty neglectful parents.

"So Izu-kun!" Risa piped up. "You got any plans to celebrate?"

"We already did." Izuku answered. "I went to a BBQ restaurant with my mom and little brother, we had a fun time there. The food was hot and delicious."

"I'm really glad to hear that." Aimi commented. "What kind of food did you eat?"

"We ate an assortment of beef, pork, poultry, seafood, and vegetables. For dessert we had smores." Izuku answered. "I'm sorry I didn't take any pictures of the food. I didn't have anyone I could call a friend until I met you guys."

"It's alright." Aimi said. "None of us had any friends either before we met each other."

"I'll be sure to take lots of pics of the buffet and my fam and I!" Risa said with a bunch of emojis.

"I will do the same at the restaurant I am dining at." Aimi said.

" it okay if I just take pictures of the restaurant and the food and not me and papa?" Kotone asked.

"Of course!" Aimi said. "Just do whatever you're comfortable with."

"Okay, thanks." Kotone answered.

Izuku continued talking to his soon-to-be classmates for a while until it was time for dinner.

"Bye! I'm leaving with my fam for dinner right now! Hope y'all have a great time!" Risa said before leaving the chat.

"Same. Goodbye. I have to go now. I'll call back when it's over." Aimi said and then left the chat.

"Goodbye, everyone." Kotone left the chat.

The boys were the only ones who remained in the chat room.

"I have to go to eat dinner now, Honekiri." Izuku said. "I'll come back once I'm done eating."

Takehiko replied with "okay" before Izuku left the chat.

Izuku ate dinner with his mom and little brother at the table. He thought about his new friends and how he was happy to meet other Quirkless people like himself. His life had already changed for the better once he met All-Might and Hikaru nine months ago. He wasn't feeling suicidal anymore ever since he found his purpose in life.

He had an adoptive younger brother who was Quirkless like him and his brand new friends were Quirkless as well, so they understood what he's been through. And All-Might used to be Quirkless as well before he received One-For-All from his deceased mentor so he knew what it was like to be treated like a nobody.

As Izuku continued to think about the events that led him here, his mom decided to ask him about his new classmates.

"So Izuku," His mom started. "Would you mind telling us about your new classmates?"

Hikaru stared at Izuku, wanting to know about his new friends.

"Their names are Takehiko Honekiri, Risa Okinatsuno, Aimi Betanuru, and Kotone Eisho." Izuku said.

"And you're the only other boy in that class, correct?" His mom asked.

"Yeah." Izuku answered.

"So what are they like?" His mom asked.

"Risa-chan is fun to be around." Izuku replied. "She's loud and excitable, but she's friendly and outgoing. Aimi is a sweetheart, she's the person who always wears her heart on her sleeve. Kotone-chan is shy but she's nice too. And Honekiri...he may seem tough on the outside but deep down he's just lonely."

"That's quite a bunch of friends you got there!" His mom chirped. "I hope you can all get along!"

"Same here!" Izuku said after swallowing his food. "I can't wait for April to come! I'm going to miss Teien Junior High though."

"I wanna meet onii-san's new friends too!" Hikaru exclaimed excitedly.

"Just be patient, dear." His mom said. "I'm sure your big brother will show you his friends soon."

"Will I have friends soon?" Hikaru asked in a sad tone.

"I'm sure you will, Hikaru-chan." Izuku patted him softly on the head. "If I can, so can you."

"Okay!" Hikaru nodded with hope in his eyes.

After dinner, Izuku went back to the privacy of his bedroom and returned to the chat room. Everyone else was present and Izuku was ready to see the girls' photos of them at their respective restaurants.

Risa shared hers' first. She had a lot of photos of her entire family at the buffet restaurant. Unlike Risa, her siblings had large horns and wings and her cousins either just had horns or just wings. Risa also had a lot of assorted food on all of her plates from sushi, sashimi, mini-pizza slices, chips in nacho and salsa dip, spiced meat skewers, and shrimp in cocktail sauce, and cheese with crackers. For dessert, she had multiple marshmallows and assorted fruits freshly dipped in chocolate.

Aimi shared hers' next. She dined at a quiet Italian restaurant and she ate bruschetta for the appetizer and spaghetti marinara with calamari toppings for the main course. For dessert, she ate tiramisu.

Kotone was the last to share her photos. She was camera-shy so she didn't take any pictures of herself or her father. She went to a maid cafe and just ate omurice for dinner and a parfait for dessert.

"Wow, it looks like you all had a great time!" Izuku said.

"Hell yeah we did!" Risa exclaimed. "The food was dope and we sang karaoke all night long!"

"I had a nice time with my family as well." Aimi wrote.

"Me and papa too." Kotone chimed in.

"Anyways, I want to ask you guys something." Izuku said.

"Go on. What is it?" Aimi asked.

"Did either of you guys meet your Linked-Half yet?" Izuku asked.

"Nope. Nada." Risa answered. "But if I had found my Linked-Half, I would be stoked!"

"Not interested." Takehiko replied. "The thought of finding my Linked-Half really pisses me off. I would be nothing but an amplifier for that person's Quirk."

"I haven't either." Aimi admitted. "But I wouldn't mind if I found my Linked-Half."

"I haven't found mine either." Kotone said.

"So, Izu-kun?" Risa asked. "Since you're the one asking this question, have you found yours' yet?"

"Yeah, I did." Izuku admitted. "We met months ago."

"Wow, I'm SOOOO jealous!" Risa said. "Who is it?"

"My mentor, Toshinori Yagi-san." Izuku answered. "He helped me whenever I was feeling down."

"So cool!" Risa gushed. "You're so lucky to have a badass mentor for your Linked-Half. I can't wait to find out who mine is!"

"Yeah..." Izuku wished he could tell his future classmates that Yagi-san was in fact All-Might in regular form, but secrets are couldn't risk his secret identity leaking out to the public.

"Maybe we'll be able to find out at U.A.?" Aimi suggested. "I heard that they have free screenings for U.A. staff and students looking for their Linked-Halves."

"Don't expect me to be joining in." Takehiko cut in. "Like hell I want to find out who my Linked-Half is. Most chances are it's a freaky bastard with a Quirk."

"Do you want to find yours' Eisho-chan?" Izuku asked.

"I...I think so." Kotone replied. "I'm going to sleep now. Good night."

"Good night, Kotone-chan." Aimi said to her.

After everyone said good night to each other and exited the chat room, Izuku got ready for bed.

He fell into a dreamless sleep with nothing bothering him.

A month quickly passed and it was now the middle of March. His classmates and all of his teachers bid him good luck and farewell on graduation day. The principal even congratulated him on going to a prestigious school for Heroes-in-training and wished him the best. Izuku thanked everyone he knew at Teien Junior High before leaving the school for real. Izuku said his final goodbyes to the school he spent a year at before he went on his way home.

When he finally came home, he was greeted by his mom and little brother. The three of them went out for lunch before spending the rest of their afternoon at a park. The three of them played frisbee with each other out on the open field before playing on the playground. When they were done, they spent the rest of the day relaxing the evening and night away.

Hikaru busied himself with games on the digital tablet while Izuku continued to chat online with his future classmates. Their mom did household chores as always before taking a break and then watching TV.

Izuku's friendship with his new classmates had grown well over the past month. As for Takehiko, he seemed to have warmed up towards everyone a bit but he still was kind of guarded.

Over spring break, Izuku spent much of his time with his mother, brother, and new friends. With his mother and brother, they went out and enjoyed the spring breeze. To prepare for the next school year, they also went out to shop for supplies and new school uniforms. As for his friends, Izuku continued talking to them online and sometimes they hung out together. Takehiko insisted on not hanging out with them in-person since he felt he wasn't ready yet. So whenever they hung out, it was always Izuku with Risa, Aimi, and Kotone in-person.

Sometimes Izuku would let Hikaru go with him and the girls would gush over and baby him. Hikaru didn't mind since he was still a little kid and he wanted to hang out with his big brother more before school started. As expected, the girls often went shopping with each other while Izuku and Hikaru just talked to each other outside about Pro-Heroes and U.A.

It was now April and it was the first day of school of Izuku and Hikaru. Izuku was entering his first year at U.A. High School and Hikaru was entering kindergarten. Izuku and Hikaru woke up, got dressed in their brand-new school uniforms, and quickly ate breakfast. Their mom was taking Hikaru to his kindergarten school and attending his Entrance Ceremony so Izuku had to go to U.A. all by himself.

Within a half-mile of the school, Izuku simultaneously felt the familiar tingle of the hot-cold sensation mixed with the raw sensation of his mentor's.

"Please don't tell me that Todoroki goes to U.A.!" Izuku nervously thought to himself.

But unfortunately it seemed that Todoroki did attend U.A. Because as Izuku walked towards the school, the hot-cold sensation grew stronger and mixed with the raw sensation of his mentor's, it drove him crazy.

Izuku ran around looking for class 1-Q while trying to ignore the strong sensations in his body. When he finally reached a huge door with '1-Q' on it, he opened the door and saw all of his four Quirkless classmates sitting in their seats.

"Hey, Izu-kun!" Risa stood up from her seat and ran to him. "We've been waiting for you! You look great in that uniform by the way."

"Oh, um thanks." Izuku said self-consciously as he looked her uniform.

Risa was wearing the standard U.A. school uniform but her light-gray blazer was unbuttoned, exposing her long-sleeved, crisp-white dress shirt underneath and her red tie was tied into a large bow. Underneath her dark blueish-green skirt, she wore brightly-patterned legwarmers and neon-patterned, lace-up chunky canvas shoes.

"It's nice to finally see that we're all in class together for the first time." Aimi remarked as she stood up.

Aimi's bright blonde hair was in a neat, braided bun as always. She wore her school uniform traditionally with her blazer buttoned up and her red tie tied as it should be. Beneath her skirt, she wore sheer black tights and red ballet flats that had straps around her ankles like actual ballet shoes.

As for Kotone, she was the most conservative as in how she wore her uniform. Besides wearing her uniform the traditional way, she wore black thigh-high socks and wore flat, black mary-jane shoes.

And lastly, Takehiko left his blazer unbuttoned like Risa but he wore his tie regularly. His pants were tied with a black military-style belt and he wore black military-style combat boots.

"I'm only here because my goddamn parents dragged me all the way to this shithole." Takehiko growled under his breath.

All Izuku and his classmates could do was feel bad for him as Takehiko continued to sulk to himself.

"I'm sorry that your parents treat you this way." Aimi said. "I hope that things will turn out better for you."

"Hm. Don't bet on it." Takehiko replied.

Izuku felt the familiar sensation of Yagi-san getting stronger and quickly ran into the room to sit down.

"He's coming!" Izuku excitedly sat in the only empty desk in the room.

Everyone else who wasn't seated in the room went back in their seats before a lanky, blonde man entered the classroom and closed the door behind him.

Izuku could hardly hold in his squeals as Yagi-san put his files on his desk.

"Good morning, Class 1-Q." Yagi-san said to the class. "My name is Toshinori Yagi and I am your homeroom teacher. I will take attendance first and then we will get down to business."

"Risa Okinatsuno?" Yagi-san asked.

"Here!" Risa raised her hand.

"Aimi Betanuru?"


"Kotone Eisho?"


"Izuku Midoriya?"


"Takehiko Honekiri?"

Takehiko didn't respond, so Yagi-san just looked at him and marked him present.

"Alright!" Yagi-san finished marking the attendance sheet and announced. "First of all, I would like to congratulate you all for getting accepted into U.A.! You five are the first to step into this prestigious institution without a Quirk! Give yourselves a pat on the back!"

Everyone in the class clapped except for Takehiko, of course.

"Now, I will be handing out the syllabus before we attend the Entrance Ceremony." Yagi-san gave them each a paper packet before signalling everyone to go outside. "You can leave your stuff here, I'll lock the door so nothing gets taken."

After the Entrance Ceremony, Yagi-san guided the five of them to the boys' and girls' restrooms closest to them so that they wouldn't be lost while they had a Hall Pass. Yagi then guided them down to the Lunch Rush Cafeteria where they would be hanging out during lunch period. After that, they went down to the P.E. Grounds where they witnessed Class 1-A in action.

To his horror, Izuku felt the hot-cold sensation grow stronger as he and his class arrived in the field.

"Oh no...please don't tell me he's here!" Izuku thought to himself as they walked closer and closer to where Class 1-A was gathering.

Another familiar face that Izuku hadn't seen for the past nine months was also right in front of him.

The tall, black-clad figure turned around to face Yagi-san and Class 1-Q.

Izuku felt frozen in place as he remembered who that person was: Eraserhead.

"Oh, look who's here." Eraserhead said in his usual bored tone.

"Hello, Aizawa." Yagi-san greeted him jovially. "You're testing your own students on the first day of school?"

"Of course I am." Aizawa replied. "This class isn't for anyone who cannot handle it. So I decided for them to take the Quirk Apprehension Test to see who will be leaving this class."

"As expected of you as always, Aizawa." Yagi-san commented before introducing his homeroom class. "This is Class 1-Q, everyone say hi."

"HI!" Risa greeted Class 1-A in her usual loud, happy voice.

"Hello." Aimi greeted them professionally with a bow.

"H-H-Hello."Both Izuku and Kotone stammered while they hid behind Yagi-san.

Takehiko was the only one who didn't say anything. He just crossed his arms and looked away from Class 1-A.

"Quite the class you got there, Yagi." Aizawa commented.

"Well, it's their first day here." Yagi-san replied. "So I was just showing them around the school for the entire period."

"Shouldn't you be showing them the Development Studio so that they can find a gadget to compensate for their lack of a Quirk?" Aizawa asked.

"Well, I want them to be accustomed to the school first so they don't get lost." Yagi-san answered. "It is important for every student at U.A. to know where they're going if they need something."

"Very well then." Aizawa said before he looked directly at Izuku. "You."

"Ah! Me?!" Izuku exclaimed while still hiding behind Yagi-san.

"Yes. You with the green hair." Aizawa replied before using his scarves to grab Izuku and pull him away from Yagi-san and his class.

Izuku felt self-conscious as he stared at Aizawa and Class 1-A with a sense of dread.

"I remember you." Aizawa said, his dark eyes boring into Izuku's.

"Wh-wh-wh-where?" Izuku stammered.

"You're the kid who I met with that acid-vomit Villain nine months ago." Aizawa said, which made everyone whisper loudly to each other. "And you waited an insanely long time in front of me and Yamada at a restaurant to get an autograph."

"I-I-I-I did?!" Izuku asked, pretending that he didn't remember those events.

"And you're the one who got beaten up trying to save a preschooler from those convicts." Aizawa said and then lectured him. "What you did there was reckless and foolhardy. You, a Quirkless being outnumbered by a trio of older teens with Quirks chose to risk his life in a fight he could not win. Not acceptable. You and the boy could have died if someone else didn't come to rescue you two."

Izuku frantically bowed a lot before Aizawa and went into a full-blown string of apologies."Imsosorry,Ididntmeanto!Thatpoorkidwasintroubleandmyfeetjuststartedtomoveontheirown!IdontknowwhyIdidthatIjustcouldntstopmyself-"

"Hey, Teach." A familiar gruff voice interrupted him. "Leave him alone. He's got enough on his plate."

Izuku froze in his still-bowing position when he heard that familiar voice.

"Do you know him?" Izuku heard Aizawa talk to one of his students.

"Yeah. I know him way back." One of Aizawa's students said.

Izuku slowly looked up and saw a familiar spiky-blond boy with red eyes looking at him.

"K-K-Kaachan?!" Izuku gasped.

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Both Izuku and Bakugo stared at each other as the students of both 1-A and 1-Q were in shock.

" know this guy?!" The boy with the spiky red hair asked Bakugo. "Is he your friend?!"

"It's complicated." Bakugo answered with his eyes still on Izuku.

"YOU!" Takehiko growled and everyone on the field looked at him.

"Honekiri..."Izuku silently pleaded for him not to start a fight.

Takehiko angrily stomped towards Bakugo. "You must be that DICKHEAD who made his life a LIVING HELL!"

He tried to lunge at Bakugo but Izuku tried to stop him.

"Honekiri, stop!" Izuku pleaded as he tried to push him back.

"WHY SHOULD I?!" Honekiri yelled knocking Izuku to the ground, his voice full of malice and venom. "OPEN YOUR EYES! THAT GODDAMN BASTARD TREATED YOU LIKE SHIT EVER SINCE PRESCHOOL AND NOW YOU'RE TRYING TO DEFEND HIM?!"

"Honekiri!" Both Yagi-san and Risa tried to calmly diffuse the situation while Aimi stayed with Kotone, who sat there silently curled up in a ball.

All of Class 1-A gasped after they heard what Honekiri yelled aloud.

"What?!" The girl in pink exclaimed.

"Bakugo was a childhood bully?!" The invisible girl asked.

"How could he do something like that to that poor guy?!" The brown-haired girl screamed.

As the rest of Class 1-A continued to exclaim amongst themselves about how Bakugo treated Izuku, Bakugo looked absolutely guilt-ridden in the moment.

Takehiko broke out of Izuku's, Risa's, and Yagi-san's hold as he lunged to punch Bakugo in the face.

Bakugo stood there, unmoving as he waited for the fist to land on his face.

But it stopped only a few inches from his face after Aizawa restrained Takehiko with his scarf.

"That's enough!" Aizawa said before turning to Yagi-san. "Yagi, I think it's best if your class returns to homeroom. I will handle things from here."

"I believe that's the best solution." Yagi-san said before turning to his class. "Come on everyone, let's return to our classroom."

Aizawa then set Takehiko down and released him. Takehiko didn't try to lunge at Bakugo again, but he gave a fiery death-glare to him before walking away with his class.

Izuku looked behind him one last time and saw that Bakugo was looking away in shame as all of Class 1-A gave him judging stares.

For the rest of the first half of the school day, Class 1-Q were introduced to the rest of their teachers which included Pro Heroes such as Present Mic, Cementoss, and Ectoplasm. They would have been excited to meet them in person, but their mood was already severely dampened from their meeting with Class 1-A and what happened there. Risa did her best to keep up the facade of happiness as best as she could but nothing she did could cheer up the entire class.

As time went on, Izuku would feel an occasional frostbite on the right side of his body. He knew that Todoroki was using his ice for the Quirk Assessment Test and he was feeling the side effects from him using his ice consecutively.

When it was time for lunch, they went to the cafeteria to eat. All five of them sat at a table that was unoccupied. The boys sat on one side of the table as farthest as they could from each other. The girls on the other hand, sat on the other side of the table closely together. Izuku and Takehiko watched over the girls' stuff at their table as the girls got up to buy their lunch.

The girls waited at the same line quietly to get their food as Kotone did her best not to cry, clinging onto Risa and Aimi for comfort.

After the girls got their food, they returned to where the boys kept watch over their stuff. Izuku was the only boy to get up while Takehiko just stayed seated.

"You're not going to eat, Honekiri?" Izuku asked him concernedly.

"I'm not eating shit, just worry about yourself for once." Takehiko said, still looking away.

"Oh, um. Sorry for asking." Izuku said before he got up to order his food.

He looked around for any sight of Bakugo and he saw that he was sitting alone all by himself. He looked angry as always but he also looked sad and guilty at the same time.

Izuku wished he could go tell him that he forgives him for everything he did but that would end up making the situation worse than before. Bakugo would yell at Izuku telling him he doesn't deserve forgiveness and Takehiko would violently protect Izuku and get into a fight with Bakugo.

He decided not to talk to Bakugo and just went back to his table with his food. The four of them ate quietly as Takehiko continued to brood to himself.

As they continued to eat, several other students came up to them.

"Hey, um. Is it alright if we sit here?" A cheerful-sounding voice asked.

They turned their attention to a girl with short brown hair and another girl who had dark green hair.

"What the hell do you want?!" Takehiko snapped at them.

"We don't mean any harm, we just wanted to check up on you." The brunette girl said to them.

"Oh piss off!" Takehiko scoffed. "Like we need more freaky assholes to ruin our day!"

"Honekiri! That is no way to treat a lady!" Aimi chastised him.

"Hmph, whatever you say." Takehiko said callously.

"What's up with him?" The green-haired girl asked.

"He's... had a rough life, I'm sorry about about how he just treated you." Aimi said.

"Eh, it's no problem." The green-haired girl just shrugged.

The two girls sat on the two remaining seats on the girls' side of the table.

"So you've met Aizawa-san before, huh?" The brunette girl asked Izuku.

"...Yeah." Izuku slowly answered. "It's a long story."

"And is it true that you put your own life on the line to protect a little boy?" She asked.

"Yeah." Izuku answered.

"Why did you do that?" The green-haired girl asked.

"Because...I didn't want him to die and I know what it's like to be picked on for being Quirkless, that's all." Izuku answered.

"I see..." The brunette said.

"And Bakugo saved your lives?" The green-haired girl asked.

"Yeah." Izuku answered.

"But why would he do that?" The brunette asked. "Doesn't he hate you?"

"I don't know...but I believe he was just trying to protect us." Izuku replied.

"I doubt it." Takehiko angrily remarked. "I bet he just stepped in to make himself look good because that's all he gives a damn about! That's what every single one of those FREAKS cares about nowadays, their goddamn ego."

"Freaks?" Aimi asked. "Honekiri, what are you talking about?"

"You know damn well who I'm talking about!" Honekiri snapped. "I'm talking about EVERYONE with Quirks! All they do is act like they're so much better than us just because they have something and we don't! They bitch and moan on not being recognized but they act shitty to us the next minute so they can feel good about themselves!"

Apparently almost everyone in the cafeteria heard Takehiko's angry outburst and they turned the table where the seven were sitting at.

"Honekiri..." Izuku said quietly.

"They think that they have it SO DAMN HARD that they can't all be Heroes even if they are lucky enough to have a Quirk?!" Takehiko continued to rant furiously. "Well, look at the five of us! We can't live like everybody else because we don't have what they have! To them, we're just a bunch of useless pieces of shit who's just being kept alive just because they pity us! ADMIT IT! They don't give a RAT'S ASS about us! They're just pretending to so they can feel so goddamn good about themselves! I bet that on the inside, they all think that we're better off dead and gone!"

Risa stood up in defiance. "Hey, wait a minute! Don't bring my fam into this! Sure, there may be assholes out there who look down on us for not having a Quirk but my fam ain't one of them! Leave them out of this, dammit!"

"Fine!" Takehiko yelled. "But what about everyone else out there?! Especially the ones in this shitty school?! Their heads are so up their asses that they can't see how much we've been through. All the pain and humiliation, all the misery and suffering! THEY STILL LOOK DOWN ON US AFTER ALL OF THAT?!"

"Honekiri, what made you think everyone with Quirks is like that?" Aimi asked in a quiet voice.

"Who the hell do you think?!" Takehiko shouted. "I'm not so lucky to have a loving, supportive family like the rest of YOU FOUR! My parents treat me like a FAILURE compared to all of my siblings! I'm the YOUNGEST of my WHOLE GODDAMN FAMILY and they treat me like shit compared to every other family who treats their youngest kid like A TREASURE! EVERY LAST ONE of my shitty classmates in every one of my GODDAMNED schools are no different! They would act like I'm just a DISGUSTING PIECE OF SHIT on their shoe and beat me up like a punching bag wherever I go! No one treated me with respect no matter what I did for them! NO ONE GODDAMNED DID, NOT EVEN MY OWN. FUCKING. FAMILY!"

Everyone in the cafeteria went silent after the end of Takehiko's rant. He was standing up, his hands were balled tightly into fists, and there were angry hot tears streaming down his face.

Kotone was crying and curled up in a ball again. Izuku, Risa, Aimi, and the two girls with Quirks looked around the cafeteria and saw that everyone was staring at them with a mixture of pity and anger because of what Takehiko said aloud.

Takehiko then stormed out of the cafeteria without looking at anyone as the onlookers whispered to themselves about had transpired.

Izuku and the girls stayed quiet at their table trying not to pay attention to whatever was being spoken about them as they continued eating.

"You two should sit somewhere else." Aimi said to the brunette and green-haired girl. "It'll be bad if everyone sees you're still sitting with us."

"Okay." The brunette sadly said, standing up and lifting her tray. "Come on, Tsuyu-chan. Let's give them some space."

"Right behind you, Ochako-chan." The green-haired girl said, following her from behind.

As the remaining people at the table continued to eat quietly, Izuku decided to ask about Takehiko's well-being.

"Is... Honekiri going to be okay?" Izuku asked.

Aimi was busy comforting crying Kotone again so Risa answered for her.

"I sure hope so." Risa said.

Takehiko wasn't with them after lunch because the guidance counselor had been taking him in and holding counseling sessions for the remainder of the school day to clear his mind.

The four of them got separated for the classes they were meant to be in if they had a Quirk for the afternoon. Risa left for Class 1-C, Aimi left for Class 1-D, and Kotone left for Class 1-E.

The class Izuku was assigned to was Class 1-A because of his interest in the Heroes Department. That would mean he would have to be in the same class as Bakugo and Todoroki, the two people he least wanted to be near.

"Why couldn't I just been assigned to Class 1-B, instead?" Izuku moped to himself as he walked to Class 1-A.

Yagi-san was waiting just outside the door for Izuku, much to his surprise.

"Ah, Midoriya-shonen." Yagi-san said to him. "I'm glad you arrived. Come on, we're going back to the P.E. Grounds."

"Wait, why?" Izuku asked as Yagi-san guided him alongside him.

"They're still doing the Quirk Assessment Test. Don't worry, you won't need to take it." Yagi-san told him. "You're lucky very that you're not officially in Class 1-A or you're stuck having Aizawa as your homeroom teacher."

"I'm still feeling unlucky that I was assigned with 1-A instead of 1-B." Izuku thought to himself as they walked through the halls.

After Izuku changed into his U.A. gym uniform in the boys' locker room, he and Yagi-san(in his All-Might persona) met with Class 1-A in the P.E. Grounds.

Izuku hid behind All-Might as closely as he could as they approached Aizawa-sensei and all of Class 1-A.

"Hello, Aizawa!" All-Might cheerfully greeted him. "Doing the Quirk Assessment Test again, I see?!"

"You know me well as I do." Aizawa said before focusing on the small figure hiding behind All-Might. "And this is the student from Class 1-Q, I presume?"

"Yes, of course!" All-Might said before gently pulling Izuku into the open where everyone could see him. "Now, young man. Introduce yourself to the class."

Izuku looked down and the floor. He wasn't feeling well ever since Takehiko let out that super-frustrated outburst in the cafeteria. He knew that everyone in the cafeteria had heard it and was feeling all sorts of emotions right now. Izuku knew that they heard Takehiko's prejudiced views towards everyone with Quirks so they must have felt angry they were being judged like that. But at the same, Izuku also knew they must have felt pity for Takehiko after he furiously revealed his absolutely horrible childhood to everyone.

So Izuku just looked down and didn't say anything, tears threatening to spill out of his eyes. He felt a mixture of rage, humiliation, and grief as he clenched his fists at his sides. He wished that he died a year ago when he jumped off the roof after Bakugo told him to.

"Hey, you're the one who me and Asui sat with at lunch!" Izuku heard the familiar cheery voice of the brunette girl say. "Are you okay? Do you need anything?"

"...No, I'm fine. It's nothing to worry about." Izuku wiped the tears away with his sleeve.

"Are you sure?" The brunette girl asked. "I have some tissues if you need them."

"No, I said I'm fine." Izuku sniffled. "I'll be okay."

"Everyone! This is Izuku Midoriya from Class 1-Q!" All-Might patted Izuku on the shoulder. "He will be studying with you for Heroics class for the whole year. So please be nice to him!"

"After hearing about what Bakugo did to him?! Nah!" The shortest boy in the class remarked.

"Shut up!" Bakugo replied angrily.

The brunette girl was the first to introduce herself. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Midoriya! I'm Ochako Uraraka! But you can just call me Ochako! I would LOVE for us to be friends!"

"And I am Tenya Iida." The glasses-wearing boy with dark blue hair politely bowed to him. "It's very nice to meet you, Midoriya."

"I'm sorry that I haven't introduced myself when we first met in the cafeteria." The green-haired girl walked up to him. "I'm Tsuyu Aui, but can just call me Tsu for short."

After everyone in Class 1-A besides Bakugo introduced themselves to Izuku, Shoto was the last one to introduce himself.

Izuku and Shoto locked eyes with each other as they felt their connection thrum strongly between them for the first time since nine months ago.

"My name is Shoto Todoroki." Shoto introduced himself in his typical emotionless voice and bowed. "Nice to meet you."

"Alright, now that we are done with introductions. Let's get back to the test." Aizawa-sensei said. "Midoriya, you don't need to take the test since you're not in my homeroom. You can go stand and watch with All-Might."

"Yes, Aizawa-sensei." Izuku bowed and stood beside All-Might with his right side pressed closely against the latter's figure.

The last fitness test that Class 1-A was doing was the long-distance run. They all had to race each other in one lap while using their Quirks, attacking each other was prohibited of course.

"Is everyone ready?" Aizawa asked.

"Yes!" Almost all of Class 1-A said in unison.

"Alright." Aizawa got ready to signal for them to start. "On your marks, get set..."

Izuku felt his right foot steadily get cold as Aizawa was getting ready to say "Go!"

"Ugh!" Izuku got on one knee clutching his now-freezing right foot.

"What's wrong Midoriya-shonen?!" All-Might bent down to try to see what was wrong with him.

"Nothing." Izuku bared his right foot for All-Might to see. There was no sign of frost forming on his foot but it still felt freezing cold like someone shoved it into a freezer.

Izuku looked up at Todoroki in worry as the latter was ready to release his power.

"Go!" Aizawa signaled.

In an instant, a large amount of ice froze everyone that was on the field.

Aizawa called off the race as soon as he saw Todoroki freeze him and everyone else.

"Todoroki, what did I say about using your Quirk on your classmates for this test?!" Aizawa yelled.

"...I didn't mean to!" Todoroki stared at his right hand in horror and then to everyone who was frozen. "I swore I only just used a small fraction of my power!"


"Um guys, I don't think I can't feel my toes!" Hagakure said.

"My body's getting super-cold fast! Someone please unfreeze us!" Kaminari yelled.

Both Bakugo and Kirishima managed to break out of the ice using their Quirks, which have been amplified somehow. All-Might also managed to break out of the ice too because his Quirk was amplified from his established Link with Izuku.

Todoroki continued to stare in shock as All-Might, Bakugo, and Kirishima broke away the ice around everyone.

After everyone was freed, they tried to warm themselves as much as possible since the ice was super-cold.

"Everyone go inside and warm themselves up! We'll postpone the long-distance run to tomorrow!" Aizawa ordered. "Todoroki and Midoriya! Stay here!"

Izuku, All-Might, Aizawa, and Todoroki stayed in the P.E. Grounds as everyone else went back inside the school.

"What's going on here?" Aizawa demanded.

"Uh..." All-Might trailed off.

"Does Midoriya have something to do with this?" Aizawa stared pointedly at Izuku and the latter flinched.

" can say so." All-Might answered hesitantly.

"You knew?!" Aizawa asked.

"...Yes." All-Might said. "But please don't share this information with the entire school."

"Is there a good reason for hiding this information from us?" Aizawa asked with his arms crossed and a risen eyebrow.

"'s because..." All-Might started.

"It's because he doesn't want Endeavor to know." Izuku spoke up and everyone turned their attention to him.

Izuku felt Todoroki's anger and resentment at the mention of his father and Izuku felt his body freezing up again.

"We bumped into each other last April." Izuku clutched himself to warm himself as much as possible. "I didn't know who I bumped into so I just went home. Days after we did, he came to me in person and told me to stay away from him and Endeavor as much as possible."

"Why would Endeavor want to know who Todoroki's Linked-Half is?" Aizawa asked.

"So he can amplify my already-powerful Quirk, that's why." Todoroki answered angrily. "I refuse to be a weapon for him."

"I see..." Aizawa said. "Your secret is safe with me. I promise I won't tell my colleagues about this. But please keep a tight leash over your powers, Todoroki. Your Quirk is being amplified while Midoriya is around you, so please be careful."

"Will do, sir." Todoroki said, before looking at Izuku and Izuku nervously looked back.

"All-Might, take Midoriya away from the school." Aizawa said to him. "He must be at least more than half a mile far from here and call me when he's out of range. Todoroki will melt the ice here afterwards."

"Will do." All-Might said before picking up Izuku and launching himself into the air.

"Todoroki, you stay here and melt the ice on my signal." Aizawa said.

"Yes, sir." Todoroki sighed. This was going to be a long year with his Quirk being amplified whenever he was near Izuku.

Chapter Text

Izuku felt nauseous after All-Might carried him while leaping from building-to-building to get away from U.A. When they finally landed more than a half mile away from the school, All-Might phoned Aizawa and told him they were out of range.

"Aizawa, we're good." All-Might told him.

