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Cherry Blossom Clash (起死回生)

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"SHANNARŌ!!" A tiny fist connected with the 4-year-old boy's nose. There was an audible crunch.

He burst into tears and ran off holding his bleeding nose. The 3-year-old with a slight tan and a messy mop of light pink hair winced. She then scowled. I'm not sorry for punching him!! I feel guilty for making him cry and breaking his nose, but I'm not sorry for it. "I won't apologise! Heck no!"

"Okay," a light-skinned 3-year-old whose purple boar hairpin kept her chin-length, platinum blonde hair's fringe off her face. "I guess you're not a bud after all, Sakura!"

"Eh? You mean it?!" Haruno Sakura asked, light forest green eyes widening with hope.

Yamanaka Ino nodded. "Yeah. ...You're like a weed!" she said with a smirk.

Sakura's smile was instantly replaced by a scowl. "INO!!" She promptly tackled the blond, who yelled "Ouch!!" at Sakura's rectangular goggles (with a single bright red rim and a single pale green-tinted glass) hitting Ino's forehead on accident because of the tackle. Sakura was wearing the goggles atop her head in a way that left her slightly-larger-than-average forehead uncovered by her fringe.

Next to them, a sunkissed 3-year-old sat with his hands against the ground and sky blue eyes staring in utter confusion at the two toddlers now wrestling. Ino succeeded in pinning Sakura, who stuck her tongue out at the other girl. Ino let go and Sakura sat up.

The latter turned around to face the little boy with her knees on the ground. "If anyone else ever tries to bully you, I'll punch them too!! You're safe with me," Sakura said with a grin hidden by a dark red cloth mask that covered her lower face. She then ruffled his short-cropped spikes of golden blonde hair.

He stared at her, mouth still hanging open. She closed it for him. He promptly rubbed one of his whiskered cheeks with one hand. "Why...? Why'd ya help me?" he asked in a confused tone of voice.

Sakura shrugged. "Last week Ino saved me from bullies. The least I can do is protect someone else from bullies too. My name is Haruno Sakura, what's yours?" she asked while pulling her goggles over her eyes.

He blinked, then gave a wide grin while pumping one fist into the air. "I'm Uzumaki Naruto!!"

"And I am Yamanaka Ino," the other blond added, looking at him.

Sakura stood up, grabbed both of them by a hand and pulled them up. She pushed up her goggles back to the top of her head.

Ino grabbed Sakura's hand and started pulling her along, Naruto pulled with them because the pinkette hadn't let go of his hand. "Lets go play Chase at the park!" Ino decided. Sakura and Naruto decided to follow her lead. Soon they were running all around a children's play-park that had even more trees dotting it than the city itself already had, one toddler trying to catch the other two.

An hour later, a man with ash-blonde hair in a very long ponytail (rest of it in short spikes) and the same cyan, pupilless eyes as Ino came to pick her up from the park. His many emotions upon seeing Ino run around with Naruto weren't visible in his facial expression. Ino waved goodbye to Sakura and Naruto, her father telling the pinkette: "Say hi to your parents for me."

"Will do!!" Sakura replied, giving him a thumbs-up. She then looked at Naruto and ruffled his hair. He grinned.

A light-skinned lady wearing a white cheongsam dress and black trousers came to the park ten minutes later. Unseen by Sakura and Naruto from where they were sitting, on her back was a red O between her shoulder blades. Sakura jumped up and down while waving to her, exclaiming: "MAMA!!"

"Sakura, no need to yell," Haruno Mebuki told the 3-year-old, running one hand through a straw-blonde mop of hair. She looked with forest green eyes from Sakura to Naruto. "What, did Ino get a new hairstyle?" she asked teasingly.

Sakura shook her head. "Nope!! This is my little brother Naruto."

"Huh. I don't remember having given birth to two children. You are a handful by yourself already, Sakura," Mebuki said, only half-joking.

Sakura wrapped an arm around Naruto. "Ohana means family and family means—"

"No-one gets left behind," Mebuki finished, an amused smile on her stern face. Where do you get all of your strange ideas? At least this one is a nice idea... The first time Sakura told her parents about the concept of ohana — at merely 2 years old — flashed through Mebuki's mind. She picked up both children and carried them away, stern face softening as she looked at her daughter.

