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This Sensation

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Another Muggle has died. The Daily Prophet announces in flashing typeface and repeated imagery of investigating wizards known as Auror’s stepping about a well-kept home. Harry read the article three times more than he wished. But he had to remember the names, remember everything that he’d allowed to happen.

He should have fought harder. He should have been able to do something more than cry over Cedric Diggory’s body. Instead, Harry wasn’t able to do anything more than bring Cedric’s body back to his father.

It wasn’t fair, none of it was. And now he was waiting in the empty living room of the only home he’d known for Auror’s to come and whisk him off to some safe guarded house. He didn’t even know where that might be.

“Potter,” a loud banging came from the front door. “Get your things, we’re off.”

It was Alistair Moody, the real one this time, standing at the front door gripping onto a overlarge broom.

“Well, get to it.”

Harry had so many questions, he tried getting any of them out, but he was distracted by the now green haired Auror who called herself Tonks. She fiddled with his coat and shrunken things before clapping him on the shoulder.

“Where are we going?” Harry was finally able to get out.

“You’ll see when we get there.” Moody growled.

“Can’t tell you anymore, mate.” Tonks patted him on the shoulder again.

Harry decided not to argue any more. This Moody was just as frightening as the false one.

Through the night they flew, out of Surrey, over London, and further than that. It was breathtaking, and Harry couldn’t help but forget, if only for a few moments, that there was a war brewing.

The lights twinkled below him, streets and cars passing. Moody lead their small flock towards the edge of the city, and towards a residential neighborhood. Street lamps dimmed as they flew down, down, slowly down until their feet touched concrete.

It was a nice neighborhood, one that would certainly make the Dursley’s hate it. There were children still out playing, television shows blaring from cozy living rooms. Harry hoped to have a family one day. One to play loud television and shout from the back yard. Those lonely feelings grew until he felt like he was drowning in them. Cautiously, he rubbed his soul mark on his collarbone. Covered by layers of clothing, there was no way anyone would guess that was its location.

It prickled, sometimes, when Harry thought that his soulmate was stroking their own. Hopefully thinking of him and when they would meet. He hoped that they would love him and see beyond his scar and damned notoriety.

“Inside, boy.” Moody huffed, pushing Harry’s shoulder gently to get him into motion.

The revealing of the townhouse in front of them was intriguing, but not as distracting as he hoped it would be from the painful loneliness inside.

“Harry!” Mrs. Weasley exclaimed in hushed tones. “Oh, my boy, how are you?”

The loneliness shed itself quickly in the sight of the matronly woman. Her hug was warm and enveloping, the perfect thing to shake out the bad feelings.

“Harry.” Mr. Weasley walked up to him, smiling as proud as he does his children. Harry’s gut clenched. “How are you, son?”

“A bit peaky? Well, dinner will be ready soon enough.” Mrs. Weasley announced, her voice as boisterous as usual. Harry wondered if it was for someone else’s ears and not his. “Why don’t you get your bags upstairs. Ron can find you a bed.”

“Ron’s here?” Harry smiled. So maybe being brought to a safe house wasn’t going to be such a bad thing.

“Yes,” a drawling voice echoed down a hall. Harr froze, not sure if he really wanted to confirm that other voice. A voice that he knows so well. “He and that insufferable girl have been cavorting around this place all day. Moaning about your absence.”

“I’m sure it was less moaning about and more private conversations.” Harry’s tongue was going to get him in trouble, no doubt, before school had even begun. Snape exited the dim hallway and stood tall and foreboding.

“Why is it,” Snape continued, “that you have the inability to control your tongue in front of your teachers?”

“Maybe now it’s because we’re not in school and you can’t take house points from me?” Harry replied.

“Maybe someone should teach you to hold your tongue.” Snape drawled.

“Would you like to show me yourself, sir?” Harry spat out before he could stop himself.

Maybe he really did have a difficult time controlling his temper. But it was worth it to see the high spots of red on the older man’s cheeks. There was some twisting pleasure that warmed him and brought him joy to see. This man, this cantankerous, borderline evil man who maybe a dark wizard could be beaten in a battle of words. Or embarrassed into submission.

