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The Cipher Pines Triplets: A Gravity Falls AU

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Everything was overwhelming. Mabel let out a loud groan as all three cries practically synchronized into one loud-as-hell screech. Yep, definitely demon babies.

She had demon babies. Why couldn't she just get a good nights sleep? Oh, right, because she decided to have freakin' demon babies. Normal babies were probably like this too, though. Hopefully.


Grumpily rolling onto her side she gingerly lifted her arm to let it fall down and smack her demon husband in the face. Will let out a similar groan as he moved his face towards her and tenderly rubbed his cheek "Marbles, what was that for?" Mabel merely rolled her eyes sassily at him. "It's your turn" was the deadpan answer he received. It was then that the screams finally registered in his ears as, well, screams. Bolting upright he quickly threw his baby blue bunny slippers on. Huffing, he pushed the entirety of his weight upwards and off the bed. With that he was quietly opening the door. The hallway was dark but he could make out the dim nightlight softly coming from beneath the nursery door. Why did they have to have it right across from their room again? Oh, yeah, so they could hear the babies. Just as quietly, with near practice at this point, he opened the door and the full volume of the babies wailing hit him.


Willow, Juniper, and Birch were all sobbing and the sound was absolutely deafening. He found the cause for all the chaos practically at first sight. Juniper had likely rolled over in his sleep and began chewing on Birches hand— at least if Birches bleeding hand with fang marks was any indication. Birch was whining while letting out soft sobs as they cradled and sucked on their bloody hand. Willow, woken up by Birches whimpers, even more startled at the sight and smell of blood, immediately began sobbing incoherently. Juniper, reluctantly startled awake from the rather loud sobs and whines, began shrieking his outrage from all the horrible noises happening around him. This was already becoming normal, somehow.


With a defeated sigh, Will pattered over to the large crib and picked up Birch. First thing's first, they needed their hand medically tended to. Walking back into the hall, and making sure to close the nursery door again so he wouldn't get grief from Mabel, he strode over to the nearby bathroom. Flicking on the rather bright lights, earning another whimper from the small bundle, he turned towards the sink, turning on and testing the temperature before guiding the babies injured hand beneath its course. He silently lay down a healing spell as Birch finally quieted down and simply stared at their healing hand with what could only be described as pure curiosity. Within seconds, the puncture wounds were closed and most of the blood had been washed down the drain. With that obstacle out of the way, he turned off the sink. The current baby in his arms was already dozing off so he walked back to the babies room. Opening the door once more, he laid a sleepy Birch down in the crib as he got ready to deal with the other two sobbing boys. Picking each of them up, along with the bottles left astray, he cradled each in a separate arm. Flopping down rather lazily in the nearby rocking chair (suited for the very task of putting so many flippin' babies to sleep) he put a bottle in each of their mouths as he began a gentle rocking rhythm of back-and-forth.


How did Will Cipher end up as a dad with triplets?


Oh, right, he fell for a shooting star and joined her in her infinite cosmos. It was worth it. He'd only had the triplets for a month and a half but he knew that he'd do anything for them. Honestly though, they were tiring.



He let out a drained grumble as he just tried his best not to fall asleep with his babies right then and there. Hell, could closing his eyes for a few seconds really do any harm? Probably not. The babies were asleep now, Birch's hand was healed, so no harm was technically done. Just a few seconds. That's all he needed.










W... What..?


Will blinked his eyes blearily at the sight of the morning sun leaking through the closed curtains.




What was that sound? He slightly shook himself as his eyes finally focused in on the object in front of him— wait, no, a person in front of him?






He heard her giggling and noticed the outdated camera in her hands. "Scrapbooking opportunity!" She shouted in delight, forgetting about the sleeping baby behind her, only remembering when it was too late. Birch let out a strangled sob as their beauty sleep was interrupted. Mabel jumped at the sound (carelessly discarding the camera on the end of the changing table where it soon stumbled onto the floor, although nobody actually paid attention to it) and quickly rushed over to the child, hurriedly shushing them. "Oh no, no, no I'm sorry. It's okay." She picked Birch up and nuzzled her cheek against them (from Will's placement it almost looked like she was unintentionally suffocating the poor child with her cheek) but they continued with their snivelling. So she laid them down on the changing table before blowing a raspberry against their stomach. The reaction was instant and an explosion of squeals and giggles filled the room.


Will smiled tenderly at the sight. "Gosh, what did I ever do to deserve you?" Mabel turned around to look at him with a devious smirk and a glint in her eyes, always a bad sign. "I think it was when you tried looking cool by leaning against that wall but just ended up missing entirely and crying on the ground." Will looked at her with something akin to horror and utter embarrassment at the fact she could still remember that. "Oh! It could also be that other time you—" he let out a cry of anguish. "No! Marbles, please! Mercy!" She snorted at his look of despair and finally relented, more than satisfied with the reaction she'd managed out of him.


