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ACT 6 ACT 4: Chasing The World

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Woolsey snapped at the other IOA reps, "Well, maybe if your predecessors hadn't forced their wills onto Atlantis causing a disaster that cost us the chance to own a Wraith Cruiser and capture a wanted intergalactic criminal organization, then maybe we wouldn't be in this mess of a political situation to begin with!"

"Uh, Captain Elwurd?" A a shy Mofang began. "Our sensors just detected a small vessel buzzing around the rear hyperdrive emitters."

"It's probably a malfunction," Ewlurd decided.

"Our weapons systems just went offline." And then the lights dimmed on the bridge. "Annnnd we just lost sensors, internal and external annnnd..."

And the air suddenly stilled.

"Let me guess," Elwurd scowled. "We just lost life support?"

Then, the ship rocked from a massive explosion.

"What the fuck was that!?" would be Elwurd's final words, as the next in a series of secondary explosions rocked through the Hiveship's bridge.

Well in the distance away from the exploding Hiveship, a Wraith Cruiser and a F-302 watched the fireworks.

"You know," John voiced, "I think we hit something critical there."

"Yep," Scott agreed. "Lots of something critical. I'd bet they were storing fireworks inside or something."

"Probably fireworks, yeah," Ford scoffed. "Idiots forgot to properly secure them in cargo, left them in the hanger bay."

"That's one hell of a bang, either way," John remarks.

Aiden Ford burst into a Wraith Prison Cell, and freed the Wraith soon to be called Michael.

Aiden Ford suddenly teleported into the space station, jamming a needle into Carson Beckett's Neck, and withdrawing a large amount of blood before zapping away with nobody else able to do anything.

"Who's the new guy?" Michael asks.

"Which one?" John asks.

"The man with the short haircut," Michael clarifies.

"Who, Kanaan? On the left?" John asks.

"Yes, him," Michael says. "He seems familiar to me somehow."

"You've probably seen him around the village before," John says. "He's one of the leaders of the whole place, after all."

"It's... more than that," Michael says. "...I think another me in another world did something to him. I feel... regret. Jealousy. It's... Hard to tell."

Michael frowns. "...Do you think I should apologize to Kanaan?'

"For what? Something your other selves did in another world?" John frowns.


Teyla and Kanaan cuddle in bed together.

Rose Egbert stole the Shaper Crystal, and used it on her Brother, John Egbert, to try and make him look more like herself.

The Shaper Crystal took it far too literally.

"Kanaya?" you then ask the question that's now edging on your mind after that latest data dump, "Did you intentionally hold back doing anything for Mordred when he broke his shoulder?"

"Not by my decision," Kanaya answers. "Doctor Carolyn Lam ordered me to wait a week to perform the healing so Mordred could remember the pain and try to avoid doing anything that would cause similar injuries in the future."

You facepalm, "Fucking Hell, Carolyn."


"What are you saying?" Carolyn asks.

"I'm saying if you'd let Kanaya heal Mordred immediately instead of waiting a week, I might not have to deal with the headache nightmare of trying to figure out whether or not I can trust the Shaper Crystal to continue to act as a healing tool and not a randomly lesson dealing random transforming macguffin!"


"The Apollo will be bringing the Ruby Lancers back as well," you explain. "Okurii's approved them to be permanently stationed with Atlantis for the foreseeable future."

"We get our own mechs PERMANENTLY?" Argo laughs. "Finally! It was so annoying having them just sitting on the Daedalus doing nothing after the Siege."


"So... Let me get this all straight in my head," Rodney Mckay Narrates, "Alfheim's Magic Curse is really a faulty Jump Drive leaking radiation- built inside an Atlantis style city ship that got frozen under miles of ice and is now slowly thawing out, and- they made their own handy dandy version of the Bio-plague that wiped out the D'ni of our Earth?"

Lord Waver El Melloi the Second nods to the Bahro translator, Grey.

"Thus, they want to evacuate Alfheim and use it as a death trap for: One: a small subset of the Bahro that want to kill everyone for mingling dimensions together. And Two: the Aschen of Aincrad's dimension because the Goa'uld got tired of doing things on their own?"

Commander Asuna Yuki stands at the conference table.

"And they want Mikari to run- a Ten Times as big Castle Ship that they can put all of Earth and Alfheim's populations on- and because the IOA wants Mikari to leave Atlantis so she can run the thing, they're all going to approve the idea?"

Mikari Aiikho stares at the folder sitting infront of her, shock in her eyes.

"And ontop of ALL OF THAT! The IOA is playing politics trying to get as much control over the pie as they can, but ONLY for their specific countries because they can't even co-operate THAT much to make it so they all benefit instead of just their singular countries? Am I getting the overall jist of how messed up this entire situation is?"

Teal'c rumbles out an "Indeed, it is quite the mess."


You are now Daraya Jonjet, and you and Mallek arrive in the conference room, where you take your seats next to Keiko and Tyzias and Major Lorne.

Colonel Ellis seals the room, and he begins. "As you know, ever since the first encounter with the Human Form Replicators of this Galaxy, the Daedalus has made regular reconnaissance fly-bys of their home world."

Ellis brings up a slide.

"Ships," Mallek observes.

"Lots and lots of ships," you agree.


Ellis narrates: "In precisely twelve hours, the Apollo, in consort with your team, will launch a surgical strike on the Replicator Homeworld."

The Apollo launches a nuclear warhead towards the Replicator Homeworld.

Moments later, six blue fireballs rage across the planet's surface.


"What's the situation, Chuck?" Tyzias asks.

"Contact out of hyperspace," Chuck answers.

Tyzias takes place behind a console, and grimaces. "It's barely larger than a Jumper- And it's taking up Geo-synch orbit right over the city."


And so did the Machine declare them obsolete, and deserving of death for their defiance. And he had raised his arm and speared his outstretched hand towards them, sending his influence out as a sickening, gleaming red beam of light that fell from the heavens.

Doom and Death, he decreed.


There's a solid line of red in the night sky, piercing through the sky. And then...

"Atlantis, this is Ellis," you hear. "The Satellite is turning towards the planet!"

And then you watch as that beam distorts, going from a line in the sky to a line cutting through the sky into the ocean, and...

Is it just you or is it getting bigger?

Nope, it's definitely getting bigger and its cutting a line through the ocean, rising steam as it goes, as it comes straight for the city of Atlantis.


Several minutes to half an hour later- a reply transmission comes through.

Behold, the grim face of the Replicator Councilman OBEROTH.

"Well," Keiko starts. "I wasn't expecting you to be on the other end of this, Oberoth. But I'm not surprised."

"Miss Ayano," Oberoth counters. "Why would you not be surprised?"

Keiko later counters with, "You were building warships. You honestly can't say you didn't see something like this coming."

"Ships to combat the Wraith," Oberoth says. "You say you had no choice? We say the same."


"We haven't put out a City Wide Alert yet, trying to quell the panic, but... the Linking Books aren't working."



"...We submerge it," Zelenka says, firmly, and out of the blue.

"I'm sorry?" Ellis asks. "Submerge what?"

"The City," Tyzias says. "We submerge the fucking City like the Ancients did."


"The beam is punching through the water with much more efficiency than we predicted," Zelenka reports.

"Okay, what's plan C?"


Tyzias narrates, "This here is a little beauty I'd like to call 'C04-5H17D,' Or, Covering Our Atlantis Shield. And it's juuuust long enough and girthy enough of a fragment that if we have a flight of F-302s guiding it into the lasers path, we fuck up the beam's transmission, giving Atlantis the all clear to take off without strain on the shields."

Lorne's flight of F-302s does just that, dragging a very long asteroid straight into the path of the satellite's laser.


"C04-SHIELD is entering the beam!" Tyzias reports.

-The beam cuts out from striking the top of the shield as the city bursts through the surface layer of the ocean, rising high into the air.

"We're not flying high enough," Tyzias reports. "We're stalling!"

"Sure, blame me, we don't have the power!" Keiko answers.

"Well blame me then!?" Tyzias snaps.

"It's not working! What other reasons are-!?" Keiko and Tyzias then both blink, and yell- "The Shield!" Then, "Lower it," Keiko orders. "Just for as long as need to get higher!"


Atlantis Rises through the air, raising the shield.

The asteroid suddenly breaks up as the laser punches through it at the very end, and the beam clips Atlantis' central tower before the shield fully closes around it.

The main window shatters- sending everyone standing infront of it flying backwards.

Atlantis escapes to Hyperspace.


"I Need a medical team to the Control room, STAT!" Chuck's panicked voice cuts through the air. "Multiple Injuries!!"

"Kanaya?" You glance at the Alternian girl.

"I don't know," Keller shakes her head. "She got blasted down the stairs, her pupils are sluggish, Shaper is practically fragmented into her collarbones, and I won't know more until I get her under a scanner."


"Oh What NOW!?" Tyzias yells out as the city rumbles, lights flicker, and---

There's a sudden jolt of motion as you drop out of Hyperspace.

"Where are we?" Teyla asks, suddenly interjecting into a volatile moment.

"The Middle of Fucking Nowhere!" Tyzias answers. "There's no planets, no moons, no Stargates! We're LOST! NOW SOMEONE GET DARAYA A MEDIC!!!"

Doctor Cole comes rushing over, and Tyzias hands the crying, and possibly blinded Daraya over to her, before trying to desperately focus herself.

"How much power do we have left?" You ask, once she's composed herself.

"One second..." Tyzias checks... "...Nononono. This can't be right."

"What is it?" You ask.

"At current rate of consumption, we've got 24 hours left. After that, no power at all. No shield, no atmo. No atmo... Nothing."

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DIASPORA DATE: 04/19/0006.

You are now Doctor Jennifer Keller, and you have no time for any kind of situational summary.

"-She's unresponsive, and her pupils are sluggish," you speak into your radio as you rush Kanaya Maryam through to the infirmary. "I need you to prep the O.R. and have the scanner ready when we get there."

"We're on it," Marie answers, "The Scanner is moving into position."

One of the monitors connected to Kanaya starts beeping.

"She's crashing!" A medic reports- you can't remember his name and its not the time.

"LET'S GO GUYS!" You yell, getting onto the gurney and attempting CPR. "I do NOT want to do this in the hall!"


You are Tyzias Entykk, and you laugh as you get a monitor to reset and start reading information.

Your face stings with the motion from a dozen or so tiny glass cuts, but you got off easy compared to Daraya.

Don't- Don't think about it-

"Okay, here we go!" You start checking on the data that you're getting.

"Did we get City Wide Sensors back online?" Keiko asks.

"Hopefully! Slowly booting them up now," You reply.

"Can we contact the Apollo?" Teyla asks.

"Uhh-" you swear. "No. Not yet. Subspace communications are down. Chuck! Get on that!"

"Yes, Ma'am!" Chuck answers.

You hear a spark from where he's working. You don't take your eyes off of the prize of data reports coming into your barely working monitor.

"Shouldn't you be working on it?" Keiko asks.

"Bigger. Fish. To. Fry." you grit out as an anomalous reading comes through. Shit, that can't be right-

"What's more important than Contacting the Apollo?" Teyla asks.

"Fuck!" you swear, reading it over again. "Nononono!!" You head to another station, leaving that alone, and start tapping away at keys.

"What's wrong?" Keiko asks.

"We're losing massive amounts of power!" You swear something fierce as you try to get power controls back online.

"What?" Keiko asks, sounding like she's on the verge of a break you yourself are also orbiting. "How!?"

"The energy drain we were noticing with the shields wasn't just a fluke!" You don't spare a glance away. Cmon, cmon, boot up you stupid program! "And it's just been exasperated with the damage the Tower took!"


You are Ronon Dex, and you wince as a doctor checks over the glass wedged in your shoulder.

Mallek insisted you get to the infirmary, and escorted you and Daraya both down here. He's keeping an eye on her while-


This doctor hesitates.

"Just pull it out," you say.

"I can't do that!" The doctor says. "We have to wait to get you under the scanner to make sure pulling it out won't cause more damage!"

You seethe at him. "PULL. IT. OUT."

"I get it, you're a tough guy, but if you want to pull it out now, just do it yourself!"

And then the Doctor yelps, panicked, as you try to do just that thing.


It's not his shouting that stops you from doing it, it's the sudden sight of Doctor... Keller, yeah, Keller and her team wheeling in Kanaya on a crash cart- a stunned Rose Lalonde trailing after them with shock in her eyes.

You push past the doctor not treating you to follow them.

"On three, ready? One- Two- Three!"

The team transfers Kayana onto an operating table, and Keller is preparing a defibrillator.

...Wait. How did they take longer to get here than you did?

"CLEAR!" Keller charges Kanaya's chest with the paddles,.



"Hey," you say to Rose, she doesn't glance away at all. "How are you holding up?"

"I-" Rose swallows. "I don't know."


You are Radek Zelenka, and you swear as you check the ZPM room's status. "[The problem isn't on this end!]" you report.

"[I don't care where the problem is-]" Tyzias is ranting even as someone hands you a tablet.  "[-I want to know WHAT the problem is!]"

"[I've just got that now!]" you swear, reading the data. "[It's the conduits.]"

Tyzias then swears something creative in Alternia, sounding like, "Oh Fuck us with a Vast Glub, why don't you!?"

"[It looks like several of the main conduits were affected by the beam,]" you report, moving to go start shutting down secondary systems.

"[That means we have to-]"

"[Shut down secondary systems, I know! I'm on it!] Whose bright idea was it to fire a nuke at the Replicators again, exactly? Not ours! Nope! But here we are dealing with the aftermath! Wonderful! What a wonderful systematic failure to even plan ahead for a violent response! Fuck you, [IOA,] and your motherless goat parents who themselves were motherless goats!! Fuck all of you with the karma of a thousand swarming spiders crawling into every one of your tiny holes!!"

"[I have no idea what you just said,]" A technician says, "[But I am feeling that mood.]"


"What's going on?" you are Argo Lalonde, and you decide it's time to take over active duty here because Keiko looks like she's on the verge of a panic attack.

"Every second I waste explaining, we're draining more power! Just let me work!" Tyzias shouts, moving from console to console.

"Okay," you say, and then you move over to Keiko and give her a hug. "It's going to be alright."

Her whole body shakes within your grasp.

"I don't understand, what's draining power?" Teyla asks.

"Everything!" Tyzias snaps. "Every secondary system online right now that doesn't need to be is draining life from our current situation! We aren't even going to last the night if I don't stop them now! WHICH IS TAKING FOREVER BECAUSE THESE PROGRAMS ARE NOT RESPONDING! GOD! WHAT A FUCKING WONDERFUL DAY WE'RE HAVING HERE, FOLKS!"

"Come on!" Keller whispers.


"Come ON!" Tyzias growls.


"Time?" Keller asks.

"She's been flat for almost two minutes!"

"Come ON Kanaya!" Keller hisses at the unconscious Alternian. "We need you here! Rose needs you!"

And then like magic, a monitor beeps- and you can see the tension drain from the doctors for a moment.

"She's back in V-fib! We hit her again!" Keller charges the paddles. "CLEAR!"

She shocks Kanaya, and then... the Heart Rate monitor starts beeping steadily.

"There we go!" Keller says. "Let's scan before she flats again!"

And as they start to work...

That's when you see a spark of light on Kanaya's chest.

Pink light.

"Doctor Keller?" A nurse starts- having noticed it.

"What now-?" Keller turns her attention just as there's another spark of pink light that dances across Kanaya's body. "Oh for Crying out loud!"

And then there's a burst of pink light that fills the room- washes through the infirmary through the doorway- and then fades.

"Oh fuck!" Keller swore. "Scans! Now!"

Beside you, Rose sighs in visible relief. "Oh thank God..."

"Let's let them work," you say, and drag her over to a nearby bed.

"About time you came back!" And then the annoying Doctor grabs at the shard of glass in your shoulder and yanks the thing out.




"The Control Grid's out of whack," Tyzias explains. "I can't shut the systems down remotely."

"Why not directly?" You ask, even as Keiko starts practically vibrating in your arms.

"Do we have the time!?" Tyzias asks. "I don't know!"

"Would you rather not try?" Teyla asks.

"...No. Fuck!" She radios. "Zelenka! We need to deploy teams!"

"We'll send military with the scientists incase they run into trouble," you decide. "How much time do you need?"

"I don't know!" Tyzias answers. "What little power we had is almost gone. I don't know if we're going to make it through the night."


"Holy Shit," your name is Jennifer Keller, and you've just witnessed a miracle of dying alien technology.

Your shocks with the defibrillator brought the Shaper Crystal back to life just long enough for its fragments to pulse through Kanaya's body, and infuse her with enough energy that her wounds are literally starting to heal infront of you.

But the crystal fragments embedded in Kanaya's collar bones are literally evaporating into nothing before your eyes.

"It sacrificed itself."


o< --- STARGATE: ATLANTIS --- >o


You are Morgan Carter, and you rush to the Control Room in the immediate aftermath of the chaos. Jimmyy is on your heels a few moments later.

Tyzias is busy working on something, Teyla looks out of her depth, and... Argo is comforting Keiko, who looks like she's trying very hard not to collapse into a pile of terror at the moment, within Mikari's office.

"What's the situation?" You ask.

Teyla gives you a smile, and takes you aside to explain.

"As we were leaving the planet, the Replicator's laser grazed the side of the tower, and it damaged a great many number of power conduits," Teyla explains. "As the ZPM room is at the base of the tower, the conduits in and around it are primary conduits and cannot be routed around."

"So... parts of the city should be without power then," Jimmyy asks. "Right?"

"No, Tyizas says the conduits weren't severed, merely so much as damaged," Teyla says.

"Oh," you realize. "it's like a leaking pipe. The City's pouring more power through the damaged lines to ensure it gets to the areas that need it, otherwise we'd be dead in the air right now."

"And that's... bad?" Jimmyy asks.

Jolinar huffs, and you let her speak, "Yes and no. No in that we'd be dead otherwise, yes in that there's no doubt numerous systems that are currently running that do not need power."

"Exactly," Teyla says. "The teams are making good time, and about Sixty percent of the nonessential systems are shut down, but-"

There's an alert from a nearby console.

"Oh no," you recognize that alert.

"The Shield is going to start collapsing again," Tyzias radios. "Teams 5, 6, Evacuate your areas. I don't care how much work is left to do. Go Now. We're not losing anyone else."

"Anyone else?" Jimmyy asks.

"Matthews' team," Teyla says. "They were in the outskirt edges of the city when the first shield collapse began. That was two minutes ago. Tyzias doesn't think we're going to get everything shut down given how the outer edges of the city are now decompressed to space."

"Shit," you swear. "Where do you need me?"

Teyla shows you where to go.


You are now Joey Claire, and you frown as your house phone rings when you're just moments from walking out the door with your two pint-sized charges.

"John, Rose, just... hold on a moment," you head for the phone. "This is Joey Claire. It'd better be important."

"Joey, it's Okurii. We've got a situation with Atlantis."

A few minutes later, you've gated to the Beltus, a concerned Rose and a tired, gender bent John behind you.

Atlantis has fallen out of radio contact with the 304 Apollo, which radioed Midway on Keiko's orders- Keiko's, and not MIkari's- incase they did not arrive on schedule at the designated rendezvous.

Keiko requested someone come through to Atlantis via Linking Book, so that's exactly what you're going to do.

But... you can't go yet.

"Why not!?" You ask Okurii, concern in your eyes.

"For starters," Okurii answers, "The book can't get a lock on the city. We don't know if that just means they're just stuck in hyperspace, or if they're somewhere the book can't get a lock, or if they're just... moving too fast for linking to be viable." She pauses. "And as the Apollo reported, Atlantis couldn't send people through the books they had, and they still haven't yet. We don't know why that happened, or if that interference is affecting books attempting to connect to the City itself. If the link stabilizes- when it stabilizes- when you go, we're going to send you in with a space suit and a complement of ZPMs. We're just waiting for Aincrad to come through with them first."


Your name is John Sheppard, and you watch with quite the peaked interest as Doctor Callie Ohphee comes barging into the conference room.

"Sorry to break things up, but Alternia just received a report from Pegasus and relayed it to us," she begins before anyone can interject. "Atlantis was attacked by the Replicators in retaliation for the Nuclear Strike the IOA ordered the Apollo to instigate on their homeworld."

"You did WHAT!?" Richard Woolsey stands and yells at his "Fellow" IOA Agents.

"They were building ships!" The Chineese Representative starts. "We had to order the attack or else they would-!"

"Fire a fucking super laser at Atlantis," Callie interjects. "Yeah, right. Bet you didn't think of that, did you?"

"What's the status of Atlantis?" Mikari asks, rising to her feet.

"Unknown," Callie reports. "The Replicators launched a Laser firing Satellite at the City, and they were forced to first Submerge beneath the ocean, which didn't work, and then subsequently flew off into Hyperspace. They didn't make it to the rendevouz point with the Apollo, so they followed Keiko's emergency instructions to contact Alternia and arrange for someone to go to the city via Linking Book. Okurii's putting a small team together now, but we're waiting for Aincrad to authorize us to take a complement of ZPMs through to ensure-"

"I'll authorize it," Commander Asuna Yuki speaks then. "They may have taken severe damage in the escape that caused them to fall out early. They could be bleeding power for all we know."

"Exactly," Callie nods. "I'll come with you to ensure the ZPMs get to Diaspora so we can-"

"What about the books?" Lord El Melloi the Second speaks. "Atlantis has Linking Books. Have they been used?"

"No, Sir," Callie shakes her head. "They haven't. The Apollo reported there was interference caused by the laser before Atlantis took off that was preventing the books from functioning. We have no idea what their status is now if they haven't used them still. Further, the Atlantis book hadn't reconnected yet at the time I was informed."

"Very well," the man stands. "Grey, Add, and I will accompany you to Atlantis. If their books have been damaged in any way, we will need to necessitate a replacement complement."

"You can't abandon the treaty table!" The Russian IOA Ambassador exclaims. "We need to discuss!"

"We can discuss treaties when the center of our discussions is known to be safe and secure," the D'ni Lord warns the irrate IOA man.

"We need to get back to Atlantis," Mckay says, standing. "If the City's been damaged, I'm one of the few people who can help get everything back online. They'll need all hands on deck."

"We'll all go," Jade stands from next to you. "Atlantis is our home. We're not giving it up."

"You seriously can't-!" The UK Ambassador starts, only to be cut off by General O'neill, standing sharply.

"They can, and they will. And if you won't allow them to save the very thing we gathered here to discuss," he says, very sharply, very formally, very... Military. "Then you IOA representatives can leave Corinth City through the nearest exit and never step foot here again."

"I have a sinking suspicion you three won't be returning to this table either way," Woolsey says to his 'fellow' IOA reps, then to the Atlantis crew. "Let's get going."

