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Technocratic Dominion

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“Speech” ‘thoughts’  


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Izumi’s life was hard.


She knew this much too early in said life.


At just six years old, she had been essentially ostracised by her peers.


All because of something she couldn’t do anything about.


The lack of a quirk was after all never viewed positively in the eye of quirked world.


And that was her situation. She was quirkless, and people didn’t like quirkless.


In her… loneliness, she had resorted to learning, to make up for what she ‘lacked’.


Despite being six, she was already able to read almost fluently and speak with no issues.


She was gifted. While she had been born without a quirk, her brain seemed to have adapted to use the space that should have been used for a quirk to instead expand her intelligence.


And expand it did.


During her learning, which involved scouring the internet anything she found interesting, she had come across the wonder that was the field of technology.


While quirks were very interesting to her, technology and its potential proved to peak her interest even more and she found herself falling headfirst into the field.


A month after she had first discovered and dived into the field, she asked her mother if she could get a robotics kit, having discovered a love for that area specifically.


Inko, ever the sweet mom, was more than happy to order one of those kits.


The reason why?


It had been almost two years since she had seen her daughter smile like she had that day. If buying that kit meant her daughter would smile like that more, then it would be worth it.


The smile that spread across Izumi’s face when the kit finally arrived was blinding.


She immediately went to work, building and constructing different models. The first several proved to be failures early on, but after a couple of weeks, she managed to make a working robot.


It was nothing exceptionally special, but to Izumi, it was an achievement.


The little drone she had crafted was capable of basic flight and movement, but beyond that it couldn’t do much of anything.


When Inko saw the little drone Izumi had managed to create single handedly, she was very surprised. She hadn’t actually expected the six year old to be able to create even something like a simple quadcopter drone, at least not after just few weeks of trial and error.


But after the surprise passed, pride filled her instead. Her little girl may not have a quirk, but she had something just as great. A bright mind.


Which made the obvious bullying she was suffering all the more painful to the green haired lady.


Everyday her daughter would come home with bruises, all of which she explain away as accidents or being clumsy.


But Inko had seen the girl during her work. She wasn’t clumsy, far from it in fact, and the bruises didn’t match up with her explanations. She had after all once been a nurse, before she instead turned to the legal field.


But she couldn’t do much, if anything without evidence. Evidence she didn’t have.


So she was forced to let her continue to attend where she was until she figure out what to do, as they didn’t have the money to send Izumi to a different kindergarden.


Then one day, Inko received something in the mail.


It was a notification of some kind. Apparently there was some sort of contest or something being held by a group of very well known scientists.


Since Inko had bought the robotics kit for Izumi, she had been sent a notification automatically. The contest was fairly simple. Submit a picture of your robot or creation, alongside your information, meaning name, age and so on so forth.


Inko didn’t check what the prize was, obviously knowing that the chances of anyone winning were extremely slim, but decided to humour Izumi anyway.


Inko opened the door to Izumi’s room, finding the girl sitting on the floor and tinkering with the drone, while a determined look was plastered on her face.


“Izumi sweetie, look what just came in the mail. It looks like there’s some kind of competition happening and you can submit your drone for it, if you want” explained the sweet lady.


Izumi looked up at her, then after a moment an excited smile spread across her face “A competition? Can we do it Mama? Please?” asked the girl excitedly as she bounced up her mom.


Inko let out a chuckle “Of course sweetie, but don’t count on winning, ok? There are probably going to be hundreds of thousands, or more people who are going to do it too” warned the lady.


Izumi’s smile didn’t waver “Can we do it anyway? I want to show other people what I can do” responded the girl happily.


Inko smiled “Of course we can sweetie, let me get my camera then we can go on the computer and send it” she let go of Izumi and exited the room.


She came back a moment later with the camera and told Izumi to fix the drone back up, then pose with it while she took a picture.


They sent the picture, as well as a few of the drone actually flying, in to the competition’s website.


And then the wait began.


Will she win? Or will her days keep going on as normal? Time will tell.

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“Speech” ‘thoughts’  


Enjoy ^-^

A month passed and in time, both Midoriyas forgot about the competition.


But then one weekend, there was a knock on the front door.


Inko blinked from her place sitting on the sofa in the lounge. She hadn’t been expecting company or anyone at all really, but she got up from the sofa and went to answer anyway.


She opened the door “Hello? Can I help you?” asked she as she opened the door, only to come face to face with a well dressed man.


By well dressed, I mean wearing a suit, a professional suit.


The man smiled at her “Hello, are you perhaps Inko Midoriya, mother of Izumi Midoriya?” asked he politely.


Inko’s brow furrowed “Why do you want to know?” asked the lady with a wary tone.


The man put a hand into his inner pocket and pulled out an envelope.


He presented it to her “Congratulations. Your daughter has won the technology competition. In this envelope are two tickets to I-Island for the two of you to spend an all expenses paid week with the head scientist, David Shield” explained the man.


Inko stared at him for a moment, then the envelope. Her eyes widened and she looked back up at the man.


“Are… are you serious? This isn’t some sort of cruel joke, right?” asked she with mounting disbelief.


He shook his head “I assure you ma’am, this is no joke. The judges were impressed with your daughters drone, especially after finding out her age and… lack of a quirk. I apologise for that last part, but I am… required to explain their decision to choose her” the man held a regretful expression, one which Inko was not expecting.


She looked at him for a moment, then sighed “No, I can’t blame them for that, but my daughter is quite gifted intellectually, which to me makes up for it. Still… how? Out of, who knows how many people, they noticed my baby girl?” she was beginning to tear up.


The man gave her a sheepish smile and cleared his through “There were… 4.733.464 submissions, from all around the world. Not as much as before quirks came around by a long shot, but still enough to make your chances well below 1 percent. Now, if you are ready, I will explain when the trip will happen and what will happen” he turned his pleasant smile back to the now silently crying lady.


Inko took a moment to stop crying, then nodded, letting the man continue “Next Friday, a driver will come her to pick you up and bring you to the airport, where the two of you will board a private jet flying straight to I-Island. When you arrive at the island, you will be escorted to David Shield’s home, where you have been permitted to stay during the week. You will be accompanying him during his work, unless he states otherwise, whether for your safety or due to sensitive information being potentially leaked through you. Do you have any questions?”


Inko went into thought for a minute “Is there a someone I can call if I think of any questions?” asked she.


The man nodded and pulled out a card and gave it to her “This is my information. If you have any question, you can just call me and I will do my best to answer”


Inko nodded and smiled to the man “Thank you, so very much”


He bowed “You are quite welcome. Have a pleasant day and a pleasant trip Miss Midoriya”


“And you have a pleasant day as well” responded Inko.


The man then took his leave and Inko went inside.


She stood in front of the door for longer than she would like to admit, just staring at the envelope and letting it sink in that her daughter had been chosen out of over four million people.


Then the door to Izumi’s room opened and the girl in question stepped out.


She blinked when she saw Inko, just staring at the envelope in her hands.


She walked over and stood in front of her mom “Mama? Are you ok?” asked the girl.


Inko shook out of her daze and looked to Izumi.


After a moment, a wide, joyous smile spread across her face “Izumi, you won


Izumi blinked again and her expression turned confused “I won? What did I win?” asked the girl.


Inko reached the envelope out to the girl, who took it and looked at it.


Inko continued “Do you remember the competition that we submitted your drone into?”


Izumi nodded, but a moment after her face lit up with realisation.


It quickly turned to an overjoyed expression of excitement “I won?!”


Inko nodded her smile widening to impossible degrees “Yes, you won. They were impressed, you did it Izumi” 


Izumi ran over and hugged Inko’s legs and in response, Inko lifted up the girl into her arms and hugged her tight.


After a moment, the released the hug, but Izumi was still in her arms. She looked at her mom expectantly “Did I win anything?” asked she excitedly.


Inko nodded “Yes, you did. We have to tickets to go to I-Island and spend an entire week with THE David Shield” answered the mom excitedly.


Izumi gapped and just stopped for a moment.


‘David Shield? The head scientist of I-Island? I’m going to meet him AND be with him for a week?’  


As it sunk in, a very, very loud squeal came from the girl and she began to bounce excitedly in Inko’s arms.


“David Shield?! Really?!” asked she excitedly, her eyes wide and her smile brighter than the sun.


Inko nodded “Really. The tickets are in that envelope. We’re going to fly next Friday, in a private jet as well” explained she excitedly.


Izumi felt immense excitement. If you were to talk about technology, few, if any people were better than David Shield.


“I’m going to get to meet David Shield. Do you think he’ll teach me things while I’m there?” asked Izumi further.


Inko hummed in fake thought “Well, I suppose if you’re a good girl and polite, then I bet he’ll be happy to teach you some things” assured Inko teasingly.


Izumi clapped her hands “I can’t wait now, I’m so excited”


Inko chuckled and put down the excited girl “Sorry sweetie, but you’re going to have to wait. Now, how about we have a snack to celebrate?” suggested the woman with smile.


Izumi smiled wider and nodded excitedly, then ran into lounge.


Inko followed after her with a chuckle.


Luck seems to have been on Izumi’s side. Will it continue or will it catch up to her eventually?

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“Speech” ‘thoughts’  


Enjoy ^-^

The week went, though to Izumi it felt like an eternity, for more reasons than one.


Obviously, the biggest reason was the fact that she was just super excited and couldn’t wait.


But the next biggest, was that the bullying got worse after she was forced to reveal why she was in such a good mood, which made her main bully, and ex-friend, “Kacchan”, step up his bullying against her.


Or at least he tried to, but after Tuesday, Izumi put her intelligence to work and managed to outsmart her would be bullies and escape.


She somehow managed to keep it up until Friday, where she wasn’t going to kindergarten.


No, that day was when she would be going to I-Island.


Izumi was running around the apartment with excitement, unable to sit still as they were waiting for the driver to come pick them up.


Inko smiled as she watched her run around. She was glad to see how excited her daughter was. She hadn’t seen it since before the girl’s fourth birthday, and she knew why, she was partly to blame for it after all.


Inko shook her head ‘No, I’m not going to get upset about that, not when we’re going on our first trip outside of Japan together’  


Izumi stopped running around right in front of Inko “Mom, do you think they’ll be here soon?” asked she while bouncing in place.


Inko smiled and put a hand on her daughter’s head “I bet they’ll be here any minute now” assured Inko.


Izumi nodded with a blinding smile and went back to running around the apartment.


Just as Inko predicted, a few minutes later there was a knock on the door.


Izumi stopped in her tracks and turned to look down the hall, right at the door.


She began bouncing “They’re here, they’re here”


Inko shook her head fondly and walked to the door and opened it.


Standing in front of her, was a woman wearing very traditional driver clothes, at least traditional English drivers clothes, the hat and white gloves included.


She bowed politely, a hand over her chest and her other arm behind her “Greetings Madam. My name is Rose, and I will be your driver for the day. Do you require assistance carrying you luggage down to the car?”


Inko blinked. She hadn’t expected such an… overly polite driver. It was probably part of her job, but it still felt weird.


“Um, yes, that would be nice. Thank you” said Inko semi hesitantly.


The woman nodded “May I then?” asked the lady as she politely gestured inside.


Inko realised she would have to go inside to get the luggage “Oh yes, go right ahead Miss Rose” Inko stepped to the side and gestured for the woman to enter.


The woman entered and grabbed the luggage with surprising ease, then stepped back out of the apartment.


Inko quickly got to putting her shoes on, while Izumi did the same beside her.


Once they exited the apartment, the two of them stood in the doorway and just looked inside.


Inko sighed and turned to Izumi “Say goodbye to our home sweetie, we won’t be seeing it for a while”


Izuka smiled and waved “Bye bye home, we’ll see you later” said she innocently.


Inko locked the door and then they turned to Rose, who had been patiently waiting for them to get ready to go.


Inko smiled to her “We are ready to go”


The lady nodded “Then please, follow me to the vehicle and we will be on our way” she turned and began walking.


Inko and Izumi silently followed behind her, going down the elevator and out of the apartment complex.


When they came down to the apartment complex, they were… quite surprised by the car the driver went to.


It was a limousine. A very fancy one.


Inko blinked and turned to the driver, who was putting Inko and Izumi’s bags in the back “This is the car we’re going to be driving in?” asked she with disbelief.


Rose closed the back and walked over to the passenger door and opened it.


She bowed to the two greenettes “Yes, this is the vehicle that I-Island dispatched for your convenience. I would recommend haste, lest we be late to the airport”


Inko and Izumi got into the limousine quickly after that.


While inside, Izumi turned to Inko “Mom, isn’t it normally only famous people who drive in lim-o-sines?” asked the curious girl.


Inko turned and gave her a smile “Normally Yes, but it’s the people being nice to us that are letting us use theirs” explained Inko.


Izumi made an ‘o’ face, then smiled and nodded.


Rose sat in the driver's seat while they were talking and drove away from the apartment.

During the drive to the airport, Izumi tried, and eventually succeeded in talking to Rose.


Izumi had been curious about who she was, where she was from, since her name was a bit weird by Japanese standards, and lastly what her quirk was.


The lady seemed to have been pulled in by Izumi’s excitement and her semi hardened exterior cracked.


She revealed that she was originally from England, but moved to Japan somewhere in her twenties. She was currently in her thirties. She also revealed that her quirk was some kind of passive coordination quirk, which made directions and much other work a breeze for her.


Obviously, Izumi was very interested in Rose’s quirk, but sadly the lady did not want to reveal it further, for personal reasons. Izumi was was smart though, so she understood and didn’t ask any further, which the driver was silently thankful for.


From there, the ride consisted mostly of Izumi looking out of the windows of the limousine or talking with Inko, while the mother in question used her phone to look up information about what was on I-island and what to do.


She had been doing this all week, but she still went on to remind herself of everything there was on the island.


“Look Mama, is that the airport?” asked Izumi as she pointed out of the large window.


Inko looked up from her phone and followed Izumi’s finger.


She smiled when she spotted what she was pointing at “Yes, that’s the airport. That means we’re almost there” 


Izumi grew a wide smile and began clapping excitedly “Yay, we’re almost there”


The limousine kept going past the terminal, where everyone usually goes to take the plane.


Instead, they drove along the large fence surrounding the rest of the airport, until they arrived at what looked to be security gate.


Rose drove up to the booth by the gate and opened the window, then handed something to the guard there.


The guard took a moment before handing it back.


A moment later, the gate opened to allow the limousine inside.


They drove in and Izumi marvelled at what she saw outside.


Everywhere she looked, there were planes after planes, all towering over the limousine they were sitting in.


She was gapping with a huge smile, watching jetliners taxiing from their gate towards the runway and vice versa.


Then, before either Midoriya knew it, the limousine came to a stop.


Rose turned off the limousine “We are here” announced she.


She quickly stepped out of the driver’s seat and went to the passenger door.


She opened the door for the two greenettes, and bowed politely, letting Izumi bounce, literally, out of the limo, followed shortly after by Inko.


They found themselves standing in front of a small private jet, and in between them and the jet, stood a man.


The man smiled and approached the two Midoriyas. Once in front of the matriarch, he politely bowed in greeting.


“Good morning Madam, my name is Jeremiah, and I’ll be your pilot for this flight” introduced the man.


Inko smiled and bowed politely in return “Good morning Mister Jeremiah, my name is Inko”


The man nodded, then turned and gestured to the plane “This is the aircraft you will be flying in today. It’s an Airbus 450, and it’s one of the few supersonic commercial aircraft models in service, meaning today’s flight will be quite fast, even though we’ll be travelling halfway to America” explained Jeremiah somewhat gleefully.


Inko blinked in surprise, but Izumi had sparkles in her eyes “Supersonic? It flies faster than sound?” asked the girl excitedly.


The man smiled to the girl “Yep. Pretty cool, right?” 


Izumi nodded with a bright smile.


He gestured to the door “Do you want to see the cockpit?” asked the man.


Izumi nodded even faster and looked up at Inko.


Inko chuckled and gestured for Izumi to follow the man “Go ahead sweetie, I’ll be right in in a moment”


Izumi let out an excited squeal and ran towards the plane. Jeremiah followed behind her and chuckled at the girl’s excitement.


Inko smiled, then turned back to the limousine and subsequently also Rose.


Inko walked over to the driver, who was pulling her and Izumi’s bags out of the back of the car.


“Thank you for driving us here Miss Rose, I appreciate it greatly” Inko bowed in thanks.


Rose blinked at her, then a small smile grew on her face, the first Inko had seen during the rough hour the woman had been driving them “You are welcome Madam, but you needn’t thank me for doing my job”


Inko raised an eyebrow “Job or not, I still appreciate it”


Rose nodded “My pleasure Madam. Allow me to carry your bags on board, then I will let you be on your way” the woman grabbed the bags and walked towards the plane.


Inko let her and followed after her.


Inko stepped aboard the plane and the inside stunned her.


It was luxurious, even more luxurious than the limousine had been. The seats seemed to be made of very high quality material, in both looks and possibly comfort.


“Oh my” muttered Inko as her eyes traveled over every inch of the inside.


Then there was a chuckle from behind her “Not used to expensive looking jets?”


Inko jumped slightly and turned to see Jeremiah standing behind her and wearing an amused smile.


Inko smiled back sheepishly “O-oh, um no, I am not used to anything like this, in fact I’m not used to having much money to use overall, so this is all rather overwhelming” admitted Inko.


The pilots smile faltered slightly “Ah, well I can understand that then” he cleared his throat “Anyway, if you’re ready, then we will get ready to take off and be on our way. The flight should be around four to four and a half hours, but if you get bored along the way, then there is in flight entertainment ready for you to enjoy. The steward can show you this if you want, once we’re in the air” explained the man.


Inko nodded “We are ready. Is my daughter still in the cockpit?”


Jeremiah nodded with a smile “She’s with my co-pilot, who is explaining what everything does to her. She’s a smart one, and excitable” notes the man.