Lifting Birch back up into her arms she opened the door and began heading towards the staircase. "Wakey-wakey, hot men, and bakey!" She shouted loud enough not only for the babies but their other housemates, Soos and his wife Melody, who were likely going to sleep in till the afternoon, as usual. Will released another embarrassed moan which the two boys giggled at. Daddy made funny noises! Getting up with Juniper and Willow still snuggled into his arms, he followed Mabel's lead downstairs into the kitchen. They both placed the babies in the giant playpen set up in the living room before looking at each other challengingly. "Rock paper scissors?" Will weakly offered accompanied with a small shrug. Mabel snorted, "How do you come up with these amazing ideas?" Will blushed before breaking out a goofy smile at his wife's praise. No matter how much time seemed to pass he'd always squirm at least a bit at Mabel's sincere compliments. Tossing that thought aside, they set up their hands and— "Rock, paper, scissors— crap!" Will won. He shot Mabel a smirk before quite literally skipping to the kitchen. "Have fun with the hell spawns!"


"Yeah, well, I will!" Mabel all but squawked back stubbornly.


The morning went without any bumps and after everyone ate breakfast (which involved a lot of attempted food fights on Junipers end and even more crying from Willow after a mashed carrot got stuck in his hair) the parents packed up everything they needed. Well, tried to. Getting out of the door was absolute hell. The two parents ran to and fro snatching supplies like: diapers, bottles, snacks, etc etc. Why did babies need so much stuff!? Eventually they noticed Juniper smelled, well, gross to put lightly. Will had tried to change Junipers diaper but he'd decided he didn't like that and opted to piss all over daddy while laughing maniacally instead. Will was horrified but begrudgingly accepted his inevitable fate as he trudged to the bathroom to take a needed shower. The stench of urine following him all the way upstairs (that was probably going to wake the sleeping couple if the babies cries didn't). Mabel finished up the job Will was too scared to do. However, she was still left all alone with the triplets. The hell just seemingly continued to escalate.


After walking back downstairs to put Juniper into the play pen Mabel went right back to prepping. She grabbed an enormous hot pink bag, one from her own fashion line (slathered in industrial sparkles and glitter and even her own personal stickers now). She didn't have time to even consider how expensive this bag was before she was shoving bottles of warm milk, diapers, baby wipes, baby powder, baby this, and baby that, into it. She reached for the packed snacks Will had made earlier when she heard the unmistakable sounds of crashes and bangs and thuds. That really wasn't a good sign. Mabel felt her entire being freeze as a particularly painful shattering sound resonated through the shack and seconds later the tell tale scream of all the demon babies seemed to nearly vibrate the house. Oh god what did the demons do?


Dropping the pacifier in her hand she rushed from the kitchen all the way to the living room with all her athletic strength (thanks to Wendy), skidding to a full stop at the sight in front of her. Her jaw dropped and she had to rub a bit at her eyes to make sure she was actually seeing this— this— this chaos (she'd be impressed, maybe even giddy, if she wasn't the one who had to clean it all up. She wasn't sure she could fix everything even).


Birch had somehow tinkered with the playpen enough so to dismantle the whole damn thing. She could see some of the screws still in plain sight but a large majority were missing, hopefully hidden under any furniture that wasn't upturned and not in any of the babies stomachs (wait, would that even be dangerous to them? She'd seen Will eat supposedly inedible objects while really damn sleep deprived without much, if any, care. He actually seemed to enjoy it. Was that even a demon thing or just an alien thing?)



Juniper was the one who really went to town on the living room, though. This one just seemed to love anarchy too much for even her own comfort, and this was coming from Mabel Pines for goodness sake! Within the small time span Mabel had left them alone (hell was she actually gone for a short amount of time? She just couldn't grasp a child creating this much mess in minutes) Juniper, the teething little bastard, had started tearing into Stan's famous recliner with his little fangs. Puffs of fluff decorated the entire living room like real clouds and the other triplets had set to work stuffing them everywhere. She wasn't sure where they got the idea but there was cotton in every nook and cranny. They must've gotten bored of that though and crawled their little butts to the toy boxes and dumped them all over the place together. At least they were learning teamwork? They also apparently knocked over other more precious items in the process, judging by the fallen shattered T.V with glass everywhere. Oh that did not look safe— oh my god Juniper was teething on a glass shard, how is he not hurt? Oh, hell, they might need to start saving for these kinds of emergencies with demon babies?



