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bunny love

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hoseok has a bunny hybrid. his name is jimin, and he’s absolutely gorgeous. his hair was a shade of ashy gray, and his floppy ears matched. he has cute, chocolate brown eyes that look slightly teary all the time, but he wasn’t ever crying. his tail was small and puffy on the curve of his ass. his thighs are thick and soft, and if you poke them they’ll jiggle a little. his voice was gentle and soft, but definitely not high pitched.


and everything else, you should know.


hoseok adopted jimin wayyyy back, when he was just turning nineteen. they’re best friends, and that’s all they’ll ever be and they know it. besides, hoseok has a boyfriend named namjoon anyway.


and speaking of namjoon, he has a bunny hybrid as well, and his name is jungkook.


jungkook was probably the polar opposite of jimin looks wise. he had jet black hair, and his ears were pointy and a little stiff, he had a very toned body and he was at least a foot taller than jimin. he had sharp eyes that make everyone who has eye contact with him cower away, and a voice as deep as the ocean. (that makes no sense but ok)


namjoon and hoseok have been talking. and they both fell into an agreement to make jimin and jungkook meet, since they hadn’t before. mating season was just around the corner, and finding and breeding bunny hybrids was getting harder and harder by the passing day. statistics show that in the next sixty years or so, bunny hybrids will go extinct. but, it so happened to be that two boyfriends both had two bunny hybrids who haven’t mated ever before.




“you think they’ll like each other?” namjoon whispered to hoseok. the two, and jimin, stood in the middle of namjoon’s apartment waiting for jungkook to finish using the bathroom. poor boy has been drinking too much water, and he always needs to get it out of his system.


“i think they will. i mean, jimin hasn’t met another bunny hybrid before, so he’ll probably be super excited or something.” hoseok replied in a normal voice, feeling jimin nudge his arm with his face and looking over at him, smiling a little and bringing a hand up to pet the bunny’s head. jimin ended up purring a little and hitting his foot lightly against the ground.


namjoon just nodded, gulping a little as he heard the toilet flush and a door open along with some footsteps. and in came a confused jungkook, some toilet paper stuck to his foot but he failed to notice it.


as jimin saw some of jungkook’s black hair he squeaked a little and hid behind hoseok, gripping onto his shirt as he felt nervousness wash over his entire body.


as for jungkook, he stared at everyone in confusion. (not jimin because he couldn’t really see him.) he scratched his ear a little before he crossed his arms. “uhh...hoseok hyung, joonie, what’s going on?” jungkook asked confused, sniffing the air and biting his lip a little, forcing his foot that was about to move up and down to stop all together, putting pressure on it so it stayed glued to the floor. “what—“


“jungkook-ah. this might be sudden but hoseok hyung has a bunny hybrid. and his name is jimin. me and hoseok want you two to...make babies i guess. and start a relationship? i don’t know, something along those lines.” namjoon tried his best to explain, hoseok just enthusiastically nodding at his boyfriend’s explanation with a thumbs up.


“yeah what he said. jimin, stop hiding now, jungkook knows about you.” hoseok said brightly, smiling wide making his dimples show tremendously. he gently grabbed jimin’s arm and lightly pushed him forwards, making him stand just a few feet in front of jungkook.


“uh we’re just gonna go to the store or something. have fun!” namjoon said, grabbing hoseok’s arm and pulling him in close to his side. one of the two grabbed their keys and made their way out of the apartment, leaving jimin and jungkook standing awkwardly alone.


jimin was shy. he never met a bunny hybrid before as stated, and he didn’t know how to act. his hands were playing with the tips of his droopy ears as he looked anywhere but at jungkook.


he knew mating season was coming. he can strangely feel it in his body. mostly because if anyone, he was the one getting pregnant. he mentally cursed at hoseok for putting him and jungkook up. he normally didn’t really want to have a kit this year. he never even saw a bunny hybrid in front of his eyes before, but now, everything’s changed. especially when the small bunny locked eye contact with jungkook.


they stared at each other intensely. the silence was getting awkward and jimin gulped, retreating his hands from his ears and putting them behind his back. “a-are you real?”


jungkook’s ears twitched at jimin’s statement. is he real? of course he’s real. “yeah. i’m pretty real.” jungkook chuckled, making jimin melt a little bit he didn’t notice it. “why?”


