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The Wings of Change (A Baku/Deku story)

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Chapter 1

     Things at UA College finally were getting back to normal. After the recent issues during the summer camp, the injured class1-A, and the kidnapping and rescue of one Bakugo Katsuki, the students were quite relieved when they walked into class to see Mr. Aizawa curled up on the floor in his yellow sleeping bag, sound asleep. Everyone was excitedly talking to each other, when Deku, Todoroki, and Uraraka walked in. Deku, as per usual, was covered in bandages. It had been no secret that he and Bakugo had gone down to the training area and knocked each other senseless before All Might showed up to intervene. What they didn't know, however, was what actually happened down there and the truth that Bakugo learned about his rival. Deku was laughing at something Todoroki had said, when he walked in. Kirishima waved at the trio just as Mr. Aizawa started to stir in his sleeping bag. Taking that as a sign, the class got into their seats and waited. Bakugo and  Kaminari walked in the door and sat down, not meeting anyone's eyes, leaving whatever they had previously discussed at the door. Kirishima raised an eyebrow at Bakugo, who then proceeded to glare at him.

   "What are you looking at, Shitty hair?" He barked, waking up their insomniac teacher.

   "Nothing at all. Glad to see you're feeling better." Kirishima smiled.

  "Alright, enough. It's time to get started. Today we are going to talk about public relations. Since the Pro-visionary Hero License exam had a few of you lose points due to how you reacted during the rescue." Mr. Aizawa stared at three boys in particular, Todoroki, Bakugo, and Deku. "However, one of the three of you, yes you know who I'm talking about, quickly rectified his mistake. The other two of you will be the examples for this lesson as we go over how you could have handled each situation and future situations. The citizens look up to you as Pro Heroes. On top of being strong and fast, you also have to know how to handle the public. I know how exhausting it is to deal with them. That's why I'm here at this school. So, take out your notebooks, this is going to be a long lecture."

  The class followed instructions, with much attitude and backhanded comments from Bakugo. Iida, being Iida, tells him to just do it and stop being loud so the rest of the class doesn't miss out on the information.


    The lunch bell rang, and everyone got up to leave. Uraraka stopped to look at Deku.

    "You coming to lunch Deku?" She asked, Iida and Todoroki waiting at the door for them. Deku, slightly startled, looks up at her.

  "hmm? oh...yeah...I'll be there in a minute I just want to finish this note before I completely lose what I was writing down." He smiled at her. She nodded and met their friends at the door. She whispered something to them, looking back over her shoulder at the green haired boy, before walking to the cafeteria. Deku continues writing something in his notebook, when he hears a loud sigh and a chair scrape against the floor.

  "hmm, I thought I was the only one left in here." Deku thought to himself. He shrugged inwardly and continued writing. Suddenly, two hands were on his desk. He looked up to see Bakugo staring at him, mildly irritated. "Oh! Hi, Kacchan. Can I-can I help you with something?" Deku asked, mentally preparing himself for the string of insults Bakugo usually hurls at him. Instead, Bakugo just stares at him for a moment, contemplating something, before shaking his head.

    " Don't look at me like that, nerd!" Bakugo said, much quieter than usual, but still with his bravado. "I just wanted to say thank you, I guess, for getting me out of that shit hole with the League of Villains. and if you tell anyone about this I will fucking blow you into next week!" And with that he turned sharply and walked out the door, leaving Deku staring after him, jaw hanging opened, shocked. Deku snapped out of it, put his things in his back and walked, lost in thought, to join his friends at lunch.

Deku's POV:

 "Did Kacchan really just thank me? After that big fight the other night we had, he really just stood there and said thank you" I thought and thought over this for the rest of the day. Occasionally I would go out of my way to look at Kacchan, to see if there was any sign as to what changed. I decided to shake it off. Present Mic continued on with his lecture and before too long, the day was over. I gather my things and start walking back to the dorms, Uraraka caught up to me. "was she calling me? I didn't hear her at all." I thought as I waited for her to catch up.

   "Thanks for waiting." She said breathless. "I've been calling to you for like 5 minutes trying to get your attention. Are you okay?"

   "hmm? Oh, yeah! Just been thinking about class and training I guess. Sorry I didn't hear you Uraraka." I smiled and scratched the back of my head. She shook her head at me. "What?"

   "Class huh? mhm. SO it has nothing to do with a certain someone then, just classes in general?" She asked, smiling slyly at me. I flush deep red and know I've been caught. But I can't tell her what happened before lunch. I'm still trying to understand it myself.

    "hahaha. Yeah just class I guess. Got a lot of training and stuff to learn. Why do you ask?"

    "Oh, no reason." she smiled. "Come on, we'll go study before dinner." She wrapped her arm around mine and practically dragged me to the dorm. I'm not sure but I don't think she really wants to study.

Bakugo's POV:

,"That damn nerd I swear to god if he says anything to round face, I'll bury him in the ground." I thought to myself, watching Deku scratch the back of his head and his face flush. Damn nerd. Just then I hear Kirishima and Kaminari walk up behind me.

