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Allie announces the rules of the game. “Main thing: those who are in a relationship can’t
use that person ANYWHERE in their answer. Tasha, Jane, Paterson…and yes, MYSELF, can’t
use our OTHER as our fantasy bang…Brianna, go to town. Your fantasy must be someone you
work with or around-no TV, film, or sports figures. Tasha, you first.”

After a few seconds to consider her answer, The Latina responds:
Roman (sorry, Jane!), Conor (sorry, Allie!), Stuart (sorry P!)…Lawson, at CIA…I’m losing
focus, so pass to Paterson.”

“Roman’s fucking studly-NUTS, but studly (Hey!, Jane interrupts), tie for Conor and Stuart…Reade
(she winks at Zapata, who sticks out her tongue), and…Weller.”

Brianna has input: “That’s only FOUR…Conor and Stuart count for one.”

Paterson amends her response. “OK…Keaton, then.”

“Knight, Allie…name your stud!,” slurs Jane.

“Hmmmm…Roman; what’s his name…OSCAR…Reade, Stuart, and…that coffee guy in my building
at the Marshals’…when he says ‘Good morning’, I wanna say back, ‘Of COURSE I WILL FUCK YOU,
backdoor is on the menu’.”

Paterson, taking a sip of wine at the time, coughs it all out, Tasha says “Goddamn!”; Jane just
stares at her, wide-eyed...Brianna simply giggles wildly. “She said ‘backdoor is on the menu’ “,
the pretty brunette howls.

Jane Doe is up…” Reade…Conor…Stuart, Borden (I KNOW!)…that bdsm with Keaton in the CIA
dark site was kinda hot, in a twisted sorta way…just sayin'..."

Allie is buzzed, but not full-drunk. “I didn’t say Nas…I’d get with Nas-in seconds. Can I include NAS?!”

Paterson shrills, “GO ALLIE!”

“Okay, Bri,” says Zapata.

“Zapata, Reade, Roman, Nas, Jane and Paterson tie….and…I guess Conor."

“Zzzz-apata!”, Jane sing-songs playfully.

After mimicking the cocking then discharging of a pistol at her friend, Tasha says, “No one
mentioned Weitz.”

“Weitz…he might get these panties to drop-once,” Allie says.
“Weiss?” Paterson points to Tasha.

“That scruff beard…not horrible looking…he’s not top-five, but it’s a conversation. If I were
much more fucked up than I am now.”

Jane? “Mmmm…sleaziness aside, he could be on the “bench.”

Brianna? “4-5 Long Island Teas…he’s a strong almost yes.”

Lastly, Allie says, “Shit…it’s 1130. I know I have get the fuck out of here and HOME, and so
do all’a you, so don’t front.”

As they're leaving, Paterson says,"Zapata only named THREE, by the way..."

Walking away rapidly, Tasha calls back, " NEXT TIME!...BYEEEEEEE!."