“oh,” jimin began, a little flustered. he didn’t notice how jungkook took a step forwards, inching closer to him. “i’ve just...never seen a bunny hybrid in real life before. they- we’re rare.” he coldly whispered the last few words. jimin won’t ever admit it, but he always had a tiny disliking for humans. they are the reason his kind were going extinct after all.


jungkook nodded, taking a few more steps forwards so he was right in front of jimin, leaving a few inches of space for them. he brought a hand up to scratch behind on of jimin’s ears, smiling when he heard a small gasp and little thumps against the floor.


jimin was on the verge of a heart attack. it felt so different when jungkook scratched his ear. it wasn’t the same as for when hoseok or even namjoon did, and he fucking loved it.


he leaned into jungkook’s hand, closing his eyes and letting out a shaky breath. his eyes shot open once he felt jungkook retract his hand away, letting out a soft whine.


“c’mon. the hyung’s want us to hang out or something.”  jungkook extended a hand out towards jimin, and the smaller boy gladly took it, immediately being dragged into a room by the other. “this is my room, hyung.”


jimin couldn’t help but blush.




when namjoon and hoseok came back, the smell of syrup and pancakes filled their nostrils. they both had shopping bags filled with clothes, both males set them down on the floor and walked over to the dining area, only to see jungkook and jimin stacking pancakes up on a plate and pouring syrup on them.


“what’s going on here?” namjoon spoke, making jungkook flinch and accidentally tip the pancakes over, all of them falling on the table with the syrup getting everywhere. even on hoseok’s new gucci’s.


jimin and jungkook both giggled and jimin rushed over to grab jungkook by the hand and run away, especially after he saw hoseok’s annoyed face.


namjoon chuckled and sighed, pulling hoseok close to him by the arm.


“at least it’s working.”




jimin and hoseok left namjoon and jungkook’s apartment soon after. and it was a little hard to rip off a clingy bunny hybrid off of another. jimin almost bit hoseok’s hand.


jungkook kept nagging namjoon about when he’s gonna come again. it has been two full days that he hasn’t seen the other hybrid and it was eating him alive, and namjoon could tell.


the poor guy was sitting at his desk in his shared room with jungkook doing some paperwork but the bunny hybrid has been biting his arm and leg for the past hour. and namjoon finally snapped when the younger bit his high way too hard. “okay okay okay! i’ll go call hoseok and ask him to come over with jimin again. happy?”


jungkook smiled brightly upon hearing the news and jumped up to hug his owner tightly, getting a pat on the back in return.


namjoon heard jungkook mutter something about getting a gift but he didn’t think too much of it, and grabbed his phone from his pocket and dialed hoseok’s number, to which the elder answered on the second ring.




when a knock on the door was heard, jungkook was the first to sprint to it and open it, revealing a hoseok and jimin on the other side.


“jimin hyung! i...i got you something.” jungkook totally ignored hoseok and walked over to the kitchen, the two coming inside and being greeted by namjoon.


jimin was looking out for jungkook, not seeing where he went but he finally saw the big bunny walk out of the kitchen area with his hands behind his back and up fo jimin.


“here, hyung. i hope you like it.” jungkook handed jimin a carrot with a bow wrapped around it, the smaller hybrid gasping and smiling as he took the carrot bowing a little and bringing the vegetable to his nose, sniffing it.


jungkook bit his lip as he watched jimin take a bite. he felt a little nervous, and hoped that the carrot wasn’t too bitter or too sweet. and jimin’s facial expression told it all.


“jungkook-ah, this is really good! i love it~” jimin blushed, moving forwards to envelop jungkook in a warm hug, rubbing his chubby cheek against the taller’s broad chest.


jungkook’s tail twitched a little under his pants when he felt jimin’s body on his. his arms wrapped around the smaller’s and he returned the hug. jungkook could feel how much warmer jimin is from the last (and first) time he met him. and his body reacted to it a little.


“c’mon hyung, let’s go do something.” jungkook leaned down and whispered into the other’s ear, pulling away from the hug and grabbing his free hand, pulling him towards his room.


hoseok let out a snort, making namjoon look towards him and cock a brow. “what’s so funny?” he crossed his arms, watching as his boyfriend kept on laughing, watching his cheeks turn a light shade of pink.


