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Whumptober2019: SVU

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  • All stories will be SVU related
  • Stories must be over 500 words, but no more than 1,500
  • Some stories may contain graphic content
  • All prompts will be completed


Notes for Elliot: he is separated from Kathy in all stories unless the prompt requires her. (Will be noted at the beginning). Elliot stabler is the readers dad in all of the stories, unless stated. 


Notes for reader: female, unless stated otherwise. (Will be noted at the beginning). She is a student, between the ages of 15-19. It’s up to you which age you decide as the age will never be stated in a story. Will always be addressed as [y/n] in the story. May have pet names that Elliot calls her, but nothing mentioning an actual name.


Some prompts may link, although I don’t intend it. (The first three could link, but I never intended them to do so). 

Chapter Text

Elliot ran towards you, Olivia following behind. Looking up at him, blood covering your knees, a tear falls down your cheek. 


You tried. You tried so damn hard to keep the boy alive. It was too late. He was dead. It all happened too quickly and by the time you realised what had happened, he had gone. 


“[Y/N]! Are you ok?” Elliot called as he ran, slowing down as he reached you. 


“Yeah…” you look down as the boy was being covered by a blue blanket. “I-I don’t know what happened. All I heard was a scream and that’s when I turned and saw him. He was just lying there…” 


Your body trembled. Shock was finally setting in. Your dad noticed and pulled you into a tight embrace. You gripped onto him tightly, almost clawing at his back.


“Don’t worry.” He mumbled into your head. His hand stroked your hair, soothing you. 


When you pulled away, you looked down, noticing that your hands were shaking, not only from the cold but from the blood coating them. The red liquid smudged across your palms. Your body felt like it was on fire. A boy died right in front of you. There was nothing you could have done to save him. 


“I’m sorry,” you whispered. “I’m so sorry…” 


Elliot spoke to the M.E. before turning to face Olivia. She took your hand and pulled you to the sidewalk, hoping to take your mind off it. 


“[Y/N], it’s not your fault. There’s nothing you could’ve done.” She was calm, a firm hand on your back. It didn’t shake off the feeling though. You watched a 10 year old boy die. You couldn’t save him. “You did what you could.” 


“But it wasn’t enough.” Your voice trembled with pain. “I couldn’t stop the bleeding. He’s… he’s dead because I couldn’t save him.” 


“Listen to me,” Olivia leant down, staring at you as she spoke. “You did what you could to save him. This isn’t your fault.” 


The winter air around you grew thicker. Leaning back against the brick wall, you slid down to sit, scraping your back in the process. With your hands over your head and knees up to your chest, you cried out. The tears fell and they didn’t stop. Every thought that went passed as you closed your eyes were of the little boy. 


You tried. 


You tried so damn hard to stop the blood. Your screams for help didn’t change the fact that the boy died. 


Olivia knelt down, prying your hands off your head. She felt them shake, knowing how you felt. They wouldn’t stop shaking. They won’t stop. 


“[Y/N], it’s ok,” Elliot approached, kneeling down. “It’s ok.” He tapped your head. “Look at me, sweetie.” 


You looked up, noticing that your dad had tears in his eyes. His expression was soft. Elliot understood your pain as he wiped away the tears on your cheeks.


“It’s ok.” He repeated. 


Nodding in response, you stand up with the help of the two detectives. Their hands also getting blood on them. 


Your hands. Cold. Bloody. Trembling. 


It was going to take a while until you calmed down and was ready to talk. It was going to take an excruciatingly long time to forget the images. 

Chapter Text

The autumn air was cold on your face. The leaves were falling down ever so slowly as you walked the streets of Brooklyn, New York. You had finished school and on your way home. It was just like any other day. You’d finish school, walk to the subway station, board the train, get off, wait for a bus and head home. 


Your father, Elliot Stabler, would love to drive you to and from school, but with his working hours different all the time, he never had the chance. Even when he would have a day off, he’d be sleeping on the sofa until late afternoon. 


Today, although the same at a glance, was different. Trouble was brewing as you were waiting for your train. 


The same smells, same students, same business people. The same train… no. A different train. Nobody would suspect a thing until it’s too late. That’s the plan. The secret. 


Nothing seemed out of the ordinary to you or to those around you as you awaited your train. When it pulled up, a hoard of people got off as you entered. You sat by the door, listening to the bustle of people. The one day you forgot your headphones was the day everything would be different. But it definitely was different for you. Instead of music, you heard the people around you, the leaves in the air, the doors closing after the last person got on. You sighed, making a mental note to not forget your headphones again.


As the train moved forward, heading to the next stop, the air got thicker, almost sickly. Metal, heat. Something wasn’t right. The woman in front of you noticed it too. 


A baby’s cry could be heard in another carriage. 


The train made a sudden stop, the lights going out almost instantly. People started to murmur, some raising their voices to a shout. 


All too suddenly, it fell silent. 


That’s when it happened. 


An ear-aching bang rattled the carriages, shattering the windows. Screams and shouts were muffled as bricks and debris fell around the tunnel. 


You were quick to hide underneath the seat, a few others followed suit. Your face was cut by the glass, but that was the least of your worries. It was dark, humid and frightening. The smell of smoke and fuel filtered through the air, accompanied by the shrieking of a mother in another carriage. 


With your ears ringing, you shuffled to find your phone. The space was small, but big enough for you to move slightly. Pulling your phone out of your pocket, you dialed your dad's number, hoping he’d pick up. 


It never went through. 


The signal was weak. 


You sighed, moving out from under the seat, being careful of the debris around you. Wiping the sweat away from your forehead, you leant back against the metal pole, looking ahead at the mess. 


Blood, burnt walls, broken glass. 


The one day you had forgotten your headphones. The one day when something terrible were to happen. You tried to call your dad again, but the signal was still too weak. 


A few people started to evacuate the carriage, forcing the doors open and jumping down to the tracks below. You followed behind an older man. His tie was wrapped tight around his arm, blood dripping from his fingertips. A large shard of glass was embedded into his forearm. 


The tunnel was dark, but was soon lit up by torches. You switched your phone light on, facing it towards the floor. Your heart was racing, but for you, this was nothing compared to those who had major injuries. You had a few minor cuts on your cheek, but nothing as bad as the guy in front. Nothing as bad as all those dead in the first carriage. 


As you approached the platform, you noticed people helping those injured up onto it. They were pulled and dragged to the center. You were offered a hand, but you declined. 


Instead, you stood on the tracks, helping those up onto the platform. You’d grab the babies and pass them up and give people a step up. Many thanked you, some kept silent. Either way, you did some help. 


Police had rushed down the stairs, paramedics followed behind them. When the last person got onto the platform, you climbed up yourself, sitting on the edge and looking back down to the train. 


Your phone rang, but you didn’t feel it vibrate in your pocket. 


“Ma’am, are you ok?” A firm hand grabbed your shoulder. You turned and faced an officer. 


“I’m fine. Just small cuts here and there.” You point to the ones on your cheek. 


“Come on, I’ll help you out of here.” His smile was warm as he offered his hand to you. Taking it, you were pulled up and led up the stairs to the city above. 


Your phone rang again. 


As you stood on the concrete, you looked around and saw your dad cursing at his phone. Olivia was with him and noticed you. She said his name and that’s when he turned around, relief flooding through him. 


“[y/n]!” He ran towards you. The police officer let go of your hand and you ran towards your dad. His arms were tight around you as he held you close. “Sweetie, you ok?” 


“I’m fine, dad,” you hold him back just as tight. “Seriously. I’m ok.” 


Letting go of each other, he looked at you and grazed his thumb over a cut on your cheek. 


“I tried calling you when I heard the news.” Elliot spoke softly, tears in his eyes.


“I tried calling you too. The signal was weak.” You smiled, hugging your dad again. 


He held on tight, not wanting to let go. He felt you shake slightly, but still held on. 


“I’m ok dad…” A tear turns to a sob. “I’m ok.” 


“I know, honey. I know.” 


The leaves fluttered down,  surrounding everyone. You remember your mental note. 


Don’t forget your headphones. 


But you made a new one. 


Always say ‘I love you’ before you leave the house. 


You don’t know what tomorrow awaits.

Chapter Text

“Dad,” you started as you walked down the stairs. “Since when did we get a cat?” 


He looked at you, confusion spreading on his face. “We don’t have a cat.” 


“Oh.” You threw some books into your bag and kissed your dad goodbye before leaving for school. 


Elliot mumbled to himself as he also got ready for work. Confusion didn’t exactly explain anything. You’re allergic to cats. Why would you believe you had a cat? 


As he locked the front door, he glanced around, looking for a cat that may have jumped onto your window ledge, but there was nothing. Just the dead leaves coating the bushes and the grass. Scratching his head, he got into the car and drove to work. 




When you arrived home, your dad was sitting on the sofa drinking his favourite beer. He waved to you, not turning around. A smile crept onto your face as you put your bag down on the floor. 


“Hi honey, how was school?” Elliot sat up, twisting to see you. 


“Yeah, it was ok.” There was uncertainty in your voice. 


“You sure?” Your father asked, watching you sit down next to him. 


“I got in trouble for writing the wrong date.” 


“What date is it?” 


“October second, twenty fifteen.” 


Elliot looked at you. “[y/n], it’s twenty nineteen.” 


“No it’s not.” You fumbled with your hands. “I got in trouble every lesson for it. It’s the right date, I’m sure of it!” 


“I’m taking you to the doctor tomorrow.” His voice was stern, but he was concerned about you. “And we don’t have a cat.” 


“Maybe it was the neighbours then.” You smiled to yourself. “He’s cute.” 


“You’re allergic to them.” 


“I’m not. Jasper came over and snuggled up to me.” 


Elliot had enough. He stood up and fished his phone out of his coat pocket. He dialed his doctors number and booked an appointment for the morning. 


“Dad, I’m fine!” Storming off upstairs, you slam your door shut. You knew he’d be mad, but you didn’t exactly care. You knew you were fine. Nothing was wrong with you. 


There was a knock at your door. 


“[y/n], it’s just a checkup.” Elliot sounded sorry, but he had to make sure that nothing was wrong.


“I don’t care. I said I’m fine!” You turned your music up, not wanting to listen to Elliot. 


“[y/n]!” He was getting angry. “[y/n], open the door!” 


You ignored him. A pang of guilt hit you. 


Eventually, Elliot gave up knocking and shouting. He left you alone and went back downstairs to phone the captain up. 



Elliot drove you to the doctors, the car ride was silent. It wasn’t due to your anger, you were happy, it’s just there was nothing to really say. 


“I think you would like Jasper.” You finally spoke out. 


“There is no Jasper.” Elliot turned right. 


“Yes there-“ 


“No there isn’t, [y/n]. Our neighbours don’t have a cat.” Elliot wasn’t lying. He went door to door to find out if such a cat existed. All he got was ‘no’ from every person who answered. 


You huffed and crossed your arms, slouching in the car seat. 


“[y/n], please listen to me.” Your father sounded hurt as he peered over. “I just want to make sure you’re ok.”


He turned left and drove into a car park, looking for a space to park the car. You didn’t say anything else.



The doctor who saw you was friendly. She did a few tests, especially memory tests, just to make sure that you were fine. 


“Any hallucinations?” She asks, noting something down from the previous answer.


Before you could even say anything, Elliot chimed in. 




“What, no!” You looked at your dad. “I’m not imagining things!” 


“Calm down.” He was stern, eyebrows down. “A cat. She’s been seeing a cat, but we don’t have one and neither do the neighbours.”


“Jasper is real.” You stated. 


Elliot ignored you. 


“Jasper. Is. Real. ” You repeat yourself, also getting angry. 


The nurse laughs to herself. “What’s the date today, [y/n]?”


“October third.” There was a small pause. “Twenty fifteen.” You look at your hands, zoning out.


“I see.” She notes something down and turns to her computer. “It looks like your daughter has delirium.”


Elliot sighed, shaking his head. “How?”


“It’s hard to say. She’s had no injuries. It could be due to stress at school?” The nurse didn’t sound certain. “I’ll prescribe some medication. You can pick it up at your preferred pharmacy tomorrow.” Grabbing some paper, she scribbles the prescription name and hands it to Elliot. “Just take this to them after here and they’ll have it ready for you.”


“Thank you.”


Both you and Elliot leave the room, heading back to the car. 


“I’ll be ok, right?” There was sadness in your voice as you asked your dad. 


“Of course you will.” He unlocked the car, getting ready to leave the building. “I’m always here if you need help.”


“I know dad.” A smile appeared. “Thank you.”


The light hit you as the car exited the parking lot. So many thoughts wandered through your mind. They also wandered through Elliot’s. 


“Would you like to see Jasper?”


“Mention him one more time and I’ll send you to your mom's place.”

Chapter Text

The afternoon sun warmed your cold face. The autumn air flowing past in the breeze. You were on the way to your dads work from school, waiting for the bus to come and pick you and the other students up. It was just like any ordinary school day for you. Nothing seemed different. 


The bus took you and the rest of the passengers close to the precinct. When you got off the bus, dodging past the others waiting, you walked up to the building. No matter the time, you always looked up at it. Your dad was a cop; had been for 14 years. He always made sure that the perpetrators were off the streets. Not a moment goes by when he doesn’t think about his kids or his wife. Even if she left him. 


“Elliot.” Olivia’s voice was heard as you entered the squad room. 


“It’s not in my drawer!” Your dad was furious as he slammed the drawer shut. 


“Did he lose something?” You asked as you approached John. 


“His badge.” John smiled, watching Elliot open and close his locker. “He’s been looking for it all day.” 


You shook your bag off your shoulders and opened it. Reaching to the bottom, you pulled out your dads badge and held it out to him. 


“Where was it?” He took it from you, his anger subsiding.


“You left it at home. I did text you.” You pull out your phone and show him the message. 


“He’s been too busy looking for it.” Olivia walked off, picking a file up from Elliot’s desk. 