"Okay." Aizawa said before turning to Todoroki. "Todoroki, you can melt the ice now."

Shoto quickly melted all of the ice with his left hand without his powers getting out of control now that Izuku was out of range.

"Okay, you two can come back now." Aizawa said on the phone.

All-Might picked Izuku up again and they leapt back into U.A. Izuku threw up for the second time before he recovered to change out of his gym uniform and return to homeroom.

Yagi-san reverted back to his true form before they both entered Class 1-Q and saw the remaining students sitting there.

"I know that today's been a very hard day for all of you, but things will get better as time goes on. I promise." Yagi-san said to them.

Everyone else just stayed silent with sad and/or angry looks on their faces before Yagi-san dismissed them for the day.

All five of them went their separate ways without talking to each other. Izuku decided to return home and saw his mother and brother waiting for him.

"Onii-san! You're back!" Hikaru greeted him.

"Izuku! You're home!" His mom went up to him. "How was your first day of school?"

"It was okay." Izuku said before he went past her and put his bookbag inside his room.

He decided to take a shower afterwards to clear his head. He showered himself in scalding-hot water after remembering how cold he felt when Todoroki used his powers.

By the time he exited the shower, his skin was raw and blistered but he couldn't remember the cold feeling anymore.

He went into his room to do his homework afterwards. Since it was only the first day of school, there wasn't much homework to do so he finished it pretty quickly.

While his mom was busy doing household chores as usual, Izuku decided to help Hikaru with his homework.

After he finished helping Hikaru with his homework, he got a call from Yagi-san.

"Hello?" Izuku answered the phone.

"Midoriya-shonen. I know that it hasn't been an easy day for you and your classmates. Do you want to talk about it?" Yagi-san asked.

Izuku went into his room for privacy and closed the door behind him.

"What is there to talk about?" Izuku asked.

"I heard about what young Honekiri said in the cafeteria." Yagi-san said. "He was clearly very upset about how he was treated his entire life."

"Oh." Izuku said. "Yes, I know how he feels. I've been through almost the same thing he did."

"I'm glad he went to the guidance counselor, I couldn't fathom how he would act if no one was there with him." Yagi-san said.

"Yes. I know." Izuku thought about his suicide attempt last March. "I hope to help him in any way he can."

"That's the spirit." Yagi-san said. "He needs to know that he's not alone and there are many other Quirkless in the world suffering like he is."

"Anyways, Yagi-san?" Izuku asked.

"Yes, Midoriya-shonen?" Yagi-san asked.

"Have you heard from Bakugo?" Izuku asked. "Is he okay?"

"No, I haven't. Sorry." Yagi-san asked. "Why do you ask?"

"I...I was wondering if he said anything about me." Izuku admitted.

"I'll have to ask him tomorrow myself." Yagi-san said.

"And about Todoroki...he can't control his Quirk while I'm around him." Izuku said quietly.

"Ah. That is an issue indeed." Yagi-san responded. "He will have to adjust to it and use his powers at lower levels than he normally does."

"Isn't there a way to sever the Link?" Izuku asked.

"I'm afraid there is only one way, Midoriya-shonen." Yagi-san said. "The only way to sever the Link is if one of the Linked-Half dies."

"So if I die, then not only will my Link with Todoroki be cut off..." Izuku trailed off.

"Our Link will be severed as well." Yagi-san answered for him.

"Yes..." Izuku said.

The two of them stayed silent for a moment before Izuku asked him a question.

"So how does Todoroki's Quirk get amplified?" Izuku asked. "I know that when your Quirk gets amplified, you can stay in your Hero form a few hours longer and you become physically stronger, durable, and faster. But I wonder about how Todoroki's Quirk gets amplified."

"Well, since his Quirk is Half-Hot and Half-Cold, he could produce more ice from his right side and more fire from his left side once his Quirk is amplified." Yagi-san hypothesized. "Also his ice is colder and his fire is hotter as a result so he needs to be careful not to let his opponents stay frozen in his ice too long. And the side effects of using one side without the other is more serious."

"You mean if he continues to only use his ice and not his fire while his Quirk is amplified, then...!" Izuku trailed off, fearing the answer.

Yagi-san gave a grim nod. "Yes, young Todoroki would suffer a more serious case of frostbite and his body would suffer instant hypothermia if he uses his ice too much without his fire."

Izuku was horrified at the thought of someone frozen to death in an instant and immediately freaked out.

"Wh-wh-what am I gonna do?!" Izuku paced around in panic. "IwanttoattendU. !ButIwouldhavetoleaveallofmyfriendsbehindandtheywouldntbehappytoseemego!AndIwouldalsohavetogiveuponmydreamofbecomingaheroifIdon'tattendU. -"

"Calm down, Midoriya-shonen." Yagi-san cut in. "I think there is a way to work around this issue."

"Put me in Class 1-B instead of 1-A?" Izuku asked.

Unfortunately for him, Yagi-san shook his head. "No, I'm going to have to ask Aizawa to pair you two up so young Todoroki can practice controlling his Quirk while it's being amplified."

"WHAT?!" Izuku screamed. "B-b-but, won't Todoroki object to that?! He doesn't even want to be near me!"

"I'm afraid he doesn't have a choice." Yagi-san said. "If he's going to have to prevent himself from causing serious harm to himself and others, he's going to have to train with you around."

Izuku stayed silent, thinking about how Todoroki looked frightened when he accidentally used more power than he usually did. He also remembered the vivid images of Todoroki being abused by his father in his nightmare a year ago. He knew that Todoroki didn't want to be near him, but he had to help him somehow. And he can't refuse helping someone in need.

"I'll do it." Izuku said.

"Excellent, Midoriya-shonen!" Yagi-san put a hand on Izuku's shoulder. "I'll go notify Aizawa right now. See you tomorrow."

The phone call ended and Izuku laid his head on the desk with an exasperated sigh.

Izuku decided to talk to his friends online and see how they were doing. Only he and Risa were in their private chatroom. Risa was an outgoing and optimistic person, so Izuku expected her to be there.

"Hey, Risa-chan." Izuku typed in.

"HEY, IZU-KUN!" Risa answered with a bunch of emojis. "I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE HERE! I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR HOURS!"

"How long have you been waiting?" Izuku asked.

"Ever since school ended." Risa put a pouting GIF along with her message. "I tried to get everyone together but so far only you came."

"I'm sorry about that. I was doing my homework and talking to Yagi-san on the phone." Izuku said. "What are you doing right now?"

"Me?" Risa answered. "I'm just at home talking to you!"

"How was your time in the Department Of General Education for one class period?" Izuku asked.

"Well...the only thing that's different is that I'm placed in a larger class with people who have Quirks." Risa answered. "What about you? How was your time in the Department Of Heroes?"

"U-u-um...well..." Izuku didn't want to talk about what just happened today. "I just watched them do a fitness test."

"Sounds boring!" Risa remarked with another pouting GIF. "I was hoping that you would do some cool stuff!"

"I didn't mind actually, I actually enjoy watching people show off their Quirks and learning how they tick." Izuku said.

"But still...! Isn't U.A. like the best Hero School in the country?!" Risa whined. "What kind of teacher makes their students do a fitness test on the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL?!"

"Aizawa-sensei does." Izuku replied.

"YOU HAVE AIZAWA-SENSEI AS ONE OF YOUR TEACHERS?" Risa asked with frightened emojis.

"Well, kinda. He's Class 1-A's homeroom teacher." Izuku answered.

"UGH!" Risa put a groaning emoji next to her message. "What a real pain in the ass to have a creep of teacher like him! I'm so sorry you had to deal with him!"

"It's fine, Risa-chan." Izuku said. "He didn't hurt me or anything."

"Ugh, okay! I suppose I can let him off the hook this time!" Risa said. "Anyways, you still wanna talk? I can't get Honekiri, Aimi, or Koto-chan to answer me so far."

"Sure." Izuku typed in. "Anything for my friends."

"YIPPEE!" Risa put in a lot of happy GIFS in her message. "I'm so glad to have such a great friend like you!"

Izuku smiled. "Speaking of friends, did you make any friends while you were at school?"

"Hm. I admit I didn't feel like making any friends since I was in a bad mood like you guys were, but I'm happy now that you're talking to me!" Risa answered before asking back. "What about you? Did you make any friends in Class 1-A? Except Baka-ho of course."

"Don't treat Kacchan like that!" Izuku scolded her.

"...Sorry." Risa apologized. "Please don't hate me."

Izuku sighed. "Look, I know you're trying to defend me from him but now he's had enough. I'm pretty sure everyone in the school now knows about what he did to me. And...I may have made one friend."

"Who is it?" Risa asked.

"She was the brown-haired girl who sat at our table, remember?" Izuku said.

"OHHHHH, HER! I remember her! She was the one who sat with us at lunch along with her friend!" Risa exclaimed.

"Her name is Ochako Uraraka." Izuku informed her. "The other girl that sat at our table is Tsuyu Asui. They're both in Class 1-A."

"You're SO LUCKY to be in the same class as them! I wish I was also in 1-A with you so we can talk to them all the time and hang out!" Risa said.

"You can meet them at lunch in the cafeteria." Izuku said. "You girls can hang out together that way."

"SURE!" Risa said with more happy GIFs. "I would love for the three of us girls and talk about typical girl stuff!"

"Glad to hear that." Izuku said. "I'll ask the other girls in Class 1-A if they want to be friends with you too."

"THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH, IZU-KUN!" Risa put in a lot of crying GIFs and heart eye emojis. "What would I be without you?!"

"I can say the same towards you and the others in our class." Izuku smiled. "I never had any friends until you guys came along. I thought I was alone because I was Quirkless in a world full of people with Quirks. But now...I see that things have changed for the better."

"I'm so glad!" Risa exclaimed joyfully with a bunch of happy GIFS. "I hope all five of us can stay friends forever!"

"Me too, Risa-chan." Izuku said with a smile. "Me too."

On the second day of school, Izuku and Risa were the first to arrive to homeroom class. Takehiko, Aimi, and Kotone still looked pretty down but at least they looked more alive than they did the previous day.

Yagi-san came in after his students did and took their attendance.

The morning classes went by in a blur and when it was finally lunchtime, Izuku decided to introduce his female classmates to Uraraka and Asui. Takehiko was eating his self-made lunch at the guidance counselor's office from now on so it was just Izuku, Risa, Aimi, and Kotone having their lunch table all to themselves.

Izuku mustered up all the courage to come to the table where Uraraka and Asui was sitting together at and asked them to come over to the designated "Quirkless Table".

Risa's head perked up when she saw the same two girls from the previous day walk over to their table right behind Izuku.

"I'm sorry we didn't introduce ourselves yesterday!" Uraraka said to them and bowed. "My name is Ochako Uraraka and this is my classmate, Tsuyu Asui!"

"Nice to meet you, guys." Asui said to the group with a wave.

"I'm Risa Okinatsuno!" Risa introduced herself. "Nice to meet ya too!"

"I am Aimi Betanuru and this is Kotone Eisho." Aimi introduced herself and Kotone.

"Now we know what our names are, let's go talk about our day." Uraraka suggested.

"Where's that guy from the other day?" Asui asked.

"Honekiri?" Aimi replied. "He's eating lunch with the guidance counselor from now on for the rest of the school year."

"Is he okay?" Asui asked.

"He's fine." Aimi said.

"Anyways, how are you all doing today?" Uraraka asked.

"I'm okay now." Izuku replied.

"I feel great!" Risa answered.

"I'm fine." Aimi said.

"Same." Kotone said.

"Alrighty then!" Uraraka clapped her hands together. "So how was your day so far?"

"I'm still okay." Izuku replied. "Did you finish your Quirk Assessment Test yet?"

"Yeah!" Uraraka said. "We finished it during homeroom period! I'm just glad Aizawa-sensei didn't expel any of us!"

"How come Aizawa-sensei didn't expel any of you even though he said he would?" Risa asked.

"He was just making sure that we were trying our hardest during the test." Asui answered.

"Phew! I'm really glad none of you were kicked out!" Risa remarked. "I can't stand asshole teachers who make their students take a test right on the first day of school!"

"Well, what's done is done. So let's just forget about it now, okay?" Asui advised.

"Okay, Asui." Aimi nodded.

"You can call me Tsuyu." Asui said to them.

"And you can just call me Ochako!" Uraraka chimed in.

"Alright." Aimi nodded. "Tsuyu, Ochako. What is your class going to be doing after lunch?"

"I don't know." Ochako admitted.

"Me neither." Tsuyu said.

"Be sure to tell us after school!" Risa said to them.

"Wait a minute!" Ochako turned to Izuku. "Aren't you assigned to our class for the Heroes' Course?!"

"Oh-oh yeah, I almost forgot!" Izuku rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

"Damn right you did!" Risa slapped Izuku on the back. "Be sure to tell us about it at homeroom, Izu-kun!"

"I will thanks!" Izuku nodded excitedly.

The six of them continued to eat their lunch until the school bell rang.

"Alright, it's finally time for afternoon classes!" Risa said. "The three of us 1-Q chicks gotta go to our Gen Ed classrooms. See you at homeroom, Izu-kun!"

"Be sure to share what you've experienced with Ochako and Tsuyu!" Aimi said as she, Risa, and Kotone got up from the table and left for class.

"Sure thing!" Izuku waved to them before walking with Ochako and Tsuyu to Class 1-A.

By the time Izuku, Ochako, and Tsuyu reached the classroom, Ochako was the one to slide open the door and enter the classroom first. Tsuyu followed second, and Izuku followed last as he tried his best to look away from the class when he entered.

Since there were only twenty student desks in the classroom, Izuku was the only student in the class left standing. Izuku just faced the chalkboard as everyone else walked into the room.

"Hey, Midoriya." One of the male students said to him.

Izuku slowly turned his head to see who was talking to him.

"Y-y-y-yes? What is it?" Izuku asked nervously.

Before Izuku knew it, he lost control over his body and stood still like a statue. Izuku couldn't speak or budge no matter what he tried to do.

"Turn around and face the class." The same person ordered.

No matter what Izuku tried to do, his body instantly turned around to face the class.

Izuku felt really self-conscious now that he was looking directly at the class and he wanted to badly bolt out of here.

"Why were you facing the chalkboard? Answer me loud and clear." The indigo-haired boy, Shinso spoke.

Izuku tried his best to clamp his lips shut but it was no use.

"Because I'm scared." Izuku replied.

"Scared of what? Of us?" Shinso asked.

"Yes." Izuku nodded.

"Why? Just give us one simple answer." Shinso pressed on.

"Because I was afraid you all would want me out like everyone else does for being Quirkless." Izuku admitted.

Shinso then released his control of Izuku and the latter fell to the ground, feeling powerless at the moment.

"I would never want that for you, Midoriya." Shinso said to him.

"Me neither!" Ochako chimed in. "You seem so nice!"

"Yeah, you don't seem like that other guy from your class who hates people with Quirks!" Kirishima said.

"After hearing what happened to you?! No way!" Ashido exclaimed.

"Don't you worry, Midoriya!" Iida spoke up. "We will make sure nothing else happens to you!"

"Ditto that!" Tsuyu joined in.

As everyone else in the class besides Bakugo and Todoroki spoke words of encouragement to Izuku, the classroom door abruptly opened.

Everyone gasped as soon as they saw who was standing in the doorway with a chair in one hand and a silver case with '21' on it in the other


"It's All-Might!" Hagakure exclaimed.

"Right in the flesh!" Sato exclaimed.

"I can't believe he's teaching right here in U.A.!" Sero cheered.

"What did you expect? U.A.'s the best Hero School in the country." Jiro remarked.

All-Might set down the chair behind the teacher's desk.

"This seat is for you, Midoriya-shonen." All-Might said. "You're going to sit at the teacher's desk with me while you're here."

"Thank you, All Might-sama!" Izuku bowed respectfully to him before taking his seat.

"Now, where are my manners?" All Might cleared his throat and then announced. "I am All-Might! And I will be your Heroics teacher for the entire school year! Today, we will be testing your teamwork and overall abilities needed to become a full-fledged Hero!"

"Training with All-Might? This will be exciting!" Ojiro remarked.

"I can't wait to show him what we've got!" Kaminari exclaimed.

"But!" All-Might lifted up a finger to silence the class. "Before you go, you will need these!"

Several panels emerged from the left side of the classroom wall and the silver cases in them were marked with numbers.

"Your Hero Costumes!" All-Might announced. "Designed to suit your tastes and to complement your Quirk!"

Almost everyone in Class 1-A were excited to see how the costumes they requested on their Quirk Registration Forms came out and they clearly couldn't wait to try them on.

Izuku on the other hand, was self-conscious since he didn't have a Quirk so he was sure a lot of people would find it lacking compared to everyone else's.

"Now go grab your costumes and get yourselves suited up! We're going to be meeting at Training Ground Beta!" All-Might bellowed. "I can't wait to see how you all look in your Hero outfits!"

"YES, SIR!" Everyone in Class 1-A said as they grabbed the boxes containing their Hero Costumes and ran to the locker rooms.

Izuku watched everyone in Class 1-A leave before All-Might handed him the silver case with the number '21' on it.

"This is yours', Midoriya-shonen." All-Might said to him. "I know that you feel out of place right now. But trust me, things will get better."

Izuku stared at his mentor for a moment before mustering up the courage to nod.

"Thank you, All-Might-sama." Izuku bowed before exiting the classroom to go to the boy's locker room.

Chapter Text

Izuku was the last to come to Training Ground Beta after changing into his Hero Costume. He wasn't comfortable changing around the boys in Class 1-A so he just changed where no one could see him. He also took one of his notebooks and a pen with him to look and take notes on the lesson.

Since he didn't have a Quirk, he had to list a gadget on the Quirk Registration Form to compensate. Izuku decided on a pair of cybernetic gauntlets that could let him punch through steel. His Hero Costume was a light blueish-green jumpsuit that was reminiscent of All-Might with the antennas and the smile on his mouthguard. He wore his trademark red sneakers along with it to complete the look.

After Izuku made it to Ground Beta, he stayed behind the class to admire the sight of the Training Ground. He never went in there for the Practical Exam since he didn't need to take it but right now was his first time stepping foot in it.

"Hey, Midoriya-kun!" Ochako called out to him. "Nice costume! You look pretty cool in it!"

"Are you supposed to look like a bunny rabbit or something?" Tsuyu asked.

"Um...well..." Izuku sheepishly rubbed the back of his head, ashamed to tell them the costume was based off of All-Might's.

"It's okay! I'm pretty self-conscious about my costume too!" Ochako assured him. "I would have preferred something looser, y'know?"

"Ah! Midoriya-shonen!" The three of them turned their attention to All-Might. "You're finally here! And your costume looks...inspiring!"

Izuku could feel All-Might's embarrassment through their established Link and he blushed under his mask, he may have requested his costume was too reminiscent of All Might's.

"Anyways! Let's get down to business!" All-Might quickly changed the subject. "I will be splitting all of you into teams of two! Five of the teams will be Heroes and the other five teams will be the Villains!"

Iida promptly raised his hand.

"Yes, Iida?" All-Might asked.

"But sir, there are twenty-one of us to be exact." Iida said. "This will mean that one of us will not be participating!"

"Yes, that's true." All-Might said and then turned to Izuku. "Midoriya, I'm sorry to say this but you will not be participating in this since the number of students is uneven. Don't worry, you'll get your chance."

"Oh, um...I'm not bothered by this at all, All Might-sama." Izuku bowed respectfully. "In fact, I am honored to be able to watch and learn from you and the students in the Heroes Course!"

"I'm glad to hear that young man." All-Might said to him. "Patience is part of what makes a Hero! I'm sure you will be a Hero in no time!"

"Oh, um! Thank you, All Might-sama!" Izuku didn't expect All Might to praise him so soon.

All-Might had everyone but Izuku draw lots to determine who would be teaming up with who: Ochako and Shinso in Team A, Todoroki and Shoji in Team B, Yaoyorozu and Mineta in Team C, Iida and Bakugo in Team D, Aoyama and Ashido in Team E, Koda and Sato in Team F, Kaminari and Jiro in Team G, Tsuyu and Tokoyami in Team H, Ojiro and Hagakure in Team I, and Kirishima and Sero in Team J.

All-Might then told them the rules of the exercise.

"Before we start, here are the rules: the setting you will be participating in is a five-story building. The Heroes start outside of the building and the Villains start inside the building. The Villains hide a fake nuclear weapon somewhere inside the building and protect it. The Heroes must stop the Villains by either apprehending the Villains or grabbing the weapon. The Villains win if they apprehend the Heroes and protect the weapon. The time limit is fifteen minutes for each round, so be quick!"

All-Might then picked into two boxes labelled "Villain" and "Hero" to decide which team would be competing against who and which allegiance they were on. The first teams to compete against each other was Team A vs Team D.

That would mean that Ochako and Shinso were the Heroes and Iida and Bakugo the Villains.

"Everyone else head to the monitoring room! We will be watching them from there!" All-Might said.

"Yes sir!" Everyone said and followed All-Might to the monitoring room.

Izuku waved to Ochako. "Good luck out there, Ochako!"

"Thanks! I'll do my best!" Ochako said cheerfully to Izuku before he followed the rest of the class to the monitoring room.

Izuku was the one who sat in the front so he could closely examine whatever was displayed onscreen. He opened up his notebook and began to write down Ochako's, Shinso's, and Iida's names down in his book.

"You brought a notebook with you?" Tsuyu asked him.

"Yeah, I enjoy seeing other people's Quirks in action and finding out how they tick." Izuku said.

"Do you do this all the time?" Tsuyu asked.

"Yep!" Izuku said.

"Cool." Tsuyu remarked.

"ALL RIGHT!" All-Might bellowed. "Team A vs Team D! Start!"

Iida stayed behind to guard the fake nuclear weapon on the top floor while Bakugo went downstairs to deal with Ochako and Shinso.

Ochako and Shinso went through the front door and kept a lookout for Iida and/or Bakugo as they walked through the halls.

It stayed quiet for several minutes until Bakugo ambushed both of them and the two separated in time.

"Uraraka, run!" Shinso said to her before getting punched in the gut by Bakugo.

"What about you?!" Ochako asked before her eyes went blank.

"Just go recover the weapon!" Shinso ordered her. "Hurry!"

Ochako then ran without looking back, leaving Shinso to deal with Bakugo alone.

Everyone in the monitoring room gasped.

"Shinso used his Quirk against his own teammate?!" Hagakure gasped.

"And he's dealing with Bakugo all by himself?!" Mineta asked.

"He's pretty gutsy, I'll tell you that." Sato remarked.

Izuku on the other hand was writing down in Shinso's entry as he thought about what Shinso did to him earlier.

"You think you can handle me all by yourself?!" Bakugo taunted Shinso.

"You think you're tough enough to handle me?" Shinso taunted back.

"WHA-" Bakugo's eyes went blank just like Ochako's did seconds ago.

"I knew you were going to fall for that." Shinso smirked. "You took the bait and you fell for it hook, line, and sinker."

"So Shinso can control a person's mind once someone responds to him!" Izuku said while he wrote down Shinso's Quirk in his notebook. "I wonder what would happen if multiple people respond to him all at once?"

"Maybe he can control multiple people at once?" Tsuyu suggested. "I wonder if Ochako-chan is still under Shinso's control."

Meanwhile, Ochako had made it to the top floor where Iida and the fake nuclear weapon was hiding.

Her eyes were still blank, which told everyone that she wasn't released from Shinso's mind-control yet.

Iida was still guarding the fake nuclear weapon so when he saw Ochako appear, he burst into a stereotypical villainous laughter.

"MWUAHAHAHAHA!" Iida cackled. "You think you can stop us, Heroes?! Well, we're not letting you stop us from detonating this disastrous weapon!"

Everyone in the monitoring room sweat-dropped when they witnessed Iida's overly-villainous acting.

Ochako didn't respond, instead she touched herself with all ten of her fingers and then leapt towards the fake weapon. She then touched her fingers together and said "Release" in a monotone voice so she could land on the weapon.

But Iida managed to swiftly move the weapon out of the way with his engine legs before Ochako could even touch the weapon.

"So Ochako has the ability to make anything float by touching them with her fingers." Izuku muttered out loud as he wrote in his notebook. "And when she touches her fingers together, whatever she used her Quirk on doesn't float anymore. As for Iida, he has engines built into both of his legs. So he can run super-fast with them!"

Ochako, who was still under Shinso's mind-control still tried to leap towards the weapon over and over as Iida continued to move the weapon around the room while laughing maniacally.

"MWUAHAHAHAHA!" Iida continued to cackle as he continued to move the fake weapon out of Ochako's reach. "Jump all you want, Infinity Girl! But you WILL NEVER get your hands on this weapon!"

Bakugo, who was under Shinso's mind-control lunged into Iida and knocked him away from the fake weapon.

"Bakugo?! What are you doing?!" Iida exclaimed as he tried to get Bakugo off of him.

Ochako took the chance to run towards the fake weapon now that Iida wasn't there to guard it anymore and touched it.

"TEAM A WINS!" All-Might announced.

Shinso then released Ochako and Bakugo from his Quirk and they were left feeling dazed.

"Hooray, we won!" Ochako jumped up and down in glee.

Bakugo quickly got off of Iida and angrily stomped to Shinso.

"YOU BRAINWASHED ME, YOU BASTARD?!" Bakugo yelled at him.

"What did you expect me to do?" Shinso asked him.

"You son of a-" Bakugo was ready to punch him but his eyes went blank again.

"Just shut up and go to the monitoring room with us." Shinso ordered.

Ochako, Shinso, Iida, and a brainwashed Bakugo exited the building and went into the monitoring room where everyone else was staying at.

Izuku stood up from his seat and ran over to congratulate Ochako and Shinso.

"Congrats, you guys!" Izuku said to them.

"Aw, it was nothing." Ochako admitted. "It was Shinso who did all the work."

"Don't be so modest." Shinso said. "You were the one who got the fake weapon for us."

"But it was only because I was under your control and you got Bakugo to push Iida out of the way so I can grab the weapon." Ochako said.

"...You got a point." Shinso sheepishly relented. "To be honest, I've never heard someone praise me for using my Quirk before."

"Why?" Izuku asked.

"Because...people think I'm a bad guy just for having the power to control other people's minds." Shinso looked down in shame.

"I don't think you're a bad guy, Shinso-kun!" Izuku said to him. "It doesn't matter what power you have as long as you use it for good! That's what really counts!"

"...You really think so?" Shinso asked.

"Yeah!" Izuku nodded. "Forget what other people say about you! Just keep doing what you're doing and they'll see that you're a good guy!"

Shinso stared at them in amazement. "You two..."

"ALL RIGHT, IT'S TIME FOR THE NEXT TWO TEAMS!" All-Might said as he pulled out a B from the Hero Box and an I from the Villain Box. "Team B vs Team I!"

Todoroki, Shoji, Ojiro, and Hagakure exited the monitoring room and Izuku plopped back into his chair to take notes on the four participants. He did Ojiro's and Hagakure's first since they were easy to identify what type of Quirk they had.

Ojiro guarded the fake weapon on the top floor while Hagakure took off her gloves and shoes and stealthily wandered somewhere in the building.

Both Todoroki and Shoji were outside the building waiting patiently before All-Might told them to begin.

Shoji listened to movements by manifesting an ear in one of his arms before manifesting a mouth in one of his other arms.

"So Shoji can manifest any body part he wants on each of his arms?! So cool!" Izuku excitedly wrote down Shoji's Quirk from observation.

"One's on the top floor and the other is on the third floor." Shoji said.

"I highly suggest you stay outside. I will handle things from here." Todoroki said to him.

"What will you do?" Shoji asked.

"I'm going to freeze the entire building, only come in when I need backup." Todoroki told him.

"Roger that." Shoji said before exiting the building.

Izuku watched in anticipation as he felt Todoroki gather ice into his hand from the right side of his body and freeze the entire building in an instant.

The monitoring room was also frozen in an instant too as everyone tried to warm themselves up as much as possible.

"Oh no, not again!" Sato complained.

"We've already been frozen yesterday!" Ashido moaned.

Izuku on the other hand, wrote of what he knew about Todoroki's Quirk so far from observation despite the fact he was shivering. "So his Quirk is that he uses ice from his right side..."

Shoji was still outside the building, still listening to all of the movements of the people inside the building. Both Ojiro and Hagakure had their feet stuck in place so they weren't moving. Todoroki on the other hand, was moving quickly so he could defrost everyone as soon as he reached the fake weapon.

When Todoroki finally made it on the top floor, Ojiro readied himself and used his tail to whack his opponent in the face.

But Todoroki ducked in time before sliding across the ice and touching the fake weapon.

"TEAM B WINS!" All-Might bellowed.

Todoroki then thawed the entire building with his left side as everyone felt the heat returning to their bodies again.

"Phew, I feel so much better already!" Sero said.

"I hope that I don't have to experience it again!" Aoyama said.

After Todoroki, Shoji, Ojiro, and Hagakure returned to the monitoring room, Izuku continued talking to mutter to himself while finishing up the sketches and the entries of the aforementioned four.

After that, it was Tsuyu and Tokoyami vs Kirishima and Sero. Tsuyu and Tokoyami won the round. After that it was Kaminari and Jiro vs Yaoyorozu and Mineta. Yaoyorozu and Mineta won the round. And the last round consisted of Aoyama and Ashido vs Sato and Koda. Both Aoyama and Ashido won the round.

"That's all for today!" All-Might announced. "You may use the rest of the afternoon until homeroom as free time. But please don't leave the campus!"

"Yes sir!" Everyone said before heading towards the locker rooms.

"Midoriya! Todoroki! Please stay here!" All-Might said.

Izuku was dreading this moment and he did his best not to look at Todoroki as he walked up to All-Might.

"Um...yes sir? What is it?" Izuku asked.

All-Might leaned in close to them so no one else but the three of them could hear it. "You will be using this opportunity to train together."

Todoroki's eyes widened. "What?!"

He then glared at Izuku, who was shielding himself from his icy glare.

"Noitwasntmyidea!Iswear!Itriedtotellhimnobuthewouldntlistentome!" Izuku blubbered incoherently.

"If you want to prevent your amplified Quirk from seriously hurting others, I highly suggest you learn to lower the amount of power you usually let out." All-Might said. "I have already talked to Aizawa about this."

"Aizawa-sensei knew about this?!" Todoroki asked.

"Yes." All-Might said. "We've talked about it the day before. And it's already been decided, we will hold private training sessions for the two of whenever the both of you are free during school hours. Except lunch of course."

"Looks like I don't have a choice in the matter." Todoroki said. "Fine, I'll do it for my sake."

"Good! Then let's get started!" All-Might said. "I'll be bringing in the Villain Bots so you can spar against them. I'll be in the monitoring room watching and handling the robots. Be careful and work at your own pace." All-Might gave them communicators to attach to their ears before leaving the two to their own devices.

While the two waited for the Villain Bots to appear, they stayed silent and faced away from each other.

"...Um..." Izuku broke the silence. "So we're fighting together?"

"Of course, what do you think?" Todoroki said.

"So...what should I do here?" Izuku asked.

"Just stay out of my way." Todoroki said.

"Okay..." Izuku said.

Both of them heard the sound of machines coming towards them and they got into fighting position.

"All right! All of Villain Bots are here!" All-Might said through their communicators. "Tell me when you need a break!"

Without warning, Todoroki created a large ice ramp and rode on it towards the largest robots.

Izuku winced as he felt the right side of his body instantly freeze up through the Link and ran towards the smaller robots. He got his cybernetic gauntlets ready as the single-wheeled villain bots whirred towards him.

He made his hand into a fist and then punched one as hard as he could. He punch it away before he got knocked by another one of them against a building.

"AGH!" Izuku grunted as his back hit the wall.

Izuku then quickly blocked the single-wheeled bot's arms with his cybernetic gauntlets before rolling to the side to avoid the arms from crushing him against the building.

He punched the same single-wheeled bot to the side, sending it crashing into two other robots.

Izuku then ran inside of the buildings to recover and went to higher ground to survey the area, he had to limp all the way upstairs using mainly his left limbs since his right limbs were freezing cold. After he managed to reach the top floor, he looked out the window to survey the area.

He saw that Todoroki had leapt far away from the swarm of robots so he could warm up his right side with his left hand. Izuku felt the warmth return to the right side of his body at the same time Todoroki defrosted his right side.

After that, Todoroki went back into the battle against the robots. Izuku went back downstairs and ran out of the building to run in the direction where Todoroki was. He carefully snuck past the robots and outran and hid from the ones that spotted him as he made his way towards his destination.

When he was finally under Todoroki, Izuku heard him rebuke him through his communicator.

"What are doing here?" Todoroki asked him.

"I came to check up on you." Izuku said.

"I don't need anyone to check up on me. I'm doing just fine." Todoroki coldly told him. "Just stay out of my way."

