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Come live in my (Heart) and pay no rent

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Harry reached home to find the living room lights dimmed to the barest minimum, only allowing to make out the objects and their placings.

"Lou?" He peeked inside the kitchen before making his way upstairs to their bedroom. "Louis?" He spoke louder, honest worry taking over his features. "Louis I swear to go-" His words halted just has he entered the room, taking in what was presented to him.

Inside the bedroom in the middle of the bed lay the small boy with all his magnificent beauty. He wore nothing but his black net lingerie, the outline of his bulge noticeable . His legs and left hand had been tied to the bed, his right hand next to him perhaps because of not being able to tie it. His eyes had been blindfolded with a baby blue silk blindfold Harry had gotten him from his visit to Paris.

"What do we have here?" Harry made his way towards Louis, noticing the tray next to him on the side table. It held a bottle of tequila, two shot glasses and two bowls, one containing 6 small slices of lime and the other filled with salt.

Harry raised his eyebrows and averted his gaze back to Louis. "Louis. What's all this?" He heard Louis' voice shake as he spoke, "I wanted to surprise you for our anniversary today. Remember when we talked about doing body shots?" Harry hummed remembering the conversation on what they did and didn’t want to do when it came to spicing up their sex life. They did have kinkiest sex known to mankind after all.

"Where's the rope to tie your hand?" He stood in front of Louis, watching his chest heave up and down before he said, "it's next to my arm on my right." Harry walked to Louis' side before picking up the object and lifting his arm to the bed's head board. While Louis lay on the bed, arms and legs outstretched with breathing heavy, small whimpers escaping past his lips, Harry sat on the bed and took in him in.

"Look so good in my favorite color, don't you? My beautiful boy." He traced his hands over the waistband before tugging them up a little. Louis whined at the tiniest amount of friction that had been provided, making his back arch as much as it could with all the restrictions. "Ungh. A- always want to please you, daddy."

Harry pulled them down, making his cock bob out, slick with the small amount of precum building at the tip. Louis had always waxed his body, not a big fan of the body hair and who was Harry to deny him when he got to touch and taste his smooth skin whenever he liked. He picked up the salt bowl and sat in between Louis' stretched legs, getting a clear view of his pink hole and his painfully hard dick.

He started with his collarbones, dropping small amounts of salt in the dips of his skin before moving on to his chest. He sprinkled a bit on both his nipples, causing goosebumps to arise all over his body and making Louis shudder. He went further down, circling round his belly button before reaching his V line. Harry's mouth watered to get a taste of his boy, never getting enough of him. He ignored Louis' member, wanting to tease him and bring him to the total edge of insanity, something Louis absolutely loved, mind you. He placed the bowl back in the tray and picked up a piece of Lime. He bent and held it in front of his lips, "open up, baby."


Louis' lips parted his lips, warm breathe fanning over Harry's fingers as he lowered the lime into his mouth, enough that half of it was out and it wouldn't fall. Before he poured Tequila into the shot glasses, he took off his shirt and removed the belt, his dick straining against his jeans. He pulled his jeans off, leaving him in only boxers before he lifted the shot glass and downing it, dipping his head above Louis' thighs before sticking his tongue out. He licked the salt off and made his way to Louis' V line, not bothering to touch his dick before wiping off all the salt from his lower half.

"Oh fuck." Louis moaned, fingers tightening around the ropes as he tried to move. Harry continued his journey with his tongue out, wrapping his lips round Louis' nipples and sucking on them, bring out a loud and pornographic moan out of him. Harry looked up to find Louis' face contorted with pleasure and satisfaction, knuckles white and mouth fallen open.

Harry switched to his other bud, humming around it, sending waved of pleasure through Louis. He whimpered out a small 'fuck', his heart beating at a rapid pace which Harry could feel through the vibrations. He skipped Louis' collarbones and directly moved to his mouth, pulling at the piece of lime and sucking on it, making him pinch his eyes and shake his head. He spat the lime in the tray and kissed Louis properly, their tongues mixing immediately after contact. Louis moaned at the taste, his lips following chasing after Harry’s.

Harry’s eyes darkened as he noticed more precum dribble down Louis dick, his hole clenching and unclenching, desperate to be filled. Harry stood up and squatted down to grab a box from under the bed. He opened it and took out green, glittery, vibrating butt plug with a sliver diamond at it's end. He reached for the lubricant from the side drawer before standing back up.

He walked to the front of the bed and released the knots around Louis' legs, massaging them for a minute before bending them. He then wrapped the rope around his ankle and tied a knot there, then connecting them to the front of the bed. He did the same with the other before seating himself back in between Louis’ legs. "You okay?" Louis hummed. Harry poured lube upon his index finger and circled Louis' rim, earning a gasp and then a shaky moan in retaliation.

He teased him a bit more before entering his finger, instantly being enveloped by the warmth of his skin surrounding it. He moved his finger in and out, allowing Louis to get used to the feeling before he slowly added the second one. Harry started scissoring his fingers, occasionally hitting Louis' prostrate, making him whimper and gasp. Louis wasn't obnoxiously loud during sex, he always made soft muffled noises which Harry adored about him. 