  "Hey Bakubro, care to go work out before dinner? Gonna go hit the gym real quick." Kirishima asked, grinning like a fool.

  "Not to night, shitty hair, I got some stuff I need to take care of. Besides, unlike you two, I don't need to hit them gym everyday." I snapped, even thought it wasn't true. I don't understand exactly why I'm not going with them tonight, I usually do. Just something on my mind that's bothering me. Kirishima notices.

  "You OK, Bakugo?"

  "Why wouldn't I be okay you idiot? Yes, I'm fine. Now leave me alone."

    "Alright. see you tomorrow Bakubro. Don't stay so grumpy you'll get frown lines." He and Kaminari laugh as the walk to the gym. I headed off to my room, locked the door and laid out on my bed. Staring at the ceiling, events from the past few weeks crept into my mind. The look on Deku's face when I was dragged into the warp portal was one of sheer heartbreak. How did I not notice that before. What does it matter? I told him not to follow me and what does the idiot and our idiot classmates do? They came anyway. They risked their lives for me and I don't know if that pisses me off more than these other feelings. Ugh feelings. I'm going to be the number one hero, I don't need everyone coming to save me. I can take care of myself! Fucking nerds. Always getting in the way. The longer I sat there and thought about it though, the less energy I had to put into it. I hear a knock on my door, and I bolt up.

  "I don't know who it is but go away. I'm busy!" I yelled. Fucking extras. Always wanting something. I get up anyway and open the door. No one is there, but there's a note taped to the door. I recognize that hand writing. And the way it is addressed...What the hell does he want? To good to say something to my face huh? I grab the note and slam my door. Looking at the note, I can't decide if I want to open it. Here I am, just staring at a piece of paper. Am I really going to let this get to me. Knowing that idiot, he pry just dropped off notes from class. Finally I opened it, carefully. Deku's handwriting, though rather messy due to his constantly thinking and writing, took up only a very small portion of the paper. I stopped dead in my tracks.

Chapter 2

,Deku's POV:

 "Uraraka, where are you dragging me to, the dorm is that way." I asked as I pointed toward the direction of our dorms. UA had each class in a separate building. He tight grip on my arm and her fast pace made me worry.

, "You will see, now hurry up or I'll float you there." She threatened with a smile. I start mumbling to myself, trying to figure out what has gotten into her. Ever since the new of Kacchan and my fight, she has been acting weird. Is she worried about me? Is she mad at me? Goodness there's just so much...Maybe she does just want to study. Maybe I'm overthinking things as usual. As I'm lost in my own thoughts about why I'm being held hostage and dragged off into the unknown by my friend, I realize she's finally slowed down and came to a stop inside on of the gardens. Meeting us in the garden was Iida and Todoroki.

"oh, hi guys. Uraraka drag you two here as well?" I ask, rubbing the back of my head, the ground looking more interesting by the second. Why do I feel like I'm in trouble? Did I do something to upset them? Oh no, they're mad at me about something aren't they? I guess I could be more attentive in class though I don't know how. That's Iida's big thing for sure. Studies are important. But that doesn't explain Todoroki and Uraraka.

"Deku, we're concerned." Todoroki says first. I snap my head quickly to look at him. Confusion must have filled my face.

 "Concerned? About me? But why?"

 "Well, ever since the incident with saving Bakugo, and then the big fight, we were just worried about how you're doing after all of that." Uraraka said.

 "We don't want you falling behind in your studies Midoriya. And if something or someone is preventing you from taking your studies seriously we are here to help make sure that you don't have to worry about them." Oh, Iida, I knew it came down to studies with him. I looked at my friends.

"I'm fine, I promise guys. Thank you for the shared concern. I promise thought, everything is okay." I bow slightly. My face I'm sure is fifteen shades of red. I can feel Iida staring at me. But he's not the first one to speak.

 "Then why do you keep staring at Bakugo? That's all you've done today in class."Uraraka asked. Panic filled me for a second.

"oh that....I...I...I..I'm just glad that he's safe and...that, um, nobody got hurt when we rescued him. That's all." I didn't think she had seen me looking at him, honestly I didn't think anyone saw. Especially not Kacchan. I guess my friends are more observant than I thought. I bowed again. "I'm sorry if it caused you any stress. " I stated my apology. Iida put his hand on my shoulder and Todoroki placed his cooler right hand on the other. I stood up straight and smiled at my friends. Just when I thought everything was going to be fine, Uraraka asked me something that I think may have changed everything.