Harry’s hand raised to stroke at his soul mark once again. He had always been able to pass it off as a nervous habit. It was uncouth to reveal where one’s soul mark was located. Especially to anyone not their soulmate.

The subtle intake of breath was almost ignored for the admonishment of Harry. But Harry had heard it. Snape’s breathing was nearly erratic. To think that Harry had really bested his professor. The admonishment from Mr. and Mrs. Weasley was worth it.

“I can’t believe that you said that to him.” Hermione said. Her eyebrows twitching in annoyance. Ron was the only one, beside Fred and George, that approved of what Harry had done. If only he’d said something different. “You know he’s going to find any excuse to punish you come the beginning of term.”

Harry rolled his eyes. Of course, it would happen. “It’s no different than any other year.”

“It’s true, Hermione, he’ll find any excuse to take points away before they’ve been given. Or any way to give Harry detention.” Ron helped in Harry’s defense.

“The only thing I found odd, was-“ Harry stopped, feeling his mark tingle. It took his breath away, as it usually does.

“What’s wrong, Harry?” Fred asked. George was busy digging around in a rucksack that Harry couldn’t clearly see. Whatever it was, Harry was sure he didn’t want to know what was in it.

“Nothing, I’m fine.” Harry rubbed his mark, the tingling turning into a burning sensation as he stroked it. He had to close his eyes and swallow a moan. The feeling was incredible. It shot something akin to electricity to the rest of his body. He could feel his nipples tightening almost painfully, and his cock twitch in his trousers. “I-is dinner ready, you think?”

The group set off to the lower floors, running into Ginny and Sirius along the way. Apparently, she’d been shown to the library just as Hermione had discovered the vast collection of dark magic books. Harry wanted to stay away from them, he had enough run-ins with the restricted section.

“Dinner is finally ready.” Mrs. Weasley sounded exasperated by the time Harry had made his way from washing his hands to his chair. Unfortunately, it was directly across from Snape. Harry let an internal groan soak his bones before avidly trying to avoid making eye contact with him.

Harry had been surprised to see Snape there as part of the Order. He was more upset, however, that such a wizard was a member and not Harry. It shouldn’t have mattered that he was still underage. He should be able to make his own decisions. After all, Voldemort was after him. Shouldn’t he have his own say?

Ginny roped Harry into a conversation about the upcoming finals of the Quidditch tournament. They and Ron had been following their teams with fervor. Harry was in the middle of regaling Ron about the last two points that clinched the win for Bulgaria when the tingling came back. Harry tried holding his breath against the onslaught. The feeling was different this time. He wasn’t sure what was going on, but it was making him feel more aroused.

This shouldn’t be happening to him yet. He was still only fifteen, not even old enough to begin this stage of bonding. The bonding between two soulmates that tied them closer and closer together. Whomever this person was, they’d begun, intentionally, seeking him out. Which meant, that his soul mate was in this room if they were willing to bond.

Eyes wide, Harry looked at every single un-bonded person in the dining room. He was no expert in telling who was bonded and who wasn’t, but he was sure he would find someone else who was looking for their intended. From one end to the other Harry kept looking, fevered eyes trying to find that person. The scary part was that besides his friends, the rest were all adults.

“Harry, you alright?” Ron asked, his hand grasping Harry’s right forearm as if to try to bring him back to attention. It wouldn’t work. The mark was warming up, Harry had learned, as every person had learned in muggle or magic school, that the mark would only get hotter. Until the mark became unbearable and the two must complete their bonding. And each one was entirely different.

Bonding could be anything from a platonic acceptance to a burning, lustful desire to consummate. And by the way his mark was burning, he was sure he knew what kind of passion his soulmate would have.

“Harry?” Sirius was finally able to draw Harry’s attention. There was no one else looking around for him. Even as Sirius was coming around to get to Harry, he was panting with the uncomfortable desire. “What’s wrong?”

“They-they’re here.” Harry tried standing, he was sweaty, his shirt clinging to his back. “My soulmate, it burns.”