And thus, Atlantis' team left the discussion room, following Woolsey's lead... and so did the Aincrad and Alfheim and D'ni Representatives, though, Trizza held back just a moment to smirk at the three IOA reps that remained, and say, "You three fucked up big time."


"We might need to evacuate Atlantis," you are Keiko Ayano, and you feel so tired.

"We probably should at least evacuate the injured people first," Argo nods. "I sent someone to go check on the Book Room to see if the interference cleared up or not."

"What about Relto Books?" You ask. "There have to be a few personal ones lying around the City, right?"

"Those are still down," Argo answers, shaking their head. "At least, last I checked, they are. I asked people to let me know if they came back up. But for all I know people who had 'em decided to use 'em the second they started working again."

"Hopefully people aren't that big of cowards," you say.

That's when Argo's radio buzzes, and they reply, "This is Argo."

"Argo? Uh... This is Gordon," Doctor Freeman reports. "I'm at the Book Room. And. Uh... Do you want good news or bad news first?"

"What's the good news?" Argo asks, smiling at you.

"Well, the good news is I'm pretty sure the Laser interference is gone on the Linking Books, AND we have a great view," Freeman pauses. "The bad news is that the Laser fucking obliterated the Book Room, and that great view I mentioned? It's of the rest of the fucking City. Those Linking Books are Long Gone."

You hang your head and let out a long, drawn out, "Fuuuuuuuuuck."


"This is Commander Asuna Yuki, authorization code Nine Nine Zeta Alpha Yukon, Atlantis needs those ZPMs as fast as you can get them."


You are now Rose Lalonde, and you stare at your slumbering wife with a mix of horror and fear in everything you're feeling.

You were stupid for standing so close to the damned window.

You were stupid because you got knocked to the ground and couldn't react fast enough.

And Kanaya...

"How's she doing?" you ask of Doctor Keller, as she tends over Kanaya's status monitors.

"...There was swelling in her brain, but it's going down," Keller says. "One of her ribs punctured her lung, but it's righting itself out thanks to whatever Shaper did... It's also converting her from Alternian to Human and taking the extra mass for fuel.  Also, I think her hair's shrunk by a few inches already, too."

You can't help but take a shaky, uneasy breath.

"So... she's going to make it?" You ask.

"We can only hope that she does," Keller says. "But... Rose, you gotta be prepared for the possibility her memories are damaged. She took a huge hit to the head, and the swelling... We're lucky and unlucky she was wearing Shaper when it happened."

Lucky she was wearing it because it's saved her life.

Unlucky because now the crystal is GONE and it couldn't be used directly to save her and heal god knows how many other injuries across the city.

"If the swelling hadn't stopped and it hadn't started to recede," Keller continues, "we'd have had to perform a decompressive craniectomy." She hesitates at your confused look, then elaborates, "Cut out a piece of her skull, and the brain allowed to expand outside of the head."

"Oh god," you exhale. "She's going to be pissed enough her hair's shrunk... but atleast you didn't shave it all off."

"Let's hope that's the case."


"I think we should collapse the shield to right around the main tower."

You are Tyzias Entykk, and you watch as Argo nods, and Keiko raises her head from the desk.

For a moment, there's silence, then Keiko points out the obvious: "That's going to leave us exposed to space."

"Yeah, but our power is so thin right now, I don't have any extra juice to come up with the solutions to the hundred or so problems that could lead to our premature demise today." You elaborate.

"...Alright," Keiko nods. "Go ahead and do it, but make sure-"

"Everyone's accounted for? Already done," you say. "We're ready."

"Ok," Keiko nods again. "Do what you need to do."

Argo nods as well. "Get us as much time as you can, I'll try and stretch out the hours a bit longer to buy us some more time."

"Thanks," you say, and head back to the control room, "Alright, everyone! We're doing this!"

You hope Daraya's doing better.


Your name is Daraya Jonjet, and you cannot fucking see.

Well, okay, it's not total blindness. It WAS. Then there was a flash of pink, and now you can see the faint blur of green that is your blood color masking everything, and some vague darker outlines of shapes through it...

But functionally, you can't see for shit right now.

...And you don't know if you ever will again.

"Hey," Mallek's hand is on your shoulder. "It's going to be okay, Daraya."

"No, it won't," you say."Even if I get my eyesight back, I'm going to be scarred like with the fucking volcano shit again."

"You don't know that," he says.

You glance in his direction- your nose can pick up his scent pretty well. All you see is a vague, darker jade blur among the rest of the slightly lighter jade that is your vision right now.

"Look me in the eyes, Mallek, and tell me that I'm ever going to step foot near Stargate Ops ever again," you tell him.

The shadow moves close, and practically fills up the little vision you have. "You are going to go through that Gate with me and Keiko and Tyzias again, Daraya. Just you wait and see."

"I can't, Mallek. That's the thing. I can't see," you hiss. "All I see right now is Green. And sure, that's better than the pitch black I had earlier, but... Fucking hell, Mallek! I can't even make out the outline of your fucking head or horns right now! There's just a slightly darker shadow and that's it."

You close your eyes, and there's darkness.

It's not any better.

You open them again, and...

No difference.

It's just the same green void again.


"Okay, two bits of news, one good, one meh," you are Tyzias Entykk still, and you report to Teyla and Argo in the Control Room. "Meh news is that we know where we are!"

"Does that mean we can use the Gate?" Teyla asks.

"No, we'd need to be standing relatively still in space- on a planet- not hurtling through space at just-exited-hyperspace velocities. We're moving too fast to activate the Gate." You report. "And, before you ask. Sub-light would slow us down if they were working. But Sub-light and Navigation are offline."

"That is pretty Meh news," Argo agrees.

"Atleast we're not lost anymore," you agree. "Good news is that there is NOTHING wrong with the Hyperdrives themselves. The damaged power conduits just couldn't ferry enough power to them or the Stardrives. Plenty of power in the capacitors, no way to get it to where the engines needed. We stalled out, basically."

"So we repair the conduits and jump back into Hyperspace?" Argo asks.

"That's the idea. I mean, we can't repair anywhere near as good as we should be able to with everything powered down- you know, landed and such. But... we can patch them up." You scowl. "The only problem with that is we're not going to go far unless we risk the patch job failing on us, regardless of how much power we have left in the tank from all the power we're wasting on the leakage. Some of it's not even recent damage."

"Even with all the reductions?" Teyla asks. "We're still draining power?"

"Yep," you bring up a display gauge on a screen. A power monitor for the ZPM levels. "The Replicators fucked up their repairs. Or we bugged it up when we disrupted the City. Something didn't get repaired right in the ZPM conduits to begin with. Stardrives, Shields, something took damage when we took back the city and the Replicators didn't get around to fixing it properly. We didn't realize it was damaged because the sensors weren't working right to begin with. So. We couldn't fix it."

You point at a line, that the green levels of the current power supply are rapidly draining towards. "This is our point of no return. If we don't complete repairs before we hit this point, we're stuck, and we'll have maybe thirty hours of air before we suffocate to death."


"The linking Panel for Atlantis' book just finished updating."

You are Joey Claire, and you snap to attention as you hear those words spoken from Zebede's mouth. "Show me."

The yellow blood escorts you to the Book Room on the Beltus, and you review what you know.

Linking Panels follow certain rules, you've found, though the type of panel changes depending on the Age itself and the Writer of the connection in question.

Generally, the Descriptive Book will show a wild and varied view of a LOT of nearby terrain- this is something you've never seen.

The more animated Linking Book panels  will often have a live feed of just the primary linking point that had been chosen for that link- sometimes, though, it will pull in from a far outside view, zip around the local terrain, before circling down on the central Linking Point.

Sometimes, books would just fix on an image, and only really update what was seen if the area changed drastically enough.

Linking Panels that showed a black, swirl cloud void generally meant the link would not function at that point in time- as had happened before when Atlantis was in Hyperspace, or during the points in time where the City had previously NOT been near a physical planet.

Atlantis' Linking Book had been a mix of these- it featured a mostly live view of the Atlantis Book Room, adjusting for time of day, but it never showed whether or not the room was inhabited or not.

Now, as you opened the book, you prepared for the worst.

Static filled the corners of the screen, but the image it showed was... lagging.

The City seemed to be fixed in frame, save for the subtle turn to it as it moved through space. The speed at which dots of light seemed to be moving around it implied the City was definitely moving fast, and the Book was trying to catch up to the City itself.

The Shield had been collapsed to only protect the central tower.

A sun glinted past in the corner- and you realized why the link had taken so long to stabilize: They hadn't approached anywhere resembling a fixed point in space yet. Yeesha's magic writing to fix the book to a fixed point relative to the City of Atlantis was doing its best to catch up to the rapidly moving city.


You are Ronon Dex, and you look up as Keiko Ayano wanders into the infirmary.

She smiles to Mallek and Daraya, though only the former reacts with a strained smile. And then Keiko  makes a bee-line over to... well, you, actually.

"How are you holding up?" She asks.

"I'm fine," you reply. "They got the glass out."

"Good." She nods.

"You need me somewhere?" You ask.

"...No, I just..." She glances at Daraya and Mallek, ears flattening in shame "I can't confront her yet. This is my fault."

"No, it's not," you say. "You didn't know."

"I gave the order to take the shield down," she says. "This is my fault everyone got hurt."

"If you didn't, we'd have stalled out," you tell her. "I was in the control room. I heard that conversation. There wasn't any other option. Now go talk with your team."

"...Alright," she nods, and heads over to them.

"Hey, Mallek, Daraya. How's... how's it going?" she asks.

"I can see THREE shades of Jade Green now," Daraya says with a flat tone of voice.

"Her eyesight's slowly getting better," Mallek says. "I think that pulse wave from Shaper earlier is accelerating people's healing by a bit."

"...Shaper pulse wave?" Keiko asks. "Oh, god- Kanaya-"

"She's fine," Mallek says, reaching a hand out to grab Keiko's before she can take off. "I just asked Keller a minute ago. She's recovering."

"...I..." You see Keiko swallow, watch as her ears flatten against her skull, her tail droop as she then takes a hefty breath.  "Okay. That's good." Then, she kneels down to Daraya, looking her in the eyes. "Daraya? I... I know I'm not the greatest with healing spells, but would you be okay if I tried-?"

"Yes," Daraya says, sharply. "Just... Give it a try. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work."

"Okay..." Keiko nods. puts her hands up beside Daraya's eyes, and whispers alien words you don't recognize.

A spiral of golden symbols wrap around Keiko's arms, and then lock into place before exploding into particles that flow into Daraya's eyes.

You watch as the seared green orbs begin to... well... stop being green everywhere. Orange begins to pierce through the green at the edges, and structure and form return to the center of the eyes.

Daraya wrenches her eyes shut, grimaces, and hisses... You see her ears twitching in mild pain... And when her eyes open again they seem moderately normal again... except the green parts that should be green are clouded over.

"Shit... That's..." She hisses again. "Everything's blurry as fuck but atleast I can see colors again."

"I... I'll try again-," Keiko stumbles over her words, looking exhausted.

"Later," Mallek says, putting a hand on her shoulder. "We'll call for Minori when we get in contact with everyone again. You rest for now, okay?"

"I can still--"

"You look like shit, Keiko," Mallek says. "And I say this as nicely as I can. Go get some sleep."

"And no offense," Daraya says, "but you smell like you haven't brushed your teeth in hours. Go take care of that too!"

Keiko laughs. "Alright. I'll go take care of my bad breath, and go try and take a nap. You two take care, okay?"

"I'll make sure of it," Mallek nods.


"How's it going on this end?" You are once again Tyzias Entykk, and you enter the ZPM room with a hurried clip to your pace.

"Actually, remarkably well," Zelenka reports, sighing tiredly. He's looking quite tired and discomposed from his usual demeanor, but happy despite that.

"Really?" You ask. "That's surprising."

"Yes, yes, yes," Zelenka agrees. "Cannibalizing parts and crystals from secondary conduits and interfacing them with primary ones is, um…is going very smoothly. Yes, if we keep our current pace, we should be... uh, done well before we... we... um... drop below the necessary power requirements to- ah. You know, jump into hyperspace and meet up with the Apollo."

"That's fantastic!" You laugh. "Oh man, there's actually a chance we might make it out of this alive!"

"Tyzias? Argo? Control Room now Please!" Chuck calls out, sounding panicked.

You sigh. "That last for all of, what? A second?"

"This is the day that... ah... Oh, it just keeps on giving, isn't it?" Zelenka asks in turn, sighing.

You go to return to the Control Room.

"What is it, Chuck?" You ask when you arrive.

"Take a look," he points at a screen.

"...Oh fuck," you swear.

"Oh shit, are those-?" Argo arrives as well.

"It's an Asteroid Belt," you groan. "And fuck, we're screwed. Sub-light's offline. And we can't expand the shield or else we run out of power instnatly."

"How long until we get there?" Argo asks.

"Ten minutes til, then maybe..." Chuck swears. "Shit. Five Minutes to get through."

"Oh fuck us, we're passing through it at a bad angle," you groan. "Shit. How are we going to get through this?"

If you'd just skimmed the top of it. Why couldn't you have skimmed the top of it? Then it'd just have been a solid two minutes of moving through rocks.

"Zelenka needs forty-five minutes to complete the repairs, if we raise the shield even for one minute we eat up all that time so... God damn it. How do we beat this?"

You stare at the problem with no solution. "Where's a Hyperbeam when we need it!?"

"...We don't need Hyperbeam," Argo realizes. "We have a Ruby Lancer."

"What?" You turn to look at them. "But... How does-?"



In order to get them in the Jumper Bay you had to utilize a reverse function of the same technology that allows the Saphire version of that Mech's Shotgun mode to expand to a proper size to be held by the Astro Megaship.

You had to shrink it DOWN to fit it inside.

...Could you...?

"How big can we expand the Ruby Lancer by in its combined, Mega-Pla formation?" You ask.

"I don't know," Argo says. "But if we get a complement of Jumpers on either side to pick off the straggler pieces of rock...?"

"That might work," you nod. "Argo, Get me Rhubee and Karren up here Stat! Chuck, get me every person on base who has the ATA Gene at basic Jumper levels of flight control. Everyone meets in the Jumper Bay. NOW!"

"Keiko was asking them earlier," Chuck replies. "I can get them."


"...Which means we can't raise the shield because we don't have enough power in the ZPMs," you finish explaining to the gathered group of about 26 individuals standing before you. "If  we don't clear a path for the city, it'll get ripped apart. So, Rhubee and Karren are going to super-size the Lancer, and clear us a path. Then, we're going to take every last jumper we have, and we're going to pick off the stragglers that pose the City a threat. Any questions!?"

A doctor raises his hand. "I wasn't comfortable with even touching the City's chair. Why do you think I'm going to be any better flying a Jumper- which I've only done twice before- and firing drones- which I've never done before?!"

"Because unlike Keiko who could do this solo," you smile at the girl who smiles tiredly back at you, "we CAN'T do this Solo. There IS no other option. You all are IT. Everyone else who could've done this isn't HERE. SO. We're doing this thing."

"We're making it happen," O'neill agrees. "Let's get it done or we die."

There's a lot of frightened looks, but... They agree.

"Let's get Moving people!" You look to Rhubee Xaolon and Kohiru Karren. They nod with determination, and move for their mechships.


The Atlantis Linking Panel is now in a near state of constant trying to catch up with the city. It's gotten closer, over the last few minutes, but it's nowhere near close enough to risk actually linking through just yet.

Your name is Joey Claire, and you feel anxious and nervous as you watch a field of asteroids fill the screen.

Well. Shit.

How are they going to deal with that?

And then, you watch as two red things emerge from the top of Atlantis' tower, and then snap together and GROW.



The rear boosters connect to the front lancer's thruster as it shuts down- and the boosters mech-shift into the form of legs- then, the upper half seems to bend at the middle- rather, the shoulders- before the shield section splits away, revealing arms and a head.

The shield spirals away, and splits in two- becoming a shield, and a lance's spear head- that grows the remainder of its handle with a burst of energy.

The right hand grabs the lance's pole, and the left arm connects to the shield.

The crimson mech strikes a pose.


A flight of 24 Jumpers emerges from the tower, each just about as long front to back as the Ruby Lancer's chest was from front to Back.

"Alright, everyone! Get in formation! We're taking first strike!" Karren orders. "Rhubee? Ready?"

"I was HATCHED READY!" Rhubee gleefully strikes a switch in the control console on the back of her dummy shield. "BEGIN GIGANTIMAX SEQUENCE!!"

A Magic Circle- or what appears to be one at any rate- appears beneath the Lancer's feet, and shoots upwards along the mech's body, engulfing the tiny mech, and as it passes by in space, reveals a massive version of it behind.

It was still nowhere near as big as the Astro Megaship, but at its now maximum, enhanced size, it stood a more sizable chance against the asteroid field infront of them.

The Lance was held out infront of them- and it did not transform into a scythe mode. Instead, it shot out twin beams of energy from both ends, and then, held within the Lancer's grip, began to spin at speeds, forming a whirling death-blade shield of crimson energy.

"RUBY LANCE: MODE FOUR!" Rhubee cried out.

Karren completed the cry: "GAE BOLG!!!"

The crimson mecha rocketed forwards at speeds that would break the sound barrier if there were an atmosphere around.

Instead, their spinning weapon carved a massive trench through the asteroid belt.

The concussive force of the blast traveled out into nearby asteroids, pushing them off course away from Atlantis, causing the hole in the field to grow and grow in size, like a ripple in the surface of a pond.

"Go Go Go!" Tyzias calls out. "Start picking off stragglers Now!"


The constant flash of explosions on the Linking Panel sealed the asteroid belt's fate.

You can't help but laugh.

That's certainly a very creative use of an over powered prototype finishing move.

As the city starts to drift through the hole in the asteroid belt, the Panel finally gets a head start on its catch up, and begins drifting into the City's outer edges.

That's when everyone who's coming along arrives, clad up in space suits.

"Joey," John Sheppard nods at you. "Hows little me and Rose doing?"

"Okurii's watching them," you inform him, and he nods in acceptance.

"How's the City?" Mckay asks.

"They're clearing a path through an asteroid belt, so, now's probably not the best time to try linking through," you explain, jabbing a thumb at the panel.

"Well, that's certainly flashy," John stares at it. "Ruby Lancer?"

"Best as I can tell," you nod. "What's the status of the ZPMs?"

"Got 'em," Jade says, hefting a case in hand before Captchaloging it.

"Good, they definitely need them if they've collapsed the City Shield like they have," you say.

"They did what?" Mckay peers at the panel. "Well- Shit! That's definitely not good."


"HAHAHA! Alright!" Rhubee cheers as they clear the other side of the asteroid belt. "That's the main path cleared! We're going back to pick off anything else."

With a shift of the shield, a laser rifle deposits itself into the Lancer's left hand. With a fire of the booster on its back, the Mega-Pla took off to shoot down some giant rocks.


Soon enough, the Linking Panel had crossed through the shield, and was focusing in on a large graze alongside the central tower.

A large grze that the panel's camera view settled within, peering forlornly at a locked door.

"Well, that settles it," you say. "We're going to have to EVA to get into the City. Jade and I should go first. She has the ZPMs, I have wings that can carry us along if need be. The rest of you..."

"Yeah, there's no way we'd keep up with the speed requirements needed to keep up with the City after linking in," Mckay shakes his head.

"Much as I hate to say it, he's right," John grimaces. "Good luck, you two."

"I'll tell Argo you say hi," Jade kisses John on the lips, then pulls back and activates her helmet. "Ready to go, Jo?"

"Yeah," you activate your helmet. "Let's go!"

You press your hand to the panel.


The Lifesigns detector suddenly beeped as something materialized outside of the city's current walls.

"What the?" Chuck stared at the sign that appeared.

Then, a second beep- a second dot.

It took Chuck but a moment to place their location as where the Atlantis Book Room had used to be.

He quickly got on the radio- "I need the Jumper closest to the city to divert and go pick up two unidentified travelers that just linked into space where the Book Room used to be. Now!"


Soon, Atlantis cleared the asteroid belt, and you could sigh in relief.

You are Argo Lalonde, and you exit your Jumper to find that one of the others is opening up to reveal the two space-suit wearing travelers who probably linked in from--

"Argo!" And then Jade is hugging you tight, and you're hugging her back.

"Jade! What- Weren't you supposed to be-?"

"At the conference? Yeah, but Callie told us what was happening so we came to help," She answers.

"Sorry we took so long!"

You turn and look at the other person who'd shown up- Joey Claire.

"But, you know, Linking Books. Sometimes they just take forever to update themselves," She jokes. "I swear to god, it had this purple book icon on the screen with a bunch of swirling dots around it, with the word "Updating" underneath it for, like, a month!"

You can't help but laugh.

"Oh, god, that's the worst!" You say.

"What's not the worst, though," Jade grins. "We brought ZPMs!"

"HELL FUCKING YES!" Tyzias exclaims as she hears the news from elsewhere in the Jumper Bay.


You are Keiko Ayano, and there's a rush of work as the last of the City's last ditch repairs are rapidly made.

"Hey," Joey nudges you in the shoulder as she sits down next to you on the stairs overlooking the Stargate. She hands you a cup of hot chocolate, which you accept readily. She sips at her own cup after decaptchaloging it.

"Hey," you say, sipping at it. It's powdered, you can tell that instantly from the grit on your tongue. Probably not even real chocolate in it, but... who cares. It tastes fine enough.

"Tyzias tells me you're going to fly us the rest of the way to... wherever it is we settle on."

"Yeah," you say. "I started this flight. I gotta finish it. I'll get us home so Mikari can get back in charge and..." you trail off. "Um. Question. How are things going? With the negotiations?"

"I didn't get much time to chat, but Jade did tell me that Aincrad and Alfheim and Aincrad's D'ni want Mikari running a project of theirs," Joey says. "Something big. I'm not entirely sure what, though."

"So... she's not coming back," you sigh. Hot chocolate. Sip. Savor taste. Swallow.

"Not right away, no," Joey frowns. "If it's any consolation, Jade said you were one of the runner ups for taking over this place."

You scoff. "Hell no. I can barely handle this."

"That's what I said when she said I was one of the other runner ups," Joey smiles. "Except instead of 'i can't handle this' it's 'I'm retired.'"

"And yet, here you are?"

"And yet, here I am."

There's a pause, you both drink hot chocolate.

"Would..." You pause in your question. "Would you come back, lead this place?"

"That all depends," Joey says.

"On what?" You ask. "How much they pay you?"

"Yes, that, but also... Also, how much control they actually let me have," Joey frowns, peering at the Gate. "If I do take over, I'm demanding I get my rank back. And I know Okurii's willing to promote me. She's asked a few times, only mostly jokingly mind you, that if I agreed to a promotion to General she'd make me take over the Beltus on the spot." She takes a long sip of her hot chocolate. Then, she says, "I'll make my price high, if they really want me to run this place. And I think the IOA doesn't want that as much as I don't. Still... stranger things have happened."