“I went home twice.” Defeated, Elliot slumped into his chair. 


“You were looking all day?” You laugh. “Should check your phone more often.”


Elliot glares at you jokingly. “Thank you, [y/n].” 


“You’re welcome, dad.” 


“Need me to take you home?” He asks, putting his badge on his belt. 


“No, it’s fine. I can get the bus back.”


“You sure? It’s late.”


“You’ve done no work.” John chimes in.


“Neither have you.” Fin chucks a ball of paper at him. 


“Hey, it’s a slow day.” He tries to defend his lack of work. 


You laugh again. “Seriously. It’s fine. I’ll take the bus.”


Elliot stands and hugs you as you bid his friends goodbye. 


Leaving the building, you shoved your hands in your pockets and walked towards the bus stop. You notice Alex Cabot and wave. She returned the gesture and walked into the police building, a strong step in her stride. 



You were sat at the front of the bus as it was the only seat available. With your music playing, you looked out of the window, watching the evening roll in through the gaps of the buildings. 


The autumn air was cool as the doors opened in front of you. Stepping off, the walk home began. It wasn’t a long walk, but it never bore you. There was always something to look at. 


But, among the quietness, sirens could be heard behind you. You turned to find out only to realise there was a chase going on. The car in front stopped ahead of you and the driver got out, ran towards you and pulled you to him. 


“Back off!” The man shouted as cops hid behind the car doors. 


Your body trembled as the man tightened his grip over your chest. You yelped, closing your eyes tight. 


“Let go of the girl!” One cop shouted back. You looked at them, noticing the other cop on the radio. “We can work this out if you let the girl go!”


“I didn’t do anything! I’m not going away for something I didn’t do!” He shuffled his body, removing your bag and throwing it to the side. The grip he had on you only got worse. A hand wrapped itself around your neck as another hand wriggled its way around your stomach, licking your arms in place. 


The officers keep yelling for your release. Nothing happens. The man keeps shouting the same lines over and over. Nothing changes.


Another two cars pull up. In one car was two men, who copied the first set of cops. From the second car emerged Fin and Elliot. 


“[Y/n]! You ok, sweetheart?” Elliot shouts over to you. 


You nod in response, feeling the hand get tighter. 


A sinister whisper appears in your ear. “Your dad is a cop?” 


You nodded again. 




“Let her go!” Fin yells, gun in hand. 


The air was still. Shivers ran throughout your body as you were faced with six guns. It was terrifying. Nothing you have experienced before, or that you wanted to, for that matter. 


“A’ight,” the grip loosened but was still present on your body, “I haven’t hurt her.” He walked forward, pushing you with him. 


You kept facing your dad, tears coming down your face. 


Elliot walked forward, gun still raised. The other cops followed suit. You’ve never seen your dad raise a gun at you, or anywhere near you. The cold went straight through to your bones. 


As soon as the other cops apprehended the man who had a hold of you, Elliot lowered his gun and put it back into the holster before hugging you tight. 


“Darling,” he kisses your forehead, “I’m glad you’re ok. I should’ve taken you home.” 


“It’s ok, dad.” You hold him back just as tight. 


“I’ll come pick you up in the morning.” Fin patted Elliots back. 


“Ok.” Elliot turned and faced his partner. 


“You’re a brave kid.” Fin looks at you and smiles. You return the smile and hold your dad's arm. 


Elliot turned you around and walked home with you. He picked up your bag on the way, throwing it onto his back. His touch was warm and soothing. 


“I love you, [y/n].” 


“Love you too, dad.” 


The leaves fell down as the wind picked up. The chills buried itself into your body as the front gate opened. 


It’s been a long day for the both of you.

Chapter Text

There was a stillness in the air as you swallowed down on a lump in your throat. Your legs were getting weaker the longer you were standing. It felt like an eternity. The man before you held a gun to your face. He was trembling also.


Tears fell to your cheek as you stared at him. Eyes puffy, red. You sniffed, trying to hold back the fear. This was not how it was supposed to end. 


You wanted to die a peaceful death, maybe old age, or an incurable sickness which takes the lives of many. Maybe a twenty story building was the way to go for you. Not being shot. No way. This was not what you had planned. You were still a teenager. You had so many years ahead of you. Your organs would go to someone who needed them, granted they were still intact or weren’t poisoned by drugs. 


The three of you stood in an abandoned house. You, the gunman and the perpetrator. The house itself was breaking down with every passing day. The walls were breaking, tearing apart. Wallpaper was soggy, ripped from the walls. The floorboards creaked with any slight movement. The perfect place to kill an innocent girl. Windows were broken, the more intact ones had two or three cracks whilst the rest were shattered and covered with cardboard and planks of wood. There was no furniture, only a mattress in one of the rooms where a homeless guy once slept on. The smell was unbearable. Piss, shit, drugs. The last place you’d want to be. On a wall, in what would’ve been the kitchen, was graffiti; something you couldn’t decipher. Weeds and moss, mould and dew sprouted from the floorboards and up the walls. It was downright vile.


You were led to a room on the next floor and that’s when he was commanded to pull the gun to your face. Shivers swam throughout your body as you stared at the man before you. The gunman was terrified, his eyes blown wide as he looked over at you, processing the emotions going through you. He never wanted this to happen. Never in a million years did he want it to happen. 


Especially to you.


Sweat beads rolled down the side of your face, burying into your hair, or rolling further to dampen your neck and shirt. 


“What’re ya waitin’ for?” The other man spoke out as he turned to face the two of you from looking through the broken window to the world outside. “All ya gotta do is pull the trigger and we’ll be outta ’ere. No one will know she’s gone.”


A sinister grin appeared on his face. You caught a glance as he turned back to face the world, the street lighting his face subtly. “Are ya wantin’ me ta do it, huh?” His words were slurred like he’d been drinking all night at a bar. Or, knowing your luck, he was a depressive alcoholic who drank alone on his mother’s couch. 


You move slightly, trying to rebalance yourself before your legs give way. The floor beneath you threatens to give way instead, creaking obnoxiously loud. The gun in front of your face trembles, shaking vigorously in your sight. It sends chills down your spine every second you make eye contact with it.


“Hurry up!” The man's voice raises, shaking the ground beneath.


“No.” The gunman finally speaks out at the very same moment the sirens arrived. 


“They can’t help ya.” Turning on his heels, he leaps for the gun but misses as the gunman jumps back. You fall back and onto the floor, grazing your hands across the floorboards. 


The gunman fights with the older man, twisting and turning with every punch. You cower in fear, curling up against the crumbling wall. You cover your ears, not wanting to hear the grunts and the pain. A sudden shot goes off from the gun, missing both of the men and straight up to the ceiling. Plaster and dust fall onto them, but that was the least of their worries. 


You watch in horror as the gunman fights with bloody fists. He punches the man, knocking him to the floor. That’s when he looks at you. Eyes full of worry and sorrow. 


Just as police officers invade the room, you cry out. The gunman stands and walks over to you, wrapping his arm around your shoulders.


“Elliot!” His captain rushes into the room and notices his colleague with you. “[y/n], you alright? Are both of you ok?” 


“We’re fine.” Elliot helps you stand. He whispered ‘ I’m sorry’ to you many times. He never wanted to hold the gun up to you. He could never harm you. 


You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. 


The captain suggested for you both to see Dr. Huang after the event, to which you both agreed upon.


His grip never wavered, even as you both got into a car and headed back down to the squad room.

Chapter Text

Just like any other day, you’d wake up, get ready for school, say goodbye to your dad (if he was home) and leave for the bus. That’s what you would do every weekday, unless you were ill of course. 


But today was a Saturday. 


It was October 6th. The leaves were falling from the trees, fog blanketed the streets. It was something out of a movie, you thought as you got off the bus. Your dad forgot his lunch, again, so you decided to drop it off for him and hang out with a couple friends at the mall. The building stood tall among the rest of the taller bunch. The plaza was always busy with news reporters or ADA’s coming and going. There was nothing to change that. Coffee stalls, hotdog carts and sweet carts littered the pavements as you bustled through the crowd, heading to the building. 


As you entered, the warmth hits your face, instantly reddening your cheeks and nose. A pat on the back took you out of your sudden daze. 


“Hey, [y/n],” Alex Cabot smiles at you as you both walk towards the elevator. “What brings you here?” 


“Dad forgot his lunch.” You paused, adding: “again.”


“He does seem to forget that a lot. Well, when I see him, that is.” She laughs. Alex was always so kind and sweet to you. It’s like she never had a bad bone in her. Pure. She was like an older sister to you. Your other siblings rarely spoke to you. It hurt, but you thought nothing of it. You were happy with your dad and nothing was going to change that.


The elevator took you up to the floor your dad and his team works on. Alex walked with you. 


“Alex! [y/n]!” Olivia smiles, standing from her seat. 


“What’s up, honey?” Elliot looks at you, confused as to why you were here.


“You forgot your lunch again.” You rustle in your bag and pull out a box with your dads name on it. 


“Thank you.” He hugs you, taking the lunch from your hands and placing it on his desk. “I’d be so lost without you.” 


“Shut up.” A laugh escapes your lips as you turn and leave. 


“Stay safe!” Olivia shouts to you. 


With a smile on your face, you leave the building and head back to the bus stop. 


What you didn’t notice, however, was a man following you. His hood was up, cap on. Worn out and muddy trainers, ripped jeans and a rucksack. His hands were in his pockets, shielding them from the autumn air. It was only going to get colder as winter drew nearer. 


You boarded the bus, heading to the shopping district. The man sat behind you. He sniffed, smelling your scent. He knew what was coming; you did not. 


Rain began to fall as your journey continued. Your phone buzzed in your pocket. Your friends had cancelled. Typical. A sigh escaped your throat as you signalled for the bus to stop. There was no point going alone, so you decided to go home. 


As you got off, you pulled your hood up and crossed the street to the subway station. You never got that far though. A sudden pain filled your head as you fell to the asphalt. You try to get up only to be kicked back down. A foot connect harshly to your stomach, making you turn onto your side, wheezing and gasping for air. A few more blows followed. You scream out, only for it to not be heard. The rain fell harder and harder with each passing second. A man stood over you, a sinister grin on his face. He straddled your hips and punched you, splitting your lip. There was no one stopping him. 


You try to fight back but his grip was too strong. One more hit and you’d be out cold. You waited. Nothing came. Weight was lifted from your sides and feet shuffled around to either side of your head. You felt your body being lifted and dragged back. Although your mouth was coated with blood, you attempt to scream out. 


This time, it works. 


Two men run over to you, as you drop back to the floor. One of the men chase the man who beat you whilst the other attempted to help you. You couldn’t hear much, but you caught him talking on the phone. Pain pulsed throughout your body and with each pulse, you groaned. 


“It’s gonna be ok. Help is on the way.” He looks at you, covering your body with his coat. 



The sirens came sooner than you had thought. The second man had caught up with perp and handed him over to the cops 10 minutes later. 


Medics assessed your injuries as they pulled you onto a stretcher, then onto a bed and in the back of the ambulance. The guy who came to your rescue said that he’d sit with you until your dad came. You managed to thank him before losing consciousness. 



Elliot arrived almost an hour after you had arrived to the hospital. The man who sat with you spoke to Elliot, telling him what they saw. Your dad was happy you were ok and that someone helped you and helped get the bastard who hurt you. Elliot was definitely going to visit the criminal. 


You smiled as your dad entered the room. Your ears were ringing, unable to hear the words your dad said. 


“I love you, dad.” It was a whisper, but it was better than nothing. 


Elliot ran his thumb over your knuckles as he held your hand, comforting you ever so slightly. Tears pricked his eyes, but he was glad you were alive and fighting. 

Chapter Text

Elliot was busy working when you arrived home. He did text you saying he’d be later than usual and not to stay up too late waiting. You didn’t mind, of course, you were used to his long, sporadic hours. 


Although, you’ve been feeling lonely recently. School was going to shit, your friends seem to have singled you out and your dad was rarely home. The dad part you were obviously used to, but when this loneliness dragged into school as well, you could barely keep happy. It pulled you down constantly. If you were to talk to a teacher, you knew they’d offer two things: to make new friends or to talk to your previous ones about the situation. If you were overthinking, your friends would call you out and may permanently leave. You already found it difficult to make friends, even with those you did have. The school wasn’t going to help in anyway whatsoever. 


Talking to your dad would make him feel like he was in the wrong, for being a cop. It’d make him think about his relationship with Kathy and his other kids. You didn’t want to put that burden upon him. He was already suffering enough with Kathy walking out and filing for a divorce. His other kids rarely contact him. It’s just you and him. 


You stand in the kitchen, waiting for the kettle to finish boiling. Thoughts ran through your head. Do my friends actually dislike me? Did I do something wrong? What’s the matter with me? It was a lonely feeling. Almost like you were isolated from the world around you. 


You were lonely. 


There were many people out there, but they’re always away when you need them the most. You could always call Olivia, or Alex, but then you’d be bothering them. They had work to do and didn’t need your depressive state to worsen the mood. It was a vicious cycle that wasn’t going to end soon. You want help. You need help. 


Maybe your dad's colleague could help. What was his name? You’ve met him once, only briefly as you visited the precinct to drop something off for your dad, but you’ve never spoken to him. He’s a doctor, right? I don’t know…


You poured the hot water into a mug and mix coffee with it. Coffee was never your first choice, it was tea, but to keep awake in the household, you got used to it’s bitter taste. You always made your dad a cup when he got home, granted he didn’t reach for the beer first. Although it made you slightly jittery, it was a small price to pay to stay awake for your dad. 


The time ticked away, maybe two hours had passed since you returned home. Elliot was still working. You checked the time on your phone; 23:08. Usually at this time, you’d still be awake, working on homework or reading a book. 


For some reason, tears fell down your cheek. Your eyes were puffy and red, but the tears didn’t stop. Wiping them away only resulted in fresh ones appearing. Bringing your knees up to your chest, you buried your head, sobbing out into the night. The sofa felt like concrete. You were becoming numb. The thought of being alone hurt you more than you had thought.


