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Worthy Love

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Here's the thing about fairy tales.

They're not as perfect as they may seem. No matter how perfect it sounds or how daring or romantic… it is almost never ever as perfect. No story ever is. Because the one that is about to be read is not like most beloved tales. At all. It has twists and turns. Protection and concern. Affection and yearn.

So our story begins in the past. Long ago. With a captive prince and worrying king. A strong warrior and true love that awaited him since his birth. In a beautiful kingdom, with a beautiful village, there was a prince. A prince who was born an angel. A prince that fell and was turned into a demon. A demon prince from a pure alpha line with nothing but ice in his heart towards his subjects. He hated his people. The man that sired him. His brothers in arms from other kingdoms, he despised as well. He hated everyone around him. The prince had no love in his heart. Not an ounce of care for even himself.

But that all changed when he met a beautiful omega in the marketplace.

One with a kind heart and beautiful voice.

The ice surrounding his heart slowly melted.

And the prince fell in love with the village girl.

After a year, he married her and a huge celebration united the prince and his people. A month after that, the demon king made her his queen when he was crowned the true king. And a year after that, the happy couple was blessed with the birth to a darling baby boy. The infant prince was born with tears in his eyes and cries that shook the palace walls. It broke the king's heart until he was able to hold the baby for himself. Hold the gentle boy that looked like his mother, but had his father's eyes and hair.

The king and queen were ecstatic to have a pup of their own. They named their son Magnus and vowed to do nothing but raise him with love, protection and care. At the age of three, the young child was presented as an omega, with wonderful and powerful magic like his father. But the king nor the queen cared of his second gender, they were just happy that they had a lovely little prince to raise and love.

The young prince grew into six years old. Hopping around the palace and playing with his mama and papa until his heart's content. Everything was happy in the kingdom. It was magical for the king and queen and their bundle of joy son.

But all good things have to come to an end. A tragedy struck to the king and queen. One that no one saw coming.

The king had awoken to find his wife and his son not with him inside the palace. When he investigated, he found his beautiful queen hanging in her old barn. Their son was crying below her. The king read the note that she left behind, learning that she ended her future so that she wouldn't become a disappointment of a queen. Filled with rage, sadness and fear, the king found everyone who ever made his wife feel insecure and burned them with his power.

The king scooped up his son, held him close to his chest and raised him, not wanting the memory of his wife to fade. He vowed that he would raise his son on his own, and never risk his life like his wife had.

Another twelve years had passed, and the prince was now eighteen. The young omega was spirited, flirtatious and excited about every new adventure that the world would unfold. It made his father happy to see him just as free spirited as his mother.

Then a few months after his birthday, he met a young alpha woman named Camille. The king was excited to see his son with someone who was seemingly good for him. But after a year of dating, Camille's true intentions were revealed. That she didn't love Magnus, but she loved his money and his title. The heartbroken and angry prince had Camille imprisoned while he cried in his father's lap.

He told him how much of a disappointment he would become if he just ruled with his heart. The king, filled with love for his son and wanting nothing more than protection, took him that night deep into the woods.

"Where you taking me papa?" Magnus asked, looking around at the beautiful way the moon lit up everything in sight.

"I am going to show you something my son. Something that will keep you from the same fate as your mother, hopefully." The king said as he walked deeper into the woods.

"Father… I may have been naive enough to believe Camille, but that's in the past. I will find a beautiful woman or a handsome man that will truly love me for me."

"Yes." The king said, turning around and looking at his son. "And when that worthy man or woman comes, than you will be set free."

Magnus raised his eyebrow. "Set free?"

The king raised his hands and muttered a curse. "You will be safe in this tower of vines. No matter how hard you try to end it, you will be protected inside it's confines. Food, drink and anything you need will grow just for you. And no matter what you do to cut the vines, you will never have a break through."

Magnus turned to run away from this curse that his father was casting. But vines sprout out from the ground and surrounded the prince. The king wiped tears from his eyes. The vines formed a wide oval prison. Trapping the prince inside of it. The king waved his hand as it opened a small window for him to see his son.

The omega prince was crying now. In fear and confusion. "Papa please! Please… please… please let me out! Papa!"