"Why don't you and Papa imagine weird things too, Mama?" 2-year-old Sakura asked. Her articulate way of speaking still surprised the Haruno couple, but they were starting to get used to it by now; she had learned to speak in the time between her first and second birthdays with only her infant tongue preventing Sakura from pronouncing the more complicated words properly.

Mebuki paused in the process of washing dishes and replied: "Because we aren't as imaginitive as you, sweetheart."


"You'll understand that word better when you're older."

"Okay! ...Do cha mean like when I'm old enough to drive a car?"

"Sakura, what's a 'car'?"

"It has 4 wheels and a ceiling and you can go really fast on it."

"You mean a carriage."

"Nope! Cars don't have horses pulling them. They move by themselves when a driver turns them on, like turning on a lamp."

"Interesting idea, sweetheart. Maybe, when you are older, you'll make a car yourself."

"Nu-uh! I'm gonna be the bestest ninja ever!"

"...Sakura, I am a civilian. Your father is a civilian."

"I know. That's why I have to protect you and Papa. You're my pre-ciou-s people!"

"Oh, sweetie..." Mebuki knelt on the floor and ruffled Sakura's hair. "You don't need to protect us."

Shaking her head as she stopped remembering that moment from a year ago, Mebuki shifted her grip so that she could unlock the front door of an ordinary terraced house. She used her foot to close the door behind them. Mebuki set the two 3-year-olds down and removed her red open-toed shoes that were made from a durable fabric; she set them on the shoe shelf, both toddlers following her example.

After a homecooked meal was eaten in the kitchen at their small, round dining table, a tanned man with a messy mop of dull magenta hair and the same light forest green eyes as Sakura asked: "Where do you live, Naruto? I'll take you home. Your parents must be worried by now."

"Don't have parents," Naruto mumbled, his happy grin replaced by a sad frown.

Mebuki and her husband Haruno née Hyakushō Kizashi exchanged a serious look.

Mask down around her neck while eating at home, Sakura pulled it back up when the meal finished; she next jumped off the chair she'd been sitting on and grabbed Naruto's hand. "Lets go get dango!"

"I don't think a conference is something you can take," Kizashi joked, the lightly tanned man's words turning his daughter's use of the word dango into a pun. He then laughed at Sakura's utterly unimpressed look.

Naruto grinned. "Okay, lets go!"

"Lets go, Sakura-nee!" Naruto shouted nine years later, slamming open a bedroom's door. He was wearing a zipped-up jacket that was black from the middle and elbows upwards while rest of it was orange, orange trousers, dark orange open-toed boots that reached mid-calf, and around his forehead a wide orange headband with a metallic rectangle on the front side of the fabric; on the metal was a swirly symbol with a small triangle attached to it.

Sakura had the same headband tied around her forehead, except hers had crimson fabric and over the metal she wore her goggles. She had on a zipped up crimson cheongsam T-shirt with a white O between her shoulder-blades (inside the O was an orange-red swirl) and a knee-length skirt part, dark green armbands that reached from a bit above her elbow all the way to her wrist, fingerless gloves that matched her usual made-from-fabric dark red mask which still covered her lower face, and dark green trousers. Both 12-year-olds had a 10 cm by 22 cm rectangular black pouch attached to their right leg and two 14 cm by 14 cm square (with rounded corners) light beige pouches attached to their hips. Sakura stopped preening in front of the mirror and grabbed a 22 cm by 40 cm rectangular beige pouch that she attached to her waist from behind.

Turning her attention to Naruto, Sakura promptly scowled. "Don't walk around inside with shoes on!" she snapped, chocolate brown eyes glaring.

Rolling his sky blue eyes, Naruto ran off. Sakura hurried after him and put on dark red open-toed shoes at the front door. She accepted with a friendly smile and "Thanks" some of the many bento boxes Naruto was holding.

They jogged to Konoha Academī, going past many homes and trees and fellow pedestrians. At one point Ino joined them, but she didn't carry any of the bento boxes. "Wow, Sakura's actually on time for a change! What are those for?" the purple-clad preteen asked.

