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ACT 6 ACT 4: Chasing The World

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Woolsey snapped at the other IOA reps, "Well, maybe if your predecessors hadn't forced their wills onto Atlantis causing a disaster that cost us the chance to own a Wraith Cruiser and capture a wanted intergalactic criminal organization, then maybe we wouldn't be in this mess of a political situation to begin with!"

"Uh, Captain Elwurd?" A a shy Mofang began. "Our sensors just detected a small vessel buzzing around the rear hyperdrive emitters."

"It's probably a malfunction," Ewlurd decided.

"Our weapons systems just went offline." And then the lights dimmed on the bridge. "Annnnd we just lost sensors, internal and external annnnd..."

And the air suddenly stilled.

"Let me guess," Elwurd scowled. "We just lost life support?"

Then, the ship rocked from a massive explosion.

"What the fuck was that!?" would be Elwurd's final words, as the next in a series of secondary explosions rocked through the Hiveship's bridge.

Well in the distance away from the exploding Hiveship, a Wraith Cruiser and a F-302 watched the fireworks.

"You know," John voiced, "I think we hit something critical there."

"Yep," Scott agreed. "Lots of something critical. I'd bet they were storing fireworks inside or something."

"Probably fireworks, yeah," Ford scoffed. "Idiots forgot to properly secure them in cargo, left them in the hanger bay."

"That's one hell of a bang, either way," John remarks.

Aiden Ford burst into a Wraith Prison Cell, and freed the Wraith soon to be called Michael.

Aiden Ford suddenly teleported into the space station, jamming a needle into Carson Beckett's Neck, and withdrawing a large amount of blood before zapping away with nobody else able to do anything.

"Who's the new guy?" Michael asks.

"Which one?" John asks.

"The man with the short haircut," Michael clarifies.

"Who, Kanaan? On the left?" John asks.

"Yes, him," Michael says. "He seems familiar to me somehow."

"You've probably seen him around the village before," John says. "He's one of the leaders of the whole place, after all."

"It's... more than that," Michael says. "...I think another me in another world did something to him. I feel... regret. Jealousy. It's... Hard to tell."

Michael frowns. "...Do you think I should apologize to Kanaan?'

"For what? Something your other selves did in another world?" John frowns.


Teyla and Kanaan cuddle in bed together.

Rose Egbert stole the Shaper Crystal, and used it on her Brother, John Egbert, to try and make him look more like herself.

The Shaper Crystal took it far too literally.

"Kanaya?" you then ask the question that's now edging on your mind after that latest data dump, "Did you intentionally hold back doing anything for Mordred when he broke his shoulder?"

"Not by my decision," Kanaya answers. "Doctor Carolyn Lam ordered me to wait a week to perform the healing so Mordred could remember the pain and try to avoid doing anything that would cause similar injuries in the future."

You facepalm, "Fucking Hell, Carolyn."


"What are you saying?" Carolyn asks.

"I'm saying if you'd let Kanaya heal Mordred immediately instead of waiting a week, I might not have to deal with the headache nightmare of trying to figure out whether or not I can trust the Shaper Crystal to continue to act as a healing tool and not a randomly lesson dealing random transforming macguffin!"


"The Apollo will be bringing the Ruby Lancers back as well," you explain. "Okurii's approved them to be permanently stationed with Atlantis for the foreseeable future."

"We get our own mechs PERMANENTLY?" Argo laughs. "Finally! It was so annoying having them just sitting on the Daedalus doing nothing after the Siege."


"So... Let me get this all straight in my head," Rodney Mckay Narrates, "Alfheim's Magic Curse is really a faulty Jump Drive leaking radiation- built inside an Atlantis style city ship that got frozen under miles of ice and is now slowly thawing out, and- they made their own handy dandy version of the Bio-plague that wiped out the D'ni of our Earth?"

Lord Waver El Melloi the Second nods to the Bahro translator, Grey.

"Thus, they want to evacuate Alfheim and use it as a death trap for: One: a small subset of the Bahro that want to kill everyone for mingling dimensions together. And Two: the Aschen of Aincrad's dimension because the Goa'uld got tired of doing things on their own?"

Commander Asuna Yuki stands at the conference table.

"And they want Mikari to run- a Ten Times as big Castle Ship that they can put all of Earth and Alfheim's populations on- and because the IOA wants Mikari to leave Atlantis so she can run the thing, they're all going to approve the idea?"

Mikari Aiikho stares at the folder sitting infront of her, shock in her eyes.

"And ontop of ALL OF THAT! The IOA is playing politics trying to get as much control over the pie as they can, but ONLY for their specific countries because they can't even co-operate THAT much to make it so they all benefit instead of just their singular countries? Am I getting the overall jist of how messed up this entire situation is?"

Teal'c rumbles out an "Indeed, it is quite the mess."


You are now Daraya Jonjet, and you and Mallek arrive in the conference room, where you take your seats next to Keiko and Tyzias and Major Lorne.

