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None Like This

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At age 28, Rhett thought he had it all figured out. He graduated top of his class at Harvard Law, immediately got a job at his dad’s law firm McLaughlin & Neal, and worked his way up to first year associate. He’s confident, he looks good in his suit; he feels great. The other associates flock to him right away, becoming fast friends with the naming partner’s son. Rhett doesn’t mind how much they want to impress him.

That is until the new first year associate comes waltzing in. He’s at least six feet tall, has shaggy dark hair, striking blue eyes, and nerdy looking glasses. His suit fits a little weird on his body, like he found it on the rack and said to hell with it because it was cheap. Rhett is transfixed.

“Um, hi, hello,” the guy stammers. He adjusts his tie with shaky hands. “I’m trying to find my cubicle, I’m new.” He sticks a hand out for Rhett to shake. Rhett grins and takes it, loves how much smaller it is in his own hand. The guy is pretty.

I think I’ll call him Blue Eyes, Rhett thinks.

“Hi there,” Rhett drops the guy’s hand and points over his shoulder towards the empty cubicle across from his. “This must be yours. I was wonderin’ who was gonna take over Gregg’s spot.” He spins around and leads Blue Eyes to the empty space. “I’m Rhett by the way, Rhett McLaughlin.”

Blue Eyes frowns and drops his hand quickly. “You’re the naming partner’s son?” He looks worried and angry all at once. His brows knit together in a frown before smoothing over and plastering on a fake smile. So it’s going to be that way then.

“Uh, yeah. Is that a problem?” Rhett asks. He groans internally when the guy rolls his eyes.

“Only if you’re as a big of a douche as your dad,” Blue Eyes says gruffly. Rhett’s face turns red in anger, his temper flaring hot.

“Hey, now--” Rhett sputters and balls his fists by his side. Some of the other associates standing around snicker, until Rhett turns his glare on them and they stop, clearing their throats loudly. “Here, let’s get you settled. What’s your name?” He’s being overly polite now, trying his best to sweep the comment under the rug, but then Blue Eyes introduces himself.

“Link, Link Neal.”

Rhett’s eyes widen. Link smirks as he slings his things onto the back of his new chair.


The rest of the morning is tense. Rhett comes to realize quickly that Link is a try hard, a goody two shoes, a fucking daddy’s boy. He’s nervous and jittery and his accent thickens when he gets flustered around somebody; usually it’s one of the other associates, mostly it’s Rhett that gets him riled up.

Rhett glares at the back of his head every chance he gets. Link is efficient, Rhett gives him that, but he’s trying too hard already. He throws a wadded up piece of paper in Link’s general direction and it bounces off his head. Rhett laughs when Link spins around too fast, chair wobbling, and throws the paper back.

“Ass,” Link mumbles and goes back to work.

Rhett rolls his eyes. If it were anybody but Link fucking Neal, if it were anybody but the other partner’s son, then Rhett wouldn’t have a problem with the guy. He’s supposed to be the golden boy, he’s supposed to be the one that everybody loves and wants to impress because daddy holds half of the power. But now there’s two golden boys and Rhett doesn’t know how to feel.

He has heard the stories of how much the McLaughlins and Neals hate each other. He’s heard of the rivalries that lead them to becoming partners and open their own firm right here in Los Angeles, starting up a business that quickly rose to the top because they were that good together. They get the big clients, the big money, and they flaunt it every chance they get; even if that means hating each other.

Rhett is fully prepared to continue the rivalry in his dad’s place. Besides, he already despises Link, no matter how little they know about each other.

Later when Rhett is enjoying his lunch, Tim comes waltzing in with a big smile on his face. He flops into the chair next to Rhett and unpacks his lunch, still grinning.

“What’s your problem?” Rhett mumbles around his sandwich. It’s bland and boring, but his momma made it for him so he’s going to eat it if kills him.

“That new guy, Link,” Tim starts. He unwraps a sandwich and digs into his chips to start eating. Rhett waits impatiently. “You know, the other partner’s son? The one you despise already?”

Rhett huffs in annoyance. “Oh him, the jittery one with glasses?” He scoffs and rolls his eyes, takes a big bite of his sandwich. “He’s harmless. I wouldn’t worry about him.” He grins at Tim.

