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Why do you hate me so

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Evan sat on his blue bed cuddled up with Connor, who had been his boyfriend of 3 years already. They were taking a break year before college, still deciding where to go, Evan wanted to be a Teen Psychologist, Connor a Criminologist. Evan snuggled into his boyfriend more when the door opened slowly, it was Heidi

¨Ev, your aunts are going to be here in about 5 minutes, wanted to give you some warning¨ She smiled at the sight of the two lovers cuddling. They were so cute together!

¨Thanks Mom¨ Evan replied, his voice muffled in the cotton of Connors hoodie. Slowly he got up and stretched, tugging on Connor to do the same. When they were both standing, Evan brushed out Connors hair and then his own. Evan gave him a quick kiss and said

¨My aunts are very overwhelming, don´t feel scared, I haven´t come out to them either. So just keep us dating on the DL until I tell them. Got it?¨

¨Yes sir¨ they walked downstairs holding hands, Connor brought Evan´s hand up to his mouth and gave it a peck before letting go. They had reached the bottom of the stairs and saw Heidi talking with two women, a bit younger than her. Evan smiled at them when they noticed the two boys descending down the stairs. The first one got up, a very sweet looking young lady. She hugged Evan and asked ¨Who is this young man?¨

¨This is my Boyfriend, Connor, Aunt Katy.¨ Katy squealed and introduced herself to Connor, excited to meet him. After she had sat back down they kept walking to the living room. The next woman got up and gave Evan a hug, asked the same question as Katy. Evan replied again ¨This is Connor, Aunt Lucy, My boyfriend.¨ Lucy dropped her glass, it shattered on the floor and wine seeped into the cracks between planks of wood. Evans heart started racing, something was desperately wrong.

¨No Nephew of mine will be a Faggot, I can´t believe this kind of behavior! What was I thinking, you Whore, coming over here and giving you a HUG!¨ Lucy screamed at them both. ¨I bet his boyfriend is a slut too!¨ she brought her hand up and smacked Evan across the cheek, who was definitely going to have a panic attack.

Connors face went red, he was furious at this woman, slapping his boyfriend, and her nephew. He opened his mouth and gave her a piece of his mind, ¨You Bitch! Your nephew is just trying to have a good time and you asshole just can´t seem to get over Evan´s sexual orientation.¨ Evan seemed like he was having considerable trouble breathing now, Connor picked him up, bridal style, and walked out of the house. Running to his truck, got Evan in the passenger seat, and drove away, as fast as he could with out getting pulled over. When he finally made it back to his house, he got Evan out as fast as he could and carried him up the stairs to his room, Evan was sobbing at this point and curling into Connor. Connor sat down on his bed and traced triangles on Evans back, trying to get his breathing back on track. Someone knocked on the door and opened it after no response, Larry looked at his Son, and almost son, and pained to see them like this, Connor looked up, tears forming in his eyes, crying for his hurting boyfriend. Larry said nothing, just sat down with the boys and gave them a big bear hug. Soon after, Zoe must have heard the commotion and came in and sat down in the pile, Alana following her. Evan had calmed down and was hugging everyone back. Cynthia came in, must have noticed the rare quietness in her house and wrapped her large arms around everyone, Zoe soon extracted an arm from the hug and called someone, not saying who it was. After 30 minutes, Jared busted through the door with piles of blankets and snacks filling his wide arms to the brim. Cynthia and Larry left the room, and the rest of the teenagers let go. Except Connor, who had a death grip on his cutie. Jared threw a pack of gummy bears at them.

¨Get off each other love-birds¨

Connor just hissed at him. Everyone thinks he was a snake in his past life.

They ended up watching movies all night. Then Evan went home, to find both of his Aunts still there, Lucy glaring at him, but Heidi promised she wouldn´t lay a hand on Evan. But Evan still hid out in his room until dinner.