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My Hero Kinktober (2019)

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This year, I attempted something different. Last year a lot of the ships were chosen either for myself or for friends. A handful were inside jokes and ships between myself and people I rp with.
This time, I decided to take a more random approach, of the literal kind.

A few ships were hand chosen. Mostly for myself, and because I wanted to write those ships. One was written for a friend and content creator I admire, though I also wrote that for myself too.
Other than that, ships were randomly chosen (for the most part). To do this, I placed all the characters I was comfortable writing or wanted to try writing on a wheel, and span. Originally I was going to do whatever showed up, buuuut it became clear very quickly that that wasn't logical. After getting things like Uraraka/Stain for the umpteenth time, I decided to narrow it down a little more.
I span the wheel and jot the first character down. I span the wheel again and if I felt capable of (and wanted to) writing the ship, GREAT! If not, second character was jotted down too. Spin a third time and if that character fit with either 1 or 2, then that was my ship. If not, jot that name down too and keep going until I got two names I could do together (or three, if the kink called for it).
And I got some fun little matches~
As for kinks, I went off this list. I put the kinks I was comfortable doing on another wheel, and spun to choose what the ship got.
So this list is semi-random. They're all ships I'm comfortable writing, and I'm still having a hell of a lot of fun~

And hopefully you all enjoy reading too<3

By chapter -
2: Kiribaku: Spanking
3: Bakumina: Body Swap
4: Kamimina: Tentacles
5: Todotooru: Cunnilingus
6: Kiriida: Vibrator
7: Shinkiri: Blowjobs
8: Midnight/Miruko: Leather (tw: dub-con)
9: Iimono: Sadism
10: Shindeku: Pet Play
11: Midnight/Tensei: Face Sitting
12: Shishimora: Formal Wear
13: Shinsero: Lingerie
14: Bakumomo: Pegging
15: Kacchako: Praise Kink
16: Kami/Sero/Kiri: Cuckolding
17: Kamiyama: Shibari
18: Midmic: Boot Worship
19: Shintoga: Blood (tw: non-con)
20: Miritamakiri: Double Penetration
21: Serobaku: Mastubation
22: Mirideku: Swallowing
23: Iihatsu: Crying
24: Shouji/Hagakure/Tokoyami: Threesome
25: Shigadabi: Anal
26: Shiniida: Shower Sex
27: Erasermic: Smiles
28: Shouyama: Xeno
29: Tsujirou: Overstimulation
30: Iideku: Handjob
31: Bakushindou: Degradation
32: Bakuiida: Daddy


Please note that I do not have as much time on my hands as I did last year. Honestly, I have no idea how I got each chapter out on the right day last year. Past me was clearly stronger. Now, however, I am working so much more, and for much longer shifts. While, at the time of starting this, I have the first 10 complete the rest are still a work in progress. I will try to get them out ASAP, but chances are I will run late. They wont always be out on the right day. But I will get to them over the next month or so. Thank you for your patience and for reading!!

Here's hoping this kinktober is better than the last!!