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If you had told Izuku Midoriya two years ago that he would receive the quirk of Japan's number one hero, he would've looked at you like you were insane. Hell, there were still times in his young life where he believed that all of this was just some crazy dream and he would suddenly wake up in his bed and return to his previously mediocre and quirkless existence. As he looked at the two men across the table from him he couldn't help but once again feel grateful at the opportunity that he was given. Not only was he given a powerful quirk that would allow him to finally achieve his dream of being a hero, he was able to study and train under the man that he revered as an idol his entire life. It was times like these that made the boy appreciate how much his life had turned around up to this point.

"Well young Izuku, tomorrow is the big day." All Might spoke to his green haired apprentice.


"I still don't understand why you're even taking this exam since your recommendations got approved. Not only is doing this a complete waste of time, but it's redundant." Gran Torino said, taking another sip of his tea.

"It's like I said before, Sorahiko-san. I don't want to compromise All Might's secret in any way. Also, actually taking the exam and passing would mean that all of this wasn't just a waste."

"In any case, I'm certain that you'll do well. Who knows, maybe you'll even make a few new friends when you're taking the exam." The blonde haired man said with a laugh. Prompting the others to follow suit.




Itsuka Kendou typically wouldn't describe herself as nervous person. On the contrary, most people would consider her as confident if not very capable. But today was different. Six months of non-stop studying and training still didn't prepare her for the sense of anxiety that fell over when the family car had finally pulled up to the campus. As she gazed upon the four skyscraper like buildings she could already feel her heart ready to jump out of her chest.

"Good luck out there sweetie, we can't wait to hear how well you did." Her mom told her from her position inside the car.

"Right, I'll call you guys as soon as I get the chance."

"Alright, we love you, bye." The woman said as she blew her a kiss before driving off into the distance.

With that Kendou quickly found herself feeling more alone than she ever had before. As she turned around to look at the crowds of people that walked passed her she couldn't shake her nerves. Apparently the rumors about there being hundreds of applicants each year were true.

'Oh man, this place is amazing.' She thought to herself, once again gazing upon the building that would possibly be her future school in the coming months.

'Alright, here goes everything.'



"Well, what are you waiting for? Real life doesn't have a start button!" The voice of Present Mic boomed through the arena. Just before all of the applicants finally got with the program and began sprinting into the training grounds.

'Okay, I just need to make sure that I hit as many of these things as possible right?' Kendou thought to herself while she ran along the streets of the makeshift city.

Looking around at the other applicants she realized that staying next to a large group of people probably wouldn't work in her favor. The object of this drill was to take out the battle robots that were scattered across the area in thirty minutes. The more people around her, the less chance she had of getting to claim the points for herself.

Without hesitation she hung a left on one of the nearby streets and split away from the rest of the crowd. Almost immediately after, the sounds of explosions and metallic collisions began to resonate through her ears, signaling that others were already making headway. Kendou began to wonder if she should've stayed on the main road with the rest of applicants. Suddenly out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a metallic gleam in an alley about fifty meters in front of her.

Before she could even process what the object was, the green and black turtle-like robot jumped out in front of her. Kendou paused for a moment as she stared down the beast, feeling her heart rate spike before activating her quirk in her left hand and slamming it as hard as she could into the obstacle. The force being enough to completely shatter the outer shell of the robot and render it immobile.

"Okay, that one was a three-pointer right? These things don't seem that hard to take out." She thought out loud as she took a second to look over the pile of green iron.

With that, the orange haired girl continued on running down the street. She didn't have a lot of time and three points in roughly two minutes probably wasn't going to cut it. The proctors of the exam had failed to mention a minimum passing score for this portion of the test. Which would probably mean that the ones who passed were going to be plucked from amongst those who had the highest scores. For Kendou, that thought only reinforced her assumptions that the more time she spent smashing robots instead of thinking, the higher chance she had of getting into U.A..

The orange haired teen was snapped out of her thoughts just as she rounded the corner to get onto the next street. The moment she got on the other side of the building she was thrown back by a shockwave that originated from her left. She looked up from her new position on the ground to see another applicant in a blue and black bodysuit standing over the remnants of another three-pointer.

Unfortunately for the orange haired girl, in the time she took to look at the other applicant she didn't notice the two-pointer behind her preparing its artificial tail for an attack. The only thing alerting her being the distinct sound of grating metal. Kendou looked up at the mechanoid and activated her quirk in both hands to brace herself for the impending blow. 'I'm toast.'

Just before the robot was about to strike, a loud crashing sound interrupted her thoughts. It took a moment for her to regain herself before she pulled back her hands and looked in front towards the shattered remains of the robot. A quick wave of confusion washed over her just before she brought her eyes up to see a boy standing on top of the heap of metal. He wore a light green tracksuit but his most notable feature was the messy green hair on top of his head.