Izuku then saw an group of Villain Bots come towards him from behind before Todoroki immediately froze them all in an instant.

"Whoa..." Izuku gazed at the large frozen spectacle right in front of him.

"What are you waiting for?!" Todoroki scolded him. "Get out of there before you get yourself frozen!"

"O-oh, um right!" Izuku ran away from Todoroki and took care of the smaller robots on the ground.

Throughout the entire training session, Izuku had to deal with the right side of his body freezing up every now so he couldn't use his right hand to punch the robots away and he couldn't move his right leg. It was a problem since he had to constantly use his left hand to punch and fend off the robots and leap away with only his left leg. Each of his gauntlets were limited to five punches each before they had to recover for a few minutes before they could used again. On the other hand, Todoroki had to deal with feeling Izuku getting knocked around by the robots a number of times.

Izuku was very grateful that he had the chance to participate in a Hero exercise and test his brand-new cybernetic gauntlets invented by the Support Department. Todoroki had gained some control over his amplified Quirk, but he would still have to be careful that he didn't seriously hurt anyone with his ice. As for his fire, he would constantly try to make sure that not a lick of flame manifested from his left side. He would refuse to bring out his fire no matter what the cost.

Chapter Text

When it was time for homeroom, Izuku changed out of his Hero Costume in the boy's locker room before running back to Class 1-Q.

"Hey, Izu-kun!" Risa called over to him. "How was it during Heroes class?!"

"It was pretty exciting!" Izuku smiled and held out his notebook that listed all of the students in Class 1-A. "I got to watch everyone in action!"

"Ooh! Ooh! Let me see!" Risa jumped up and down excitedly as Izuku gave it to her.

Risa, Aimi, and Kotone flipped through Izuku's notebook as Izuku looked on with a smile on his face. Takehiko, as expected just stared at his desk since he didn't like people with Quirks in general.

"Where's O-chan and Tsu-chan?!" Risa asked. "Oh there they are! So O-chan can make things float and Tsu-chan can do whatever a frog does! So cool!"

As the three girls continued to flip through Izuku's 'Hero Analysis: Class 1-A' notebook, Yagi-san came into the room with a smile.

"Ah, I see you're feeling much better than yesterday. I'm so glad!" Yagi-san said.

Takehiko still looked kinda sulky, but he looked a lot less sulky than yesterday.

"Young Honekiri, have counseling services worked out for you?" Yagi-san asked Takehiko.

"It's okay." Takehiko shrugged.

"I hope you feel better soon and remember, no matter what we're here for you." Yagi-san assured him.

"Thanks." Takehiko said.

"Class is dismissed!" Yagi-san said. "You may go on home! Midoriya, can you please stay with me for a minute?"

All of Izuku's classmates left the classroom and Yagi-san closed the door beside them.

"Yes? What is it, Yagi-san?" Izuku asked.

"It's about your training session with young Todoroki." Yagi-san said.

"What about it?" Izuku asked.

"I see that there is a rift between to the two of you, do you want to talk about it?" Yagi-san asked.

"Yes, of course." Izuku said.

"I sense that you've been trying to reach out to him, Midoriya." Yagi-san said.

"Yeah, I did." Izuku said. "But he kept pushing me away whenever I tried to get close to him."

"I'm sorry to hear that. It seems that he doesn't want anyone to be near him after everything he's been through." Yagi-san said.

"Yeah...I feel really bad for him..." Izuku said. "He seems lonely and...trapped."

"I see..." Yagi-san said thoughtfully. "I'm sure that the more you meet together, young Todoroki will eventually come around."

"I hope so..." Izuku said.

"Anyways, I'm sorry for keeping you in." Yagi-san said.

"No, no, no! It's alright! I don't mind!" Izuku said. "Especially if it's for an important matter."

"Thank you, Midoriya." Yagi-san said. "You're dismissed. See you tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow, Yagi-san!" Izuku waved goodbye before exiting the classroom.

Izuku met up with Risa, Aimi, Kotone, Ochako, and Tsuyu after school. They were talking to each other while laughing happily about something.

"Hey, Izuku!" Ochako cheerfully waved to him.

"Hey guys! What's up?" Izuku ran over to them.

"We were planning on going out to eat and stuff!" Risa said. "Wanna join in?"

"Sure!" Izuku nodded excitedly. "I'd be glad to!"

"We're going to a ramen joint that just opened up around here!" Ochako said. "A lot of reviews say it's great so far!"

"Sounds exciting, I wanna come!" Izuku said.

"Sure, let's go!" Risa fistpumped.

The ramen joint they were going to wasn't very far from U.A. so it didn't take long for them to reach it.

After they arrived there, they ordered a table for six and placed their orders. Izuku ordered shoyu-tonkotsu ramen, Risa ordered spicy miso-tonkatsu ramen, Aimi ordered shio ramen, Kotone ordered veggie-shio ramen, and Ochako and Tsuyu ordered veggie-miso ramen.

Risa, as expected was the first to dig in since she was a big eater.

"MMM!" Risa exclaimed joyfully after the first bite of her noodles. "This is some good-ass food!"

"Ah! This is delicious!" Ochako exclaimed with a blissful expression on her face.

"Knew we've come to the right place." Tsuyu remarked as she took another happy bite of her noodles.

"Does it taste good, Kotone?" Aimi asked.

"Mm-hm." Kotone nodded as she quietly slurped her noodles.

Izuku silently ate his ramen while he thought about his training session with Todoroki. No matter how many times he tried to reach out to his classmate, Todoroki would always end up pushing him away. He also thought about his private conversation with Yagi-san concerning Todoroki and wondered if there was any way to help him.

"Midoriya-kun?" Aimi took notice of his doubtful expression and decided to check up on him. "Is something wrong?"

Izuku immediately snapped out of his thoughts and looked at the five girls who was staring at him in concern.

"O-o-oh, um..." Izuku stammered. "It's just that I've been thinking about classmate of mine in 1-A lately."

"Who?" Tsuyu asked. "Bakugo?"

"No, not quite." Izuku said. "By the way, how's Bakugo been doing?"

"He's...kept to himself a lot after Aizawa-sensei lectured him and everyone in the class has been avoiding him after the fiasco yesterday." Ochako said.

"The only one who's willing to get close to him is Kirishima-kun." Tsuyu said. "He and Bakugo are Linked. It's no wonder why he tries his best to get close to him."

"Wait, Bakugo found his Linked-Half?!" Izuku asked.

"Yeah." Tsuyu nodded. "Kirishima was the one who established their Link by touching him on the shoulder when he was greeting him on the first day of class."

"So how does Bakugo's and Kirishima's Quirks get amplified?" Izuku asked as he pulled out his 'Hero Analysis: Class 1-A' Notebook.

"Well...Bakugo does produce more nitroglycerin sweat from his body and his explosions are bigger and stronger." Tsuyu told him. "As for Kirishima, he's able to make his body harder and more durable than he normally does."

"Are there any other Linked-Halves in Class 1-A?" Izuku asked.

"Absolutely!" Ochako said. "Me and Tsuyu-chan are Linked!"

"Whoa, really?!" Izuku's eyes widened comically.

"Yeah, sorry that we didn't tell you that before." Ochako sheepishly rubbed the back of her head.

"So how do your Quirks get amplified?" Izuku asked.

"Well before amplification, Ochako-chan can only make anything weighing up to three tons float and the more objects she gather, the more nauseous she becomes." Tsuyu explained. "After amplification though, she can now make anything float up to six tons and she doesn't get as nauseous as she does before because of the increased weight limit."

"Wait, you get nauseous when you use your Quirk?!" Izuku asked. "But you used your Quirk a lot of times when you were against Iida!"

"It was only because of Shinso-kun's Brainwashing Quirk that I didn't get nauseous." Ochako told him. "Shinso-kun must give himself more credit than he usually gives himself. His Quirk is super-useful!"

"Yeah, I agree." Izuku said with a sad look on his face. "I hope Shinso cheers up soon and sees that he deserves to be in Class 1-A just like you two."

"Us three, you mean!" Ochako said to Izuku. "You're one of us, Izuku! You're in Class 1-A as much as us even though you're in a separate homeroom!"

"Really?" Izuku asked. "Even though I'm not officially part of Class 1-A?"

"Sure!" Tsuyu chimed in. "We're always happy for you to be part of the class! You're very nice and easy to get along with! And your enthusiasm for Quirks is fascinating!"

"You guys..." Tears began to well up in Izuku's eyes. "I...I don't know what to say..."

Izuku quickly dried his tears with his sleeve and went back on the subject. "Anyways, moving on. Tsuyu, how does your Quirk get amplified?"

Tsuyu thoughtfully put a finger to her lips. "Hmm...since my Quirk is doing whatever a frog does, I guess I become more like an actual frog while my Quirk is amplified. I can leap faster and higher, my tongue is faster, stickier, stronger, and longer, I can produce more mucus from my body, and I can absorb more water into my body."

"Interestingl!" Izuku furiously scribbled down the details about Tsuyu's Quirk in his notebook. "Are there any other people in Class 1-A with Linked-Halves?"

"We do." Ochako nodded.

"What?! No way seriously?!" Risa exclaimed as she, Aimi, and Kotone listened intently.

"Yep!" Ochako nodded again. "Besides Bakugo and Kirishima and me and Tsuyu-chan, we have: Shinso and Kaminari, Yaoyorozu and Jiro, Shoji and Tokoyami, Hagakure and Ojiro, and Aoyama Ashido.

"Whoa, this is a lot to write down!" Izuku readied his pen. "So what happens while Shinso-kun's Quirk is amplified?"

"Shinso-kun can hypnotize up to twelve people without falling unconscious." Tsuyu informed. "As for Kaminari, he can expel a lot more electricity without being put in a short-circuited state. Yaoyorozu could produce a lot more objects out of her body without getting exhausted and Jiro's earlobes are more stronger, faster, and easier to hear with. As for Shoji, he can now produce two body parts on each tip of his arms and Tokoyami is less weaker in the light and much more stronger in the dark. As for Hagakure...I guess she becomes more invisible? And Ojiro's tail becomes stronger and faster. Aoyama's lasers become brighter and stronger and he suffers less diarrhea and Ashido can produce more acid and her acid is more corrosive."

Izuku furiously wrote down all of the Links while muttering to himself to make sure he could remember the details.

"So the only ones in Class 1-A who don't have an established Link are: Iida, Todoroki, Sero, Koda, Sato, and Mineta. Is that correct?" Izuku asked.

"Yep." Tsuyu said. "All six of them confirmed that neither of them found their Linked-Half so far."

"Except Todoroki does have a Linked-Half." Izuku thought to himself. "He just doesn't want one."

"So what about you guys?" Ochako asked. "Did you guys find your Linked-Halves yet?"

"Nope!" Risa shook her head.

"None unfortunately." Aimi said.

"Mm-mm." Kotone shook her head.

"So Izuku, what about you?" Ochako asked. "Did you find your Linked-Half?"

"Um...yeah." Izuku decided to only talk about Yagi-san. "Our homeroom teacher, Yagi-sensei. He is Quirkless, so he doesn't have a Quirk that's being amplified."

"Cool! When did you two meet?" Ochako asked.

"Last year." Izuku answered. "He helps me whenever I feel down."

"That's nice! I hope you're feeling better today!" Ochako remarked.

"Yeah, I am." Izuku smiled. "Thanks."

"I'm glad to hear that!" Ochako cheerfully said.

After all of them were done eating, they all went their separate ways.

"Goodbye! See you tomorrow!" Ochako said to them.

"Yeah! It was super-fun eating with you!" Risa waved goodbye back.

Izuku went home, feeling happy that he was not alone.

After Izuku returned home, he took a shower before helping Hikaru with his homework. He then finished all of his homework in the room before their mom announced it was dinnertime.

"So Izuku, how your day at school?" His mom asked.

"It was good." Izuku said. "I got to see everyone in Class 1-A in action."

"Wonderful!" Their mom remarked. "What did you do?"

"Everyone else had to compete against each other in a mock battle." Izuku said. "I stayed in the monitoring room watching since there was an uneven number of students."

"Did you make any friends there?" His mom asked.

"Yeah, I made two so far. Ochako and Tsuyu are their names, they're really nice!" Izuku said.

"That's great!" His mom exclaimed. "I would like to see them when you have the chance!"

"Sure. Risa has pictures of them if you would like to see them." Izuku said.

"I would love to!" Izuku's mom clapped her hands together.

"I wanna see too!" Hikaru hopped excitedly in his seat.

"Wait after dinner, Hikaru." His mom gently assured him.

After dinner, Izuku showed them the photos Risa snapped during their time together at the new ramen joint.

"So you went to eat with your friends?" His mom asked.

"Yeah!" Izuku said. "The ramen was pretty good, you two should go sometime."

"What about we go this Friday afternoon?" His mom suggested. "We'll wait for you after school and you can lead us there."

"Sure!" Izuku nodded. "Oh and I forgot, I took a lot of notes on Class 1-A today!"

"Great, can we see?" His mom asked.

"Yes, absolutely!" Izuku took out his 'Hero Analysis: Class 1-A' notebook and showed it to his relatives.

"Amazing!" His mom said as she flipped through the pages and Hikaru looked at each of the entries with fascination.

When Bakugo's entry was shown, Hikaru pointed at it.

"Oh, it's the same one who saved me and onii-san last year!" Hikaru said.

"Yes, Hikaru. That's him, Katsuki Bakugo." His mom said.

"Cool!" Hikaru exclaimed. "I want to meet him again someday!"

"I'm sure you will." His mom said to him as she continued flipping through the pages.

When it was bedtime, their mom tucked Hikaru in bed and read him a bedtime story while Izuku lied down in bed, thinking about how his day would go tomorrow.

After a while, he fell asleep and he dreamt himself and his friends being Pro-Heroes and all.

The next day, Izuku woke up early as always and got ready to go to school. After he ate breakfast, he waved goodbye to his mom and brother as they he exited the door.

After arriving at homeroom, he and the girls talked to each other while Takehiko kept to himself.

Izuku wanted to ask the constantly-sulking boy about his experiences with Class 1-B but he chose not to since he knew that he didn't want to be in U.A. in the first place.

After Yagi-san entered the room, he had them pick who was Class Representative and Vice Class Representative.

"Alright, so who's going to be Class Representative and Vice Class Representative?" Yagi-san asked.

"I wanna be Vice Class Representative!" Risa said with her hand raised up high.

"Okay." Yagi-san wrote her name down for Vice Class Representative. "Who's going to be Class Representative?"

"I'll do it." Aimi said.

"Alright then." Yagi-san wrote her name down for Class Representative.

After morning classes were over, the four of them sat down at their designated table to talk about their week at U.A. so far.

"So, Izu-kun?" Risa asked. "What are you going to do for Heroics class?"

"I don't know. I think it's supposed to be a surprise." Izuku said.

"Aw, bummer!" Risa complained.

"I know you three are working in the General Education Department, so what do you there in the afternoon?" Izuku asked.

"Y'know, same old, same old." Risa said. "The same subjects we learn in regular schools."

"Oh." Izuku said. "So what do you plan on doing after high school?"

"I want to be a comedian so I can make people laugh their asses off!" Risa said.

"I want to be a dancer to inspire people." Aimi said.

"I want to be a singer." Kotone answered quietly.

"So Izu-kun, what do you want to-" Risa was suddenly cut off.

A huge alarm alerted everyone in the cafeteria and warned everyone in the building of a security breach.

"Crap! What the hell's going on?!" Risa jumped up from her seat.

"I don't know, but we gotta get out of here! Hurry!" Izuku said as he and his classmates ran towards the exit of the building.

Unfortunately for them, the hall was crowded with a lot of panicking students seeking to evacuate the building.

"Dammit! Quit shoving!" Risa yelled at the other students in the hall.

Aimi was shielding Kotone from the other students while Izuku tried to look past the crowd of students.

Luckily, someone was there to make them come to their senses.

"Iida!" Izuku looked at the student standing above the exit.

"EVERYONE LISTEN UP!" The bespectacled student shouted. "Do not panic! There are no Villains infiltrating the campus! It's just the reporters who breached the gate surrounding our school! Please evacuate the building in an orderly fashion as you are told by the announcement!"

Everyone soon calmed down after Iida managed to talk sense into panicking students and they evacuated the building as calmly as possible.

They stayed outside for ten minutes before being let back into the building. Izuku and his friends' lunches were now cold but they had to quickly eat them if they were going to regain their energy for the afternoon classes.

After that, Izuku went over to Class 1-A as he was scheduled to and stood in the far corner of the classroom.

Apparently, everyone was praising their newly-elected class representative for staying calm in the most stressful of situations and getting everyone in order.

The rest of the afternoon was just about learning the background of all of the famous Pro Heroes to ever occur in existence before Izuku went back to homeroom.

After dismissal, Izuku just went on home and did his usual routine of showering, helping Hikaru with schoolwork, going to his room to do his homework, eating dinner with his mom and brother, and then going back to his room again to chat online to his classmates/friends before going to bed at night.

Chapter Text

On the next day at lunchtime, Izuku sat with Aimi, and Kotone at their designated "1-Q Table." Risa was at another table talking with Class 1-C.

"How do you think Honekiri is doing?" Izuku asked.

"I'm not sure." Aimi said in concern. "He hasn't responded to us for a few days now."

"Do you think he's okay?" Izuku asked.

"I hope so." Aimi said. "He's been attending counseling sessions every lunch period since a few days ago. I hope it's helping him."

"I feel really bad that he was forced to go to U.A. by his parents." Izuku said. "He should be making his own choices, not anyone else."

"I know..." Aimi said as she stared at her food.

Kotone stayed quiet throughout the whole lunch period as she at her food, feeling sad about something she experienced in her childhood.

After lunch, Izuku met with Class 1-A. To everyone's excitement, they were going to do Rescue Training at the Unforeseen Simulation Joint with Eraserhead, All-Might, and someone else. Aizawa-sensei then let all of the students wear whatever they wanted before they set out for the facility, which was off-campus so they had to take a bus there.

Izuku sat in the front with Ochako and Tsuyu. Izuku was still worried about Honekiri and how he was doing so he looked out the window to distract himself.

"Hey, Izuku?" Ochako called out to him.

"Huh?" Izuku asked.

"Are you feeling okay?" Tsuyu asked. "What's the matter?"

"It's... about Honekiri." Izuku said.

"What about him?" Ochako asked.

"I wonder if he's alright..." Izuku said quietly. "His family doesn't care about him. Me, Risa, Aimi, and Kotone are all that he has."

"Poor guy..." Ochako said quietly. "So that's why he hates everyone with Quirks. Because of the way everyone treated him..."

"Yeah...I wonder if there is a way to help him..." Izuku wondered.

"Alright, we're here." Aizawa-sensei announced.

After everyone got off the bus, they were introduced to another Pro-Hero named Number 13. Before they started however, Number 13 gave them a lecture on the responsibilities of being a Hero and the dangers of using their Quirks recklessly.

Just when they were about to start training, all of the lights in the center flickered off and a dark portal appeared in the central plaza. Multiple Villains appeared from the portal and walked menacingly towards them.

All-Might and Aizawa-sensei took down several Villains in the central plaza while Number 13 escorted all of the students to safety. Unfortunately, the same Villain who made those dark portals prevented them from reaching the entrance and instead teleported everyone besides Number 13, Iida, Ochako, and Shoji into different zones of the USJ. Izuku, Tsuyu, and Shinso were teleported into the Flood Zone. Tokoyami, Koda, and Mineta were teleported in the Downpour Zone. Bakugo, Kirishima, and Ashido were teleported into the Ruins Zone. Ojiro, Aoyama, and Hagakure were teleported into the Conflagration Zone. Kaminari, Yaoyorozu, and Jiro were teleported into the Mountain Zone. And Sato, Sero, and Todoroki were teleported into the Landslide Zone.

Seconds after landing in the Flood Zone, Izuku was almost attacked by a Villain swimming towards him, but he was immediately saved by Tsuyu and she got him onboard the ship with Shinso.

Unfortunately, they were surrounded by Villains in a circle so there was no way to jump into the water without getting attacked and killed by them.

"What do we do now?" Izuku asked.

"I can use myself as bait and lure them away while you guys escape." Tsuyu suggested.

"No way!" Izuku protested. "Even if you can swim really fast in water, we can't risk losing you to them!"

"I've got an idea." Shinso said before climbing to the top of the ship and yelling at the top of his lungs to get all of the Villains' attention.


As expected, most of the Villains responded immediately and were put under Shinso's mind-control as a result.

"Restrain them." Shinso commanded.

"Hey, what the hell are you doing?!" One of the Villains cried out as one of the brainwashed Villains restrained them.

"Now's your chance!" Shinso yelled to Izuku and Tsuyu. "Get off the ship and swim to safety!"

"But wha-"Izuku was immediately taken over by Shinso's mind-control.

"JUST GO!" Shinso yelled. "I can handle things from here! Asui, take Midoriya to safety! Hurry!"

Tsuyu immediately wrapped her tongue around Izuku and jumped off the ship. She swam quickly with a still-brainwashed Izuku towards shore before looking back to see Shinso being carried by the brainwashed Villains to shore.

After all three of them were on dry land, Shinso released Izuku from his control before he took the opportunity to give said Villains one last command.

"Beat each other unconscious." Shinso ordered.

And so the Villains did, both Izuku and Tsuyu averted their eyes as the Villains beat each other into a bloody pulp until there was not another sound coming from their mouths.

Shinso released his control of the now-unconscious Villains and turned to Izuku and Tsuyu.

"Thanks." Izuku said.

"Don't mention it." Shinso said. "Now let's regroup with the others."

"Right!" Izuku and Tsuyu said as they all ran to the entrance.

Meanwhile in the Downpour Zone, Tokoyami fended off the Villains while Koda and Mineta tried to find a way out of the Downpour Zone. Tokoyami's Quirk was little stronger since the inside of the Downpour Zone was darker than the outside. Koda's Quirk was useless since the USJ was an enclosed area so his Quirk couldn't reach any animals and Mineta was running away crying like a baby.

"Did any of you find the exit yet?" Tokoyami asked while Dark Shadow fended off the Villains as best as he could.

Koda shook his head while Mineta kept running to find the exit.

In the Ruins Zone, Bakugo and Kirishima fought off the Villains while Ashido surfed around on her acid trying to look for the exit. Bakugo was taking his anger out on his enemies as Kirishima did his best to play defense.

In the Conflagration Zone, Ojiro and Aoyama also fought off the Villains while Hagakure snuck past the Villains to find the exit. Ojiro took down the close-ranged enemies while Aoyama took down the long-ranged ones.

In the Mountain Zone, Yaoyorozu fended off the Villains with a long metal staff she created while Jiro kept the enemies at a distance by emitting sound waves from her boots with her Quirk. Kaminari also kept the enemies at a distance by discharging his electricity on the ground.

In the Landslide Zone, Sato beat up the Villains after ingesting a lot of sugar, Sero tied the Villains up with his tape, and Todoroki froze them leaving only their faces exposed.

After everyone fought their way into the Central Plaza, half of the group split up to fight with All-Might and Aizawa against Shigaraki and Nomu. Izuku, Shinso, Bakugo, Kirishima, Ashido, Aoyama, Kaminari, Sero, and Todoroki stayed behind to help out while the others ran towards the entrance to take care of Number 13.

Izuku looked after All-Might who was fighting Nomu while Shinso looked after Aizawa who was fighting Shigaraki. Bakugo and Kirishima made sure Kurogiri was down the entire battle. Ashido surfed around her acid to distract Shigaraki and Nomu. Aoyama and Kaminari blasted at Shigaraki and Nomu from a distance. Sero swang around trying to tie up Shigaraki and Nomu, and Todoroki tried to freeze Shigaraki and Nomu.

Thanks to the students' intervention, Aizawa managed to defeat Shigaraki and All-Might managed to defeat Nomu.

It took a while, but the entire staff of U.A. arrived just in time thanks to Iida to forcing all of the Villains to retreat. As for the ones that were defeated by All-Might, Aizawa, and Class 1-A, they were immediately arrested by the police. Shigaraki, Kurogiri, and Nomu were arrested as well.

On the bus ride back to U.A. Campus, all of Class 1-A were shaken by what they just experienced back at the U.S.J.

Izuku's hands were shaking and both Ochako and Tsuyu held each of his hands for reassurance.

"Is...Number 13 going to be okay?" Izuku asked, remembering how torn-apart the Space Hero looked after he returned to the entrance.

"I'm sure she'll be fine." Ochako gave his hand a warm squeeze. "She's strong, I just know it!"

"Recovery Girl will take good care of her." Tsuyu said.

"I hope so..." Izuku said as he worried about Bakugo, Todoroki, Honekiri, and now Number 13. He felt that things have gotten harder ever since he arrived at U.A.

After returning to U.A., all of Class 1-A changed back into their school uniforms before being lectured by All-Might and Aizawa-sensei about the incident.

"We're sorry that all of you were put in an incredible amount of danger today." Aizawa-sensei said.

"That's right, none of us expected a Villain break-in to happen at the U.S.J." All-Might lamented. "We were too careless."

"Anyways, we're glad that you're all alive and in one piece." Aizawa-sensei said. "We're very sorry for how much trouble this incident caused you."

The entire class stayed silent, not knowing what to say.

Izuku was fidgeting in his seat, tears starting to come out of his eyes. He had never felt so scared than in his entire life.

"However." All-Might broke the silence. "We're very proud of what you have accomplished during the incident."

Izuku's head shot up in shock. "What?!"

"You bravely stood up against the Villains despite the odds." All-Might said to them. "You also helped each other in times of need."

The entire class was surprised as All-Might continued to praise them.

"You have also helped Aizawa and I take down three extremely-dangerous Villains and looked after Number 13 when he was severely injured." All-Might continued. "You should be very proud of yourselves. I have no doubts that you all will be excellent Pro-Heroes."

All of Class 1-A excitedly whispered to each other after All-Might gave words of praise to them. Izuku kept to himself, still experiencing doubts in his mind.

When the homeroom bell rang, Izuku was about to get up and leave the classroom but was stopped by All-Might and Aizawa-sensei.

"Midoriya-kun, can you please stay for a minute?" Aizawa-sensei asked.

Izuku stayed in his seat. "Yes? Aizawa-sensei, what is it?"

"I would like to congratulate you." Aizawa-sensei told him.

"W-w-why?" Izuku asked nervously.

"For making it this far in the Hero Course." Aizawa-sensei said.

"B-b-b-but I didn't do anything!" Izuku said. "Everyone else did!"

"You stayed calm and helped whenever it was needed." All-Might said to him. "You stood your ground and made sure everyone was alright without jumping into battle recklessly."

"B-b-but Shinso and Tsuyu, they-" Izuku started.

"You did worry about us when we were willing to risk our lives to get you to safety." Tsuyu said.

"Yeah, you didn't want to leave me behind when I told you and Tsuyu to escape." Shinso said. "Not to mention that you did a pretty good job looking after All-Might and looking for the Nomu's weaknesses."

"But...why am I a special case? Is it because I'm...?" Izuku paused, dreading that he knew the answer why.

"W-well...yes." All-Might said. "Because it is very remarkable for someone without a Quirk to stay calm in the most dire of situations and that they care about the lives of others even though they are able to get them out of a life-threatening situation."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Izuku asked dejectedly.

"It means that you're on par with all of 1-A despite not having a Quirk." Aizawa clarified. "And that speaks volumes about what Quirkless people are capable of if they believe in themselves and help alongside people with Quirks without holding any hard feelings towards them."

Izuku thought about Honekiri and his bitter resentment towards everyone with Quirks and how he imagined Honekiri would do if he was in the U.S.J when the Villains struck. Honekiri would definitely separate from his group and focus on delivering his rage on the Villains like Bakugo would.

"Anyways." All-Might said. "What we're saying is that we're very proud of you, Midoriya. You should give yourself a pat on the back on surviving a huge Villain ambush without a Quirk."

Izuku just mumbled "thanks" under his threat before exiting the classroom and running to his homeroom.

When Izuku opened the door to Class 1-A, all of his classmates ran up to him with very worried looks on their faces.

"Midoriya-kun! Are you alright?!" Aimi asked while she frantically checked him for any injuries.

"That was ONE HELL of a break-in!" Risa exclaimed. "We were scared shitless when we all heard what happened with you and Class 1-A!"

"Don't worry, guys." Izuku assured them. "I'm okay. Not a scratch on me, except that I got soaked while I was in the Flood Zone. I'm going to have to wash my Hero Costume and my school uniform when I get home."

"So why don't you tell us what happened?" Risa asked.

Izuku told them about how the warp-villain teleported eighteen of Class 1-A(including himself) into the six different zones of the U.S.J. when they tried to escape with Number 13 through the entrance. Izuku was teleported with Tsuyu and Shinso into the Flood Zone. Tokoyami, Koda, and Mineta were teleported into the Downpour Zone. Bakugo, Kirishima, and Ashido were teleported into the Ruins Zone. Ojiro, Hagakure, and Aoyama were teleported into the Conflagration Zone. Yaoyorozu, Jiro, and Kaminari were teleported into the Mountain Zone. And Sato, Sero, and Todoroki were teleported into the Landslide Zone. After all eighteen of them reunited at the Central Plaza, nine of them stayed behind to help All-Might and Aizawa-sensei while the other nine ran to reunite with Number 13, Ochako, Iida, and Shoji at the entrance. Izuku then told them that the rest of the U.A. staff, including the principal himself showed up at the U.S.J to force the rest of the Villains to retreat. They also managed to arrest three very dangerous Villains as a result.

"So you and some of Class 1-A managed to help two Pro-Heroes take down one S-Rank Villain, one A-Rank Villain, and one B-Rank Villain.?!" Risa exclaimed excitedly. "KICKASS!"

"Well, I didn't actually do anything." Izuku said sheepishly. "Everyone else did. I only just watched."

"Aw, what the hell?!" Risa hugged him tightly. "At least you're safe and sound with us!"

Yagi-san suddenly entered the room and everyone went back into their seats.

"Midoriya!" Yagi exclaimed. "I'm glad you weren't hurt! I also heard you helped two Pro Heroes take down three high-ranked Villains! That's an amazing accomplishment for someone without a Quirk!"

"That's because I didn't actually do anything, everyone else did." Izuku sullenly thought to himself.

"Anyways, class is dismissed!" Yagi-san announced. "Midoriya, can you please stay with me for a minute?"

After everyone else left the classroom, Yagi-san asked Izuku about his problems.

"What's wrong?" Yagi-san asked.

"I know that you're just saying these things to make me feel good about myself, but you know that I didn't do anything when the Villains attacked us." Izuku admitted.

"Midoriya, you did what you could do in this situation." Yagi-san reassured him. "You didn't run away to save yourself at the expense of others, you chose to stay and help us the best you could."

"I... couldn't just leave anyone in danger." Izuku said.

"And that's what I really like about you, Midoriya-shonen." Yagi-san put a hand on his shoulder. "Your selflessness knows no bounds. And because of that, I have no doubt you will make an excellent Hero."

"Thanks, Yagi-san." Izuku smiled and nodded with tears coming from his eyes.

Just when Izuku stepped out of the building, his mom and brother ran to him and hugged him tightly.

"Oh Izuku!" His mom clung to him like a lifeline. "We were so worried about you after hearing what happened at U.S.J.!"

"Onii-san!" Hikaru clutched onto Izuku's leg while sobbing wildly.

"Don't worry." Izuku comforted them. "I'm fine, not a scratch was put on me."

"We're very glad that you're safe!" His mom said. "Now let's all go home and relax. And you need a shower too! And I'll wash your clothes for you!"

After the three of them returned home, Izuku took a shower to wash the seawater off his body as his mom washed his clothes.

Izuku helped Hikaru with his schoolwork as usual before going into his room to do his schoolwork. After he was done, he used his free time to chat with his 1-Q classmates.

"So did anything new happen today?" Izuku asked.

"Not really." Risa replied. "Just same old school stuff. English, Literature, Math, Social Studies, y'know."

"Did you maybe befriend anyone from Class 1-C?" Izuku asked.

"I dunno." Risa answered. "It's hard to tell when the entire class is laughing at you after cracking a joke."

"What about you, Aimi and Kotone? Did you befriend anyone outside of Class 1-Q besides Ochako and Tsuyu?" Izuku asked.

"No luck, unfortunately." Aimi said.

"Mm-mm." Kotone said.

"Can I say something?" Takehiko asked.

"Yes, Honekiri." Aimi said. "What is it?"

"Why do you people bother trying to make friends with people who want nothing to do with you?" Takehiko asked.

"These things take time, Honekiri." Aimi tried to assure him. "This is just the first week of school. I'm sure the longer we stay here, the more our relationship with the people here will grow over time."

"I beg to differ, I never made any friends during all of my years at school no matter how long I've waited." Takehiko said.

"Well maybe you will make friends here at U.A." Aimi suggested. "The four of us are the closest you can refer to as your friends."

