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Caught You Peeking

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Bakugou didn't really understand sex. He didn't get what the big deal was. Didn't find anyone, male or female, attractive, didn't want to date. Nothing.


That is, until he accidentally saw Kirishima jacking off one day. The two had moved in together after they graduated, a small two bedroom apartment. Normally they had different patrol times on Thursdays, but he ended up getting the day off instead.


So, when Bakugou walked by his roommate's door, he didn't expect to get an eye full of ass. Kirishima up on his knees, braced against the bed with one arm while the other was thrusting an orange colored dildo into his hole.


He was frozen, eyes locked on that stretched, wet hole. The redhead's moans sent shivers down Bakugou's spine. His dick was standing at full attention, straining against his pants. 


Kirishima's moans got louder, until finally he froze, "Fuuuck! Bakugou!" 


The sound of his name brought Bakugou out of his daze. Oh shit, oh fuck. He bolted to his room, door closer with a bang.


"You home bro?" Well he sounded normal. 


"Yeah, got the day off. Gonna go for a run." He tried his best not to sound weird. 


"Cool. I'm going to hop in the shower!"


And while his best friend was showering, Bakugou fucked his fist, thinking about the way how hole clenched around that dildo, and the sound of his voice as he moaned his name. 


Thus began, a very interesting couple weeks. Bakugou tried really hard to not catch Kirishima again. He did! He even worked overtime for a couple of nights he knew his roommate had off. But even with all his trying, he failed.


It was the one night that week that the two of them both had off. Easy take out dinner, then his early bedtime. As always. 


Except, he couldn't fall asleep. 


And instead of just laying there he decided to get a glass of water. That's when he heard it.Bakugou know those sounds. Those moans


Oh fuck. 


There he was, on the couch. Where they were both just watching TV. Kirishima had his dick in hand, stroking slowly, head resting against the back of the couch.Thank fuck the lights were mostly out or Bakugou would be screwed. 


Because instead of going back to his room, he just stood there and watched. Watched as the redhead stroked his cock. His thick, hard cock that he wanted to put his mou- Nope! No no no! Do NOT go there.


"Shit Bakugou..." The blond's blood ran cold, eyes refocusing after he apparently closed them. Kirishima still had his eyes closed, but his hand was moving faster. 


"Fuck you feel so good..." That woke Bakugou and his dick back up.He watched silently, even started to palm his own erection as the red head jerked off. Why the hell was this arousing? He was standing in the middle of a dark hall watching his best friend masturbated. What was wrong with him?


Before he could berate himself more, the sound of Kirishima cumming interrupted his thoughts. Shit. Shit! Bakugou quickly went back to his room, this time shutting the door quietly. He was hot, panting partially from fear of being caught but also from his still very hard dick.


And for the second time, he ended up thinking about the redhead with his dick in his hand. 


Then it happened again, and again, and again. It got to the point where Bakugou figured out Kirishima's schedule, or at least when he would most likely enjoy himself.


He ended up masturbating more in those couple weeks then he had in his whole life. And it seemed that he was getting away with it too. About a month after that first time, Bakugou was getting frustrated. No matter what he did or tried, it always seemed like he kept catching Kirishima. 


Sometimes it was with just his hand, sometimes with a toy, in his room or on the couch. Once it had been in the kitchen. And every time he caught him it added to his imagination. Slowly but surely the pictures in his head changed from memories to fantasies.


Kirishima sucking his cock, bending over so Bakugou could fill his hole, being tied up while Kiri rode him. That last one was really new.But the thing that didn't change was the sounds coming from the redhead's mouth. They were always the same moans and whines Bakugou heard every time he watched. 


And of course the way that Kirishima moaned his name as he came.He knew this was wrong. So very very wrong. But then again, his roommate was obviously thinking of him too. It was all fucked up. Thus, he decided to do what any rational person in this situation would do.


 Absolutely nothing.