To add to all the chaos baby throw up was all over the rug, hell it must have been projectile vomit from what she could see splattered on the back tiled wall. The golden tinted trail of barf led back to the light brown haired triplet and she did feel pity as she saw little Willow bawling weakly with chunks still running down his face.



Some had also gotten all over the other babies who were blatantly appalled and began screeching for their mommy or daddy to rescue them from this mess.


With an undignified huff Mabel rolled up the sleeves of her sweater and grabbed each dirty child (ripping the glass shard away from Juniper before anyone could get hurt) to bring them for a bath in the kitchens sinks. This was going to be a long day and it was only the morning for crying out loud! Would they even have time to visit the park with the way this day was going?


Upstairs Will practically doused himself in Mabel's intoxicating strawberry body wash in a desperate attempt to cleanse himself of the bodily fluids. He shivered as he remembered Junipers maniacal laughter, it was far too similar to... someone else long gone. He didn't want to think of the past. Instead he let the tension slip from his muscles as the hot water ran over his vessel. Just relax and breathe. After a few minutes he was finally able to let out a content sigh. He'd been so winded up these last few weeks, why was that—? Distinctive smashing noises could be heard downstairs quickly followed by synchronized cries. (Ah. Yes. That was why.)


Oh god what just happened?! Panic overwhelmed Will's mind as he turned off the water in a heartbeat and threw on a towel as fast as possible. Slamming open the bathroom door he found his legs moving faster than his mind as he ran with heavy steps towards the cries. His sight zeroed in on his family, seeing that nobody was earnestly hurt he felt whatever anxieties that built up seep away, letting out a breathe he had unknowingly held. Mabel was kneeling on the floor and picking up a crying Willow. Birch was quietly nestled into Mabel's other arm and stared at willow without ever blinking— were they observing them? Creepy. Meanwhile Juniper was having a temper tantrum rolling around behind Mabel (where she had laid him after he bit her whilst screaming bloody murder). He had begun to aggressively teeth on a random toy from their earlier carnage while hot angry tears ran down his chubby cheeks (that was his glass shard! He had clearly claimed it as his property! Mommy had no right to take away what was his). With his focus slipping from their forms he found his eyes taking in the state of the living room and— oh god that was a lot of puke. Will swayed slightly on his feet with nausea as the numbers and tasks rolled through his mind lazily. He let out a loud wheeze as he knelt down to curl up on the floor and begin crying himself. Have babies they said. It'll be fun they said. This is not fun. This is scary. Everything is scary.



Mabel's light footsteps soon trailed over to him and she lightly nudged his side "hey silly, you okay?" Will let out a sound that could only be described as a horse on the brink of death (it definitely made all the triplets squeal with giggles, except Juniper who was still livid, how did daddy manage all these funny sounds?). "I— I think I need a break, Marbles."


Soos and Melody couldn't have woken up sooner. The couple were happy to babysit the triplets for a half hour while Mabel and Will de-stressed in their shared room (and Will also got some clothes on finally). The time passed way too quickly. Soon enough all the supplies were packed, the babies were buckled into their three seated stroller, and the couple were walking lazily to the Circle Park.


"Hey, Marbles?" Will tentatively spoke as he steadily walked by Mabel's side. She let out a hum of acknowledgement as they kept at a slow pace, it was the first time in awhile where they had total peace with the triplets. They had to cherish these moments now that they were parents. Juniper had fallen asleep crying while Willow and Birch gurgled happily at each other in what one could guess to be baby talk. "What will we do if any of them are..." he worried his lip as his expression shifted into one of concern. Mabel understood his query though, "Omega?" She finished the uneasy sentence for him. He let out a sigh as he shakily nodded a 'yes' in her direction. It was no secret this world was cruel.


First there was beta's, they fell on a strange scale of submissive to dominant and where they landed depended entirely on the person. They were the most common type because of this. Betas were stereotyped as your average joes who you'd see living mostly comfortably with middle class jobs. They made up most of the population after all.

Then there was the alphas, the second most common type. They were often depicted as the rich snobby entitled group and honestly with the corrupted ideologies of society it wasn't far off from the truth. It was just how everyone was raised, believing that the alphas deserved the best when they obviously didn't. She'd seen and even read the news regarding what alphas did to beta's in both public and secrecy, it was gut wrenching sometimes— and that was coming from a fellow alpha for gosh sakes.



Lastly there was Omegas, these types weren't common at all, they were actually considered rare. By alphas standards they were often called exotic which was a gross thought all on its own. They were still humans for crying out loud, not food! These beliefs caused omegas to be treated the worse by far and her memories on what she'd seen people do to omegas forced a shiver down her spine. An unmarked omega was nearly impossible in this world.