"I guess..." Takehiko said.

"So how's your counseling sessions been?" Aimi asked.

"Okay, I guess?" Takehiko answered. "I had to eat my lunch first before talking to the guidance counselor about my issues."

"What did you two talk about?" Izuku asked.

"We talked about my family and how everyone outside my family treated me." Takehiko replied. "My life was hell because of them. My parents paid more attention to all of my three older siblings because they had a Quirk and I didn't. I have one older brother and he's the eldest of my family, he wouldn't ask me how I was doing or anything like that. My two older sisters also don't give a damn about how I feel. No one at all of my previous schools even tried to reach out to me or ask me if I was alright. They either just straight-up abused me or neglected me just like by whole goddamned family did."

"Did the guidance counselor try to contact your parents?" Aimi asked.

"Yes, he did." Takehiko answered. "But my parents didn't care. So as long as I'm still stuck with them, my life will still be a living hell."

"I'm really sorry you had to go through all of that." Izuku said.

"But I think times have changed now since I'm not alone anymore." Takehiko said. "I have you guys, so it's not the end of the world for me."

"I'm very glad to hear that." Aimi said. "I hope that we can help you in any way we can."

"Thanks, I appreciate it." Takehiko said.

"I've got something to say too..." Risa sounded very sad and serious which unnerved everyone in the chatroom.


Chapter Text

Everyone else stayed silent as Risa began to tell them the details of her sad, lonely life outside of her family.

"Ever since I was a little girl, I've always wanted a big group of friends who I can laugh and have fun with." Risa started. "But it didn't work the way I wanted it to."

"What happened?" Kotone asked.

"These so-called "friends" were not my friends at all." Risa replied. "To them, I was just a plaything, not a person. It only took me until middle school to see that they were just using me. I was just there to make them laugh their asses off and they played horrible pranks on me throughout my life."

The four stayed silent as Risa continued.

"They did stuff like spitting gum into my hair, pushing me off a swing, vandalizing my desk, saying nasty stuff about me behind my back, and even worse..." Risa trailed off.

The four stayed silent as they waited for Risa to finish her sentence.

"They made me walk around outside during a blizzard, telling me that they were playing hide-and-seek at our school's playground." Risa said. "It turns out they were lying and they weren't actually outside. I was eight years old when that happened. I almost died of hypothermia and ended up in the hospital for two days."

The four sucked in a horrified breath after seeing what Risa typed on their screens.

"My so-called "friends" were expelled from school after I told my teachers about who told me to go out in the cold." Risa said. "Ever since then, everyone made sure no one else was bullying me during the rest of my years at elementary school. As for middle school, that was a different story. The people there harassed me as much as everyone else did in elementary school. I did my best to smile and pretend everything was alright but they always found a way to make me feel like shit."

The four stayed silent as Risa continued her story.

"And then I met you guys!" Risa was back to her happy, cheerful self again. "I was worried that I would be the only Quirkless at a famous school for Heroes, but here the four of you are! You're the first real friends I ever had in my life and I'm really happy I can share my life story with you!"

"I can say the same." Aimi said.

"Me too." Kotone chimed in.

"So what about you two?" Risa asked.

"About me, no one else but my family treated me as an equal." Aimi said. "People acted like I needed extra help and they also didn't want to be near me. They thought I was nothing, so they said horrible things about me and would try to trip me while I was walking through the halls."

"That's horrible!" Izuku exclaimed.

"The girls especially claimed that I was ugly and that no one would want me as a girlfriend or wife since I didn't have a Quirk." Aimi continued.

"Well, then they're wrong!" Risa typed in with angry emojis. "They're just jealous because you're WAAAAAY more prettier and classier than they are! Don't listen to what they say!"

"Thank you, Risa. I really appreciate you standing up for me." Aimi said gratefully to her.

"No problem!" Risa said with a thumbs-up. "That's what friends are for!"

"Um...I have something to share." Kotone typed in.

"Yes? What is it, Kotone?" Aimi asked.

"My...mother left my dad and I when the doctor told us I was Quirkless. I was only four years old at the time." Kotone said. "I remember my parents fighting on the night of their divorce. I heard my mother say I was a cursed child so she didn't want anything to do with me. My father was the only one who took care of me ever since. He always makes me feel safe and happy whenever he's around."

"Your dad sounds like a great guy!" Risa said. "I'm sorry about your mom though."

"It's fine." Kotone said. "I hope that they get back together someday..."

Izuku's mom knocked on the door from the other side. "Izuku! It's dinnertime!"

"Coming!" Izuku said before typing to his friends that it was dinnertime for him. "Sorry, guys. My mom says it's dinnertime. I'll talk to you after!"

"Don't sweat it, Izu-kun!" Risa said. "We'll be waiting here right ya!"

"Please take your time and eat." Aimi advised him. "Don't rush yourself."

"Thanks guys, I'll be back as soon as I'm done eating! I promise!" Izuku typed in and entered before rushing to the dining table.

At the dining table, the three quietly ate their dinner before their mom broke the silence.

"So, Izuku?" His mom asked.

"Yes, mom?" Izuku asked.

"What happened when you and Class 1-A were at U.S.J.?" She asked.

"Well..." Izuku played with his food a bit."We were all supposed to do Rescue Training there. Our teachers were All-Might, Eraserhead, and Number 13."

"So when did the incident start?" His mom asked.

"It started right before we were about to start the lesson." Izuku said. "It was really scary...there were so many Villains coming in through those dark portals that I we were all going to die."

Both Izuku's mom and brother froze up at the word "die."

"All-Might and Eraserhead took care of the Villains while Number 13 tried to get us students out of the U.S.J." Izuku continued. "But the Warp Villain stopped us from escaping and teleported the eighteen of us into different Zones of the U.S.J. I was teleported into the Flood Zone with Tsuyu and Shinso-kun. I was about to become fish food for the Villains if Tsuyu didn't rescue me."

"Fish food?!" Hikaru gasped in horror.

"Shinso managed to get all of us out of the Flood Zone with his Brainwashing Quirk." Izuku continued on. "We then reunited with everyone else who was teleported into the different Zones by the Warp Villain. Half of us stayed behind to help All-Might and Eraserhead while the other half ran to the entrance to take care of Number 13."

"So did you stay behind or did you run ahead?" Izuku asked.

"I stayed behind to help All-Might and Eraserhead with Shinso, Bakugo, Kirishima, Ashido, Aoyama, Kaminari, Sero, and Todoroki." Izuku said. "I didn't actually fight, I stayed behind All-Might while I looked for any weaknesses in his enemy."

"That's good, I don't want you to get yourself in a situation that you can't handle." His mom said to him. "I don't want anything bad to happen to you, okay?"

"Okay, mom!" Izuku nodded.

After dinner, Izuku went back to his room to continue chatting his classmates on the computer.

"Hey guys, I'm back!" Izuku typed in. "What did I miss?"

"Izu-kun, you're back!" Risa typed. "Don't worry! You didn't miss anything! We were eating dinner too!"

"So what are we talking about?" Izuku asked.

"Eh, we're just chillin'. Y'know? Just hanging out." Risa said.

"So what do you want to talk about?" Izuku asked.

"Well...since we're at a school for Heroes, I wanna know who your favorite Pro Hero is!" Risa said.

"Don't have one." Takehiko said. "As I said before, I never wanted to be in a Hero School in the first place."

"Ryukyu and Uwabami." Aimi said.

"Mandalay from the Wild, Wild Pussycats." Kotone said quietly.

"Mine is Present Mic and Ms. Joke!" Risa said. "What about you, Izu-kun?! You've got a favorite Pro-Hero?!"

"Absolutely!" Izuku typed in excitedly. "It's All-Might! The Number One Hero in the world!" Izuku replied.

"AWESOME!" Risa exclaimed. "Who doesn't love him?! He's the best!"

"He truly is the perfect image of a hero." Aimi agreed.

"Indeed." Kotone chimed in.

"Anyways, I gotta go to sleep!" Risa said. "See you guys tomorrow!"

"Good night, Risa-chan." Aimi said.

"Good night." Izuku, Takehiko, and Kotone said to Risa.

"Good night and don't let the bed bugs bite!" Risa said before leaving the chat.

After everyone else left the chatroom, Izuku closed his computer, got ready for bed, and then went to sleep.

On the next day of school, Izuku arrived feeling better than before after all of his classmates shared the personal details of their tragic backstories. He was surprised that Risa had dark secrets she was hiding given how open and optimistic the girl seemed.

"How's everybody doing today?!" Risa asked everyone in her typical cheerful voice.

"I feel better now, thanks to the heart-to-heart talk about our dark pasts." Aimi said with a heartfelt smile.

"I feel better too." Kotone said with a soft smile on her face.

"You can say the same for me." Everyone turned to Takehiko, who was smiling warmly for the first time in front of them.

"Honekiri..."Izuku said, surprised that Takehiko was smiling in front of them.

"Ever since I was forced to go to this school, I thought I would be alone with no one to understand my pain and suffering." Takehiko kept smiling as he kept talking. "But I met you and everything changed...I'm glad to have met other people like me who know what it's like to be shunned and humiliated just because you don't have what everybody has. So in truth...I'm glad to have gone to this school."

Everyone in the classroom gasped at Takehiko's admittance and smiled.

The classroom door opened and everyone turned to Yagi-san, who went up to the teacher's desk and took their attendance.

The morning classes continued as usual until it was time for lunch.

Takehiko requested to his guidance counselor that he ate his lunch in the cafeteria with his friends for one day and his counselor complied.

The five of them sat together at the designated "Quirkless Table" as always and Kotone shared her confession with them.

"I-I have something to say too." Kotone said in a soft voice.

"Yes, Kotone?" Aimi asked. "What is it?"

"I'm...glad to have met you too." Kotone confessed quietly to her friends. "I thought I was going to be all alone until I met you all. I never had anyone else to share my secrets with besides my papa. With you joining my inner circle, I feel a lot better now."

The five smiled among each other as they continued to eat their lunch.

After lunch, the five of them went their separate ways into their respective classes.

Izuku felt uncomfortable right after leaving his four fellow Quirkless friends to go to Class 1-A. He still felt worthless since he didn't have a Quirk and thus he couldn't actually do anything to help during the U.S.J. Incident yesterday.

He sat by the teacher's desk and waited for All-Might to come. He looked down at his bright red sneakers and clutched his knees with his hands, feeling really insecure in the moment.

"Hey, Izuku?" Izuku heard Ochako call out to him and he looked up.

Ochako, Tsuyu, and Shinso were standing in front of him.

"What's wrong?" Ochako asked.

"Nothing..." Izuku shook his head in denial. "I'm just...feeling that I don't belong here."

"Why?" Shinso asked.

"Because...I'm useless compared to you guys." Izuku admitted with a sad look on his face. "I don't have a Quirk, I couldn't do anything while the rest of you could yesterday."

"Hey, don't be like that." Tsuyu told him. "You did whatever you could like everyone else did."

"But everyone else did something while I didn't." Izuku gripped his knees tighter. "All I did was get saved by you and Shinso and watch All-Might."

"You'll get your time to shine, so don't worry." Shinso assured him. "I thought I didn't belong in this class either, but you and Uraraka showed me that I belonged here with the rest of the 1-A students. So don't beat yourself up like that, okay?"

"But I..."Izuku trailed off.

"It's only the first week of school, so it's not the end of the world!" Ochako chirped. "You'll get your chance to prove yourself someday! No need to worry!"

Izuku looked up at the three of them, tears beginning to prick from his eyes. "You guys..."

The quiet, emotional moment between the four of them were interrupted by All-Might entering the door dramatically as always.

"I AM HERE!" All-Might announced as he leapt into the classroom.

Ochako, Tsuyu, and Shinso quickly went back to their seats as All-Might made the announcement for the day.

"I know that yesterday has been hectic for all of us but we'll all be still doing Rescue Training!" All-Might announced. "But we're not going back to the U.S.J. for safety reasons and Number 13 is still recovering. So, we are going back to Training Ground Beta and we'll be split up into three teams: Hero, Villain, and Citizen!"

All-Might then pulled out two boxes with the white box being labelled "Hero" and the black box being labelled "Villain. All-Might gave both boxes a nice shake before putting them down to draw lots.

"All right!" All-Might said. "Let's draw lots to see who will be the Heroes!"

All-Might pulled out the first name from the Heroes' box.

"Midoriya, Shinso, Koda, Yaoyorozu, Ashido, Iida, and Sero!" All-Might called out the names he drew out of the Heroes box. "The seven of you will be the Heroes for this exercise!"

"As for the Villains!" All-Might moved onto the Villains' box. "Aoyama, Tokoyami, Bakugo, Todoroki, Kirishima, Jiro,and Mineta!"

"And lastly, the Citizens!" All-Might said. "Any names I didn't draw out of either boxes will be the Citizens!"

Uraraka, Tsuyu, Ojiro, Kaminari, Sato, Shoji, and Hagakure looked at each other in silence.

"Everyone in the Heroes and Villains teams can go change into their Hero costumes!" All-Might said. "Everyone who's a Citizen, you will be wearing your gym uniforms! Everyone go meet me at Training Ground Beta!"


After everyone changed in the locker rooms, they all went to Training Ground Beta to meet with All-Might.

"Here is the exercise for today!" All-Might announced. "The Hero and the Villain start on the opposing ends of the training ground! The Citizen starts right in the center! The Hero and Villain must race each other to the Citizen! The Citizen must do his/her best to survive! The Hero must protect the Citizen while the Villain must attack the Citizen! The Hero wins if they manage to protect the Citizen from getting hit three times within the time limit or take down the Villain! On the other hand, the Villain wins if they reach the Citizen and attack him/her three times before the time limit or take down the Hero! The time limit is fifteen minutes, by the way!"

All-Might drew lots again to decide which Hero, Villain, and Citizen were going first.

"So the first three people who are going up are..." All-Might said as he reached into the Hero and Villain boxes and pulled out their names. "Midoriya vs Bakugo!"

"And the Citizen will be participating in this round is..." All-Might then reached into the brown box that was labelled "Citizen." "Uraraka!"

Izuku looked at Bakugo, who was staring at him with an unreadable expression on his face before looking away.

"Izuku!" Ochako ran up to him. "I'm so glad we're finally teaming up together! I hope that you can finally prove yourself to the entire class! I'm counting on you!"

"Thanks, Ochako." Izuku smiled before frowning. "But I'm facing against Bakugo...I have no doubt he'll win like he always did ever since we were kids."

"You're gonna do great!" Ochako said to him. "Just believe in yourself and it'll be alright!"

"I'll try..." Izuku said, still unsure of himself.

"Alright! The Heroes start on the left side of the training and the Villain will start on the right side!" All-Might announced. "The Citizen will be right in the center of the training ground! Everyone else come with me to the monitoring room! We will watch from there!"

"YES SIR!" Everyone said.

After Izuku, Ochako, and Bakugo got into their respective positions in the training ground, All-Might began the round.

"BEGIN!" All-Might yelled.

Izuku ran as fast as he could towards Ochako's location while Ochako ran as fast as she could towards Izuku's location. Bakugo was propelling himself towards Izuku's location with his explosions.

All of Class 1-A and All-Might worried about Bakugo bullying Izuku again as they watched the scene.

"Izuku!" Ochako ran into Izuku's arms as both of them saw Bakugo coming towards them.

"Ochako, run!" Izuku readied his cybernetic gauntlets and punched against Bakugo's fist.

Izuku and Bakugo then engaged each other in close-quarters combat as Ochako escaped from their view.

As the two kept fighting, Izuku noticed that Bakugo wasn't using his Quirk to fight him and he also noticed that Bakugo was silent throughout. He wasn't screaming insults or curses like he always did to his opponents.

Everyone in the monitoring room noticed this too.

"Why isn't Bakugo using his Quirk?" Kaminari asked.

"Yeah, he seems a lot quiet than usual lately. Why?" Sero asked.

Everyone looked at Kirishima, who was looking at Bakugo with a somber look on his face.

"Kirishima?" Ashido asked in concern.

Kirishima clenched his fist as he felt his Linked-Half's feelings run through him.

"It's because he feels guilty for everything he's done to Midoriya." Kirishima answered. "That's why he's not using his Quirk on him. He doesn't want to give Midoriya any more traumatic experiences from his Quirk, so he's going easy on him. He's letting Midoriya beat him up for everything he did to him."

"Kacchan! Why are you doing this?! Talk to me!" Izuku yelled as he continued to fight Bakugo.

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!" Bakugo finally snapped and roughly pushed Izuku to the ground. "How can you still call me that after everything I've done to you, HUH?! WE WERE NEVER FRIENDS! I MADE YOUR LIFE A LIVING HELL AND YOU KNOW IT! That white-haired bastard was right about me! I was nothing but a FUCKING SHITHEAD to you and you still TRY TO BE NICE TO ME?!"

"Ka-Bakugo, it's okay." Izuku spoke to him. "I've never hated you. And...I thought it's best if we put the past behind us. Don't beat yourself up over it. It was me who doubted myself at the beginning and it was me who tried to take my own life."

Everyone in the monitoring room was in shock when they heard about Izuku's suicide attempt.

"Wait...did I just hear what I think I just heard?!" Sato asked.

"Midoriya tried to kill himself?!" Mineta exclaimed. "When did that happen?!"

"I don't know, but I hope he doesn't do it again!" Hagakure chimed in.

"Er-er...EVERYONE, please focus on the lesson!" All-Might quickly reminded everyone.


"Wait, Bakugo was the one who told Midoriya to do such a thing?!" Jiro asked.

"It's so cruel..." Yaoyorozu remarked.

"I can't believe Bakugo said that to poor Izuku!" Tsuyu commented.

The fight continued between Izuku and Bakugo as Ochako stayed hidden inside a building for the past ten minutes.

Chapter Text


But Izuku continued to just dodge and block Bakugo's "attacks" towards him as the last five minutes of the time limit remained.

"I won't." Izuku said. "I've had enough. It's over."


Bakugo then finally activated his Quirk in order to urge Izuku to attack him.

However, Izuku stood his ground and instead blocked Bakugo's explosive punch with his gauntlets.

"I said it's...over." Izuku said. "And you'll need to forgive yourself too. Dwelling on your past mistakes is just going to make things worse. Please...just stop."

Bakugo stopped and then stepped back with his eyes facing the ground.

"You wanna know why I've been so awful to you?" Bakugo asked.

"Why?" Izuku asked. "Because I'm Quirkless-"


"You...thought I was looking down on you?" Izuku asked. "Why?! I would never do that to anyone!"

"Because of how you seem to smile and ask everyone if they needed help all the time, that's why!" Bakugo yelled. "The way you're acting like a Hero all the time makes you look like a condescending jackass! So I thought that's why you deserved to have no friends and shit!"

Izuku stayed silent as Bakugo continued to rant.

"But I saw that I was wrong." Bakugo admitted. "You didn't try to take a swan dive off the roof without a reason. It's because I made your life a living hell, thinking that you deserved it. You're a Hero more than I ever was. I was nothing but a pathetic, insecure bully. I was the one who shouldn't have applied to U.A. anyways."

Izuku stayed quiet as he tried to think of a way to comfort his former childhood bully.

"Time's up!" All-Might announced. "Midoriya and Uraraka wins the round!"

"Come on, let's go meet up with the others in the monitoring room." Izuku said to Bakugo.

Izuku looked back to see that Bakugo wasn't moving.

"Bakugo?" Izuku asked in concern.

"Just go already." Bakugo said without looking up.

"...Okay." Izuku went ahead to the monitoring room without Bakugo.

On his way to the monitoring room, Izuku heard Ochako calling out to him from above.


Izuku looked behind him to see Ochako softly landing in front of him, having released the zero gravity effect on her body in mid-air.

"Thanks for doing your very best to protect me!" Ochako cheerfully said to him.

Izuku smiled sadly before saying a soft "you're welcome" to her.

"What's wrong?" Ochako asked in concern.

Izuku stayed silent for a moment before looking up at her with a smile on his face. "I just had to tie up loose ends with someone."

Ochako smiled back, knowing who Izuku was talking about. "I'm glad to hear that."

"Come on, let's go back to the monitoring room." Izuku said to her.

"Sure!" Ochako followed Izuku to where the monitoring room was.

After Izuku, Ochako, and Bakugo returned to the monitoring room with everyone else, All-Might showered them with words of praise.

"Well done, the three of you!" All-Might said to them. "Midoriya, well done on stalling Bakugo! Uraraka, nice job trying to go to Midoriya for safety as soon as the round started! And Bakugo, you predicted well that Uraraka would try to get to Midoriya!"

All of the students silently looked at Izuku with pity and went over to him.

"Midoriya-kun..." Shinso started. "We heard everything you two said onscreen."

Izuku slapped himself mentally for forgetting that the cameras in the training ground recorded everything they said.

"I'm glad that you made up with Bakugo, but...I'm sorry for what he told you to do before." Tsuyu said to him.

"...It's alright, Tsuyu." Izuku smiled at her reassuringly. "I'm still alive and I've got people supporting me. So everything's okay now."

"I hope you're feeling better after everything that's happened to you so far." Iida told him. "If you have any more of those thoughts, please talk to us. We will help you in any way we can."

"Thank you, Iida." Izuku said gratefully. "But I don't have any of those thoughts anymore. Now that I have all of you, my classmates in Class 1-Q, my mentor, and my family looking after me."

"We are relieved to hear that, Midoriya." Iida said to him. "But please, tell us whenever you're feeling down. We're always here to help you."

"Will do, Iida." Izuku nodded. "I promise I won't do something like that again."

All of Class 1-A shared a moment of silence as they smiled at Midoriya save for Bakugo and Todoroki.

Bakugo still was beating himself emotionally for how he treated Izuku over the past eleven years. As for Todoroki, Izuku sensed his cold anger and resentment over Izuku forgiving his lifelong abuser.

All-Might broke the silence. "Bakugo, would you like to see the guidance counselor? I think it's best that you confide in someone for the moment being."

"I'll go." Bakugo said without looking up at anyone.

"Excellent! I'll write you a pass so you can see him without being accused of cutting class!" All-Might quickly wrote a pass on a small piece of paper before handing it to Bakugo. "Take as much time you need, don't come back to class until you're feeling better!"

"Will do, thanks." Bakugo took the pass before exiting the monitoring room.

"All right, next up!" All-Might pulled out three names from each of the three boxes. "Iida, Todoroki, and Hagakure!"

Izuku stood next to Ochako and Tsuyu as they waited for the previously-called names to get into position on the training ground.

Iida and Hagakure won the round since Iida managed to grab Hagakure and run away from Todoroki and his ice for the entirety of fifteen minutes.

The next to come were Shinso, Mineta, and Tsuyu.

Shinso and Tsuyu won the round with Shinso managing to lure in Mineta about Tsuyu's figure and having him stand there for the entire fifteen minutes.

Koda, Aoyama, and Ojiro went next.

Koda and Ojiro won by Ojiro continuously dodging Aoyama's navel laser attacks.

Up next was Yaoyorozu, Kirishima, and Shoji.

Kirishima won the round by enduring Yaoyorozu's attacks and hitting Shoji three times.

Next was Sero, Jiro, and Sato.

Sero and Sato won by Sero dodging Jiro's sonic blasts and tying her up in an instant.

Last up came Ashido, Tokoyami, and Kaminari.

Ashido and Kaminari won by Ashido continuously distracting Tokoyami and Dark Shadow while Kaminari ran away as fast as he could from Tokoyami.

After changing back into their school uniforms and returning to Class 1-A, All-Might commended them all on a job well done before Izuku returned to his homeroom class when the bell rang.

Izuku was glad to see that his classmates were all smiling and they talked about what to do after-school since it was a Friday.

"My family are going to that same ramen joint after school ends." Izuku told them.

"Cool!" Risa said with a thumbs-up. "Don't mind if we come too!"

"Sure, I would love for you guys to join! Especially you, Honekiri!" Izuku said to them.

"My parents don't care what I'm doing anyways, so why the hell not?" Takehiko said with a smile.

"I'm coming too!" Kotone said happily.

"Then it's settled then!" Aimi declared. "We're all going there after school!"

"Right!" Izuku said.

The opening of the classroom door interrupted them and Yagi-san stepped into the classroom. Everyone quickly went back into their seats as Yagi-san took attendance.

"I see that you're all in a much better mood than you were on the first day of school." Yagi-san remarked with smile as he took attendance. "I hope that you managed to adjust to here and made new friends here."

"We did, thanks." Aimi replied.

"Anyways, I have an important announcement to make." Yagi-san said. "The Sports Festival will taking place two weeks from now on Saturday. Every student at U.A. is required to participate, yes even the ones without a Quirk. But don't worry, you're allowed to use your respective gadget of choice to compensate. Everyone will be watching the event so do your best. This is a chance for students like you to be scouted by the Pro-Heroes, even if you aren't in the Heroes Course."

"Really?!" Risa jumped from her seat. "Holy crap, this is exciting!"

"I don't want to be the center of attention though..." Kotone said nervously.

"Don't worry, Kotone." Aimi reassured her. "I'll be by your side always. I won't take off my eyes off you, I promise."

Kotone smiled softly at Aimi and nodded. "Thank you, Aimi-san..."

"I don't know if my family's going to be watching me, but hell I'll do whatever I can anyways." Takehiko said. "I don't give a damn if I'm being scouted by a Pro-Hero or not."

"I'll do my best!" Izuku declared.

"I'm glad to hear that you're all participating." Yagi-san said to them. "This is a chance to prove yourselves that even people with Quirks can do anything if they put their mind to it."

"Alright!" Risa cheered while fistpumping enthusiastically.

"Class is dismissed!" Yagi-san announced. "Midoriya, please stay with me for a moment."

"Don't worry, Izu-kun!" Risa said to him. "We'll be waiting outside the building once you're done!"

After all of Izuku's classmates left the classroom, Izuku and Yagi-san talked with each in private.

"I'm sorry that news about your suicide was revealed to Class 1-A." Yagi-san told him.

"It's alright, it was just an accident." Izuku said. "I'm okay as long as it doesn't spread to the rest of the school."

"Good, good. I'm glad to hear that." Yagi-san said. "So about the Sports Festival...I heard you were going to do your best?"

"Yeah." Izuku said with a determined nod. "I want to prove that I'm not the "useless Deku" everyone considers me to be! I want to live up to your expectations and make everyone proud!"

"That's the spirit!" Yagi-san said. "I'm glad you're feeling a lot better now than before! No matter what, I'll always be supporting you at every turn!"

"Thank you, Yagi-san!" Izuku said. "But I have to go now, my friends and family are waiting for me outside."

"Where are you going?" Yagi-san asked.

"To that same new ramen joint I went to last time." Izuku said.

"I'm happy to hear that you're hanging out with people who care about you." Yagi-san remarked. "You go on and have fun! Send me pictures when you're done!"

"You're not coming?" Izuku asked.

"I'm sorry, Midoriya-shonen. But I've got work to do." Yagi-san apologized. "I'll come with you next time when I'm available."

"Okay! Have a nice weekend!" Izuku bowed to him.

"You too, Midoriya-shonen." Yagi-san said to him. "Stay safe!"

Izuku exited the classroom and met with his friends and family outside the school building.

Takehiko had already introduced himself to Izuku's family while Izuku was busy talking to Yagi-san.

"Sorry, I'm late! What did I miss?" Izuku asked.

"We were just introducing Honekiri to your family." Aimi said. "And it's good to see that you're finally here. Now we can go eat."

"Alright, let's go!" Risa announced and lead everyone out of the campus.

At the ramen joint, Izuku's friends and family ate happily as they talked about the upcoming Sports Festival.

"So all of you are competing at the U.A. Sports Festival?" Izuku's mom asked.

"Yeah, we are!" Risa said. "Everyone nationwide is gonna be watching us! Just imagine all of the attention we get! Especially from the Pros!"

"I can't wait to tell my family about the event." Aimi said.

"Me too." Kotone said. "I hope my papa will watch me."

"Let's do our best everyone!" Izuku said. "Let's make everyone proud!"

"You really are pumped up for this, Izu-kun!" Risa commented. "I love it when you're like this!"

"We'll all have to train hard with our Arms first." Takehiko advised. "We'll have to prepare the best we can against everyone else with Quirks. Especially the Quirkless who aren't in the Heroes Course."

"I agree, I suggest we go back to the school and go to the Support Department to choose our Arms." Aimi said.

"Then it's settled!" Izuku said before turning to his mother and brother. "Mom, Hikaru-chan, I have to go back to U.A. with my friends. Do you mind if I come home later?"

"Sure!" His mom said. "Just be back before six!"

"Thanks mom!" Izuku said before hugging his mother and brother.

After Izuku and his friends from Class 1-Q were done eating, they went back to U.A. and looked around for the Hero Support Department.

They were kind of lost until a girl with pink hair and large goggles spotted them and called them over.

"OH HEY!" The girl called them over. "YOU MUST BE CLASS 1-Q, SUPER-NICE TO MEET YA!"

As expected, Risa was the first to greet that overly-enthusiastic girl with the goggles.

"HIYA! The name's Risa Okinatsuno!" Risa quickly ran up to her grasped her names. "But you can call me Ri-chan! That's what I prefer everyone call me! SUPER NICE TO MEET YOU!"

The four of them sweatdropped after seeing the two overly-hyperactive girls bonding and getting up in each others' faces.

"Anyways!" The goggles-girl looked around Risa to introduce herself. "My name is Mei Hatsume from Class 1-H! And as you can see, I'm from the Hero Support Department!"

"Oh! Um!" Izuku spoke up. "We're looking to get and train our Arms for the upcoming Sports Festival. Can you please help us?"

"OF COURSE!" Hatsume clapped her hands together excitedly. "I've been looking forward to providing Quirkless people with my precious babies! Come to the Development Studio and look!"

"OMG! I'm so excited!" Risa jumped up and down enthusiastically.

"Here she goes again..." Izuku, Takehiko, Aimi, and Kotone sweatdropped as they followed Risa and Hatsume to the Development Studio.

By the time they reached the Development Studio in the Hero Support Department, Risa was practically squealing over the amount of different gadgets in the room.

"OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!" Risa was bouncing up and down on her heels while running around like a little kid at a toy store.

"I KNOW RIGHT?! AREN'T MY BABIES AMAZING?!" Hatsume grasped Risa's hands.

"HELL YEAH THEY ARE!" Risa said before she and Hatsume jumped and down while squealing excitedly.

Takehiko rolled her eyes and sighed audibly. "Girls these days..."

"Anyways, take your time and look around!" Hatsume said. "I can even make any new babies if you can't find any that don't appeal to you."

"Actually the girls here are the only ones without an Arms." Izuku stated. "Honekiri and I are the ones who already have one since we're in the Hero Course."

"OH GOODIE!" Hatsume clapped her hands together while bouncing up and down and heels. "Looks like it's GIRL TIME for the four of us!"

"We'll wait outside while the four of you look for your Arms." Izuku said before he and Takehiko waited outside the Development Studio as the girls talked among themselves.

"So what are you three looking for?!" Hatsume cocked her head to the like a curious kid.

"I'm thinking of magnetic boomerangs." Risa said. "I'd like them to have blades and I can activate and deactivate whenever I please "

"Got it!" Hatsume wrote down Risa's choice.

"What about you?" Hatsume asked Aimi.

"I would like a rhythmic ribbon that can wrap around anything when I choose to." Aimi requested.

"Nice! I have the perfect material for that!" Hatsume wrote down Aimi's choice.

Kotone was the last one to request her choice of Arms.

"And what about you?" Hatsume asked her.

"Um...I would like a microphone that can change the pitch, frequency, and amplitude of my voice." Kotone said. "So that way I can affect everyone around me based on what I'm using."

"Cool!" Hatsume wrote it down before looking up at the girls. "It'll be ready in a few days, so I'll call when it's ready!"

"Thanks!" Risa waved goodbye as she, Aimi, and Kotone exited the studio to meet with the boys.

"So how did it go?" Takehiko asked.

"She said they'll be ready in a few days!" Risa said.

"Then we'll have to wait." Izuku said. "I have to go home now. My mom and brother are waiting for me."

"No problem! I'll see y'all tomorrow!" Risa waved goodbye.

"I have to go too." Aimi said.

"Me too." Kotone added.

"I'll go wherever you're going tomorrow." Takehiko said.

After Izuku returned home, he took a quick shower and helped his mom and brother around the house. After that, it was dinnertime and they talked about the first week of school.

"So how was your first week of school, Hikaru-chan?" Izuku asked.

"It was great!" Hikaru exclaimed happily. "Everyone was so nice! I also made some new friends!"

"That's great, what are their names?" Izuku asked.

"Daichi, Yuuto, and Kaede!" Hikaru said.

"Awesome! What are their Quirks?" Izuku asked.

