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“On god I will end you, then myself if you don’t shut that alarm off right now .” 


Minhyun chuckled from the other side of the room as he came back into the room to shut off his alarm. 


“Stop getting pissy with me just because you decided to party all night. Who parties on a Monday, anyway?” Minhyun laughed as he buttoned up his collar. 


“Someone who has a life, unlike you.” Aron said, throwing his pillow at Minhyun as he walked out of the door. 


Technically, Aron wasn’t supposed to be partying. That was the reason his mother sent him away to begin with. Aron’s parents had decided to ship him off to some remote university in the middle of Nowhere, California. 


It wasn’t his fault that the house party he wanted to have got out of hand and ended in the cops showing up … not at all. And it definitely isn’t his fault that there were all kinds of illicit drugs in every room. Absolutely not. He had just invited the wrong people. He didn’t remember half of the party to begin with, which definitely didn’t look good when the cops interrogated him. 


It didn’t matter though, he was turning 25 soon, and that meant he could legally obtain his fortune from the family. Until then, he was forced to listen to their every order, like coming to this stupid university, away from all the snotty rich kids he had spent years sucking up to in order to network himself for his future. 


Aron spent the next 20 minutes rolling around in his bed before deciding to finally get up and do something productive with his life. Networking doesn’t happen in bed, anyway. 


Dragging his feet, Aron got ready for the day, slipping on a hoodie and his glasses. 


Checking his schedule for the tenth time that morning, Aron headed off to the class he was TA-ing for. He hated every second of it, but he did get paid for it, and get credit. 


“Mr. Kwak will be grading your assignments, assuming he decides to make it to class to--” Dr. Jung paused as Aron walked through the door. “Ah, he made it. Anyway, hand in your papers to him, he will have them graded by the end of the week, our office hours are ..” 


Aron stopped listening as the students started to line up by his desk, handing in the first half of their reports. As much as he loved Neuroscience, Aron also despised every second he had to read b.s’d assignments from students who think they can get away with writing their reports the night before. Or that morning, by the looks of the fresh coffee stains on one report. Overall, they shouldn’t be too hard to read, the material wasn’t nearly as dense as it could be. 


Just as quickly as the students turned their reports into him, Aron began to grade them, his glasses sliding down the bridge of his nose.


The day went on like that, he went to his classes, or went to the ones he had to assist in before he went to the research lab across the campus. 


There was where Aron felt the happiest. He wouldn’t admit it, but he loved doing research and looking at brains all day. He wouldn’t ever admit to his parents that he was actually thankful for them pushing him towards this career.  


“Hey, Baekho. You’re late. Show up on time next time or I’m going to have to report you to Jung.” Aron said as his research partner showed up, his hair tousled and shirt ruffled. 


“What they hell were you doing, anyway? I thought Thursdays were the day you didn’t have class?”


Baekho smiled sheepishly as he sat in his chair. “I was … busy?” 


Aron smacked him. “Don’t give me that, you’re a horrible liar.” 


“Fine, I was um… indisposed?”

Silence followed.

“Indisposed?” Aron repeated. 


Baekho nodded, trying not to look Aron in the eyes. 


“I was watching porn and lost track of the time.” He mumbled. 


Aron laughed. “Oh, well okay then. Whatever, no big deal.” 


“IT WAS A GUY.” Baekho blurted. Aron slowly turned to look at Baekho. “A dude? You’re gay? That’s fine if you are but why didn’t you tell me?” 


“Because I’m … not…” Baekho looked up now, his eyes full of confusion. “I don’t know man. I was watching the usual stuff, ya know. And then I saw an add for someone named foxxx09 and saw all the reviews…! So many comments about ‘the best tits and ass’. I don’t know man. I had to look. I was too curious!!!” 


Baekho’s face was completely red now. His embarrassment starting to rub off on Aron. 


“So you what? Watched the whole video?” Aron asked, curious, but also teasing his friend. 


Baekho shook his head. “No, much worse!! I mean, I-- I stopped watching at first, but then curiosity got the best of me and I-- I jerked off to it. He’s just so … good… better than all the vapid cam girls I’ve watched.” 


Aron wanted to laugh, but he also wasn’t about to kink shame his friend. “Hey man, whatever works!! Sometimes i have to watch hentai just to get variety.” He shrugged, hoping to make Baekho feel less...guilty. He wasn’t really sure what to call it. 


