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Professor Layton and the Rosenwald's Mirror

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London was one of the quietest cities on that day. The rain was pouring in and a pea purée was invading the capital. The streets were empty, only a few brave people struggled to find their way through the mist.

Not far away, in an apartment located in one of the most popular neighbourhoods, a young woman was pacing, seeming to be in a state of intense reflection.

Victoria Smith was one of the most ordinary people you could know: Indeed, she was unlike any other and had the quietest life. She just let time pass, without looking for anything. At least that's what her neighbors thought.

In reality, these "transient" states were very recurrent. And these were in no way random. She had no work and stayed at home most of the time. His daily life was therefore one of reflection and research.

"Research"? Let's get to the facts later, shall we?

She had a choice to make (hence the paces). Was that really a good idea? After all, she wasn't thinking about just anyone. One of London's most renowned teachers... Who else but the famous Hershel Layton might be able to solve a mystery as enticing as this one?

She decided to sit on her desk for a moment and review all the information she had gathered about this strange character. An unnamed mess, one could nevertheless distinguish between a pile of newspaper clippings (from the London Times), sketches but also much (too much) notes. But why?

Victoria closed her eyes, a sign of intense concentration, and put her chin on her fists.

A few minutes later, she took a pen and a piece of writing paper, inspired, and began to write.

After five drafts, she had finally found the perfect form for her story. After signing it, with her most beautiful signature, she put the mail in a very simple envelope and closed it with a flaming wax seal.

"It's a very big risk I'm taking here," she thought.

But she had no choice. She could not go on the adventure alone and she did not know who else to call upon. Professor Layton, in her eyes, was the perfect person to help her: she had heard about her discoveries, especially that of the Azran Legacy, one of the most recent. She had a certain admiration for him, but the feeling of danger began to overwhelm her. Thanks to word of mouth, she learned that this famous Professor could solve any mystery and that his unparalleled ability to solve riddles was second to none.

Any riddle?

She drove away these evil thoughts. Prohibition to be negative! Victoria hated misfortune and all those harmful emotions. She lived only for happiness and joy. The opposite was not true. She stretched and looked out the window: The rain was gone, but the fog was still visible. It doesn't matter. She had to post this letter as soon as possible.

She was running through the streets of London. No one knew why a young woman like her was in such a hurry, so undressed (she had failed to wear proper clothing at daytime temperatures. Indeed a simple pilgrim was much too light for a weather as cold as this one).

Once her letter was mailed (in registered form, it had to arrive urgently to its recipient), she went home and made herself a nice cup of tea. She did not know if she should go to the destination she had given to the archaeologist. Who knows, maybe he'd stand her up? But she remembered that he was a true and perfect Gentleman. His hypothesis was immediately cancelled.

His departure was scheduled in two days. Her bag was ready and she had mentally prepared for any potential inconveniences or risks that could affect her "plan".

She had a very specific example in mind when she thought of that....