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Kinktober 2019

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Hanzo glanced up from the book he was reading when he caught movement out of the corner of his eye. A smile quirked his lips as Zenyatta gave him a little wave, the monk striding into the kitchen. Hanzo’s eyes dropped when he noticed the shorts.

Booty shorts.

Zenyatta was wearing booty shorts and an overlarge shirt that was tucked right above the supple curve of his ass. Flaunting and teasing. An obvious invitation. With a soft hum, Hanzo closed his book after a moment and stood, following after Zenyatta to take it.

Feigning going to the fridge for a drink, taking out a bottle of water and setting it on the counter. Zenyatta clearly was not falling for it. He hopped up next to the water and sat on the counter, legs spreading as he crossed his feet at the ankles. Hanzo raised a brow, the monk leaning in with a smirk.

“Thirsty?” Zenyatta asked cheekily, the water forgotten as Hanzo moved in between his legs.

“Perhaps. Now, I have to ask, where on earth did you get these?” Hanzo inquired, tone playful as his hands slid down to cup Zenyatta’s hips. He tugged at the shorts, the monk biting back a smile.

“Oh, you know. Just a little shopping trip for some...Special items I wanted.”

“Really? And are you going to show me what all you bought?”

“You will have to find out yourself.”

Hanzo smiled, leaning into the kiss Zenyatta offered, feeling arms wrap around his shoulders to pull him closer. The monk hummed softly when his ass was squeezed for a moment, then, he giggled as he was picked up and carried to the couch. Hanzo set him down carefully, still situated between his thighs, still kissing him breathless. Hands curled in his hair, petting through it until Hanzo pressed himself into Zenyatta more firmly.

The monk whimpered quietly, Hanzo rucking the shirt up and feeling the warm skin beneath. Zenyatta sat up just enough to allow him to pull it over his head, tossed to the side carelessly. Hanzo let his lips travel lower, placing soft kisses over his lover’s neck and down his chest. Letting his hands wander, sliding down to Zenyatta’s thighs and back up sensuously, fingertips teasing between his legs.

Rubbing gently over the shorts until he felt Zenyatta push into it, then moving his hand back up. He nuzzled into the crook of Zen’s neck, pressing another kiss there before sighing.

“You’re so beautiful,” Hanzo murmured, pulling back and trailing his hands over Zenyatta’s chest leisurely.

He leaned down and kissed wherever he had touched, lips dragging down smooth skin. Laying kisses over his stomach, then turning and taking Zenyatta’s hands in his own, pressing the backs and palms and wrists to his mouth in turn. Taking his time to kiss over each finger, then suck on the end of one lightly.

“So perfect and soft. I love every inch of you.” Whispered against Zenyatta’s skin, Hanzo continuing his loving exploration. He sat up, pulling Zenyatta’s legs up with him, one hand sliding down to cup his ass while the other rested on his thigh.

“I love you so much. You’re perfect, all of you is just so perfect.”

Hanzo kissed down the inside of Zen’s thigh, biting down gently, feeling him twitch and moan quietly. Did the same to the other, nuzzling against it for a moment before his hand slipped into Zenyatta’s shorts. He smirked when he felt nothing blocking him from pushing his fingers into the monk’s delectable wet heat, curling and pumping them.

Zen huffed, eyes fluttering shut, his flush darkening and spreading down his neck. Hanzo could not wait to see it marked so everyone would know that Zenyatta...Well, Zenyatta was his.