“oh- n-nothing-“


“bull.shit. you’re about to choke from laughing, what’s up?” namjoon sighed, feeling more urged to know why hoseok was in tears.


“because...because they’re so...awkward or whatever. i don’t know.” hoseok finally calmed down, placing a hand on namjoon’s shoulder and leaning into him.


“and they’re soooo gonna fuck soon. hey, jungkook’s a top, right?”


namjoon lightly slapped hoseok’s arm, making the elder cry out in pain as a response.




“hoseok hyung? when will you and namjoon hyung be back?” jimin asked hoseok as he was being held by jungkook on the couch, watching as namjoon had a bag filled with his clothes. jimin thought the two were going away on a vacation trip. but the couple were just going to hoseok’s apartment.


“i don’t know maybe a week? around that time.” hoseok answered, smirking a little as he watched jungkook began to lick jimin’s ears, his arms gently holding jimin in place as he cleaned the boy.


namjoon grabbed the bag and looked over at hoseok, signaling him that he was done, and that it was time to leave.


he walked over to see jungkook and jimin, and he smiled a little as he saw how intimate they looked, all close and all. “hey jungkook, i’ll be back soon, okay? be good.” he waited for a reply, but only got grunt in response.


namjoon rolled his eyes, waving goodbye to jimin and he was glad he got a wave back, and walked over to hoseok and took his hand in his, walking to the door and opening it.


“bye jimin~ i’ll miss you!” hoseok yelled out not waiting for a reply as he and namjoon left the apartment. the only sounds heard was the air conditioner and the pair’s ragged breaths.


“jungkookie?” jimin softly said once he felt the taller male lower his head a little to nip at jimin’s unmarked neck, jimin letting out a soft gasp once he felt jungkook’s bunny teeth meet his soft skin, his hand subconsciously landing on jungkook’s thigh.


it was hot despite the air conditioning being on. the two hybrids bodies were just so very close with little proximity, and mating season was just around the corner.


“jungkookie, what are you doing?” jimin knew what jungkook was doing. he was just a little shy and embarrassed to say anything about mating. he didn’t know about jungkook though. didn’t know if he’d be embarrassed talking about it too.


“i’m getting you ready, hyung.” jungkook whispered into jimin’s ear, making the smaller shiver at the low tone of voice jungkook used.


“ready for what—“


“hyung, you know.”


and for the rest of the day the pair stayed cuddling and jungkook kept on occasionally licking jimin’s ears or biting at his skin.




it’s been four days. hoseok and namjoon have called jimin and jungkook twice.


well, a facetime call.


jimin and jungkook have been doing okay. but today, jimin woke up feeling extra warm, to the point where he was shivering. but, he wasn’t sick.


he let out a soft whine as he scrambled out of bed to find jungkook (jimin slept in the same bed with jungkook but the other hybrid tended to wake up at least an hour earlier than jimin). he wore a long, dress pajama that had a little hole for his tail to ‘breathe’, and he felt so happy for that little addition.


“jungkookieeee,” jimin whined, legs under him quivering a little as an image of jungkook shirtless randomly appeared in his head.




jimin crossed his arms and began to walk out of the bedroom, sniffing the air to try to make jungkook out.


and he did, and he speed walked to find the other hybrid. and once he found him, his body subconsciously rushed over to the taller and back hugged him, his crotch pressing against jungkook’s ass.


“’s so hot. i-is the ac on?” jimin asked, his hands making their way under jungkook’s shirt and roamed around his chest area, making jungkook let out a soft grunt.


oh hyung. you’re so silly.” jungkook chuckled, grabbing jimin’s small hands taking them out of his shirt and turning around, one hand gently grabbing jimin’s chin and the other going to the smaller’s lower back, pushing him forwards. purposely making their crotches touch.


at this point, jimin finally figured out what was going on.


it was time for them to finally mate.