The king moved forward cupped his son's cheek. "I'm doing this to keep you safe. To protect you. People will hurt you. Take advantage of you! I can't... I won't have anything happen to you. Just like your mother! You'll be safe here from those who want you because of your money. Or title as prince. Or want you for sex because you're an omega."

"No! No, please! Papa please, don't do this to me! Let me out please!" Magnus begged, tears filling his eyes.

The king and continued his spell. "You will be protected, bottom to top by guards made from vine and thorn. The only one that will save you, the one made to love you they were born. And save you, they must find and pluck an enchanted rose hidden in the wood. Only then will you be free and able to share their livelihood."

"You can't do this!" the prince cries. "You can't just isolate me in here! Papa, please!"

"I will visit you every day. I promise." the king said. "I love you."

"This isn't love! This isn't protection! It's a cell!" the prince cried. "I'll break out of here. I'll use my magic! My power!"

"The spell is lined up with my magic. My power. No matter what you do or how hard you try, you will magic will not set you free."

"No… no! Father please!"

The king looked away from his boy, raising his magic. "I will return with provisions. A bed, blankets, some entertainment. I promise you."

The magic surrounded the vine prison that Magnus was confined in and it raised it up high into the sky. Magnus screamed in anger and fear as he was so high in the sky that he could look down at the trees and see his palace from afar. The king sighed from below. This is what had to be done to save his boy. He waves his hands and gigantic thorns formed on the vines holding the prison up.

The king turned around and shook his head. The huge vine and thorn guards emerged. His spell was perfect. It would work.

"No gets in. I spell this forest. That only the bravest will be able to find their way here and break my magic promise. And the prince cannot tell how to break my spell. My magic forbids it, your savior will discover it along with their battle."

The king sighed and walked away, hearing nothing but his only child's cries. 

The king returned to his kingdom, telling all of his subjects that the prince had gone off to properly mourn his mother's death. And that he will return one day with nothing but love in his heart. The king lived up to his promise and returned the next day to his son's tower of vines. The spell only recognized the demon king and his alpha scent. The vines morphed into a small swing, which the king sat on as it lifted him up to his son's prison.

"I have brought you some things." the king said, waving his magic as a bed appeared in the center of the prison, adorned with soft blankets and pillows. A bookshelf appeared on the left wall. "The books will change if you ask them to."

The prince just sat in the corner of his prison, head in between his knees. The king sighed.

"If there's anything else that you may need or want… don't be afraid to let me know. Or if you just want to talk to me-"

"I don't even want to look at you!" Magnus screamed. "If you're going to leave me here, than how about you get away and don't ever come back!"


"If this is what love is, I don't want it! I don't fucking want it! I'll lock away my own heart and curse myself with a frozen heart!" Magnus said, standing up and raising his hand to conjure his magic. But nothing came. "What?"

"I didn't want you to hurt yourself… like you're mother did…"

The prince screamed and punched the wall. The demon king raised his hand and the vines wrapped around his wrists, covering his hands in some sort of mittens. Magnus pulled to get them off.

"The magic will stop you if you try to hurt yourself!" The king cried.

"I hate you!" The omega cried. "I hate you! I hate you! Go! Get out of here!"


"If you're going to entrap me in here than leave me alone and never come back. I never want to see you again!"

The king pulled his hand away and waved his magic. He left the tower, with the prince still inside. And a curse still yet to be broken.

Six years later…

"Alright, one last try."

"You said the last twenty times I kicked your ass."

"This time I mean it. You win, my treat at Hunter's Moon. As many drinks as you want."


The blonde knight, stood up straighter and held up his blade. The other knight laughed. No matter what his dear friend did, he wasn't going to win. He stayed still as he watched his best friend charge at him. Blade held up. He dropped his own blade and dropped down to the floor. He grabbed his friend's ankle as he slid down the floor. The blonde knight fell down face first on the mat.

"That hurt?" the knight asked.

"You think?" the blonde responded.

"Still not giving up?"

"No… I haven't been bested yet!"

The blonde stood up and picked up his blade. The other knight chuckled, but his smiled immediately faded as he looked forward. He dropped his blade, placed one arm behind his back and one on his stomach and he bowed. 

"Lady Clary."

