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I sighed as I looked over at the blonde that sat next to me, I hadn't expected him to tag along with me, since it was past his bed time heh, but he insisted. I always snuck off at night, past curfew and I guess he must've noticed? I would get curious too if I had to be honest. When we first arrived, he didn't believe me. I laughed at him, how silly could he be, thinking I was running off doing some illegal shit. Of course not, I just love sitting in nature, my small iPod playing old music from my Dad's time and drawing the sky. I often brought colored pencils with me, but I decided not to this time. Just feeling in a more sketchy mood tonight I suppose. I turned back to my notebook and began to draw him.

His eyes were focused on the sky as a few shooting stars passed over head, this is probably one of the only times I would ever see the blonde with this neutral expression, so I had to take advantage of it. Plus, it was kind of... "Hey, what the hell do you think you're doing?" I snapped back into reality to see the blonde looking down at me, his eyes moving between my notebook and me.

That calm expression on his face replaced with a frown, making me pout. I sigh and turn away to look back at the sky, "I was drawing you." I state the obvious, tapping the eraser against my chin as I leaned back onto my left arm.

I heard Bakugou grunt, turning my attention back to him, now he looked like he was pouting. "Obviously," He drawled, rolling his eyes as he leaned closer, trying to get a better look at the drawing. I quickly flipped the notebook closed, causing him to glare at me. I only stuck my tongue out in response, "How 'bout this, why were you drawing me? I thought you only drew scenery." He questioned, sounding genuine as he continued to look at me. I felt like he was picking apart my features and it made me a bit uncomfortable. I sucked when it came to eye-contact, and even though his gaze was always so interesting, I turned my head away.

As I did so, I felt my ears betray me as they burned a bright red, "You're right I'm best at doing backgrounds and nature, but I also like to draw humans," I explain, still hiding my face behind my notebook as I shrugged, "Plus you looked, really calm and I wanted to take advantage of it. You..." I gulped as I felt my words get stuck in my throat. Was I really going to be that bold and say something so dumb?

I took a testing glance at Bakugou to see he had a smug look on his features, making me both bristle with agitation and shiver with attraction. His smile grew when he saw the red of my ears and cheeks, "What, I have a nice face?" He barked, obviously confident in his looks. I wouldn't blame him though, even without the huge crush I had on him, I would still admit he wasn't a bad look boy. In embarrassment, I hide further beneath my book, nodding my head a bit as I can only agree with him.

Sure his cockiness was irritating but this time I'd let it slide, "W-what!?" I look over my notebook to see the boys cheeks had grown a tint of pink. His eyes were wide and his overall person seemed to be shocked. I was a bit confused on his behavior and wanted to try and ask him what I said to surprise him, but my breath caught in my throat when he suddenly lunged toward me. My notebook fell from my hands as he grabbed my shoulders, pinning me to the ground, the soft grass catching my back. I blinked in surprise as I looked up at Bakugou, he looked even more confused then before. I began to grow worried, had I said something to offend him? I tried to think on what made him do a 180, but I couldn't come up with anything. Was it the face comment? "Do you actually think I have a nice face?" He asked bluntly, keeping a safe distance between us as he hovered over me.

I had nothing to hide from my embarrassment now, so I simply looked into the deep crimson eyes and nodded, more firmly this time. The boy's face burned red at my confirmation, "Yeah, you're face is pretty cool." I chuckle, thinking this conversation would go more between pre-teens instead of 2nd years in U.A. He got off me then, continuing to stare into my eyes, Hazel meeting Crimson, as his cheeks burned ever brighter then before.

He hadn't let go on my shoulders just yet, but his grip had loosened so there's that at least, "You.." He bit his lip and dropped his hands, trying to formulate his words correctly I suppose. I had a feeling what was coming and I felt a bit silly, I know he doesn't like me and complimenting or being nice to someone was already a pain for him.