Aron himself didn’t really care, if he was being honest. He understood that people had different kinds of kinks and tastes and as long as it wasn’t illegal, he thought people should have fun. 


Baekho went silent for a few moments until a small, “Oh, shit nooooo…” blurted out of him. 


Aron turned to face his partner. “What now?” 


Baekho blushed an intense red. “Please whatever you not open that message I just sent you. It was supposed to go to my last contact but you popped up first and and--”


Aron held his stomach as he began to laugh. “Oh my god!! Haha!!! Get it together, I’m not going to open that!! I’m not really into it, my dude.” 


Baekho sighed, “Okay, cool, cool. We good?”

Aron nodded, still giggling. “Yeah, dude, of course. Now, can you please get back to setting up the magnet for the experiment? We need to get started by tonight or we’ll be behind. And I don’t know about you, but I want to go home.” 


Baekho smiled at Aron, before running to the back of the lab to retrieve the magnet and start to set up. 



Aron walked into his room at exactly 11:57 PM, yawning as if he wasn’t about to chug a pre-workout and head down to the gym for a late-night swim. 


Minhyun was already sound asleep in his bed, his usual shorts and white t-shirt combo, the fan on high to reduce the heat from outside. He snored lightly and Aron couldn’t help but smile at how his roommate was sleeping at a weird angle. 


“He probably had a long day.” Aron thought to himself. “I can’t imagine having two jobs on top of being a full time student…”

Aron felt a bit of pity for his roommate, he worked very hard to pretend like he didn’t give a single care about Minhyun, but the guy was just … too charming. It was no wonder that he was the department favorite. If he wasn’t out and about, Minhyun was usually sleeping in their room. Aron rarely saw him studying, but knew his grades were impeccable. He wondered how on earth he managed to do it all. 


Shrugging, Aron switched off the light in their room and went to the gym. 


Minhyun closed the door to his and Aron’s room, loosening up his tie and shrugging off his shirt. He checked the closets and bathroom before sending out an alert that he would start a live show in 5 minutes. It was a little too early, but he needed release, and he needed it now. 


Looking around, he began to switch on the LED light he had to “set the mood” for his videos. Truth be told this was his favorite part of the day. After all his classes were over, and he finished his work for the day, Minhyun loved to unwind by shutting off his brain and being told what to do by his thousands of viewers. Especially the ones that paid the most money. They were his favorite customers; the more you paid, the more likely you were to be able to boss him around. 


Minhyun took a deep breath, shaking off his usual nerves before covering his eyes with a masquerade mask, pouting his lips slightly and lowering his voice an octave. He sat back in his chair, switching on the cam as the countdown to his show began. 







“Hey, everyone, welcome back to your favorite fox’s playtime~” 


He leaned into the camera a bit, “What should we start with today? I’ve had a very long day and just want to be used…” He pouted at the camera, slumping his shoulders.


A quick succession of dings rang throughout his room; Minhyun tried to hold back from smirking at how easy it was to get money from his audience. “Ah, should I start like that? Is that really what you want, daddy?” 


Dings began to come in faster. Minhyun smiled at the camera. “Okay, then! I guess it’s settled; follow me~” 


Minhyun moved from his desk to the bed, a tiny remote in his hand switching the camera to one he had placed near his closet door, cautiously hidden from his roommates’ view. The new angle made his bed look bigger than it was, and it made Minhyun’s legs look more slender. “Is this a good angle, daddy?” 


More dings. 


“Good! What should I take off first?” Minhyun asked, his hips shaking slightly to tease his audience. 


Ding, ding, ding. 


“Ah, my pants?” 


No dings. 


“Hm, my shirt?” 


Ding, ding, ding.


Minhyun smiled, sitting up to take off his shirt, running his hands across his chest, slowing down by his nipples as he did.


Baekho excused himself from the cafeteria when he saw the alert. 

“I..I have something I have to do. Be back in a bit.” he said, scooting his way to the bathroom as he pulled out his earbuds from his pocket. 


Now? He usually doesn’t stream until much later! 


Baekho tuned in just as foxxx09 was tearing off his pants to show off the sparkling pink plug in his ass. 

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Aron woke up in a cold sweat. His chest heaving as he took each breath. His dream-- no, his nightmare was coming true. 