'He took out that thing like it was nothing. '

"Hey, thanks for the save, I owe you one." She said to the boy in front of her. She waited a second for a response from him, but not so much as a sound came from his mouth. Instead the boy's body suddenly became surrounded by some sort of green electricity. Then, just like in one of those old superhero movies, the boy jumped from his position atop the scrap heap and disappeared from her sight behind one of the buildings.

'Wow, rude much?' She thought to herself, still looking at the direction that the boy vanished.

Deciding to not dwell on it any further, Kendou stood back up and resumed her search for any more robots. If her math was right she still had about twenty five minutes left to tally up as many points as she could.

The next twenty minutes or so for the orange haired aspiring hero were eventful to say the least. She managed to take out a good number of robots over that time, most of them being three-pointers. But much to her dismay they only rounded to roughly twenty-five points, and that's if her math was right. The orange haired girl couldn't help but wonder if she would've been able to get more points if she didn't stop to help another applicant after he hadn't gotten his tail stuck in the folds of one of the smashed robots. Or if she hadn't taken the time to shield another girl with white hair from falling debris.

"Oh shit, what is that thing?" A guy with black hair and a white headband shouted from across the street. Using one of his arms to point in the direction of the source of the tremor coming from that area. The entire group of applicants turned around to see a massive monstrosity of a robot heading their way, taking up the entire length of the road. The giant mecha was at least several stories tall and Kendou suddenly understood what that Present Mic guy had meant about it being an obstacle to avoid.

'That must be one of those zero-pointers they told us about. '

"Ow!" A voice came from the direction of the hulking zero-pointer. Kendou took a moment to look but was met with the sight of a girl with brown hair. And from the looks of it her foot was trapped under a large piece of concrete. What was worse was that the zero-pointer wasn't too far away.

"Hold on!" Kendou yelled at the brown haired girl as her feet began moving towards her.

While she was running towards the brunette she took a brief look up at the robot. If she was being generous she had less than thirty seconds to help this girl out or the both of them would wind up as roadkill.

"Don't worry, I'll have you out of here in no time." She said to reassure the brunette.

"Thanks, but that thing is a-almost right on top of us."

Kendou quickly activated her quirk in both hands and began doing what she could to move the concrete slab, but to no avail. This thing was heavy, if she had to guess it was at least 135kg. When activated, her quirk allowed her hands an elevated level of strength, but she had her limits. The orange haired girl was doing everything she could to get the slab to move but nothing seemed to work.

"Come on, move dammit!" Kendou all but pleaded to the concrete mass. It was at this moment that she knew she was getting desperate. With the zero-pointer less than thirty meters away she couldn't shake the feeling that she was about to be crushed. Suddenly, right when she looked up to see the foot of the giant mecha raise of the ground, something unexpected happened.

"Smash!" A voice boomed through the sky right above them. Kendou only having a brief second to catch the sight of the same green haired boy from earlier who saved her from that robot flying through the sky. In an instant, a rush of air made contact with the head of the zero-pointer forcing it to crumple inward. The impact taking a moment to go into effect until it finally began erupting in miniature explosions. Sure enough, what was left of the zero-point robot fell back onto the street.

"Oh wow." The brown haired girl mumbled out, taking a moment to admire the display of strength that their fellow examinee had just shown.

After managing to somehow safely land on the ground, the boy seemingly took a second to just stare at the robot before the voice of Present Mic boomed through the arena once again. "Alright boys and girls, that concludes today's festivities. If you're injured and need medical attention please standby for our staff."

The green haired boy turned around to see the majority of the remaining participants gawking at him, some of them commenting on what they all just witnessed. Which was to be expected after a display like that.

Without so much as saying anything he made his way over to the two girls. Kendou paused for a moment at the cold, almost lifeless expression he wore in his face. It was the kind of empty gaze that went right through you. If she was being honest, the look made her slightly uncomfortable. The girl was so wrapped up in her thoughts that she didn't even notice that he had already made his way up to them. Without a word the green haired mystery bent down in between the two girls and placed his hand under the concrete slab. Kendou watched as his body became engulfed by the same green electricity from earlier before single handedly picking up the stone mass off of the brunette.

'It must be some kind of strength enhancement quirk.'

"Hey, thanks for the help." Kendou said to him with a relieved grin.

"Seriously! You just took out that zero pointer like it was nothing. If it wasn't for you the both of us would've been flattened!"

The boy didn't bother responding before turning around and making his way to the direction of the main gate. Once again, leaving without so much as a word to anyone else. Kendou would be lying if she said that this didn't slightly irritate her. Especially since this was the second time that this green haired wonderboy managed to completely forget his manners.

"Hey, the least you could do is acknowledge someone when they thank you!" She half-shouted at his retreating form.

"What's with that guy? First he saves our butts then he pretends like we don't even exist." The brunette asked.

"Who knows? Hey, how's your foot?"

"It doesn't feel like it's broken, but there's definitely some pain."

"Let me help you over to the medics."


"I'm Itsuka Kendou by the way, nice to meet you."

"I'm Ochako Uraraka. Likewise." The brunette grinned.