Inko smiled “Yes, she seems to have found a love for technology. Really, she is the reason we are going on this trip at all” explained she fondly.


The man let out a laugh “Well it’s nice to see she’s already found what she likes, it takes some people much longer before they find that spark like she has”


Inko nodded in agreement “Yes, I just hope it’s enough to replace the one that was snuffed out” said she with a sad tone.


Jeremiah didn’t like that tone “Snuffed out?” asked the man carefully.


She nodded again, then looked up and into the cockpit, where she saw Izumi with a bright smile “She wanted, and probably still wants to be a hero”


Jeremiah raised an eyebrow “And? What’s the problem?”


“She’s quirkless”


Jeremiah stopped.


For about ten seconds, neither of them said anything.


“So? I don’t see why she can’t be a hero without a quirk” responded the man finally.


Inko whipped to look at the man, unshed tears sitting in her eyes “W-what?”


Jeremiah gave her a sideways grin “There are plenty of heroes out there with quirks that don’t help them in combat. She’d basically be the same, but from what I’ve seen of her intelligence, she might as well just have an intelligence quirk. So really, I don’t see why she can’t” the man shrugged, yet his tone was confident but also honest.


Inko stared at the man she had only met a few minutes earlier, who despite not knowing her daughter, seemed to believe in her.


He believe in her daughter, while she herself didn’t.


Inko felt more tears pool in her eyes, before spilling down her cheeks.


Jeremiah suddenly became worried when she saw her tears “Oh no, I apologise Madam, I didn’t mean to speak out of line like that” apologised the man as his hands hovered around her, unsure of what to do.


Inko shook her head “N-no, it’s not you. You just, made me realise a mistake I’ve been making, for far too long. Thank you” she looked up at him with a teary, but grateful smile.


Jeremiah looked at her with surprise for a moment, then he grew a soft smile “You’re very welcome Madam”


Inko took a minute to wipe away her tears, then she looked back to Jeremiah “Alright, I’m ready to go now, really” promised the green haired lady.


Jeremiah gave her a smile and nodded, then turned to go into the cockpit.


Inko followed him in and the sound of Izumi’s excited voice became louder as they went in.


“Planes are so coooool!” exclaimed the girl excitedly. She was sitting in the captains seat and fiddling with the control stick.


The co-pilot, a woman, laughed “I know, that’s why I love to fly them”


Jeremiah let out a laugh “Hey there kiddo, you ready to get out of that seat so I can get us going?” asked he cheekily as he stood behind Izumi.


Izumi looked up and nodded with a smile “Yes Mister pilot” 


Izumi shuffled out of the seat and ran over to Inko.


She hugged her mother’s legs “Mama, Miss pilot taught about what all the buttons do and it was really cool” explained the girl excitedly.


Inko chuckled “Yes I could hear you” she turned to the co-pilot “Thank you for keeping her occupied Miss…?”


The co-pilot smiled “My name is Josefine, Madam, and it was nothing, I like kids so I had just as much fun as she did” answered she the woman happily.


Inko smiled in response.


Jeremiah cleared his throat “Madam, why don’t the two of you go into the cabin and get seated while me and my co-pilot get ready for take off? If you need any help, the steward will be more than happy to help”


Inko nodded and looked down to Izumi “Come on sweetie, let’s go sit down so we can fly”


Izumi nodded excitedly and ran ahead into the cabin.


Inko and the pilot’s chuckled at her excitement. Inko said her final thanks before following her daughter into the cabin.


She came into the cabin to find a man helping Izumi into her seat, buckling her up and fastening the belt.


The man looked up when he heard Inko walk in “Oh, hello Madam. My name is Michael, and I’ll be your steward for this flight. If you need anything during the flight, just press the yellow button above your seat and I’ll be right over” Michael pointed to the yellow button in question.


Inko smiled “Thank you very much Mister Michael” thanked Inko politely with a small bow.


Michael smiled back “My pleasure Madam. Please take a seat and I will get to showing you the safety instructions, in the very unlikely case of an emergency” he gestured to the seat ahead of Izumi.


Inko went over and sat down in the seat and fastened her safety belt.


Michael had meanwhile gone into the back of the small private jet to pick up some items to the security instructions.


He went through them pretty quickly, but also made it more personalised since he only had to show two people, one of which was a child, so he also made it a little goofy to make sure Izumi wasn’t scared off by the idea of a possible crash, extremely unlikely though it was.


He finished the instructions quickly and put everything back.


Then a sound Izumi had never heard sounded out from the back of the plane.


Inko chuckled at Izumi’s surprised expression “Don’t worry sweetie, that’s just the engines turning on”


Izumi turned to Inko and blinked, then a smile spread across her face “That’s the sound the engines make? They’re loud, it’s so cool” gushed the girl excitedly in her seat.


Inko nodded in agreement “It is pretty cool, isn’t it?”


The plane began to move a few minutes later and taxi towards the runway.


Izumi was bouncing with excitement in her seat. She had never tried flying before, so she was excited to feel what it was like.


The plane taxied onto the runway a few minutes later and then just stayed there.


Izumi was confused when nothing happened, but just as she was about to ask Inko if something was wrong, the engines roared as the plane began to rocket down the runway, catching the girl off guard as she stared out the window while they increased in speed.


It took just a few seconds before the nose rose into the air and the plane left the ground, gaining altitude quickly and leaving the large city of Musutafu behind.


Izumi’s face was pressed up against the window and her eyes were filled with sparkles as she stared down at the ground, that was continuing to get farther and farther away.


She finally turned to Inko with quite possibly the widest and brightest smile she had made all day “I love this Mama, we’re so high up”


Inko smiled “Yes, we sure are” agreed she as she looked out of her window, seeing the city she lived in disappear as they flew away.


They’re on their way to have a great time, but will that be all? Who knows.

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“Speech” ‘thoughts’  "underline for English"


Enjoy ^-^

Izumi found herself rousing from sleep. When had she fallen asleep? She wasn’t sure, but she noticed someone was talking to her.


“I__mi. Iz_mi. Izumi, wake up Sweetie”


Izumi slowly, and groggily opened her eyes. She looked around, her mind not completely having caught up with her.


A moment later, she remembered everything and shot up in her seat.


Inko chuckled “Welcome back sleepy head. Jeremiah just told me that we’re getting close to I-Island”


Izumi’s eyes went wide as she turned to look out the window, scanning the sea for any sign of the island.


Just as she pressed her face up against the window, the intercom turned on “I would like to inform my two wonderful passengers that if you look out of the right side of the aircraft, you will be able to see the island ahead of us” announced Jeremiah.


Izumi did as the man said and looked ahead.


Her eyes sparkled as she saw the large, man made island come into sight.


The private jet flew over the island, giving Izumi an amazing look over the island.


“Wooow. So pretty” marvelled the girl with an awed expression. She had known about I-Island even before she began looking up about technology.


How did she know? Obviously because the number one hero’s support technician was also the head scientist on the island. That was in fact also how she got into the technological field. David Shield was basically another hero to her.


And she was about to meet him, AND spend an entire week with him.


She began steadily vibrating in her seat as she became more and more excited.


“We’re almost there Sweetie, just another ten or fifteen minutes” assured Inko with a smile.


Izumi returned the smile along with a nod.


Just as promised, the plane landed a few minutes later once it had lined up with the island’s runway.


The landing was so smooth that they barely felt any kind of vibrations from touching the ground.


The jet then took several more minutes to taxi to its assigned parking spot.


The sound of the engines shutting down told Izumi and Inko that they had arrived and the journey was over.


Izumi unbuckled her belt and got out of her seat, then began excitedly bouncing through the entire jet.


Inko managed to grab her when she ran past her, eliciting a squeal from the girl.


Inko began tickling the girl, making Izumi giggle loudly “N-no, Mama, s-stop”


Inko grinned “No can do Sweetie, girls who run inside need to be punished with a tickle attack” she began tickling the poor girl even faster.


Izumi squirmed in her hold, all the while trying to catch her breath through all the laughing.


Meanwhile, Michael was watching this with a humorous smile, but decided to help the poor girl.


“Madam, we have arrived and it is time for the two of you to depart. I hope you have had a good time with us” Michael smiled and bowed politely.


Inko stopped tickling Izumi and turned to Michael with a thankful smile “Yes, it’s been a very pleasant flight and you have been exceedingly accommodating. Thank you Mister Michael” thanked Inko.


Izumi managed to catch her breath and gave the steward a bright smile of her own “Thank you for the sweets Mister Michael” thanked the girl happily.


Michael smiled back “You’re welcome little Miss. In fact, here, have some for later” the man suddenly pulled out a hand full of some chocolate and wine gum bags and handed them to the girl.


Izumi looked at the bags now in her lap with a surprised look, then looked back up at the man with an even bigger, thankful smile “Thank you Mister”


Izumi put the bags on the table between her and Inko’s seat, then hopped off of Inko’s lap and hugged Michael’s legs.


The steward was surprise momentarily, but a small fond smile spread across his face after a moment and he patted her head “Your welcome little Miss”


After a moment, Izumi let go of the man and he went over to the plane’s door and opened it.


Before the two greenettes walked out of the aircraft, they said thank you and goodbye to Jeremiah and Josefine, which included Izumi hugging the both of them excitedly.


They exited the plane with their bags and took a moment to look around the airport.


Their eyes were mostly caught by the massive wall that surrounded the entire island. It was difficult for either Midoriya to comprehend not only their immensity, but also the fact that they were man made.


“Excuse me, are you the Midoriyas?”


Inko turned to see a woman approaching them in what could be interpreted as guide clothes.


“Yes, my name is Inko Midoriya and this is my daughter Izumi Midoriya” introduce Inko politely with a smile.


The woman smiled in kind “Ah, wonderful. My name is Himawari Tsuchida, please call me whatever you wish. I am here to guide you to Mister Shield’s residence” explained the lady.


“Ah, thank you very much Miss Tsuchida” thanked Inko.


Tsuchida gestured towards an entrance built into the wall “Please, follow me and we will be on our way” the lady began walking.


Inko and Izumi followed behind the lady while looking at their surroundings.


They stepped through the doorway Tsuchida had pointed at and entered some sort of strange hallway.


Suddenly their guide stopped shortly past the entrance.


She turned around to look at Inko and Izumi “In case you are unaware, we are standing on a mobile platform. In a moment it will move, which will allow the security to confirm your identities and that you are legally able to enter I-Island” explained Tsuchida with a polite smile.


Inko blinked at her, then the ground underneath them suddenly began to move.


It started off slow, which meant neither Midoriya lost their balance, but it still surprised them.


Tsuchida began gestured around the hallway, though it felt more like a tunnel “The security system installed here is equipped with the most advanced genetics scanners in the world. They’re capable of reading your DNA with ease, and have been recorded to occasionally spot cancerous tumours that the person is usually unaware of. This means that only the real person gets into the island and that those who pose as another person are caught before they cause any trouble”


Izumi watched with awe as what looked like a blue laser mesh of some kind approached them.


They passed through the mesh without issue and they quickly came to a stop at another door.


The doors opened to reveal the inside of the large airport terminal, which wasn’t exceedingly busy due to how expensive it actually was to go to I-Island. The three of them exited the terminal shortly after.


The sight Izumi saw when the doors opened made her run forward.


She stopped in the middle of a large open plaza and her eyes widened with awe.


I-Island was full of many large and amazing looking buildings. There was one building that looked like it had huge bubbles coming out of it, and many others that looked like they were straight out of a fantasy book.


“Izumi! Please don’t run off like that Sweetie”


Izumi jolted slightly and turned around to see Inko running towards her with a worried look.


Izumi realised she had ran away from her mother suddenly and looked down at the ground “I’m sorry Mama, I couldn’t help myself” apologised the girl.


Inko sighed “I know Sweetie, but please don’t do it again without telling me, alright?”


Izumi nodded, her face still aimed at the ground.


Inko huffed lightly as she looked at her daughter, then patted the girl’s head “Come Sweetie, let’s follow Miss Tsuchida. The faster we go, the faster we can meet with Mister Shield, the faster we can go out and explore again” explained she with a smile.


Izumi looked up at her, then smiled back “Ok Mama”


Inko reached out for Izumi to take her hand, which she did, then the two of them walked back to Tsuchida, who was patiently waiting for them with a smile.


Tsuchida guided them over to a nearby short term parking area, and stopped next to a rather… futuristic looking car.


She opened the back of the car “Let me put in your bags while the two of you get seated in the car” Tsuchida smiled politely to Inko and Izumi.


Inko smiled back and passed over her bag “Thank you”. Izumi did the same after a moment.


Inko opened the back passenger door and let Izumi jump in first, hopped in herself a moment after.


The inside of the car was very nice, not luxurious like the limousine, but still a lot nicer than the average car.


Tsuchida sat in the driver’s seat a moment later “We will be driving for a few minutes. If you have any questions as we drive, feel free to ask” added she before turning on the car, or at least Inko assumed she turned in the car, as it made no sounds, even when it started moving.


The drive, as promised, wasn’t very long and before they knew it, they were stopped in front of a modest looking house “We have arrived at the Shields residence” announced their guide.


Tsuchida unloaded their bags from the back of the car, placed them in front of the gate to the house, then turned to Inko and Izumi and bowed “I hope you have a pleasant time on I-Island. Goodbye”


Inko blinked at the sudden goodbye, but chalked it down to her merely doing her job and accepted it.


Tsuchida drove off a moment later, leaving Inko and Izumi awkwardly standing in front of the house they were, supposedly, meant to be staying at.


Inko pulled herself together, grabbed her bag, and walked up to the small fence surrounding the house.


Izumi copied her mother and quickly followed up along her.


Inko opened the gate and walked onto the property, letting Izumi walk in as well before closing it again.


They approached the door and stopped right in front of it.


Inko stood for a moment and just looked at the door, then took in a deep breath and released it.


She rang the doorbell, and waited.


About fifteen seconds later, the door opened and a bespectacled man stood in the doorway.


He smiled and spoke in perfect Japanese “Oh hello. Are you Inko and Izumi Midoriya?” asked the man.


Inko smiled back and nodded “Yes, and I suppose you are David Shield?” asked Inko in return.


The man reached out his hand for a shake “The one and only. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Miss Midoriya”


Inko shook hands with the man, then turned to introduce Izumi, but she stopped when she saw her daughter’s expression.


She was staring at David with awe.


Inko let out a chuckle, as did David “I’m guessing she’s a fan?” asked the man as he turned back to Inko.


Inko nodded with an amused smile and turned back to Izumi “Izumi, Sweetie, it’s rude to stare”


Izumi jumped slightly, then became beet red as she realised she’d been staring and immediately ran to hide behind Inko’s legs.


Inko and David both began to laugh at this, while Izumi remained embarrassed.


Inko managed to stop laughing and patted Izumi on the head “Come on Sweetie, introduce yourself” encouraged Inko.


Izumi looked up Inko, her face still rather red from embarrassment, but she had been taught to be polite, so she did as asked.


She stepped out from behind Inko and bowed shyly, but politely “H-hello, m-my name is I-Izumi Midoriya” introduced the girl with a stutter.


David let out another chuckle and patted her on the head “Nice to finally meet you Izumi, I’ve been excited to meet you”


Izumi whipped to look up at the man with surprise, her embarrassment forgotten in an instant “You we’re excited to meet me?” asked she with surprise evident in her tone.


David nodded “Of course. You, a six year old and quirkless little girl, made the best drone out of all the ones submitted in the contest. A large amount of the people who submitted drones and robots to the contest had very junky looking drones or robots that obviously didn’t work, and they were pretty much all made by grown up adults to boot. But then there was you. You had a drone that we know could fly since you provided evidence and it was the prettiest drone out of all the four million plus other ones submitted. So of course I was excited to meet such a bright and promising mind” ranted David gleefully.


Izumi looked at him with pure surprise, but then after a few moments she suddenly latched onto his legs.


Inko was surprised by her daughter, not because it was unusual for her to latch onto a person’s legs like that, she had done it plenty before, but because it was rude to suddenly do it like this.


Just as she was about to sternly tell her to stop, Izumi let out a sob.


She was crying.


Inko’s eyes widened ‘She’s crying? Why is she crying?’ she was frozen in place, the surprise making her unable to decide on what to do.


“Thank you…”


Inko and David both stiffened at the girl’s mutter.


David seemed to recover the quickest and began patting the girl’s head “What are you thanking me for?” asked he curiously, but also kindly.


Izumi sobbed a bit before answering “B-because, you c-called me bright, a-and you said I have p-promise. N-nobody other t-than M-Mama has said t-that to me”


David and Inko’s eyes widened in shock.


David then abruptly crouched down and wrapped the girl up in a comforting hug “Then they’re blind and biased bigots. You have one of the brightest minds I’ve ever seen, and I work with smart people everyday. If they can’t see how smart you are, then they aren’t worth your time, ok?” he put his hands on her shoulders so he could look her in the eyes.


She looked at him with red, puffy eyes and tears hanging on to her eyes. After a moment, she nodded in understanding and grew a small wobbly smile “Thank you Mister Shield” thanked Izumi.


David smiled back “You’re welcome, but call me David, we’re going to be spending the week together after all”


Izumi nodded and wiped the tears from her eyes.


Inko meanwhile had been watching her daughter break down and cry from a simple compliment.


She hadn’t realised how badly the people around her had probably been treating her.


She had to figure out a way to make sure her daughter ended up in a place that would take good care of her.


She had to.


“Inko, are you alright?” asked David, shaking the woman out of her thought.


“I apologise, I was… thinking” apologised Inko vaguely.


David gave her a sad look for a moment, but then perked up as a thought came to him and he turned back to Izumi “Hey, Do you wanna go inside so you can see where you’re going to be sleeping while you’re here?” asked the man cheerily.


Izumi smiled and nodded. She quickly ran to go grab her bag, then went back to David.


David chuckled and turned to the door “Come inside you two” he gestured for them to follow him, which they did.


They stepped through the doorway and into the house.