"That's..." you frown. "There's a lot you'd be giving up, though."

"Tell me about it," she sighs, shaking her head. "I don't think Polypa's willing to uproot and move here. Mierfa either. Toko... I'd rather not uproot her from her life so far either."

"Fair enough." You sip at your hot chocolate. "Anyone else I should be aware of maybe taking over?"

"Lord El Melloi apparently expressed interest in taking over for a time," Joey continues. "And I have no idea who that is, so, fuck if I know if it's a good idea or not. Other than him... Argo."

"Argo did good when I was panicking," you say. "And they know the City management better than anyone else, really."

"John put their name forwards," Joey says. "Jade backed him up on that."

"As they should," you nod.

"As for anyone else... hell if I know. I don't think they finished hashing it out before they left."

"Well, this is gonna suck," you muse.


You are now Rose Lalonde, and you're woken up with a brief jolt in your arms.

Your eyes snap open, and you lift your head, and you see Kanaya stirring in the bed that you had just laid down on for a minute, you swear, you were just resting your eyes.

"Doctor Keller!" you call out. "She's waking up!"

You stand back and wait as Kanaya wakes up, and Doctor Keller walks her through what she remembered last, which, thankfully, ends up being most of everything before the sudden explosion at the window.

At some point during all of that process, Joey Claire showed up- how did she even get to Atlantis??

It doesn't matter, you smile at her, and she smiles back, though a bit grimly.

"So... Shaper got shattered, huh?" Joey asks, peering at Kanaya.

"Yes," you nod. "That's about the gist of it."

Joey sighs, running a hand through her hair. "So much for fixing what it did to John, then."

...There is that failing, too.

"We should've come yesterday- would have, even," Joey explains. "But... John said he wanted to give it another day. So we waited. I think... well, I hate to jump to conclusions. But I can tell he's happier this way, and he just doesn't want to admit it yet. Whether that's because he's happy with the gender flip, or happy with the looking like his sister thing, or both, who knows."

"Who knows indeed," you frown. "How he reacts to the news that Shaper is broken will be telling."

"Mmh," Joey nods. "That it will be."

"How's my other self taking it?" You ask.

"Already trying to research ways to make it better," Joey says. "I've told her to knock it off for the time being."

"Well, good luck to her with that," you say, attention being taken in by Keller waving you over. "Now if you'll excuse me..."

Joey nods, and you head over to talk to Kanaya.

"Hey," you greet.

"Hey," she greets in turn.

"As far as I can tell, she's making a full recovery," Keller says. "I'll discharge her in a couple of days, for observation, but... it's a miracle, I think." She then bows out, and says, "I'll let you two be."

"Thank you," Kanaya says. "That would be great."

Keller leaves, Joey moving to intercept to talk to her, and you smile at Kanaya. "Welcome back."

"It's good to be back," Kanaya smiles. "I imagine I gave you quite a scare."

"You have no idea," you shake your head. "It's been a mess the last... uh... day, basically?"

"I have a lot to catch up on, then, it sounds like," Kanaya says.

"Yeah." You nod.

For a moment you both stand/sit there, before Kanaya motions for you to sit down next to her, which you eagerly do, and give her the biggest, tightest hug you can, followed shortly by a very deep and passionate kiss.

"I thought I'd lost you," you whisper once the kiss breaks.

"Not this time," Kanaya whispers in turn.

"Let's just elope," you say.

"Seriously? No ceremony? Nothing?" Kanaya asks.

"Jack and Sam had the right idea. No more waiting," you tell her. "We get out of this, we get married."

"That sounds wonderful." Kanaya kisses you again.


"Alright, I think that's everything!" Tyzias reports... "Just one last initialization, and..."

You are now Jade Jackson, and you smile as the last of the replacement ZPMs have been slotted in. The old ones were just about depleted already.

"There!" Tyzias grins. "We're good to go. Let's get back to the Control room."

"Awesome," you say. "So, where are we heading to, destination wise?"

Tyzias huffs. "Zelenka and I don't think the repairs are going to last long, and we're pretty sure the Stardrives are going to conk out sometime just after we exit hyperspace, so our options are pretty limited to the local systems. We couldn't make it back to Lantea, or back to M12-578. It's not on any of our primary or backup lists, but our best contender is M35-117. It's just in range, and it's got a stable atmosphere, a big ocean, and besides the particularly large and venomous snake-like creatures that inhabit the mainland, it's a good home environment."

"Why wasn't it on our lists before?" you ask.

"Giant, Venomous, Snakes." Tyzias shudders. "Obvious enough, yeah?"

"Okay, fair enough," you muse. "On the plus side, if the Replicators managed to steal any of our backup locations from the database when they were in control of the city, it's not like they'd think to look there."

"Exactly what else I was thinking," Tyzias nods.

A teleporter jump later, and you're back in the control room.

"Alright, people," you clap your hands. "Let's get this show on the road!"


You are Keiko Ayano, and as you sit in Atlantis' control chair, you feel the steady thrum of energy running through the City to the Stardrive and Hyperspace engines.

Okay, 'steady' is a bit of the wrong word here. It's more like, hiccuping majorly every few minutes near the base of the tower

The Repairs aren't going to hold for long, but you just hope it's going to last long enough to get you to where you need to go.

"Alright," Tyzias radios, and your internal mind's eye views her in the control room with the others. "We'll be exiting Hyperspace fairly close to the planet's atmosphere. I don't want the star drives kicking off before we get a chance to enter the atmosphere, so... we're going to be coming in hot and fast. Think you can handle it, Keiko?"

"As long as the engines get us through re-entry, I think I can manage if worst comes to worst," you say. "Jade? Think you can get a grip on the City incase things go wrong?"

"I can hold us together but I've never guided anything this big before," Jade answers, holding hands with Argo.

"We should have enough energy in the ZPMs to maintain shield integrity," Tyzias says, "but that said, a city this size will have a LOT of friction, and if we come in too steep or too fast, and the shield could flex under the strain and we'd pop, or shatter, or burn up... all of the above?" She shrugs. "Anyways, you'll want to bring us in over the water like a leaf kissing the surface of a pond."

"What kind of metaphor is that?" You ask, mind's eye drifting to the Infirmary, where Mallek watches as Joey talks with Daraya about something private and personal and the City's muting the audio feed from there.

Cute, Atlantis. Cute.

"It's the kind that-" Tyzias stops as an alarms sounds. "Never mind. We're arriving."

Your external view of the city kicks in, and the wash of Hyperspace drops away, leaving before you a planet with a large continent, an even larger ocean, and FIVE MOONS!

The Wolf in you tenses with that knowledge, but also... for some other reason as well you can't quite pin down.

...Well, shit, this could be an unpleasant planet to live on. But, never mind. UGH. You've got more important things to focus on.

Also, Tyzias wasn't kidding, you're pretty much in high orbit already.

"Atlantis, this is your pilot speaking," you draw on a bit of Kazuto's charm from back when the last time you were in this situation happened. "Please buckle in. It's going to be a bumpy ride."

You make the descent into the atmosphere...

"Keiko, we're coming in a little steep," Tyzias warns. "If we keep going like this we'll strain the shield and-"

You feel it before she can say anything more- the battered conduits are suddenly feeling clogged.

"Shit-" you swear just before something EXPLODES, and you lose all sensation from the Stardrives as the City tilts dangerously to a side.

"SHIT!" Tyzias yells. "We lost the stardrive!"

"ON IT!!" Jade yells.

The City tumbles into the Atmosphere, shield still raised, but no inertial dampeners- the only thing holding the City together is the green glow of energy covering everything.

Shit, shit shit- Fuck- Okay, come on Keiko, you've got this!!!

You try your best to change the angle of entry, but damn it, you've got no power to those systems right now. It's like you're flying with your-- Wait. Wings!

You focus, the city is your body, and your body can FLY, and so CAN THIS CITY!!


You spread your wings in the chair, and beneath Atlantis appears a giant pair of wings in the same style as your own wings.

You set them to vibrate, as best as you can, and you start to shift the angle of entry.

Yes! Yes! You're slowing down! YES! Angle adjusted! Perfect! Now all you need to do is NOT crash into the Continent that's rapidly coming up beneath you! And--!



You're dropping WAY too close to the fucking continent's surface! God. DAMN IT. ONE JOB, KEIKO! YOU HAD ONE JOB!!!

You drop as much deceleration as you can to focus on keeping the City level and not crashing into the fucking continent as you rocket over it at speeds that are still definitely breaking the sound barrier.

You're sure whatever giant snakes are living there are turning their heads up at the noise and light show.

Fuck, why is history repeating itself again!? How did Kazuto manage to do this!?

Trees woosh by all around you. A lake blurs by before you know it. More Trees. An endless sea of green compared to the rapidly approaching shore line.

You just have to keep the City High enough to not start skimming the ground before you hit the water!

Cmon! Cmon! CMON!!!!



You throw on the breaking angles, and try to decelerate as much as you can before you hit the water!



Water starts spraying up across the shield as you get close enough to disturb it- fuuuuuck--- You can't see anything!!





Your momentum finally comes to as complete of a stop as you can get it, and the water friction against the shield does the rest.

With a JOLT and a rock of the city's momentum being bled away, everything just... sort of sways a little... and then... It balances out.

"Nice Kissing!" Tyzias appraises, slightly sarcastically from the Control Room.

"Thanks..." You open your eyes, huffing in amazement. "Did we make it? Is everything alright?"

"Yeah, just..." Tyzias pauses... "Systems are good. Plenty of power in the ZPMs..."

"Drop the shield," Argo orders.

You feel the shield dropping over Atlantis, and you take stock over the people within...

A little banged up, but Jade's powers seem to have kept everyone from bumping around too much.

"Attention Atlantis..." You begin. "...I think we've made it in one piece. I'm just gonna pass out now, if that's alright."

And so you pass out.



DIASPORA DATE: 04/20/0006.

"Okay, that should be it," You are now Morgan Carter, and you peer at the Stargate. "Shall we give it a spin?"

[Yes,] Jolinar agrees within your skull. [Let's.]

"Let's Dial Earth," Zelenka nods.

You take a breath, then push the glyphs for Earth.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven... Eight.


"Connection established," you grab the radio. "This is Atlantis calling Stargate Command, do you read?"

There's a pause... Then...

"We read you, Atlantis, it's good to hear from you!" Walter's voice echoes down the line.

"Great to be heard," you smile. "Tell General Landry we're back on the Gate Network."


You are now Rodney Mckay and you sigh in disbelief as you peer at the Atlantis Control Room. "God, what a mess."

"Tell me about it," Zelenka says without looking up from whatever it is he's working on. "Also, welcome back, Rodney."

"Good to be back for however long it'll be," you say. "The whole meeting's been postponed for another few days while we sort things out here."

"Well, when you go back, you can tell the IOA their stunt did nothing but cost us severely," he motions you over to the laptop he's looking at.

"What is it?" You ask.

"Long Range scanners picked up a massive fleet of ships leaving the Replicator Planet. Either they already rebuilt in just the short amount of time since we blew them up, or they had more ships than we thought they did," he points at the scanner, showing a large fleet of ships moving towards-

"Isn't that a Wraith Planet?" You ask.

"Indeed it is," he nods. "MGM-626. From Ford's Dart Database, actually. Go figure."

"...So we not only failed to blow up all their ships, but no less than a day or two later, they're already launching more ships to attack," you scowl. "Lovely. The IOA's paranoia provoked all of this shit for nothing."

"General O'neill is not going to be happy when we inform him," Zelenka says. "I can't imagine anyone in the IOA is going to be happy. Their 'plan', such as it was, backfired heavily."

"And here we are suffering the consequences," you mutter.


"Ah, there you three are!" You are Mikari Aiikho, and you find John Sheppard, Jade Jackson, and Argo Lalonde out on the rather ruined Atlantis balcony.

Argo's kneeling next to the melted metal, running their hands over it, and leaving behind a subtle red glow.

"Here we are," John nods. "Argo just had an idea to help speed up repairs."

"An idea?" You ask.

"Well," Argo starts. "In the Unending I was able to imbue sword strikes with a time reversal effect that triggered when hit by other weapons. So... What if I apply it to the damaged parts of Atlantis? Reverse them to an undamaged state?"

"We thought we'd start small," Jade says, smiling. "Trial run, you know. Less room for error."

"And I think I've got the balcony," Argo stands. "John, if you'd please?"

John rolls his shoulders, stretches his arms out, and then gathers a small sphere of wind between his hands.

"Alright... here goes..."

And he gently lobs it at the ruined balcony floor.

There's a flash of red light, and the sound of a clock ticking backwards, and suddenly a large portion of the ruined floor has been restored.

"Well, damn," Argo whistled. "As if we weren't over powered before. I can't believe I got that to carry over!"

"Think it'd work on my younger self?" John asks. "Or better yet, put Shaper back together again?"

"I'd rather not try it on anything organic just yet," Argo says, grimacing. "And no, that End thing doesn't count."

"Of course it doesn't," Jade says, crossing her arms over her chest. "That thing was horrible. I'm still having the occasional nightmare about it."

"I think I'll have different nightmares from here on," Argo says, peering down the gap in the floor at the long burn mark carved against the side of the Central Tower.

"This has been the scariest forty hours of my life."

"What, being blasted from on high by Anubis wasn't scary enough?" John asks.

"No, because I had you two with me the entire time," Argo answers.

You smile at the displays of affection shown after that.

You turn your attention towards the sky...

"That's a familiar sight," you say, in regards towards the two giant moons visible even during the day. "Two Moons."

"There's actually five moons," Jade says. "But only two are visible to the naked eye from the planet's surface. The other three are sort of stuck inside the planet's shadow, as far as we can tell."

"Huh," you muse, staring upwards. "That's different."

"You're telling me," Jade huffs. "It's really throwing my inner wolf out of whack." Her ears flex, annoyed. "I think every other werewolf on Atlantis is feeling the same."

"Hopefully it's nothing that won't settle with time," Argo says. "Speaking of time... How long before you guys have to go back?"

"Oh, a couple of days, at the least," you answer. "After all the shit that went down... What a fucking mess."

"You can say that again," John agrees.

"What a fucking mess," you say it again.

"The Apollo's staying in orbit for the next few days too," Argo says. "Their shield took a beating when the laser hit them first. They're not up for a long distance trip yet."

"I don't think anyone is, really," Jade says. "Atlantis got fucking laser'd. We had to move *again* and... fuck. Things are changing." Her hands drop to her stomach. "They're really changing way too fast."

"You can say that again," you agree.

Chapter Text


DIASPORA DATE: 04/21/0006.

Your name is Roxy Egbert, and you listen to the story as Joey explains what the hell happened just after the wedding, primarily, and then what happened on Atlantis, secondarily.

In the end, it boils down to the simple matter of the fact that your daughter stole an alien artifact, and her good intentions backfired because of the THEFT side of things, with the end result being your son now being... your other daughter.

That Shaper intended to only reverse it after a week's time to let the lesson sink in because of something Doctor Lam did is infuriating enough. (You are going to have WORDS with Carolyn.) That Atlantis got attacked by Replicators and the Shaper Crystal *Shattered* and *died* saving Kanaya's life is...

....It's just so much to take in.

"Well?" Joey asks, jarring you from your thoughts. "I was kind of expecting you to start crying, or shout in rage, or, uh, do something- anything- by now that wasn't just, um... sitting there? Well, Rose and John were worried about the shouting thing, at any rate."

"OH, God," you hang your head into your hands. "Do I really come off as the kind of woman who'd do that?"

"To be fair, you come off as the kind of woman who'd deliberately summon a tiger from the void and set it loose on someone trespassing on your property under the right circumstances," Joey answers. "To be frank, I'm not really sure what I was expecting."

"Joey, my whole life has been nothing but these weird ass science fiction-esque twists and turns for the last ten ish years," you state. "But I'm not- have I ever really- given that impression that I'd be that mad over something like this?" Especially given your other self? Also. "Also?? A Tiger summoning? Really??"

"Hey, I had nightmares for WEEKS after you pulled off that stunt on Jude's fifth Birthday," Joey points out.

Jude's Fifth--?




You'll agree, "Yeeeeah.... Renting a live tiger for a petting zoo was NOT really the smartest idea."

"Oh, for sure. I'm just shocked Jude didn't have any nightmares over it," Joey pauses, then shakes her head. "Annnyways. So. Uh..."

"It'll be a pain correcting birth certificates and everything with the Schools, but..." You sigh. "I mean. What's done is done and it's not like we're going to magically come across yet ANOTHER Shaper Crystal somewhere, right?"

Joey quietly mutters something about 'not unless we meet an undepending egg bird' or something weird like that, but strangely the sentence blows away into the void before you can even pick up any other detail from it, as she then remarks, louder, "No, I'm pretty sure that any Spare Shaper Crystals are firmly well outside of our narrative relevance for atleast a good eight or nine years."

You blink. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means I'm tempting fate to prove me wrong," Joey answers.

"Ah, fair enough," you nod. Then, you ask. "So... should I offer John that I rename him- her- or-?"

"You should ask them, that," Joey says. "But... Rose said she had some suggestions. Both Roses, actually. Though, older Rose just said her list was probably the same as her younger self and then she and Kanaya absconded through Rose's Relto Book for their 'hey we survived' eloping-honeymoon-vacation thing. Keller wasn't happy they skipped out early, that's for sure."

"...Wait, what?" You ask, changing the subject. "They're ELOPING?!?"

"Yes," Joey answers. "I think it was either that or they wanted to try a D'ni style wedding? I dunno. They didn't exactly give me any information before linking away like they were going to run out of tuxes and bridal dresses at the store."

"Are D'ni weddings fast?" You ask.

"I have no idea, Roxy. Why don't you go ask someone from the DRC?" Joey answers.

"Yeah, sure," you probably won't ever get around to it. "...Anyways. I'll go talk with Rosey and John. See what's up there."

"Fair enough," Joey nods.

The discussion you had with your kids lasted almost about two hours, including breaks for ice cream.

In the end, your son-turned-daughter had decided that she was happy enough looking like her sister's actual sibling that she didn't care which sex her body actually was. Rose gave you that look, though, like she knew she had other reasons for being happy with it. But... neither of you wanted to say anything.

Rose felt guilty for not taking the time to ask to use the crystal rather than planning an elaborate heist. And, well, while you're sure she was punished enough from the horror of having to sit through the Shaper Crystal 'teaching' this 'lesson,' she still insisted you give her some other form of punishment for it...

So, you asked if John had any alternate names chosen, and no, there weren't any preferred alternate names. So, you looked to Rose and told her... "Your punishment is choosing a new name, and then helping me do all the paperwork needed to make the change."

And so Rose had thought it over for another half an hour... before offering a slew of suggestions. John narrowed it down a bit, and then Rose thought it over for another few hours more.

It wasn't until around dinner time that she finally suggested June as a name to replace John.

You'd both spend the next few days working on the relevant paperwork and getting it pushed through the system.

Honestly, the fact that the SGC had managed to add "Exposure to Alien Artifact/Exotic Energy Particles" as a reason for making such changes to so many of these legal forms in just the short period of time after Disclosure was more terrifying than anything else about this whole situation.

That said, you had some very sharp words with Carolyn Lam after it was all said and done that are decidedly unfit for print in anything outside of a much higher rating for a story of this nature.

Chapter Text


DIASPORA DATE: 04/26/0006.

"I believe that's everything we have to discuss finalized?" Lord El Melloi inquired.

"I think that's everything, yes," Colonel Truman replied.

"Very well then," Lord El Melloi the Second stood, "Mikari Aiikho, we expect you to make the necessary transitions over by the end of next week."

"Very well," she nods. "I look forwards to working with you all."

As the delegates rose from their seats, General Jack O'neill observed that the replacement IOA reps were the only ones who visibly were showing this dissatisfaction over the situation.  But that was mostly because they'd been brought into a royal dogshit mess caused by their most recent predecessors. They'd been woefully under-prepared.

Externally, Jack was all smiles satisfied...

Internally? He was loathing how he was going to break the news.


"They want me to run Atlantis!?" Your name is Samantha Carter, and you stare at your annoyed husband with an equal mix of horror, annoyance, and shock.

"Well, they want Jolinar, specifically, but they also don't want her changing hosts because, Hey! You've ALSO got all the same experience and expertise they want!" Jack huffs. "God, fucking damn it, they interrupted our honeymoon for this shit."

"Well, we knew something like this was going to happen eventually," you say. "I just didn't think they were going to go for Jolinar, specifically."

Your Tok'ra partner nudges, and you let her speak. "It's... certainly not something I was expecting either. That they'd want This Me specifically and not the other me who's already on Atlantis."

"Mikari said she's going to take the weekend before coming to talk to you about it, said to let me warn you so you had 'time to think,'" Jack says. "You don't have to take it, but... given the fact that the IOA barely agreed to it because Sam's from Earth..."

Jolinar nods. "They're likely going to try pushing for us to accept it. And I'm going to need that time to think..." She hands you back the reigns, as she retreats within her own mind to mull over the decision.

"What about Rodney's situation?" You ask.

"He's trying to get his sister to agree to moving off Earth with her family to get them out of trouble," Jack answers. "Either to Atlantis or whatever the new project ship ends up called."

"I don't think it'll be that easy," you grimace.

"No, it's probably not," Jack sighs. "Atleast the Alfheim and AIncrad teams should be arriving by tonight now that everything's settled away."

"Still," you frown. "Atlantis."

"The Replicator situation's what put you at the top of the line once Mikari gave Joey's requested sallary," Jack cracks a grin, tired as it may be. "As nice a guy as Woolsey is, you should'a seen the look on his face when he counted out aaaall those zeroes."

You chuckle. "I can only imagine."



The Atlantis Stargate activated with fanfare, shield raised until the IDC came through, and then, a few moments later...

The people transferring from Aincrad and Atlantis came through the rippling portal of standing not-water.

Your name is Keiko Ayano, and you hold your breath as you wait... wait...

And then there!

"Silica! Touya! Minori! Yuuki!" You wave towards the four of them. "Over here!!"

"Hey!" Your alternate-dimension twin grins. "Keiko!!" She leads the others over to you while the rest of the group peer around either in awe or barely restrained 'is this really it? it's so.... retro!' disappointment. (Guess which world's people were having which reactions.)

Your Pina takes to the air over the Gateroom as Silica's Pina takes to the air as well- both of them launching in near synch from yours and Silica's respective shoulders. They cry out with "KYUUIIS!" of glee at being reunited.

You, meanwhile, give Silica a hug. "It's been way too long!" You say.

"It has been!" Silica nods, hugging back.

"Group hug!" Yuuki suddenly declares before anything else can happen- tragging Touya and Minori into a hug around you and Silica.

Unsurprisingly, the two Pinas decide to land on your heads, completing the tangle of limbs.

"Yeeeah," Silica purrs. "This is nice."


