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Stranger Things Season 4 - The Russian Connection

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                                                            OVER BLACK:

               The sound of a heart beat: thump thump, thump thump.

                                                               FADE IN:

               EXT. THE UPSIDE DOWN

               A pair of EYES suddenly open. They belong to ELEVEN. 

               She is standing in a clearing in the middle of the Upside
               Down. She panics, realizing where she is. 

               She turns left and right when suddenly a DEEP GROWL comes
               from a bush in front of her. El slowly backs away as a
               DEMOGORGON makes his way through the bush, stopping just a
               few feet in front of her. 

               It stands there for a moment, staring at her. El, breathing
               heavily, slowly raises her hand and attempts to use her


               She continues, pushing herself harder but still getting no

               Suddenly, the Demogorgon ROARS and CHARGES at her. She closes
               her eyes, waiting for the inevitable impact. 

               Just as the Demogorgon is about to crash into her, it
               dissolves into black ash. 

               El opens her eyes, confused. A blurry figure stands behind
               her. She is suddenly aware of wheezing breathing. She slowly
               turns around to face the figure.

               BARB. But not the Barb Nancy knew. This Barb is dead and
               decaying, her skin a sickly coat of green, some skin already
               starting to slough off. Black liquid leaks from the sides of
               her mouth. 

               Barb slowly opens her mouth, which suddenly expands,
               revealing the mouth of a Demogorgon. 

               El attempts to let out a scream, but her voice catches in her
               throat as if she can't breath. 

                                   DISEMBODIED VOICE (V.O.)

               El look around confused before recognizing the voice as that
               of JOYCE. 

                                   JOYCE BYERS (V.O.)

                                                          SMASH CUT TO:

               INT. BYERS' HOUSE - EL'S ROOM - MORNING

               El opens her eyes and bolts upright in bed, sweat pouring
               down her face. Her breathing slows as she takes in her
               surroundings and realizes that she is safe. 

               The door to her room opens, revealing Joyce.

                                   JOYCE BYERS
                         Breakfast's ready. 

               Joyce notices that El doesn't look quite well. She approaches
               the bed and gently places the back of her hand on El's

                                   JOYCE BYERS
                         Are you okay, dear?

               El pulls her head away from Joyce's hand and nods her head.

                         Bad dream. 

               Joyce nods her head solemnly.

                                   JOYCE BYERS
                         We've all been having a lot of
                         those lately, haven't we?

               El nods her head, looking down at her blanket. Joyce puts her
               hand on El's shoulder. 

                                   JOYCE BYERS
                         Breakfast is downstairs if you want
                         it. Fresh Eggos. 

               El attempts a weak smile.


               Joyce, El and Will are seated at the table. A small TV rests
               on the counter opposite the table playing a morning news

                                   TV NEWS ANCHOR
                         Good morning Denver! Today is
                         February 14, 1986, and it's gonna
                         be another cold one...

               The anchor's voice drones on as El picks at her breakfast
               with a fork. Joyce watches. 

                                   JOYCE BYERS
                         Are you sure you're okay?

               El looks up from her plate. 


               She looks back down at her plate and pushes an Eggo around
               her plate with her fork.

                         I don't think I like Eggos anymore.

               Will and Joyce share a concerned look as El pushes her plate
               away from her and gets up from the table. 


               An establishing shot of the Wheeler house. 

               SUPER: HAWKINS, INDIANA


               The whole Wheeler family is seated at the table having
               breakfast. He takes a bite of his breakfast and turns to his
               mom KAREN.

                                   MIKE WHEELER
                         Mom, can I...

               TED cuts him off:

                                   TED WHEELER
                         Don't talk with your mouth full.

               Mike swallows his food as NANCY stifles a chuckle. 

                                   MIKE WHEELER
                         Mom, can I call El to wish her a
                         happy Valentine's Day?

                                   KAREN WHEELER
                         When you finish your breakfast,

               Mike looks down at his breakfast and quickly begins to shovel
               food into his mouth.