Harry looked around one more time. Each person only looking up in curious wonder or horrified expressions. Who were they? Where were they? What was going on? Maybe it isn’t his mark, maybe it’s something else. Then, another look around and the tingling returned, and suddenly it was like he knew. His bones locked up, his muscles tightened, his gut clenched, and his soul was on fire.

“You?” Harry breathed, barely able to make a sound as his eyes met cold onyx. Snape. It was Snape. His soulmate was Severus Snape. “No,”

“Denial would only be our downfall, Potter.” Harry thought he never heard such soft sounds coming from Snape before. His words were as strong as wet paper. Whispers without authority.

“No.” Sirius shook his head. But Harry didn’t listen to anything else. His gut cramped with tension, a strong desire to run. Run away. There was no way that his soulmate was Severus Snape. The man loathed Harry. “This is not happening.”

“I don’t know about you, Black,” Snape rose from his seat, shaking and knees weak. Harry knew his would be no stronger, “I’d rather not risk Potter’s health for the sake of your delicacy.”

“As if you’re willing to do anything but hate me.” Harry spoke, voice somehow strong. “I doubt you’re willing to-“

“Do not assume what I will or will not do, Potter.” Snape growled. Harry’s mark burned, he was sure that it would scorch his shirt if nothing was done yet for it. “If you all will excuse us.”

“No, I will not allow you to do this!” Mrs. Weasley jumped up from her seat, looking like she would take on a dragon. “He is a boy.”

“Hadn’t we already had a discussion like this?” Snape snapped. All Harry could do was try to breath. Breath through this burning mark and his turgid erection. He wasn’t sure which he wanted to go away first. “Believe me I’m not particularly enthused to have such a burden thrust onto me without my permission.”

“I wasn’t the one who initiated the bond.” Harry yelled. He stood up too, anger now swelling in his chest instead of the constricting desire to pounce the man across the table from him.

“At least I don’t touch my mark whenever I chose to.” Snape growled through bared teeth. The sight only made Harry gasp and shiver.

According to any lesson he’d ever had about this type of bonding, their mating was going to be explosive. Their lives drenched in high emotions and “deep loyalty that transcends any other logical pairing.” Harry was not looking forward to that. The man could barely stand his own god son, Draco, let alone the bane of their master’s existence.

“The longer we wait, the more painful it will be.” Snape sighed. He sounded defeated. It was such a dramatic turn from the ever pompous professor that Harry could only gape at the man. Harry had to grudgingly agree. His breathing was getting harder, his chest tightening, and the mark searing his skin. He was sure his skin would blister if he waited any longer.

“Screw it.” Harry groaned.


It took too long to finally convince the rest of everyone to agree to Harry being in a room alone with Snape. Harry was surprised that he didn’t have a chaperone sitting in the corner waiting for Snape to make a mistake and blast him with a fireball.

As it were, Harry was still of sound mind to recognize that he would soon have to bare himself to his professor, a man who punished him with scrubbing cauldrons and who very likely hated him.

“So much for a loving mate.” Harry groused, picking at his drenched shirt.

“What was that?” Snape demanded from somewhere near the door.

“Nothing.” Harry tried catching his breath, but his fingers itched to touch something, tangle into hair, or grip onto sweaty skin. The image of Snape above him, thrusting inside of him made Harry cry out in a near shout.

“Potter.” Snape was instantly at his side. Though his hands were gentle his voice was clipped and angry. “What happened?”

“No-nothing.” Harry groaned when Snape's hands gripped his arms. The touch was heavenly. But it didn’t lessen the burn of his mark. “L-let’s just get this over with.”

Harry turned towards Snape. His hair was draped around his face, onyx eyes shifting back and forth across Harry’s face. Looking for something. But Harry couldn’t think with the older man in front of him. Suddenly, his desire compounded, and Harry shouted in ecstasy. His body shook, knees buckling. He’d orgasmed before anything even happened. But his erection was still there.

“Potter,” Snape growled. The hands around Harry gripped tighter before pulling him closer. The larger body against him made Harry groan in pleasure. He could feel the wetness in his pants, evidence that, somehow, he’d found pleasure in just the visage of Snape.