"DO you like Bakugo?!!?!" She blurted out, before quickly covering her mouth. Todoroki and Iida obviously had no clue about this question judging by the shocked look on both their faces. Iida got ready to scold her before she cut him off. "I'm sorry Midoriya. That was very inappropriate of me. I just." She paused. "I just know that he's been really mean to you since you were children and I was thinking that maybe that's why you have let him keep being mean to you. Because the only reason I would let someone continue to walk all over me is if I loved them and they didn't know. But I'm sorry Izuku, I won't ask again, I just. I wanted to know. I see you staring at him all the time and I know you admire him, we all know that." Todoroki and Iida nod in agreement to that, once the shock wore off of the initial statement. "I just...I want you to be happy and I want you to have someone who loves you for you. Not someone who is going to use you as a punching bag just because you're there."

        I stared at her for a minute before looking to my other two friends. They're all here to support whatever decision I make. They've got my back no matter what. I am so glad to call them my friends. Is she right though? Am I? Do that can't be it can it? Could it be as simple as what she said? I mean, it's true I haven't shown interest in any of the girls at school, but we've all been busy with training and almost dying. Right? I look at Iida, who let a quick smile to Uraraka come across his lips. I guess it's possible. Suddenly I stare at the ground. Is that why I was looking at Kacchan so much today? No, that can't be it. He told me thank you for getting into his business and helping save him. Before threatening to kill me. SO he's the same old Kacchan. I don't know what to think about this.

        "Um...I ah, don't really know how to answer your question, Uraraka. And even if I did, And even if I liked Kacchan like that, I know he would never return the feelings, so there's no need to worry about me. I'm fine I promise. But if that's everything, we probably need to go study and finish our homework. We can't afford to get behind." I shyly smiled as a scratched my head. I knew that would set Iida into Class Representative mode. Just as expected Iida agreed and rushed us all back to the dorms to study. In my room, I wrote out a little note. I wasn't intended to do anything with it. Was really gonna have Todoroki burn it for me. That's what I told myself anyway. Uraraka made me really think about Kacchan and what we've been through. The friendship we started as children that turned into bullying. The this past semester at UA we seem to be getting back to the friendship part. At least, I think so. Maybe this is stupid. I'm pacing around my room, staring at the open note I've written, sitting on my desk, waiting on me to decide it's fate.

         "Do you like Bakugo?" was all she asked. and that question flies around my head. She's the first person to ever notice. I look at the note again. I should just throw it away. Not like he feels the same. I figured that much was obvious years ago. I should just throw it away. Or text Todoroki to come over and burn it. Tears streaming down my face. Why did it have to be Kacchan? Why couldn't it have been Uraraka or Iida or Todoroki? Or even Kirishima or Tsu? Why did I have to love the meanest person on this planet? Why and how did I manage to fall on love with Katsuki Bakugo? I haven't even looked at my notes from class today, when a knock falls on my door. I open it slightly to see Todoroki standing there.

        "I figured this is what you'd e doing up here. Can I come in?" He asked. I opened the door a little ways for him to come in, then locked it behind him. He spots the note on my desk just as I start crying again.

         "why? why did it have to be him? out of everybody?" I sobbed before collapsing down onto my bed, my hands covering my face. He came over and sat next to me.

         "I'm not a lot of help in this area, Midoriya. Just so you know. But, you have a big heart. We all know that. You see the good in every single person, even hateful ones like Bakugo. It doesn't surprise me that you're in love with him. It also doesn't surprise me that you're up here upset over it. It's just who you are. What were you going to do with that note when you wrote it?" He asked. I looked at him.

         "I was...When I was writing it I decided I wanted to give it to him. But when...when I...when I finished it I had a feeling that he might use it as another way to be mean to me, even though he is getting better towards me. Then I just figured I'd have you burn it, that way I at least wrote it out and got it out of my head, but the more It sits there the more the hole opens in my chest." Todoroki simply looks at me.

         "How long?" He asked. when there was no response he specified. "How long have you loved him?"

         "About 4 years now." was all I could say. Todoroki just put an arm around me and we sat like that for a little while. He asked finally what I decided to do with the note.

         "I guess I'll just tape it to his door and see what happens. I didn't sign it so hopefully he won't think anything of it. But hopefully if he does know who it's from, he won't start acting mean to me again."

        "We won't let him. If you want, I pass his room going to mine, I'll take it if you don't want him to see you doing it." Todoroki offered. All I could do is nod. "Well, I better get going then. You need to lay down and rest Midoriya. I'll see you in the morning." He got up, grabbed the note off my desk and headed toward the door.

         "Todoroki?" he looked at me. "Thank you. For everything. For being my friend. For this." This caused him to smile one of his rare smiles.

         "Get some rest, Midoriya. I'll see you tomorrow."

Third person POV:

        Todoroki walked to the elevator and went down to his floor. Note in hand, he taped it to Bakugo's door, knocked, then stepped inside his own room.

        "Leave me alone! I'm Busy!!!" He head Bakugo yell, before hearing the door open and some mumbling. Todoroki wasn't sure if Bakugo got the note, so when he heard his door slam, Todoroki went out to look. The note was gone. It was all in Bakugo's hands now he thought as he went back to his room, preparing for what might come down to a fight later.