He thought that thinking of his roommate in the day was bad enough, he forced himself to think that it was purely out of concern. It had to be out of concern. Aron didn’t like his roommate. No, that wasn’t possible. 


But his dream… Aron shook his head as he replayed the scene in his head. It always started the exact same way, he and Minhyun would be having a casual conversation, something that rarely happened, and then suddenly, they would get quiet, and stare at each other before Aron would cave. He would grab Minhyun’s leg, and neck, bringing him close and kissing him with such candor that it would leave them both breathless. 


Aron would pull away, staring at Minhyun, who’s eyes would flutter open slowly. “I-- I’m sorry!!” Aron would blurt out, covering his face, before Minhyun would shake his head slowly, bringing Aron’s hands down from his face. “It’s okay. I liked it.” Minhyun would say, his cheeks burning a bright pink. 


Smiling, Minhyun would pull Aron back, their teeth clashing at first from the over excitement, slowly melting into a comfortable kiss. Humming in delight, Aron would place his hands on Minhyun’s hips, bringing him closer until Minhyun was spreading his legs to move onto Aron’s lap. 


It only got worse from there. Minhyun would start to grind his hips against Aron as they kissed, their eyes locking when they pulled away for air. Aron’s pants felt unbearably tight now, Minhyun putting more weight on him, making the problem in his pants, worse. 

Aron would watch in awe as the scene would change and suddenly Minhyun would be between his legs, holding onto his dick, pumping it slowly and looking up at him. 


Minhyun would smile brightly at him, before opening his mouth and letting out a loud buzzing noise..






Aron would wake up, his alarm buzzing loudly. His body was wet with sweat and his pants were covered in cum. 


Aron groaned and looked to the left of the room. “Oh, thank fuck he isn’t here.”


Aron spent the rest of the day strung out and on a short fuse. His dream had messed up his sleep schedule and if he was being completely honest with himself, he was still horny. 


He spent the entire 45 minutes he had for a lunch break, desperately trying not to think about Minhyun. 


Much to his annoyance, though, Minhyun shot him a triple text that morning. 


From Hwang Minhyun 


Yo. You left your food in the microwave and now the room smells like asshole.

Please clean your damn dishes I am not your mother


Fucking rich kids 


Aron was pretty sure that last one wasn’t for him. But he responded anyway. 


To Minhyun


I’ll make sure to clean up after myself. Was actually really tired last night. 


Also, I didn’t ask you to clean my stuff. That was all you. 


Aron knew it was a little mean to reply that way, but he was in a crisis for fucks sake. He couldn’t be nicer to him just because he might like him. No, hell no. Aron had to continue acting like he hated his guts and was the shining example of a heterosexual male in his mid-20’s. 


Aron laughed as he thought about that. He never had put much thought into his sexuality, in fact, he didn’t really care. All he really cared about was taking over the family business and inheriting his millions and living happily ever after. He hadn’t really thought about being with anyone because he could get anyone he wanted. 


So why on earth was Minhyun the one who would appear in his dreams? And why the hell was Aron getting so hot and bothered by it? 


From Minhyun


Just keep your stuff clean, please. 


Aron shook his head as he shut off his alerts from Minhyun. He didn’t have the patience to deal with that right now. Not when he still had a stack of papers to read through and make sure they were graded properly


One week later

Aron arrived at his dorm at around 3 AM. The experiment had taken far too long and he was exhausted, but he had to grade papers and decided to just down a Redbull and get it over with. He had to be up in four hours anyway. 


Minhyun was snoring from his bed, his legs exposed from the blanket, looking like two long white noodles, if Aron didn’t think about it for too long.

He laughed at that. Of course he’d be thinking about food, he hadn’t eaten. Sighing, he got up to go to the mini kitchen and make himself some noodles so he wouldn’t wake Minhyun. He giggled. Minhyun’s legs looked like noodles and now he was eating noodles….


Shaking his head, Aron sighed. “I have to be out of my mind.” 


Cup of noodles in hand, he went to his desk to work as fast as he could. Truth be told he felt like he was getting too old for this crap. Staying awake all night was not the business, anymore. 