               Mike, now at the phone, dials El's number and patiently waits
               for an answer.

                                   JOYCE BYERS (V.O.)

                                   MIKE WHEELER
                         Hi, Mrs. Byers. Can I talk to El?

                                   JOYCE BYERS
                         Oh, I'm sorry Mike. You just missed
                         her. You can call her after school. 

               Mike's face drops. 

                                   MIKE WHEELER
                         Oh. Okay. Bye.

               Mike hangs up the phone. 

               EXT. HAWKINS HIGH - MORNING

               Mike pulls up to the school and parks his bike at the bike
               rack as DUSTIN and LUCAS walk up to him.

                                   DUSTIN HENDERSON
                         Well, well, well. Look whose late.

               Mike looks at his watch.

                                   MIKE WHEELER
                         I'm not late. We still have ten

               Dustin rolls his eyes. 

                                   DUSTIN HENDERSON
                         Fine. Later than usual. What were
                         you up to? Talking to someone

               Dustin winks twice at Mike. Mike shakes his head. 

                                   MIKE WHEELER
                         She already left when I called. I'm
                         worried. We haven't talked in two

               Dustin slaps a hand on Mike's shoulder. Lucas is staring off
               into the distance. Both Mike and Dustin follow Lucas' gaze,
               finding MAX standing with a brown haired girl JULIE SNELL

                                   MIKE WHEELER
                         What's Max doing hanging out with
                         Julie Snell? Isn't she, like,

               Both Lucas and Dustin ignore him, Lucas staring at Max, and
               Dustin staring at Lucas. Dustin shakes his head. 

                                   DUSTIN HENDERSON
                         It's been four months, man. You
                         should get over it. 

               Lucas quickly turns to Dustin, an angry look on his face. 

                                   LUCAS SINCLAIR
                         Says the guy with a girlfriend. 

               Dustin's face suddenly drops. 

                                   DUSTIN HENDERSON
                         Not anymore. She stop responding. I
                         think her parents found out. 

               Dustin and Lucas glare at each other for a moment before
               their faces soften.

                                   DUSTIN HENDERSON

                                   LUCAS SINCLAIR


               The Party enters the school. They all groan as they look
               around the main hallway, finding it decorated from floor to
               ceiling with Valentine's Day decorations. 

                                   DUSTIN HENDERSON
                         Seriously? They never do this kind
                         of stuff. 

                                   MIKE WHEELER
                         I overheard my mom say that the PTA
                         was worried about the kids after
                         Starcourt. I guess they think doing
                         this kind of stuff helps. 

               Dustin chuckles. 

                                   LUCAS SINCLAIR
                         As if this would help. 

               Suddenly, a BOY, RYAN PETERS (15), brushes past Mike and
               turns toward the Party. 

                                   RYAN PETERS
                         Aww, why the long faces? All alone
                         for Valentine's Day?

                                   LUCAS SINCLAIR
                         Shut up Ryan. 

               Ryan steps in front of Lucas. 

                                   RYAN PETERS
                         I thought you were with that
                         redhead, Sinclair. Something, I
                         don't know, happen between you two?

               Ryan smiles knowingly at Lucas. Lucas doesn't respond, only
               glaring at him.

               A few feet away, Max and Julie are watching the scene unfold. 

                         Isn't that your ex?

               Max nods her head. 

                                   MAX MAYFIELD
                         Yeah, Lucas.

                         I've never noticed him before. He's

               Max shoots Julie a look that says "don't you dare". 

                         Oh no, I wouldn't. Besides, I think
                         the curly haired one is cuter.

                                   MAX MAYFIELD
                         Dustin? Eww.

               Ryan puts his hand on Lucas' shoulder.

                                   RYAN PETERS
                         She's better off without you
                         anyway. To be honest, I don't know
                         why she was with someone like you

               Lucas gets up in Ryan's face. 

