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A Form Most Beautiful

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If Sid were to be completely honest with himself, he was okay with one tiny redheaded Xaela coming up to him and announcing she was taking his charge out shopping because Rielle needed clothes damn it. What he wasn't okay with was being out in the Ishgard snow as said tiny redheaded Xaela dragged his sorry ass around with Rielle. Why was he needed? Why did the Warrior of Light need his input on what to buy?

"Because I'm not going to be around all the time and you'll need to eventually buy clothes for her," she told him, holding a pair of boots out to Rielle. "She's not going to stay small forever. Here, Rielle, try these on too, and tell me if they fit."

"Can't Rielle pick clothes for herself?" Sid asked. "I don't know anything about all this shite."

Sid was almost certain Fray himself was giving him that flat, "you're not that dumb" look with her yellow eyes.

"I mean, she looks okay with everything you've chosen!"

Okay, that was definitely Fray. It was getting more and more obvious both of them were becoming very exasperated with Sid. "Rielle still needs training and there are still people after her," the Warrior of Light told him. "You'll need to shop with her. So stop being an arsehole."

"Fine. But I still don't know anything about what you're talking about with cut of the fabric and material or any of that shite. It's not like armour where all that matters for life and death." He paused, studying the other Xaela. "Also, should Rielle be taking fashion advice from you, who has apparently forgotten to wear anything other than your smallclothes below the waist and isn't wearing a single bit of armour?"

"It's glamour, and that's something you will have a conversation with her once she starts thinking about how best to attract the attention of her crush. Rielle, try this robe. It's something I've seen other Conjurers wear, so it may aid in your conjury."

"You're a Dark Knight! Why are you wearing any sort of glamour?"

"Rielle, hold this." She shoved a pair of gloves at the poor girl, whirling on him with fire in those pale eyes. "If we are to talk about being a disaster of a Dark Knight-" Her eyes snapped wide open, and she turned to push Rielle down. An arrow slammed deep into the wall, right where Rielle's head would have been. Sid pulled his sword as he turned, his companion doing the same. Both of them scanned the Jeweled Crozier, noting the disdainful looks of the noble Elezen walking past.

He could hear Rielle slowly standing up behind him, and he could hear the sound of her readying her staff. There was movement out of the corner of his eye-

Luck was not with him as a blade expertly found its way between the joints in his armour. It sank in deep, though that wasn't his worry. Wounds like that barely phased him. No, it was the poison that immediately ran through his veins, a potent variant he had never encountered before and numbed his arm before the blade even pulled free. His arm dropped free from his sword, the muscles no longer responding to him as the poison roiled through his body. He could feel that entire side of his body lose feeling, and his heart




Rielle's voice, a spell

"Your heart almost stopped, you arsehole."

"I just opened my eyes," Sid grumbled. The last thing he remembered was the feeling of conjury, though he knew not the spell. Apparently, it had saved his life.

The Warrior of Light didn't move from her perch by the window. By the looks of things, it was her own personal room at the Forgotten Knight. He couldn't tell right away if it was a room they held for her for when she was in Ishgard or simply the room she was renting for the night, but he could tell by the packs in the corner it wasn't his room, even if his own armour and weapon was next to it. A small shift told him, yes, he was only in a thin shirt and his smallclothes, much like the Warrior of Light herself. Not ideal. At least one of them needed armour on, and he somehow knew what she wore wasn't a glamour this time.

"You worried Rielle," she finally said, shifting one long blue gray leg. "You're usually better about paying attention to your surroundings."

The words stabbed him perhaps deeper than the knife had, the poison of the words infecting his mind. He had worried Rielle. Not only that, but he had been a disgrace of a protector, not even noticing the arrow lined up with his charge's head. It had fallen on his companion to see it.

When he didn't answer, the Warrior of Light pushed herself upright, walking over to him. "You're very lucky Rielle had already learned Esuna. Do you realize this?" Her voice wasn't as steady as before as she grabbed his chin, forcing him to look at her. "Do your horns hear this? How lucky you are? Do you know what would have happened if you died?!"

Blood was on her hands. On her arms. On her face. She must have slaughtered the assassin with full force.


One of her legs slid over him as she straddled his chest as she grabbed his face. "Are you even listening to me?!"