Hands roamed over Harry’s burning body. Electricity caused his nerves to be extra sensitive. So that when calloused fingers brushed over pert nipples, Harry cried out again.

“Snape.” Harry moaned, not sure what, or if, he were asking for anything.

Fingers pinched his nipples, drawing a gasp from Harry. Snape’s fingers twisted gently, eliciting a louder sound. The harsh cotton creating a delectable friction that made Harry throw his head back.

“More.” Harry begged. Snape leaned down and began nibbling at the soft parts of Harry’s neck. Nipping at the Adam’s apple, tongue laving at the corded muscle leading towards a sensitive part of Harry’s neck. “There,” he breathed, “right there.”

Snape began sucking while twisting Harry’s nipples. Teeth grazed skin a few times, reminding Harry that he could be very rough if he wanted to. Which sent another shiver up Harry’s spine.
Harry thrust his hips forward and ground against Snape’s hip. The pressure was nearly perfect. On his own hip, he could feel Snape’s length grind into him as well.

“Oh, how I’ve longed to get my hands on you.” Snape ground out. One hand snuck around Harry’s back and rose to the nape of Harry’s hair. “I’ve pleasured myself to your image, not realizing that I could have had you earlier.”

Harry didn’t know what to think of that. The fact that Snape imagined doing this very thing to Harry before confirming that they were soulmates. But Snape’s mouth latched onto Harry’s neck again and began sucking.

“All this time, I could have been fucking your tight ass.” Snape growled. “Taking my pleasure inside your body.”

Harry was gripped along his arms and yanked towards the bed. He could barely keep up when Snape threw him to the mattress and began tearing off Harry’s clothes. His shirt was ripped off, causing Harry to shiver and wriggle. His trainers, socks, and pants pulled off without care. When he was in his pants, Harry shivered from the chill of the room. And the eyes that roved over his exposed body.

“I never knew that I could have had you earlier.” The fire in Snape’s eyes may as well have been hell for all the empathy there was in them. Harry gulped. Maybe the literature was wrong. Maybe Snape’s soul was too twisted for this coupling to be healthy.

Snape reached down to Harry’s boxers, loose and oversized for his body, and pulled it down to reveal Harry’s reddened cock head. Snape let the band snap against Harry’s cock, causing Harry to twitch and groan in pleasure-pain.

“I’m going to enjoy ravishing you, My Mate.” Snape began pulling off his robes. Carefully dropping them on the floor. Never tearing his gaze from Harry’s nude body. Harry couldn’t help but squirm underneath so much attention. “I’m going to enjoy fucking you to within an inch of your life. Fucking you until your hole is gaping wide and unable to hold my cum.”

Harry moaned. Even if there didn’t seem to be any empathy in Snape’s eyes, Harry couldn’t help but know that that’s what he wanted too. He wanted to be fucked, used, bit and spat on. But he also wanted a lover’s arms to cradle him afterwards. Soft words to sooth the angry coupling and play. He craved a soft, loving touch. But he also craved this.

“You are allowed to make sounds, Potter,” Snape was completely naked now, hard length too heavy to stand up against his stomach, “But I do not want to hear you calling out my name until I come inside you. Do you understand?”

Harry nodded. Merlin, he wanted that inside him now. He could feel his hole flex and wink for it.

“Good boy.” Snape said lowly, making Harry’s entire body shiver.

Snape bent down to pull off Harry’s boxers all the way. He watched as every inch of glorious skin was revealed to him.

“So beautiful.” Snape whispered. Harry had a second to take in the fact that his legs were spread, welcoming Snape closer to his body than ever before. Snape only sat back on his heels, looking at the winking hole before him. Harry swallowed, hoping that Snape remembered to make Harry’s first time relatively easy.

Snape reached forward and gripped Harry’s cock. The touch like ecstasy to Harry. His back bowed as Snape began pumping Harry faster, hand tightening around him.

“I see your mark.” Snape whispered, his words taking on a gentler tone. Somehow Harry felt more exposed after Snape mentioned it. Snape’s hot hand kept pumping him, foreskin rubbing his head delectably. Harry never closed his eyes, so he saw as Snape lifted himself up and leaned over his body to lick at the mottled flesh at his collarbone. He was still burning there, bond not satisfied with dirty talk and a hand job.