“Please take off your shoes and leave them to the side” asked David kindly as he pointed to a few shoes sitting off to the side.


They would have done it anyway, as it was Japanese tradition, but it was nice to know that he wanted it as well.


They took off their shoes and followed David further into the house.


The man stopped at a staircase that went up to the upper floor and put a hand to his mouth “ Melissa! Our guests are here, come down and say hello !” shouted the man in English.


Inko understood what the man had said, having needed it going through law school, but Izumi was a bit confused.


The greenettes heard the sound of feet padding on the floor upstairs and a moment later a tiny figure swung around the corner and down the stairs.


Before coming to the end, she jumped, right into the waiting arms of David.


David chuckled “ There you are you little rascal ” he then turned and gestured to Inko and Izumi “ These two are the guests I told you about. The tall one is Inko, and the short one is Izumi


The little girl, who had long, wavy blonde hair and wore a pair of glasses, waved shyly at the two of them “ H-hello, my name is Melissa Shield ” greeted the girl shyly.


Inko stepped forward and crouched slightly so she was at eye level with the girl in David’s arms. She smiled “ Hello Melissa, I’m Inko, it’s nice to meet you ” greeted Inko in accented English.


Melissa’s eyes widened slightly and she turned to her father “ Papa, I thought you said she was from Japan ” asked the girl.


David chuckled “ Just because she’s from Japan doesn’t mean she can’t speak English ” explained the man kindly.


Melissa made an ‘o’ face and nodded with a smile a moment after.


Inko turned and picked up Izumi, so the two girls were at eye level with each other.


Melissa waved shyly again “ Hello ” greeted the girl.


Izumi smiled back, then her face scrunched up in effort “ H-helo, me Izumi. Who you are? ” asked the girl in quite broken English.


David and Inko’s eyes widened in surprise.


“Izumi, you can speak English?” asked Inko with surprise in Japanese.


Izumi shook her head “Only a little. I learned on the internet” answered the girl with a small shrug.


David let a smile come to his face “You really are a bright child. I think I’m going to be having a great time showing you around this week” said the man gleefully.


Izumi smiled brightly at this.


David put down Melissa “ Melissa, why don’t you go play with Izumi in your room? I know you probably won’t be able to talk but that doesn’t mean you can’t play ” suggested the man.


Melissa smiled and nodded.


Inko put down Izumi and crouched down to her level “Are you alright going with Melissa and playing in her room? I think me and David need to talk about a few things” asked she with a smile.


Izumi looked at Inko for a moment, then turned to Melissa, who was smiling expectantly at her, then turned back to Inko with a smile and nodded.


Inko and David watched as the two girls ran up the stairs and around the corner, giggling excitedly all the while.


Once they were out of sight, both Inko and David sighed.


They raised eyebrows at each other then began chuckling after a moment.


David gestured toward the lounge “Why don’t we sit down and have a talk. I think we both have questions” suggested the man with a more serious expression.


Inko’s smile fell as well and she nodded in agreement.


The two of them stepped into the lounge and sat down at the dinner table.


David cleared his throat “I hope you don’t mind, but I want to start off with asking you about Izumi”


Inko shook her head “No that’s fine. I think I know what you’re going to ask anyway” her expression turned pained as she said this.


David’s expression turned worried “Why did she react like that when I complimented her? She said nobody other than you had said something like that” 


Inko was quiet for a moment “She’s being bullied. I haven’t seen it, nor has she told me, but the bruises I’ve seen her come home with all point towards her being physically hit at kindergarten. I… I think it’s because she’s quirkless. Japan has never looked at quirklessness with positivity and it’s usually considered a disability” explained the greenette as she began to tear up.


David’s eyes widened. He had heard that Japan wasn’t very quirkless friendly, but he hadn’t realised it was that bad.


He stood up from his chair and went around the table to sit beside Inko.


He took her hand, making her look up at him “I’m sorry to hear that, truly. And… I know where you’re coming from”


Inko’s expression turned confused, prompting David to continue “Melissa. She’s quirkless too”


Inko’s eyes widened “Your daughter is quirkless too?” asked she with surprise.


David nodded, his expression now neutral “She was born in America, where quirklessness is generally seen in a more positive light, but we moved here shortly after… her mother died” explained the man, his tone turning pained at the end.


It was Inko’s turn to be worried “Oh my, I’m sorry to hear that”


David shook his head “No it’s alright, I’ve made amends with her death, but it’s still sometimes painful to think about”


He sighed “I would like to leave that for now and get back to what I was saying. When we moved here to I-Island, nobody questioned us for our quirks, unless it was because certain quirks could be dangerous in certain areas, and when they have asked nobody batted an eye to the fact she was quirkless. Some even thought it was interesting, since quirkless people are the closest to what humanity used to be before quirks appeared” explained he with a small fond smile.


Inko turned to look at the table with a sad expression “I would love to be able to bring Izumi to somewhere that won’t belittle her for something out of her control, but we don’t have a lot of money, so I can’t even move away to a better prefecture”


David went quiet for a moment “Well… how about I think of something to help you during the week, then at the end we can come together again and talk over what I might’ve come up with to possibly fix situation, how does that sound?” suggested the bespectacled man with a smile.


Inko blinked at him, then a thankful smile spread across her face “That would be very kind of you, thank you, David”


David nodded “It’s my pleasure. Now, do you have anything you want to ask me?” asked he as he continued on.


Wonder what David will think up. Guess we will have to wait.

Chapter Text

“Speech” ‘thoughts’ underline for English ” 


Enjoy ^-^

The day went well following Inko and David’s discussion. They each had more questions afterwards, which they went over before it was time for them to get dinner started.


Inko insisted that she would make dinner during the week as a thank you for David letting them stay at their house.


David quickly found himself happy with his decision to let her cook, as the food was much better than most food he had tasted in a long time.


Melissa’s eyes sparkled as she smelled the food sitting in front of her.


She looked up at Inko “ This smells amazing Miss Inko, thank you ” thanked the blonde girl happily.


Inko smiled back “ You’re very welcome Sweetie ” she then gestured for everyone to begin eating.


David and Melissa both took a bite at one and they literally stopped mid bite and just stared with wide eyes into open space.


Izumi giggled, she had seen this reaction before and knew what it meant.


The giggle seemed to break them out of their daze and they looked down at their plates, then up at Inko.


You’re a culinary genius ” said David absentmindedly in awe.


Inko was caught off guard by the compliment and began blushing slightly, she had obviously been complimented before but she had never been called a genius like that before “ T-thank you, but really, I’m not that great ” insisted Inko kindly.


David did a spit take “ Inko, I’ve been to Michelin star restaurants before, you’re food is better than over half of those restaurants ” 


Inko blinked “ O-oh, well then, thank you I suppose ” she smiled sheepishly at him.


Melissa nodded in agreement “ Papa is right, you’re really good Miss Inko. I wish I could have this everyday


Inko smiled brightly and happily to the girl.


David stopped for a moment before continuing eating.


Following the meal, they spent some time getting to know each other more before Inko and Izumi had to set up their guest rooms.


Izumi and Melissa went to bed not long after, leaving David and Inko to freely go over what they were going to be doing during the week.

The weekend went over and the four of them enjoyed it by going out and having fun, and getting to know each other even better. 


The Saturday they had gone to the Pavilion, which was a large support items exhibition, and Izumi had been ecstatic as she ran through the building, as had Melissa, who had been right beside the girl the entire time.


Sunday they had spent time exploring the island, which included some areas that most people don’t normally have access to, but thanks to David and his position, they were able to go see the island’s massive propulsion systems, which consisted of several super massive pumps powered by a nuclear reactor deep in the middle of the island.


The pumps were obviously extremely loud, so they had to wear sound mufflers, but Izumi’s eyes sparkled the entire time.


Then the weekend came to an end and it was time for Monday to come around.


Izumi awoke as she had the other two days, excited and overjoyed.


She ran down the stairs with a speed only a super excited child could and slid around the corner to the kitchen.


In the kitchen, at the stove just like every morning, was Inko, preparing a delicious breakfast for all of them to enjoy before a busy and adventurous day.


Inko turned to the doorway when she heard Izumi slide in and smiled “Good morning Sweetie, are you ready for another day?” asked the green haired woman.


Izumi nodded her head excitedly “Yeah, I can’t wait to see what Mister David is going to show me today”


Inko giggled “Well, we will have to see, won’t we” 


Izumi nodded again and padded over to her mother “Can I help with anything?”


Inko smiled at her again “Of course Sweetie”

Two hours went by, and breakfast had been eaten.


David had told Izumi and Melissa to go get ready for the day, while he spoke with Inko.


“We’ll be going to my lab today. I’ll start off by showing you all around, but then I have to get to work, but Izumi and Melissa can stay and watch, and ask questions of course” explained David to to the greenette.


Inko hummed “I would be lying if I said I wasn’t interested myself. I would enjoy seeing your work myself” 


David smiled at her “Well, I suppose that’s a good thing, seeing as it will probably be what you’ll be seeing for the next few days” he rubbed the back of his neck.


Inko giggled “So long as Izumi has fun, I don’t mind what we really do” admitted she with a fond smile.


“I’ll make sure she enjoys every bit of it, I promise” promised David with kind expression.


Inko gave him a thankful expression “Thank you, I haven’t seen Izumi this happy since I got her the robotics kit, and before that it had been months. I still wake up and wonder if everything has been a dream or not” admitted the woman sombrely.


David’s expression turned worried, but then it hardened “Don’t worry, I’m going to make sure she never has a reason to be sad again” he gave her a kind honest smile.


Inko looked at him blankly for a moment, then a smile spread across her face “I think this week will stay with her for a long time, so I don’t doubt that” she giggled as she finished off.


She didn’t notice the grin that came to the man’s face for a moment.


“Mama” “ Papa


Both adults turned to to the doorway to see Izumi and Melissa and ready to go.


They smiled at their daughters “Time to go I suppose” said David with amusement.


Inko nodded in agreement while wearing a fond smile.


They got ready and left the house within ten minutes.

As they drove, David began speaking.


“Today, I’m going to be showing you around my work place, then I’ll be doing my work as normal. Of course, you’re going to be watching, but I might let you do a thing or two if it’s safe enough. How does that sound?” explained the man with an amused tone.


Izumi’s expression brightened “You’re going to let me see you work?!” exclaimed the girl excitedly.


David chuckled “Yep, but just remember to listen to me, ok?”


Izumi nodded rapidly “Ok! This is so cool”


David let out a laugh, then repeated what he had said to Melissa in English, which made the blonde girl just as excited as Izumi.


The two girls were motioning excitedly to each other in the back, and using what limited knowledge they had of each other’s languages.


David and Inko shared fond expressions as they continued the drive towards David’s workplace.

A few minutes later, and the four of them were standing in front of the building David worked at.


David smiled “Welcome to the Central Tower. This is where I and most other scientists do our work” 


Izumi marvelled at the super tall structure in front of her. Of course she had heard about it, but hearing about it and seeing it with your own eyes was a completely different experience.


Inko was looking up at the tower with awe herself “It’s amazing what humanity can create” muttered she absentmindedly.


David chuckled “Indeed, but just wait until you see the inside of the tower, I think you’ll find that even more impressive”


Inko raised an eyebrow at him, but decided to take his word for it and stayed quiet.


David took them through the doors of the tower and into the lobby.


He greeted the receptionist and exchanged some words before the receptionist made an expression of realisation and walked away.


Inko raised an eyebrow at the interaction and decided to ask “Is something wrong David?”


David turned to her and blinked, then made a face of realisation himself “Oh, no everything is fine, you just need something before you can come with me to the upper floors” explained the man.


Inko made an ‘o’ face “Ah, that makes sense I suppose, it wouldn’t do if someone could just walk right through” mused the lady.


David chuckled “No, it wouldn’t do at all”


The receptionist came back at that moment and handed David something, then bid him a good day.


David said his thanks and turned back to Inko and the two girls.


He began handing out plastic cards with neck straps to each of them “These are your access card. You have to make sure you don’t lose it, otherwise you’ll be stuck, ok?” explained David, putting emphasis on the end to make sure Inko and Izumi understood how important they were.


Inko and Izumi both nodded in understanding. Melissa had been with him before, so she knew not to lose it.


David then ushered them over to the elevator.


As the doors closed, he turned to the Midoriyas with a smile “Well, let’s start the tour”

The tour was nearing its end, and Izumi had seen breathtaking sights.


She had seen the large botanical section, filled with all sorts of plants and agricultural technology.


She had seen the wind mills that provide extra backup power in case there are experiments that require large amounts of power.


She had been allowed to see the data banks near the top of the tower.


And probably most exciting of all, she had seen the terminal that controls the security for everything , not just the tower, but the entirety of I-Island. 


After the tour, which had a few hours, they went to the cafeteria to get some lunch.


And now she was on her way to David’s workshop.


She was walking down one of the tower’s many hallways, although walking might not be the right word with her literally bouncing in her steps.


David lead them to a singular sliding metal door and stopped in front of it.


He turned to look at Izumi and Inko over his and smiled “Welcome to the place where magic happens” he then pressed a button on a small screen panel next to the door.


The door opened and awe filled Izumi.


Past the door was a massive open workshop, filled with dozens of different machines.


David walked in with Melissa in hand, followed by Inko with Izumi in hand.


David turned back and smiled again “Welcome to my workshop. This is the place where I’ve made pretty much all of my inventions, including All Might’s hero suits” 


Izumi’s head whipped to look at David at the mention of the number one hero “You made All Might’s hero suit here?” asked the girl excitedly.


David nodded with a smug smile “Yep, actually I made right on this table over here” he pointed to a workbench over to the side of the room.


Izumi’s eyes sparkled as she stared at the workbench “That’s so cool”


David’s smile widened “Do you want to see what I’m working on right now?”


Izumi turned to him and nodded rapidly with a wide smile.


“Then follow me” he began walking further into the workshop.


Inko and Izumi followed the Shields slightly further into the workshop, before coming to a stop at a shelf.


He let go of Melissa’s hand “ Do you mind holding Inko’s hand? ” asked the man as he looked at his daughter.


Melissa nodded at him and skipped over and grabbed Inko’s free hand, then smiled up at the lady.


Inko smiled back to the girl, then turned her attention back to David, who was grabbing something off the shelf.


The man then brought over the device in his hands and put it on a large table, then gestured for Inko, Izumi and Melissa to come over.


They did just that and went over to the bespectacled man. Thankfully there were some chairs by the table, so Izumi and Melissa could sit on them and see what was happening on the table.


Once they were properly sitting on their chairs, David began explaining what the device was “This is a prototype quirk enhancement device. It’s supposed to make the wearer’s quirk much, much stronger than usual. It’s-“


“That’s a bad idea”


David blinked and turned to look to the side, right at Izumi, who was frowning at the device.


“Pardon?” asked David with confusion.


Izumi turned to look at him “I said it’s a bad idea. If a villain or bad guy got their hands on it, it would cause a lot of problems. Plus, it’s bad to force the body to do something it doesn’t like, or want to do”


David was about to open his mouth to retort, but he stopped midway. Sure, villains getting into I-Island, let alone the tower would be extremely unlikely, but a corrupt or power/money hungry scientist, that would fit the term bad guy. The part about forcing the body, also made sense. Chances are it could cause stress on the human body and possibly do irreversible damage.


David was quiet for a few moments, then sighed “I… I hadn’t thought about either of those points, but… It’s not my project, not really, so I don’t have much of a say in its development... but, I can have it locked away in the super vault at the top of the tower, it’s the safest place to keep anything, even compared to Tartarus. Thank you for… opening my eyes, i guess. I hope you can forgive me Izumi” explained and apologised the man with a solemn expression.


Izumi studied the man for a few moments, but then she nodded “I can forgive you, but that thing is bad, so it has to be a secret”


David nodded “I agree. I was short sighted and excited, but you’re right, and I’m not about to deny it. I’ll have to inform Sam of this” the last part was muttered only loud enough for him to hear.


Izumi nodded, then she was patted on the head and looked up to see Inko smiling at her “You always do look out for others”


Izumi smiled back at her “I want to be a hero when I grow up and heroes look out for others” the girl then suddenly got a surprised and fearful look and covered her mouth.


Inko paused at her claim, then a bright smile spread across her face “Of course, you’ll be a great hero, no matter what”


It was Izumi’s turn to pause and stared at Inko with a shocked look.


Tears began to spring forth from her eyes and she wrapped her arms around her mom, but she didn’t cry “D-Do you mean it?” asked the girl, her voice threatening to break out with sobs.


Inko’s answer was instant “Yes Sweetie, I should have said it a long time ago, but yes, I think you can be a hero” she wrapped her arms around her daughter and held her close.


Izumi began to cry silently into Inko’s chest, while her body shook with silent sobs.


David looked at the scene with worry, but a look from Inko told him that she would explain later.


Izumi calmed down quickly this time and looked up at Inko with a teary smile “Thank you Mama, I’ve wanted you to say that for so long”


Inko smiled back sadly “I know Sweetie, but I couldn’t bring myself to say yes. I didn’t want you to get hurt. You’re all I have left” admitted she with a pained tone.


David’s eyes widened as he heard her words and tone ‘All she has left?’  


He felt something tug at his shirt and turned to see Melissa looking at him with a worried expression “ Papa, why are they sad? ” asked the girl while turning to the Midoriyas.


David turned back to look at the greenettes “ I don’t know Melissa, but I’m going to find out ” answered he after a moment.


Melissa was quiet for a moment, then turned back to David “ If I can help, then I’ll do what I can ” her expression was resolute.


David turned to her with a smile “ I’ll remember that, thank you Melissa, you’re such a sweetheart


They turned back to the Midoriyas, who were still calming down.

After Inko and Izumi managed to calm down, they continued the day, leaving the talk about what had happened for later.


David worked on the device, will showing Izumi what it was he was doing and answering any questions she might have asked.


Eventually, the time came for them to return to the Shield residence.


