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Talking to the River

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~Lotus Pier, Yunmeng~

Jiang Cheng "Stay firmer. Use your balance first."

Jin Ling "Huh!? What do you think I'm doing? You're the one who is using so much force. Are you trying to train me or are you trying to show off?"

Jiang Cheng's face reddened "You- Is this how you speak to your uncle? Do you want a beating?!"

Jin Ling immediately took a couple steps back, holding his sword in a defensive way. Just as he was about to answer a disciple came running towards them. His forehead was sweating and he was obviously in a hurry. He saluted them at once and whispered something to Jiang Cheng's ear. Suddenly his face changed, his brows twitched and he was surrounded by a dark aura at once. With fright, Jin Ling wanted to take even more steps back but he was too curious so he couldn't step forward or backwards and stayed where he is, unable to move.

Jiang Cheng furrowed his brows. With a low voice he asked "BaoShan SanRen? Have you confirmed?"

The disciple shook his head. Jiang Cheng fumed "You did not? He can just be a charlatan then! Why are you disturbing me with this nonsense and not confirming his words first?!"

The disciple lowered his head, somehow sweating even more he spoke "We did not know how to confirm his words. We could only think of asking him about the spesifics of BaoShan SanRen's location but he wouldn't tell!" The disciple looked down and lowered his head even more before speaking again "and even if he did tell us, there is no way for us to know if he is telling the truth or not."

Jiang Cheng sighed as if he was trying to calm himself. His left hand went to the index finger of his right hand and touched the sizzling ring. He asked "With what reason does he want to speak to me and me only?"

The disciple "He says you would only believe him if you speak to him face to face" Hearing this Jiang Cheng's eyes grew dark and the ring on his index finger sizzled even more causing both the disciple and Jin Ling to shiver slightly.

With a dark laughter Jiang Cheng spoke "Who does he think he is? He dares come to my sect and ask for me, the leader of the YunmengJiang Sect to speak to him face to face without a solid reason."

The disciple hurried "I will go and chase him out immediately."

Jiang Cheng "Stop. Who told you to go chase him out? He gave us the name of BaoShan SanRen. He is whether telling the truth or extremely stupid. I would not want to offend an immortal. He says he wants to talk to me directly because I wouldn't believe him if I didn't speak to him face to face, right? He might be somebody I know. Tell him I will meet him but I will decide whether or not to speak to him after I see his face. If I'm not satisfied he can find his way out."

The disciple nodded quickly and dissappeared towards where he came from at once. Jiang Cheng took in a deep breath and looked at Jin Ling "Todays training is over. You should practise on remaining your posture and your balance more. You will not be able to whine it's using too much force when you face a powerful creature in the future."

Jin Ling's face reddened "I do not whine! I- Uncle? What's wrong?"

Jiang Cheng was looking at something behind Jin Ling with fixed, widened eyes and a slightly opened mouth. Jin Ling looked back too. The disciple was hurriedly coming alongside with someone who wore light green clothes with a pure white ribbon tied up his left arm and hanging down slightly. It was different from the forehead ribbon the Gusulan Sect used. He had delicate features and a slender physics. He looked quite handsome and dignified. Jin Ling couldn't take his eyes off of him for quite some time. After finally moving his eyes and looking at his uncle. He saw his uncles expression changing rapidly, his mouth opening and closind as though he wanted to speak. His face shifted between white and red. He finally managed to speak "Y-You..."