Harry bucked into Snape’s hand, wanting more.

“Such an eager little slut.” Snape bit at the skin he was just licking. “You want more, don’t you?”

Harry hummed eagerly, hoping that Snape would do something more than tug at his erection.

“Fine,” Snape sat up and grabbed his wand from the floor, “Hands up against the headboard. Knees to your chest.”

Harry complied silently. Knowing that if he was behaved now, he could get something incredible soon. Snape whispered an incantation, a string of words commanding a thick rope coming from his wand to wind its way around Harry’s body. It flowed as sinuously as a snake, the silk never burning or chafing as it tied itself in intricate knots holding Harry’s leg’s tucked close to his body, two lengths twisting up and around his neck. If he pulled his head up, his knees followed. But nothing tightened around Harry’s neck. Thankfully.

The snake-like rope continued winding it’s way around Harry’s hips and chest. Diamond like pattern’s being knotted around him. Hands being threaded to clasp together like a prayer and secured to the headboard, though that knot was loose.

“If you become to uncomfortable, shout out ‘Red.’ Do you understand?” Snape asked before Harry nodded. “If you are in pain what are you going to say?”

“Red.” Harry said quickly. The red ropes around him were secure enough that Harry felt as if he were swaddled.

“Good.” Snape pointed his wand to his hand and spoke a few words. His hands were glistening with a jell. “Now, be a good little boy and let me do whatever I want to your body.”

Harry groaned when Snape’s hands rubbed around his hole. The sparks of electricity ignited something in his stomach. Before he could say anything, Harry came again. White cum spurting against his stomach and onto his chest.

“Now that won’t do. Will it Mr. Potter?” Snape pulled back his coated fingers while his dry hand reached for his wand again. Another couple of words spoken and the red ropes came forth again, these one’s thinner. Harry felt as they wound their way around the base of his cock, between his stones and at the base there as well. Then a silk ribbon wound it’s way around the length as well, tying off in a pretty bow. “That’s better. Same rules. If it get’s to be too much, you say,”


“Good little slut.” Snape’s glistening fingers decended back towards Harry’s hole. This time one pushing inside instead of teasing his hole. Harry’s back bowed and his back lifted from the bed from the intrusion. It was slightly painful, but there was pleasure there too. The mix of the two exquisite and confusing to Harry. “That’s it, take it. You’re going to be taking my cock soon. And maybe someday you’ll take my whole fist.”

Harry’s had rose quickly, heart pounding in his chest in fear.

“But not tonight, My Mate.” Snape soothed before pushing the digit deeper. He twisted and flexed before adding another finger. Harry groaned and shouted when Snape found that bundle of nerves inside his core. When the third finger made it’s way inside all three flexed continuously over Harry’s prostate. Teasing him inside. “You can’t come with the knot on your cock, can you?”

Harry screamed when a fourth finger made its way inside, all of them rubbing harshly over his prostate while trusting inside, bottoming out at the last set of knuckles. It was the widest part of Snape’s hand before his thumb could be tucked in and his whole fist pushed in. But as he promised, that wouldn’t be for tonight. Tonight, he wanted to get his thick cock inside this boy and fuck his hole open.

Snape’s hand kept pounding, punching into Harry’s loosened body. Leg’s shaking from the effort to widen even more, to welcome as much as Snape was willing to give him. Snape could see Harry’s mark turn the skin around it red from the heat. They needed to complete the bonding soon. After that, Snape had the rest of their lives to fuck and tease his little slut of a mate.

Snape leaned up and wrapped his lips around one of Harry’s nipples, pulling the puffy skin into his mouth and suckling like a hungry puppy. Harry shook with a dry orgasm as all four fingers abused his prostate, teeth carefully biting at sensitive buds.

“I think your hole is ready, slut.” Snape sat up and pulled his fingers out of Harry. Groaning with the sudden emptiness, Harry twisted around in his bindings, hands held high above his head, and tried to signal he was ready. “Your as hungry for it as a bitch in heat, aren’t you?” Snape rubbed some of the excess oil onto his cock, coating it liberally so as not to hurt or tear Harry. “Needing any kind of dick to plug you up and use your slutty body for their own pleasure. Well don’t worry, darling, I can fuck you as often as your body needs.”

