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All Mine or Die

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She wanted power.

She got what she wished for but now she would forevermore be tied to this blank world of her own creation.

Only her imagination could compare to the vast possiblities of her world.

But it bored her.

She could twitter around and make large mounds of gold or make at her fingertips a dragon breathing down her neck.

She could puzzles, mazes, and adventures at the simple though, but when you are the creator you already know the answer.

Adventures and quests are only fun when the outcome is already unknown.

And who wants to solve a puzzle they already created?

No, she was bored. 

For she had the world in her palm, she could no create true life.

True, moving, and breathing sentient life to make decisions on their own.

She may have been the supreme ruler of her world, but she had no control over life.

So she watched.

Before she was locked away she was given access to the world through a large piece of glass, and she could watch the worlds around her wither away knowing she could never control life beyond her world.

What a dizzying thought, life in the prison.

So she watched.

But she schemed.

She had tried to escape, know was the time to bring others to her.

She had no idea if she could influence the outside world the slightest bit she might as well try for the worlds that already jumped and greeted each other. 

The undertale AU’s with the skeletons where the perfect option.

But she knew no one would submit to her willingly so she tested an idea she had seen in another world, one that would make them submit against their will.

With a little twist in her magic and changing the atmosphere, her experiments worked.

The claiming mark and magic seeped into her system. 

She let the magic fly through the air an warp her world as her will wished.

Anyone who would come in wouldn’t have a choice once she had claimed them, the process of leaving a bit mark deep enough to mix with the monsters inner magic.

And if her experiments with the atmosphere were correct, they wil have no choice to submit in any way she chooses once they were hers.

But it had been a long time since she had played a game with anyone, and where was the fun in claiming everyone?

She wanted a fight.

She wanted to hunt.

She wanted prey.

So she set to work, creating a moving maze.

The walls shifted and turned and no path was the same twice, confusing and perfect.

Then she created safe areas, unmoving pieces of land of trees, desert, mountains, villages, or dungeons that would remain in place while the maze moved around, but it would be so much easier to get caught.

Finally she made herself a mansion.

She prided herself on the different types of dungeons she set up and all the cells to hold who she claimed.

She wil never be lonely again.

She turned to watch the glass and the skeletons though it.

“Soon” she whispered.


She couldn’t reach them with her hands, she couldn’t snag them out of their homes.

So she did the next best thing.

She invaded their dreams.

In the creases of their minds she planted ideas.

She knew they would be curious. 

She knew it be dangerous

She was hoping it would be.

She gave them numbers.

She gave them times, and dates, and location.

But she didn’t tell them why. 

They needed to figure out for themselves.

Then she watched on her mirror.

And readied the dungeons. 

And readied her toys.

She watched skeletons work on a special machine.

None of them aware of the trap she laid out for them.

And then one day the machine worked. 

She grinned. 

In a flash, a bright painful flash that rippled her whole world, the world settled and she could see lying unconscious on the ground were the 17 skeletons she set out to own.

She whispered, and suddenly they awoke.

“Let the games begin.”