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10 Kallie Sentences

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This was supposed to be it; the final straw that would make Allie see that she and Bob just weren’t meant to be — but as the words “I do” break her heart in two, it finally sinks in that Kate’s dream would never be.


AU: (Coffee Shop)

Allie Lowell has always prided herself on the elegance and grace she and her little cafe had built a reputation for — almost moreso than all the praise over the quality of the items on the menu — so it’s a wonder when her first glimpse of a woman named Kate causes her to trip unceremoniously, splashing hot coffee all over herself and the surrounding patrons. 



“I cannot believe you actually called the police,” Allie said in a panic, “what if being ‘a very sexy girlfriend’ is an actual crime and they arrest me, Kate?!”



“Even as we stand here today,” Kate says, staring deep into Allie’s eyes as their family watches, “I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to marry my best friend.”



“I know I haven’t exactly been the easiest girlfriend,” Allie admits before softly kissing Kate in public for the very first time, “but I love you and I want us to make this work.”



She hadn’t planned to kiss Allie under the mistletoe, but as Allie pulls her in closer to deepen the kiss, Kate thinks that perhaps she should put up some more.



“Just to be clear,” Allie pants, turning to face Kate as they lay naked in each other’s arms, “this doesn’t make us gay, right?”



Sorrowful sobs permeate the room as Kate crawls onto the bed to hold her grieving friend.



Allie trembled beneath Kate’s lithe form as expert hands and tongue explored every inch of pink flesh, eliciting wanting moans as the touches traveled south.



There’s a thick sort of tension in the air as Kate zips up Allie’s dress, her fingers lingering at the back of Allie’s neck, unwilling to let the moment end.