The blonde's eyes widened and he turned over to greet the young lady. In his haste at the distraction, the other knight grabbed him and pinned his arms behind his back, his own blade back in his hands and pressed against the blonde's throat. He growled.

"That's not fair."

"Neither is any battle Jace. But I win. You owe me a cider. And I believe as per your words, as many ciders as I want."

Jace pushed away and adjusted his armor. "You just won. Again. Damn, you're so good."

"Thank you."

"Okay, I don't get you. You are literally the best knight here… and you still prefer to do routine patrols around the forest?"

"What can I say? I enjoy being close to home."

Jace mimicked his friend's voice. "I enjoy being close to home. I also enjoy never ever using my talent to save the kingdom! Come on Al."

"What?" he stated, picking up the blades and placing them on the rack. "I enjoy staying here at home. Near the palace. Where everything is visible and the same."

"You're no fun. What I would kill for some adventure."

"What kind of adventure are you trying to get into that you don't already have here with Clary?"

"The Lady Clary and I are just in a secret courtship until her father is okay with our union."

"You sound like Simon."

"We're just keeping our relationship on a low level. Just for a little while. You know how her father is with her. Especially with the knights." Jace said. "But back to you Alec, what about adventure for you? A thrilling case? A damsel in distress?"

"Nope. Not for me." Alec said honestly, pulling off his heavy armor and than his shirt. Sweat was dripping from the shirt and onto his skin. His perfectly formed washboard abs on full display in the sun. Jace joking whistled at him. Alec laughed, throwing his sweat drenched shirt right at his face.

Jace gagged as he pulled it off his face. He turned to jokingly throw it across the training field, but just threw it back at his friend and brother.


"No, no. You and Clary dream of adventure beyond the palace walls. I don't. I am happy here." Alec said, wiping his sweat from his face.

Jace chuckled at his friend, but nodded in respect of him. He walked over to him, but stopped. "Is that the king?"

Alec raised his eyebrows and turned over. The training area of the palace was just outside of the palace. Open space right by the gardens. From there you could see the windows of some rooms and who might be inside. Jace was looking at one of the high windows. At a man that looked young for his age. Looked like he was in his mid thirties when in reality he was around his fifties. His eyes were red and puffy and he had a sad, stoic look on his face and he looked out the glass. Alec looked over at him.

"No one's seen the king in years. It's got to be some other noble." Alec said.

"No… that has to be the king. Look at him." Jace said pointing.

Alec sighed and did as he was told, turning back and looking at the broading man staring through the glass. The man had on a tall silver crown with jewels embellished inside of the metal. Everyone knew that that was the kings crown. Even though no one had seen the royal in a long time, they knew who that crown belonged to. No one else wore it. Alec eyed the king and his sad look. He had dark circles underneath his eyes and he looked like he hadn't slept since he was born.

"He seems so sad." Alec said, looking back at Jace.

"Rumor has it that his son committed suicide just like his mother." Jace said.

Alec slapped his shoulder. "Don't say that! That's just gossip. You shouldn't listen to those dumb rumors. Especially about the king. You don't know it to be true."

"What else could make an alpha king so sad? The loss of his wife and his only pup?"

"Enough Jace. Don't say those things." Alec snapped, a growl in his voice.

Jace instantly shut his mouth. Alec nodded at him and turned away from the somber king. They left their armor in the ground and left.

Alexander Lightwood was born of alpha Robert Lightwood and beta Maryse Lightwood. Born of a pregnancy that was nothing but a miracle. People usually say the betas cannot birth alphas. But Maryse proved them wrong with her first child. An alpha pup. Maryse raised her son with charm, grace and love. Alec took on his mother's loving and protecting role with his baby sister Izzy, who was born a beta, and when his brother Jace was adopted, who was also an alpha. Alec's father raised him to know that he was an alpha and would one day take over his family.

Alec's mother had nothing but love for all of her children. But his father, on the other hand, grew to hate his children, angry that they were never going to take on a high status role at the palace like he had once. Alec was beaten from age four to seven, until mother had his father arrested for domestic abuse and exiled by the king himself. Alec from that point on, chose to protect his family and those around him. To never let anyone hurt others like he had been hurt by the man who was supposed to love him unconditionally. Which is why he always stayed inside of the kingdom. Just in case his family was ever in danger. Or he needed to protect others.

