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Important information below, do not skip!
This story takes place entirely in South Korea.
But to better understand why the characters behave the way they do,
regional synopsis is required.

North Region

Also known as Seoul

Composed, Intelligent

Gentle, Empathetic

(Mostly) Ideal

No Segregation

Not Important.
A/B/O will not lose credibility because of their rank.

Cannot mate again after bonding.

Omegas present at 13 [mandatory]
Alphas present at 18

Illegal and prohibited.

East Region

Also known as Busan

Violent, Reserved, Possessive

Cheerful, Dimwitted

Notoriously dysfunctional

No Segregation

Highly Important.
A/B/O will lose credibility because of their rank.

Can mate again after bonding.
Optional to have multiple partners.

Ranks decide when they present.


West Region

Also known as Gwangju

Boastful, Protective

Innocent, Quiet


Elementary and Middle School Segregation

Semi Important.
A/B/O can gain or lose their credibility.

Cannot mate again after bonding.

Ranks present at 13 [mandatory]

Illegal but common

Universal Information

Relevant to Every Region

Omegas Presenting at 13:
x After presenting, Omegas are released to the care of their Omega Mothers/Fathers, or any Omega relative.
x They can take online classes to learn what they would have throughout the four years in highschool, but most are homeschooled.
x Monthly Sex Seminars to educate them about what they'll go through as they mature.
x They go straight to college when they turn 18.

Omegas Presenting at 18:
x Attend high school on ground.
x Optional Sex Seminars. Most take sex education classes at school.
x At a much higher risk of sexual assault. 
x Are always scent protected by their Alpha family members.

Pups and Scents (Alphas and Omegas):
x Will smell of a mix of their parent's scents until the age of 10. Some will smell sweet like an Omega and some will smell musky like an Alpha.
Their smells when they're born do not determine what they'll present as.
x At age 10, the parents' scent will begin to fade, and the pup's scent will become more prominent.
x Many pups are killed or put up for adoption after getting their scent.
Pups are very receptive to other scents. An Alpha scenting another Alpha's pup is a show of aggression.

Pups and Scents (Betas):
x Born with their scent.
x Their scents do not grow stronger or fade completely like an A/O.
x Can have various scents at once.
x Not receptive to other scents.

Marking (Skin Bond):
A bite left on the wrist, clavicle, or above the scent gland.
x Used to show dominance over a rival or claim over an Omega.
x Deep enough to leave a mark, but will fade after two weeks.

Marking (Scent Bond):
A bite left on the nape of the neck.
x Usually acquired through sex.
x Considered more intimate than a skin bond.
x The Omega who is bitten will have traces of the Alpha's scent in their own scent.
(i.e if JK bites Tae, Tae's lavender scent will hold traces of oak.)
x Both the Alphas scent and the mark will fade after a month.

Marking (Blood Bond):
A bite left on the scent gland.
x The most intimate of markings.
x As painful as a needle prick for an Omega, but highly painful for an Alpha.
x A/B/O have a sac tucked under their tonsil, filled with a hormone that affects part, but not all, of the endocrine system. Mostly mood.
x Much like a snake, when they bite, they'll release this hormone into the bitten's bloodstream.
x This hormone causes the bitten to be sometimes involuntarily submissive or otherwise excited when the biter or the biter's scent is around.
i.e If Jungkook bites Tae, Tae will be more receptive to his scent and more docile to his requests or demands.

Protectors and Protectees:
x A Protector Alpha is an Alpha that has taken over the guardian role for another A/B/O.
x If the protectee has a mental break, due to stress or harm, be it physical, emotional, or mental, the Alpha will become visibly agitated and aggressive.
x The slightest change in the protectees scent can set off this aggressive Alpha nature.
x They will fight anyone, and it won't cease until the protectee shows a sign of protest or discomfort at the Alpha's actions.

Healing and Scarring:
x Alphas and Betas can take severe beatings and be able to walk away from it after.
x Only when there is damage to the brain, the heart, or the throat will they not be able to recover.
x The skin will scab over if left alone, and will fade after a few months.
x If picked at or irritated in any way, it will fade, but leave a scar.
x Omegas are strong, but do not heal without care. If they are badly beaten, they can die from the damages they sustain.