“my little doe, you know what’s gonna happen next. correct?” jungkook’s aura became so very dominant. jimin practically melted in his hands, and jungkook loved that. he loved how small his elder got and how submissive he looked. if he could, he’d jizz his pants right now just from looking at the smaller.


jimin gulped and slowly nodded, hands reaching up to grab onto jungkook’s gray shirt and pull a little, ears twitching ever so slightly.


“ever since i saw you almost a week ago, i knew i wanted you. and i knew that you and me were meant to be.” jungkook got a little soft, blushing a little as he had definitely developed a big fat crush on jimin. and he was very proud to show it.


please, jungkook.” jimin closed just eyes for a second, only to open them again looking at jungkook with sparkly orbs.


“please what?” the younger teased, letting go of jimin’s chin only to caress his cheek gently, making jimin purr a little and lean into the touch.


“please jungkook, mate me..wanna be yours.”


jungkook wasted no time picking jimin up bridal style and speed walking to the bedroom, gently laying the smaller male down on the bed, hovering on top of him.


“jimin-ssi, you don’t know how much i’ve wanted to see you under me like this.” jungkook gently brushed his thumb over jimin’s bottom lip, lowering his hand to jimin’s dress pajama and pulling it up, revealing the gray haired male’s soft stomach.


jimin helped jungkook take his own piece of clothing off and shivered as his whole body was basically exposed, except for the underwear the hybrid wore that covered his crotch and ass.


jimin could feel jungkook stare, and he blushed and whined, hating but loving it.


“why don’t you take your clothes off too, i’m like naked and you’re still fully clothed.” jimin pouted, purposely using a teasing voice on jungkook only to result in getting his ear pulled, making him yelp in pain.


“i don’t know who you think you are, little doe. but you better lose that attitude of yours.” jungkook said in a deep gravelly voice, making jimin gulp and mumble a ‘yes’.


jungkook licked his lips a little, beginning to take off his own clothes till he was only in his boxers, and the tent that was there was nowhere near small. there even was a stain of pre cum already.


“turn around.” jungkook demanded, and jimin nodded quickly complying, slowly turning around so he was on all fours, legs spread and soft tail wiggling a little bit in excitement, making jungkook pull on it a little, resulting in a soft moan from jimin.


wow, hyung. never thought you’d be into tail pulling. or even ear pulling too? you’re so dirty.” jungkook took jimin’s tail between his pointer and middle finger and pulled upwards, making jimin moan again.


jimin felt jungkook suddenly press his hips against his ass, slowly rubbing his clothed hard on on jimin’s thick ass and resting a hand on his waist, pulling him in when he moved forwards and upwards.


ah~ jungkook, f-faster..” jimin mewled, slowly lowering his head down so his ass was up, trying to move back quickly against jungkook’s dick but he couldn’t, jungkook’s grip on his waist was tight.


the taller continued these slowish thrusts for about a minute. sometimes he did speed up, but he quickly stopped once he heard jimin whine softly, absolutely loving how he was torturing the smaller male below him.


what he didn’t expect though, was jimin’s body to shudder a little and his thighs to shake slightly, hearing soft moans escape his lips.


he quickly flipped jimin around again and his eyes widened as he saw a medium sized dark stain on jimin’s underwear. did he just..


“hyung? you came just from that?” jungkook chuckled airily, grabbing the hems (?) of jimin’s undies and pulling them down, jimin helping him once again and gently wiggled the annoying piece of cloth off his body.


jungkook immediately stared at jimin’s smallish pink cock and cooed a little, bringing a finger to the tip that had some cum on it and rubbed it all over the tip, making jimin grip the sheets below him and whine.


“i-it’s not funny, jungkook-ah.” jimin felt his ears burn from embarrassment. it wasn’t his fault jungkook was so damn good at his hips. he just couldn’t help himself.


jungkook smiled a little, hovering over jimin’s full body and softly petting his hair, taking some of his bangs out of his eyes.


they made eye contact, and even if this was supposed to be a rough, intense filled mating jungkook couldn’t help himself. jimin just looked too pretty. he didn’t only want to mate him but he also wanted to show him love. because he had plenty to give.


“are you ready, hyung?” jungkook backed away and began to take his own boxers off, revealing his thick, long and hard cock. it was a little red at the tip, and a bead of pre cum was present. jungkook waited for an answer as he put his fingers in his mouth quickly and wet his length, repeating the process so he was the equivalent of being lubed up.


