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The Sounds of Love

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Bakugou couldn’t hear.

The sounds around him were but a whisper in the wind he felt against his skin. Both a curse and blessing, he would read when his mother addressed him. He had an amazing quirk, something to surely bring him to the top. But,,,

How does one help one they can’t even hear?

This was something Bakugou asked himself everyday.


Every time he watched the news.

Every time All Might stopped some villains.

Every time he studied so he could get into UA.

Every time Deku did something better then him.


How could HE save someone?


His mother asked him the same question the day he decided he wanted to be a hero. It was hard to pick up, he had just started getting the hang of lip reading, some of the words seemed hard to read.

But one sentence came out as clear as day.

”How could a deaf, useless, ungrateful brat like you be a hero?”

Another clear sentence.

”You seem better off working your ass off as a secretary, with all your ‘WONDERFUL’ grades.”


”I hope you die before you get the chance, you were a waste of a child. The only good thing about you is your quirk.”


Silence. That’s all he knew.

But at that moment-


He heard her all so clear.



Mitsuki banged her fist on Katsuki’s door, as if she thought if she tried hard enough, it would make a difference and Katsuki could magically hear her. Maybe that’s one of the only reasons why she does this still. That and maybe that Katsuki’s bed was close enough to the door that it shook his bed.

Katsuki slowly sat up from his resting spot and stretched. As he yawned, he looked over at his clock.

7:03 am, huh.



Katsuki flung his covers off and ran to his closet. 




“BITCHY BRAT, COME DOWN!” “H-He can’t here you sweetie,,,”



His door swings open. He can’t hear her booming steps or the string of curses that came out her mouth. He couldn’t see her flaming nostrils as his back was turned towards the closet.




He felt it, that’s for sure. The slap was hard, it felt like it was burning. Mitsuki tugs his hair down, forcing him to bow as he grips her wrist.










”GO ON!”


She releases with force as the boy is left wondering what he should do. He turn towards the door, holding his cheeks, fighting tears as his father looks at him. Oh, he’s signing. Helpful, he supposes.

‘Get dressed, come down, eat, leave.’




Fucking fine.


Katsuki never wanted to stay anyway.

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There was a strange boy at the entrance exam.


Todoroki has never felt so curious about a single person.


An ash-blond, he had remembered, who had a sturdy build, an amazing quirk, and a “leave it to me” attitude.

How does that ash blond almost get crushed by a massive zero-pointer you can hear from a mile away and just blow up with the explosive quirk he possesses?


Todoroki wants to know.


“Okay, the fuck you want?” The blond asks. Who the fuck even is this weirdo?

Before Bakugou was a icy-hot hybrid,,, person-thing. It had asked him if they could move somewhere more private. Like the silence in my head isn’t private enough.

Bakugou realizes it might be harder to understand the icy-hot, giving Bakugou more reason to believe his hypothesis that the human like boy is actually alien. It mumbles on a horrible degree, making the silence in Bakugou’s ears unbearable. It’s like he’s straining to hear a sound, when in reality, he’s just straining to read this weirdo’s lips.

“ … zero pointer… hearable… strange…”

Might as well put this nerd out of his misery.

“Hey, idiot. Sorry to tell you half way through your pissy-statement, but I’m fucking deaf and you mumbling like an idiot isn’t really helping.”

Now he’ll shut up.

“Oh. Is that why you didn’t spot the zero-pointer?” It - HE - continued to ramble. It was irritating. Bakugou had to give props to them for making the way they talk easier to understand, however.

Usually people start to speak slower, move their mouths in weird ways, even try yelling. Obviously to no prevail. This is why Bakugou likes introverted, aka quiet people, because all they have to fix is they way the mumble and speak like a normal human being.

“So,, you are deaf? How are you going to have a hero career like tha-”



Bakugou pushed by the boy and growled, at least hoping he did. As he turned his back towards the boy, he didn’t see the lips moving to form the words: “For a deaf person, you sure are loud…” Maybe that’s for the best.


Shinsou likes skirts.

Yes, they are a ‘girl.’ Well, female.