                                   LUCAS SINCLAIR
                         I said shut up, Ryan. 

                                   RYAN PETERS
                         What? You gonna do something about

                                   MIKE WHEELER
                         Lucas, let it go.

               Ryan turns to Mike.

                                   RYAN PETERS
                         You got a problem too, Wheeler?

                                   LUCAS SINCLAIR
                         Leave him alone!

               Ryan turns back to Lucas and shoves him on his ass. The teens
               in the hall erupt into laughter as Dustin and Mike help Lucas

               Ryan walks away, turning back once last time to say:

                                   RYAN PETERS

               Lucas glares at Ryan as he walks away before noticing Max
               watching him. He realizes that Max must've seen the whole

               Max looks at him with a sorry look on her face before walking
               off with Julie. 

                                   LUCAS SINCLAIR


               An establishing shot of the George Washington High School.

               SUPER: DENVER, COLORADO


               A full classroom. 

               El has her head down on her desk, seemingly asleep or trying
               to sleep. 

                                   MATH TEACHER
                         Ms Byers!

               El doesn't respond. The Math Teacher walks over to El's desk
               and wraps her knuckles on it. 

                                   MATH TEACHER
                         Jane Byers!

               El suddenly sits up in her chair, startled, eliciting some
               laughter from the class. 

                                   MATH TEACHER
                         What's the answer?

                         I'm sorry. I missed the question.

                                   MATH TEACHER
                         What is the square root of 11?

               El thinks for a moment, not knowing the answer. Her cheeks
               begin to glow pink.

                         I don't know.

               The Math Teacher sighs and returns to the front of the class. 

               Suddenly, something smacks El in the back of the head. She
               glances down at the ground next to her chair and finds a
               small piece of paper. 

               She picks it up and looks behind her, spotting COLIN MERCER
               (15) watching her. He smiles at her and motions for her to
               read it.

               El unfolds the paper and reads the note:

               INSERT: The note, which reads: 

               Happy Valentine's Day! Wanna catch a movie with me later?

               BACK TO THE LAST SCENE:

               El flips the note over and scribbles: I have a boyfriend.

               She folds the letter back up and throws it at Colin, who
               catches it. He excitedly reads the note, the smile fading
               from his face as he does so. 

               He puts the note down on his desk and shrugs his shoulders
               and mouths "Sorry". 


               El exits class as the bell rings, Will following closely
               behind her. 

                                   WILL BYERS
                         What was that about?

                         Oh, I didn't get much sleep last

                                   WILL BYERS
                         No, not that. The thing with Colin.

               El rolls her eyes.

                         Are you spying on me?

               Will's face glows pink.

                                   WILL BYERS
                         No, I...

                         It's nothing. He asked me out. 

               Will grows angry.

                                   WILL BYERS
                         I'm gonna kill him.

                         Calm down. I told him I have a
                         boyfriend. Besides, he's nice. 

                                   WILL BYERS
                         Wait, you've talked to him before?

               El shrugs her shoulders.

                         A few times. He helped me with my
                         history homework once. 

               The two continue to walk in silence, before Will grabs El's
               arm and stops her. She turns to him.

                                   WILL BYERS
                         Are you okay?

               El rolls her eyes.

                         Of course I am. 

                                   WILL BYERS
                         It's just, you've been acting weird
                         the past couple of days. 

               El shakes her head, starting to get angry. 

                         First mom and now you. 

                                   WILL BYERS
                         I'm serious, El. You know you can
                         talk to me. 

               El gets in Will's face, her anger taking over. 

                         I'm fine. Besides, if I wasn't, it
                         wouldn't be any of your business
                         anyway. It's not like you're my
                         real brother.

               El storms off, leaving a visibly hurt Will behind.


               Max and Julie are lying on Max's bed, Max flipping through a
               Wonder Woman comic book. 

                         Why did you and Lucas break up?

               Max drops the comic book on her chest and glares at Julie.

                         It's just, you never told me and
                         I'm your best friend. 