You squeezed your arm, fingernails digging in and leaving marks. A small price to pay. Sniffing, you look up, seeing nothing but darkness. The bulb in the lamp must’ve blown out when you weren’t paying attention. It wasn’t so bad. There was nothing scary about the dark. You were in a familiar place. Home. 


It seemed like forever until you calmed down. The thoughts still remained about your friends. You didn’t want to burden your dad with anything either. When the time is right, you’d call Olivia and talk to her about it all. She was always so caring towards you. You sleepily lay down on the sofa, closing your eyes. It didn’t take long for you to actually fall asleep. 


Elliot arrived home 20 minutes later, almost throwing his coat on top of you. A smile appeared on his face as he picked you up and put you to bed in your room. Tonight, he showered and went straight to bed. All he ever thought about was you. 

Chapter Text

It was something you wished would never happen to you, or to those you’d love. You’d wish that you could live forever with the people you love, to always be around, no matter the outcome. There certainly was never enough time on Earth; even for those that had lived past 90, some 100. Everyone wished to spend their last moments with the people they love, whether that was family or friends. No matter how much evil there was in the world, at some point in their lives, everyone was good. At this very moment, lying there on the pavement, listening to the rain beside you, you wished that your dad was here. You wished that your mom was here; you wished your sisters and brother was here. They would definitely comfort you. 


The pain had subsided long ago. The blood was still dripping out. Laying on your back, the rain hammered down onto your face. Thunder muffled any cry outs you made. Your phone lay next to you, broken from being dropped. No one was here to help you. You didn’t know how much time had passed since it happened, or what time it was. No matter how small you made your movements, the pain would spark back before dying once more. 


If only you had one last chance to talk to your dad. You’d tell him everything and anything. You’d want to make sure he was happy, even if Kathy never went back to him. You could tell him ‘I love you’ one last time before your final breath. 


Many thoughts ran through your mind. Your dad must be worried that you’re home late. He had the evening off and wanted to spend it with you, so you made sure that you got the earliest train and hurried home. With your dad being a cop, you rarely got to see him. It was the main reason Kathy left him. 


Although, you never made it home. You were waiting for the bus when it started to rain. The traffic had calmed down but there wasn’t anybody around. The bus was late, which was no surprise, so you decided to walk to the next stop, hoping to catch the bus from there instead. 


You knew that being on the bus was far safer than walking, especially in the early evening. The walk may have been around an hour, maybe more depending on your speed, but it wasn’t that bad. You’ve walked home from the bus stop before.


That was, until you were stabbed.


The pain shot through your body as you fell. The man just kept walking with his hood up as if nothing happened. At first, you applied as much pressure as you possibly could, keeping it there and hoping that someone would come and help. The time went by and your arms were getting achy. You let them fall to your sides. Every scream to produced was muffled by the rain and thunder. 


Even as your body grew numb to the pain, it was still there when you moved. You sniffed, knowing a cold was coming, if you made it out alive.



Elliot was getting agitated. You weren’t picking up any of his calls. Thinking you were still at school, he called only to get a lady say you had left over an hour and a half ago. Thoughts flooded his mind as to where you are and what had happened. He called again. And again. And again. There was still no answer. 


He threw on his coat and left the house, starting the car to find out where you were. 


Driving through the streets of Queens, Elliot looks around, hoping to see you walking home, but you weren’t there. He drove past a bunch of medics and an ambulance, all situated around someone. There was nothing stopping Elliot as he got out of his car and walked up to them.


“Elliot Stabler, SVU,” he catches the attention of a paramedic, “what happened?”


“Detective Stabler, you saved us a call.” One man spoke out.


Everything went silent for Elliot as people moved so he could see. You were laying there, on your back, soaked from the rain. Blood coated your shirt that had been cut off by the paramedics. 


“She’ll be ok.” The same man spoke out as he and the others picked your body up and onto the bed. 


That’s all Elliot heard. He sat in the ambulance with you, holding your hand and brushing his thumb over your knuckles. You were freezing, but you were alright. 


“If the woman found her another ten or so minutes later, she’d be in critical condition.” 


With a sigh of relief, Elliot rested his head on your hand, hoping that you’d be ok, no matter what they say. 


You were lucky. So damn lucky. There was another chance for you. 


That’s all you ever wished for.

Chapter Text

You awoke, unable to move. Blinking hard, you try to rid the sleep. It was cold. The air around you was still, but it chilled you to the bone. When you attempted to move your arms, you realise that they’d only move slightly. The metal around your wrists was tight. 


The floor beneath you was freezing. You were sat there, cuffed to a pole, unable to move. Where were you? Fear pooled in your stomach as you began to scream out for help. There was nothing coming for you in the darkness. Tears fell down your cheeks as your throat grew dry. 


Surrounded by the darkness, you try to make out various objects, but nothing would set. The only thing you could make out was the faint light coming from a door above a set of stairs. A basement. 


Oh god no… 


Feeling the air get thicker, you shake your head, ridding the hideous thoughts from it. Your hair fell in front of your face, so you shake it back behind. As you flicked your hair, you heard another groan to your right. 


Someone else was here with you. 


You called out, hoping they were awake. 


“What the hell…” her voice was quiet, “where the hell am I?” 


“Alex?” You were shocked to hear her voice. 


“[y/n]? Is that you?” She tried to move but was in the same position you were. Shackled to a pole. 




“Are you ok?” Alex sounded concerned for your health, rather than her own. 


“Yeah. I’m ok.” You attempt to move, hoping to face her in the dark. “What about you?”


“I think I was hit, but I’ll be ok.” She laughed faintly, trying to make light of the issue. “How long have we been down here?”


“I’m not sure,” you pause, adding: “I only woke up five minutes ago.” 


It went quiet as a sudden bang occurred upstairs. The door opened and the light switched on, causing you both to wince at the sudden change. 


“Got a nice pair of girlies here.” A man stomped down the stairs. His face was hidden by a mask and he wore leather gloves. “How are you feeling?” He looked over to Alex, who did have a cut on the side of her head. She didn’t say anything, even as he approached her. 


You look at her, sadness flooding through your veins. Alex didn’t flinch as he placed a hand on the side of her face. 


“I’m sorry. He didn’t mean to hit you.” You could hear the humour in his tone as he spoke. “You were a little feisty. Your friend over there didn’t put up a fight.” He looks at you. “She’s the good girl.”


“Go to hell.” You snap. 


“Now, now. You’re to be rewarded, not punished. I’m sure your dad won’t like you with scars.” His steps were fast and calculated. In a swift motion he was towering over you. “Open wide.” 


“Fuck you.” Snarling at the man, you received a slap to the face. 


“I said: open wide.” He gripped your face, forcing you to open your mouth. “Good girl. Swallow it all.” A bottle filled with white liquid was shoved down your throat. You had no choice but to swallow it. The taste was vile. It was something you’d never was to take again. “I’m going to make you addicted to this.” 


When the bottle was empty, he threw it behind him and checked your mouth. A sinister smile appeared on his face. He patted your head and left the room, leaving the light on. 


“What was-,” Alex didn’t even finish her sentence before you threw up. The white liquid present among the acid. “Oh god, are you ok?” 


You nodded, wiping your chin on your shoulder. “You don’t wanna know.”


You didn’t know what it was. The only thing that would taste like that would be… 


“Fuck you!” You shout, almost vomiting again. Semen. 


Someone up there was enjoying themselves, whilst you and Alex were shackled to metal poles in the basement. If anything, you were glad that there was nothing else to that. You were glad Alex didn’t have to drink that vile stuff, but you’d rather not drink that and die. 


How you even got into the basement was a different ordeal altogether. You had met Alex outside of the precinct and began talking to her. During the wait, a van pulled up and Alex tried to get you to move away, just in case something was to happen. 


And it did. 


You were muffled by a hand and began to feel drowsy as Alex fought of the group of men. She was hit and fell unconscious. Both of you were pulled into the van and travelled to the house where they locked you both up. 



Maybe an hour went by and you two were still there. You ended up talking about school and your dad, whilst Alex backed up statements about Elliot and spoke about how she was in a love-hate relationship with her job.


Another crash happened upstairs. A bunch of footsteps ran throughout the house above. Alex looked over at you then at the door. It didn’t open for a minute. When it did, shielded officers ran down the stairs and shouted up to the rest of the crew. 


Olivia and John came running down, shocked to see you and Alex cuffed up to a pole. 


“Are you two ok?” Olivia asked as she approached you. You responded with a nod, Alex confirming her state too. 


John had uncuffed Alex as Olivia uncuffed you. Instantly you stood and fell into Olivia’s arms, feeling relieved that she was there with you. She helped you out of the basement, John and Alex following behind. 


Her touch was gentle as you exited the house. Olivia was always gentle, especially with you. She’d always comfort you in your hardest times. 


“I’ll take you home, [y/n]. I’m sure Elliot is losing his mind.” Olivia smiled as you both got in the car. You glimpse over at Alex who smiles at you. With a smile back, you gently wave.

Chapter Text

The noises around you were faint, almost like they were muffled or you were losing your hearing. No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t open your eyes. It was like they were glued shut. The faint noises of people talking, no, yelling around you only made you feel more invisible. You were aware that you were still alive, but nothing edged you to fully believe it.


It was like you were slowly floating down in an empty black ocean, the light losing its… light. It was getting darker and darker with each second that passed. Your body would move either. Although a slight twitch of the fingers, your body seemed to be concrete. Lifeless. Dread filled your body from head to toe. Maybe you were dying. 


No, you couldn’t be. Not yet. You have so many years ahead of you. Death isn’t an option. Not now. 


You had people to love. Elliot, your dad, was at the very top of the list. The last thing you remember telling him was ‘shut up’ as you slammed your bedroom door shut and refused to come out for the rest of the night. You hated fighting with him. Sure, he scared you because of his anger, but the real reason was because you’d never know what would happen the next day whilst he was working. You’d make sure to tell him how much you love him every night and before you left for school. You’d make sure that was the last thing you’d say before you didn’t see him again. 


The ocean just kept getting deeper and deeper. The words around you were almost silent. You tried to focus on your breathing, should you actually be breathing. Opening your mouth, water flooded through, but soon enough you were used to it and was breathing normally. The noises got slightly louder. 


Attempting to open your eyes again, you twitch your fingers, feeling something cold beneath them. Your eyes stayed shut. Focusing on the cold, you try to grab it, but nothing would enter your hand. 


Something moved you. The cold vanished. It was replaced with cotton, something like that. Your head rested upon something soft and warmth enveloped you. It was cozy, far better than the cold you were previously led upon. 


The noises grew louder, voices more distinct and no longer mumbles. The ocean was getting lighter. Hues of blue dripped in and the surface was getting closer and closer. You could feel the soft blanket on top of you. Senses finally coming back one by one. The taste of metal. Blood. You remember falling and biting the side of your tongue. The smell of coffee and sweat. Where were you exactly? The cushions beneath you was comfier than the ones you had on your bed. 


“She’s coming to.” A man spoke out. You could hear his voice clearly. It sounded familiar. “She’ll be fine, Elliot.” Dr. Huang. That’s who it was. 


A dip in your comfort made you sigh. Someone was seated next to you. The ocean’s surface was in reach. Just a little more. 


“[y/n] probably pushed herself too hard in school. She’s exhausted.” His gentle words pushed your further to the surface. 


“She has been through quite a bit recently.” You heard your dad's voice. Just that one sentence made you open your eyes. Elliot noticed and smiled, placing a hand on your stomach. “Get some rest. I’ll wake you when it’s time to leave.”


You nodded, remembering where you were. Police station. Elliot’s work place. You had stopped by after school to speak to Olivia about a school project. When you entered the squad room, you instantly felt faint, collapsing onto the floor. The entire unit ran over to you, making sure you were ok. Dr. Huang helped out a lot, making sure that you weren’t injured.


Elliot and the doctor left you to rest. 


Although the ocean wasn’t the best place to be, it felt nice to just be floating for awhile.

Chapter Text

The days were getting colder and shorter. It was the time of the year that you adored. More night to gaze at the stars and less sun to light the day. But, school was always the same. The same hours, the same schedule. Something you were used to and hated. 


You were sat in a maths lesson, just after lunch. There was a 15 minute break after it then one more lesson. Maths was by far the most boring lesson you had during the week. You didn’t need to take any exam for it, it was just catch up lessons that will help solidify your skills within the subject. It wasn’t mandatory, but you went to keep yourself busy. 


The teacher usually lets you all go early so you have time to get to your next lesson. This time, it’s 20 minutes. Some boys started causing problems at the back of the class and your teacher had enough. When she let you all go, you headed straight for your locker to put your book away and to grab a book for the next lesson. 


“You got a fine ass.” A boy snickered behind you. 


“I’d tap that.” Another boy joined in. 


Something was off. Nothing like this has ever happened. It clicked almost instantly. A girl recently left after calling rape. The same two boys were still coming to the same school. They lost one girl, time to abuse another. 


You ignored the comments and decided to sort out your locker. 


“Hey bitch,” a hand grabbed your shoulder, “answer us.” 


“What do you want?” You turned to face them. 


“Come outside with us.” The older looking boy demanded. 


You shook your head. “No.” 


“That wasn’t a request.” The hand let go of your shoulder and slammed your locker door shut. 


“Fuck off.” You hissed, walking away. 


“Oi bitch! Get back here!” 


Many people look at them, then at you. The eyes burned the back of your neck. You headed towards your classroom, but the boys followed you, shooting harmful comments at you. 


Before you enter the classroom, the same hand pulled you back and pushed you against a wall. 


“You’re coming outside with us now, or we’ll drag you out by the hair.” His face was close. His breath smelt of weed. Probably high. 


“Get off me.” Looking unit his eyes, you tried to seem calm and aggressive. 