Snape rubbed his cock around Harry’s gaping hole. Hips twitching to accept his cock. Snape was nearly drooling with the need to plug the boy up. Fill him with his cum.

Slowly, Snape pressed forward, cock head stretching the puffy, abused rim more. Harry groaned in pleasure, panting and gasping for more. Snape pushed a little more, the velvet walls clenching onto his cock, pulling him deeper.

“Your slutty ass is eating me up, darling.” Snape groaned. He gave small thrusts, fucking his way into Harry’s smaller body. The silk ropes tightening and rubbing against Harry’s skin. He knew that when tied correctly, the ropes could even bring pleasure before a hand was even laid on him. “Going fuck you right, bitch.”

Harry groaned when Snape’s cock widened in the middle, hips twisting to try and get more inside. With the few inches left, Snape looked up to Harry’s sweaty, disheveled face and grinned. The boy’s eyes were blown, glasses long gone, and hair matted to his head. Snape’s heart gave a painful thud when their eyes locked. How the fuck did he manage to mate with Harry James Potter?

Snape snapped his hips forward suddenly, thrusting deep inside all in one movement that both men groaned at the feeling. Harry’s ass clenched around him, trying to massage him from inside. While Snape’s cock twitched with aborted attempts to come inside. But the strong hand on the base of his cock kept him from coming.

“Now comes the fun part, my slutty mate.” Snape smiled, dug his heels into the mattress, bending over Harry carefully. And began fucking Harry like an animal.

Rutting into such a small, soft body was something Snape never thought to imagine. Fucking such a young man so brutally. Never thought that Harry would be that young man, begging for more, screaming and moaning at length as Snape angled his hips and pounded into his prostate. The abused little gland making Harry’s cock twitch in dry orgasm after dry orgasm.

The litany of dirty words, dirty names only increasing as their respective marks burned to a crescendo. Snape could feel something deep within him begin to shift and accept another presence inside of him. The feeling all together strange and something akin to homecoming.

It was almost enough to distract him from fucking his beautiful mate below him. The ties around Harry’s hand’s unwound, allowing the boy to grip Snape’s back and claw at him.

Snape drug his cock slowly in and out, teasing Harry with his girth. The loose, fluttering hole trying to grip him. Snape smiled. He was going to enjoy bedding his mate any chance he got.

Sitting up, Snape carefully pulled out, causing Harry to scramble for him and beg for Snape to continue. Instead, Snape took his wand and released the ropes from Harry’s body. All except the one around his throat. The two lengths braiding into a leash.

“On your knees like a proper bitch, Harry.”

“Yes sir.” Harry broke his silence, agreeing quickly. Snape watched, entranced by the lithe body rolling around to present his ass like the bitch he was. “More, sir.”

Snape raised a hand and slapped Harry’s ass. It jiggled pleasantly, handprint already being left as a mark. Harry gasped and groaned loudly.

“Oh, now I know how to punish bad, little bitch boys like you.” Snape slapped Harry’s ass again, in a different place. Harry gasped. Blow after blow, alternating hands and spaces on his ass and thighs, Snape spanked Harry. Watching Harry’s puffy hole twitch everytime he was spanked turned Snape on so much, he thought he would burst at this simple act of loving punishment. The last blow was the hardest, right over both cheeks, touching his tender hole. Harry screamed. “That’s it. Let me hear you, little slut.”

Snape lined up his dripping cock again and thrust brutally inside to the hilt. Harry kept screaming, hands giving way to elbows. Snape thrust slowly in and out as he pressed on Harry’s back so that it bowed, stomach almost touching the mattress.

“Perfect, darling.” Snape ducked his head and spat on Harry’s hole, just because he could. “Such a dirty little boy.” Snape thrust inside of Harry. “My dirty little boy. Who loves to take cock however he can.”

“Yes, sir, please, sir.” Harry babbled. Snape grabbed Harry’s waist with one hand, wound the leash in another until he could reach Harry’s shoulder without choking the boy, and pulled the body towards him as he fucked Harry.

