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AI Stands for Adventure Incoming

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San Fransokyo was, undeniably, bigger than Destiny Islands. Yet to Himoyachi, it felt smaller. Cluttered. No need to cut out life to save some RAM. He might’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed at all the noise and people. Just a little.

Taivas, however. His eyes practically sparkled as he soaked up the sights. Everything was new and exciting, be it flashing signs or honking cars. There’s also the stores.

“Look! They have sooooo many ice cream flavours!”

“You can just buy these?? No alchemy involved??”

“What do you mean, rock candy? Those are Gummi-Blocks!”

They complimented each other, in a way. Taivas kept Himoyachi grounded. Himoyachi kept Taivas from running into traffic.

But even the all-mighty power of ‘I’ve known this doofus since I was born’ couldn’t prevent the thrilling conversational topic of “Are we androids, and if yes, can we connect to the internet?”

“Uh,” said Himoyachi eloquently, “I don’t know?”

“But you have like, Jiminy’s database in your brain?” Taivas waved his arms around wildly. He froze mid-gesture, and took hold of Himoyachi’s arm.

Himoyachi stared at him. Taivas stared at his arm, letting go as suddenly as he took hold of it.

“You’re not warm!” he said. No other explanation was provided..

Himoyachi did not compute. “What does that have to do with anything?”

“If we’re androids, we’re not gonna be as warm as humans, right? Because we’d be rubber and metal or something?”

That, uh, made sense, actually. “The heart shapes the vessel, is what that guy’s computer said. Do we.. think of ourselves as androids?”

Did he?? Well, Himoyachi knew he’s not Riku. And that he’s not human. Living inside a computer for a year proved that easily enough. So if he had a body, and he knew he was an AI, that.. did make him an android.

Himoyachi put a hand to his chin. “The heart shapes the vessel,” he repeated for good measure,” so we should be androids, yeah. But we can eat, so what do our insides even-”

Before Himoyachi could ask the question to end all questions, a hand slapped Taivas on the back.

“Hey Sora! Watcha sayin’ about androids?”

Oh Kingdom Hearts, the guy heard them.

The guy standing taler than both of the cyber boys (an easy feat) continued to ramble on about the cyber overlords’ coming in a comic he read sometime and was best described as the personification of the word ‘dude.’

Taivas turned to the dude and gave a sheepish wave. “Sorry dude-,” (Himoyachi surpressed a chuckle at that), “-but the name’s Taivas.”

“No way!” said the dude. “Are you his doppelgänger or something?”

A drop of sweat ran down Taiva’s forehead, landing on the pavement with a quiet splash.

“Dude,” the dude spoke once more, “you’re not.. really a Sora clone, right? I mean, with what that guy’s up to, you’re probably one of his weird siblings.”

Taivas scratched the back of his head and giggled nervously. “Yep! I’m his.. little cousin!”

The dude halted at Taivas’ faltering. He stared at Taivas in awkward silence. Why Taivas, why, thought Himoyachi when he glanced between them. This is why Donald is always so angry with you.

So, with the determination to save his friend from social interaction, Himoyachi adressed the dude, “You’ll have to excuse my friend here, he’s had a long day.”

During his statement, Himoyachi narrowed his eyes and lightly frowned. With his patented ‘not mad, just disappointed’ face on, he elbowed Taivas in the ribs, to convey what Donald could never get through his thick skull. Shut up or learn to lie better.

“I’m Fred, little guy,” said the dude and held out his hand to shake.

Himoyachi shook his hand so hard Fred winced, obviously not because he called Himoyachi, who was used to friends being shorter than him, little. "I'm Himoyachi.” He smiled.

Fred gave his hand a shake (as if to check each joint is still whole), flexed it a bit, and still decided to let more words come out his mouth. “Now that I think about it, you and that Riku-guy with the Darcubes are identical.”

Ah. He’d forgotten about the whole time-travel thing, with the bugs, and the beating Sora up, and the going back to the past directly after only for Taivas to beat the bugs out of him.

Crossing his arms, Himoyachi blushed in shame. Quietly, he muttered, “They were bugs, not Darcubes or whatever.”

He said so much stupid stuff when he was last here, oh please don’t remember.

“You’re him? You’re the Darcubes-guy?”

“Please don’t tell anyone!” Taivas stepped in. “He was possesed! I debugged him, don’t worry!”

“How do you debug a human?”


And then the camel’s back broke.


Enough frantic gestures to power a dynamo accompanied Taivas’ cheeks rapidly heating up, with flustered stammers of half-baked lies from both data boys completing the orchestra of messing up, the final symphony being the sound of the World Order breaking apart over their heads.

Instead of defending himself further, Taivas slumped. “You got us, we’re AI made to be like Sora and Riku.”

“Taivas!” Himoyachi screeched in the background.