She understands that girls, aka females, are told to always wear skirts.


She doesn’t like that. She likes being other things, too.


She likes being a boy. He likes being non-binary, too. Same with being a girl, something they have been feeling for some time. Doesn’t matter what he/she/they are, call them whatever, as long as it’s not “it” they're fine.

Too bad everyone to ever exists sucks.

“It” this. “It” that. “It”, “It”, “It.”

Hah. Hah. Funny joke.


“What are you wearing?”

Oh, wow, an idiot.

“An outfit.”

“A skirt with sweatpants? That looks stupid.”

“Oh, so, I shouldn’t wear what I want?”

“No, fuckface, I’m just saying if you want to wear a fucking skirt, try to look decent.”

That’s new…  

“What’s your name again?”

“Bakugou… wait I never fucking said-”

“Shinsou. Shinsou Hitoshi.”


This guy seems interesting.


Fucking dumb hallways, being coincidental.

That Shinsou kid found Bakugou in the hallways, saying he has the same class. Great, an annoying, stubborn, idiot. Can’t wait to see them dump Bakugou as a “friend” when they find out he’s deaf.

Everyone does that.

Even fucking Deku .


Bakugou can’t be bothered today.

He kicks the door down, the back of it hitting the wall. Well, that’s what he is assuming.

Um, Bakugou, maybe not kick the door off its hinges?”

Bakugou walks over to his seat, after taking Shinsou’s arm and sitting the purple headed freak two seats in front of him. “I don’t want your weird ass near me.” he states. Purple head chuckles, Bakugou can tell by how his shoulders move slightly.

Wish I could hear his laugh… 


“Huh? What’s a ‘Kacchan?’”







Someone taps his shoulder nervously. Too nervously.

“Fucking Deku, fucking touch me again and I will kill you.”

“S-Sorry Kacchan!”

“I can’t hear you.”

“Then turn arou-”

“I ain’t fucking turning around either.”



Damn nerd decides to sit behind Bakugou, leaving it so that some invisible chick sits in front of him. Maybe he should have let purple freak sit in front of him, they seem awkward, with everyone staring at his skirt. Even some stupid bitchass with lightening blond hair grabed his chest, seeing if they were female. Apparently Shinsou is, biologically anyway. Seems to be that they like being called male most of the time, although they don’t seem to mind someone calling them female. Maybe they are apathetic? Bakugou has read about it before, apparently people like that don’t care for pronouns.

Bakugou wanted to kick the Pikachu bitch hard in the balls for literally ‘groping’ Shinsou. He could hear Shinsou suck in a sharp breath before exhaling deeply through his nose.




“Would you mind-” Shinsou started, lifting the Pikachu’s hand slowly off him, acting as if it had the plaque, “Not doing that bullSHIT?”

“Sorry, I thought you were a guy.”

“I am.”

“,,, so you’re trans?”

“No, I’m not. I’m a guy… and a girl. And none yet both at the same time.”

Oh my fucking god.

“Is this a riddle???”

“Sure, answer correctly and you don’t get reported.”





“Please don't report me man!”



“ … Close enough. Don’t grope people, it’s gross.”

“Wait what pronouns, then???”

“All of them. Call me an ‘it’ and I’ll fucking punch you in the balls and gouge out your fucking eyeballs, though."



I’m acquaintances with a psycho.



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“Shinsou, would it be ok if I study with you and Bakugou today?”


It has been about a month since the school year has started. Todoroki thought this would be a good time to make allies, who knows, might come in handy for the future. Especially after the villain attack, which Shinsou just happened to be absent for.

Todoroki was glad when he realized this.

Speaking of Shinsou, the boy looked up at Todoroki and stared at him, thinking. From Todoroki’s view, it felt like Shinsou was judging him to such great extent, his purple irises dancing. Shinsou gave the smallest possible smile, nodding, having no idea the amount of love Todoroki took from that.

“I think so. He doesn’t really like you, though, so it’s gonna take some persisting.”

“That is fine. I just wanted to study with you.”


And see if there are any possible weaknesses to your quirk strategy, along with other things.