“y-yes..i’m ready.” jimin stuttered as his eyes were glued on jungkook’s dick, watching how he made it wet with his saliva. he kinda hoped that jungkook would stuff his fingers in his mouth, but that would be for another time.


as jimin waited for jungkook to finish he spread his legs a lot, revealing his tight hole. he closed his eyes and waited in anticipation as he sucked in his breath when he felt jungkook’s tip pushed into his hole.


it hurt. jimin was a virgin and he had learned over the past few days that jungkook was too. (which he was glad about.) so maybe the younger wasn’t too educated on what he was doing, but once he felt a hand graze his own and movement in his lower region stop, he then knew that jungkook was educated properly and knew when to wait.


“it’s okay jimin-ssi. it might hurt just a little bit i promise it’ll go away.” jungkook leaned forwards to trap jimin’s pink lips in a kiss, their first kiss. it was only a little lust filled, but mostly with love. jimin immediately responded to the kiss and pulled jungkook closer, making him moan into the kiss as more of jungkook’s cock got inside the elder.


jungkook wanted to taste more of jimin. he licked the male’s plump bottom lip and was glad that jimin was acting so obedient, the second jimin opened his mouth jungkook explored the smaller’s cavern with his tongue,  making contact with jimin’s tongue and battling for dominance but of course the winner was easy to figure out.


the sounds of lewd panting and wet sounds were being heard throughout the whole room, and with every passing second jungkook ended more and more inside of jimin’s tight ass, all the way till he bottomed out, making jimin whine at the feeling of being full.


“d-don’t move right now please..” jimin quietly asked once he detached his lips from jungkook’s, he felt the younger gently grab a hold of his face, rubbing his thumb across jimin’s cheek, making jimin lean into a hand and purr, his ears twitching a little.


after a minute of the two hybrids staying in place jimin gave jungkook a subtle nod, telling him without any words that he can move now, and jungkook didn’t have to be told twice.


the raven haired male pulled out of jimin’s hole only to slam back into him roughly, making the smaller let out a loud moan, he grabbed a hold of jungkook’s arms that were now at both sides of his body, holding onto them tightly as he felt things he’s never felt before.


jungkook grunted as he kept on thrusting into jimin, carefully watching the elder’s exotic facial expressions  and the way his ears bounced with every thrust, to looking down and seeing the hybrids soft tummy and small cock, and even more lower to see where the two were connected.


“i-i can’t wait to breed you, hyung. can’t wait

to- to see our little kit running around with ears and a tail, just like you and me.” jungkook growled a little as the thought of his and jimin’s child came to mind, and he felt his heart swell up at the thought.


jimin let out chocked moans as a reply, unable to form coherent words. he wrapped his legs around jungkook’s waist pulling him closer, legs quivering a little as he felt jungkook’s cock hit a sensitive spot inside him.


jungkook definitely noticed it. he raised a brow as he sharply thrusted into jimin at that exact same angle as before, making the smaller hybrid cry out in pleasure, tears forming at his eyes, whispering a soft “more” which made jungkook go crazy.


he quickly flipped jimin over so he was on all fours again, and inserted himself back into him not wasting any time to move his hips.


jungkook didn’t forget jimin’s little ‘ear/tail pulling kink’ and reached a hand forwards to grab jimin’s ears one by one and pull back, making the male moan loudly, his bunny tail twitching a little and his hole clenching around jungkook’s cock, making jungkook groan, using his free hand to slap jimin’s ass a few times.


jimin whimpered at the sting from jungkook’s harsh slaps, but he absolutely loved it. “ngh..kookie~ i think...i’m gonna cum..” jimin moaned softly, feeling jungkook let go of his ears making his head subconsciously fall to the bed, his hands gripping the bed sheets below him tightly till his knuckles turned white.