"Well, Daraya?"

You are Daraya Jonjet, and your vision isn't improving any since the last appointment. Not like it had been up until then.

The chart across from you is stubbornly unchanged from yesterday.


You cant make out the shape of any but the largest letters, and even then, they're distorted sideways like...

Like it's out of focus.

"...Sorry, Doctor Fraiser, but I'm not seeing any improvement from yesterday," you answer. "I don't think I'm getting any better."

"Hrm," Doctor Fraiser moves infront of you, and gazes at your eyes. "They seem healed up just fine, now, on the surface. If you're not seeing any more improvement, it could be the healing has tapered off... or it's hit the limit of what you can naturally recover from. We should consider getting you glasses."


"Fine," you sigh. "Let's just get it over with."

You're put up against a fancy lens machine, and are told to gaze at the same wall you have been.

You blink as you gaze at the chart of letters on the wall seem... slightly more in focus than before.

"How is the current settings?" Fraiser asks.

"Little better, actually," you answer.

"Alright, we'll start dialing it in to try and get you some lenses that should get you back to where you were before everything that happened."

"...Meh." You sigh. "I'll never be like I was before, Doc." A few flicks of a wheel, and suddenly, the letters are a bit worse in focus. "Uh- Worse. That's worse."

"Well-" Fraiser flicks the wheels back to where they were, and starts dialing in the other direction. "In terms of vision, we can get you back to where you were before.-" Wheel flick. Better. "-Wearing Glasses is a thing that a lot of people end up dealing with back on Earth, Daraya. And on Alternia, too. It's normal for vision to change and need correction to get back to better vision.." Wheel flick.

"Better. Is it normal to have to wear glasses after getting exploded in the face?" You ask. Wheel flick. "Worse." Flick back.  Other direction on a different wheel. "Better."

"Yes, some people have had their vision damaged in some way by explosives or getting flashed with a bright light," Fraiser continues. "Considering that you were totally blind to begin with, it's a major improvement to just need corrective lenses, Daraya."

"But even sunglasses look weird on me!" you protest. "I just can't pull the glasses look off. And with how active our lives can be, I'd rather not loose them in a fight!"

"Well, there's always goggles," Fraiser jokes.

"...Goggles?" you ask.

"Yes, Goggles. Like, prescription sports goggles. Cloth bands, go around the whole head. Nearly impossible to knock off."

Wheel flick.

And everything just sort of... snaps into perfect focus.

"Huh." You say. "That's just about perfect."


o< --- STARGATE: ATLANTIS --- >o


"Alright, so your rooms are just down the hall from me and Mallek!" Keiko says as she guides you all down a hallway.

You are Silica, and you can't help but smile as she passes a certain door, and motions at it.

"That's us right there. If You need anything, just come knock," Keiko explains. "Now. Let's see now," She checks a guide. "Looks like... Ah! Here we go!" She heads along a bit further, then stops near two doors. "One on my left is Touya and Yuuki's, one on my right is Silica and Minori's." She pauses, then says, "The Pool and the Showers are down the hall, continuing in the direction we've been walking in. You can't miss it."

And then with a smile, a nod, and a bow, Keiko excuses herself to let you all get settled in.

Touya and Yuuki immediately claim their room, locking the door behind them almost as soon as they'd slipped through.

"Those two sure are excited, aren't they?" Minori asks, shaking her head.

"Yeah," you laugh. "They sure are."

You and Minori enter your room. Pina takes off from your shoulder almost immediately to make for the tree-nest that had been provided ahead of time.

"Well, isn't this spacious!" Minori smiles, peering around.  "Oh! Look! Another door!" She rushes over to that door, and opens it.

The scent of the sea breeze wafts into the room.

"Oh! Wow! We've got a balcony!"

You move over to the door, and peer out over the city.

Your room is nestled on the outside of a building adjacent to the central tower and serves as a midway point for it and another building- each of them connected by bridges inbetween, angling outwards and forwards on your immediate left and right.

The view has you peering out between two of the main piers that make up the city's outside edges. The ocean laps at the edges of the city, and the wind blows through the gaps between buildings, skimming the void between with a pleasant howl of breeze. The sun sets towards the horizion behind you, casting gleaming reflections on everything that's facing you.

Two moons are visible in the sky, growing more and more visible as the seconds pass and the sky darkens.

"Wow," you exhale. "Keiko really knows how to pick a view."

"...That she did." Minori agrees, grabbing your hand and squeezing it tight.

There's a few minutes of relative silence as you both just stare outwards at the ocean...

"...Wait," you suddenly realize something. "Did she say the Showers are down the hallway? Did we not get a shower in our room?"

The answer to that would be no, no you did not.

...Apparently, there was a checkbox on the application forms you missed. Damn that sneaky paperwork!!


"So... Glasses huh?" Your name is Tyzias Entykk, and you can't help but smile imagining how cute your Matesprit would look in glasses.

"Goggles, really," Daraya says, shifting in bed next to you to gaze up at the ceiling. "But I'll be trying out frames in a couple of days. Apparently those count more as necessary supplies to the IOA than proper sport shoes."

"Eh?" You ask, not really getting it. "What?"

"Some girl in the infirmary today twisted her ankle cause she doesn't have the right shoes for playing volleyball here," Daraya explains. You watch her squint, as if trying to make something focus a bit easier. "Stupid IOA. None of this would've happened if it weren't for them."

"No, it wouldn't have," you agree.

"Sooo.... Mikari's getting replaced," Daraya sighs. "Any idea who's replacing her yet?"

"I talked with John, actually, after they got back," you start. "Apparently they all want Samantha Carter and Jolinar to run the place because of the Replicator situation."

Daraya glances at you, incredulously. "Seriously?"

"If they don't take it, I hear the next best option is Joey," you say.

Daraya snorts. "Hah! I heard her talking about her asking price for that from Keiko. There's no way she's getting the job."

"Yeah," you agree. "As nice as it would be to work with her more permanently again, though... no way I'm seeing it happen."



DIASPORA DATE: 04/26/0006.

Your name is Mallek Adalov, and you awake in the middle of the night (Okay, more like, 1:43 A.M. according to the nearest clock) to the sound of Keiko growling next to you.

"Keiko?" You ask, snapping fully awake when you recognize that's a lot of pain and frustration in those growls. "What's going on?" You sit up, and look her over.
Keiko's kneeling in bed, clothes discarded and patches of fur rippling across her limbs and body. There one moment, gone the next.

"Ffff..." She snarls. "Fucking Moons! I'm barely- nngh!- keeping it in check...!"

"Shit!" you swear. "What do I do!?"

"Gah! I DON'T KNOW!" She snaps- her shoulders briefly inflating in size for a few moments. "JUst- NAH! Get Pina and- aaaRGH- get the fuck out of here so I can turn incase I lose- NNNGH- CONTROL. Alright!?"

You nod reluctantly and grab a slumbering Pina from her perch and exit the room.

You close the door behind you, making sure to lock it, and...

The sudden howl of a werewolf fills the air- but it's not from your room, no. It's from down the hall. And then there's another one too, same distance.

Touya and Yuuki's room, you'd be willing to bet.

And THEN that's when you hear a similar howl from your room- and the sound nearly rattles your bones to the core from the vibrations alone.

That's... Not Normal.

...A few more moments after that, you start hearing more howls- distant- from across the city.

"Shit." You swear. Of COURSE every other person in Atlantis who happened to get wolf ears and tails from Zillyum exposure would go wolf-mode on the new planet.
Because things couldn't be THAT easy, could it?

Five fucking moons. Of course that'd be something you should have considered.

Your name is Jade Jackson, and you're pretty sure you succeeded in your one personal goal because you actually got a full night's sleep despite the unease settled deep in your bones since you came to this planet.

You got pregnant, so the wolf-mode refuses to trigger when forced from an outside force. Handy little safety precaution there and an easy way to tell, you guess. Not that you'd ever have thought to check on that, given how rarely you use the transformation, but... whatever.

You mean, it's either *THAT* or it's some after-shock residue of the Unending trip you took during the Wedding. But really, it's probably the pregnancy thing since there's actually precedence for that among the Cu Sidhe of Alfheim.

"So..." Argo starts as they sit down at Mikari's desk in the Admin's room. "Let's get this straight. Early this morning, every person with wolf-traits save for Jade wound up being forcibly transformed for five hours?"

"Yeah," Tyzias nods. "Daraya freaked the fuck out and was sure she was going to lose control again, so she had me and Barzum bail from the room just to be safe."

"Yeah," Mallek nods. "Same thing happened with Keiko, and anyone else who happened to have a room mate, from what I heard."

"Okay, so, we need to figure out what the hell the moons are doing to cause this," Argo decides. "We've got five of them to check, so... we're going to need to figure this out and fast before another forced transformation."

"Safety wise," you start, "I think every wolf-able person on Atlantis should either go to the Alpha Site, or to the mainland, see if either helps."

"That's..." Argo nods. "Yeah, that's a good idea. We should also have one person capable of it on each team that investigates the moons directly."

"Isn't it just a case of Earth's mythological full moon affecting the transformation times five?" Mallek asks.

"Not necessarily," Tyzias says. "Lantea had a moon and nobody was forcibly transformed by it during the full stages. It could be there's something up there on one of those moons that's causing an adverse reaction. If we figure out what it is, we could probably put a stop to it if it's something stoppable."

"It's not like we can just pick up the City and fly away right now anyways," you say. "Stardrive's still down and the conduits are still being repaired. So... We're stuck living with it if we can't fix it."

"So, we get it out of the way first in the short period of time we have before the new commander takes over," Argo nods.  "So. Let's get on this before sunset, just incase things start accelerating."


You are now John Sheppard, and you're flying a Puddle Jumper up towards one of the five moons over the planet.

You're short Rodney, but have subbed in Daraya in his place. She's insisting on staying in the back of the Jumper incase a closed distance causes her to transform.

"So..." Ronon begins, "what do you guys think it is?"

"If I had to wager a guess, I would say it's likely an Ancient or Wraith project gone wrong," Teyla guesses.

"Nah," you say. "I'd say it's a rift in space time that got punched open and something fell through from another dimension."

"Why not both?" Daraya asks from the back of the Jumper. "Ancient AND Wraith hybrid project gone wrong from another dimension that found its way here."

"What about you, Ronon?" You ask, glancing at him. "Got any ideas."

Ronon stares out the window at the rapidly approaching moon, smirks, and says, "Daedalus."

"Huh?" you ask, confused. "What do you mean by Daedalus? It's not supposed to be back in Pegasus for another week."

"No, I mean, a Daedalus from another dimension crash landed on the moon and that's what's causing it," Ronon says. "That's my guess. And. I'm willing to put money on it."

"Really now?" You glance at Teyla, who shrugs. "Alright then, I'm willing too. What're you offering if you lose?"

"Three weeks pay," Ronon answers, confident.

"So, Rodney and Zelenka's recurring bet then?" Daraya asks. "Except with three weeks instead of one?"

"That sounds fine with me," you say. "Teyla?"

"I..." Teyla glances out the window, then shakes her head. "I believe that I will retract my wager entirely."

...Now why would she-?

"Fine," you say, turning to look back out the wind--

That's when the Jumper's proximity alarm fires off.

"Oh," you say, as the crashed remains of what's almost certainly a BC-304 Daedalus cruiser lay perfectly in sight- nestled at an awkward angle, hidden from normal sight, between two mountain ranges. "I see how this is day is going." You take to the radio. "Atlantis, this is Sheppard. I think we've got eyes on what might be causing us trouble."

"Really? What is it?" Argo asks in turn, over the radio.

"You're not going to believe this, but..." You start to explain.


"It's a dimensional clone of the Daedalus," your name is Gordon Freeman, and you hate your life. "Why am *I* being brought up to look at it for?"

"Because Sheppard asked us to bring you up," Lantash remarks as He/Jimmyy O'neill pilots the Jumper to the moon. "You've got the most experience with this kind of thing, anyways."

"Also, without Rodney staying here with Atlantis," Morgan Carter says, "you're on Sheppard's shortlist for filling the vacant spot on his team."

"I'm WHAT?" You ask.

"You didn't know?" Morgan asks, frowning.

"No! Why would I ever step foot through the Stargate!? I hate portals! I hate 'em with a vengeance!" You protest. "I'm a fly by space only kind of guy!"

Needless to say, the crashed ship comes into view, and the Jumper heads for the exposed 302 Bay.

You put on your spacesuit's helmet, already knowing the damned ship isn't pressurized.


The floor of the 302 bay tilts at an angle- the 302s all lay crashed together against one side of the entire bay.

Your name is Kohiru Karren, and you sigh in relief upon not seeing a hint of your own ship somewhere in amongst the pile. Your helmet fogs up briefly from the exertion, but clears up rapidly enough...

Of course, it could be in the other 302 bay, but you're going to hold out hope.

You glance at Rhubee, and ask, on a private channel, "Seeing any Death echoes?"

"No," your partner answers, gazing around. "I don't think anyone died in here."

"Alright," Sheppard radios to everyone. "I think that's everyone here. Lorne, you and your team keep guard here in the Jumper Bay. Karren, O'neill, AR-2, head for the bridge, see what you can find in the ship's black box. Xaolon, Carter, Freeman, you're with Me, Teyla, and Ronon. We're heading for the engine room to try and get power and life support back on. Keep in radio contact every fifteen minutes. If you find anything, say so immediately and where."

There are murmurs of agreement, and your group breaks off for the bridge.

It's a slow. steady climb downwards. What should be flat hallways are tilted at a steep angle that if you're not careful and if the gravity were any higher, you'd slip and fall.

"So... Anyone else creeped out by all of this?" O'neill asks.

"No, actually," Keiko says. "I'm more concerned over whatever it is here that's making people turn werewolf uncontrollably. I'd *really* like to get that shut off, if it's here."

"What else could it be?" Tyzias asks. "This ship sure as hell has been here long before we showed up. And we know some Alternate City Ship got tele-fragged into an iceberg back in Alfheim. It's probably the same root problem. Bad Dimensional Jump Drive turning over and pouring out radiation that makes Werewolves go mad."

"If it's even a *dimensional* jump drive," Mallek says. "For all we know it's a temporal jump drive instead."

"That would suck, wouldn't it?" you ask. "We survived all that shit only for a time travel experiment to go wrong and wreck the Daedalus."

You come to an elevator shaft, and Keiko moves to start prying the doors open. "...Ngh! Okay. That's wedged pretty tight. Daraya, help me out here?"

"I can't see clear, but atleast I can lift, right?" the girl chuckles, moving over to grab one side of the elevator doors, while Keiko takes firm grip of the other.

With a shared grunt of mutual exertion, the doors slowly pry open, revealing a dark abyss inside for all of three or four seconds before emergency lights click on and reveal the interior of the elevator car.

You immediately try not to be sick inside your helmet.

"Oh fuck!" Tyzias exclaims.

"...Well, shit," Mallek swears.

"It just HAD to be something!" Keiko complains.

"...What is it?" Daraya asks. "All I see are blurry shapes on the floor. Are they duffle bags or something?"

"No," Lantash speaks for O'neill. "They're bodies."


"Bodies?" Your name is Jennifer Keller, and you feel a little sick to your stomach as you hear the news.

"They're pretty mummified, so they've been here for a while," Keiko reports over the radio. "Probably even before life support shut down, if I had to guess. It looks like they both went werewolf and clawed eachother to death. I found some, uh, dog tags though, no pun intended. The military kind. They were definitely Earth born Daedalus crew. Not names I recognize, though."

"I'll take the next Jumper up as soon as you've gotten the atmosphere turned back on," you promise. "If you've found a few bodies, you're going to find more, I think."

"Oh, for sure," Keiko answers. "Because it's always something."


"Oh, well. That's not good," Sheppard remarks.

"Obviously," Ronon quips in return. "There's no hyperdrive."

Your name is Rhubee Xaolon, and you snort at that exchange despite the uneven keel of the sight before you.

The main control room for the Hyperspace Drive and Power Core is tilted at the usual uneven angle. Staring through the window to the Hyperdrive itself?

...There's a perfectly spherical section of grassy flatlands that *looks* like it's severely tilted at a bad angle, but... it's actually level with what should be the ground below the ship.

After a few moments of staring, a sphere of light engulfs the oddity, and when it vanishes, the grasslands have been replaced with a dense section of pine forest.

"I have no idea what that is," Doctor Freeman remarks, "but it looks extra-dimensional in nature."

"Whatever the cause of this distortion is," Teyla says, "perhaps it brought along something that caused last night's events, and when it took it away later, that caused the end of it?"

"Probably," Morgan says, getting out a pocket watch. "We'll have to keep time to see how long each event lasts. Or see if they repeat any."

"If that's the case," Sheppard says, "let's get atmosphere and artificial gravity online. I'm tired of walking at angles everywhere."

"Right," the team breaks up to get to work.... but you just stare out the window.

You have a feeling that whatever happened last night is going to happen again.

There's an itching beneath your skin that wasn't there before.

"Xaolon! Take guard," Sheppard orders.

"R-Right!" You go take up a guarding position at the front door.


"Well, shit," your name is Tyzias Entykk, and you scowl. "This is a bloody mess."

The Bridge is covered in piles of bones and massive bloodstains. No sign of any full corpses, though. But, it's hard to tell in the dim, emergency only lighting.

"Let's hurry up and find the black box," Keiko says. "This place is setting the wolf in me on edge."

"Yeah," Daraya answers. "I can barely see anything, and I'm picking up on it."

"You don't think whatever's in here's the cause of it, do you?" Karren asks.

"Probably not," Mallek says.

You begin gingerly stepping over the remains on the floor to find one of the bridge's many black boxes, of which there should be atleast five.

You kneel down and start checking the floorboards... but it's already been pried loose. "First one's a strike out. It's been removed."

"Same here," Keiko answers a minute later.

"Yeah, empty," Mallek confirms.

"Fourth one's empty too," Karren reports.

...Fucking suspicious.

"So someone took them all?" Daraya asks.

"Maybe, maybe not," you go and check for the one that, if this Daedalus were designed anything like the 304s from your timeline, should be the one only people who read the blueprints would be aware of...

And hah. What do you know?

...There's no hidden panel here.

You radio, "Entykk to Sheppard. We struck out on the black boxes."

"Alright," Sheppard answers. "We've just about got main battery online..."

That's when you hear a thump of a generator kicking on, and the bridge's main lighting flickers on.

Then, Gravity shifts, and you suddenly feel pulled to level out with the floor.

You stumble a bit, and then check your suit's external sensors. "No atmosphere?"

"We're working on it. We think there's a hull breach preventing it from sealing right. See if there's anything in the computers," Sheppard answers. "We've got to figure out what happened here."


"Okay, even though it looks like someone went to a LOT of trouble to scrub most of the ship's internal database," your name is Gordon Freeman, and... "I think I've hit the mother load of information! I found a backup partition that got left alone."

"What've we got here, then?" Sheppard asks.

"It looks like," you scowl, trying to scroll your tablet and having a hard time of it due to the gloves.

You really wish there was working atmosphere on this thing, too, but that's beside the point.

"It looks like they were transporting an artifact from Earth to Atlantis in an attempt to keep it away from the people who wanted it," you explain.

"What kind of artifact and who were they keeping it from?" Teyla asks.

"It doesn't say," you answer. "What it DOES say is that somewhere along the way they were assaulted before they even reached the void between galaxies, and they were forced to use an experimental Hyperdrive to escape from the attack, which, naturally, went wrong and dumped them into a dimension where a Lycanthropy Virus got set loose in Milky Way. They didn't know that at the time, stopped at the nearest planet for repairs, and got attacked and infected. Apparently whatever they were carrying attracted Werewolves like mad to it."

You stop to try to scroll, to not much success. UGH.

"I'll bet that's what's going on down there then," Rhubee says in the mean time, gesturing out the window at the section of pine forest. "And what happened last night. That artifact's stuck in the center of one of those circles of space-time, and when it got phased back in, it drew the  attention of every Cu Sidhe on Atlantis to it."
Finally, you scroll down a bit more, read it, and... "Ah, yeah. That's pretty much it, actually. The remaining crew that didn't seem to be infected took the Daedalus on to Atlantis with the modified hyperdrive, leaving most everyone else behind. When they exited Hyperspace, there was no Atlantis where it was expected, and before they could figure out what was wrong, they crash landed on a moon they didn't see coming."

"Let me guess," Jolinar interjects from Morgan's mouth. "The Hyperdrive then detonated something fierce, causing a massive displacement of space time from other dimensions, and when Lycanthropy began surfacing in the remaining crew, they threw the artifact into the swirling mass of dimensions?"

"Yeeep." You nod, and say, "That about sums it up. It even says they tried turning it off first before hurling it into the rift, but... that's the last entry."

"So... if it only just cycled around last night, why haven't people reacted stronger to it before then?" Sheppard asks. "All they've felt is an uneasy anxiousness for the last few days. So, what happened last night?"

"I'll keep digging and see if I can find anything," you say. "But if I had to guess? Someone turned it On."

There was a whining keen, and a flash of light then, and the transplaneted forest was suddenly replaced with a large chunk of frigid, frozen ice.

"...Let's get the atmosphere turned on, that's going to make things chill down quick," You say.


It took some time and doing, but the ruptures in the hull were sealed, and force shields were turned on around the 302 Bays, allowing the Daedalus to be repressurized.

That's when you found something utterly concerning.

"The power core shut down the ship's everything to power The Asgard Beaming Buffer and only the Beaming Buffer," your name is Keiko Ayano, and you breathe a bit easier without the helmet on. The space suit is staying on, though, just to be on the safe side. "As far as we can tell, there's only one thing stored inside it right now."

"What is it?" Sheppard asks over the radio.

"No idea," you report. "But the Bridge got a prompt as soon as the atmosphere kicked on asking if we wanted to rematerialize it in the Infirmary. We're heading down there now to take a look when we retrieve it."

"It sounds to me like someone pulled a King Arthur," Tyzias remarks. "Beamed themselves into storage to wait for rescue."

"Probably whoever took the black boxes, too, I'd imagine," Mallek nods.

It doesn't take you too much longer to reach the infirmary, and with a few taps of a tablet...


A small figure in a very futuristic, almost skin tight spacesuit collapses onto the floor, apparently not having taken into consideration the idea that gravity might have been restored when they were re-materailized.

You head over to check on them. They're kneeling on the floor, moving a bit unsteadily, as if trying to catch their breath.

"Hello?" You ask, turning on your radio just in case. "Are you okay in there?"

The figure freezes- the helmeted head turns slightly to one side, allowing you to get a decent look at the cracked lenses over where the eyes would be- and then...

"Um... Hello? Yes, I'm fine. I think." A girl's voice clicks over the radio in turn, and not only is it a girl's voice, it's a familiar one too.

"Oh, shit," Karren mutters, catching it too.