Tim laughs loudly, head thrown back, but his laughter stops when he looks to the doorway. Rhett follows his gaze and sees Link standing in the door, mouth turned down in a frown, and skin flushing in anger. He would feel bad, would feel stupid for hating somebody he doesn’t even know, but he doesn’t and he won’t. Link turns on his heel and stalks off back to the cubicles.

Tim whistles low, eyebrows raised. “Somebody’s gonna get it,” he whispers in amusement. Rhett throws his napkin across the table and laughs when it hits Tim in the nose.

“Shut up, man!”

The end of the day finally arrives. Rhett is tired and his limbs feel too heavy for his body, but he’s happy. He’s worked hard to get here and he’ll be damned if he lets the exhaustion get the better of him. So he shakes it off and packs up his things at the same time every day.

Today is no exception. He snatches up his bag, cuts off the lamp over his computer, and trudges out of the associate’s den. Most of the space has cleared out already; Link’s cubicle has been empty for a long time. Rhett doesn’t fret over it.

He waves to Tim on the way past the elevators and to the restrooms. Only a handful of people still linger in their offices, lamps on low and expensive scotch open. Rhett waves to every single one of them as he passes. His last stop before reaching the bathroom is his dad’s office. Usually by now his dad has left to wine and dine his momma at an expensive restaurant, but tonight he’s still mulling over some files on his desk.
“Hey, dad,” Rhett calls. His dad jerks up in surprise and smiles big and wide.

“Rhett,” he says back, formal as always.

“You’re still here? This late?” Rhett glances at the fancy clock behind his dad’s desk. It’s past nine already.

“Big case coming up. Heard you met Neal’s boy?” His dad glances up at Rhett, eyes shining over his glasses, and smile on his face. “What’d you think?”

Rhett suppresses his grin and shrugs. “He’s alright. A little uptight, but he works hard,” Rhett says honestly. He can at least admit that the guy works just as hard as everyone else. He may be uptight and a goody two shoes, but he’s no slacker, and for that Rhett is glad. If he’s going to have competition then he needs to make sure that competition can work on his level.

His dad laughs. “I’ll see you at home, son.” He waves and goes back to his files, face serious and smile free.

Rhett says his goodbye and leaves the office, heading straight for the bathroom. He likes this bathroom; it’s a nice one that only partners get to use, but at night it’s empty and blessedly silent so he can go in peace before the long drive home. Sighing, he drops his bag outside the door and glances around before walking in.

Rhett skitters to a halt. There, leaning over the sink, is Link. He’s fluffing up his hair and making faces in the mirror. Dork, Rhett thinks. He tries not to laugh but a snort works its way out and Link nearly falls backwards in his surprise.

“What the fuck, man?” Link curses. He clears his throat and straightens up his button down; it’s a nice baby blue that compliments his eyes. The shirt is too big just like the rest of his suit, but Rhett can’t help to think that it fits the other man’s style. “Knock next time, would ya.”

“It’s a public bathroom,” Rhett replies. “Well, for the partners anyway. Technically we shouldn’t even be in here.” He points between the two of them and Link rolls his eyes with a huff.

“I’ll just go then.” Link grabs his things, slinging his jacket over his bag, and hurries towards the door, but Rhett is blocking it. He startles when Rhett doesn’t move. “Move, Rhett.”

Rhett snickers. “No.” He shoves his hands in his pockets and rocks on his shoes, amused.

“Come on, man. I’m tired and ready to go home.” Link’s voice is whiny and his accent strong. The sound shoots straight to Rhett’s cock, surprising him and wiping the smile right off his face. Panicking a little, Rhett steps into Link’s space. Link backs up, blush blooming over his cheeks prettily. Interesting.

“You know, if you want to fit in here, Link, you should stop being so nervous when someone talks to you.” Rhett reaches up to wipe invisible lint off his own suit, smoothing it down in the process and hoping he looks calm. He doesn’t know why he’s saying it but it’s happening and there’s no stopping it.

You know,” Link mocks, “I could just go to my dad and complain about the brat in the cubicle next to mine.” He raises an eyebrow and Rhett smirks. “My dad is the other half of this firm in case you forgot.” Link smirks right back, challenging him.

So he’s going to play that game, huh? Rhett thinks to himself.

“And my dad is the better half of the firm,” Rhett counters. He steps further into Link’s space. Link staggers back, Rhett’s height overtaking him quickly, and Rhett laughs, kind of mean and a little rough around the edges.