“fuck- me too, baby.” jungkook leaned down to kiss and bite at jimin’s neck while quickening his pace, the skin slapping sounds that echoed throughout the room becoming louder and louder per minute.


jungkook felt a tight feeling down in is lower region, and before he knew it he came inside of jimin. his hot cum painted jimin’s walls making him moan in pleasure, slowing his thrusts and throwing his head back.


jimin moaned into the sheets as he also had his orgasm once he felt jungkook’s seed spill into him. his whole body shuddered and his vision was going a little blurry. his own cum covered his belly and chest area, painting it white.


jungkook stayed still for a few seconds before finally pulling out, some of his cum spilling out of jimin’s clenching and unclenching hole, making him frown a little.


jimin gently laid on his side, feeling the bed shift as he watched as jungkook laid down next to him, his hair sticking to his forward and soft pants leaving his swollen lips.


jimin immediately cuddled up to jungkook, blushing a little when he felt the cum on his front squish with jungkook’s body, wrapping an arm around the taller’s.


jungkook smiled softly, his heart beating five times faster as he took in jimin’s fucked out expression, and at this point he knew he was falling in love.


“you did so good, baby. so so good.” jungkook whispered, running a hand through jimin’s slightly messy hair and petting his ear, scratching a little from behind.


jimin didn’t reply. but instead he smiled and brought his   face towards jungkook’s neck, licking at it and sucking the skin, leaving hickey’s. his hand stealthily made its way to jungkook’s fluffy tail, pulling on it making jungkook yelp.


jimin giggled into jungkook’s neck, but stopped once he felt the other grab onto his ear, pulling lightly making jimin whimper.


jungkook chuckled a little, letting go of jimin’s ear and gently petting it, making the bunny purr.


a thought crossed jungkook’s mind, making him smirk a little. he looked jimin in the eye dangerously, making the smaller gulp.


“round two?”




when hoseok and namjoon came back a few days later, this time, their nostrils were filled with sweat and sex.


“they didn’t even bother to open a window to let it freshen out in here? my god. it reeks.” namjoon rolled his eyes, placing the bags down and walking into the kitchen, yelling when he saw jimin and jungkook making out with jimin on the counter.


“BABY! WHAT’S WRONG-“ hoseok rushed to namjoon afraid something horrible has happened to him but he also screamed once he saw the position his hybrid was in.


“JIMIN! GET DOWN FROM THE COUNTER!” hoseok violently shook namjoon’s shoulders making the said male complain in annoyance.


jimin quickly hopped off and hid behind jungkook, biting his lip to prevent a giggle from escaping his lips but it didn’t really work. his small hands wrapped around jungkook’s waist as he held him close, pressing his cheek against the males back.


“hyung’s, me and jimin want to say something.” jungkook suddenly spoke up, making this an attempt for jimin or himself to not get a scolding.


namjoon and hoseok suddenly took interest, much to jungkook’s liking. and he continued, feeling jimin nuzzle into his back.


“me and jimin hyung want to live together. and get married. he’s having my kit.” jungkook explained quickly and simply, giving namjoon and hoseok a nervous smile as he waited for a reply.


“wait wait wait, he’s pregnant? and you know that for sure?” namjoon said, trying to take in everything the younger said.


“well, no. not yet. but i can feel it, joonie! i can feel it beginning to grow inside of him, as weird as that sounds..” jungkook flushed at his own words. but he meant them.


“awww my precious jimin! i’m so happy!” hoseok sniffled even though he wasn’t actually crying, and walked behind jungkook to pull jimin into a hug, the bunny happily returning it.


“hobi hyung, me and jungkookie are serious about getting our own place to live together and getting married, though.” jimin pouted, looking up at the elder with glassy eyes, wanting his hyung to feel bad and allow them both things.


hoseok stared at jimin, and tried his best to let out the words “no” but he couldn’t. not with the look jimin was giving him.


“fine. but, not right now. all that, ‘getting married’ and finding a home thing is complicated-“


“not really the home part. you and namjoon hyung can move in to one of your guys’ apartments and me and jungkookie will have the other one!” jimin smiled brightly at hoseok, till his eyes turned to crescent moons.


hoseok grumbled and felt his ears burn up from his embarrassment, especially after hearing namjoon snicker at him. and jungkook’s silent laughing that he’s trying to hold in was pretty noticeable.