He looked at the top paper. It was from some kid named Mingi. Aron thought about the students in this class. If he remembered correctly, Mingi was the kid that only brought his iPad and a coffee. Never anything else. But the kid somehow had impeccable grades and was actually breezing through this class, as well. Aron made a star next to Mingi’s name on their roster. 


Aron wanted to recruit him for their research. And based on this paper, which, albeit a little out there… was very well researched and have incredible data. The next paper, however, was going to give Aron a migraine. 


“It’s going to be a long night.” He sighed.

Minhyun flipped in his sleep, sighing and mumbling something about his ‘daddy”. Aron couldn’t help but smile. That was kind of … endearing. 



“Hey, Aron, wake up… I uhh... can I uh… talk to you really quick?” Minhyun was shaking Aron awake. He was still at his desk. 


Wiping the drool off his chin, Aron sat up, blinking the crust in his eyes away. “Huh? Yeah what-- what’s up?” Aron kept blinking, trying to get himself to focus. 


Minhyun looked nervous. “I uh. I don’t know how to tell you this? It’s kind of awkward. “ 

Aron was fully awake now. “Look, I know we don’t exactly get along but you can still talk to me, you know. I mean, we live together, so..!” 


Minhyun’s eyes widened at that. “Oh, um. Okay.” He paused slightly. “Okay, so the thing is. I think I might be in love with this guy and I don’t know if you would be okay with that? Like .. bringing a guy over or you know having sex in the room .. or ..” Minhyun fumbled with his words as Aron stared at him. 


“Oh. Well. If that’s all you’re worried about. I’m fine with it. Just give me a heads up for when you want to have sex with someone in the room. I’ll make sure I’m busier than usual.” Aron smiled at Minhyun, standing up and patting him on the shoulder. “I don’t care about that at all. You’re still a person.” 


Minhyun smiled, tears on the edge of his eyes. Aron smiled. “You don’t have to worry about that, I promise.” 


Minhyun nodded, wiping the small tears before hugging Aron. He was a little surprised at first, but let Minhyun hug him, patting his sides, trying to comfort him. Truth be told, he was never good at the whole ‘comforting’ thing. 


As they pulled apart, they made eye contact. Aron trying to reassure Minhyun once again before wanting to go back to work. 


Before he knew it, Minhyun was leaning closer to him, their lips touching briefly before Minhyun tightened his grip on Aron, who didn’t resist. They remained pressed together in a comfortable kiss, slowly taking each other in. 


Aron felt himself melting into Minhyun, not knowing what the hell was happening, but enjoying it nonetheless. 


Minhyun pulled away, His eyes darker than usual, his lids hooded as he stared at Aron. 


“Now. I want it now.” 


Aron blinked before figuring out what he meant. “Oh.” he mumbled, before nodding. “Okay.” 


Minhyun smiled at him, taking his hand and leading him to his bed. “Ruin me.” 


Aron was beside himself. “What?” 


Minhyun giggled. “You have no idea how badly I’ve wanted you to fuck me. So, fuck. Me.” 


Aron didn’t have to be told twice. Their clothes started to come off in rapid succession, kisses following as Aron hovered over Minhyun, taking in the lines of his body, the curves of his hips. The slight abs that were forming on his stomach... when did he start working out?  


Aron began to pull off Minhyun’s pants, kissing his lower stomach, causing Minhyun to squirm, soft moans starting to bubble up from deep within him. 


“Are you sure this is what you want, Minhyun?” Aron asked. “I can s-”


Minhyun reached down to Aron, pulling him up to kiss him. “Don’t. Stop.” 


Nodding, Aron grabbed the edge of Minhyun’s underwear, tugging them down, revealing his half-hard dick. 


Aron couldn’t help it. He stared. He’d be lying if he said that Minhyun wasn’t big. And he’d really be lying if he said he didn’t want to ride him until his hips gave out. Minhyun laughed as Aron remained still. “You can touch me, I promise I won’t break.” 


Aron blinked dumbly at Minhyun. “I… yeah. I know. It just kind of dawned on me that we’re naked.” 


Minhyun propped himself up on his elbows. “Yeah, very. And I swear I will get dressed if you don’t suck me off right the fuck now.” 


Aron gulped. “When did you get so demanding?” 


Minhyun bucked his hips up, “Well?” 


Aron was shaking. 


No, really. He was being shaken by something. Someone. 


Aron woke up. 


“Have a good nap?” Minhyun laughed. 