"Daichi and Kaede are twins so they both can turn themselves into stone and wood!" Hikaru said. "And Yuuto has angel wings on his back made of clouds!"

"That's cool! I want to meet your friends someday!" Izuku said.

"Sure, onii-san!" Hikaru nodded enthusiastically. "I'll tell them all about you!"

"How are your new friends doing, Izuku?" Their mom asked.

"They're doing good. We're going to train with each other after school starting next week for the Sports Festival." Izuku replied.

"That's wonderful!" Their mom clapped her hands together excitedly. "We'll be at home supporting you no matter what!"

"Yeah! I wanna support onii-san!" Hikaru jumped up and down enthusiastically.

After dinner was over, Izuku texted his friends in the chatroom on his phone instead of his computer.

"So what are we doing tomorrow?" Izuku asked.

"Well, what we always do! Let's go for a walk around the city!" Risa suggested. "We could go sightseeing, shopping, dining, and even see Pro-Heroes in action!"

"That sounds nice!" Aimi remarked. "I would love to look at the cherry blossoms as we go walking around the city."

"I would like to visit a botanical garden to take in the beauty of spring." Kotone said.

"No complaints here." Takehiko said.

"Same." Izuku said.

"Then it's settled then!" Risa typed in.

"Anyways, what were your choices for your Arms?" Izuku asked. "Mine is a pair of cybernetic gauntlets that can deliver powerful punches."

"Mine is a weapon that can switch between a sword and a gun. So it's a 2-in-1 weapon." Takehiko said.

"I requested some magnetic boomerangs with blades in them that I can activate and deactivate at will!" Risa said.

"I chose a rhythmic ribbon that can wrap around anything I choose." Aimi said.

"I chose a microphone that can change the frequency, pitch, and amplitude in my voice." Kotone said.

"All of those sound awesome! I can't wait to see them when they finally come out next week!" Izuku said.

"I'm excited too!" Risa said. "Can't wait to kick ass with my new boomerangs!"

For the rest of the night, the five of them continued talking about the Sports Festival and thoughts about the future.

When it was time for bed, they all said their goodbyes and went to sleep.

Chapter Text

It was now Saturday morning and Izuku woke up later than he usually did since it wasn't a school day. He freshened up for the day and then ate breakfast with his mom and brother as always.

"Good morning, Izuku!" His mom said to him when he came to the dining table.

"Good morning, mom." Izuku took a seat.

"Good morning, onii-san!" Hikaru greeted him with a messy mouth.

"Good morning, Hikaru-chan." Izuku greeted him back.

"Anyways, I'm going to meet with my friends after this. Is that okay?" Izuku asked.

"Yes, absolutely!" Their mom said as she took his dish to wash it. "Just don't stay out too long, okay? I'll take care of Hikaru!"

"Thanks, mom! See you two later!" Izuku said as he got his backpack and ran out the door.

"Goodbye, Izuku!" His mom said. "Be careful out there!"

Izuku checked his phone and messaged all four of his friends at once.

"So where are we meeting?" Izuku asked.

"What about at Tatooin Station?" Risa suggested.

"Sure. I'll meet you there." Aimi said.

"Me too." Kotone replied.

"Ditto that." Takehiko said.

Izuku ran all the way to Tatooin Station to meet with his 1-Q classmates.

"Hello Izuku!" Aimi greeted him. "Good morning!"

"Good morning, everyone!" Izuku said. "Where's Kotone?"

"I'm here!" Kotone called out to them in her soft, sweet voice while running to them.

Kotone gave herself a moment to catch her breath.

"Good mornin', Koto-chan!" Risa cheerfully greeted her. "How're you doing today?"

"I feel good, thank you." Kotone huffed and smiled. "So what are we doing today?"

"We're gonna look around the city and sightsee." Risa said.

"Doesn't sound very interesting, but what else can we do?" Takehiko shrugged.

Before they could start walking however, all five of them saw each of their former bullies from middle school in one place.

All five of them froze when they saw each of their familiar faces.

"So yeah like-" One of those bullies froze when they noticed one of their former classmates.

"Midoriya?!" One of the male bullies looked at Izuku.

"Ri-Rikishi?!" Izuku stood frozen staring at the medium-skinned boy who sat to the left of him in second-year junior high.

"You two know each other?!" A prissy-looking girl with heavy makeup stared at Rikishi in shock.

"Yeah, we were in the same homeroom class as second years at Aldera Junior High." Rikishi said.

The prissy-looking girl looked directly at Aimi, who was clearly looking very uneasy.

"Well, well, well! If it isn't that Quirkless reject I knew since the beginning of junior high!" A smug, effeminate boy wearing a pair of glasses mocked Takehiko.

This set Takehiko off and he stepped protectively in front of his classmates.

"What the FUCK do you want, shithead?!" Takehiko spat venomously at the smug boy.

"As eloquent as ever, Honekiri-kun!" The smug boy said with sarcasm clearly reflected in his voice. "You haven't changed one bit after we graduated last month!"

"Hey, JACKASS!" Risa stepped right in front of the smug boy and glared at him. "Why don't you BACK THE FUCK OFF?!"

"Oh look, we got another potty mouth here!" An overweight boy mocked Risa. "Long time no see, you Quirkless skank!"

"Leave my friends alone!" Kotone bravely stepped next to Takehiko.

"Aw, daddy's little girl is finally growing a backbone!" A girl with a lot of piercings mocked Kotone. "Too bad! You still can't do shit without a Quirk!"

"Um guys..." Rikishi tried to stop his friends before a fight started.

"GODDAMMIT! THAT'S IT, ASSHOLES!" Takehiko was furious now and he clenched his hands into fists. "I'M GOING TO FUCKING RIP YOUR HEADS OFF RIGHT HERE AND NOW!"

"Honekiri, don't!" Izuku said as he, Aimi, Risa, and Kotone did their best to hold him back.


Everyone around them was clearly frightened by Takehiko's furious outburst and backed away quickly.

The bullies were also unnerved by the death threats and carefully stepped back from the enraged teen.

"WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?!" A callous and angry-sounding voice alerted everyone.

The crowd stepped aside revealing an unfriendly-looking Pro Hero wreathed in flames walking towards the two groups of teens.

"En-Endeavor?!" Izuku nervously thought to himself as the Number 2 Hero surveyed the group.

"Uh-uh-uh-um..." The smug boy couldn't speak in fright.

Takehiko broke out of his friends' grips and hatefully jabbed a finger at the five bullies while staring furiously at Endeavor. "These GODDAMN assholes from our former schools had the nerve to come up to us AND REMIND US THAT WE AIN'T SHIT JUST BECAUSE WE'RE FUCKING QUIRKLESS!"

Everyone in the area was astounded by how Takehiko yelled and also used strong profanity right in front of the Number 2 Hero and dreaded the consequences of what happened afterwards.


Everyone surrounding them looked at Izuku and his friends with a mixture of pity and sympathy. Endeavor was silent with an unreadable expression on his face and the five bullies dreaded their awaited punishment by Endeavor's hands.

"I. AM. HERE!" All-Might arrived.

Many whispers in the crowd erupted as they watched the Number 1 Hero stroll towards Izuku and the others.

"Shall I take it from here?" All-Might asked Endeavor.

"Do what you want, this is none of my business." Endeavor grumbled and walked away.

The five of them bristled at Endeavor's apathetic attitude towards the situation as All-Might looked at the ten teens.

"Now I'm sorry that you have to repeat yourselves, but what's been happening here?" All-Might asked.

"These bastards, that's what." Takehiko said angrily in a low voice while pointing at the five bullies.

Izuku's former classmate was the first of them to speak up.

"I-I'm sorry." Rikishi bowed directly to Izuku. "Ever since that horrible hate crime happened last year, I saw that I was wrong for making fun of you for being Quirkless. I'm so sorry, I really am."

Izuku stared at Rikishi for a moment before accepting his apology. "Thank you, Rikishi. I appreciate it."

"And what about the four of you?" All-Might asked expectantly at the four remaining bullies.

"Uh-uh-um..." The overweight boy bowed to them and the rest of them followed. "I'm sorry, I won't do it again, I swear!"

"I'm sorry for calling you names!" The prissy girl bowed second.

"I'm sorry I called you weak!" The piercings girl bowed next.

The smug boy was the last to bow. "I-I-I'm sorry I made you feel worthless because you don't have a Quirk!"

Everyone knew that Rikishi's apology was genuine the moment he heard it. As for the others however, they weren't sincere in their apology. They were just apologizing to get on All-Might's good side.

"Excellent!" All-Might said before turning to the crowd. "Everyone! Everything's A-okay now! The situation has been resolved! Go on, move along!"

The crowd dispersed in an instant but some stayed behind to look at All-Might. The five other teens walked away, their heads lowered in shame.

"I hope the five of you are doing alright now." All-Might said to them.

"Thank you, All-Might-sama." Aimi bowed respectfully to him. "We appreciate you and Endeavor-sama stepping in to intervene."

"Aw, it's no biggie." All-Might said. "Say, you five are U.A. students are you not?"

"Um..." Izuku, Kotone, and Aimi shifted uncomfortably.

"HELL YEAH WE ARE!" Risa shouted with her fist in the air. "We're super glad to be accepted into the school even though we don't have a Quirk like everyone else does!"

"Well, I'm glad to hear that!" All-Might said. "Anyways, duty calls! See you next time if we're lucky!"

All-Might jumped away and the five were left standing there, not knowing what to say in the moment.

"Was it a coincidence that we each met one of the people who bullied us right now?" Kotone asked.

"It seems like it. Also, not to mention they're all buddy-buddy with each other." Risa commented.

"Also, can we please mention we met both the Number Two Hero and Number One Hero all at once?" Aimi asked.

"Not to mention that Honekiri cussed right in front of both of them!" Risa remarked.

"It's not like you didn't blaspheme in front of All-Might minutes earlier, dumbass." Takehiko retorted.

"Oh!" Risa quickly covered her mouth with her hands. "Oopsies! My bad!"

"So anyways, let's continue what we intended on doing!" Aimi said. "Let's try to enjoy ourselves and forget about the drama."

"That's right!" Risa yelled. "We're here to have fun! So let's have fun!"

The five of them spent the morning walking around the city looking at cherry blossoms and when it was noon, they ate lunch at a cafe that happened to be nearby. They then spent the entire afternoon at a botanical garden looking at flowers and wildlife since it was still spring. They parted ways at around 4 PM and Izuku went back to his apartment.

"Izuku!" His mom came running to him. "My baby, are you alright?!"

"Hi mom, what's this about?" Izuku asked.

His mom lead him into the living room where Hikaru was sitting, in front of the laptop.

Izuku's mom then showed him the video of the news involving Izuku and his friends.

There was footage of Izuku, his friends, and their former classmates from middle school at Tatooin Station.

"On the news, we had Endeavor intervening in a situation involving ten teenagers. Apparently, he was alerted by one of them sending death threats to the other group of students." One reporter stated.


"Apparently, five of them are Quirkless as stated by this young man's rather... colorful response." The reporter stated.

"These *BLEEEEEEEEP* from our former schools had the nerve to come up to us AND REMIND US THAT WE AIN'T *BLEEP* JUST BECAUSE WE'RE *BLEEP* QUIRKLESS!" The three of them heard Takehiko yell to Endeavor.

"All-Might then entered the scene, having heard the young man's outburst." The reporter continued. "Endeavor then exited the scene, leaving All-Might to deal with the situation himself. One of the teens managed to apologize to one of the Quirkless teens before All-Might made the rest of them apologize for harassing them."

Izuku then braced himself for the next part, already knowing what happened next.

"Say, you five are U.A. students are you not?" The three of them heard All-Might ask.

"HELL YEAH WE ARE!" Risa shouted with her fist in the air. "We're super glad to be accepted into the school even though we don't have a Quirk like everyone else does!"

"In a surprising revelation, all five of these Quirkless teenagers attend the most prestigious Hero School in Japan, U.A. High!" The reporter stated. "How very interesting that the most selective Hero School is now allowing applicants without a Quirk to attend!"

Apparently, the news didn't forget about the hate crime that took last year.

Izuku felt the butterflies in his stomach when the camera zoomed in on Izuku's face.

"Wait a minute!" Another reporter stated. "Isn't that-?!

"Yes, that's him alright!" Another reporter exclaimed. "Izuku Midoriya from Teien Junior High! He was one of the two Quirkless victims of a hate crime staged by three teenage girls who were sentenced to juvie last year! Apparently, the other victim, Hikaru Usumidori is now adopted into the Midoriya family and is living a happy, stable life! The savior, Katsuki Bakugo is currently enrolled in the same school as Midoriya but he's in the Hero Course! It's a great pleasure to see that the hero of last year's incident is now attending the best Hero School in the nation! There's no doubt that Bakugo will make an excellent Pro-Hero someday!"

"Kacchan..." Izuku thought to himself. "I wonder if he's alright now..."

"And speaking of Pro Heroes!" Another reporter spoke up. "Isn't the U.A. Sports Festival coming up in two weeks?!"

"Oh right!" Another reporter replied. "Pro Heroes from all over the nation will be coming to and/or watching this event! This is a chance to see what all of the U.A. students are made of! Especially the ones who are in the Heroes Course!"

"It's not like I'm anything compared to every U.A. student with a Quirk." Izuku glumly thought to himself.

"Anyways!" The reporter said. "I know that I don't have remind anyone this but just in case, tickets are selling out fast for the festival! So please get them ASAP!"

Izuku took a shower, worrying about how much attention he got for the past year. He didn't like to be the center of attention, especially if it's for a negative reason such as him being Quirkless. He had just made peace with two people who used to bully him but he still had a lot of doubts about his future. He had just met Endeavor a second time in his lifetime, it was a good thing Endeavor didn't seem to remember him bumping into him but it still scared him.

Also, he had to deal with Todoroki constantly giving him the cold shoulder whenever he tried to reach out to him. Izuku knew of his abuse by his father's hands but he didn't know of any way to help him without annoying him. Also, there was the part where Endeavor was looking for Todoroki's Linked-Half so he could amplify his son's Quirk.

Izuku would have to talk to Yagi-san for advice since he couldn't deal with it all by himself. He didn't want to let anyone else know Todoroki was his other Linked-Half since that news could spread like wildfire until it reached Endeavor.

After Izuku was done with his shower, he went into his room to do his homework and then talked to his friends on the computer.

"OMG! Have you seen the news?!" Risa asked with a bunch of emojis attached. "We are like SUPER-FAMOUS right now!"

"No doubt everyone at U.A. will be looking at us again..." Kotone said.

"Goddammit! Why did these two Pros have to come in?!" Takehiko angrily said.

" were the one throwing a hissy fit in the middle of the street, so yeah!" Risa said to him.

"What's done is done. Let's just try to keep a low profile for the rest of the school year, okay?" Aimi advised.

"I doubt we can keep a low profile for so long." Takehiko said. "We're the only Quirkless people in a prestigious Hero School."

"Then we'll have to try our best." Izuku said. "No yelling, no screaming, just do what everyone expects us to do."

"I'm afraid it's the only solution to this problem." Aimi agreed.

"Ugh..." Takehiko groaned.

On Sunday morning, Izuku and his family went shopping for groceries. His mom gave him a copy of the grocery list on his phone so he could go somewhere else in the supermarket to help his mom look for groceries.

His mom watched over Hikaru while she also looked for groceries while also buying snacks and sweets for Hikaru.

Izuku was searching the vegetable aisle for leeks, scallions, fresh ginger, and white daikon radish until he felt someone tap on his shoulder.

"Um...excuse me?" Izuku heard a young woman talk to him from behind.

Izuku turned around and was met with a young woman in her twenties. Her hair was white and had flecks of red in them. She wore glasses over her grey eyes but she had a warm, friendly disposition.

"Oh, um yes?" Izuku asked. "What is it?"

"You're from U.A., right?" She asked.

"Yeah, how did you know?" Izuku asked.

"I saw you on the news yesterday." She answered.

"Oh, I almost forgot about that. Sorry." Izuku scratched the back of his head embarrassingly.

"It's okay." The woman reassured him. "Anyways, you're so lucky to have met my dad!"

"Your dad?" Izuku asked.

"Yeah! You know Endeavor, right?" The woman asked. "Enji Todoroki?"

All of the color drained from Izuku's face. "En-En-Endeavor's your father?!"

"Yeah, he is." The woman looked at Izuku with concern. "Why? Is something wrong?"

"Oh um! N-n-no it's nothing! I'm just...nervous, that's all!" Izuku shook his arms in front of him wildly.

"So, I'm sorry for not introducing myself." The woman held out her hand. "My name is Fuyumi Todoroki. And you're Izuku Midoriya, correct?"

"Correct." Izuku nodded and shook her hand. "Nice to meet you, Todoroki-san."

"Oh, you can just call me Fuyumi-san." Fuyumi said to him. "By the way, since you attend U.A. High, do you know my baby brother by any chance?"

"Who?" Izuku asked.

"Shoto Todoroki." Fuyumi said. "He's the youngest of my family. My dad pays extra-special attention to him."

"Oh, him!" Izuku said. "Yeah, we attend Heroics Class together in the afternoon!"

"Oh! So you do know him!" Fuyumi exclaimed. "So have you two talked to each other?"

"U-u-um yeah, kinda." Izuku stammered. "But he seems kinda distant, y'know? He keeps to himself most of the time and he won't talk unless he has to."

"Yep, that's my baby brother in a nutshell!" Fuyumi said. "He won't really talk to me or my other little brother, Natsuo either. He's been like this since Mom was put in the hospital by my dad."

"Because his mom poured boiling water over his left eye..." Izuku instinctively put his hand over his left eye and frowned.

"How's school been going for you?" Fuyumi asked.

"It's been okay. I guess." Izuku shrugged. "How about you?"

"Oh me? It's been going well, I'm a schoolteacher!" Fuyumi happily answered.

"Wow, really?!" Izuku asked.

"Yep!" Fuyumi nodded.

"Izuku! We're leaving now! I hope you got the vegetables on our grocery list!" Izuku heard his mom call out to him.

"Oh, coming!" Izuku responded back and then turned back to Fuyumi. "I gotta go. Nice meeting you, Fuyumi-san!"

"Nice meeting you too, Midoriya-kun!" Fuyumi bid him farewell. "I'll tell my baby brother all about you! Good bye!"

Izuku bowed respectfully to her before rushing to his family with the vegetables in his shopping cart.

Chapter Text

So, um...little brother?" Fuyumi asked in the middle of lunch.

"Yeah, sis?" Shoto asked as he slurped his noodles.

"I met a student from U.A. this morning while I was grocery shopping." Fuyumi said. "I was hoping we could talk about him."

"Who is it?" Shoto asked.

"Izuku Midoriya." Fuyumi answered. "I hear you both go to Heroics Class together, don't you?"

Suddenly all the blood drained from Shoto's face and his hand had dropped the chopsticks.

"Shoto? What's wrong?" Fuyumi asked in concern.

"What did you two talk about?" Shoto asked in a serious voice.

"Nothing serious really." Fuyumi admitted. "I just asked if he went to U.A. and I asked him if he knew you or not."

"Did he say anything?" Shoto asked.

"He said you were kinda distant." Fuyumi said.

"Anything else?" Shoto asked.

"Well, I did tell him I was the daughter of Endeavor but when I told him that, he went pale." Fuyumi said. "Also right after I told him about mom, he covered his left eye like he was trying to protect it."

Shoto looked at Fuyumi with a grim expression on his face. Fuyumi didn't know why Shoto was so high-strung about Midoriya but she wanted to know why.

"Don't tell him about your encounter with Midoriya." Shoto told her.

"Why? What's wrong?" Fuyumi asked.

"I mean it, sis." Shoto said. "Don't talk to him about Midoriya. And don't tell anyone else about it, okay?"

"Okay, but why-" Fuyumi tried to ask.

"Promise me." Shoto said, gripping the edge of the table hard.

Fuyumi and Shoto stared at each other in silence as the room froze around them.

"Okay." Fuyumi said reluctantly.

"Good." Shoto said before defrosting the room and finishing up his lunch.

After the two siblings were done were their lunch, Fuyumi cleaned up while Shoto went back outside the house to train for the Sports Festival.

Fuyumi went to her room to grade papers while she thought about why her baby brother was acting uptight all of a sudden. If she was going to get answers, she would get them from Midoriya if he could help Shoto in any way she could.

Izuku and his family were back home in their apartment. Izuku's mom cooked lunch while Izuku and Hikaru played in the living room with Pro Hero action figures. Izuku texted to his friends on his phone as he continued playing with Hikaru. The TV played the news, including ones involving the Pro Heroes successfully apprehending Villains.

They continued playing with each other until the clock struck noon and their mom called them for lunch.

After lunch, Izuku went out to hang out with his friends. They decided on exercising in preparation for the Sports Festival. They did basic exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, and toe-touches. Kotone was the one struggling the most since she was clearly the least athletic out of the five.

At around five, they parted ways and returned home.

Izuku took a shower and went to his room to chat online with his friends. They talked about their day and how the girls would finally have their Arms tomorrow so they can train with them.

After dinner was done, Izuku went back to his room to continue chatting online with his friends before it was time to go to bed.

Izuku woke up groggily after sleeping late during the weekend. As always, he got ready for school, ate breakfast, and said goodbye to his mom and brother as he went out the door.

After reaching the school, Izuku went straight to homeroom and waited for everyone else to arrive. After everyone did, the school day continued without a hitch.

When it was lunchtime, Izuku and his female classmates from 1-Q sat at the designated "Quirkless Table" and talked excitedly about the girls' new Arms. Takehiko was in the guidance counselor's office as always during lunch break.

However, while they were talking amongst each other they were receiving a lot of stares from almost everyone in the cafeteria that set them on end.

They did their best to ignore those stares as they kept talking amongst each other.

After lunch, the four separated for their respective afternoon classes and they did their best to ignore the stares from the other students as they walked through the halls. Risa on the other hand, tried to greet them as she passed them.

By the time Izuku made it to Class 1-A, he saw all of the students in there stop talking and look at him.

Izuku sat down and looked down at his hands, which were tightly gripping his knees.

All-Might entered the classroom but Izuku was too embarrassed to look up.

"Good afternoon, Class 1-A!" All-Might said to everyone. "Starting today, in preparation for the upcoming annual Sports Festival, you will be training yourselves without your Hero Costumes and gadgets. You'll all be wearing your U.A. gym uniform while training for the next two weeks. Now go change into your gym uniforms and me in Training Ground Beta."

"YES SIR!" Everyone but Izuku replied.

As Izuku was about to go out the door behind everyone else, All-Might stopped him.

"Midoriya-shonen, may I speak to you for a minute?" All-Might asked.

Izuku stopped, worrying about what his mentor was going to say to him.

Izuku turned around, not meeting All-Might's eyes. "Yes? What is it?"

"I know about how much unwanted attention you and the rest of Class 1-Q are receiving as a result of what happened Saturday." All-Might said.

"I know..." Izuku said with his head still facing down.

"I want to let you know that this isn't your fault nor is it young Honekiri's or young Okinatsuno's." All-Might assured him. "Don't blame yourself for it."

"I know, but it's just...we don't want to get all of this unwanted attention. I hope it doesn't continue, especially during the Sports Festival." Izuku admitted.

"Same, but I hope you and the others know that it's not your fault all of this happened. Whatever happens, I'll handle it." All Might said.

"Thank you, All-Might-sama." Izuku said with a small smile.

"I'm sorry for keeping you in like that, I just want to make sure you're safe." All-Might assured him. "I hope I'm not intruding on you or anything."

"No, it's alright." Izuku shook his head and smiled. "I appreciate you always looking out for me. I never imagined that my idol would be the one helping me with my personal problems."

"Ah, don't sweat it." All-Might replied. "I'm always here to everyone in need! Especially the Quirkless who want to be Heroes, but feel they are inferior to everyone else! Anyways, go join your classmates!"

"Yes, sir! Thank you sir!" Izuku said to All-Might as he ran out the door.

Izuku quickly changed into his gym uniform and armed himself with his cybernetic gauntlets before running out of the boys' locker room.

He wished that he could train right now with his 1-Q classmates but it was school hours, so he had to train with Class 1-A.

By the time he reached Training Ground Beta, all of his 1-A classmates were already training with each other.

All-Might surveyed the group as he walked around giving them pointers.

"Good! Good! Keep up the good work!" All-Might said as he passed by Sato, Koda, Mineta, and Aoyama training together with their Quirks.

Ochako, Tsuyu, and Iida were training together.

The other groups were: Bakugo, Kirishima, Kaminari, and Sero. Yaoyorozu, Jiro, Ashido, and Hagakure. Shinso, Ojiro, Tokoyami, and Shoji. Todoroki, on the other hand trained alone.

Izuku was looking forward to training by himself just like Todoroki did until Iida called him over.

"Midoriya!" Iida called out to him. "Please join us!"

Izuku ran over to where Ochako, Tsuyu, and Iida were at.

"Wanna train with us?" Ochako asked. "We saw you were looking pretty down, so we thought you could use some company."

"Sure, thanks." Izuku replied.

Ochako used her Zero Gravity Quirk to make a lot of debris float in mid-air so that her classmates could use them as stepping stones and as target practice.

Izuku, Tsuyu, and Iida leapt on the floating debris as carefully and quickly as they could with Ochako watching from below in case anyone of them fell.

Tsuyu was the one clearly succeeding since she was an expert at leaping from one object to another as if they were lily pads.

For target practice, the three of them had to hit as many debris as they could before they hit the ground after Ochako releases her hold on them.

"Release!" Ochako yelled as she touched her fingers together.

Izuku punched through the debris with his cybernetic gauntlets, Tsuyu gathered multiple debris in her tongue, and Iida kicked through the debris with his engine legs.

As the training session continued however, Izuku felt the right side of his body drop rapidly as Todoroki continued sending a large wave of ice after another. Izuku did his best to ignore the ice-cold sensation so he could train the best he could in the moment.

After class was over, Class 1-A all went to the locker rooms to change back into their school uniforms. Izuku was about to go until he heard someone call his name.


Izuku looked behind him and saw Todoroki approaching him.

"Y-y-yes?" Izuku asked.

"What did you say to Fuyumi?" Todoroki asked.

"I didn't say anything." Izuku said. "I only told her about you. I didn't tell her that we're Linked."

"Did you approach her first?" Todoroki asked.

"N-n-no!" Izuku waved his hands in front of him. "She was the one who came to me, first! I swear! She just happened to come across me in the supermarket!"

Todoroki stared intimidatingly at Izuku to see if he was lying or not. Izuku stood there quietly, feeling his body temperature drop rapidly as the two continued staring at each other.

"...Fine." Todoroki walked away from Izuku. "But don't come near my family again. It'd be troublesome if they told that bastard about you."

"O-o-okay." Izuku said, scared from his encounter with Todoroki.

U.A. was opening up all of it's training facilities for its students to prepare for the Sports Festival and the same robots from the Practical Entrance Exam were involved too.

Izuku and the rest of Class 1-Q met up with Hatsume so that the girls could get their newly-made Arms first before changing into their gym uniforms and heading to Training Ground Beta.

A lot of other U.A. students were there too and facing against the robots with their Quirks.

The five of them chose an area that was unoccupied to test and train their Arms so no one save for the people in the monitoring room was watching them.

Risa tested her magnetic bladed boomerangs against the Villain Bots and managed to slice through multiple of them in one throw.

"Woo-hoo! Jackpot!" Risa whooped as she caught her boomerangs in her gloved hands.

"I'll go next." Aimi volunteered, her ribbon ready as multiple Villain Bots approached her.

She gracefully evaded all of their attacks while tying their limbs up with her ribbon, causing them to fall and crash on the ground.

The four of them clapped as Aimi took a bow.

"Alright, Koto-chan! You're up!" Risa gave her a playful shove.

"...Cover your ears." Kotone said.

They all did what they were told and Kotone made the Villain Bots around her short-circuit with her microphone.

"Whoa, nice!" Risa fistpumped.

"Honekiri, do you want go next?" Izuku asked Takehiko.

"Nah, it's fine. You can go if you want." Takehiko shrugged.

"Okay!" Izuku readied his cybernetic gauntlets and ran towards the Villain Bots at full speed.

He evaded their attacks and punched them when there was an opening.

After Izuku was done, Takehiko went next. He shot at the robots as he skillfully evaded their attacks and then sliced through them.

Izuku, Risa, Aimi, and Kotone clapped loudly after they saw Takehiko effortlessly defeat the robots on his own.

After that, the five of them spent the next two hours getting used to their Arms before it was time to go.

Izuku and his friends waved goodbye to each other after their training session was done for the day. Izuku was about to head home until a familiar white-haired woman ran up to him.

"Midoriya-kun!" Fuyumi called out to him.

"Fu-Fuyumi-san?!" Izuku's face went pale again. "What are you doing here?"

"I was looking for you." Fuyumi told Izuku. "Here's my contact information so we can talk privately."

"Oh um, okay!" Izuku copied the contact information on his phone.

"Good, I'm looking forward to talk to you again. Bye!" Fuyumi said before running off.

"Bye!" Izuku waved back before dreading whether Fuyumi knew about his secret or not.

Fuyumi seemed like a person he could trust so it wouldn't hurt to tell her the truth.

"I have to get home before six or mom will kill me!" Izuku thought to himself as he ran all the way home with his muscles aching from his training session.

Izuku went back home to take a shower and then eat dinner since he came home later than usual. After dinner, Izuku did his homework before chatting with his 1-Q classmates via text. They just talked about how their day went and how sore their muscles were from the training session. The girls were also particularly pleased with how their Arms came out so they spent most of their time talking about them. The girls even complimented the boys' choice of Arms too as the conversation continued.

After they were done talking, they all left the chatroom. Izuku then decided to talk to Fuyumi afterwards so he contacted her on his phone via text and waited for her to answer.

"Hello? Fuyumi?" Izuku typed and entered.

It took several seconds for Fuyumi to answer back.

"Midoriya-kun, I'm glad you decided to call!" Fuyumi replied.

"Is there something you want to talk to me about?" Izuku asked. "Is it urgent?"

"In a way, yes." Fuyumi said. "I...wanted to know why my baby brother insisted on not telling our dad about you."

Izuku took a moment to collect himself since he knew this was Endeavor's daughter he was talking to and he couldn't risk her spilling the beans to her father about his secret.

"Promise me you won't tell anyone else about this." Izuku told her.

"Okay, I promise. I won't tell my father about this either." Fuyumi promised.

Izuku took a breather for a few minutes before he finally revealed his secret to her.

"I am Todoroki's Linked-Half." Izuku simply typed.

"Really?!" Fuyumi typed. "So is dad trying to tear you two apart?"

"Not exactly." Izuku typed. "He wants us together so Todoroki's Quirk can get amplified. He could care less about me as long as we're near each other."

"Oh my!" Fuyumi exclaimed. "I can't tell my dad about this after hearing what you just told me! Don't worry! I'll help you and Shoto in any way I can! I'll try to stall dad the best I can so he won't find out!"

"Thanks, I really appreciate it." Izuku said.

For the rest of the remaining two weeks, Izuku and his friends continued attending U.A. and training after school for the Sports Festival. Izuku continued to stay in touch with Fuyumi throughout the two weeks and Fuyumi told him about Shoto's well-being as the days went by. So far as Fuyumi informed him, Shoto was still training hard for the Sports Festival and he was still refraining himself from using his fire.

The other U.A. students left them be during lunch and after school training with no interruptions in fear of Takehiko violently accusing them of "not minding their own business." While in Heroics class, Izuku checked on Todoroki from time-to-time and also occasionally Bakugo. Todoroki was still glaring at him with that cold-hard stare of his. Bakugo had a neutral expression on his face every time Izuku looked at him, but there was a hint of regret and guilt there too. Ochako, Tsuyu, Iida, and Shinso have even checked up a lot on Izuku to make sure he was doing okay. Yagi-san/All-Might also checked up on Izuku to make sure he didn't have any of those dark, suicidal thoughts again during and after Heroics class ended.

Luckily for everyone, Izuku no longer had thoughts of ending his life ever since he had a lot of people supporting him. He's made a lot of friends since he went to U.A. and hasn't faced any bullying since. He even made peace with two of his former bullies, including the one who bullied him ever since preschool.

However, his 1-Q classmates were still friendless outside of their Quirkless circle. Takehiko still was pushing away his 1-B classmates and the girls' non-1-Q classmates were avoiding them in fear of hurting their feelings and invoking Takehiko's wrath.

As Izuku continued to train with his friends, he thought about how to make his fellow Quirkless friends feel better and make friends with their respective non-1-Q classmates. But that would have to wait until the Sports Festival since everyone was too busy preparing for said event.

On the night before the Sports Festival, Izuku stayed up thinking about the bonds he's established with people at U.A. so far and how he could help his Quirkless friends by talking to students from Classes 1-B, 1-C, 1-D, and 1-E.