               A beat.

               Max sighs. 

                                   MAX MAYFIELD

               Max sits up in the bed.

                                   MAX MAYFIELD
                         We just drifted apart, okay?

               Julie looks at Max, not believing her. 

                         Is that really it?

               A beat.

                                   MAX MAYFIELD
                         There was some other stuff, too.

               Julie gives her a look, trying to get her to continue. 

                                   MAX MAYFIELD
                         We just went through a lot of stuff
                         over the summer. With Billy's
                         death, the whole Starcourt fire, I
                         told you his sister was there,

               Julie sits up quickly, a look of shock crossing her face.

                         No you didn't! Is she okay. 

               Max shrugs her shoulders.

                                   MAX MAYFIELD
                         I guess. She's a tough kid. 

                         But isn't shared trauma supposed to
                         bring people closer together?

               Max looks down at her hands and begins to pick at a finger

                                   MAX MAYFIELD
                         Not all the time.

               EXT. HAWKINS POST - DAY

               An establishing shot of the Hawkins Post building.

               INT. HAWKINS POST - OFFICE - DAY

               NANCY is seated at a desk, writing at a word processor, when
               her phone rings. 

               She answers it. 

                                   NANCY WHEELER
                         Hawkins Post. Nancy Wheeler

                                   JONATHAN BYERS (V.O.)
                         Well, if it isn't the Post's star

               A huge smile crosses Nancy's face.

                                   NANCY WHEELER

                                   JONATHAN BYERS (V.O.)
                         Guilty as charge. You really are
                         good at your job.

               Nancy laughs. 

                                   JONATHAN BYERS (V.O.)
                         How's the job going?

               Nancy groans.

                                   NANCY WHEELER
                         Not good. I'm stuck working on
                         fluff pieces. Last week the fire
                         department rescued Mrs. Henderson's
                         cat from a tree and I'm stuck
                         writing an article on it. 


               JONATHAN is in the backroom of the store on the phone.

                                   JONATHAN BYERS
                         Seriously? After that article you
                         wrote on Starcourt? Isn't that the
                         whole reason they hired you as a

                                   NANCY WHEELER (V.O.)
                         I guess. I'm starting to think it
                         was just a PR move. First female
                         reporter and all. 

               INT. HAWKINS POST - OFFICE - DAY

               Nancy cups her hand over the phone and talks quieter:

                                   NANCY WHEELER
                         Besides, I feel bad about that
                         article. I lied, Jonathan. I'm a

                                   JONATHAN BYERS (V.O.)
                         You had to lie, Nancy. You had to
                         protect us. All of us. You know
                         what would've happened if the truth
                         got out. 

               Nancy sighs.

                                   NANCY WHEELER
                         Maybe you're right.

                                   JONATHAN BYERS (V.O.)
                         I am right.

               The two go silent for a moment. 

                                   NANCY WHEELER
                         So why'd you call? 


               Jonathan smiles. 

                                   JONATHAN BYERS
                         Just wanted to hear your voice. I
                         miss you so much.

                                   NANCY WHEELER (V.O.)
                         I miss you too. 

               A beat.

                                   JONATHAN BYERS
                         Listen, I've been saving up some
                         money between my job and my
                         photography gigs, and I'm thinking
                         that in a few months I should have
                         enough to start my own photography
                         business for real. 

                                   NANCY WHEELER (V.O.)
                         Jonathan! That's great!

                                   JONATHAN BYERS
                         When I'm ready I want you to come
                         down to Denver and help out. 

               INT. HAWKINS POST - OFFICE - DAY

               A smile crosses Nancy's face, but it is a hesitant smile, as
               if she doubts that it'll happen. 

                                   NANCY WHEELER
                         Jonathan, I don't know what to say. 

                                   JONATHAN BYERS (V.O.)
                         How about yes?

               A beat.

                                   NANCY WHEELER

               Nancy notices her boss heading her way.