"I'm listening. What do you want me to do about it? Do you think I can do anything about it?!"

She growled at him, her fingers tightening on his jaw. Then, slow, released as her body shuddered in a large sob. Sid looked up at her, awkward, as she placed a hand to her mouth, as if it would keep the sobs in. He didn't deal with crying girls. But, without knowing why, he tugged on one slender arm, too slender to wield her sword as expertly as she did, until she was flush with his chest. He didn't know what else to do, other than let the Warrior of Light cry into his chest. Maybe pat her back?

"Sid, please, do not become one I could not save," she whispered, a sob nearly breaking the words. "I save so many lives, and yet I keep losing those important to me... Please do not become one of those lives. Please."

He cupped her cheek as she pulled back, the scales cool against her soft warm skin. Words came to his lips, words reminding her his life wasn't for her to worry about. She was chosen by fucking Hydaelyn, chosen to save the world from threats he couldn't even imagine. Next to that, worrying about a simple Xaela like him-

Her lips found his and it didn't matter. Her touch seared his skin as her lips pressed against his, needily, just as needy as his own. She surrounded him, blood red hair a curtain around him as her legs gripped his chest hard. His fingers mapped her skin, where gray met dark scales, growling when his fingers met cloth as he drew then down her chest. In response, she grabbed the hem of the shirt and pulled, breaking the frantic press of their lips to yank off the offending fabric and toss it aside, clad now only with smallclothes on her bottom.

Barely, in his lust as his hands reached for her again, he managed to say "Rielle...?"

"In your room."

The skin of her chest felt even softer under his fingers, a feat that should not be possible. Even as his fingers pulled needy gasps from her, his touch hardening her dark nipples with questioning touches, she still felt too soft to be a Dark Knight. His body sung with the need to be inside her, to make her voice spiral higher in climax. Slowly, he started to sit up, his body screaming at him about the movement. But it was worth it as she sunk sweetly onto his lap, even the clothed brush of her wonderful. Without bothering to remove the cloth, he slipped a hand between her legs, groaning as he felt the wetness against his fingers. While his experience with the matter was woefully lacking, he could watch her. Listen to her. And know when he slipped a finger inside her she needed it just as much as he did, clenching around the digit as she groaned. Slowly, he slid the finger in and out of her, watching her. When her own hand slipped between her legs, he watched where her fingers landed, watched as they desperately rubbed against her flesh. His thumb nudged her fingers aside, mapping out the fold of skin she had been focusing on and listening to her voice as both the finger inside and out moved.

"More." The word fit between her wordless whines. "Sid, I need-"

It was enough. He moved to pull his smallclothes down, lifting his hips as she helped. But once his need sprang free, she barely waited, only pushing aside the cloth between her legs once again to sink down on him. The wet clench around him, so new, so perfect, shivered through his body. He barely noticed the look on her face as he grasped her hips, thrusting up into her. This time, he didn't nudge her hands out of the way as he slammed into her, watching instead as those slender fingers, still stained with blood, played her own sex so perfectly. Her breaths shivered as he drove into her, over and over, her skin growing darker blue as her blood, singing through her veins in arousal, flushed her skin. He knew such a flush stained his own skin as he felt his own build, racing towards that peak. A thought occurred to him, about how he was reaping pleasure from her body without a barrier to keep his seed from splashing inside her, but it only made him growl, pulling her closer.

"Inside," she gasped, as if her thoughts had followed his. "Please-"

The words ran through him, tipping him over that last edge. He barely noticed as her fingers against her sex grew faster, more desperate, until he felt her fall over into ecstasy as well, her voice winding to a pitch and volume he was certain all heard. But it only settled in the satisfied bliss inside him, his fingers cupping her cheek again as he looked into her yellow eyes.

"You wanted me inside," he finally rumbled.

She smiled, exhaustion lining the curve of her lips. "Yes."

"Are you-" If she was in her fertile cycle...

She shook her head. "Tis only something I needed."

Sid finally smiled back, lying back, holding her against his chest. "I see."

The two of them laid there in silence for a while.

"I'm going to dump you off on Rielle if you start crying again."

"And like that you ruined the mood."

But she didn't move.

And he only held her closer.

He didn't know what he'd do if she died either.