Chapter Text

Three weeks later.

Two weeks til Finals.

Aron’s eyes felt bloodshot. 


He had gotten sleep, but when he really thought about it, not a single minute that he was asleep was restful. His dreams were getting worse and he began to consider just not sleeping at all to avoid meeting Minhyun in his dreams. He saw him enough as it is. 


He couldn’t afford to that though. His thesis was due, his research was coming to a close, and honestly, with the cold incessant chill in the November air, Aron just wanted to sleep after his long days. 


Minhyun was also spending a lot more time at their dorm, sleeping during the day having taken time off from work in order to study. Or at least, that’s what Aron assumed. Minhyun just looked tired, stressed and a little worn out, if he was being honest. He even looked like he had bruises all over his body, but Aron racked that up to being his own filthy imagination. 


Christ, Aron needed to let go. 


It wasn’t until later that night, when Aron was cornered by Baekho that Aron was even able to get some kind of release. 


“Dude. You look like shit.” Baekho looked concerned, and try as he might, Aron knew he was right.

“Thanks.” Aron said, continuing to walk to his desk.

“No, seriously, whats up? I’ve never seen you like this.” Baekho’s eyes looked sad, and Aron couldn’t help but just give into telling him everything. 


Baekho gasped. “Aron. Dude. You’re so strung out your shoulders are slumped like you’ve been carrying the weight of the world. Your eyes are nearing bruised level, and honestly they’re starting to look a little yellow, too. You need sleep.” 


Aron shook his head. “I’ll dream about him.” 


Baekho nodded. “I know,  you said that already. I’m saying you need to get him off your mind even if it’s for a little while.” 


“How the hell do you suppose I do that?” 


Baekhop shrugged. “I don’t know. Get laid, maybe? It doesn’t have to be anything long term, just, you know!! Something that will last long enough to get you off?” Baekho’s eyes widened. “Or!! You know, you could just rub one out over and over until you’re exhausted and pass out.” 

Aron grimaced. That didn’t really seem very appealing. “I don’t know, Baek. Porn doesn’t really do it for me, ya know?” 


Baekho nodded, trying to think of what to say next. “You know, I could just send you the link to that one camboy again.” 


Aron thought about it for a while before shaking his head. “Hm, I don’t know about that. Something about it seems kinda wrong?” 


Baekho smiled. “If you’re worried about it being an invasion of privacy or something, they signed up for it. Literally. It was their choice. Either way, let me know?” 


Aron nodded, going back to work, before sighing and just calling it a day. 


He went to a bar after that. He didn’t usually come to these, but he felt like it would at the very least get him drunk enough to loosen up enough to relax. 


Sure enough, about four drinks in, Aron felt his body let up, and felt his body become heavy. His eyelids were heavy, his legs felt like jelly, his stomach was warm with the liquor he inhaled. 


Hopefully now I can get some good sleep! He thought as he hailed an Uber. No stupid Minhyun in my dreams today!!

Or at the very least, no dreams at all. 


Sure enough, as Arons Uber arrived, he shot Baekho a reminder that the la would be closed for tomorrow. 


A quick “k” coming back to him. Aron rolled his eyes, his thumb lingering over the keyboard as he got into the uber. He was going to reply, but the red link in the thread of their messages caught his eye. 


“Foxxx09 Live at 7pm Fridays”  


Aron’s eyebrow rose. He had completely forgotten about the conversation he had had earlier with Baekho, and even more about the link Baekho had sent weeks ago. 


Aron thought about it as he turned the volume down all the way on his phone before opening the link to another tab. 


And then he remembered where he was. 


Not now, idiot. He thought. 


The uber pulled up to the dorms, and Aron made his way to the room.


It was about 7:30 PM, the earliest Aron had ever come home. Climbing into the elevator, Aron wondered if Minhyun would be home. He fumbled with his keys as he tried to find the right one to unlock his door. 


Finding the right one as the elevator opened, Aron stopped by to grab a glass of water from the shared kitchen; he would definitely need it when he wakes up in the middle of the night thirsty as usual. 


Sliding his key in the door, Aron noticed a light blue light shining through the bottom of the door. He’s probably watching a movie,  Aron thought with a smile on his face. Unlocking the door, Aron opened it to reveal Minhyun bent over Aron’s desk, a blissed out look in his eyes, moan after moan ripping from his throat as he fucked himself open in front of a camera. 