                                   NANCY WHEELER
                         Listen, my boss is heading my way
                         gotta go.

               Nancy quickly hangs up the phone.


               Jonathan is still holding the phone. A frown grows on his

                                   JONATHAN BYERS
                         Love you too...

               He hangs up the phone.

               INT. HAWKINS POST - OFFICE - DAY

               Nancy's BOSS, BOBBY ELLIOT (40s) approaches her desk and

                                   BOBBY ELLIOT
                         Got another story for you.

               Nancy rolls her eyes. 

                                   BOBBY ELLIOT
                         Don't worry. No more cats in trees
                         this time. 

               He passes her a slip of paper and she reads it. A confused,
               worried look crosses her face. 

                                   BOBBY ELLIOT
                         You knew the Chief, right?

               Nancy nods her head.

                                   BOBBY ELLIOT
                         Well something strange is going on
                         at his cabin. 

                                   NANCY WHEELER
                         Strange things? Like what?

               Bobby laughs.

                                   BOBBY ELLIOT
                         If I knew that, I wouldn't need to
                         send you. Look into it for me,
                         would ya?


               The cemetery is quiet, with very few visitors.

               El enters through the main gate, still sporting her backpack
               from school. She walks amongst the tombstones before finding
               the one she is looking for. 

               She stands in front of the tombstone.

               INSERT: The tombstone. It reads: 

               Chief James "Jim" Hopper

               Born January 15, 1942

               Died: July 4, 1985

               BACK TO THE SCENE:

               Tears well up in El's eyes as she collapses at the head of
               the tombstone. This is the first time she has visited it
               since the "funeral". The grave is empty, Hopper's body never
               being discovered.

               They chose to erect a tombstone in Denver instead of Hawkins
               so El and Joyce would have someplace to visit and remember
               Hopper, even if he wasn't really buried there. 

               El cries for a few moments before finding her voice. 

                         Hi daddy.

               A beat.

                         I know you're not really there. I
                         wish we could've found you. Buried
                         you right. 

               El pauses and lets out a gasp and another cry before

                         There's...there's something wrong
                         with me. 

               A beat.

                         There's something wrong and I don't
                         know what to do. I don't want to
                         worry mom or Will...

               El looks away from Hopper's grave with a look of disgrace on
               her face.

                         I said terrible things to him today
                         and all he was trying to do was
                         help. That's not me.

               A beat.

                         I've been a lot more angry the past
                         couple weeks and...and having these
                         horrible nightmares. 

               A beat. 

               El takes a few deep breaths before continuing. 

                         In the dreams I saw a Demogorgon.
                         It attacked me, but disappeared.
                         Nancy's friend Barb. And Billy.
                         They...they were just like the

               El breaks down and cries more. She lies down on the grave and
               continues to weep. 

                             (through her sobs)
                         I wish you were here. You would
                         know what to do. You always knew
                         what to do. 

               El rubs her eyes.

                         I could tell Mike, but he would
                         just freak out and do something
                         stupid, like steal his mom's car
                         and come down here or something.

               A beat. 

                         I think it's best if I break up
                         with him. I'm only going to hurt
                         him. Every time we say goodbye on
                         the phone I can feel the hurt he
                         feels and I can't take it anymore.

               El slowly gets to her feet and kisses the top of the

                         I hope I'm doing the right thing. I
                         hope I'm doing you proud. 

               EXT. DEPT. OF ENERGY HQ - DAY

               An establishing shot of the Department of Energy headquarters



               DR. SAM OWENS is seated at his desk, looking over some paper
               work when his door opens. 

               His SECRETARY pokes her head in past the door.

                                   OWENS' SECRETARY
                         Dr. Owens? There's a Colonel
                         Richards here to see you. 

               Owens looks up from his paper work and shoots his Secretary a
               confused look.

                                   DR. OWENS
                         Send him in. 

               Owens puts his papers away in his desk and stands up as
               COLONEL RICHARDS steps in. 

