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the world will never do

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The prime minister - was she even to call him that, anymore? - is staring out the window. His brow is furrowed, a look she's familiar with from years of working for him. He's deep in thought, lips pursed as whatever was on his mind is particularly bitter, weighing heavily on him. Good. It should weigh heavily on him, what he's done.

Yvette keeps her hands folded primly in her lap. She can't bring herself to speak. What would she even say? She hates him, she really does, this man who she once so revered. Even loved. This is not the life she'd imagined for herself. Her grandmother, Ryan, Kiki, what would they think of her now? She's always been so weak, but at least she had been trying to be good. And now -

"I'm not going to hurt you." Nidhogg's voice is sharp, and she sniffles, forcing herself to look up from her hands. They ball into little fists as she does, meeting his dark gaze. You already have, she almost tells him. He has lied to her, and he has used her. She doubts he'd care, though. She never meant anything to him, despite the crush she'd nurtured on him. He'd kept her around because she'd made it easier for him to betray Lilith. Oh, and the March Hare... had it even been meant for her? She pictures the little stuffed rabbit, sitting on her bed at home, and swallows. "What are you going to do to me?" Her voice comes out small and scared. Pathetic.

"You can't go back home. You've already been implicated in my crimes." He sounds almost sorry as he says it, and that more than anything is what finally makes her angry. "You're a monster." She spits at him, feeling something hot slide down her cheeks. She's crying. She's terrified and hurt and angry, and she can't help the tears, no matter how hard she tries, rubbing her hands at her eyes and resisting the urge to just sob brokenly into her palms.

"Little rabbit." He says softly, and before she even register the movement, she's been hauled across the tight confines of the backseat and into his lap. She clings to him, despite herself, but only for a moment. Then she's pushing at his shoulders and chest, struggling in vain against his tight embrace. She has dreamed of this moment, too. Of him holding her, and murmuring something sweet; but those had been the foolish musings of a silly secretary. She's not his secretary anymore, and he's a traitor. A murderer. A face flashes in her mind, a gentle smile and purple locks. Lunar, I'm so sorry. The worst of it is that if anybody could forgive her for this weakness, it would have been Lunar. She squeezes her eyes together, as she feels a thumb gliding over her cheekbone, wiping away her tears.

"So messy." He chides her, and she does let out a choked sob then, at the familiar tone his voice takes on. Stern and reassuring all at once, and it's comforting in a way it shouldn't be. He's a monster. "Sweet Yvette." He shifts her on his lap, easily catching both of her hands in one of his; closes his fingers around her wrists. "I know you don't understand yet, but I'm trying to save Miraland. I'm trying to save us all from the curse that binds us. We can't be free until it's broken." His gaze is solemn as it captures hers. "And I will keep you safe, I promise."

She's staring at him, lips parted ever so slightly, when he kisses her.

She spends the rest of the ride curled up in his lap, She doesn't have the strength to keep fighting, especially not after that kiss. Instead she closes her eyes, and leans into his chest, and tries to forget everything.