They returned without fanfare, and when they did, the adults sent the children upstairs to play while Inko and David had an ‘adult conversation’.


They sat at the dinner table as they had the first day, sitting in front of each other.


Neither said anything for a few minutes, until David sighed “Alright, we should get through this, so I’ll just start” he looked right at Inko “What was that in the lab?”


Inko didn’t meet his look and kept her face pointed at the table “That… I guess that was me fixing a mistake I’ve been making for years”


David didn’t say anything, prompting Inko to continue “When… when she was diagnosed as quirkless, she asked me if she could still be a hero” tears began to fall onto the table as she spoke.


She looked up at David with a pained expression “I said I was sorry. I didn’t reassure her when I should have.-


I broke her heart”


David was taken aback by this, but he hid it to help Inko “Inko”


Inko opened her eyes to look at David through tears.


“What you said that time may have been a mistake, but you know what? You’re trying to fix it now, and that matters more. We can’t change what we did in the past, what happened in the past, but we can strive to change the future instead” he put a hand on her shoulder and gave her a kind smile “So don’t cry, but keep your head high and do what you can to fix that mistake, and if that means supporting her no matter what, then that’s what you’ll have to do, don’t you agree?”


Inko looked at him with surprise for a minute without saying anything, then her expression changed to one of determination “You’re right. I can’t change or take back what I said, but I can do my best to fix and make up for it now. I’ll do what I can to support her from now on” her tone was resolute.


David smiled brighter at her “That’s better. But I have a better idea”


Inko looked at David expectantly.


His smile kept up “How about we help her together?”


Inko’s eyes widened “Wait, what are you suggesting?”


David walked out and picked up his bag, that he brought to work and placed it on the table.


He opened it and pulled out some papers and gave them to Inko.


She looked at them with confusion, but took them after a moment and read them over.


Her eyes widened and her head whipped to David “W-what? A-are there r-real?”


David nodded “They are. So,-


how would you feel about moving in with me and Melissa?”


Oh boy, look at what I’ve gone ahead and done :3

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“Speech” ‘thoughts’ underline for English


Enjoy ^-^

Days passed. Each day, Izumi was brought to David’s workshop to watch him work on his device.


He had actually let her try to solder some left over wire that would have been thrown out regardless, and she was beyond excited that she had gotten to try it.


But then, Friday came, and it was time to leave.


Izumi woke up in the morning, but her excited energy was completely gone.


She walked down into the kitchen while practically dragging her feet along the floor.


She didn’t even notice that her mom wasn’t alone in the kitchen and lounge that morning until the second person spoke up.


“Good morning Izumi, what’s with the long face?” asked David with an amused expression.


Izumi looked up with a surprised expression, being unused to David being awake at that time in the morning “Oh, good morning David” responded she monotonously.


David frowned “Hey now, why are you so down?” asked he again.


She didn’t respond for a moment “I’m sad that I’m going home. I don’t want to go, I want to stay here, with you and Melissa. Everyone here is a lot nicer than everyone back home” answered she, her voice sad as she admitted her feelings.


David’s frown deepened, but then a smile appeared instead “Well, I think I can make today a good day” said he with a cheery tone.


Izumi looked up at him with a confused look “What do you mean?”


“I have something to tell you, but you’ll have to wait until Melissa wakes up, because it’s a surprise for her too” David put a finger to his lip and winked at her.


Izumi looked at him for a few moments, her expression now blank, but then she nodded and went to the table and sat next to David.


David patted the girl on the head without saying anything.


It didn’t take long before Melissa walked down the stairs, still rubbing the sleep from her eyes and yawning.


David smiled at the blonde girl “Good morning Melissa, did you sleep well?


The girl didn’t respond for a moment, then she shook her head “No Papa, I didn’t” answered the girl.


David raised an eyebrow “Oh? Did you have a nightmare?” asked he worriedly.


She shook her head again “No, I was sad because Izumi and Miss Inko are going home. I don’t want them to go home” admitted the girl sadly.


David turned to the kitchen and caught eyes with Inko and the two of them shared a knowing smile.


Inko walked into the lounge and sat next time Izumi while David moved to sit opposite them and beckoned Melissa to sit beside him.


After a moment, the four of them were sitting at the table, and the individual adults turned to their daughter.


Inko smiled to Izumi “Izumi, Sweetie, me and David have been talking during the week and we made a deal”


Izumi turned to look at her mother, her expression still sad, but she was listening.


Inko smiled wider “Izumi, we aren’t going home, because we already are home”


Izumi stared at Inko for a while after that, before her eyes slowly widened “Mama, d-do you mean w-we’re…?”


Inko nodded “Yep, we're staying here, we aren’t going back”


Izumi’s mouth hang open for a moment, before a wide and bright smile spread across her face and tears began to fall down her cheeks, tears of joy.


She launched herself at Inko and hugged her tight “Thank you, thank you Mama”


Inko hugged her back and patted her on the head “You’re welcome sweetie, anything for you, but don’t forget to say thank you to David as well” she turned to look at David, who had also just finished explaining the news to Melissa, who was also latched onto him with a wide smile of her own.


Izumi let go of Inko and jumped off her chair to go hug David and thank him profusely.


David laughed and patted her head “You’re welcome Izumi, but i want you to do something for me as well”


She looked up at him with a bright smile “I’ll do anything”


He raised an amused eyebrow “Be careful what you say, but I think you won’t regret this. Well, basically, I want you, along with Melissa, to become my successors as scientists”


Izumi’s expression turned shocked “Y-you want me to what?”


David smiled at her “You have a bright mind, I told you that, but I want to nurture that mind and make you potentially one of the smartest people in the world. And, you want to be a hero right?” 


Izumi nodded, her expression stil shocked.


“Well, wouldn’t it be cool if you were the first quirkless hero in the world, but you also only use support technology you’ve made yourself. I think people would be really impressed by that” he smiled brightly to Izumi as he explained.


Izumi’s expression lit up with excitement “You’ll teach me how to make things?” asked she animatedly.


David nodded “You and Melissa, but you have to do well in school, otherwise I might not be able to do it, so do your best and learn, ok?” 


Izumi nodded “I will, I’ll learn lots and I’ll learn fast, I promise” promised the girl excitedly.


David smiled confidently “I know you will. Now, how about we get something to eat”


Inko giggled “I’ll go finish breakfast then, you three have fun here at the table” she got up from her seat and went into the kitchen to finish the feast she had prepared to celebrate their new change.


While Inko made breakfast, Izumi and Melissa excitedly conversed together, through David, about the fact they would be able to stay together.


Watch out world, you’re going to have a pair of scientific geniuses wreaking havoc in a few years.

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“Speech” ‘thoughts’ underline for Japanese


Enjoy ^-^

The Midoriyas and Shields took a week to get used to their new living arrangements, as well as getting the two greenettes’ rooms set up.


But they also took the time to teach Izumi as much English as possible before she had to start kindergarten.


Which is where she currently found herself.


“Good morning class. Today, we’ll be having someone new joining us, so please help take good care of her. Before I introduce her, I want you to know that she is from Japan and still isn’t very good at English, so be patient with her, ok?” explained the kindergarten teacher to the kindergarteners.


The children all made sounds of understanding.


The lady nodded and walked over to the door and opened it.


A moment later, she stepped to the side and Izumi walked in and stopped in front of the class.


The teacher walker over next to her “Class, this is Izumi Midoriya, say hi”


The class all smiled and waved while saying hello to Izumi, which caught the girl off guard as she was unused to children her age smiling at her.


The teacher leaned down to Izumi “Can you say hello?” asked the lady slowly so Izumi could understand.


Izumi nodded after a moment and turned back to the class and spoke in heavily accented English “H-hello, my name Izumi, take care me please?” she bowed politely as she finished, as was Japanese custom.


The class all smiled reassuringly to the girl and nodded.


The teacher smiled at the class’s kindness, but turned her attention back to Izumi after a moment “Izumi, do you want to sit with Melissa?” she gestured over to Melissa and made a sitting gesture for the little girl to understand.


Izumi nodded and walked over and sat down next to Melissa.


The two children smiled at each other before the teacher came over and handed out crayons and and paper for them to draw with.


During this, Izumi found herself surrounded by most of the other children.


“You’re from Japan?” asked one of the kids.


Izumi understood it and nodded.


“That’s cool. What’s it like there?” asked another kid.


Izumi’s face scrunched up in effort “What it like there?” asked she, to make sure she heard correctly.


The kid nodded.


Izumi frowned “They mean, not nice me to” answered she.


The children around her looked at her with confusion “They’re mean to you? Why?”


Izumi looked down at the table sadly “Me no quirk. They no like no quirk”


The children’s eyes widened, but Melissa’s head whipped to look at Izumi in an instant.


“You don’t have a quirk?” asked Melissa with surprise.


Izumi began to shrink in on herself, fearing they were going to hate her too, but she nodded anyway, knowing it was too late to deny it.


A smile spread across Melissa’s face “I don’t have a quirk either”


Izumi’s eyes widened and she looked up at Melissa with shock “No quirk?”


Melissa nodded “No quirk” she smiled brightly.


Izumi smiled as well and she excitedly hugged Melissa.


The blonde girl was slightly surprised by the sudden move, but hugged the girl back after a moment.


The other children looked at the two of them for a moment, then had the surprising thoughtfulness to leave the two of them alone.


The two girls excitedly spent the day together, trying to chat with each other and having fun.


The day ended and the two girls were picked up by David.


He greeted the two girls “Hello girls, did you have a good day?” asked he with a smile.


Melissa nodded while Izumi tilted her head “You asked me have good day?”


David nodded “ You’re getting better. You’ll be speaking full sentences before we know it ” praised the man as he patted her head.


Izumi smiled at the praise “ Thank you


David then held out his hands for the two girls to hold “Come, let’s go home”


Izumi and Melissa took his hands with bright smiles and followed him back to the car.


The first thing Izumi said as she walked inside her new home was “ Mama! You never told me Melissa was quirkless too!

Time went, and it was time for Izumi and Melissa to begin school.


Izumi had gotten exceedingly good at English during her time in Kindergarten, meaning she could follow along to conversations with only a few issues every now and again.


The first day had been little more than orientation and introductions, meaning the second was when the learning truly began.


However, it quickly became apparent that there were two students who excelled at every class, and after the first month, David and Inko were called in to a parent teacher conference.


David and Inko sat in the meeting room of the school, their daughters by their sides and the teacher sat across from them.


The teacher cleared their throat “Thank you for coming Mister Shield and Missus Midoriya. I wanted to talk to you about Melissa and Izumi”


The adults nodded “We assumed as much, but why? Is there an issue?” asked Inko with a small worried frown.


The teacher shook her head “No, not as such. Really, the issue is that your children are too smart. They’ve finished most of their work for the first half of the YEAR in a month. Have either of you done an IQ test for them?” 


David and Inko shook their heads “No, but we are aware of their advanced intellect” added David.


The teacher pulled up two pairs of paper and handed one to each of the parents “Well, I hope you don’t mind, but we snuck in an IQ test last week. These are the results”


David and Inko raised an eyebrow but turned back to the papers and read them over.


A smile spread across David’s face after a moment.


Melissa’s test had concluded that she was in the middle of the ‘genius’ classification, the same as himself.


David let out a chuckle “Looks like she’s inherited my smarts”


He turned to Inko with a smile, but paused when he saw her shocked expression as she gapped at the piece of paper.


He put a hand on Inko’s shoulder and shook her “Inko? What’s wrong?”


Inko jolted and whipped to look at David with wide eyes.


After a moment she seemed to register his question and instead of saying anything handed him Izumi’s results.


He raised an eyebrow at her, but took it anyway and read it over.


His eyes widened as well when he got to the results.


“Upper level savant classification?!” exclaimed the man in shock.


He put a hand on his forehead and looked at the teacher “Is this correct? There’s no mistake here or anything?” asked he with disbelief.


The teacher gave him a wobbly smile “I reacted the exact same way when I was given the results, but I was assured that it is 100% accurate, and she didn’t cheat. She’s an upper level savant, probably in the upper top ten percent of smartest people in the world” answered the teacher.


David continued to gape at the teacher for another minute before he turned to look at Izumi, who was looking between everyone with confusion.


Finally the girl tugged at Inko’s sleeve, bringing the woman out of her daze “ Mama, what’s going on?


Inko turned to her with a dumbfounded expression, before a moment later it turned into a bright smile “ Well Sweetie, your teacher gave you a special test to see how smart you are, and the results say your super duper smart ” 


Izumi’s eyes widened “ I’m super duper smart? ” asked the girl with an awed tone.


Inko nodded, then she turned her attention back to the teacher “So, what does this mean for her school life?” asked she worriedly.


The teacher pulled up another set of papers and handed them to each of them “Well, thanks to Mister Shield’s status as the head scientist and the fact you work directly under him as his secratary, we in the board of education have decided to give your children a more… ‘free flowing’ education, if that makes sense. They will be taught by a private teacher, who will adapt their material as they go along. The board decided this to make sure they do not remain under stimulated if they finish work early, which would be very likely. It is not the first time something like this has happened, but it’s the first time it’s happened with quirkless children” explained the teacher, while Inko and David read over the papers.


David looked up from his paper “So, if i'm reading this right, they can take their exams whenever the teachers decide they are ready, regardless of when in the school year it is, so does that mean they can basically skip grades?”


The teacher nodded “Yes, that is the reason behind the free flowing part, and from what I’ve seen, they will need it. When they get bumped up a grade, we will make sure none of the older students attempt to try any sort of bullying. While they won’t attend class with the other children, they will still have their breaks together with them, to make sure their growth socially doesn’t suffer. While we haven't had any significant bullying issues for many years, we will still be vigilant for it” explained the teacher with a smile.


David looked thoughtful for a moment, then nodded. Inko put her hand up a moment later “Excuse me, but how far along would this count for? For example, would this follow up and into something like college?” asked the greenette.


The teacher hummed and frowned “I suppose we should have written that on. This will continue through most schools and grades, including most universities and colleges. As an example, hero schools do not support this for their hero lessons, but for their other, regular university classes, they do” 


Inko blinked “So, Izumi could potentially end up in university before the age of 18?”


The teacher nodded “Yes, but I don’t believe hero schools will accept either of them early, due to the age gap” 


Inko hummed thoughtfully, then nodded understandingly.


The teacher nodded back “Well, unless you have anything else to ask, I believe that was all. In case you come up with questions at a later date, you may call me or one of the board members” she smiled at David and Inko.


David and Inko smiled back “Alright, thank you for your help” thanked David as he reached out to shake the teacher’s hand.


The adults shook hands before Inko and David left the room and the school.


Once they got home, the adults explained what was happening to the two girls, who were very surprised by the lengths the teachers were going to to make sure they learnt well.


The two girls began excitedly talking to each other about the development, while Inko and David watched fondly.


Inko turned to David “We have incredible children, don’t we?” asked she fondly.


David nodded and turned to her “Not unlike us, at least I think Izumi is incredible because you are” he smiled kindly, before he blinked, then a blush appeared on his face as he realised what he had said.


Inko blushed as well, but she smiled through it “Well, I believe Melissa is incredible because you are too” 


David blinked again, then averted his gaze and scratched his cheek “W-well, thank you”


The two adults then sat there in silence, both of them with a familiar feeling in their chests.


Interesting development, eh?

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“Speech” ‘thoughts’  


Enjoy ^-^

A few months went by, and Izumi and Melissa had gone up a school year after finishing their exam early, and with high marks.


But that isn’t the center point for today.


No, today Izumi and Melissa were on their way to one of David’s co-workers.


Why? Because David and Inko were going on a date after pinning each other for literal months.


David stopped the car in front of a modest sized house.


David exited the car, followed closely by Izumi and Melissa. He went to the back of the car and pulled out a big bag, then walked to the house’s front door with the two girls.


He put the bag down by the front door, then knocked on it.


The door opened after a while, and revealed a lanky looking man, most likely in his late twenties to early thirties.


The man smiled “Hey David, I was starting to wonder when you’d get here” greeted the man.


David smiled back “Hey Stetman, yeah, we were a bit late because we forgot something and had to go back”


The man-Stetman, let out a small chuckle “Well, I guess that’ll do it” he then turned to Izumi and Melissa “Hey girls, how are you two?”


The girls smiled “Hey Uncle Stet” greeted both girls cheerily.


Egon Stetman was one of David’s co-workers that the girls saw often, as he was often invited to hang out during the weekends and have a beer with David.


That was the reason why David had asked the man to babysit the two girls while he and Inko went on their date.


David put a hand on each of the girls’ heads, making them look up at him “Alright girls. Be good and listen to Uncle Stet and me and Inko will see you tomorrow, Alright?”


Izumi and Melissa smiled and nodded to him.


He nodded and turned back to Stetman “Thanks again for agreeing to this, I owe you one”


Stetman waved it away “You don't owe me anything, I’m actually sort of glad that you trust me to look after the girls, I’m not really used to it” admitted the man awkwardly.


David shook his head and placed a hand on his friend’s shoulder “Stet, you’re one of my best friends, I work with you almost daily and we hang out almost every weekend, of course I trust you”


Stetman looked at him with surprise, but after a moment a happy smile appeared on his face “Thanks David”


David smiled “No problem my friend. Now, I have to get going or I’m going to be late, I’ll see you tomorrow”


Stetman nodded “Alright, have a good time” he waved at David as he walked away.


David waved back and called out to the girls “Have fun girls, and listen to Stet”


The girls waved back “We will, bye Papa/David”


David then got into his car and drove off, leaving Izumi, Melissa and Stetman standing in front of the house.


Stetman rubbed the back of his neck “Well, let’s get inside I guess” he picked up the bag David had brought, then motioned for Izumi and Melissa to follow him inside the house.


Izumi and Melissa had only tried being in Stetman’s house once before, and that was for around ten minutes before they had left again.


The man set the bag down by the door and put his hands on his hips, while the two girls stood in front of him.