               Richards, a member of the Air Force for most of his life, is
               a tall, serious man, in his mid 50's with graying hair. He is
               carrying a folder.

               Owens walks around his desk and shakes Richards hand. 

                                   DR. OWENS
                         Colonel. I'm Dr. Owens. 

                                   COLONEL RICHARDS
                         I'm well aware of you, Doctor. 

               Owens nods his head uneasily.

                                   DR. OWENS
                         Oh. Of course.

               Owens motions toward the seat across from his desk and he
               himself goes for his seat.

                                   DR. OWENS
                         Have a seat. 

               Owens sits in his chair. 

                                   COLONEL RICHARDS
                         I'll stand, if you don't mind.

               Richards walks over to Owens' side of the desk and places the
               envelope in front of him. 

                                   COLONEL RICHARDS
                         I'm sure you're aware of the full
                         details of the Hawkins' incident?

               Owens nods his head.

                                   DR. OWENS
                         Of course. I was there. 

                                   COLONEL RICHARDS
                         And you're aware of the cleanup

               Owens briefly closes his eyes, remembering the trauma.

                                   DR. OWENS
                         I remember.

                                   COLONEL RICHARDS
                         What you might now know is what we
                         found in the debris.

               Richards opens the envelope and flips through some pages
               before revealing a picture of a bizarrely colored rock. 

               Owens reaches down and picks up the picture and examines it.

                                   DR. OWENS
                         What is this?

                                   COLONEL RICHARDS
                         We've been calling it a Rift Stone.
                         We found three samples in the
                         debris surrounding the Key. 

               Richards takes the photo from Owens and gives him another
               one, this one of a destroyed building. 

                                   DR. OWENS
                         Where is this?

                                   COLONEL RICHARDS
                         A classified military facility in

                                   DR. OWENS
                         What happened?

                                   COLONEL RICHARDS
                         We sent a sample of the Stone to be
                         analyzed. They tried multiple
                         methods of breaking it open and all
                         of them failed. Apparently, they
                         attempted to x-ray it to determine
                         if there was anything inside. 

               Richards taps the photo.

                                   COLONEL RICHARDS
                         This is the result. It leveled the
                         building, killing hundreds.

               Owens looks up at Richards in shock. 

                                   COLONEL RICHARDS
                         The sample they worked on weighed
                         less then a pound. This material
                         has the capability of changing the
                         world as we know it. It would
                         render all of the Soviet Union's
                         nuclear weapons obsolete.

               A beat.

                                   COLONEL RICHARDS
                         But we only have three pounds of
                         material left. 

                                   DR. OWENS
                         What does this have to do with me?

                                   COLONEL RICHARDS
                         We need you to help us get more.

               Owens sits back in his chair. 

                                   DR. OWENS
                         You don't mean...

                                   COLONEL RICHARDS
                         We need you to open another Rift. 

               Owens stares at Richards for a moment.

                                   DR. OWENS
                         Do you know how dangerous...

                                   COLONEL RICHARDS
                         Of course I know how dangerous it
                         is, but we've taken precautions.

                                   DR. OWENS
                         We took precautions at Hawkins and
                         look what happened there. 

               Richards puts both of his hands down on Owens' desk and looks
               him in the eye. 

                                   COLONEL RICHARDS
                         Listen, Dr. Owens, the Soviets have
                         attacked us on our own soil. They
                         used our own research, our own
                         technology against us. For all we
                         know they might be attempting the
                         same thing. We have no choice.

               Owens takes a deep breath, pondering what to do. 

                                   DR. OWENS
                         You're assuming I know how to open
                         a Rift. 

                                   COLONEL RICHARDS
                         We know you studied Martin
                         Brenner's research. 

               Owens closes his eyes, being caught in a lie. 

                                   DR. OWENS
                         Where would we do this?

                                   COLONEL RICHARDS
                         Cheyenne. We've already started,
                         but we need your help to finish it. 

