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The coastal town of Sandpoint had faced few trials and dangers over the course of its forty-two year history, but that was all about to change. Unbeknownst to the town’s founders, they built their frontier community over the ruins of an ancient laboratory and prison. These were the Catacombs of Wrath, a place where arcanists of ancient Thassilon explored and perfected the stolen arts of lifeshaping and fleshwarping. When their empire collapsed, the catacombs went dormant. They were not fated to stay that way.

It was the first day of autumn, but more than that, it was the day of consecration for the new cathedral of Desna. The young Kaijitsu twins might've worshipped her as the Goddess of the North Star, but they watched as rapt as the next villager as Father Zantus and his acolytes wheeled a large covered wagon into the square.

First came the tale. Shizu and Shinya had heard it plenty of times over the years. When Desna first fell to the earth, she was nursed back to health by a blind child. In gratitude for their aid, she’d transformed the child into an immortal butterfly.

The acolytes pulled back the wagon cover. A furious storm of a thousand swallowtail butterflies swarmed into the air in a spiraling riot of purples, yellows, and blues. The twins, swept up in the fantastic rush, cheered with the crowd, a small but cosmopolitan bunch.

The two Tian-Min in their well-worn leather dusters would’ve stood out no more than the next varied and sundry ethnicity save that both Shizu and Shinya each possessed one solid, dead black eye. Many supposed that they, like their ill-fated friend Nula, gods rest her soul, were aasimar. Only their philandering father knew the truth.

As the children ran off to chase the butterflies, never quite quick enough to catch them, those in the know stuck around for the free lunch, at the expense of the local taverns. It was a marketing push, of course, with the Rusty Dragon, the Hagfish, and the White Deer each vying to snipe the others’ patrons. Shinya, a loyal customer of the Rusty Dragon, quickly snatched up two tankards of early winterdrop mead and two platters of curry-spiced salmon.

Their older (half-)sister and tavern owner Ameko leaned heavily on the vending stall and gave them a brilliant grin, taking the breath away from every customer in the vicinity. “You finally hit that growth spurt, kiddo? Or does somebody have a date?”

“Hah! I wish,” Shinya laughed without clarifying to which of those possibilities would’ve made for a better reality. “This is for Shizu.”

“Huh, so the lil’ stiff came out to a public party.” She straightened up on her arms to cast a sloe eye over the crowd, but the twins had picked out a luncheon spot too shadowed to draw notice, a laundry-strung alleyway. “Well, lemme know how they like it.”

“They’ll love it!”

"Curry salmon?" Shizu made a face as they chewed but swallowed resolutely. Then scraped the rest of the curry seasoning off with a claw-like black nail.

Shinya sighed and rolled their eyes, their solid black orb seemingly unmoved. They leaned back against the redwood timbers of the loghouse and took a deep swig of the mead. The mead was pleasantly cool, the afternoon sun pleasantly warm, and just the first hint of crisp autumn in the air. But it'd be a snow day in summer before Shizu learned to appreciate the little things like they did.

For now, they closed their eyes and just enjoyed. Until a scream sliced through the air, quickly followed by more of its kind. Shinya and Shizu scrambled to their feet, a family katana in Shinya's hand and a hunter's longbow in Shizu's.

A surge of new voices rose above the clamoring crowd, high-pitched and tittering shrieks. Green blurred low to the ground. A dog yelped in pain and collapsed with a gurgle, its throat cut from ear to ear. The goblin perpetrator licked the blade of their dogslicer clean as its brethren took up a shrill, raucous chant.

Their solid red eyes fixed on the twins. With a screeching warcry, the three-foot hellion threw themself at Shinya, burying their blade deep into their shocked target's side.

"Shinya!" Shizu screamed, fingers fumbling in panic. Their arrow tilted precariously at the bow.

As Shizu hastily reset their hands and arrow, they were forced to watch the goblin stab into Shinya yet again. Their sibling gurgled blood, the katana nearly falling from their limp fingers.