It was another barrage of thrusting and fucking, paired with light slaps on the ass just to hear Harry scream and convulse on another dry orgasm.

“Fuck, such a good little boy.” Snape moaned, yanking gently on the leash making Harry’s head lift. The pose looked painful, but Harry wasn’t saying his safe word yet. The wet meeting of hip to ass the only other sound to Harry’s whimpering. “Come on, pet,” Snape snapped his hips a couple of times. “Don’t you want to take my load? Doesn’t my little bitch want my cum?”

“Yes, sir.” Harry moaned. His voice wrecked and scratchy. Perhaps Snape will make the boy a soothing tea before sleeping tonight. But the mark was demanding more.

“Don’t you want to be daddy’s good little slut?” Snape growled as he ground his cock deep into Harry’s ass. The boy was all but weeping at the stimulation, the abuse, the fucking.

“Yes, Daddy.” Harry begged. Harry spread his legs more, accepting Snape in deeper. “I want you. I want all of you. Everything for as long as we live.”

All at once, the burning sensation turned into a cooling, pleasurable ripple in their bodies. Harry began pushing back on Snape’s cock, hoping to get more before Snape came inside of him. But before that could happen, Snape reached around with one hand and untied the knot at the base of Harry’s cock. The release was instantaneous. Harry convulsed, large loads of come splattering against the sheets below them. Snape was going to make sure Harry was properly marked with come before the night was over.

Harry screamed, ass tightening around Snape. But Snape wasn’t nearly as close as Harry.

“That’s right, bitch.” Snape growled, fucking into the relaxing body beneath him. He could tell Harry was going to pass out soon. He’d rather fuck the boy while he was awake, rather than take from him while unconscious. He may have a depraved mind, but consent was explicitly important. “Take Daddy’s cock. You’re such a good little slut. Take it all.”

Harry moaned lethargically, “Daddy.”

Snape concentrated, grinding down into the body below him. Harry was loosing the battle with sleep fast. And Snape was going to come before then.

“Stay awake darling, let Daddy come inside you.” Snape lay himself over Harry’s smaller body, Bending down to search for Harry’s lips. The kiss was mostly teeth and awkward angles. But the taste on Snape’s tongue was enough. Snapping his hips a couple more times, Snape came. Despite the heat and brutality of their pairing, the orgasm was long and drawn-out.

Snape hollered, biting onto Harry’s shoulder. The boy whimpering underneath him. Snape could feel some come leak between Harry’s ass cheeks, sure that the boy was frothing at the rim. What Snape wouldn’t give to see the fucked out, puffy hole of his mate. For all intent and purposes, his love. Though that particular emotion may come later, if ever.

Huffing, Snape rolled off to the side. Cock still inside Harry as he pulled the boy with him. Snape rearraigned their limbs so Harry would remain impaled for a bit longer, should he not unconsciously push him out. Harry allowed the movement, only when Snape was done moving did Harry sigh lightly, as if pleased with the arrangement.

Yes, love would come later.


Harry woke sometime in the night to a cold room, sticky feeling on his skin where come had dried, and arms wrapped around him. It wasn’t quite a loving embrace. Harry could vaguely remember Snape pulling Harry’s leg up and over Snape’s hip, cock still half-hard and buried within his sore body.

Now that he was awake, he could feel everything. The rope still bound around his neck, the burning on his ass, his guts a mishmash of pleasure and pain. But for the softly snoring man behind him, Harry would have thought that he was ravaged by a werewolf.

Harry couldn’t help but let out a smile. Their coupling, their first bonding moment, was everything Harry didn’t know he wanted. And Snape was even holding him tightly, keeping them warm above the perfectly good blankets.

Snape shifted behind Harry, only then did he realize that Snape was hard again. Harry smiled, reached down and around to grip Snape in his sleep. The man moaned something and Harry drug the cockhead towards his hole and pushed it in with no effort. It burned and his hole was extremely tender. But he figured Snape would make a tonic for him after another round of mind-blowing sex.

“Daddy, time to wake up.”