Wait... no.

This is not manipulation, study for Shinsou, don’t use him.


Todoroki looked back at Shinsou to see his cheeks dusted with a light, reddish-orange blush. Cute.

“Haha, funny. Anyway, I’ll ask him, although I apologize in advance if he says no. Still come regardless, I don’t think I would be able to deal with him and his gang of friends alone.” Shinsou shrugs as he walks out the class, waving to Todoroki with a tired grin.


Todoroki doesn’t understand why he feels so warm and bubbly, something he is glad he can keep contained.


Bakugou wanted to scream. If it wasn’t for the fact that he was deaf, he most likely would have.


Bakugou is not one for social gatherings. He was going to study alone but his new ‘friend,’ Kirishima, aka ShittyHair, insisted he come to the BakuSquad’s study session. Pikachu ended up inviting Shinsou as well, after much begging, crying, and apologizing for ‘groping’ Shinsou in the beginning of the year.

Much to everyone’s surprise ( in a not sarcastic way) , Shinsou invited IcyHot as well.

Big study group, huh?


“WOW, I have to make a whole list of whose coming!” Mina exclaimed, as Kaminari and Bakugou sat in her room, the three planning the study session. “Wait, whose coming again?” Kaminari questioned, having had an quirk-produced seizure earlier that day, making him incredibly forgetful. Bakugou almost felt sorry for him.

“Hagakure, Kirishima, Me~, you, Katsu, Sero, anddddd Todoroki. Midoriya said he might come, depending on Katsu’s mood that day.” Mina hummed, satisfied with the list.

“Don’t call me fucking ‘Katsu,’ Pinky.” the explosion quirk user growled, hating the idea of Deku and IcyHot being at the study session.

Shinsou better not ignore him…


“BAKU~!” Hagakure yells, as she enters the room. He doesn’t notice, being in deep thought and being, well, deaf. She huffs and taps his shoulder. He turns towards her, quickly, realizing everyone is staring at him. “The fuck you want?” Hagakure shrugs, Bakugou can tell because of her long-sleeve shirt. “I yelled your name and you didn’t even respond. You okay?” Fuck, if only he was paying attention. Welp, rather now then later.

“I can’t hear you.”


“I’m deaf. And your invisible so I can’t read your lips.”

There was a small pause where no one talked, Bakugou checked to see no ones mouths moving. Then he read the stupidest thing of Pikachu’s lips.



Stupid fucking Pikachu didn’t feel anything in his jaw for a week.


Shinsou laid his head onto Bakugou’s lap, half-asleep, as everyone studied. It’s been 2 hours of relentless studying and everyone was starting to become tired. Bakugou couldn’t help being distracted and a little annoyed.

Most of the time, all Shinsou did was talk to IcyHot , help IcyHot , get things FOR ICYHOT.


It was only when IcyHot started to stare at Bakugou did Shinsou start to get,,, protective? He could tell that Todoroki was inspecting and judging Bakugou, making him uneasy. Bakugou can tell Shinsou ‘cares’ for them both, in his own way.

“Bakugou, can I talk to you privately?”

Why can’t IcyHot just stuff it and fucking die?


“Fine then, have you told Shinsou about your..” he whispers the last part somewhat, making his lips clearer to read. “Hearing?”

“No, fucking idiot. I only bring that up if it accidentally comes up, like earlier with the two idiots and invisihoe.”

Todoroki hummed and turned his attention to the now asleep Shinsou, sprawled over Bakugou and himself. Shinsou looked so tired all the time, so it was nice to see him resting.


The purple haired boy was wearing a pastel lilac hoodie, the sleeves long enough to cover his finger tips slightly. He was wearing black sweatpants, the same pair Todoroki has seen him wearing for 2 days now. His hair is pushed back by a thin, black headband, only a few outliers still in front of his face.


Bakugou went back to reading the textbook, ignoring the conversation the others in the room were having. He lifted the textbook off Shinsou’s chest and laid it on Mina’s bed, the girl animatedly having a conversation with Kaminari near the now placed book.