“Or what? Gonna call daddy?” He smirked, brushing his hand over your jawline. 


“Get. Off. Me.” 


Nobody was helping you out. They all knew not to get involved with the two boys. Even some teachers left them to their own devices. They were the school bullies. Everyone stayed away and when the boys wanted something, they got it. 


“Listen here, you don’t got a say.” The boy behind spoke out, hunger in his eyes. “Better come before you get hurt.” 




A fist met your face. You yelled in pain as you fell against the side of a locker. Your cheek stung and blood dripped from your nose.


“I’ll say it one more time. Outside with us.” The boys hand was red from the force. 


“Go to hell.” You snarled, wiping the blood from your nose. Straightening up, you were met with another forceful punch. This time, it busted your lip, sending blood flying to the locker.  


The older boy grabbed your hair and dragged you to the center of the corridor. Both of them kicked you down, throwing punches and insolent slurs.


It felt like it would never end but when it did, you were pulled up by a strong arm. Tears stained your cheeks, and that was the least of your worries. You kept your head down as you were dragged around the school and into the medical room. 


“Stay still.” A woman called out to you. You were seated on a bed and your wounds were being treated. 


The gash on the side of your head had opened wide. 


“You’re going to need stitches,” she pressed a wipe against you, causing the wound to become painful. “I’ll do it for you, and it won’t leave a scar.” She smiled at you. 


You sat there, getting your wounds cleaned and patched up. There was a knock at the door which startled both of you. 


“Is [y/n] in here?” A man called through the door. 


“That’s my dads friend.” You look towards the door. 


“Come in!” The nurse continued to work on your head wound. 


John Munch opened the door and entered, feeling sorry for the state you were in. 


“Elliot called me, said you were in a fight.” He looked down above his glasses. 


“I wasn’t fighting.” 


“Sure you weren’t.” He chuckled. “Your dad wants you to stay at the squad room until he’s finished his paperwork.” 


“That’s fine with me.” 


“Done.” The nurse finished stitching your wound up, applying a small patch over it. “Keep it clean and you’ll be fine.” 


“Thank you.” 


“Come on,” John grabbed your bag and threw it over his shoulder. “Need me to knock some sense into the bad guys?” 


You laugh. “It’s fine. I’m sure something will happen to them.” You didn’t want anyone to fight your battles, mentally or physically. Right now, as you left the building, the two boys were being spoken to by the headmaster. 


The wound was going to take a long time to heal.

Chapter Text

With a pain in your stomach, you woke. Your hands were bound above your head with thick rope. Your wrists were red from the chaffing. Eyesight blurry and mind fuzzy, you tried to look around. 


“Don’t move.” A voice demanded. “Don’t mess this up.” 


“Where am I?” Your voice showed signs of worry and panic. 




You heard a click, then a camera shutter. Your body suddenly felt cold as you realised you weren’t clothed at all apart from your bra and panties.


“What are you doing?” A dry throat made it harder to talk each time. 


“Capturing your beauty.” Another click, another picture. 


“Let me go.” You tried to keep calm. Panicking in this state could make it worse. 


“Not yet.” His voice was deep. He was enjoying this. “Not until the main event.” 


“What event?” You asked, not wanting to hear the answer. 


“You’ll see.” 






“Don’t do anything stupid. I’ll be back.” 


Looking around quickly, you caught a glance of your kidnapper, but he wore half a mask. You heard a door open and close, listening to the footsteps disappear. How long had you been here? Looking around, there was nothing in this room but you, the camera and the single door. Lifting your head up, you noted the camera’s make. Just a photo camera, not a video camera. Relief flooded through you. 


The room had no windows, possibly a basement. The walls were bare concrete, nothing to them. It matched the floor. The ceiling above you had an air vent, keeping you cool, but the panic was always present. There was no way for you to escape. You just had to lie there, on the table, bound and practically naked. 


Your dad must’ve been worrying. You thought about him, wondering how he must be feeling at your absence. 



Minutes, maybe an hour went by and the man returned. He still wore the mask. At least you knew he was a white man. He flipped open a knife and gently dragged it across your stomach, not breaking the skin. 


“You have such beauty. Too bad no one will see you like this.” He snarled, teeth bearing. 


“What do you want?” Your voice trembled with the cool blade upon your skin.


“You. Nothing else.” He was built well. Strong arms, puffed chest. It scared you that little bit more. 


Standing at the end of the table, he crawled onto you, straddling your hips. As he rested on you, tears began to form in your eyes.


“It will only hurt if you resist.” With the knife in hand, he cut through the middle of your bra, exposing your breasts. 


“Stop…” you turned your head, not wanting to face him.


“Don’t start resisting.” He grabbed your face, setting it so you were facing the ceiling.


“I said st-“ before you could even say the word, he punched your face with such force you thought it would break your neck. With your face resting against the table, tears falling, he forcefully grabbed at your chest. 


Screaming in pain, you continued to beg, trying to push him off. He wouldn’t stop. The pinching, the pulling, it could only get worse.


And it did.


The knife connected with your skin, being dragged along your side to your panties. He didn’t cut it just yet. He watched you writhe in pain as blood seeped through the cut. It wasn’t deep, but it sure as hell hurt. 


A chuckle. 


“You can thank your friend for this.” He cut both sides of your underwear and placed the knife on your stomach. A warning. 


“Please, don’t do this…” you sobbed, looking up. 


“Too late.” He hit you again before pulling your legs from beneath him and placing them at his sides. He was quick to pull down his pants. 


“No!” Screaming, you kicked his chest, pushing him backwards off the table. The camera fell down with him, breaking on impact. 


“You bitch!” He scrambled on the floor, standing up and almost leaping back onto the table, grabbing your legs and pulling them apart. 


“Get off!” You closed your eyes, trying to fight off the man. Nothing seemed to work.


His grip was strong and it was certainly going to leave marks. With no warning, you felt a sudden surge of pain. Your screams echoed around the room. Crying out again and again, the man continued to thrust, not caring about you in the slightest. He was rough, knew exactly what he was doing.


“Stop! Get off me!” Kicking and screaming served you nothing but blows to the face. Eventually you gave up screaming. Your throat hurt even as you breathed. The tears never stopped though; they kept going. 


It hurt. Everything hurt. All you could do was choke on tears as he kept going. 


Chapter Text

You didn’t think he would ask. But he did. And there you were, in the gym being mentored by one of your fathers partners. It was for only one session, you agreed and he delivered. 


Odafin Tutuola, or by his shortened name, Fin, was helping you with your defensive moves. Sure, at first he did scare you a little, but over time, you two bonded well. You got along with everyone at the squad room. You knew that if something were to happen to you, you’d receive the help you needed. They were almost like a family to you. It was different for you. Your other siblings didn’t get this treatment, but you’d hazard a guess that it was because of your interest in the work line, granted Elliot didn’t exactly approve.


“Stop daydreaming and come at me.” Fin cracked his knuckles, each one of them popping loudly in the gym. It was empty, only the pair of you brawling. 


Staring the man down, you look for a way in. Although his stance was laid back, you knew that he was ready for anything. His arms were resting at his sides, legs slightly apart and chin down. He was waiting. All you had to do was strike him. That was the only rule for you to win. It didn’t matter how hard, just as long as there was contact, he’d call out. 


You had been at it for thirty minutes, with no hit landing. Your breath was shaky and you were sweating buckets. Fin, on the other hand, was just standing there, calm as can be. He had a couple beads of sweat, but wiped them away on his shirt. There was no way you could hit him like this. 


He’s expecting it. It’s not going to work. How the hell am I supposed to get him? 


There was no time for a break. It was now or never. You charged at him, dodging his first throw, but getting hit with the second. Falling back, you hit the mats, wincing at the pain in your side. 


“Shit, I’m sorry.” He offered his hand, pulling you up when you accepted. 


“It’s cool.” You smile, stretching your sides out more, embracing the slight pain. “Again.”


“Maybe we should call it a day.” Fin suggested. 


“No,” you paused, wiping your head with a towel, “I’ll get it this time.”


“You sure?” 




Fin backed off, waiting for you to come at him again. 


“This will have to wait.” His partner, John Munch interrupted. “Captain called. Got a case.”


“Sorry, [y/n].” Fin walked past you to the bench to grab his bag, but he didn’t get that far. 


The adrenaline rushed through your body. This was your chance to get him. You had ran up from behind and jumped on his back, making him fall on the ground with you on top of him. 


“Cheeky bitch.” He laughed. 


“Does this count?” A smile appeared on your face as you were thrown off his back. 


“Don’t bet on it.” Humour in his tone, he got up and brushed his knees. “I’ll get you back for that.” 


You hummed in response. “Don’t bet on it.” You repeated his statement, smiling. 

Chapter Text

It was as if the world stopped moving. Everything froze in an instant. You watched on in horror as your friend was getting hit in all places on her body. She had protected you from many things; she helped you when your dad couldn’t. 


Your cries had long gone. Your throat was dry and sore. The images of your friend were burnt into your mind. She lay there, on the floor, barely breathing.


“Stop!” Your scream echoed in the room. “Just stop it!” 


“[y/n]...” her voice was a whisper. 


“Leave her alone!” You lunge at the man, throwing a punch which landed on his cheek. He staggered back, falling against a wall. 


“Bitch!” Getting up, he took a step to which you cowered back. 


“She’s done nothing wrong!” Tears fell down, staining your cheeks. “Don’t hurt her…” 


“You’ve got a lot of nerve.” The man towered over you, glaring at you with bloodlust in his eyes. 


“S-stop hurting her…” you stuttered as you stepped back. 


“What are you going to do about it, huh?” He snarled. “You’re nothing but a worthless little brat.”


“So what if I am?” That little bit of fight diminished almost as quick as it came. 


“Shut up, or I’ll make you quiet forever.” His hand gripped your throat, clenching hard. 


You gasped for air, struggling to take that breath you needed. The tears kept falling, not wanting to stop. 


He let go, dropping you to the floor. 


“Stay outta this.” His words were harsh, but you could just stay there and watch your friend get beaten to a bloody pulp. You tried to crawl to her, but a large foot stomped into your back. 


Your cries broke out, your friend watching in horror. 


“I told you to stay out of this.” He snarled, pushing his foot harder into your back. 


It fell silent for a moment, just the three breathing people inside. The silence broke when sirens were heard outside. 


“You called the cops?” The man shouted to your friend. 


How could they? They had been in that room for over an hour. You both were dragged backwards, forced down and she had been beaten. Blood covered her face and her knuckles, her breathing shallow. She protected you, again.


Various shouting occurred outside, then the door got kicked down and officers ran into every room. Fin and Munch appeared in the room you were situated in. The man on top of you tried to jump through the window, Fin interrupted his attempt and got him on the floor. 


Munch helped your friend up. “You ok, Liv?” 


She nodded, looking back at you. Sorrow filled her eyes as you got up yourself, not wanting to look at her. 


“[y/n]!” Elliot called up, running up the stairs. “[y/n]! You ok sweetheart?” He held you close, wiping your tear stained face with his thumb. 


“Yeah…” you held onto your dad, “I’m ok.” 


“Good.” He patted your head and you both left the building. 


“What about Olivia?” You questioned, seeing her sat in the ambulance. The doors closed and they drove off to the hospital. 


“She’ll be ok. She’s been hit worse.” Elliot smiled, glad to see that you were ok. “Let’s go back to the squad room. I’ll get Fin to take your statement, ok?”


You nodded in response, getting into the car. Elliot was about to send you off when you stopped him. 


“You’re going to see Olivia?” 




“Tell her I said thank you…” you smile weakly, “for protecting me, again.”


“I will do. Munch may still have candy in his drawer.” He winks, hitting the car roof. 


“I heard that.” Munch walks over. “Don’t be giving my sweets to your kids. Get your own drawer.” 


“Nah, my kids love you.” He chuckled.

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It was something you never told your dad. You knew that he would get mad, even if it hurts him also. You kept it a secret, and you will keep it a secret for years to come. Your dad didn’t need anymore stress. 


The rain in the city fell down. It had been like that for a few days. The autumn air was still around, it was cold and the winds picked up occasionally. The leaves from the parks littered the streets of New York. 


You were seated on your bed, listening to the rain fall outside. Your dad was still working, sorting through paperwork on his current case. He wasn’t due home for another hour or two. You were alone, as usual. Of course, you didn’t exactly mind. It wasn’t any different than before he and Kathy split. 


Although you hated to hide things from your dad, you decided to keep this one secret as to not to hurt him. As stated before, you’d rather keep it quiet than to cause him anymore stress within his life. He was on his own, the divorce was finalised and he almost lost his job a few times. If he knew about your secret, he’d hate you… no not hate - he couldn’t hate you. Not over this. Especially not this. 


Elliot would listen. He’d probably understand, but at a cost that you’d become distant from him. 


You thought a lot about how to tell him, if you tell him. You also thought about how it had been raining a lot recently. It matched your mood, especially tonight, but you weren’t going to cry. Not now. There was nothing to cry about. The damage had been done months ago. 


The scars on your arms, on your wrists, on your thighs were long healed. The small white lines that littered your body reminded you of the times you felt alone in your own home. How alone you were in school. Things only got better as you learned how to cope better. 


You hid the cuts when they were fresh. Long sleeves during the summer, gradually getting thicker as the days got colder approaching the autumn season. Nobody suspected anything, not even your dad. The late nights, feeling sick the next day, hiding your arms, you wondered how nobody knew. They never questioned your absences, your dad never questioned you about any of it. 


One night, it got really bad. You thought the secret was out when your dad came up to your room, angry. He had thumped on your door, startling you from your homework. When he stormed in, he questioned why your grades were dropping. He had a call from your teacher during the day, only to come home in the evening to tell you off. He was pissed. A stressful day and then a phone call about you. 


You had told him that everything was fine, that nothing was going on. He noticed that you were working and left you to it. That night, you broke down in tears, silently cursing as you hurt yourself. 


