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Flight of the Fortune Fairies

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Carly was finishing writing up her article when the former King Jack Atlas asked her an unexpected question out of nowhere.

"Say Carly I've been wondering. Do you have a deck?" the blonde asked.

"Yes I do," she replied in surprise. "I only use it for telling my fortune though. I don't actually duel with it. Where is coming from by the way?"

"Ever since the duel at the hospital the thoughts been on my mind. You seemed to know the basics, though you did make a few mistakes. I was just curious really," Jack informed her.

Carly shuddered at the memory. It had only been a few days ago but it was still in her mind. The duel of darkness where battle damage became real. She and Jack had won against thei opponent but just barely. Seeing no reason to keep it from him she handed the former champion her deck. As he looked through it Jack frowned at what he saw.

"Why use a deck with only 0 Attack and Defense monsters?" he asked confused.

"Like I said I only use it to tell my fortune each day. Each monster represents a different fortune. The highest level is the worst and the lowest level is the best," she explained slightly embarrassed. "If were to duel with it though the idea would be to get as many from my hand as possible using the spells Unacceptable Result and Luck Loan. Then I would need to power them up using Miracle Stone which doesn't let them attack on the turn they are summoned."

Jack searched quickly through the deck for the cards. When he came upon them he shot Carly a look that said 'I can't believe you'.

"Carly you clearly don't know your cards that well," he told her.

Carly was very confused. She didn't know what he meant.

"Let me explain. First of all Luck Loan lets you special summon a fortune fairy from your hand or deck that's one level below a selected one on your field, you are unable to normal summon on your next turn though. Next Miracle Stone only prevents special summoned monsters from attacking when they are summoned, normal summoned monsters can still attack," he explained.

Carly was very surprised at what she'd heard. She only used her deck for fortune telling, she had never strategized how it could be used in a duel. Then again she never dueled so there hadn't been much point.

"If you wanted to duel with this I'd suggest providing some support cards for normal monsters, perhaps even spellcasters as this is what the deck is made of. Also, add some none fortune fairy monsters for a bit of extra attack power," he told her.

"I'll consider it," she replied. "I don't know if I ever will duel though. It isn't really my thing."

Jack shrugged.

"Well that's up to you. But if you do try and have your deck properly prepared like I've said," Jack said to her before handing back her deck and returning to his room.

Carly sat there and stared at her deck. She pondered over what Jack had said to her. She had never even considered duelling before.

"Maybe Jack's right," she thought. "It would hurt to have my deck more stable. You never know when the moment could arise."

With that she started looking up duel strategies for her deck online. She found some cards that might be useful to her and the packs they were in. she told Jack she was going for a walk and proceeded to the card shop.

Little did she know that moment would be arriving soon in the worst possible way.