“Your dad’s a dick,” Link’s voice comes out strangled. His blush is high on his cheeks, a pretty pink tinged with red, and Rhett groans quietly. “And so are you.” He pokes Rhett in the chest and Rhett grabs his wrist, squeezing slightly. “I really don’t like you,” Link says, breathy.

“I really don’t like you,” Rhett remarks and squeezes Link’s wrist one more time before dropping it. He swallows hard at the arousal clear as day in Link’s eyes, pupils wide and dark in the low light of the restroom. “You’re a goody two shoes,” he says and Link reaches around him to lock the door.

Link glares. Suddenly, in a show of strength that surprises Rhett, Link shoves Rhett against the door and drops to his knees. “I’ll show you goody two shoes,” Link growls, and Rhett thunks his head against the door, mouth dropping open when Link roughly undoes his belt. He gets it unbuckled and his pants unbuttoned, followed by the zipper.

Sucking in a breath, Rhett rocks his hips forward. He’s half hard already in his nice pants and only getting more turned on the more Link works at his bottoms. Link grabs the waistband of both pants and underwear and yanks them down, just enough to get them around Rhett’s hips. He pauses, staring up at Rhett and Rhett stares back, breathing ragged, chest heaving.

“Well?” Rhett questions. Link is hovering, breath hot on Rhett’s dick, smirk on his lips as he watches Rhett’s face. “Thought you were gonna show me--” He’s cut off by Link wrapping a hand around him and running his tongue around the head, hand pumping and lips working to coax Rhett to full hardness.

Link hums in satisfaction. The vibrations are delicious and Rhett moans loudly, but realizes fast that he can’t be loud. His dad or any other stragglers could walk by and hear them so he digs his teeth into his knuckles to stifle the moans. Link doesn’t stop. He slowly works his mouth and tongue down Rhett’s shaft. It’s so good Rhett might combust before they get very far.

Rhett cards his free hand into Link’s shaggy hair, gets his fingers tangled in the dark strands so he can help guide Link’s mouth the way Rhett wants. Link hums again, runs his tongue up the underside, mouths his way back down and leaves a trail of spit behind. He glances up at Rhett with dark eyes and Rhett moans against his hand, eyes fluttering closed when Link wraps his lips back around the head of his cock and sucks.

Rhett gets lost in it. Link is so good; he bobs his head in time with his hand, uses his tongue in a way that suggests he’s done this many times before. The thought causes Rhett to buck his hips forward, drive his cock into Link’s hot mouth so far the other man gags and has to pull away.

Rhett drops his hand to apologize. Link laughs wickedly and smirks before engulfing Rhett in wet heat again, lips shiny with spit and precum as he hollows his cheeks on the way down. He removes his hand to hold onto Rhett’s hips and dig his fingers into soft skin.

“Link, fuck,” Rhett pants as he rolls his hips forward against Link’s hold. He still has a hand in Link’s hair so he uses it to anchor himself and twist his hips just right, just enough that he’s pushing his cock deep into Link’s mouth and throat. This time Link takes it easily and swallows around him. The feeling of being engulfed in Link’s hot mouth, spit dribbling down to his balls, is enough to have Rhett on the edge.

“You take it so good for a goody two shoes,” Rhett mocks. He groans when Link pinches his hips and hollows his cheeks one more time, sucking hard as he works his way up Rhett’s cock, only to slide right back down and take him deeper.

Without warning Rhett is tensing up, hips stuttering, release making his abs clench tightly. He cums down Link’s throat so hard he sees stars, the edges of his vision darkening, and eyes rolling upwards; he swears he loses it for a moment. Link is moaning around him. It’s a filthy sound that makes his stomach tighten.

Finally Rhett can breathe enough to pull his spent cock out of Link’s mouth. Link sighs in satisfaction and when he looks up at Rhett his lips are shiny and swollen, puffed up into a perfect pout. He stands on shaky legs, dragging Rhett’s clothes along with him, and grins at Rhett.

“Who’s the goody two shoes now?” Link asks teasingly. Rhett looks him over, sees the erection tenting his pants, the muss of his hair, the shiny poutiness of his lips. It’s obscene and nothing like the jittery, dorky looking associate that walked in this morning.

Rhett does up his button and zipper and leans into Link’s space, hand cupping him through his pants. Link gasps and whimpers when Rhett squeezes him, reaching out to grip his arms.

Smirking, Rhett presses his lips close to the shell of Link’s ear, gets him good and shivery with just his breath, before kissing it lightly.

“I still don’t like you.”