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Prompt :

Zhang Jiale says something stupid(smart), and Ye Xiu goes on with it.


Important fact to continue with this story :

Ye Xiu is an Omega. Han Wenqing is an Alpha.



Cue ridiculousness :

Lele : Congrats for getting married Ye Xiu! And can’t believe it’s you, Captain Han. To see the two number one players and rivals together is such a weird thing.

Lele : Since you’re at it, why not go make eight children and let them all play against each other during the Glory playoffs, HAHAHA!


YX : …

YX : …looks at HWQ


HWQ : frowns


YX : That’s a great idea, Lele!

YX : How about it Old Han~?


HWQ : No it’s not.


Lele : .....

Lele : This bad feeling in my gut is probably just me feeling hungry. Yup. No other explanation.




>>>>Present time, Glory xx Season Playoffs


Tyranny vs Tiny Herb


Royal Style vs Hundred Blossoms


Happy vs Thunderclap


Heavenly Sword vs New Excellent Era



The roar of the audience in the stadium was deafening. This season was no different than any other, in that strong teams went against each other.

Except one thing that made it all unprecedented…



Team Tyranny’s Ace player. Surname : Han.


Team Tiny Herb’s Fourth member. Surname : Han.


Team Royal Style’s Vice Captain. Surname : Han


Team Hundred Blossoms’ Captain. Surname : Han.


Team Happy’s Captain. Surname : Han.


Team Thunderclap’s Captain. Surname : Han.


Team Heavenly Sword’s third and Ace player. Surname : Han.


Team New Excellent Era’s Vice captain. Surname : Han.



YX : Here you go, Lele! All my children are going against each other in the same season.

YX : Aren’t you happy to be the godfather of this event?


Lele : Ye Xiu, IT WAS A JOKE.