Minhyun looked up, shocked, the mask on his face doing absolutely nothing to hide the fear in his eyes. “Ah….! Ar-...hhhh” Dings were firing off in the room. Minhyun stopped immediately. 


Aron felt the glass slip from his hand and heard it shatter on the floor before he backed out of their shared room, his heart racing at a dangerous speed. The door slam ringing in his ears. 


Aron ran. He ran as fast as he could. 


This had to be a dream. This had to be a dream. This had to— 


But it wasn’t. Aron might be a little buzzed, but he certainly wasn’t drunk, and he certainly wasn’t asleep. 


Aron’s eyes widened as he looked at his phone. He called Baekho, but got no answer. 


Aron stared at his phone now, where the fuck was he going to go?


He didn’t exactly have friends and those who he did were at the lab finishing up their work. 


Aron opened his messages to text Baekho again. 


This time, he typed out an entire message before his eyes were drawn again to the link. The preview image showed a room, and a pale chest, but what caught his attention now was the mask. 


The mask. Aron shook his head. No. 


No. no way in fucking hell. 


Shaking, Aron erased the message he was about to send to baekho and clicked the link, sound be damned. 


There was just no way. 


The video link opened up. 


The stream was still live, but Aron couldn’t enter the room without signing up. Cursing himself he pulled out his wallet and signed up, adding his credit card number so he could get full access. 


Please., please don’t let me be right. 


Aron used the first name he could think of starrynight0521. He couldn’t think of anything else, and truth be told, he didn’t care because if he was wrong, he would just cancel his subscription and never use the site ever again. 


With full access now, he clicked on the same link Baekho had sent him again. Moans began to come from his phone as he watched a perfectly round ass and pink hole spread in front of the camera at a lewd angle. Aron’s heart began to race. The camboy was taking a really thick dildo in his ass, a black cock ring just barely visible  from this angle. Aron’s mouth ran dry, he felt himself leaning forward into his phone, as if that would give him a better look at the man on the screen. 


“AAhhh,, hhm. Fuck. Thank you daddy..” The man was moaning at full volume, Aron’s ear becoming abused by the sweet melodic way that the man was speaking to the audience. 


Aron kept watching, hoping that the man would turn onto his back or something that would allow him to see the mask. 


That damn mask. 


Five minutes passed of the man moaning, spreading himself open for the audience. 


And finally, he pulled the dildo out, his hole puckering at the screen, deliciously pink, artificial cum dripping out of his ass slowly. 


A small hum of satisfaction coming from the man. 


Should I leave it here for today, he said as he turned to face the camera. “I’m tired now from all that hard work. And I’m all sticky.” The man pouted in a way that made Aron want to scream. The mask was now in full view as the man leaned down to face the camera directly. 


Aron gasped as he saw the eyes behind the mask. 




It was Minhyun’s eyes staring into the camera, a weird gaze Aron had never seen on him before, but it was definitely him. 


“Well, I guess I’m going to have to sign off now. Thank you to everyone who sent in coins and --” 


Without hesitation, Aron purchased 50,000 coins. 


The dings rang instantly, a short sparkling sound rang as Aron hit SEND. 


Aron watched as Minhyun gasped. 


“Whoa. I- I… does that say fifty thousand?? That’s a joke, right?” Minhyun visibly looked shocked. 


“Oh my god!!! Thank you! Oh, oh my goodness…!!” Minhyun reached back, his stomach and chest muscles stretching underneath his perfectly pale body. 


Aron bit his lip. He made Minhyun smile. He made Minhyun happy . Even if was for a little while. 


Minhyun got closer to the camera again. “Thank you, starrynight0521!!! I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but I am really, really thankful!! This .. means so much!! I’ll tell you what, I’ll let you pick the theme for next week’s show!! There’s only a few things off limits, please check my FAQ for that! I will send you an email at the end of the show, and you can reply back with your theme of choice!” Minhyun smiled brightly, his teeth barely showing, his eyes sparkling. 


Aron replied into the comment section with “anything for you” hoping that it didn’t come off as strange. 


Sighing, the live feed went black. 


Aron stared at his phone. 


A message from Minhyun came through on his phone. 


From Minhyun 


We need to talk.