"Just... can you help me get the helmet off?" The girl in the suit asks. "It got jammed before I beamed myself into storage, and the lenses aren't working right."

"Sure, just give me a moment." You start to work at the latches of the rather unfamiliar designed spacesuit, and then remove the helmet with a faint push of exertion.

There's a puff of air, and you reveal a very human looking version of Rhubee Xaolon.

"Hoo!" She exhales. "That was... something else. Man. It sure took Atlantis long enough to-" and then she stops upon taking a REAL look at your whole team. And for a moment, she looks utterly terrified. "...Uh... You guys are from Atlantis, right? Not... Some random scavengers from Pegasus going around and tearing up crashed ships?? Please tell me you're from Atlantis."

"We are," you say. "We're pretty sure you're in a different dimension from the one you were expecting, though. I'm Keiko," you offer her your hand. "Keiko Ayano. I run AR-2. Those are my teammates, Mallek, Daraya, and Tyzias. They and Karren are from the Alternia Galaxy."

"I guess that makes sense, but..." The human girl narrows her eyes, suspiciously. "...I've Never heard of you. Heard of the team, but not the names, or the galaxy."

"How about Colonel John Sheppard?" you ask.

"...Him I've heard of," she says.

You radio. "Colonel Sheppard? We've got a girl here who could use an authentication code."

"Got it,"  he radios back, and rattles off an authentication code.

"That's..." the girl before you exhales, visibly slumping in relief. "Well. That's something else."


You are Rhubee Xaolon, and you're staring at a human, alternate dimension version of yourself.

"First Lieutenant Ruby Branwen, Guild of Maintainers Remnant Squad!" The girl salutes as she introduces herself to everyone- gathered now properly in the Engine Room. "Reporting for Duty, Sir!"

"Why don't you tell us what happened, Lieutenant?" Sheppard asks. "And start from the beginning. The Ship's missing a lot of its memory."

"Yeah, that was Colonel Ozma's decision," Lt. Branwen shakes her head. "He beamed them outside of the ship after we crashed. Said it was safer if scavengers didn't know what we were carrying." She takes a moment to steel herself. "And what we were carrying was something amazing and horrible all at the same time. It's a long story. A. Really. REALLY. Long story."

"You said Guild of Maintainers in your introduction," Morgan starts, "does that mean you're from D'ni?"

"Ah, sort of?" Lt. Branwen scratches at her nose. "My father's a human Safety Inspector for the DRC, my mother was D'ni, though. She came from Releeshan to help with the restoration because she felt it was the right thing for her to do. They met, had me... You know. The usual?" She shrugs, looking a little uneasy. "I ended up being part of the DRC's reborn Guild of Maintainers located on Earth, rather than Releeshan's Maintainers Guild."

"That's... not happened for us yet," Daraya says. "There hasn't even been talk about that, actually."

"Huuuh. Weird," Lt. Branwen frowns. "...What year is it?"

"2002," you say. "October 17th, 2002.”

“Oh, fuck,” she exhales. “Not only was it a dimension jump, but it was a time jump too. I froze myself in the buffer on February 4th, 2016. Or, well, what should have been February 4th, 2016.”

“How long has your Atlantis expedition been running, then?” Sheppard asks.

“Eh, about four years now?” Lt. Branwen shrugs. “We only discovered it in late 2011, so I’m a bit iffy on the dates.”

“That’s quite the time difference,” Teyla observes.

“And yet sort of the same, too,” Ronon says.

“We came to Atlantis in Early 2001,” Sheppard says. “It’s almost 2003 in another couple of months.  Almost three years for us.”

“Given that, and that you’ve never heard of Alternia, we can pretty safely rule out this Daedalus is from our future,” Freeman says.

“Yeah, I... I guess there’s no real way for me to get home, after everything that happened,” Lt. Branwen sighs, and god, you feel sorry for your alternate self.

She has your face, your voice, your eyes, just... not your race or psychic powers. It’s weird. And she’s from the future too? What the hell, Multiverse?

“Anyways,” she continues, unaware of your thoughts. “The SGC and DRC worked together behind the scenes, working to get Goa’uld and D’ni tech slowly integrated into Earth’s techbase. That’s when someone got the bright idea to start mixing in Bahro technology into it all. This jerk, Torchwick, decided to take a Bahro Linking Relic, and combined it a D’ni power source and a Goa’uld oneshot-DHD device. We don’t know how he did it, but he stole a Cargo Ship, went to another planet, and sold the damned thing to Ba’al, who started using it to... well, we don’t know what it was meant to do or what Ba’al was trying to do with it, but it caused a massive rift in space time to form straight through the entire Dakara star system. When it cleared, there was nothing left but the Stargate, the modified dialing device, and a charred skeleton clinging to both.”

What the Fuck.

“We stole the dialer back, but the Ori wanted it too. We figured, Pegasus would be a safe place for it. And we couldn’t risk bringing it near a Stargate incase it was any active wormhole that caused the explosive detonation, so...” Lt. Branwen shook her head, yet again. “We thought as long as it was powered down, we could travel through space safely. But then we got attacked by the Ori, and we had to jump into Hyperspace with the Linking Drive we’d designed... But...” She trails off.

You see a familiar look of fear on her face, strange only in that it’s not twisted by a mirror in reflection.

“We got lost. We should have realized the stupid thing was working on subspace interference principles even when turned off. ‘Cause even turned OFF it causes werewolves to want to hunt it down, and turned ON? Turning it on it forced that stupid virus to transform people even faster, and it made them feral. Murderous. We got away again, and crashed on the moon.” After a pause, she concludes. "We thought something horrible had gone wrong in Pegasus when we didn't see Atlantis. But another dimension? We didn’t even realize we were jumping Dimensions. We just thought the coordinates were wrong the first time."

“Then what happened?” Ronon asks.

“We were trying to figure out what to do next when the Hyperdrive exploded, but...” Lt. Branwen shakes her head. “I can’t remember what happened after that. When I came to, I was in my Maintainer Suit, floating here in the engine room, and the ship’s atmosphere had been vented. I rigged up the Asgard systems to beam me into stasis while I waited for someone to come find the ship, if they ever did.”

And if they didn’t, the thought went unsaid, atleast she wouldn’t have been aware of anything else.

“But, you guys showed up to... uh... why did you guys show up exactly?” Lt. Branwen trailed off, frowning at everyone in the room.

“We were forced to evacuate the planet we used to be on, bringing Atlantis here, where the Werewolves on the expedition felt nervous and uneasy up until last night when everyone suddenly transforming for a few hours,” Sheppard explained the situation. “So, with all of that information you gave us, I think it’d probably be safest to destroy the modified dialer rather than just try shutting it down.”

“So... you’re all feeling the call of that thing right now?” Lt. Branwen asked of the Werewolves in the room.  They nod, and she looks faint. “Oh Maker, what have I gotten myself into?”


There was another flash of light, and the iceberg chunk had been replaced by what seems to be the interior floor of some kind of spaceship. Something about the deep reds and dark greys and the oddly suspended railing seems familiar.

You are Gordon Freeman, and you peer out the window, scowling. “That’s annoyingly familiar.”

“You gotta wonder just what other worlds this thing is connected to,” Tyzias muses. “Is it like the quantum mirror where it’s tuning to specific locations and dimensions, regardless of the Daedalus’ current point in space time?”

“Who knows, I sure don’t,” you scowl. “It’s literal mater transposition on a set schedule. How does something like that even work?”

“If we knew more about how their Hyperdrive worked,” Tyzias scowls. “MAybe we could figure it out, but they wiped the data.”

You and she glance back at Doctor Keller as she looks over Lieutenant Ruby Branwen. Then, you both glance over at the door to the room where Rhubee Xaolon was talking with Kohiru Karren.

“This whole situation is fucked up,” you decide. “Of all the dimensions to crash land in, why ours?”

“Ours, huh?” Tyzias smirks at you.

“Oh, don’t start with me. That dimension may have given birth to me, but nobody in it sure as hell cared if I was happy with my life, that’s for sure,” you say. “So, ergo, in my opinion, it’s no more my dimension than an abusive or negligent bitch is a kids mother.”

“Sound enough logic,” Tyizas frowns.

Thankfully, before THAT awkward conversational topic can continue, Keiko calls for you and Tyzias to join her, Morgan, and Mallek over the computer logs.

“Okay, please tell me this isn’t what we think it is?” Keiko points at a line of data.

“Wait, is that the fucking spatial coordinates for the planet we found the broken Quantum Mirror on back in Alternia?” Tyzias asks.

“What about this?” Keiko points at another line of data.

“AAAhhh. Crap. I know those spatial coordinates. That’s the sequence string telling us where the Borealis landed up north- inside an Iceberg,” you wince. “Please tell me this data isn’t coming from a quantum computer that’s indeptendently drawing power from the rift and is making note of the spatial coordinates where matter is being transported to and from?”

“If I did, I’d be lying,” Keiko answers.

“Damn it.”

“We just got feedback from the latest location,” Morgan says, pointing at a third piece of code. “As soon as we saw this we realized what just got teleported to us.”

“...D’ni numbers,” Tyzias realizes.

“Not just D’ni numbers, but D’ni numbers detailing the spatial positioning of a large spherical structure orbiting within a planet’s ring,” Mallek summarizes. “I.E.: The To-”

“The Todelmer Pod that the Mofang Cruiser and the Borealis crashed into,” you interject. “Fuck.”

“The Pine Forest,” Mallek points back at the first line of code, then down at the second, “An Iceberg.” the third code. “A Space bound obervation pod. The data fits with where we know the Dimensional Walls are thin.”

“The anomaly jumping has increased since we turned the power on,” Morgan says. “Which means that it’s accelerating with us here. Before, it was firing off every five hours. Now, it’s increasing in rate. If we don’t find the device soon, it’s going to start cycling through every fucking dimension it can reach within seconds with no cooldown time.”

“Knowing what we know, now, though,” Mallek smirks, “I think we can track down which dimensional coordinates the Rift was set too this morning by looking at the timestamps.”

“So we find it, and then what?” You ask. “Force every werewolf we know to be stuck transformed?”

“No,” Tyzias starts, relaizing something. “We beam it into the Daedalus’ Asgard matter buffer and then delete it by purging the buffer.”

“Not only that,” Mallek says. “If we find THAT rift coordinates, we can also find the first rift that started all of this, and, if we’re lucky, swap back for the Daedalus Hyperdrive and dismantle it, if it’s still intact. Because if it’s still intact, it’s what’s continuing to cause the swapping.”


There is a knock at the door.

Your name is Teal’c, and you look up at door itself from your pre-return-to-jaffa-council-duties-meditation. You state, “Enter,” and in walks Samantha Carter- O’neill, rather. That’s a distinction you’re going to have to get used to.

“Hey, Teal’c,” she greets. “I’m not interrupting, am I?”

“No, you were not. I was just finishing.”

Samantha sits down across from you. She nods, in greeting.

You similarly nod in greeting, “What can I do for you, Samantha Carter?” Though, you suspect you know what it is she wants.

“So... Atlantis, huh?” she asks.

“I believe you and Jolinar will be very capable at leading them during this time of turmoil and crisis,” you say.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence,” Samantha frowns.

“You are most welcome.” You then ask, “Has Mikari Aiikho come to speak with you yet?”

“Yeah. Jolinar told her we’d think on it.” Samantha says. “We’re... still thinking on it.”

“Are you not confident in your ability to run Atlantis?” You ask.

“No, I am, we are- it’s just-” Samantha hesitates. “Jack and I just got married. And now all of this so soon after it. We haven’t... really had time to bask, you know??”

You muse. “I agree, it seems to have been bad timing in that regard. However, the whims of fate so rarely align in ways that go how we wish. For what it is worth, I have my utmost faith that you will be able to do the most good there.”

“Yeah, we know,” Samantha sighs. “I just wish it were more straightforwards and easier to do.”

“Indeed,” you agree.


Your name is Daraya Jonjet, and you have a splitting headache as you try your best to focus your entire everything on keeping from transforming out of your spacesuit.

"Colonel Ozma!" A voice shouts- Rhubee? No, Ruby Branwen likely- sounding shocked and angry. "What are you doing!?"

"It is as you said you yourself when you threw the Amulet into the rift, forcing me to chase after it, Lieutenant Branwen! 'I am doing what needs to be done!'" A man's voice yells in turn. "I call forth the armies of Hircine to-!"

"Now!" Tyzias's harsh whisper is as loud as a shout to your ears.


And suddenly, the pressure inside your body ceases to build, and begins to relax. You gasp for breath.


PCH-BWAM! And then the high pitched howl of Ronon's power blaster fires off- Glass shatters- followed immediately by that of several quick blasts of a P-90 and the man's sharp cry of pain.

You get to your knees, and then to your feet and peer out the window into the hyperdrive chamber. It takes you a moment to realize that the window itself is gone, and that the blur standing on the edge of the frame is actually Karren, pointing her Pink P-90 down into the room below, and a rather blurry, grey haired man, wearing what you can only guess are Daedalus Commander BDUs, lies on the ground, bleeding out, if not already dead, going by the massive pool of red.

And as for the ground itself? Even blurry, you can tell it's some kind of ancient looking temple- still tilted at an angle compared to the level floor of the ship.

"Well," you sniff at the air. "That was unpleasant."

"Tell me about it," Keiko groans from nearby, picking herself up off the ground. "Did we do it?"

"Yeah," Mallek reports. "We just purged the Asgard beaming buffer. It's gone."

"What was that guy talking about?" Rhubee asks of her other self.

"I... I don't know. I can't remember," Lt. Branwen answers. "But... did he mean I was the one who threw the Dialer into the rift? Why can't I remember??"

There's a flicker of light, and- WOW! Does that mess with your vision for a few moments.

Then, there's the sound of a generator stalling out.

...And that's when the gravity suddenly feels... slanted beneath your feet. It quickly rights itself after a moment, but... then the lights flicker and there's a strange hiccup in the airflow.

"Worry about that later! Helmets on, NOW!" Sheppard orders, barking that second part into the radio, and you all quickly reapply your helmets.

You've barely gotten your helmet-resecured when the gravity goes out, returning the ship's floring to its tilted angle, and the lights shut off again.

That's when you hear a buzzing alarm.

"Shiiiit," Freeman swore. "I was afraid that would happen."

"Afraid of what!?" Morgan asks.

"We ruptured *something* in the power grid switching to a specific dimension," Freeman says. "We gotta get out of here before the Daedalus explodes- or worse, hurls us into another dimension!"

"You should have said something!" Tyzias yells even as Sheppard calls for a retreat and immediate evac back to the Jumper Bay.

"I didn't think of it until Karren shot the bastard who probably sabotaged all of this to begin with!" Freeman answers.

"Less bickering, more escaping!!" You yell.


Your name is Mikari Aiikho, and you remember looking absolutely tired as you gazed into the mirror.

Days of negotiating, and you were so tired out that you crashed in bed the minute it was really over and you were able to get some rest.

You'd been snoozing away ever since and only just woke up around that time.

You still looked like a tired mess, though.


You didn't even have the energy to add an exclamation mark to that Bluh, let alone any excessive number of them.


You were SO not ready to in any condition to be narrative centric at the moment.

What even was the purpose of this cutaway anyways?

Past You squinted at the mirror.

Was it just you just didn't want to write out a boring sequence of running through hallways to escape from-


You are now Jolinar of the altered timeline, and you peer out Morgan's eyes through the Jumper's windshield as the crashed Daedalus shimmers, and fades out of existence entirely from the moon's surface with a loud, drawn out, warped version of a linking sound:


Reality cares not for the transmission of sound through space, given that the effect is not actually sound at all, but subspace being warped on a metatextual level.

"Well," Freeman says, "I'm glad we got out of THAT one in one piece. That could have been nasty to get caught in. No telling WHERE it wound up."

"Agreed on that," you agree.


Ah, but now you're truly digressing from the actual historical matter of the scene.

You remember it in fairly excruciating detail now.

Your phone rang.

You answered it, and found it was Sam Carter-O'neill, asking to find out if there was a good time for you two to talk.

...Whoops. You'd definitely slept in for too long if word had already gotten to her about what was going to happen before you talked to her.

Chapter Text

Seventeen year old Waver Velvet saw a girl leaning against the railing of the balcony overlooking Releeshan's vast landscape. Green fields and hills, vibrant white stone buildings, blue rivers carving through bits and pieces of both....

The girl was familiar and yet not. He was certain he knew who she was, but the red hair was throwing him off.

It was the body language, mostly, and the fact that, well, this tended to be the place he saw her the most.

And so he approached from the side, and similarly leaned against the railing.

A glance out the corner of his eyes confirmed that yes, this was indeed the girl he knew.

Or, at the very least, a very convincing doppelganger, save for eye and hair color.

But, he was confident in his recognition of her enough to say, "So... That time of year again, is it?"

Sixteen year old Yeesha, daughter of Atrus and Katran, glanced at him with her weirdly blue eyes.

"Hey, Waver. And yeah. It is," she greeted.

The sixth anniversary of her brother's real deaths.

Not that nonsense from twenty years earlier where their father pretended he killed them by burning a couple of Linking Books.

Six years ago, Yeesha's older brother Sirrus tried to swap minds with her so he could pretend to be her. If not for the courageous actions of Yeesha's longstanding babysitter and the heroic sacrifice of her other older brother Achenar.

It still weighed on her deeply, Waver knew that much.

They stood in silence for a few minutes, peering out over Releeshan.

Then, he had to ask. "So... Did you do something different with your hair?"

"...Yeah," Yeesha answered. "Don't tell anyone but I... wrote a thing into one of those test bed ages Dad has me practicing with. A mirror inside of a closet that... uh... Well. It let me change my hair and eye color, among other things that it could do. I've been wanting to see how long it took most people to notice."

"...You wrote it into an age?" Waver asked, shocked.

"Yeah... Mom and Dad haven't even noticed what I changed yet," she answered. "Then again, this time of year, it's hard to get them to notice anything either."

"I'd imagine so," Waver agreed. "...Are you going to show it to anybody?"

"...I don't know yet," Yeesha answered, shifting her weight slightly- the rather unnecessary belt around her waist tilted a bit forwards with the weight of something clipped to the right side of it sliding towards the front of her waist.

Waver's attention was drawn to it for the simple reason of the small metal clang that resounded as a metal tipped corner pinged against the metal railing. It was a journal, brown leather bound and marked with a mandala containing Yeesha's name in it, with corners edged in silver metal. It seemed weird that she had taken to carrying it like that- around her waist on a belt- but who was he to judge when he carried a smaller journal in his pockets on most days?

"Well," Waver said, "if you ever do show it off, I'd like to be the first, so I can record how it works."

Yeesha gave him a faint, teasing smile. "Is that what Archivists train you guys to do? Recording data on a girl's private closet, huh?"

"Hey, you know I mean it in a purely academic way," Waver mock protested.

"Sure you do!" she rolled her eyes.

"Infact, I'll start off with an easy question right now!" Waver pulled forth a pocket journal and a small pencil. "Is there anything this magic mirror of yours can't do?"

She considered it for several long moments, then Yeesha replied, "Yeah. Its changes are only surface level. You can't do anything to the insides. Believe me, I checked. It doesn't work. Could make my skin turn a green as grass, though, and my hair, well. It wasn't always red. But, I couldn't magically turn myself into a monkey, or a bird, or a bat... or even a cat, for that matter."

 "I see," Waver considered the implications of such a statement, and scribbled into his journal 'Cosmetic Changes Only.' "What exactly brought on this idea for you, then? Why write it into an age?"

Yeesha considered it for several long moments. "I didn't. I wanted a mirror that could take me to a world where my Brother was still alive. It didn't work."

Waver wisely did not write down anything related to such a statement, and similarly, kept the thoughts deep within his mind for almost a decade of decades to come.

Chapter Text


DIASPORA DATE: 05/01/0006.

Your name is Boldir Lamati, and you glance up from washing a frying pan as Ronon Dex enters the cafeteria. There's a thought in his mind directing your attention towards him- if only because that thought is "I need to speak to the Alternian Mind Reader."

"Hello, Ronon," you greet as he approaches the kitchen area. "What can I do for you?"

"How much of a personal connection do you need from a person to an item to get a reading on the person's past?" Ronon asks. His thoughts are much more coherent than his words, though.

"...Pardon?" You ask. "Are you asking me if I can look into the past by way of handling a stolen personal item and reading its psychic residue?"

"I ran into some old friends offworld today," Ronon explains, without answering your question. "Satedans. Good friends of mine. People I knew. But... something about their stories don't add up. They think it's been years longer than it has been and they mentioned something about a planet I visited as a runner. Talked about how they heard it from a survivor in the village who escaped through the Gate. Except, I know that's impossible because I saw the Wraith guarding the Stargate before that event happened, and they only left when the village was destroyed. So either I missed something or..." He doesn't finish the thought out loud.

'Or they heard about it through a Wraith.'

Instead, he says. "They have a mission to raid a Wraith facility. They have more intel on it, but they don't want to share it unless they can get use of a Jumper. It's too far to walk on foot, and I'd believe them, but... But... I don't know. Something feels off. They won't tell me more than that"

You consult your powers. What would count as an object that could work to such a readable degree? Your power doesn't work that way.

No, that's a stupid question.

"Ronon, why don't I just come with you and your team in place of Mckay to listen in while they explain their plan and I can gauge their honesty instead?"

Now that. That's a smart question.

Ronon considers it... Then he nods.

"I'll talk with, uh..." He can't recall which title he's supposed to use, because he's still not sure which one of the two is actually supposed to be leading Atlantis now, given how recent of a change it is.

"Miss Jolinar," you chuckle, filling in the blank for him. "And don't worry about talking to her. I'll do that. You tell John that I'll be coming with you."
Ronon nods. "Thanks."

"Thank me later," you say.


o< --- STARGATE: ATLANTIS --- >o


Your name is JOLINAR, now DIRECTOR OF ATLANTIS, and... You weren't expecting AR-1's meet and greet with Ronon's long lost friends to reveal two disturbing facts.

One, Ronon's friends were only half lying when they said they escaped the Wraith and were hunting them down. Oh, sure they were hunting Wraith, but at the commands of ANOTHER WRAITH. They were Wraith Worshippers.

Two, Ronon's friends were telling the entire truth when it came to the layout of the facility where the Wraith were studying a LIVE REPLICATOR trying to figure out how to shut the bastards down. That they were intimately familiar with that facility, and that it was a trap meant to recruit an Atlantis Scientist to help them 'fix the problem' aside, you had a proper layout of the entire facility stolen from their minds complete with actual security patterns.

Boldir wasn't happy to report it, Ronon wasn't happy to hear it, and you?


[I don't know, Sam,] you mull it over. [On the one hand, if we don't play along, we're risking the Wraith end the Replicator-Wraith War on their terms. On the other, if we DO play along, we're walking into a trap.]