Shizu clenched their teeth, aimed, fired. The arrow, passing a hair’s breadth from Shinya, shunked through the goblin’s solid red eye and into their brain. The goblin went down like any deer or rabbit or wild goat.

Shizu caught Shinya before they went down with them. The two staggered against the alley wall.

“Hold still, hold still.” Shizu’s voice wavered as they bound up Shinya’s bloody side with fabric ribbons cut from their own shirt.

Shinya complied as best they could but the shivering was completely unintentional. They fixed their eyes on the chaos that had engulfed the square. Goblins raced everywhere, singing and slashing indiscriminately. Tongues of flame lashed from the stalls.

“A-Ameko,” Shinya gasped through chattering teeth. They pushed off the wall and away from Shizu.

“Shinya, wait!”

There was no time even for that. Five goblins armed with dogslicers and torches crowded cackling and shrieking at the mouth of the alley.

“Oh, fuck,” breathed the siblings. With one heart and mind, they turned tail and ran.

White hot pain lanced through Shizu’s calf. An arrow. At their speed, they stumbled into Shinya, taking both of them down. Dogslicers plunged into the twins’ backs, the sound of stabbing quickly drowning out their weakening screams.


Shinya woke, cold and aching in every inch of their body. Much to their surprise, they knew exactly where they were.

A long furnace burning with hot blue light rumbled loudly along the entire wall of the equally long room. Marble tables cluttered with tools for working raw glass sat throughout the chamber. This was where their father’s workers melted glass.

Or did. The bodies of the eight staffers littered the floor in various stages of dismemberment, presumably murdered by the goblins shoving each other to roast legs and arms in the furnace. More inscrutably, two of the eight hellions were pouring melted glass on the larger remains.

Shinya broke into a cold sweat. They had to get out of here, which was easier said than done. The goblins had secured their prisoner in a hogtie, their bound wrists lashed to their ankles with a short, sturdy length of rope.

They started small, wriggling their wrists. But it took only a single bored goblin to dash their progress. The hellion jabbed a finger in Shinya’s direction, chirping excitedly.

Shinya froze. The goblins jumped, chittered, and shrieked with wild grins. They swarmed around them, grabbing and tearing at Shinya’s clothes and skin. They dragged Shinya, wincing in pain, across the floor toward the room’s central alcove.

All pain and clamor drained away with the blood in Shinya’s face. Propped up in a chair and encased in thick, runny sheets of hardened glass was Lonjiku Kaijitsu, father of Ameko and the twins. So great was their shock that Shinya never noticed the goblins readying their next, sadistic exultation.

Dogslicers cut Shinya’s pants to shreds. They flipped their captive hard onto their arms, back, and bent legs. Before the twink’s vision ceased to spin, two goblins shoved their green dicks into Shinya’s upside-down mouth. Two more thrust into their virgin asshole.

Doubly penetrated from both ends, Shinya gave a cock-gagged scream of agony, choking as the goblins tore their throat and anal walls apart. A fifth goblin hopped up onto their chest, licking and sucking down on Shinya’s own cock like a thirsty whore.

The intense, wet suck over the dicks ramming Shinya’s ass in the g-spot could only heat and harden their helplessly pleasured cock. The twink whimpered onto the cocks pistoning in their mouth, their overstuffed shafts squeezing tight around their rapists’ dicks.

The four goblins shrieked and dug their claws into Shinya’s trembling flesh. Latched on, they jackhammered like mad into their helpless captive’s throat and anus. Sticky goblin cum exploded into Shinya’s ass and mouth.

They gurgled and swallowed. Cum burst from their own head into the hot, sucking mouth of the goblin milking their dick. Shinya shuddered as every last drop was lapped from their cock.

But the goblins weren’t done. The four pulled out of their new cum toilet’s ass and mouth, leaving room for the four who hadn’t yet blown their loads. Shinya received no rest or respite, the goblins raping them over and over until their cum ran like leaking blood from the twink’s skin and holes.