One week. One entire week of waiting around for the results of the entrance exam and Kendou was starting to go absolutely mad. She expected that grading the scores of all of the applicants was going to take some time, but that still didn't help alleviate any of the stress that came with wondering if she got into her dream school or not. As far as the written exam was concerned she had no doubt in her mind that she did very well, her primary source of worry was the practical. If she was right her score tallied up to about twenty-five, and if the girl was being honest she was worried about whether or not that would have been enough to even pass.

As she paced around for room for what felt like the eighth time that day, she could feel herself getting more and more restless. Deciding that accidentally causing a rut in her floor wasn't a good idea, the hopeful hero went downstairs to grab a quick snack and take her mind off the daunting possibility of her own future. Luckily for her, the girl only got halfway through her peanut butter and jelly sandwich before her mom practically busted through the door.

"Itsuka! Itsuka, sweetie! It's here!" The black haired woman shouted across the house.

"Wha-oh man is that-?"

"I believe so. Let's open it!"

"A-actually mom, do you mind if I go up to my room and open it up there myself?"

"Oh of course not sweetie. Take your time."


With that the orange haired teen wasted no time and sprinted upstairs to her room. As she re-entered the blue and white, martial arts themed chamber she quickly sat down at her desk and took a moment to stare at the envelope. Just then, out of nowhere her heart rate jumped up and the stress of the moment finally hit her. In this envelope contained the verdict on her future. A fact that as much as she hated to admit it, was the truth.

"Alright, here goes everything."

With as much bravery as she could muster, Kendou opened up the envelope and inspected it's contents. Aside from a few papers there was what appeared to be a hologram projector inside. Taking it out of the package she inspected it for a second, judging by the fact that he had never seen this style before, she deduced that it had to be newer model, which would make sense considering the budget that U.A. apparently had every year. It took her a moment before locating the power button on the bottom of the device. And with no hesitation she activated the device and watched as a projection lit up the room.

"Greetings, Itsuka Kendou. My name is Sekijiro Kan, but you probably know me as The Blood Hero: Vlad King. I'm one of the hero course teachers here at U.A." The white haired man on the screen spoke immediately as the device was activated. She had never heard of this guy before, but if he was a hero course teacher had to be someone important. "I'm not one to mince words so I'll just get straight to the good part. During the written portion of the entrance exam you scored an impressive ninety-five points out of a hundred, which tied you with seven other applicants for the fifth spot. Your score would've been more than enough to land you in our general studies course, but naturally you had your eyes set on a much bigger goal. During the practical exam you scored a respectable twenty-five villain points. To be honest, this score alone wouldn't have been enough to land you a spot in U.A.'s hero course..."

Kendou's heart almost stopped at the pro hero's words.

"But what kind of school would we be if we only judge students based on combat power alone? Our staff reviewed your performance on tape and due to your several acts of heroism by helping out your fellow applicants along with your valiant attempt to save another student from being crushed by the zero-point robot, we have decided to award you with an additional forty 'rescue points' on top of your already existing score. This will put you at sixty-five points which overall will place you sixth for the practical exam. Congratulations and I look forward to seeing you in this upcoming school year."

Kendou couldn't help but let out a scream once her mind had finally processed this information from the projector.

She made the cut, she actually got in. Months of training and studying had actually paid off. The orange haired girl was certain that she was almost going to faint if it wasn't for her mother bursting through the door to see what was wrong with her daughter. The two women ended up cheering up and down for the better part of five minutes before the older Kendou woman ran back downstairs to get her phone with the purpose of calling her husband to tell him the good news.

After Kendou managed to calm herself down, she decided to look over the rest of the paperwork that came with the envelope, which she assumed had to be important. As she read over the stack of forms she noted that she was already assigned a class and a student number, class 1-B from the looks of it. Unsurprisingly it appeared as though the white haired man from before, Vlad King, was to be her homeroom teacher. Which made sense considering that he was the one who delivered the message of her admission to her. While she looked over the rest of the paperwork she found her performance rating for the written and practical exams. From the looks of it she had mostly positive remarks on the sheet, aside from a few comments on the recklessness of running into the direction of a giant robot without any real plan or strategy. Which Kendo felt like she couldn't argue with considering it was reckless and stupid, in hindsight.

There was however, one thing that Kendou couldn't help but wonder in the back of her mind. She had a total of sixty-five points for the entrance exam after factoring in 'rescue points', which put her at sixth place. Considering how many other applicants there were in the auditorium during the written exam that would mean that the majority of them got way less than that. But that also meant that the other five students ahead of her had gotten more. It was hard for her to imagine anyone getting a ridiculously high number of points based strictly on 'villain points'. Suddenly her mind flashed back to that moment when she was about to get crushed by the zero-pointer with that Uraraka girl, and that green headed boy that completely smashed the robot with a single punch. If more students like him were at the entrance exam then she definitely couldn't count out that possibility.

"I bet that guy got in as well." She thought out loud before deciding to head downstairs, still a bit giddy from hearing the good news.