I placed my hands on his shoulders now, making him turn back to me, confusion forming on his features as he waited for me to speak, "You don't have to return the compliment stupid, I just said it 'cause it's true." I smiled, watching his face go blank for a moment, and in that moment it looked like the kid had a inner re-boot. I was worried, thinking I broke him or something, but my heart nearly stopped as Bakugou placed his hands over my mine and took them off his shoulders to hold them properly.

I looked between his hands and his eyes, obviously very flustered and confused at the same time. Eventually I stayed on his eyes, watching them as they swirled with determination, "No, I want to return the compliment, Idiot." He retorted, insulting me like I had just done to him.

My heart beat increased as I began to shake, did he even know what he was doing to me? God I was going to die, this is where I die.

Good bye world.

Bakugou must have noticed my nervous state as his expression grew concerned for a moment, I quickly smiled and shook my head, " no! I'm.. I'm okay I swear I just.. I call it sho..r..short circuiting!" I stutter out, everything to my shoulders, hands, legs and feet were trembling horribly as my face burned, "I..I can never handle.. talk..talking to someone.. I like and.. when they-" My mouth froze open as my quick, sputtering words just spit out the secret that was really kind of obvious from the beginning, but I always thought I had hid it decently, until now of course. Bakugou just stared, making me feel even worse.

A bit of shock was on his features, but besides that he just sat there and for a moment I thought we was thinking of a way to reject me, put me down gently so I wouldn't feel like shit. Though this is the explosive blonde we are talking about, if anything he'll send me hurtling into the sun for- My thoughts froze as I was brought into a tight embrace, the blonde nose nuzzling into the crook of my neck as one of his hands wrapped around my back and the other went to my hair, almost making me melt into the touch, "....It's okay if I pat your head, right?" He mumbled against my neck, making me shiver. I let out a small happy noise of approval and sunk into his arms, wrapping my own around his back.

Someone must of told him of my weak spot, or he saw someone else do it to me for not many people knew. Ever since I was a child, my head had always been sensitive. The smallest touch and I will be attached to your hand, hopping to receive pets. Anytime I was nervous, scared or even just over excited, my parents would simply pull me into their lap and stroke the back of my head, causing me to fall weakness to the sensitive touch and relax. We had stayed like that for a little bit, just holding each other as my trembles eventually stopped. That seemed to satisfy Bakugou as he pulled away, not completely, but enough where we could see each others faces, ".....ilikeyoutoo." he bit out, his grip on my shoulder increasing a bit, but it did no harm.

I just smiled at him, anyone else would've asked again on what he was trying to say, either because they legitimately didn't catch it, or they were trying to tease him. I knew better, his small response making me smile wide and bright, knowing that he returned them was enough. He didn't have to be the boyfriend that always said 'I love you' or the one that always holds my hand or kisses me. I could deal without all of that, knowing he was mine, and I was his. I giggled at his flustered expression and raised a hand to place it on his cheek, rubbing gently beneath his eye as I looked into them, "I'm glad.." I said, quickly switching my hand with my lips, giving him a quick peck on the cheek.

It was enough to fluster him on a whole new level, leading to him scolding me for not only being the first one to admit their feelings but also the first one to steal a kiss from. I only laughed harder when he tried to kiss me back on the cheek, to which I took as a challenge and did my best to hide my face from him. I didn't want to rush things with Bakugou, we both had never been in a relationship before, though I was surprised to hear the blonde had never been in one. Though I'm sure many people were interested in him, his hero work must've been more important to him.

A sadden feeling fell over me as I realized something, my laughter fading as I looked down at the ground, the gentle breeze blowing the blades of grass side to side. What if Bakugou cares about his hero work more? I mean, I would be willing to respect that, as I have my own duties to attend to as well. The thought of it though, still hurts a bit. I was snapped out of my thoughts by a gentle kiss placed on my forehead, "I win.." Were his words as he looked down at me, those red eye's of his in the dark seemed to glow as a small ghost of a smile fell upon his lips, "Don't look so down," he continued, "I have a feeling I know what you're thinking about, and don't be stupid. If we're going to be together, then you are my priority. To make... you smile, laugh 'n shit like that!" He growled, coming closer to press our foreheads together, our noses just an inch apart. He was serious, and I could see it in his eyes clearly.