                                   DR. OWENS
                         If I agree to this, I need your
                         promise that once we get enough of
                         this Rift Stone, as you call it, we
                         shut the Rift permanently. 

               A beat.

                                   COLONEL RICHARDS
                         I can't promise you that. 

               EXT. HOPPER'S CABIN - DAY

               Nancy's car pulls off the side of the road. She gets out of
               the car, carrying a note book and a camera and heads up the
               woods, careful to step over the still intact booby traps. 

               She steps up the front steps and notices that the front door
               has been pried open, and is still open slightly. 

               Nancy briefly considers leaving, but her curiosity gets the
               better of her. 

               She gently pushes the front door open and pokes her head in.

                                   NANCY WHEELER
                         Hello? Anyone there?

               A beat.

               No response.

               Nancy steps in.

               INT. HOPPER'S CABIN - DAY

               The cabin smells heavily of mold and must, not having been
               visited since shortly after Hopper's death.

               She took a few uneasy steps in the cabin, looking around,
               expecting to be jumped at any moment. The only sounds she
               hears are her own footsteps, the creaking of the floorboards
               and her own breathing. 

               The cabin is in a serious case of disrepair, more so then you
               would expect. It appears as if someone has recently ransacked
               the place.

               Nancy's suspicion is confirmed when she finds a fresh pair of
               footprints in the dust on the floor. 

               She carefully kneels down, careful not to disturb the foot
               prints. She takes a few photos of the foot prints.

               She then takes more photos of the cabin and takes notes of
               what she sees. 

               She makes her way to what used to be Hopper's bedroom.


               She finds it in worse shape then the main room. 

               The floor boards are pulled up and littering the floor. She
               carefully makes her way over to the hole in the floor and
               sees an imprint where a large chest or box once was. 

               She takes a photo.

               Suddenly, she hears voices come from the back of the cabin. 

                                   NANCY WHEELER

               Nancy quickly exits the master bedroom and back to the main

               INT. HOPPER'S CABIN - DAY

               The voices are getting closer. Nancy has only one chance to
               escape, but she stays behind, trying to get a hint of what
               they're saying. She pulls out a tape recorder and hits

                                   RUSSIAN MAN 1
                             (in Russian)
                         Someone's already been here.
                         There's nothing left.

                                   RUSSIAN MAN 2
                             (in Russian, angrily)
                         I can see that! But we have to be
                         thorough. You know what the boss
                         will do if we miss something.

               Nancy can't understand what they say. She decides to make a
               run for it. 

               EXT. HOPPER'S CABIN - DAY

               Nancy quickly heads out the front door just as the two
               RUSSIAN MEN turn the corner. 

                                   RUSSIAN MAN 2
                         Hey! Stop!

               Nancy ignores him and rushes to her car. She starts it up and
               drives away just as the Russian Men reach her. They swear in

                                   RUSSIAN MAN 1
                             (in Russian)
                         We need to call this in.

               The second Russian Man looks at the first with a look that
               says "no shit". 

               INT. NANCY'S CAR - DAY

               Nancy is in a panic, breathing heavily.

                                   NANCY WHEELER
                         Shit, shit, shit!

               Nancy looks in the rearview mirror, hoping they aren't
               chasing her, and hoping they didn't get a good look at her
               face or her license plate. 

               INT. BYERS' HOUSE  - DAY

               Joyce is seated on the couch. The TV is on, but she isn't
               paying it any attention. Instead, she is staring down at a
               framed photo of HOPPER and El. 

               She runs her finger over Hopper as:

               Will enters the house. He is visibly mad.

               Joyce quickly puts the photo back in it's place and goes to
               greet him. 

                                   JOYCE BYERS
                         Welcome home!

               Joyce looks confused to only see Will.

                                   JOYCE BYERS
                         Where's El?

               Will shrugs his shoulders.

                                   WILL BYERS
                         I don't care. She's being a bitch.

                                   JOYCE BYERS

               Will ignores her and rushes upstairs to his room, slamming
               his door for good measure.