Tonight, as you look at yourself in the mirror, you notice how far you have come. How strong you were. A smile crept onto your face, blushing cheeks and a self hug. You were still recovering, and that’s what mattered the most. 


Beautiful. Courageous. Yourself. 


Yes. That’s how you wanted to be. You were happier. Nobody was going to bring you down. Fuck everyone and their thoughts. They don’t matter to you anymore. The only thing that matters is yourself and those you absolutely care for. 

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{change in character relations - Elliot Stabler and Reader are not related in this story. The Reader is roughly around the same age as Elliot Stabler. They are in a relationship after the divorce was finalised with Kathy.} {although this is whumptober, I couldn’t resist writing this smutty prompt. I hope you enjoy}


You didn’t expect him to come onto you so quickly. Even during the divorce, he was still flirting with you. It didn’t bother you, in fact, it excites you. It felt scandalous. A husband going through a divorce, but flirting with a colleague. You, being alone and hadn’t been dating since high school. What wasn’t to love?


Elliot was always looking at your ass, or your breasts, when you weren’t looking. Mischievous thoughts ran through his mind. How would you taste? How would you let me hold you? Imagine what I could do…


But, it wasn’t exactly one sided. You knew about his family, about his troubles, but you couldn’t keep your eyes off him either. When he wasn’t looking, you took in his detail. The muscular arms… oh how you’d love them around your throat. His chest, oh god, when he takes his shirt off, you could feel yourself get hot. 


You had wondered if anyone figured it out, but nobody seemed to have noticed the connections you shared. Of course, you were glad. It made it that much more sinister. 


Eventually, you both had to break. 



“[y/n],” you heard a voice call out to you in the hallway. Turning around, you saw Elliot approaching. “Hey, do you want to get a drink sometime?” A nervous blush rose into his cheeks. 


“S-sure,” you tried to keep your cool. “I’d love to.” You smiled. 


“Great,” Elliot walks with you to the squad room and places some files on his desk. “When is best for you?” 


“How about tonight? I’ve got nothing planned.” You grab your coat, putting it on. 


“Alright. I’ll meet you at nine thirty. Usual place?” He sits down at his desk, flicking through papers. 


“Sure, I’ll be there.” You pat his shoulder as you left, a huge grin on your face. Luckily for you, the usual place was a 10 minute walk from your place. 



Elliot arrived early, fifteen minutes early. He decided to wait outside so he could walk in with you. The sky was lit up by the moon, a few stars littered the dark abyss. A car drove past, almost running the red light. His work he left behind. It was all about you and him.


Looking to his right, he noticed a figure walking up to him. Squinting his eyes, he noticed it was you. It may have taken a moment, but he almost didn’t recognise you. 


“Hey.” You smile as you got closer. 


He didn’t say anything back. He was too busy staring you down. You looked beautiful. Hair done up in a messy ponytail, some light makeup… he wanted to kiss you then and there as your lips shimmered in the streetlight. You wore a white blouse and a black pencil skirt with some small black heels. Elliot had never seen you dressed so gorgeously before.




He snapped out of his daze. “Sorry, you look beautiful.” He looked away, suddenly feeling nervous. 


“Are you ok?” You began to worry. You noticed him get slightly pale. “Come on, you don’t look so good.” 


“No, no. I’ll be fine.” 


“My place is down the street. We can have a drink there when you’re feeling better.” You took a hold of his arm and pulled him to follow you. 


The walk was almost silent. You were annoyed that you got dolled up only to go back home, but the feeling diminished when you realised you were going home with Elliot. You caught him looking over at you and it sent a flood of wetness down below. This could be the night. 


When you opened the door, you let Elliot in and told him to head to the kitchen. You followed behind a few seconds later after dropping your coat to the hangers and leaving your shoes by the door. Elliot was leaning against the countertop, watching your every move. 


As you reached for the alcohol stashed in the fridge, Elliot came up behind you, wrapping his arms around your stomach. His face nuzzled against your neck, slightly nipping at the sensitive skin. 


“E-Elliot…” you push against him, trying not to drop the bottle. 


He didn’t say anything. His lips peppered your neck and jawline with kisses. One of his hands turned your head to face him and he pulled you into a deep kiss. His other hand explored your body.


You placed the bottle on the countertop and turned to Elliot fully, wrapping your arms around his neck. His hands rested on your hips, slowly moving up and down as he continued to kiss you. His tongue curled around yours, tasting you. He groaned, liking what was happening. 


When Elliot pulled away, you both were breathless. Looking into his eyes, you saw how much he needed you. You turned back around and took the lid off the bottle. Elliot couldn’t keep his hands off you as you took a swig of the alcohol, letting it burn your throat. 


The night was only going to get better. Elliot twirled you around and pushed you to the sofa across the room. Somewhere along the way, he lost his shirt and his shoes. The sofa was in reach and he pinned you down to the cushions below, biting down hard on your neck. That was going to leave a mark. 


You moaned out as Elliot undid the buttons on your blouse, lightly tracing his fingers across your bra. His touch was gentle, too light. 


“Elliot… please.” You mumble, dragging your fingers across his back. “Stop teasing.” 


He hummed, not wasting any time in removing your skirt. You lay there, in just your underwear. Elliot returned his attention to your neck, making his way to your lips. One hand gripped both of yours down, not letting you move. His other hand trailed your body, rubbing gentle circles to hear you moan. When he moved his fingers further down, you could only gasp into his kiss. 


“Is this what you want?” Elliot looked at you, seduction written in his eyes. You could only nod in response. A small laugh escaped his lips as he pressed his fingers over your clothed clit, feeling how wet you were already. 


You squirmed under his touch, wanting to be fucked over and over again. You couldn’t stand much more of the teasing. As he bit down on your ear, you sucked on his neck, hoping to leave a mark, claiming him as your own. His deep growl only turned you on more. 


His touch never wavered. He wanted you to beg. He watched you, the moans escaping your lips as he rubbed gentle circles. 


“Elliot,” you whisper his name. “Please.” 


“Maybe we should take this upstairs.” He licked your neck, feeling you shudder beneath him. 


You knew Elliot was strong, he only clarified that when he picked you up and almost slammed you into the wall to kiss you. His hands rested against your ass, kneading gently. This is what you wanted. You couldn’t wait much longer. 


Elliot carries you all the way to the bedroom, not breaking contact with you. 


You were both broken the second he threw you on the bed. It was definitely going to be a night you wouldn’t forget. 

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John Munch. A respectable, hard working officer of the SVU team. His sharp tongue and witty humour makes criminals cower and his victims happier. He has been working with the team for over 15 years and has seen some gruesome scenes that still pop up in his mind today. 


You and Munch had been walking to the precinct, talking and laughing. It had been awhile since you last had a proper conversation with him, he was usually busy with a case or was in his own mind. You never disrespected him, or anyone else for that matter, and you were always cheerful around him. 


“How’s school going for you anyway?” He asks, looking over his glasses.


“Eh, it’s alright. Could be better I guess.” You didn’t exactly hate school, but you didn’t love it either. There were always good days and bad days. Usually more on the average scale. 


“Thought about what you want to do after you finish?” Munch questions, knowing you don’t have an answer since the last time you spoke.


“No idea.” It wasn’t the first thought on your mind constantly.


“No change there then.” He laughs. 


You both cross the street, getting closer to the building.


“You ever hate working in that field?” Your turn to ask the questions.


“Sometimes,” he hums. “Can get personal, but someone's gotta do it.”


“You sound like my dad.” A smile appears on your face. 


Cars drove past, honking their horns and each other, shouting and cursing. The streets of New York can get terrifying. Luckily for you, nothing had happened yet. You weren’t anyone special, so it wasn’t like anything was actually going to happen to you in your life. You get an average job, maybe an average family. Nothing spectacular. 


The air shifted as you continued talking to the older man. It wasn’t a shift in wind, but something was off. You didn’t realise it, and neither did those around you. 


Shots were being fired in front you, Munch quickly covered you, but wasn’t in time. You were hit, straight through the shoulder. Screams echoed around the streets as a few more people fell.


“Are you-“ his breath got caught in his throat as he saw the blood seep through your jacket. “Shit, [y/n]!” He laid you down on your back, taking his coat off to support your head. “Stay with me!” Munch put pressure on the wound, causing you to wince in pain. 


He wasn’t on duty so he didn’t have his radio. Munch called out for help, seeing others on their phone, hopefully to the emergency services. Keeping one hand on the wound, he pulled out his own phone. 


“Stay with me, [y/n].” His voice trembled as the phone call went through. “E-Elliot!”


Before he could even say another word, Elliot put the phone down. Somehow, it was present on almost every news channel. It hadn’t even been 10 minutes. What Munch didn’t know, was that Elliot was on his way down. He keeps trying to call, but gets put through to voicemail. 


“John…” your voice was barely a whisper. 


“Shh, shh, it’s ok. You’ll be ok.” 


The sirens came through quickly, many more followed behind. Munch stroked your hair, trying to keep you calm. 


“Stay with me, alright? You’re going to be ok.” His smile was weaker than you. The pain had long gone; you were used to the pressure he was applying. Blood continued to sleep through your clothes and Munch’s fingers. You didn’t think that this would happen to you.


You heard footsteps stop right by your head and a paramedic drops down to see the damage. Another two medics come and all four men hoist you onto a bed and drag you into an ambulance. 


Munch called Elliot’s phone again and when it went through, he told Elliot to go to the hospital as that’s where you were heading. Elliot thanked Munch for doing what he could. 


He was glad that you were going to be ok, that the damage wasn’t that bad. Relief flooded through him as he went to help another victim.

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It’s been a long few days for you. School was finally coming to a break for the Halloween season. During the week you were going to enjoy some time with your dad, considering he was always working. There was a day when the two of you were going to spend all day with each other as Elliot asked for the time off. Movies, junk food, a whole lot of fun was to await you and your dad. 


The air around you was calm, a slight breeze brushing past your face, carrying the red, orange and yellow dead leaves with it. Cars and busses went along with the flow of traffic and the smell of a nearby bakery made its way into your nostrils. It was cold, but not too cold for you. Your scarf was wrapped around your neck, coat pulled up tight and your breath was barely visible in front of you. The evening sky was lit with a warm orange which matched the autumn breeze around you. 


You had promised your dad that you would visit him after school was over. He had mentioned that the case was slow, so he would be in the squad room when you showed up. Elliot was always happy to see you in the squad room, granted there wasn’t anything disturbing up on the board or coming through the doors. Although, it didn’t bother you. Not in the slightest. It worried him slightly that the images didn’t disturb you, but you didn’t think much of them, a slight glance and then back to your dad. 



By the time you arrived to the precinct it was dark out. The street lights were bright and the office building illuminated the grounds around. It was eerily quiet, but the sudden muffled scream coming from inside broke the silence. 


You walked inside, seeing a few officers looking around for the source of the scream. An officer looked at you and smiled, to which you returned. The elevator was empty when it arrived down, so you got in and went up to the squad room. 


When you exited the elevator, you noticed that there was nobody here. Quietly, you tiptoed forward, staying hidden. It was definitely odd that nobody was there. 


“Put the weapon down!” You heard the captain shout. Peeping from behind the wall, you got a glance at to what was going on. Everyone was on guard with their weapons raised. You couldn’t see your dad anywhere and panic flooded through your body. 


A hand grabbed your shoulder and pulled you back, covering your face. You struggled, wanting to be released from the man's grasp. 


“What a little cutie we have here.” His voice was a sly whisper in your ear. “Boss will love you.” He gripped your throat and pushed you forwards into the squad room. 


Everyone looked at you, shocked. You looked terrified. Then you saw Elliot on the floor, bleeding from somewhere. 


“D-dad!” Pulling free from the grasp of the man, you fall to the floor, kneeling next to Elliot. Blood coated your hands as you placed them on his chest. A bloody pen resting near his thigh.


“I’m fine…” his words were weak. 


Both of the criminals had let their guard down enough that Fin and Olivia get them down on the floor and cuffed them. 


The captain was on the phone, calling for any other officers to lend a hand, and they came as quickly as they could. Both men were pulled up and taken away whilst Munch was on the phone to the emergency ambulance. 


“What are you doing here?” The captain knelt down to your level. 


“Dad was gonna take me home after he had finished here.” You spoke quietly, still looking at your dad. 


“Come on. You can stay with me tonight.” Olivia spoke up, resting her hand on your back. “Elliot will be fine.”


You hummed, standing up. “Alright…” 


Elliot’s hand reached up to touch yours. “Be good for Liv, ok? I’ll be out to see you tomorrow.” 


Smiling down at him, you left the building with Olivia, the paramedics running past you. 


“He’ll be ok, right?” You ask, getting into the passenger side of the car.


“Of course! It’s not the first time he’s been stabbed with a pen.” 


“Wait, he’s been stabbed with a pen before?”


“Happened a few years ago. He didn’t tell you?” 


You shake your head as Olivia started the car and began to drive to her place. 

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When you had gotten to your bedroom after speaking to your dad, you flopped onto the bed lifelessly. The comfort pulling you into a sleep, but your body had other ideas. Your breathing became shallow, your heart pounding in your chest. Slowly, your body began to shake and the tears started falling. It was getting hard to breathe and you choked back a sob.


“Why am I like this…” you rolled over onto your back. “Why?” 


Lying there on your back, tears falling, chest heaving wasn’t the way you had planned the night. All you wanted to do was rest for class tomorrow, get the homework done that your teacher had set had set for the class, shower, then sleep. None of this shaking and shallow breathing was called for. 


Your dad never knew this happened, some things were best left silent.


Trying to rid your body of the tremors, you head for the shower across the hall, hoping that the water would help you in some way. The warmth of the water and steam surrounded you like the long awaited hug you needed. The comfort was irresistible. Maybe you could swim away in the ocean and forget about everything; become a different person and hone your quirk better. Being stranded on an island would be better than being here. The water drizzled down, with little effort. It wasn’t a powerful stream, but you didn’t mind, it got the job done in the end. 


