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Fading Winter

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It was cold, yet it doesn't stop the burning sensation in your body and the terrible thoughts that run in your head. It hurts, it always did hurt when you grew up in a household where people seems to always scream and yell each other with so many curses and accusations that would make people question everything about their decisions. You never could remembered a time where everything in the world was quiet, warm and soothing... It was hardly something you'd fine in such a chaotic household full of people who you should have called your family.

Except you don't, might never will see them as your own kin. They were different, violent... it was a wonder how you were not killed when you were born... but perhaps those times when you were at the age of forgetfulness that they had been happy once. That they had once showered your little form with so much love and kindness, adoring you as you grew older by the day and made new progresses everytime... and that they had once provided you with the loving warmth the other people had described to you.

...But you never got to see those times when you began to remember things going on in your life. It was always a fight when you'd wake up. It was always a sneer you'd see when they look at you walk in. It was always harsh and loud words when they speak to you. You've grown used to it, numb to it even... but it still burns you inside and it always left you in pain. The world outside the chaotic household was not too different, but it was better. It didn't directly involve you and you were fine with it.

The pain inside got unbearable though, and so you found yourself trying to distract yourself from the pain and terrible thoughts... but they were always still there when you'd find a place that was quiet and soothing... it was growing worse and you'd hardly notice the concern around others until you feel yourself snap into pieces. The last thing you could remember was the cold wind of autumn and the sound of the leaves brushing against the ground... then you felt, a sharp freezing pain hits you all over and you find yourself in absolute silence...

Only to wake up, alone and in the snow. It still burns everywhere inside, but the outside as well. You also noticed your clothes were different, the world around you so terribly unfamiliar and you don't remember anything but the pain and these terrible thoughts haunting you. You hear footsteps and turned your head, an unfamilar man with red eyes and hair was walking towards you. The first thing you noticed about him were his eyes.

They were so warm.

He stops at a safe distance away from you, and one look he gave to you made him seem to know everything of what was going on. You weren't sure how he could tell, but the gentle hand and the small smile on his face beckons you over like a moth to a flame. You didn't understand why or how, but the questions you had died away and after finding yourself in a rather cozy home full of warmth and care... you found that the pain had gone away and that unfamiliar feelings started to flow through your body and mind...

It was warm, and you found that you liked it better than the burning pain and terrible thoughts... especially when you saw a young woman holding up an infant in your arms. Your world changed so quickly in a moment, but you cared little about it as you found people who you could call a true family. The very choice was solidified when the tiny baby boy's hand grasped your fingers, sleepily smiling at you which made the world feel so much brighter.

That was the very moment you had found yourself smiling for the first time; happy and hopeful for this new future of yours. What a wonderful moment it had been for you. The best in any life you've ever had.