Todoroki was about to go back to studying his flashcards when Shinsou stirred.

“Mmngh—” Shinsou opened his eyes slowly, pushing some hair out of his face. “I fell asleep. I am going to fail…” “Shut up, Zombie. Your textbook’s on the bed.” Bakugou pushed Shinsou off him slightly, snapping at Mina, motioning for the textbook. He then let it drop the floor, near Shinsou’s head, with a big Smack . Not that it affected him or Shinsou, who was too tired to care.

Shinsou grabbed the textbook with his fingers and groaned. “Kill me now…”

Hagakure, who was next to Todoroki, on his left side (Bakugou is on his right) , picked up an unsharpened pencil and poked Shinsou with it. “Oh, he dead.” She giggled, looking towards Sero.

Sero chuckled from his spot in the corner of the room, Kirishima next to him. “You watch too many vines, Hagakure.” He shook his head, solemnly, a smile plastered on his face. She shrugged, poking Shinsou’s back once again.


Bakugou looked around and took the scene with all his ‘friends’ in. He was content this way and if it wasn’t for IcyHot, maybe, he might even be happy.


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Bakugou knew he would be found out.

By Aizawa.

About his hearing.


Aizawa found out he’s deaf, okay?


And it’s all that IcyHot’s fault.




“Aizawa-Sensei?” Todoroki asks, walking towards the desk, after class. The class had already filed out, leaving Aizawa, Todoroki, and Bakugou. Bakugou stayed behind, like usual, unaware the Todoroki was in the room. He gathers up his belongings and says ‘bye’ to Aizawa before leaving.

Bakugou wasn’t aware of the “Wait, Bakugou.” He received from Aizawa as he stepped out, leaving the room to go to his next class.


“Aizawa-Sensei?” Todoroki asks, again. Aizawa turns to him and tilts his head towards the door Bakugou left through. “Oh. Yes, that was actually what I wanted to talk to you about.” Aizawa straightens his back and waits for Todoroki to speak.

“Bakugou has personally told me and some others that he is, in fact, deaf.” Todoroki looks Aizawa over to see if there is even a glimpse of emotion on the other’s face. There isn’t, as expected of their teacher.

“Why hasn’t he brought this up to me himself?” Todoroki somewhat shrugged and told Aizawa about how the explosion quirk user doesn’t mention his hearing unless asked about it. Aizawa sighed and folded his hands on his desk. “I will discuss it with him tomorrow, thank you for telling me Todoroki.” Todoroki nods and walks away, back turned towards a tired sensei.




Shinsou realized he might have an issue.


He doesn’t know what he did to Bakugou to have the boy start randomly ignoring him. It happened the class after the class last week, which was the day Todoroki stayed back to talk to Aizawa-Sensei. He doesn’t understand why Bakugou started to ignore him because of that, but he guessed maybe it was because of his rivalry against Todoroki. The two have been getting more aggressive around him, offering him things that he can do himself. There was no breathing room when these situations came. Like on Thursday of last week, for instance.

It was during lunch, when Shinsou was getting his food. He saw some chocolate chip cookies at the end of the line and patiently waited to get one. When only one person was in front of him, he realized he wouldn’t be able to get one, seeing how there was only one left. He grabbed a bag of chips instead and was about to walk to a table when he was gently grabbed on the shoulder by a rather warm hand. The ravenette turned his head swiftly to see-

Todoroki and…


Why were these idiots everywhere he went? Shinsou sighed and took the (comfortably) warm hand off his shoulder. “Care to explain why I can’t sit.” Shinsou pulled a thread of his stocking off, wearing the female school uniform that day. The only difference was that he was wearing noticeable shorts as well, not wanting to be the target of Class 1A personal pervert, Mineta.

“You want a chocolate cookie, fuckface?” Bakugou barks, looking past Shinsou, focusing his eyes on someone else. “I mean… I guess? It’s not a big deal, I have some chips and-” He is interrupted by Todoroki’s hum before the boy walks around him towards another person. Shinsou looks back at Bakugou, the ash-blond staring at him with crimson eyes. Anxiously, Shinsou starts to pull more thread out of his stocking, collecting the yarn in between his fingers. Taking a deep breath, the ravenette looks at the blonde. “Why have you been avoiding me since,,,, last week?”