               INT. WHEELER HOUSE - NIGHT

               Nancy enters the house, quickly locking the door behind her. 

                                   KAREN WHEELER
                         Oh! Nancy! I wasn't sure if you
                         were going to make it in time for

                                   NANCY WHEELER
                         Can't eat now mom. I'm busy.

               Nancy rushes up to her room.


               Nancy quickly enters her room and locks her door.

               She heads over to her desk and turns the lamp on, dropping
               her camera, recorder and notebook on it. 

               She reaches into her desk and pulls out an address book. She
               flips through a few pages before finding the name she is
               looking for. 

               She dials the number.

                                   NANCY WHEELER
                         Hi, it's Nancy Wheeler. I know we
                         don't know each other well, but I
                         need your help. It's important.

               INT. BYERS' HOUSE - NIGHT

               El enters the house, finally arriving home. Joyce appears
               from the kitchen looking angry.

                                   JOYCE BYERS
                         Where the hell have you been? I was
                         just about to report you missing!

               El drops her backpack by the front door.

                         I visited dad and went for a walk.
                         I'm sorry. 

               Joyce face softens.

                                   JOYCE BYERS
                         Oh, honey. 

               Joyce steps toward El, preparing to hug her, but El stops

                         I just want to be alone right now.

               Joyce nods her head as El heads up the stairs. 

               INT. BYERS' HOUSE - EL'S ROOM - DAY

               El enters her room, slamming the door behind her. She jumps
               on her bed and buries her face into her pillow and cries.

               A moment later, someone knocks on her door. She ignores it.

                                   JOYCE BYERS
                         El? Can I come in?

               El groans and rolls over.


               Joyce enters and takes a seat on the edge of El's bed. She
               notices that El has been crying. 

                                   JOYCE BYERS
                         What's wrong, honey?

               El doesn't respond. She tries to avoid looking in Joyce's
               eyes. She doesn't want to tell her about the nightmares she's
               been having. 

                                   JOYCE BYERS
                         You can tell me anything, you know
                         that, right?

               El nods her head. 

                         I'm fine. 

               Joyce doesn't believe her, but doesn't want to push her,
               thinking that El will come to her when she is ready. 

                                   JOYCE BYERS


               Just as Joyce is about to leave, she turns back.

                                   JOYCE BYERS
                         Oh, by the way, Mike called this
                         morning but he just missed you.

               El cringes at the mention of his name.

                         I'll call him later.

               The phone rings from downstairs. El closes her eyes and takes
               a deep breath.

                                   JOYCE BYERS
                         That's probably him.

               El nods her head. She gets up out of bed and heads for the

               INT. BYERS' HOUSE - NIGHT

               El takes a deep breath. She has to do this right so Mike
               won't try and change her mind, because if he does, she knows
               she will. 

                             (flat, emotionless)


               Mike's face lights up and a smile crosses his face. It's been
               awhile since the two have spoken. 

                                   MIKE WHEELER
                         Happy Valentine's Day, El!

               A beat.

                                   MIKE WHEELER
                         El? Are you there?

                                   EL (V.O.)
                         Is that all?

               A beat.

               A look of confusion crosses Mike's face. 

                                   MIKE WHEELER
                         Uh, I think you're supposed to wish
                         me a happy Valentine's Day too.

               A beat.

                                   MIKE WHEELER

                                   EL (V.O.)
                         I want to break up.

               Mike looks horrified. He almost drops the phone.

                                   MIKE WHEELER
                what? Why? What did I do?
                         El, whatever it is, I can fix it!

               INT. BYERS' HOUSE - NIGHT

               El takes a deep breath and attempts to hold back tears,
               knowing she's hurt Mike more that she has ever hurt him
               before. She hangs up the phone and walks away. 


               Mike's mouth is wide open. Tears are starting to stream down
               his face. 

               He slowly hangs up the phone.

                                                         FADE TO BLACK.