'It's quite the conundrum, that's for sure...' Sam answers, and you both recline in the very comfy chair Mikari left in her office for you, and you stare up at the ceiling.

What to do, what to do?

The whole Atlantis Charter Council decided they wanted you and Sam here for your experiences with Ancient Tech and the Replicators of before. But... Seriously? This is barely anything to do with the Replicators.


Why couldn't Mikari have kept running Atlantis for?

Your musings are interrupted from a knock at the door, and Argo looks to you for confirmation.

Lord Waver El Melloi the Second and his assistant, Gray, stand outside your office.

"Let them in," you say.

Argo opens the door, and in walks the D'ni Lord, sans his usual D'ni robes. Instead, much like everyone else on Atlantis, he's wearing the newest version of the base uniform. Someone from the new Alfheim members of the expedition had requested more Leather in their clothing because it was apparently better at Magic generation and retention.

Personally, you think it's darkened the presence of everyone on base just a bit too much.

Regardless, Gray is wearing a large grey cloak over her own Atlantis Uniform. Apparently she refuses to take it off unless absolutely necessary. You're not going to push the point.

"Miss Jolinar, Doctor Carter," Waver nods to you, then, to Argo, nods with a, "Assistant Lalonde."

"What can we do for you, Lord El Melloi?" You ask.

"I heard about what happened with Ronon Dex's friends,"  Waver explains, "I would like to request that you proceed with a sting operation to destroy the facility, with Gray taking the open slot of the presently elsewhere Doctor Mckay."

'Well that was unexpected,' Sam muses.

[Indeed it was.]

"I can honestly say that wasn't where I was expecting this conversation to go," you say. "May I ask why?"

"Gray... has abilities," Waver states. "Gained from the Zillyum burst. She was on Earth when it happened, visiting the Cavern. Observing."

'Interesting,' Sam muses. 'What powers?'

"What powers did she achieve?" You ask.

"The full scope of that power... is something best kept quiet for the moment," Waver states. "However, I feel safe stating that her ability to serve as Translator for a Bahro comes from her end of the equation, and not from the other end, as with Reines."


'Girl who was from Aincrad D'ni translating at the Corinth Conference.'

[Oh, right, thanks.]

'No problem.'

"Right," you say, pretending you know who that is. "So... psychic abilities, then?"

"Yes. Gray, show them," Waver glances at his assistant, and she locks eyes with you-


[Oh. What?]

'Well, that's different!'

{I apologize in advance for any discomfort.}

And then, you are shown a few images of just what exactly the rest of this girl's abilities can do.

And Oh.

You can see why Waver wants her on this mission.

'Holy shit,' Sam exclaims.

"From the look on your face, I can assume you now see why I would prefer Grey present in case of last case emergency," Waver says, and in that moment, looking every inch the part of a D'ni Lord despite his current uniform.

"I can," you say, scarcely believing it yourself. "This is more than just a Zillyum given power though, isn't it?" You ask.

Lord El Melloi the Second smiles. "Of course it isn't."

{It is, yes.}

You look the girl in her almost teal hued eyes, framed by grey hair and a grey hood.

"I'll tell Colonel Sheppard, then," you say, swallowing.

[Fuck. It's no wonder they brought her here. If the IOA knew-]

'They'd stop at nothing to get their hands on her,' Sam agrees.

Damn it. Who the fuck decided it was a good idea to deliver a Tyke Bomb of THAT Magnitude into your service without warning you first??


You are now Major Lorne, and you're... playing... guard duty for the D'ni girl from another dimension.

You say 'playing' with such obvious disrespect, because for the last week or so, Ruby Branwen has spent her time cooped up in either her room or the "City Library"- one that's slowly cropped up over the many months and years as people bring in bookshelves or massive collections of personal books to dump somewhere safe, but hasn't been made official yet-  diving deep into the history of this particular branch of the multiverse.


Considering she has a whole extra galaxy's worth of information to take in that she didn't in her own reality, you thought it might take a while longer than this.


The girl's a speed reader, that's for sure.

You literally watched her finish all of War and Peace in a matter of two days.

It's not going to take nearly as long as you thought it would.

Still. Guard Duty. You're mostly just sitting by, half-mindedly reading some Alternian Trashy Romance Novel while your charge scours through Volume 10 of "A Complete, unabridged, And definitely ~~not~~ Biased to the Empresses Favor at all, ("Water you even asking here, guppy?") History of the Alternian Empire."

The "not" had been scratched out on every single copy brought to Atlantis and a post it note taped to each cover to clarify, reading, "Yeah, HIC had a thing for historical revisionism, so take all of this with a grain of salt."

Still, you're keeping an eye on the girl from another dimension, as well as for any trouble that may head her way, and it's that eye for attention that spots this Dimensional Cluster's D'ni Lord El Melloi the Second wandering into the room, and making his way towards the two of you.

"Sir," You stand.

"At ease, Major," Lord El Melloi the Second says, then turns towards the D'ni girl. "Lieutenant Branwen, I presume?"

"Juuuust a second!" The girl raises a hand and a single index finger. "And there," She slots in a book mark, then stands to attention, saluting. "First Lieutenant Ruby Branwen, reporting for duty. What can I do for you, Lord El Melloi?"

"I'd like to take a walk and talk, covering the design of the artifact that brought you to our doorstep," Lord El Melloi the Second says. "Preferably, so that we may prevent such a similar artifact from being designed in our timeline."

"I-" The girl falters. "Of course. We can do that. No problem!"

The D'ni Lord looks to you, and says, "You may wait here if you wish, Major Lorne. But do know I will hold anything you hear during our conversation to secrecy if you decide to follow us."

"Yeah, I'm under orders to keep Lieutenant Branwen here under supervision," you say. "I'm not leaving her alone."

"I'm not a kid, you know," the Lieutenant crosses her arms, and pouts, looking very much like the kid her younger facial features portray her as. Man, D'ni age slowly.

"I know, but that's Doctor Carter's orders," you say. "I'm just following them."

The rest of the conversation that follows, as you leave the library behind, is classified, and you're not dumb enough to repeat them to anyone except command.


Your name is Daraya Jonjet, and as you put on your first pair of new glasses- the sudden feedback seems so insane.

You can literally see strokes of paint in the walls across from you. It's just so sharp!! And the floor! Holy SHIT! Did the floor always have that marbled texture to it?

"Ah, I know that look," Doctor Fraiser appraises. "The 'Suddenly I can see better than I did before I needed glasses' look."

"Is that normal?" You ask, blinking in surprise as you take in the Doctor's face- and more specifically, her eyes. Holy SHIT. Did eyes always have that sort of just- super weird texture on the colored part!?

"It is. It'll take your brain a little while to learn to filter out all the extra detail you're seeing and let you focus on what you want to focus on instead of every tiny detail you're picking up on," Doctor Fraiser says. "Back on Earth, we'd have people with new glasses able to pick out all the tiny blades of grass in their yard in shocking clarity. You might have noticed something similar with your wolf ears when you gained them if you'd been in Atlantis at the time."

"Really?" you ask, surprised. "What'd be similar with my ears?"

"You know how in the Cafeteria when it's busy you hear all the chatter as a sort of indistinct mumble unless you're focusing on it?" She asks, you nod. "Well, imagine being able to pick out every piece of conversation without focusing on it. One of Carsons old reports said he saw some people who were gaining wolf ears suddenly having to deal with that for a few hours before most of their brains learned to adjust."

"Most?" You ask, frowning.

"Have you seen Atlyor Berhet from Anicient Translations?"

"The... Teal Blood Wolf who goes around wearing headphones over her ears in the Cafeteria?" You ask.

"Through Magic or whatever, she kept her enhanced hearing and found herself good at Multi-tasking and understanding all of those various conversations," Doctor Fraiser explains. "Daniel told me he has her working as a note taker during their division meetings to ensure everything gets written down right."

"And the headphones are her way of muting her hearing when she doesn't want to use that superpower then?" You ask.

Doctor Fraiser nods. "Exactly that. Also, apparently, she's found that she has perfect pitch now and can pick apart a musical tune and play it perfectly from just one listen. Last I heard she's taken up planning to start a Music Club here on Atlantis for other music enthusiasts."

"Holy shit, that's so over powered if she ever went professional," you realize.

"We live in such a strange world, Daraya, you don't even know the half of it," Doctor Fraiser smiles. "Now. If you have any problems, come find me right away. Otherwise, let's wait and see how these lenses work."

"Thank you," you nod in acceptance of that.


You are Ronon Dex, and Needless to say, your 'friends' decided to reveal themselves as Wraith Worshipers the minute Sheppard refused to split up to find the "Replicator Research Room."

The fight was quick, brutal, and you just felt sad that they thought you'd WANT to join them in worshiping the Wraith. Your friends were dead long ago, this was just putting down their corpses being puppeted around by the Wraith.

It was just a shame that you didn't get a chance to do it yourself.

They tried kidnapping Gray, assuming she was the scientist of the team, and received an upsetting surprise when she summoned a giant scythe out of golden light.

It wasn't a Sylladex. You didn't see a card, or hear the subtle warping of space. Psychically projected energy maybe? It was just suddenly there.

And then your "friends" were suddenly not there anymore.

Your team just sort of stared at the girl in surprise, even as Alarms began going off.

"Well... Jolinar and Sam weren't kidding when they said you were good," Sheppard remarked. "Does that thing have a longer range or-?"

"Yes," Gray answered simply. "It does... I... would prefer to be a long way away from it before I deploy it."

You made your way back to the cloaked Jumper and left... with the back door hanging open.

"Hold it steady," Gray ordered after a certain distance, stood front and center on that open ramp... and then hurled a giant spear of golden light at the Wraith research facility.

The Place was gone in a flash, a crack of thunder, and a rumbling of displaced dirt. There's a flash of heat that briefly floods the inside of the Jumper through the open hatch.

You can't help but stare on at the sheer level of destruction leveled upon the landscape.

Building? What building? You're quite sure there never was nor never will be any building built inside a crater of glassed rock.

"...What do you call that last attack, anyways?" Sheppard asked as Gray stepped into the Jumper, closing the hatch behind her.

She took her seat where Mckay usually sits, and calmly, quietly replied, "The Spear of the End."

All you have to say... is that is a very appropriate title for such an attack.


You are Daraya Jonjet, and you gaze up at the stars with your newfound perfect vision for as long as it lasts.

"How're the new glasses?" Tyzias asks, settling in on the balcony next to you.

"I can see the stars flickering and blinking," you say, reporting exactly what you see. "It's like someone threw a bag full of tiny diamonds up into the sky, and is shining a flashlight on them with no pattern at all in mind. Random gleaming, blinking, flickering... it's so amazing."

"I'm a little jealous." Tyzias says in a tone of voice that tells you she's more remorseful than jealous. "Wish I could go back to that kind of clarity on a dime. They all seem pretty static to me right now."

"It's got to be fluctuations in the atmosphere, making the light refract weirdly," you say. "But... I can't bring myself to care. I wish I could let you see this."

Tyzias puts an arm around your shoulder, laughing. "Your words are enough for me right now."

"Still," you say, gazing up at the stars. "I never... I never thought I'd get back to seeing clearly at all, let alone this sharply! It's amazing. I'm going to be sad when I get used to it again."

Tyzias hugs you tight, and then kisses you on the cheek.

You break away from the star gazing to kiss her on the lips in turn.

Chapter Text


Unlike canon Atlantis that changed uniforms around this time due to some pinching/bagging under the arms, changes this time were made due to two reasons: One: the wide variety of body types that were now finishing manifesting. Gone away with the jackets that nolonger fit because of wings, or pants that had to be crudely modified to now fit tails, the new Atlantis uniforms ended up being standardized with zippers in the places necessary for the given individual. Two: the need to Individualize the Atlantis Expedition from All Other existing Operations and Uniform Styles. Additionally, given later events, this change was expedited due to the expansion of the Expedition's various different co-operating benefactors, and it seemed like the best time to make the change over.

These Outfits had been requested to be designed sometime back around May of 2002, and are now being pushed into use.

The outfits themselves underwent a color scheme redesign as well, although subtly. As the original outfit designs were borrowed from Alternia's military, with the singular change of a solid color being placed to represent branch of the expedition rather than Alternian Blood Color, this color scheme was kept intact, Red for Command/Civilian, Yellow for Medical, Blue for Science, Black for Military. However, the specific hues for red/yellow/blue were shifted away from those resembling Alternian Blood Colors, as there had been some minor confusion among Alternians who were used to the older outfit design using those areas for blood color instead. Additionally, there was an option to submit a special, personalized symbol to be embroidered on each Uniform Jacket ordered for a specific person.

Alternians went ahead and used their existing Signs, and those humans who had Alternian Signs similarly submitted theirs.
The Humans of earth who did not have Alternian Signs went for more varied symbols, ranging from symbols and iconography from their favorite shows (Civilians and Medical Staff generally), to Scientific or Mathematical Equations (Scientists pretty exclusively. Freeman specifically went with the Lambda symbol in orange for his uniform, as an example). Military usage would mostly default to a symbol representing what specific branch of Earth's Military they hail from, though some would lean towards the favorite show iconography.
Jaffa typically went with the Stargate Origin Glyph of their Home Planet, although some went with the sign of their former Goa'uld master, crossed out with red.
Tok'ra in general submitted a stylized symbol, comprised of the glyphs necessary to write out their names.
Some D'ni members of the Expedition followed the Tok'ra example, using the traditional D'ni Mandala shape of combining the letters of their names into a singular circle. Others went with the Symbol of the D'ni Guild they represented.
Fae of Alfheim were the most varied, most going with the stylized magic font for their favorite spells, others using the same font for a favored quote.
The Humans of the Aincrad dimension joining the Expedition tend to wear the name of their original Castle Ship, written in Ancient.

Patches: on the Right Shoulder there is a shaped Velcro spot for the "Atlantis Expedition" patch. On the left shoulder is a spot for a FLAG PATCH.
For Humans, of Earth showing country of Origin, of Aincrad, showing a flag with a stylized Castle Ship upon it.
For Alternians, showing a specific Settlement Flag (Daraya, were she wearing it, would have a flag for Diaspora.)
For D'ni, a flag representing either RELEESHAN or THE GREAT TREE, signifying which Dimension they hail from.
For the Fae of Alfheim, a flag representing their specific Fae Race FACTION SYMBOL.
Jaffa universally share the flag of the Free Jaffa Nation.
Tok'ra wear the sign of their Queen, Egeria.


Daraya Jonjet gained lycanthropic traits after the Rift formed, and poured Zillyium into the Universe at large. She gained wolf ears and a tail with a fur color edging on a very dark Jade Green. As such, come the whole "Needing Glasses" thing, she would require prescription GOGGLES rather than prescription glasses.

She's still wearing her bracelets underneath the surprisingly roomy sleeves, and has a spiked collar on still.

Daraya technically is in the Civilian/Command branch of the Atlantis Expedition rather than the Military branch of the expedition. While she does technically have a Rank in the Alternian Military, she instead generally works as a go between for her teammates on AR-2 who are firmly in the Science branch of the Expedition, and when assigned jobs such as choosing an Alpha Site or other such backup locations, she will come at the problem from a Civilian perspective over a Military perspective. Thus, her uniform specific color is Command/Civilian Red. It also happens to balance out her color scheme quite nicely, but that's really just an aside.

Daraya generally rebels slightly against standard dress code by foregoing both patches on her shoulders on just about every occasion. They're supposed to be worn at all times when on duty, save for when traveling off world. The ripping/sticking sound of the Velcro does bug her ears, so she has a valid excuse to not wear them, but when questioned she would say it was a 'sticking it to the IOA' kind of power move.

Chapter Text


DIASPORA DATE: 05/08/0006.

The MINUTE AR-1 returned from offworld, every Rust Blooded Alternian Psychic on the Expedition team roster became alert as they sensed the presence of a malevolent spirit within the the City.

Unsurprisingly, it was Aradia Megido who intercepted AR-1 in the route to the infirmary, because John Sheppard had touched some alien crystal that zapped him, and, without anyone saying a word- mostly because there wasn't a chance to say a word- Aradia took a hefty handful of Farie Wing Dust and Splashed it in Sheppard's face while discretely exorcising what seemed to be a malevolent spirit but was infact an alient lifeform into oblivion.

"Wh- Aradia?" John sputtered, but Aradia just smiled in turn.

"Trick or Treat!" She said by way of explaining what just happened.

"Halloween isn't for another two days," John told her.

"I stand by my words!" Aradia said, and then flitted off in the direction of the nearest transporter.

It was with a woosh of teleport that Aradia then made her way to the Admin office off of the Control Room, and dutifully informed Jolinar and Samantha Carter of the Malevolent spirit she had just exorcised out of John Sheppard.

And thus, it was with little fanfare that the new director of Atlantis quietly ordered that planet's Gate Address locked out of the dialing computer.


o< --- STARGATE: ATLANTIS --- >o



DIASPORA DATE: 05/09/0006.

A spade punctured the orange rhind of the Pumpkin.

"Pumpkin Pie? Really? How American can you go, Miss I Lived over a Paris Bakery?" Shirou Emiya complained.

"I could ask you the same thing, Mister Turkey for Halloween!!" Marinette Dupain-Chenk countered.

Despite to what Atlantis' human population might have thought about the usual bickering of two of the city's regular chefs, there was a decided change in tension between the two that was picked up immediately by the Alternian crowd.

After all, Shirou was wearing a large green and orange sweater that looked suspiciously hand knit with text on its front that read "Guess the temperature?" And on its back read "CRISP. IT'S FALL." And Marinette, well...

She had an obscenely large stack of orange gourds and a metaphorical very pitch black colored spade in her eyes to match the very literal silver carving spade in her hand.

Also, she was wearing patterned socks with black spades on them that were also very hand knit looking.

They were doing the pitched human equivalent of the Alternian Kismesisitude variance of of the human Matesprit "Hahah I love the Fall! MAKE A FIRE AND SNUGGLE ME!" show of affection.

It was a glorified mess of cultural mishaps, but god, if the Alternian members of the expedition weren't living for the show.

Boldir Lamati would side-eye anyone who passed by in the food line with a look of, "Ain't they cute?" and a side order of "What do you want to eat?"

She actually asked that last part, because she was serving as order-taker for the food line that day.

"So, what do you think?" Your name is Tagora Gorjek, and you ask with utmost seriousness. "Are they pailing, or are they just flirting around it still?"

"Hrm," one of your four conversational partners for this fine day's breakfast, Galekh Xigisi, considered it. Then, he answered, "Flirting still. Humans don't tend to jump into Pailing right off the bat. I'd give them another month."

"Noooo! No way!" Rhubee Xaolon countered. "They're definitely pailing! Just look at how she's angling her hips at him! And that BLINK! It's flustering him so much!! They're doing it, I'm telling yoooou!!"

"Nah, see," Kohiru Karren says. "Marinette wants to pail him, but Shirou's holding onto some, ah, how do you put it. Moral Obligations to not Fuck outside of Human Marriage left over from Earth?"

"LAAAAME!" Rhubee exclaimed.

"I'm inclined to agree," Galekh states. "It's quite clear to me that they're just flirting with the idea of pailing."

"You're all wrong, but Rhubee is least wrong!" Aradia Megido states. "She's just got it backwards."


"It's true!" Aradia nodded vigorously.

"Well, Tagora?" Karren looks to you. "You asked. What do you think?"

"I think..." You mull it over, looking between the two chefs now arguing about... Oh. Heh. "I think they're 'arguing' about the proper ways to baste a turkey in the most sexually charged way they can manage while still being appropriate for a work setting. They're pailing."

"YES!" Rhubee punches a fist into the air, while Aradia and Galekh groan in dismay.

Karren shrugs, sips at her coffee, then remarks, "Well, that settles that then. Anyone want to take bets how long it takes before they start making it obvious for the non Alternian side of the Expedition?"


Your name is JUNE EGBERT, and you gaze at the halloween costume in the closet that you were planning on wearing before... well... the wedding, at least.

Jade had talked you all into doing a themed costume this year- You, her, Rose, Nepp, Nepeta, and Equius would get together and dress up as Power Rangers! Mom had already bought all the costumes. This year's series was... Wild Force? With the animal zords and what not.

Before the wedding Mom had had you all do a test fitting to make sure everything fit right, and it had, even if putting in some holes in the back of the "Yellow Eagle Ranger" suit had been necessary for Nepp's costume. But, there in lies the problem.

Gender-not-matching-the-suits was nothing important, considering that Rose and Jade had long ahead of time bucked the trend and decided to respectively go as the "Red Lion Ranger" and the "Silver Lunar Wolf Ranger," but what was important was the very critical fact that you hadn't thought of until just now.

You'd lost a little height and your shoulders had narrowed somewhat. Considering other changes you might not even be thinking off...

It all begged the question- was the Blue Shark Ranger costume you already had even going to fit you tomorrow night?

"June?" Rose asked after you no doubt spaced out for a good solid minute. "Everything alright?"

"I'm not sure my costume's going to fit me," you answer.

Rose considers that, glancing at the blue costume hanging from its hanger, then over to you, then she nods. "I'll go get Mom's... I'll go get Mom."

And thus your sister goes to get your Mom, rather than go sneak away her sewing kit.

It takes some work, but you get your costume fitted properly again.


You are now Joey Claire, and you son't even need to look up from your book as Mierfa enters the hive from the front door- one of your Arai beetles sits at the door, serving as a remote camera, seeing her enter, large shopping bags in hand.

"I'm back," Mierfa announces, slugging her way into the kitchen.

"Welcome back!" you greet. "Need any help?"

"Nah! I'm good!"

You watch her set bags on the counter and start sorting things out with a smile on her lips and a melody humming in her throat.

Your real eyes skim over the same sentence about twenty times before you put the book away and move to watch her in person rather than through an Arai beetle.

"You're in a good mood," you say.

"'Course I am," Mierfa smiles. "I was just talking with Wanshi down in the caverns, and she agrees that Toko's starting to show signs she's going to spin a cocoon soon."

"Already?" You ask. "Seriously? I honestly thought it was going to be a while longer."

"Well, Wanshi says that custom Grubs tend to pupate faster than large batch Grubs tend to," Mierfa explains, fetching some bottles of juice and milk.

"Huh. Weird. I didn't know that," you say.

"It's a thing they're only just starting to notice, given, well, custom grub batches haven't really been a thing for most of Alternia's history?" Mierfa shrugs, and puts a bottle of milk in the fridge, followed by the juice bottles. "So... Yeah. New territory we're discovering every day."

"Mmh." You nod. "That it is."

You move to sort a bag of bread products into the proper places, and together you work in silence.

"Did you ever think we'd get to here?" Mierfa asks, suddenly. "Way back when we had to evacuate all those hatching grubs through the Stargate?"

"Hell no," you laugh in answer. "I don't think being parents was anywhere near the back of my mind, let alone front. Or, heck, that Diaspora'd become such a big town over time either."

