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I See your Horns

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“Solo !” Randolph Snoke yelled from his office.

Ben’s shoulders drooped. Nothing good ever came from his boss yelling for him... ever.

He pushed away from his desk and slowly made his way down the hall. His boss had a massive office, ornately decorated. His huge desk looked more expensive than Ben’s car.

The First Order Bank was a giant branch of a financial monster. They had their hands in everything, globally connected. Money hungry board of directors.

Ben shied, not looking up from the lovely dent he noticed in the shining floor.

”you were late by one minute this morning Solo! Time is fucking money! Do you like wasting my time and money you pathetic little fuck!” Snoke began his tirade.

It typically started with something simple like this then grew into whatever his boss could imagine.

He seemed to live for degrading him. Crushing his already fragile spirit. A stronger man would just shoot his boss between the eyes and be done with it... or perhaps shoot himself.

He had nothing anything except this job. 

Well... and one friend.

He worked late too much, some Saturdays. His social life was abysmal... women looked and acted like he was an idiot ...or a plague carrier. His family hated him, cutting him off and leaving him solely dependent on this miserable profession. 

His body was ok, he worked out a lot, loneliness and boredom. But he couldn’t look at himself in the mirror... his own reflection sickened him.

He was basically his boss’s human punching bag and it was normal to him now. He wasn’t worth anything else so why care anymore. He made enough to pay most of his bills, he liked his apartment, his car ran... he’d mastered surviving day by day. He had typical debt from college and such.

He zones out during these... chats. 

Probably a bad habit, but...

”do you fucking hear me!” A painful smack woke him from his thoughts. It left his jaw aching. 

“Yesss...sirrr... I’ll get right on it.” Ben retreated back to his own personal hell to hide and sift through the mountains of loan files. But now he also had his new tasks... did no one else work this damn hard here?

His best friend, only friend, Armitage Hux was a loan officer too. Ben has known the man since high school. They both had assholes for parents and bonded over hating well ...everyone who wasn’t them back then... people picked on them both for various reasons. 

Ben really needed to quit...

Or at least ask for a raise... or less overtime ...

Damn his jaw hurt.

His phone buzzed. Bazine was checking on their date time for Sunday. Drinks last night had sucked but... beggars couldn’t be picky.

She had plans Friday and Saturday night, but was squeezing him in Sunday. How generous. He’d been been asking for weeks. He was pretty sure she was dating other people already. But who was he to complain. 

He tapped a time and sighed. 

The restaurant she chose was way over his budget, credit card it was then. Yay ... more debt... 

He needed a new shirt probably. All his clothes were basic for the office. He only usually wore jeans and T-shirts at home... lounge pants or shorts. 

He could swing by a store tomorrow after lunch. 

He was the last to leave as always. He glanced at his clock it was 8 pm already.

Halloween was the following week. The company costume party Halloween night, and candy passed out during the day. He needed a costume still...

A date too would be great...





”I ....what?!” Ben jerked backward causing his chair to topple. His breathing jagged. “Who the fuck... what the fuck... oh fucking hell!” 

He rubbed his face, mumbling to himself. 

He was jarred back to the present by a cackle. 

Yep... it was still there. She was still there. Looking down at him from his own desk. Highly entertained it seemed.

”aw... sweetheart, did you forget after so long you made the deal? Or hope it was a bad dream? You poor baby!” She smiled, showing a glint of fangs. “ ten years goes by faster than anyone thinks. But you got what you wanted... money, power, health, temporary immortality, bitches at a whim... cars and shit... didn’t you buy an island? Anyway, it’s irrelevant. By Halloween you are my appointment so you need to pick. Or I pick how you leave this life bud! And honestly, sometimes I’m a real cunt so you really don’t want me to pick!” 

Rey gave him a flirty wink before crossing her legs.

Ben swallowed. Still grasping at maybe he’d fell asleep at his desk...

She was gorgeous... much hotter than even Bazine... scary, but still ...damn.

He thinks if he had to go ... wait! Contract?

”I’ve never signed any contract for any of those things... I’m living in a shitty apartment, I don’t have money or power... or bitches as you say... I’m a flunky loan guy at a bank. I have debt...” He closed his eyes. He really was a sad excuse of a human being. 

Rey smirked. “Well, Mr. Solo this is your fine and lovely signature... see right there.” Instantly a fancy contract appeared and there in red writing was indeed his name. But he didn’t recognize it. 

He was so confused.

He looked a bit closer as she held it out. The date...

The date next to his name was his original hire date. The first day he walked into the First Order Bank! He sat with Randolph Snoke himself that day! The man had lured him in with promises and flattery about his potential! About how he was needed for the company to thrive!

”Rey, I really didn’t do this. Um... Ms. demon lady... I just work at a bank... I do loans... credit cards... mortgages... I am no one... I have nothing ... am nothing...” Ben stuttered out painfully.

Rey’s smile receded, she hopped off his desk. Squatting unceremoniously before him she gripped his cheeks and kissed him hard on his shocked lips.

Ben felt like she was digging into every brain cell and burning him alive. He would scream hurt so bad, if he could move.

She jerked back. Looking at her mark with uncomfortable sympathy,  “Well fuck! That slimy prick bastard...” 

Ben fainted.