“okay, maybe you’re right...”




after around a week jimin had finally gotten pregnancy symptoms, and took multiple tests for the answer to be all the same. positive. but both of them knew this already.


when the small bunny showed jungkook all the tests to confirm he was so happy he burst into tears, almost crushing jimin as he hugged him crazy, peppering kisses all over his face and showering him with praises.


and when hoseok and namjoon got the news, simple to say they were also very happy. (at this point, all four of them were really close!)




a few months have passed, and jimin’s belly grew quick.


he had started to have trouble walking, and frequent back pains which he absolutely despised. and to top it all off, all his clothes he usually wore barely even fit him. the only things that did were his super long shirts or dress pajamas.


but jungkook loved it.


he loved how soft and cute his boyfriend -yes, boyfriend- looked.


jimin had tended to steal some of jungkook’s shirts or hoodies and wore them on the daily, and jungkook didn’t mind at all.


whenever jungkook went into “daddy mode” he always got on his knees and held jimin’s belly with both hands gently, resting his ear against the round of his stomach and spoke to the unborn inside, making jimin burst out in laughter at his lover’s silly antics.


he’d always tell him, “they hear you, jungkook! you don’t have to raise your voice so much!” and jungkook would always shrug, replying to jimin with a, “it’s good for brain development!” and end up winning the ‘argument’.


at this point the two lived together in what was namjoon’s apartment, but now it was their’s.



the day jimin went into labor both namjoon and hoseok have came over, bringing lots of gifts for the two ‘soon-to-be-parents’.


and when jimin’s water broke, he was doing just fine opening a big present box, but the sudden pool of water coming soaking his whole lower body and the floor made him...not do just fine anymore.


jungkook panicked, taking the present box and throwing it somewhere in the apartment and slowly helping jimin get up, while hoseok and namjoon where already getting ready to rush to the hospital.




jimin’s pregnancy lasted a good seven hours. it was painful and long, the hybrid almost passed out due to the stress of delivering a newborn but he stayed strong, not wanting to mess anything up by being out cold.


during the whole birth giving jungkook, hoseok and namjoon waited in the waiting room, jungkook pacing around the whole room biting his nails, making all the other people who were also there stare at him weirdly.


“jungkook, sit down! you’re drawing attention to yourself.” namjoon whisper yelled to the hybrid but he was totally ignored, jungkook kept on pacing around the room nervously.


after a good fifteen minutes or so a nurse came over to the waiting room, asking about if anyone is there for a patient named park jimin and jungkook quickly bolted to the room jimin was in, not letting the nurse finish her sentence.


before jungkook entered the room he abruptly stopped at the door. he caught his breath and knocked on the wooden door, not wanting to just barge in and possibly scare jimin or the baby.


that wouldn’t be a good first impression at all.


when he heard a soft ‘come in’ he quickly opened the door, and eyes darted quickly to the bed where he saw jimin lay down in, holding a bundle of blankets that moved around a little.


“come, jungkook-ah.” jimin softly whispered, giving his boyfriend a gentle smile.


jungkook didn’t waste any time. he speed walked over to jimin and stood beside him, eyes immediately landing on the little kit in the blankets.


“hyung, i-“ jungkook’s voice cracked as he placed a hand over his mouth, tears forming in his eyes as he watched his baby yawn, and wiggle around in the blankets.


“you can hold him, jungkook.” him. they had a son.


jungkook nodded and gently took their son from jimin’s hands to his, rocking him slowly as he took in how he looked.


the newborn had jungkook’s nose, eyes and ears. while he had jimin’s lips, fingers and hair color. the kit had more hair on his head than a normal human would have. and his ears were only small bumps on his head, but jungkook could tell they were probably going to be floppy like jimin’s.


“jimin-ssi. he’s so beautiful. i love him.” jungkook gently caressed the baby’s cheek, cooing as he saw him lick his lips and huff a little.


“what’s his name? did you think of one yet, baby?” jungkook asked jimin, handing his lover the kit as jimin just looked up at jungkook, taking the younger’s hand in his own.


“i did. i was thinking jungmin? what do you think, kook?”


“i love it, hyung. jungmin it is.” jungkook smiled till the skin of the corners of his eyes crinkled, running a finger over jimin’s hand.


“i love you, hyung.”


“i love you too, jungkook.”


and maybe, hoseok and namjoon setting up jimin and jungkook together wasn’t a bad idea at all.