Bakugou’s eyes widen slightly, a small panic taking over his features. “Um, sorry if it sounds personal, but I just wanted to know…” Shinsou chuckles nervously, not used to the silence given to him. Finally, the blond sighs and looks Shinsou in the eyes. “Fucking Half n Half outed me out to Aizawa-Sensei. Now teach’s treating me like I’m fragile.” “What did he ‘out’ you for?”

Before Bakugou can speak, Todoroki comes up behind Shinsou and offers him a cookie. “Here.” The bi-colored boy states. “Oh, um, thank you. How did you-?” Todoroki points to another student, whose shaking, ice flaking off his skin. Shinsou blinks slowly before realizing that’s the person that was in front of him in the line. “Todoroki, you can’t just bully someone into giving you something!! Now I feel bad!” “It’s only a cookie…” Bakugou grumbles rather loudly, his arms crossed against his chest. “If it was ONLY a cookie, you wouldn’t have forced him to give it to you… you didn’t have to do that for me .” He walks to the boy to offer him back the cookie, leaving the two hot-heads alone.


The situation made Shinsou feel icky, especially once he realized Bakugou never told him what happened between Todoroki and Aizawa-Sensei.




“SHIN-CHAN~!!” Hagakure yelled, tackling the boy until he fell onto his desk. “Ready for today’s test~? Cus I’m not!!” Shinsou hummed at the invisible girl, tired.


It was the last period of the day, time treading extremely slow. Truthfully, Shinsou was tired of it, wanting the day to be over so he can just rest. He missed hanging with Bakugou. It’s been about a week and a half of the blonde avoiding him. He just wanted to embrace the other in a hug and tell him how much he wanted him to stay with him. Luckily, Todoroki has been a big help, keeping him company as he studied and trained. It made Shinsou feel lucky to have someone as caring as Todoroki as his friend.




Todoroki thinks he likes Shinsou.

Not in a friend-way, but as a ‘love’ way. It was confusing.


He wanted to kiss the boy, embrace him, praise him, and touch h-

Get your head out of the fucking gutter, Shouto.

The point was, he just loved the boy. Maybe not ‘in love,’ but it was close enough. Todoroki felt bad for Shinsou, the boy feeling neglected by Bakugou. Whenever Todoroki tried to approach the ash-blond, he was yelled at and then threatened. Most likely because Todorki told Aizawa-Sensei about Bakugou’s deafness.

Todoroki turned towards Shinsou as the boy whined slightly, face scrunched in feeling. The ravenette placed his pencil down slightly and laid his head on the desk, curling in on himself. The class stayed silent, everyone’s eyes wondering towards the boy. The silence was broken by an unexpected blonde.

“Hey.” Bakugou whispered, one of the first words he has spoken to Shinsou in a week. “Shinsou, the fuck’s wrong?”

The ravenette’s shoulders started to shake before he curled in tighter. “Nothing, take your test…”

“Shinsou, would you mind telling me why your head is down?” Aizawa’s dull voice fills the room, the tension being blanketed by it. “I said nothing… just stress, I’m fine.” The ravenette stood and grabbed his test with him, placing it on their Sensei’s desk, mumbling ‘done’ as he went back to his seat, curling in on himself again, shoulders tense and rigid.


“Back to your tests, everyone.” Aizawa says, looking over Shinsou’s test. Soon the class returns to a normal silence, except for the small whimpers heard from the purple-headed boy in the front.




“Shinsou.” Bakugou taps the boy’s shoulder, most of the class waiting behind for the boy. 

After a while, the boy fell asleep during the rest of the period, his quiet snores calming everyone’s nerves. Even Aizawa looked more visibly relaxed, wrapping Shinsou in his own hoodie from earlier that day.