He scratched his head “I’ll be honest, I don’t really know what I’m doing, so… do you want to go watch TV?” asked the man awkwardly.


Izumi and Melissa blinked at him, before looking to each other and smiling. They turned back to him and nodded.


He smiled and showed them into the lounge, where a rather large TV sat.


The girls sat side by side in sofa, while Stetman sat on the left, next to Izumi.


He picked up the remote and turned on the TV, then turned to the girls “Is there anything you want to watch? Maybe a movie?” 


The girls shared a look then turned back to him and, in sync, said “Ironman”


Stetman blinked, then facepalmed “I should probably have seen that coming” he dragged the hand down his face and revealed a smile “I guess it’s a good thing it’s my favourite movie series as well”


The girls smiled back.


They then began a movie marathon spanning several hours, only stopping to get food and drinks, which consisted of pizza and soda.


Eventually though, it was time for the girls to go to sleep.


Stetman helped the girls get ready for bed, including making the guest bed. However, since there was only one, they would have to sleep together in the same bed. The girls didn’t mind though, as they enjoyed sleeping in the same bed on occasion regardless.


As the girls got to bed and fell asleep, Stetman went back down stairs and plopped back down in the sofa.


“That went so much better than I had hoped” muttered the man to himself, but after a moment he smiled “I need to stop worrying so much all the time”


The man then also went to bed shortly after.

The morning came before any of them knew it, but Stetman woke up first.


The man went downstairs and poured some cereal for himself.


He managed to finish the cereal before he heard padding coming from the stairs and a moment later Izumi and Melissa walked around the corner.


Stetman smiled to them “Good morning you two, did you sleep well?”


The girls nodded with a synced yawn, before going to sit at the table.


“Are either of you hungry?” asked the man as he walked over to the cereal drawer.


The girls nodded again.


Stetman smiled and pulled out the boxes of cereal he had, then gave each girl a bowl and placed the milk between them.


The girls picked out cereals, then poured milk and began to eat.


They sat at the table silently while they ate.


After a minute, Stetman broke the silence “So… what do you two want to do until your parents come get you?” asked he awkwardly.


Izumi and Melissa looked at each other, then quietly talked together about what they wanted to do.


After a minute, they turned back to Stetman “Technology”


Stetman blinked “Technology? What do you mean?” asked he with confusion.


Izumi took point “We want to learn about technology, like how to make it” explained the greenette.


Stetman’s face lit up with realisation “Ooooh, right. Well, how about I show you my workshop then?” suggested he with a smile.


The two girls’ eyes widened and excited smiles spread across their faces.


The girls immediately began scarfing down their cereal and put the bowls away.


Stetman couldn’t help the laugh that came from him at their excitement “Alright, Alright, calm down. Why don’t the two of you go up and put on some clothes while I clean up here, then I’ll show you my workshop”


The two girls nodded excitedly then ran up the stairs.


Stetman couldn’t help the fond smile that came to his face as he put away the cereal and cleaned the bowls.


Just five minutes later, the two girls came running down the stairs while wearing regular clothing and stopped in front of Stetman, excitedly bouncing in place as they waited for him.


He chuckled again, then gestured for them to follow him.


He guided them into a back room of the house. Inside the room, was a surprisingly large workshop.


There were welders, manual and robotic, an auto hammer and even a forge to make parts with.


It was an engineer’s dream.


The two girls looked at everything with awe “Wooow”


Stetman smiled proudly at their awe “Welcome to my little piece of heaven. What do you think?”


They looked at him with stars in their eyes “This is really cool Uncle” exclaimed Melissa, getting an agreeing nod from Izumi.


His proud smile widened “Thank you. Now, do you want to see some of it in action?”


The girls smiled brightly.


For the next couple hours, Stetman showed the two girls how all of his tools worked and what he used them for. He did this by making them all a large metal dice, not one you could use for games, but to keep in your room as a decoration.


By the time he had finished the dices, the girls were filled with awe at all the machines at work, as well as Stetman’s abilities with both a welder and the machines.


The two girls held their large dices and looked them over with wide smiles, then they looked up at him “Thank you Uncle, this is really pretty” thanked Izumi cheerily “Yeah. You were really cool too” added Melissa excitedly.


Stetman rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly “W-well, thank you, I’m glad you liked it” the man had a small blush as he smiled back to the girls.


As he finished saying this, the sound of the doorbell rang out.


Stetman blinked and turned to the door “Oh, that must be your parents. Come on, why don’t you come along so you can show them the dices” suggested the man.


The two girls nodded excitedly and ran towards the workshop’s door.


Stetman let out a laugh and followed to let them out so they could run to the front door.


The girls ran through the house and over to the front door, and excitedly stood at the door, waiting for Stetman to open it.


The man came around the corner a moment later with an amused smile and opened the door.


Izumi and Melissa immediately ran out of the door and into their parents arms.


Thankfully, it was actually them, and not some random strangers.


The two girls excitedly looked up at their parents, while hugging their legs “Mama/Papa, look what Uncle Stetman made for us” they both presented their dice to the two of them.


David and Inko, who were initially caught off guard by their sudden appearance, recovered and smiled “Wow, that’s so nice of him, isn’t it. Did you remember to say thank you?” asked Inko with a raised eyebrow.


Both girls nodded.


David patted both girls’ head while chuckling “Good girls” he turned to Stetman “So you showed them your workshop?”


Stetman rubbed the back of his neck “I hope you don’t mind, but they did say they wanted to learn about technology, so I thought that so long as I made sure they were out of harm’s way, you wouldn’t mind” explained the man with a lopsided smile.


David raised an eyebrow, but then smiled “I know you Stetman, you always keep up with safety precautions. You wouldn’t let them do something that puts them in harm’s way”


Stetman blushed slightly at the explanation, and the evident trust his friend had in him.


He seemed to pull himself together after a moment and stepped to the side “Do you want to come inside?”


David and Inko smiled and accepted.


The five of them sat inside and spoke for another half an hour before Inko and David went up to help pack the girls’ things.


They left shortly after, but not before the girls said thank you to Stetman once again for keeping an eye on them and showing them how his machines worked.


As they drove back, Izumi piped up from the back.


“So, how did the date go?”


The two adults gained heavy blushes at the sudden question, but after a moment, Inko turned around to look at the two girl.


“We… we’re, um, together, so…” answered she awkwardly, not knowing how to say it.


Melissa tilted her head “So you’re a couple now?” asked she innocently.


David made the car swerve suddenly at his daughter’s deduction, while Inko froze.


After another few moments, Inko recovered “Well, yes, we are” admitted she shyly.


Izumi and Melissa gained excited smiles.



Chapter Text

“Speech” ‘thoughts’  


Enjoy ^-^

Time passed, a lot of time in fact.


When Izumi and Melissa were nine, they had skipped grades to be in the last year of Middle school. 


When they were ten, they had managed to get all the way to the last year of Junior High.


When they were twelve, they graduated High School.


During all of this, Izumi could actually have been farther along, but she was adamant about progressing along with Melissa when ever she was asked.


During these years, when the two girls were roughly ten, Inko and David finally got married.


It hadn’t been anything large, just a private service and an after party for their friends and what little family they had, which wasn’t much for either side, meaning nothing from Inko and only David’s parents.


But one thing that had happened at the party, was Izumi got to meet one of her greatest idols.


“Ah, you must be Young Izumi. It is nice to meet you” said a booming voice from behind the girl.


Izumi recognised that voice, and whipped around to face the speaker.


Her eyes widened as they fell on a familiar smile.


“A-A-All Might?!” squeaked Izumi in surprise.


All Might let out a booming laugh “Indeed, it is I, All Might, and I have heard things about you Young Lady”


Izumi fiddled nervously with her hands “Y-you’ve heard a-about m-me?” asked she nervously.


All Might’s smile turned amused “Why of course! David speaks as highly of you as he does Melissa”


Izumi blushed “O-oh”


All Might’s smile turned slightly teasing “He also informed that you are a big fan of mine”


Izumi’s blush turned deep red and she hid her face in her arms, while letting out incoherent noises of embarrassment.


All Might couldn’t help the laugh that went past him “Come now, there’s no need to be embarrassed” assured the large blonde man.


Izumi whined from behind her arms “It is embarrassing that Mister David told you about me” she peeked out from behind her arms.


All Might hummed “It would seem he is already doing his job as a father then”


Izumi groaned “Oh no”


All Might put a hand on her head and ruffled her hair “Come now, I wish to give you something”


Izumi paused for a moment, then reluctantly moved her arms so All Might could see her face.


The hero, who was wearing a black smoking, reached a hand into his back pocket.


Then the man suddenly reached under Izumi and lifted her up so she was sitting on his bicep.


She squeaked from the sudden move and held onto the man’s arm as she was raised into the air.


Then the man pulled out a phone and held it in front of himself.


All Might smiled “Smile Young Izumi”


Izumi took a second to realise what he was doing, and when she did, she managed to smile, though it may have been lopsided.


All Might took the picture.


All Might immediately sent the picture over to David, before Izumi had a chance to tell him no.


All Might let out a chuckle “Worry not Young Izumi, you will look back on this with fondness one day”


Izumi pouted and crossed her arms “I want to think about it fondly now”


All Might laughed louder.


He then put the girl back onto the floor.


All Might stood tall “It was nice to meet you Young Izumi, but I wish to go speak with David and your mother, have a pleasant evening” the man turned to leave.


“Wait!” exclaimed Izumi suddenly.


All Might paused midstep and turned back to Izumi.


She fidgeted nervously, but then looked up at All Might “C-can I ask you a question first?”


All Might raised an eyebrow, but smiled after a moment “Of course you can, what is it?”


Izumi took in a deep breath “Do you think it’s possible to become a hero without a quirk?”


All Might blinked at the girl and fully turned to her “Can someone become a hero without a quirk?”


Izumi nodded shyly, but found her voice unwilling to come forth.


All Might hummed and put a hand to his chin.


After a moment, he seemed to come to a decision “It would be hard, and potentially dangerous, but I think it’s possible. You would do well, thanks to your intellect. So yes, I think it is very much a possiblity” answered the blonde.


Izumi looked up at the man with wide eyes, before a bright smile spread across her face.


But then she felt something wet fall down her cheeks.


She hadn’t realised it, but she had begun to cry.


“Thank you, All Might” thanked Izumi through tears and a smile.


All Might smiled and kneeled down in front of her, then wrapped his large arms around her in a hug “You are welcome, Young Izumi”


They went back to the party shortly after that. All Might went to talk with the newly wed couple, while Izumi went back to Melissa.

From that day forward, Inko and Izumi were known as Inko and Izumi Shield, making Izumi and Melissa official siblings, though they had been that for years in spirit anyway.


Regarding their continued education, they had been given scholarships for the university on I-Island to go into any course of their choosing.


Both of them choose engineering, but Izumi also asked if it was possible to go into robotics at the same time.


The officials gave her raised eyebrows when she asked this, but after conversing together, they decided that “So long as you can keep up with both curriculums, we will allow it, but if we see you going behind on either of them, you will be forced to choose between one of them, do you understand?”


Izumi nodded “I’ll do my best, I promise”


That was how Izumi found herself graduating university with a masters in both after just two years, after having beyond excelled in all classes, and yes, that means she got her bachelors in just about a year alone.


This meant that Izumi had two masters degrees at the age of fourteen, while Melissa had one.


A month after their graduation, they were going with David to The Central Tower.


But this time, it wasn’t to watch him work. No, it was time for them to work themselves.


The board of directors that oversaw the work being done and completed on I-Island had been following the two girls’ progress through the years and the second they had completed their degrees, the board had offered the two girls their own lab spaces in the tower to conduct their work.


David hadn’t been surprised by the board’s decision to have the girls work in the tower, but he had been slightly surprised by how quickly they jumped at the opportunity.


The three Shields entered the Tower and for the first time, Izumi and Melissa had scientists cards hanging around their necks.


None of the other scientists were surprised when the girls were announced to be their new co-workers, they had all born witness to their intellect over the years and were excited to see what they would create.


After the announcement, the two girls were brought to their new labs, which were coincidentally right next to each other, which excited both girls as it meant they would be able to stay near each other and have an easier time asking each other for help.


David allowed the girls to get right to work. They had earned their degrees, despite being young, so he trusted them to stay safe.

Four months had gone by when something happened.


The Tower’s powergrid had a sudden, massive drain from one of the labs, causing every light and machine in the Tower to turn off from lack of power.


“What in the-“ exclaimed David as the power came back on.


However, he was cut off by an announcement over the intercom system “Warning. Large power signature detected in lab 375” said a synthetic voice.


David’s eyes widened. That was Izumi’s lab.


He ran out of his own lab as fast as he could and over to the staircase. He rushed up the stairs at a pace he hadn’t known he was capable of, but he managed to get to Izumi’s lab quickly.


The door to her lab opened without issue and he ran inside.


But he stopped shortly after entering.


He hadn’t gone into her lab much after the first month, in fact he hadn’t at all, so when his eyes fell on the large device inside that was roughly the size of a large family car, his eyes widened.


Then cheering registered in his mind and he looked away from the device to see Izumi cheering and throwing her hands up.


He went over to her “Izumi? Is everything alright?”


She turned to him with an excited smile “I did it Papa, my theory was correct”


He blinked “Your theory? Izumi, what exactly have you done? The system registered a large power signature in here”


She ran over to the device and put a hand on it with a proud smile “This is my fully functioning Prototype Fusion Reactor. The reason for the power loss in the tower was that the reactor needed the power to jumpstart itself, but now it can run by itself” explained the girl.


David’s mouth opened in disbelief and he ended up staring for a few moments “You… you made a fusion reactor? Are you serious?”


Izumi nodded, then gestured for him to come over “Come check for yourself. It works, you heard the system say it too”


David came over and Izumi began walking him through what she had made and exactly how she had gotten it to work when so many others had failed.


By the end of her explanation, David was thoroughly impressed and in awe.


He had confirmed, and reconfirmed that it functioned, yet he still found it difficult to believe that she had actually done it.


But once it finally sunk in, he immediately pulled out his phone and called someone.


After a moment, he spoke to the other person “Inko, I need you to prepare a patent” he paused for a moment “No, not for me, it’s for Izumi. She’s just created a potentially earth shattering invention, one that could solve energy issues around the world” he paused again “I’ll give you the specifics later, just make sure we can get this patent as fast as possible” he paused for a third time “Alright, thank you, I love you” he put down the phone as he finished and turned back to Izumi, who was looking at him with wide eyes.


“Did you just ask Mama to patent the Fusion Reactor in my name?” asked Izumi with surprise.


David smiled “Of course I did, you’ve created an invention that most likely everyone will try and get their hands on. You’ll be getting a lot of money for it if we patent it, plus it’ll show that you were the inventor” explained he to her.


Izumi hummed “Alright, that makes sense, but… I don’t have a bank account”


David raised an eyebrow “We can set one up at any time, and we can get you a card, we just haven’t had a reason to so far”


Izumi blinked “Oh”


David chuckled “Yeah, oh” he turned to the reactor prototype “We’ll have to show the board your prototype. They have to make sure it’s safe before we show it to the public”


Izumi nodded in understanding “Do we have to set up a meeting or do we just call them here?”


David pulled up his phone again “We just call them here, which I’ll do right now. If we’re lucky, they’ll be here quickly” he dialled up the number to the board’s phone.


The call went through quickly and he exchanged words with them for a few minutes, before hanging up again.


He turned back to Izumi “They’ll be here within the hour, so until then, you should get everything ready to show them, ok?”


Izumi nodded in understanding and got to work with preparing the reactor to show the board committee.


As promised, around half an hour later the committee walked into the lab. They exchanged greetings, then asked Izumi to explain her prototype to them.


She repeated the explanation she had given David, then answered questions the board had about the invention.


After nearly an hour of explaining and questions, the board huddled together to make their verdict.


After talking amongst themselves for a few minutes, they turned back to the green haired girl.


The head of the board stepped forward “Izumi Shield, we have made our decision. After deliberating over the information you have given us, we have decided to allow you to reveal your reactor to the public. This will be done at the I-Expo, just as every new invention is, and you will have to reveal it yourself” explained the elderly man.


Izumi smile brightly and bowed “Thank you very much sir”


The man smiled to her “You need not thank us, just keep up your work. You are a boon to science and humanity as a whole. We look forward to seeing where you’ll go from here”


The board members said their goodbyes and went on their way, having other things to see to.


Izumi was left in her lab along with David. She began clapping her hands and bouncing excitedly in place.


She turned to David “Did you hear that Papa? They said I could show it off at the I-Expo”


David smiled at her and put a hand on her head “I heard and I’m very proud of you”


Her smile got brighter at the praise “Thanks Papa”


Izumi has already shown how intelligent she is, but will this be all? Not likely :)

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“Speech” ‘thoughts’  


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It was time for one of the biggest events in the world.


It was time for the I-Expo.


The early access event had passed, but Izumi had decided to skip the party. She wasn’t fond of parties, as they were usually loud and cramped.


But there was another reason as well.


She was nervous about her presentation of the reactor. She had never had to talk in front of a crowd before, and she was about to talk infront of potentially thousands of high profile people.


Luckily though, she wasn’t the first to present, and David had helped her plan it, since he had done plenty of presentations before.


The person presenting before her finished up and the announcer stepped onto the scene again.


“Thank you once again to Henrik Rasmussen for explaining his new support invention. Now, up next we have a newcomer to the scientific community, but she has already made a groundbreaking discovery. Don’t let her age fool you, she is as bright as can be. Please help me welcome onto the scene, Izumi Shield!” The announcer gestured with flare towards the entrance to the scene.


Izumi took a deep breath, then walked out.


The crowd had been clapping, but the second she stepped out into the light, a large amount of the clapping stilled.


Izumi walked onto the middle of the stage and for a second she fidgeted nervously.