He didn't want to meddle in his friends' problems, but he couldn't just stand there and let his friends wallow in fear of being excluded just because they were Quirkless.

Starting tomorrow, he would be talking to these students and try to convince them to open up to his 1-Q classmates.

Chapter Text

It was the morning of the Sports Festival and Izuku woke up and got ready for school as always. Izuku's mom and brother cheered him on before he went out the door.

"Do your best, son!" Izuku's mom said to him.

"I believe in you, onii-san!" Hikaru cheered.

"Thanks, you two!" Izuku gave each of them a hug. "I promise that I'll make you all proud!"

"I'm really sure you will!" Izuku's mom said to him before giving him a big kiss on the head. "Be careful!"

"I will! Bye mom! Bye Hikaru!" Izuku ran out the door.

"Good luck, onii-san!" Hikaru said to him.

Izuku went into the boys' locker room and then changed into his U.A. gym uniform like everyone else did. After Izuku changed, he met with Class 1-Q in their assigned waiting room.

Takehiko was sitting with Aimi and Kotone, Aimi was trying her best to comfort her as the latter suffered from stage fright.

"Good morning, guys!" Izuku greeted them before looking around for Risa. "Where's Risa?"

"She's outside making sure when it's right for us to come out." Takehiko replied.

"Oh." Izuku said before turning his attention to Aimi and Kotone. "How are you two doing?"

"We're doing okay." Aimi replied. "It's just that Kotone needs time to prepare for the large amount of attention that we'll be facing when we step outside."

Izuku sat beside Aimi and Risa and did his best to console Kotone.

"Are you okay, Kotone?" Izuku asked.

"I-I-I think so." Kotone said quietly. "It's just that I've never been in front of so many people before."

"Neither of us have either and that's okay." Izuku said to her. "We'll all be there for you. Don't worry, you're not alone."

"Th-th-thank you." Kotone said.

Suddenly, Risa burst into the room. "Hey guys, they're calling everyone out! Let's get a move on! Go! Go! Go!"

"You can stay right next to me, okay?" Aimi helped Kotone out of her chair and hugged her close to her.

"...Okay." Kotone hid her face in Aimi's chest and hugged her tightly as they walked out the door.

Izuku, Takehiko, and Risa watched over the both of them as they walked out of the room.

The five of them could hear Present Mic announcing all of the U.A. First-Year students by alphabetical order and Department as they walked through the hall. They braced themselves before Present Mic announced Class 1-Q to the entire nation.

After Present Mic was done listing Classes 1-A, 1-B, 1-C, 1-D, 1-E, 1-F, 1-G, 1-H, 1-I, 1-J, and 1-K, I-Q was the last to be announced.

"And finally we have Class 1-Q!" Present Mic announced, earning only very little cheers from the audience. "I know they're a very small class, but believe me when I say we meant to have sixty students in the Quirkless Department starting this school year! Unfortunately, these five are the only Quirkless to attend U.A so far, I'm not sure why!"

"Not sure why, my ass." Takehiko huffed.

"Anyways, give it for all the U.A. first-year students!" Present Mic roused the audience.

Izuku felt uncomfortable seeing so many people in the audience and kept to himself as he walked along. Risa on the other hand was jumping up and down and waving wildly at everyone. Aimi and Kotone were still hugging each other as the former comforted the latter. And Takehiko was behind them, crossing his arms and keeping his head down.

All of the first-year students gathered in front of the referee, who happened to be Lady Midnight herself. A lot of people burst into a hubbub as a result of her sexually-explicit costume.

"What kind of school lets their teacher dress up like a BDSM-esque whore?" Takehiko remarked disgustedly.

"Silence everyone!" Lay Midnight ordered and everyone quieted down. "For the student pledge, we have Tenya Iida from Class 1-A!"

Izuku watched with anticipation as the class president of 1-A stepped onto the podium with Lady Midnight.

"Greetings everyone!" Iida announced into the microphone. "As first-year students at the prestigious U.A. High, we pledge that we will live up to everyone's expectations and fulfill our purpose as the next generation of Heroes! It has been a long journey for all of us who made it here, but we pledge that we will be the best students we can be starting this school year! No matter what obstacles we face, we will overcome them together!"

Everyone gave a round of applause at Iida's pledge and he bowed respectfully over and over.

"Thank you! Thank you!" Iida said while he bowed repeatedly before stepping off the podium.

"Without further ado, we will be starting the first game!" Lady Midnight announced. "The first event will be the Obstacle Race! All of you will be racing outside the stadium for four kilometers! Do whatever you want to reach the finish line!"

All of the first-years gathered at the starting line as instructed by Lady Midnight. When Lady Midnight finally said "Begin!" everyone ran into the tunnel and ended up squishing each other as they tried to push forward.

Suddenly, someone froze everyone in the tunnel and Todoroki was taking the lead. However, Aoyama, Yaoyorozu, Kirishima, and Bakugo managed to escape were hot on Todoroki's tail. Ojiro, Tokoyami, and Ashido followed behind. Izuku was trying not to slip on the ice with Mineta and some other U.A. student before Mineta managed to get ahead of them with his Pop Off Quirk.

Unfortunately, disaster struck when the hardest-level Villain Bots appeared in front of everyone. However, Todoroki managed to freeze them off-balance before running off. The lower-level Villain Bots came afterwards and others either fought their way through or just went past them. Izuku managed to dodge a Villain Bot's attack before picking up a shrapnel of metal from the ground and running off. Izuku then climbed across the rope with the shrapnel tied to his back as he did his best not to fall into the pit.

By the tim, Izuku reached the mine field he dug up a bunch of mines from the soil and then rode on the shrapnel of metal he saved earlier. The result was a very strong explosion that sent Izuku flying across most of the mine field.

"Incredible!" Present Mic announced excitedly. "Looks like Izuku Midoriya from Class 1-Q managed to get past most of the mine field and is catching up to Todoroki and Bakugo!"

As soon as Izuku past the two, they stopped fighting each other and chased after Izuku. However, Izuku managed to stall them by slamming his shrapnel to the ground and it caused the both of them to be caught in the explosion while the explosion propelled Izuku forward.

"Amazing! A Quirkless student is now ahead of two of the students from Class 1-A!" Present Mic remarked as Izuku landed on his feet and ran to the finish line as fast as he could. "And now Todoroki and Bakugo are chasing him in hot pursuit! Who would have thought someone without a Quirk would be able to surpass two of U.A.'s current top first-year students?!"

As Izuku went closer and closer to the finish line, Izuku could feel Yagi-san cheering for him through their Link. Izuku didn't dare look back, he instead kept looking forward through the tunnel of the stadium as he kept running.

"And the first one to make it back into stadium is, "Present Mic announced. "Izuku Midoriya from Class 1-Q!"

Everyone in the audience cheered as Izuku looked for Yagi-san and cried joyfully when he saw his mentor looking proudly at him. At home, both Izuku's mom and brother were holding hands and jumping up and down in glee. Izuku's former classmates and teachers from Teien Junior High were also super-happy to see that he accomplished something big. Everyone who used to be in the same class as Izuku in previous schools felt guilty for underestimating and bullying him just for not having a Quirk after they saw Izuku win the Obstacle Race.

One by one, all the other first-year U.A. students reentered the stadium. Takehiko came in 10th place and Risa came in 38th. Both Aimi and Kotone were the last to come in since Kotone wasn't athletic and had stage fright and Aimi stayed behind to help Kotone.

Only the top forty-four people moved on to the next round so that meant both Aimi and Kotone were disqualified.

Lady Midnight then announced the Cavalry Battle, which meant all groups are made up of four people and they had to steal headbands from each other. The headbands had a certain amount of points on them based on the person's place in the Obstacle Race. Unfortunately, this made Izuku everyone's main target since he was in 1st Place in the Obstacle Race and his bandana was worth 10 million points.

Izuku teamed up with Takehiko, Risa, and lastly Tokoyami for the Cavalry Battle since the latter three had nowhere to go. Izuku was the one on top, Takehiko took the left side, Risa took the right side, and Tokoyami took the front.

When the Cavalry Battle began, Izuku and his teammates did their best to avoid and block their opponents' attacks. Risa used her magnetic boomerangs to keep their enemies at a distance and Takehiko did the same with his gunblade. Tokoyami guarded the entire group from any attacks that went their way. And Izuku made sure to duck and move aside just in case anything came his way.

There was less than six minutes left remaining in the Cavalry Battle and Izuku's team now faced off against Todoroki's team. Tokoyami shielded Izuku, Takehiko, and Risa from Kaminari's electricity before the four evaded from Todoroki's ice.

Less than a minute remaining, Todoroki trapped Izuku's team in a circle with his ice and managed to snatch Izuku's headband with Iida's Recipro Burst.

"Goddammit!" Takehiko swore. "We were too careless!"

"Let's get the points back before time's up!" Risa said.

"You're right!" Izuku said. "Let's go get back those ten million points!" Izuku said.

Izuku and his team lunged towards Todoroki and his team. Izuku readied his gauntlets and was ready to fake a big punch to Todoroki's face. In the heat of the moment, Todoroki instinctively used his flames to try to defend himself. Izuku then sliced out the air to distract Todoroki and snatch one of the headband. However, the headband Izuku took wasn't the one they were aiming for and they ended up with only a 70-point headband.

The round ended quickly as Izuku's team, Todoroki's team, and Bakugo's team faced each other.

Izuku was sure that they couldn't move onto the next round after failing to get back the ten million points. However, Tokoyami and Dark Shadow managed to secure one of other Todoroki's headbands that kept Izuku and his team in the game. They ended up in 4th Place thanks to Tokoyami and Dark Shadow, but both of them thanked Izuku for the diversion which made Izuku cry a geyser that cratered the ground.

Present Mic then dismissed everyone for a one-hour lunch break.

"Come on!" Risa beckoned them. "Let's go to cafeteria to meet with Ai-chan and Koto-chan!"

"Yeah! I wanna see how they're doing!" Izuku said. "Let's go!"


Izuku heard a familiar cold voice come behind him. He slowly turned around to see Todoroki glaring at him.

Takehiko and Risa quickly stepped in front of Izuku to protect him.

"What the hell do you want with him?!" Takehiko asked angrily.

"I want to talk to him alone." Todoroki said calmly. "It has nothing to do with you."

"You're not salty that he beat you in the Obstacle Race, are you?" Risa asked.

"Guys..." Izuku weakly protested.

"I just want to talk with him." Todoroki explained. "Don't worry, I won't do anything to him."

"And how the FUCK do we know you're not going to gang up on and beat the living shit out of him just like the rest of FREAKS did to us for our entire lives?!" Takehiko angrily asked loud enough for other people to hear.

"You have my word, I promise I am not like the others. And I am deeply sorry for what the five of you have been through." Todoroki promised. "I will not hurt your friend. I just want to talk to your friend about private matters. If you'll just excuse us."

"...It's okay, you guys." Izuku spoke up. "He won't hurt me. The two of us are just going to talk."

"And you believe him?!" Takehiko yelled incredulously. "You haven't remembered what those three GODDAMN shitty-ass bitches did to you and your brother, did you?!"

"Honekiri..." Izuku said quietly. "It's okay, Todoroki isn't one of them. me."

After ten seconds passed, Takehiko stood down.

"Fine." Takehiko begrudgingly agreed. "But if you dare lay a hand on him I will beat your freaky ass to kingdom come!"

Takehiko and Risa walked to the exit of the stadium while Izuku and Todoroki talked in the entrance. Todoroki silently glared at Izuku for a few minutes to intimidate him before he finally spoke.

"Did you do it on purpose?" Todoroki asked Izuku.

"Huh?" Izuku asked.

"Did you plan on forcing me to use my left side?" Todoroki asked.

"N-no." Izuku replied nervously. "Why do you ask?"

"Because this was something I wanted to avoid." Todoroki said with a grim expression on his face.

"Why?" Izuku asked.

"You know why." Todoroki said. "You had those visions of me when we first met, remember?"

"Oh, I almost forgot about them." Izuku said sheepishly.

"If I use my left side, I'll be using my old man's power." Todoroki explained. "And I don't want to be using whatever I inherited from that bastard. He forced my mother into a marriage just to produce a child with both Quirks and now here I am. I refuse to be a tool for him, the only thing I can do is not use my father's fire."

"Can't you use your left side for yourself?" Izuku suggested.

"No." Todoroki said defensively. "I will not be using my flames for myself or anyone. The only time I use my left side is only to melt the ice I created with my right side."

" what does your left side have to do with me?" Izuku asked.

"Since we're each others' Linked-Halves, we amplify each others' Quirks when we're within a half mile near each other." Todoroki explained. "You don't have a Quirk so nothing of yours' gets amplified. But for me, I can produce more ice than normal and my ice becomes colder and I can produce more fire than normal and the fire becomes hotter. Ever since I've bumped into you, it's been extra hard for me to stop the flames from coming out whenever we're near each other and there's nothing I can do to stop it."

" you want me to-" Izuku was about to say "die" but Todoroki cut him off.

"No." Todoroki shook his head. "It would be very cruel of anyone to suggest death as the answer, especially since someone told you to commit suicide and you nearly succeeded."

"Then...what do you think I should do?" Izuku asked.

Todoroki thought for moment before he spoke his answer. "The only solution I can think of is for you and your family to move somewhere far away from here and stop attending U.A. But since I've seen in my visions of you that U.A. has been your dream school ever since you were a child, I'm afraid I cannot stop you from attending."

"Yeah, and all of my first friends are there." Izuku added quietly.

"Then the only thing we can do is just continue acting like nothing strange happened whenever my Quirk gets amplified." Todoroki sighed disappointingly. "I'm sorry I wasted your time, you can go now."

Todoroki walked away to the exit as Izuku watched him go, thinking about what to do to help Todoroki.

After Izuku left the stadium to join his friends, neither of them knew that Bakugo had been eavesdropping on their conversation the entire time.

When Izuku joined his friends in their designated "Quirkless Table" after getting his lunch, his friends were relieved to see him alive and in one piece.

"Izu-kun! You're back!" Risa called out to him.

"I'm glad that freaky bastard didn't lay a damn finger on you." Takehiko said.

"So, what were you two talking about?" Risa asked.

"I'm sorry, I can't tell you. It's confidential." Izuku said.

"Aw..." Risa whined. "No fair! You can't tell your best friends about your secret?"

"It's his secret too, I'm really sorry." Izuku apologized. "We can't tell anyone about what we discussed in private."

"Ugh! Okay!" Risa pouted.

"Are two of you okay?" Izuku asked Aimi and Kotone.

"We're fine." Aimi said. "I'm just glad that Kotone won't have to participate in the competition anymore. She hates being the center of attention."

"So what will you do now?" Izuku asked.

"We'll be cheering you three on in the bleachers." Aimi said. "I'll also make sure to keep a close eye on Kotone on all times."

"Great! We're counting on you!" Izuku said.

The five of them continued to eat lunch as they kept talking amongst each other for the rest of the period.

After they were done eating, Izuku, Takehiko, and Risa went back into the stadium field and Aimi and Kotone watched them from the bleachers.

The next and final round was the 1v1 Fighting Tournament. Only the teams from the Cavalry Battle in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place were allowed to move on. However, Ojiro and Shoda resigned which caused Shiozaki and Tetsutetsu to take their place. The first matches were decided by lottery and as each contestant won, they moved on to face another winner, and so on. The rules were simple, one of the contestants have to either knock their opponent out of bounds, have them immobilized, or have them surrender.

For the first round, the match-ups were: Izuku vs Shinso, Todoroki vs Sero, Kaminari vs Shiozaki, Iida vs Risa, Aoyama vs Ashido, Tokoyami vs Yaoyorozu, Kirishima vs Tetsutetsu, and Takehiko vs Bakugo.

Izuku felt really sad at the prospect of fighting someone he knew who was very nice to him and thought about withdrawing from the game after that. Izuku then felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up to see it was Shinso.

"You'll still do your best, right?" Shinso asked in a soft, assuring tone.

"I... just wish it wasn't you or any else of my friends." Izuku said with his head down. "You should do your best too."

"I will, since it's what everyone expects of us." Shinso said. "By the way, congrats on winning the Obstacle Race! It's great that you beat the best students of our class even without a Quirk."

"Aw, I just got lucky." Izuku rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "It's not like I actually did anything to win!"

"Don't be so modest, Midoriya-kun." Shinso reassured him. "You won using your brain and also took advantage of the environment around you. I'm sure you won 1st place fair-and-square. I guarantee it!"

Izuku looked gratefully at Shinso. "Shinso...thank you again. I don't know how I would be without you and everyone else."

"You're welcome." Shinso held out a hand. "Let's do our best okay?"

"Okay!" Izuku shook Shinso's hand.

"The first pair of contestants who will be facing against each other are Izuku Midoriya vs Hitoshi Shinso!" Lady Midnight announced. "Everyone else go the bleachers and wait until your turn comes!"

Chapter Text

After Izuku and Shinso stepped onto the ring created by Cementoss, Present Mic announced the contestants' names and the classes they were from before starting the match.

"From Class 1-A, we've got the underdog who can control you with a few words, Hitoshi Shinso!" Present Mic announced. "And from another fellow underdog, we've got Izuku Midoriya from Class 1-Q!"

As soon as the match began, Shinso made his first move by talking to Izuku to get him to verbally respond and fall under his mind control.

"Hey, Midoriya-kun. How are you feeling?" Shinso asked Izuku in a friendly voice.

"And Shinso starts out with a nice conversation with Midoriya!" Present Mic shouted. "But it looks like Midoriya is not gonna fall for that!"

Izuku kept his head down, bit his tongue, and clamped his lips shut to prevent himself from talking as he steadily walked forward.

"Are you doing okay?" Shinso tried again in a gentle voice. "I know that it's been hard for you. I know what it feels like to be cast out because we have something that a lot of people hate us for."

"Aw! Shinso's being a huge softie! He would make a great guidance counselor someday! Especially for people who are left out just because they're too different from everyone else!" Present Mic gushed.

Izuku kept doing what he was doing, walking silently to Shinso with his head down.

"Almost there..." Izuku thought to himself.

"And about your friends in 1-Q, I-" Shinso was interrupted by Izuku pushing him out of bounds.

"Incredible! Midoriya has managed to stay silent long enough for him to grab Shinso and push him out of bounds! If he keeps this up without talking, he'll be winning this fight!"

Shinso did his best again and again to try to brainwash Izuku with his Quirk but Izuku kept silent and pushed him out of bounds.

"Amazing! Izuku Midoriya wins the battle! And all it took was for him to not talk to Shinso! What a victory!" Present Mic cheered.

"Great match, Midoriya-kun." Shinso held out a hand to Izuku again. "You did great not responding back to me."

"It was after I analyzed your Quirk while we were doing Battle Training." Izuku admitted. "I saw that your Quirk only activates when someone verbally responds back to you, so I had to make sure I didn't say a word or I would have been under your control just like when you made me face away from the chalkboard and admit what I was scared of."

"Again, you did great." Shinso smiled. "With that big brain of yours', I have no doubt you'll be going to a lot of places."

"Thanks, Shinso-kun." Izuku said. "But why were you going so easy on me? You wouldn't try to talk about how useless I am because I'm Quirkless?"

"I couldn't do it." Shinso said with a sad expression on his face. "I couldn't try to rub salt in your wound after hearing everything you've been through. As I said before, I know what it's like to be alienated like you, Midoriya-kun. I really do."

"Shinso-kun..." Izuku said quietly. "I...I wouldn't want to say anything to make you feel really bad either, even if I want to win."

"Looks like we're in the same boat then." Shinso said with a smile.

"Yeah, I guess." Izuku smiled a bit.

Izuku sat with his Class 1-Q friends in the bleachers as he watched Todoroki and Sero face off against each other. Through Izuku's Link with Todoroki, he could feel the latter's emotions of fury and hatred as soon as Todoroki came out. When the battle started, Sero tried to tie up Todoroki and swing him out of bounds but Todoroki stopped Sero by freezing him inside a glacier. As expected, Izuku instantly felt the cold on the right side of his body as soon as Todoroki let out all that ice. Todoroki was declared the winner and he quickly defrosted Sero before the latter could suffer from frostbite due to the former's amplified Quirk. As the ice melted into vapors, Izuku felt Todoroki's emotions change from anger to sadness and tried to know why the change of heart.

After Todoroki vs Sero, it was now Kaminari vs Shiozaki. The match was over quickly as soon as Kaminari discharged so much electricity at Shiozaki, who in turn shielded herself with her hair and then quickly immobilized him in his dumb state.

The next match was Risa vs Iida. Izuku and the rest of Class 1-Q cheered Risa on.

"From Class 1-A we've got the class prez who's trying to live up to his family's heroic legacy, Tenya Iida!" Present Mic announced. "And from Class 1-Q, we've got Risa Okinatsuno who loves to make people laugh and have fun even in a fight!"

"Hi! You know Izu-kun, do you?" Risa cheerfully asked Iida.

"Yes, I do!" Iida replied enthusiastically with a nod. "Midoriya is a very intelligent and diligent student! I have faith in him becoming a Hero!"

"Get ready, you two!" Present Mic told Risa and Iida. "And...BEGIN!"

Iida tried to grab Risa at full-speed using his Quirk but Risa foresaw the move and side-stepped just in time.

"Oopsies!" Risa said as she side-stepped. "Sorry, missed me!"

"And Okinatsuno dodges Iida's opening move!" Present Mic announced.

Risa then threw her magnetic boomerangs(without blades) at Iida as he recovered from his opening move. But Iida managed to deflect said boomerangs before lunging at Risa again.

Risa somersaulted to the side before Iida could grab her but he was too fast for her to see where he was. Before she knew it, Iida finally caught her and carried her out of bounds.

"Wheeeeeeeeeeee!" Risa cheerfully said as Iida ran at full-speed while carrying her to the out-of-bounds line.

"And Iida finally manages to catch Okinatsuno and throw her out-of-bounds!" Present Mic announced.

"YIPPEE! That was fun!" Risa jumped in front of Iida. "Do it again! Do it again!"

"I'm afraid next time." Iida sweatdropped at the girl's kooky demeanor.

The next match was Ashido vs Aoyama. The match also ended quickly when Ashido managed to dodge all of Aoyama's lasers by surfing around them with her acid. She then delivered a big uppercut to his face, causing him to fall to the ground and lay unconscious.

The next match was Tokoyami vs Yaoyorozu. Tokoyami and Dark Shadow merely kept ramming into her shields until her foot slid out of bounds.

The next match was Kirishima vs Tetsutetsu. They ended up in a draw after knocking each other out.

The last match for the first round of the tournament was Takehiko vs Bakugo. Every U.A. staff and student in the stadium was scared about how the battle would turn out, especially since Takehiko openly admitted his prejudice against people with Quirks weeks ago.

Both Classes 1-Q and 1-A knew about how Takehiko tried to pummel Bakugo on the first day of school for how he abused Izuku throughout his childhood years so they prayed that nothing serious was going to happen.

"From Class 1-A, we've got the one who scored the HIGHEST in this year's U.A. Entrance Exam, Katsuki Bakugo!" Present Mic announced. Everyone in the stadium except for Classes 1-Q and 1-A(save for Kirishima) cheered for Bakugo.

"And from Class 1-Q, who comes from a highly-esteemed military family, Takehiko Honekiri!" Present Mic announced. Some people cheered out of pity while others just stayed silent.

"So." Takehiko spoke to Bakugo while pointing his gunblade at him. "This is what fate decided for the both of us."

Bakugo looked at Takehiko with a remorseful expression on his face before he finally responded. "Yeah."


Takehiko lunged at Bakugo who sent him flying back with a well-timed explosion.

"Is that all you have to say?!" Takehiko venomously spat at Bakugo, who looked down in shame. "After YOU SINGLE-HANDEDLY MADE HIS LIFE A LIVING HELL?!"

Everyone in the audience gasped and asked each other who Takehiko was talking about.

"Who is he talking about?" One person in the audience asked.

"Whose life did Bakugo ruin?" Another person in the audience asked.

"Could it be Midoriya from Class 1-Q?!" Another person in the audience hypothesized.

Bakugo admitted as he half-heartedly threw one explosion after another at Takehiko. "Yeah, I know. I fucked up. There's nothing I can do to fix whatever I've done. I-"


"Oh, so it was Midoriya all along!" One of the audience members exclaimed.

"How horrible! Midoriya seems like a nice kid! Who would dare pick on him?!" Another audience member commented.

"Seems like they oughta expel Bakugo from U.A.!" Another audience member angrily said.


"Wait a minute, did he just call everyone with Quirks "freaks"?" An audience member asked.


Everyone in the stadium and watching the Sports Festival on live TV gasped.

"Wait, who said that the Quirkless are a waste of oxygen?!" One of the audience members exclaimed.

"His family was awful to him?!" Another audience member asked.

"It reminds me of that hate crime last year." Another audience member remarked.

"I BET THAT'S WHAT YOU TOLD MIDORIYA, HUH?!" Takehiko continued to verbally and emotionally attack Bakugo. "YOU TOLD HIM TO FUCKING KILL HIMSELF JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE DID, RIGHT?!"

This statement clearly affected Bakugo and he immediately stopped trying to defend himself.

This reaction from Bakugo elicited a large response from everyone watching the event and Takehiko was more enraged than ever.


Everyone watching the drama unfold was divided on which side to take since they were both morally gray/grey. Takehiko was neglected by his family his entire life and also suffered a lot of bullying in his childhood for being Quirkless, which understandably soured his attitude. But he had an irrational hatred of everyone with Quirks and also he was currently attacking a now-defenseless Bakugo. Bakugo was a childhood bully who picked on Midoriya for being Quirkless and also boasted off to everyone that they were "below" him, but as of right now he showed cleared guilt and regret over his past atrocities and was currently letting Takehiko beat him up for atonement.

Lady Midnight quickly put Takehiko to sleep with her Quirk before announcing him as the winner.

"Bakugo is unable to battle! Honekiri moves onto the next round!"

Both Takehiko and Bakugo were put onto separate stretchers and were wheeled off into opposing tunnels.

After that, Kirishima and Tetsutetsu did a rematch to decide who would be advancing to the next round with an arm-wrestling contest. Kirishima won as a result.

It was now the semi-quarter finals and Izuku was now facing off against Todoroki.

"From Class 1-A, we have the son of the Number Two Hero, Shoto Todoroki!" Present Mic announced and literally everyone went wild. "And from Class 1-Q, we've got the one who won the Obstacle Race, Izuku Midoriya!"

Izuku and Todoroki looked at each in the eye before the match started. Izuku had an unsure, but also determined look on his face while Todoroki had that cold glare as always.


Todoroki sent a large wave of ice at Izuku but he punched through it using his gauntlet and nearly sent Todoroki flying out-of-bounds.

"Oh that was a close one!" Present Mic remarked.

Izuku repeatedly punched through Todoroki's waves of ice over and over as he felt his body temperature drop rapidly and his heart felt like it was freezing in his chest.

Izuku did his best to not fall to the ground as he felt colder and colder through his Link with Todoroki.

Todoroki's right side was now entirely covered in ice and he was suffering from frostbite as a result.

"And Midoriya punches through Todoroki's attacks effortlessly!" Present Mic commentated. "Todoroki is now freezing over as a result of overusing his Half-Cold Quirk! But what's this?! Midoriya is shiv-"

Aizawa silenced Present Mic before he could imply out loud that Midoriya and Todoroki were each others' Linked Halves.

"Please, Todoroki. You use your left side." Izuku said as he shivered. "It's the only way you can warm yourself up after consecutively using your right side."

"What are you trying to do, Midoriya?" Todoroki asked accusingly.

"I want to help you." Izuku said. "I know that you think your left side is a curse. But it isn't, it's an important part of you. A vital part of you."

This only made Todoroki mad. "No it isn't! I don't need that bastard to make me who I am! I have my mother and only my mother! Once I'm free of my left side, I'll be free of my father's chains!"

"You're only shackling yourself!" Izuku felt his heart become colder and colder as Todoroki's body temperature continue to drop rapidly. "You're only preventing yourself from reaching your full potential and it's hurting you!"

"Shut up!" Todoroki angrily lunged at Izuku, but his movements were a lot slower since he was suffering from heavy frostbite mainly on his right side. "I don't need to use my father's power! I will reject him no matter what the cost may be!"

" seems that Todoroki has some daddy issues that need to be addressed and Midoriya is trying him, in the middle of their battle?!" Present Mic commented.

Izuku managed to deliver a good left hook at Todoroki since it was kind of hard to move his right limbs since he could feel Todoroki's frostbite through their Link.

"But you're not him!" Izuku said as kept defending himself from Todoroki's now dwindling ice-attacks and punching him hard with his left gauntlet. "You're your own person! You decide where your path leads you!"

Todoroki couldn't use any ice anymore, the frostbite was wearing him down. He couldn't move a muscle and he was about to lose.

Izuku felt that Todoroki was at his limit too, if he didn't do something Todoroki would kill himself by hypothermia.

"I..." Todoroki struggled to stay on his feet. "I refuse to use my father's power!"

Izuku had enough, no more self-hatred or denying one's full potential. He was going to tell Todoroki what he needed to hear.

"IT'S YOUR POWER AND YOURS' ALONE! ONLY YOU CAN DECIDE IF YOU WANT TO USE IT! NO ONE ELSE CAN! NOT EVEN ENDEAVOR!" Izuku screamed at the top of his lungs while grasping at his heart, which was still freezing in his chest.

Everyone in the audience was stunned at the passionate burst of emotion Izuku was expressing and was even surprised that Izuku was willing to help his opponent instead of letting him succumb to his frozen state.

Todoroki's eyes lit up at that and he suddenly remembered All-Might's words and also his own mother's words from his childhood.

"Yes, you do inherit your Quirk from both of your parents. However, it is your own flesh and blood that defines you, not your parents'." Todoroki remembered hearing what All-Might said on the news when he was just a little boy.

While the news continued playing, Todoroki's mother gave him the advice he needed in his life. "You do want to be a hero, don't you? Then do whatever it takes to reach that dream. Do not be ashamed of who you are. You are not a prisoner of your lineage, you can use whatever power you have to become who you want to be."

Those words ignited a raging inferno in his soul that instantly thawed the self-imposed icy chains around his heart. For the first time in Todoroki's life, he let out those flames that he had been struggling to hold in all this time.

"THIS! THIS IS-!" Present Mic sputtered as he saw Todoroki's blue flames light up the whole stadium.

Everyone watching the match was now stunned speechless as they saw the Number Two Hero's son use his fire on live TV for all of the nation to see.

As a result of finally using his fire to warm up his recently frozen self, Todoroki could now move a little more freely now he no longer felt cold. However, his frostbite injuries were still there on his right side as a result of consecutively using his amplified Half-Cold Quirk without his Half-Hot Quirk for a long time during the match.

"Amazing!" Izuku said with a smile as he marveled at flames in front of him.

"What are you so happy about?" Todoroki asked. "You could have just let me freeze myself unconscious so you can win against me. But instead, you chose to value your opponent's well-being above your own. So who's the one who's been holding back all this time?"

Izuku just continued to smile. "To be fair, you were holding back on me too! So I guess that means we're even!"

"Heh." Todoroki smiled back as his blue flames continued to burn brightly from his left side. "Fair enough."

Somewhere in the bleachers, Endeavor was screaming gleefully at Todoroki about how he was finally "fully embracing" his father's side and being his tool to beat All-might. But neither Izuku or Todoroki heard Endeavor's words, they were too busy focusing on each other with tears in their eyes.

"Ready to finish this?" Izuku asked.

"Are you sure about this?" Todoroki asked in concern.

"I'll be fine, I promise. Just do your best!" Izuku egged him on.

Todoroki sent a barrage of ice at Izuku with his right foot and Izuku vaulted over the ice with his gauntlets. Both Lady Midnight and Cementoss were very worried for Izuku's safety and tried to stop the fight. But Izuku pushed on through the air trying to deliver a full-power punch to Todoroki as the latter rapidly melted the ice with his fire, causing the air to rapidly expand around him.

"Midoriya..." Todoroki said softly before he raised his left hand to Izuku's incoming right fist. "...Thank you."

Cementoss created multiple cement walls to try to shield Izuku from Todoroki's attack but because Todoroki's Quirk was amplified, it ended up blasting through all of the walls and sent Izuku flying backwards.

Because of Cementoss' intervention of Todoroki's attack, it sent the hot vapors going in all directions of the stadium and the audience members shielded themselves as the air burst through them.

When the dust cleared, Izuku was found unconscious and out-of-bounds but he was resting peacefully with a smile on his face.

Chapter Text

"Midoriya is out-of-bounds!" Lady Midnight announced. "Todoroki wins the battle!"

Izuku was carefully loaded onto a stretcher as Shoto watched in shock and deep regret. The extent of the green-haired boy's was severe. Almost every bone in Izuku's body was broken and his right hand and arm had third-degree burns all over it.