Naruto grinned mischieviously. "You'll see!!"

They very soon arrived in their classroom. Sakura shoved Naruto with her hip once inside, to which he retaliated by pulling her messy mop of hair from the back of it; he got an elbow to his stomach as a result. Rolling her cyan, pupilless eyes, Ino took all of the bento boxes from them and set those on a black-haired pale boy's desk (earning a raised eyebrow from him at how many different coloured bento boxes there were); she then took hold of Naruto and Sakura by an ear each. Their scuffle promptly ended, replaced by whining at Ino to let them go. Their classmates gave the duo amused or exasparated or irritated looks. It varied depending on the individual.

Sakura and Naruto rubbed their right and left ear respectively the instant Ino let them go. While Sakura was distracted greeting a lightly tanned, very chubby boy who was eating a bagful of crisps, Naruto quickly leapt atop a desk next to the pale boy and slid down to sit on the seat. He cackled at Sakura's indignant: "Naruto!!"

"Ya snooze, ya lose, Sakura-nee!" he replied before sticking his tongue out at her.

A tanned hand slammed onto the teacher's desk. "All of you, settle down! You are genin so start acting like it instead of being childish," Umino Iruka told his 30 students. They all promptly sat down or quietened or otherwise stopped whatever it was they had been doing.

Iruka read aloud their team placements, starting with Team 1; students were either happy about or irritated by or didn't care who they got on their team.

"Team 7; Haruno Sakura, Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke under Hatake Kakashi." Que cheering from said pinkette and blond. The pale boy rolled his eyes at their antics, but hidden behind his interlaced fingers (his elbows were against the desk) he smiled. Sasuke's hair stuck upwards at the back of his head and his eyes were such a dark shade of grey that they looked black at first glance.

"Team 8; Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino and Hyūga Hinata under Yūhi Kurenai." Naruto turned around in his seat and grinned up at the pale girl who was sitting at the back of the classroom. She stopped pressing her index fingers against each other and placed her hands on the desk while giving him a gentle smile, pale lavender-tinted white eyes closing.

Meanwhile, Sakura quickly scribbled something on 2 pieces of paper; she chucked one of them at a girl whose brown hair was short-cropped and her eyes hidden behind black circular sunglasses then threw the other at a boy whose short-cropped chocolate brown hair had a small white puppy (whose fur had one light brown spot) on top of it. Both preteens had a light complexion. When they opened the paper, the girl and the boy saw that Sakura had drawn her own face with one eye happily closed; next to her face was a hand doing the victory sign with its index and middle finger. Kiba let out a bark of laughter that earned him an irritated glance from Iruka. Kiba pulled the puppy down from his head onto the desk, while Shino re-crumbled the paper and pocketed it; she kept her attention on Iruka reading from the list who was on Team 9.

Ino's eye twitched when her team was announced. "Team 10; Nara Shikamaru, Yamanaka Ino and Akimichi Chōji under Sarutobi Asuma." She glared at a light-skinned girl (whose dark brown hair was tied up in a ponytail and it stuck diagonally upwards) when the brunette snorted.

Lifting her head from where she had been resting it on the desk atop her crossed arms, the other 12-year-old told Ino in a bored tone of voice: "Did you honestly expect anything different?"

"Shut up, Shikamaru! Rikō-san, Shuton-san and Papiyon-san all ended up on different teams despite being classmates," Ino hissed. Shikamaru rolled her black eyes while tapping the metal of her headband (its fabric forest green) with an index finger, as she had that morning tied said hitai-ate around her left bicep.

Sitting one row in front of them, the boy who was eating crisps earlier sighed in exasparation. If all those two will do is argue, I would have liked to be in a different Ino-Shika-Chō. I wish us three could go back to when we were little and got along.

"Go have an early lunch. You've got 20 minutes before you have to be back in the classroom so your new jōnin-sensei can come pick you up." His stern tone of voice softening as he smiled, Iruka said: "I'm so proud of you all."

His students cheered before everyone started either talking to their new teammates or leaving the classroom. Naruto put the blue bento box onto Sasuke's desk, then gave a dark red bento box to Chōji; Sakura put an olive green bento box on Shino's desk.