It was comforting, because for awhile I was unsure if he had ever taken me seriously, but I guess I was wrong and I'm glad I was, "Okay.. I believe you, Bakug-" I was cut off by his hand being placed over my mouth, making me raise a eye-brow at him.

He shook his head, removing his hand before saying, "And from now on, you address me as Katsuki okay?" He ordered, pointing at me with a stern finger. I simply smiled and raised my head in defeat, nodding to his request, "Good, now restart that sentence.." he huffed, leaning back and crossing his arms over his chest.

I sighed, a small laugh filtering in as I cleared my throat before looking Katsuki in the eyes and smiling, "Okay, I believe you, Katsuki." I said as he had wanted, his first name falling from my mouth sweetly, it was strange, but fitting. For a moment, I saw a small smile on the boys face, making me heart skip a beat. It wasn't one of his usual cocky smirks, it was a genuine smile that was so unnatural but beautiful upon his face at the same time, "S..stay just like that!" I sputter out quickly, finding my pencil in the grass and grabbing my notebook. Katsuki seemed dazed, not fighting me on it at all as I drew his expression. It was so soft and comforting, no way could I let that slip. As I drew I felt his eyes on me, it wasn't like the first day I returned home and met him again in U.A, when his eyes burned into the back of my neck.

This was gentle, a gaze of admiration as he looked down at me. His eyes drifted to the drawing of his profile and his smile widened slightly at the corners, making me erase a few bits and then fix. He must've noticed my attention to detail, because when I looked up next, he changed his expression. I rolled my eyes playfully and shoved him a bit, making a small 'tch' slip his lip, "You don't have to smile anymore, I can do the rest without your expression." I say, not removing my eyes from the paper. I heard him grunt in acknowledgement and scoot forward a bit, his hovering over my page.

Usually this would piss me off, but I could still see the drawing due to the angle of the moon, "You draw really good you know." Katuski piped up, making me look up at him through my lashes, afraid if I lift my head all the way I'd bonk our heads together.

He shifted his gaze from the paper to my own, his cheeks reddening again before turning his gaze away. I smiled warmly and went back to it, finishing the doodle a couple minuets later, "So.. we're a couple now..?" I ask, standing up and fixing the bottom of the jeans as they had gotten stuck in the tongue of my sneaker. I adjusted the pencil inside the notebook and held it at my side before turning to Katsuki, but what I saw I hadn't expected. The blonde face was turned away from me, his hand stretched out to mine. All he gave was a curt nod before making a grabby motion with his open hand. I giggled and gratefully took his, our fingers interlocking comfortably.

As we walked back to the dorms, it was a comfortable silence that floated between us. Our hands continued to stay interlocked, even as he got closer to the building, I was half expecting the blonde to want to refrain from being to touchy-touchy when around others, but I guess there weren't that many people in the common space at the moment. We rode the elevator up and I realized we hadn't spotted at the 3rd floor, in fact we went all the way up to the 4th. I paused, turning to Katsuki and giving him a suspicious look, he seemed to notice me catching on and rubbed the back of his neck with the opposite hand, "If you wanted to have a sleep over, Katsu, you could've just asked?" I tease, trying the knew nickname on for size.