“Oh, come on, you know it’s useless now. ‘s not the first time we broke World Order anyways. Might as well make a new friend along the way.”

Meanwhile, Fred saw stars. Magic’s real and the cyber-overlords were two fourteen-looking kids. And they were so adorable you just kinda wanted to hug and protect them.

“Can I take a selfie with you?”

Taivas shrugged. Go big or go home, I guess.





Sora, in typical Sora fashion, lounged around in his Gummi-ship. World-hopping in search of some Replicas tired a guy out, alright? The ship’s on auto-pilot anyways, it’s not gonna hurt anyone if Sora checked his Heartstagram real quick.

After liking almost every single post his friends made, Sora stumbled upon a post that made his eyes widen.


Fredelicious24 posted:

[ID: Fred, a lanky man in a green beanie and grey shirt, standing with some grey buildings behind him. His arm is slung around a brown-haired boy in red giving a peace sign to his left. To his right is a silver-haired boy in yellow, frowning.]

@KingdomKeywielder you meet your ‘little cousin’ yet? Showed him round the city with his bf xD

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GotItMemorized commented:

Another member for the Sora-Squad! That makes, what, five? Six? lol

UnversedinEmotion commented:

please not another one there are ENOUGH of us

Lion-of-the-Wind replied to UnversedInEmotion

Arn't you suposed to be Dead


Ignoring the mildly concerning comment from Ventus to be dealt with another day, Sora focused on his own face staring at him from behind the screen.

“Hey, Riku!” Sora called for the boy dozing off in the seat behind him. Riku awoke with a grumble.

Sora grinned.


“I know where the Replicas went!”



Fred turned out to be a pretty good tour guide, all things considered. He showed them around his favourite spots in the city, gave them a tour of his university (introducing his friends along the way) and he even bought them crepes!

But something weighed on Taivas’ mind, ever since Fred confused him for Sora. He nibbled at his crepe and sighed.

“What’s the gloomy face for?” Himoyachi had asked him at some point. Of course, Himoyachi didn’t know, he wasn’t there, and it should’ve been deleted from Taivas’ memory anyways. Too bad no one accounted for the backup files.

Taivas sighed again, though he stood up and dusted the crumbs of his pants instead of sinking his face into whipped cream again. Glancing around didn’t reveal the person he’s looking for. Why would he be here, anyways? 's not like he’s just gonna walk in the door like-

Taivas made a move to sit back down, when a brown-haired teen in grey and red entered the cozy cafe Taivas had found himself in. He froze, and snapped back to awareness just as quick, with one course of action in mind.


I’ve got to ask him something.


His milkshake clattered to the floor and Himoyachi yelped in surprise, but that’s irrevelant. Taivas needed to ask Sora this, or else he’d think about it until the day he died, now that he remembered it so clearly once more.

“Sorry, I’ll be back in a flash!”

With that, he was off, after Sora left again with his order to-go. The bell over the door rung as Sora left, and again, more violently, as Taivas ripped the door open.

Sora jogged over to what must be Riku, handing him his order in a paper bag. Everything they might’ve said to each other was lost to Taivas’ blood rushing through his ears.

Their words and movements fell silent when they noticed him, and everything, the passerby, the surrounding noise, blinking ads, faded out in the face of the question’s overwhelming importance.

It was the question Taivas had been born to answer, and now he could ask.

The words stuck in his throat like sickening honey, because would Sora understand what Taivas meant? The significance? Everything Taivas had gone through, just to test whether Sora could bear the weight forced upon him?

In the end, Taivas spoke without wavering.


“Did you mend their hurting?”


Sora looked at him, and he looked at Sora, and Sora smiled, a soft yet broad thing, pushing up his cheeks and making his eyes crinkle.

And Sora said,


“I did.”


Taivas’ knees gave out beneath him. Sora dashed forward before he hit he floor.

In the end, they hugged, no care for the people around, as Taivas cried and sobbed. It was worth it, he thought, the bugs, the pain, the forgetting and the hurt. It was all worth it.

Their hurting will be mended when you return to end it.


“Thank you.”










Of course, Himoyachi ran after Taivas, but seeing his boyfriend sob into Sora’s arms made him feel a little out of place. So he left them to it (Taivas would explain later. Probably.) and shuffled closer to the equally confuddled Riku.

“Do you what they’re crying about?” Riku asked him.

“No clue,” came the only reply. Taivas and Sora were probably crying about something meaningful and profound, but the database offered no hints whatsoever. Not even the recovered Castle Oblivion stuff put in later.

Riku faced Himoyachi again. “You’re not my Replica, right?”

“I’m an AI based on you and my name is Himoyachi.” Himoyachi puffed out his chest, showing a bit of pride at his cool new name.

“You’re you and I’m me,” Himoyachi said..

Riku scoffed and crossed his arms. ”I’m me,” he says:”


They both burst out laughing.