Said sunglasses-wearing preteen replied: "Thank you, Sakura. Why? You and Naruto didn't have to cook for us all."

"They didn't cook for everyone!" snapped a light-skinned girl with neatly combed purple hair that reached her chin, matching eyes narrowed.

Sakura handed a crimson bento box to Kiba while glaring at her over one shoulder. "We're not going to waste our time cooking for someone who isn't our friend, Kakei!" she retorted in an annoyed tone of voice.

Kakei Ami placed her hands on her hips and said with a smirk: "Yeah, right! I bet they're just in it for the free food!"

A lot of shouting ensued, Shikamaru keeping a tight grip on the back of Ino's sleeveless, ends-at-mid-torso turtleneck in order to prevent her from jumping from the desk she had leapt atop of down to go punch Ami while Sasuke (having jumped from his seat to where the male blond was) did the same with Naruto; Shino somehow managed to pull both Kiba and Sakura backwards by keeping a tight grip on the back of their clothes.

Putting Naruto in a headlock, Sasuke tucked his bento box underneath his armpit and dragged the blond out of the classroom into the wooden hallway before letting go.

5 minutes later, Team 10 were sitting on the school roof opening their gift bentos. Ino's box was purple and had cherry tomatoes as well as pudding in it; Chōji's lunch consisted of what Sakura called "Korean" barbeque (none of them knew what she meant by that word, but Chōji didn't mind since he loved it and she had given the recipe to him when they were 8 years old); and, Shikamaru's forest green bento box had mackerel and kelp in it.

Grinning, Chōji adjusted his hitai-ate (its blue fabric large enough for him to wear as a bandanna) a bit; next he tucked in with gusto. Ino gladly began eating too. Shikamaru's lips twitched into a small smile before she followed suit.

Sitting outside on a bench, Hinata pulled off the lid of the violet bento box Naruto had given her. She smiled upon seeing cinnamon rolls and zenzai. Hinata ran a thumb over the Konoha symbol of her (worn around her neck, its fabric lavender) hitai-ate. The breeze slightly ruffled her neatly combed dark blue hair which reached her ears.

The peaceful moment was promptly shattered by a loud voice: "YO!! Hyūga-san!"

"Eep!" Fumbling, Hinata managed to prevent her lunch from falling off her lap due to her being startled by Kiba's shout; she sighed in relief. She looked up and to the right. "Inuzuka-san? Aburame-san?"

"The three of us should eat lunch together. Why? Because we are teammates now and can use this as an opportunity to get to know each other better," Shino said, ignoring Kiba who was next to her holding his bento box high up while Akamaru the puppy kept trying to reach it, "Unlike Teams 7 and 10, we have not grown up together; nor are all three of us well-acquinted like Teams 1 and 4 and 5."

"Umm, you are welcome to sit with me?" Hinata replied in a quiet tone of voice, pressing her index fingers against each other while keeping hold of her bento.

Elsewhere, a boy who was very clearly related to Hinata but had straight, very dark brown hair that reached his waist (its end tied by a white hairband) stood in a ready stance; he was glaring forward in concentration. Opposite him stood a girl with chocolate brown hair tied into 2 buns, a Scroll in her light-skinned hands; her chocolate brown eyes glared into his pupilless eyes.

Just as both rushed forward, a loud shout of "TENTEN!!" caused their concentration to be broken and they stumbled.

A boy with neatly combed black hair that reached his ears, a light complexion and round black eyes grinned; he ran towards the duo who were running towards the training ground his team was using. "It is good to see you, my youthful rival! You too, Naruto-san, Uchiha-san," he greeted them. Hands in his pockets and bento box still tucked in his armpit, Sasuke gave the other ravenette a small nod; he was walking leisurely while Naruto and Sakura raced ahead.

Hinata's relative scowled at them when the duo reached the trio. "Leave. You are interrupting our training." He was ignored.