Alec rode his horse over to the Lightwood cottage a bit far off from the village. It was close to the waters of the lake and a bit closer to the village if they ever required some items. Alec pulled his horse over to the stables that he and his mother built when he was ten and jumped off of his horse. As he did, a little animal jumped up onto his legs. Jace chuckled from the saddle of his own horse. Alec knelt down and kissed the small, adorable, beige dog.

"Hey there!" Alec said, scratching behind her ears. "Hey there Angel. How are you girl?"

"I'm still shocked that Maryse let you keep that dog." Jace said as he hopped off his saddle. Angel ran over and jumped up for Jace's attention. "Hey girl! Hey!"

"She's a lot like you and I. Loving and protecting." Alec said with a chuckle, whistling Angel over. "Hey sweetie. How's Izzy? Can you take me to her?"

Angel barked happily and ran over to the back of the cottage. Jace and Alec followed the beagle. Angel led them to the backyard, where both Izzy and Maryse were. Maryse was busy creating a fire while her daughter laid on the grass with her shirt pulled up from her swollen belly. Maryse turned over to find Angel barking. She smiled widely. The woman very authoritatively held her hand up, signaling Angel to sit. Angel sat down as she as told and wagged her tail. Her tounge sticking out of her mouth as she waited for someone to speak with her and give her an order or something to do.

"Good girl." Maryse said, handing her a piece of flap meat. She turned over to her sons. "Hello boys."

"Hey mom." Alec said, hugging his mother and kissing her temple. Alec looked over and saw his sister laying on the grass. "Hello Isabelle."

"Sshh!" Izzy snapped at her older brother.

"Hey, why are you yelling at me? I just got here." Jace said.




"Excuse me, I am your older brother." Alec stated with a fake bossy tone.

"Well excuse me, but I'm heavily pregnant and missing my mate!" Izzy snapped back, laying her head back down on the grass.

"Damn." Jace said. "Why don't you listen to her already? She makes a valid point Al."

"Pay her no mind boys." Maryse said. "She's been hormonal since this morning. Once she gets over to Simon's tomorrow, she'll be just fine."

"How much longer until I get to meet my nephew?" Jace asked, sitting next to Izzy said stroking her hips in comfort.

"Not too long. Two or three more days hopefully. Or maybe a week at most." Izzy said. "Then you can meet Gabriel."

"You're naming the baby Gabriel?" Maryse asked, as she placed more wood inside the growing flame. "I thought that you were going to name him Nicolas just yesterday."

"And I thought that you were going to name him Henry two fortnights ago." Alec added.

"Yes. I am the pregnant beta. I decide my baby's name. And I can change his name whenever I choose to." Izzy stated.

"Good point." Mayrse said.

Angel barked in agreement.

"Besides. Simon wanted our son's name to be Anakin from a book he read me the day we met."

"That beta reads way to many books." Jace said, whistling Angel over to ruffle his ears. 

Alec looked over at his sister. "I'm excited to be an uncle. And the name is beautiful."

"Very angelic my sweet daughter. Very fitting for such a perfect baby." Maryse said, sitting down beside her daughter.

Alec smiled at his mother. He turned over and looked at his pregnant sister. His eyes went to the mating bite resting on her left shoulder.

The knight would never admit it, to anyone but himself and probably Angel, but he envied his baby sister. She had found love. Sure, it was in the form of the annoying bookworm and squire named Simon Lewis. But it was who his sister loved. And who loved his sister back. Alec had always wanted love.

He's always wanted a mate to love and hold. Alec was once in love when he was younger. With Jace. It was back when he was first adopted and they slowly started to become brothers. Alec thought that he and Jace would one day be close enough to become mated. But he learned that he was never really in love with the blonde alpha and that he wasn't what he wanted. Alec still wants love. Someone to love and hold. Alec looked up at the sun as he rubbed his sister's knuckles reassuringly. He hoped and prayed to the angels that one day… that they would allow him to be able to find a mate. Whether they be alpha, beta or omega. He hoped that he would have something beautiful and romantic.

If only he knew that what he dreamed of, was closer than he ever expected.