Before the smoke cleared around him, Shoto quickly covered his now-nude body with his ice and ran over to frantically check on Izuku's well-being.

"Midoriya!" Shoto exclaimed as he held Izuku's right hand and instantly made an ice cast to soothe the burns. "No! This can't be happening!"

"I'm afraid it is." Recovery Girl informed him. "I have to perform surgery on Midoriya right away. You will have to wait for a long while if you want to visit him."

As Recovery Girl rolled the still-unconscious Izuku away into the hall, Shoto heard those familiar, unpleasant-sounding footsteps come from behind him.

"You've done well, Shoto." Endeavor said with a sneer. "That Quirkless boy was an obvious fool to challenge my masterpiece. Now that you have embraced my power wholeheartedly, you will now surp-"

"Don't." Shoto turned around to glare at Endeavor with the left side of his face lit on fire. "Talk. About. Him. That. Way!"

"Why do you care about that worthless gremlin so much, Shoto?" Endeavor asked with disgust. "Quirkless are nothing but a waste to society! Society runs on power and you will learn how to stand on top rather than go down at the bottom with these useless creatures."


"WATCH YOUR MOUTH, YOUNG MAN!" Endeavor yelled at him, his flames also flaring up. "I AM THE ONE WHO CREATED YOU! WITHOUT ME, YOU WOULDN'T EVEN EXIST!"





Shoto was furious and disgusted by how Endeavor again referred to him and his mother as nothing but tools to him so he had enough.

"THAT'S IT!" Shoto summoned both his ice and fire and then blasted Endeavor back outside to the arena.

This alerted everyone in the stadium and everyone was shocked to see Endeavor was injured by someone.

"WHA-WHAT IS THIS?!" Present Mic announced. "Did a Villain manage to infiltrate the stadium and attack Endeavor?!"

Then out came Shoto, he had a furious expression on his face and his nude body was covered in both ice and fire.

"W-W-WAIT A MINUTE! I-I-ISN'T THAT-" Present Mic stammered.

"Shoto Todoroki?!" One person in the audience gasped.

"Why is he attacking his own father?!" Another audience member asked.

"I wonder what happened between them?" Another audience member asked.

Endeavor quickly got up on his feet as Shoto sent another barrage of ice and fire against him. Endeavor merely blocked his attack since he didn't want to ruin his "masterpiece."


As the uproar among the audience members continued about Endeavor's alleged abuse of his family, Lady Midnight and Cementoss stepped in to stop Shoto.

Cementoss put a barrier between Shoto and Endeavor while Lady Midnight knocked Shoto out with her sleeping mist.

"Looks like we're going to have one long talk about this, Endeavor." Cementoss told him sternly.

Shoto ended up winning 2nd Place at the end of the U.A. Sports Festival with Kirishima in 1st Place and Tokoyami in 3rd Place.

He couldn't use as much ice as he normally could because of the frostbite injuries he suffered on his right side. He was reluctant to use his fire because of the damage he caused to Midoriya and his traumatic childhood at the hands of Endeavor.

When All-Might appeared, he gave Tokoyami his bronze medal before moving onto Shoto.

"Congratulations on winning 2nd Place in the annual U.A. Sports Festival, young Todoroki!" All-Might put the gold medal around Shoto's neck. "So how do you feel right now?"

"I feel..." Shoto hesitated. "I don't know how to explain it. Midoriya...he's sacrificed so much for me and now...I have to wait for him to recover."

"Understandable." All-Might gave him a hug. "A lot of things have happened to you today. And I am deeply sorry for what Endeavor has put you and your family through."

"It's alright now. He's finally caught and he will get what he deserves. And there is someone who I need to see." Shoto said.

"I won't pry into your personal matters any further, but I hope that you feel better soon." All-Might gave him another hug before announcing the end of the festival.

Shoto went home to prepare to visit his mother for the first time in a decade. His big sister, Fuyumi was at home so they ended up striking a conversation with each other.

"Oh! Shoto, you're home! I'm so glad you're safe!" Fuyumi greeted him. "Dad's in trouble, isn't he?"

"Yeah, the police have him in their custody so he won't be returning home soon." Shoto said.

"That's fine." Fuyumi said. "But I do feel kinda sorry for him though..."

"Don't be. He's the reason why our family has been screwed up in the first place." Shoto said.

""I guess..." Fuyumi said unsurely before changing the topic. "So how's Midoriya doing?"

"He's still recovering, the nurse said he would wake up tomorrow." Shoto said.

"That's good, I hope he's okay." Fuyumi said with a worried look on her face.

"Same. I'm going to visit him tomorrow and see if he's okay." Shoto said.

"Yeah, good idea. I wanna come too." Fuyumi said.

"Anyways, I'm going to visit mom." Shoto said.

"Huh? Why now? Why wait all this time?" Fuyumi asked.

"There's something I have to settle with her." Shoto said. "I'm sorry, sis. But this is something I have to talk with her in private."

"Oh um, okay!" Fuyumi said. "Just be careful on your way there and back, okay?"

"Okay, sis." Shoto said as he left the abode to visit their mother.

As he went on his way to the psychiatric hospital his mother, he saw a young boy being accompanied by his mother and smiled softly at the young boy's wish to become a Hero.

By the time he reached the hospital, he went to the receptionist and asked for his mother's name. As he made his way up to the room where his mother was assigned to, he took a deep breath before opening the door.

His mother was facing away from him, looking out the window and watching the sun set. She didn't seem to notice that Shoto entered the room.

"Hey Mom." Shoto gently called out to her.

Her head jolted at his voice and she turned around to see her youngest child.

"Shoto?" His mother asked. "...Is that really you?"

A few minutes past as they silently stared at each other.

"Yeah, it's me." Shoto said with a small smile.

"You've grown so tall the last time I saw you." She remarked.

"Yeah." Shoto closed the door behind him for privacy. "I came here to see how you were doing."

"Why now?" His mom asked.

"I..." Shoto started. "I'm sorry I couldn't see you all this time until now."

"It's alright, I understand." His mom said with a regretful frown. "Is it because of what I did to you?"

"No." Shoto shook his head. "I just...didn't want to bring you so much pain."

"What do you mean?" His mother asked, confused.

"I know how he treated you and that you didn't want to see him at all." Shoto said. "I thought that if you saw would see him."

His mother thought to herself for a moment before she apologized too. "I...I should be the one apologizing. Not you."

"Why?" Shoto asked.

"You know why..." His mother said, with her head hanging low. "I...I hurt you. I've mistaken you for him and gave you that scar over your left eye."

"It's not your fault, mom." Shoto tried to comfort her. "I never blamed you for what happened to me. So there's no need to apologize."

"Shoto..." His mother wept. "I've been a terrible mother to you, so I deserve the blame for what I did to you."

"Don't blame yourself." Shoto shook his head. "It was his fault. He was the one who broke your sanity and made you hurt me."

His mother looked up at him with a shocked expression on her face. "But...why? Why not let me take the blame? Why blame him?"

"Because I know that you didn't mean to do it." Shoto told her. "He's the one who drove you mad. He's the one to blame. Not you."

"Shoto...I-" His mother took a few seconds to compose herself. "I don't know what to say..."

"Everything's alright now." Shoto said. "He's been arrested after I fought him during the Sports Festival. Good riddance."

"I'm very glad to hear that." His mother said. "We can be a happy family once he's been removed from our lives."

"Anyways, Mom?" Shoto asked.

"Yes, Shoto?" His mother asked.

"Did you watch the U.A. Sports Festival?" Shoto asked, feeling self-conscious that he used his fire on live TV.

"Yes." His mother replied with a smile. "Absolutely! I'm very proud of you winning 2nd Place at the U.A. Sports Festival!"

"You...did see everything I was doing, did you?" Shoto guiltily put a hand on his left arm.

His mother nodded. "Of course! Who else could I have focused on other than my son?"

"...You''re not mad?" Shoto asked.

"Of course not! Why would I be mad at you?" His mom asked.

"...Because...I..." Shoto couldn't get the rest of the words out. He was too ashamed to speak.

"Yes?" His mom looked at him with a worried expression on her face.

"...I...promised not to use his power, but I ended up using it." Shoto replied under his breath. "I'm sorry... I couldn't help it."

Instead of acting hostilely to him, his mother gently took his left hand in her hands.

"Don't be." His mother assured him. "Remember what I told you before? You are not a prisoner of your own lineage. You are free to be whoever you want to be. You are not your father. You are your own person regardless of whose power you inherited."

"...So my left side isn't a curse?" Shoto asked.

His mother shook her head with a wistful smile. "No. Not at all. It is a natural part of you. And whatever horrible things I said about your left side, I am deeply sorry."

"Thank you, mom." Shoto replied.

"So about that boy..." His mother started. "...Is he alright?"

"...Yeah, the Recovery Girl said he should be waking up tomorrow." Shoto looked down at himself.

"I hope he's okay..." His mother said. "He seems like a very nice boy. I hope he survived."

"I agree. I...I feel it's all my fault he's in this predicament." Shoto said. "If I hadn't unleashed my full power on him, he wouldn't have to suffer so many injuries."

"I see..." His mother said solemnly. "I'm very sorry to hear that."

A moment of silence passed between them before his mother spoke up.

"That boy...he's the one who helped you, isn't he?" She asked. "He helped you realize your true potential for a moment there."

Shoto smiled and nodded. "Yes, he didn't need to step in to help me remember the person who I wanted to be. But he did even at the cost of winning."

"He's a special one, that boy." His mother smiled. "Helping others at the cost of himself."

"He is. But sadly people overlook him just because he is Quirkless." Shoto said with a downtrodden expression.

"That's very unfortunate." His mother commented with a frown. "I hope he gets a lot of recognition with people ignoring his disability and focusing on his accomplishments."

"Same." Shoto said. "I am also concerned for the other Quirkless students at U.A., after hearing how they've been discriminated their entire life just for not having a Quirk like everyone else does."

"Yes, they have suffered a lot as well." His mother nodded. "I also hope they get the respect and recognition they deserve."

"Anyways, since he has been arrested. I can see you whenever I have time, right?" Shoto asked.

"Mm-hm." His mother wept tears of joy. "It's great to see that we are together again after a painful separation by him years ago. Once I get discharged, we can finally be a happy family."

"Yeah." Shoto smiled. "It was really nice seeing you again."

"I also enjoyed seeing you too." His mother smiled back.

They embraced before it was time for Shoto to depart.

"Goodbye, Shoto. I hope I see you again soon." His mother said.

"You too." Shoto said to her. "I love you, mom."

"I love you too, Shoto." His mother said back before he went out the door.

The next day, Izuku slowly awoke in the school nurse's room after he experienced Shoto's happiest memories as a child. As he slowly regained consciousness, he felt that his body was aching all over. He felt like he was broken into itty-bitty pieces but was put back together again. His entire right arm felt like it was still burning, but not as strongly when he just got it.

"...U...uh..." Izuku let out a groan as he struggled to open his eyes.

"IZUKU!" He heard his mother said aloud and the sound of footsteps rushing over to him.

"" Izuku asked as he continued to regain consciousness.

"ONII-SAN!" Izuku heard his brother say aloud and felt his little hand grasp tightly onto his left hand.

"Be careful! His body is still healing!" Izuku heard Recovery Girl chastise Hikaru.

"Hi...Hi...Hikaru...?" Izuku asked.

Izuku heard the loud sound of a door opening and multiple footsteps entering the room he and his family were in. Izuku was now awake and alert now that the sudden noise startled him.

"IZUKU! YOU'RE AWAKE!" Izuku saw Kotone scream worriedly and rush over to him.

"Kotone!" Izuku exclaimed in surprise. "And everyone! Even Todoroki and Fuyumi-san?!"

Izuku looked around the room and saw that the people who came to visit him were: his mother, his brother, his mentor, all four of his 1-Q classmates, Ochako, Tsuyu, Shinso, Iida, Todoroki, and Fuyumi.

"Please be careful with him, he's still healing!" Recovery Girl told everyone.

"You gave us a big scare!" Ochako said. "We were really worried you weren't going to wake up for a long time!"

"We're very relieved you are safe and sound, Midoriya!" Iida said while gesturing wildly. "But please do not try to provoke your opponent whenever you're in a fight!"

"What the hell were you thinking there?!" Takehiko refrained himself from hitting Izuku since the boy was still injured. "Why the hell did you fucking risk your life for that freak?!"

"Not in front of Hikaru please!" Izuku's mother quickly covered Hikaru's ears before he could hear Takehiko curse.

"Would you please stop lumping us altogether just because we have Quirks?" Shinso asked Takehiko. "Look, I get you had a really crappy childhood but you shouldn't generalize us like that."

"Why not?!" Takehiko trying hard not to swear like he always did. "After everything you guys did to us?!"

"Hey, Take-kun!" Risa cut in. "Don't bring them into this! They weren't the ones who made our lives so fucking shitty!"

"LANGUAGE PLEASE!" Izuku's mother yelled again while covering Hikaru's ears.

"Why are you all defending this idiot for risking his life for a freak he doesn't he know?!" Takehiko jabbed a finger at Izuku. "Think about it! All those freaks do is just hurt us and make us suffer and now you four are going soft on them?!"

"Honekiri! Stop!" Aimi reprimanded him.

"Why not?!" Takehiko continued. "If he didn't help that self-absorbed jerk in the middle of their battle, none of this would have happened to him! Now look at him, he's got so many broken bones in his body and a burnt arm! He's super-lucky he didn't die or else he would have gone down as some stupid, Quirkless martyr who bent over backwards for a freak!"

"Don't treat Midoriya and my baby brother that way!" Fuyumi chastised Takehiko.

"I don't care! They're both idiots! And the rest of you are idiots for defending them! Especially you guys!" Takehiko glared at his four Quirkless classmates. "I thought you were my friends, but looks like you care more about those freaks more than just the five of us as a whole!"

"Honekiri, we-" Kotone started but was furiously cut off by Takehiko.

"SHUT UP! Even after those freaks from your childhood harassed you, you still want to hang out with freaks instead of other Quirkless people like the five of us!" Takehiko spat venomously. "Well here's the thing, WE WERE NEVER FRIENDS AND WE NEVER WILL BE! So go fuck yourselves and forget about me!"

With that said, Takehiko angrily stormed out of the room and slammed the door closed behind him.

A moment of silence passed in the room before Izuku asked a question.

"What happened to him?" Izuku asked.

"He..." Aimi said with a crestfallen expression on her face. "He got evicted from his family. That's why he was in a very bad mood."

"What?! Why?!" Izuku asked.

"After that spectacle of him beating the living tar out of Bakugo and screaming about how he mistreated for everyone to hear on live TV, his family told him he was total disgrace to them and then kicked him out." Risa explained with a frown. "He's now living in the streets and fending for himself even though we tried to reach out to him."

"No..." Izuku's eyes widened in horror when he heard the news. "How could they evict their own son?!"

"It's horrible..." Kotone said with tears in her eyes.

"I...I don't know what to say..." Fuyumi said with sympathy in her voice, knowing she was considered a "failure" by a relative too.

"We have to go after him!" Izuku said as he tried to move himself off the bed.

"No, you have to stay here and heal!" Recovery Girl said to him sternly. "The police will find him! They'll bring him back before you know it!"

"I-I-It's all my fault!" Izuku began to cry. "If I had just shut up and not told him that Kacchan was so awful to me throughout my entire childhood, he wouldn't be holding a grudge against Kacchan in the first place! A-a-and, I should have shut up during my fight with Todoroki, his mood wouldn't have gotten worse, especially since he was kicked out of his family! I have to fix this!"

"Izuku..." Tsuyu quietly said.

"Why?" Izuku asked sorrowfully. "Why did it have to be this way?"

"Midoriya-shonen." Yagi-san spoke up. "Whatever happened was not your fault. You simply couldn't hide your pain from your friend and he made his choice to pursue a vendetta against young Bakugo. As for what happened between you and Todoroki-"

"It's my fault." Todoroki interrupted.

Everyone looked at Todoroki in shock without saying a word.

"I shouldn't have unleashed my full power on Midoriya." Todoroki quietly said with his head down. "Blame me instead."

Chapter Text

Everyone stared at Todoroki in surprise.

"I was the one who hurt Midoriya and caused that guy to get upset. Blame it all on me instead." Todoroki quietly said with his head down.

"Shoto..." Fuyumi said.

"It was a big mistake to use my left side after all these years." Todoroki guiltily admitted. "I...I shouldn't have done that."

"Todoroki, please-" Izuku started to talk but Todoroki cut him off.

"No, Midoriya. I'm the one to blame for all of this." Todoroki said before turning his back to everyone. "Just...leave me alone, okay?"

Todoroki left the room silently as everyone quietly watched him go.

"So it looks like we've got two people who want to be alone, huh?" Risa remarked.

"Let's give them some space, I'm sure they'll cool down soon." Aimi advised.

"I hope they're okay..." Fuyumi said with a worried expression on her face.

Shoto was in his room, lying on his bed while staring at his left hand. And every time he looked at it, he instantly thought about the nasty burn scars on Midoriya's right arm. He remembered that searing pain he felt through their Link once his flames touched Midoriya's right arm, starting with his palm and then upwards. He jerked his left hand away from his field of vision and took multiple deep breaths to calm himself.

"Midoriya...I'm so sorry..." Shoto thought apologetically. "You were only trying to help me...but you got hurt by me in the end...Why did things have to be this way? Why does the world want to make you suffer?"

It was a bittersweet victory for him and his family. Endeavor was finally going to be tried for domestic abuse. As for his mom, he finally met her and made peace with her after ten years of separation. But he was now scared of the danger his powers can pose on others after his fight with Midoriya, which left him severely injured. He was now reluctant to use both his ice and fire not because of his family, but because of someone he refused to associate himself with. One of his older brothers was still gone and it wasn't guaranteed Endeavor would get convicted because of his Number Two Hero status.

He was now scared of what would be awaiting him now that the Hero Internships would be coming up. Endeavor was now arrested so he was off the list for internships so he had to find someone else.

Takehiko was still on the run from the police. He was now homeless with nowhere to go and had no money, food, or drink. He ignored all of his cell phone calls by shutting off his phone and did his best to avoid people in general, including other homeless people.

On the other hand, he felt very sorry for the hateful words he said towards everyone in the school nurse's office. He wished he could take them back but he knew it was too late for him. He would also be avoiding his fellow Quirkless friends not out of indignation, but out of remorse towards them.

He was currently hiding out in an alleyway occupied by no one and laid low for a while. He knew that the police and Pro Heroes would find him eventually because of technology and Quirks but he wasn't going to go down without a fight. He hated how everyone forced him to do whatever they wanted and now he clearly had enough of it.

It took about a few minutes for him to be surrounded by the police on all sides, but he didn't budge.

"Young man, please come with us." One of the policemen ordered.

"What the hell do you want?!" Takehiko asked harshly.

"We are here on orders to secure you and bring you back to U.A." Another policemen told him. "Please do not resist. We are not here to fight you."

"Goddamned freaks and them ALWAYS playing hero!" Takehiko snarled with his fists clenched tightly. "All of you really PISS ME OFF!"

Takehiko lunged at one group of them but was immediately put down by a tranquilizer dart to his arm.

"Dammit..." Takehiko growled as he fell asleep.

"We've secured Takehiko Honekiri." A policeman said on his earpiece. "We're bringing him back to U.A. right now."

Izuku ate breakfast that his mom made herself as he talked with Yagi-san alone. Everyone else left the room to give the two some privacy and walked around the campus to spend the time.

"So what made you want to help young Todoroki?" Yagi-san asked.

"I..." Izuku paused. "I couldn't stand to see him like this. He kept holding himself back, which wasn't a good thing since he was hurting himself. I know that he inherited his fire Quirk from Endeavor, but doesn't mean he's him."

"And you helped him even though it meant forfeiting your win against him?" Yagi-san asked.

"Yeah, that was the only thing that mattered at that time." Izuku said. "But I might have caused him more pain..."

"I see..." Yagi-san said before continuing. "However, what you did was extremely dangerous. You may have helped young Todoroki let go of his inhibitions for the moment, but you almost got yourself killed. And I still remember your suicide attempt from last year, so I hope that you still weren't thinking of killing yourself again at that moment."

"I wasn't." Izuku said. "Recovery Girl is there to help anyone who got injured, right?"

"Yes, but if there wasn't any medical help you would have wound up killing yourself." Yagi-san told him. "You're still young and I know you are doing your best to become a Hero, but please...don't push yourself too hard."

"...I won't, Yagi-san." Izuku said hesitantly.

"Good, that's what I wanted to hear." Yagi-san said with a relieved smile.

Yagi-san's phone rang in his pocket and he answered it.

"Yes, this Toshinori Yagi from U.A., how can I help you?" Yagi-san asked.

"We've tranquilized and caught Honekiri." A policeman replied. "We're delivering him straight to U.A. right away."

"Good. Take him to the Recovery Girl's office so he can recover." Yagi-san said.

"Yes sir!" The policeman said and ended the call.

Yagi-san turned his attention back to Izuku.

"Young Honekiri will be coming here soon." Yagi-san informed him. "The police managed to catch him, tranquilized. I know that you and the rest of Class 1-Q wants to see him."

"Absolutely!" Izuku said. "I want to see if he's alright!"

"We'll have to wait until he wakes up so he doesn't throw a fit, alright?" Yagi-san advised.

"Yeah." Izuku nodded.

Meanwhile, all of Izuku's friends from U.A. was showing Izuku's family around the school while they waited for Izuku to finish recovering. Fuyumi went back home to check up on her baby brother and Iida left them to check on his older brother.

They were on the school roof admiring the view and taking in the spring breeze. Izuku's mother took pictures of herself, Hikaru, and all of Izuku's friends with a timed shot before Izuku's 1-A friends showcased their Quirks to Izuku's family. Class 1-Q couldn't get their Arms since the Support Department was closed at the moment.

Ochako was the first to show them her Quirk.

"I can make anything weightless by touching them with the pads of my fingers." Ochako said while wiggling her fingers in front of everyone. "Once I activate my Quirk, they start floating until I release them back to their normal weight."

"Ooh! Ooh!" Hikaru excitedly raised his hand. "Can you make me float?! Please?!'

"Sure!" Ochako touched Hikaru with all ten of her finger pads and he was now floating inches above the ground.

Ochako gently took Hikaru by the hand and carried him around like a balloon while running around.

"Wheeeee! Mom, look I'm flying!" Hikaru squealed as Ochako continued to guide him around.

"Are you having fun, Hikaru?" His mom asked with a big smile.

"Lots of fun!" Hikaru replied cheerfully.

Ochako let go of Hikaru and his mom used her Attraction Quirk to draw Hikaru to her, which was a lot easier now that Hikaru was currently rendered weightless by Ochako's Quirk. She then held onto Hikaru so he wouldn't float away.

"That's a very nice Quirk you've got, Midoriya-san!" Ochako complimented her.

"Um...thank you. But it's nothing compared to everyone else's. I can only attract small objects to me since they tend to be light and not heavy. If everything was weightless, it would definitely be useful." Hikaru's mom said self-deprecatingly.

"It seems you and Midoriya-kun have a lot in common." Shinso spoke up. "You two tend to put yourself down when it comes to your abilities and compare yourselves to everyone else. Don't worry about what people think and you're both amazing in your own way."

"You think so?" She looked at Ochako and Shinso, surprised.

"Yeah." Ochako nodded.

"Thank you." Hikaru's mom felt tears coming out of her eyes.

"Release!" Ochako pressed her fingerpads together and Hikaru immediately returned to normal weight in his mom's arms.

"Anyways, who's next?" Risa asked.

"I'll go." Tsuyu stepped up. "My Quirk is that I can do whatever a frog does."

Tsuyu leapt high into the sky before landing on all fours. She then stuck out her long, sticky tongue and whipped it around into the open space.

Everyone applauded after Tsuyu was done.

Shinso was the last to showcase his Quirk.

"I need a volunteer for my Quirk to work." Shinso said.

"Oh! Oh! Do me! Do me!" Hikaru excitedly raised his hand again.

"Are you sure?" Shinso asked.

"Yeah, I'm ready!" Hikaru said enthusiastically.

"Alright, here we go." Shinso said. "Count from 1 through 10."

"One-" When Hikaru started counting, he immediately fell under Shinso's control.

Hikaru's lips moved on their own while Hikaru was conscious of what was happening.

After Hikaru finished counting to ten, Shinso released Hikaru from his control.

"Cool!" Hikaru said after experiencing Shinso's Brainwashing Quirk.

"So Hikaru, if you were born with a Quirk, what do you think it would be?" Ochako asked.

"Hmm...I don't know who my mommy and daddy is. So I dunno..." Hikaru replied dejectedly.

"What Quirk would you want to have if you were born with one?" Tsuyu asked.

"Hmm...anything!" Hikaru admitted. "Even though the doctor said I can never get one..."

"Oh...I'm very sorry to hear that..." Ochako said sympathetically.

All of them had a moment of silence out of pity for Hikaru being born without a Quirk before his mom spoke up.

"I wonder if Izuku and Yagi are done talking, let's go check up on them to make sure." His mom suggested.

"Sure, we'll be happy to check on them again." Aimi said. "I just hope we don't intrude on their private conversations at the moment."

"I'm also worried about Honekiri though..." Kotone said. "Will he be alright?"

The police brought an unconscious Takehiko into the nurse's room and was cuffed to the hospital cot to prevent him from escaping.

Izuku and Yagi-san watched in concern as they looked at Takehiko's sleeping figure. They spoke in a low voice so they wouldn't wake him up.

"Is he okay?" Izuku asked.

"Yeah, he's fine." Yagi-san whispered. "The police made sure to just tranquilize him so he doesn't injure anyone."

"Good." Izuku said.

There was a knock on the door and Recovery Girl answered it. When she opened the door, all of Izuku's visitors were there and Recovery Girl put a finger to her lips to tell them to be quiet.

"I think it's best that you come back later." Recovery Girl advised them. "You don't want to be waking that boy up."

The visitors complied and Recovery Girl carefully shut the door before checking Takehiko for injuries.

"I think it's best if I leave too." Yagi-san said. "We'll continue our conversation another time."

"Okay, Yagi-san." Izuku nodded.

Yagi-san silently left the room as Izuku quietly contemplated to himself.

"Aw man!" Risa complained. "Honekiri-kun came back to us but we can't see him!"

"I think it's for the best." Aimi said. "Honekiri needs time to calm down, he needs his rest after all."

"I would hate to see the look on his face when we wakes up and finds out he's been brought back to U.A." Shinso said.

"Yeah, he still hates everyone with Quirks and he made it clear he hates this school too." Tsuyu added.

"I wonder what we could do to help him..." Ochako said.

"We'll just have to wait until he wakes up and then he will decide for himself what he wants to do." Izuku's and Hikaru's mom suggested.

"Good idea, Midoriya-san." Aimi replied.

They decided to walk around U.A. campus again as they waited for themselves to be allowed into the nurse's room again.

Hikaru's stomach growled, alerting everyone that he was hungry.

"Mommy, I'm hungry." Hikaru told his mom.

"Oh my, it's noon already!" His mom checked the time. "I better go get lunch!"

"We know the perfect place!" Risa held up a pointer finger in the air.

The entire group found themselves in the school cafeteria. Pro Hero, Lunch Rush was busy cleaning the tables and floors and he perked once he saw them come in.

"Ah! I've got some customers! That's a great thing because I was strongly feeling the urge to cook!" Lunch Rush said. "Please tell me you're here for lunch!"

"Yes, sirree!" Risa raised her hand. "We had to pick a place on-campus because our friends are recovering right now!"

"And I see we have a couple of visitors outside of U.A.!" Lunch Rush commented, looking directly at Izuku's mom and brother. "Well, you're in luck! This is your chance to try out the Cook Hero's finest cuisine here at U.A. High! So what will you have?"

"I want something low-calorie, since I'm trying to lose weight." She said. "What do you want Hikaru?"

"Avocado salad!" Hikaru said.

After Hikaru's mom paid Lunch Rush for the meals, the U.A. students ordered their food and paid him for their meals before he rushed to the kitchen.

It took only Lunch Rush a few minutes to finish cooking and preparing the meals and then they all got up to get their orders.

"There you go! Enjoy!" Lunch Rush cheerfully said to them.

The meal Lunch Rush chose for her was a French-styled vegetable soup. She thanked him for the meal before she carefully took a small sip of the soup. To her amazement, the soup tasted heavenly and she found herself gulping it down in just minutes.

Hikaru was also really enjoying the avocado salad that Lunch Rush made for him. He was super-glad to taste his favorite food in the way the Pro Hero prepared it.

"It's great, isn't it?!" Risa asked excitedly as she chomped down on her hamburger. "The food here's amazing! It's one of the things I love about U.A.!"

"Yes, I love it!" Hikaru's mom said. "Hikaru is also enjoying it too! And I'm very sure Izuku is enjoying the food here everyday!"

"Who doesn't?" Ochako said. "Everyone here at U.A. says it's the best and it's cheap too!"

"As expected of a Pro Hero with a strong Cooking Quirk." Shinso said as he ate his noodles.

Takehiko slowly awoke in the nurse's office feeling tired and confused.

"Ugh...where the hell am I? Why does it smell like rubbing alcohol?"

When he came to be, the first thing he saw was Recovery Girl and Izuku looking at him.

"The hell?!" Takehiko exclaimed. "How did I get back here?! Oh no, don't tell me..."

Takehiko remembered that the police cornered him in an alleyway and the last thing he felt was something sting his arm.

"SHIT!" Takehiko swore aloud as he tried to get up from his bed, but saw he was cuffed to it. "GODDAMNED FREAKY-ASS BASTARDS!"

"Watch your mouth, young man." Recovery Girl scolded him. "I don't appreciate youngsters like you swearing up a storm in my office."

"Why did you bring me here?!" Takehiko yelled. "And why the hell am I cuffed to the bed?!"

"You think we were just going to leave you in the streets and let you get in trouble with the police?" Recovery Girl asked.

"It's got nothing to do with you! My goddamned family was the one threw me out in the middle of the street and I'm not letting some FREAK like you decide how to live my life!" Takehiko replied. "So why don't you mind your own FUCKING business and let me go?!"

"No can do." Recovery Girl told him sternly. "No child should be left homeless and abandoned by their families, Quirkless or not. It's the right thing to do and your family will be tried for child abuse. I understand that many have not treated you well in your childhood, but it's time you gave us a chance."

"And get back-stabbed by freaks who I came to for help?! No thanks, I'm not taking any chances after blindly trusting everyone I came across as a kid!" Takehiko said angrily while attempting to break out of his cuffs.

"Honekiri-kun, please-" Izuku tried to calm him down.

"I'm not 'Honekiri' anymore ever since they kicked me out! And why the hell aren't you mad at me?! I've said shitty things to you guys earlier, so why are you still trying to help me?!" Takehiko asked.

"Because I know that you didn't actually mean those things." Izuku calmly said to him. "You were just lashing out after everything that's happened to you. I know what kind of person you are, you only act the way you do because you've been hurt so many times."

"And you're going to forgive me just like that?! Even after everything I've said to you?!" Takehiko asked incredulously.

"Yes." Izuku said. "Because that's what friends do. I am not going to leave you, not ever. I also know what it's like to be alone and hurt as a result of being Quirkless. And I'm not going to just stand there and let someone suffer the way I did!"

Takehiko was stunned speechless at Izuku's outspoken declaration of his friendship with him as Izuku continued talking.

"Look, I know that you feel that you're trapped and have no control over your life because of everyone with Quirks, but please...don't let your resentment get the best of you and deny the help that you need." Izuku said to him.

Takehiko continued to stare at Izuku silently before looking down at himself and contemplating.

"I..." He trailed off, thinking long and hard about his decision until he heard a knock at the door.

Chapter Text

Recovery Girl answered the door and only the rest of his 1-Q classmates were present.

"Where's everyone else?" Izuku asked.

"They decided that it was best for them to not be here at this time." Aimi said.

"Is it because of me?" Takehiko asked.

Everyone looked away and stayed silent, not wanting to offend him.

Takehiko sighed. "Figures."

"Anyways, we came back to see if you were alright." Risa said. "And to settle stuff from earlier."

"You're not mad at me after everything I've said to you?" Takehiko asked.

"Not at all. We knew you were stressed and needed time alone." Aimi said. "We know you didn't mean to say those things. You were just angry at the time."

"And besides, what kind of friends would we be if we didn't forgive ya?!" Risa asked.

"We're really glad that you're okay. We were really worried about you." Kotone said to him.

"Thanks." Takehiko said before he went silent for a moment. "But what about the others? Are they mad at me for what I said to them?"

"I'm not sure..." Aimi said. "I can bring them in right now if you want."

"Go ahead." Takehiko said.

Aimi then exited the room and returned with Izuku's family and Class 1-A friends behind her.