Colonel Ellis seals the room, and he begins. "As you know, ever since the first encounter with the Human Form Replicators of this Galaxy, the Daedalus has made regular reconnaissance fly-bys of their home world."

Ellis brings up a slide.

"Ships," Mallek observes.

"Lots and lots of ships," you agree.


Ellis narrates: "In precisely twelve hours, the Apollo, in consort with your team, will launch a surgical strike on the Replicator Homeworld."

The Apollo launches a nuclear warhead towards the Replicator Homeworld.

Moments later, six blue fireballs rage across the planet's surface.


"What's the situation, Chuck?" Tyzias asks.

"Contact out of hyperspace," Chuck answers.

Tyzias takes place behind a console, and grimaces. "It's barely larger than a Jumper- And it's taking up Geo-synch orbit right over the city."


And so did the Machine declare them obsolete, and deserving of death for their defiance. And he had raised his arm and speared his outstretched hand towards them, sending his influence out as a sickening, gleaming red beam of light that fell from the heavens.

Doom and Death, he decreed.


There's a solid line of red in the night sky, piercing through the sky. And then...

"Atlantis, this is Ellis," you hear. "The Satellite is turning towards the planet!"

And then you watch as that beam distorts, going from a line in the sky to a line cutting through the sky into the ocean, and...

Is it just you or is it getting bigger?

Nope, it's definitely getting bigger and its cutting a line through the ocean, rising steam as it goes, as it comes straight for the city of Atlantis.


Several minutes to half an hour later- a reply transmission comes through.

Behold, the grim face of the Replicator Councilman OBEROTH.

"Well," Keiko starts. "I wasn't expecting you to be on the other end of this, Oberoth. But I'm not surprised."

"Miss Ayano," Oberoth counters. "Why would you not be surprised?"

Keiko later counters with, "You were building warships. You honestly can't say you didn't see something like this coming."

"Ships to combat the Wraith," Oberoth says. "You say you had no choice? We say the same."


"We haven't put out a City Wide Alert yet, trying to quell the panic, but... the Linking Books aren't working."



"...We submerge it," Zelenka says, firmly, and out of the blue.

"I'm sorry?" Ellis asks. "Submerge what?"

"The City," Tyzias says. "We submerge the fucking City like the Ancients did."


"The beam is punching through the water with much more efficiency than we predicted," Zelenka reports.

"Okay, what's plan C?"


Tyzias narrates, "This here is a little beauty I'd like to call 'C04-5H17D,' Or, Covering Our Atlantis Shield. And it's juuuust long enough and girthy enough of a fragment that if we have a flight of F-302s guiding it into the lasers path, we fuck up the beam's transmission, giving Atlantis the all clear to take off without strain on the shields."

Lorne's flight of F-302s does just that, dragging a very long asteroid straight into the path of the satellite's laser.


"C04-SHIELD is entering the beam!" Tyzias reports.

-The beam cuts out from striking the top of the shield as the city bursts through the surface layer of the ocean, rising high into the air.

"We're not flying high enough," Tyzias reports. "We're stalling!"

"Sure, blame me, we don't have the power!" Keiko answers.

"Well blame me then!?" Tyzias snaps.

"It's not working! What other reasons are-!?" Keiko and Tyzias then both blink, and yell- "The Shield!" Then, "Lower it," Keiko orders. "Just for as long as need to get higher!"


Atlantis Rises through the air, raising the shield.

The asteroid suddenly breaks up as the laser punches through it at the very end, and the beam clips Atlantis' central tower before the shield fully closes around it.

The main window shatters- sending everyone standing infront of it flying backwards.

Atlantis escapes to Hyperspace.


"I Need a medical team to the Control room, STAT!" Chuck's panicked voice cuts through the air. "Multiple Injuries!!"

"Kanaya?" You glance at the Alternian girl.

"I don't know," Keller shakes her head. "She got blasted down the stairs, her pupils are sluggish, Shaper is practically fragmented into her collarbones, and I won't know more until I get her under a scanner."


"Oh What NOW!?" Tyzias yells out as the city rumbles, lights flicker, and---

There's a sudden jolt of motion as you drop out of Hyperspace.

"Where are we?" Teyla asks, suddenly interjecting into a volatile moment.

"The Middle of Fucking Nowhere!" Tyzias answers. "There's no planets, no moons, no Stargates! We're LOST! NOW SOMEONE GET DARAYA A MEDIC!!!"

Doctor Cole comes rushing over, and Tyzias hands the crying, and possibly blinded Daraya over to her, before trying to desperately focus herself.

"How much power do we have left?" You ask, once she's composed herself.

"One second..." Tyzias checks... "...Nononono. This can't be right."

"What is it?" You ask.

"At current rate of consumption, we've got 24 hours left. After that, no power at all. No shield, no atmo. No atmo... Nothing."