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My MHA Ideas and One Shots

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Idea Number 1: MHA X WoW X Slice of Life

Timeline position: Post Two-Heroes (Added as partially canon so why not?) and Post-Joint Training arc.

- Melissa Shield sends Izuku a World of Warcraft account to try out while she's busy working at I-Island to fix damage caused by Wolfram. She tells him that all of his friends are free to use it as her company paycheck pays for the thing (She plays hardcore when not working to vent stress). Her character is a Human Protection Paladin.

- Izuku and Ochako start playing for the first chapter and the first to play as Eri watches them play World of Warcraft for the first time. He makes a Human Monk for the Windwalker spec (Deku does seem like a martial artist with his punching and kicking moves in the show). She makes a Draenei Arcane Mage (They're the closest race to fit the fandom space theme Ochako has so...yeah, if anyone has better ideas for this, tell me and I'll revise this trust me).

- Ochako and Izuku would be dating IRL and in-game and she's learning as she goes as any Newbie does since she's never played online MMOs before...and is secretly worried Melissa is trying to put moves on Deku (She's not more on that later).

- Eri finds the game cute when she sees the Gnomes and other chibi pets that are collected in the game.

- Aizawa and other teachers set rules that they can play the game under strict advisement to only play for a certain amount of time and that they finish their homework first (Like parents always say).

- The other kids find out about Izuku and Ochako playing Warcraft and are curious. Naturally, they reveal Melissa's involvement and everyone joins the fun.

- The Dekusquad members join eagerly (Some more than others). Momo would be an immense newbie, having never played MMOs before and is genuinely curious how to play. She IS however aware of the dangers of online play and giving out private info. Yes my version of the Dekusquad is: Deku, Ochako, Tenya, Tsuyu, Mei (She'd join because she hears about the different Engineering types and gear), Momo, Shouto, Tokoyami and technically Eri and Melissa.

- The Bakusquad members are more mixed. Bakugou only gives in when he hears about PvP servers (And picks Horde specifically to avoid being around Deku's crew, but he's not a dick about it avid competitor), Kirishima joins eagerly because it sounds like a cool game, Mina joins after she hears about achievements and the annual events (the Love fool event in particular she wants to do), Kaminari joins cuz he's a gamer and he's been meaning to play, Kyouka joins because everyone else is (And she's a secret gamer girl), Sero joins because why not?

- The Dekusquad primarily play as Alliance race/class combos: Deku the Human Monk, Tenya the Human Paladin, Ochako the Draenei Mage, Eri would be a Gnome Frost Mage (Whenever she's allowed to play and Aizawa has the parental settings set to MAX) Tsuyu a Dwarf Restoration Shaman (Because Hex makes everyone into frogs and the spells are primarily water based it fits I swear) though she moonlights as a Zandalari Druid, Todoroki makes a Void Elf Frost Mage (He avoids Fire spec like the plague...guess why?), Tokoyami plays Void Elf Destruction Warlock (Tokoyami's hard to pin down for specializations so if anyone can give me ideas, PLEASE TELL ME the only other option I got is a Worgen Unholy Death Knight), Momo would be a Night Elf Discipline or Holy Priest (And be really newbie-ish to the game so Kyouka would teach her the rules and lingo).

- The Bakusquad primarily go around with Horde race/class combos: Bakugou is an Orc Fury Warrior (Angry boi is angry), Kirishima goes Tauren Protection Warrior and backs up Bakugou...they're best buds. Mina plays as Troll Elemental Shaman (Is there a class that does Acid type spells? Or close to it, let me know and I'll fix this), Kaminari is an Troll Enhancement Shaman (Lightning/Wind spells), Sero is an Undead Survival Hunter (Tape...traps, again, maybe some won't play or just experiment, you be the judge), Kyouka plays Undead Outlaw Rogue (Might change later) but will switch over to Night Elf Outlaw Rogue (She'd be consistent) and help Momo out (I see her a secretly a big gamer around Kaminari (Also Bi but that's neither here nor there).

- The remaining classmates mostly choose to do whatever they want: Ojiro and Hagakure don't play mostly because they're doing their own thing (dating and studying), Satou prefers to bake so he decides to be a Pandaren Monk and focuses primarily on the Cooking profession work, Koda does not play and prefers not to play as he doesn't like the idea of killing animals (Which as we all know there's a TON of that in the game, even when the animals are Wolves, Bears, etc, he'd rather be a pacifist, Eri brings up battle pets which irks him further), Shoji would more just relax and mostly watches Jirou and Momo play (I headcanon him as a secret writer of fantasy stories or stuff), Mineta...plays a Gnome or Goblin rogue (doesn't matter what spec because the only thing he'd do is stealth around hoping to see up the skirts of female characters), or he'd be a Female...ANYTHING and just go around naked (Or no armor and weapons) in the capitol and start dancing...he'd get a crap ton of gold for it ironically enough much to all the female casts derision. Aoyama joins for the fashion based mini-events (He'd take over for anyone who wants to do the fashion events and he'd be that guy who's all about fashion right?).

- Some teachers would join or mention their games of preference: Aizawa would join whenever Eri's playing to make sure she's not seeing anything inappropriate for her age (He's her legal guardian here) and be Human Assassination Rogue (Assassination Classroom jokes abound when this happens), All Might has NO idea how to play and instead just watches Deku and Ochako play (While noticing that Deku started practicing the Monk class abilities IRL with One For All), Midnight would be a Nightborne Demonology Warlock (And ALWAYS keeps a Succubus pet out...because it's Midnight), Vlad King goes Orc Arms Warrior (I've got nothing).

- Class 1B joins but only Kendou, Monoma, Tetsutetsu, Reiko, and Pony actually play. Monoma would be a Blood Elf Arcane Mage (Because it'd fit his arrogant nature I guess? Again, feel free to tell me which suits his nature better), Kendou goes Human Monk like Deku but switches between Windwalker and Brewmaster (She'd tank a lot because she's the group's big sister), Tetsutetsu goes Dwarf Protection Paladin (Ironic, Dwarves have Stoneform, but he'd be all about defense) and work on mining and Blacksmithing for heavy metal armors, Reiko plays Undead Subtly Rogue (Dunno much about her but goes for stealth as a Ghost Quirk), Pony plays Tauren Druid (Because all the forms have horns).

- Hi-jinks ensue: First time playing tutorials, figuring out the lore and layout of the gaming world, BARRENS chat for Bakusquad. Random villain character encounters (Toga, Shigaraki, Twice and Dabi hack the game to be max level class/race combos at random times and grief the groups because it's funny to them), doing dungeons and role play moments ensue. Also the characters find out Melissa and Bakugou are in a long distance relationship (Deku points out hard to Bakugou IRL that it's ironic he's dating Melissa long distance when she's Quirkless, but he hates Deku before being that way prior to getting One For All). Bakugou for his part is a tsundere about it and Melissa just finds him okay when he's not being an ass about Deku. In-game event stories and date nights.