Takehiko took a deep breath and began his apology. "Look, I'm sorry I've said those awful things to all of you. If you want to say something back, go ahead and say it."

The room went quiet for a minute before Shinso finally replied. "It's fine, we all have our bad days and it's okay to let them out every now and then. I've been there too."

"Yeah, after hearing what your family did to you, I don't blame you one bit for lashing out." Ochako said.

"At least you felt bad for what you've done, that's all that matters." Tsuyu added thoughtfully.

"Really?" Takehiko was surprised. "You forgive me even though I was terrible to you and everyone else with Quirks?"

"Yeah, no hard feelings here." Shinso shrugged. "I know what it's like to be discriminated against for Quirk-related reasons."

"But at least you have a Quirk, I don't unlike everyone else." Takehiko said bitterly. "The rest of you are so lucky...I just...I feel like I'm a curse brought into this world. So please...just let me die in peace."

"Like hell we're gonna!" Risa huffed. "No one should be alone, not even you! Your fam can go FUCK THEMSELVES for kicking you out like that! THEY DON'T DESERVE SOMEONE AMAZING LIKE YOU!"

"As much as I should chastise this young lady for her foul mouth, I definitely agree with her on this sentiment." Recovery Girl said. "It was a big mistake for your family to neglect you and evict you from their household. And you are not a burden, they are the ones who made you consider yourself this way. You need people who love and support you and now you've found them. So there is no way we're going to leave you alone after waiting all this time."

"But... where am I supposed to go now? I don't have a home or a family. And I don't want to be a burden to any of you." Takehiko said.

"Pro Hero, Hound Dog will be taking you in." Recovery Girl said. "You know him, right? The school's guidance counselor?"

"Yeah, I see him every lunch period." Takehiko admitted.

"Good, because that means you're already familiar with him and you two will get along just fine." Recovery Girl said with a smile.

"Wish I could make it up to him for all the times I've been harsh to him though..." Takehiko said.

"Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to make it up to him. You'll be staying with him until you've finished high school." Recovery Girl said.

"So I guess I'm going to have to use 'Inui' as a last name from now on?" Takehiko asked.

"If you want." Recovery Girl said. "Or you can make up your own last name."

"I guess I can make up my own surname before I can take Inui-san's." Takehiko said. "I'm thinking Rentaitomo for 'solidarity' and 'friend'. Is that okay with you?"

"Absolutely." Recovery Girl said. "That's a great choice for a surname. We'll be sure to call you Takehiko Rentaitomo from now on."

"Thank you." Takehiko said.

When night came, Izuku was discharged from the nurse's office in full health and Takehiko was taken to Hound Dog's home.

Izuku spent the rest of the day at home chatting online with all of his friends from both 1-Q and 1-A after showering and eating dinner. Takehiko was adjusting well to his guidance counselor's home, much to their relief. As for Iida, he was still traumatized after his older brother has been crippled by a Villain. As for Todoroki, however...he was presumably still recovering after the events of the U.A. Sports Festival. Izuku spoke to Fuyumi privately about Todoroki's well-being and she told him that he wouldn't come out of his room at all or talk to her. Fuyumi would also leave his food outside his door and leave so he wouldn't have to open the door and face her.

After he was done talking with his friends, he went to bed while tending to his injuries and thinking about what would happen tomorrow at school.

Izuku woke up nice and early while also still feeling slightly sore from the U.A. Sports Festival. He got ready for the morning and changed into his school uniform. When he arrived at the table for breakfast, his mother and brother happily greeted him.

"Good morning, Izuku!" His mom greeted him as she prepared their breakfast. "How are you feeling today?"

"I'm fine. I'm a bit sore, but I'm okay now. Don't worry!" Izuku said with a smile. "Recovery Girl managed to heal me completely with her Quirk, but I did have to sleep for a long time since her Quirk takes a lot out of me."

"Please don't scare us like that again!" His mom said to him. "I was afraid that something horrible was going to happen to you after that! If this continues, I'll have to take you out of U.A.!"

"Don't worry, mom! I'll be careful! People are here for me! I'll stay out of trouble, I promise!" Izuku said.

"Promise?" Izuku's mom asked.

"Absolutely!" Izuku nodded affirmatively.

After Izuku was done with his breakfast, his mom helped changed his bandages before he gathered his things and went out the door.

"Bye mom! Bye Hikaru!" Izuku said as he ran out the door.

"Bye, sweetheart!" His mom called out to him. "Be careful out there and don't get into trouble!"

"Bye, onii-san!" Hikaru waved goodbye to him.

Izuku went on his way to school as fast as he could while also hearing random people talk about him as he passed.

"Is that the same Quirkless boy from U.A.?" A bystander asked.

"It's unbelievable that he got in 1st Place in the Obstacle Race!"

"Who knew that people without Quirks like him can still be amazing?!"

"I hope he's okay, that battle with him and Todoroki really did a number on him..."

"I wonder what happened to that other Quirkless boy from U.A., is he alright?"

"I hope he still doesn't hate us just because he has a Quirk!"

"And that Bakugo boy...I hope he doesn't bully that Quirkless boy again!"

"Let's just hope Bakugo doesn't get any offers from the Pros!"

Izuku continued to listen on to people's conversations about the U.A. Sports Festival as he walked towards the train station. He went through the news concerning the festival on his phone and looked for headlines concerning him and his friends. He read through the news articles that caught his attention with headlines like: "Quirkless Boy Wonder Wins The First Round!", "Katsuki Bakugo: Hero Or Villain?!", "Are All People With Quirks A Hindrance To Society?", "Endeavor's Son Finally Blazes In The Competition!", "Number Two Hero Arrested For Domestic Abuse," and so on.

When the train came, Izuku continued to read the news on his phone as he thought Bakugo's and Todoroki's well-being. Both of them must have been sulking a lot ever since the U.A. Sports Festival. Bakugo had to deal with news of him bullying Izuku being broadcasted all over the nation and his detractors wanting him to be expelled out of U.A. Todoroki was living in fear of using his powers after witnessing the damage he has caused to Izuku.

As he continued contemplating on what to do, he heard someone call over to him.

"Hey, excuse me? Psst! Over here!" He heard someone whisper to him.

Izuku was too deep in his thoughts to notice someone was talking to him until that same person caught his attention with the word, "Quirkless."

"You're that same Quirkless boy from U.A., right?" The stranger asked.

"Oh!" Izuku looked up from his phone and looked around to see where the voice was coming from. "Um, sorry what were you saying again?!"

"I was asking you if you were that same Quirkless boy from U.A." The voice belonged to a beady-eyed man staring at him.

"Oh, u-u-um...yeah! Haha! Sorry that I wasn't listening!" Izuku sheepishly replied.

"It's alright." The man said. "Anyways, what you did during the Sports Festival was impressive! You surpassed everyone with Quirks in the first round! That's quite a big accomplishment for someone Quirkless as you!"

"Um...thanks." Izuku said. "I just happened to get lucky, that's all."

"Don't be so modest!" Another stranger said to him. "The way you used those mines to your advantage prove you have talent!"

"That Bakugo brat was wrong to pick you all this time!" Another stranger huffed indignantly. "Telling an innocent, young boy to commit suicide?! Shame!"

"Yeah, Bakugo doesn't deserve to be in a prestigious school for Heroes! He belongs in a school for Villains if it ever exists!"

"Also, I cannot believe you've made Endeavor's son use his fire even though you had the advantage over him! What made you want to help your opponent? Are you two friends or something?"

"Is that other Quirkless boy okay? I heard he ran away from his family. Is that true?!"

"How are your injuries? Recovery Girl patched you up right away, huh?"

"Are you sure you weren't trying to kill yourself during your battle with Todoroki?"

After being overwhelmed with a litany of questions from everyone in the train, Izuku quickly ran out without answering any of their questions since he was having a panic attack.

On his way to the school entrance, Iida ran by him telling him to be ten minutes early to school. After arriving at school, he met up with his 1-Q classmates in homeroom.

The five of them talked about their reputations after the U.A. Sports Festival and how it changed.

"Like OMG! People in the streets were staring at me and immediately saw that I was the same one who faced Iida in the first round of the Tournament Battle!" Risa chirped. "Since Iida was from a family of Heroes, let's just say I've gotten a fair amount of attention."

"I'm glad no one was looking at me and talking about me." Kotone said. "I would have cried and panicked if that happened."

"Don't worry Kotone, no one was looking at me and talking about me either." Aimi assured her. "We both went in last place in the first round since we weren't really participating in the race. So it's natural that no one would talk about us."

"I on the other hand have to deal with that shitstorm of controversy surrounding me and that explosive son-of-a-bitch." Takehiko grumbled. "People all over the fucking country know that I am biased towards people with Quirks and how goddamn shitty my whole life has been because of my family."

"Don't forget that you literally beat the living hell out of that dude while swearing like a sailor on LIVE TV!" Risa added innocently.

"Yeah, that too." Takehiko sighed.

"What about you, Izu-kun?!" Risa flopped over to Izuku's desk. "Got anyone sharing juicy dibs about you?!"

"Well...yeah..." Izuku nervously rubbed the back of his head. "I' too much attention to be honest."

"What happened?" Aimi asked with concern in her eyes.

"These people talked about how a Quirkless boy like myself won the first event in the U.A. Sports Festival." Izuku said sheepishly. "They even went as far as to ask me personal stuff like if I was planning to kill myself during my battle with Todoroki."

All of his classmates cringed when they heard the last sentence.

"Yikes!" Risa clenched her teeth together. "Wouldn't want to asked that!"

Takehiko rolled his eyes and sighed. "Why won't people just mind their own goddamn business?"

The door opened and everyone went back to their seats as Yagi-san came in.

"Good morning, class." Yagi-san greeted them.

"Good morning, Yagi-san." All five of them greeted back.

"First of all, I want to thank you for participating in the U.A. Sports Festival and being the first Quirkless individuals to participate in said festival!" Yagi-san said. "Speaking of which, I am glad that three of you have made it into the third and last event in the festival. Very impressive since you don't have a Quirk and are only stuck with the Arms you've been practicing with for only two weeks. As for the two who lost in the first event, don't worry there is still next time and you have plenty of time to improve. I believe in you."

All five of the Quirkless students stared at each other, knowing who those three and the last two were. Izuku, Takehiko, and Risa looked at Aimi and Kotone pitifully as the two girls responded with a sad smile on their faces.

"Anyways, starting this week, you will be interning with bona-fide Pro-Heroes." Yagi-san announced. "Every student here in U.A. must intern with a Pro Hero for one week, even the students who are not in the Heroes Department."

"So does that mean, we'll have to be separated from each other?!" Kotone asked nervously.

"Not necessarily. You may choose to intern together with the same Pro-Hero if you wish." Yagi-san informed.

"Oh...okay." Kotone said.

"I can intern with you if you want." Aimi said to her. "So that way you've got someone you know making you feel safe."

"Okay, but I hope I'm not a burden to you." Kotone said quietly.

"No, it's okay. We're friends, right?" Aimi said. "Friends are supposed to stick by each other when they're in need."

"Yeah, you're right..." Kotone said with a small smile. "Thank you very much for accompanying me whenever I need it."

"You're welcome. I'm just glad I can help you." Aimi smiled back.

"How very noble of you, young Betanuru." Yagi-san complimented her. "Selflessly devoting yourself to others is a big part of what makes a Hero. I am glad that you were able to provide comfort for young Eisho even if it meant losing in the U.A. Sports Festival. You should be very proud of yourself."

"Thank you, Yagi-san." Aimi stood up and bowed deeply.

"Anyways, back to the subject on Pro-Hero internships." Yagi got out a remote and clicked a button, which caused a bar graph appear on the screen.

The title was "Class 1-Q Number Of Offers" and below it showed all five of their names listed by the total offers they got from Pro-Heroes.

Izuku was leading the class with five offers, Risa got three, Takehiko got two, and Aimi and Kotone got none.

"Anyone with offers can choose from one of the workplaces." Yagi-san explained. "As for everyone else, you will be choosing from forty workplaces that are accepting anyone who didn't get offers."

"Then Aimi and I can choose one workplace for ourselves together!" Kotone said excitedly.

"That's correct." Yagi-san nodded with a smile.

Aimi and Kotone held each others' hands in contentment.

"And you will be deciding your own codenames, so please think long and hard about codename you want to use when you're interning with Pros." Yagi-san told them as he handed them each a small whiteboard and black dry-erase marker. "I'll give you fifteen minutes for you to decide."

"YAHOO!" Risa jumped up from her seat.

"But please..." Yagi-san sweatdropped and held up his hands. "Don't come up with anything vulgar or indecent."

After fifteen minutes of writing a list of possible codenames on their whiteboards, Risa was the first to come up to the podium.

Everyone in the classroom was dreading at what possible codename Risa was going to announce to them.

"My codename will be 'DILDO GIRL!'" Risa said aloud to the class without any shame. "I've got a fetish for sex toys and all of that kinky shit!"

Yagi-san facepalmed at Risa's obscene choice of a codename. "Okinatsuno-shojo! Please come up with another codename! I already made it clear it has to be something appropriate!"


"Risa-chan, why don't you come up with something related to your Arms?!" Izuku suggested while still gawking at her risque announcement.

"Something related to my Arms..." Risa tapped her chin thoughtfully. "Oh! What about Boomerang Lassie?! I've come up with it just in case you didn't agree with my first choice."

"Much better." Yagi-san approved with a thumbs-up while wiping the sweat on his forehead.

"Yippee!" Risa skipped back to her seat as everyone else in the class recovered from having to deal with Risa's lewd declaration.

"Alright, who's next?" Yagi-san asked.

Aimi raised her hand.

"Yes, Betanuru-shojo." Yagi-san nodded at her.

"My codename will be 'Signora', it means 'lady' in Italian." Aimi announced.

"Very ladylike and elegant." Yagi-san clapped. "Well done!"

Aimi bowed before returning to her seat.

"Who's next?" Yagi-san asked.

Izuku shyly raised his hand.

"Midoriya-shonen?" Yagi-san called him up.

"I've thought about my Hero Name for years already, but I think this is the perfect one for me." Izuku showed his Hero Name to everyone.

"Green Strike! Perfect for someone whose signature color is green and also strikes his opponents with his fists!" Yagi-san applauded. "Well done, Midoriya-shonen!"

"Thank you, Yagi-san!" Izuku bowed and returned to his seat.

"So what have you two got?" Yagi-san turned to Takehiko and Kotone.

"Dissever." Takehiko said. "Because of my Arms."

"Pevunya." Kotone said. "Aimi suggested that I use that name. It's Russian for 'songbird.'"

"Now that we are done with codenames, I'm handing out the list of offers for the students here who got offers." Yagi-san said. "As for the ones who didn't get offers, I'm handing you the list of the forty Hero agencies in the country."

Chapter Text

As the five Quirkless U.A. students perused the contents of the lists they were given by their homeroom teacher, Izuku's eyes went comically wide when he saw that All-Might was on his list of offers. Izuku quickly covered his mouth to keep himself from screaming as he kept staring at All-Might's name on the list.

"OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH!" Izuku fanboyed over seeing All-Might's name as everyone in the class looked at him in surprise.

"OMG! Ms. Joke is on the list! I'm definitely choosing her!" Risa said excitedly.

"I'm definitely choosing Hound Dog because he's the one I know the best." Takehiko said. "And who the hell is Best Jeanist? And what would he want with someone who he doesn't know at all?"

"Hello! He's the Number Four Hero of Japan!" Risa informed him. "You're super-lucky that you got picked by a Pro Hero who's in the Top 10!"

"Whatever, I don't care." Takehiko crossed out Best Jeanist's name on his list and circled Hound Dog. "I don't know him, so I'm going to just stick with my guidance counselor."

"Anything that caught your interest, Aimi?" Kotone asked.

"I think I found one that suits the both of us." Aimi said. "I'm thinking we should go to Madame Donna's Hero Agency in Tokyo. She's a talented performer who can bewitch people by performing in front of them, whether it's by singing or dancing."

"That sounds great! I can't wait for the both of us to go together. But the big city sounds scary..." Kotone said.

"Don't worry, I'll be around to protect you. Okay?" Aimi reminded her.

"Okay!" Kotone nodded.

Risa curiously peeked over Izuku's shoulder. "Hey, Izu-kun! Who are you choosing?!"

"BWA-AAAAH!" Izuku stopped fanboying and quickly covered his list with his hands. "Oh uh, haha! I haven't decided yet! Sorry!"

"Okay! Tell us when you're ready!" Risa skipped back to her desk.

"Phew..." Izuku let out a sigh of relief after Risa returned to her seat.

After morning classes were over, Izuku sat with the girls from his homeroom class as always. Takehiko was still insistent on making his own lunch and not eating the cafeteria food Lunch-Rush prepared, so he still went straight up to the guidance counselor's office as he always did.

"So Izu-kun, have you chosen a Hero Agency yet?" Risa asked.

"I haven't yet." Izuku lied. "Maybe I'll tell you when we're back in homeroom."

"Aww...bummer!" Risa pouted and went back to eating her food.

Izuku was eating his food until she spotted several familiar faces coming towards them.

"Hey guys!" Ochako called out them.

"Hey, O-chan!" Risa stood up and waved as Ochako, Tsuyu, and Shinso made their way towards them.

"What are you three doing here?" Aimi asked.

"We're here to check up on you guys." Tsuyu said.

"How are you doing?" Shinso asked Izuku. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Izuku held up both of his still-bandaged arms. "A little bit sore but still fine."

"Are you fully-healed yet?" Shinso asked.

"Recovery Girl said I was fully-healed, but I'm keeping the bandages on just in case." Izuku said.

"When are you going to take them off?" Shinso asked.

"When I'm ready to." Izuku said.

"So have the three of you chosen who you want to intern with?" Aimi asked.

"I'm thinking about interning with Gunhead, I need to learn how to fight properly if I want to be a Hero!" Ochako said.

"What about you, Tsu-chan?" Risa asked.

"I'm thinking of interning with Selkie." Tsuyu said. "I do really well in water, so I'm definitely going there."

"And Shinso?" Izuku asked.

"Aizawa-sensei is my mentor so of course I'm going with him." Shinso replied. "You?"

"I'll tell you guys on chat." Izuku said. "I don't want anyone else to hear about this."

"I'm going with Ms. Joke!" Risa said.

"The two of us are going to Madame Donna." Aimi said.

"And what about that guy?" Shinso asked.

"Takehiko is staying with his guidance counselor. He doesn't trust anyone else." Aimi said.

"Looks like the two of us got something in common." Shinso remarked.

"As in you're staying with your mentors?" Izuku asked.

"Exactly." Shinso said with a smile.

"I wish I could tell you right now that I'm staying with my mentor as well." Izuku glumly thought to himself.

After lunch break was over, Izuku joined Ochako, Tsuyu, and Shinso to Class 1-A.

By the time Izuku entered the classroom, everyone in there stopped talking and they rushed over to him with worried looks on their faces.

"Midoriya, are you alright?!" Iida asked.

"We were all worried about you!" Kirishima said.

"Why would someone Quirkless like you try and provoke the strongest student in our cla-" Mineta was cut off by Tsuyu slapping him hard on the face with her tongue.

"Now don't you try and belittle our friend like that!" Tsuyu angrily rebuked him. "It doesn't matter if Izuku is Quirkless or not, he's one of us!"

"Oh uh, sorry!" Mineta quickly apologized.

"Are you okay now?" Sato asked as shoved a box of cake into Izuku's hands. "I made you a mint-chocolate chip ice cream cake to help you feel better!"

"Oh um, thanks Sato!" Izuku accepted the get-well gift and smiled. "I really appreciate it! And yeah, I feel much better now! Recovery Girl fixed me right up, so there's no need to worry!""

"Can we please see what's underneath those bandages?" Hagakure asked. "If they're fully healed then...can we see them?"

"...Sure." Izuku said as he put down his bookbag and then removed his blazer and then his dress shirt.

He then removed all of the bandages around his hands, arms, chest, and neck to show all of the scars he got throughout his entire life.

Everyone looked horrified at the amount of scars Izuku accumulated over the years from bullying and abuse.

He got multiple burn scars from when Bakugo attacked him with his explosive sweat. He also got scars when he got pummeled by multiple other kids with Quirks that resulted in him getting heavy bruises and broken bones.

Izuku also still had those scars from the hate crime last year when those girls cut and burned hateful messages into his skin with words like: "Quirkless dyke", "powerless fag", "kill yourself", "crippled trash," "I fucked your mom," and so on.

The latest scars Izuku had were from the U.A. Sports Festival when he faced off against Todoroki in the tournament battle.

After all the bones in his body were broken and healed, there were a lot of fresh scars all over the areas where his bones had been broken. And the most noticeable scars of all were the burn scars littered all over his right arm up to his right shoulder to the point his right arm stuck out like a sore thumb.

"Oh God, I think I'm gonna hurl!" Mineta's face turned green and he quickly ran out of the classroom to throw up.

"Who would dare do something like this?!" Hagakure was furious at the amount of injuries Izuku gotten throughout his entire life.

"Well, I don't want to name names but..." Shoji was looking at the explosive-burn scars on Izuku's body. "I'm pretty sure we already know the answer."

"Not to mention those three teenage girls from last year's hate crime." Tokoyami chimed in while looking at the hate messages scarred into Izuku's skin. "How gruesome."

"And those scars from when Midoriya fought Todoroki." Ojiro commented. "I can't fathom how many bones have broken in his body."

"Don't forget the burn scars on his right arm!" Ashido pointed out. "I don't want to know how hot Todoroki's flames are!"

"I. AM. HERE!" All-Might arrived, surprising everyone in the classroom.

Everyone, except Mineta who was still outside puking his guts out quickly returned to their assigned seats. Izuku on the other hand, gathered up all his unravelled bandages and tried to wrap them back onto his body before All-Might stopped him.

"Please don't reuse those bandages, Midoriya-shonen." All-Might told him. "They're unsanitary now that they've touched the floor."

"Okay." Izuku disposed of the bandages in the nearest garbage can before putting his shirt and blazer back on.

"Are your injuries fully healed yet?" All-Might asked.

"Yeah, so I don't think I need them anymore." Izuku said.

"Great. So now we can get back on business." All-Might turned his attention back to the entire class.

"Wait!" Izuku raised his hand. "Sato gave me an ice-cream cake and I don't want it to melt so can you please put it in a freezer?"

"Will do!" All-Might took the ice cream cake and was about to run off to the cafeteria before another student raised his hand.

"I'll look over it." Todoroki said with his right hand still raised.

Everyone looked at Todoroki in surprise.

"I'll make sure Midoriya's cake doesn't melt." Todoroki said. "It's the least I could do for him."

"Midoriya, is that okay with you?" All-Might asked.

"Y-yeah! Sure!" Izuku nodded.

"Alright, young Todoroki. I leave the cake in your hands." All-Might said as he gave the cake to Todoroki and the turned his attention back to the class.

"Now, where was I?" All-Might asked.

Mineta stumbled back into the classroom looking malnourished since he vomited his entire lunch out.

"Did I miss anything?" Mineta asked.

After Heroics class was over, Izuku went over to Todoroki to retrieve his cake from him.

"Thanks for looking after Sato's cake, Todoroki. I really appreciate it." Izuku said to him.

"I had to make up to you somehow." Todoroki said as he carefully handed the box holding the cake to him.

"You didn't have to." Izuku said as he took the box. "Ah, it's freezing!"

"I had to, after what I've done to you." Todoroki looked guiltily at Izuku's heavily-scarred right arm.

"Look, whatever happened wasn't your fault." Izuku said. "I was the one who pushed you to do your best. So I'm the one to blame."

"You really think so?" Todoroki asked.

"Yeah, I always try to do the right thing and that gets me in trouble since I don't have a Quirk to defend myself with." Izuku sheepishly rubbed the back of his head.

"And you did that even at the risk of killing yourself?" Todoroki asked.

"Well...I didn't have any friends until now and my mom used to be the only family I had so..." Izuku awkwardly admitted.

"I see...and I recall your suicide attempt from last year." Todoroki said.

"...Yeah, that too." Izuku said.

A moment of silence passed between them before Izuku said goodbye.

"Well, I have to go back to my homeroom." Izuku said. "Thanks for looking after the cake. Bye now."

"Be safe." Todoroki said to him.

"You too." Izuku said back.

After returning to homeroom, Izuku sat in his desk thinking about Todoroki before Risa interrupted him.

"So Izu-kun! Have you decided on who you wanna work with?!" Risa asked.

"Will you please keep it a secret between the five of us?" Izuku asked in a low whisper.

"Of course." Aimi said.

"All-Might offered me to work with him." Izuku said.

"WHAA?!" Risa suddenly yelled.

Everyone quickly shushed her.

"Goddammit, not so loud!" Takehiko hissed at her.

"Oops, sorry..." Risa covered her mouth sheepishly.

"Please don't tell anyone about this, okay? I've gotten enough attention as it is and I don't want it to continue." Izuku said.

"A promise is a promise." Kotone said. "I don't like getting a lot of attention either."

"Don't worry, Izuku. We won't tell anyone about it." Aimi said.

"As much as I don't give a shit about Heroes, I'll keep your secret."

"Thanks guys." Izuku smiled. "I don't know what I would do without you."

Yagi-san then entered the classroom and asked everyone how they were doing.

"Good afternoon, everyone. I hope you've found the Hero Agency you want to work at." Yagi-san said.

"We all did, thanks!" Risa said.

"If you don't mind, I would like to hear what Hero Agency you've all chosen." Yagi-san said. "Don't worry, I won't tell anybody but the school staff in case any of you are in danger."

"I've chosen Ms. Joke!" Risa said. "She's my favorite Pro Hero of all times!"

"Great choice for someone as fun-loving as you." Yag-san smiled. "But please be considerate around her."

"I will!" Risa said.

"I highly doubt it." Takehiko said.

"So Rentaitomo-shonen, who have you chosen?" Yagi-san asked.

"My good ol' guidance counselor, that's who." Takehiko said.

"And the rest of you?" Yagi-san asked the remaining three.

"The both of us chose Madame Donna since she specializes in performing." Aimi said.

"Wonderful! I'm sure both of you will do well with her!" Yagi-san clapped his hands together.

Yagi-san then turned to Izuku. "And Midoriya-shonen, what about you? Who have you picked?"

"" Izuku was too shaken up to get the words out.

"He said he wants to work with All-Might!" Risa blurted out.

"FOR FUCK'S SAKE, NOT SO LOUD!" Takehiko scolded her.

"Whoopsies!" Risa quickly covered her mouth again.

"How exciting! The Number One Hero in Japan has requested you to work alongside him!" Yagi-san commended him. "You must feel very proud of yourself right now!"

"Heh heh...yeah, I guess..." Izuku rubbed the back of his head.

"Class is dismissed!" Yagi-san announced. "I'm looking forward to see you depart on the day the internships start which is two days from now! Midoriya-shonen, can I please talk to you for a moment?"

Izuku complied and Yagi-san shut the door next to them for privacy.

"Are you not overjoyed that you're now having the rare opportunity to work with me?" Yagi-san asked.

"Oh, nononononono!" Izuku waved his hands wildly in front of him. "It's just that...I never thought this day would come! Me, a Quirkless nobody scouted out by the Number One Hero in the country! That's enough to freak me out!"

"Remember that I was born Quirkless like you, so I can see where you're coming from." Yagi-san told him.

"Yeah, I guess. But's really overwhelming!" Izuku said with tears in his eyes.

"I'll be looking in seeing you at Might Tower soon, so get your A-game on!" Yagi-san said to him.

"Yes sir! Thank you sir!" Izuku bowed repeatedly.

"Have a nice day!" Yagi-san waved goodbye to him.

"You too!" Izuku said as he went out the door.

After he returned home, he shared the exciting news with his family.

"Mom! Hikaru!" Izuku called out to them as he put his cake on the dining table. "I've got great news to tell you!"

"Really?! What is it?!" His mom and brother ran over to him.

"All-Might wants me to intern with him!" Izuku said. "And I said yes!"

"OH IZUKU!" His mom hugged Izuku tightly to her while tears were literally streaming out of her eyes.

"Onii-san!" Hikaru also clung onto Izuku while crying loudly as well. "You're so lucky!"

"I'm so proud of you!" His mom told him. "You are one step towards your dream of becoming a Hero like All-Might!"

"Onii-san is the best!" Hikaru yelled happily as he still clung onto Izuku.

"Thanks, you two." Izuku felt tears welling up in his eyes again. "So to celebrate, each of us are going to eat a slice of this cake one of my classmates made for me! I'm saving the rest for my friends and mentor!"

"But first we eat dinner!" His mom said. "We're saving the cake for dessert!"

"Deal!" Izuku nodded affirmatively.

After the three were done with their dinner, they opened the box to see what the cake looked like.

It was a mint-chocolate chip ice-cream cake and in green icing on the top, it said "Get Well Midoriya" in script.

Izuku's mom carved three slices out of the whole cake for each of them and put them on three separate plates.

After taking a bite of their slice, they fell head-over-heels with the flavor.

"Yummy!" Hikaru said as he dug into his slice.

"Which one of your classmates made this cake? This is amazing!" Izuku's mom said as she ate her slice.

"Rikido Sato from Class 1-A did." Izuku said. "His Quirk allows him to gain superhuman strength and speed after ingesting sugar."

"It's super-nice of him to make this cake for you! I wish I could give him something nice in return!" Izuku's mom said.

"Me too." Izuku said.

After two days of regular school, they were escorted to the train station by Yagi-san so they could go to their respective Hero Agencies.

Since the girls of 1-Q weren't taking any classes in the Heroes Course, this was going to be their first time wearing their newly-made Hero Costumes. But the girls had to pay for their Hero Costumes unlike the boys since they weren't Heroes-in-training like the latter. Luckily, Aimi came from a pretty rich family so she ended up paying for their costumes completely.

"Please wait until you arrive at your Hero Agency so you can try on your costumes, okay?" Yagi-san told the girls.

"OKAY!" Risa said aloud.

"And please keep your voice down and don't do anything inappropriate." Yagi-san told her.

"Okay." Risa said in a low whisper.

"I didn't mean that low." Yagi-san facepalmed. "Anyways, please get to your destinations safely and please come on time."

"Yes, sir." Everyone said before they went their separate ways.

Izuku and Yagi-san silently rode the train all the way to Might Tower since they couldn't risk outing Yagi's secret identity.

Within half a mile of Might Tower however, Izuku felt that familiar hot-and-cold sensation flow through his body and he wondered if Todoroki was there.

When they walked closer and closer to the tower, the hot-and-cold sensation didn't stop and Izuku was feeling apprehensive.

Izuku saw a familiar face in the lobby and he stopped before him.

"T-T-Todoroki?!" Izuku stammered.

"Midoriya?!" Todoroki was equally shocked as well. "What are you doing here?!"

"I got an offer from All-Might so I couldn't resist since I'm a big fan of him!" Izuku explained before asking back. "Is it the same for you too?!"

"Yeah." Todoroki replied.

"So this is where we part ways, Midoriya-shonen. I have to go now. Good luck with your internship!" Yagi-san said as he walked out of the building.

"Yeah, thanks!" Izuku said, knowing Yagi-san was just going out to secretly change into his All-Might form and then return.

After Yagi-san left, Izuku was now alone with Todoroki.

"So excited to work with All-Might?" Izuku asked nervously.

"Yeah...and how about you?" Todoroki asked.

"I'm super-excited. But I'm also really nervous too..." Izuku replied.

A moment of silence passed between them before Izuku asked a question.

"So um...are your frostbite injuries fully healed yet?" Izuku asked.

"Yeah, but I'm still wearing my bandages just in case." Todoroki said.

"I understand." Izuku said.

"I forgot to personally thank you." Todoroki asked.

"Huh?" Izuku looked at him with surprise.

"My life wouldn't have gotten better without you." Todoroki said. "Because of you, I had the courage to finally see my mother after all these years and Endeavor is finally getting the justice he deserves. I am also not afraid of my left side anymore since I remembered what my mother told me as a child."

"What did she tell you?" Izuku asked.

"She told me it was okay if I want to use my power to become a Hero." Todoroki said. "She also told me she was sorry for what she did to me."

"That's great!" Izuku said. "And about your Hero Costume...did you make any changes since you're using your left side now?"

"Yeah, but I haven't tried it on yet." Todoroki said. "Today's going to be my first time trying it on."

"I can't wait to see what you look like in that costume!" Izuku told him.

"Same." Todoroki said.

As if on cue, All-Might appeared in front of them.

"I AM HERE!" All-Might happily bellowed. "Now where are two of my latest interns?!"

"Here!" Izuku and Todoroki called over to him.

"Ah yes! It's Izuku Midoriya and Shoto Todoroki from U.A. High!" All-Might said. "It's nice to see that the two of you have now gotten along with each other! Now go change into your Hero Costumes, we have work to do!"