“Maybe I should wake him.” Todoroki states, standing next to Bakugou. The blond growled, glaring at the bi-colored boy. “How about fuck no?” He then sets of explosions with his palms, facing them towards the ceiling. The ravenette everyone was watching jumped slightly at the noise, his heart beating faster than usual. He looks around at everyone and stands. “Sorry, I must’ve made you guys wait..”

Midoriya, who has been mumbling to himself the whole time, runs full force at Shinsou and gives him a massive hug. “EVERYONE WAS SO WORRIED, HITOCHAN!! Y-You were crying in class and you were whimpering, no one knew if you were okay! You weren’t even responding to Kacchan. Are you ok? Your eyebags are deeper! W-We can go to Recovery Girl and-” the forest green boy continued to mumble, holding Shinsou’s hand as he walked out of the classroom, carrying both their bags. Shinsou, too tired to respond, smiled a small smile as Midoriya drags him out of the classroom. “Sorry again.” He mumbles to the rest of the class.







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“HitoChan? Are you ok?”


Shinsou looks up at the broccoli boy in front of him and gives a nervous smile. He’s not ok, not at all really. The first words Bakugou has spoken to him in over a week was only because of Shinsou’s breakdown in class. Of course, what other excuse did he need to talk to him? Why would anyone even want to speak to him?... That being said, why was Midoriya even here?


“You can call me Izuku, HitoChan!”

“…ok. Um, Mi- Izuku, I’m sorry for causing you trouble. I didn’t mean to cause a scene…”

Midoriya frowned slightly before pulling Shinsou into his chest. He’s lucky they’re sitting on the bed or else this would have just been Midoriya snuggling HIS chest. Which would be weird, since Shinsou forgot his binder today for his (male) uniform. Midoriya petted down Shinsou’s hair as if his mat of hair was a cat.

It wasn’t comforting.

“You didn’t cause any trouble today, HitoChan. Speaking of today… why were you so upset… ”

Shinsou’s shoulders tense as his breath gets slightly ragged. He didn’t want to think about it, don’t think about it, don’t think, stopstopstop STOPSTOPSTOPTHINKING-


Shinsou holds his chest, balling his hands into fists, while his vision starts to blur. His hands start to claw at his arms, neck, knees, anything. He can’t feel, everything is out of wack, he can’t breathe, why can’t he breathe, where is he, did Izuku leave him, he did, why would he stay, USELESS, WORTHLESS, STOPSTOPSTOP-

“Kacchan, he’s here!”

Shinsou tries to figure out where his hands went, he needs to focus on something. Something is around his neck, he hears his voice in his head, blocking out the only reasoning he has. Dizzy, dizzy, air, where is he, whywhywhy whyWHYWHYWHY-

“Listen to my voice. Can you hear me?”

Someone grabs whatever was around his neck, he can see his hands again, where were they? He can’t tell who it is, it’s dark, blurry, he’s alone. Neck hurts, breathing is ragged, he feels tears rolling down his face, just like when he did it to him- nono noNONONOWHOISHEWHATSHAPPENING-

“There are two people, and then yourself, in this room. You were with De- Izuku. Can you see Izuku behind me?”

The person holds up two fingers, something Shinsou decides to focus on. Izuku,,, was in the room with him? Did he leave before?

Shinsou raises a shaking hand and points to Midoriya, slightly, keeping his eyes focused on the two fingers, after looking up. He doesn’t want to see what’s happening, he just wants to stop thinking about what he did to him.

“Tell me a single thing you can see.”

“F-Fingers. There...” Shinsou wrapped his hand around the other’s hand, he needs to feel something.

“Tell me two things you hear.”

“You... I c-can hear you a-and..”

“Can you hear Izuku mumbling?”

Mumbling..? He can’t, too much is swimming in his mind, he wants to stop, why can’t he focus?

“I… I c-can’t, can’t focus, eyes h-hurt-”

“You’re crying. I’ll make some noises for you to fuc- um, focus on. Ok?”

He nods slightly, focusing on his and the other person’s hand. He hears a shuffle, it’s faint. Then he hears a muffled, small, pop far from him.

“Did you hear those two sounds? There were only two.”


“What were the sounds?”

“A p-pop and some shuffling..”