The suds washed off, swirling down the drain, taking your thoughts with them too. Your body had stopped trembling and you were breathing normally once more. Turning the water off, you dried yourself, feeling the coarse towel against your body, scraping at your skin. You got dressed in the bathroom, pulling on an oversized shirt and some shorts. Nobody would see you dressed like this. Not even Elliot.


Back in your room, you fall back onto the bed, leaving the homework alone. It was too quiet, even with the rain falling outside. A crow was heard near your window. Turning your phone on, you turned the radio app on, listening to the weather forecast. Rain. Then news on the latest events. It just buzzed in your mind until it was broken with music. You never exactly cared for the news anyway.


It had been a different day for you, but you still felt… off, like something wasn’t right with you. You sat on the bed, listening to the music, the same songs that were playing yesterday. Maybe it was time to find a new place to listen to music. Something soothing, something that matched your mood everyday. Sitting up, you close the curtains, listening to the rain fall down to the street below.


With a sigh, you fall back onto your bed, curling up. This time, the comfort of the bed pulled you in and didn’t let go. The radio was still playing on your phone, buzzing with the interference the rain caused. The crow beckoned once again. 


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Today was a special day for you. It was a special day for your entire family. You and your siblings had been planning this day for over a month, through sneaky phone calls in the middle of the night to coffee meet ups in the afternoon after school. Your dad never suspected a thing; even your mom, Kathy, was in on this. 


She still loved him. She always had done. If Elliot wasn’t always working in the Special Victims Unit, she’d be happier. They’d be together more often. She always wanted Elliot to quit his job, spend time with his kids and her. Maybe if he had a standard office job, standard hours, she’d still be with him. 


Even when Elliot was away in Marines, she hated being alone. Kathy would always be the one looking after everyone. When you grew closer to Elliot, Kathy was getting more and more pissed that he wasn’t home often.


That’s when she filed for the divorce. 


Being the oldest out of your other four siblings had it’s good points. Especially when your mom told you that you could choose who you want to stay with. Both of your parents were open about it to you. To all of you. But you being the oldest only made your choices harder. 


If you chose to stay with Kathy, you knew you’d hurt Elliot’s feelings, especially with how close you were. You also knew that it worked the other way around too. You’d hurt Kathy if you chose Elliot. 


It took you a week to decide, the only thought pulling you to Elliot was that he was going to be alone. Kathleen, Maureen and the twins were staying with your mom but your dad had no one. You spoke to Kathy and she understood your reasoning, saying that she didn’t mind and that you had the choice no matter what. 


Elliot was ecstatic when he heard that you’d be staying with him. His entire face lit up with happiness you thought it was hilarious. You knew how hard his work was and you never hated him for not being home all the time. Usually you spend the evenings studying or working on projects and if you were lucky that he was home on the weekend, you spend evenings watching movies. 


Of course, Elliot visited his other children when he could. They didn’t mind seeing him, it was like he never left, although some arguments occurred about him and Kathy getting back together. 


Today was a special day though. Nothing should go wrong. It’s been planned, everything should be perfect. 


You, Kathleen, Maureen and the twins started to set up at 6pm. It was great to be with family sometimes. The night was coming in quick as fairy lights were put up, lighting the room in a soft yellow glow. A banner decorated the wall as gifts and cards piled up on a table beneath it. 


Elliot deserved this and so much more. He was a great father to you and the others. He was a great husband, even if he was rarely there.



Time passed as you finished up. It was 10pm and Elliot was on his way home. You sat in your room, looking in the mirror. Your body trembled, but not in a bad way. Excitement. You wanted to see how happy he was that everyone got together to make him smile. 


Kathy walked upstairs and knocked on your door. “You ok sweetie?”


You nodded in response. “Yeah.”


“This really means a lot to you, doesn’t it?” She sat next to you, holding you close.


“Of course it does. He’s always stressed from work. It’d be great to see him smile for a change.” 


“Mom! Dad’s friends are here!” Maureen shouted up. 


“Come on, your dad will be home in a few minutes.” She held your hand as you got up and followed her downstairs to greet Elliot’s work colleagues; Olivia, Fin and Munch. The captain couldn’t make it unfortunately. 


It was going to be special. Your fingers trembled as Kathy switched off the lights, everyone shuffled around, getting close to each other. Your heart was beating fast as your nerves were on fire. 


The door opened, creaking loudly and closing. Elliot mumbled something about it being dark, only the small glow of fairy lights in the kitchen, leading to the living room. His eyes adjusted slowly, trying to get used to the light. When that didn’t work, he flipped the light switch and was greeted unexpectedly.


“Happy birthday!” Everyone shouted towards Elliot. He looked shocked, but that doom went as a smile appeared on his face. His family was all here. One big family. Elliot considered his partners family too.


Everyone fell silent when a tear fell from Elliot’s eye. Kathy laughed, then Olivia joined in. 


Today was special. Especially for Elliot.

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You had been invited to a party by a friend from school. Being the youngest in the year, you never got invited to nights out or parties as often as the oldest students. Of course, when you were asked, you accepted on the spot, not clarifying it with your dad. It was a talk to were slightly scared to have with him. 


“Great! I’ll see you there at eight thirty!” She exclaimed as she walked away to the library. 


A sigh escaped your lips as you began your walk home. Luckily for you, your lessons were over for the day. At 4:49pm you had left the campus and headed home. 



“[y/n], I’m not saying it again. You’re not going.” Your dad's voice was strict. 


“I’ll have my phone! Please! I’ve not been out for a long time… nobody has asked me since the second year of school. It’s been another two years since. I’ll be careful!” You were adamant, consistent to try and go to this party. 


Elliot sighed, rubbing his head. “Fine, fine! You can go. I’m picking you up though.”


“Thank you!” You were quick to hug him, wrapping your arms around his sides. “I’ll be safe, don’t worry.”


“I know, I trust you.” 



Your friend picked you up, and drove you to the party. The house itself was bigger than your own. The lights coming through the windows were changing colour pretty rapidly. Music was blaring out, thumping against the walls as you both entered. The floor was already a mess, spilt alcohol and confetti making patches within the boards. 


It was definitely crowded as people from your classes swarmed the rooms. Couples were coming up and down the stairs, probably from a bedroom. Some of them only for a hookup. Some other students were outside in the garden smoking, or partying around the bonfire whilst other students were getting high on drugs. 


You kept to your friend, following them around the house when they moved. They had gotten you a drink, a mix of vodka and soda. Your plan wasn’t to get drunk, but to just have fun. 


A guy from one of your classes had been watching you mingle with other people. His urge to get to know you getting stronger the more you smiled. He was about to approach you when you were dragged away by the arm by your friend.


“Max has been eyeing you up since you arrived.” They winked at you, pointing to the guy behind you. 


As you turned, Max smiled. A faint blush appeared on your cheeks, 


“Go!” They shouted at you, shoving you towards him.


The music felt like it was getting louder as you almost tripped from the push. Max caught you, helping you steady yourself. 


“Hey!” He shouted to you, trying to make himself heard over the noise. 


“Hi!” You smiled.


Max leaned towards your ear. “You’re quite beautiful.” 


“Shut up,” the blush got redder. “You don’t know me.” 


“Don’t need to. I’m Max.” He smiled, dimples forming in he cheeks. 


“So I’ve heard. I’m [y/n].” You brushed your hair behind your ear, looking at the guy before you. You weren’t gonna lie, he looked rather cute. Your type of guy. 


“I don’t think I’ve seen you around campus.” He broke the silence between the two of you. 


“I spend most of my time in the library or in class. I don’t exactly have a social life.” 


“I see. I can change that.” He winked at you. 


You hid your smiled behind your cup as you took a sip of the liquid. 


It took its time, but you were feeling hot. You hadn’t drunk too much, in fact you’ve only had 3 cups, them being soda with a shot of alcohol. You knew you could handle your drinks from the last time you drank with friends, albeit 2 years ago. You’d only been at the party for just over 3 hours.


Feeling slightly worried, you called your dad, moving away from Max and outside onto the front porch. 


“Dad, pick me up.”


“Everything ok sweetie?” He asked.


“I don’t know…” 


“Alright, I’m coming.” Elliot hung out and left to pick you up. 


“Hey cutie. Let’s have some fun.” Max stood behind you. 


“N-no thanks.” Standing your ground, you walked off only to be stopped by a hand gripping your arm. “Get off me!” 


He didn’t say anything as he tried to pull you back into the house.


“Hey! Back off!” Your friend punched Max in the face. He staggered back, called your friend as many names as he could and went back inside. “I’m so sorry, [y/n]...” they held you close, feeling how hot you were. “Oh my god, are you ok?” 


“Yeah…” you paused, “I think he put something in my drink.” 


“That bastard. I’ll go warn the host. I’m a friend of hers.” Your friend was about to leave before you stopped her. 


“Wait with me… my dad is picking me up…” your voice was quiet, almost like you were drifting off. 


“Sure thing.” 



Elliot arrived soon after, seeing you asleep on your friends shoulder. 


“Someone slipped something in her drink.” Your friend helped pick you up and carried you to the car.


“Who?” Anger rose through Elliot’s body.


“Don’t worry, it’s been sorted.” Just after they finished talking, Max had been thrown out with bruises and cuts along his body. 


“Get outta here, asshole! The whole school will know what sort of man you are!” The door slammed shut and the party continued.


“See?” Your friend chuckled a little. 


Elliot was going to talk to Max, but decided against it after seeing his face. He got what he deserved. 


“She’ll be ok. I gave her water before she passed out.” 


“Thank you.” Elliot smiled. “Are you staying or-?” 


“Staying. There’s only a couple people sober. We’re making sure everyone is ok.” 


“You’re a good friend.” As he got into the car, the friend of yours left to go back inside. 


You mumbled something as Elliot drove you home. 


“You’re not going to another party anytime soon.” He spoke to you, even if you don't remember the next morning. 

Chapter Text

Your vision blurred. The noises around you got louder. Some people screamed, others cried. You blink. Nothing happened. A bell rang out, signalling something. Rubbing your eyes, you closed them tight, opening them once more. Your vision didn’t change. You could only see fuzzy, unfocused objects. 


Squinty, you hope your vision would come back, if only for a moment. Looking down, you notice a white rectangle. Touching it, you realised where you were and what was happening. You had just taken an exam. It was over. How far did you get? You didn’t know. 


Folding the booklet closed, a woman called out saying that the moderators were collecting the exams. You slouched back into your chair, vision getting better slowly. A sigh escaped your lips. I need to go home


You waited for the call to leave. It felt like it wouldn’t come. The time went by slower than ever. People were leaving, but you stayed seated in the chair. A tap on your shoulder made you stand up and leave. 


The noises only got louder, your actions becoming sluggish. You exited the hall and went for your locker, remembering how far it was from your current location. Your vision was good enough that you knew where you were. 


Maybe I should call my dad… No… he’ll be busy with work. Olivia will be with him, so she’ll be busy too. What about Alex? Could she help me?


Leaving the campus grounds after putting your books away in your locker, you walked down the street, heading to the subway station. 


You wasted no time in calling her. It went to voicemail after ringing a few times, so you waited a few minutes. 


Looking around, you could swear someone was following you down the street. Your steps hurried, bumping into pedestrians. 


Your phone rang and you answered. 


“Hey, [y/n]. What’s up?” Alex’s voice brought some comfort to you. 


“I-I think I’m being followed. Everything is fuzzy.” Panic ran through your blood as you hid around the back of a building. There was some mumbling on her end, the phone being moved. 


“[y/n]?” Elliot sounded just as panicked as you did. “What’s wrong sweetie?” 


“S-someone is following me.” You paused. “I think. I don’t know. Everything is fuzzy.”


“Where are you?” 


“I don’t know… close to school.” The wall supported your back as you slipped down. 


“Stay there honey. I’m coming. Stay on the phone with me.” Elliot covered the phone, talking to Dr. Huang and Alex. “We’re coming sweetie.” 


“Ok…” you choked back a sob, your head feeling heavy. 


You thought about it. How did it happen? Why is it happening? Your mind went crazy. Screams echoed through your head. 


“You still there?” Elliot called out to you. “Munch is tracking your phone, we’re close by.”


“Hurry…” your ears were covered by your hands. The noises around you getting unbearably loud. 


“We are, don’t you worry.” 


“There!” You heard Dr. Huang call out over the phone.


A car pulled up, three people getting out of the car and rushing to you. 


“[y/n]! Are you ok?” Elliot dropped down to you and pulled you close. 


Dr. Huang knelt down and looked at you as you nodded. He instantly knew what was wrong. “When did you last sleep?” 


“I don’t know… three days ago, maybe. I’ve had an exam coming up…” 


“She’s hallucinating.” The doctor stated. 


Elliot helped you up, and walked you towards the car. Alex helped you get seated and then sat next to you in the back. 


“74 hours…” you mumbled. 


“Hospital?” Alex suggested. 


“No,” Dr. Huang started, “home, so she can sleep.” 


“Will that fix it?” Elliot started the car and drove off. 


“Yes, absolutely. If this hasn’t happened before, she’ll be fine.”


A sigh of relief flooded through Elliot’s nose. 


“Just keep an eye on her over the next few days.”

Chapter Text

There was blood everywhere.


Only one body. 


The sight was horrific.


It would scar anyone who saw it.


The pain everyone was in, was unbearable.


Some were dead.


Others were barely alive. 


Those that were alive, were in agony.


Many didn’t have a scratch, but they were hurt. 


The mental image of all the blood would stay with them forever.


Nobody thought that it would happen.


It was a hoax, nobody believed them. 


The news was cut short by a live stream of two boys, claiming they knew secrets.


They had an agenda. 


They were going to kill to get their voices heard.


And they did. 


Even with the added security, their plan worked. 


People were dead. 