Naruto leapt at Zhēngfú Tenten, wrapping his arms around her; she didn't stumble backwards thanks to having braced herself before he had neared her and so she was able to immediately hug him back. They separated. Naruto gave Tenten a pink bento box. Opening it, she let out a delighted laugh. "Meatball soup and sesame dumplings! My favourite. Thanks, Naruto!"

"Me and Sakura-nee wanted to celebrate having become genin yesterday. We got our teams today," Naruto explained, rubbing his nose with an index finger.

The black-haired boy who wasn't Sasuke grinned at Naruto while doing a thumbs-up and closing one eye. "Yosh! Such generosity!" Lowering his hand and opening his eye while turning back to Sakura, he said: "Let us stoke the springtime of our youth with a hearty meal and then race around the entire Hidden Village. Loser buys the winner a treat!"

"Sorry, Lee; our race will have to wait until later today. Sasuke, Naruto and me have to be back at the school in 10 minutes," Sakura replied, adjusting the bright red bento box she was holding with both hands. Rokku Lee held in one hand a bento box in the same shade of green as his bodysuit; opening it, he grinned upon seeing medium spicy curry rice and curry pilaf.

Hinata's relative gave Lee's food a disgusted look. He then coldly said to the three younger genin: "If you are done wasting our time..."

"Almost!" Naruto replied cheerfully while bouncing over to him. The blond thrust a white bento box onto his middle, Hyūga Neji instinctively taking hold of it. He then promptly dropped the box on the ground when Naruto started walking away. Noticing Sasuke glaring at him from the corner of his eyes, Neji gave the Uchiha a haughty look.

(Later that day, in the privacy of his room, Neji opened the bento box; he stared at its herring soba in confusion.)

Team 7 trio left, an orange bento box tucked under Naruto's left arm and a light grey one tucked under his right arm. They ran to school.

Over the course of the next two hours, their classmates' and other graduating classes' jōnin sensei picked up each team; Team 7 were the only ones still waiting by the time Iruka's work hours ended. Their teacher warned them to behave well and then he left.

Sasuke started munching on a tomato, his bento box open; in it was omusubi with okaka. Naruto ate red bean soup. Sakura had for late lunch umeboshi, anmitsu and syrup-coated anko dumplings; she ignored Sasuke's disgusted look.

He asked: "How can you eat so much sweet stuff?" I bet her teeth would have long rotted away if she didn't know medical ninjutsu...

Sakura gave him a deadpan look. "It's yummy."

"...What are you, 2 or 12?"

"Take a guess, Duckbutt."

"Very mature, Billboard Brow," Sasuke hypocritically replied.

Naruto swallowed a spoonful of his meal, then spoke: "Nice to see you're getting along with Ino now, Sasuke!"

"She doesn't have a crush on me anymore," the ravenette stated before returning his attention to his food.

An hour later, Naruto returned into the classroom from taking the empty bento boxes home. Sakura was reading a thick textbook on plants with medical properties while Sasuke was juggling 5 kunai without dropping any or cutting himself in the process. Naruto sat down, pulled an ink brush and many blank (rectangular pieces of very durable paper called) Tags and started muttering what sounded like algebra equations while painting specific symbols on one tag with black ink from an ink bottle he had pulled seemingly out of nowhere.

(Elsewhere, a boy even paler than Sasuke, Hinata and Neji picked up a black bento box that had showed up in his tiny room seemingly out of nowhere; he shrugged and ate the momen tofu from it. He then destroyed the emptied bento box with many strikes from his tantō and scattered the resulting shards to different places. I won't report this, he decided; although his face never lost the emotionless look he had on his face, his eyes — such a dark shade of brown that they looked black — were filled by conflicted emotions before they blanked as he left his very tiny room that was bare save for its old futon.)

A bored voice stated with a hint of sarcasm: "Aren't you busy bees?"

"YOU'RE LATE!!" Naruto and Sakura shouted.

"Hatake-sensei, I presume?" a scowling Sasuke asked the slouching man whose lower face was hidden by a cloth mask like Sakura's (except it was black instead of dark red). He was wearing Konohagakure's chūnin/jōnin uniform — black fingerless gloves with a metal piece on their backs, a black shirt with an orange-red swirl (exactly like the one on Sakura's zipped up cheongsam T-shirt and Naruto's zipped up jacket, except the man's swirl lacked a white O around it) near the shoulders on each bicep, black trousers with the ankles wrapped by white bandages, black open-toed shoes, and an olive green zipped-up, sleeveless flak jacket with the swirl on its back between his shoulder-blades and four pockets on its front.