"Funny how it all works out, huh?" Mierfa asks, smiling.

"Yeah, it's pretty funny, all things considered," you agree. "Now if we can just make sure that we've left things in a better state than we found it in for the next generation? That'd be perfect."


"Well this is liable to be a disaster," your name is Rodney Mckay, and you swallow in terror at the scene that just got set.

The Aschen called long distance, and Mikari answered the line before anyone else in the conference room could and-

And Mikari fucking just pretended to be one of those old automated payphone voice operators and chirped at them in a tone almost like a beeping before saying, in the most robotic tone imaginable, "We're sorry, but the number you have dialed is either unavailable or incorrect. Please make sure you have the right number and try again in thirty-eight minutes. Thank you." And then she hung up on them.

And so everyone went silent in the aftermath, until you said what you just said at the top of this snipit.

"Please," Mikari rolled her eyes. "If anything they're going to be completely confused for a good half hour before they try calling again. Now, where were we before we were interrupted?"

"Uhh... Time to complete the new Corinth style rift generator?" You ask, trying to remember.

"Right," Commander Yuki states. "Doctor K reported that she's almost finished buidling a replica device.  We should have it ready to put into position any day now, and be ready to activate it within minutes of doing so."

"Good. What about the transfer of the shoulder skin to Alfheim?" Mikari asks.

"We've arranged for Quantum Mirror transport directly to Alfheim on the day of rift detonation," Commander Yuki continues. "It will be done on schedule."

"Just so long as the Aschen don't come knocking, guns blazing, because of a hung up call," you gripe.



DIASPORA DATE: 05/10/0006.

"Okay, everyone! Smile and say CHEESE!!" Roxy Egbert called out.

"CHEESE!" Six masked children dressed as the Wild Force Power Rangers called out.




"And without the helmet masks on!" Roxy decided.

Your name is Okurii Leijon and you smile as the kids take off their masks.

Rose Egbert takes off her red lion mask and makes to hold it like it's a real helmet for the photo. How cute. Nepp takes off her yellow eagle mask by way of sliding it up ontop of her head and grinning. Jade nudges her silver wolf ranger mask off to her left side. Your Nepeta does the same, except to the right side, with her "Pink" tiger mask- which is really more white than pink on the show but she insisted on modifications to put more pink on the costume. Equius stands stock still so Nepeta can remove his black bison mask entirely.

Hesitantly, the last one to demask is June Egbert.

Not for the first time since the whole incident on Atlantis happened, you can't help but observe how similar she looks now to Rose. They'd almost pass as twins save for hair and eye color.

June squints, and then readjusts her glasses, which seem to have been dislodged with the mask removal.

June holds her mask loosely in hand by the elsatic as she puts on a smile and strikes a pose with the rest of the kids.

"Smile and say CHEESE!"





Three more pictures taken, and Roxy smiles at the lot of them. "Alright! Now then, Rangers! Your power mission tonight is to fetch as much power candy as you can from everyone in town! I'll fold down the power fort for your powerful return!!"

"Mom, that's way too much overuse of the word 'power,'" Rose remarks.

"So? I'm the Power Mentor tonight so I can decide how much power is powerful enough!" Roxy fake huffs, a grin on her face. Then, she turns to you and smiles. "Keep an eye on them, Okurii."

"Will do," you smile, partly at the irony of it all.

And thus, as the kids mask up to head out, you spot check your hair and makeup for the evening.

You're dressed up as the Rangers "mentor" for the current season, you're told. Honestly, you just were going to go as yourself, but Nepeta and Equius insisted you be theme accurate.

Honestly, why they didn't just decide to dress up as the Corinth City Rangers instead, you don't know. Real Rangers! And here they go dressing up as the ones from TV.

Eh, you suppose the pure animal theme was easier to work with given Nepp's wings.

Halloween is really such an odd holiday, even by Earth Standards. You dress up in costumes, go door to door, and get candy from strangers.

But, it's a fun one, and a safe one, too. Parents and guardians escort their kids around and you honestly haven't heard of any incidents in recent years. There have been some attempts to migrate it over to Diaspora over the last few years, but nothing's stuck yet. Partly because most of the kids of the age to be enjoying it seem to-

"RANGERS!" Rose calls out, interrupting your train of thought. "READY!?"

"READY!" The rest call out.

Well, you can put those thoughts aside for now.

"Alright, then, Let's get going," you say, and lead the kids out on their route this year.

Konyyl did decide to come along too, but, well, she suddenly got a call from her Matesprit/Moirail (And GOD, they are still living it up confusing everyone over the specific distinction! Just yesterday she called Azdaja her Moirail AND Matesprit interchangably within the same conversation no less than five times a quadrant!) about some case that surfaced suddenly that required both of their skills.

Still, it's not like you expect any trouble tonight that you'd need the backup.


An hour in, trouble manifests in the form of a kids' terrified screaming and a magic T-rex the size of a minivan appearing out of thin air. It starts lumbering down the street, roaring out in a way that makes it sound like its looking for its mother.

Unsurprisingly, the 'Power Rangers' leap into action to help stop trouble.

You are Nepeta Leijon, and as the others rush in to stop the T-Rex from getting anywhere and hurting anyone- your Momma Okurii included!- your heart tells you to do something else.

And you're not alone, June looks around too, and then nudges your shoulder and points. "There!"

There's a kid dressed in a T-rex costume, rocking back and forth beneath a tree, looking like she's on the really bad catnip and totally out of it. She's whining and keening- the source of the original scream for sure!!

But... If not for the green glow in their eyes, you'd think they were scared of the T-Rex.

You check and see the others are doing a great job of keeping a rampaging magic T-Rex under control with extremely controled uses of their powers. Equius is doing the bulk of the heavy lifting though. Well, rather, the bulk of the holding the Magic Projection T-Rex in place by holding it by the toes. The street beneath his feet seem to be cracking a little from the strain.

You and June head towards the kid- a girl, actually! Dark skin, green hair and eyes, and looking absolutely scared out of her mind.

"Hey, I'm Nepeta," you start by introducing yourself. "What's your name?"

"E..Em..." She hiccups. "Emerald."

"Hi, Emerald!" June starts. "I'm June. Are you okay?"

"N-No," the girl shakes her head, and you see tears in her eyes. "Sc-Scared."

"What's wrong?" You ask.

"L-Lost," Emerald answers. "Du-Dunno where I am. Where's momma? Momma...! MOMMA!!!"

The T-Rex roars- and you swear you hear the cry sounding like a much more roaring "Momma!" for sure that time.

Yep. She's projecting the T-Rex, that's for sure.

"Emerald?" June puts a hand on the girl's shoulder before she can really start to cry out again more. "Sssh. It's okay. We're here. We'll help you find your momma. When did you last see her?"

Emerald sniffs and mumbles what sounds like 'an hour ago.'


You must have said it out loud cause Emerald explains- "MOmma- Momma left me somewhere and told me to go have fun and get candy and to meet her back there but I- I can't find where it was. I don't know where I am I don't know where she is!!! MOMMAAAAAA!!!"

"ROOOOOOOOOAAAAAAA!" The T-Rex roars again, and you hear Equius yell in surprise as it kicks him away into a tree. He'll be fine- you know he did more damage

to the tree than it did to him- but you gotta fix this now before the others get hurt!!

"Emerald?" You start. "It's okay. We'll help you find her. But you gotta calm down, okay??"

Emerald doesn't look like she's in any state to calm down.

"Look," you take off your mask. "Look at me. I'm right here. What do you see? Tell me what you see??"

"Ca-" Emerald hiccups. "Candy h-horns. Blh-Black Hair..."

"Alright, that's good," you nod. "What else?"

"Sh-Shark," Emerald glances at June. "An... And... "

And then she sees the magic T-Rex for what's probably the first time.

"...Rexy??" She stares, a bit of awe piercing through the panic and anxiety.

The T-Rex seems to stop in its rampage then.

For a moment, it's still... then, Emerald reaches out for it, and the T-Rex turns around and peers at her.

For the first time, you notice it has the same green eyes she does.

Slowly. It walks over, and lowers its head towards Emerald's hand.

Her fingers brush against its snout... The glow fades from her eyes... And then just like that, the projection of the T-Rex suddenly shrinks down into the form of a small T-Rex plushie held inside of a large pumpkin basket.

Emerald grabs the plush and holds it in her arms tight, looking so much more relieved.

"Nice job," June whispers.

"Thanks," you smile.

"What the hell just happened?" Momma Okurii comes over, looking so concerned.

"Emerald got left alone and got lost," you explain. "I think she made her friend grow big by accident."

"Left alone, huh?" And Momma Okurii gets a look in her eyes. You know that look. It's the look she gets when someone messed up at work and she has to go deal with something. Or has to shout over the phone.

It's Momma Okurii's 'I'm going to make things right' look.


Your name is Jack O'neill, and you frown as you home phone rings.

"Weird," you say aloud, going to answer it. People don't usually call this time of night, let alone on Halloween.

"General O'neill," you pick up the receiver and speak into it.

"Jack? This is Okurii."

"Okurii? What're you doing calling me at this hour?" You ask, glancing at your watch. "Shouldn't you be escorting a team of colorfully costumed kids around?"

"I was up until we came across a girl who turned her T-Rex plushie into a giant magic projection during a panic attack," Okurii explains. "Her Mother oh so helpfully left the girl to go trick or treating on her own, and we need to find her, or atleast get CPS her name."

"Well, shit, give me a second," you say, grabbing for a pen and some paper. "It's almost like parential neglect isn't silent or hidden anymore when your kid could suddenly gain powers from it." You find what you need. "Tell me the name."

"That's the problem, we have two," Okurii answers.

"Two?" You ask, shocked.

"I'm pretty sure 'Cinder Fall' is an alias," Okurii answers. "'Salem Sustrai,' on the other hand..."

"I'll run them both," you say. "Keep that kid safe, in the meantime."

"You know I will."



DIASPORA DATE: 05/11/0006.

Your name is Davis Strider, and you glance at Karkat as you, he, and three SG-tactical teams stand outside of a run down motel a whole fucking state away, somewhere in Wyoming.

"Everyone ready?" You ask.

"Hell yes," Karkat nods.

"Alright then," you nod, prepare the time loops and you send a time clone to go to the motel room door that the bitch is staying in while everyone takes position...

You've read the rap sheet that's a few inches thick. Salem Sustrai, wanted for grand theft auto, driving while under the infulence of alchohol, breaking parole, reckless endangerment of a child, kidnapping a child at a very young age and murdering the girl's parents in cold blood, and breaking into several bank vaults stretching from here all the way back to Maine with the same M.O. of Fire, Fire, Fire, lots of melted metal and charred corpses. It paints a grim picture for sure, especially considering that some of the fire related crimes date back to before Zillyum became a thing that even gave people powers in this dimension.

Woman was a pyromaniac, and worse, a murdering kidnapper who'd recklessly then abandoned the kid she kidnapped for reasons probably related to the girl's powers.


There's a growl, a shout, and then an angry, pale skinned woman with angry red burns across her face, her brown hair singed black on its ends and eyes as orange as a burning sun opens the motel room door. "I didn't ask for Room-!" She stops, taking in your time clone self's SGC uniform. "...Service..."

"Hi," you/he smiles. "Are you Cinder Fall or Salem Sustrai by any chance?"

You expect her to throw the door clsoed in his face.

Instead, the bitch suddenly ignites a fireball in her hand and hurls it in your face instead.

If not for fast reflexes and time traveling away, future you would be missing your eyebrows at the very least.

THEN she throws the door closed.

"GO GO GO!" You order, at just about the same time as Karkat gripes, "Well, I think that answers THAT question."

When the bitch tries to explode her way out of the bathroom window, she's caught in a shower of fire extinguishing foam, and rapidly gets several high caliber weapons pointed her way.

Needless to say, the amount of slippery 'fun' that was to be had in that much foam was enough to keep the rogue woman grounded long enough to get handcuffed and placed inside of a van whose interior had been designed to keep the woman from escaping with her powers.

"...You know," you say, "that was almost anticlimactic."

"You don't say?" Karkat chuckles.



DIASPORA DATE: 05/12/0006.

"So, did you hear about the fun dad and Karkat had in Wyoming yesterday afternoon?" Your name is Argo Lalonde, and you grin as you sit down next to your lovely partners in romance at your usual Cafeteria table for lunch.

"No, what happened?" Jade asks, pausing to raise a spoon full of pumpkin pie to her mouth.

"So, Okurii and the kids ran into a girl who got abandoned on Halloween, right? And the case lead the SGC to a woman who was using her fire generating powers to commit crimes." You grin. "Dad and Karkat went and totally stopped her cold by dousing her in a bunch of fire extinguisher foam!"

"Yeah, I heard about it from Roxy when he came back from visiting yesterday. I just have one question," John starts. "Why the fuck would she abandon the kid after going to all the trouble of kidnapping her in the first place?"

"From her own testimony during interrogation?" You shake your head, sighing. "Apparently, the girl's newfound powers were way too obvious and had already almost gotten her arrested once already."

"I can see that," John shakes his head as well. "Turning plush toys into giant magic constructs is a bit of a give-away."

"That sucks," Jade frowns. "What's happening to the girl now?"

"She's being returned to her biological mother's parents," you say. "But considering she'd been in that bitch's 'care' since she was almost a baby, and she's around the same age as the younger us, it's going to be hard for her to adjust."

"You know," John says, "Earth kinda sucks, doesn't it?"

"Agreed," you nod.

"It really does," Jade sighs, pushing her pie away. "I don't think I'm gonna finish this."

"I'll take it if you don't want it," you say.

"Sure," Jade slides it your way.

"Topic of conversation make it unappetizing?" John asks.

"No, not that," Jade shakes her head. "I just got the sudden craving for meat, that's all."

"Didn't you just eat two steaks in addition to the pie?" John asks.

"I did!!!" Jade whines. "And I'm going back for thirds!!"

And just like that, life moves on.

Chapter Text

After Action Report: Atlantis Expedition.

EARTH DATE: 09/19/2002.

DIASPORA DATE: 05/29/0006.

[Speaking: Ayano, Keiko, auto transcribed from voice recorder and formatting Applied Via VoiceReportToDesk-DRC.ORG]

I was returning from P5D-153, or "Paradise World" as Doctor Mackenzie called it, from an Atlantis Outpost supply run when my Puddle Jumper was attacked from an unknown ship, disabling my weapons and cloak. I was in contact with Atlantis at the time, preparing to return, and notified Mallek Adalov over Radio of the assault.

My Jumper was disabled, and it was captured, drawn inside a cargo bay, where I was then taken to an interrogation room. A man named Silas interrogated me, and took a blood sample. They asked me questions about how to fly the Jumper, where I got it from, and when I feigned ignorance they lightly punched me to try and convince me otherwise.

I was approached by the leader of the ship, a woman named Larrin, who took me to their cafeteria to explain their situation. Their people are called "TRAVELERS," and their race once long ago fled to the stars to escape the Wraith, but now their people are habitual nomads. They rarely stop to trade on planets for fresh supplies.

However, they did so regularly enough to learn of Atlantis, and of the ATA Gene.

Larrin offered me a "choice," either I help them with a project, or I stay their hostage long enough for them to reverse engineer the ATA Gene Therapy. I chose to 'help' with the Project.

This project would turn out to be an Aurora Class Vessel that had suffered severe damage, and they needed my help to power the ship to make effective repairs. They had already shielded the ship's damaged and radiation leaking hyperdrive, and instructed me to follow their commands to the letter.

Cue Malicious Compliance.

The first thing after activating the systems they asked me to do was to move the ship forward. I tried to protest that they needed the intertial dampeners online first, but they refused to let me speak on it.

So I just activated forwards thrust and they all got flung backwards. Me, sitting in the pilot's chair, was able to maintain control. I activated the hyperdrive, setting a course for the nearest Spacegate, secured the scientists 'guarding' me, and set the broken subspace communications array to pulse a specific pattern: Morse Code, SOS.

Larrin shut off the shielding to the bridge, or threatened to at the very least, forcing me to drop us out of Hyperspace. I was put in a holding cell briefly, when a Wraith cruiser attacked, forcing me to go to the Weapon's Chair and use to to destroy the Wraith Cruiser.

Unfortunately, the Primary Bridge was destroyed in the fight, killing the people stationed there. The man, Silas, was among them.

With Larrin and I the only ones left onboard, I was forced to take control of the backup/secondary control room, during which time we conversed over the ship's internal communications, and the subject of our other ship restoration projects, the Aurora and Argo, came up. The Travelers needed a working ship to help bolster their dwindling fleet of ships.

The realization that if Larrin had *asked* us for help would have gotten them better results was, however, short lived.

Because we had Wraith onboard.

Whee! Fun! And I don't mean that sarcastically either.

I feel this is the best time to bring up the fact that Larrin's people, the Travelers, use the same style of blaster that Ronon Dex does. Now we know what people he got his from. I managed to secure my own as a parting gift in exchange for helping Larrin take out the Wraith that had managed to get onboard via Darts.

As we dealt with the Wraith, three ships belonging to Larrin's people and the Apollo arrived near simultaneously. With some frankly tense minutes of negotiating between me and Larrin, we came to the agreement that we would... look past the attempted kidnapping- "Desperate times call for desperate measures" as the saying goes- and would lend them aid in repairing their ship, and in exchange, they would give us the blueprints for their Magnum class weapons- specifically, how to create the ammo packs that power their blasters.

It is my hope that given enough time, we can turn this into a proper alliance between our people.

If it comes down to it, we might even be able to get them a chance at settling down on a habitable world for the first time in generations.

_Keiko Ayano

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DIASPORA DATE: 05/19/0006.

On the Planet Earth in another Dimension... A remote controlled Castle Jumper hovered over the top of the Great Tree that was D'ni's current home.

Down below, circling the tree were large, massive, metal rings connected to the tree with support beams.  If someone took the time to count, they'd see that there were atleast 50 already made, with framework for more floors soon to be put into place.

Looking from above, if one used their imagination, they would see that the framework for a gigantic castle ship was in place, using the Great Tree as a backbone and spine.

Your name is Rodney Mckay, and you stare at it all through the Jumper's live feed with no small sense of awe and horror.

Jade wasn't kidding when it came to the sheer numbers in scale of how big this project is.

"Alright," you begin, tapping buttons. "Rift Generator is powering on. Beginning to build charge."

"This is so exciting," Shiori Ayano-Kirigaya grinned. "We're about to actually punch a controlled hole in space-time to another dimension!"

"Yes, well, let's just hope this doesn't back fire on us too badly," you say. "Generator is at 25% charge and climbing."

"And not only that!" Shiori continues on. "We're going to use all that magic to transform everything into a flying Castle Ship! This is so exciting!"

You choose to say nothing as you watch the energy levels build... build... build...

"50%. 65%..." You report, checking for time. "75%... beginning detontation count down at.... 85%." You flick the switch. "Beginning detonation in three-" 90%. "Two." 95%. "One Hundred Percent," You report, "ENGAGING RIFT!"

The camera view from the Castle Jumper cuts away into static as a blinding burst of blue light surges in from the heavens above- flooding through the windows into the control room and...

And then it fades.

There's a pause, as everyone blinks to adjust their eyesight back.

And then you check sensors. "A Stable Rift has been opened above the Great Tree at the estimated safe distance altitude. Alfheim Actual, this is Aincrad Actual, please report?"

A pause.

"We read you Aincrad Actual, this is Alfheim Actual. Rift has successfully been opened at altitude over Yggdrasil City."

You exhale in relief. "Awesome news. Glad to hear it." You check on the sensors... "And we have a steady flow of Zillyum into this dimension. Job well done, evyone."



DIASPORA DATE: 06/09/0006.

Your name is Mikari Aiikho, and you smile at the fond and familiar appearances of the Atlantis style city hallways as you walk through them.

"Alchemic Reconstitution of the first twenty five floors has been completed, and framwork construction on Floors 26-to-50 has finished. Alchemnic Construction for the remainder of those floors is on schedule with the current boost of Magic from Alfheim, and once the structural reinforcements for Floor 50 are finally completed we will begin the work of starting the final framework components for the next twenty five floors immediately," Commander Asuna Yuki elaborates as you and she walk through to what would be the Stargate Control Tower on Atlantis. "In addition we're about 90% done with the fourth pier of and the crews from the third pier are moving onto the fifth to continue the pace there."

Six piers outside the edges of the New Castle Ship in total- each one home to an entire copy of Atlantis' Cityscape, detachable in case of emergency. You are currently in the "North Pier," or Pier 1.

"How long until the team on Pier Four can move onto finish Pier Six?" you ask.

"Hrm," Commander Yuki checks her work. "Given prior experience with the previous piers... I'd estimate about another day, max, half a day, minimum."

"Good, once we've gotten Pier Five finished, I want that team going to assist with the work on the upper floors." You decide. "How's settlement of the first 25 floors going?"

"Amazingly well," Commander Yuki says. "Most of the various 1-to-25-floor populations have integrated well, and with Alfheim's residents moving in at the estimated pace, we're still going to be under capacity, which is good considering most of those floors are transplanted farm land from the other Castle Ships."

"What about resource collection from the planet?" You ask.

"On schedule for a February Launch date, Mckay's reports coincide with our estimates that the mass reduction is following at the rate we've been expecting."

"Good. What about power generation? How are we dealing with that?"

"Each floor's taking up a whole Castle Ship's worth of ZPM power, unsurprisingly, but given that we've been able to harvest the naturally growing crystal farms from Alfheim and successfully have transplanted several onto Floor 15 already, we shouldn't run into trouble with power until after we initiate the jump out of this dimension, if at all."

"Alright," you say as you both arrive at the "Gate Room." At one point it was planned to become a Linking Book Room Hub to the other five piers as well as to the various floors once the 'Unwritten' is completed, but it was quickly realized that was a god awful amount of books to write, and so a simpler method was devised.

D'ni technicians and various Link-Weavers are already hard at work constructing a device that would look like a Milky Way/Alternia Galaxy Stargate, except pearl orange metals for the main frame, and a slate white inner ring of solid stone that rotates around within the metal track. The Chevrons, naturally, glow Pegasus Blue.  
Really, this is the most obvious concession to be made. Linking Transport Gates in the shape of Stargates.

Given the standard "six symbols plus point of origin" load out for the Stargates, and a whopping 36 Unique Glyphs- stylized from the D'ni Alphabet plus one unique point of origin glyph per gate- and you've got enough unique coordinate sets for not only every single floor and Pier on the Unwritten, but you'll have so many spare coordinate possibilities left over that just about every floor will have a Gate for every town in it, with plenty left over for points of interest.

Initial tests of the concept show that the only disappointment is that they can't make a fancy exploding vortex of not-water for each connection. Instead, it just shimmers a visible window of space time that serve as 3D Linking Panels. They're not even wormholes or portals. Just... Fancy visual artifacts cloaking a linking point within the center of the Gateway.