Someone grabs his shoulders gently and he wanted to scream at them to getaway. But his voice was hoarse, he couldn’t tell what was happening, so he stays focused on his, now, alone hands, curled in front of him.

“Tell me three things you feel and then breath in time with me, ok?”

He nods before blinking slowly.

“I feel my hands, they’re i-in front of me.”

A nod from the other.

“I feel… your hands on my shoulders and..”

He blinks again, a small sigh escaping his lips before pulling them into a tight line.

“Um… I feel the bed I am.. sitting on.”

“Now take some breaths with me before laying down. I’ll count in seconds.”




“Breath in.”





“Breath out and repeat.”



Class 1A Work Chat

Rules: No cursing, for school work only, no inappropriate images, LISTEN TO IIDA WHEN TOLD SOMETHING, no cheating on work, click to read more


3:45 pm


Bakugou: IZUKU

Jirou: holy-

Todoroki: “Izuku?”

Mina: OOH spicy~




Todoroki: wait what happened?

Kirishima: Bakubro, you need to chill q.q


Midoriya: I DID NOT


Kirishima: I’m confused...

Mina: um, so, not spicy?


Midoriya: I didn’t know what to DO

Midoriya: I’m usually the one HAVING panic attacks not HELPING WITH THEM. That’s why I asked YOU, KACCHAN.

Jirou: Wait, is Shinsou ok??

Todoroki: Bakugou, are you sure it’s Midoriya’s fault?

Bakugou: Maybe it isn’t completely his fault but he had to have SAID something to cause that SHITSHOW

Midoriya: All I asked was why he was upset today!!

Kirishima: does that mean whatever happened was,,,


Bakugou: Tf you talking about, we know he’s not

Jirou: this is similar to how Bakugou used to act after the Kidnapping- right or wrong?


Bakugou: holy shit

Midoriya: Kacchan, you need to ask Shinsou what happened before last period!

Bakugou: WHY ME?

Todoroki: As much as I hate to say this, he trusts you. You should be the one to talk to him.

Bakugou: I can’t.

Kirishima: WHA, BRO WHY NOT?

Bakugou: ImtryingtofiguremyselfoutIdontthinkIcanDOTHATwhilebeingwithhim

Jirou: Holy mother of fuck, he has a crush on Shinsou.




Mina: Shinsou is one lucky dude, I can’t even get a boyfriend that I don’t want, you know, cus lesbians rule -.w-.

Jirou: we get it, you’re adorable .

Bakugou: I don’t know if I actually have a crush on him. I’m just- not ready to confront him.

Todoroki: I am so gonna hate myself for this, but, Shinsou misses you Bakugou. Stop ignoring him, he’s super stressed and SO FAR I’m sure he has a big crush on you as well.

Midoriya: I, truthfully, don’t think I have a chance.

Kirishima: he’s poly, you know that right?

Todoroki: holy shit.

Bakugou: so? He still needs to LIKE US fucking BACK, shitty hair.

Kirishima: have you guys seen the way he looks at you two?

Kirishima: like, sorry Midoriya, but Shinsou snuggles with these guys.

Bakugou: So? We just- do that.

Todoroki: I do not see how us having movie nights together confirms he likes us.

Jirou: better question: can you two tolerate each other dating Shinsou? I know for a FACT you two won’t date each other.

Bakugou: fuck no.

Todoroki: I do not wish to think of that.

Mina: Boys, start learning!

Jirou: if worst comes to shove, Shinsou won’t like you. Best comes, he wants to date BOTH OF YOU. AT THE SAME TIME.

Bakugou: but- IcyHot.

Todoroki: But, Bakugou.

Mina: So, you don’t wanna date Shinsou?


Todoroki: I wish to date Shinsou, yes.

Kirishima: Get.

Jirou: Used to.

Mina: Each other.

Bakugou: ugh, whatever, Shin’s waking up. See ya fuck-turds later.


Bakugou Katsuki has gone offline.


Todoroki: I shall go as well.


Todoroki Shouto has gone offline.


Mina: they are such losers lmao