Lazily holding up two fingers in the victory sign while his other hand was in his trousers' pocket, Kakashi looked at them with his visible eye; his other eye (both eyes heavy-lidded and their irises such a dark shade of grey they looked black) was hidden by his hitai-ate. Which alongside his mask meant people only saw a quarter of his light-skinned face. "Follow," he ordered before seemingly vanishing.

Body Flicker Jutsu! Sasuke and Sakura thought as they alongside Naruto scrambled out of their seats, made their stuff disappear in a puff of smoke and jumped out the open window where Kakashi had been squatting; all three landed unharmed despite their classroom being on the second-floor. They ran off.

The three 12-year-olds arrived at Third Training Ground in time to see Kakashi place an alarm clock on one of the vertical, 3 feet tall logs. "Okay, it's set for an hour and a half from now. Your task is to take these bells from me." His fingers gripped short, dark red string from which hung two round bells.

Sakura held up two fingers while asking confusedly: "Why are there only two bells?"

"Whoever doesn't get a bell will be sent back to the school," came the deadpan reply.

Naruto jumped into the air. "What?! You can't do that!! We worked so hard. What was the point of graduating if our hitai-ate can be revoked right after?" he exclaimed, gripping his headband with both hands.

Kakashi looked at him boredly. "That's just to select who has the chance to become a genin. If potential students don't pass their new sensei's test, they get to work at the Academī as teacher's assistants until they get a second chance at the next graduation."

"So that's why Kakei and a few others have been teaching assistants these past 3 months! How didn't we know about the reason sooner?" Sakura wondered aloud.

Kakashi gave her an unimpressed look. "Because they are sworn to secrecy or it would ruin the point of testing potential genin."

All three glared at Kakashi with their eyes filled by resolve.

I can't fail here! I have to make Kakashi-sensei recognise my strength or I won't become Hokage; if I fail here, I won't be able to save them, Naruto thought, clenching his fists.

Sasuke's fingers twitched, ready to form Handsigns or grab from its scabbard the chokutō that he had on his back. I won't fail, that isn't an option! I need to become a genin so I can gain the training I need to kill that man or else he will come back here and finish what he started.

I can't protect my loved ones if I fail now!! All those hours of blood, sweat and tears will be wasted; no. I have to become S-rank. I have to keep my family safe. I can't afford to fail this! Sakura pressed a fist against her flat palm while gritting her teeth, glaring determinedly.

"Those who haven't gotten a bell by 5 o'clock," Kakashi reminded them, "fail. There are only two, so one of you will definitely be sent back to the school. Start!"

All three leapt away. Hiding in a bush (Sakura, who pressed herself against the ground and took care to breathe silently), a tree (Sasuke quickly weaved a genjutsu around himself to make him look like a leaf) or henged into a rock behind a tree (Naruto regretted his hiding choice because it made keeping track of what was going on difficult); a moment of silence followed.

They tensed as Kakashi put one hand into his pocket, then were filled with fury upon seeing him pull out an orange book titled 'Icha Icha: Paradise'. Each of them thought in accidental unison: I'll fucking murder him!

Kakashi pocketed his book while countering Sakura's bullets of water by expertly throwing shuriken at them and he kawarimid away so that the dozen Shadow Clones made by Naruto were gripping a fellow Naruto kagebunshin instead of Kakashi which resulted in the giant fireball Sasuke sent at the silverette burning the Shadow Clones instead of the jōnin. All the Naruto kagebunshin therefore popped with a puff of smoke.

Naruto landed on grass, Sasuke was still in the tree and Sakura (thinking: I didn't even see him move!) had stayed under the bush; both hidden genin rushed out as Naruto commanded: "Elsa!"

Sasuke quickly did Handsigns to cast a genjutsu over Naruto and Sakura before rushing at Kakashi. His chokutō's blade got blocked by a kunai before he could slash Kakashi's torso. "So, Top Shinobi... That sword isn't just a decoration?" the 26-year-old asked mockingly.

