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Hey guy's, Fayline here. The writer asked me if I could give the readers the background info of my little utopia, cause you guys are from the past so don't know about the two wars. Basically she tasked me with the exposition dump. But hey at least then you guys aren't confused. Simply put there was a worldwide nuclear war, and someone decided to add some biowarfare in the mix as well. End result two-thirds of the world’s population was wiped out. Don't worry though the survivors got a present from the bioweapon and radiation. All those still alive had a certain gene mutate giving them abilities, called specialties or talents basically superpowers.  

Isn't that awesome everyone's a superhero.

Some people however decided because of the powers they deserved to rule the world and obviously people fought back. So began the Speciality war which lasted a whole century, by which time the instigators had died and the new generation decided they'd had enough and both sides called a truce and together created a new better era, which they named Utopia. Now the system has its flaws like any other man-made thing, but for once the whole world was united under one overarching government body of elected officials, and world peace was achieved. Of course, there were people you disagreed with this Utopia so the Specialists were founded. A government run speciality based defence forces against those using their talents to harm. Basically a police force that dealt with talented crimes. With this new utopia, there were new laws worldwide. The Major ones added are as follows.   

You cannot use Specialities in public without justification. Punished by imprisonment or fines depending on severity.   

You cannot use Specialities on others without explicit permission given without coercion. Punished by imprisonment or fines depending on severity.   

You can not use Specialities to cause harm to others under any circumstances. Punished by removal of all status and life in jail.   

You can not discriminate against someone based on their Speciality. Punished with fines.   

All children must have formal training in their Speciality form the age of 4 onwards.           

All children are of legal age at 16 and must start their formal training for whatever profession they choose. Their choice can not be influenced or known by anyone but themselves till they become of age. Punished by fines or imprisonment if serious influence is found.    

All initiates (16 –18) are prohibited from using their Specialities outside of controlled environments with licenced supervision.   Punished by fines and removal of qualifications or employment.    

There are still the old ones like no killing, raping, torturing or generally causing harm. You know the usual, ooh homophobia and such were outlawed and gender equality was a reality, well legally at least.   

But you probably want to know more about these talents or specialities as they were technically called.   

So everyone has one. They show up between birth and no later than 4 and nobody is identical. Like one person could control fire and another could have wings. They all have their own upsides and downsides. But there are some who have more than one. That's because there is a recessive gene of the X chromosome that if triggered, after the first talent, during a high-stress situation, before the age of four, will cause another talent to develop with one more generally following shortly after also because of high stress. There are more multitalented males because if a dominant gene is present in females it will remain dormant.   

Well, I think that's enough expo from me I'll be signing off for now but you'll see me later, every now and then when the writer lets me speak.   

Fayline Out.