She smiled, or at least tried to smile, at the crowd “Um, h-hello everyone. My name, as you heard, is Izumi Shield. In case you're wondering, yes, David Shield is my dad, but he’s my stepdad, so I’m not biologically related to him. Um, anyway, I’m here today to present my invention to you all” she took several steps to the side.


As she came to a stop, the floor under where she had been standing opened up and slid to the sides.


Out of the floor, rose Izumi’s Fusion Reactor. She had made improvements to it over the time leading up to the I-Expo, meaning it was more efficient now as well as requiring less power to jumpstart.


She gestured to it as it came to a stop “This is my fully functioning Fusion Reactor. As you might guess, it is capable of creating large amounts of power with very little fuel requirements. I designed it to be able to be sized up or down and still function with little to no deviations from the design, meaning you could potentially put one of these into a vehicle, but I’m not quite at that level yet. Um, that’s all I really have to say about it, so, does anyone have any questions?”


Everyone was staring with awe at this girl, who had apparently made a fully functioning fusion reactor . It was sci-fi made real.


Finally, someone raised their hand.


Izumi pointed out to them “Yes Mister?”


The man stood up, and a moment later a drone dropped down in front of him and handed him a microphone.


He took it and spoke into it “If I may, do you accept personal questions? As in, questions about you?” asked the business looking man.


Izumi blinked “Um, I don’t see why not, so sure, go ahead”


The man nodded “Then, may I ask how you are here? I believe only fully educated scientists are allowed to be here or create something of… this caliber”


Izumi smiled “I am fully educated. I have a masters degrees in Engineering and Robotics”


Murmuring spread throughout the crowd as the information sunk in for most people.


The man, now thoroughly stunned, gave the microphone back to the drone and sat back down.


Izumi looked over the crowd “Does anyone else have any questions?”


Another couple of hands raised from the crowd.


Izumi pointed out another person and they were given the microphone.


The lady spoke “May I ask how old you are and how you managed to get two masters degrees?”


Izumi hummed “Well, to answer the first, I’m just shy of my fifteenth birthday, and I managed to get my degrees thanks to my IQ. I’m classified as being in the upper savant category, so I’m apparently one of the smartest people in the world? My Papa’s words, not mine” explained Izumi.


More, slightly louder murmuring spread through crowd.


The lady spoke again “Your quirk is quite amazing then”


Izumi smiled “Oh, it’s not a quirk. I’m quirkless”


And the crowd broke out into loud shouting. 


The revelation that this fourteen year old, was not just smart, but was smart AND quirkless, threw everyone for a loop.


Izumi began to panic slightly, having feared she had said something wrong.


Suddenly, someone grabbed the microphone from the lady who had asked the question.


A chipper voice spoke up “Ladies, gentlemen, please calm yourselves, you are not helping anything by shouting, least of all Young Izumi”


The crowd paused, the sudden chipper voice surprising them slightly and making them look in the direction of where they had last seen the microphone.


As the crowd calmed, the chipper voice spoke again “Young Izumi, as I now have the microphone, do you mind if I ask a question?”


Izumi blinked “Um, of course but, I don’t know where you are” admitted the greenette sheepishly.


“Ah” said the voice, before the sound of shuffling came through the microphone.


A moment later, someone stepped out into the isle, letting Izumi see who was holding the microphone.


Her eyes widened as she realised who it was.


A paw raised into the air in greeting “Greetings Young Izumi, judging by your face, you know who I am, but I will introduce myself regardless. Am I a mouse? A dog? A bear? The most important thing is, I’m Nedzu, the principal of UA” 


Izumi was gapping. She knew a lot of heroes came to the I-Expo, but she hadn’t seen the principal of UA at it before.


Nedzu hummed “If I may ask my question, how did you end up in this field?” asked the rodent curiously.


Izumi shook out of her shock quickly at his question “O-oh, um, it’s a slightly long story and I don’t know if I have time to explain” she turned to the announcer, silently asking for confirmation.


The announcer looked away from her and put a finger to her ear and began to speak to someone.


After a moment the announcer nodded again and turned back to Izumi.


She gave the girl a thumbs up.


Izumi smiled and nodded, then turned back to Nedzu.


“So, um, I guess it started when I was declared quirkless and my old dream was shattered. As some of you might know, quirklessness hasn’t been looked at well in Japan, and that went for me as well. I was heavily bullied, even to the point where a classmate used their quirk against me on a daily basis. Of course, the teachers never did anything about it as I wasn’t seen as worth anything. Because of this, I ended up secluding myself in my room and searching through the internet. On the internet, I discovered the scientific community and quickly found myself pulled into it. At one point, I asked my Mama for a robotics kit so I could make my own robot. My Mama did get me one and I went to work making something. I completed a functioning drone after a just few weeks, it wasn’t anything special other than its ability to fly. Sometime after that, we got a notice about a contest where I could, and did, submit my drone. We actually forgot about it, but a month later someone showed up at our door and said my drone won the contest. That was how we came to I-Island and met Papa, um, met David Shield. We were only supposed to be here for a week, but he recognised my intellect and he figured out how badly I was treated back home, so he offered to pay for me and my mom to move in with him permanently. During the week for the contest, my love for technology only grew. And from there I just went through school fast along with my sister and we ended up with our own labs in the Tower after we graduated university”


At the end of her speech, she took a moment to look around.


She was thoroughly surprised to see tears in the crowd.


She turned back to Nedzu, who was sporting a frown.


The rodent hummed “I am… very disappointed to hear this is the case. If I may, you mentioned and ‘old dream’. Would it be rude of me to ask what it was?”


Izumi blinked. She hadn’t thought anyone would care about that.


She fidgeted slightly “Um, please don’t laugh, but I wanted to be a… a hero, but everyone around me told me it was impossible and that I should give up” she fought back tears. She didn’t want to cry on a stage in front of so many people.


“Why does being quirkless mean you cannot become a hero? I know plenty of heroes who may as well be quirkless with their quirks”


Izumi paused. She slowly turned back to look at Nedzu, who was giving her a serious look.


Izumi stared for a moment, before finding her voice “R-really?”


Nedzu nodded “Let me tell you something. I care not what others think, anyone, and I mean anyone, can be a hero. Missing a leg? Not an issue, Ectoplasm is an example of that. Have a non-combatant quirk? No issue either, I am an example of that. Young Izumi, if you were to apply for UA, you would be accepted wholeheartedly, so if you still wish, your dream can be reignited” the rodent had a smile as he finished off.


Izumi stared with shock. Her mind was unable to wrap itself around the white mammal’s words.


Finally, the words managed to sink in, and the dam broke.


Tears began to fall from the girl’s eyes as she cried openly, unable to contain the emotions that had built up over the many years.


The crowd felt their hearts break as they watched Izumi cry openly.


She tried desperately to stop herself from crying, as well as drying the tears.


It took her a few minutes to stop crying “I-I’m sorry, I d-didn’t mean to g-get so emotional” apologised the girl through some lingering sobs.


Nedzu, who still had the microphone, shook his head “No, it is alright. You are still a child, and something like this is bound to make one emotional and I believe everyone here agrees with me” Nedzu looked around, which only those near him could see.


But then someone began to clap, then another, and before Izumi knew it everyone was clapping and shouting encouragement at her.


Izumi looked over the crowd with wide eyed shock. So many people, and all of them were shouting in support of her.


She felt tears come to her eyes again, but she managed to hold them down this time. Instead, she smiled “Thank you, everyone”


After this, it took a few minutes before everyone calmed down and got quiet for the girl to continue.


Izumi scanned the crowd “Um, I’m sorry for sidetracking the presentation, but I think we should get back to it. Does anybody have any questions about the reactor?”


From there, the girl began answering questions about her device.


By the end of it, she had peaked the interests of many companies and she had a bright smile as she walked off stage.


As she walked off, the crowd was giving her a standing ovation.


The announcer walked back on as Izumi disappeared behind stage “What a turn of events. Let us all send our best wishes and support for Izumi Shield”


The announcer went on to announce the next presenter, while Izumi went over to a wall and slid down it.


She pulled her knees to her chest and rested her head against them and let out a heavy sigh.


She didn’t notice the footsteps approaching her until a hand was on her head.


She raised her head up from her knees to meet a familiar face.


“Oh, hey Papa” greeted Izumi with a small smile.


David gave her a worried look “Hey Izumi, how are you holding up?”


Izumi deadpanned “I just cried in front of thousands of people, what do you think?”


David looked at her for a moment then nodded “Alright, fair point. But… what Nedzu said-“


Izumi smiled “He said he’d accept me into the school. I still have a chance”


David smiled as well “And I think you’d be a great hero. But, what are you going to do about the exam? We both know what it is” asked he sceptically.


Izumi grinned mischievously “I have plans and ideas”


David sweat dropped.


Looks like Izumi’s path is set, but will she be able to do it?

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“Speech” ‘thoughts’  


Enjoy ^-^

Izumi was exhausted.


Why was she exhausted? One word.




Why was she experiencing jetlag?


Because her and Melissa had flown to Japan.


Over the years since Izumi had flown there, I-Island had floated further away from Japan, meaning that the flight between the two places had gotten longer.


And the two Shield daughters were in Japan for one reason and one reason only.




The two girls had gotten an apartment in Musutafu, Izumi’s hometown and the city where UA resided.


They had moved to the city about eleven months before the entrance exam and little over a year before the school year would begin, meaning they would have plenty of time to settle into the Japanese routine.


But that wasn’t all. Izumi had also bought a warehouse in the nearby industrial sector along with a substantial amount of equipment to continue her work.


What was her work and how did she afford the warehouse? Well, it consisted of a lot of automation, but besides that it was a very private project, and she could afford it and the apartment thanks to her patent on the Fusion Reactor.


But Izumi wasn’t working on any of that this day, she was out in town.


She was walking through a shopping strip not far from the apartment, just minding her own business.


“Excuse me, but by any chance are you Izumi Shield?”


And there was the part she hadn’t thought about. The people who recognise her.


She turned around to look at the speaker.


It was a girl, probably her age, with black hair pulled up in a spiky ponytail.


Izumi smiled at her, trying to stay polite “Hello, yes I am Izumi. May I ask who you are?”


The girl blinked “Oh my apologies. My name is Momo Yaoyorozu. I apologise if I interrupted your day, but I had to make sure”


Izumi raised an eyebrow “You didn’t interrupt me necessarily, but are you related to Toto and Coco Yaoyorozu, the CEOs of Yaoyorozu Industries?” asked Izumi back.


Momo smiled “Yes, I am. I’m glad that you remember them. Your Fusion Reactor has been a great boon to the company, so on behalf of them, I thank you” the girl bowed to Izumi.


Izumi waved dismissively “No need to thank me. I needed the reactor for my own plans, me giving it to the public was just to make the world better”


Momo paused mid bow, then looked up at Izumi with a confused expression “Your own plans?”


Izumi nodded “I needed it to become a hero”


Momo gained a surprised expression “You plan to become a hero? But, don’t you already have a career in the scientific field?”


Izumi nodded “I do, but it’s not what I want to do. I’ve wanted to be a hero for as long as I can remember, but when I was declared quirkless I was told it would be impossible” explained she sadly.


Momo frowned, but didn’t say anything.


Izumi continued “But then I went to I-Island, and everyone began to support me. That’s when I realised that a quirk doesn’t make you a hero, it’s your actions, and I intend to be a hero everyone can look up to” she smiled brightly to Momo.


Momo stood in front of the greenette with her mouth slightly agape.


But after a moment, a smile spread across Momo’s face “That is very inspirational. Are you planning on going to UA then?” asked the black haired girl.


Izumi nodded “Yes. I’m taking the entrance exam in just over ten months”


Momo raised an eyebrow “The entrance exam? Why not the recommendation exam? Surely you could get in that way thanks to your father” questioned the girl with confusion.


Izumi shook her head “Because I want to show I deserve to be there, that I’m not weak and I can fight. The recommendation exam has no combat portion, but the regular entrance exam is purely combat. I want to show that I can use my brain to work past my lack of a quirk” explained she with conviction.


Momo hadn’t thought of it like that, but she could understand the grenettes reasoning.


Momo smiled to her in response “Well, perhaps we will be classmates then” 


Izumi smiled back “Perhaps we will” then she gained a thoughtful expression “Say, do you want to exchange numbers so we can stay in contact?”asked she curiously.


Momo was surprised by the suggestion “You want to stay in contact? Why?”


The greenette scratched her cheek sheepishly “Well, I’ll be honest, I don’t have a lot, well, any friends, especially not in Japan, and you’ve been nice to me without getting all excited about my… ‘fame’” explained she shyly.


Momo had trouble believing that, but then she remembered the girl’s speech during her presentation of the Fusion Feactor.


‘She was heavily bullied’ reminded Momo herself.


The ravenette smiled “Sure then” she pulled out her phone and handed it to Izumi “Here, put in your number while I put in mine” she gestured for Izumi to give Momo her phone.


Izumi smiled and handed over her phone. The two of them put in their numbers into the other’s phone, before they both handed them back.


Momo bowed politely “I’m sorry for interrupting you, but it was nice to meet you”


Izumi waved it away again “Don’t worry about it, it’s fine. I need to get going now, I’ll speak to you later” said she as she began to walk away.


Momo nodded and waved “Alright, goodbye Shield”


Izumi waved back “Goodbye, but call me Izumi”


Momo blinked at the casualness directed at her, but before she could argue it, the girl was already gone.

Izumi continued going through the shopping district, while getting recognised several times more along the way. That meant pictures and autographs.


But by the end of it, she managed to find a small, secluded café.


She entered the café and looked around the interior. It had a fairly homey feel to it, which Izumi liked.


“Hello there, can I help you?”


Izumi blinked and turned to the desk, where the clerk was standing and smiling at her.


Izumi realised the man was asking if she wanted to order anything and looked up at the menu “Um, yes, could I have some… camomile tea?”


The clerk nodded “I'll get it right to you. Until it’s done, please take a seat. I apologise if we’re a bit cramped, it’s a little busy currently”


Izumi nodded and walked further into the café.


True to the clerk’s word, the café was full. Every table was occupied, but only one had a free seat, and it was a two seated window table.


Izumi approached the table, where a girl was sitting.


She stopped next to the table “Um, excuse me, do you mind if I sit here? It’s the only free seat in the café” asked she politely.


The girl looked up at her, and her eyes seemed to widen for a moment, but her expression schooled quickly and a polite smile appeared instead “Of course you may, go right ahead” 


Izumi smiled back and sat down in front of the girl.


Izumi had a chance to look at the girl. She was wearing a white dress, which went well with her baby blue, lavender and pale grey hair. She also had pretty bluish-lilac coloured eyes and fair pale skin.


Izumi found herself wanting to reach out to the girl, but she wasn’t the one to talk first.


“Pardon me, but aren’t you Izumi Shield? The Technocrat Savant?” asked the girl with a curious tone.


Izumi internally groaned at the nickname. For some reason, people had picked up the nickname for her shortly after her presentation, and it only got strengthened when she released improvements to existing technologies and inventions over the years.


She sighed “Yes, I am Izumi Shield. I have been recognised a lot more than I thought I would” 


The girl raised an eyebrow “Well you have been seen as an icon here. Your speech at the I-Expo has sparked movements to improve the lives of quirkless people, so of course you would be well known” explained the girl, before taking another sip of her tea.


Izumi blinked “Wait what? I haven’t heard about this” she was surprised by the idea that a movement had started over her speech back at her presentation.


The girl hummed “I suppose the news may not have reached I-Island, but yes, your speech spurred a large movement, one that even made its way into the government. Several new laws are in fact already being pushed through. It is quite impressive in my opinion” explained the girl with an impressed tone.


Izumi remained quiet for a few moments.


As she stayed quiet, the clerk come over with her tea.


“Your tea Miss. Enjoy” said the clerk as he put the tea on the table.


Izumi nodded in thanks “Thank you”


Izumi turned back to the girl “Excuse me, but can I have your name? You know mine already after all”


The girl smiled with amusement “I suppose that is fair. My name is Saiko Intelli, it is an honour to meet you” introduced the girl, with a small polite bow.


Izumi blinked “I’m sorry if this is rude, but why do you consider it an honour to meet me?” asked the greenette with confusion.


Saiko hummed again “Well, besides what I mentioned before, I admire your intellect” explained she.


Izumi tilted her head “My intellect? What do you mean?”


The girl raised her tea cup “I have an above average IQ myself, in the genius category, but my quirk enhances my IQ when I drink tea and close my eyes. The increase depends on the kind of tea I drink. I have admired the fact that your natural intellect matches up to my quirk enhanced intellect. Truly, quirks have made us take many things for granted, and our intellect is one of those” she sounded passionate as she spoke.


Izumi couldn’t help the short laugh that came out “Yeah, I know it has”


The two girls got quiet as they drank their tea.


Saiko broke the silence again “So, may I ask what you are doing in Japan? It is rare for an I-Island scientist to get permission to leave the island” asked the girl with curiosity.


Izumi tilted her head from side to side “Well, technically I’m not an actual scientist, as I’m not yet a full adult, so I’m not bound by that rule. As for why I’m here, I’m going to attend UA” explained Izumi before taking a sip from her tea.


Saiko’s eyes widened in surprise “UA? Why would you wish to go there? Have you not already graduated university?”


Izumi hummed “I have, yes, but I’m chasing a dream that was snuffed out once”


She looked up at Saiko with a fire in her eyes “I want to become a hero, one everyone can look up to no matter what” her voice was full of conviction as she spoke.


Saiko’s eyes were wide as she stared at Izumi.


Then, the girl seemed to recover and a smile spread across her face “That is very admirable goal. I wish to become a hero as well, so perhaps we will see each other there?”


Izumi blinked, then giggled “Why let fate decide?” she put her hand into her pocket and pulled out her phone “Why don’t we exchange numbers?”


Saiko’s eyes widened “Really? You’re positive you are alright with this?” asked the girl with a worried tone.