Sasuke snarled. He attacked Kakashi over and over, each stab and slash deflected by one of the two kunai Kakashi now held. Not even a single strand of his flame-styled silver hair got cut!

The jōnin sent Sasuke flying with a kick to the stomach and in the same movement jumped backwards away from a large stream of water blasting towards Kakashi.

"Dammit!" Naruto exclaimed. Sasuke distracting him wasn't enough for Sakura to be able to soak Kakashi-sensei so I could freeze him with a wind ninjutsu. I gotta think of a new plan!

Author's Notes (A.N.): This is a very silly fanfic, the story's point being for me to relax & have dumb fun while writing it; hopefully you'll enjoy reading it.

The place Sakura lived in with her parents in canon reminds me of terraced houses in Manchester, so that's the word I decided to use since I don't know what else to call it.

Aside from Sakura & Naruto, everyone else has on their canon Part 1 clothes.

Canon's explanation that Sakura was placed on Team 7 coz of her intelligence to balance out Naruto's raw power makes sense, but can't be applied to this 'verse since in here Naruto isn't the Dead-last; his grades are somewhere in the middle of his class' rankings. Plus he's excellent at maths, which is the only theoretical subject Naruto surpasses Sakura at. So, in order to have a logical reason for putting Sakura in Team 7, she is Rookie Of The Year in this (we all know canon Sakura is extremely intelligent & how quickly she can grow; in this story, how this Sakura went from weak toddler whose punches can only harm peers to "civilian prodigy" will be shown bit by bit). Sasuke is Top Shinobi since he, Sakura & Ino are very close to each other in terms of their grades; Sakura just barely won top spot and so Sasuke got second & Ino third. In a one-on-one battle any of those 3 would win against the other two.

Kizashi & Mebuki look exactly like their anime selves, except for Kizashi's hairstyle being same as 4th War Sakura's when she isn't wearing a ribbon or her hitai-ate.

I made Shikamaru & Shino girls (one trans, the other cis) coz I hate, hate, hate, HATE canon's 1:2 ratio when it comes to Konoha Twelve. Hell, Tenten was made literally just to fulfill the "girl of the team" slot on Team Gai; it's infuriating. So I'm damn well gonna balance out the numbers coz I prefer to feel happiness instead of rage & self-hatred.

By the way, if you're curious; no, this Sakura isn't preventing her teeth from rotting via medical ninjutsu. Sasuke dislikes sweets an' he knows that eating sugary stuff all the time is bad for teeth & that Sakura eats dango or amnitsu often, so he assumed she should have cavities; he doesn't know that all the times she ate something sweet Sakura brushes her teeth an' she doesn't eat sweet stuff every day. Often yes, but not daily.

Chōji in this wears his hitai-ate in exactly the same way as canon Genma.

Neji's disgust in this Chapter is 46% coz he dislikes spicy food an' 54% coz he thinks Lee & Tenten being friends with new genin is stupid.

I'm calling Sumire's ninjutsu Water Style – Water Spirit Wave by the name Suiton – Water Spirit Bullets instead coz she literally shot bullets made from water at Mitsuki while holding a kunai as if it were a gun. Calling that ninjutsu a wave makes no sense... I'm also running on belief that canon genjutsu Demonic Illusion – False Surroundings Technique (called False Surroundings Jutsu by me coz I don't see any point in adding Demonic Illusion in front of it) can be used for more than making a classroom seem to have a different number.

*scratches back of head whilst giving a sheepish grin* Sorry for rambling so much. I hope you'll enjoy this weird ride!!


Ninjutsu used in this Chapter

Kakashi: Body Flicker Jutsu; Substitution Jutsu.

Sasuke: Katon – Great Fireball.

Naruto: Transformation Jutsu; Shadow Clone Jutsu.

Sakura: Suiton – Water Spirit Bullets; Suiton – Wild Water Wave.

Genjutsu used in this Chapter

Sasuke: False Surroundings Jutsu.

3-year-old  Naruto 3-year-old Uzumaki Naruto