Will, her beta of a husband, explained a long time ago that this entire animalistic hierarchy was all caused by this earth needing to compensate for a lack of 'weirdness' by becoming far more primitive than planned. At least it was something along those lines? Back then Mabel hadn't cared much to entirely focus in on Will's words or even bother reading between the lines but maybe she should have listened a bit more. Especially when it was important to her babies who fostered abnormal amounts of this 'weirdness.' Either way neither Mabel or Will were certain what it would do to their children. They were hybrids after all. When it came to their physical mental or emotional capabilities, especially their roles in this messed up hierarchy, neither of them knew what to expect. The truth was that they were improvising at best.


"W-We..." She stuttered trying to wrap her mind around the thought of one of their children being doomed an omega. She would never feel ashamed of one of her children— one of her own family members, how could she be ashamed of them? She loved her family too much for that. But she was well aware society would shame them. What would happen if she sent them out into the world alone with that sort of status hanging over their head? That thought scared her the most. She looked down at her shaky hands feeling her face drain of its usually vibrant colours. Memories practically flashed before her eyes of omegas being publicly humiliated, omegas being mauled to death in back alleys, omegas being forcefully claimed against their consent in the safety of their own homes. So, one of her children? An omega? That was like a fate worse than death in this horrific system. "We scent them." She whispered fearfully, an edge of something to her tone, something she didn't even understand. "Everyday, we will scent them with an alpha." This time she said it far more steadily and with far more certainty than she actually felt (was this really a good idea? What would the impact be on the child if they essentially force them to be something they're not?) Will startled back in surprise, blinking owlishly as if he wasn't sure he'd heard Mabel correctly. "We what?! Mabel," She gulped, Will only called her by her real name if he was about to say something serious, "I trust your judgement but are you sure we should do this?" Will stared at her more than a little skeptically, almost as though he was trying to mentally send her all the reasons why that was a bad idea through his eyes, but the pressure of the world was practically— no, literally, on her shoulders in that moment and it was killing her. She let both her alpha's defensive nature and a mothers wrath bubble to surface as she snarled "Will." The two stopped walking but she noticed how Will's posture tensed at the authoritative tone being used. "Can you really think of any other choices we have?!" Will flinched at the underlying alpha command but otherwise said nothing, all Mabel could think in that moment was 'good.' The rest of the walk was silent and neither had the mental energy to try to break the tension, especially after the hell they went through that morning.


The park came into sight and they saw a few children with their parents already there. They made quick work of laying down a blanket nearby, rousing Juniper from his sleep (he didn't even cry much this time!), and unbuckling all three babies. Both parents settled down as the babies rolled around on the blanket whilst chittering nonsense happily at each other. Usually by now her and Will would be talking but more silence just seemed to envelope them, it was nearly suffocating. This wasn't normal, or okay, what she did earlier wasn't okay. "I'm sorry" Mabel tenderly whispered into the open air but Will still heard it if the way he looked at her was any indication. "What for?" It was a gentle, almost appearing as a thoughtless, inquiry but Mabel could sense there was a deeper meaning hidden to the words. "I shouldn't have used an alpha command on you for asking an honestly good question." She felt her shoulders hunch in as she tried to keep her breath steady but the panic was already return, that sickening weight, the rushing what-if's. "I— I just really don't know what to do. I'm so lost in all this, Will. How are we even supposed to raise these children?" She felt a gentle hand on her left shoulder and Will lightly tugged her body into his side in a half arm hug. "What if we mess up? What if we fail them? Like, as parents, ya know?" Mabel squeezed her arm, manicured nails pinching her skin. "What did I tell you when you were about to give birth?" It was a strange question but in the midst of her fear she grasped for something and this was something. "You... You said 'I'll always be by your side, Mabel.' T-Then I was rushed to the l-labour room. With you beside me." He softly kissed the top of her hair, the smallest of smiles brushing his lips as he did so, "and as long as the supposed 'demon tamers' stays together, we'll always be unbeatable." Mabel snorted at the memory of once upon a time proclaiming the duo as the mighty 'demon tamers', not even realizing Will was a demon at the time, but finally turned her body to fully embrace his in one of her typical Mabel hugs. "God, that was so cheesy, you're such a dork." Will continued to pepper her giggling face in kisses in one of his most grand displays of public affection. The unspoken words of love tingling across her face in the form of quick kisses.

Mabel was totally relaxed against Will and as they finally settled down to just watching the babies playfully squirm and chatter Mabel felt... content.


They were going to be okay.


Everything was going to be okay.


As long as they stayed a family everything would be okay.