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Halloween 2019

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So, as you can see, this isn't Chapter 1. Not really anyway.
I just wanted to take the opportunity to sort of explain what I'm doing and why for anyone who might be curious.
Back in August my sister suggested I make a collection of spooky stories centered around our favorite band members. Naturally, I sat down and combed Pinterest and Tumblr for any takers. My current list is about 25 or 26 prompts/sentence starters and I am honestly extremely excited to share them.

This is a project I've been working on for a while and I have about 8 one-shots already written and waiting on being posted. Like I mentioned in the summary, I'm gonna update once a day every day of October. Some of the chapters in this will be short, others rather long. I have one right now that's so long I'm probably gonna split it into three or more updates! It's one of my favorites so far, though it probably won't be posted until week two as it's not quite finished yet.

Also, I don't have any plans for this to be particularly bloody or anything but if inspiration strikes, I will be putting chapter specific warnings before each new chapter!

So, yeah, this was just a 'why the heck am I doing a Halloween prompt thing when it's been proven over and over again to never be finished'. I've been reading on archive a while, I see all the abandoned challenges like this one. I have nothing against those authors, sometimes writing every day, or on a set schedule, isn't as important as other things. But If you know me, I normally end up apologizing for posting things Early rather than late. That's why I chose to make this a challenge for myself. No one's forcing me, other than my sister who told me she'd pick my Halloween costume for me if I miss an update. Coming from a 13 year-old kid, that's terrifying. XD

Expect this to actually be finished, if I don't finish it I've probably fallen down the bottomless pit of year three college life.

Final note from me tonight: send me prompts? Plz?
But seriously, if there's a spooky or Halloween idea you have that you want to see, just ask! I will say that I will not accept prompts that are asking for incest or smut but other than that, the gates are pretty much open. That's gonna come back to bite me isn't it? For real though, don't be shy dudes. I love interacting with you all, even though I'm an awkward mess and I'm just gonna apologize in advance for that. ***YOU can suggest prompts by either leaving a comment on this fic or by messaging me on my tumblr honestmouse20 ***

Alright, I will see you all in a little less than two days when I post The Real chapter 1. Hint: it's called "Cemetery Drive"