Through the smoke and debris, you lay on the floor. The noises around you got louder as you woke up. Trying to move, pain suddenly shot through your back. Your scream was muffled by sirens. 


A groan was heard to the left of you so you turned and saw the horror. 


Your dad was laying next to you, eyes shut tight, in pain. You realised what had happened. 


Explosions went off on the higher floors of the shopping districts, making glass and bricks fall down to the lower floors. Luckily for you and your dad, you weren’t in a direct blast. Unfortunately, you were still hurt. 


Elliot groaned again. You moved, getting your teeth against the pain rising in your body. 


“Dad?” You place a hand on his chest. His hand reaches up and grabs it, feeling comfort. 


“Are you ok sweetie?” His first concern was you, not himself. 


“I guess.” Although your back was hurting, nothing else was wrong. 


“Good.” A small smile crept onto his face, then it diminished as he winced in pain. 


“Dad, what’s wrong?” You panicked, holding his hand tight.


“Nothing, don’t worry…” he lied. 


You look around, seeing shadows move around. Not far in front of you, just visible under the smoke, you see another man. His neck was twisted, broken. His body was almost white from the dust and plaster. 


Averting your gaze from the man, you look back towards you dad, noticing the blood pooling on his stomach. 


“Dad! You’re bleeding!” Your voice showed signs of panic. 


“[y/n], look at me.” His hand held yours tightly. “I want you to leave, get somewhere safe.” 


“No! I’m not leaving you!” Tears threatened to come down. 


“[y/n], please…” Elliot turned his head, looking at you gently.


“No… I can’t. I’m staying with you.” Your rested your head on his chest, crying. 


Elliot’s hand let go and rubbed your back, soothing you. His body was getting cold and weak as the blood continued to flow out of his wound. He didn’t know when he was hit, but he was and with the way help was being used, he doubted he could make it. 


The air was thick. Cries and shouts echoed the building as some people cried for their loved ones or were shouting for help. 


“Ma’am? Are you hurt?” A voice called out behind you, his hand following behind, patting your back. 


“No, but please help my dad!” Your rubbed your tears away. 


“We need a stretcher to the south stairs.” He spoke into the radio. “Let me do a quick check up of you, alright?” 


You nodded and let the medic work on you, assessing your own injuries. Nothing serious, just some minor cuts and bruises. 


Two other men approached with a stretcher, placing it down on the floor. They assessed the injuries to Elliot and temporarily patched him up and dragged him onto the stretch. 


“Can I stay with him?” You ask, exiting the building among the men. 


“Of course.” One man smiled at you as they placed Elliot onto a bed. “She’s riding with him.” 


When you both got into the ambulance, Elliot grabbed your hand, pulling you close. 


“Call Cragen for me,” his grip got tight. “Tell him what happened.”


“Ok.” You took his phone out of his coat pocket and dialled the captains number. “He’s going to be ok, right?” You ask the paramedic as the call was being out through. 


“Yes, he’ll be fine if we get there quickly.” 


“Elliot?” Cragen spoke. 


“It’s [y/n], my dad is heading to the hospital.” You choke back a sob. 


“What happened?” Elliot’s boss got worried. 


You explained what happened, passing the phone to the paramedic so he could explain the injuries. 


When the call ended, you look over to your dad, seeing the pain in his face. You hated seeing him like this. You held his hand, not wanting to let go. 


“I love you, dad.” You whispered. 


“I love you too…” 

Chapter Text

The rain was falling outside, encasing you and Elliot inside for the day. The forecast was rain and storms for the next few days. With nothing much to do, things got mundane. With a sigh, you left the room, leaving Elliot alone. Entering your bedroom, you flopped down onto the bed. A sudden urge for a drink got you back up. 


You stayed hidden behind the door frame, listening to Elliot talk to someone on the phone not long after you left. You didn’t want to intrude, but you needed to pass him to get to the kitchen. Moving forward, you tried to ignore him as he spoke about his past. You heard Elliot rambling on as you entered the kitchen. He was talking about his days with his father.


With a cup of tea in one hand, your free hand falling loosely at your side, you made your way back to your room, to avoid Elliot. Many thoughts ran through your mind as you closed the door.


Am I a good enough daughter for him? What is the matter with me?


Setting the cup down on your desk, you sat down and stared at the books that littered the shelves above you. A sudden flash of lightning illuminated the room, thunder growling behind. It was close. Tears brimmed your eyes as you opened your drawer connected to the desk. Underneath the masses of pens and paper, you found your friend.


Gripping the razor in your right hand, you brought it up to your left wrist. The cold metal connecting with your skin as you dragged the blade across, drawing blood. Sobbing low, you made sure they wouldn’t hear you. Again and again you dragged the blade across your skin, marking yourself permanently for years to come... If you made it that far, you pondered.


With your arm littered in cuts and blood, you wipe your tears and hide the blade in the drawer again. You make sure it won't be found. You stare at your arm, regretting the choices you made. It wasn’t the first time that you had done this, no. You have done this many times before, becoming numb to the pain. Elliot didn’t know about your scars. You kept them hidden, always wearing long sleeves and bracelets to hide them. It pained you deeply. 


The tea you made was getting cold, so you drank it, gulping down the liquid. You reached for some wipes to wash the bloody regret off your arm. Many wipes were needed to rid the stains of hate. They were painful to touch, but that didn’t stop you from touching them more.


Another laugh. Another tear.


Your heart was racing. You knew he would find you if you strayed too long. Pulling your sleeve down, you breathed in and out, calming yourself to reduce the redness in your eyes. Looking in the mirror, you fake a smile and leave your room, heading towards Elliot in the living room.


Elliot smiled when you entered, still talking about his past on the phone. You sat on the same sofa but on the opposite side, pulling your sleeves further down. You looked at your dad, who was looking at you. You smiled weakly.


“Alright, Liv, I’m gonna get going.” Elliot spoke, saying his farewell and putting the phone down after. “You alright sweetie?”


“Yeah,” you lied. “I’m fine.” 


“Come here,” he opened his arms, wanting you to come and lay with him. “Want to watch a movie?”


“Sure,” you snuggled up to your dad as he switched on the tv. 


Your dad was to never find out about this. It was your secret. 

Chapter Text

You were sat in a hospital room, getting examined from head to toe. Every time they brushed passed a bruise, or the cuts on your sides, you flinched, visibly jumping. It was going to be a long recovery for you. Your dad was waiting outside of the room, furious to know who hurt you. Olivia was with him, trying to keep him calm. The other two detectives, Fin and Munch, were searching the scene. 


“This part may be a little uncomfortable for you, but I need you to lay back on the bed for me, ok?” The nurse smiled at you, trying to keep you calm. 


“I want Olivia…” you sniffed, turning to lay down. 


“I’ll go get her.” She left the room, seeking your friend. “Miss Benson?” 


“How is she?” Elliot stood, face blotchy from crying earlier. 


“She’s doing well, but she requests for Olivia.” 


“Yeah, ok.” Olivia stood up, turning to Elliot. “Don’t do anything. I’ll be back.” 


You were covered when Olivia entered the room. “Hey sweetie, how are you holding up?” She approached you, sadness flooding through as she saw the bruises. 


You nodded in response and grabbed Olivia’s hand, squeezing tightly. She returned the gesture, but more gently. 


“Ok, if for any reason you need a break, just say so.” The nurse reassured you by rubbing your other wrist. With that, she began the final examination. 


Looking at Olivia, tears welled up in your eyes. “Dad must hate me…” 


“No, no, sweetie. He doesn’t hate you. Far from it.” She bent over slightly, hoping to keep your mind off the swabs. “Your dad is just worried.”


“This wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t get in that car… but,” you stopped, catching your breath.


“But what? [y/n] did someone threaten you?” 


You nodded, looking away. “I don’t know how he got my phone number, but-but he said that if I didn’t d-do as he said, my,” the tears kept falling, “my dad would get hurt.”


Olivia stood there, listening to everything. “[y/n], your dad is going to be fine.” She patted your hair, soothing you. 


“Done.” The nurse bounced up, putting the swabs in a case. “I’ll send them down now. Well done, [y/n]. You did great.” She smiled before leaving the room.


As you sat up, Olivia left the room and came back with a clean set of clothes that your dad brought with him after he left you and Olivia in the ambulance. 


“Please don’t go…” you took the bag and pulled out the clothes. 


“I’ll be right behind this curtain, ok?” Olivia hid herself. “Call me if you need help.”


You were always so happy around her, you almost felt ashamed to be this low. Pulling on your underwear, your fingers brushed over the cuts. It was almost humiliating. You winced slightly, trying not to think about them. The jumper your dad brought you was your favourite, it made you feel at home. It hid your bruises. The cuts. You felt safe. 


Once you were dressed, you pulled back the curtain and faced Olivia, a slight blush on your cheeks. She noticed that your shoes were untied and offered to tie them for you, seeing as though you could barely bend down. 


There was a knock at the door and Elliot entered, watching Olivia tie your shoes and then glanced over to you. 


“[y/n] sweetheart…” the tears threatened to come down again, but he pushed them aside and walked over to you. 


It hurt you to do it, but you stepped back, noticing the hurt look on your dad's face. He knew, but didn’t say anything. Slowly, he raised his hand and placed it on your cheek, gently rubbing his thumb around. It brought you some comfort to your messed up mind. 


“How’re you doing?” He asked, voice breaking slightly. 


“I’m ok.” You nodded. 


Olivia pulled Elliot to the side. “She has spoken about it, but I’m sure you want to hear it yourself.” Her voice was quiet, not wanting you to hear her. 


“Yeah. Bastard is going to pay for hurting my daughter.” He spat through his teeth.


“Elliot, calm down. I’m sure she doesn’t want to see this side of you right now.” 


They both walk back to you, Elliot standing in front of you, wanting to hold you. 


“Listen, darling, we’ve got to investigate this, ok?” He pauses, looking at you. “We’ll take you down to where I work and get your side of it all.” 


Nodding in response, you smile slightly. 


“Ok, sweetheart. Everything will be ok. You just answer mine and Olivia’s questions and you’ll be ok.” Usually after a bad day, he’d ruffle your hair, but this time, there was nothing. He didn’t want to hurt you further. 


Chapter Text

“I don’t get what I did.” You started. You were sitting in your room, talking to your dad. You were lying on the bed whilst your dad was sitting at your desk, listening to your worries. He had noticed you’d become a little quiet. “What did I do?” 


“Have you tried talking to them, [y/n]?” He asked, hands together between his thighs. 


“Not yet… I haven’t had the chance to as they’re always rushing off to lesson when I approach them.”


“What about during lunch? Or your breaks?”


“Dad, they haven’t spoken to me! None of them have! I was sat at that table shaking. God, I couldn’t stop shaking. My heart was pounding,” you turned over aggressively, “it’s not fair. I haven’t done a single thing to them! If they’re pissed at my absence then fuck them. I barely see you at home and yet we’re just fine... I hope.” 


Elliot quirked his eyebrow, wanting to address your language but stopping.


“Dammit dad. I don’t know anymore. Maybe I'm overthinking this,” you pause, rolling over again. “No. I’m not. I’ve done nothing wrong yet I’m getting the silent treatment. Hell, I saw Sophie turn to me across the room and turn back to Kyle to say something.”


“[y/n], calm down.” Elliot stood up from the chair and sat on the edge of your bed. “I’m sure there’s an explanation to this.” 


“There better had be! I haven’t fucking done anything and here I am, getting messed up over it!” Your face was turning red. Either it was the anxiety flush or the anger causing it. 


“Language.” He got serious for a moment. “Has anyone else spoken to you? Teachers? Other friends?”


“The last conversation with a friend was him wanting to party and I said no. He didn’t speak for almost a month then proceeded to approach me during lunch and act like nothing had changed. Oh, and then guess what he said. ‘I’ll message you more!’ He sent a few messages and hasn’t spoken to me since. Blamed it on his work load. Never stopped him before.” You pulled out your phone and showed your dad the last messages towards a friend.


“Have you spoken to your teacher?” He asked as you sat up. His hand reached out and rubbed your back in small circles, hoping to soothe you.


“I emailed him and he said he’d talk to me when I’m next in. I don’t know what help it’s gonna do though.”


“Well, if nothing happens, you know who to go to.” He smiled, pulling you close.


“I have never felt so alone before...” you choke back a sob. “It’s like they’ve abandoned me.”


“I know sweetie. I’m glad you spoke to me.”


“I’ve got no one else to turn to.”


“That’s not true. You’ve got Olivia. Hell, even Fin will listen to you. My friends are your friends.” Elliot rubbed your arm. “You’re close to them.”


“I guess…” you laugh a little, comfort washing over you. “Thanks dad.”


“You’re welcome. I’m always going to be here.” 


“I know, thank you.” 

Chapter Text

“Smile for the camera.” The sinister grin was burned into your mind as he held a phone up to your face. 


“Go to hell.” You spat at him. 


“Now, now. I’m sure your father would like you alive and in one piece.” His laugh echoed throughout the room as he took the photo, the flash illuminating the room. He hummed, looking at the photo before sending it to Elliot. “He’s gonna love it.”


He grabbed your face, squeezing hard. “Listen to me. You’re gonna do as I say. If you value your life, I’m sure you’ll listen.” His words were like poison, dripping from his tongue as he spoke. “After all, you’re daddy’s little girl. You’re his prize jewel he won’t let go. You mean everything to him, I know.” He circled you, his hand trailing over your shoulders. “I’ve been watching for a long time. Let’s give him a little call. You keep quiet now.”


Your first instinct was to scream the second the call went through, but you decided against it, in fear that he’d actually go through with killing you. 


“Ah, detective! How nice of you to pick up. Did you like the photo?” The man looked at you, grinning from ear to ear. He moved the phone away from his ear, putting it on speaker. 


“What the hell did you do to my daughter?” Elliot’s rage was high, shouting down the phone.


“She’s perfectly fine, aren’t you?” He moves the phone closer to you.