Izumi raised an unimpressed eyebrow “I asked, didn’t I? Plus, I don’t have many friends, and I enjoyed talking with you” admitted Izumi sheepishly.


Saiko remembered her speech, how she was bullied, and smiled as she pulled out her phone.


The two girls exchanged numbers, but stayed seated and continued to talk for a while, getting to know each other further.


It turned out that Saiko’s father was a high ranking government official, and one of the few politicians leading the Quirkless Reformation Act, as it was called.


As they talked, Izumi found herself getting stuck on the other girl’s features, such as staring at her eyes, her lips as they moved, her pretty hair and fair skin.


Izumi shook her head, snapping out of the daze she had been going into.


‘Where did that come from?’ wondered the girl.


Izumi has made two friends just a month into her return to Japan, but the second one is making her have strange thoughts. Where will things go? Time will tell.

Chapter Text

“Speech” ‘thoughts’


Enjoy ^-^

Another month passed, and Izumi was back out in the city once more.


During the month, Izumi had frequently spoken with both Momo and Saiko, getting to know each better.


She ended up going out for tea with Saiko on one occasion, which Izumi found to be very fun, yet she couldn’t pinpoint what had made it as fun to her as it did.


Regardless, she was currently walking through town, her hair tied up in a short ponytail and on her way to test out a more recent invention.


The technology behind the invention had been a minor accident, but would prove to be immensely useful if perfected, which was why she had decided to create the device she was wearing under her clothes.


What did it do? Well-


A sound from behind Izumi cut shook her out of her thoughts.


She had been walking through a tunnel under a motorway, when the sound of the manhole cover behind her opened up.


She turned around in a split second, only to be met a wall of sludge.


“A small sized invisibility cloak” the voice grunted “A tight fit, but it’ll have to do”


The sludge wrapped itself around Izumi, before it began to force itself into her mouth.


Izumi’s eyes widened ‘What’s going on? Is it a villain? Am I going to die here?’ thought she with panic as she began to thrash around, desperately trying to tear the sludge out of her throat.


The sludge villain growled “Stop thrashing around, you’re only making this more difficult for the both of us. Just be a good little girl and let me take over your body so I can esca-“




The villain stopped forcing sludge into Izumi’s mouth “All Mi-“




All at once, Izumi felt the sludge be torn away from her body, only to be replaced by a strong wind.


The wind dissipated quickly, and Izumi’s body met the ground. As she laid on the ground, dark patches began to appear in her vision.


Moments before she lost consciousness, a familiar face and blonde hair appeared in her vision. It sounded like they said something, but she couldn’t make out the words.


Then everything went dark.

Izumi came to again before long, but she felt something warm wrapped around her, which meant she couldn’t be on the ground.


That’s when her ears began to pick up sounds.


“Izumi, wake up, please”


Izumi managed to open her eyes, but it took a moment for them to focus.


When they did, she saw a very familiar and very dear face.


“Uncle Might?” asked Izumi with a raspy voice.


Blue, sunken in eyes locked on to Izumi’s own jade green “Izumi? Oh thank god, I was afraid I had lost you” his voice was heavy with relief.


Izumi looked around “What happened?” asked the girl as she got out of the man’s arms.


All Might’s expression turned pained “I was chasing a villain, but he managed to get away momentarily and got to you. I got here before he finished doing… whatever he was attempting to do to you, but you lost consciousness after being freed. I managed to get what sludge remained inside your system out and restart your breathing, but you’ve been unconscious for more than ten minutes”


Izumi looked at him for a moment with a blank expression.


Then, she raised her arm, and lightly chopped the man on the head.


All Might whipped to her with a surprised look, but Izumi spoke before he could “I don’t blame you, so don’t feel bad. Sometimes civilians get caught in the crossfire, we both know that, so don’t give me that expression, alright?” she had a slightly scolding tone as she spoke, but her expression was soft.


All Might looked at her for a moment, then a small smile spread across his face “You’re right, you’re always right, but you also know that it’s not that easy” 


Izumi nodded “I know, but you know my stance on it now, so try not to beat yourself up over it” she looked around the tunnel “Did you get the villain?” asked she as she searched for the sludge villain.


All Might nodded and patted his pocket “I managed to quickly capture him in some soda bottles I had, then I realised it was you who was being attacked and I went to help you. Speaking of, are you alright? Are you in any pain?” asked he with renewed worry.


Izumi took a moment to feel herself over, then shook her head “No, not really, but I think I can still taste the villain, and it’s really foul” she stuck her tongue as a frown appeared on her face.


All Might chuckled “That is good to hear, well, the unhurt part at least. How about we go get you something to wash out your mouth then?” suggested the man.


Izumi nodded with a smile “Sure, but only if you release your quirk. No need to keep it up if the villain is unconscious”


All Might let out an amused huff, before smoke began to surround him, and in a sudden ‘pop’, All Might disappeared and was replaced by a slightly shorter, but still rather tall, thin blonde man.


Izumi frowned at him “You’ve gotten thinner. You haven’t been taking care of yourself properly, have you?” 


He flinched, which was all Izumi needed. 


She sighed and gave him a pointed look “Toshinori Yagi, if you don’t start taking better care of yourself, I will make a robot and VI to take care of you. That includes keeping you from doing hero work” she gave him a look that left no room for arguing. It was a look she had inherited from her mother.


Yagi didn’t meet her look, knowing what he would see “I… I’ll try my best, but without my stomach, well, food is a lot more difficult to enjoy, so I often see no point in eating more than necessary to survive” admitted the man with a slightly solemn tone.


Izumi huffed “You can’t do hero work with only the bare necessary nutrients. Look, why don’t you ask Recovery Girl if she has any nutrient pastes that can be mixed with other food. I know they exist, so don’t try and tell me no”


Yagi sighed in defeat “All right, I’ll do that, just please, don’t make a robot or anything” asked the blonde with a pleading tone.


Izumi gave him a pointed look “Take care of yourself, and I won’t have to”


Yagi nodded, then began coughing into his hand, leaving some blood on it “Um, shall we go get that drink for you?”


Izumi smiled and nodded, then the two of them left the tunnel.


They didn’t notice when the bottles fell out of Yagi’s pocket halfway to the store.

Yagi paid the café clerk for the camomile tea, then handed it to Izumi.


She took a large sip of the drink, then quickly stuck out her tongue and began to fan her tongue “Hod, hod, hod” muttered the girl.


Yagi chuckled “Careful now Izumi, burning your tongue won’t help now will it?”


Izumi pouted, her tongue still hanging out of her mouth, but she didn’t retort.


Yagi patted her head “Come, let’s walk and talk” suggested he with a smile.


Izumi smiled and nodded. The two of them left the small café they had stopped at and began walking at a slow pace.


Izumi took a sip of her tea, then looked up at Yagi “So, what are you doing in Musutafu?”


Yagi smiled mischievously “Sorry, I can't reveal that yet” 


Izumi raised an eyebrow, then gained a thoughtful expression.


A smile spread across her face “I can guess what you’re doing” she gave him a sideways look.


Yagi let out a laugh “Yes, I know you can, but i won’t tell you even if you’re correct”


Izumi shrugged “Fair enough”


A short silence fell between them as Izumi continued to drink her tea.


“So, where were you going before… that happened?” asked Yagi after a minute.


Izumi blinked, the facepalmed “I forgot about that, now I’m late” she groaned as her hand slid down her face.


Yagi raised an eyebrow “What do you mean you’re late?” asked he with confusion.


She sighed “I was going to test a new invention, but then that hap-“


She was cut off as a large explosion went off a few blocks away and smoke billowed into the sky.


Both Yagi and Izumi whipped with wide eyes to stare at the rising smoke.


Neither said anything as they began to rush in the direction of the smoke.

“Oh man, this kid’s quirk is great!” laughed a familiar voice.


Izumi and Yagi came to a stop at the end of a road, and the scene they arrived to was straight out of a movie.


Their eyes widened when they saw the familiar liquid form of the sludge villain.


Yagi immediately reached down to where the bottles had been in his pockets, and found them no longer there.


“Shit. I must have dropped them while we walked” 


Izumi looked up at him “Uncle, how much time do you have left?”


He shook his head “Little to nothing. I was supposed to have caught him then gone home and rest” answered the blonde.


Izumi turned back to the sludge villain, only to see an explosion erupt from him.


“Hahaha, you damn heroes won’t get to me with this kid around, man this is awesome” continued the villain gleefully.


Izumi’s eyes widened. Explosions?


That’s when she saw it. Ash blonde hair. Red eyes.


“Kacchan” muttered the girl.


Her expression hardened.


“Uncle. I’m about to do something stupid. Don’t be mad”


Yagi turned to her with a confused expression, but his eyes widened when she began to walk forward.


“Izumi! Wai-“ called out the man, only to pause as the girl disappeared in a shimmering blue wave of light.

Kamui Woods was beginning to fear they wouldn’t be able to save the kid the villain had taken hostage.


What made it impossible, was the fact that the kid seemed to be firing their quirk off at random, definitely from trying to get away from the villain, but the villain just somehow redirected the attacks.


“Damn it, how long until someone with a more suitable quirk comes around?” shouted the wooden hero.


Death Arms responded “Five minutes, maybe more”


Kamui swore ‘That won’t be quick enough. The villain is suffocating him’  


“Someone with a more suitable quirk? Are you serious?”


Everyone paused.


That was a girl’s voice. A loud one that had shouted over all the chaos.


“You’re heroes. You’re supposed to save people, regardless of the circumstances. If you’re not going to do anything, then someone else will have to”


All of a sudden, the sludge villain cried out in pain.


Everyone turned to look at the villain.


The villain was reeling back, as if something had hit it.


Then a moment later, a small hole appeared in the sludge, leading into the ash blonde.


Then in the next second, the ash blonde came out of the sludge.


The sludge villain recovered “What the hell was that? Where the hell are you?”


The sound of something hitting the villain sounded out, as the villain was sent reeling again.


“I’m right in front of you, but I guess my invention worked since you can’t see me” the voice was mocking.


The villain growled, then his eyes locked onto the ash blonde again “Damn it, my hostage” he made a grab for him again “Get back here you”


Then the villain was sent back again.


“Hey heroes, are you going to do something, or will you just stand there?” asked the voice.


That shook the heroes out of their gawking, and made Kamui Woods and Death Arms move into action.


They rushed the villain, who had tried to go for the hostage again, but was knocked back by the invisible person.


It didn’t take long from there until they had managed to capture the villain and secured the hostage.


It was at that point they turned their attention to the voice.


“Where are you? You’d better show yourself or you’re going to get more charges than just vigilantism” said Death Arms with an annoyed tone.


Then someone spoke, right next to them “Vigilantism? Good luck charging me with that”


Both heroes jumped back, the voice having surprised them, but then their words registered for them.


“What are you talking about?” asked Kamui with confusion.


“You should know when you see me” answered the voice.


Then, in between the two heroes, in a shimmering display of shining hexagons, a person began to appear.


The heroes moved to capture the person, but when their face was revealed, they stopped in their tracks.


In front of them, stood a very familiar person.


Green eyes looked between the heroes “Hello, Kamui Woods, Death Arms. My name is Izumi Shield, and as you likely know, i am quirkless” greeted Izumi with a friendly tone.


Everyone was staring with shock. It was her, the Technocrat Savant, the Quirkless Wonder.


Izumi bowed politely “I apologise for calling you out like that, but it was very… infuriating, to hear you speaking about ‘someone with a more suitable quirk’. I could name several ways that you could have easily gotten to the hostage, but you didn’t. You let your quirks determine your ability to help” her voice was starting to sound strained.


Death Arms shook out of his shock and scowled “Of course we did, if we don’t have a matching quirk, then we can’t do anything” 


She whipped to him and shot him a glare “Then explain how I, the quirkless girl, managed to do what you, the quirked heroes, failed to do”


Death Arms paused.


When he didn’t respond for a few seconds, Izumi continued “I don’t have a quirk, but you know what I do have? My intellect, and so do you, but the thing is that humanity has come to believe it is reliant on quirks and that they can’t do anything without them. But if that’s the case, how did humanity survive for millennia before quirks appeared? The answer, is our advanced intelligence. We used our intellect to shape the world to suit our needs, but quirks have made us lazy. Now, people rely on their quirks, but when they fail, we fail to fall back on what we can always rely on, and that is our intelligence. That is how I kept the villain away, because I deduced his weakness and capitalised on it, and I used what I’ve created” ranted Izumi, her tone slightly agitated as she got further into it.


Everyone was staring at her, but some were starting to realise she was correct. She was quirkless, but she had beaten the villain when the heroes failed to.


Izumi then turned, to the ash blonde, who was staring at her “And you, Kacchan, you used your quirk willynilly and set fire to most of the buildings in this district. You’re just as guilty of relying on your quirk as the heroes are”


The ash blonde-Kacchan, stared at her with shock. A look that was unfamiliar to the girl on his face.


She huffed and turned back to the two heroes “You can’t arrest me for vigilantism, you know that, and I only fought in defence of another, so I’ll be taking my leave. I was late for my test before, but it looks like I won’t need it after all” she began to walk away.


Kamui reached out his hand “Hey wai-“ but he stopped as the girl disappeared from view in another shimmering display.


Nobody moved or said anything for a few minutes after, not until the EMTs rushed over to ‘Kacchan’ and began fussing over him, which shook everyone else out of their shock.


The reporters obviously went crazy over the fact they now had confirmation that Izumi was in Musutafu, while the heroes were left embarrassed and with new food for thought.


Meanwhile, Izumi had gone back to Yagi and guided him away so she could go visible again.


They walked a few blocks away, then Izumi turned visible again and released a heavy sigh.


Yagi meanwhile, was staring at her “How- why- what the hell” breathed out the blonde.


Izumi giggled sheepishly “Sorry Uncle, but I couldn’t just stand there, especially since I just experienced that earlier myself”


Yagi gave her an incredulous look “You ran in there. Did you even think?”


She shook her head immediately, but then she gained a serious expression “He needed help, and I had the ability to. I don’t need more of a reason than that” there was conviction in her voice as she spoke to him.


Yagi stared at her for a while, but then a smile spread across his face “The words of a true hero. Izumi, you will make a wonderful hero” he put a hand on her head.


Izumi was surprised by the smile, but she returned it after a moment “Thanks Uncle”


Yagi looked around, as if he was checking if anyone was there.


Once he decided there was no one there, he turned back to Izumi, now wearing a serious expression “Izumi. I have made my decision on something. I want to extend an offer to you”


Izumi blinked at the sudden change in attitude from the blonde, but said nothing, inviting him to continue.


He continued as she wanted “You know how I’ve never revealed what my quirk is? How I always deflect away questions with some terrible witty humour or something else?”


Izumi nodded with a confused expression, but then her face lit up with understanding.


Yagi smiled as he saw the expression “My quirk is called One for All. And I want you to inherit it”


Izumi’s eyes widened “Did you just say inherit? Inherit your quirk?” asked she with shock.


Yagi nodded “My quirk, One for All, it is not one I was born with. I was given the quirk by my master, who had been given it by another before her, and I want to pass it on to you, and my mantle as the symbol of peace” explained the blonde.


Izumi was staring at him with disbelief. A quirk that can be given to someone else? And he wants her to be the symbol of peace?


Izumi’s head lowered as her brain processed the information.


She was quiet for a few minutes, before she looked up at Yagi with a smile.


“Thank you Uncle-


but I decline”



Chapter Text

“Speech” ‘thoughts’ underline for English


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Yagi and Izumi looked at each other in silence.


Then, finally, Yagi smiled “I had a feeling you would say that, especially after that speech, but I wanted to try anyway” he chuckled with some amusement.


Izumi blinked “You’re… not upset that I said no?” asked she with surprise.


The blonde shook his head “No. As I said, I had strong feeling you would decline, but it was worth asking regardless” his expression turned serious again “But I want you to remember, this is a secret that cannot be revealed unless it is someone I or my successor trust explicitly. I doubt I need to tell you why”


Izumi nodded, a similarly serious expression on her face “If it got out, everybody would be rushing to try and get the quirk. It would cause chaos”


Yagi nodded “Correct. Now, I hadn’t originally intended to do this, but you’re intelligent, much more so than me, and I trust you, so when I find my successor, I want to introduce you to them and I want you to help them, with whatever it may be. Can you do this for me?” asked the man with a bow.


Izumi looked at him with an unreadable expression, before a giggle went past her lips “Come on Uncle, you know you don’t have to bow, or ask. I’ll help however I can” promised Izumi with a bright smile.


Yagi smiled back at her “Thank you Izumi”


Silence fell on them again.


Izumi stretched “I think I’m going to go home. Do you want to come say hi to Melissa?”


Yagi thought for a moment, then smiled “Sure, it has been a while since I’ve last seen her”


Izumi smiled back “Then follow me”


The two of them left towards Izumi and Melissa’s apartment, chatting all the while.

When the two of them arrived at the apartment, Izumi immediately received a very stern lecture from Melissa.


You could have gotten in trouble! What were you thinking?! ” exclaimed the blonde, bespectacled girl.


Izumi cowered underneath the taller girl’s look, but tried to smile “W-well, t-the PCD worked, and I couldn’t j-just stand there w-when the heroes w-were doing nothing” explained she with a stuttered.


Melissa gave her an unimpressed expression “If it had been almost anyone else, you would have been arrested and lost your chance at going to UA as well as becoming a hero” the blonde sighed and rubbed her eyes beneath her glasses “Izumi, you can’t go around doing things like this just because the law doesn’t include quirkless people”


Izumi chuckled sheepishly, then gained an embarrassed expression “I know Sis, but, I just couldn’t help myself. I’m sorry” apologised the greenette with a dejected expression.


Melissa’s expression softened, but she wasn’t the next to speak.


“Melissa, please don’t be so harsh on her. If she hadn’t acted, chances are the hostage wouldn’t have made it” interjected Yagi, trying to calm down the blonde girl.