When three fingers were in and his hole was properly opened, Harry pulled them out and replaced them with the butt plug. He watched in awe as Louis' hole clenched around it, making him reach out and feel his rim around the plug. He grabbed the remote for the plug with his other hand and turned the vibrations to low. Louis' reaction was immediate. His whole body rocked as he tried arching his back, a loud groan leaving his lips as his mouth fell open. He moaned at the feeling, sparks of pleasure coursing through his body. Harry smiled devilishly as he felt the vibrations where his finger was placed near Louis’ rim, moving his hand to the butt plug and slowly moving it. He pulled it half way out before rolling it, listening intently to Louis’ choked sobs and quiet moans.


"I- it's green."

Harry smiled and patted his thigh, then fully placed the plug inside him. He shifted towards the tray and picked another piece of lime. He told Louis to open his mouth, placing it between his teeth before picking up the tequila shot. He gulped half of it down and hovered over Louis collarbones, tongue darting out to get a taste. He licked into the dip of skin, both of them moaning at the delicious feeling before Harry moved to Louis' neck.

He nibbled onto his adam's apple, leaving a small red mark. He looked at it with pride before taking the lime from his boy’s lips and sucking on it, putting it back in the tray. He kissed Louis' jaw as his hand searched for the remote, turning the vibrations to medium once found, all the while sucking a hickey on his skin. Louis cried out at the vibrations, causing him to pull at the ropes.

Harry could already see the tears forming in his eyes even with his blindfold on, and he wanted nothing more than to please his love. “You’re absolutely breathtaking.” He watched as Louis’ cheeks subtly turned a light shade of pink at the compliment making Harry smile.

He drank the remaining liquid and kissed Louis passionately, savoring every moment of it. As they kissed, Harry’s tongue tapped Louis’ mouth, demanding entrance which Louis obviously accepted.  Louis felt warm tequila slip past his lips, making him feel hazy and on fire. He drank the drink just as Harry placed a lime slice between his lips and bent down to lock their lips again. Louis moaned at the taste, taking whatever Harry provided him.

"Think you can cum twice tonight?" Louis whimpered at that, nodding his head. Harry tsked.

"Yes daddy."

"Good boy." He spat on his palm before wrapping it around Louis' cock and started jerking him off slowly. He switched the vibrations to high, making Louis' body shake and small sobs escape his lips. His strokes started picking up a faster pace, not letting Louis last for more than two minutes, cum streaking his tummy and Harry's hand.

Harry turned the vibrations off and carefully pulled the butt plug out, mindful as to not hurt him. "Want me to take the blindfold off?"

"Yes please."

Harry moved his hands to the back of his head and expertly untied the blindfold. Louis' eyes blinked open, trying to adjust before landing onto Harry. He smiled, the corner of his eyes crinkling making Harry's heart absolutely melt. Harry offered Louis water, wanting him to stay hydrated and healthy.

As Louis seemed to come down from his high, Harry got up and untied his wrists and ankles. Louis raised his eyebrows. "I don't want you to get rope burns since you’re tugging on them so much." Harry looked at him before crawling forward, trapping Louis between him and the bed. He had the mischievous look in his eyes as he captured Louis' lips. As they broke apart, Harry sneakily got a condom from the side, putting it on his member before slicking it with lube.

As he distracted Louis with another kiss, he lined himself in front of his rim before pushing in, emitting a small gasp from Louis. "Oh fuck,” they moaned in unison, lost in the pleasure of the both of them. Harry stayed still in Louis to give him time to adjust, resting his forehead against his. Louis sighed in contentment at the feeling of being completely full by his lover. They stared into each other’s eyes before Louis tapped his shoulder and whispered him to move. He rocked his hips back and forth, making Louis legs wrap around Harry's waist and arms clutch his shoulders.

Beads of sweat were now lined upon both of their foreheads, Harry’s biceps bulging as his arms held him up for support. Louis' eyes rolled to the back of his head and Harry’s were trained on Louis’ it is what it is tattoo. He groaned from satisfaction and kept a proper pace, providing pleasure to the both of them. At some points Louis would roll his hips and meet Harry's thrusts making them both moan out loud. "Fuck, baby. You feel so good." Harry picked up the vibrator and positioned it right next to his dick and turned it on medium, making Louis cry out from the sensitivity and pleasure. Harry groaned loudly at the feeling, fastening up his thrusts. It didn't take long for Louis to cum, small streaks of white semen falling onto his stomach.

Harry followed soon after, chasing after his orgasm as he spilled into the condom, breathing heavy. Once he had calmed down, he carefully pulled out of him and tied the condom, getting up and throwing it in the dustbin. He returned and looked at Louis, watching his chest rise and fall as he tried to catch his breath. Harry smiled, moving forward and pecking his lips before prepping kisses all over his face, making Louis giggle.


Louis grinned. "Happy Anniversary, Haz."

Harry mirrored Louis’ expression, his dimple popping before he leaned into a kiss. "Happy Anniversary, my love."

"We need to get cleaned up."

Harry shushed him with another kiss, lying down beside him and bringing his hand to intertwine with Louis'. "We'll get cleaned up in a few minutes. Right now though, I need cuddles."