Really, it just makes sense to do things this way.

You peer at the oddly colored Stargate, and exhale. "Alright. What about the Aschen?"

"They've remained radio silent ever since you hung up on them," Commander Yuki explains. "We suspect they're preparing for something big."

"Aren't they always?" You frown. "It's been almost a month, and we've only just finished the largest floors. It's shrinking in diameter as we go up, but..."

"You're worried we won't make it in time?" Commander Yuki asks.

"Yeah," you say. "I'm worried. Enemies that go radio silent usually don't do it without a good reason."

You consider it all.

Then, you ask, "What can we do to speed things along?"

Commander Yuki considers it, then, in a tone she clearly considers joking, states, "We could trap Earth and Alfheim inside of time dilation bubbles and build things faster?"

You consider the possibility of that. It's possible. You know it's been done...

After all, John, Jade, Argo, Jude, and Cassie did exactly that thing with the giant reflector dish to save Abydos.

"I need to get in contact with the team studying the Abydos Pyramid Time Device," you say.

"...The what now?" Commander Yuki asked. "Wait. You don't mean that I actually said something exists that I didn't actually think existed, right???"

"Remind me to tell you about the Laser Beam Return to Sender that happened on Abydos a few years back," You just give her a coy smile. "Time Travel is always an option, Commander Yuki. You just have to know when to use it properly. And at any rate, I want it as an option in case the Aschen attack us before we're finished here."

"...Alright, fair enough," She agrees. "It's not like it'd actually save us any time in constructing everything anyways. Just from the outside perspective it'd seem like we'd finish it in the blink of an eye."

"Yeah," you say, staring at Gate. "Funny how that works out, isn't it?"

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DIASPORA DATE: 06/12/0006.

"Begin the dialing sequence," your name is Mikari Aiikho, and you call for the first test dialing between Pier One with the Main Gate in the Central City on Floor One.

"Roger that," Rodney calls out, pressing the first symbol on the Atlantis style DHD in the control room.

Instantly, a glyph carved into the stone ring inside of the Linking Gate begins to glow blue, and then the ring starts to spin. It makes a loud, grinding, metal on stone noise that you hope can get patched out sooner rather than later.

The first glyph rotates into position behind chevron one, and the carving ceases to glow blue, switching instead to Orange as the chevron itself glows blue.

"Chevron One, Encoded," Rodney reports.

You'd chide him for taking his time otherwise, but this is a proper test of the system, each chevron locked needs to be tested as its connected to the network.
Second glyph lights up blue, the Ring spins towards the second Chevron, locks into place as the glyph switches to orange and the chevron lights up.

"Chevron Two, Encoded," Rodney smiles, and starts pressing the next glyph.

Light, grinding spin, lock, and color swap.

"Chevron Three, Encoded," Rodney continues.

You try not to hold your breath. This isn't anything big. It's just a stupid trial dial of the system, connecting the Five completed piers to the Central Hub of the entire Nexus System being installed.

"Chevron Four, Encoded..."

A variable, on the spot constructed linking point focused within a Stargate is a lot different than the usual wormholes, though.

"Chevron Five, Encoded," Rodney reports.

The sixth glyph lights up on the ring, it spins, and locks into place, glowing orange as the chevron lights up blue.

"Chevron Six, Encoded." Rodney looks to you. "Alright, here we go, moment of truth."

He presses the seventh symbol.

This time, the glyph lights up green instead of blue, as the entire ring rotates around to the seventh spot.

It spins into place- the Chevron opens...

"Chevron Seven..."

The Other orange glyphs on the ring flash to green as the seventh Chevron flashes blue and locks closed, and all the unused glyphs on the gate glow orange.

"Is Locked," Rodney finishes.

Instead of the Kawoosh that you're used to, the sort of... reverse of a dispersing wormhole happens. Glowing motes of light rapidly form together in the center of the Gate, and then stabilizes into an image of a city square. It's severely disconcerting to watch and gives you a slight headache for a few moments.

There's no sound accompanying it, either, which makes it worse, somehow.

"Not only was that painful to look at, It's a little underwhelming with out the sounds," you frown as a team of technicians on either side of the newly established connection run their tests.

"Tell me about it," Rodney gripes, shaking his head briefly. "I wonder if they'd let me make them do the "Waa Waah kawoosh" sounds as, like, a warning sound that a connection is being established."

"You know," you say. "I think I'll ask Commander Yuki about that. As, like, a safety feature.  We don't want people standing infront of these things when they're connecting and having a horrific accident because their brains have a hard time processing the subspace connection, after all."

"Shouldn't be too hard to add at this point," Rodney says. "After all, gotta lower that grinding sound to a minimum anyways... Maybe we could put an idle water vortex image in place for the start up too. Delay the actual portal opening until its been safely disguised by the water vortex and then dismiss it?"

You smile, and just hope that testing on that front goes smoothly.


o< --- STARGATE: ATLANTIS --- >o


Your name is Samantha Carter, and you stand infront of a camera as the stargate dials to Earth.


Radio transmission goes through, annnnd...

"This is Samantha Carter, delivering a status update for the SGC regarding a Medical emergency on Atlantis," you speak. "May I speak to General O'neill or General Landry, Please?"

"One moment," Walter's voice echoes over the line.


Video cuts in on the terminal nearby.

"Sam," Jack smiles, though, it's slightly tense. "We heard you had something of a cold situation when you contacted us last night. What's the news?"

"It's a mix of Good news and bad news," you say. "The good news is that in the time since the Tok'ra and Jaffa among the expedition noticed the pathogen, they seem to be immune thanks to their symbiotes, however, Jolinar is working fairly hard to keep me healthy at the moment and I imagine the rest are as well. We're lucky they picked up on it when they did, however. As of an hour ago, the Infirmary got hit with about thirty new cases of this disease among our dimension's human members of the expedition, adding onto yesterdays twenty. Most of the original victims from the recent Mainland expedition have started showing signs of amnesia as a result of the disease's progression."

"What about the others?" Jack asks, face growing serious to match his tone of voice.

"Of the earliest hit among the Alternians, it seems like it's not hitting anywhere near as hard. Fevers and stuffy noses, but otherwise they seem to be fine." You report. "The D'ni, Fae, and Aincrad Humans are being hit somewhere variably. The Fae are reacting about as well as the Alternians, while the people from Aincrad and D'ni seem to have it worse. Interestingly, Jade, John, and Argo are showing preliminary signs of immunity. They all caught a cold when they were staying with the Athosians during the six months the Expeidtion was on hold. Teyla and Ronon seem fine as well for the time being, combined with the fact Atlantis isn't shutting us into quarantine, we think this is a variation of a normal Pegasus strain. Doctor Keller and Doctor Fraiser are searching databases for a match to the bacteria that seems to be causing this. We're narrowing it down by local Pegasus colds we've already encountered to hopefully narrow down the search."

"Alright," Jack nods. "So... we're keeping Atlantis quarantined for the time being then?"

"Until we figure out what this is, I'm going to suspend all gate activity on Atlantis and have the Control Crystal removed," you add.

"That's... a pretty smart idea, honestly," Jack nods. "Anything else?"

"I'd also like to suggest that we start implementing a 24 hour wait period on Midway station during all future transitions from Pegasus to avoid cross contamination of diseases," you say.

"Also will approve that," Jack says. "I can't see why anyone else would reject it, really."

"Hopefully we'll figure it out soon enough and everything will be cleared up," you say.

"Good luck, Sam. And... Take care," Jack says, and you know what he wants to say but can't.

"Thanks," you say. "You too."

Stupid IOA.

Your name is Polypa Goezee, and the simple fact of the matter was that your hive was rapidly becoming more and more consistently crowded by the week.

Not too long after the whole "Shaper flipped a kid's Gender trying to teach another kid a lesson about stealing" but before the "and then Shaper got destroyed" thing, Yeesha had dropped by on chance to visit.

June and Rose being present at that time, naturally, had lead to the D'ni woman offering to give them Relto Books. Of course, she didn't have any on hand at that moment, but had promised to bring some around the next time they'd met.

And then you and Joey had gone to Releeshan for some Official Diplomacy Business, and Joey had come back with a stack of four green books in her sylladex that she soon went back to Earth to leave with the kids on Earth.

Naturally, once they'd gotten their hands on THOSE, it didn't take long for the four kids to start coming here to Diaspora to hang out after school either here or out in town with Nepeta and Equius.

It was all a very lovely series of events, and you're happy to see them commuting more easily and freely...

Except for the fact that today, you have quite the headache of a math problem to solve, and in the other room are six rowdy kids playing Troll!Super Smash Bros. on the gaming console that Mierfa had bought on a whim for last year's Christmas party.

"Man... why is it that when I get asked to indulge in one of my hobbies in a constructive manner, I can't actually focus?" You lament aloud to an Arai Beetle watching you work.

It flutters its wings in a definitely NOT apologetic way. Damn it, Joey.

Joey was in the other room keeping an eye on the kids, but also keeping you company via telepresence. You know Mierfa has one trailing around behind her too on days like today.

It's surprising how domestic and average your lives have gotten at this point. When you're all not working around The Grubbel's band appearances, Mierfa's down volunteering at the Mother Grub Cavern, and you?


You've been tapped by Okurii to work the most boring job imaginable... RESOURCE MANAGEMENT FOR CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS.

It's terribly boring except for when you get asked to calculate how many explosives are required to clear away a small hill to make way for a road or how much of a bang is too loud of a bang and at what distances for people to safely get away with not wearing protective ear-guards.

Today's assignment is to figure out how much C-4 and/or TNT needs to be requisitioned to clear away a rather large rockslide that's blocked a road between the Villein settlement and a further, somewhat more distant Troll Settlement, up in the mountains.

And the reason they're asking is to find out whether lugging a bunch of explosives via Sylladex would be cheaper than lugging a bunch of heavyduty equipment by ship or by foot, or whatever...

Basically. You're supposed to help them figure out how many explosives they'd need and how expensive it'd be.

...But damn it, those kids just had to choose today of all days to come visit and play video games, and Joey just HAD to offer up your living room for it! Man. Such a pain in the ass, your Kismesis. You wanna go join in on the fun!! She knows how hard it is for you to focus when there are people. Having fun. Just in the other room!

God, such a frustrating thing!!

...But... Still, you'd rather be tortured like this than be out somewhere in the cosmos doing wetwork jobs with no idea when you'd be coming home again.

And isn't that a funny thought?

...Wait. You check the calender. December Third? Isn't that... Doesn't that mean Jade's Birthday is tomorrow? No. Wait. Wasn't Jade's Birthday the first? Then... Rose's the 2nd and... Nepp's the 4th? Or was it Roses the 4th and Nepp's the 3rd??

SHIT. How did you *Forget* it was their birthdays this time of the Earth year??

Your work can wait for later.  You've got BIRTHDAYS to Celebrate that you completely spaced on!!


Alexsander Chekov was not having a good year.

Really, 2002 had just kind of sucked in general for the Russian man, but the worst part was the death of his Cousin, the COLONEL Chekov, had died on the Korolev during the battle of P3Y-229.

So, he fought tooth and nail to get the position of IOA Representative of Russia, which had not been fun at all. But he had done it. He would use his newfound power to RUIN the SGC and the Atlantis Expedition!

And then.


As he finally got the job, and came into the acquaintanceship of two other recently appointed Representatives, they had the idea of gaining more control over the Atlantis Expedition. So... Hearing that the D'ni of Releeshan may be seeking to join...

Alexsander had the misfortune of being chosen to go negotiate the entire thing with them.

And GOD. Had he been played a fool!

But, even if he hadn't... if the D'ni and Aincradians and Alfheim Fae had been genuinely playing ball and not being bastards working against him and the others...

The ONE aspect of the plan he'd actually objected over had blown up in his face in all the worst ways!!

The damned blackmail over Rodney Mckay had fallen flat on its face, because those D'ni and Aincrad and Alfheim folk actually WANTED the Scientist present for their own means! So the entire stunt had fallen so flat on its face that there was no face anymore. It was just a pancake left lying in the road to be driven over!

He'd know it was risky. He'd told them the Blackmail was not legal. At all. Those kinds of threats were far beyond even the IOA's power to reasonably get away with in anything but the most shady of shadowy means.

But they hadn't listened. They'd insisted on going through with it.

Worse, his compatriots who had come up with the plan in the first place then turned the blame onto HIM to try and make their own punishments EASIER!

And now here the proud cousin of the Man who had given his life to the Stargate Program sat in a jail cell, awaiting trial.

Yes, truly, 2002 couldn't get any worse for the man.

A guard approached, knocking on his cell door and speaking in Russian, "Chekov. You've got a visitor."

Alexsander Chekov sighed. His lawyer, probably. "Very well."

And thus, he was escorted to the visitor's room, with the lone table with a single man sitting at it.

Much to Alexsander's surprise, however, there was not his lawyer present, but another man instead. American, by the facial structure. He was dressed as a Lawyer, yes, but not one of his.

"[Hello, Alexsander, my name is Mark Anton, I'm here as a stand in for my boss,]" The man spoke not im American or Russian, though, but in rather flawless Egyptian, a language that Alexsander had learned on a whim during his college years. This man had done his research, whoever he was because 'Mark Anton' sounded suspiciously like an Alias. "[My Boss heard you recently were in possession of some... sensitive information recently. Information I would like to discuss with you.]"

"[What kind of information?]" Alexsander asks in Egyptian, frowning, as he sits down. "[I am in prison, after all.]"

"[The kind that saves lives,]" this Mark Anton said. "[My Boss requires the aid of... those with experience with Nano technology, and I heard that you recently were in possession of knowledge of an... illicit nature that could... Secure the assistance of a Scientist with such experience.]"

...Mckay. This man was talking about Rodney Mckay.

Alexsander worked his jaw. "[I will need time to think about this.]"

"[Not too much time, I would hope. My offer has an explicit time limit on it. One tied to a life worth saving.]" Anton removed a photograph from his jacket pocket, and slid it across the table.

Alexsander peers at it... the image of a young girl stares back at him from her unenviable position of being bound to a hospital bed.

The photograph is removed before he can take a deeper look at it.

"[Time is ticking, Mister Chekov. I am sure your cousin would have wished that your misdeeds saved atleast one life, wouldn't you agree?]"


"Kirsan Fever," you name is... is... um.... Jaaaaaaaaaaaa.... Jeeee... Jennifer Keller. Right. You're a doctor for the A.... Alter... No... Um... Atlantis Expedition. "According to Doctor Beckett's notes, it's a common childhood ailment in Pegasus. That can rarely affect adults if they missed having it as a kid."

"I had it when I was eight," Teyla says.

"Ten," Ronon agrees.

"That's what Jade, Argo, and I came down with when we were staying in Pegasus," J... J... Sheppard says. "Jinto caught it and we caught it from him. But it was nowhere near this bad."

"That's because it's mutated," you say. "This planet didn't have a Stargate on it until we came here. If the... The..." you... "What was I saying?"

"If the Ancients Came to this planet with the disease at some point in the past, it'd stay behind and mutate," Sheo... Gor... Shepp... Sheppard? Sheppard says. "Beyond what it is elsewhere in Pegasus. So... We know there's probably a cure for it in the form of the old cure, right? Some kind of plant you guys put in a soup?"

"The Enchuri plant," Te... yela? Teylaaah? Teyla. Teyla says. "It's a common weed on may worlds. We can go to the Alpha site and collect some of the plant there."

"Not easily," Car... Cartwheel? No, Carter. "We had Zelenka remove the dialing crystal."

They try radioing Z...Ze... What's his name. But he doesn't reply.

"We'll fly to the mainland," She... The cool hair guy says. "Look for the plant there."

"I'll go help with that," Ron... Ronin? No. Dexxxxter??.... says. "I know what it looks like."

And... uh...





"I think I need to lie down," you say, suddenly realizing that you're supporting all of your weight against an office desk, with rather wobbly legs.



DIASPORA DATE: 06/13/0006.

Your name is Aiden Ford, and you peer at the Athosian Settlement with no small measure of confusion.

Why weren't they missing yet?

Why hadn't Michael done as he'd done in all the other timelines and TAKEN THEM YET??

He waited for the former Wraith to spot him from great distance, and approach.

"Ford," Michael said once he did such. "What are you doing here?"

"I could ask you the same thing," You narrow your eyes at the man. "Why are you still here?"

"...Why am I still here?" Michael frowns. "Are you asking me why I'm not going along the same path as my other selves??"

"Yes." You grunt at the man. "Why. Aren't. You. Following. The. Script?"

"Because they actually made it PERMANENT!" Michael throws his arms out to the side. "Unlike every other timeline you made me remember! They've made this Permanent!! I haven't taken a dose of Retro Virus since they last gave it to me! I'm Done! I'm cured! I'm out! As far as I'm concerned this is my Vacation away from all those other horrible paths I could have taken! I have no reason to act that way! And from what I remember of those other worlds, a LOT of MY problems with the Wraith are already on the road to being taken care of!"

"You need to follow the SCRIPT, Michael," you tell him. "We're delving into territory I can't predict if we don't follow the script!"

"Well, you can follow whatever script you fucking want, Ford," Michael growls at you in turn. "But me? No. I am Out. Find someone else to be your fucking mad scientist pawn or do it yourself. Because I am NOT going down that road this time. It always ends with me Dead and I'd rather NOT die prematurely this time around."

And with that, he turns around and leaves.

Damn it.


They're not following the Script. They're not following the Story.

You're the one who sees how it all falls out and here they are not following it.

This isn't how it's supposed to go.

...Michael's right though.

You have to make it follow the pattern, even if they'll hate you for it.

The Show Must Go On.



DIASPORA DATE: 06/14/0006.

Your name is Gordon Freeman, and you wake up with a dull headache in the infirmary.

"Wuhappen?" you mutter, trying to piece your memories together, foggy as they are. "Where am I?"

"You're in the Infirmary," says an all too chipper voice from across the room, muffled by food in the mouth.

You glance over and see Doctor Gina Kae resting in one bed, and sitting on the edge of her bed is one of the Documentary Crew camera people- you draw a blank on his name for a moment before it snaps into place- Ziggy Grover.

He's eating from a bowl of cereal, and Gina looks absolutely amused by his presence. He waves with a spoon in hand.

"We've all suffered from a mutated, amnesia inducing bacteria, apparently," Gina remarks. "Most of us still in the Infirmary are being held for observation because we woke up later than the rest."

"How long was I out?" you ask.

"You were, ah," Ziggy swallows his cereal. "You were asleep when I woke up yesterday morning, and it's... eh, a day later than that? Sooo... Yeah. Been a while."

"That's not comforting at all," you say.

"Did you know you talk in your sleep?" Gina inquires.

"...No I did not but somehow that's even less comforting," you gripe.

"All I have to ask is who's Doctor Breen and why does he deserve a crowbar suck up where the sun don't shine?" Ziggy asks.

You throw your head back and groan. "Goooooood. Why did my amnesia have to fade before I woke up!?"

Those two laugh at your expense.

Sometimes, life is just not fair. Not fair at all.

Chapter Text

Waver Velvet, a young D'ni man in his early 90s but visually not a day over 25, paused as he flicked on the light switch to his home office.

"Yeesha," he stated simply.

"Waver," the woman sitting in his office chair replied just as simply, lounging back against it with all the energy and weight of a thorougly soaked blanket. Her eyes were closed, and she looked exhausted. Where-ever she'd been before linking into his office from who knows where (He was choosing to ignore the how for the moment because he knew he had no books to this room, and he honestly suspected he knew anyways) had clearly been exhausting and tiring to such an extreme degree.

"While normally I would ask 'To what do I owe this late night tripping of my home's alarm systems?' Instead, I think I'll ask, 'Yeesha, my friend, weren't you supposed to be journeying in the Cavern of D'ni?'" Waver asked.

"Have you ever wondered what the problem with Prophecies is?" Yeesha asked, not even opening her eyes, and choosing to answer the first question instead of the second.

"Are we resuming our talk from the last time we spoke about Watcher's Words, or is this something else?" Waver asked, moving to sit down in another, less comfortable chair that his guests usually sat in.

"Watcher's, but also something else," she answers.

"Then my answer is unchanged," you say. "Self fulfilling prophecies exist for those who wish to fill them. Nine times out of ten, anyone aware of the criteria of a prophecy will carry it out. And the tenth, there will always be someone unaware who fulfills it by sheer circumstance and desire, simply because that is how things go, rather than out of a desire to fulfill a prophecy."

"And what if Time Travel was involved?" she asked.

"...Pardon?" Waver asked. "I thought we all agreed that Time Travel was not a thing."

"But what if it is?" she asked, finally opening her eyes, sitting upright, and letting him look at her a bit more properly.

He saw a weight in her eyes that couldn't come from anything but age and experiences that would make even grown men cry.

"...Are you saying you found a way to link through time?" Waver asked.

Yeesha smiled a grim, pained smile. "I have... unfortunately found myself lost."

"Lost?" Waver asked, gazing at the woman. "How?"

"I think I saw a bad future," Yeesha answered. "And I have no idea whether it was our future or some other universe's future. I have no idea if you're even My Waver or not. Or even what year it is."

"What D'ni year was it when you left?" Waver asked, and she gave the current year. "And how old are you?" She gave the age he expected. Thus, he asked, "What Day was it when you left?" And she gave him a date that was at least a week ago, but that tracked with how long she said she'd been in the other timeline's future.

Finally, he asked her about if she'd been receiving his letters or not.

She had, he asked to see them. She showed him the device they shared copies of to use in correspondence. The messages on it were consistent with his memories.

There was but one test left to make.

He got out his long range, electronic mail device, and sent the Yeesha on his contacts list a simple message, "Connection test. Please Reply within 25 hours at earliest convenience."

Of course, her matching device resounded with an arrived mail, and Waver said, "Don't answer it. If there is another you left wandering around this timeline, she will reply."

"And if she doesn't?" Yeesha asks.

"Then you are her, and you are where you belong on the Great Tree," Waver concluded. "And if you are where you are meant to be..."

"What does it mean of the future then?" Yeesha asked, frowning. "What I've seen... how do I avert it? And if I can't avert it... Is it prophecy by my returning to this time?"

She told him of what she saw. Of what she'd experienced... And Waver considered it all for several long minutes.

Then, he stated, simply, "If what you described to me truly comes to pass... and Time Travel exists in other means beyond the method you discovered... Someone else will see that future, and derail it before it happens. That year you mentioned is almost a hundred years off by Earth's current history, if I remember my dates correctly. A lot can change in that amount of time." he smiled. "I am certain that if someone from that future wishes it to be undone... it will be."

And by this time the next day, no messages had come back, and Yeesha was quite certain for sure now that she was back in the timeline she had originally left.

Neither of them tried to pay it much mind, but the thought still weighed on their shoulders ever so subtly.