“D-dad!” Fear ran through your body.


“[y/n]! Are you ok?” Elliot was worried sick. 


“Like I said, she’s fine.” He pulled out a gun, waving it around his side. Your eyes opened wide, suddenly you were terrified of this man more than before.


“What the hell do you want?” Your dad was furious. 


The criminal hummed again, thinking about the possibilities that could happen. “Money. Lots of it.” 


What the guy didn’t realise was that they were tracking the location of the phone.


“If you want your daughter alive, then you’ll bring it to the location I’ll send you after this call. She’s such a beauty. Is she even your daughter?” He laughed, the gun shaking in his hand. “You got ten seconds.” He holds the phone in front of you.


“Dad!” Tears welled up in your eyes.


“[y/n] hang in there, honey.” Elliot tried to comfort you. “Don’t do anything stupid. We’re coming to help you.” 


“Please hurry…” you pause, “dad, I’m scared…” you admitted. 


“I know, I know, were coming-“ that’s all you heard as the man hung up. 


“Don’t be scared.” He dragged the gun across your cheek, the cold metal sending shocks over your entire body. You wanted to resist, to fight back but being bound to a chair was making it hard to move. He walked back, resting against the wall, typing on the phone. “How much do you think you’re worth?” 


“Fuck you.”


“Quite a lot then.” He laughs. “Be careful, kitty, you’ll want to keep your tongue.” 



A car pulled up in the docks, Elliot getting out of the drivers side.


“Awe, daddy’s here.” He pulled you forward by your hair, holding the gun up to your cheek. 


“The money is all here. Let her go!” You could see the terror in Elliot’s eyes. 


“Throw the bag over here!” The man yelled, pushing the gun further into your face. 


“Not until you let her go!” 


“Do as I say!” 


“Dad!” You shouted, tears falling. 


There was a noise in Elliot’s ear. 


“Don’t worry sweetie!” Elliot was shaking as he threw the bag half way. 


The man growled, walking forward with you in his arms. He mumbled something, too quiet for you to hear. You both got closer to the bag, the gun still pressed harshly against your cheek. 


“Bend over and pick it up.” 


You did as you were told, picking the bag up. 


“Good girl. She’s great, detective. You’re lucky.” The sinister tone sent shivers down your spine. He grabbed the bag and threw it over his shoulder. “Too bad she won’t be alive to spread that greatness.” He laughed as he pushed you towards Elliot, easing the gun to your body. 


“No!” Elliot’s shout bounced off the walls as a shot fired. 


You screamed, tripping over something and landing on the floor. Elliot rushed over as the man fell back. He helped you up, covering your face from the dead man behind you. 


Olivia walked out from the shadows, shocked as she held the gun out, pointing it at the man. 


“Dad…” you sobbed into his chest. 


“It’s ok, you’re safe.” He held on tight, looking at Olivia who looked back at him. She nodded, approaching the dead man to verify his death. 


There was a silence in the air, just your muffled sobs.


“You’re safe now. It’s over.” 

Chapter Text

When you walked through the front door of the house, Elliot was already seated on the sofa. Through the noise of the tv, you heard his quiet snores as you walked by, keeping silent as you went upstairs to your room. 


As you fell down onto the bed, tears welled up in your eyes. The sudden sting making you close them tight as you sobbed into your pillow. It hurt. Everything hurt. You did nothing wrong but yet you still got caught up in the fight. 


An innocent passerby in school. An innocent student on their way to class. Your hair was pulled by mistake and the boy hit you, feeling no remorse. He yelled at you, shouting that you were in his way. He hit you, again and again. Blood was dripping from your nose, cheek bruised. Your body bruised as the kicks kept coming. 


When a teacher pushed witness away, pulling the boy off you, he only retaliated and spat at you. Another teacher helped you up, helping you to the nurse's office. 


You insisted that she didn’t call your dad, or anyone for that matter. It was an accident , you said, cursing the quiver in your voice. I’ll be fine. 


Even when walking home from the bus stop, your body was shaking. If Elliot saw you beaten up, he’d make sure the bastards would pay, one way or another. You prayed that he’d be at work, or asleep. Luckily he was when you walked in. 


The bed pulled you into a deep sleep, trying to rest your tired body. It hurt to turn, but with some effort, your body shifted to its side. 


“[y/n]! What the hell happened?” Elliot walked over to you, pulling you out of the well deserved rest.


“Nothing. I fell.” You lied. 


“Don’t play that game with me. What happened?” Although angry, Elliot was seriously concerned. 


“Some boy pulled me in by accident and hit me. I’m fine dad.” You wanted to sleep.


“Get up. I’m taking you to the doc-.” 


“Dad! I’m fine. Seriously.” You move back over after cutting him off, no longer facing him.


“Why didn’t the school ring me?” He asks, his hand resting on your back.


“I told them not to call you.”


“Sweetie, I wouldn’t be mad.”


“I know,” you look back at him. “You’d only be mad at the boy who did it and make him sorry.”


Elliot’s face dropped a little, hearing you say that made him worry about his own actions. He knew he had a lot of anger inside, but he’d never release it on his own children, especially after he almost his Kathleen when she was younger. 


“Dad, I’m fine.” You repeat. 


“I’m just worried about you.” His hand rubbed small circles on your back. “I’m always worried about you.” 


“I can take care of myself.” You smile weakly, the sudden pain in your cheek causing you to wince. 


“I don’t doubt that.” He chuckled lightly. “But you know where to come if it’s too much.”


“I know, I know.” You hold his hand, letting go as you turn back over. “Now, let me sleep.”


“Sure.” With a little shove, Elliot grabs a blanket and pulls it over you. “Sleep well, [y/n].”

Chapter Text

It took them a little less than 15 minutes to get to the location. Police had surrounded the building. Elliot’s hairs on the back of his neck were standing up. He hoped to god that you’d be in there. 


The door instantly got kicked down and they flooded inside. It was cold and dirty. Dust and graffiti littered the walls as metal beams and pipes held the decaying structure up.


“This is the NYPD! Come out with your hands above your head!” Olivia shouted, her voice echoing in the building. 


There was no sound apart from the police’s footsteps, a few doors creaking open and their whispers. It was abandoned. 


Elliot felt his heart drop to his stomach. You weren’t here. 


“[y/n]! You here sweetheart?” He called out to you, his last bit of hope vanishing as there was only silence. 


“Detectives! Over here!” An officer shouted over and Elliot, Olivia, Fin and John ran over. 


Elliot’s breathing almost stopped as he saw you laying there on the table. You had been covered with a grey blanket, hands were still bound and your mouth taped shut. Elliot saw the blood and thought the worst. Olivia walked over and placed her hand gently on your shoulder. 


Wincing in pain, you opened your eyes, feeling the bruise under the right eye sting. 


“She’s alive.” There was relief in Olivia’s voice. Elliot walked over as his partner peeled the tape from your mouth. 


“[y/n], honey…” Tears fell down your father's cheeks. He wasted no time in undoing the knot around your wrists. There were deep nail marks embedded into your hands. “Are you ok?” 


Nodding in response, you whimpered. You pulled the blanket further up, but still making sure it covered your body. The pain was dull, but still present as you attempted to sit up. You felt numb. You had gotten used to the pain. Two hands met your back and helped you, Olivia rubbed circles, hoping to calm you down and your father kept cursing under his breath. 


“Dad…” You started. “I’m sorry…” 


“Shh. It’s ok. It’s not your fault.” He sat beside you, arm around your shoulders. “We’re gonna catch the bastard who did this to you, sweetheart, I promise. Don’t you worry.” His voice was filled with anger, but also pain. You saw the bloodlust in his eyes. “It’ll be over soon.” 


He squeezed you tightly, kissing your forehead. “It’ll be ok…”


“Dad…” You sobbed into his hug, feeling relieved that he’s here.


The other two detectives entered the room whilst Olivia and your dad stayed beside you. Fin noticed the broken camera on the floor, told another cop to take photos before he picked it up with his gloved hand. He turned it over, opening the card holder, and seeing a memory card inside. He motioned for Elliot to come over as he switched it on, the screen cracked, but still functioning. 


There they were, photos of you. 


“Guess he forgot this before he ran.” Fin stopped going through the photos and handed the camera over to someone else for analysing. Elliot felt the anger rise through him. 


His own daughter was victimised. 




He made a promise and he was sure as hell going to keep it. 


Chapter Text

“Do you remember anything else?” 


You shook your head as you sat up. Your face was blotchy from the tears, breathing a little uneven. 


“Alright, thank you [y/n]. You’ve done great.” She smiles towards you, noting your pained expression. She gestures for you to leave the room with her, and you follow behind sheepishly.


Elliot appears from the captain's office, also seeming like he’d been crying too. You looked over at him, then down at your feet. Tugging at your sleeves, you stayed next to Olivia. 


“Come on, [y/n]. Let’s take you home…” Elliot grabbed his coat and waited for you to approach. After a moment, you walked over and followed your dad out of the building. 



When you arrive home, you went straight upstairs to your room. Your dad didn’t say anything, knowing to leave you alone for awhile. He heard your muffled sobs and it hurt him. 


His own daughter was a victim. He’d kill the bastard right now if he could. 


It was tough trying to get to sleep. Almost impossible. With every attempt, you’d wake at the sight of the masked man inside of you or cutting you. Of course, when you’d wake, everything will be just as it was. Nothing would’ve changed. You’d meet the same people on the train, you’d see the same people at school. 



Your dad was up all night. He’d check up on you every hour or so to see you sleeping. He never caught you when you were awake. 


The morning sun was coming through around 8:27, bleeding through the curtains. Elliot sighed and knew he had to go back to work and leave you. When he went upstairs, you were sat awake, sweating. His movements were fast. He seated himself next to you, wanting to hold you but knew he wasn’t able to. 


“You ok staying home today?” He asked, looking down at you. 


“Yeah…” you nodded slowly. 


“Don’t worry. We’ll catch the guy.” Elliot’s voice was stern. “If you need anything, call me or Olivia.” 


You nodded again, falling back into your pillow. Your sides stung with the sudden movement, but you paid it no attention. 


“There’s still enough food for dinner tonight.” He chuckled, hoping you’d laugh with him. 


A smile appeared on your face. “Shut up.”


“Call me or Olivia, ok?” He repeated


“Yeah, I got it.” You nudged Elliot, making him stand up and leave. 


“I love you.” 


“Love you too dad.” Pulling up the duvet, you snuggled up inside, getting warm.


Elliot left your room and headed downstairs. He grabbed his coat and left the house, double checking that he locked the door. It didn’t feel right leaving you, but he had to find the guy who hurt you. 


The bed you resided in was warming up, some sweat forming on your forehead. The nagging feeling still pulled at you as you left the room and headed for the kitchen. There was something you were forgetting, but what it was, you didn’t know. Could it help the case? No, it will help the case, but what is it?


Your sides were still sore from the cuts, your thighs bruised from the force. Although it was going to be a long road to recovery, you knew you’d get over it once the case was over. You trusted your dad, you trusted Olivia and the rest of them. Alex will persecute the criminal who did this. You’d be free from the shackles of your mind. Eventually, your mind will forget the memory… no, nightmare. 


It was going to take time. A lot of time. 


Chapter Text

It had been a long month for you. School was going to shit, you had no idea what you were doing in the future. It was too damn stressful. Your father was rarely home, but when he was, he’d always be too tired to do anything. Instead, you’d sit upstairs in your room contemplating your life. It felt like things were getting harder and harder with each passing day.


It’s hard enough to be barely passing school, but looking for a part time job was worse. You were hoping to get one to help support yourself when Elliot wasn’t home, but the chances of getting a part time job in New York were pretty slim. 


A sigh escaped your lips as you flopped down onto the bed. Turning over, you reached for your phone to play some music to help drown out your worries. The October month was over, today being that last day. You never really celebrated Halloween. You went to the odd party your friend invited you to, but other than that, it was always a quiet day. 


When Elliot arrived home, he made sure to lock the door and turn off the porch light. Kids wouldn’t come knocking unless the light was on. He also sighed, throwing his coat onto the rack and heading straight for the beer in the fridge. Popping the cap off, he slouches on the sofa, taking a long swig of the booze. He hums a little, feeling the liquid down his throat. 


“Sweetheart, you home?” He shouts up to you, wondering if you finished school for the day. 


“Y-yeah! I’ll be down in a moment.” You call down, throwing on your favourite jumper. 


Elliot smiles, getting comfy on the seat. Just hearing your voice brought him some comfort through all the chaos of his work. It was getting cold, so he decided to turn the fire on. It clicked twice, the fire then roaring to life. The heat was comforting, warming the room and illuminating it with a soft glow.


You walked downstairs, feeling snug in the jumper, the heat radiating off your cheeks. 


“Hey honey.” Elliot smiles, gesturing for you to sit with him. 


“How was work?” You asked, taking a seat next to him. Elliot wrapped his arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer to him. 


“The usual. Got a big case, but Cragen said it’s best to sleep before we continue to work on it.” His hand rubbed up and down your arm. 


“So caring,” you joked, giggling. “You haven’t been home for three days.”


“I know, I’m sorry.” 


“It’s fine. Nothing has happened.” You rest your head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. 


Elliot hums, taking another gulp of alcohol. “Have you spoke to your siblings?”


“Not today. I did yesterday.” The heat was making you tired. “Have you spoken to mom?”


“Not for awhile,” Elliot looks off to the distance, feeling ashamed for pulling you away from your siblings. “You know, you can always stay with your mom and the others.”


“I’m fine here. It’s quiet.” You didn’t lie, the quiet was nice. “Besides, who else will take care of you when you get home?” 


“Hush,” he jokingly pushed you away, pulling you back into an embrace. “I do love you, [y/n].”


“I love you too dad.” You snuggled up to him, his heartbeat calming you down in a sleep. 


Elliot stroked your head, listening to your breathing and the fire crackling. All of your worries and his worries seemed to slip away.