Melissa turned to Yagi with narrowed eyes “That may be the case, but I have no intentions on being lenient with her” the girl turned back to Izumi and was about to say something, but then she did a double take.


She stared at Yagi with wide eyes, then a wide smile spread across her face “Uncle Might” she wrapped the thin man up in a hug.


Yagi was surprised by the sudden change in the girl’s attitude, but he melted into the hug quickly “Hello Melissa, I hope you don’t mind me dropping in unannounced”


Melissa released the hug to smile at him “You’re always welcome here” then she blinked and looked him up and down, then frowned “You’ve gotten thinner”


Yagi sighed and shook his head with a fond smile “Yes, Izumi said the same and she’s already given me a thorough scolding, so you don’t have to” assured the man.


Melissa raised an unimpressed eyebrow, but relented as she knew Izumi cared about his health as much as she did.


She turned back to Izumi, who was looking somewhat relieved at having lost the blonde’s attention.


Melissa gave her a smile, but it was a smile that hid something less kind “Izumi~. I’m not done with you yet, but I’ll leave it for now, until Uncle leaves” singsonged the girl with a sickly sweet voice.


Izumi tensed up and gave her sister a nervous smile “O-ok”


Melissa nodded, then turned back to Yagi with a real smile “Come on inside Uncle. Do you want some tea?”


Yagi sweatdropped “Uh, sure, that sounds nice”


The blonde girl guided the man into the apartment, while Izumi stayed by the front door and tried to recover from what had just happened.

Yagi stayed for several hours, even through dinner, which was luckily something easy for him to eat, being Miso soup and rice.


He finally decided it was time to leave before it got dark, and bid the two girls farewell.


He left after exchanging hugs with both girls, leaving just them in the apartment.


Melissa sighed and a worried frown found its way onto her face “I still find it hard to believe that that’s actually Uncle Might” she turned to Izumi “And I’m also still confused as to how you managed to figure it out after just knowing him for a few minutes”


Izumi shrugged “His mannerisms were the same, as was his speech pattern. It wasn’t hard to figure out from there” explained the greenette dismissively.


Melissa gave her a deadpan expression “Easy for you maybe, but remember that you’re a lot smarter than most people, so it really wasn’t as obvious to me or Mama”


Izumi blinked, then rubbed her neck “Sorry, I forget sometimes” apologised the girl.


Melissa smiled “That’s a good thing you know, it means you’re not overconfident and believe your better than others, but when you say things like that, it can be misinterpreted” explained the blonde girl.


Izumi blinked again, then smiled “I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you Sis”


“You’re welcome. Now, let’s get back to what I was saying earlier” Melissa’s smile turned into something slightly threatening.


Izumi swallowed nervously. It was going to be a long evening.


Poor Izumi, but she brought it upon herself.

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“Speech” ‘thoughts’ “???”


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Two more months went by, and Izumi was in her warehouse, which she had redesigned into a workshop.


She was currently in the middle of working on a vehicle, one she had designed long ago, but hadn’t gotten around to, as other things had been more important up until then.


She had been working for several hours, but then as she was starting to finish up, she got a phone call.


She blinked, and moved to clean her hands in a cloth, before answering the call, forgetting to check the caller before pressing the button.


“Hello, this Izumi Shield” answered she politely.


There was a familiar chuckle from the other side “Hello Izumi, it’s me, Toshinori”


Izumi’s face brightened “Uncle, hello. It’s not very often you call me, what’s the occasion?” asked she happily.


Yagi chuckled again “Yes I know, but you know as well as I do that my work keeps me busy. So, you recall what I asked of you roughly two months ago? When I asked you to be my successor?” asked the blonde slightly cryptically.


The girl raised an eyebrow “Yeah?” Then she paused as she realised what he was talking about “Wait, did you find someone already?” asked she with surprise.


“Yes, though it was little over a week ago. Do you recall the incident that happened around then, the one with the collapsed building?” asked Yagi.


Izumi hummed “Yes, I do”


“Well, they didn’t report on it, but there was a girl who ran in and used her quirk to help remove the rubble. Thanks to her, a lot of people survived, people that would likely have died otherwise” explained he with an almost proud tone.


A smile spread across Izumi’s face “And you chose her to become your successor? And she accepted?” deduced the greenette.


“Indeed she did. And now that she’s begun her training, I want to introduce you to her. I’m having her clean up Dagobah municipal beach to prepare her for it, but she should be ready to receive it roughly two or so months before UA. She has done some minor working out on the side already, so she doesn’t need the full seven months until UA, which will give her time to get used to it before the entrance exam” explained the man further, while staying cryptic about One for All, just in case someone was listening.


Izumi nodded to herself “Alright. If you want, I can help with transporting the trash too. I need a long term test for one of my inventions, and this would be perfect for it” suggested she with a gleeful tone.


Yagi hummed “If you are certain it is safe, then I do not see why not, but do you have permission to… use this invention outside of your own property?” asked he with a slightly worried tone.


Izumi giggled “Of course I do. It was easy to get permission, especially since it’s private property that I’ve created myself, so you have nothing to worry about in that regard” assured she with an amused tone.


Yagi let out an amused huff “Alright then. Well, back to your introduction. I was thinking, if you have time you could come meet her today? She arrives here at roughly four o’ clock, which is in about two hours”


Izumi looked around the workshop “I should be able to make that. You don’t mind if I make my entrance with flair, right?” asked she with an excited tone.


Yagi let out a laugh “I don’t see why not. I will see you then I suppose?”


Izumi smiled “Yep. Bye Uncle” 


Yagi said his goodbye, then they both hung up the phone call.


Izumi looked around her workshop and hummed to herself ‘I should have time to finish up’  


She went back over to the workbench she had been working at.


As she walked over, she spoke out loud.


“Adjutant. Spin up the Dropship and send it to the warehouse, would you please?”


A synthetic, slightly English female voice answered over the loudspeakers “Affirmative Mistress. Activating Dropship, initiating Autoflight function, warehouse coordinates locked”  

Yagi was standing at Dagobah municipal beach, by the stairs going down to the sand, all the while minding his own business as usual.


“Hello Mister Yagi” called out a voice.


Yagi turned to look down the other side of the parking lot, where a familiar face was running towards him.


He smiled “Hello Young Uraraka, how are you today?” asked the blonde.


The brown haired girl- Uraraka, smiled at him “I had a great day today. How about you? Are you alright?” asked the girl with a somewhat worried tone.


Yagi chuckled and patted the girl on the head “Worry not Young Uraraka, I am taking care of myself, there are people who remind me to almost daily” assured the man.


Uraraka nodded “Alright, if you say so”


Yagi raised a finger as his face lit up “Ah yes, speaking of people, there is someone I want you to meet today. They should be arriving before long” he began looking around the area, trying to spot the person.


Uraraka tilted her head “Someone you want me to meet? Who?”


Yagi kept scanning the area as he answered “Someone who will be far better suited to help you with-“


He cut himself off as his eyes narrowed and he brought a hand to protect them from the sun while looking toward the sky.


“Is that her?” asked he aloud suddenly.


Uraraka’s expression turned confused and she turned her head to follow his gaze.


She spotted something in the sky. It looked like a small plane.


But there was one problem.


It was going straight towards the ocean.


Uraraka began to panic and turned to Yagi “Mister Yagi! That plane looks like it’s about to crash!” 


Yagi’s brow was furrowed, then a smile spread across his face “No, it won’t. Take a look”


Uraraka’s confused by his apparent nonchalantness, but turned back to the plane.


She watched with growing dread as it got closer to the water.


Then all at once it reared up and travelled across the water’s surface.


Right towards them.


Her eyes widened as it got closer, at very high speeds.


She grabbed onto Yagi’s arm and started to tug at him “Mister Yagi, we need to get out of here”


Yagi turned and gave her a reassuring smile “No need to worry, it’ll be fine”


She looked at him with wide, fearful eyes “There is no way this is going to be fine! It’s going to crash!” shouted the girl in panic.


Yagi patted her on the head “If it’s at risk of crashing, then I will stop it, so either way I will have to stay, but I promise on my life, that everything will be fine” promised the blonde with a soft tone.


It was a familiar tone, reminiscent of the same one he uses as All Might to calm people during accidents.


She trusted that tone, and she would trust it now.


She turned back to look at the plane, that was now almost at the beach.


However, she realised that this ‘plane’ looked… strange.


She was proven right, as just off the shoreline, the nose reared up, but two bright orange lights shone from the sides of it.


Uraraka’s eyes widened as it got closer, and she realised it wasn’t a normal plane, but some kind of rocket VTOL ship.


It came to a near full stop just short of the shoreline, before the nose went back down and, what she assumed to be, the engines angled slightly backwards to give it some forward momentum.


As it came over the parking area, it slowed before coming to a stop.


It turned around while hovering above the parking lot, meaning the cockpit was facing Yagi and Uraraka, then slowly but surely it began to lower towards the ground.


Three latches opened underneath the… ‘aircraft’, revealing three landing legs, and shortly after the aircraft touched down.


The engines, which were quite loud, audibly and visibly shut down moments after.


Uraraka was staring with wide eyes all the while. She had just seen something out of a science fiction movie.


There was a hissing sound from the front of the craft, then another hatch opened, and a ramp extended down towards the ground.


The sound of footsteps could be heard from inside the aircraft, then a moment later a figure appeared in the open doorway.


“Whew, that was exhilarating”


Uraraka stared as a familiar face came into view.


Yagi chuckled “It was something to see. Another fine creation Izumi” said the man as he looked over the aircraft.


Izumi smiled as she walked down the ramp “Thanks Uncle, it took a while to get the engines and rotors calibrated properly, but now it flies at mach speed with ease and can hover anywhere and anytime”


Uraraka was still staring, which the greenette took notice of.


She walked over to the brown haired girl and smiled “Hello, you must be Uncle’s successor. My name is Izumi Shield, though you probably know that already, judging by your staring” she reached out a hand for the girl to shake.


Uraraka shook out of her daze, while her already pink cheeks became red with minor embarrassment “O-oh, y-yes. M-my name I-is Ochako U-Uraraka, i-it’s an honour to m-meet you” she grabbed Izumi’s hand to shake it, before she blinked as what the greenette had said sunk in “Wait, he told you about me? Isn’t that supposed to be a big secret?” asked the brunette as she turned to Yagi.


Yagi shrugged “It is, but there were multiple reasons for why I told her. One, she's better suited to help you improve your quirk and One for All than I am, and two, she would have figured it out eventually regardless. Remember, she’s one of the smartest people on the planet, and we’re close enough that she calls me Uncle. It would only have been a matter of time before she figured it out” explained the blonde with a grin.


Izumi giggled “Yep, that would happen. I figured out he was All Might as well, after just knowing him as Yagi for about ten minutes. It helped that I had met him before the… injury” added Izumi, her tone becoming solemn at the end.


Yagi’s expression softened, and he walked over and put a hand on Izumi’s head.


When she looked up at him, she met a soft smile “Don't worry Izumi, the injury isn’t as bad, thanks to you and David’s work on my suit” assured he kindly.


Izumi looked at him for a moment, then nodded “Ok, but if that changes, don’t hesitate to come to me, alright?”


The blonde nodded “I promise” he turned back to Ochako “I apologise about that. The revelation of the injury hit Izumi hard, and she hasn’t quite gotten over it yet”


Ochako expression turned worried, but she didn’t know what to say, so she just nodded in understanding.


Izumi took a deep breath, then a smile came back to her face “I’m ok, let’s get to it” she turned back to Yagi “So, what’s the plan Uncle” asked she cheerily.


Yagi hummed “For now, my plan is for you to observe Young Uraraka, and perhaps give guidance where possible. You are more intelligent than I am, so you are bound to think of things I wouldn’t have”


Izumi brought a hand to her chin, then nodded “Alright, that sounds fine. Will you do combat training with her eventually?” asked the greenette further.


Yagi blinked, then rubbed the back of his neck “Um, no, I hadn’t really intended to. You know I don’t use martial arts, I’ve never needed it, so I didn’t think about it” admitted he with an embarrassed tone.


Izumi stared at him blankly, then sighed “Alright. I’m gonna be doing martial arts training with her then, but it can wait until she inherits One for All. She doesn’t have the build to be a brute forcer like you, I can tell just from looking at her” she looked the brunette up and down as she said this.


Yagi turned to look over Ochako as well, then sighed “You’re right, and I knew it as well, but I still didn’t think of it” he turned back to the greenette with a lopsided smile “This is what I meant by you being bound to think of things I hadn’t”


Izumi raised an eyebrow, then a small smile appeared on her face “Well I’m glad you decided to reach out instead of trying to do it yourself. It could have ended badly otherwise”


The blonde flinched slightly at her bluntness “Ouch, I know I can be bad, but I’m not that bad, am I?”


Izumi shrugged “Maybe, maybe not, I haven’t seen enough of your day to day decisions to make a consensus. Well, besides your eating habits, which are a pretty big negative” she gave him a small glare at the last part.


Yagi looked away, trying to seem ignorant of her words.


He cleared his throat and turned back to Ochako “Young Uraraka, why don’t we get started, shall we?”


Uraraka blinked “Um sure. Do you just want me to do the usual?”


Yagi nodded “Yes, but put the trash in the large bins. Izumi will transport the bins to the recycling plant in her-“ he paused as he realised he didn’t know what the aircraft was. He turned to the girl in question “Actually, what is this aircraft?”


Izumi blinked “Oh right. This is my G-226 Aerial Transport, but I just call it a Dropship for short. It can carry many tons of cargo with ease, despite only having two engines” explained Izumi proudly.


Ochako raised a hand “How does it stay stable though? It only has one engine on each side, so how does it manage to stay in one place without tilting?” asked the brunette with confusion.


Izumi smiled “The secret to that, is several heavy duty gyroscopes and stabilisers. They can keep it stable with almost no movement. If you want, I’ll let you fly along later, maybe fly you home too” suggested she cheerfully.


Ochako stared at her, then the plane, then her again “You’d let me fly along?”


Izumi nodded “Of course. It’s supposed to be a people carrier, and there’s room for two people in the cockpit, so you can easily enjoy the view with me”


Ochako stared for another moment, then a wide excited smile spread across her face “That sounds really awesome. If you’re fine with it, then I would love to”


Izumi smiled “Then that’s the plan” she turned to the beach, then back to Ochako “Well, I guess you should get to it”


Ochako nodded and turned to run down the stairs towards the beach.


Yagi called out to her as she ran down “Remember to be careful”


The girl turned and gave him a thumbs up, along with a smile, then turned back and ran across the sand.


Izumi hummed with an analytical expression “She seems bubbly, and thoughtful of others, but also attentive of details. She’ll be a good successor” determined the girl.


Yagi nodded with a proud smile “Indeed she will, I’m glad you approve as well”


The greenette turned to the blonde with a raised eyebrow “She’s your successor, why does my approval matter?” asked she with a confused tone.


Yagi turned to her with a smile “Because you’re intelligent, and I value your opinion as much as some of my most trusted friends. That, and you’re better at reading people and figuring out their thinking process than I am, so it is also reassuring that you see the same I do” answered he with honesty.


Izumi blinked, then a small blush appeared on her face “Oh, um, thank you” 


Yagi chuckled “Come, let’s go down to the sand and keep an eye on Young Uraraka” he turned to look at the ship “Um, will you get in trouble for leaving the… ‘Dropship’ there?” asked he with a raised eyebrow.


Izumi turned to look, then shrugged “There really isn’t a law that surrounds the Dropship, but I could probably get in trouble for blocking multiple parking spots” the girl hummed for a moment, then brought her left forearm up in front of her “Adjutant. Take control of the Dropship and fly it back to SkyShield and get it refuelled”


“Affirmative Mistress. Activating Dropship, initiating Autoflight function, SkyShield coordinates locked” answered a synthetic female voice, with a slightly English accent.


Yagi looked at Izumi with surprise, but then the sound of the Dropship’s engines reactivating caught his attention, and he turned back in time to see the ramp retracting back to the ship and the door closing.


Moments after, the engines revved up and the ship began to rise from the ground.


It moved forward slowly at first, then as it reached the water the engines pointed backwards and it shot off, reaching mach one after just a few seconds, creating a loud sonic boom as it continued to gain altitude.


Yagi stared after it with shock, then once it got too small to see, he slowly turned to stare at Izumi, who was looking at him expectantly.


He finally found his voice “Izumi. What was that?”


Izumi smiled “Which part?” asked she innocently.


Yagi looked around a befumbled expression before looking back to her “Everything!” exclaimed he with wide eyes as he threw his hands into the air.


Izumi continued to smile innocently “Well. The voice you heard was my AI, Adjutant. She helps me with cataloging my work and she can control many of my inventions, just like she did with the Dropship just now” explained she cheerfully.


Yagi stared at her “You have an AI? How?” 


Izumi shrugged “I needed it and got some help from one of my co-workers at I-Island who specialises in programming. At first she was surprised by my request, but once I explained it, she was actually quite excited for the challenge. So, she wrote Adjutant’s programming and guidelines, while I prepared her memory core, and that’s how she came around. I only have one problem, and that’s the fact my co-worker programmed her to call me ‘Mistress’ and won’t tell me how to change it, and Adjutant won’t accept verbal commands to change it” she huffed with a small pout as she finished. The fact Adjutant called her Mistress still threw her off, but she either had to get used to it, or learn advanced programming, and she knew which was faster.


Yagi blinked at her several times, then put his hands together and brought them up to his face.


He took in a deep breath, then sighed heavily as he dropped his arms to his sides “I don’t know why I’m surprised anymore, you’re intelligent, and resourceful enough for something of this caliber” he rubbed his eyes in exasperation.


Izumi giggled “Of course i am. But this is small compared to some of the other things I have going” added she innocently again.


Yagi narrowed his eyes at her “I’m not even going to ask. Let’s just get down to the sand” said the man as he turned and began walking away, completely done with the situation.


Izumi couldn’t help the laughing fit that came from her.


Yagi couldn’t handle it, huh?