The boy nearly let go of my hand he was so flustered and thrown off by my comment, but as soon as he felt his hand drift from mine, he snatched it back, gently fixing it before turning back to me, "Rin..!" A whine from him, making me giggle as he slouched forward, there was a hint of snarl to his voice but I had a feeling there was no harm in it, "We used to do with when we were kids right? What's the big deal!?" He shouted as we stepped out of the elevator, but I quickly shushed him, reminding him others are asleep and we wouldn't want to disturb them. Katsuki sighed and nodded reluctantly, knowing I was right. Taking his hand away from mine, he grabbed his card and placed it in the lock slot, a small click signifying that door had been opened, "You.. don't actually have to.. if it, making you uncomfortable-"

"Katsuki.." I spoke over him, just catching his last few words before he sent himself into a insecure panic, "I don't mind, you're right we had done that as kids. Of course there is a big change in that but, as long as you're good with it, so am I" I say, pointing to my chest with my thumb of my opposite hand.

This made Katsuki chuckle as he opened the door and dragged me inside, "Of course I'm okay with it, I came up with the idea." He said, matter-of-factually, kicking off his shoes and beginning to change into regular cloths. Respectfully, I turned away. I had seen him in his bathing suit before, meaning he was at least half naked but I still felt the need to reserve his privacy. Of course the cocky blonde had no shame. I heard him snicker, "Why aren't you looking at me, eh? Am I too attractive to handle?" He teased, making a shiver run up my spine. This idiot was already pulling this, of course someone like Katsuski would but hey that's part of why I loved him, so I signed up for it.

I roll my eyes and turn around, it happened to the be the exact moment he was slipping off his boxers. I stood my ground, crossing my arms over my chest and keeping straight, stern eye contact with the blonde as I simply said, "I'm no pervert." then turned back around, a small smile on my lips as I quickly added, "I also wanted to respect your privacy, of course." I coughed into my hand, crossing my arms over my chest.

I heard Katsuki grunt behind me, a sort of laugh mixing within it as I heard him opening his drawer, "Nerd.." he mumbled, rummaging through his clothing drawer until he found something he had been looking for, "Here-" I was half way to turn around when suddenly a shirt and a pair of basketball shorts was flung at my face, "Go change in the bathroom, when you're done you can just hop into bed, I'll already be there." He explained, when I looked at him he ad already slipped on some black sweatpants but kept his shirt off. Usually I would internally judge him for wanting to do that simply because I was now here and being the cocky shit he is, he wanted to show off, but if I had to be honest it was a bit warm in here, so I didn't blame him. 

The cloths were loose on me, just how I always liked it. It reminded me of my own cloths I owned but a bit bigger. I stepped out of the bathroom to see Katsuki sitting on the bed, waiting like he said he was going to be. I smiled at him and hopped onto the bed, allowing myself to sink into the comfy mattress, "What the hell..." I drawled, stealing one of his pillows and snuggling it, "Your bed is so cozy!" I mush, looking up at him from my current position to see him blushing, a small smile on his lips as he rolled his eyes. Katsuki settled down next to me, essentially taking the pillow in my grasp and replacing it with him.

I allowed it of course, snuggling into his fluffy blonde hair as he nuzzled into the crook of my neck, "...dammit, I really like you." He muttered against my collar bone, making me smile at how sleepy he sounded. I looked down at him to see his eyes closed, his mouth hung open as he held me tightly by my lower back.

I giggled and awkwardly craned myself down to kiss his forehead, "..I win.." I whisper in his ear, smiling as I saw him rub his ear against my shoulder, the tickle of my breath making him squirm. I inhaled his scent and sighed, burying my face further into his hair, "I really like you too, Katsuki." I respond before feeling myself drift off to sleep. Honestly, as scary as relationships, feelings and love always had seemed to me, I didn't regret this one bit. Mina, Kirishima and Denki had been trying to get us together for ages, but I always told them so, seeing no hope. If he hadn't approached me tonight, this would've never happened, if I never let those few little words slip, we would've never been here.

The thought made me sad, but also feel slightly relieved in knowing fate chose the right path for us. As the lats few thoughts mingled in my head, I began to drift off to sleep. Katsuki's soft snores and murmurs another calming and cute factor that just made falling asleep beside him all the more better.

I was happy, and he was as well.

That's all that mattered.